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506 - Combinatorial chemistry technology: method, library, apparatus

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506039000 For screening a library 342
506040000 For creating a library 40
506037000 Integrated apparatus specially adapted for both creating and screening a library 19
506038000 For identifying a library member 10
506035000 Integrated apparatus specially adapted for both screening a library and identifying a library member 7
506034000 Integrated apparatus specially adapted for creating a library, screening a library, and identifying a library member 1
20110136698Chip with tri-layer electrode and micro-cavity arrays for control of bioparticle and manufacturing method thereof - A chip with tri-layer electrodes and micro-cavity arrays for control of bioparticles and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed. The chip captures and releases bioparticles into and from preset cavities by dielectrophoresis (DEP) force generated by electrodes. The chip includes an upper layer body, a middle layer body, a lower layer body, respectively disposed with an electrode, and micro flow chambers. The electrodes of the upper layer body and the middle layer body are common electrodes while the electrode of the lower layer body is a dispersive electrode array exposed on the bottom of lower-layer microcavity. The cell capture and release at the single-cell level and the cell population level are attained by application of an AC electric field.06-09-2011
20110177979CARTRIDGE FOR CHEMICAL PROCESSING - A cartridge for chemical processing carries out chemical processing while moving a content by deformation based on an externally applied force, and includes a microarray chip housed in the cartridge for chemical processing; a member having a surface that faces a surface of the microarray chip; a supporting unit for supporting the member such that a width of a gap between the member and the microarray chip is variable by the externally applied force; and a limiting unit for restricting a variable range of the gap by the supporting unit such that the width of the entire gap between the surface of the member and the surface of the microarray chip does not become smaller than a predetermined width.07-21-2011
20130079252METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONTROLLING LIQUIDS IN MULTIPLEX ASSAYS - A fluidic device for conveying liquid to a well of a microplate. The device includes a support structure configured to be mounted along the microplate. The device also includes a microfluidic tube coupled to the support structure. The tube has an inlet, an outlet, and an open-sided channel that extends longitudinally therebetween. The tube has a cross-section that includes an interior contour with a gap therein. The gap extends at least partially along a length of the tube. The tube is configured to convey liquid to the well of the microplate when the tube is held in a dispensing orientation.03-28-2013
20100323923Thermal Cycling Device - Apparatus for controlling the temperature of a reaction mixture held within a reaction container, the apparatus including a radiation source for exposing the reaction container to radiation thereby heating the reaction mixture, a temperature sensor for sensing a temperature indicative of a reaction mixture temperature and a controller for controlling the radiation source in accordance with the reaction mixture temperature to thereby selectively heat the reaction mixture.12-23-2010
20100041570APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING NON-DESTRUCTIVE QUALITY CONTROL OF SUBSTRATES AND PRINTED BIOLOGICAL MICROARRAYS - A method and apparatus are provided for implementing non-destructive quality control of substrates and printed biological microarrays. A method and apparatus are provided for implementing quality control of gel-based microarrays prepared by dispensing a gel-forming composition on a solid substrate. The method utilizes the difference between the wettability properties of a supporting substrate and a gel, where the gel is hydrophilic. Condensation of vapor of a chemically inert water-soluble liquid, such as water or glycerol, on the surface of a substrate under inspection creates a layer of tiny droplets that affect both transmission and scattering of light on the surface. A pattern of condensation, characterized by spatial distribution, average size of the droplets and spacing between the droplets, reflects variation in wetting properties of the substrate. The pattern of condensation circumscribes printed microarray features to be non-destructively imaged and analyzed.02-18-2010
20090305910Variable pitch array spotter - At each lattice point 12-10-2009
20130065796Advanced Mixing System for Integrated Tool Having Site-Isolated Reactors - An integrated processing tool is described comprising a full-wafer processing module and a combinatorial processing module. Chemicals for use in the combinatorial processing module are fed from a delivery system including a set of first manifolds. An output of each first manifold is coupled to at least one mixing vessel. An output of each mixing vessel feeds more than one of a set of second manifolds. An output of each set of second manifolds feeds one of multiple site-isolated reactors of the combinatorial processing module.03-14-2013
20090325822Apparatus For Increasing The Reaction Efficiency, Especially The Binding Efficiency, Between Molecules And Molecular Moieties - An apparatus for enhancing the contact frequency between two reactants capable of binding to one another, preferably between an analyzer molecule and an analyte molecule, especially for enhancing the binding effectiveness in bioanalysis arrays with the aid of micro- or nanomagnetic particles (12-31-2009
