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20120184255Searching For Mobile Content - Methods and apparatus, including computer systems and program products, for searching for mobile content. A method includes receiving, via a user interface, at a computer system independent of the mobile device, information identifying the mobile device to receive computer data; receiving, at the computer system, information identifying the computer data to be downloaded to the mobile device; using the computer system to search computer data offerings from mobile device content providers for the computer data; and wirelessly transmitting to the mobile device data corresponding to a search result. Another method includes an application, on a mobile device, querying a computer system independent of the mobile device for a result of a search for the computer data, and causing the downloading of the computer data.07-19-2012
20120244847TRANSFER OF DATA-INTENSIVE CONTENT BETWEEN PORTABLE DEVICES - Described herein are technologies that facilitate transfer of data-intensive content between portable telephones. Phones are configured to transmit data indicative of phone location to a proxy server by way of respective cellular network data connections. When a user of a phone wishes to acquire content that is labeled as shareable on another phone, the user of the phone initiates a location-based request, which causes the proxy server to provide a list of phones that are estimated to be in Wi-Fi range of such phone. The user thereafter selects a particular phone, and the proxy server instructs that phone to activate its Wi-Fi radio. The phone of the user additionally activates its Wi-Fi radio, and a peer-to-peer connection between phones is established. Thereafter, rich content is transferrable between the phones.09-27-2012
20100105370Contextual Search by a Mobile Communications Device - Contextual search by a mobile communications device is described. In an implementation, a search query is a received and a context is detected of a user interface currently being displayed on a display device of a mobile communications device. One or more search results are displayed on a display device of a search performed in the detected context using the search query.04-29-2010
20100069051User Friendly Mobile Phone When Accessing Web Pages on Communications Paths With Low Bandwidth - A mobile phone provided according to an aspect of the present invention generates a non-visual human perceptible signal (e.g., sound or touch/vibration) after the data representing a web page content is received. Due to such a feature, the user need not watch a display screen of the mobile phone to know that the web page is displayed. The use-friendliness is enhanced when accessing the web pages over low bandwidth communication paths.03-18-2010
20130090102Systems and Methods For Facilitating The Acquisition of Content - The present invention provides systems and methods for acquiring content (e.g., a ring tone or a ring view) for a communication device.04-11-2013
20130090101MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to request a 3D webpage from a web server; a display unit configured to display the 3D webpage received via the wireless communication unit; a memory configured to set a display condition of the 3D webpage for the mobile terminal; and a controller configured to detect whether a current status of the mobile terminal meets the set display condition when a command for accessing the 3D webpage is input before the 3D webpage is requested from the web server, request and receive the 3D webpage via the wireless communication unit if the current status of the mobile terminal meets the set display condition, control the display unit to display the received 3D webpage, and control a 3D operation of the displayed 3D webpage.04-11-2013
20090305682SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WEBPAGE DISPLAY IN A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An improved system and method for displaying webpage content on a portable electronic device is provided. An entire webpage may be displayed in a display of the portable electronic device. Layout parameters may define a plurality of focus areas of content portions within the webpage. A user may select a focus area, and display settings may be applied to the focus area to provide an enhanced display of the focus area. In addition, the system may store the layout parameters and display settings for future application. When a user accesses a previously accessed webpage, or one similar to a previously accessed webpage, the stored layout parameters and display settings may be applied automatically. In this manner, an enhanced display of webpage content is provided with minimal user effort.12-10-2009
20090011748MOBILE TELEPHONE AND FILE SHARING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention aims at providing a cellular telephone apparatus capable of enhancing usefulness of file-sharing, as well as a file sharing method for use with the cellular telephone apparatus.01-08-2009
20120270527SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MOBILE MEDIA SERVICES UTILIZING A SHORT FORM COMMAND STRUCTURE - In embodiments of the present invention, systems and methods for mobile media services media services may comprise content delivery via a mobile platform. User engagement may be facilitated by developing locally produced, personalized channels for delivery of relevant content. The mobile platform may enable building mobile-oriented communities around original content. Content may be local, authentic, relevant, insider, original, aggregated, a multi-modal mash-up, and the like.10-25-2012
20110294477SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING MOBILE DEVICE SERVICES USING SMS COMMUNICATIONS - An enhanced services platform has an interface for receiving a communication from a user requesting a desired data. An automated response module parses the communication and retrieves the desired data. The enhanced services platform arranges the desired data into a response message that is sent to the user, where the response message includes an embedded code corresponding to a link allowing the user to re-contact the enhanced services platform. An operator assistance module receives communications from the user initiated via the link to provide further assistance regarding the user's request.12-01-2011
