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463 - Amusement devices: games

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463016000 In a chance application 2326
463025000 Credit/debit monitoring or manipulation (e.g., game entry, betting, prize level, etc.) 1512
463030000 Perceptible output or display (e.g., tactile, etc.) 1171
463040000 With communication link (e.g., television broadcast, etc.) 1145
463036000 Player-actuated control structure (e.g., brain-wave or body signal, bar-code wand, foot pedal, etc.) 695
463009000 In a game requiring strategy or problem solving by a participant (e.g., problem eliciting response, puzzle, etc.) 606
463029000 Access or authorization (e.g., game selection, security, etc.) 403
463043000 Data storage or retrieval (e.g., memory, video tape, etc.) 228
463002000 In a game including a simulated projectile (e.g., bullet, missile, ball, puck, etc.) 180
463007000 In a game requiring an element of a participant`s physical skill or ability (e.g., hand-eye coordination, reflex, etc.) 142
463007000 In a game requiring an element of a participants physical skill or ability (e.g., hand-eye coordination, reflex, etc.) 124
463006000 In a race game 84
463046000 Housing 67
463023000 Skill level adjustment (e.g., speed change, complexity, etc.) 59
463047000 Accessory 47
463024000 Suspension or restoration (e.g., power failure resumption, etc.) 22
20130084926WAGER GAMING VOTING LEADERBOARD - Disclosed herein are techniques and equipment for providing a voting point leaderboard system. Players playing wagering games may be awarded voting points for use in a poll with a plurality of candidates in exchange for game-play related activity. Players voting for the winning candidate in the poll may be given an award. Polls may include candidates which may be involved in a real-world contest. Players may be rewarded for voting for the candidate which wins the real-world contest.04-04-2013
20130084927APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR A LIVE ONLINE GAME TESTER - A method for testing a set of new game features for an online gaming application is provided. The method initiates with selecting a new game feature for testing from the set of new game features. Users are assigned to a test group or control group. Each of the test group users is provided a gaming application including the selected new game feature enabled. Each of the control group users is provided the gaming application without the selected new game feature enabled. Evaluation scores are generated based on gaming activity and social network activity. A score comparison report is generated comparing the evaluations scores of the test group and the control group. Based on the score comparison report, it is determined whether to continue testing one or more additional new game features from the set of new game features.04-04-2013
20100105453GAME SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE ACTION CONTROLS - The invention concerns an electronic game system (04-29-2010
20100105454METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INTERFACING WITH A THIRD-PARTY APPLICATION - A system for interfacing with a third-party application is described. The system includes a third-party device, a server-based system configured to communicate with the third-party device, and a gaming device configured to communicate with the server-based system to display content of the product or service. The gaming device is configured to generate an outcome of a wager-based game independent of the content that is displayed.04-29-2010
20090305756GENERATING CUSTOM CREATURES - A computer-implemented method of growing and incubating custom creatures in a computer game, including: obtaining genetic properties; combining the genetic properties in combinations of attributes, skills, and appearances; incubating a creature with role-specific properties using the combined genetic properties; and displaying an egg object of the incubated creature on a display for transaction. Keywords include MMO, incubation, genetic properties, and egg object.12-10-2009
20090093287Determining Relative Player Skills and Draw Margins - A process for determining relative player skills and draw margins is described. Information about an outcome of a game between at least a first player opposing a second player is received. Also, for each player, skill statistics are received associated with a distribution representing belief about skill of that player. Draw margin statistics are received associated with a distribution representing belief about ability of that player to force a draw. An update process is performed to update the statistics on the basis of the received information about the game outcome. In an embodiment a Bayesian inference process is used during the update process which may take past and future player achievement into account.04-09-2009
20110014960GAME BLOG PLATFORM SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a game blog platform (GBP) system, including a processing unit, to control and manage the system; a platform generating module, to generate a platform for a plurality of users; an education and training module, to provide the function of education and training for the plurality of users; a planning module, to provide function of planning for the plurality of users; a matching module, to provide function of matching for the plurality of users; a game generating module, to provide the function of game generating for the plurality of users; an trading module, to provide the function of trading for the plurality of users; and a database/storage module, to provide the function of database and storage.01-20-2011
20130065654VIDEO GAME PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VIDEO GAME PROCESSING PROGRAM - A video game processing apparatus for controlling progress of a video game is provided. It is determined whether a predetermined command is effectively received for a predetermined number of times or more or not when a predetermined period of time is measured from a time when a time measuring start condition is satisfied. A specific process corresponding to the fact that the predetermined command is effectively received for the predetermined number of times is carried out in a case where the predetermined command is effectively received for the predetermined number of times. In this case, it is confirmed whether an effective reception number reaches the effective reception upper limit number or more when the predetermined command is received, and it is determined that the predetermined command is effectively received in a case where the effective reception number does not reach the effective reception upper limit number.03-14-2013
20090247249DATA PROCESSING - A data processor comprises a plurality of interconnected real processing units arranged to emulate the operation of an emulated processor having a plurality of interconnected emulated processing units. At least one emulated processing unit is emulated by contributions from two or more real processing units; and at least one real processing unit contributes to emulating two or more emulated processing units.10-01-2009
20120115554SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING AN INTERACTIVE SPORTS BETTING GAME TO A PLURALITY OF PARTICIPANTS TO COMPETE FOR VIRTUAL GOODS OR VIRTUAL CURRENCY UNITS OR BOTH AND SHARE SOCIAL INFORMATION WITH OTHER USERS - A fantasy sports betting system and method allowing Users to compete in various games incorporating real sporting events data and traditional games of chance.05-10-2012
20100087237SYSTEM FOR USING ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The present invention refers to a system for using the electronic device comprising a billing server, a data storage server and a delivery platform (hardware and software) for delivering games, applications and value added services (Internet navigation, news, virtual communities, movies, music, etc) upon the requests of the electronic device user. The electronic device uses the architecture of a mobile handset for running the games and services. The purchase and downloading of games may be carried out with the same technology used by mobile carriers, but not only necessarily through them. Other wireless and wired transmission mechanisms and methods may be used.04-08-2010
20100124959GAMBLING GAMES AND METHOD WITH BEST PLAY EVALUATION INDICATOR - A method for indicating the relative odds of winning a gambling game is disclosed. Specifically, a gambling game with an initial configuration and a final configuration, in which the player may chose an action or actions to perform upon the initial configuration which influence the final configuration, displays an indicator when the player has chosen the best possible action or actions to perform upon the initial configuration. A refinement of such gambling games wherein the indicator is not displayed until after the player has committed to their choice of actions, so as to educate and entertain the player without assisting them in the instant choice, is also disclosed. An alternate version wherein an indicator which indicates that the player's choice was not the best play is also described.05-20-2010
