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Goal or target structure for projectile; element thereof

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473 - Games using tangible projectile


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
473478000 Apertured or pocketed goal or target (e.g., for hockey, soccer, polo, lacrosse, etc.) 86
473477000 For football or rugby (e.g., goal post, etc.) 7
20120244963SOCCER GOAL RETAINER - A Soccer Goal Retainer includes a bar rotatably mounted in an enclosure. A clamp plate includes a lower member attachable to the bar. A vertical member extends at right angles from the lower member and an upper member extends from the vertical member generally at right angles. A lip extends generally at right angles from the upper member. With the vertical member generally positioned vertically, the lip, the upper member and vertical member are placed over the rear rail of a soccer goal and the clamp plate is secured to the bar. The clamp plate is released from the rear rail by loosening the clamp plate from the bar. The clamp plate and the bar are then rotated in a forward manner and downwardly into the enclosure. A cover is placed over the enclosure both when the clamp plate is in use and when it is being stored.09-27-2012
20090005196Court-based game played by players riding vehicles - A game having a floor, a plurality of walls rising up from said floor defining a play area, a game piece, at least one target positioned proximate the plurality of walls, including a plurality of multi-planar apertures operatively arranged to accept the game piece, and a vehicle, operatively arranged to be driven by a player, the vehicle having a bumper positioned circumferentially about a base of the vehicle.01-01-2009
20090069129Water disk sports game and target - A water disk sports game that includes a pair of floating goals located at predetermined distances from each other in a designated boundary area. Each goal includes a vertical scoring pole that extends upward from a large floating base. In a first embodiment, the floating base is a hollow circular floating disk with an upper, diagonally aligned skirt surface that leads to a circular recessed cavity coaxially aligned with the scoring pole. Attached to the scoring pole is an elevated lid which creates a narrow gap between the lid and the top rim of the floating base. In another embodiment, the floating base is a partially submerged rim with radially aligned spokes and a center hub designed to receive the scoring pole. During use, a specially designed aquatic disk is given to one team whose objective is to throw the aquatic disk at the opposing team's scoring pole. If the aquatic disk contacts the scoring pole or is retained in the recessed cavity, a point is awarded to the offensive team or against the defensive team.03-12-2009
20090048040Washer tossing game - A new and exciting game with washers and a game board. The washers are tossed at the game board that has three holes in it. There are a set of rules for the game. The rules tell you how to play the game.02-19-2009
20120065004Ball Tossing Skills Game and Methods of Playing Same - A method of playing a ball tossing or throwing game for multiple players comprises providing at least one receptacle into which each player attempts to toss or throw a ball, and positioning at least one band configured and sized to define a perimeter of an enclosed playing area along a playing surface into which each player attempts to toss or throw a ball and within which the receptacle is located. The method includes determining a total number of points as a winning score of the game and assigning each player a predetermined number of ball tosses or throws in a game set. Each game set allows each player or team of multiple players to earn a game set score of zero or more points the player or team earns as a result of sinking balls in the receptacle or placing balls in the playing area from the player's or team's position at a defined distance from the receptacle and the playing area. The method also includes totaling points each player or team earns from the predetermined number of ball tosses or throws made in the game set, and scoring each game set by subtracting points the lower scoring player or team earns in a game set from the points the higher scoring player or team earns in the game set to determine the game set score. The player or team who earns the total number of points of the winning score first wins the game.03-15-2012
20080214332Portable support assemblies - An apparatus has a collapsible base that assumes a deployed position and a collapsed position where the base has a smaller size than in the deployed configuration. A surface is removably attached to the base. The base includes a frame system that includes a plurality of struts that are hingedly connected to each other. The surface can be used as a sleeping surface, a table top, a game surface, or for other similar purposes.09-04-2008
20110070981PROJECTILE PASSING GAME SYSTEMS - A game system comprises a base game-playing structure and at least two target surfaces each defining at least one target zone and depicting different projectile-passing games. The target surfaces are engageable with the base game-playing structure in one or more substantially vertical orientations and configured to receive passed projectiles. The system also includes at least one sensor engaged with the base game-playing structure. The target zone is positioned at a location on the target surface which is aligned with the sensor. The sensor is configured to detect the presence of a projectile at the target zone. The system may also include an electronic display configured to display the status of the game being played with the game system, and an electronic controller configured to receive signals from the sensor and coupled to the electronic display to reflect the status of the game.03-24-2011
20120100940Foldable, adjustable, fully assembled sport goal - A foldable, adjustable assembly free sport goal apparatus is presented here. This goal provides complete folding of the apparatus into sticks. The goal is also adjustable in length and height without any need for disassembly/assembly or any need for any tools. The sport goal has added on features for hard floor playground to secure the goal by means of vacuum plates mounted on the back side poles, and a foot activated insertion device for soft or grass playground.04-26-2012
20110160005Sports Goal Structure with Quick-Release Joint - A quick-release joint for a sports goal structure, the quick-release joint comprises a first tube having first and second ends and a press button formed on the second end thereof; and a second tube having first and second ends and a slot formed on the first end thereof, with the first tube selectively pivoted with respect to the second tube; the quick-release joint is in first, second and third positions selectively, with the press button engaged with the slot and the first and second tubes fixed to each other in the first position of the quick-release joint, with the press button gradually detached from the slot in the second position of the quick-release joint, and with the press button completely detached from the slot and the first tube being able to detach and rotate with respect to the second tube in the third position of the quick-release joint.06-30-2011
20080220913BALL AND LADDER GAME FOR USE IN COMBINATION WITH AN INDOOR TABLE GAME - A ball toss game that is configured to be mounted to a game table includes a frame having a pair of vertical posts (vertical support members) arranged parallel to one another and at least three cross members extending between and coupled at their ends to the pair of vertical support member. The ball toss game also includes a pair of coupling members for mounting to two opposing vertical side surfaces of the game table. The coupling member has a receiving portion that receives a lower end of a respective vertical support member and a fastening means for releasably mounting the lower end to the coupling member such that the frame stands upright. The ball toss game includes a pair of objects attached to two ends of a cord to form a connected member that is tossed at the frame in order to score points if and depending upon where the connected member is temporarily secured to one cross member.09-11-2008

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