20110281567ESTABLISHING SESSIONS BETWEEN DEVICES IN A NETWORK - A method may include generating a discovery ID, wherein the discovery ID identifies an IP connection between a network device and a user device. The method may further include receiving a short message service (SMS) message from the user device, wherein the SMS message includes the discovery ID. The method may further include determining a telephone number associated with the user device based on a sender ID of the SMS message. Further, the method may also include transmitting a value indicative of the telephone number to the user device through the IP connection based on the discovery ID received in the SMS message.11-17-2011
20080299956Digital Data Compression in a Cellular Phone - Video clips are stored and converted on a website into different formats which are compatible with different cellular phones. The source for the video can be sources such as DVDs, other cellular phones, or broadcast television. The system can automatically store profiles from multiple different phones and automatically carry out a conversion based on information stored in the profile.12-04-2008
20110287750LINK SERVER AND PROGRAM THEREOF, WEBSITE BROWSING SYSTEM, WEBSITE BROWSING METHOD, AND WEBSITE BROWSING PROGRAM - In response to a browsing request of a website from a mobile phone, a link server acquires content information from the web server. Based on the content information, a plurality of page images generated by making a picture of the web page, pseudo UIF display data corresponding to UIF included in the web page, URL information indicating URL address of a top page of the website to be browsed, and a control code for providing the mobile phone with various functions related to the website browsing are combined, and thereby generating a website browsing application. The link server delivers the generated website browsing application to the mobile phone.11-24-2011
20090163189Web content distribution to personal cellular telecommunications devices - The present invention is directed toward distribution of web content to personal cellular telecommunications devices. The present invention proposes compiling syndicated items compilation files containing the entire contents of one or more syndicated information files and/or status notification compilation files containing a list of one or more syndication feeds and status information regarding same. Both types of compilation files can be Point-To-MultiPoint (P2MP) pushed to all available personal cellular telecommunications devices in one or more cells selected by a cellular operator using standardized P2MP push technology. Alternatively, status notification compilation files can be P2P pulled by or P2P pushed to particular personal cellular telecommunications devices. The present invention also proposes offering accessing full stories in formats other than conventional web page formats. Such non web page formats include inter alia SMS, MMS, email, and the like.06-25-2009
20090149166METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR CONVEYING AN EVENT REMINDER - A method and system for conveying an event reminder associated with an event according to various embodiments of the invention are disclosed. Specifically, the method comprises receiving a spoken indication of an event description from a user and receiving an indication of an event time. The method further comprises storing the event description in association with the user in a memory. An event reminder time is determined based on the event description. In response to an occurrence of the event reminder time, the event reminder comprising at least the event description is conveyed to the user. The instant invention allows the user to provision an event reminder by using voice, which enables the user to employ different types of communication devices (such as legacy POTS phones, VoIP phones, wireless communication devices and the like) for establishing a reminder provisioning session with a server.06-11-2009
20080214165Vehicle Information Communication System, Management Server, On-Vehicle Device, and Vehicle Information Communication Method - A vehicle information communication system includes a management server 09-04-2008
20090156185Wireless application protocol (wap) application location based services (lbs) - A Location Based Service (LBS) enabled Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) application operating in a microbrowser of a mobile device is given the ability to trigger a network initiated LBS request from a WAP application server. The WAP application server (or SMS gateway) acts as a proxy and issues an LBS request to a relevant LBS platform. In response, the WAP application server receives the requested location information from the LBS platform and initiates a WAP session with the mobile device using a WAP PUSH command. In this way, the WAP application running on the mobile device can act on requested and received LBS input from a network LBS platform.06-18-2009
20090264111PODCASTING ON A MOBILE PHONE - The field of mobile telephony and, more particularly to accessing podcast content from mobile telephones is disclosed. More precisely, a method and a system for downloading a podcast on a Web server onto a mobile terminal, the method including: 10-22-2009
20090170485Mobile Information Providing and Transaction System - A method and a system (07-02-2009
20090291673Method for Connecting a Cellular Mobile Terminal To a Hot Line Involving Locating the Terminal - The invention concerns a method for connecting a cellular mobile terminal (11-26-2009
