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20120202483System and Method for Reliably Communicating Information Without Explicit Acknowledgments Including Retransmission of Older, Missed Commands - A system and method communicates commands from a command originator to receiving devices, yet the receiving devices do not confirm receipt of the command. The most current command (e.g. the one with the highest sequence number) is rebroadcast by the command originator and the receiving devices, tending to be more frequent upon detection of an event indicating that the most current command was not received by at least one other device, and less frequently upon detection of an event indicating that the most current command was provided with sufficient duplication that if another device could receive it, the device likely did receive it, subject to a maximum and minimum rate.08-09-2012
20090203374METHOD FOR SENDING STATUS INFORMATION IN MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM AND RECEIVER OF MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Disclosed is a method of sending status information (STATUS PDU) in which a receiving side reports a data received state to a transmitting side in a mobile telecommunication system. A receiving side RLC entity considers an available radio resource to construct a status PDU fit to the size of the radio resource and then sends the constructed status PDU to a transmitting side RLC entity, thereby avoiding a deadlock situation of RLC protocols.08-13-2009
20100159921METHOD OF REPORTING CHANNEL STATE - A method of reporting a channel state for a plurality of bands includes transmitting channel quality indicators (CQIs) for the respective bands, and transmitting CQI variation information, wherein the CQI variation information comprises CQI up/down information indicating whether the CQIs of the respective bands collectively increase or decrease and a CQI variation indicating a collective variation of the CQIs of the respective bands. Accordingly, waste of resources consumed for the CQIs can be reduced.06-24-2010
20100075664SYSTEM, MOBILE COMMUNICATION UNIT AND METHOD FOR TESTING A RECEIVER PERFORMANCE - A system, a mobile communication unit and a method for analyzing a receiver performance of a mobile communication unit are provided. An information is generated in a system simulator, and is transmitted in a transmission signal from a testing device to a mobile communication unit under test via a unidirectional channel. The transmission signal is received and analyzed by the receiver the performance of which is to be tested. By analyzing the received transmission signal the information included in the transmission signal is being obtained. The information obtained from the analysis of the transmission signal is transmitted back from the mobile communication unit in a backtransmission signal via an independent backtransmission channel. The backtransmission signal received by the testing device is analyzed by the testing device for obtaining the information included in the backtransmission signal and the result is compared to the information originally generated.03-25-2010
201300848522G, 2.5G RF LOOPBACK ARRANGEMENT FOR MOBILE DEVICE SELF-TESTING - In a mobile communication device a loopback technique is used to enable the receive chain circuitry and digital baseband block to perform self tests on the transmit chain circuitry of the same mobile communication device for 2G and 2.5G operating Bands and channels. A transmit chain circuit is set to transmit a selected receive Band channel, which is attenuated via a loopback path within the mobile communication device's front end module and, in some embodiments, via a leakage signal path between adjacent or proximate LNA inputs of separate receive chain circuits.04-04-2013
20130084853SYSTEM FOR TESTING MOBILE COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD THEREFOR - In a system for testing a mobile communication device under test, a calculation part calculates, before a control part starts processing according to a designated measurement sequence, a total value of a data amount to be acquired as an analysis target by a transmission/reception unit in the designated measurement sequence. A determination part determines whether the calculated total value of the data amount exceeds a permissible value which has been set in advance according to a predetermined capacity of a reception data memory. If the determination part determines that the calculated total value exceeds the permissible value, the control part displays the determination result on the display unit.04-04-2013
20130040636METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MONITORING A MOBILE EQUIPMENT FLEET - A method is disclosed. The method includes receiving a message from a remote device. The message includes data. The method further includes analyzing the data using a set of rules. The analyzing includes performing a maintenance analysis by analyzing the data using a set of asset maintenance rules and a set of asset usage rules. Responsive to the analyzing the data using the set of rules, an alert is sent.02-14-2013
20100041392DATA TRANSMISSION CONTROL METHOD AND BASE TRANSCEIVER STATION - A data transmission control method in a radio communication system with a mobile station having a number of antennas and a base transceiver station having a number of antennas, the data transmission control method includes detecting a failure of radio equipment connected to each of the antennas of the base transceiver station or to each of specified groups of the antennas to perform radio communication processing for a connected antenna, and outputting failure information corresponding to the detected failure. The data transmission control method includes determining a failed antenna based on the failure information, and exercising control so that generation processing of transmission code words corresponding to the failed antenna is not performed.02-18-2010
20100041391EMBEDDED MOBILE ANALYTICS IN A MOBILE DEVICE - A method or process enables the collection of data from mobile devices and mobile networks using filtering, compression, encryption, memory management, and power management technologies to collect mobile device metrics at the mobile device (client side), and then transmit these metrics from the mobile device to a server for processing by analytics software. The analytics processing may also occur directly on the mobile device. Policies are determined and configured at the processing server to drive and control the mobile device metrics captured, which may include but are not limited to, data usage (e.g. time of day, amount of data sent/received), voice usage (e.g. time of day, calls in/out of network, dropped calls, call duration), the location of the mobile device, cell patterns (e.g. problem cells, roaming), touch interactions, behavioral analysis (programs used, services uses), battery performance, CPU usage, memory usage, network usage (e.g. 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX), and the like.02-18-2010
20090156200Diagnostic information preservation during installations of over the air update of wireless handset software - A method and system for failsafe preservation of diagnostic information that identifies problems encountered during installation of over the air updates of wireless handset software includes logging code stored in an area of the handset that is not updated during over the air updates and that is executable to generate and store diagnostic information in an area of the handset that is not updated during over the air updates. By disposing a logging code and diagnostic information in areas of the handset that are invulnerable to corruption during installation of over the air updates, diagnostic information is guaranteed to be generated by the handset and transferable to an external diagnostics system for analysis even in the event of a fatal error.06-18-2009
20090156199MONITORING AND TROUBLESHOOTING A MODULE ASSOCIATED WITH A PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - Methods, apparatuses, and software to monitor, troubleshoot, or diagnose one or more specialty modules associated with a portable communication device are provided. The methods, apparatuses, and software identify the specialty module, obtain and execute procedures to monitor, test, or diagnose the specialty module. If unsatisfactory, error, defective or the like performance is identified, a solution is applied to correct, the performance.06-18-2009
20090156198METHOD FOR EVALUATING MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE UTILIZING FIELD TEST LOGS AND SYSTEM THEREOF - A method for evaluating a mobile communication device includes: providing a mobile device having an embedded global navigation satellite system function; performing a field test utilizing the mobile device in a test route being formed by a plurality of locations; generating a test log for the field test, the test log including status data and location messages of the mobile device during the field test; transferring the test log to a log database; displaying the test route on a user interface map by utilizing the location messages for the test route being stored in the log database to thereby indicate corresponding points on the user interface map; and hyper-linking between each point on the user interface map and the location message of the mobile device for the field test being stored in the log database.06-18-2009
20090124252METHOD OF USING SNR TO REDUCE FACTORY TEST TIME - The application relates to wireless networks and more particularly to a method of reducing factory test time of receiver sensitivity in a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless device. Under TIA/EIA/-98E, the radio frequency (RF) sensitivity of a CDMA wireless receiver is the minimum received power, measured at the mobile station antenna connector, at which the frame error rate (FER) does not exceed 0.5% with 95% confidence. In order to reduce the test time of FER test method, the relation between correlated energy (or Ec/Io) and FER is determined using simulated traffic and the correlated energy (or Ec/Io) measurement is then used as the test parameter on like models to achieve the same or superior test confidence with significantly reduced test time.05-14-2009
20090124251Method of Assessing Compatibility Between Applications and Processor Devices - A method of assessing compatibility between at least one application and at least one processing device that host and/or executes and/or interacts with the application. A comparison is carried out between: (i) at least one profile from among the profiles associated with the devices, that respectively describe the functions supported by each device, and (ii) at least one profile from among the profiles associated with the applications that respectively describe the functions used by each application, in order to sutomatically establish an analysis of the functional compatibility between one or more applications and one or more devices.05-14-2009
