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Handheld bar with weight at each end (e.g., barbell, dumbbell, etc.) or component thereof

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482 - Exercise devices


482093000 - Utilizing weight resistance

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482107000 Having securing member (e.g., locking collar, etc.) for retaining weight on bar 47
482108000 Bar held by single hand of user (e.g., dumbbell, etc.) 42
20100160124WEIGHTLIFTING APPARATUS FOR PRONATION AND SUPINATION EXERCISES - A weightlifting apparatus is operative to continuously provide and adjust a force resistant to a torque produced by an exerciser that performs supination of biceps simultaneously with other exercise motions or pronation of triceps simultaneously with other exercise motions.06-24-2010
20130137555WEIGHTED EXERCISE DEVICE PROVIDING MULTIPLE GRIPS - Weighted and stackable exercise device includes a body defining a hollow cavity opening at a first edge thereof. The body has a side wall having at least one cut-out. An outwardly projecting rim is on the tubular portion of the body. A handle is in the cavity. The rim provides a first grip for a user during use of the exercise device and the handle provides a second grip for the user. By providing two different grips on the same weighted exercise device, a user can safely and efficiently perform a larger variety of exercises in comparison to using conventional exercise devices that include a single type of grip. The user can pass their fingers and hand from an exterior of the device through each cut-out and over the rim to grip the device in another manner and perform more and different exercises.05-30-2013
20130035218DUAL GRIP BARBELL - An exercise barbell comprises two separated pairs of rings, all lying along the length of the barbell in a common plane, each ring rotatably supporting a handle member which bisects the ring. The members of each pair are closely separated at their edges, or abutting one another, and are connected by very short bars extending on opposite sides of the center line of the bar. The two pairs are separated by a pair of longer bars disposed on opposite sides of the center line of the bar. Shafts extend outwardly along the length of the barbell from the outermost ring of each pair and these extending shafts may be rotatable, for gripping by the exerciser, and can support individual weights with center holes for surrounding the bar. The dual sets of handles allow a variety of different exercises to be performed with the barbell, most commonly by a user gripping the handle supported in either the two innermost rings or the two outermost rings of each pair.02-07-2013
20130040788WHEELED EXERCISE DEVICE WITH ATTACHMENT POINT - A wheeled exercise device that facilitates various physical exercises is provided. In one embodiment, a device includes a shaft, a handle, a first wheel and a second wheel connected to the shaft with the handle located between the first wheel and the second wheel. The device also includes an attachment point operably connected to the shaft with the attachment point located radially outward of an outer surface of the handle and capable of rotation about a central axis of the shaft.02-14-2013
20090258765Adaptive handle for dual grip dumbbell - An adaptive handle for dual hand use and for foot use includes: a) a first adaptive handle member having a top frame component and a bottom frame component and having a central half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component and having left half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component, and having a right half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component; b) a second adaptive handle member having a top frame component and a bottom frame component and having a central half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component and having left half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component, and having a right half pipe extending from the top frame component to the bottom frame component; and, c) locking mechanism on at least one of the first adaptive handle member and the second adaptive handle member.10-15-2009
20090093349Total body combat conditioning c4 bar - A portable, multi-configurable exercising device which allows a full range of traditional exercises and also marital arts movements to be performed in correct fashion on a compactable, weight and tension adjustable apparatus. All components are collapsible within itself and also reconfigures in such a way as to form a multi-exercise embodiments. Several components are adjustably de-attachable thereby creating multiple embodiments and allowing the performance of many exercises.04-09-2009
20090156374Chain exerciser and trainer - A chain exerciser and trainer is described. The chain exerciser and trainer has a handle portion constructed to be gripped by a user's hands. The handle can resemble the handle of the sports equipment used in the sport for which a user is training. Attached to the handle are one or more chains. The initial chain links are small and lightweight. However, as the links progress outwards away from the handle they increase in size and mass. The resulting device provides free-flowing variable resistance instead of dead weight. This configuration allows the exercise movements to be as fast as possible while still offering a high resistance at the right time. The faster an athlete moves this device, the higher the resistance that will be encountered. This makes the chain exerciser and trainer perfect for simultaneous speed and strength development.06-18-2009