20080305844DETERMINING GAME PERFORMANCE STATISTICS WITHOUT REVEALING SPECIFIC GAMING METER DATA - In one embodiment, a system to determine relative performance data of a gaming machine may have a memory having a database stored therein, a processor configured to obtain a relative performance value determined by confidential delta meter data and confidential gross meter data, transform the relative performance value to a transformed performance value, wherein the transformed performance value may be determined by multiplying the relative performance value with a previous transformed performance value, and compile the transformed performance value in the database, wherein the confidential delta meter data and confidential gross meter data are not revealed from the relative performance value.12-11-2008
20110070935TRAVELING VIRTUAL PET GAME SYSTEM - A traveling virtual pet game simulates a pet traveling between various geographic locations. As the pet travels, users interact with the virtual pet to aid the pet in acquiring traits associated with the geographic regions in which it travels and to observe traits that the pet has previously acquired.03-24-2011
20110143829METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROPHESYING BEHAVIOR OF ONLINE GAMER, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT THEREOF - A method and a system for prophesying a behavior of an online gamer, and a computer program product thereof are provided. In the present method, a gamer descriptor of a specific gamer of an online game accumulated before a time point is obtained firstly. Then, the gamer descriptor is divided into a plurality of sub-traces according to the time. Thereafter, at least one feature is derived from each of the sub-traces, and all features derived from the sub-traces are used for determining a possibility that the specific gamer quits the online game within a specific time period in the future.06-16-2011
20110300916Multi-Level Competition/Game, Talent, and Award Show Productions Systems, Methods and Apparatus - A multi-level competition includes a competition between on-stage competition content, a competition between off-stage judges, and a competition between at-home players. The competition content (e.g., multiple television advertisements, singing contestants, etc.) is provided to at-home players, who provide a rating for each content offering and rank the content offerings. At a later time, a group of off-stage judges view the competition content, provide a rating for each content offering, and rank the content offerings. One or more accurate responses are identified by a control which may be, for example, a target demographic. A winning content offering is identified based on the one or more accurate responses. The off-stage judges and at-home players are ranked based on whether their ratings/rankings are in sync with the control, Winners may be selected from each of the group of off-stage judges and the group of at-home players.12-08-2011
20080214253SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATING WITH A VIRTUAL WORLD - A system and method for communicating with a virtual world are disclosed. The virtual world may comprise a simulated public space configured to facilitate interaction among a plurality of users and one or more private spaces. Each private space may be associated with a particular user of the plurality of users. A particular user's interactions with the virtual world may be represented by one or more corresponding actions of an avatar. A communication device may be simulated in the virtual world. Communication may take place between the simulated communication device and a real communication device. The virtual world may be generated by one or more processors configured to simulate a communication device in the virtual world and communicate between the simulated communication device and a real communication device.09-04-2008
20090017886System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences - A video game method and system for creating games where ideas have consequences, incorporating branching paths that correspond to a player's choices, wherein paths correspond to decisions founded upon ideals, resulting in exalted games with deeper soul and story, enhanced characters and meanings, and exalted gameplay. The classical hero's journey may be rendered, as the journey hinges on choices pivoting on classical ideals. Ideas that are rendered in word and deed will have consequences in the gameworld. Historical events such as The American Revolution may be brought to life, as players listen to famous speeches and choose sides. As great works of literature and dramatic art center around characters rendering ideals real, both internally and externally, in word and deed, in love and war, the present invention will afford video games that exalt the classical soul, as well as the great books, classics, and epic films—past, present, and future.01-15-2009
20100144413System and method for providing a real-time interactive surface - Disclosed are systems and methods for providing a real-time interactive surface. In one embodiment, such a system comprises an activity surface for use as a venue for an interactive experience, and an interactive experience control unit including an events management application. The events management application is configured to monitor and coordinate events occurring during the interactive experience. The system also comprises a surface rendering application interactively linked to the events management application, the surface rendering application configured to render a visual image for display at the activity surface in real-time, the visual image corresponding to one or more visual assets associated with a subset of the events occurring during the interactive experience. The system further comprises a surface display module interactively linked to the surface rendering application, the surface display module configured to display the rendered real-time visual image at the activity surface to provide the real-time interactive surface.06-10-2010
20100056236METHOD FOR DYNAMIC CONTENT GENERATION IN A ROLE-PLAYING GAME - The invention provides a role-playing game environment wherein the nature of various NPCs within the game may be varied over time within the game. The goals of various NPCs within the game may be dynamically and automatically changed within the game. At certain in-game time periods, the game server may dynamically assign one or more new goals for some or all of the NPCs based on the current status of each NPC. When a player later interacts with a given NPC assist (or impede) that NPC in reaching its currently assigned goal, the method may dynamically determine a steps that the player's avatar may perform to assist (or impede) the goal. Thus, players cannot predict what will happen when they move through the game and reach a location at which they can interact with a given NPC, making the game-playing experience ever fresh and challenging.03-04-2010
20100267434Play and tape recording system for gambling games - The Record All Gambling Games is a service provided by casinos which allows players to purchase VHS video cassettes or DVDs of any games they participated in during the time they spent at the casino. To provide this service, casinos install video cameras at optimal locations around the various types of gaming tables afforded by the casino. The cameras are equipped with transmitters which make it possible to wirelessly transmit the recorded video to a remotely positioned recorder.10-21-2010
20100099471Network-Based Contests Having Multiple Participating Sponsors - Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for conducting a contest. One embodiment provides a contest that is played by multiple players across a communications network, in which the players compete to earn points awarded by a central contest administrator and the individual players are ranked based on their total number of points. In addition, individual ones of the players are allowed to select a sponsor from a set of previously identified sponsors, and the players also can earn points, which contribute to their totals for ranking purposes, from the sponsors they have selected. For this purpose, individual ones of the sponsors in the set are allocated points and have flexibility regarding how to award their allocated points to the players that have selected them.04-22-2010
20100099469GAME DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD OF GAME DEVICE AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - To provide a game device which is capable of realizing such a user interface as to allow a user to instruct a mobile character to stay within a predetermined region in the case where a movement target position for the mobile character is set outside the predetermined region while preventing the mobile character from exhibiting an unnatural action at a time of changing a moving direction. An intersection (04-22-2010
