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482 - Exercise devices

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482026000 Projector 58
482038000 Horizontal bar 23
482035000 Play area climbing or traversing arrangement (i.e., for use by children) 18
482037000 Arm or hand type climbing arrangement 8
482034000 Bar or rope for balancing upon 3
20090093343Trampoline balance beam - A balance beam for training gymnasts has been invented. The balance beam has the capability of absorbing the downward momentum of a gymnast landing on the beam and then providing a near equal upward thrust to the gymnast allowing greater heights and longer air time in an immediately following jump thus facilitating the quicker learning of gymnastic skills. To achieve this, the beam is supported within a frame of similar dimension as the beam. The components which support the beam within the frame are located at each end of the beam and consist of a special arrangement of springs and elastic straps which represent the embodiment of the invention.04-09-2009
20080312043Balance Training and Exercise Device and Method - A novel balance exercise apparatus and method of training is disclosed which includes a spanning system which spans between two positions in space and supports a suspended system which is suspended between the two positions in space. A user trains their balance skills and exercises by positioning all or part of their body on the suspended system and then moves their body to maintain their balance while remaining in place or doing exercises. The suspended system creates a dynamic balance environment where the suspended system may move such as swing, bend, rotate, or twist, all controlled by the balance and movement of the user. The suspended system may consist of rigid and/or flexible devices that are supported by the spanning system above the ground. In addition, the spanning system and the suspended system may include devices to vary the nature and difficulty of the dynamic balance environment. The dynamic balance environment may range from stiff to very soft and incorporate variable spring and bounce properties. The dynamic nature of the balance environment makes this system a very effective and challenging balance training system.12-18-2008
20080242515Motorized apparatus and method for dynamic balancing exercise - A method and apparatus for achieving dynamic balance exercise by using an elongated board that is tiltable in a longitudinal direction and energized by a set of motor-driven wheels which are connected to oppose the tilting action. A front to back (pitching) and side to side twisting (yawing) of the board is accomplished concurrently with the longitudinal tilting (rolling) movement to balance the exercise experience and improve the subjects fore-and-aft balance.10-02-2008
482025000 Vaulting or pommel horse 2
20120065025Tumbler Apparatus - In one embodiment, a tumbler apparatus comprises a metal roller padded with foam, a frame to give support and height to the roller and elastic bands connected at opposite ends of the roller to connect the roller to the frame. The elastic bands connect to support hooks on the frame risers.03-15-2012
20090176621Tumbler apparatus - In one embodiment, a tumbler apparatus comprises a metal roller padded with foam, a frame to give support and height to the roller and elastic bands connected at opposite ends of the roller to connect the roller to the frame. The elastic bands connect to support hooks on the frame risers.07-09-2009
482033000 Tower or pole for swinging upon 1
20100267522PORTABLE POLE DANCING SYSTEM - A portable pole dancing system including a base, a pole and a mat. The pole extends substantially perpendicular from the base. The mat substantially covers the base.10-21-2010
20120202651GYMNASTIC MACHINE - A gymnastic machine (08-09-2012
20090093342Circular yoga or exercise mat - A yoga or exercise mat circular in form from between four feet and eight feet in diameter. The circular mat will allow the yoga practitioner to be able to perform various poses and exercises without having to step off or turn the mat during exercising. The circular Yoga mat will also provide for proper spacing of yoga students during classes as the circular form eliminates the problem of overlapping space for students and teachers. The circular yoga mat will greatly benefit the yoga or exercise practitioner by providing full coverage, padding and protection during exercising while at the same time providing and protecting the space and comfort of those using the mat.04-09-2009
20130072354Athletic Agility Equipment and Methods of Using the Same - The present invention relates to a grid apparatus that is useful for the training of athletes in speed, agility, strength, plyometrics, balance, cardiovascular and other training exercise activities. The grid apparatus allows athletes to move forward, backward, side to side, and diagonal at multiple height settings. Specifically, the present invention relates to a grid apparatus that has the ability to be held tight and maintain its shape while on any athletic surface. More specifically, the present invention relates to a grid apparatus that may be suspended above the ground at specific heights. The grid apparatus includes, generally, one or more straps intersecting in a grid configuration and one or more stabilizers to functionally suspend the grid apparatus above the ground.03-21-2013
20080312042Climbing Machine - A climbing machine for exercise of a first and second user may include a base member to support the climbing machine, a first and second side frame member which is substantially vertical and connected to the base member, a hoist member for cooperating with the first and second side frame member, a rack member to be moved by the hoist member, and a guide member to guide the rack member. The rack member may include a first and second pump member to independently move the rack member and hoist member. The climbing machine may include a top frame member which is connected to the guide member and the side frame member, and the rack member may be substantially U-shaped. The rack member may include a third pump member to independently moves the hoist member, and the rack member may include a fourth pump member to independently move the hoist member. The first pump member and the third pump member may include a hand bar member, and the second pump member and the fourth pump member may include a stepping bar member.12-18-2008
