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20120178434PERSONAL AREA NETWORK HAVING MEDIA PLAYER AND MOBILE DEVICE CONTROLLING THE SAME - A system and method are provided for controlling content played by a number of media devices. In general, the system includes a mobile device and the number of media devices. The mobile device includes a wireless communication interface for communicating with the media devices, a media database, and a control system including a media client. When the mobile device enters a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) associated with a media device, the media client obtains information describing the content residing at the media device and stores the information in the media database at the mobile device. Thereafter, when the mobile device is within the WPAN associated with the media device, the media database is used to select content to be played at the media device.07-12-2012
20100112997LOCAL TRIGGERING METHODS, SUCH AS APPLICATIONS FOR DEVICE-INITIATED DIAGNOSTIC OR CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT - A system and method of performing device-initiated diagnostic or configuration management on a mobile device. In some examples, the system identifies a problem related to of the mobile device, communicates with a remote server on a network a message pertaining to the problem, initiates a remedial action at the server, and changes the configuration of the mobile device based on the remedial action. In some cases, the system may transmit a message to the server that triggers the action to be performed. In some cases, the system may not require a user to understand how to solve the problem.05-06-2010
20100075657SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUS TO ENABLE BACKUP WIRELESS DEVICES - Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed to enable backup wireless devices. An example method disclosed herein includes receiving an activation code from a first wireless device, transmitting a deactivation instruction to a second wireless device in response to receiving the activation code for the first wireless device, transmitting a location instruction to the second wireless device to invoke a location function of the second wireless device, receiving information indicative of the location of the second wireless device in response to the transmitted location instruction, and sending an e-mail message indicative of the location of the second wireless device to an account owner of the second wireless device in response to receiving the information indicative of the location.03-25-2010
20100075656SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR KEY FREE ACCESS TO A VEHICLE - A system and method for unlocking a vehicle with a cell phone. Wireless signals are monitored from a cell phone. A signal is received from the cell phone. A distance between the cell phone and the vehicle is determined. Doors of the vehicle are unlocked in response to the cell phone nearing the vehicle. The doors of the vehicle are locked in response to the cell phone being further separated from the vehicle.03-25-2010
20100075655SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING VEHICLE SYSTEMS FROM A CELL PHONE - A system and method for controlling systems of a vehicle with a cell phone. The cell phone is associated with the vehicle through a user interface. User preferences are received through the user interface for sending commands from the cell phone to the vehicle for controlling the systems of the vehicle. A wireless connection is established between the vehicle and the cell phone. A distance is determined between the cell phone and the vehicle. One or more commands are sent to the vehicle to control the systems based on the user preferences.03-25-2010
20130078988SYSTEM EFFECTIVE TO MODULATE A CODE AND PROVIDE CONTENT TO A USER - A system and method effective to provide content to a user. The system may include a sound device, a smart phone, and a processor. The sound device may modulate a code where a first set of frequencies represents a logic 0 and a second set of frequencies represents a logic 1. The smart phone may demodulate the modulated code to reproduce the code. The smart phone may send the code as a query to a processor. The processor may receive the query, determine content associated with the code, and send the content over the network to the smart phone. The smart phone may further receive the content and display the content on a display.03-28-2013
20130040631SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A FUNCTION OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE THROUGH A NETWORK - The disclosure provides a system, method and device for controlling function on an electronic device. The method comprises: receiving a communication from a communication network at the first device, the communication addressed to an account accessed by the first device and providing a first request for a meeting, a start time for the meeting and a second request to control a function of the first device for the meeting; identifying a component on the first device associated with the function; and deactivating the component when the start time arrives on the first device.02-14-2013
20130040632SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN IN A PROPRIETARY AREA - Method for avoiding unauthorized images of a proprietor's information from being transmitted outside the proprietor's control. A photographic image captured with a camera incorporated upon the wireless handheld communication device is wirelessly transmitted to a proprietor's server. The image is stored on the server after capture and transmission, preferably while the device is still in the photography-restricted geographical area that is under the control of the proprietor of the server. Once at the server, the photographic image is analyzed to determine whether or not the image is authorized for dissemination outside the proprietor's control. Local storage of the photographic image can be prevented on the device which assures that the transmission and storage of the photographic image on the proprietor's server is exclusive.02-14-2013
20090156193Modem with acoustic coupling - The present invention relates to a terminal interface and an arrangement including the terminal interface to enable interfacing between an electronic device and a service provider. The terminal interface comprises at least a data interface arranged for coupling the terminal interface to the electronic device, a processing means adapted to operate the terminal device, and modem means enabling data communication between the interface terminal and a terminal device enabled for voice commutation in a public land mobile communications network. The data processing means coupled to the data interface and the modem means is further configured for processing data received from either of the data interface and the modem means and for generating data to be transmitted via the data interface and/or the modem means. Data is communicated between the interface terminal and the service provider via the terminal device on a voice communication connection through the public land mobile communications network.06-18-2009
20130035087REMOTE LOCK OF A MOBILE APPLICATION - A method for transmitting data between a mobile communication device and a server. The method includes running a mobile application on the mobile communication device. The mobile application is hosted on the mobile communication device through the server as a Software as a Service (SaaS). The method further includes transmitting data associated with the mobile application between the mobile communication device and the server, in which transmission of the data between the mobile communication device and the server is monitored through the server.02-07-2013
20130035086REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING CONTENT SUGGESTIONS - A portable device configured to control a set of home entertainment appliances includes a processor; and a transceiver coupled to the processor. The transceiver is configured to transmit information to a computer system and receive information from the computer system. The portable device further includes a display coupled to the processor. The processor is configured to: i) collect use information associated with controlling the set of home entertainment appliances, and ii) control the transceiver to transmit the use information to a computer system. The computer system is configured to: i) analyze the use information to determine a set of content related to the use information, ii) generate a set of recommendations that includes information that identifies the set of content, and iii) send the set of recommendations to the transceiver for display of the set of recommendations on the display.02-07-2013
20130090110MANAGING BATTERY POWER USAGE OF A LOST MOBILE DEVICE TO EXTEND SEARCH TIME FOR THE LOST MOBILE DEVICE - Methods and apparatuses are provided to use energy reduction techniques in an effort to extend the battery life of a mobile device when the mobile device is lost to increase the time an owner of a lost mobile device has to search for the lost device using any lost mobile device locating technique before the mobile device's battery fully discharges. A lost mobile device receives a power preservation command and operates in a power preservation mode while executing a locating technique to aid in the locating the lost mobile device.04-11-2013
20090047941Method and Apparatus for Deactivating Mobile Radio Stations From the Network - Method for deactivating at least one mobile station in a radio communication system, particularly in a picocell on board an aircraft in a GSM mobile radio network, where the radio communication system has a first network element, which forms a transmission/reception device for each mobile station in the radio cell, a second network element which is set up to control the first network element, and a device which is connected between the first network element and the second network element, wherein the device carries out the following steps: detection of a piece of identification information, directed at the at least one mobile station, which is transmitted from the second network element to the first network element, use of this identification information to deactivate the at least one mobile station when a deactivation signal is supplied to the device.02-19-2009