20080311968METHOD FOR IMPROVING SELF-MANAGEMENT OF A DISEASE - The invention includes an interactive method of therapy for disease management, and for improving self-management of diabetes and other medical conditions. The invention improves quality of life for users with a medical condition, and decreases the over all cost of health care for insurers. Operation of the invention promotes therapeutic behavioral change and substantial increase in adherence to disease self-management programs. In one embodiment, the invention uses a video game to improve self-management of a disease. Games used with the invention provide one or more reinforcements to players who wish to change their behaviors in a way that improves their chronic disease condition. Reinforcements consist of token rewards, prizes, increasing scores, group approval or disapproval, and increased social status. A video game accesses medical data of a player. The video game prompts players to perform one or more out-of-game self-management activities associated with the medical condition. The invention then adjusts the video game based on medical data associated with one or more out-of-game self-management activities. In-game and out-of-game rewards, including social rewards, provide incentives to continue with a self-management program.12-18-2008
20090104954METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR TRACKING AN EVENT OF AN EXTERNALLY CONTROLLED INTERFACE - A method for tracking an event of an externally controlled interface (ECI) is described. The method includes generating the externally controlled interface independent of an outcome of a wager-based game regulated by a regulatory authority, and logging the event of the externally controlled interface.04-23-2009
20120295675School Lunch game for mobile devices - A video game used on mobile devices (including, but not limited to, iOS and Android devices) whereby a user acts as a lunch lady and must slide graphical representations of food to oncoming waves of students, thereby keeping them from reaching the end of a lunch table before a timer expires. Each level contains more students, representing the progression from K-12 in a typical U.S. grade school setting; the user has the ability to obtain different food items between levels to use in the game.11-22-2012
20100137046Game System - In a game system (06-03-2010
20120295676HEALTH SCORING AND COMPETITION - Systems and methods for collaborating health goals between members of a user group are provided. Collaborating health goals may include appointing a commissioner to determine the parameters of a health goal competition. The commissioner may invite one or more group members to participate in a health goal competition. To add motivation and interest to the competition, the health goal competition may be organized as teams of users with a team winning the competition. Health goal competitions may include weight loss competitions, fitness challenges, activity level challenges, smoking cessation challenges, healthy eating challenges, etc.11-22-2012
20090029752Content delivery - A system and method for delivering advertising content to a game title gaming environment is provided where the method includes storing advertising content into a content database, integrating content data cells into the game title gaming environment, populating the cache file on a users gaming system with the advertising content, associating at least a portion of the advertising content in the cache file with at least one content cell and displaying the associated advertising content on a gaming screen via the at least one content cell.01-29-2009
20090061970Locating Content in Dual Screen Video Game - A video game is played with a playing device that includes multiple screens. A background graphic design and partially hidden objects are embedded in the background graphic scene on both the screen displays. One screen displays a zoomed cropped view of the other screen. A textual list of items corresponding to the partially hidden objects is displayed on one screen. The game player provides an input to change one of the displays to another zoomed cropped view of the other screen. The game player selects the partially hidden objects in the screen with cropped view and an indication is provided when each of the partially hidden objects are selected.03-05-2009
20090054117INDEPENDENTLY-DEFINED ALTERATION OF OUTPUT FROM SOFTWARE EXECUTABLE USING LATER-INTEGRATED CODE - A first executable, such as a computer game, is configured with a second independently operating executable that monitors events on a client operating the first executable. The second executable determines actions to be performed in response to monitored events, as defined by a business logic table. The second executable traps API calls to perform actions altering apparent output of the first executable. The business logic table may be distributed to the client separately. The second executable and the first executable may be combined in a single file. The second executable may be used to provide additional content, including advertising, in the context of an existing game or other software executable.02-26-2009
20090005138User Creatable Machines - A number of components parts are presented to a user in a game from which they can select and assemble a number of parts into a machine. Some or all of the component parts may have controllable parameters and these are mapped to an input on the games controller used to play the game.01-01-2009
20090209308AMUSEMENT POD ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - An amusement center has at least one game cell. The game cell has a first video game console system including at least one controller; a first projection screen; a first video game; and a first decor themed to correspond to the subject matter of the first video game.08-20-2009
20110183731SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A FANTASY SPORTS APPLICATION - A system including computer memory means containing a roster of players constituting a user's team in a fantasy sports contest. Electronically accessing actual real-time player team transactions data for at least each of the players constituted as being on the user's team in the fantasy sports contest. Enabling a user to decide whether a player is on the user's team based upon the electronically accessed actual real-time player team transactions and electronically updating the player roster for the user's team based upon a user decision made in the enabling step.07-28-2011
20100151926UDP BROADCAST FOR USER INTERFACE IN A DOWNLOAD AND CONFIGURATION GAMING METHOD - A method is disclosed for implementing a modified form of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multicast notification system in a client-server architecture that otherwise allows only client initiated messages. The method including: sending a registration message to a server from a client with a client IP address in the registration message, wherein the registration message includes types of notifications desired to be received by the client; adding the client IP address to a list in a registration message database; requesting a port number from the server by the client; and responding with the port number on which the client should listen by the server.06-17-2010
20110230243FANTASY SPORTS ENGINE FOR RECOMMENDING OPTIMUM TEAM ROSTERS - Fantasy sports recommendation engines are disclosed that automatically recommend roster changes for fantasy teams including substitution of active and inactive players, adding available players, waiving current players, trading players, etc. based on historical and predictive information to maximize competitiveness of fantasy sports teams. Fantasy sports recommendation engines may also provide detailed comparative information for recommended roster changes.09-22-2011
20090048008BALANCING TOOL - The invention provides for balancing a computer game, in which players can choose between different options for a plurality of actors within the game. The actors are described by parameter vectors defining characteristics of each actor. The cost of each actor is calculated, wherein the cost of an actor characterizes the amount of resources needed to obtain the actor. Also, the rank of each actor is defined, wherein the rank of an actor characterizes a usefulness or a value of the actor. The parameters of the actors are modified until the rank and the cost of the actors are proportional for each actor, wherein the constant of proportionality is the same for all actors. Thus, the various options become approximately equally successful and the computer game is balanced.02-19-2009
20100160011GAME DEVICE, GAME DEVICE CONTROL METHOD, AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - To provide a game device for producing, in a preferred mode with relatively simple processing, a picture in which a predetermined game event occurs as a result of involvement in multiple contacts. A contact determination unit (06-24-2010
20100227658PERCEIVED SKILL GAMING MACHINE AND METHOD - A gaming system having a plurality of primary game devices sharing a secondary bonus station is disclosed. The secondary game station comprises a secondary game which is configured to provide play pursuant to a triggering event originating from any one of the primary game devices in the gaming environment. The secondary game station is equipped with controls suitable for playing the secondary game. During play of the secondary game station, the triggering primary game device may also be “locked” so that the player may resume playing the primary game subsequent to playing the secondary game.09-09-2010
