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Frequency or phase modulation

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455 - Telecommunications


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455208000 With synchronized or controlled local oscillator 28
455207000 With plural conversion 9
455214000 With particular discriminator or detector 6
455212000 With squelch or other audio output silencing 4
20090305653FM RECEIVER - An arctangent detector according to the present invention generates a demodulated signal based on the result of arctangent calculation of the ratio between an in-phase component and a quadrature component obtained from a frequency modulation (FM) received signal that are perpendicular to each other. A median filter substitutes the median value of the sample values obtained by sampling the demodulated signal generated by the arctangent detector as many times as the point number for the current value of the demodulated signal and outputs a resultant signal. The point number altering unit alters the point number in the median filter based on the signal intensity of the FM received signal.12-10-2009
20110151814Radio receiving apparatus - In a radio receiving apparatus, an analog received signal is converted into a digital received signal. An unwanted wave in an adjacent channel band is rejected, that is adjacent to a passband for the digital received signal. The digital received signal with no unwanted wave is converted into a first demodulated signal. The first demodulated signal is converted into a second demodulated signal in analog form. A noise component is extracted from the first demodulated signal. The second demodulated signal is suppressed under squelch control when a squelch voltage that is a voltage of the noise component after rectification and smoothing becomes equal to or higher than a predetermined threshold level.06-23-2011
20110081878FILTERING DEVICE FOR FILTERING RF SIGNALS AND METHOD FOR FILTERING RF SIGNALS - A filtering device comprises an analogue quadrature splitter together with a first filtering element and a second filtering element. The filtering device is adapted to transform filtering characteristics of the first filtering element and filtering characteristics of the second filtering element into an effective filtering characteristic present in an output signal at an output terminal of the analogue quadrature splitter. The first filtering element and the second filtering element comprise filtering elements of high accuracy, with a steep roll-off but poor power handling capabilities. Using a high power quadrature splitter it is possible to transform the filtering characteristics of the first filtering element and/or the second filtering characteristic of the second filtering element into the effective filtering characteristics. The present disclosure further provides a method for filtering RF signals and a computer program implementing the manufacture of the filtering device and an execution of the method of filtering.04-07-2011
20090029664Crest factor reduction - A device for generating a crest factor reduced signal is disclosed. The device comprises an interface for receiving an input signal; a peak identifier for identifying one or more peak regions of the input signal; a squelch level determiner for determining a reduction of the input signal near the one or more peak regions; a squelcher for reducing the one or more peak regions of the input signal as indicated by the squelch level determiner; and an interface for outputting a crest factor reduced signal. The crest factor reduced signal has a reduced dynamic range due to the reduction of the one or more peak regions of the input signal. The crest factor reduced signal also has been filtered to reduce undesired frequency components by: calculating a difference between a squelched signal from the squelcher and the input signal, band-pass filtering the difference to generate a result, and summing the result with the input signal that has been delayed.01-29-2009
455216000 With particular frequency division or multiplication 1
20090149144WIRELESS BACKHAUL POWER AMPLIFICATION USING FOURIER TRANSFORM MATRICIES - An apparatus amplifies RF signals in a communication system by using a first directional coupler having at least two inputs and at least two outputs; at least two RF amplifiers, where an input of each RF amplifier is connected to a different one of the at least two outputs of the first directional coupler; and a second directional coupler having at least two inputs and at least two outputs, where each one of the at least two inputs is connected to an output of a different one of the at least two RF amplifiers. The at least two outputs of the second directional coupler are connected to at least two antennas, respectively.06-11-2009
455206000 Responsive to one of overlapping signals 1