20090023563BODY TONE EXERCISE BRICKS - A body tone exercise brick includes a brick body having a receiving chamber opened upward, a bar detachably mounted in the receiving chamber of the brick body, and a pair of weight members alternatively placed in the receiving chamber of the brick body or detachably coupled to two ends of the bar when the bar is taken out from the receiving chamber of the brick body. Thus, the body tone exercise brick of the invention has a variety of exercise modes to train muscles of various portions.01-22-2009
20130165300ALUMINUM CLAD WEIGHT LIFTING BAR AND DUMB BELLS - An anodized metal cladded bar bell and dumb bell having color and/or other decorative elements applied to the aluminum cladding wherein the aluminum cladding is configured in substantially the same size and shape as the bar bell part on which it is mounted in covering relation thereto.06-27-2013
20110143891PHYSICAL THERAPY REHABILITATION APPARATUS - An exercise device, comprising an elongate member which has a pair of end regions with a pair of opposed end portions. Each end portion has a body wherein each body has one of a pair of opposed first end faces and at least a pair of first weighted segments. Each of the weighted segments is removably attachable to the elongate member and/or a corresponding end portion in an operative position. Each first weighted segment also has a second end face which abuts the first end face in the operative position. Each body has a first exterior surface region including and anchor portion for attaching thereto at least one elongate resilient portion at one end of the resilient portion and to a fixed object at the opposing end. A method for using the device is also provided.06-16-2011
20100120591PORTABLE WALKING EXERCISE GYM - An exercising/rehabilitating device that is portable, durable and easily manufactured comprising of a flexible rod, a medially located pad with two weighted handles on each end of the rod. The device can be used to stretch various muscle groups by providing uniform resistance to forces, thus allowing for conditioning and muscle growth. Or, it can be slung over one's shoulders and carried when jogging or walking to reduce the stresses on the spine, because of its damping effect and its realignment and concentration of these normal forces.05-13-2010
20120295774VIBRATING WEIGHT BAR - Weight bars are disclosed that provide an enhanced workout. Specifically, weight bars of the present invention include a vibration mechanism that creates a vibration in the weight bar. Weight bars of the present invention can be configured to be held in one hand or in both hands. Additionally, the weight bars of the present invention can include a rechargeable power source for the vibration mechanism. While not in use, the weight bars of the present invention can rest on a base member. The base member may include a charging plug that mates with the charging port such that the power source for the vibration mechanism can recharge while resting on the base member.11-22-2012
20120245000Fitness Bar - A multi-piece fitness bar may include an outer, a middle, and an inner bar. The three bars may be annular and nested, one inside of the next in size. The inner bar may protrude from the ends of the middle bar, and the middle bar may protrude from the ends of the outer bar. A end-cap may be configured to hold the bars in place and in a staggered manner with respect to each other. The end-cap may include staggered internal surfaces, each designed to mate with and hold in place a specific bar. The multi-piece fitness may provide from several combinations of weight, depending upon which of the bars are used in combination or individually. Each bar may be coated with an external grip. The end-cap may provide for clearance fits between the three bars to protect the external grips and facilitate interchangeability.09-27-2012
20100069206EXERCISE TRAINING TOOL & METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Embodiments of the invention are directed to a multi-purpose exercise training tool and methods of use thereof. In one embodiment, the multi-purpose exercise training tool includes a planar bottom face and a contoured top face and is approximately elliptical-shaped or circular-shaped. The multi-purpose exercise training tool may include one or more sets of grip portions allowing a user to grip the multi-purpose exercise training tool at different arm width distances allowing the user to target different muscle groups during use. The training tool is made of a hard, durable material and can be manufactured in a variety of weights.03-18-2010
20100323854Press bars for weightlifting exercises and related methods for using them - A press bar for supporting a weight during a weightlifting exercise includes a body that has a first end, a second end, and a body-axis that passes through the first and second ends, wherein the body-axis is substantially horizontal when the press bar lies on a substantially horizontal surface. In addition to the body, the press bar includes a handle connected to the body. The handle includes a grip positioned relative to the body-axis. The grip has a longitudinal axis lying in a plane that is vertical when the press bar lies on a substantially horizontal surface. The position of the grip relative to the body-axis is such that the body-axis does not intersect the grip, but does intersect the plane at an angle between 45° and 135°.12-23-2010
20120165166TECHNIQUE PLATE - A technique plate is usable to engage in various exercise activities, such as weightlifting movements. The technique plate may include various elements, such as a weight amount and a diameter, which is consistent with Olympic-weightlifting standards.06-28-2012