20130012278METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MODIFYING GAMING MACHINES TO PROVIDE SUPPLEMENTAL OR MODIFIED FUNCTIONALITY - A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for modifying the functionality of a legacy gaming device is disclosed. The legacy gaming device can include legacy gaming device processor configured to communicate with various input/output devices, such as a touch screen video display, over legacy communication paths to generate a wager-based game. An apparatus including a processor separate from the legacy gaming device processor can be configured to control an interruption of signals on at least one of the legacy communication paths and to generate substitute signals for the interrupted signals to modify the functionality of the legacy gaming device.01-10-2013
20100331064USING GAME PLAY ELEMENTS TO MOTIVATE LEARNING - Elements of game play, such as usage statistics, scores, levels, challenges, achievements, competition, and the like, are incorporated into a productivity application to assist in motivating users to learn features of the productivity application. A recommendation system is utilized to assist users in determining what features of the application to learn next. Help content that is associated with the productivity application can also be tied to the features that are currently being learned and used by the user such that the linked help content is readily available. Users may compare their scores and compete with other persons that are also participating in the game play learning system.12-30-2010
20110009175SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMMUNICATION - The present invention relates to a method for using a toy for communicating with a client terminal. The method comprises encoding at least one interacting information as at least one flickering control instruction and using a toy element having a light emitting unit for emitting light according to the at least one flickering control instruction, thereby transmitting the interacting information to a client terminal. The client terminal is configured for capturing the emitted light using an image capturing device and decoding the at least one interacting information therefrom.01-13-2011
20110244932Dynamic Bracket - A method of conducting a tournament bracket game is provided which includes: a. allowing participants to change their selections as the tournament bracket game progresses based on tournament bracket game rules, the results of the tournament, and the results of participants' selections in the tournament and b. a scoring system that rewards correct selections by round with bonus points awarded for correctly selecting both teams that advance to a game. The tournament bracket game is designed specifically for application to the NCAA™ Men's College Basketball Tournament competition but is also applicable to any single elimination tournament bracket game whether sports based or not, including but not limited to soccer, rugby, tennis, hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, poker, bridge, backgammon, and chess.10-06-2011
20090258685Method for merging live sports game data with Internet based computer games - The present invention describes the method of making sporting computer games “live”, by merging physical data of the real-life sporting event into the simulated sport game.10-15-2009
20100137045METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INCREASED REALISM IN VIDEO GAMES - A system and method for updating parameters of a video game is provided. As events occur in the real world that may influence a game attribute, a parameter is recorded on a server. A video game player may connect to the server and download the parameter. The parameter is stored by the video game and changes an attribute of the video game. Thus, for example, the new performance characteristics of the rising star may be recorded on the server as improved performance parameters. When these parameters are downloaded by the video game player, the video game incorporates the star-like qualities of the rising star. 06-03-2010
20110143828VIDEO GAME FOR INTERACTIVELY MODELING COMMUNITY HEALTH BEHAVIOR AND COSTS FOR PREVENTION AND TREATMENT - A video game application that interactively simulates how a budget can be managed for health care prevention and treatment in a community based upon several factors. These factors include the availability and type of prevention and treatment facilities in the community, how effectively a populace uses available facilities, and how effectively costs are managed for increasing the capacity of treatment and prevention in the community. A player can advance to a next round of the video game if all of the virtual populace has either received treatment for an illness (when they are ill) or participated in a prevention action. Also, to successfully complete a round, the number of emergency hospital visits that occur during a round are less than a predetermined parameter and the costs incurred during the round do not exceed the current round's budget. Health indicators may also be associated with members of the virtual populace.06-16-2011
20090312080AUTOMATIC TRANSFORMATION OF INVENTORY ITEMS IN A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE - An approach that automatically transforms an inventory item of an avatar that is online in a virtual universe without requiring manual changes is described. In one embodiment, there is an avatar locator component configured to locate an avatar that is online in the virtual universe. An inventory item transforming component is configured to automatically transform an inventory item associated with the located avatar that is visual, functional, security or linguistic in nature.12-17-2009
20110098092VIDEO GAME WITH REPRESENTATIVE PHYSICAL OBJECT RELATED CONTENT - A video game includes a reader that senses the identity of various game objects. Each game object includes an identification device such as an RFID tag. The game objects may be in a form of characters or items, for example structures or articles. Each of the game objects is associated with a animate game character or an inanimate item, for example a structure or article manipulable by an animate game character, in the video game. Game play proceeds depending on what game object is placed on the reader.04-28-2011
20110045885VIRTUAL CREATURE CHARACTER FOSTERING APPARATUS - A virtual creature character fostering apparatus, which allows a user to understand by experience that passage of time and physical contact are important for fostering a virtual creature character, is provided. The virtual creature character fostering apparatus includes a temperature sensor 02-24-2011
20110151953APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING CHARACTERISTIC OF GAME PLAYER IN REAL TIME - Provided are an apparatus and method for analyzing a characteristic of a game player in real time. The apparatus includes at least one individual action determiner for calculating a player characteristic value indicating a level or tendency of a game player by giving a first weight to game play data values resulting from game play of the game player, an accuracy determiner for comparing the player characteristic value and a value set by an administrator, and calculating an accuracy value of the individual action determiner, a comprehensive level determiner for calculating a final characteristic value indicating a level or tendency of the game player by giving a second weight to the player characteristic values calculated by the individual action determiners when the accuracy value do not exceed a reference value, and a characteristic value output unit for outputting the final characteristic value.06-23-2011
20110070936Branching Storyline Game - A storytelling game is disclosed, including game components and rules for playing a game for at least one player. The goal of the storytelling game is to work through a story to a successful ending by choosing amount possible story directions at story branch points. The game may include the use of an electronic card reader and multiple story cards. At least one of the story cards may contain an embedded digital memory. Several chapters in an extended story may be provided by several card sets, which may be obtained independently.03-24-2011
20100311482Electro-Biometric Methods and Apparatus - A method and apparatus for tracking changes in an electro-cardiologic signal using a signal processing device having a sensor. The method comprises communicatively coupling the sensor of the signal processing device with a subject; reading into a memory an electro-cardiologic signal of the subject via the sensor and the signal processing device to create an enrolled electro-cardiologic signal; tracking, via the signal processing device, possible variations in the electro-cardiologic signal of the subject over a time period to modify the enrolled electro-cardiologic signal; and adjusting the enrolled electro-cardiologic signal when changes in the electro-cardiologic signal occur.12-09-2010