20090275315Systems and Methods for a Wireless Messaging Information Service - A method and system for sending information in the form of a wireless message to a wireless device subscriber requesting advertising, product, or service information is described. The method includes assigning an information request code by a service provider to the information provided by an advertiser, presenting or displaying the information request code along with an advertisement to potential consumers, receiving the information request code from the wireless device, and sending a wireless message to the potential consumer's wireless communication device. The system includes an advertisement comprising an information request code, a wireless communication device operable for sending the information request code and receiving a wireless data message, a wireless communication center in communication with a wireless network and operable for relaying, storing, and forwarding the wireless data message to the wireless communication device.11-05-2009
20090280784SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING STREAMING DATA TO A MOBILE DEVICE - Various embodiments for a system and method for providing streaming data to a device are provided herein. In one example, a method comprises receiving a request for streaming data from a mobile device, receiving settings with regards to the delivery of the streaming data to the mobile device, retrieving the streaming data from a source of the streaming data, reformatting the streaming data for the mobile device according to the settings and sending the reformatted streaming data to the mobile device in accordance with the settings.11-12-2009
20090291674MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF DOWNLOADING CONTENT THEREIN - A mobile terminal and method of downloading a content therein are provided. This may include receiving information at the mobile terminal regarding downloadable content and a specific time to download the content from a broadcast network, and providing an indication on a display of the mobile terminal to download the downloadable content based on the specific time. This may also include selecting to download the downloadable content, and downloading the content from the broadcast network to the mobile terminal based on the selection.11-26-2009
20090042548INTERROGATE-RESPONSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM WITH PRIVACY INDICATION - A method of and apparatus for obtaining information about a product or service offering having an associated receiver responsive to an information request or query. The method comprise providing a portable subscriber device linked with a communication network, presenting at least one selectable query for information to a subscriber via the subscriber device, selecting the at least one query for information, providing a desired privacy status of the subscriber utilizing the subscriber device, transmitting the query and the privacy status and, at the associated receiver, processing the privacy status and responding to the query by providing the requested information to the subscriber. A corresponding apparatus is also disclosed.02-12-2009
20100248702Methods and system for enhanced directory assistance using wireless messaging protocols - Directory assistance provides telephone number look up services to callers based on the business or caller name as listed in a telephone directory. In the prior art, directory assistance provides a value-added service to telephone users and an expense that must be charged back to telephone callers or absorbed by telephone carriers. In enhanced directory assistance (EDA) services as described in the disclosure, EDA is further developed to deliver a keyword targeted advertising service to telephone listing owners and advertisers. The present invention provides a method and system to extend EDA services to the wireless messaging systems used by telecommunications operators. The invention further discloses methods to support both one-way and two-way communications on these devices, as well as systems to support the distributed EDA Transaction business model.09-30-2010
20080287112SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR LOCATING CELLULAR PHONES AND SECURITY MEASURES FOR THE SAME - Systems and methods for locating a cellular phone are provided. More particularly, systems and methods for providing the location of a requested user's cellular phone from a requesting user's device (e.g., a second cellular phone) based on access rights defined by the requested user. Location descriptions may be provided at a multitude of levels. For example, if a cellular phone, or an identity associated to (e.g., logged into) a cellular phone, has been given access rights to a cell phone's exact location for an indefinite amount of time, that cell phone can receive, on command, the exact location of the approved cell phone. Other levels of location information that can be granted include, for example, proximities, states, and countries.11-20-2008
20080242280Content Delivery System and Method - A method and system for delivering content to a plurality of devices is provided. In one embodiment, the method may be for delivering content elements of one or more presentations to a device configured to communicate via a wireless data network, wherein the content elements include static content elements, dynamic content elements, and on-demand content elements. The method may comprise delivering to the device, data, such as compilation data, of the content elements included in the one or more presentations; delivering the static content elements to the device via the wireless data network during one or more time periods of increased available wireless data network capacity; delivering the dynamic content elements to the device via the wireless data network substantially according to a schedule; and delivering the on-demand content elements to the device via the wireless data network substantially immediately after a user request for an on-demand content element. In addition, the method may comprise determining that the device is accessible via a communication link, such as a wireless local area network, that does not include the wireless data network and delivering one or more content elements to the device via the communication link. Further, the method may comprise determining that the device is communicatively coupled to an internet access device and delivering one or more content elements to the device via the internet access device.10-02-2008
