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Inorganic compound (except water) (Overbased or carbonated organic acidic compounds are not classified in this subclass or its indents on the basis of inorganic overbasing or carbonating agents; the overbased or carbonated compounds are treated as complexes, and are classified with the particular organic acidic compound)

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508 - Solid anti-friction devices, materials therefor, lubricant or separant compositions for moving solid surfaces, and miscellaneous mineral oil compositions


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508155000 The inorganic compound contains boron (e.g., boron nitride, boramine, etc.) 39
508165000 The inorganic compound contains heavy metal or aluminum 31
508161000 The inorganic compound contains phosphorus or silicon (e.g., phosphorus sulfide, etc.) 19
508175000 With organic -C(=O)O- compound (e.g., ester waxes, etc.) 12
508174000 With organic phosphorus compound 4
20090082233LUBRICATING OIL COMPOSITION - A lubricating oil composition includes lubricating oil base oil, an organic molybdenum compound (A), zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (B), at least one compound (C) selected from calcium sulfonate, calcium phenate, and magnesium sulfonate and having a base number of 230 mgKOH/g or more, and an ashless dispersant containing boron or a mixture of an ashless dispersant containing boron and an ashless dispersant containing no boron (D) in predetermined ratios, in which: a mass ratio (P/Mo) of the P content to the Mo content in the composition is 1.5 or more; a mass ratio (CaMg/Mo) of a total content of the Ca and Mg derived from the component (C) to the Mo content in the composition is 3 or more; and a mass ratio (B/N) between B and N derived from the component (D) in the composition is 0.5 or more. The lubricating oil composition of the present invention has a high static friction coefficient of wet clutch, has excellent frictional property in a power transmission mechanism, has excellent fuel saving property, and is suitably used for power transmission lubricating oil and engine lubricating oil.03-26-2009
20080280794COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE FRICTION MODIFYING COMPOUND, AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - There is disclosed a lubricant composition comprising at least one anionic compound; and at least one cationic compound, wherein at least one of the anionic compound and the cationic compound is a friction modifier; and wherein the composition has (i) a temperature roll over difference of about 27° F. or greater, and (ii) a passing High Temperature L-37 score.11-13-2008
20100048436Calcium/Lithium Complex Greases and Encapsulated Constant Velocity Joint Containing the Grease and Method for their Production - Embodiments of the invention include compositions of calcium/lithium complex greases containing calcium/lithium soaps having a high calcium fraction and complexing agents, encapsulated constant velocity shafts containing such lubricating greases and the use of the lubricating greases in encapsulated shafts of constant velocity shafts.02-25-2010
20120220505Farm Tractor Lubricating Composition with Good Water Tolerance - A lubricant of (a) an oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) a block copolymer of (i) a hydrophobic first block of C08-30-2012
508179000 With organic nitrogen or sulfur compound 3
20080312114Composition and Methods for Improved Lubrication, Pour Point, and Fuel Performance - An additive includes polyalphaolefin (PAO), a calcium source, and one or more oils from, or components derived from, beans, seeds, or roots, such as castor oil, jojoba oil, rape (canola) seed oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, etc. The preferred composition of matter comprises a calcium source, PAO, castor oil, jojoba oil, and a soy methyl ester and/or rape seed methyl or ethyl ester. The additive may be used in fuels that improve combustion engine performance in terms of efficiency and emissions. The additive may be used in lubricants that improve performance of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal components of engines, guns, or other machinery. The additive also may be used in cutting fluids for machining and fabrication. Used in conjunction with other additives, embodiments of the invention may be used, to lower pour points in oils, esters and other similar products.12-18-2008