20100279752GAME APPARATUS FOR LEARNING - Disclosed is a game apparatus for learning, in which a rotary plate located between a base plane of a base part and an upper plate of a housing main body is axially connected to a driving body installed in the base part such that the rotary plate is rotatable, a plurality of insertion grooves, into which learning assembly blocks are inserted, are respectively formed in the rotary plate and the upper plate in a circumferential shape, and driving sensing elements connected to the driving body are formed on the base plane. The upper plate is provided with a board unit including a push switch key matrix part, on which a plurality of push buttons is arranged in a matrix structure, and a monitoring matrix part, on which a plurality of LED dots is arranged in a matrix structure.11-04-2010
20080248845Contextual Gamer Options Menu - A dynamically configurable contextual gamer options menu provides options to online game players. The game options are determined as a function of the game being played and relationships between game players. Game options are updated, added, and/or deleted dynamically as relationships and context change.10-09-2008
20080248844FORMATION AND USE OF FORMAL PARTNERSHIPS FOR PLAY GAMES - Techniques for forming and using formal partnerships are disclosed. Two or more entities (e.g., individual players, groups, organizations) can form a partnership for the purpose of participating in one or more games. In effect, a game can be played for a partnership without the active participation of all the entities (or partners) that have formed the partnership. The game can, for example, be played by one or the partners or an authorized representative of the partnership. When a game is played on behalf of a partnership, the gaming activity is effectively tracked and verification data is stored for the partnership. Verification data can be made available to allow the partners to verify the outcome of the game.10-09-2008
20100099470GAME DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD OF GAME DEVICE, AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - Provided is a game device capable of allowing a user to recognize a movement target position candidate for a mobile character at a glance. The game device (04-22-2010
20110151954DEVICE FOR PROVIDING VIRTUAL CLIENT MANAGING MODULE, APPARATUS FOR MANAGING VIRTUAL CLIENT, AND METHOD FOR TESTING A GAME BY USING VIRTUAL CLIENT MANAGING MODULE - The present invention relates to a technology for easily generating and supplying a virtual client managing module specified for various games and testing the load and function of a game through a virtual client managing module and an apparatus for managing a virtual client. The device for managing a virtual client managing module according to the exemplary embodiment of the present invention performs a function that uses template specialized for each type of game as game unique information to generate a specialized module and generates the virtual client managing module combined with the common module. The apparatus for managing the virtual client generates and controls the virtual client based on the virtual client managing module.06-23-2011
20090318206TWO-PLAYER GAME OF SKILL WHERE EACH PLAYER TRIES TO BE THE FIRST TO PRESS FOLLOWING A VISUAL SIGNAL - A two-player game where each player tries to be the first to press an actuator following a visual signal which randomly appears for a random amount of time, and the player who is the first to press while the visual signal is visible scores a point, and the first player to reach a predetermined number of points wins the game, and said game also awards a point to the opposite player when one player presses at a time when the visual signal is not visible.12-24-2009
20090318205TWO-PLAYER GAME OF SKILL WHERE EACH PLAYER TRIES TO PRESS WHILE THE OTHER PLAYER IS PRESSING - A two-Player game comprising the steps of first determining whether or not a Player is Pressing his or her Actuator, and if so, changing the state of the Indicator(s) to show the first Player is Pressing. Second determining whether or not the opposing Player presses while the first Player is pressing, and, if so, awarding a point to the opposing Player and adding it to Memory. Third, after a point is scored, comparing the scoring Player's cumulative score stored in Memory with a predetermined number of points necessary to win. If the scoring Player has not reached the predetermined number of points necessary to win, Indicating a point scored and resuming the game. If the scoring Player has reached the predetermined number of points necessary to win, Indicating that the scoring Player has won.12-24-2009
20090280878GAME DEVICE, GAME DEVICE CONTROL METHOD, AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - To provide a game device capable of preventing a player wishing to progress through a game from feeling frustrated, while ensuring that excitement of a game that progresses based on an actual date, an actual day of the week, and/or an actual time is not deteriorated. When a game starts, a setting unit (11-12-2009
20080242385Game device and storage medium storing game program - Obtaining means obtains acceleration data from an input device. Swing detection means detects a swing of the input device in a real space when an acceleration represented by the acceleration data satisfies a predetermined condition. Type determination means determines a type of swing of the input device in the real space by using an acceleration in a predetermined axial direction among all the accelerations represented by the acceleration data obtained by the obtaining means after the detection by the swing detection means. Object moving means moves a predetermined object in a virtual game space according to the type determined by the type determination means. Display control means displays the virtual game space with the object therein on a display device.10-02-2008
20110028194System and method for unified-context mapping of physical input device controls to application program actions - Disclosed are single or unified execution context systems and processes for managing relationships between physical input device controls and application program actions in a manner that automatically accommodates firmware and/or device driver configuration operations. A process involves establishing an application program execution context; establishing a relationship (e.g., graphically) between a first physical input device control element and a first user-selectable action; and automatically maintaining the relationship between the first physical control element and the first user-selectable action such that the first user-selectable action is consistently initiated in response to user interaction with the first physical control element independent of an input device firmware or device driver reconfiguration that may change a control element signal generated by the first physical control element. Input device control element—application program action relationships can be established and/or maintained within an application program's execution context.02-03-2011
20110256909SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED FANTASY DRAFTING - A system and method for automated fantasy drafting are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving one or more user-defined rules with respect to a list of players, wherein each player on the list is associated with one or more characteristics from a set of predefined characteristics and wherein at least one of the user-defined rules specifies a particular characteristic and selecting a player from the list of players satisfying the one or more user-defined rules.10-20-2011
20100323774DYNAMIC POWER MANAGEMENT IN A GAMING MACHINE - A gaming machine for conducting a wagering game includes a value input device for receiving a wager and a processor for executing gameplay on the gaming machine. The processor has a plurality of power consumption levels. A power regulator is operative to alter the power consumption level of the processor amongst the plurality of power consumption levels. In an embodiment, the power regulator comprises application software stored on a memory device in communication with the processor.12-23-2010
20110263305TORCH - The invention relates to a location based gaming device. The gaming device comprises an elongated handheld body and a location control unit arranged in the body. The location control unit outputs location data. A light unit is arranged at a distal side of the body. A controller is adapted to control said light unit, the controller comprising a memory to store track data; The controller is arranged to change a light characteristic between an on track and an off track mode depending on a proximity function between the track data and the compass directional data and/or location data. Accordingly a device is provided that can provide intuitive direction indications, which may be interpretable by players of younger ages.10-27-2011