20090088139Method, network unit and system for providing subscriber information of a group call to an interception unit - To provide at least one piece of subscriber information regarding at least one group call to an interception unit from a network unit by way of a communication network, the network unit receives at least one piece of subscriber information regarding at least one group call from a further network unit following a request for this at least one piece of subscriber information. The network unit forwards the at least one piece of subscriber information regarding the at least one group call in at least one IRI ticket to the interception unit.04-02-2009
20120142322Providing Location Information Using Matrix Code - A method for providing a user of a mobile electronic device with information regarding the geographic location of a business entity. The method includes detecting, utilizing the mobile electronic mobile device, a matrix code. The matrix code is encoded with data relating to the business entity. The method further includes retrieving, utilizing the electronic mobile device, GPS data relating to any or all of a current geographic location of the electronic mobile device and a reference geographic location. The method further includes generating, utilizing the electronic mobile device, a request for location information with respect to the business entity.06-07-2012
20090029687COMBINING MOBILE AND TRANSCODED CONTENT IN A MOBILE SEARCH RESULT - In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for transcoding non-mobile specific content, creating a blended content repository that includes mobile specific content and transcoded webpage content, receiving a navigation request from a mobile communication facility, presenting a content to the mobile communication facility from the blended content repository based at least in part on a relevancy to the navigation request.01-29-2009
20110207446METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING TILES OF DYNAMIC CONTENT - Some techniques for providing tiles of dynamic content include a service that determines a generation time and update time in response to receiving a request for a particular tile, and that returns the particular tile. The generation time is when the particular tile of dynamic content was most recently generated based on particular vector data associated with the particular tile. The update time is when the particular vector data was most recently updated. The particular tile is generated based on the particular vector data in response to determining that the generation time is not later than the update time. Some techniques include a client that receives data that indicates an estimated time to complete generation of a tile in response to sending a first request for the tile. A second request for the tile is sent at a time based at least in part on the estimated time.08-25-2011
20090298485METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MOBILE PERSONAL VIDEO RECORDER - Methods and apparatuses for remotely recording video content on a personal video recording server, at the request of a user of a mobile device, and obtaining that recorded content on the mobile device, in some embodiments, at a later time.12-03-2009
20090298484METHOD, DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR SESSION MOBILITY OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT DELIVERED TO MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A method, device and system for providing communication session mobility of multimedia content delivered to a mobile communication device, such as a Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) mobile video device. For example, multimedia content delivered to a mobile communication device via a DVB-H network can be transferred seamlessly to a cellular data network. Session mobility is provided using a control server or session controller configured to manage and facilitate the transfer of the content delivery. The control server manages the transfer in response to receiving appropriate communication session control information from the mobile communication device. The control server can be a network element coupled to or contained within the network that couples a multimedia content source to one or more wireless control points that communicate with the end user mobile communication device. Alternatively, the control server can be partially or completely included or contained within the multimedia content provider.12-03-2009
20090131025Targeted mobile content insertion and/or replacement - A method is provided for altering content of a webpage served from a content provider's server (05-21-2009
20090163188METHOD AND SYSTEM OF PROVIDING AN AUDIO PHONE CARD - An approach is disclosed for providing an audio phone card. A telephone call is received for an audio service from a voice station by user. Audio content is transmitted to the user over the telephone call, wherein playback of the audio content is controlled by the user via the telephone call.06-25-2009
20090163190Content provision to subscribers via wireless transmission - Methods and systems that provide content to subscribers via wireless transmission by initiating a page that does not automatically provide associated content. The content provider conserves air time by not automatically transmitting the content. The information content may be of different types, such as voice, text, audio, or even video, and may be dynamic. In addition to the aforementioned, the content provider may provide to subscribers via wireless transmission songs or video clips or updates on weather or stock rates.06-25-2009
20090186604MOBILE TERMINAL CAPABLE OF PROVIDING WEATHER INFORMATION AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOBILE TERMINAL - A method of controlling a mobile terminal is provided. The method includes displaying a first screen image, receiving weather information, providing a semi-transparent filter effect corresponding to the weather information, and overlaying the semi-transparent filter effect onto the first screen image to create a second composite image, and displaying the second composite image. A mobile terminal is also provided, which includes a display module configured to display a first screen image as an idle screen background, a wireless communication unit configured to receive weather information through a communication network, and a controller configured to overlay a semi-transparent filter effect corresponding to the received weather information onto the first screen image to create a second composite image, and then to display the second composite image.07-23-2009