20110152143LUBRICATING OIL COMPOSITION - To provide a lubricating oil composition including a base oil which is composed of a mineral oil and/or a synthetic oil and which has a viscosity index of 95 or higher, and (A) an alkenylsuccinimide in an amount of 0.1 to 2.0 mass %, (B) an acidic phosphite diester having a C6 to C10 hydrocarbon group in an amount of 0.1 to 2.0 mass %, and (C) at least one species selected from among a perbasic alkaline earth metal sulfonate, a perbasic alkaline earth metal phenate, and a perbasic alkaline earth metal salycilate, in an amount of 0.001 to 0.3 mass %, with respect to the total amount of the composition. When employed in an automobile shock absorber, the composition enhances the frictional force at an interface between an oil seal and a piston rod of an automobile shock absorber, reduces the friction coefficient at an interface between a piston rod and a guide bush, suppresses foaming to thereby enhance driving stability during travel of the automobile, and improves riding comfort even when the automobile travels while receiving a lateral load exerted by small steps present on the road surface.06-23-2011
20110003722EXTENDED DRAIN DIESEL LUBRICANT FORMULATIONS - A method for maintaining a total base number (TBN) above about 3 mg KOH/g for a lubricant for a diesel engine for greater than about 184 days. The method includes supplying as the lubricant, a lubricant composition comprising a sulfonate detergent having a TBN ranging from about 20 to about 100 and a phenate detergent having a TBN ranging from about 200 to about 350 and an antioxidant selected from the group consisting essentially of hindered phenolic derivatives of C01-06-2011
508180000 The inorganic compound is a carbonate 2
20080207473Emulsion Composition - The present invention provides an emulsion composition containing (a) a first phase with (i) an oil soluble inert medium; and (ii) an emulsifier capable of forming a water-in-oil emulsion; and (b) a second phase with (i) a metal base; (ii) an aqueous medium; and (iii) optionally a compound containing two or more hydroxyl groups, wherein a base in the form of an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal oxide, hydroxide, carbonate, bicarbonate; or combinations thereof; and wherein the emulsion composition has a flow rate through a 45 μm filter of more than 8 ml/min in a filterability test carried out at ambient temperature and 45 kPa applied vacuum; wherein the filter has diameter of 5 cm and a mesh size of about 45 μm; and wherein the oil soluble inert medium in the filtration test is an oil of lubricating viscosity of a SAE 50 base oil. The invention further provides a method of preparing the emulsion composition and its use in a marine engine.08-28-2008
20120190599AQUEOUS COMPOSITIONS USEFUL IN FILLING AND CONVEYING OF BEVERAGE BOTTLES WHEREIN THE COMPOSITIONS COMPRISE HARDNESS IONS AND HAVE IMPROVED COMPATIBILITY WITH PET - The passage of a container along a conveyor is facilitated by applying to the container or conveyor aqueous compositions containing hardness ions. The compatibility of the aqueous compositions with PET bottles is improved when the ratio of hardness as CaCO07-26-2012
20090281008GREASE COMPOSITION - Provided is a grease composition with a long service life under high-temperature conditions, considerable low-evaporability, and incombustibility.11-12-2009
20100035776LUBRICATING GREASE COMPOSITION - The present invention aims to improve the extreme-pressure properties and compatibility with seals of lubricating grease compositions used at lubrication points where extreme-pressure properties and seal-resistance properties at high loads are required in various kinds of machinery. To this end the present invention provides a lubricating grease composition wherein from 0.1 to 3% by weight of a molybdenum dialkyl dithiocarbamate, from 0.1 to 3% by weight of benzothiazole compounds and from 0.1 to 3% by weight of calcium sulphonates are incorporated in a grease in which a thickening agent is blended in the base oil.02-11-2010
20130053286BIOBASED PENETRATING OIL - A biobased penetrating oil for use to reduce friction between fittings. The penetrating oil composition preferably contains one or more long-chain, low-volatile esters specifically derived from a natural plant-based oil, such as a combination of methyl esters derived from soybean oil, and an unsulfurized terpene, such a pine oil or limonene and various orange terpenes as a solvent. The penetrating oil can be an aerosolized product and included a carbon dioxide propellant.02-28-2013
20090111719Additive mixtures - An additive mixture containing the components (A), (B) and optionally (C), wherein component (A) is at least one compound of the formula (I)04-30-2009