20130059578System and Method of Performing Remote Diagnostics on a Computing Device - A user's cellular communication device communicates with a peer cellular communication device to perform diagnostic or repair functions on a computer connected to the user's device. The user's device is connected to the computer via a cable. The remote device commands the user's device to query the computer via the cable connection for information about the computer. Based on that information, the remote device generates commands to send to the user's device. Upon receipt, the user's device employs the commands to execute selected diagnostic and repair programs resident on the computer.03-07-2013
20090286530METHOD FOR CONDUCTING DIGITAL INTERFACE AND BASEBAND CIRCUITRY TESTS USING DIGITAL LOOPBACK - In a mobile device having a primary baseband circuit and a secondary baseband circuit and an interface between the primary baseband circuit and a secondary baseband circuit, a method for testing the interface and primary and secondary baseband circuits comprising the steps of: setting the secondary baseband circuit into a loopback mode; sending a first signal from the primary baseband circuit to the secondary baseband circuit; receiving at the primary baseband circuit a second signal, the second symbol being the first signal looped back from the secondary baseband circuit; and comparing the second signal with an expected result.11-19-2009
20090233595DIAGNOSTIC MANAGEMENT SESSIONS IN A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A system a method for managing diagnostic sessions in a communication network includes a first step (09-17-2009
20120115463METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IMPROVED USER EQUIPMENT MEASUREMENTS AND REPORTING - A method and electronic device for improved filtering of mobile communications device physical layer measurement ratios to reduce the variance of reported measurements. First and second signal powers of a cell in a mobile communications network are measured and a filter having a network determined filter coefficient is applied to the first signal power. A signal quality value is determined from the filtered first signal power and the second signal power. A second filter with a network determined filter coefficient may be applied to the second signal power. An example signal quality value comprises a reference signal received quality (RSRQ) comprised of the ratio of reference signal received power (RSRP), multiplied by the number (N) of resource blocks of a carrier received signal strength indicator (RSSI), to the carrier RSSI.05-10-2012
20090011757PROCESSING QOFFSET PARAMETER - Systems, methodologies, and devices are described that employ indicators related to a parameter value(s) associated with a neighbor cell to facilitate communication by a mobile device in a network. The mobile device optionally can read a parameter value associated with a detected neighbor cell, and can provide, to the serving base station, signal strength information and indicator information that indicates whether, the mobile device read the parameter value. The serving base station can select a cell to which the mobile device is to be communicatively connected based in part on evaluating the received information. If a parameter value is not read by the mobile device, the serving base station can request the parameter value from a neighbor cell. The neighbor cell can provide a one-to-one indicator to indicate when a specified parameter value is to be applied with regard to a particular base station.01-08-2009
20080287120Method of Managing Queuing Operation for a Wireless Communications System and Related Apparatus - A method of managing a queuing operation of a user equipment, known as UE, in a paging state for a network terminal of a wireless communications system includes, through a cell update procedure, queuing the UE at a frequency carrier where the UE currently camps and keeping the UE in the paging state.11-20-2008
20120238261METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR PROCESSING MOBILE STATION HISTORY INFORMATION IN A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Methods and apparatus for processing mobile station transaction information at a serving control node in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The serving control node may be a base station, such as an eNodeB in an LTE/SAE wireless communication system. The transaction information, which may include, for example, mobility-related transaction information and traffic-related transaction information for a given mobile station, may be passed between controlling control nodes as the corresponding mobile station is handed over, so that a controlling control node has access to information characterizing the past activities of the mobile station. This information may be used in some embodiments for selecting a target control node for handover or for allocating link resources.09-20-2012
20110136487APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE IN A MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK - Apparatus and a method for handling discard of a service data unit in universal mobile telecommunications system user equipment. Strategies for the radio resource control entity to handle discard of a service data unit by the radio link control entity are presented.06-09-2011
20120108233Hand-Held Communication Device with Auxiliary Input Apparatus and Method - A hand-held communication device, such as a cellular telephone or a personal digital assistant (PDA), comprises a sensor assembly and an auxiliary input interface. The auxiliary input interface is situated along one or more exterior surfaces of the device and is electrically coupled to processing circuitry within the device. The sensor assembly is removably attached to the one or more exterior surfaces of device and provides signals at the multiple outputs in response to tactile inputs from the user. In one embodiment, an assignment procedure assigns tactile inputs from the user to predefined functions of the device and/or one or more software applications installed in the device. During subsequent operation of the device, each of the specific tactile input executes one or more predefined functions.05-03-2012
20110300858Buffer Status Reporting Methods for Machine Type Communication Data Transmission and Related Mobile Communication Devices - A mobile communications device with a wireless module and a controller module for performing a buffer status reporting procedure is provided. The wireless module performs wireless transmissions and receptions to and from a cellular station of a service network. The controller module receives machine type communication (MTC) data, determines whether to trigger a buffer status report (BSR) according to a comparison result of the data size of the MTC data and a threshold value when the MTC data arrives at an empty transmission buffer, and if so, transmits the BSR to the cellular station via the wireless module.12-08-2011
20110287763TELEPHONE RECEIVING SYSTEM AND METHOD, AND TELEPHONE DEVICE - A telephone device includes a telephone device includes a dialing operation receiving unit that receives a dialing operation, a creating unit that creates condition data that indicates a condition of a function of the telephone device when a telephone number that received by the dialing operation receiving unit is matched with a specified number; and a sending unit that sends the created condition data to a desired destination.11-24-2011
20090209250PROVIDING NETWORK ORIGINATED PUSH MESSAGES FOR REMOTELY TESTING A MOBILE DEVICE - Remote field testing of mobile communication devices is described herein. By way of example, network initiated data received at a mobile device or like device activated on a mobile network can be monitored. Further, an over the air (OTA) message sent by the mobile network to the monitored device can be identified. If pertinent to a test device or an application of the test device, the OTA message can be forwarded to the test device. In addition, an IP network, satellite network, or the other suitable remote network can be utilized to forward the OTA message. Accordingly, field testing can be implemented at a convenient place remote from the mobile network, reducing or avoiding time and cost associated with local field testing at wireless access points of the mobile network.08-20-2009
20100113012SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING STATUS OF A MOBILE PHONE - A system and method for identifying status of a mobile phone set an allowable settle time of a SIM card of the mobile phone corresponding to a region of each base station, and setting warning information and a notification number to receive the warning information if the mobile phone is identified as being in a lost status. The system and method further determines if a settle time of the SIM card in the mobile phone reaches the allowable settle time, and identifies the mobile phone is being in the lost status if the settle time of the SIM card in the mobile phone reaches the allowable settle time, and sends the warning information to the notification number through the base station.05-06-2010
20100113011WIRELESS ELECTRONIC DEVICE TESTING SYSTEM - Cellular telephones and other wireless electronic devices may be tested using test equipment. The test equipment may include a call box and a test host. During testing, a wireless electronic device may be placed in a test chamber. The test chamber may include an antenna that is connected to the test equipment. The test equipment may use the antenna to communicate wirelessly with the wireless electronic device during testing. The wireless electronic device may communicate with the test equipment using messages that are compliant with cellular telephone communications protocols such as short message service (SMS) messages. These wireless messages may be used to convey test information to the test equipment from the wireless electronic device. These wireless messages may also be used to send control commands to the wireless electronic device during testing and to store test results in the wireless electronic device.05-06-2010