20100099396REMOTE CONTROL OF DEVICES UTILIZING A MOBILE NETWORK - Providing for remote control of electronic devices at least in part utilizing a mobile radio access network (RAN) is disclosed herein. A control server is provided that can initiate an OTA message requesting control of a client device. The OTA message can be transmitted via the RAN to the client device, which can initiate a data network call upon receipt of the message. A data network address can be forwarded to the control server to facilitate data exchange between the server and client. The client can act upon and respond to commands issued by the server. As described herein, remote control of a client that does not maintain a persistent data network link can be conducted. Furthermore, key-mapping applications, DLL-based middle-ware, and other interface modules traditionally required to implement control of a remote device can be limited or avoided.04-22-2010
20120309381REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - A method includes the steps of selecting an appliance to be controlled from a list of appliances stored in the cellular device, selecting an instruction to be communicated to the selected appliance from a list of instructions stored in the cellular device, and transmitting the instruction to a cellular interface associated with the selected appliance via a public cellular telephone infrastructure by dialing a telephone number stored in the cellular device.12-06-2012
20090270085Telephone controlled entertainment - Telephone based remote control is disclosed. In some embodiments, telephone based remote control includes presenting an interface on a cellular telephone for controlling a media source; receiving a user command for controlling the media source; and sending a control signal from the cellular telephone to the media source, wherein the control signal includes control information corresponding to the command, and wherein the media source outputs information based on the command.10-29-2009
20130065579System and Method for Remote Household Appliance Control Based on Mobile Communication Network - A system and a method for remote household appliance control based on a mobile communication network are provided. The system includes: a remote control access device and a remote control executor. The method includes: saving a first corresponding relationship between an infrared code type and identification information of a corresponding controlled household appliance and an operation act; and after receiving an unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) session request from a mobile terminal, sending a locally stored USSD menu to the mobile terminal and starting a USSD session with the mobile terminal; after receiving a USSD session content related to performing an operation act on a household appliance from the mobile terminal, transmitting an infrared control signal according to the corresponding infrared code type searched out according to the first corresponding relationship. The remote control of household appliance is realized conveniently by combining USSD and infrared remote control technologies.03-14-2013
20110045816SHARED BOOK READING - Techniques for sharing book reading experiences between users of different telecommunications devices are described herein.02-24-2011
20090233593APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING AN ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE USING A MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - Various embodiments of apparatus and/or methods are described for remotely controlling an entertainment device using a mobile communication device. A user utilizes a mobile communication device to input information that requests manipulation of playback of content outputted for presentation by an entertainment device. The mobile communication device transmits the user input to the entertainment device, and responsive to receiving the user input, the mobile communication device manipulates playback of the video content.09-17-2009
20120238259ELECTRICAL APPARATUS CONTROL SYSTEM, CONTROL APPARATUS AND WIRELESS TERMINAL - An electrical apparatus control system includes: a control apparatus that is connected to a control target electrical apparatus and functions as a small-sized base station; a wireless terminal that wirelessly connects to the control apparatus; and a server that holds target apparatus data including a list of control target electrical apparatuses set for each control apparatus. The wireless terminal acquires the target apparatus data set for the control apparatus from the server via the control apparatus, and transmits operation data for controlling a control target electrical apparatus, to the control apparatus on the basis of a performed operation. The control apparatus controls the control target electrical apparatus on the basis of the operation data received from the wireless terminal.09-20-2012
20120270533MOBILE PHONE AND POINTER CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - The disclosure provides a mobile phone with pointer and a pointer control method adapted for the mobile phone. When a user finger over a touch screen is within a predetermined distance, a position of the touch screen corresponding to the user finger displays a pointer. When the finger moves over the touch screen within the predetermined distance, the pointer on the touch screen moves with the finger moving. When the user generates an operation on the touch screen and presses/slides the position of the pointer, the mobile phone performs a function corresponding to the operation.10-25-2012
20080280602Vehicle control apparatus with data reprogrammable via wireless communication network - In a vehicle control apparatus for reprogramming data stored therein based on a reprogramming instruction transmitted thereto via a wireless communication network, an asking unit is provided. The asking unit asks a data reprogramming unit about whether the reprogramming instruction is validated or not. The data reprogramming unit has been authorized to reprogram the data stored in the vehicle control apparatus. A determining unit is provided in the vehicle control apparatus. The determining unit receives a reply to the asking transmitted from the data reprogramming unit via the wireless communication network and determines whether to enable or disable the reprogramming of the data stored in the vehicle control apparatus based on the received reply.11-13-2008
20100081422MULTIBAND COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH COMMUNICATION CONTROL AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH - A communication device includes an RF transceiver for communicating first data with a remote communication device via a first protocol. A millimeter wave transceiver communicates second data with the remote communication device via a second protocol. A communication control module coordinates the communication of the first data and the second data with the remote communication device to establish at least one parameter of the second protocol.04-01-2010
20100087183DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Device for controlling personal belongings and the like, of the type comprising at least one emitter unit (04-08-2010
20090143062EVENTS NOTIFICATION AND FUNCTIONS SELECTION MECHANISMS IN A WIRELESS DEVICE - A panel has been provided to a wireless device that turns off all RF capability of the wireless device (including, but not limited to notifications, wireless web clipping, instant messaging, email sending/receiving, phone calls, etc.). The panel is brought up on a screen of the wireless device by pressing a programmed hard button for more than 1 second. Once the RF capability has been turned off, if the user attempts to access a program or other device that requires the RF capabilities, a notification is displayed that identifies the RF capabilities as being disabled and prompts the user whether to continue. If the user continues, the RF device is automatically enabled, otherwise the RF device remains disabled.06-04-2009
20090093245Method of protecting multimedia unit against abnormal conditions and protection system therefor - A protection system includes a multimedia unit, which is able to output a warning signal under an abnormal condition thereof and to restart on receipt of a restart signal, in which a phone number message for identifying a source of the restart signal is included; Ethernet for transmitting the warning signal output by the multimedia unit; a phoneline network for transmitting the restart signal to the multimedia unit; a supervising unit for receiving the warning signal sent via Ethernet and then outputting the restart signal via the phoneline network; and a filter unit located between the multimedia unit and the phoneline network for receiving the restart signal via the phoneline network, and being internally provided with a list of phones containing the phone number message included in the restart signal for determining whether to transmit the restart signal to the multimedia unit according to the source of the restart signal.04-09-2009
20100248710Methods, Systems and Apparatus for Selecting an Application in Power-Off Mode - An embodiment relates generally to a method of selecting applications. The method includes positioning a powered-down mobile device into a close proximity of a near field communication device and selecting an application from a plurality of applications stored on the powered-down mobile device. The method also includes executing the application in the powered-down mobile device to interact with the near field communication device.09-30-2010
20080293397Method for Disabling a Mobile Device - Methods for disabling a mobile device (11-27-2008