20110015103Universal Synthetic Water Displacement Multi-Purpose Penetrating Lubricant, Method and Product-by-Process - A universal synthetic water displacement multi-purpose penetrating lubricant with the capacity to protect metal surfaces against corrosion, with galvanic and electrolysis protection, while providing excellent lubrication properties. The lubricant actively penetrates the crystalline surface of the metal while exhibiting extreme pressure lubrication, non-migrating with lasting protection. The lubricant exhibits dielectric strength of over 14,000 volts, at the same time cleaning electrical contacts while reducing resistance and associated heat. A preferred embodiment comprises polymerized alpha-olefins, K-1 kerosene, and at least one base oil selected from the base oil group consisting of Hydroisomerized high base oils and HT severe hydro-cracked base oils. Various combinations of other optional ingredients are also disclosed.01-20-2011
20080280792Stabilized Fluids - There is provided a fluid composition comprising 11-13-2008
20080293599METALWORKING LUBRICANT FORMULATIONS BASED ON SUPERCRITICAL CARBON DIOXIDE - A method for lubricating a metal workpiece during a metalworking process includes delivering supercritical carbon dioxide to the workpiece during the metalworking process. The supercritical carbon dioxide acts as a lubricant, coolant, chip evacuator, and/or carrier for another lubricant or corrosion inhibitor.11-27-2008
20090312206Surface-oxide abrasion-resistant lubricant coating and method for forming the same - The present invention provides a surface-oxide abrasion-resistant lubricant coating that can maintain high lubricity for a long time without wear of a base material and a coating or damage to an object to be contacted by a simpler method and with less expensive material. A mixed fluid of a compressed gas and fine-particle powders of two soft metals having lower hardness and lower melting point than the base material of a sliding contact portion is ejected onto a surface of the sliding contact portion. The fine-particle powders of the soft metals are made to react with oxygen in the compressed gas at the surface of the sliding contact portion to form a metal-oxide film with high melting point composed of metal oxides of the two soft metals, one of the metal oxides having higher hardness than the other. This metal-oxide film with high melting point includes a coating having a thickness of 0.1 μm to 2 μm at an interface toward an object to be contacted, that is composed of the metal oxides, that has low friction resistance and low shear resistance, and shear fractures concentrated the coating thereto.12-17-2009
20100273688Universal Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant, Method and Product-by-Process - A penetrating lubricant with the capacity to offer a both penetration into rust and corrosion. Further, this lubricant actively penetrates the crystalline surface of the metal while exhibiting extreme pressure lubrication, non-migrating with lasting protection. Further lubricant exhibits dielectric strength of over 8000 volts, at the same time cleaning electrical contacts, thereby reducing resistance and associated heat. The preferred embodiment contains alpha-olefins, low-odor aromatic solvents, base oils, and high flash mineral spirits.10-28-2010
20130012416GREASE COMPOSITION - Provided are a grease composition which inhibits simultaneously a bearing wear and a fretting wear under a high load to make it possible to elongate a life of the bearing; a grease composition which can inhibit a fretting wear caused by a change in a load in a thrust direction in addition to an usual fretting wear caused by small vibration in an oscillating direction; and a grease composition which is excellent in low-temperature characteristics. 01-10-2013
20100197535PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR PREPARING A SOAP CONCENTRATE, A LUBRICATING COMPOSITION, AND COMBINATIONS THEREOF - The invention provides for a process and apparatus for preparing a soap concentrate, including: (a) introducing feed components to a first feeding zone; (b) first reacting in a first reacting zone; (c) first venting in a first venting zone; and (d) cooling in a cooling zone. The process may further include, after (c) and before (d): (i) continued reacting in a continued reacting zone; and (ii) second venting in a second venting zone. The invention also provides for a process and apparatus for preparing a lubricating composition comprising: (aa) introducing a soap concentrate and a base oil to a lubricating composition feeding zone; (bb) dispersing the soap concentrate in a lubricating composition dispersing zone; (cc) mixing the soap concentrate and the base oil in a lubricating composition mixing zone; and (dd) cooling in a lubricating composition cooling zone.08-05-2010