20080269077CENTRIFUGAL MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE HAVING SAMPLE DISTRIBUTION STRUCTURE AND CENTRIFUGAL MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEM INCLUDING THE CENTRIFUGAL MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - Provided are a centrifugal microfluidic device having a sample distribution structure and a centrifugal microfluidic system including the centrifugal microfluidic device. The centrifugal microfluidic device includes: a rotatable platform; a sample chamber which is disposed in the rotatable platform and houses a fluid sample; a distribution channel connected to an outlet of the sample chamber; a valve which is disposed in the outlet of the sample chamber; a plurality of non-vented reaction chambers which are disposed in the rotatable platform outside of the distribution channel in the radial direction; and a plurality of inlet channels connecting the distribution channel with the reaction chambers.10-30-2008
20110301066ADHESION LAYER ENHANCEMENT OF PLASMONIC FLUORESCENCE - A light enhancement device includes at least two layers disposed over the substrate, including an adhesion layer disposed closer to the substrate than a metallic layer. At least one nanocavity extends into the metallic layer. The thickness of the adhesion layer and the diameter of the cavity have a ratio that is in the range of approximately 1:4 to 1:100. Capture molecules can be disposed within the nanocavities.12-08-2011
20100081583FLUDIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING BIOLOGICAL MICROARRAYS IN PERSONAL INSTRUMENTATION - A fluidic system and method for processing biological sensors. The fluidic system includes a fluidic component including at least a first container and a second container. The first container is capable of holding a first volume of a first fluid, and the second container is capable of holding a second volume of a second fluid. Additionally, the fluidic system includes a support component configured to support at least the first container and the second container. The first container and the second container are substantially stationary with respect to the support component. Moreover, the fluidic system includes a transport component configured to move a first sensor, with respect to the support component, into the first container and in contact with the first volume of the first fluid, and move a second sensor, with respect to the support component, into the second container and in contact with the second volume of the second fluid. The first sensor and the second sensor are moved substantially simultaneously.04-01-2010
20110172128MULTI-WELL DEVICE - A device comprising a plurality of sample wells wherein the device has a plurality of compartments, each compartment surrounding at least one well. The compartments are defined by compartment wall means. The compartment wall means may be associated with at least one well or the compartment wall means may be associated with a group of wells. The compartment may house an environmental buffering system.07-14-2011
20090281000STRUCTURED POLYMER FILMS AND METHODS FOR FORMING THE SAME - A method for forming a structured polymeric film having a plurality of longitudinally spaced structured on both sides of the structured polymeric film is described. The method includes: providing a rotatable tool having an outer circumferential surface, the outer circumferential surface including a plurality of tool projections; providing a nip roll having a smooth conformable outer circumferential surface opposed to the outer circumferential surface of the tool; introducing a polymer layer into a nip between the tool and the nip roll; pressing the polymer layer between the tool and the nip roll to form web recesses into a first side of the polymer layer and web projections extending away from an opposing second side of the polymer layer, with the tool projections on the circumferential surface of the tool and form a structured web; and removing the structured web from the tool. Sample processing articles are also described.11-12-2009
20090181864ACTIVE CONTROL FOR DROPLET-BASED MICROFLUIDICS - A microfluidic network provides active control of characteristics of at least one micro-droplet. The microfluidic network includes at least one junction of at least one first channel and at least one second channel; and an electrically controlled actuator at or adjacent the junction to induce a change in the characteristics of the at least one micro-droplet. A corresponding method employs an electrically controlled actuator at or adjacent a junction to induce a change in the characteristics of a micro-droplet.07-16-2009
20110207632TEMPERATURE CONTROL DEVICE WITH A FLEXIBLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL SURFACE - A device for controlling temperature in a reaction chamber is disclosed. The device comprises: a bladder assembly comprising a housing dimensioned to hold a reaction chamber disposed within an interior volume of the housing; and a first temperature-control bladder disposed within the housing, the first temperature-control bladder is configured to receive a temperature-control fluid and comprises a flexible, heat conductive surface that comes in contact with at least a portion of an exterior surface of the reaction chamber after receiving the temperature-control fluid. Also disclosed are a bladder thermal cycler, a temperature-control bladder assembly and methods for producing a thermal cycle in a reaction chamber.08-25-2011
