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Hands-free or loudspeaking arrangement

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455 - Telecommunications


455550100 - Radiotelephone equipment detail

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455569200 In vehicle 56
455570000 Noise suppression or echo cancellation 32
20090215503Apparatus and Method for Providing Hands-Free Operation of a Device - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for providing hands-free operation of a device. A hands-free adapter is provided that communicates with a device and a headset. The hands-free adapter allows a user to use voice commands so that the user does not have to handle the device. The hands-free adapter receives voice commands from the headset and translates the voice commands to commands recognized by the device. The hands-free adapter also monitors the device to detect device events and provides notice of the events to the user via the headset.08-27-2009
20120184337WIRELESS CONFERENCE CALL TELEPHONE - A wireless conference call telephone system uses body-worn wired or wireless audio endpoints comprising microphones and, optionally, speakers. These audio-endpoints, which include headsets, pendants, and clip-on microphones to name a few, are used to capture the user's voice and the resulting data may be used to remove echo and environmental acoustic noise. Each audio-endpoint transmits its audio to the telephony gateway, where noise and echo suppression can take place if not already performed on the audio-endpoint, and where each audio-endpoint's output can be labeled, integrated with the output of other audio-endpoints, and transmitted over one or more telephony channels of a telephone network. The noise and echo suppression can also be done on the audio-endpoint. The labeling of each user's output can be used by the outside caller's phone to spatially locate each user in space, increasing intelligibility.07-19-2012
20100075723Potable device including earphone circuit and operation method using the same - A portable communications device includes an interface unit to which a three-pole earphone or a four-pole earphone is connected. The device also includes a controller that activates a microphone function prepared in a terminal body when the three-pole earphone is connected. When the four-pole earphone is connecting, the controller deactivates the microphone function of terminal body. The device also includes an audio processing unit that is configured to output an audio signal to the three-pole earphone or the four-pole earphone under a control of the controller.03-25-2010
20100075722MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile communication system includes a headphone and a mobile communication terminal. The headphone includes a signal transceiver, an audio transducer, and a detection module. The signal transceiver is configured for communicating with the mobile communication terminal. The audio transducer is electrically connected to the signal transceiver and comprises a microphone and a speaker. The detection module is configured for detecting movements of the headphone to produce a plurality of detection signals accordingly. The mobile communication terminal includes a transceiver module and a communication module. The transceiver module is configured for communicating with the signal transceiver. The communication module is configured for answering/rejecting an incoming call or terminating an active communication according to the detection signals.03-25-2010
20100105446APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DELAYED ANSWERING OF AN INCOMING CALL - A wireless hands-free device is operable to communicate with a mobile communication device over a short-range wireless link. The hands-free device includes a transceiver, a memory, a delayed answering mode actuator (DAMA), and a processing device. The transceiver is operable to receive incoming call information from the mobile device over the short-range link. The incoming call information corresponds to an incoming call received by the mobile device over a wireless wide area network. The memory is operable to store one or more pre-recorded audio messages. The DAMA is activatable by a user of the hands-free device. The processing device is operable to: detect activation of the DAMA after receipt of the incoming call information, retrieve at least one pre-recorded audio message responsive to detecting activation of the DAMA, and provide the retrieved, pre-recorded audio message(s) to the transceiver for subsequent transmission to the mobile device over the short-range link.04-29-2010
20120220349Wireless Handsfree Headset Method and System with Handsfree Applications - Embodiments include method for providing a handsfree service to a user of a wireless, handsfree headset. In an embodiment the method comprises the headset performing service discovery on the audio gateway to determine a method of transferring an application to the audio gateway, wherein the application provides the service, the headset causing the application to be transferred to the audio gateway using a method based on the service discovery; and the audio gateway executing the application, wherein this user issues voice commands that are executed by the audio gateway to provide the service.08-30-2012
20130072266Lanyard - Various embodiments relate generally to a mobile device (e.g., cellular phone) case and neck lanyard (with integrated headphones and microphone) allowing hands-free use of the mobile device. An embodiment magnetically couples the case to the lanyard. Other embodiments are described herein.03-21-2013
20110014957HEADSET - The invention provides a headset which has a service environment adaptability. The headset 01-20-2011
20110014956WATCH TYPE MOBILE TERMINAL - A watch type mobile terminal includes: a main body having a wireless communication module; a band connected with both ends of the main body; a buckle unit mounted to the band and detachably attaching the band to the user's wrist through a connection and releasing operation; and a signal generating unit mounted in the buckle unit, electrically connected with the main body and generating a signal for turning on power of the main body when the buckle unit is connected.01-20-2011
20090082070Handsfree apparatus and handsfree system - A handsfree system includes a handsfree apparatus and a phone. The handsfree apparatus has a database including a primary control program and a model-specific program. The primary control program enables the handsfree phone call when coupled with the phone. The model-specific program is operated to resolve a model-dependent constraint by being incorporated in the primary control program. The model-dependent constraint arises when coupled with the phone. The model-specific program is associated with phone model information and program specification information to specify the model-specific program independent of the phone model information. Phone model information and program specification information are acquired from a phone coupled with the handsfree apparatus. Model-specific program corresponding to the acquired program specification information is retrieved from the database when the acquired phone model information is not included in the database. The retrieved model-specific program is executed by incorporating in the primary control program.03-26-2009
20120225699COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH MULTIPLE DETACHABLE COMMUNICATION MODULES - A wireless communication device has a docking cavity, a short-range transceiver, and a long-range transceiver for long-range wireless communication with a wireless network. A wireless communication module includes a speaker and a microphone, and a short-range transceiver for short-range wireless communication with the device's short-range transceiver. The module is configured to operate in first and second modes. In the first mode, the module is separated from the communication device. In the second mode, the module is mounted in the cavity. In both modes, communication between a user and the network is conducted through the module's microphone and speaker, both short-range transceivers and the long-range transceiver.09-06-2012
20130065651PORTABLE TELEPHONE HAVING A MARKING - The present invention relates to a mobile phone comprising a casing (03-14-2013
20090233652SPEAKER WITH EARPHONE FUNCTION - A speaker with an earphone function comprises a main body, magnet, washer, voice coil, diaphragm, front cover, rear cover and sound tube; it is characterized in that a conventional earphone housing is integrated with a housing of a speaker unit used in an earphone to enable the main body to be used as the speaker housing concurrently so as to save the production material and cost of a speaker housing, and a speaker assembly and the an earphone assembly can be completed at one time so as to reduce the earphone assembly cost. Furthermore, a diameter of a diaphragm can be relatively increased and a length of an earphone front chamber in front of the diaphragm can be shortened so that the bass quality can be elevated and the alt loss can be decreased.09-17-2009
20090233651Speaker apparatus combining earpiece and hands free functions - In the invention a speaker apparatus acoustically combines the earpiece and hands free functions. Thus a speaker has acoustically separated functions for acting as the earpiece and as the hands free. The speaker apparatus has a back cavity having an outlet so that the damped sound of the outlet operates as the earpiece. The front of the speaker apparatus operates as the louder hands free.09-17-2009