20090197782SOFT MAGNETIC MATERIAL AND DUST CORE - A soft magnetic material includes a plurality of composite magnetic particles including a metal magnetic particle and an insulating film surrounding a surface of the metal magnetic particle. The insulating film also contains a phosphate. The soft magnetic material further includes an aromatic polyetherketone resin and a metallic soap and/or an inorganic lubricant having a hexagonal crystal structure. The metallic soap and the inorganic lubricant are particles with an average particle size of not more than 2.0 μm.08-06-2009
20100016185COATING FILM AND COATING-FILM FORMING METHOD - To form a coating film having an excellent wear-resistant property in a temperature range from low temperature to high temperature a coating-film forming method includes a metal-powder producing step of producing a metal powder containing an element exhibiting a lubricating property when oxidized; an oxidizing step of oxidizing the metal powder so that an amount of oxygen contained in the metal powder is within 6 weight % to 14 weight %; and a coating-film forming step of forming a coating film on a material subject to a treatment, the coating film having such a composition that an area where an oxygen content is 3 weight % or less and an area where an oxygen content is 8 weight % or more are distributed in a unit area of the coating film when the metal powder is in a melted state or a semi-melted state, and an oxygen content of the entire coating film after the metal powder is melted or semi-melted being within 5 weight % to 9 weight %.01-21-2010
20090215656PRODUCT STABILITY ENHANCEMENT WITH PHOSPHONIUM SALTS - The present invention provides a beverage surfactant composition that includes a surfactant, a phosphonium compound, and a carrier; wherein the beverage surfactant composition exhibits stability as a solution or as a dispersion at a temperature of about 0 EC to about 8 EC. The present invention also provides a container or a conveyor for a container having a surface that is at least partially coated with the composition. The present invention also provides a process for lubricating a container that includes contacting at least a portion of a surface of the container and the composition together. The present invention also provides a process for lubricating a conveyor that includes contacting at least a portion of a surface of the conveyor and the composition together.08-27-2009
20120149615Strong Base Amines to Minimize Corrosion in Systems Prone to Form Corrosive Salts - Corrosion by ammonia/amine salts in hydrocarbon streams such as distillation overhead streams that contain a mineral acid and water can be prevented, avoided or minimized by adding certain strong amines to the streams. The amines have a pKa between about 10.5 to about 12 and include, but are not necessarily limited to, dimethylamine, diethylamine, dipropylamine, diisopropyl-amine, di-n-butylamine, diisobutylamine, di-sec-butylamine, di-tert-butylamine, pyrrolidine, piperidine, and combinations thereof. If the hydrocarbon stream further includes a nitrogen-containing compound such as ammonia, a tramp and/or a residual amine which can form a corrosive salt with the mineral acid, then the added amine is a stronger base than the tramp or residual amine, if present. The amount of added amine is greater than total amount of nitrogen-containing compound, so that any corrosive salts formed are less corrosive than the salts that would otherwise form from the ammonia and/or tramp amine.06-14-2012
20100286002Engine Oil Formulations for Biodiesel Fuels - The lubricant for an internal combustion engine fueled by a biodiesel fuel (that is, a liquid fuel containing a C1-C4 alkyl ester of a carboxylic acid of about 12 to about 24 carbon atoms) exhibits improved resistance to oxidative degradation when the lubricant contains an alkali metal detergent.11-11-2010
20110263468In-Situ Lubrication of Sliding Electrical Contacts - Embodiments of the present disclosure include electrically conductive solid lubricant transfer films, methods of making the same, and the like.10-27-2011
20120010111RUST-PREVENTIVE OIL COMPOSITION - A rust preventive oil composition comprising a nonionic surfactant with a hydrophilic-lipophilic index of 10-12 at 0.1-10% by mass based on the total amount of the composition, and at least one rust-preventing additive selected from among sarcosine compounds, sulfonic acid salts, esters, amines, carboxylic acids, fatty acid amine salts, carboxylic acid salts, paraffin waxes, oxidized wax salts, alkyl or alkenylsuccinic acid derivatives and boron compounds, the composition having a 40° C. kinematic viscosity of 1-50 mm01-12-2012
20120015853OVERBASED MAGNESIUM OXIDE DISPERSIONS - Overbased MgO dispersions with high magnesium content and acceptably low viscosities are reproducibly prepared without gel formation by heating to 280-360° C. a mixture of MgO, selected dispersants, low MW carboxylic acids, water and a combination of high boiling hydrocarbon and organic diluent, wherein water is more than 8%, typically more than 10% of the reaction mixture. No additional solubilizing or dispersing agents, promoters or reactants such as carbon dioxide, amines, alcohols etc are needed to obtain the desired dispersions. Compositions such as lubricating oils and fuels containing the overbased magnesium dispersions as additives are also disclosed.01-19-2012