20080274725Wireless multifunction network device - The wireless multifunction network device includes a radio, first and second amplifier or filter devices, first and second antennae, a control system and a power module. The radio is adapted to support multiple protocols. The first amplifier or filter device is operably attached to the radio and is for processing a predetermined first frequency. The second amplifier or filter device is operably attached to the radio and is for processing a predetermined second frequency. The first antennae is operably attached to the first amplifier or filter device and is for use with the first frequency. The second antennae is operably attached to the second amplifier or filter device and is for used with the second frequency. The control system is operably attached to the radio. The power module is operably attached to the first amplifier or filter device, the second amplifier or filter device, and the control system.11-06-2008
20080268829METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USER PERSONALIZED MOBILE VIDEO PROGRAM LIST POPULATION - Methods and apparatuses that simplify user access to various desired programming over a mobile device are disclosed. In (10-30-2008
20120270534OUTPUT OF CONTENT FROM THE INTERNET ON A MEDIA RENDERING DEVICE - A system and method for controlling output of content on a media rendering device. A mobile phone may be effective to receive a request for content where the content is from a content processor. The mobile phone may be effective to generate a command based on the request, the command including a URL, the URL including an address of a gateway processor and an identification of the content processor. The mobile phone may be effective to send the command to the media rendering device. The media rendering device may be effective to send a request to the gateway processor using the URL. The gateway processor may be effective to receive the content from the content processor and send the content to the media rendering device. The media rendering device may be effective to output the content.10-25-2012
20090054052Remotely controlled traffic beacon - The invention provides an improved remotely controlled, solar-powered traffic beacon. Remote control is provided by a communications system that utilizes a cellular telephone modem and public cellular telephone networks to receive a schedule of activation/deactivation times or alternatively to receive immediate on/off commands. Furthermore, the communications system allows for the transmission of operational feedback data from the solar-powered traffic beacon to the user. The invention allows for remote control of solar-powered traffic beacons.02-26-2009
20090054051Attachable Headset for Portable Device - System and method for attaching a wireless headset to a portable device. The wireless headset may include a data receiver for receiving data from a portable device and a physical mechanism to attach to the portable device. The wireless headset may be detachable from the portable device, and after being detached, the headset may be usable for listening to audio data received from the portable device via the data receiver. The wireless headset may further include a data transmitter for providing data to the portable device. Additionally, the wireless headset may be operable to charge its battery when attached to the portable device. Furthermore, detaching the wireless headset may be used to answer a call if the portable device is capable of telecommunication services.02-26-2009
20110223899MOBILE PHONE TERMINAL WITH REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION - A mobile phone terminal with remote control function including a touch panel display and configured to selectively display function display patterns having a plurality of operating icons representing multiple functions including a phone function on the touch panel display, in which the mobile phone terminal has a display unit that displays a remote-control function display pattern for operating one or more external devices by remote control and a switching unit that selectively switches the remote-control function display pattern.09-15-2011
20080318564METHODS, APPARATUSES, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR IMPLEMENTING REMOTE CONTROL PROCESSES - A method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing remote control processes is provided. The method includes receiving a request to execute an operation on a target device via selection of a function key on a remote control device. The function key is associated with the operation and the target device that performs the operation for remotely controlling operation of the target device via a signal transmitted from the remote control device to the target device when the function key is selected. The method also includes approving the request to execute the operation when authorization has been secured, and transmitting the signal from the remote control device to the target device in response to the approval.12-25-2008
20090325567Telephone set, communication adaptor, home appliance control method, and program recording medium - The invention relates to a telephone set comprises a connection means to execute a connecting process for enabling transmission and reception of an information signal to and from a home appliance such as a general audio device remote-controllable by radio communication; a control means for generating, upon arrival of an incoming call, a remote control signal such as a pause command to the home appliance; and a radio communication means for sending the remote control signal to the home appliance by radio communication. Thus, upon arrival of an incoming call at the telephone set, the remote control signal is sent to the audio device or the like either directly from the telephone set or via a communication adaptor installed therein, hence pausing or muting the output of the audio device under remote control. Such control action enables a user to perceive the incoming call with facility.12-31-2009
20130217380METHOD OF DISPLAYING MOBILE TERMINAL IN REMOTE DEVICE AND APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING THE SAME - Disclosed are a method of remotely displaying a mobile terminal and an apparatus for performing the same. The remote display apparatus receives display information of the mobile terminal from the mobile terminal, obtains an external appearance image of the mobile terminal on the basis of the received display information of the mobile terminal, and displays an entire image of the mobile terminal that includes the obtained external appearance image of the mobile terminal and display screen information supplied from the mobile terminal.08-22-2013
20090209246METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING INFORMATION AND TERMINAL DEVICE TO RECEIVE DATA - A method for transmitting information between a data provider and data users is described in which the data users may be different with regard to their data processing capabilities. An interface is provided between the data provider and the data user, via which the data is adapted to the respective data processing capabilities of the data users. Corresponding terminal devices transmit information concerning the terminal device's data processing capabilities with the request for data.08-20-2009
20100261466Systems and Methods for Operating a Virtual Whiteboard Using a Mobile Phone Device - A method for operating a virtual whiteboard using a mobile phone device, comprises the steps of: generating the virtual whiteboard, wherein the mobile phone device is coupled to the virtual whiteboard to input data to the virtual whiteboard; connecting the mobile phone device to an external display device; displaying the virtual whiteboard on the external display device; and operating the virtual whiteboard using the mobile phone device; wherein markings on the virtual whiteboard correspond to spatial movements of the mobile phone device.10-14-2010
20100261465METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CELL PHONE INTERACTIONS - Integrating wireless capability into a device (e.g., a thermostat, a parking meter, a hotel alarm clock, etc.), effectively adds to the device a graphical user interface (GUI) capability. The user's cell phone can be employed for interaction with the device via such a GUI. In one particular arrangement, a cell phone camera captures an image of a thermostat, from which an identifier (e.g., a steganographic digital watermark) is decoded and used to access a corresponding record at a remote server. The server in this arrangement causes a JavaScript application to be returned to the cell phone—which may correspond both to the thermostat which is to be controlled, and to the cell phone that is to control it. An exemplary GUI takes the form of a graphical overlay—presented in registered alignment atop the camera-captured image of the device. Once the application establishes an initial session between the phone and the controlled device, the phone may later recall the GUI to allow further device interaction—such as changing the thermostat temperature from the user's desk (or adding time to a parking meter from across town). The interfaces may be customized, e.g., for user preferences, and for different specific task-oriented interactions. By such technology, a user's cell phone serves as multi-purpose interface for dealing with a variety of wireless-equipped devices.10-14-2010
20110059734OVER-THE-AIR SERVICE TERMINATION FOR A TELEMATICS DEVICE - The disclosed technology automatically terminates wireless service that a mobile communication network provided to a telematics unit, e.g. when the customer is no longer active for telematics service. The disclosed deactivation allows the network service provider to reuse any resources, such as mobile numbers, that were previously assigned to the particular telematics unit. In a disclosed example, a SMS deactivation message causes the telematics unit to delete its mobile provisioning data, such as its MDN and/or its MIN, and replace that data with a dummy number. The deactivation procedure may also provide a replacement destination number for emergency calls, typically a cleared number, such as 911. For example, the deactivated telematics unit would be able to call a PSAP, and the PSAP would recognize that the unit is inactive for wireless service (and cannot be called-back) from the dummy number used to identify the unit.03-10-2011