20100015935Method, Device and Computer Program for Classifying a Received Signal - An embodiment of the invention provides a method for classifying a received signal. The method includes determining a covariance matrix of signal values of the received signal, and determining an eigenvalue matrix of the covariance matrix. The eigenvalue matrix includes the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix. A first function is determined from at least one eigenvalue of the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix. A second function is determined from at least one eigenvalue of the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix, wherein the second function is different from the first function. Dependent from a comparison between a value of the first function and a value of the second function, the received signal is classified into a signal comprising data or into a noise signal.01-21-2010
455210000 With carrier amplitude modulation elimination (e.g., specified limiter) 1
20100210230METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MITIGATION OF UNWANTED SIGNAL COMPONENTS IN COMPLEX SAMPLING RECEIVER - Disclosed are methods and systems for mitigating unwanted signal components. A received carrier signal is downconverted using a local reference signal that imposes an frequency perturbation or dither. Later, when an intermediate digitized signal is filtered to remove the DC offset that is an artifact of the sampling process, the dither in the carrier signal serves to distinguish the carrier from the unwanted offset. The preferred offset filter is a low pass filter with a passband that is narrow relative to the frequency range of the dither.08-19-2010
20100159861DELTA-THETA FREQUENCY ESTIMATION - Systems, devices, processors, and methods are described which may be used for the reception of a wireless broadband signal at a user terminal from a gateway via satellite. A physical layer header may be identified, the header including a number of subcode blocks. A phase may be estimated for each of the subcode blocks, and intra-header phase differences may be calculated. The intra-header phase differences may be used to calculate a frequency error, which may be corrected. Frequency errors may be monitored and, when such errors fall below a threshold level, an alternative inter-frame frequency error tracking method may be used.06-24-2010
20090004984ENHANCED FREQUENCY DOMAIN SPREADING - A system and method are provided for using frequency domain spreading to generate real signals in the time domain. The method supplies a first complex frequency domain symbol (α) and a second complex frequency domain symbol (α01-01-2009
20090156146DUTY-TO-VOLTAGE AMPLIFIER, FM RECEIVER AND METHOD FOR AMPLIFYING A PEAK OF A MULTIPLEXED SIGNAL - A FM receiver comprises an IF filter, a demodulator and a decoder. The IF filter generates an RSSI and a FM modulated signal in response to a FM signal. The demodulator comprises a duty-to-voltage amplifier for amplifying a peak of a MPX signal. The duty-to-voltage amplifier comprises a current source, a switch and a current splitter. The current source generates a current. The switch controls a flow of the first current in response to a PWM signal. The current splitter splits the flow of the current into a sub-flow in response to the RSSI. The peak of the MPX signal is proportional to the sub-flow. The decoder receives the MPX signal to generate an audio signal to play sound.06-18-2009
20090054023AUDIO AMPLIFIER AND METHODS OF GENERATING AUDIO SIGNALS - Audio amplifiers and methods of generating audio signals are disclosed. A disclosed example amplifier comprises a first driver to receive a first signal; a second driver to receive a second signal; a configurable signal delivery circuit; and a mode selector in communication with the first and second drivers to selectively configure the signal delivery circuit in a voltage boost mode or a voltage buck-boost mode based on a characteristic of the input signal.02-26-2009
20080261548SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SELECTING AN INTERMEDIATE FREQUENCY - A receiver including a mixer configured to generate a mixed signal at a first intermediate frequency from an input signal and a mixing signal and processing circuitry configured to detect a power level for each of a plurality of possible images in the mixed signal and configured to cause the mixer to generate the mixed signal at a second intermediate frequency that differs from the first intermediate frequency and corresponds to an image frequency of one of the plurality of possible images with a lowest of the power level is provided.10-23-2008
20100069030FREQUENCY MEASURING BROADBAND DIGITAL RECEIVER - A microwave receiver configured for measuring the frequency F of a microwave signal received by the receiver, in a band of frequencies whose maximum frequency is Fmax. The receiver comprises N frequency measuring digital stages E03-18-2010
20120171977ANTENNA DIVERSITY SCHEME EMPLOYING BAND PASS SAMPLING AND FAST SEMICONDUCTOR SWITCHING - A vehicle or other host station includes first and second antennas, a fast semiconductor switch, a switching controller, and an RF receiver. The controller toggles the switch at a calibrated switching rate to selectively and alternately connect the first antenna to one of the RF receiver and a load having a calibrated impedance value. The first antenna may be a parasitic element in any embodiment using the load. The semiconductor switch may be a CMOS device or a Gallium Arsenide semiconductor switch. A switching control method for use in a vehicle or other host station having the first antenna, the second antenna, and the RF receiver includes transmitting a switching signal from the controller to the switch, and toggling the switch at a calibrated switching rate in response to the switching signal to selectively and alternately connect the first antenna to one of the RF receiver and the load.07-05-2012