20090298718METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FORMING AN ASSEMBLY - Methods and devices for producing an assembly, and the thus produced assembly, are provided. The assembly may be used in screening applications. In various embodiments, the assembly may comprise a first portion and a second portion. The first portion and second portion may be co-formed or may be separately formed. The assembly may be formed as a blank or may be formed with wells therein. The assembly may be further processed, for example via thermal processing, to form or modify wells in the assembly. In some embodiments, wells in the assembly may have custom volumes, custom shapes, or be arranged in a custom pattern.12-03-2009
20100184629CELL TRAY SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method and system for describing a cell tray are described. The method and system includes providing a first layer and a second layer. The first layer is of an optically transparent substrate material. The second layer is on top of the first layer, the second layer includes a plurality of cell wells, each of the plurality of cell wells being formed by penetrating the second layer to a preselected depth.07-22-2010
20100144557Plasmon fluorescence augmentation for chemical and biological testing apparatus - The sensitivity and durability of fluorescent assays may be increased through structures and methods using plasmon fluorescence augmentation and sealing of the structure against degradation by reagents used in the assay. The resulting structures make practical extremely sensitive fluorescent assays for DNA and other biological analytes.06-10-2010
20100298172MICROFLUIDIC SIZE-EXCLUSION DEVICES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - Microfluidic devices, assemblies, and systems are provided, as are methods of manipulating micro-sized samples of fluids. Microfluidic devices having a plurality of specialized processing features are also provided.11-25-2010
20100323924METHOD OF MANUFACTURING MICRO PATTERNED DEVICE AND DEVICE OBTAINED BY THE METHOD - The present invention refers to a method of manufacturing a micro patterned device. The method can comprise or consist of applying a light curable epoxy resin to a mold to obtain a curable resin filled mold. In a further step a polymeric film or an epoxy resin-coated glass is applied over the curable resin filled mold. Subsequently, the curable resin filled mold to which the polymeric film or the epoxy resin-coated glass is applied is irradiated to cure the resin. In another aspect the present invention refers to a micro patterned device obtained by a method described herein.12-23-2010
20090215654Capillary Perfused Bioreactors with Multiple Chambers - A bioreactor for cultivating living cells in a liquid medium. In one embodiment of the present invention, the bioreactor includes a first substrate having a first surface, an opposite second surface and edges. The bioreactor further includes a second substrate having a first surface and an opposite second surface, defining a cavity with a bottom surface, where the bottom surface is located therebetween the first surface and the second surface. The first surface of the first substrate is received by the second surface of the second substrate to cover the cavity so as to form a channel for receiving cells and a liquid medium. In forming the bioreactor, the channel is sized to allow the growth of a layer of cells on a biocompatible coating layer and a flow of liquid in the channel. The flow of liquid is controlled so as to provide a known shear force to the layer of cells. The flow of liquid can be further controlled so as to provide an environment that simulates a vascular space in the channel.08-27-2009
20090215653DEVICE FOR HYBRIDIZATION CHAMBERS PREVENTING AIR BUBBLES AND HYBRIDIZATION DEVICE COMPRISING THE SAME DEVICE - A device for a hybridization chamber includes a support including an engagement receiving member which receives a microarray, the engagement receiving member engages with the microarray, a hybridization chamber frame which forms the hybridization chamber when in contact with the microarray, a sealing member disposed on the hybridization frame, the sealing member defines a region of the hybridization chamber and a cover coupled with the support and the hybridization chamber frame, wherein one end of the cover is coupled with the support using a hinge, and an opposite end of the cover includes a compression coupling means.08-27-2009
20110082056ARRAY APPARATUS FOR DIVIDING SINGLE CELL - An array apparatus for dividing a single cell includes: a fluid channel having one or more spaces for separating a single cell included in a fluid; an air valve channel positioned at an upper portion of an entrance and exit of the spaces formed in the fluid channel and controlling a fluid flow in the fluid channel; a pressure channel positioned at upper portions of the spaces formed in the fluid channel and dividing the single cell separated from the spaces; and a cell trapping structure installed in the interior of the spaces formed in the fluid channel and separating a single cell included in the fluid flowing along the fluid channel.04-07-2011
20080248973NUCLEIC ACID CHIP COUPLING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE - Disclosed herein is a nucleic acid chip coupling system and a method of operating the nucleic acid chip coupling system. The nucleic acid chip coupling system comprises an upper case, a lower case, and a stirring shaft. The lower case is coupled with the upper case to form a space therein. The stirring shaft is rotatably coupled with one of the upper and lower cases and connected to one side of a wafer so as to rotate the wafer.10-09-2008