20090312009Systems and methods of providing intelligent handset testing - Systems and methods of providing intelligent handset testing are disclosed. The system performs tests on handsets using customized scripts to analyze the handset on a variety of performance metrics while the handset is optionally running on an active telecommunications network. The system allows a user to “teach” a device to the system by interacting with virtual keys on an image of the hand held device and thus calculates the actual position on the hand held device by way of mathematical algorithms, taking into account any camera distortion at different heights and angles. Thus, the user can manipulate the subject test handset via the testing “fingers” using commands entered through the standalone unit to actuate, for example, any push buttons, slide buttons, recessed sensors, or screen touches. Additionally, the user can compare recorded images and sounds against expected images and sounds to validate tests.12-17-2009
20090143066SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A TIME OFFSET OF GPS SIGNALS IN A CDMA MOBILE PHONE - A method for adjusting a time offset of GPS signals in a CDMA mobile phone includes: generating periodic waves and transmitting to the GPS simulator; generating CDMA RF signals and transmitting to the combiner; clocking a first delay time starting when the periodic waves are transmitted to a time the CDMA RF signals are transmitted; receiving the periodic waves; generating GPS RF signals and transmitting the signals to the combiner; clocking a second delay time starting when the periodic waves are received to a time the GPS RF signals are transmitted; generating combined signals and transmitting to the CDMA mobile phone; clocking a third delay time starting when the CDMA RF signals are received to a time the GPS RF signals are received; and calculating a time offset between CDMA signals and GPS signals according to the first delay time, the second delay time, and the third delay time.06-04-2009
20120034912OPTIMIZING SERVICES IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS FOR BUNDLED SERVICES IN A FIXED BROADBAND WIRELESS INSTALLATION - A device monitors temperature readings from a sensor associated with an outdoor broadband unit. When the temperature readings increase above a stored threshold value, the device sends, to a device at a core network, an alert signal that invokes, at the core network, an emergency profile associated with the outdoor broadband unit. When the temperature readings decrease below the stored threshold value, the device sends, to the device at the core network, a normal signal that invokes, at the core network, a default profile associated with the outdoor broadband unit.02-09-2012
20110201327METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CRASH RECOVERY AND RESYNCHRONIZATION - Techniques to manage recovery and resynchronization of components or modules in a mobile computing device are described. For example, a mobile computing device may comprise a processor and a plurality of hierarchical or peer related modules. The plurality of modules may include resynchronization logic operative to resynchronize a module after a crash using a neighboring hierarchical or peer related module. Other embodiments are described and claimed.08-18-2011
20080207199Method for saving files in mobile communication terminal - A method for saving files in a mobile communication terminal includes: if an externally pluggable memory is detected, determining whether a count corresponding to the memory is present in the mobile communication terminal; if a count corresponding to the memory is present, checking whether a file save command is input in the memory; and if a file save command is input, increasing the count, and saving the count and the files in the memory. The files can be saved based on folders in the memory, thereby enhancing the file save speed. Each memory has a count, thereby making it easy to ascertain the number of saved files.08-28-2008
20080207198Device and Method for Assessing the Quality of a Mobile Phone or Mobile Phone Network - The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a system that allows a realistic quality assessment of a mobile phone and/or mobile phone network. For this purpose, imaging optics are used to project the image from at least part of the phone display onto a camera. The image or video data from the camera is then processed in image processing circuitry for deriving at least one quality parameter for the received image or video.08-28-2008
20090280800TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING MOBILE PHONE - A testing system includes a portable device with a speaker and a computer connected to the portable device. The computer includes a testing procedure capable of sending test instructions to the portable device. In response to receiving the test instructions the portable device sends commands to the speaker to instruct the speaker emitting audio. The computer is capable of registering audio from the speaker and comparing the audio with predetermined audio parameters. A testing method of a mobile phone utilizing above described testing system is also disclosed.11-12-2009
20090286529WIRELESS REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREFOR - A wireless remote monitoring system and a method therefor are provided. The wireless remote monitoring system includes a monitoring device, a communication network, and a mobile image capturing device. The monitoring device issues a monitoring message to the communication network through a worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) communication protocol. The communication network is connected to the mobile image capturing device satisfying the monitoring message. The mobile image capturing device resolves the monitoring message, captures an image of a disposition site, and transmits the image back to the monitoring device. In addition, a predetermined time is set, and then the mobile image capturing device automatically transmits the obtained image of the disposition site to the monitoring device.11-19-2009
20100130196USER ACTIVITY TRACKING ON PERSONAL CELLULAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICES - User activity tracking on personal cellular telecommunications devices including a User Interaction Software Module (UISM) for data handling of display message information and user interaction information regarding user interaction with display messages. The UISMs enable handset side or network side determining user impressions of instantaneously displayed display messages. The UISMs include onboard instruction sets including destination dependent data handling instructions for user click information. Onboard instruction sets can operate in conjunction with display component embedded instruction sets regarding data logging and data reporting of display message information and/or user impression information and/or user click information.05-27-2010
20090170502Automatic mobile device backup - Embodiments of systems and methods for automatic backup of a user's data stored on a mobile device are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes storing a user information from a memory of a mobile communication device into a database; determining a status of the mobile communication device; and when the status indicates that the mobile communication device requires replacement, notifying a user of an availability of the user information from the storage facility for creation of a replacement device.07-02-2009
20080293402System determination emulator for analysis and testing - A roaming emulator provides a tool for emulating system determination for monitoring the operation of a wireless communication device (WCD) during system determination. A signal monitoring program and service selection protocol are stored, and a signal emulation module provides a signal emulation output in accordance with a predetermined set of data. A processing module performs a simulation of a service selection procedure based on the service selection protocol and performed in accordance with the signal monitoring program and the signal emulation output. A result of the service selection is provided by an output module. The emulator can provide emulated system scanning based on geographical or market location, and can emulate scenarios when channels from neighboring systems or markets “bleed” into the RF environment of the WCD.11-27-2008
20080287119MOBILE RADIO TERMINAL - A location registration control unit stores PSC used in a roaming prohibition cell in a prohibition cell list storage area. After that, if the reselection of cells is required for the reason that the receiving conditions become worse or other reasons, a reselection control unit detects PSC of neighbor cells, creates a list of the detected PSC regarded as candidates, stores the list in a candidate cell list storage area, receives notification information from the cell using the PSC other than the roaming prohibition cell in the list, and executes reselection.11-20-2008
20110028145Remote Access for Mobile Devices - Remote testing of a Mobile Device or Mobile Application while that device is located in a target Carrier Network is disclosed. A person, or an automated program, running the test remotely (“Remote Tester”) or (“Remote Automation Script”), does not need to be present in the target Carrier Network, and can control all functions of the Mobile Device over a standard computer network, or the Internet. The functions of the Mobile Device are controlled by interacting with a local application (“Device Conductor”) which communicates with a server managing the remote device (“Device Server”) using standard Internet communication protocols. The Device Server will pass all commands to a hardware or software based controller (“Device Controller”) which will directly operate the Mobile Device in a manner similar to how the device would be operated by a person that is located near the device.02-03-2011
20090163199Method Apparatus and Network Node for Applying Conditional CQI Reporting - A method for limiting Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) reporting from a User Equipment to a network node is provided where a User Equipment can transmit CQI reports to a network node, such as e.g. a base station, when the User Equipment is operating in low transmission and/or low reception activity mode. A limited CQI reporting is obtained by triggering the reporting according to one or more predefined rules, which to at least some extent depend on CQI specific information provided to the User Equipment from the network node. A User Equipment and a network node adapted to operate in accordance with the suggested method are also provided.06-25-2009
20110230184DROPPED CALL RE-ESTABLISHMENT SYSTEM WITH INTER-NETWORK CAPABILITIES - In a communication system comprising multiple networks, a system is provided for re-establishing a dropped call, involving subscribers of possibly different networks, between a user A who has been unintentionally-disconnected from a communication network and a user B who is the other party to the call. The system includes a database, a detection task module, re-establishment task modules and a task manager module. The call is re-established after complete tear-down of the dropped call in both users' networks.09-22-2011