20100144297COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND COMMUNICATION METHOD - A communication device and a communication method capable of implementing high-speed and high-quality communication processing such as handover. A mobile communication terminal is configured such that, in cases where it is judged by a power measurement unit that a reception signal received by a communication unit is equal to or less than a predetermined value, a frequency conversion unit performs computation by expanding a frequency range for performing time/frequency conversion with respect to the received reception signal. Further, a frequency measurement unit measures reception strength of reception signals in the expanded frequency range, and detects a frequency of, among the measured signals, a signal with a reception strength higher than a predetermined reception strength, and the communication unit executes connection processing by using the signal of this frequency.06-10-2010
20090325524 METHOD AND AN APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING AN AUDIO SIGNAL - A signal processing apparatus and method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes receiving a low frequency downmix signal including a multi channel signal, phase shift information and spatial information corresponding to parameter band of the low frequency downmix signal, generating the multi channel signal by applying the spatial information based on the parameter band to a whole frequency downmix signal, generating estimated phase shift information of a parameter band by using the phase shift information, and generating a phase shift multi channel signal by shifting a phase of the multi channel signal based on the phase shift information and the estimated phase shift information.12-31-2009
20100120388WIRELESS RECEIVER - A wireless receiver that includes a reception unit which, in the case in which the frequency bandwidth of the chunk is Fc, receives a) data to which phase rotation for controlling the maximum delay time between the plurality of transmission antennas is added so that the maximum delay time is set to either a predetermined first value which is smaller than 1/Fc or a predetermined second value which is larger than 1/Fc depending on whether transmission is performed using frequency diversity or transmission is performed using multi-user diversity and b) pilot channels corresponding to the plurality of transmission antennas which are orthogonal to each other; and a demodulating unit which demodulates the data based on transfer functions calculated using the pilot channels.05-13-2010
20090280762HIGH-ORDER HARMONIC REJECTION MIXER USING CURRENT STEERING TECHNIQUE - A mixer includes, an input current generation unit generating an input current; a first path circuit unit including n number of transistors having sources connected in common to an output node of the input current generation unit; and a second path circuit unit including n number of transistors having sources connected in common to the output node of the input current generation unit, and respectively corresponding to the n number of transistors included in the first path circuit unit. Local oscillator signals sequentially phase-shifted by 180°/n are individually input to gates of the n number of transistors included in the first path circuit unit, and local oscillator signals having opposite phases to the local oscillator signals input to the gates of the corresponding transistors included in the first path circuit unit are individually input to gates of the n number of transistors included in the second path circuit unit.11-12-2009
20100144298APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GENERATING IN-PHASE SIGNAL AND QUADRATURE SIGNAL OF MULTI-PORT NETWORK - Provided is an apparatus and method for generating I/Q signals in a multi-port network, which can generate I/Q signals with accurate coordinates and sizes by repeatedly controlling the coordinates and size of an initial parameter in accordance with a predetermined reference condition. The I/Q signal generating apparatus of a multi-port network includes a multi-port network unit, a signal generation unit, and a control unit. The multi-port network unit converts a receive (RX) signal into a plurality of phase signals with different phases in accordance with a predetermined reference signal. The signal generation unit restores original data on the basis of the power of the phase signals received from the multi-port network unit. The control unit controls the restoration operation of the signal generation unit to be repeated so that the original data restored by the signal generation unit satisfies a predetermined reference range.06-10-2010