20090318312Microfluidic System Comprising Mechanically-Actuated Microfluidic Pinch Valve - A microfluidic system. The system comprises: (A) a microfluidics platform comprising: a compliant body having a microfluidic channel defined therein; a valve sleeve defined by a section of the microfluidic channel, the valve sleeve having a membrane wall defining part of an outer surface of the body; and a compression member for pinching the membrane wall against an opposed wall of the valve sleeve; and (B) a MEMS integrated circuit bonded to the outer surface of the body, the MEMS integrated circuit comprising: a moveable finger engaged with the compression member, the finger being configured to urge the compression member between a closed position in which the membrane wall is sealingly pinched against the opposed wall, and an open position in which the membrane wall is disengaged from the opposed wall; a thermal bend actuator associated with the finger, the actuator configured for controlling movement of the finger; and control circuitry for controlling actuation of the actuator so as to control opening and closing of the valve sleeve.12-24-2009
20110015099NON BIO-ADHESIVE POLYMER COATING COMPOSITION, ARTICLES AND DEVICES THEREOF - The invention is a device comprising a substrate and a material provided on at least a portion of the substrate and having an exposed surface. The exposed surface of the material is non bio-adhesive. The invention further includes a non bio-adhesive material composition and a method of making a device having the same non bio-adhesive surface. The invention further provides a device having a coating of a hydrophobic material. In particular, the hydrophobic material coated portion of the device is resistant to bio-adhesion.01-20-2011
20110053806INTEGRATED CARRIER FOR MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - A carrier for holding a microfluidic device includes a substrate with a plurality of wells, each well defining a volume of between 0.1 μl and 100 μl; a plurality of channels within the substrate wherein each well is in fluid communication with at least one of the plurality of channels; and a receiving portion for receiving a microfluidic device and placing the microfluidic device in fluid communication with the plurality of wells. The carrier has a polymeric composition and/or an array of structural features that enhance its performance and compatibility with existing instrumentation.03-03-2011
20100190663DEVICE FOR WASHING AND HYBRIDIZATION OF BIOCHIPS - A device for biochip hybridization or washing is provided, which comprises a carousel (07-29-2010
20120071362NONWOVEN-BASED CHEMI-CAPACITIVE OR CHEMI-RESISTIVE GAS SENSOR - A chemical gas sensor formed from a nonwoven material is described. The gas sensor includes a flexible, gas-permeable, nonwoven web-based material substrate having a matrix that is composed of a plurality of inert thermoplastic, pulp, cellulose or staple fibers as either a major or minor portion, with a plurality of gas-sensitive fibers formed from a polymer that can absorb volatile organic compounds (VOC), and a plurality of electrically conductive fibers. The gas-sensitive fibers are intermixed with and associated spatially among a network of adjacent electrically conductive fibers, such that a change in physical morphology of said gas-sensitive fibers as a result of interacting with volatile organic compounds, causes a change in dielectric properties that disrupts said network of adjacent electrically conductive fibers. The sensor can be configured as either a resistive or a capacitive chemisensor.03-22-2012
20100197525SUBSTANCE AND A DEVICE08-05-2010
20090018034BIOCHIP HOLDER AND METHOD OF COLLECTING FLUID - A biochip holder is disclosed, the holder including a means to receive a biochip, a vacuum port in communication with the received biochip, and a vacuum source connected to the vacuum port. Liquid from flushing of the biochip is pulled by vacuum force into a vacuum port and can be collected in order to prevent cross-contamination of the biochip. A method of collecting fluid from such a biochip is also disclosed.01-15-2009
20090018035Packages, biochip kits and methods of packaging - A package having an improved yield is provided. The package includes a support on which a plurality of biochips are disposed, and a cover bonded to the support and defining a reaction space for each of the plurality of biochips together with the support, the cover including at least one inlet/outlet.01-15-2009
20120231975ADVANCED MIXING SYSTEM FOR INTEGRATED TOOL HAVING SITE-ISOLATED REACTORS - An integrated processing tool is described comprising a full-wafer processing module and a combinatorial processing module. Chemicals for use in the combinatorial processing module are fed from a delivery system including a set of first manifolds. An output of each first manifold is coupled to at least one mixing vessel. An output of each mixing vessel feeds more than one of a set of second manifolds. An output of each set of second manifolds feeds one of multiple site-isolated reactors of the combinatorial processing module.09-13-2012
20110003717MICROTITRE PLATE - A microtitre plate with wells having transparent bottoms, wherein the microtitre plate includes at least one physical deformation between at least two adjacent wells. The physical deformations may have the shape of e.g. a channel, a ridge, a hole, a slit or a step.01-06-2011
20110046020NOVEL ION CHANNEL-FORMING PEPTIDES - The invention pertains generally to novel compositions and methods for constructing chemically sensitive ion channels. The compositions and methods include, for example, novel gramicidin A derivatives and their use in constructing novel ion channels for use as biosensors.02-24-2011
20120329681System and method for multiplex liquid handling - The present invention generally relates to microfabricated devices for carrying out and controlling chemical reactions and analysis. In particular, the present invention provides systems, methods, devices and computer software products related to multiplex liquid handling systems utilizing lab cards related to biological assays.12-27-2012