20100197293REMOTE COMPUTER ACCESS AUTHENTICATION USING A MOBILE DEVICE - A method for establishing access to a computer (08-05-2010
20090111454Wireless Controlled Devices For A Weapon And Wireless Control Thereof - A system and method related to weapon mounted auxiliary devices that can be operated by wireless remote control, and a remote controller by which an operator can operate the auxiliary devices remotely by wireless control. This includes all means of remote control of the auxiliary devices to include but not be limited to radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) energy, all other wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, and acoustic, pressure, or sound waves. Control of the auxiliary devices can range from simple activation to wireless control of all auxiliary device controls and adjustments. This can also include a single remote control device that can operate one or more weapon mounted auxiliary devices.04-30-2009
20130130674ILLUMINATION MODULE FOR VEHICLE - A door handle assembly for a door of a vehicle includes a handle portion and an illumination module. The handle portion is disposed at the vehicle door and movable to actuate a locking mechanism of the vehicle door to open the vehicle door. The illumination module includes at least one illumination source and an icon element and a cover element. The illumination source, when operated, backlights the icon element so that an icon of the icon element is viewable through the cover element at an exterior surface of the handle portion. The icon element includes a security icon and the illumination module is operable to backlight the security icon when a security system of the vehicle is operational.05-23-2013
20100304732SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CONFIGURATION, OPERATION AND CONTROL OF AN INTERFACE DEVICE - A system for remote monitoring and control of remotely located equipment that minimizes wireless airtime includes an interface device coupled with the remote equipment. The interface device selectively communicates over a wireless network with a central server and/or a user device. Wireless communication with the interface device is field configurable by a user to be selectively triggered base on user specified operational conditions. Communication by the interface device may be with one of a first protocol and a second protocol based on user specified operating conditions to optimize wireless airtime. The first protocol includes a user configured data string to select information to be transmitted based on the user specified operating conditions. The second protocol includes a user configurable datafile selectively transmitted over a voice channel of the wireless network based on the user specified operating conditions. Messages communicated with the first and second protocol may be selectively utilized to generate an alert message to the user device based on a user configured message profile.12-02-2010
20100311406Phone Control Device for Remotely Controlling Electric Appliances - A phone control device for remotely controlling electric appliances is capable of wireless and remotely controlling electric appliances by receiving and transact phone signal via phone network, wherein the phone control device sends out feedback signal through the phone network and receives on/off driving signal corresponding to the feedback signal.12-09-2010
20100330979Portable Phone Remote - A video device and a remote control function for a video device that can be carried out over a remote device such as a phone. The phone connects to the video device over a network.12-30-2010
20110039534METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOBILE TERMINAL AND MOBILE TERMINAL THEREOF - A method for controlling a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal thereof, the method: synchronizing with an external terminal by using a wireless communication module of the mobile terminal; receiving a control command signal in response to a status of the external terminal through the wireless communication module; and executing at least one of changing a receiving mode of the mobile terminal and setting up an alarm function based on the control command signal.02-17-2011
20110244846Cell Phone with Remote Control System - A remote control system includes a mobile phone, a mobile communication network, a plurality of remote systems, and a server. The mobile phone has an antenna, a mobile communication modem, a processing unit, a system memory, a battery, a keypad, a speaker, and a display The mobile communication network comprises a wireless communication network. The remote systems communicate electronic signals with the mobile phone via the mobile communication network. And, the server is connected to the mobile communication network. The mobile phone controls the behavior of the remote system and communicates electronic signals for data, audio, and video with the processing unit having control software programs. The mobile phone decodes the electronic signals and plays on the display and the speaker. The remote mobile phone downloads and installs the control software programs from the server through the mobile communication network.10-06-2011
20100056130Remote Control of Electronic Devices - A controlling device (e.g., a telephony device) can remotely control various tasks associated with a controlled device (e.g., a personal computer), including the navigation of user interfaces associated with applications or an operating system associated with the controlled device. A task can be controlled at the controlled device by mapping user input received at the controlling device to control commands suitable for execution at the controlled device.03-04-2010
20100240353REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND FACILITY SIDE CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL PROGRAM OF FACILITY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF FACILITY APPARATUS - Disclosed is a wireless remote control system that provides a system for suppressing the communication fee. The server apparatus 09-23-2010
20110070879STB MESSAGING SYSTEM - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a video terminal device having a processor adapted to submit a query to a mobile device to determine whether to redirect one or more mobile messages destined for the mobile device to the video terminal device, receive from the mobile device an affirmative response to the query, transmit a request to a wireless carrier system to redirect transmission of the one or more mobile messages to the video terminal device, receive from the wireless carrier system the one or more mobile messages while the mobile device remains communicatively coupled to the video terminal device. Other embodiments are disclosed.03-24-2011
20110070878METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY APPARATUS AND MOBILE PHONE - A method for controlling a display apparatus and a mobile phone is provided. According to the method, the display apparatus transmits an application to the mobile phone, the mobile phone executes the application and transmits specific information received from a user, and the display apparatus controls an execution state of the application according to the specific information. Accordingly, a user controls the display apparatus using the mobile phone.03-24-2011
20120202479OPERATION INFORMATION TRANSMISSION SERVER, OPERATION INFORMATION TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, AND OPERATION INFORMATION TRANSMISSION METHOD - A first terminal device includes an input unit which inputs operation information indicating operation content, and a first transmission unit which transmits packet information including operation information input from the input unit and destination information for designating a second terminal device, which is a transmission target of the operation information among a plurality of terminal devices to an operation information transmission server. The operation information transmission server includes a first reception unit which receives the packet information transmitted from the first transmission unit and a second transmission unit which refers to the destination information included in the received packet information and transmitting the packet information addressed to the second terminal device corresponding to the destination information. The second terminal device receives the packet information transmitted from the second transmission unit, acquires the operation information from the packet information, and controls an operation corresponding to the operation information to be performed.08-09-2012
20110009112MULTIFUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE FOR MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD USING THE SAME - A method and apparatus are provided for a multifunction remote control device, allows a user to display the contents of a mobile terminal on a larger screen, while retaining use of the mobile terminal's other functions. The method includes checking whether the mobile terminal is connected to the multifunction remote control device, running a multi-screen mode for composing a service environment in which control and call connection functions of the mobile terminal are executable, by implementing a wireless interface of the mobile terminal, and controlling basic functions and additional functions of the mobile terminal.01-13-2011