20090036076SECURITY SYSTEM WITH DYNAMIC RANGE ENHANCEMENT FOR FM DEMODULATION - A system and method for communicating between a base and a remote device in a security system. The base receives an audio signal from a telephone network via a panel and then frequency modulates the audio signal at a carrier frequency to generate an FM signal. The remote device receives the FM signal from the base, determines a phase error signal representing the phase error between the received FM signal and an output signal of a voltage controlled oscillator, determines a difference between the carrier frequency and a center frequency of the voltage controlled oscillator, and, if there is a difference, then changes the center frequency of the voltage controlled oscillator to match the carrier frequency of the FM signal.02-05-2009
20080274709WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A wireless communication apparatus for demodulating modulated information which is transmitted from a wireless tag so as to read out the modulated information, includes: an antenna which transmits a transmission signal to the wireless tag and receives a signal transmitted from the wireless tag as a reception signal; a demodulator which demodulates the reception signal to output a demodulated signal; a signal output unit which outputs a proportional signal proportional to the transmission signal; and a controller which calculates the proportional signal and the demodulated signal to output an calculated signal, and calculates the calculated signal and the reception signal.11-06-2008
20090298453Combining multiple frequency modulation (FM) signals in a receiver - In one embodiment, the present invention provide a method for detecting signal quality metrics of a constant modulo (CM) signal received in two different signal paths, and combining the signal from the two signal paths based at least in part on the detected first and second signal quality metrics. Such method may be implemented in a radio receiver such as an automobile receiver.12-03-2009
20090325525RECEIVER AND METHOD OF REDUCING OPERATING CURRENT THEREOF - Disclosed is a receiver so adapted that even it receives a signal having the same communication frequency and frequency band as its own, restart of a receive-signal processor is inhibited for a fixed period of time if the receive signal is not a desired signal. The result is a reduction in power consumption. The receiver includes a start circuit for detecting a radio-frequency signal and outputting a start signal if a level of the detected radio-frequency signal is no less than a fixed level, and a receive-signal processor for receiving the start signal and starting a demodulating operation for demodulating the radio-frequency signal. The receive-signal processor includes a demodulator for reconstructing a demodulated signal from the radio-frequency signal, and a restart-inhibit controller for determining whether the demodulated signal is a desired signal and, if the demodulated signal is not a desired signal, outputting a restart-inhibit signal to the start circuit and causing the start circuit to inhibit output of the start signal for a fixed period of time.12-31-2009
20090023409Receiving device - A waveform shaping circuit wave-shapes a demodulated signal after FM demodulation to generate a binary value. A smoothing circuit smoothes the demodulated signal to generate a reference voltage. A comparator compares the reference voltage with the demodulated signal to output the binary value. A potential difference limiting circuit determines whether a potential difference between the demodulated signal and the reference voltage exceeds a set voltage. When the potential difference exceeds the set voltage, the potential difference is controlled to a value less than the set voltage. At the initiation of signal reception or after a jamming signal stops, the reference voltage follows the demodulated signal, thus allowing data reception to rapidly begin.01-22-2009
20110230154SINGLE CARRIER COMMUNICATION IN DYNAMIC FADING CHANNELS - Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, in response to receiving a single carrier signal that is not phase locked, channel equalization may be applied to the signal via a channel equalizer. The equalized signal may be phase averaged to provide a signal that is at least partially phase stabilized. The channel equalizer may then be trained by feeding back the at least partially phase stabilized phase reference to the channel equalizer. The resulting signal may then be decoded via coherent or quasi-coherent detection.09-22-2011
20100184396CONFIGURABLE ALL-DIGITAL COHERENT DEMODULATOR SYSTEM FOR SPREAD SPECTRUM APPLICATIONS - A configurable all-digital coherent demodulator system for spread spectrum digital communications is disclosed herein. The demodulator system includes an extended and long code demodulator (ELCD) coupled to a traffic channel demodulator (TCD) and a parameter estimator (PE). The demodulator also includes a pilot assisted correction device (PACD) that is coupled to the PE and the TCD. The ELCD provides a code-demodulated signal to the TCD and the PE. In turn, the TCD provides a demodulated output data signal to the PE. The PACD corrects the phase error of the demodulated output data based on an error estimate that is fed forward from the PE. Accumulation operations in the ELCD, TCD, and PE are all programmable. Similarly, a phase delay in the PACD is also programmable to provide synchronization with the error estimate from the PE.07-22-2010
