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Ester DOAI

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514 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


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514529000 Z-C(=O)-O-Y wherein Z is hydrogen or an organic radical bonded to the C(=O) by a carbon and Y is an organic radical bonded to the oxygen by a carbon 707
514519000 Cyano or isocyano bonded directly to carbon 83
514510000 Polycyclo ring system 43
514517000 S-X-C containing (e.g., sulfates, etc.) (X is chalcogen) 24
514514000 Carbon bonded to -NCX or -XCN (e.g., cyanate, thiocyanate or isothiocyanate, etc.) (X is chalcogen) 16
514512000 X-C(=X)-X containing (e.g., carbonic acid ester, thiocarbonic acid ester, etc.) (X is chalcogen) 13
514509000 (O=)N(=O)-O-C containing (e.g., nitrate ester, etc.) 13
514513000 C-C(=X)-X-C containing (X is chalcogen and at least one X is other than oxygen) 7
514508000 X-C=N containing (e.g., imidoester, etc.) (X is chalcogen) 3
20130143961ANTI-VIRAL CARBAMIMIDOTHIOIC ACID ESTERS - Carbamimidothioic acid esters of formula (I) and 2-nitro-N-[4-(pyridin-4-ylamino)phenyl]-4-(quinolin-4-ylamino)benzamide are used for the treatment of influenza, and for the inhibition of a viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Formulae (I), (II).06-06-2013
20120329870Methods for Treating or Preventing Restenosis and Other Vascular Proliferative Disorders - Described herein is the use of ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors in the prevention or treatment of restenosis and other vascular proliferative disorders.12-27-2012
20130178523ANTI-CANCER COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS - Anti-cancer compositions and methods are described including one or more isothiocyanates and/or isoselenocyanates. Methods of treating a subject are provided according to embodiments of the present invention which include administering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition including an isothiocyanate and/or isoselenocyanate to a subject having a condition characterized by Akt dysregulation. Administering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition including an isothiocyanate and/or isoselenocyanate to a subject detectably increases apoptosis and/or decreases proliferation of cancer cells, particularly cancer cells characterized by Akt dysregulation.07-11-2013
514507000 R-C(=X)-N-X-C containing (e.g., hydroxamic acid ester, etc.) (R is C or H and X is chalcogen) 1
20120022154N-HYDROXY C29-AMIDE DERIVATIVES OF OLEANDRANE - The present invention encompasses novel triterpene compounds of general formula I, wherein R01-26-2012
20120184612Compositions and Methods Relating to Carotenoids - A pet food composition having at least two carotenoids. The carotenoids can include a keto-carotenoid and at least one non-keto-carotenoid. The keto-carotenoid can include astaxanthin. The keto-carotenoid can include astaxanthin ester. The non-keto-carotenoid can include beta-carotene and/or lutein.07-19-2012
20090076140PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING SULPHONIC ACID DERIVATIVES - A naphthalenesulfonic acid or quinolinesulfonic acid of formula (I), wherein A is N or a CR03-19-2009
20110294878Inhibitors of Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase - The invention relates to an inhibitor of dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase (DDAH) of general structural formula (I), wherein B is a branched or unbranched, substituted or non-substituted, saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon chain having a chain length of 1 to 6 and/or a substituted or non-substituted aromatic system having a ring size of 3 to 6; R12-01-2011
20090258944METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF THERAPEUTIC COMPOUNDS AND COMPOSITIONS, COMPOUNDS AND COMPOSITIONS PRODUCED THEREWITH, AND THEIR USE - Organic nitrites can be produced from a compound which is a mono/polyhydric alcohol or an aldehyde- or ketone-derivate thereof after de-aeration of the same, using NO gas, and stored in an environment saturated with gaseous NO. Organic nitrites produced according to the invention exhibit less impurities and improved storage stability compared to conventionally produced nitrites. The organic nitrites of the invention can easily be formulated into pharmaceutical compositions and have utility for the treatment of various conditions.10-15-2009
20090149532HERPESVIRUS-DERIVED THERAPEUTIC AGENT FOR PAIN - A therapeutic agent for treatment of herpes virus-derived pain which comprises (±)-[2-[4-(3-ethoxy-2-hydroxypropoxy)phenylcarbamoyl]ethyl]dimethylsulfonium p-toluenesulfonate represented by the formula (1) as an active ingredient.06-11-2009