20090005020Wireless network and method of transmitting content from locally stored server - One example embodiment of the present invention discloses a method of delivering content from a base station of a wireless network to a mobile station including receiving a request for content from a mobile station, accessing the requested content from content stored in association with the base station, and transmitting the requested content to the mobile station.01-01-2009
20090176483TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION USING COMMUNICATION NETWORK AND METHOD THEREOF - The system for processing transportation information using a communication network comprises a customer communication means for performing a direct call connection to a transportation vehicle by the operation of a customer who wants to use a transportation service through the transportation vehicle; a plurality of communication means for transportation vehicles provided with the transportation vehicle for providing a transportation service for performing a direct call connection with the customer communication means; an information database means for storing subscriber information on the plurality of transportation vehicles and communication means of transportation vehicles, connection history information of the communication means of each transportation vehicle and information on a charge as a cost for service of the customer communication means; a host server means in which is operated such that the customer communication means makes a direct call connection to the communication means of the transportation vehicles sequentially according to the predetermined order based on the subscriber information and the connection history information in the information database means; and a data relay means for performing a direct call connection to the customer communication means.07-09-2009
20090005021LOCATION-BASED CATEGORICAL INFORMATION SERVICES - A selection of a category of interest and location information is used to determine categorical information that is provided to a device. In some implementations, the device includes a touch-sensitive display and presents the categorical information on a map using an indicator. In some implementations, the categorical information can be shared and/or updated by others.01-01-2009
20090203367Method of ordering location-specific services - A method of ordering location-specific services in which RFID or NFC interaction between an RFID or NFC-enabled portable device or a mobile telephone of a user, on the one hand, and a location and service-specific smartposter comprising at least one RFID or NFC label or tag or a location and service-specific RFID or NFC label affixed to an object such as a smartposter, on the other hand, is used to set up an activatable link to the portable device or mobile telephone. A connection to a server operated by the service provider is established following link activation. Location information relating to the RFID or NFC label is communicated to the service provider's server, the contents of the server page corresponding to the link depending on the location information transmitted by the RFID or NFC label. The user is then capable of ordering location-specific services after the connection has been set up.08-13-2009
20090117885SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONDUCTING A SEARCH USING A WIRELESS MOBILE DEVICE - A method and system are provided by which a wireless mobile device takes a vocally entered query and transmits it in a text message format over a wireless network to a search engine; receives search results based on the query from the search engine over the wireless network; and displays the search results.05-07-2009
20080261574Extending Wlan Signalling - The present invention relates to a method, device, instruction set, and signal for communicating the availability of additional information in access points relevant for determining in a mobile station which access point to connect to. An information tag is inserted into a beacon signal alerting of the additional information available; mobile stations not implemented with the present invention may operate as if the information tag was not present and thus ensuring compatibility between systems.10-23-2008
20090239514METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR PROVIDING ADVERTISEMENTS TO A MOBILE DEVICE - Embodiments include a method of increasing advertisement viewing time by a user of a broadcast reception and rendering device, comprising: rendering a broadcast stream associated with a channel from the plurality of channels; providing an interface to the user for changing the rendered channel to a second channel from the plurality of channels; detecting that the user is engaging with the interface for changing the rendered channel; and in response to the detecting, displaying at least one advertisement, the advertisement selected by reference to the user profile and displayed during the channel change. Embodiments also include a method of providing advertisements to a mobile device comprising: receiving a signal indicative of user interest in the displayed advertisement; detecting a request from the user to change a channel on the mobile device; and in response to the detection, displaying data relating to the advertisement.09-24-2009
20100178902ADDRESS BOOK REMOTE ACCESS AND EXTENSIBILITY - Address book data available to a user such as contact information, group information, resource information, and similar data, are retrieved from a plurality of sources by a third party service. The retrieved data is customized for consistent presentation and provided to the user without the user's application having to communicate with individual data sources for retrieving the data.07-15-2010