20080207404Gymnastic machine - Gymnastic machine (08-28-2008
20080214361MAT HAVING PADDED PORTION - Mats having an additional padded or cushioned portion are disclosed herein. An exercise mat with additional padding in appropriate locations may enhance user comfort, protect against injury, and/or ease strain on body parts that support substantial weight. The exercise mats herein described comprise a substantially planar body portion combined with one or more portions with additional padding. The size, shape, number, and placement of the padded portions may be tailored to the intended use of the exercise mat. The padded portion may be integrated into the exercise mat between layers of the body portion or alternatively, the padded portion may be attached to an exterior planar surface of the exercise mat.09-04-2008
20080318733Acrobatic elevated-path amusement device - An amusement device enables an acrobatic user (12-25-2008
20090062076Yoga Mat With Intuitive Tactile Feedback For Visually Impaired - The invention includes an exercise mat that provides intuitive tactile feedback allowing a user to determine body placement using the sense of touch. The invention enables visually impaired users to determine location and/or direction on the mat. The invention includes devices to assist a user in correct foot and hand placements during a yoga posture sequence, an exercise program, a dance routine, and so forth. Tactile markers for hand and foot placement enable discerning a reference marker as either intended for hand or foot, right side or left side, and forward or backward. The invention makes yoga more accessible to the visually impaired and enables a user to participate in mainstream yoga communities. The invention can be used for the practice of yoga in a class setting in schools for the blind, in public or private studios, or at home. The mat can be used in a yoga class to follow instructions with more ease and independence. The pliable nature of the mat allows it to be easily portable to schools, studios, and storage at home.03-05-2009
20090253556EXERCISE MAT - This invention relates to an exercise mat that provides reference points and orientation for exercises. In one embodiment, the present invention provides an exercise mat for ensuring exercises are performed properly by providing a series of markings and/or notations. In another embodiment, the invention provides a method of performing an exercise by describing physical movements in conjunction with markings.10-08-2009
20110111926Yoga Mat with Pose Markings - A mat for learning, teaching, and performing yoga is provided in which the upper surface of the mat includes visually discernable floor-contacting body part markings. Sets of the markings can be used by yoga practitioners to facilitate proper positioning for one or more yoga poses. In another aspect of the invention, mats can be made for practitioners of different sizes and abilities by varying the spacing of the sets of markings for the poses. Further, an image of the mat can be represented on another medium, such as a card, poster, or video, on which a pose is depicted and the representations of the markings of the mat for that pose can be highlighted.05-12-2011
20100184567Portable acrobatic trainer apparatus - One embodiment of a portable acrobatic training apparatus (I) with which to support and instruct athletes learning back handsprings having opposing flat vertical ends (07-22-2010
20110130250GYMNASTIC MACHINE - A gymnastic machine (06-02-2011
20090054210Station for Gymnastics in Water - The station comprises a tub suited to be filled with water and shaped to receive a user partially immersed therein, and a gymnastics device comprising a frame receivable within the tub and supporting a seat and a revolving pedal crank that is arranged in front of the seat. The pedal crank is pivotally supported on supports integral with the frame and provided with three hinge seats which are differently spaced from the seat and are selectively engageable by the pedal crank.02-26-2009
20110071004ADJUSTABLE EXERCISE APPARATUS - Provided is exercise equipment for performing a variety of exercises for upper body exercises such as push-up, pull-up, and dip styles of exercise as well as core strengthening exercises. In some embodiments, the device allows for vertical and horizontal adjustments to a variety of positions allowing for general use for persons of all sizes and levels of abilities, from the beginner to the highly experienced and athletic person.03-24-2011
20110152034MACHINE FOR GYMNASTIC EXERCISES, PARTICULARLY FOR MUSCLE STRETCHING - A machine for gymnastic exercises, particularly for muscle stretching, comprising a supporting frame, a seat which is fixed with respect to the supporting frame, and a back rest which is pivoted to the supporting frame for moving the back rest between a position which is substantially inclined with respect to the seat and a position which is substantially perpendicular with respect to the seat, the machine further comprising a carriage which is slidingly associated with the supporting frame and is functionally connected to the back rest by way of kinematic connection elements for transferring the motion of the carriage to the back rest and/or vice versa.06-23-2011
20120129657Gymnastic Tool, Apparatus And Method To Carry Out It - A gymnastic tool (05-24-2012
20100323847PORTABLE ACROBATIC TRAINER APPARATUS - One embodiment of a portable acrobatic training apparatus (I) with which to support and instruct athletes learning back handsprings having opposing flat vertical ends (12-23-2010
20110251023GYMNASTIC EQUIPMENT - A gymnastic equipment (10-13-2011
20130012360Portable gymnastic device - A portable gymnastic device comprising a suspension means having two opposed and complementary rigid hooks, which are pivotally connected together and to a U-shaped frame by a pin. Hooked upper ends of the hooks are engaged over a horizontal cross member of the doorframe or a horizontal bar. The hooks are normally biased to a closed position permanently by the spring. A rope is connected with the U-shaped frame by a knot, which is placed on a top end of the rope. A handle is connected with a bottom end of the rope by suitable means such as a cam within the handle. On the bottom end of the rope several handles may be set on different levels to accommodate different height users and different exercises.01-10-2013
20080207403Gymnastic machine - Gymnastic machine (08-28-2008

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