20120040727TABLE GAME TRACKING - The present invention relates to a system and method for identifying and tracking gaming objects and game states on a gaming table. Through the use of imaging devices and identity and positioning modules gaming objects are detected. An identity and positioning module identifies the value and position of cards on the gaming table. An intelligent position analysis and tracking (IPAT) module performs analysis of the identity and position data of cards and interprets them intelligently for the purpose of tracking game events, game states and general game progression. As a game progresses it changes states. A game tracking module processes data from the IPAT module and keeps track of game events and game states. Ambiguity resolution mechanisms such as backward tracking, forward tracking and multiple state tracking may be used in the process of game tracking. All events on the gaming table are recorded and stored on video and as data for reporting and analysis.02-16-2012
20110319148VIRTUAL AND LOCATION-BASED MULTIPLAYER GAMING - A system and method combining real-world actions and virtual actions in a gaming environment. In one aspect, a massively multiplayer environment combines the real world actions and virtual actions of a participant to influence both character metrics and game play within one or more games provided by the service. In the real world or location-based events, game play occurs in and around links explicitly created between real world locations and virtual representations of those locations within the game.12-29-2011
20120015699UNLOCKING CONTENT IN A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT - Content in a virtual environment may be unlocked based on an aggregated trust level. More specifically, trust levels of a user with individual ones of non-user characters in the virtual environment may be tracked. The trust levels may be based on interactions between the user and individual ones of non-user characters in the virtual environment. A group trust level of the user with a group of the non-user characters may be determined. The group trust level may be based on an aggregation of the trust levels of the individual ones of the non-user characters. Content that was previously locked for the user may be unlocked for the user responsive to the group trust level breaching a group trust threshold.01-19-2012
20110165923ELECTRONIC CIRCLE GAME SYSTEM - A scanning game input mechanism that includes a light-emitting mechanism that defines multiple input regions for a game in which there are multiple players. Each of the input regions is a portion of the playing surface in which a corresponding player subset is to provide physical input (such as rolling dice, playing cards, or placing game pieces, and so forth) to affect game state. A scanning mechanism scans objects placed within the input regions, while a communication mechanism communicates information regarding the scanned object. The information might, for example, be communicated to affect an electronic game state maintained in another device or distributed across multiple devices.07-07-2011
20120058807NOVEL GAMES, AND METHODS FOR IMPROVED GAME PLAY IN GAMES OF CHANCE AND GAMES OF SKILL - A variety of games and methods for enhancing game play are provided. In one aspect, a secondary or ancillary game is played in parallel with a first game, such as a lottery ball draw. Yet another embodiment of game play provides for the repurposing of an existing taped game show. The previously recorded game show would be segmented into subsets of issues, for example, presentation of questions or answers (as in the case of Jeopardy), those issues would be presented to one or more players, a response would be received from those players, and the answer would be compared to the correct answer. Scoring would then rank players relative to one another or to indicate the amount of the prize.03-08-2012
20120071218ALLOWING AN ALTERNATIVE ACTION IN A VIRTUAL WORLD - A system for allowing an alternative action in a virtual world may include a processor and a module operable on the processor for allowing an alternative action in a virtual world in response to a request for an original action for an avatar of a user being unavailable in the virtual world. A queue stores the request in response to the original action being unavailable. Another module may determine if an alternative action is available for the avatar in response to the original action being unavailable. A further module may present an interface to permit the user to accept the alternative action. The avatar is permitted to perform the alternative action in response to the user accepting the alternative action while the request for the original action is still in the queue.03-22-2012
20120157176ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR GAMES - A program for platform games using AI and make a computer to act including steps of: deciding a solution for platform game includes: initializing solutions (S06-21-2012
20110105205Interactive Game Systems and Methods - A game system and method is described which may suitably employ a very inexpensive game mat or course which is printed with detectable markings, such as microdots. A toy housing holds a play pod which senses the sequence of the detectable markings as the toy housing is moved on the game mat. The play pod may be releasably held in the toy housing and transferred to a different housing. In this approach, to change games, a different game mat and toy housing are selected and the play pod is transferred to the new toy housing.05-05-2011
20120122528SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUGMENTED REALITY GAMING USING A MOBILE DEVICE - Disclosed is a method for enabling a user in an augmented reality gaming venue to use an augmented reality gaming venue component and a mobile device to find a particular game or gaming machine. The method includes: controlling a camera on the mobile device using the augmented reality gaming venue component, once the component is activated; determining the location of the mobile device; determining the orientation of the mobile device; querying a casino management system to retrieve data for the augmented reality gaming venue; generating a list of gaming machines and other objects currently visible to the camera; rendering a camera-captured image on a display of the mobile device; and overlaying icons on the image for each visible object to display additional visual information to a user on the display of the mobile device in response to the user aiming the mobile device at gaming machines or other objects of interest in the augmented reality gaming venue.05-17-2012
20120122529SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUGMENTED GAMING VENUE USING A MOBILE DEVICE - Disclosed is a method for enabling a user in an augmented reality gaming venue to use an augmented reality gaming venue component and a mobile device to find a particular game or gaming machine. The method includes: controlling a camera on the mobile device using the augmented reality gaming venue component, once the component is activated; determining the location of the mobile device; determining the orientation of the mobile device; querying a casino management system to retrieve data for the augmented reality gaming venue; generating a list of gaming machines and other objects currently visible to the camera; rendering a camera-captured image on a display of the mobile device; and overlaying icons on the image for each visible object to display additional visual information to a user on the display of the mobile device in response to the user aiming the mobile device at gaming machines or other objects of interest in the augmented reality gaming venue.05-17-2012
20110183733POWER MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF PROVIDING GAME CONTENTS - There is provided a power management apparatus including a game service providing unit providing, to an electronic appliance, a service using game contents whose theme is power. The game service providing unit includes a game control unit controlling execution of the game contents, a real world constructing unit constructing a setting of a game reflecting a real-world environment, based on managed appliance information stored in a database, and a virtual world constructing unit constructing a setting of the game reflecting a virtual environment, based on a setting set in advance in the game contents. The game control unit is operable to initialize the game contents by combining the setting of the game constructed by the real world constructing unit and the setting of the game constructed by the virtual world constructing unit.07-28-2011
20110183732GENERATING CASINO FLOOR MAPS - This describes generating casino floor maps. In some embodiments, the casino monitoring system can analyze captured data of casino floor objects. The system can determine meta-data related to any of the casino floor objects and generate one or more overlay objects for each of the casino floor objects. The system can create a casino floor map by superimposing the overlay objects over the captured data (e.g., superimpose the overlay objects onto a live video stream). The system can present the floor map on any suitable device. The system can detect a selection of the overlay objects on the casino floor map and present metadata for a casino floor object associated with the selected overlay object. The system can also determine details of people on a casino floor via close-range biometric scans and measurements. The system can use the scans and measurements to assist people in the casino.07-28-2011