20090181666WIRELESS COMMUNICATION INFORMATION RELAY - To improve operation in a wireless communication system, a relay can be used to assist in transferring information from a mobile device to a base station. Uplink and downlink communications can be monitored to determine if a mobile device is at an edge of a cell and if there should be assistance provided. If there should be assistance performed, then digital or analog relay operations can be implemented. Multiple packet transmissions can take place as well as a scaled version of a transmission can be transferred.07-16-2009
20090258640DEVICE POWER DETECTOR - A communication device includes a transmitter configured to provide a transmitted output signal, and a power detector configured to receive reference signals from a waveform generator associated with the transmitter, and to receive a portion of the transmitted output signal from the transmitter. The power detector is further configured to compare the reference signals with a digital representation of the portion of the transmitted output signal, and calculate a gain associated with the transmitter based on the comparison. The power detector is also configured to receive, from the waveform generator, a root mean square (RMS) value of the reference signals, and generate an estimate of the output power of the transmitter based on the calculated gain and the root mean square (RMS) value of the reference signals.10-15-2009
20090088149COMMUNICATION APPARATUS , MAINTENANCE SYSTEM, MAINTENANCE METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A communication apparatus for receiving maintenance data required for maintaining a device to be maintained and supplying maintenance data to the device to be maintained, and method are provided. The communication apparatus includes an acquisition unit for acquiring identification information for identifying the device and a sending unit for sending identification information acquired by the acquisition unit. The apparatus includes a receiving unit for receiving maintenance data including the identification information sent by the sending unit and a supply unit for supplying said maintenance data received by said receiving unit to said device to be maintained.04-02-2009
20110230185MOBILE STATION - In a mobile station (UE) according to the present invention, an AS function is configured to notify, when detecting a failure in a radio link established with the radio base station is detected or when discovering a cell subject to a location registration by a cell selection process, a NAS function of the detection or the discovery; and the NAS function is configured to transmit, in response to the notification, a location registration request signal to a mobile switching center (MIME).09-22-2011
20100151852MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, BASE STATION CONTROLLER, BASE STATION, AND BASE STATION STATE CONTROL METHOD - A mobile communication system includes an association requesting unit provided in a base station and configured to request a base station controller, which is an upper node, to associate the base station with a tracking area; and a state control unit provided in the base station controller and configured to monitor entry or appearance and exit or disappearance of mobile stations in and from the tracking area associated with the base station, to cause the base station to transition to a serving state if at least one of the mobile stations enters or appears in the tracking area, and to cause the base station to transition to a radio-unit-inactive state if all of the mobile stations exit or disappear from the tracking area.06-17-2010
20100151851Method and apparatus for uploading content over wireless networks - Method and apparatus for uploading content from a user terminal in response to a request triggered at the user terminal to upload content is provided. An exemplary method includes initiating a test call at the user terminal to a wireless network in response to an indication to upload content from the user terminal, obtaining user-channel information for the test call and network-level state information for the user terminal during the test call, determining whether a user-channel condition and a network-level condition are satisfied based on the user-channel information and network-level state information respectively, and uploading the content to the wireless network in response to the user-channel condition and the network-level condition being satisfied. The user terminal obtains at the user terminal user-level state information and triggers the indication to upload content from the user terminal if the user-level condition is determined to be satisfied.06-17-2010
20100197299METHOD FOR TESTING A MOBILE RADIO DEVICE - A reproducible method for testing mobile radio devices in different tolerant test modes by generating an instruction sequence that can be programmed or that can be obtained from measurement data, for controlling a protocol test that simulates a mobile radio network and that sends signals to the mobile radio device and tolerates allowable deviations of the received response signals of the mobile radio device according to mobile telephony standards in the tolerant mode while keeping a protocol of the unacceptable deviations as errors, and that terminates the test upon ever deviation in the strict mode and outputs the protocol on an output device once the test is finished.08-05-2010
20100159920SYSTEM FOR MONITORING RADIATION INTENSITY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE OF A MOBILE PHONE - A system for monitoring radiation intensity of electromagnetic wave of a mobile phone has a systematic part which includes an antenna duplexer, a central processing unit, a radio frequency processing unit disposed between the antenna duplexer and the central processing unit, a power amplify circuit connected between the central processing unit and the antenna duplexer, and a systematic power source connected with the central processing unit and the power amplify circuit. A power monitor unit connected with the systematic part is capable of monitoring a power or a current of the systematic part and comparing the power or the current with a standard power or a standard current to produce a state signal. A light-emitting control circuit connected with the power monitor unit and a display device receives the state signal from the power monitor unit and drives the display device to show information corresponding to the state signal.06-24-2010
20100216456METHOD OF DETERMINING THE ACTIVE SET IN A CELLULAR RADIO SYSTEM - In a method and a device for determining an active set for a mobile station cell individual offsets (CIO) is determined for a number of cells. The offsets are signaling to the mobile station, which adds corrections to the reference signal measurements based on the cell individual offsets (CIO), thereby forming a corrected reference signal measurement and the active set based on the corrected reference signal measurement.08-26-2010
20100227608Apparatus and Method for Automatic Mobile Device Crash Notification - An apparatus and method for automatic mobile device crash notification to a wireless network comprising setting configuration parameters for automatic notification if a crash occurs, detecting at least one stalled condition to determine if the crash occurred, gathering crash data, establishing a reverse link data call to the wireless network, and transferring the crash data to the wireless network.09-09-2010
20100197300USER EQUIPMENT AND METHOD OF ITS OPERATION - A User Equipment (UE) apparatus for use in a cellular wireless communications network, and method for its operation, are provided. The apparatus includes a measuring unit for measuring signals received from at least one of a serving cell of the network and from neighboring cells, a memory for storing information defining a plurality of conditions for triggering the UE to send a measurement report to the network, the measurement report comprising a result of at least one measurement performed by the UE, a determining unit for determining when one of the plurality of conditions is met, and a sending unit for sending, in response to one of the plurality of conditions being met, a measurement report for reception by the network, wherein each of the plurality of conditions is defined by a respective plurality of at least one of parameters and variables.08-05-2010
20090247150REPORTING MEASUREMENTS FROM A MOBILE STATION TO A NETWORK AND ASSOCIATED HANDOVER CONTROL METHOD - A mobile station receives dedicated signaling from the network to obtain measurement configuration data specified for it. The measurement configuration data stored in the mobile station include: measurement object elements each designating communication resources on which measurements are requested by the network; reporting configuration elements each defining reporting criteria to trigger a measurement report from the mobile station to the network and a reporting format indicating at least one quantity included in the measurement report; and measurement identity elements each identifying a relationship between a measurement object element and a reporting configuration element such that any measurement report sent from the mobile station in accordance with this reporting configuration element includes at least one quantity measured on communication resources designated by the corresponding measurement object element. Storage by the mobile station of at least one measurement identity element identifying a relationship between a stored element, being a measurement object element or a reporting configuration element, and an unspecified element is enabled.10-01-2009
20090163198System and method for establishing optimal parameters for performing seamless call transfer between cordless and wireless modes - A system and method for establishing a signal parameter threshold for switching between communications protocols by a multimode handset may include providing cordless telephones of different models. A dropout point at which a communications signal of each of the cordless telephones deteriorates below a predetermined level may be determined. At least one signal parameter of the communications signal at the determined dropout point of each of the cordless telephones may be measured and collected. The signal parameter(s) associated with the cordless telephone having the shortest range at which the associated dropout point may be determined so that a multimode handset may be established with the signal parameter(s) to cause the multimode handset to switch communications protocols in response to the multimode handset crossing a signal parameter threshold level defined by the predetermined signal parameter(s) when communicating with a base unit of a cordless telephone.06-25-2009