20100144296Carbon Nanotubes for Wireless Communication and Radio Transmission - Described herein are systems and methods in which a carbon nanotube (CNT) is used as a demodulator of amplitude-modulated (AM) signals. Due to the nonlinear current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of a CNT, the CNT induces rectification of an applied RF signal enabling the CNT to function as a demodulator of an amplitude-modulated (AM) RF signal. By properly biasing the CNT such that the operating point is centered on the maximum portion of the I-V curve, the demodulation effect of the CNT can be maximized. The present invention is useful for possible nanoscale wireless communications systems, e.g., nanoscale radios.06-10-2010
20100297972ANTENNA ARRANGEMENT WITH REDUCED COMM-MODE SIGNALS - In one embodiment of the present invention, an antenna arrangement apparatus includes a dipole reception antenna including a first pole portion and a second pole portion. A length of coaxial cable is provided and constitutes a feedline, the length of coaxial cable including a proximal end with respect to the first and second pole portions. The proximal end of the length of coaxial cable is coupled to the first and second pole portions via a common-mode filter.11-25-2010
20090036077SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PHOTONICALLY ASSISTED RF FILTERING - Systems and methods for improved photonically-assisted RF filtering. Presently, processing of wide-band RF signals involves the use of multiple specialized equipment to isolate a region of interest from the spectrum. The present invention discloses the use of a modulation system to upconvert the RF signal onto the sideband of a light source such as a laser, an optical filter sub-system comprising a plurality of filtering units that function as combinations of IIR and FIR filters, and a resonant channelizing filter for noise reduction and rejection of undesired channels, and means for control and agility of a piecewise coherent optical filter. The resulting filtered RF signal may then be downconverted to the electrical domain for further signal processing.02-05-2009
20090088109Circuit Arrangement for Processing a Radio-Frequency Signal - Described herein is a circuit arrangement for processing a radio-frequency signal.04-02-2009
20090311983Method and Apparatus for Storing Frequencies - A method, in a wireless communications apparatus, the method comprising: identifying a previously used frequency as incompatible with a parameter storage area; performing an arithmetical operation on the value of the previously used frequency to give a modified value of the previously used frequency; and storing the modified value of the previously used frequency in the parameter storage area.12-17-2009
20090311984FM Band Availability Based on GPS - Methods and apparatus for determining an available FM frequency channel for interfacing with FM modulated output signals from a wireless device are described herein. A SPS receiver, such as a GPS receiver, can determine its position based on conventional techniques. The SPS receiver can determine one or more available FM channels over which audio output may be transmitted. The SPS receiver can use the determined position to access a local data base of available channels. Alternatively, the SPS receiver can use the determined position to access a local database of allocated channels in order to determine one or more available channels. The SPS receiver may display a prompt or message that indicates an FM channel over which output audio is modulated.12-17-2009
20100003937Receiver Device, System, and Method for Low-Energy Reception of Data - A receiver device, A system and a method for reception of a signal having an amplitude that has been modulated with information, wherein a resistive element is provided that converts an electrical quantity into a physical parameter.01-07-2010
20080233911METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UTILIZING A POWER SOURCE AS AN FM ANTENNA FOR AN INTEGRATED FM RADIO - Aspects of a method and system for utilizing a power source as an FM antenna for an integrated FM radio are provided. In this regard, aspects of the invention may enable reception of FM radio signals via an external component coupled to a power port of a communication device. In this regard, an external component may act as an antenna for the reception of FM radio signals. Additionally, a device may be enabled to determine whether to use a connected external component or use an antenna within the device based on the power levels of FM radio signals received via each. An inductor may be utilized in order to enhance the resonance of the external component at FM radio frequencies. Additionally, an output impedance of a device may be matched to an external component via a configurable matching network.09-25-2008