20100304731APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VIDEO DISPLAY AND CONTROL FOR PORTABLE DEVICE - An apparatus and method for display and control of video data on a mobile device provides simultaneous multiple video data display of groups of video sources and selection of video data for single, larger viewing. Control of the camera source of the video data is provided for the mobile device user, such as by manipulation of a multi-touch sensitive screen to pan, tilt and zoom. Image capture from the video screen and marking of the captured image is provided. Activation of video data streams and groups of video data streams for display on the mobile device is provided by transfer of activation information to the mobile device via email. Notification of events monitored by the video source or by other sensors is sent to users of the mobile devices.12-02-2010
20110212717Methods and Systems for Content Processing - Mobile phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some aspects relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs. Others relate to processing of image data. Still others concern metadata generation, processing, and representation. Yet others concern user interface improvements. Other aspects relate to imaging architectures, in which a mobile phone's image sensor is one in a chain of stages that successively act on packetized instructions/data, to capture and later process imagery. Still other aspects relate to distribution of processing tasks between the mobile device and remote resources (“the cloud”). Elemental image processing (e.g., simple filtering and edge detection) can be performed on the mobile phone, while other operations can be referred out to remote service providers. The remote service providers can be selected using techniques such as reverse auctions, through which they compete for processing tasks. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.09-01-2011
20080242288CENTRALIZED VOICE RECOGNITION UNIT FOR WIRELESS CONTROL OF PERSONAL MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Described are a method and system for controlling the operation of personal mobile electronic devices disposed about a user. Each device is adapted to receive command according to a common wireless protocol. A voice signal is generated in response to a voice command spoken by the user. Command data are generated for one of the devices in response to the voice signal. The command data are transmitted through a wireless link to the respective device to control an operation of the device. There is no need for each device to have independent voice recognition capability. Instead, the burden of voice recognition is managed by the wearable command module that communicates with all the controlled devices through wireless links.10-02-2008
20110189984MULTIPLE INPUT MULTIPLE OUTPUT USER EQUIPMENT RADIO FREQUENCY ASSISTANT SYSTEM - A user equipment and a wireless radio frequency assistant in a communication system that supports multiple input multiple output. The wireless radio frequency assistant and the user equipment operate together as a single system. The user equipment controls and activates the wireless radio frequency assistant to transform a first frequency of a radio frequency signal transmitted to the system of user equipment and the wireless radio frequency assistant to a second frequency. The wireless radio frequency assistant transmits the second frequency to the user equipment.08-04-2011
20100022234Tethered Digital Butler Consumer Electronic Master Device and Method - The present invention relates to a tethered digital butler consumer electronics product and method. The tethered digital butler, of a price and form factor suitable for consumer electronics markets of developed and developing countries, includes a communications and multi-media console and a wireless remote. The remote may resemble a handheld personal computer (HPC), a palm-held personal computer (PPC or PDA) or a smart phone, but has a low cost and feature set supported by the console that is novel in the consumer electronics market. In particular, this disclosure relates to combining telephone service, device control and, optionally, a fingerprint reader for easy user identification/authorization and personalization. As another option, a camera can be incorporated into the remote, thereby enabling video conferencing and other visual features. Alternatively, the remote may be packaged separately from a console and sold to interact with capabilities of a communications and console, set-top box, multi-media PC or other consumer electronics device from a different source, such as one running on a Windows, OS X or Linux platform, with or without telephone capabilities. The remote may include a media reader and remote USB port.01-28-2010
20120208519Cellphone to Car Ignition - An architecture is presented that provides a system for controlling vehicle systems via a cellular phone. The system comprises a cellular phone and a vehicle. The cellular phone comprises a transceiver for transmitting a signal to a vehicle system of the vehicle. Further, the vehicle system comprises a transceiver for receiving the signal from the cellular phone. The user can configure the cellular phone and vehicle to communicate by linking the communications system of the cellular phone and the vehicle system. In response to detecting a communications signal from the cellular phone, the vehicle system then receives user input from the cellular phone. The user input is then linked to at least one command that controls the features and systems of the vehicle. Thus, the vehicle can be configured to perform certain actions or tasks based on a specific input or action taken by the user.08-16-2012
20120046024SECOND PARTY CONTROL OVER MOBILE DEVICE USAGE - A mechanism is provided whereby a parent, or other second party, can monitor and/or control a child's or other first party's wireless device usage. An interface can allow the parent to set rules for the child's usage, and can specify that the parent should receive messages when a call is made to or from the child's wireless device. In addition to call information, the message may prompt the parent for approval of the call connection. Thus, a parent can decide whether a call that is incoming from or outgoing to a third party should be permitted.02-23-2012
20120208520System and Method for Controlling Vehicle Systems From a Cell Phone - A system and method for controlling systems of a vehicle with a cell phone. The cell phone is associated with the vehicle through a user interface. User preferences are received through the user interface for sending commands from the cell phone to the vehicle for controlling the systems of the vehicle. A wireless connection is established between the vehicle and the cell phone. A distance is determined between the cell phone and the vehicle. One or more commands are sent to the vehicle to control the systems based on the user preferences.08-16-2012
20100159913Remote Ring Tone Control Using USSD - Devices, systems and methods are disclosed which relate to a USSD assisted remote ring tone control service allowing a first mobile device to remotely add a ring tone and activate the ring tone of a second mobile device. A first mobile device contains a remote ring-tone control logic. The remote ring-tone control logic interacts with a USSD gateway server to send a ring tone to a second mobile device and remotely activates the ring tone. This requires authorization by a policy server which is in communication with the USSD gateway server. Once authorized, the first mobile device can upload a ring tone to a ring tone cache or find a ring tone on a network. The first mobile device then sends a URL to the second mobile device pointing to the ring tone either in the ring tone cache or elsewhere on the network. The second mobile device then downloads the ring tone. Once the download is confirmed the second mobile device activates the ring tone. The next time the first communications device makes a call to the second mobile device, the ring tone sounds through the second mobile device.06-24-2010
20120009914ELECTRONIC DEVICE CONTROLLING APPARATUS FOR MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device controlling apparatus for a mobile terminal capable of conveniently and effectively remote-control an electronic device by using a mobile terminal without a remote controller of the electronic device, and a method thereof. When an electronic device is displayed on a display unit through a camera, an electronic device identifier is received from the electronic device through a communication module. And, the electronic device is controlled based on electronic device information matching with the received electronic device identifier.01-12-2012
20130183957VEHICLE-MOUNTED APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING VEHICLE-MOUNTED APPARATUS, AND PROGRAM - A vehicle-mounted apparatus is mounted on a vehicle having a keyless entry unit which receives a signal instructing a keyless entry from a mobile terminal and performs a keyless entry process in response to the received signal. The vehicle-mounted apparatus includes: a communication unit which receives control information including manipulation information indicating manipulation content for controlling the vehicle-mounted apparatus and information specifying a mobile terminal, from the mobile terminal; a terminal determination unit which determines whether the mobile terminal which transmitted the control information is the mobile terminal used for the keyless entry; a manipulation acceptance determination unit which determines whether to accept manipulation specified by the manipulation information included in the control information received by the communication unit, according to the determination result of the terminal determination unit; and a processing unit which performs a process is according to the determination of the manipulation acceptance determination unit.07-18-2013
20120157079SECURE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR OPENING LOCKING DEVICES BY ENCRYPTED ACOUSTIC ACCREDITATIONS - The invention relates to a system implements a mobile phone (06-21-2012