20120244854Mobile Communication Terminal and Communication Method Thereof - The present disclosure relates to the technical field of communications, and discloses a mobile communication terminal and a communication method thereof. The communication method comprises the following steps of: A. receiving a dialing operation instruction inputted by a user; B. determining whether a network coverage signal is within a normal range; and C. if the network coverage signal is not within the normal range, then choosing an actual maximum usable power for communication according to the dialing operation instruction. According to the mobile communication terminal and the communication method thereof of the present disclosure, a new function of adjusting the actual maximum usable power (P09-27-2012
20080268833System and Method for Self-Optimization of Interference Coordination in Communication Systems - In accordance with aspects of the present invention, a method, apparatus and system are provided for self-optimization of interference coordination in communication systems. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a measurement and reporting subsystem configured to perform measurements regarding a status of the apparatus and to provide a reliability report to a base station as a function thereof. The apparatus is configured to notify a strongest interferer about the status via the reliability report. In another embodiment, the apparatus includes a measurement report handler configured to process a reliability report received from a user equipment and an interference coordination subsystem configured to adjust interference coordination parameters based on the reliability report received from the user equipment.10-30-2008
20100311414METHOD FOR TESTING WIRELESS CONNECTION FUNCTION OF MOBILE PHONE - A method is capable of testing wireless connection function of a mobile phone. Firstly, a wireless module of the mobile phone is turned on. The wireless module then searches for access points. In succession, the wireless module is connected to a first pre-set access point in the searched access points. Finally, the mobile phone accesses a first pre-set website via the wireless module and the pre-set access point.12-09-2010
20100311413METHOD FOR TESTING WORKING STATES OF MOBILE PHONE - A method for testing working states of a mobile phone. The mobile phone is switched from a first working state to a second working state automatically by a switch module. In the first working state, a non-emergency phone number with a subscriber identity module card can be connected. The non-emergency phone number is dialed to test the working state of the mobile phone. The mobile phone is switched from the second working state to the first working state automatically by a switch module. The non-emergency phone number is dialed to test the working state of the mobile phone.12-09-2010
20100323690Application of Dynamic Profiles to the Allocation and Configuration of Network Resources - A service request is received and associated with a subscriber id. Profile information is accessed for the source of the service request. A copy of the profile information is stored in a network element employed by the source of the service request to access the network.12-23-2010
20090186610METHOD FOR DETECTING EVENTS ON CELLULAR COMM. NETWORK - A system and method that detects related events in the cellular comm. network and its derivatives with minimum overhead and in a changing cellular environment, both in the installation stage of a system, as well as during continuous operation.07-23-2009
20110009116SCHEDULING OF UPLINK MEASUREMENT REPORTS - In a wireless communication system, the uplink transmission of measurement reports may be scheduled based on an estimated time of when a measurement report will be ready for transmission. The estimated time may be calculated at a base station or user equipment.01-13-2011
20090061848METHOD OF CATEGORISING SPEED OF A TERMINAL SYSTEM AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - A method of categorising speed of a terminal (03-05-2009
20100035602SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AND REPORTING TELEMATICS UNIT COMMUNICATION NETWORK SYSTEM ACQUISITION AND SCANNING PERFORMANCE - A system and method for monitoring and reporting telematics unit communication network system acquisition and scanning performance is disclosed herein. An example of the method includes monitoring a scan of all cellular networks that are available to a vehicle telematics unit, and during the monitoring, recognizing a predetermined trigger. In response to the predetermined trigger, a memory buffer in the telematics unit stores data associated with at least one of performance or outcome of the scan. At least some of the stored data is transmitted from the telematics unit to a server in selective communication with the telematics unit.02-11-2010
20090215444System and Method for Determining Mobile Telephone Voice Quality in a Live Network - A system and method for determining the quality of communications provided by a plurality of mobile telephones is provided. In one embodiment, the method may include receiving one or more telephone voice signals from each mobile telephone over a time period at one or both of a voice server or field voice quality test equipment. Concurrently with receiving telephone voice signals from each mobile telephone, receiving one or more reference device voice signals from a reference device substantially co-located with the mobile telephone. The method further includes determining the voice quality of the telephone voice signals and the reference device voice signals concurrently received with the telephone voice signals; determining one or more telephone statistical parameters based on the voice quality of the telephone voice signals; determining one or more reference device statistical parameters based on the voice quality of the reference device voice signals concurrently received with the telephone voice signals; and normalizing the one or more telephone statistical parameters of the telephone voice signals from each mobile telephone based on the one or more reference device statistical parameters of the reference device voice signals that were concurrently received with the telephone voice signals. The statistical parameters may include (1) an average the voice quality samples; (2) a standard deviation of the voice quality samples; (3) a mean of the voice quality samples; (4) a percentage of the voice quality samples above a threshold; and (5) a percentage of the voice quality samples below a threshold. The method may also include collecting radio parameter data during the test and comparing normalized statistical parameters of telephones tested in similar radio conditions.08-27-2009
20110098037Systems and Methods of Detection of Transmission Facilities - A method of detecting a transmitting device within an obstruction rich environment is disclosed. The method may involve detecting the transmitting device with a wireless transmission detection facility; communicating signal information relating to the detected transmitting device from the wireless transmission detection facility to a central unit; determining the location of the transmitting device; displaying information of the detection and location of the transmitting device through a user interface; and providing an action facility for causing actions related to the detected transmitting device.04-28-2011
20110151863Automated Communications Device Field Testing, Performance Management, And Resource Allocation - Field testing, performance monitoring, and resource management are performed via a communications device, automatically and autonomously, without user intervention. Abnormal conditions are automatically detected while the communications device is performing a service and adjustments are automatically made to network resources in order to improve service performance. Upon initiation of a request for service (e.g., IM, MMS, SMS, etc.), the communications device automatically begins to monitor the performance of the service session (e.g., send time, receive time, etc.). During or after the service session, the communications device stores the performance data associated with the performance of the service. The performance data is analyzed in accordance with a subscriber's user profile information, to detect any problems with the service. If problems are detected, necessary adjustments and/or reallocation of resources are made automatically and autonomously, without user intervention.06-23-2011
20100227607SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTOMATED MOBILE DEVICE TESTING WITH EMULATED FIELD MOBILITY CONDITIONS IN REAL-TIME - An automated mobile device testing system is described. The automated mobile device testing system may include one or more base stations. The base stations may serve one or more mobile devices. The automated mobile device testing system may also include a rotating unidirectional antenna. The automated mobile device testing system may further include a radio frequency (RF) controlled environment. The automated mobile device testing system may also include one or more mobile devices to be tested. The automated mobile device testing system may further include automated testing equipment.09-09-2010
20100311415RADIO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A mobile station is configured to use, a reception quality of GPS electric wave received by a mobile station, time needed in obtaining GPS location information (or the reception quality of preset television or radio broadcasting) as surrounding environmental information of the mobile station and to control, based on the surrounding environmental information, measurement of a link status (reception quality) and/or reporting of the measurement to a base station. A report from the mobile station is transmitted via the base station and a gateway to a management server which optimizes radio parameter based on the report.12-09-2010