20110053535WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A wireless communication apparatus includes an analog receiving unit, a phase calculator, a time variation calculator, and a chirp radar determination unit. The analog receiving unit obtains a receiving signal from a radio wave. The phase calculator calculates a phase of the receiving signal. The time variation calculator calculates a frequency of the receiving signal based on the phase. Moreover, the time variation calculator further calculates a time variation of the frequency. The chirp radar determination unit determines whether the receiving signal is a chirp radar or not based on the time variation.03-03-2011
20100136937Polar Feedback Receiver for Modulator - This disclosure relates to linearization in polar modulators of wireless communication devices, to attain linear amplification and high power efficiency during transmission.06-03-2010
20110319042Integrated Radio Frequency Front-end Circuit - An integrated RF front-end circuit comprising a balun, a receiver amplifier, a power amplifier, and a selector circuit is provided. The balun comprises a center-tapped inductor having a first node, a center-tap switchlessly coupled to a fixed voltage, and a second node. The balun receives a single-ended signal through the first node to produce a differential signal at the first and second nodes. The differential signal is provided to balanced input lines of the receiver amplifier. Balanced output lines of the power amplifier provide a differential signal to the first and second nodes. The balun converts the differential signal to a single-ended signal. The single-ended signal is available at the first node of the center-tapped inductor. The selector circuit activates the receiver amplifier and deactivates the power amplifier, and vice versa. The power amplifier may comprise only a single-ended output line connected to either the first or the second node.12-29-2011
20100093297FM RECEIVER - FM receiver including an RF input circuit followed by a tunable mixer stage for frequency conversion of an RF FM signal into an IF FM signal, which is coupled to an FM input of a first narrow-band IF filter. The center frequency of the first narrow-band IF filter is controlled to vary in dependence on the IF FM signal. The first narrow-band IF filter is subsequently coupled to a first FM demodulator and a first LF signal processing unit. To increase the receiver's selectivity and sensitivity without adversely affecting tracking stability, the FM input of a first narrow-band IF filter is coupled through a second FM demodulator to a control input of said first narrow-band FM tracking filter for a feed forward tracking control of the center frequency of said first narrow-band FM tracking filter with the momentary frequency of the IF FM signal.04-15-2010
20120220250SIGNAL RECEIVING DEVICE AND SIGNAL RECEIVING METHOD - A signal receiving device and signal receiving method to pass a desired frequency component of an intermediate frequency signal by using an IF filter without increasing a chip area. The signal receiving device comprises: a mixer to mix a received frequency signal with a local oscillation frequency signal to generate an intermediate frequency signal; an IF filter to pass a predetermined frequency component of the intermediate frequency signal; a controlling part which adjusts, according to a frequency band of the intermediate frequency signal, the frequency band of the IF filter, and adjust, according to a center frequency set in the IF filter that fluctuates with the adjustment, a center frequency of the intermediate frequency signal to be inputted in the IF filter; and a demodulating part to demodulate a frequency component of the intermediate frequency signal outputted after passing through the IF filter.08-30-2012
20120178392APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ADAPTIVE I/Q IMBALANCE COMPENSATION - An I/Q imbalance compensation block of a RF receiver for compensating an imbalance between an in-phase component and a quadrature component of an RF signal is disclosed. The compensation block includes a conjugation block; an adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filter; and an adder. The filter use filter coefficients iteratively updated at least partly in response to a compensated digital signal. The filter can have a complex number for at least one, but not all of filter taps, and real numbers for other filter taps. The filter can be provided with adaptation step sizes different from filter tap to filter tap. The filter can also be provided with an adaptation step size(s) varying over time. The filter can also be provided with an adaptation step size(s) divided by the square norm of the compensated signal.07-12-2012
20090061802RECEIVER HAVING MULTIPATH EQUALIZER - An FM receiver includes a receiving unit that receives a signal from a broadcasting station and outputs a receiving signal, an equalizer that equalizes the receiving signal by using a calculated weight, and obtains an equalized output signal, a demodulator that demodulates the equalized output signal to reproduce the signal from the broadcasting station, a detection unit that observes size of the calculated weight to detect a capture state with respect to an undesired broadcasting station and generates a capture detection signal, and a weight setting unit that sets the calculated weight with respect to the equalizer at a steady state, and sets a specific weight for temporarily setting the equalizer in a through state when the capture detection signal is generated.03-05-2009