20090011799Hands-Free System and Method for Retrieving and Processing Phonebook Information from a Wireless Phone in a Vehicle - A method is provided for creating a phonebook for a hands-free telephone system in a vehicle using phonebook entries retrieved from a remote phonebook of a mobile phone over a wireless communication link between a control module of the hands-free telephone system and the mobile phone. The method includes receiving a remote phonebook from the mobile phone, the remote phonebook including a plurality of entries, each entry including text data and numeric data, identifying the text data in each entry, generating an acoustic baseform for each entry based on the text data for each entry, storing the acoustic baseform for each entry in a baseform list, and storing the plurality of entries in a mobile phonebook associated with the baseform list.01-08-2009
20090011800SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE AND HANDS-FREE CALL DEVICE - A signal processing device includes: a speaker amplifier for amplifying a reception voice; a reception voice attenuator for attenuating the reception voice inputted to the speaker amplifier during a voice transmission mode; a reception voice detection circuit for detecting the reception voice outputted from the speaker amplifier; a microphone amplifier for amplifying a transmission voice inputted to a microphone; a transmission voice attenuator for attenuating the transmission voice outputted by the microphone amplifier during a voice reception mode; a transmission voice detection circuit for detecting the transmission voice outputted by the microphone amplifier; and a discriminator for discriminating the mode to be operated among the voice transmission mode and the voice reception mode on the basis of detection outputs from the reception voice detection circuit and the transmission voice detection circuit.01-08-2009
20120238330APPARATUS THAT CONNECTS WIRELESSLY TO A CELL PHONE VIA BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY AND PROVIDES ADDITIONAL RINGING SOUND AND VISUAL ALERT UPON AN INCOMING CALL - An auxiliary sound/light indicating device includes a housing, in which a control circuit composed of a microcontroller, an MP3 player, a light-emitting element, and a Bluetooth module is provided. The auxiliary sound/light indicating device is wirelessly connected to a mobile communication apparatus via Bluetooth connection. The microcontroller controls the emission of sound and light, enables ringing sound programming and caller ID display setting. Through the Bluetooth connection, the auxiliary sound/light indicating device can emit sound and/or light to inform a user of an incoming call on the mobile transmission apparatus and display the caller ID, allowing the user to decide whether to answer or reject the incoming call. And, when the mobile communication apparatus is out of an effective Bluetooth transmission range and the Bluetooth connection is interrupted, the auxiliary sound/light indicating device emits warning sound and/or light to remind the user of possible loss of the mobile communication apparatus.09-20-2012
20120270610MOBILE TERMINAL WITHOUT MICROPHONE HOLE - A mobile terminal is provided that does not have a separate dedicated microphone hole. The mobile terminal preferably includes an ear jack assembly and a microphone unit. The ear jack assembly includes an ear jack plug insert hole. The microphone unit is disposed in a neighborhood of the ear jack assembly. The microphone unit is realized to use a microphone hole for receiving an external note also as an ear jack plug insert hole. Since a microphone hole for a speaker phone is excluded, the microphone unit is advantageous in space utilization, and can contribute to designing an elegance appearance of the mobile terminal. In addition, since the microphone unit is manufactured integrally with the ear jack assembly, manufacturing costs reduce and working efficiency may increase.10-25-2012
20090098913Hands-Free Kit for Mobile Radio-Telephone Handset - A hands-free kit for a mobile radio-telephone handset, the hands-free kit having an earpiece and an infra-red transmitter with the transmitter being able to relay audio signals from the handset to the earpiece. The earpiece includes an infra-red receiver for receiving audio signals from the transmitter. By positioning the transmitter in the line of sight of the earpiece receiver, audio signals may be relayed from the handset to the earpiece with the reduced likelihood of the earpiece becoming dislodged as the user moves his head.04-16-2009
20080287166PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - A portable Bluetooth speaker includes a Bluetooth module for communicating wirelessly with a Bluetooth communication device and outputting a voice signal, a voice switching module connected with the Bluetooth module for receiving the voice signal, a speaker connected with the Bluetooth module, a wire-receiving unit having a wire slot, a wire-rolling disk, a communication wire, a volute spring, and a judging unit connected with the voice switching module and the wire-receiving unit. Due to the volute spring, the communication wire can be extended or received. One end of the communication wire is connected with the voice switching module. The second end of the communication wire is connected with the earphone. The judging unit outputs a judging signal to the voice switching module for switching the voice signal according to the communication wire being extended or received.11-20-2008
20100004034Hands-free phone-call device and tone quality control device - Constant phone-call quality is kept irrespective of setting of a tone adjusting function of a cellular phone under connection. There is provided a sound collector for collecting voices and converting the voices to a voice signal, a communication unit for communicating with a cellular phone terminal according to a predetermined communication protocol, and a reproducing unit for reproducing the voice signal received in the communication unit. A hands-free phone-call device for enabling the cellular phone terminal to execute hands-free phone call is provided with a signal processor for subjecting a voice signal to signal processing of adjusting tone quality to a predetermined state, and a controller for obtaining information on a tone adjusting function from the cellular phone terminal when the cellular phone terminal having the tone adjusting function for adjusting the tone quality during phone call is connected to communicate, and transmitting a predetermined command when it is determined that the tone adjusting function of the cellular phone terminal can be stopped or not, whereby the tone adjusting function of the cellular phone terminal is stopped and then the signal processor is made to execute the signal processing.01-07-2010
20090104945 HANDSFREE CABLE FOR USE WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A handsfree cable for use with an electronic device, e.g. a mobile phone. In one embodiment, the handsfree cable has an elongated body comprising one or more conductor wires which are surrounded by an outer boundary layer of the elongated body. The handsfree cable may comprise a Nitinol® filament arranged inside the elongated body. The Nitinol® filament extends along the elongated body.04-23-2009
20100267425HANDS-FREE ENFORCING APPARATUS - In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to a hands-free enforcing apparatus, comprising: a hands-free adapter; and a switching mechanism for sensing presence/absence of a cellular telephone in the hands-free adapter, and affecting a circuit of the vehicle thereof according to the sensed state. The apparatus may further comprise a delaying circuitry, for delaying the operation of affecting the circuit, thereby enabling a user thereof to return the cellular phone into the hands-free adapter before interfering in the operation of the circuit, and a buzzer, for alerting the user upon delaying the affecting. The circuit affected by the switching mechanism may be related to the ignition of the vehicle, to controlling the hazard signal of the vehicle, and so forth.10-21-2010
20080242365DEVICES AND METHODS FOR HANDS-FREE CONNECTIVITY TO PLURAL DEVICES - Disclosed are a hands-free device and a method of a hands-free device for automatic connectivity to two or more handheld devices. Upon power-up of the hands-free device, the device may cycle through all voice communication devices on its paired device list until it either cycles through the entire list or establishes a connection link before reaching the end of the list. It may then cycle through all non-voice communication devices on its paired device list. Once all voice and non-voice communication devices on the paired device list have been paged, the hands-free device may enter an idle mode where it is possible for a user to add a new device to the paired device list. The hands-free device may repeat the cycle through the voice communication devices in the paired device list, at a slower rate than the previous cycle through.10-02-2008
20120108300AUDIO AMPLIFIER - An audio amplifier (05-03-2012
20110195758MOBILE DEVICE HAVING PLURALITY OF INPUT MODES - A mobile device or system comprises a housing, a voice sensor that is configured to detect sound, a speaker, and a processing circuit configured to operate in both a first mode and a second mode. The processing circuit receives instructions from a user by detecting the user touching the device or an accessory of the device when in the first mode and receives instructions from the voice of the user through the voice sensor when in the second mode. When a predetermined requirement is met, the processing circuit is configured to switch from a first mode to a second mode without receiving specific instructions from the user to switch the mode at the time of switching.08-11-2011
20100124949PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND REMOTE MOTION INPUT DEVICE - A portable communication device is configured to communicate with an associated remote motion input device. The remote motion input device is configured to be attached to a portion of a user and configured to detect orientation and motion data. The portable communication device includes a remote motion input device controller that receives motion data from the remote motion input device via a local wireless link and converts the motion data into input commands such that the portable communication device carries out functions according to the input commands.05-20-2010
