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474 - Endless belt power transmission systems or components

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474110000 Tension adjuster or shifter driven by electrical or fluid motor 98
474133000 Guide roll mounted for movement of its axis along arcuate path to tension belt 90
474111000 Tension adjuster has surface in sliding contact with belt 68
474113000 Pulley shifter 24
474112000 Pulley or guide roll has eccentric mount for shifting or tensioning movement 18
474136000 Guide roll mounted for movement of its axis along rectilineal path to tension belt 12
474119000 Belt shifter for shifting belt laterally or for selective engagement and supported disengagement of belt with pulley 11
474109000 Load responsive tension adjuster or shifter 6
474102000 With sensor for controlling operation of shifter to correct belt training deviation 2
20100093473Chain Tensioning Apparatus with Temperature-Based Leakdown - An apparatus for tensioning a chain is provided that compensates for the affect of temperature on oil viscosity by providing, in addition to a continuously open oil leakage path, an additional leakage path open only at lower temperatures when oil is more viscous and leaks at a slower rate. Thus, overall oil leakage at lower temperatures is similar to that at higher temperatures, when the additional leakage path is closed, and the less viscous higher temperature oil leaks at a faster rate from the continuously open oil leakage path. Accordingly, the affect of temperature on hydraulic stiffness of the tensioner assembly is minimized.04-15-2010
20100022336Chain Drive Tensioner System with Translating Pivot Point - A chain drive tensioner system with translating pivot point is disclosed. The chain drive tensioner system with translating pivot point includes a chain drive tensioner assembly and a tensioner arm in operable communication with a chain. The chain drive tensioner assembly is in operable communication with the tensioner arm, and the tensioner assembly is moveable between a first tensioner position and a second tensioner position. The tensioner arm includes an internal gear and an external gear rotatably mounted within the internal gear, such that movement of the tensioner assembly from the first tensioner position to the second tensioner position along with concurrent rotation of the external gear within the internal gear is operable to move the tensioner arm laterally from a first position to a second position.01-28-2010
20110195810Tensioning Apparatus with a Blocking Device - The present invention provides a tensioning device, in particular for a timing chain of an internal combustion engine, having a housing, a tensioning piston guided in a piston bore of the housing, and a locking means for limiting the retraction motion of the tensioning piston into the piston bore of the housing. The locking means comprises a locking ring arranged on the tensioning piston. Furthermore, the locking means comprises a separate locking sleeve that can be reversibly radially expanded and is arranged at one tensioning end of the housing to introduce the locking ring into the locking means in the retraction direction of the tensioning piston and to retain the locking ring in the locking means in the tensioning direction of the tensioning piston.08-11-2011
20110130232TENSIONER - The present invention is directed to decrease the impact sound of the ratchet mechanism generated at the time of piston retraction. The tensioner includes a piston 06-02-2011
20100144472CONSTRUCTION COMPRISING A BEARING MOUNTED ON A PLASTIC BODY - The invention relates to a construction comprising (a) a plastic body comprising a mounting surface and (b) a bearing comprising a rotatable member and an inner member comprising a mounting bore mounted on the plastic body, wherein the plastic body comprises an axial extension comprising an axial extension head and protruding from the mounting surface, the axial extension protrudes into the mounting bore, and the construction comprises a plastic element being fixed to the axial extension head thereby keeping the bearing mounted on the plastic body.06-10-2010
20090062046Belt tensioner with adjustable slider plate and replaceable pulley - The present invention is directed to a versatile belt tensioner comprising a base plate, a slider plate, a pulley secured a unitary post joined to one end of the slider plate, and manually operable adjustment assembly for moving the slider plate and pulley relative to the base plate, to tension a drive belt. The base plate is formed with an inverted, U-shaped downwardly opening guideway, and the slider plate is moved within the guideway relative to the base plate to adjust the position of the pulley relative to the drive belt by way of a manually operable adjustment knob. A bearing extends between the post and the pulley seated thereon, so that the pulley can be replaced to accommodate drive belts of different size and different teeth configurations.03-05-2009
20090023526PNEUMATIC BASE FOR FACILITATING THE INSTALLATION AND TENSIONING OF A DRIVE BELT - A belt tensioner comprises a belt trained on a drive pulley driven by a drive unit mounted on a base supported on an air-spring bellows linearly extendable under fluid pressure from a collapsed position to an extended position to cause joint movement of the base, the drive unit and the drive pulley and thereby change the tension in the belt. A pressure regulator is operatively connected to the air-spring bellows for regulating the fluid pressure in the air-spring bellows such as to maintain the tension substantially constant in the belt during use.01-22-2009
20100160098CHAIN DRIVING SYSTEM - In a timing chain driving system, the tooth pitch of a driven sprocket from which a tension span of the chain travels toward a driving sprocket varies cyclically around the circumference of the driven sprocket and cyclically increases and decreases the effective length of the tension span in synchronism with cyclic variations in the rotational speed of the driving sprocket, thereby moderating fluctuations in chain tension. Marks on the side of the driven sprocket identify the locations at which the tooth pitch is largest and where the tooth pitch is smallest.06-24-2010
20120142467IDLER DEVICE - An idler device may include first bearings rotatably supporting an idler to an idler shaft, wherein a portion of the idler may be rotatably mounted to the idler shaft, and second bearings rotatably supporting the idler shaft.06-07-2012