20100291890RECEIVER - A receiver including an amplifier module, a control unit, a mixer and an IF amplifier is provided. The amplifier module, including multiple amplifier units with different gains, amplifies an input signal. The control unit enables at least one of the amplifier units according to a gain control signal, wherein the enabled at least one amplifier unit generates an output RF signal in response to the input signal. The mixer coupled with each amplifier unit in series down-converts the output RF signal into an IF signal according to a local oscillation frequency. The IF amplifier having a variable gain is coupled to the mixer for amplifying the IF signal to an output signal according to the gain control signal. The control unit obtains the gain control signal according to the output signal and a reference signal.11-18-2010
20080274708Multi-frequency detector - The method provides a method and device for detecting in a single or multi frequency signal, one or more frequencies from a predetermined set of frequencies. The Signal is subjected to a complex filter substantially passing all of the frequencies in the predetermined set of frequencies. For each of one or more pairs of members of the complex filtered signal, a complex number Y11-06-2008
20130023223Method and System for Sharing a Single Antenna for Frequency Modulation (FM) Reception or FM Transmission and Near Field Communication (NFC) - Aspects of a method and system for sharing a single antenna for frequency modulation (FM) transmission or FM reception, and near field communication (NFC) are presented. Aspects of a system may include at least one circuit that enables, via a single antenna, simultaneous transmission of an FM signal and transmission of an NFC signal or reception of an NFC signal.01-24-2013
20080233910METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MITIGATING RECEIVER SATURATION DURING SIMULTANEOUS FM TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION - Aspects of a method and system for mitigating receiver saturation during simultaneous FM transmission and reception may include detecting a power of an RF signal received at an antenna. A power of one or more baseband signal components corresponding to the RF signal may be determined. A power of signals transmitted via the antenna may be controlled, based on a cost function derived from at least the detected RF signal power received and/or the determined power of the one or more baseband signal components. One or more of the baseband signal components may be an in-phase signal, a quadrature signal or both an in-phase signal and a quadrature signal associated with a same carrier frequency. In one embodiment of the invention, the radio frequency signal may be an intermediate frequency (IF) radio signal.09-25-2008
20110275338PHASE PULSE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BANDWIDTH AND ENERGY EFFICIENT CONTINUOUS PHASE MODULATION - A new pulse shape for CPM is introduced which is obtained by a linear combination of well-known RC and REC pulse shapes. The new pulse shape addresses the tradeoff between the width of the PSD main lobe and the rate of decay of the side lobe to improve the coded performance of multi-carrier systems affected by ACI. Also, a methodology is proposed to design and evaluate the performance of the new pulse shape for multi-carrier, coded systems based on the modulation constrained capacity. Furthermore, a binary convolutional code and the CPM modulator are concatenated using an S-random bit interleaver to lower the error floor. Finally, Laurent representation of the new pulse shape is suggested such that by retaining only the principal pulses at the receiver, complexity of the receiver can be reduced.11-10-2011
20100291891IMPROVEMENTS IN OR RELATING TO RADIO RECEIVERS - A radio receiver comprises an input (11-18-2010
20100317306DIVERSITY ANTENNA SYSTEM AND METHOD UTILIZING A THRESHOLD VALUE - An antenna system for receiving an RF signal from a first antenna and a second antenna includes a phase shift circuit. The phase shift circuit shifts a phase of the RF signal from the second antenna by one of a plurality of possible phase shifts to produce a phase shifted signal. A combiner combines the RF signal from the first antenna and the phase shifted signal to produce a combined signal. A comparator circuit compares a signal quality of the combined signal with a minimum threshold value to determine if the signal quality of the combined signal is equal to or greater than the threshold value. The comparator circuit is in communicative control of the phase shift circuit and maintains the phase shift of the RF signal received by the second antenna in response to the signal quality of the combined signal being equal to or greater than the threshold value.12-16-2010

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