20080311960PORTABLE TERMINAL - A portable terminal including a terminal body having an earpiece mounting portion, and an earpiece detachably mounted at the earpiece mounting portion. The earpiece includes an earpiece body configured to communicate with the terminal body, and a speaker portion configured to output sound transmitted from the earpiece body, the speaker portion having a controllable length so as to reduce a thickness of the earpiece when the earpiece is detachably mounted at the earpiece mounting portion.12-18-2008
20090088222MOBILE PHONE - A mobile phone includes a microphone and a plurality of speakers, the mobile phone changes its configuration state into at least two states, a closed state in which the microphone is covered, and an open state in which the microphone is not covered. The mobile phone further includes a determination unit configured to determine the configuration state; and an output control unit configured to, on the basis of the determination result by the determination unit, control on/off action of the plurality of speakers and the microphone.04-02-2009
20080207275Eyeglasses having a Bluetooth wireless earphone which plays MP3 music - A pair of eyeglasses having a Bluetooth wireless earphone which plays MP3 music is provided with a Bluetooth wireless earphone or a Bluetooth earphone with a built-in MP3 player which is fixed on a stand of an eyeglass frame by absorption with magnets, locking with locking buttons, or clipping with a clip.08-28-2008
20100248793METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOW COST HANDSET WITH VOICE CONTROL - Systems, methods and apparatuses for a unique wireless handset are described. One embodiment may be directed to a wireless handset that uses voice recognition to simplify the operation of the handset and therefore allows the handset to include fewer input keys. Using speaker dependent voice recognition (VR) software, the recognition rates for most users can exceed 95%. The reliability of the speaker dependent voice recognition used in the embodiment, allows for a design that eliminates the traditional keypad and creates a large space on the face of the handset for prominent corporate or institutional logos and images. This form factor provides an excellent platform for branding and marketing promotional applications.09-30-2010
20100137037VEHICLE IMMERSIVE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A vehicle communication system facilitates hands-free interaction with a mobile device in a vehicle or elsewhere. Users interact with the system by speaking to it. The system processes text and processes commands. The system supports Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free use. The system handles telephone calls, email, and SMS text messages. The user can customize the device via a user profile stored on an Internet web server.06-03-2010
20090170567Hands-free communication - A communications system by which a user may provide inputs using an accessory device is provided. The accessory device may provide instructions to the communications device over any suitable wired or wireless communications path. The accessory device may include any suitable input mechanism for providing an input, including for example one or more switches, sliders, knobs, keys, motion sensing components, environmental sensing components, or any other input mechanism that the user may actuate. A communications system by which a communications device may transmit urgent communications requests is provided. The user may select an urgent option when transmitting a communications request to cause the recipient communications device to enable an urgent mode in which the recipient communications device may change the notification scheme to ensure that the recipient receives the urgent communications request.07-02-2009
20080280654System and method for wirelessly providing multimedia - System and method for wirelessly providing multimedia. A system includes a headset and a wireless communications device. The wireless communications device controls the operation of the headset with transmissions over a first wireless network. The headset includes a first ear piece, a second ear piece, and a connecting piece. The first ear piece has a first speaker, a first network interface to send and receive transmissions over the first wireless network, a second network interface to receive transmissions over a second wireless network, and a connecting piece. The connecting piece is coupled between the first ear piece and the second ear piece. The connecting piece includes a wire to electrically couple the second ear piece, the first ear piece, and the second network interface and to receive transmissions over the second wireless network. The wire may be made to any length since it may be embedded inside the connecting piece.11-13-2008
20080280653NOISE REDUCTION ON WIRELESS HEADSET INPUT VIA DUAL CHANNEL CALIBRATION WITHIN MOBILE PHONE - A communication device includes: (1) a wireless adapter at which a wireless headset is communicatively connected to the communication device and at which is received a first acoustic input that includes a speech input and a first ambient noise input; (2) a microphone that receives a second acoustic input, which includes a second ambient noise input; and (3) a dual-channel adaptive noise canceller that utilizes the second ambient noise input to filter the first ambient noise input out of the first acoustic input to generate an acoustic output that primarily comprises the speech input.11-13-2008
20080268913Method and Device for Wireless Sound Production Into User's Ear - The invention relates to a method, by which a personal communication system is formed, and a device arrangement for forming sound wirelessly to the ear. The arrangement includes an earphone part (10-30-2008
20090176537HANDS-FREE MOBILE PHONE - A hands-free mobile phone includes a housing and a hands-free unit. The housing defines two outer slide channels and two inner slide channels inside the corresponding outer slide channels. Each outer slide channel includes an access hole, a pivot hole, and a coupling passage communicating the access hole with the pivot hole. Two pivot portions are formed on the hands-free unit. Each pivot portion includes a pivot shaft and a plugging end formed on the pivot shaft. The plugging ends of the pivot portions are respectively inserted in the inner slide channels through the access holes of the corresponding outer slide channels and the pivot shafts thereof are respectively placed in the corresponding access holes and slid into the pivot holes of the outer slide channels through the corresponding coupling passages. Thus, the hands-free unit is pivotably secured to the housing via pivot of the pivot portions.07-09-2009
20090029744ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR HANDS-FREE OPERATION OF A PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system and method for providing an electronic device that facilitates hands-free operation of a portable communication device in a wide range of applications and environments, including use in a vehicle. The electronic device includes a detector to automatically activate at least a wireless interface based on the occurrence of one or more predetermined events. The generates a signal that directs the control circuit of the electronic device to provide power to a wireless interface to facilitate communication between the electronic device and an associated portable communication device. Once a communication link is established between the electronic device and the portable communication device, the electronic device may function as a car kit, vehicle, speakerphone, etc.01-29-2009
20090298552MOBILE PHONE WITH OPTIONAL AUDIO OUTPUT FUNCTION - A mobile phone includes an audio signal generating module, a first audio output module, a second audio output module, an output mode setting module, and an audio signal controlling module. The audio signal generating module generates audio signal corresponding to a status of the phone. The output mode setting module sets a mode of outputting audio. The audio signal controlling module monitors the mode set by the output mode setting module, and switches on the corresponding audio output module to output audio corresponding to the audio signal.12-03-2009
20080318639Wireless Headset Switching System - Switching signals between a mobile communications device and a wireless headset can include setting a switch in a first position; connecting, through the switch, signals received from a mobile communications device to a wireless adapter for transmission to a wireless headset; and repositioning the switch, in response to input, to a second position, wherein signals received by the wireless adapter from the wireless headset are connected through the switch to the mobile communications device. Further, signals can be transmitted from the wireless adapter to the wireless headset using a short-range radio frequency protocol. Additionally, the input in response to which the switch is repositioned can be received from a hand-held trigger switch.12-25-2008
20090325650Handover of call serviced by modular ear-piece/microphone between servicing base portions - Handover of call serviced by modular ear-piece/microphone between servicing base portions is presented. A wireless headset includes wireless interface(s), earpiece, a microphone, processing module, and a user interface. The wireless interface(s) wirelessly couples the wireless headset to a base unit via a wireless personal area network (WPAN). The earpiece renders inbound portions of the service calls audible while the microphone is operable to produce the outbound portion of the call. Both the earpiece and microphone are communicatively coupled to the wireless interface(s). The processing module also coupled to the wireless interface(s) allows the wireless headset to initiate call functions between the wireless headset and a servicing network made available through the base unit, service a call and call control functions, and anchor the call to the wireless headset. The user interface in conjunction with the processing module allows the wireless headset to initiate commands and/or call control functions based upon user input.12-31-2009
