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474 - Endless belt power transmission systems or components

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474153000 With particular belt 40
474158000 And additional coaxial surface for engaging same belt in shifted condition or for engaging auxiliary belt, brake, or clutch member 39
474161000 Having nonmetallic component 7
474162000 Having belt-engaging surfaces on discrete circumferentially spaced, relatively movable or replaceable members 4
20080293531Chain Noise Damping Device - A sprocket (S) for a chain driven power transmission system used on an internal combustion engine. Severe ITVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) characteristics associated with a chain engaging the sprocket is damped by two annular rings (R11-27-2008
20110300978TIMING PULLEY - There is provided a timing pulley whose noise is low, which is light-weight, whose pulley structure is simple and which excels in workability. The timing pulley comprises a cylindrical timing hub which is fitted around a power transmitting shaft, a pair of flange members provided apart on both end portions of the timing hub and a plurality of engagement pins disposed on peripheral edge portions of the pair of flange members in the circumferential direction thereof so as to extend between and through each of the flange members and so as to engage with mating teeth of a timing belt.12-08-2011
20100081532Drive tumbler - A drive tumbler comprises a hub having attached thereto a plurality of replaceable rim segments. The rim segments are supported by a plurality of raised blocks that are formed integral with the hub and serve to absorb the shear forces to which the tumbler is subject during operation.04-01-2010
20110306453METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SPROCKET SEGMENT, AND SPROCKET SEGMENT - A method of manufacturing a sprocket segment that is formed by forging as one of a plurality of circumferentially divided parts of a sprocket having a plurality of teeth arranged on an outer peripheral surface of a circular flange, the method includes: forming a material of the sprocket segment into an initial formed state in an initial forming step; and subjecting the sprocket segment in dies to a finish forming process with a tooth trace direction of the sprocket segment as viewed in cross-section of the sprocket segment being inclined relative to a forging direction of the dies in a finish forming step.12-15-2011
474164000 Having axially spaced sets of belt-engaging surfaces 3
20120295749Device For Activating A Cogged Flexible Transmission Organ - A drive transmission system for activating a cogged flexible transmission organ includes a support pulley borne idle on a drive shaft which contacts tops of the organ cogs at a calibrated circumference thereof which defines a predetermined winding radius of the flexible transmission organ. A cogged drawing pulley is mounted on the drive shaft and has cogs for enmeshing with recesses in the cogged flexible transmission organ for advancing the flexible transmission organ. The drawing pulley has cogs sized for enmeshing with the recesses of the cogged flexible transmission organ, such that tops of the drawing pulley cogs are displaced from bottoms of the drawing pulley recesses. The drawing pulley therefore cannot drag on the flexible transmission organ when the support pulley is not subject to drive torque.11-22-2012
20090069135SPROCKET OF BICYCLE WITH SPECIAL DESIGNED TOOTH - A sprocket wheel of a bicycle comprises a large sprocket having a plurality of teeth; a small sprocket having a plurality of teeth; and a chain. For each tooth of the large sprocket and small sprocket, a first lateral side of the tooth has a first edge line at a top end thereof; the first lateral side is cut inwards from to form as a notch; the notch is a cambered surface and a lower side of the notch is confined by a second edge line. In assembly, the first lateral side of the large sprocket is placed to be adjacent to a small sprocket so as to reduce interferences and noises in driving. The topside of the tooth has the first edge line and a third edge line; and the topside of the tooth is an inclined to a wheel surfaces.03-12-2009
20110319209INTEGRATED BICYCLE CHAINRING ASSEMBLY - An improved bicycle chainring assembly. The improved assembly includes at least two integrally formed chainrings configured to be attached to a bicycle crankarm via mounting apertures formed in the assembly. The chainrings of the assembly may be joined with discrete, continuous, or semi-continuous connection structures to achieve any desired degree of stiffness and weight savings. In some cases, the mounting apertures may be formed near the periphery of one of the chainrings.12-29-2011
20090191997ROTATING DISC - The form of a tooth profile for a rotating disc (07-30-2009
20090191996COGSET ASSEMBLY FOR A BICYCLE - A bicycle hub assembly comprises a shaft, a first load bearing adjacent said shaft, a hub main body surrounding said shaft, and a cogset. The cogset can define an inner surface, and the inner surface can define a seat configured to receive the first load bearing. Further, the inner surface can define an opening of variable size. The cogset can also define an inner end and an outer end, and the opening can generally increase in size from the outer end to the inner end.07-30-2009