20100178903Systems and Methods to Provide Personal Information Assistance - Systems and methods are provided to present information to assist an individual during social activities. For example, in response to a certain user gesture, or keywords in a voice conversation, a mobile device based system may capture audio and/or visual information to formulate an automated search to retrieve information for assisting the user privately. For example, the face or the voice of another user can be captured to search for the name of that user to provide name assistance.07-15-2010
20100184416ATTRIBUTE AND LOCATION BASED ENTITY PRESENTATION IN PRESENCE BASED COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS - Presence information and communication options for contact entities (people and other) of a user are provided to the user based on the user's own location. The user's location information is used as initial criterion to filter contact entities. Further filtering is performed based on presence attributes of nearby contacts such as their expertise, availability, location, and similar attributes. Prioritization and ordering may also be carried out based on the same criteria.07-22-2010
20090117884Method and telephone for use of telephone book data stored in a telephone book data bank of a server - By storing part of a telephone book request in a telephone, telephone book data stored in a telephone book data bank in a server may be used by a telephone for telephone applications. A direct telephone book search in the telephone data bank of the server by a dedicated protocol is initiated by the telephone by transmission of search criteria. The telephone receives in exchange the search results and can understand the semantics of the search results based on markings in the dedicated protocol, such that the data of the search result can be used directly for telephone-specific operations. For example, outgoing telephone calls, storage in a local telephone book and determination of call number information on incoming telephone calls may be performed at the telephone using the search results.05-07-2009
20100222043SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND DEVICES FOR PROMPTING MOBILE DEVICE USERS FOR FEEDBACK INFORMATION USING TONE TRANSMISSIONS - Systems, methods, and devices for prompting mobile device users for feedback information using tone transmissions are provided. One device may include a network interface, a display, a microphone, and a processor in communication with the network interface, display, and microphone, where the processor is configured to execute computer executable instructions to receive, by the microphone, a tone, where the tone includes a location identifier. The processor is further configured to execute computer executable instructions to extract the location identifier from the tone, and transmit, via the network interface, a signal that includes at least a portion of the location identifier. Moreover, the processor is further configured to execute computer executable instructions to receive, via the network interface, user prompting information associated with the location identifier, and display at least a portion of the user prompting information on the display.09-02-2010
20100144328SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SHARING INFORMATION BETWEEN WIRELESS DEVICES - A method of receiving a user profile at a wireless device is provided. The method includes receiving a request to add the user profile at the wireless device, transmitting an acceptance of the request, receiving the user profile at the wireless device, and storing the user profile at the wireless device.06-10-2010
20100222042Time and Device Shifting of Mobile Advertising - A computer implemented method and system for monitoring message usage on a communication device, verifying a presenting of messages in such a way that a benefit may be determined for allowing the presenting. The presenting of messages may be postponed, for example, to a later time, to a different communication device or to a different user. Postponement, as well as verification, may be centrally monitored and controlled.09-02-2010
20100112991AMBIENT SOUND DETECTION AND RECOGNITION METHOD - A mobile device for exchanging user profiles with other mobile devices, the mobile device comprising a microphone for listening to ambient sounds, a speaker for producing sounds, a memory for storing a first user profile describing a first user of the mobile device, and a processor operable to control the microphone, the speaker, and the memory, the processor being further operable to transform the first user profile into a first sound pattern, broadcast the first sound pattern using the speaker, and detect, using the microphone, any second sound pattern produced by a second mobile device and comprising an indication that the first user profile and a user profile of a second user of said second mobile device are a match.05-06-2010
20100197286System and Method for Improving Cellular Telephone User Experience - A method for determining an amount of time required to download a data file to a wireless device includes receiving information indicating a first amount of wireless bandwidth allocated for the download of the data file, calculating a first length of time required to download the data file to the wireless device based on the first amount of wireless bandwidth allocated, and comparing the first length of time required to a predetermined amount of time. If the first length of time required is less than the predetermined amount of time, the download begins. If the first length of time required is more than the predetermined amount of time, information indicating the first length of time required is sent to the wireless device, a start download signal is received from the wireless device, and download of the data file to the wireless device begins in response to the start download signal.08-05-2010
20080293393System and Method for Providing Commercial Broadcast Content Information to Mobile Subscribers - System and method for providing information regarding broadcast content, such as advertising, commentary, music, or sports, to a wireless device. A preferred embodiment comprises sending a broadcast station identifier and a user identifier to a host server. The host server identifies the station and retrieves a list of content for the station. The content list is sent as a playlist to the wireless device for display to a user. The user identifies desired content and the host server sends specific information about the content to the user, such as a telephone number or webpage for an advertiser. The user can connect directly to the telephone number or webpage from the wireless device.11-27-2008