20090325648WIRELESS EARPHONE AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A wireless earphone includes a body, a microphone and an earphone. The body includes a microphone end and an opposite earphone end. The microphone is disposed at the microphone end of the body. The earphone is retractably disposed at the earphone end of the body. The invention also includes a portable electronic device using the wireless earphone.12-31-2009
20090247238Analog processing device for a data transmission device - In order to put the voice transmission function of a data transmission device into practice, the present invention provides an analog processing device for a data transmission device, which includes an analog signal processing unit for performing analog signal processes on an input signal received by the data transmission device and an output signal transmitted by the data transmission device, an audio interface unit coupled to the analog signal processing unit, for transmitting the input signal and the output signal, an output unit coupled to the audio interface unit, for transmitting the output signal from the audio interface unit to an external device, and an input unit coupled to the audio interface unit, for transmitting the input signal from the external device to the audio interface unit.10-01-2009
20110143820HEADPHONES WITH ATTACHED MICROPHONE BOOM - A headphone assembly includes a pair of earpieces, each for engagement over one ear of a user. The earpieces are coupled to ends of an arcuate headband adapted for wear on the user's head. A microphone boom for holding a microphone is retained to one of the earpieces by a housing having mating upper and lower gaskets. The gaskets have notches for retaining the microphone boom within the gaskets.06-16-2011
20090117945Hands-Free Device Producing a Spoken Prompt with Spatial Effect - A hands-free device (05-07-2009
20120077550MOBILE TERMINAL WITH AT LEAST TWO TRANSDUCERS - The invention concerns a mobile terminal with at least two transducers (LSm, LSs03-29-2012
20090163252Universal Console for Portable Telephones - A universal console for portable telephones with electrical connection points is disclosed, where the connecting part in the console is arranged to adapt to the design of the telephone connections.06-25-2009
20080318640Voice Input-Output Device and Communication Device - A voice input-output device includes a voice input section and a voice output section. The voice input section includes a microphone unit, the microphone unit including a housing that has an inner space, a partition member that is provided in the housing and divides the inner space into a first space and a second space, the partition member being at least partially formed of a diaphragm, and an electrical signal output circuit that outputs an electrical signal that is the first voice signal based on vibrations of the diaphragm, a first through-hole through which the first space communicates with an outer space of the housing and a second through-hole through which the second space communicates with the outer space being formed in the housing. The voice output section includes: an ambient noise detection section that detects ambient noise during a call based on the first voice signal; and a volume control section that controls volume of the speaker based on a degree of the detected ambient noise.12-25-2008
20100167796ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a main body, an earphone partitioning structure, and a cover. The main body defines an earphone housing to removably receive an earphone. The earphone partitioning structure is disposed in the earphone housing and includes a first limiting wall and a second limiting wall. The first and the second limiting walls are configured to restrict movement of the earphone. The cover is detachably coupled with the main body for covering and uncovering the earphone housing.07-01-2010
20100184487Sound signal adjustment apparatus and method, and telephone - A telephone with a speaker and a microphone uses the speaker both as an electric-to-acoustic transducer, to reproduce the far end party's voice, and an acoustic-to-electric transducer, to capture external sound in the vicinity of the near end party. From the captured sound signal and the signal picked up by the microphone, a decision unit decides whether or not the external sound is being blocked. When the external sound is blocked, a volume control unit increases the volume of the far end party's voice as reproduced by the speaker. The near end party can accordingly turn up the speaker volume by moving the part of the telephone including the speaker close to the user's ear to block external sound, without having to manipulate any manual controls.07-22-2010
20110130175CORDLESS TELEPHONE HANDSET HAVING A WIDE PASSBAND ELECTROACOUSTIC CHAIN - A wireless telephone handset includes a processing unit having associated therewith a microphone, an earpiece, and a loudspeaker mounted on a wall of an enclosure provided with a vent having dimensions adapted to co-operate with the enclosure to form a Helmholtz resonator.06-02-2011
20100227652SHARING AT LEAST ONE FUNCTIONAL BLOCK IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A communication system has an audio receiver path, and a digital transceiver path, wherein both paths are integrated on a single integrated circuit. The audio receiver path has a concealment device, and the communication system also has at least one functional block connected to and shared by the both paths. The communication system has a digital controller connected to both paths, the at least one functional block, and the concealment device. The digital controller is operable to schedule the operation of the digital transceiver path, and to inform the concealment device of start and end points of the activity of the digital transceiver path. The concealment device is operable to mask interruptions in the audio stream from the audio receiver path caused during periods of activity of the digital transceiver path.09-09-2010
20100210314Combined Apparatus of Bluetooth Earset and Charging Dock - The present invention discloses a combined apparatus of a Bluetooth earset and a charging dock, characterized in that the combined apparatus comprises the Bluetooth earset and the charging dock which can be connected to a power supply, said charging dock comprising a main body portion, and one end of the charging dock is an electrical connection portion which is connected to a DC power supply, and the other end of the charging dock is a holding cavity portion for fixing the Bluetooth earset, and electric contacts in the holding cavity portion are adapted to electric contacts on a bottom end of the Bluetooth earset.08-19-2010
20100197361METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOBILE TERMINAL HAVING PROJECTION FUNCTION BY USING HEADSET - Provided is a method of controlling a portable terminal having a projector module using a headset, which includes: receiving a command signal from the headset; determining whether the projector module is in an execution or driving state; recognizing the command signal as a signal for controlling the projector module, in case the projector module is in the driving state; and controlling the projector module according to the recognized signal.08-05-2010
20100197359Automatic Detection of Wireless Phone - Cell phone in the area of the driver is detected. The detection of the cell phone in the area of the driver causes an action. The phone can be automatically paired with a Bluetooth capability in the vehicle. That pairing can be temporary. The vehicle can be made less pleasant to drive, e.g., by using a buzzer or limiting the speed of the vehicle.08-05-2010
20100197360EARPHONE DEVICE AND METHOD USING IT - An earphone device and a method for operation saves power and time when a user is interrupted from listening to communications. The earphone device includes a cable of a predetermined length, an ear jack, an earphone, a light sensor, and a controller. The ear jack is installed at one end of the cable, and is preferably arranged into an ear jack hole provided in a terminal for providing sound or voice reproduction. The earphone is installed at the other end of the cable and includes a speaker, and preferably inserted into and/or on a user's ear. The light sensor is positioned to periodically sense brightness. The controller determines whether or not the earphone is actually in use (or non-use) based on the brightness periodically sensed by the light sensor. The transmission of audio signals to the earphone is enabled/disabled according to the determination by the earphone.08-05-2010
20090111528Method and Apparatus for an Audible Indication of an Active Wireless Link - A mobile telephone is operable to alert a user of the mobile telephone to the presence of an active wireless audio interface during a telephone call. The telephone comprises a local audio interface, having a loudspeaker and microphone, a user activity detector operable to detect user interaction with the telephone if a wireless audio interface is active, and a processor, operable to cause an audible signal to be generated by the loudspeaker of the local audio interface if a wireless audio interface is active and user activity is detected by the user activity detector. User interaction with the telephone is monitored and an audible message is played through the local audio interface of the mobile telephone if user interaction with the mobile telephone is detected and a wireless audio interface is active. The audible message alerts the user to the presence of the active wireless audio interface.04-30-2009