20120315965Locational Node Device - A node device in a distributed virtual environment captures locational signals projected by another node device into a capture area of the node device and reflected from the capture area to a capture device of the node device. The location of the node device relative to the other node device is determined based on the captured locational signals. The determined location can be based on an angular relationship determined between the node device and the other node device based on the captured locational signals. The determined location can also be based on a relative distance determined between the node device and the other node device based on the captured locational signals. Topology of the capture area can also be detected by the node device, and topologies of multiple capture areas can be combined to define one or more surfaces in a virtual environment.12-13-2012
20120129584RULES BASED SYSTEM FOR MANAGING USER SELECTIONS IN CUSTOMIZABLE OBJECTS - A rules-based system which processes user selections to determine what content is actually loaded and used for a given object model in video games or other online or interactive digital environments. The disclosed rules-based system also allows for rules exceptions, which support the prioritization of the user's most recent selections over the rules.05-24-2012
20120135788METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OPERATING A VIRTUAL WORLD - A virtual world is operated by an automated system, in which choices available to be made by avatars are assigned point values. As an avatar makes a choice, a corresponding point values is tabulated by the automated system in a record specific to that avatar, and an updated points total for the avatar is processed against predetermined definitions defined in quantitative terms for underlying qualitative concepts such as unhealthiness, non-renewable energy usage, wastefulness, etc. The automated system performs steps as a function of the avatar's points total, such as changing the avatar's appearance such as body weight representation, causing the avatar to have a heart attack, etc.05-31-2012
20120172098SUGGESTING GAME ROLES FOR DIFFERENT PLAYERS BASED ON A PLAYER'S GAMING STATISTICS FROM OTHER GAMES - In one embodiment of the invention, game specific statistics for previously played games are obtained for each player of a game. Weights and corresponding generic attributes are associated with each game specific statistic. For each game specific statistics, a generic attribute score is computed based on the corresponding weight and generic attribute. In response to a request to play a game, generic attributes are determined for each role of the game. For each generic attribute of each role of the game, the generic attribute scores of each player are compared and a specific role is suggested for each player. If all the players accept their respective and suggested roles, then those roles are assigned to the players. If one or more players rejects a suggested role, that player may request a different role and another role will be suggested for that player.07-05-2012
20120315966SCHEDULING METHOD AND SYSTEM, COMPUTING GRID, AND CORRESPONDING COMPUTER-PROGRAM PRODUCT - An embodiment of a method for scheduling execution of jobs with the resources of a Multi-Core system envisages producing a system model based upon agents representing the jobs, said agents being able to implement a strategy for scheduling execution of the jobs with the resources of the Multi-Core system via respective available moves corresponding to the choice of a given resource of the Multi-Core system for execution of a given job. The agents are configured for implementing said strategy as strategy that integrates MiniMax and Nash-equilibrium strategies, for example operating in an iterative way, identifying an optimal solution deriving from the iteration. The strategy can be implemented by maximizing the probability of optimizing the time of completion of a given job for one of the agents.12-13-2012
20120264494INTERNET FAMILY HISTORY GAME INTERACTING WITH DATABASES - An family history game in which progress is measured at least partially by a player's family history research. In some embodiments, the family history game may comprise a computer game that may be played online to facilitate interaction between a player and a database. The player may use avatars that represent real people, who may or may not be related to or otherwise associated with the player. The player may retrieve documents or other information from searching one or more online databases that include information about a real person who corresponds to an avatar used by the player. Multiple players may interact with one another in the family history game through online social media.10-18-2012
20120083322PLAYER CHARACTER CREATION IN A VIDEO GAME BASED ON MULTIPLE PLAYERS - In a video game a new character can be created using attributes from one or more parent characters. Each parent character may contribute character attributes which are passed on to a new child character. Relationships can be formed among characters which permit the creation of a child character.04-05-2012
20110212756METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AN ONLINE PERFORMANCE SERVICE WITH RECOMMENDATION MODULE - A method and system to recommend performances based on the performances' excitement-level as determined from events and characteristics associated with the performance and a subscriber's preference is described herein. A subscriber's preference influences the performance type and performance characteristics that are exciting to the subscriber. Recommendations for performances can be sent to the subscriber as a link or direct connection to a location of the online performance. Recommendations of a performance preserve the excitement of the performance by not revealing the score, outcome, or any statistics or commentary that would spoil the natural buildup of excitement from watching the live performance. Performance recommendations may include a start-time and end-time for watching only the exciting portions of the performance. Recommended portions of performances can be ranked to fit within a subscriber's customizable viewing-time, so that a subscriber can view only the most exciting portions of performances that fit within a limited time-frame.09-01-2011
20100203932INTERACTIVE PLAY DEVICES FOR WATER PLAY ATTRACTIONS - A system of interactive game play is provided wherein the gaming is carried out within a pool, water park or water attraction. The game utilizes electronically identifiable objects, such as waterproof wands, cards, bands, tags and/or the like, to provide an interactive game play experience generally simulative of a computer adventure game. Play participants are challenged to work and cooperate with other play participants to find and use identified objects, clues or other information to solve various puzzles or problems that present encumbrances inhibiting participants' advancement in the game. Each play participant may possess a unique RFID wand, band, card or the like, that electronically identifies the play participant and enables the play system to award and track points or other rewards to successful play participants individually or working with other play participants as a team.08-12-2010
20120329537System and Method for Processing Casino Table Games Yield Management Data - A system is provided for processing yield management and casino table data. The system provides a graphical presentation of each games table spread, and where the game is overspread or under spread, and by how much. The table spread opportunities can also be aggregated to determine whether what is observed is a trend so that the operator can act on that trend to remedy it. An interactive graphical representation of this data combined with an ability to drill down to the underlying data to verify trends makes it possible to find opportunities to close games, open games and add or remove tables to the gaming floor so as to improve profitability. Displaying graphically how pricing of tables could be changed is particularly useful so that managers can know where opportunities exist to change pricing in order to improve profitability. An ability to drill down to a floor view makes it possible for the manager to verify the casino floor and visually see how the players are seated on tables. Displaying graphically the time periods when an opportunity to price a game differently than the current pricing to improve profitability also helps the manager understand when this happens, how long it lasts and at which price points. Displaying graphically the time periods when an unmet demand exists also helps the manager understand when this happens, how long it lasts and for which price points.12-27-2012