20110105103Interfacing a Mobile Device with a Computer - Systems and methods for interfacing a mobile device and a host computer are described in the present disclosure. In one embodiment, among several, an interfacing system comprises a mobile device, which has a sensor, and a host computer. The sensor of the mobile device detects gestures that are translated to cursor control commands for a display of the host computer.05-05-2011
20100093335METHOD FOR REMOTELY CONTROLLING A MOBILE TERMINAL - The invention relates to a method for controlling remotely a mobile terminal (04-15-2010
20120214476REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND REMOTE CONTROL METHOD, DEVICE FOR PERFORMING REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, DEVICE OPERABLE BY REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A portable information terminal is placed in proximity with an ID recognition unit of a notebook PC. By reading ID from the portable information terminal, the notebook PC is able to identify a network address of the portable information terminal so as to establish a network connection with the portable information terminal. The notebook PC then sends suitable operation information to the portable information terminal via a network. For example, if presentation is running on the notebook PC, screen information for operating the presentation is transferred to the portable information terminal. Accordingly, by using one device connected to the other device by a wired or wireless network, the operation of the other device can be controlled.08-23-2012
20120214475REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND REMOTE CONTROL METHOD, DEVICE FOR PERFORMING REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, DEVICE OPERABLE BY REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION AND CONTROL MEHTOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A portable information terminal is placed in proximity with an ID recognition unit of a notebook PC. By reading ID from the portable information terminal, the notebook PC is able to identify a network address of the portable information terminal so as to establish a network connection with the portable information terminal. The notebook PC then sends suitable operation information to the portable information terminal via a network. For example, if presentation is running on the notebook PC, screen information for operating the presentation is transferred to the portable information terminal. Accordingly, by using one device connected to the other device by a wired or wireless network, the operation of the other device can be controlled.08-23-2012
20120172027Use of geofences for location-based activation and control of services - Disclosed herein is a geofence service that enables various remote control and automatic operations based a user's current geographic position as determined by the user's mobile device's current geographic location. The geofence service enables the user to define one or more geofences based on specific geographic locations. Such geofences may be applied against several geofence applications for remote and automatic control of devices. In one embodiment, the mobile device's volume or power control settings are adjusted based on the user's location inside or outside a geofence. In one embodiment, temperature setting of a building or house is controlled based on user's proximity to a geofence. In one embodiment, electrical appliances within a home are activated and controlled automatically based on user's current geographic location.07-05-2012
20120315888METHOD FOR REMOTELY CONTROLLING A DEVICE BY MEANS OF A FIXED TRANSCEIVER STATION, DEVICE, USE OF A FIXED TRANSCEIVER STATION AND PROGRAM - A method for remotely controlling a device by a fixed transceiver station in a radio cell of a cellular mobile telecommunications network, the cellular mobile telecommunications network being at least one of a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network or a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN), includes: transmitting to the device on a control channel, by the fixed transceiver station, control information specific to the radio cell; wherein the control channel is a channel or a portion of a channel used to broadcast location information; wherein the control information comprises an identification part for specifying the device; and wherein the device is not required to have a registration with the network.12-13-2012
20120178433METHOD FOR PROVISIONING AN APPARATUS CONNECTED CONTACTLESS TO A MOBILE DEVICE - An electronic transaction card communicates with an add-on slot of an intelligent electronic device. The add-on slot may be a memory card slot. The intelligent electronic device may be a mobile phone or other device with or without network connectivity. The electronic transaction card may have magnetic field producing circuitry compatible with magnetic card readers, smartcard circuitry, other point-of-sale interfaces, or any combination thereof.07-12-2012
20120178432Methods for Translating a Device Command - An item of information (07-12-2012
20120178431Proximity-Enabled Remote Control - The invention relates to systems and methods that enable a mobile device to be approximated with an object in order to enable control of the object. In one possible embodiment of a method of the invention, a mobile device is brought in physical proximity with an object, the identity of the object is determined wirelessly, based on such determination, a remote control user interface is presented by the mobile device, the mobile device receives input relating to a desired control action for the object, and the mobile device wirelessly communicates with a remote computer to facilitate control of the object. Various embodiments of the invention are possible to address a wide range of practical applications.07-12-2012
20090061841MEDIA OUT INTERFACE - Methods, systems, and computer-readable medium for providing a media out interface. In one implementation, a method is provided. The method includes, at a host device, detecting a mobile device coupled to the host device, and displaying on a display device coupled to the host device an interface including interface elements, which can be manipulated by commands received from the mobile device or another device, wherein the interface enables control of the display of content received from the mobile device and displayed on the display device.03-05-2009
20120315887COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A communication terminal includes: a touch panel, which receives a contact operation and outputs position information representing the contact position, and which includes a first operation area configured to receive a position designating operation and a second operation area configured to receive a response operation to respond to an event occurring according to an execution of another function; a control unit, which determines whether the position information represents the first operation area or the second operation area, wherein, in a case where the position information represents the first operation area, the control unit outputs the received position information to the transmitting unit, and wherein, in a case where the position information represents the second operation area and the notification signal is received, the control unit controls to perform a process corresponding to a notification signal.12-13-2012
20120258702MOBILE TERMINAL, IN-VEHICLE APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, AND CONTROL METHOD FOR MOBILE TERMINAL - A mobile terminal for communicating with an in-vehicle apparatus includes: a mobile connection detection device for detecting connection between the mobile terminal and the in-vehicle apparatus; and a mobile control device for controlling a plurality of functions, each of which is executed by consuming electric power of the mobile terminal. When the mobile connection detection device detects the connection, the mobile control device suppresses or stops executing one of the functions in the mobile terminal. This enables to save power consumption of the mobile terminal without turning off the mobile terminal when it is brought into a vehicle compartment.10-11-2012
20110124326Locator for finding lost or misplaced objects - A network based method and system (apparatus) for locating remote objects which have become lost, misplaced or stolen. An iPhone-like “application” interrogates a low duty cycle locator device with a transceiver and GPS chip. The user is alerted via phone message (call and/or text). The locator device is interrogated via a telephony capable computer server. The user checks on a website to view a map with the coordinates of the missing object displayed. An automatic computer-based method of interrogating the locator allows for extremely small duty cycles (milliseconds) while a missing location may become available every minute, five minutes, or ten minutes, for example.05-26-2011
20120264415WIRELESS INTERNET RADIO SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A VEHICLE - An apparatus for wirelessly connecting a smartphone to a remote FM radio system, for controlling playback of audio content delivered wirelessly to the smartphone via a wide area network, on the remote FM radio system. An apparatus housing receives a DC power signal from a remote DC power source. A control panel has a display and controls for controlling playback of the audio content on the remote FM radio system, at least one of the controls performing a function in common with a playback control appearing on a display of the smartphone. An electronic subsystem communicates with the control panel and wirelessly receives audio content from the smartphone, and communicates the audio content as an FM signal via a user playback command input at the controls of the control panel, to the remote FM radio system.10-18-2012