20100286001 LITHIUM HYDROXIDE COMPOSITION, A PROCESS FOR PREPARING A LITHIUM HYDROXIDE COMPOSITION, AND A PROCESS FOR USING A LITHIUM HYDROXIDE COMPOSITION - The invention provides for a lithium hydroxide composition including lithium hydroxide, a base oil, and a polymer. The invention also provides for a process for preparing a lithium hydroxide composition including contacting a lithium hydroxide component, a base oil, and a polymer. The invention also provides for a process of using a lithium hydroxide composition for preparing a soap concentrate or a grease.11-11-2010
20100273687Universal Synthetic Lubricant, Method and Product-by-Process to Replace the Lost Sulfur Lubrication when Using Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuels - A diesel fuel lubricant as a replacement for sulfur lubrication in Ultra-Low and Low Sulfur Diesel fuels, the process for producing said lubricant, and the method of using said lubricant. This lubricant comprises alpha-olefins; low odor aromatic solvents; and at least one a base oil selected from the base oil group consisting of hydrolsomerized high base oils and HT Severe Hydro-cracked Base Oils; as well as other ingredients. Also disclosed is a method for producing this lubricant.10-28-2010
20120101012Ashless or Reduced Ash Quaternary Detergents - A composition of an oil-soluble ionic detergent that does not contribute metal ions to the composition, and which comprises a quaternary non-metallic pnictogen cation and an organic anion having at least one hydrocarbyl group of sufficient length to impart oil solubility to the detergent, the detergent having a total base number (TBN) to total acid number (TAN) ratio of at least 2:1 imparts ash-free basicity to a lubricant composition.04-26-2012
20110237471PROCESS FOR METALWORKING FLUID FROM HEAVY ALKYLATE - The present invention relates to composition of metalworking fluid based on heavy alkyl benzenes having 20 to 22 alkyl carbon atoms and process for the preparation thereof. The heavy alkyl benzene based, less toxic, soluble metalworking fluid composition comprises heavy alkyl benzene, emulsifier, lubricity booster, antioxidant, fungicide, extreme pressure additive, antirust, co-surfactant, coupling agent and alkali component. The process comprises tailoring the heavy alkyl benzene, removing of insoluble matter from the heavy alkylate, addition of emulsifier, additives, coupling agent and co-surfactant, homogenizing the mixture at 20-120° C., followed by conditioning of the soluble metal working fluid concentrate which can be used as emulsion in water.09-29-2011
20120283156FUNCTIONALIZED MONOMERS - This invention relates to functionalized monomers which are reacted with an enophilic reagent (e.g., maleic anhydride) to form an enophilic reagent modified functionalized monomer. The enophilic reagent modified functionalized monomer may be further reacted with one or more additional reagents (e.g., oxygen-containing reagents, nitrogen-containing reagents, metals or metal compounds). The invention relates to base oils which may comprise functional base oils. The invention relates to lubricants, functional fluids, fuels, dispersants, detergents and functional compositions (e.g., cleaning solutions, food products, etc.).11-08-2012
20130123153MAGNETO-RHEOLOGICAL GREASE COMPOSITION - The invention provides a magneto-rheological grease composition which contains (a) a base oil including at least 30% by mass of an ether type synthetic oil; (b) an aliphatic diurea thickener; and (c) magnetic particles in an amount of 45 to 95% by mass based on the total mass of the composition. The magneto-rheological grease composition can show superior thermal stability, dispersion stability and magneto-rheological properties.05-16-2013

Patent applications in class Inorganic compound (except water) (Overbased or carbonated organic acidic compounds are not classified in this subclass or its indents on the basis of inorganic overbasing or carbonating agents; the overbased or carbonated compounds are treated as complexes, and are classified with the particular organic acidic compound)

Patent applications in all subclasses Inorganic compound (except water) (Overbased or carbonated organic acidic compounds are not classified in this subclass or its indents on the basis of inorganic overbasing or carbonating agents; the overbased or carbonated compounds are treated as complexes, and are classified with the particular organic acidic compound)