20120149449APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING PLAYER'S BEHAVIOR PATTERN - Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for analyzing player's behavior pattern between a game client which is accessed by a player and via which the player plays a game and a game server which provides the player with a game service. The apparatus includes a capture unit, a data extraction unit, a cluster extraction unit, a matching unit, and a generalization unit. The capture unit captures packets transmitted and received between the game client and the game server. The data extraction unit extracts data corresponding to the player's behavior pattern from the packets. The cluster extraction unit extracts the player cluster, having similar behavioral characteristics, using the extracted data. The matching unit matches the player cluster with similar characteristics of an actual player set. The generalization unit generalizes the results of the matching.06-14-2012
20130017870GAME NAVIGATION INTERFACE FOR ELECTRONIC CONTENTAANM Parker; SamuelAACI San FranciscoAAST CAAACO USAAGP Parker; Samuel San Francisco CA USAANM Schmidt; DouglasAACI HuntingtonAAST NYAACO USAAGP Schmidt; Douglas Huntington NY USAANM Snyder; SteveAACI Redwood CityAAST CAAACO USAAGP Snyder; Steve Redwood City CA US - A game navigation interface for electronic content is described. A computer-implement system may comprise a content delivery platform operative to manage multimedia content. The computer-implemented system may further comprise a game navigation application operative to manage a game for the content delivery platform. The game navigation application may comprise a monitoring component operative to monitor navigation commands for navigating multimedia content provided by the content delivery platform, and output a game trigger signal based on the navigation commands. The game navigation application may further comprise a game navigation component operative to receive the game trigger signal, and select a game arranged to assist a user in navigating the multimedia content in response to the game trigger signal. Other embodiments are described and claimed.01-17-2013
20130178256METHOD OF OPERATING AN ONLINE GAME USING TERRAFORMED GAME SPACES - The present invention provides methods for modifying the topography of a game space to produce in-game benefits. In a preferred embodiment, a player may raise the topography to create hills and mountains, or lower the topography to create ponds, rivers, and lakes, with each such modification resulting in additional in-game benefits.07-11-2013
20110223980SPORTSBOOK ROOM AND METHOD THEREFOR - An improved sportsbook room is disclosed. The sportsbook room allows an individual to place wagers on the sports competitions shown in the sportsbook room from a gaming terminal in his/her carrel and to also play other casino games on the same gaming terminal.09-15-2011
20110275424PERSONAL HYGIENE SYSTEM - A personal hygiene system is provided herein. One embodiment comprises a personal hygiene device, such as for example an electric toothbrush, having wireless communication circuitry in combination with a computer readable medium containing processor executable instructions for causing a multimedia device that was previously unassociated with the personal hygiene device to communicate with the personal hygiene device, to receive data from the personal hygiene device related to the use of the personal hygiene device and for causing the multimedia device to provide an output as a function of the data.11-10-2011
20130150136ELECTRONIC CIRCLE GAME SYSTEM - A scanning game input mechanism that includes a light-emitting mechanism that defines multiple input regions for a game in which there are multiple players. Each of the input regions is a portion of the playing surface in which a corresponding player subset is to provide physical input (such as rolling dice, playing cards, or placing game pieces, and so forth) to affect game state. A scanning mechanism scans objects placed within the input regions, while a communication mechanism communicates information regarding the scanned object. The information might, for example, be communicated to affect an electronic game state maintained in another device or distributed across multiple devices.06-13-2013
20100317420SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method providing for communication and reolution of utility functions between participants, wherein the utility function is evaluated based on local information at the recipient to determine a cost value thereof. A user interface having express representation of both information elements, and associated reliability of the information. An automated system for optimally conveying information based on relevance and reliability.12-16-2010
20100317419Method and System for Synchronous Social Gaming via Mobile Devices - This invention allows multiple mobile devices to be wirelessly interconnected into a gaming environment intended specifically for use by a group of people in the same location, such as a bar, lounge or party. The game environment effectively utilizes motion sensors, keypads, or other user interface capabilities of disparate phone types and different display sizes so that different mobile device types be used. The games enhance and encourage social interaction instead of replacing it.12-16-2010
20130184039DESIGNING A REAL SPORTS COMPANION MATCH-PLAY CROWDSOURCING ELECTRONIC GAME - Developing a match-play game in which an outcome of a live event determines an outcome within the match-play game comprises several steps including determining a set of outcomes that may occur in the live event, presenting the set of outcomes to a game designer, presenting a design interface in which a game designer may create a match-play game, enabling a user to determine a set of outcomes that may occur in the match-play game, and enabling the user to associate at least one outcome in the match-play game to an outcome in the live event.07-18-2013
20120282986System and Method for Providing Dynamic Insurance Policy Claim and Contest Entry Claim Resolution Infrastructure for Automatically Identifying and Settling Valid Insurance Claims in connection with Previously Acquired Competitive Prize-Bearing Game Event-Related Insurance Policies, and for Automatically Identifying and Resolving Valid Claims in connection with Prize-Bearing Contests - The present invention provides a modular and flexible system and method, readily usable in conjunction with various game-event-related insurance policy provision solutions, for selectively and/or automatically identifying and settling eligible claims associated with corresponding previously acquired game-event-related insurance policies, either in a manner transparent to the policyholder, or automatically, but under selective control thereof.11-08-2012
20090082076Emotion-based game character Manipulation - Methods and systems for emotion-based game character manipulation are provided. Each character is associated with a table of quantified attributes including emotional attributes and non-emotional attributes. An adjustment to an emotional attribute of a game character is determined based on an interaction with another game character. The emotional attribute of the first game character is adjusted, which further results in an adjustment to a non-emotional attribute of the first game character. The behavior of the first game character is then determined based on the adjusted non-emotional attribute.03-26-2009
20130157733GAMING MACHINES HAVING NORMAL AND HOT MODES - Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide an electronic gaming machine having a default mode in which the electronic gaming machine provides a default average expected payback percentage for each play of a wagering game, and a different second hot mode in which the electronic gaming machine provides an increased average expected payback percentage for each play that wagering game. In The electronic gaming machine is in the default mode for certain periods of play, and is in the hot mode for certain periods of play when, in certain embodiments, a random determination is made that the hot mode will be employed. In various embodiments, players are not informed that the electronic gaming machine is in the hot mode.06-20-2013
20110306395Method, System and Computer Program Product for Creating Custom Tutorials Based on Interactive Gameplay - The present invention provides a method, system, and program product for creating a custom tutorial comprising the controller inputs associated with the controller manipulations that cause an action observed by a player during game play. Controller inputs are saved during game play. In response to a first player performing an action to create a tutorial, controller inputs from a tagged player are captured. A custom tutorial is created for performing game actions performed by the tagged player's avatar comprising the captured controller inputs. The tutorial is sent to a memory device accessible by the first player.12-15-2011
20120088561Systems and Methods for Scoring Familiarity - Systems and methods for scoring familiarity are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises selecting a topic by a first user, presenting items associated with the topic to the first user, ranking a first set of the items by the first user, presenting the items to a second user, ranking a second set of the items by the second user, and scoring the second ranking relative to the first ranking.04-12-2012