20120264414Method for Creating Low-cost Interactive Entertainment Robots - A method for creating low-cost interactive entertainment robots is disclosed. The cost of the robots is reduced by using a commodity computing device: smart phone, and by having robotic bodies use a decoder of a set of movement commands that facilitates the interoperability between a variety of smart phones and a variety of robotic bodies. Smart phones are equipped with powerful CPU, touch screen, USB, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, WI-FI, etc. They are fit for being the robot control units with the relevant robot applications installed. The cost of robotic bodies can be reduced by minimizing the amount of processing and sensing there and having them focus on mechanical movements. Furthermore, by defining and using a set of movement commands that promotes interoperability between a variety of robot control units and a variety of robotic bodies, the cost of robotic bodies can be reduced through mass production.10-18-2012
20120276891HOME APPLIANCE REMOTE CONTROL METHOD AND WIRELESS NETWORK CARD - The present invention provides a method for remotely controlling household appliances comprising: storing corresponding relation between household appliance identification information, operation action instructing information and control signal encoding format in a wireless network card integrated with a remote control circuit; a terminal sending a remote control command to a specified wireless network card, the remote control command carrying at least identification information of a controlled household appliance and operation action instructing information; and after receiving the remote control command, the wireless network card analyzing the remote control command and sending a control signal in a corresponding encoding format to the controlled household appliance using the remote control circuit according to the carried identification information of the controlled household appliance, the operation action instructing information and the locally stored corresponding relation. The present invention further provides a wireless network card.11-01-2012
20120329447Automatic Setting of an Alert Mode on a Wireless Device - Embodiments are provided for automatically setting an alert mode on a wireless device. Scheduling data is received which defines a predetermined period utilized to set the alert mode. The scheduling data may be received either by direct input in the wireless device or alternatively from an external edge device, such as a network server, in a communications network. In response to receiving the scheduling data, an alert mode on the wireless device is automatically set for the predetermined period. The alert mode may include a silent alert mode on the wireless device. The wireless device may include a sensor for receiving data indicative of a current external state. The sensor data may include location data, temperature data, and ambient noise data. The received sensor data may be utilized to automatically trigger the setting of an alert mode in the wireless device.12-27-2012
20120329446Device Control System via a Mobile Radio Telephone - The disclosure relates to a mobile radio telephone, a receiver, a system and a method for the remote control of a device to be controlled by means of the mobile telephone designed to communicate according to a predetermined mobile radio standard, in a mobile radio network operating according to said predetermined mobile radio standard, to generate an out-put signal comprising at least one control command for the device to be controlled, and to transmit the output signal directly to the device to be controlled.12-27-2012
20120329445Methods and Apparatus for Bluetooth Functionality Verification - A testing method includes pairing a BLUETOOTH device and a vehicle computing system (VCS) and setting the device to a preferred device. The method also includes streaming audio from the device to the VCS, such that the audio is played by the VCS. The method includes suspending the VCS and verifying that the VCS and the device are disconnected, then resuming the suspended VCS. The method further includes instructing the audio to play from the VCS, if the audio does not resume play. The method additionally includes instructing the audio to move to a next track, using the VCS in conjunction with an audio video remote control profile (AVRCP). Also, the method includes validating the operability between the device and the VCS contingent at least on the discontinuation of audio playback when the VCS is suspended and the establishment of an audio connection resulting in audio playback upon resumption of the suspended VCS.12-27-2012
20100130188SYSTEM FOR THE REMOTE CONTROL OF CONTROL UNITS, EVEN BATTERY POWERED CONTROL UNITS, FOR IRRIGATION DEVICES - A system for the remote control of a plurality of control units (A05-27-2010
20120149360SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USER PROFILING FROM GATHERING USER DATA THROUGH INTERACTION WITH A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system, method, and wireless communication device that profiles a user thereof, or a user at a second wireless communication device in communication therewith. The wireless communication device gathers user data for a user thereof, or from a user at a second wireless communication device, and either directly generates, or has generated elsewhere, a user profile, such as a personality or psychological profile, or medical diagnosis of the user, and can display the user profile to the user and/or alter the wireless communication device functionality based upon the user profile. The gathered user data can be from physical user interaction with the wireless communication device, or from other equipment resident at the wireless communication device, such as a camera and medical diagnostic devices.06-14-2012
20120149359WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE USING MOBILE PHONE - A wireless remote control device is provided using a mobile phone. The mobile phone's keys, touch-sensitive screen, gravity sensor, or audio controller are signal triggering means to issue instructions. A processing software is installed in the mobile phone and the instructions are processed by the processing software, delivered to a communication module via the mobile phone's port, and radiated to the remote controlled toy by the communication module, so as to control the remote controlled toy's mechanical actions and audio/lighting effects. The wireless remote control device is intelligent, functionally versatile, easily extensible, and hot pluggable. In addition, infrared transmitter is adopted that not only is accurate and robust to interference, but also produces little interference itself to the environment and the neighboring devices.06-14-2012
20080220761MOBILE TERMINAL FOR REMOTELY CONTROLLING AND METHOD OF REMOTELY CONTROLlLING THE SAME - A mobile terminal for remotely controlling and a method of remotely controlling the same that enable remote control operation of the mobile terminal by connecting a remote control device and the mobile terminal are provided. The method of remotely controlling a mobile terminal includes transmitting a key code from a remote control device by user request; receiving and recognizing the key code in the mobile terminal; converting the key code to an operation code of the mobile terminal; and controlling data output operation according to the operation code.09-11-2008
20080220760METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR USAGE PROFILING ASSOCIATED WITH DEVICE SPECIFIC IDENTIFIERS - Methods and systems are disclosed herein for managing content, including advertising content, delivered to various network-connected devices, including screens, mobile devices, computers, televisions, radios, and the like, based on usage profiles associated with device-specific identifiers for mobile devices, short-distance wireless technologies for transmission of content and detection of proximity, and content targeting and management techniques.09-11-2008
20130171980METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SYNCHRONIZATION BETWEEN A MOBILE DEVICE AND A DISPLAY DEVICE, THE MOBILE DEVICE, AND THE DISPLAY DEVICE - A method and device for synchronization between a mobile device and a display device are disclosed. A synchronization device for synchronization between a mobile device and a display device includes: a storage part configured to store first position information of each of a plurality of display devices; a receiving part configured to receive second position information of the mobile device; and a synchronizing part configured to synchronize the mobile device with a display device having the first position information corresponding to the second position information, from among the plurality of display devices. According to certain embodiments of the invention, a mobile device may be synchronized with multiple display devices using the position information of the mobile device, thus allowing the user to conveniently access various services through multiple display devices.07-04-2013
20130171981DIGITAL DEVICE CONTROL SYSTEM USING SMART PHONE - There is provided a digital device control system using a smart phone, including a smart phone having an application of a remote control function, a digital device of which on/off of a power supply, channel or volume is controlled according to a signal received from the smart phone, and an IR repeater functioning as a central control unit connected to the smart phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication and connected to the digital device through a plurality of infrared ray communications in order to remotely control the digital device, and therefore, the digital device can be controlled using the smart phone instead of a remote controller. In addition, since a plurality of LEDs capable of performing infrared ray communication is included in the IR repeater so as to transmit and receive an infrared signal of a wide range, a digital device desired to be controlled can be remotely controlled even when the digital device is placed at a far distance or at a blind spot in a room, and a plurality of digital devices can be controlled simultaneously.07-04-2013