20120165165RECORDING DEVICE FOR WEIGHTLIFTING - The recording device for weightlifting is removably attached to one end of the bar of a barbell set and holds a marking or tracing implement (e.g., chalk, whiteboard marker, laser pen, etc.) removably therein. A board (for use with a marking implement) or light recording screen (for use with an optical device) is positioned near the marking or tracing implement, the marking implement being in contact with the board. The weightlifter may then perform lifts while recording the path of the bar on the board or screen by means of the marking or tracing implement. The resulting trace enables the lifter and/or his or her coach, mentor, or assistant to determine accurately the path of the bar during the lift, thereby facilitating the determination of any corrections that might be needed to the form of the weightlifter during lifting exercises.06-28-2012
20100009820Exerciser - An exerciser apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a member having a substantially tubular exterior surface, said surface having a central longitudinal axis. The member has two or more receivers, said two or more receivers including a pair of receivers, axially-spaced from one another. A handle is provided for each receiver. The apparatus can be constructed from a tube, with each receiver being formed by a pair of radially-directed apertures formed through the tube and the handle provided for said each receiver being defined by a strip of the tube separating the pair of apertures.01-14-2010
20120220433OFFSET WEIGHT BARS - An offset weight bar is provided which operates with the lifter's neuro-fascial connections to increase muscle activation and recruitment of muscle groups. The offset weight bar includes a grip portion that is shaped in accordance with the neuro-fascial connections in the lifter's hands and arms. The offset weight bar also offsets the weight of the bar from the lifter's palm to a point out along the lifter's unfolded fingers. The shape of the offset weight bar operates with the offset of the weight from the palm to increase the lifter's muscle activation and muscle group recruitment in accordance with the lifter's neuro-fascial physiology.08-30-2012
20120322630Exercise and Training Apparatuses and Methods of Making and Using the Same - The present invention relates to apparatuses for increasing strength through exercise and training. Specifically, the present invention relates to apparatuses that increase the difficulty of well-known exercises and weight lifting techniques in order to increase the efficiency of work-outs. More specifically, the present invention relates to apparatuses that promote whole-body stabilization.12-20-2012
20130095984Multiply-Adaptable Physical Training System - An exercise device comprises a frame with a pair of longitudinal support rails arranged side by side in a spaced apart arrangement, a connecting means for connecting the rails and a first end adapted to accept a wheel. The frame is bent at its first end such that when the frame is laid level on a surface, the wheel is not in contact with the surface upon which the frame lies and when the second end of the frame is raised, the wheel engages the surface. The frame also has one or more weight support members for receiving weights such as weight plates.04-18-2013
20130116096WEIGHT-LIFTING BARS, METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE WEIGHT-LIFTING BARS, AND A METHOD OF WEIGHT-LIFTING - A weight-lifting bar is provided. The weight-lifting bar includes a tubular member having a first end portion and a second end portion. The tubular member further includes an internal region. The weight-lifting bar further includes a plurality of balls disposed in the internal region of the tubular member that at least partially fills the internal region. The weight-lifting bar further includes a first endcap member configured to be coupled to the first end portion, and a second endcap member configured to be coupled to the second end portion.05-09-2013
20080200316Exercise device including collar coupling - An exercise device comprises a bar, pairs of weights comprising weight collars which can be removably secured to either end of the bar, and a coupling for each weight collar. One of the bar or the weight collar has means for receiving a detent, e.g., a circular groove on an inner diameter of an axial central bore. A locking device is positioned in the other one of the bar or the weight collar. In arriving at a locked position, a spring-biased, axially disposed actuator pushes ball bearing detents, by camming action, radially outwardly through an aperture in the component housing the locking device to rest in a radially adjacent circumferential groove. The actuator is depressed to permit radially inward movement of the detents so that the weight collars caps can be removed.08-21-2008
20080200315Rubber barbell weight with at least one colored rubber belt and a method of making the same - A method of making a rubber barbell weight with as least on colored rubber belt has acts of providing at least one annular colored rubber belt, providing a mold, placing the at least one annular colored rubber belt in the mold, placing rubber raw materials in the mold, heating and pressing the mold and releasing the mold. The mold has two middle molds. Each middle mold has at least one recess formed radially in an inside wall of the mold. The annular colored rubber belt is placed into the recesses of the middle molds. The rubber raw materials are placed into the mold. Because top and bottom flanges of each recess of the middle mold limit the annular colored rubber belt only fusing with adjacent rubber raw materials, an outside surface of the annular colored rubber belt does not mix with the color of the rubber raw materials.08-21-2008

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