20090005031METHOD FOR MEASURING HOME CELL IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Disclosed is method for measuring a home cell in a mobile telecommunications system comprising: a network including a plurality of base stations for defining communications cells; and first and second user equipment for communicating with the network, said plurality of base stations including at least one home base station defining a home cell associated with said first user equipment and not with said second user equipment, said home cell overlapping in coverage with a communications cell usable by both said first and second user equipment, the method including the steps of: acquiring, at the network, position data indicative of the position of the first user equipment; determining whether the first user equipment is close to the home cell by using the acquired position data; sending a cell measurement control message from the network to the first user equipment via a base station specifying measurements of said home cell; performing, at the first user equipment a fine position measurement; determining at the first user equipment whether the first user equipment is close to the home cell, based on said fine position measurement; and taking measurements of said home cell at the first user equipment when the first user equipment is close to the home cell.01-01-2009
20080242293System and method for providing caller id name display in wireless communications system - System and method for providing caller name display in a wireless communications system. The method includes receiving an originating telephone number at a mobile device, storing the originating number in the mobile device, transmitting a name lookup request for the originating number from the mobile device to a server, receiving a response including a name corresponding to the originating number from the server, storing the name and displaying the name when a call having the same originating number is received. The system includes a mobile device having a display, a memory and a processor. The system also includes a software module configured to store an originating telephone number in the memory, send a name lookup request to a server, receive and store a response including a name corresponding to the originating number and display the name when a call having the same originating number is received.10-02-2008
20080214186System for Monitoring the Quality of Service in a Communication Network - Monitoring system includes a set of peripheral monitoring agents including processing functionalities housed in SIMS. Such processing functionalities, depending at least on operating conditions of each terminal and its respective SIMS, are able to adaptively establish a distribution of measuring functionalities included in the peripheral monitoring agents between the terminal itself (for example storing them in the related memory or multimedia card) and its respective SIM.09-04-2008
20080214187Apparatus and method for providing power off information in portable communication system - Provided is an apparatus and method for providing power-off information in a portable communication system. The portable communication system for identifying information on a destination terminal in a power-off state includes a portable terminal and a Mobile Switching Center (MSC).09-04-2008
20100323689System, Method and Device for Testing Mobile Telephone Call Performance - A system and method of testing call performance of a plurality of mobile telephones is provided. In one embodiment the method comprises storing in a memory of a test device, data for one or more test scenarios that each comprises associated test parameters for attempting a plurality of telephone calls, establishing a first Bluetooth connection between the test device and a first mobile telephone, and concurrently with said first Bluetooth connection, establishing a second Bluetooth connection between the test device and a second mobile telephone. The method further comprises transmitting commands to the first and second mobile telephones via the Bluetooth connections to cause the mobile telephones to attempt to establish a plurality of telephone calls of the test scenarios, and monitoring the plurality of telephone calls of the mobile telephones to determine test results data. The method further includes attempting and monitoring a plurality of telephone calls of the mobile telephones to determine test results data with one or more remote call servers and outputting the test results data to a remote computer system for processing to determine the number of dropped calls, call set up times, number of calls successfully initiated, number of calls having two way speech, and other data.12-23-2010
20100120416METHOD FOR GENERATING A SIGNAL TRAIN WHICH CAN BE PLAYED BACK ON A TESTER FOR TESTING A MOBILE RADIO - The invention relates to a method for generating a signal train which can be played back on a tester for testing a mobile radio. First, a given command sequence is analyzed in respect of a signal train generated therefrom by the tester. The signal train which results from the command sequence is checked by comparing it with a standard-compliant signal train. Discrepancies between the standard-compliant signal train and the signal train resulting from the command sequence are detected and the necessary changes to the command sequence to generate a standard-compliant signal train are ascertained. In line with the necessary changes detected, commands or command sequence sections are supplemented and/or replaced. In this way, a command sequence which can be played back is generated and output.05-13-2010
20120071159WIRELESS TRANSCEIVER WITH AMPLIFIER BIAS ADJUSTED BASED ON MODULATION SCHEME - An electronic device may contain wireless circuitry that transmits and receives radio-frequency signals through antenna structures. Power amplifier circuitry may amplify the radio-frequency signals that are being transmitted. An adjustable voltage supply may supply an adjustable power amplifier bias voltage to the power amplifier circuitry. The power amplifier circuitry may include multiple power amplifiers each of which may handle signals transmitted using a different cellular telephone standard. For each cellular telephone standard, multiple modulation schemes may be supported. Some modulation schemes may have greater power amplifier linearity requirements than others. Control circuitry can adjust the adjustable power amplifier bias voltage in real time to select an optimum power amplifier bias voltage based on the current cellular telephone standard, modulation scheme, power amplifier gain state, and operating frequency in use.03-22-2012
20090318134SYSTEM AND METHOD OF REDUCING FACTORY PROGRAM TIME FOR WIRELESS DEVICES - A system and method of booting a wireless device is disclosed and may include reading a factory test mode memory item when the wireless device is powered on, determining whether the factory test mode memory item is set to yes, and preventing an operating system of the wireless device from booting when the factory test mode memory item is set to yes. The system and method may further include remaining in a boot loader mode, enumerating a port as a diagnostic serial port, and receiving one or more diagnostic packets. Moreover, the system and method may include allowing the operating system of the wireless device to boot when the factory test mode memory item is set to no.12-24-2009
20100029267METHOD FOR CLOCK CALIBRATION - A method for clock calibration is provided. The method comprises receiving discontinuous reception period (DRX period) information from a base station, computing a calibration duration according to the discontinuous reception period and a clock error tolerance of a first clock, and when receiving paging information that informs of possible sent transmissions, calibrating the first clock with a second clock for a period of the calibration duration.02-04-2010
20090170501SCANNING FOR A WIRELESS DEVICE - A system and method are disclosed to achieve improvements in scanning that can be implemented by a wireless device. A method to control scanning performed by a mobile unit includes detecting the presence or absence of audio for transmission from the mobile unit. A performance of a scan can be deferred depending on the detection of the presence or absence of audio.07-02-2009
20110111753Mobility Management - The present invention concerns mobility management. A method is proposed that involves obtaining mobility management properties for a plurality of terminals served by an access node, as well as grouping the plurality of terminals into groups based on correlating the obtained mobility management properties of the plurality of terminals. Decisions on the necessity for a handover are taken per group and then forwarded per group to a target access node. Also, a corresponding apparatus is proposed.05-12-2011
20110081904Method and Apparatus for Handling Radio Link Failure in Wireless Communication System - A method for handling radio link failure (RLF) in a user equipment (UE) of a wireless communication system is disclosed. The wireless communication system supports Carrier Aggregation, which enables the UE to perform data transmission and/or reception through multiple carriers. The method includes steps of the UE being allocated with a plurality of serving cells, wherein only one of the plurality of serving cells provides resources of a random access channel (RACH) and a physical uplink control channel (PUCCH), and declaring occurrence of RLF when the serving cell which provides resources of the random access channel and the physical uplink control channel fails.04-07-2011
20120040664QUALIFYING LOCATIONS FOR FIXED WIRELESS SERVICES - A device receives an address from a computer terminal; determines a location associated with the address; and determines a current signal quality at the location by referencing a file that represents an area that includes the location. The device further determines whether the location qualifies for a fixed wireless service based on the current signal quality. The device also transmits information to the computer terminal. The information indicates whether the location qualifies for the fixed wireless service.02-16-2012
20120040663CUSTOMER PREMISES EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION FOR BUNDLED SERVICES IN A FIXED BROADBAND WIRELESS INSTALLATION - A mobile device assists installation of an outdoor broadband unit on a customer premises. The device identifies one or more cell towers, associated with a broadband carrier, within a horizon of the customer premises. The device recognizes a connection with the outdoor broadband unit and receives, from the outdoor broadband unit and at multiple locations around the customer premises, RF signal readings of each of the one or more cell towers. The device provides, to a user, an indication of one or more optimal installation locations, based on the RF signal readings, for the outdoor broadband unit.02-16-2012