20090312418ALKANEDIOL COMPOSITION, PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND COSMETIC - A less malodorous alkanediol composition, a process for producing the alkanediol composition efficiently, and a cosmetic containing the alkanediol composition are provided.12-17-2009
20110152364COMPOSITIONS FOR REPELLING FLUID AND USES THEREOF - Provided are compositions for repelling fluids comprising a volatile liquid carrier, a powder-feel agent and less than 5 weight % of an ester selected from the group consisting of formula I, formula II, formula III, and combinations of two or more thereof:06-23-2011
20120302633NOVEL POLYMORPH OF THE HYDROCHLORIDE OF THE (4-HYDROXYCARBAMOYL-PHENYL)-CARBAMIC ACID (6-DIMETHYLAMINO METHYL-2-NAPHTHALENYL) ESTER - Herein described is a novel crystalline form of the hydrochloride of the (4-hydroxycarbamoyl-phenyl)-carbamic acid (6-dimethylamino methyl-2-naphtalenyl) ester. In particular, herein described is a polymorph of the hydrochloride of the (4-hydroxycarbamoyl-phenyl)-carbamic acid (6-dimethylamino methyl-2-naphtalenyl) ester, characterized by a Powder X Ray Diffraction spectrum as indicated in FIG. 11-29-2012
20110136903Soil Amendment Compositions and Methods for Using the Same - Soil amendment compositions and methods for using the same are provided. The subject compositions are aqueous compositions consisting essentially of a carbon-skeleton energy component, a predisposing agent and a vitamin-cofactor component. The subject compositions find use in a variety of soil amendment applications, including: the control of soil born pests and pathogens; the improvement in soil fertility and/or characteristics, e.g. mineral release, water filtration; the neutralization and/or degradation of toxins, etc.06-09-2011
20090018189Hormone Sensitive Lipase Modulators And Methods Of Use - Disclosed herein are compound useful for inhibition of hormone sensitive lipase, pharmaceutical compositions of these compounds, and methods of treatment using these compounds.01-15-2009
20090281180Method for enhancing the DNA repair process, treating disorders associated with the DNA repair process, enhancing antitumor response and treating disorders associated with anti-tumor response in mammals by administering purified quinic acid and/or carboxy alkyl ester - For use in mammals, methods for enhancing the DNA repair process, treating disorders associated with the DNA repair process, enhancing anti-tumor response and treating disorders associated with anti-tumor response. The methods generally comprise non-topical administration of purified, isolated quinic acid alkyl acid or a carboxy alkyl ester with a non-toxic carrier or diluent.11-12-2009
20120208878MEDICAL COMPOSITION - The object of the invention is to find the actions of the crude drugs contained in Daikenchuto or their components and the synergistic effect of the components with one another or with other pharmacologically active substances, and to provide new drugs or pharmaceutical compositions based on the findings. The invention is directed to intestinal peristaltic motility-enhancers comprising an effective amount of hydroxy-α-sanshool or a plant containing the same or an extract thereof; compositions comprising a combination of hydroxy-α-sanshool or a plant containing the same or an extract thereof and capsaicin or a plant containing the same or an extract thereof or bethanechol or a salt thereof; as well as a method for improving intestinal motility which comprises administering the composition to a patient.08-16-2012
20110184060ORAL DOSAGE FORMS HAVING A HIGH LOADING OF A TRANEXAMIC ACID PRODRUG - Oral dosage forms with a high loading of 4-({[(2-methylpropanoyloxy)ethoxy]carbonylamino}methyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic acid are disclosed.07-28-2011
20120252892METHODS FOR TREATING FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME - The invention is directed to a method of treating fibromyalgia syndrome in a subject, comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a carbamoyl compound, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.10-04-2012
20130018097ENHANCED MICROBIAL PERACID COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF USE AT REDUCED TEMPERATURES IN ASEPTIC CLEANING - The present invention relates to compositions of peracids, such as peroxycarboxylic acids, having improved antimicrobial efficacy due to ethanol solubilization of the compositions. The enhanced antimicrobial efficacy of the peracid compositions beneficially have a lower use concentration. The invention further relates to methods employing such compositions.01-17-2013

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