20090042679ASSEMBLY OF TOOTHED WHEELS FOR A BICYCLE - An assembly of toothed wheels of a bicycle has at least two toothed wheels of different diameter and at least one support member of at least one toothed wheel of the at least two toothed wheels on a component of a bicycle, like for example a free body of a hub for a rear bicycle wheel. The at least one support member is at least partially housed in at least one cavity of at least one other toothed wheel of the at least two toothed wheels. In this way, the distance between the toothed wheels is lower than the thickness of the support member of the toothed wheels themselves. The support member can thus maintain a strong resistant section at the attachment area to the respective toothed wheel. At the same time, it is possible to mount a greater number of sprockets on a free body of standard size.02-12-2009
20100273592SNAP TOGETHER SPLIT SPROCKET - Described herein is a sprocket for interfacing with a perforated material, such as a chain. The sprocket includes a hub and a material-interfacing plate. The hub is shaped to fit around an axially extending shaft, and includes a plurality of hub portions each shaped to fit around a portion of the shaft; and a retaining portion and a hub interlocking portion, each disposed on at least one of the hub portions. The material-interfacing plate has a periphery that is shaped to interface with the perforated material, and includes a plurality of plate portions each shaped to fit around a portion of the hub; and a plate interlocking portion shaped to interlock with the hub interlocking portion and disposed on at least one of the plate portions. The material-interfacing plate is in a secured position when the plate interlocking portion and the hub interlocking portion are interlocked with each other. The interlocked plate and hub interlocking portions prevent the material-interfacing plate from sliding radially off the hub and the retaining portion prevents the material-interfacing plate from sliding axially off the hub when the material-interfacing plate is in the secured position.10-28-2010
20090093328Toothed belt pulley - The invention describes a belt pulley (04-09-2009
20130059689CUSHIONING STRUCTURE FOR A SPROCKET - To reduce operating noise and further improve durability in a cushioning structure for a sprocket used in a roller chain or bush chain. MEANS OF RESOLUTION Annular first and second cushion rings 03-07-2013
20090111631Bicycle chain rings with ramps - Embodiments of the present invention include bicycle chain rings for bicycles having specially shaped ramps, tapers and profiled teeth for improved shifting performance. Additional embodiments of the bicycle chain rings of the present invention may be configured with one or more additional features formed within the chain rings including a transition slide, a tapered ramp face, a ramp bridge, a ramp lead, a trailing transition slide and a wear pin.04-30-2009
20100081530SLEEVED SPROCKET TEETH - A gear with a solid metal sleeve for its outer tooth profile is provided. The gear additionally has an inner body of sintered powder metal.04-01-2010
20090286639SPROCKET FOR CHAIN - A sprocket for a chain drive using a roller or bushing chain has a plurality of different pitch angles, including both pitch angles larger than the standard pitch angle, and pitch angles smaller than the standard pitch angle. The number of pitch angles in the sprocket larger than the standard pitch angle is greater than the number of pitch angles in the sprocket smaller than the standard pitch angle. The sprocket teeth are integrally molded with the sprocket by sintering.11-19-2009
20090143178SHOCK ABSORBING STRUCTURE IN IDLER - A shock absorbing structure in an idler in which the shock of first abutment of a roller in a roller chain in a case where the roller engages with an idler sprocket, is absorbed or reduced The structure has an idler 06-04-2009
20100184547Debris ejecting sprocket and system - A debris ejecting sprocket comprising a body (07-22-2010
20100151978Tension-Reducing Random Sprocket - A sprocket is provided having a plurality of teeth around its circumference. Adjacent teeth are separated by roots each having a root radius defined as the distance between the center of the sprocket and a point along the root closest to the sprocket center in a radial direction. In one aspect of the invention, the sprocket comprises at least two different root radii arranged in a pattern effective to redistribute tensions imparted to a chain by the sprocket at one or more predetermined sprocket orders.06-17-2010
20120309571CLUTCH SHAFT, ACTUATOR, CAMSHAFT ADJUSTMENT TRANSMISSION AND CAMSHAFT CONTROLLER - A clutch shaft for a camshaft controller having at each of two ends (12-06-2012
20080293530OIL PUMP DRIVING MECHANISM - When an engaging pawl 11-27-2008
20110092326PULLEY FOR USE WITH TOOTHED BELT - The invention provides a toothed-belt pulley that is capable of reducing pneumatic and plosive sounds and of reducing engagement noises while stably transmitting rotational movements by suppressing widthwise wobbling of a toothed belt and while reducing a manufacturing cost of the pulley by simplifying its manufacturing process and of improving a production yield by shortening its manufacturing time. The toothed-belt pulley has a disk whose inner circumference is fittingly attached to a rotary shaft and which is provided with teeth to be engaged with the toothed belt around the outer circumference and flanges erected on the both outer sides of the toothed belt, wherein each of the teeth has a concaved recess with which the toothed belt deformably engages in the widthwise center part thereof.04-21-2011
20130184110Chainring - A solitary chainring of a bicycle front crankset for engaging a bicycle drive chain, including a plurality of teeth formed about a periphery of the chainring. One or more clearance chamfer surfaces are formed on the chainring body, each of the chamfer surfaces substantially centered between adjacent pairs of the plurality of teeth.07-18-2013