20090286635Tension regulating apparatus for chain of leftover food treating device - The present invention provides a tension regulating apparatus for a chain of a leftover food treating device which comprises an agitation shaft having agitation blades and rotatably installed in an agitation tank and a rotation unit installed on one side of the agitation shaft for providing the agitation shaft with a rotational force, the tension regulating apparatus comprising: a driving sprocket engaged with a driving shaft of a driving motor provided on one side of the agitation tank; a driven sprocket connected to the driving sprocket by a connecting chain and engaged with one end of the agitation shaft; and a tension sprocket provided between the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket, for regulating the tension of the connecting chain. According to the present invention, the tension of the connecting chain connecting the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket can be regulated properly by the tension sprocket installed between the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket, in order to improve the engagement state between the connecting chain and the sprockets, thereby smoothly rotating the agitation shaft and minimizing the noise11-19-2009
20110081996BELT DRIVE SYSTEM ASSEMBLY AND TENSION APPARATUS - Tension apparatus for a belt drive system. The tension apparatus includes a first component that is movable between a first tension position corresponding to a first belt length and a second tension position corresponding to a second belt length that is longer than the first belt length. The tension apparatus also includes a second component, a first component bracket coupled to the first component and defined by a first surface having a first perceptible indicator, and a second component bracket coupled to the second component and located adjacent the first component bracket. The second component bracket is defined by at least one second surface that has second perceptible indicators. The first perceptible indicator is selectively alignable with one of the second perceptible indicators in response to movement of the first component to one of the first and second tension positions such that tension of the belt is adjustable.04-07-2011
20110256969TENSIONER WITH SPRING DAMPER - A tensioner having a closing-type torsion spring that is employed to bias a pivot arm about a pivot shaft. The tensioner includes a damper that continuously contacts an inside surface of the torsion spring to dampen torsional vibration transmitted through the torsion spring.10-20-2011
20110190083ACCESSORY DRIVE SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - An accessory drive system for a vehicle comprises an electric motor adapted for receiving power from a battery and a least one accessory component for the vehicle. A serpentine belt is connected the motor and to the at least one accessory component such that the motor drives the at least one accessory component. A frame supports the electric motor and the at least one accessory component.08-04-2011
20100029423TENSIONING DEVICE FOR A TRACTION MECHANISM DRIVE - A tensioning device for a traction mechanism drive, in particular for a belt drive. The tensioning device can be produced in an advantageous manner from production and design aspects and which offers advantages over known concepts with regard to the wear of the friction surface element in that it has a base part, having a pivot arm, having a torsion spring, which is designed as a coil spring, for imparting a pivoting torque which acts between the base part and the pivot arm and which forces the pivot arm in a tensioning direction, and having a damping device for generating a damping force which counteracts a pivoting movement of the pivot arm counter to the tensioning direction. The damping device includes a friction surface element which, as such, forms a friction surface which serves to impart a friction force, and which is seated on a mating friction surface, wherein the friction surface element is designed as a ring-shaped or ring-segment-shaped component and is forced outward, in a radial direction with respect to the pivot axis, against the mating friction surface by the torsion spring, and wherein the torsion spring has a coil end section which bears against an inner surface of the friction surface element. The torsion spring is designed, at least in the coil end section which bears against the inner surface of the friction surface element, with regard to the spring cross section such that said coil end section is in areal contact with the inner surface of the friction surface element.02-04-2010
20110111898CLIP-TYPE TENSIONER - A clip-type tensioner member having a piston in a housing and a ratchet mechanism. A plurality of rack teeth are formed on the outer periphery of the pistons. A clip member elastically engages with the rack teeth and is positioned in a recess in the housing. The points of contact of the clip member on the housing are different in the retracted and engaged positions.05-12-2011
20110009219Synchronous Flat Belt Drive - The invention relates to a synchronous flat belt drive, wherein at least one series arrangement of projections (01-13-2011
20120065009CONTROL FOR A VARIABLE TENSIONING DEVICE FOR A RIBBEDV-BELT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVE - A tensioning device is provided for a ribbed V-belt of a motor vehicle with at least one tensioning pulley that is directly and functionally connected to the ribbed V-belt and with a controller designed for varying the position and/or configuration of the tensioning pulley in dependence on the instantaneous operating state of at least one belt pulley on a driven side and/or a driving side that is connected to the ribbed V-belt in order to operationally adapt the tension of the ribbed V-belt.03-15-2012
20110003656Transmission with connection mechanism for varying tension force - A transmission includes a drive member, a driven member having a connection mechanism, and an at least partially flexible transmission coupled to the drive member and the connection mechanism of the driven member and configured to cause movement of the driven member in response to movement of the drive member. The connection mechanism is configured to be adjusted to vary a tension force applied to the flexible transmission.01-06-2011