20090111527Adhesive mounted communication device - Systems and methods for a communication device are disclosed. The system generally includes a housing, a microphone for converting an acoustic signal to an electrical signal disposed within the housing, a receiver for converting an electrical signal to an acoustic signal disposed within the housing, and an adhesive attached to the housing for removably adhering the housing to a user.04-30-2009
20100178959RETRACTABLE SPEAKER EAR PIECE UNIT AND PHONE WATCH CONTAINING THE SAME - Retractable speaker ear piece unit and phone watch containing the same. Particularly, a retractable speaker ear piece unit, for using in an electronic device, the retractable speaker ear piece unit comprising a housing; a speaker ear piece positioned outside the housing; a retractable cord mechanism accommodated in the housing; and a cord, connecting the speaker ear piece and the retractable cord mechanism, which may be extended from or retracted to the retractable cord mechanism. The retractable speaker ear piece unit and the phone watch containing the retractable speaker ear piece unit are simple in structure, which facilitates modularization and easy manipulation.07-15-2010
20110034218In-Ear Earphone - An in-ear earphone includes a housing, a transducer, a sound tube and an earplug. The transducer is disposed in the housing. The sound tube is extended outward from the housing. The sound tube has a first channel connected with the housing for receiving the acoustic wave generated by the transducer, and a second channel connected with first channel and having a cross-section area different from the first channel. The earplug is disposed on the sound tube to be inserted into the ear channel of a user so as to reduce the frequency response of the acoustic wave which is delivered to the ear cannel of the user.02-10-2011
20110034217DEVICE FOR MOUNTING COMMUNICATION HEADSET TO SPORTS HELMETS AND THE LIKE - Device for mounting a communication headset to helmets of the type having a first strap extending in front of an ear of a user, a second strap extending behind the ear, and a chin strap connectable to the first and second straps, for instance, sports helmets. The device includes a mounting panel having a seat that includes a set of electrical contacts and a guide. A printed circuit board is in electrical connection with the electrical contacts. First and second legs are slideably movable along the guide. First and second clasps are pivotally mounted to a respective leg. In a further aspect of the inventions, one or more speakers can be in conductive contact with the printed circuit board. In still a further aspect of the invention, a remote assembly is in conductive electrical contact with the mounting device to provide audio signals to a second ear of the user.02-10-2011
20110117972UNIVERSAL CASE FOR WIRELESS EARPIECE DEVICE - An apparatus for retaining wireless communication device(s) comprising: an outer enclosure, an upper portion, and a plurality of sidewalls therein defining at least one inner volume. The upper portion comprises a flexible securable lid which is fastenable to the front sidewall to form an outer enclosure. The device further comprises a cradle having a horseshoe-shaped indentation and guides which may be insertable and positionable onto both sides of the cradle and above the cradle. A clip is secured to an external back portion of the carrying case for attaching the carrying case to a belt or a bag. A kit and method of using the carrying case is also disclosed herein.05-19-2011
20110244927Apparatus and Method for Wireless Headsets - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, comprising: a wireless headset configured to detect removal of the wireless headset from a holder; and perform at least one of switching to a powered state, establishing a communication link with a mobile device, detecting a connection attempt and accepting the connection attempt when the removal is detected.10-06-2011
20110130174Attachable Extendable and Retractable Earpiece Assembly for Mobile Communication and Sound Devices - An extendable and retractable earpiece cable assembly for mobile communication or sound devices comprising a plate adapted to be fastened directly to the mobile device. The plate supports a reel housing that includes a reel mechanism around which the earpiece cables are removably wound. The earpiece cables are extendable from and retractable into the reel housing. Each of the earpiece cables have one end attached to an earpiece and each of the earpiece cables have a second end attached to a jack plug to electrically connect the earpieces to the mobile device. The plate also supports an attachment clip that allows a user to attach the mobile communication or sound device and integral earpiece assembly to an article of clothing or other accessory item supported by a user. In other embodiments, a rear back plate is fixed to the mobile device, and a front plate is removably attached to the rear plate. The cable reel assembly housing and the attachment clip are attached to the front plate.06-02-2011
20090312068SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SETTING AND SELECTING A COMMUNICATION MODE OF A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A method and system for selecting a communication mode of a communication device include setting a plurality of communication modes of the communication device and setting division standards of the plurality of communication modes. The system and method further determines a peripheral status and a placement status of the communication device when the communication device receives a signal to establish a communication connection, and selects a communication mode for during the communication connection.12-17-2009
20110086677Base station, wireless headset and headband thereto - The invention relates to a base station, wireless headset and headband thereto where the headset is powered by a rechargeable battery and where the base station has a cradle and the headset has a cradle-neck wherein the cradle mount charging output points and the cradle-neck mounts charging input contact points, whereby the headset may be cradled in a charging position to ensure electrical connection between the base station and the rechargeable battery through the electrical contact points; where the wireless headset comprises attachment cites for releasably attachment thereto of the headband to form a headband-headset assembly.04-14-2011
20100016031TELEPHONE AND TELEPHONE ACCESSORY SIGNAL GENERATOR AND METHODS AND DEVICES USING THE SAME - A device includes a telephone accessory configured and arranged to transmit an audio signal; and an audio effects generator coupled to the telephone accessory or a video effects generator. The audio effects generator can produce at least one user-initiated audio effect that is transmitted as part of the audio signal. The video effects generator can produce at least one user-initiated visual effect altering an image transmitted by the telephone accessory.01-21-2010
20090215502WIRELESS HEADSET WITH RECORD FUNCTION - A portable headset voice recorder that enables wireless two way voice communications between the headset and a mobile phone has an ear grip that grips an ear of a user. A housing mounted on the ear grip has a microphone, a speaker, a display and a user input. A digital memory enclosed with the housing records audio samples from the microphone in response to a user manipulating the user input. A global positioning system determines location information corresponding to the recorded audio samples. A clock generates a time stamp associated with the audio sample. The headset has a USB port that is used to recharge the headset and transfer the recorded files and associated metadata to a computer. Application software residing on the computer allows a user to review and manipulate the files and program the headset to trigger playbacks and records.08-27-2009
20110151941Mobile Device Having Cord Retractor - A mobile device, particularly a wireless headset, includes a cord to which an earpiece is fixed and a module having a spring-actuated retractor reel into which the cord is retracted for storage. A fastener on the module makes the device wearable. A rotary encoder generates a position data output according to the rotational position of the reel, and a controller receives the position data output from the sensor, and, in response, controls a function such as placing the device in an on-hook or off-hook state.06-23-2011
20110250932Personal Sound System Including Multi-Mode Ear Level Module with Priority Logic - A personal sound system is described that includes a wireless network supporting an ear-level module, a companion module and a phone. Other audio sources are supported as well. A configuration processor configures the ear-level module and the companion module for private communications, and configures the ear-level module for a plurality of signal processing modes, including a hearing aid mode, for a corresponding plurality of sources of audio data. The ear module is configured to handle variant audio sources, and control switching among them.10-13-2011
20110077056METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING OF BLUETOOTH HEADSET - A method of and an apparatus for controlling power of a headset operating via a protocol such as Bluetooth headset reduces power consumption. The Bluetooth headset has a power-off mode, a power-on mode, and a sensor mode. When the Bluetooth headset is set to the sensor mode, at least one sensor senses status information of the Bluetooth headset (whether the Bluetooth headset is being worn) and the Bluetooth headset may be turned on/off according to the sensed result.03-31-2011
20090325649WIRELESS EARPHONE AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A wireless earphone includes an earphone, a microphone, a hanging portion and an adjusting portion fixed with the hanging portion. The answering portion is mounted on the junction area of the hanging portion and the adjusting portion. The microphone is mounted on the other end of the adjusting portion. The wireless earphone is made of flexible, elastic material. The bluetooth has at least one block protruding thereon, to make the wireless earphone be disassembly mounted on a portable electronic device. The invention also includes a portable electronic device using the wireless earphone.12-31-2009