20120309387Neighbor Cell Location Averaging - In some implementations, a location of a mobile device can be determined by calculating an average of the locations of wireless signal transmitters that have transmitted signals received by the mobile device. In some implementations, locations are weighted with coefficients and the average is a weighted average. In some implementations, the locations of the wireless signal transmitters are determined based on identification information encoded in the wireless signals received by the mobile device. The identification information can include an identifier for a wireless signal transmitter. The identification information can include characteristics of the received wireless signal that can be used to identify wireless signal transmitters. In some implementations, identification information from one signal can be combined with identification information from another signal to determine a location of a wireless transmitter.12-06-2012
20100240360PSEUDO BASE STATION APPARATUS - Provided is a pseudo base station apparatus which allow a user to certainly acquire log data at a desired timing. A set-up unit 09-23-2010
20120208531PERFORMING DIAGNOSTICS IN A WIRELESS SYSTEM - In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus for permitting diagnostic testing of a wireless device. The apparatus may include a first switch to route diagnostic information or acoustic information received from a processor of the device, a codec coupled to the first switch to code the routed diagnostic information or acoustic information, and a second switch coupled to the codec to route the coded diagnostic information to a first port of the wireless device and to route the coded acoustic information to the first port or a second port of the wireless device.08-16-2012
20090197591DESENSE WITH ADAPTIVE CONTROL - A method and apparatus for reducing degradation in the sensitivity of a receiver in a mobile phone are disclosed. The sensitivity of the receiver in the mobile phone is monitored. When the sensitivity degrades below a predetermined threshold, it is determined which feature of the mobile phone is causing the detected degradation. The operation of the feature is changed to reduce the amount of degradation produced by the feature.08-06-2009
20110092202Methods, Test Systems and Arrangements for Verifying Compliance with Requirement Specifications - A method for verifying compliance of a communication device with one or more requirement specifications is disclosed. The method comprises establishing a link between a test system and the communication device, wherein the establishing comprises configuring one or more bearers and one or more control channels; closing a test loop comprising the test system and the communication device, wherein the closing comprises activating a test loop function of the communication device; sending data in a downlink of the test loop from the test system to the communication device; receiving the data at the communication device; transferring at least some of the data to an uplink transmission arrangement of the communication device after a specific event has occurred; and verifying, at the test system, transmission in an uplink of the test loop from the communication device to the test system. Corresponding test system and test loop function arrangement are also disclosed.04-21-2011
20110183664Acoustic Mount System, Method and Device for Testing Mobile Telephones - An acoustic mount system, device and method for testing mobile telephones is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes an ear simulator assembly having a plurality of registration mechanisms and an ear simulator, and wherein the plurality of registration mechanisms and the ear simulator have a first spatial relationship. The system includes an alignment device having a plurality of alignment mechanisms and a speaker opening. The plurality of alignment mechanisms and the speaker opening have a second spatial relationship and wherein the alignment device is configured to be attached to the telephone such as via an adhesive. Each of the plurality of alignment mechanisms of the alignment device is configured to engage one of the registration mechanisms of the ear simulator assembly. The first spatial relationship is identical to the second spatial relationship to ensure that the speaker opening aligns with the ear simulator when the alignment mechanisms are engaged with the registration mechanisms.07-28-2011
20120129517Telecommunication networks - A mobile telecommunications network includes a core and a radio access network having a radio for wireless communication with mobile terminals registered with the network. The radio access network includes a controller operable to control the use of network resources by the mobile terminals. The controller may include an application programming interface, API, which provides a consistent interface to a multiplicity of applications hosted on the control mean. The controller may be provided at an access node site and/or a gateway site.05-24-2012
20120214480SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SUBSCRIBING FOR INTERNET PROTOCOL MULTIMEDIA SUBSYSTEMS (IMS) SERVICES REGISTRATION STATUS - A system and method that allows mobile device applications to receive changes in registration status from application services that are accessed via an Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Applications on a mobile device subscribe to receive notifications of changes in registration status for requested services. When a change to the registration status of a service occurs, a notification message is transmitted to the application on the mobile device. Notifications of changes in status are thereby received by each application on a per-application-service basis. In some embodiments, when a request to register with an application service fails, the corresponding notification message includes a reason for the failure. In some embodiments, notification messages are originated by a registration manager that operates in the IMS and transmitted to an IMS client operating on a mobile device. In some embodiments, notification messages are originated by each application service and transmitted directly to subscribed applications.08-23-2012
20120252441MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE, SELF-DIAGNOSIS METHOD AND NON-TRANSITORY, COMPUTER READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A mobile terminal device includes a self-diagnosis unit that diagnoses a problem in the application, a modifying unit that modifies a start command to start the application in a state in which the self-diagnosis unit is activated, a specification receiving unit that executes the modified start command upon receiving a specification of the application, an operation procedure display unit that displays an operation procedure that a user executes before a start of the application when the modified start command is executed, a memory unit in which log data indicating a result of a user operation on the application is stored by the activated self-diagnosis unit, and a log data transmitting unit that transmits the log data stored in the memory unit through a network to a remote management server that manages the application problem when a completion of the diagnosis by the self-diagnosis unit is detected.10-04-2012
20120083264METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORT FORMAT SELECTION IN A MOBILE WIRELESS DEVICE - A method and apparatus for transport format selection in a mobile wireless communication device. During a simultaneous voice and data call, the mobile wireless communication device selects a transport format for proper uplink data transmission. Simultaneous voice and data calls require higher uplink transmit power than voice only calls. The mobile wireless communication device selects a transport format based on the uplink transmit power level. At higher transmit power levels, minimum or zero data rates are chosen to maintain sufficient power for simultaneous voice. Transmit format is specified using a transmit format combination indicator.04-05-2012
20090017816IDENTIFICATION OF EQUIPMENT LOCATION IN DATA CENTER - Techniques are disclosed for identifying the locations of equipment in computing environments such as data centers. For example, a method of identifying a plurality of computing devices in a computing environment includes the following steps. A first temperature-indicative map of the plurality of computing devices is generated while the plurality of computing device is in a first mode. The first temperature-indicative map is overlaid with a facility map associated with the computing environment. A first one of the plurality of computing devices is placed into a second mode. The second temperature-indicative map of the plurality of computing devices is generated while the first one of the plurality of computing devices is in the second mode and the remainder of the plurality of computing devices is in the first mode. The second temperature-indicative map is overlaid with the facility map associated with the computing environment. The first temperature-indicative map is compared with the second temperature-indicative map to determine a location of the first one of the plurality of computing devices.01-15-2009
20120329450Method and Apparatus for Transmitting Signaling Trace Command - The disclosure provides a method for transmitting signaling trace command, comprising the steps of: carrying signaling trace configuration parameters corresponding to a plurality of signaling traces in signaling trace command; transmitting the signaling trace command to activate or maintain the signaling traces. The disclosure also provides an apparatus for transmitting signaling trace command. The method and apparatus can reduce the signaling interaction load of the S1 interface, thereby improving the performance of a system.12-27-2012
20090318135SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INDICATING SIGNAL INTENSITY OF MOBILE PHONE - A signal intensity indicating method for a mobile phone. The method includes assigning a plurality of signal points equidistantly around a circle, recording a position of each signal point while rotating the mobile phone, calculating a signal intensity of each signal point when an antenna of the mobile phone points to a direction consistent with the signal point, and comparing the signal intensities corresponding to the signal points to determine a signal point having the greatest signal intensity and recording the position of the signal point.12-24-2009
20120322440MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE COMMUNICATION OF AN IDLE MODE DEVICE HAVING LOW MOBILITY IN A MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The present invention defines an efficient measurement method for idle mode M2M/MTC device with low/no mobility in a mobile communication system. An example of the mobile communication system to which the present invention is application is 3GPP UMTS mobile communication system and 3GPP LTE/LTE-A mobile communication system as the next generation mobile communication system under discussion in 3GPP.12-20-2012
