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507 - Earth boring, well treating, and oil field chemistry

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507103000 Contains organic component 250
507140000 Contains inorganic component other than water or clay 20
507101000 Contains enzyme or living microorganism 6
507102000 Contains intended gaseous phase at entry into wellbore 5
20100144559Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibitors in Completion Fluids - Gas hydrate formation in a well completion fluid in the annular space of a hydrocarbon producing well may be controlled by the incorporation of effective amounts of one or more low dose gas hydrate inhibitors, including but not limited to, low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs), kinetic hydrate inhibitors, dendrimeric or branched compounds, linear polymers and copolymers, grafted or branched linear polymers and copolymers, and onium compounds.06-10-2010
20090143253Drilling fluids containing microbubbles - A drilling fluid comprises water and microbubbles in an amount to achieve a density of the fluid in the range of 4-6 pounds per gallon; the desired density is achieved, and the novel drilling fluid exists, at pressures in the range of 350-5000 pounds per square inch.06-04-2009
20090170730SILICATE DRILLING FLUID COMPOSITION CONTAINING LUBRICATING AGENTS AND USES THEREOF - The present disclosure relates to the compositions of a water-based silicate drilling fluid comprising: (1) alkali metal silicates; (2) cationic polyacrylamide; (3) a lubricant composition; and (4) other conventional drilling fluid additives. The lubricant composition comprises a lubricating effective amount of a carrier oil and one or more lubricants selected from lecithins, sulfurized vegetable and/or lard oils or modified castor oil.07-02-2009
20110092394FLUORINATED CATIONIC SURFACTANT - A composition comprising a fluorinated pyridinium cationic compound of formula (I)04-21-2011
20120088697FOAMER/SULFUR SCAVENGER COMPOSITION AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING SAME - A new multi-purpose foaming composition having applications in oil field application, industrial applications, waste management applications, or other applications that can be benefited by a foam, is disclosed, where the composition includes a surfactant, a sulfur scavenger and optionally an additive, where the sulfur scavenger and/or additive improve foam characteristics and/or the foam improves an activity of the sulfur scavenger and/or the additives. Method for using and making the foaming compositions are also disclosed, especially, coiled and capillary coiled tubing downhole applications.04-12-2012
20090203553Sand aggregating reagents, modified sands, and methods for making and using same - A composition for treating solid materials is disclosed, where the treating compositions coats surfaces or portions of surfaces of the solid materials changing an aggregation or agglomeration propensity of the materials. Treated solid materials are also disclosed. The methods and treated materials are ideally suited for oil field applications.08-13-2009
20110082058EQUIPMENT AND METHODS FOR PREPARING CURED FIBERS - Equipment and methods for preparing curved fibers in a batch or continuous process. Fiber strands comprising a thermoplastic material are placed on a cylindrical surface and heated such that they soften and become malleable. The fiber strands assume the curvature of the cylindrical surface and, upon cooling below their softening temperature, retain the curvature. The curved-fiber strands are then cut to a desired length.04-07-2011
20120071366COMPLEMENTARY SURFACTANT COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING SAME - Complementary surfactant systems and downhole fluids made using the systems are disclosed along with methods for making and using same, where the surfactant systems include from 0 wt. % to 100 wt. % of a first surfactant subsystem, from 100 wt. % to 0 wt. % of a second surfactant subsystem, and from 0 wt. % to 100 wt. % of a solvent subsystem based on the wt. % of the surfactant subsystems, where the system is tailored to foam the fluid including the analyzed crude and/or condensate.03-22-2012
20110160096Methods and Compositions Comprising a Dual Oil/Water-Swellable Particle - Methods and compositions are provided that relate to well bore treatments that comprise swellable particles. An embodiment includes a method that comprises introducing a fluid comprising a dual oil/water-swellable particle into a subterranean formation. Another embodiment includes a method of cementing that comprises: introducing a cement composition comprising cement, water, and a dual oil/water-swellable particle into a space between a pipe string and a subterranean formation; and allowing the cement composition to set in the space. Another embodiment includes a well treatment composition comprising a dual oil/water-swellable particle.06-30-2011
20130023448Methods for Treating Hydrocarbon-Servicing Fluids and Wastewater and Fluids Produced Using the Same - A method for treating hydrocarbon-servicing fluid is provided for reducing contaminants, especially bacteria, volatile and semi-volatile organics, in hydrocarbon-servicing fluids by microwaving and irradiating the fluid with ultraviolet light, with or without use of catalyst. The treated fluid can be used in upstream and downstream hydrocarbon processing operations.01-24-2013
20120094876DESIGNED DRILLING FLUIDS FOR ECD MANAGEMENT AND EXCEPTIONAL FLUID PERFORMANCE - Designed drilling fluids and methods of designing and using designed drilling fluids are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of designing a drilling fluid comprises the step of determining a Design Space comprising specified ranges for one or more drilling fluid properties. The method further comprises determining a Final Fluid Formulations Set comprising drilling fluid compositions having drilling fluid properties compatible with the Design Space and satisfying one or more Performance Criterion. The method further comprises selecting a subset of drilling fluid compositions from the Final Fluid Formulations Set. The method further comprises preparing a drilling fluid based on the subset of drilling fluid compositions.04-19-2012

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