20090318198MOBILE PERSONAL AUDIO DEVICE - A mobile personal audio device including a case maintaining a power source, first and second speakers, a microcontroller, and first and second stem assemblies. The stem assemblies extend from opposite sides of the case, respectively, and each include a tube having a first end adjacent and open to a corresponding one of the speakers and terminating at a second end. The stem assemblies are configured such that the tube is positionable in a user-selected extended state in which the second end of the tube is displaced from the case, and a collapsed state in which the second end is in close proximity to the case. In the extended state, the case is locatable at the back of the user's neck, with the tubes extending along opposite sides of the user's head. The microcontroller operates the speakers to generate audio sounds waves that are delivered to the user's ears.12-24-2009
20110177846POWER MANAGEMENT SCHEME FOR PORTABLE DATA COLLECTION DEVICES UTILIZING LOCATION AND POSITION SENSORS - A data collection device (DCD) is placed in a first low power mode after the DCD has been in a first predetermined position, and placed in a second low power mode after a first predetermined period of time. In another embodiment the DCD includes a wireless telephone, and a proximity sensor which detects when the DCD is close to a user's face, wherein the telephone is automatically put in a handset mode when the DCD is close to a user's face, and automatically put in a speakerphone mode when the DCD is not close to a user's face.07-21-2011
20110136547Wireless Headset with Voice Announcement - A wireless headset (06-09-2011
20090176539NO-CABLE STEREO HANDSFREE ACCESSORY - A handsfree accessory for a mobile communication device is provided. The handsfree accessory includes first and second earpieces each having a respective audio transducer, a microphone, and a transceiver. The transceiver is operatively coupled to the respective audio transducers and the microphone, and provides for wireless communication between the handsfree accessory and the mobile communication device.07-09-2009
20090176538Two-Way Communication Device with Detachable Boom - Certain embodiments provide a two-way communication device that includes: a housing; a first microphone disposed on a boom that is removably attached to the housing; and a second microphone mounted with the housing, wherein when the boom is attached to the housing, the first microphone is operational and the second microphone is not operational, and when the boom is not attached to the housing, the second microphone is operational and the first microphone is not operational. Certain embodiments provide, a two-way communication device that includes a charging jack for providing power to a battery mounted with a housing, wherein the charging jack is only accessible when a boom/microphone assembly is not attached to the housing.07-09-2009
20090197649MOBILE PHONE WITH HEADSET DOCKING STATION - The present invention is directed to a mobile phone with a docking station to receive a headset. The mobile phone includes a housing and a docking station provided adjacent the housing. The apparatus also includes a headset that is configured to be removably housed in the docking of the mobile phone. A transceiver pair, including a transceiver provided on both the mobile phone and the headset respectively, enables signals to be sent back and forth between the mobile phone and the headset. During operation, the headset is optionally removed from the docking station and placed on the user's ear. After use, the headset may be docked within the housing of the headset. The transceiver pair may communicate wirelessly or through one or more electrical wires.08-06-2009
20100190532DYNAMICALLY PROVISIONING A DEVICE WITH AUDIO PROCESSING CAPABILITY - An executable is downloaded to an audio output device over a communications link. The executable may configure the audio output device to decode audio encoded in a specified format. The executable may also or alternatively include other audio processing software. The audio may include voice and/or audio playback, e.g., music playback. The ability to download an audio executable allows dynamic provisioning of various decoding and/or audio process capabilities to an audio output device. This may eliminate the need to transcode digitized audio for playback at the audio output device, and may also allow the audio output device to decode multiple audio formats without having multiple audio decoders permanently residing within the audio output device.07-29-2010
20100029344HEADSETS - A detector for detecting the connection of an accessory including a microphone and/or the state of a switch associated with the microphone for a mobile device, wherein the detector comprises a first flag generator for time multiplexing the detection of a signal above a predetermined threshold for each of two comparators, such that for one time period one comparator output is detected and for a second time period the second comparator output is detected to thereby form a first flag; a second flag generator for determining the connection of microphone to thereby generate a second flag; a lookup table for determining the connection of the accessory and/or the state of the microphone switch from the first and second flags.02-04-2010
20100029343MOBILE COMMUNICATING TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR SWITCHING BETWEEN NORMAL MODE AND HANDS-FREE MODE THEREOF - A mobile communicating terminal includes a primary transducer, a secondary transducer and a controlling unit. The primary transducer is used for outputting audible sounds in the normal mode. The secondary transducer is used for outputting audible sounds in the hands-free mode, whose output power is different from the primary transducer. The controlling unit is used for automatically changing the mobile communicating terminal between the normal mode and the hands-free mode according to a current reflection distance and a predetermined reflection distance. A method for switching the mobile communicating terminal between the normal mode and the hands-free mode is also provided.02-04-2010
20100022281WIRELESS PHONE HEADSET - A wireless phone headset for cell and office phone systems, including a flexible headband having an integral annulus on one end of the headband adapted for placement over and around a user's ear. An earpiece/microphone combination is provided and has an annular portion swivelingly connected to the headband annulus using the swiveling connection means. The headset also includes an electronics housing with a base portion integral with the earpiece/microphone member and extending inwardly from said annular portion of said earpiece/microphone annulus into the generally open interior area region formed by the annular portion. The base portion has an interior side and a cover that combine to create an open interior space for housing electronic elements. An earpiece is disposed on the interior side of the base portion. A microphone boom extends outwardly from the electronics housing and a microphone is provided at the end of the boom.01-28-2010
20080268912Wireless headphone - A wireless headphone, such as a Bluetooth wireless headphone, includes a Bluetooth wireless module and a modulated module. The Bluetooth wireless module is configured to receive a Bluetooth communication signal and the modulated module is configured to receive a FM audio signal. The Bluetooth wireless module and the modulated module are electrically connected.10-30-2008
20120149440PORTABLE CELL PHONE AND A PROIMITY REGULATION SYSTEM FOR USE WITH A PORTABLE CELL PHONE - Proximity regulation systems for use with a portable cell phone and portable cell phones are disclosed. In one embodiment, the portable cell phone includes: (1) an operation mode input or circuit and (2) means for determining a transmit power level of the portable cell phone based on the operation mode input or circuit.06-14-2012
20090197650HOLDER FOR A DOCKABLE EARPIECE FOR A PORTABLE PHONE - An earpiece unit is held adjacent to or within a cell phone. The earpiece includes a microphone and speaker and is wearable in a user's ear. The earpiece is docked within the housing of a cell phone and can be used in the docked position to operate the phone. A user can push on the back of the earpiece to eject the earpiece from the phone housing so that the earpiece can be easily inserted into the user's ear. The user can be provided with a “pause” control on the cell phone that indicates to the cell phone system that a call is going to be answered. Upon activation of the “pause” control, the cell phone system can pause its efforts to establish communications and/or temporarily reduce the intensity of transmissions. A message is sent to the caller notifying that the call is about to be answered.08-06-2009
20110319142Helmet communication device - A helmet communication device is composed primarily of a first communication device, a second communication device and a switching circuit device, such that when a motorcycle driver is driving the motorcycle, the driver can choose to use the first communication device to answer a cellular phone with a wired or blue-tooth technology, or to converse with a back seat passenger through the second communication device, by a control of the switching circuit device, so as to improve driving safety and to improve convenience in answering the cellular phone or dialoging with the back seat passenger.12-29-2011
20120046083Cell phone holder - A cell phone holder suitable for use in supporting an operating cell phone in a hands-free use by a vehicle driver includes an elongated flexible body supporting a weight at one end and a cell phone receptacle at the other end. A cell phone operating in the speaker mode is inserted into the cell phone receptacle. The cell phone holder thus formed is placed upon the driver's shoulder such that the flexible body passes over the user's shoulder and downwardly at its weighted end on the rear shoulder of the user. The forward end supporting the cell phone within the cell phone receptacle extends downwardly over the front shoulder and upper chest of the user enabling the user to hear the cell phone audio output and to speak into the speaker phone microphone of the cell phone.02-23-2012