20130095813Remote Activation Of Video Share On Mobile Devices - A method for initiating a video share service of a mobile device based on commands from a remote source. The method includes receiving a request from the remote source to initiate the video share service, authenticating the sender of the request, receiving a command to start the video share service; and transmitting the output of the service. There is also a system configured for receiving a request from a first mobile device to initiate a service from a second mobile device, for authentication of the request, for commanding the second mobile device to start a service under control of the first mobile device, and for delivery of the output of the service.04-18-2013
20130095814SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR MULTI-TASKING IN A CLIENTLESS MOBILE PHONE - A system for multi-tasking access to applications by a clientless mobile phone. The system includes at least a clientless mobile interaction (CMI) application server communicatively connected to a network; at least one application server communicatively connected to a network, the at least one application server having at least a first application executable on the clientless mobile phone and a second application executable on the clientless mobile phone; and a presentation layer gateway communicatively connected to the network, wherein the CMI application server enables the clientless mobile phone communicatively connected to the presentation layer gateway by at least a presentation layer protocol to access the first application and the second application executed on the CMI application server while presenting a menu on the clientless mobile phone for seamless switching between the first application and the second application executed on the CMI application server.04-18-2013
20130143546SHARING APPLICATIONS/MEDIA BETWEEN CAR AND PHONE (HYDROID) - Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment. The present disclosure includes a system to generate a vehicle communication system. The vehicle communication system can determine which devices are within the vehicle. From this determination, the vehicle communication system may create a universal bus and hotspot where applications, data, multimedia information, and resources can be shared both with the vehicle and with the other devices in the vehicle.06-06-2013
20130157649Firmware Upgrade Function For Deskphone Electronic Protocol Converter - The invention relates to a method of programming a processing unit by firmware in a protocol converter for providing first data received from a telephone device in accordance with a first protocol to a headset system in accordance with a second protocol and for providing second data received from the headset system in accordance with the second protocol to the telephone in accordance with the first protocol, the operation of the protocol converter being controlled by the processing unit. The invention further relates to a protocol converter, such as an Electronic Hook Switch adapter, for providing first data received from a telephone device in accordance with a first protocol to a headset system in accordance with a second protocol and for providing second data received from the headset system in accordance with the second protocol to the telephone device in accordance with the first protocol. The headset system provides firmware to the protocol converter in accordance with the second protocol.06-20-2013
20130157648System and Method for Remotely Controlling An Animal Feeder - A control system of a remotely-controlled device using a mobile telephone, the control system comprising a software application executing in the mobile telephone, the software application including a graphical user interface enabling a user to enter commands, the system includes a first wireless communication interface operable to communicate with a second wireless communication interface of the mobile telephone, a memory storing coded instructions, a processor operable to execute the coded instructions and receive timer setting commands from the mobile telephone, set at least one timer in response to the received timer setting commands, and control the remote controlled device according to the day, time, and duration settings of the at least one timer.06-20-2013
20110275358APPLICATION STATE AND ACTIVITY TRANSFER BETWEEN DEVICES - A method of operating a personal electronic device and an in-vehicle infotainment system includes running an application on one of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system. It is sensed that the personal electronic device has been, or soon will be, moved into or out of a proximity of the in-vehicle infotainment system. Information regarding a state of the one of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system is transferred to the other of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system. An application is selected for the other of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system. The selected application is used to replicate the state of the one of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system on the other of the personal electronic device and the in-vehicle infotainment system.11-10-2011
20130137419Mobile App for Design Management Framework - Software allows images captured during product development on a mobile device (e.g., smartphone or other client device) to be uploaded to a design management system from the mobile device. Mark-up annotations and comments can be added to the images at the mobile device. Assignment of tasks related to the images can be made from the mobile device.05-30-2013
20120282914SMART PHONE COMPANION LOOP - A smart phone companion loop is presented as a phone companion solution that extends the use of a mobile device to the loop tablet or compatible computing device by pairing functionality of both devices. The loop tablet operates as a standalone or parallel device, allowing user to operate applications and functionality from either of the paired devices. The loop tablet allows users to view smart phone applications on a larger screen setting wirelessly. Loop connectivity is the seamless integration of one or more paired mobile devices that communicate wirelessly and share total functionality when tethered or synced with bi-directional control and interface between looped devices with functional commands from both devices. Tablet and Cell phone will be ‘paired’ for security reasons. It may be possible to pair a tablet, car or computing device with multiple or more registered phones that operates under a standard or custom operating system.11-08-2012
20120282913REMOTE ACTION SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a remote action system for a vehicle, comprising a first functional unit of the vehicle and a mobile data terminal having a first application module, which is designed to be loaded onto the mobile data terminal and installed there by a user, to provide the user with a preferably graphical user interface adapted to the first functional unit, and to exchange data with the first functional unit by means of at least one mobile communication channel. Thus, a mobile telephone or smartphone having an app can be used a remote control of an air conditioner.11-08-2012
20130183958System and Method for Remote Asset Management - A system for autonomously monitoring and managing consumer device assets includes a plurality of consumer device assets registered with a remote computer server platform. The remote computer server platform is configured to execute software applications for monitoring and managing the consumer device assets. The consumer device assets communicate operational status information and consumer usage information to the remote computer server platform automatically as a result of pre-programmed conditions and/or instructions received from the remote computer server platform. The remote computer server platform monitors the consumer device assets by processing the operational status information and consumer usage information automatically according to preprogrammed conditions. Based upon the results of processing at least some of the received consumer usage information, the remote computer server platform manages the consumer device assets by communicating management instructions that cause the stored data content files of one or more assets to be automatically modified.07-18-2013
20120302226Workspace energy management using multifactor presence detection and mobile phone identity verification - A workspace energy management method and system control the power state of workspace appliances using multi-factor presence detection and mobile phone identity verification. Multifactor presence detection substantially reduces the risk that workspace appliances will be powered-up in response to erroneous detection of presence at the workspace (e.g., false positive). Mobile phone identity verification, which verifies that the office worker's mobile phone is at the workspace (and thus that the office worker is also likely at the workspace) before workspace appliances are powered-up, prevents workspace appliances from being inadvertently powered-up by personnel other than the office worker, but without compromising worker privacy.11-29-2012
20130210418REMOTE ACTIVATION OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS - According to one configuration, a user is able to activate an application on a mobile phone device without the user having to directly pressing an appropriate sequence of keys on the mobile phone device. For example, a user logs onto a web site to provide a phone number of the mobile phone device. Additionally, via input to the web site, the user also requests activation of a particular application on the mobile phone device. An application server receives notification of the request and generates a text-message to the application on the mobile phone device to initiate activation of the application. In response to receiving the text-message, the application on the mobile phone device initiates retrieval of appropriate configuration information associated with the user from the application server.08-15-2013

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