20120322439System and Method for Enhanced Diagnostics on Mobile Communication Devices - A system and method may comprise providing to a device user in response to one of a user request for troubleshooting assistance and a mobile telecommunications user device monitoring software conclusion that a problem exists, a diagnostic application specific to the mobile telecommunication user device of the device user; receiving from the device user an indication of a problem with the mobile telecommunication user device experienced by the device user; selecting an application update; providing to the device user the application update updating an application running on the mobile telecommunication user device; and determining whether the problem has been solved. If determining indicates that the problem has not been solved the method may further include deleting the application and further determining whether the problem has been solved, and if so forwarding problem solution data to a knowledge database.12-20-2012
20090098868METHOD FOR PERFORMING A RADIO FREQUENCY TEST ON A MOBILE PHONE - A method for performing an radio frequency test of a mobile phone (04-16-2009
20100184426Method for Mobile Communications, a Mobile Communication Device and a Node in a Mobile Communications Network for Reducing the Call Setup Delay - The invention relates to a method for a mobile communications, a mobile communication device (07-22-2010
20100130195TEST APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TESTING INTEROPERABILITY OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A test apparatus and method are provided for testing interoperability of a first device to communicate with a second device via wireless communication. The test apparatus includes a wireless interface configured to interface via wireless communication with devices. The test apparatus also includes a processor, memory and logic stored in memory and executed by the processor. The logic causes the test apparatus to sequence through a plurality of wireless communication actions to communicate with a first device, monitor behavior of the first device during the actions, and store characteristics of the monitored behavior in memory so that the test apparatus may be used to emulate the first device when wirelessly communicating with a second device.05-27-2010
20130017825Method of Reducing Feedback Load and Feedback Overhead in a Multi-cell Cooperative Network and Related Communication Device - A method of reducing an amount of channel information fed back by a mobile device in a wireless communication system to a plurality of transmission points of the wireless communication system is disclosed. the method comprises measuring signal quality between the mobile device and the plurality of transmission points; determining a set of the plurality of transmission points, if the signal quality is in one of a plurality of quality regions; and feeding back the channel information to the set of the plurality of transmission points, wherein the channel information is related to a plurality of channels between the mobile device and the set of the plurality of transmission points.01-17-2013
20080248797Method and System for Operating a Multi-Function Portable Electronic Device Using Voice-Activation - Methods and systems in which a portable electronic device can be voice activated are disclosed. The portable electronic device can be a multi-function electronic device. The voice activation can be robust and context sensitive. The voice activation can also be utilized without any preparatory user action with respect to the portable electronic device. The portable electronic device can also interact with a media system.10-09-2008
20080242294DETERMINING PER SECTOR RECEIVED POWER LEVEL - At a mobile device, a total received power represents signals received from all access points. In order to calculate an appropriate transmit power for communication with a single access point, a mobile device determines a per sector received power level. The mobile device can ascertain a time-domain channel response from each access point pilot signal, ascertain a received digital power lever per sector from each access point pilot signal and, based in part on the digital power level, calculate a received power level from each access point. A per sector received power level can be utilized to conserve battery power and/or to reduce interference in a wireless communications network.10-02-2008
20080233951Wireless communication system and monitoring apparatus selectable optimum wireless communication method - In a wireless communication system including a plurality of base station controllers different in wireless communication method, each of which accommodates a plurality of base stations, a home agent apparatus connected to the base station controllers, and a monitoring apparatus connected to each of the base stations and the base station controllers, the monitoring apparatus acquires communication quality information of each wireless terminal from each of the base stations, and selects a wireless base station having a wireless communication path suitable for the wireless terminal from among wireless base stations different in communication method to which the wireless terminal is connected.09-25-2008
20080227444Maintaining Continuity of a Communication Session - A system and method are provided for monitoring the quality of a communication session with a mobile device. Should the communication session degrade, rather than dropping the communication session the user of a device communicating with the mobile device is prompted to wait while an attempt is made to improve the quality of the communication session. Similarly if the user of the mobile device moves out of a coverage area, rather than dropping the communication session the user of the device communicating with the mobile device is prompted to wait until a new communication session can be established.09-18-2008
20080248798Wireless signal receiver with antenna pointing search control - A wireless signal receiver with antenna pointing search control includes a base, a rotatable antenna assembly, a rotary supporting mechanism, and a driving motor. The driving motor is controlled via an antenna pointing operation unit and a control circuit to drive the rotatable antenna assembly supported on and connected to the rotary supporting mechanism to rotate along with the rotary supporting mechanism relative to the base. The rotary supporting mechanism includes a central shaft associated with and driven by the driving motor to rotate, and a round seat associated with the central shaft to rotate along with the central shaft. When the driving motor drives the central shaft to rotate, the central shaft brings the round seat and accordingly, the rotatable antenna assembly connected to the round seat to rotate at the same time.10-09-2008
20080207197Apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for interfacing devices with communications networks - An apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for interfacing devices with communications networks are provided. According to one aspect, an interface device for providing communications between a first communications network and a device associated with a second communications network comprises one or more inputs, one or more outputs, and logic. The one or more inputs of the interface device receive data in a first format from the first communications network. The logic translates the data to a second format compatible with the second communications device. The translated data is then transmitted to the device associated with the second communications network via the one or more outputs. The first and second formats may comprise rich media content.08-28-2008
20130137422WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - A wireless communication apparatus includes a power switch unit that switches a power supplied from a battery, and a timer unit that measures a time period through a power supplied from the battery. The power switch unit is turned on upon receiving a trigger for turning on the power supply and turned off upon receiving a trigger for turning off the power supply. When a wireless unit and a control unit are supplied with the power through the power switch unit in accordance with the trigger for turning on the power supply, the control unit controls to receive a wireless signal from a different wireless communication apparatus, and the control unit then sets a given value of the expiration of the time period in the timer unit and outputs the trigger for turning off the power supply to the power supply control unit.05-30-2013
20120282920METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MAINTAINING THE PERFORMANCE QUALITY OF A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM IN THE PRESENCE OF NARROW BAND INTERFERENCE - A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for analyzing a wide frequency band with respect to signal power levels in specified narrow frequency bands, detecting narrow band signal power levels received in the specified narrow frequency bands, determining an average composite wideband power level from the narrow band signal power levels, determining an adaptive threshold, detecting narrow band interference according to the adaptive threshold, and configuring a variable bandwidth of a filter to substantially suppress the detected narrow band interference. Other embodiments are disclosed.11-08-2012
20120094657CONFIGURING OF VEHICLE COMMUNICATIONS MODULES - A system and method for configuring a vehicle user interface that provides hands-free use of a mobile communications device by a vehicle operator. First, the mobile communications device located at a vehicle is linked with a vehicle user interface in the vehicle so that the driver or other occupant can carry out hands-free telephone calls through the mobile device. Then, an evaluation phone call is placed using the mobile device so that volume levels, noise, etc. can be checked. Based on an analysis of that evaluation call, at least one audio parameter of the vehicle user interface is configured and is thereafter used to improve the audio communication between the user and the vehicle user interface.04-19-2012
20130210423ACQUIRING INFORMATION FROM VOLATILE MEMORY OF A MOBILE DEVICE - According to various embodiments, there is provided a method of acquiring information from volatile memory of a mobile device, the method including: accessing the volatile memory of the mobile device used by an application operating on the mobile device to store communicated information with a communication device; acquiring a copy of data present in the volatile memory; and analysing the copy of data to extract the communicated information.08-15-2013

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