20090023479METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ROUTING PHONE CALL AUDIO THROUGH HANDSET OR HEADSET - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for routing received telephone call audio through a mobile phone handset or associated wireless headset are described. The handset is configured to wirelessly communicate with a headset. An audio signal is received that is generated by a microphone of the handset or headset. The audio signal is compared to a reference signal to generate an audio source determination. In a first aspect, the comparison is performed in the handset. In an alternative aspect, the comparison is performed in the headset. One of the handset or headset is selected to provide further audio information associated with a received telephone call based on the audio source determination.01-22-2009
20100035662Portable Terminal Device, Audio Output Device, and Audio Device - A portable terminal device able to suppress a feeling of strangeness caused by audio not desired by a user is provided. A mobile phone 02-11-2010
20120015697Speaker Phone Mode Operation of a Mobile Device - A mobile device configured for hands-free operation includes a detection mechanism configured to detect an orientation of the mobile device; a microphone; a speaker that generates audio sound when the mobile device is in a speaker phone mode; and a processor module coupled to the detection mechanism and the speaker. The processor module is adapted to initiate a voice call using a voice dialing mode, where the mobile device dials a telephone number based on commands received through the microphone; determine an active voice call status when the voice call is active; detect a current orientation of the mobile device received from the detection mechanism; determine whether the detected current orientation is within a predetermined threshold that is indicative of a speaker phone mode operating orientation; and switch the mobile device to a speaker phone mode, when the detected current orientation indicates the speaker phone mode operating orientation.01-19-2012
20120064951Hands-Free Control of Mobile Communication Device Based on Head Movement - A user controls a function of a mobile terminal with the aid of a motion sensor integrated in a headset. A motion sensor in the headset detects movement of the user's head and transmits head movement signals to the mobile. The mobile terminal uses the head movement signals received from the headset to control a function of the mobile terminal. For example, the mobile terminal may lock or unlock the mobile terminal based on the user's head movement. The mobile terminal may also accept, decline, initiate, or terminate a call based on the user's head movement. Head movement may also be used to navigate desktop icons and menus to perform tasks such as starting programs and selecting music for play back.03-15-2012
20090131120Mobile Teminal Having Bluetooth Module - A mobile terminal having a bluetooth module is disclosed. The mobile terminal comprising an input unit positioned on the terminal for receiving outside sound signals and a codec positioned between the bluetooth module and the input unit can be connected to A/V devices to receive sound wirelessly.05-21-2009
20110183725Hands-Free Text Messaging - A personal digital assistant (PDA) system that comprises a housing including: a housing transceiver configured to wirelessly transmit a text message to a PDA; a voice recognition module (VRM) connected to the housing transceiver and configured to convert an auditory message from a user into a text message; a Text to speech module (TTM) configured to convert test into speech; and a microphone connected to the VRM and configured to receive an auditory message from the user. The system additionally includes a PDA located a distance from the housing, the PDA being configured to wirelessly receive a text message from the housing transceiver and transmit the text message to a recipient via a public switched telephone network (PSTN), such that the PDA is operable in a hands-free mode by the user.07-28-2011
20110105196SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MECHANICALLY REDUCING UNWANTED WIND NOISE IN A TELECOMMUNICATIONS HEADSET DEVICE - A system and method for mechanically reducing unwanted wind, audio, and other noise in a telecommunications headset or other device. In accordance with an embodiment, a headset housing includes one or more openings or ports for use with one or more, microphones. A portion of the housing which contains the ports is overlaid with a combination of one or more metal or plastic grills, and a sound-reducing felt or other material. Used separately or with other features, this provides for mechanical and/or pattern-based noise reduction, particularly of wind noise. In accordance with some embodiments the voice microphone can be held in place within a microphone mounting boot which allows sound to impinge the microphone in a configured pattern.05-05-2011
20110124379SPEAKER MODULE OF PORTABLE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF EXECUTION OF SPEAKERPHONE MODE USING THE SAME - A speaker module of a portable terminal and a method of execution of a speakerphone mode using the same are provided. The speaker module includes a nondirectional microphone, a directional microphone, at least one speaker, and a controller. The nondirectional microphone is applied to one side of the portable terminal. The directional microphone is applied to another side of the portable terminal. The at least one speaker is installed in the same direction near the directional microphone. When the portable terminal is in a speakerphone mode, the controller controls to detect voice signal levels and/or frequency characteristics input to the two microphones, sets a transmission/reception mode of the portable terminal, and mute-processes a corresponding microphone.05-26-2011
20110039604DECT WIRELESS HANDS-FREE COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - The present invention provides a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) wireless hands-free communication apparatus which includes a DECT host and a DECT earphone, wherein the DECT host is coupled with the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and configures an earphone receiving recess, which configures with a magnetic device mounted on the DECT host. The DECT earphone wirelessly communicates with the DECT host via the digital enhanced cordless telecommunication technique and the DECT earphone is detachable while it is attached to the earphone receiving recess The DECT earphone configures a magnetic conductive device, wherein the magnetic conductive device magnetically attracts to the magnetic device while the DECT earphone is close to the earphone receiving recess, whereby the DECT earphone electrically connects with the DECT host.02-17-2011
20110045874MOBILE DEVICE HAVING ACOUSTIC SHOCK PREVENTION CIRCUIT AND RELATED OPERATION METHOD - A mobile device has an acoustic shock prevention circuit and prevents an acoustic shock unexpectedly occurring when receiver signals and speaker signals are output through a receiver-integrated speaker. The acoustic shock prevention circuit is preferably disposed between the receiver-integrated speaker and an audio processing unit is enabled in a receiver mode and disabled in a speaker mode. When the audio processing unit outputs audio signals partly exceeding a given output range, the enabled acoustic shock prevention circuit removes the exceeded parts of the audio signals.02-24-2011
20100130262WIRELESS USER INTERFACE APPARATUS FOR USE WITH PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS DEVICES - Apparatus for interfacing with a personal communication device having at least one device transceiver. The apparatus includes a first portion having a first wireless transceiver configured to communicate with the device transceiver using a first wireless connection to facilitate transmitting incoming communication data from the communication device to a user through the first portion. The apparatus also includes a second portion having a second wireless transceiver configured to communicate with the device transceiver using a second wireless connection maintained simultaneously to the first wireless connection to facilitate transmitting outgoing communication data from the user to the communication device through the second portion.05-27-2010
20130017868Hands-Free Telephone Headset AccessoryAANM Portwood; JeremyAACI AustinAAST TXAACO USAAGP Portwood; Jeremy Austin TX USAANM Portwood; NicoleAACI AustinAAST TXAACO USAAGP Portwood; Nicole Austin TX USAANM Poindexter; JoeAACI WaelderAAST TXAACO USAAGP Poindexter; Joe Waelder TX USAANM Poindexter; DeborahAACI WaelderAAST TXAACO USAAGP Poindexter; Deborah Waelder TX US - An accessory having a decorative item is removably secured to a hands-free telephone headset. Generally, the accessory permits a user to detachably connect a decorative item to the headset in a manner that does not impede the ease and comfort associated with the headset usage. An unlimited range and variety of decorative items may be provided, and such decorative items are preferably interchangeable, thereby providing the user with tremendous freedom in selecting a decorative item consistent with his/her mood and surroundings. Thus, the accessory permits customization and/or personalization of a user's headset in a non-permanent and convenient manner.01-17-2013