20120214629Bicycle Sprocket - A bicycle sprocket includes a sprocket body having a plurality of bottom edges along an outer periphery thereof, and a plurality of teeth. The bottom edges extends in a generally circumferential direction of the sprocket body. Each of the bottom edges is connected between two adjacent ones of the teeth. The central points of the bottom edges includes a first group of central points each spaced apart from the center of the sprocket body by a first distance, and a second group of central points each spaced apart from the center of the sprocket body by a second distance smaller than the first distance. The sprocket body further has a direction guiding groove extending inwardly from the outer periphery, permitting passage of a chain pin, and adjacent to the first group of the central points.08-23-2012
20120220401CAM SPROCKET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A cam sprocket according to the present invention includes a ring-shaped plate portion having external teeth along its outer circumference; a circular plate portion that is disposed at the radially inner region substantially parallel to the ring-shaped plate portion and at a level difference in axial direction to the ring-shaped plate portion, the circular plate portion being abuttable against one end face in axial direction of the cam shaft; and a tapered portion linking the circular plate portion to the ring-shaped portion at a radially intermediate region. The tapered portion is provided with a plurality of punched portions whose radially inner faces are provided with a partial circular arc shape so as to come into area contact with an outer circumferential surface at the one end face in axial direction of the cam shaft.08-30-2012
20080261738CHAIN TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - A chain transmission system having a drive sprocket, a driven sprocket, a chain having a front side engaging teeth on the drive sprocket and teeth on the driven sprocket, and a rotary wheel having rubber outer surface. A backside of the chain engages the rubber outer surface of the driven wheel.10-23-2008
20130143703TOOTHED BELT WHEEL - The present invention relates to a toothed belt wheel (06-06-2013
20130116074Sprocket wheel for bicycle - A sprocket wheel includes a number of supporting devices extended radially and inwardly from an outer peripheral rim, the supporting devices each include two protrusions extended radially and inwardly from the rim and offset from a center portion of the rim, and each of the protrusions include a number of levers for forming a number of spaces between the levers and include an inner end portion having an orifice formed therein, the inner end portions of the protrusions of each of the supporting devices are contact with each other, and the protrusions of the supporting devices are arranged in a stagger way relative to each other for suitably increasing the strength of the sprocket wheel and for dissipating the force to be applied to the sprocket wheel.05-09-2013
20130184109SPROCKET MOUNTING CARRIER FOR A BICYCLE - A sprocket mounting carrier has a cylindrical body which on the outside is provided with grooves extending in axial direction. The sprocket mounting carrier has such a shape that both sprockets of a first type and sprockets of a second type can be slid onto it. These sprockets each have a central hole whose bounding wall has cams. The bottoms and side walls of the grooves of the sprocket mounting carrier, in the event of sprockets being present on the sprocket mounting carrier, engage with the cams of the sprockets, so that the sprockets are secured to the sprocket mounting carrier both in radial direction and in tangential direction.07-18-2013
20110312457Sprockets Made of Two Materials with Half Holes on the Edge of Central Portion - The present sprocket wheel invention enhances the efficiency of the sprockets made of two materials, e.g., a lighter material at central portion of the sprocket and a hard material at peripheral portion of the sprocket comprising teeth, by drilling half holes on the outer edge of the central portion and half holes on the inner edge of the peripheral portion of the sprocket. In the preferred embodiment, half of the thickness of the sprocket is the entire hole on the peripheral portion of the sprocket with harder materials, and the other half of the thickness of the sprocket is designed to have said half holes for rivets to attach the central portion and the peripheral portion of the sprocket.12-22-2011
20110312456Bicycle Sprocket - A bicycle sprocket comprises a sprocket body and a plurality of angularly equidistant teeth extending radially and outwardly from an outer periphery of the sprocket body. The sprocket body has a plurality of bottom edges along the outer periphery. The bottom edges extend in a generally circumferential direction of the sprocket body. Each of the bottom edges is connected between two adjacent ones of the teeth. The central points of the bottom edges include at least first and second groups of the central points. Each of the first group of the central points is spaced apart from the center of the sprocket body by a first distance. Each of the second group of the central points is spaced apart from the center of the sprocket body by a second distance that is smaller than the first distance. The difference between the first and second distances is smaller than 2 mm.12-22-2011

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