20120322593DRIVE BELT SYSTEMS INCLUDING BELT STRETCH MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND METHODS THEREOF - Drive belt systems and methods thereof are disclosed. Drive belt systems and methods thereof include driving a continuous belt around a drive pulley member and an idler pulley member by the drive pulley member and transporting a transport unit and/or reciprocating carriage unit coupled to the continuous belt in a first direction away from the drive pulley member. Drive belt systems and methods thereof also include applying at least a force to the belt in a traverse direction thereto to direct a portion of the belt about the drive pulley member by a belt stretch management apparatus coupled to the transport unit and/or reciprocating carriage unit.12-20-2012
20120088617ENGINE DRIVE SYSTEM - A system for an engine drive that engages a single timing band with a camshaft, a crankshaft and various accessory drives in such a configuration that the camshaft is rotated in a direction opposite that of the crankshaft, while ensuring a reflex wrap angle around each drive sprocket coupled to the camshaft, crankshaft and various accessory drives.04-12-2012
20110269584BALL-TYPE TENSIONER - A tensioner for a chain or similar power transmission medium comprises a spring-biased plunger having annular rack teeth with gradually sloping forward surfaces and steeper rearward surfaces. The teeth are engaged by radially movable balls received in inclined grooves in an axially movable annular ball seat disposed in an annular groove formed in the wall of a plunger-accommodating hole in a tensioner housing. The bottoms of the inclined grooves face a steep rearward surface of a rack tooth, and the annular ball seat is axially movable in the annular groove and biased in the plunger protruding direction by a spring that exerts a biasing force greater than the biasing force exerted on the plunger. The balls and the movable annular ball seat block retraction of the plunger on engine start-up, but permit retraction when excessive force is imparted to the plunger while the plunger is in a protruding condition.11-03-2011
20130143702BELT DRIVING APPARATUS - A belt driving apparatus includes a driving pulley r a driven pulley and an endless toothed belt. Each of the driving pulley and the driven pulley includes an outer circumference surface provided with a plurality of teeth. The toothed belt, wound around the driving pulley and the first driven pulley, includes an inner surface provided with a plurality of teeth arranged to mesh with the teeth of the driving pulley and the first driven pulley. The belt driving apparatus also includes an idler pulley having a belt contact surface coming into contact with the outer surface of the toothed belt. As viewed along the width direction of the belt contact surface, the idler pulley includes a center portion and two end portions sandwiching the center portion. The center portion of the idler pulley is greater in diameter than each of the two end portions.06-06-2013
20080200291Anti-backlash device - Anti-backlash device for an internal combustion engine, which has a timing chain, includes a body having a stop shoulder to provide a default tension for the chain; and a mounting feature with the body. The device can be part of a kit, and can be mounted in combination with the engine. A method of reducing or avoiding backlash in a timing chain in an internal combustion engine can embrace providing the device and installing it in the engine, optionally further running the engine with the installed device.08-21-2008
20130190115CAPTIVE FASTENER APPARATUS FOR CHAIN GUIDE OR TENSIONER ARM - A fixed or adjustable chain guide includes a captured shoulder bolt fastener. An adjustable chain guide such as a chain tensioner arm assembly includes a tensioner arm with a pivot bore defined about a pivot axis. The pivot bore includes an inner end opening through a rear face of the tensioner arm and an outer end opening through a front face of the tensioner arm. The tensioner arm further includes at least one resilient fastener retaining tab located adjacent the pivot bore. The shoulder bolt extends through the pivot bore and is engaged by the at least one resilient fastener retaining tab, and the at least one fastener retaining tab inhibits separation of the fastener from the tensioner arm. The fastener preferably includes an annular groove or other recess to be engaged by the one or more fastener retaining tabs in order to permit the tensioner arm to rotate relative to the fastener. New shoulder bolt fasteners are also defined, each including a shoulder region having at least one retaining feature such as an annular groove adapted to be engaged by a projecting portion of an associated component for axially capturing the fastener to the associated component while permitting rotation of the associated component relative to the fastener.07-25-2013
20130203534Tensioning System with Restoring Action - A tensioning system with restoring action for tensioning a flexible drive means is provided, in particular a drive chain of an internal combustion engine, composed of a tensioning apparatus and a restoring device. The tensioning apparatus comprises a housing, a tensioning piston which is guided in a movable manner in the housing and which has a detent profiling, and a detent hook for the stepped adjustment of the working range of the tensioning piston, wherein the detent hook has a clamping region for engaging into the detent profiling in the tensioning piston. Here, a retraction stop is provided at the housing, at which retraction stop, in an abutting state of the detent hook, a further retraction movement of the tensioning piston into the housing is prevented by virtue of the clamping region being clamped on the detent profiling. The restoring device has a restoring element which is separate from the tensioning apparatus and which is received in a restoring receptacle of the tensioning apparatus and which prevents the abutment of the detent hook against the retraction stop and which, in the event of abutment of the detent hook against the restoring element and a further retraction movement of the tensioning piston, causes the clamping region to spread open and permits a restoring movement of the tensioning piston. The present system also relates to a corresponding tensioning apparatus having a restoring receptacle for receiving the restoring element.08-08-2013