20080242366Hands free aural device holder - A hands-free aural device holder for hands-free use of an aural device that is designed to be held up to a user's ear is connectable to the device and defines at least a portion of a pocket for receiving the top of a user's ear when the holder is connected to the device. The pocket thus formed is configured to cover a top of the user's ear when the user's ear is received in the pocket such that the holder and the aural device connected to the holder are supported and retained on the user's ear, thereby allowing hands-free use of the aural device connectable to the holder.10-02-2008
20080220825Bluetooth earphone with multiple audio gateways - A multiple audio gateway Bluetooth earphone, comprising an audio signal input module, an audio signal output module, a Bluetooth module, a key-in module; and a power supply. When the Bluetooth earphone is communicating via Bluetooth wireless connection with one of the audio gateways, another audio gateway may, via the existing or a newly established wireless connection, prompt another incoming call, and through the switching function built in the Bluetooth module, the earphone can detect the calling signals, and then trigger a signal to alert the user. The user may then choose to answer or ignore it, with the on-going call being hung up or put in waiting, or to invite the new caller to join as a multi-party phone conference.09-11-2008
20130178251Headset with Switch Function - The headset of the invention includes a control unit, a switch unit, a connector, a speaker and a microphone. The connector is used for connecting an external device. The speaker is electrically connected to the control unit. The microphone is electrically connected to the control unit. The switch unit has a common contact electrically connecting the connector and two switch contacts electrically connected to the control unit for switching either the speaker or the microphone to electrically connect with the connector.07-11-2013
20130137491ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An object of the present invention is to provide an electronic device capable of continuing a telephone call, even in a case in which power is received from a battery charger while the telephone call is made. The electronic device includes a power receiving unit and a speaker unit. The power receiving unit receives power from the battery charger by electromagnetic waves. The speaker unit outputs sound in a first mode or a second mode. The first mode is a sound output mode when the electronic device is made proximate to a user's ear. The second mode is a sound output mode when the electronic device is separated from the user's ear. In a case in which the power receiving unit is receiving power, the speaker unit outputs sound in the second mode.05-30-2013
20130116014Microphone Line Based Detection of Headset Plug Removal - Embodiments of the invention include methods, apparatus, systems and means for distinguishing between microphone line signals resulting from: actuation of a microphone button of a headset plugged into a telephone device jack, and removal of the headset plug form the jack. During a telephone call, a first signal can be detected on a microphone line of a headset jack to indicate whether a microphone button of the headset is actuated. Also, while the headset plug is being disconnected from the jack, a transition on the microphone line can be detected, from a second signal indicating that the microphone is being disconnected, to a third signal indicating that the microphone button is actuated. Consequently, to avoid erroneously hanging up a call, transitions to the third signal when removing the plug form the jack can be ignored and the call can be maintained. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.05-09-2013
20130116015WIRELESS HEADSET AND BATTERY STATUS INDICATION METHOD THEREOF - A wireless headset capable of wireless communication with an external device is provided. The wireless headset includes a status indication unit, which emits one of at least three colors of light, and a control unit which controls the status indication unit. The control unit determines whether the wireless headset is connected to an external power source and controls to light a first color when the wireless headset is connected and a residual battery charge of the wireless headset is at a low level, to light a third color when the wireless headset is connected and the residual battery charge is at a high level, and to blink the first color when the wireless headset is not connected to the external power and the residual battery charge is at the low level.05-09-2013
20130130749Battery Powered Electronic Device Comprising A Movable Part and Adapted to Be Set Into Shipping Mode - A battery powered electronic device (05-23-2013
20100279743ASSEMBLY FOR A SOUND REPRODUCTION APPARATUS INCLUDED WITH A COMMUNICATIONS APPARATUS AND A METHOD OF USING THE ASSEMBLY - There is provided an assembly for a sound reproduction apparatus included with a communications apparatus. The assembly includes a ear bud earphone that anchors to a ear of a user when the earphone is inserted into a ear canal of the ear of the user; a cable of the ear bud earphone, a portion of the cable being attached to a reel axle onto which the cable is windable, the reel axle being connected to a revolution counter which tracks a number of revolutions of the reel axle in a first direction, the revolution counter being reset to zero when the cable is fully wound onto the reel axle; with a first end of the cable being functionally connected to the communications apparatus to enable sound signals to be reproduced in the ear bud earphone. The functional connection to the communications apparatus may be either via a solder joint or a detachable connector. A corresponding method of using the assembly is also disclosed.11-04-2010
20110212754Flip-Type Communication Device with a Single Output Audio Transducer - A flip-type communication device 09-01-2011
20110244928HANDS-FREE HELPER - Remote assistance for users of hands-free communications devices is provided as a service. A user registers a hands-free communications device and the user. The service is requested in instances either automatically, upon notification that a trigger has been initiated, or upon request of the user. An agent is notified to contact the user and, upon obtaining authorization from the user of the hands-free communications device for which the service trigger has been automatically activated, the agent takes control remotely of at least one application on the hands-free communications device for which the service trigger has been initiated.10-06-2011
20130150133Method and Apparatus for Controlling an Electronic Device - An apparatus and method of an electronic device for controlling the electronic device are disclosed herewith. The method includes determining that the electronic device is engaged in a voice call. The method further includes detecting at least one object that covers at least a predetermined portion of a mouthpiece area of the electronic device while the electronic device is engaged in the voice call. Furthermore, the method activates an electronic mute feature of the electronic device in response to detecting the at least one object.06-13-2013
20130190058Conductive Ear Flange For Extending The Range Of A Sensor In A Communications Device - A headset comprising a communications device, a sensor coupled to the communications device and operative to detect the proximity of a user's body to the sensor, a detachable ear cushion coupled to the communications device; and wherein the detachable ear cushion comprises a conductive ear cushion flange to be interposed between the sensor and the user's body for extending the detection range of the sensor.07-25-2013
20120071213COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM PROVIDING AUTOMATIC TEXT-TO-SPEECH CONVERSION FEATURES AND RELATED METHODS - A communications system may include at least one mobile wireless communications device, and a wireless communications network for sending text messages thereto. More particularly, the at least one mobile wireless communications device may include a wireless transceiver and a controller for cooperating therewith for receiving text messages from the wireless communications network. It may further include a headset output connected to the controller. The controller may be for switching between a normal message mode and an audio message mode based upon a connection between the headset output and a headset. Moreover, when in the audio message mode, the controller may output at least one audio message including speech generated from at least one of the received text messages via the headset output.03-22-2012
20120077549Sports Musicom Headset - A Sports MusiCom headset (03-29-2012
20130095894DONNED AND DOFFED HEADSET STATE DETECTION - An apparatus and method are provided for determining the donned or doffed state of a headset. In one example, a headset includes a processor, an acoustic transducer, and a detector operably coupled to the processor, the detector providing an output charge pattern corresponding to a state selected from the group consisting of the headset being donned and doffed. Advantageously, the present disclosure provides for reliably determining a donned or doffed state of a headset for efficiently routing calls, text messages, and/or otherwise being used for notifications and requests in a system.04-18-2013
20130210496PERSONAL CONFERENCING DEVICE - A personal conferencing device (08-15-2013
20130210497DONNED AND DOFFED HEADSET STATE DETECTION - An apparatus and method are provided for determining the donned or doffed state of a headset. In one example, a headset includes a processor, an acoustic transducer, and a detector operably coupled to the processor, the detector providing an output charge pattern corresponding to a state selected from the group consisting of the headset being donned and doffed. Advantageously, the present disclosure provides for reliably determining a donned or doffed state of a headset for efficiently routing calls, text messages, and/or otherwise being used for notifications and requests in a system.08-15-2013

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