20130130663METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING NOTIFICATION MESSAGE IN A MOBILE BROADCAST SYSTEM - A method for providing a notification message in a transmitter of a mobile broadcast system supporting an interaction channel is disclosed. Upon an occurrence of a notification event, a first means generates a notification message, and generates at least one delivery request message including a target address based on subscription information of the corresponding terminal, using the generated notification message. A second means determines a channel over which it will deliver a notification message to the corresponding terminal based on the target address, and delivers the notification message over the determined channel.05-23-2013
20100304727SPAM CONTROL FOR SHARING CONTENT ON MOBILE DEVICES - Sharing content among users of mobile devices is facilitated and controlled by a system and method that employs a content sharing application to receive and process requests to share content among users of devices such as mobile devices and personal computers. Recipients receive share content messages from the content sharing application indicating that they have been selected to access shared content. Such messages may provide direct or indirect access to the shared content via the recipient mobile device. Recipients can specify privacy management schemes to limit or control the receipt of such messages. The content sharing application may also provide various spam filtering techniques that prevent users from abusing the system, including restricting the number or type of requests to share content that may be effectuated over time.12-02-2010
20090069000Method of Enabling the Downloading of Content - A method of enabling a mobile device to access content relating to a user-selected portion of a web page, the method comprising: receiving a request for the content; generating an information element representative of the requested content, the information element being arranged to enable the mobile device to access the content; and outputting the information element to the mobile device.03-12-2009
20090137232METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION FROM A CUSTOMER'S BANK ACCOUNT TO HIS MOBILE PHONE - A method and system for providing information to telecommunications devices, comprising access to a receiver device (05-28-2009
20090137233Method of and System for Facilitating Telecommunications Contact - A system for facilitating telecommunications contact including: a telecommunications network; a product information system having: an information file listing a set of predetermined code words relevant to one or more goods or services provided by one or more goods or service providers with a corresponding set of predetermined codes relevant the or each goods or services provider; a query module interactable with the information file and operable for seeking a code word from said set of code words to retrieve the corresponding predetermined code; and a connection module associated with the telecommunications network and operable for interconnecting a goods or service provider selected according to a code word input into the query module.05-28-2009
20110009103RELATIONAL RENDERING WITH A MOBILE TERMINAL - Data storing multiple contact entries is access and at least two of the contact entries are selected from the accessed data. A phone number and an image are associated with at least two selected contact entries. A relational characteristic is determined for the selected contact entries. A rendering size is determined for each of the selected contact entries of the image associated with the contact entry based on the determined relational characteristic for the contact entry. A composite display that enables concurrent rendering of the images associated with the selected contact entries is generated. The composite display renders each of the images according to its determined rendering size. Rendering of the generated composite display is enabled.01-13-2011
20110117897MOBILE TERMINAL AND INCOMING SCREEN DISPLAY METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a mobile terminal, and an incoming screen display method thereof. The mobile terminal comprises: a communication unit configured to perform a communication with a transmitting terminal and/or a community server; and a controller configured to download a sender's content by requesting search for the sender's content from the community server when a call request is received from the transmitting terminal, and configured to display the downloaded content.05-19-2011
20100136958METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING MULTIMEDIA CONTENT ON A MOBILE MEDIA CENTER - A method and apparatus for providing multimedia content over a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method receives a request from a customer via a data enabled cellular phone for accessing one or more multimedia content from a multimedia content server of the customer, and performs an authentication for obtaining the one or more multimedia content from the multimedia content server. The method obtains the one or more multimedia content from the multimedia content server, and transmits the one or more multimedia content to the data enabled cellular phone.06-03-2010
20090311997DYNAMIC USER-TO-USER ADDRESS BOOK SHARING IN A MOBILE STATION - The present invention provides a mobile station implemented method for managing a requested name and phone record. The method comprises steps of the requester associated device receiving a user's identification from a mobile station phonebook owner and a search term. The requester associated device transmits the user identification of the mobile station phonebook owner and the search term. Receiving at least one matching name and phone record, the requester associated device presents the at least one matching name and phone record to a user. The requester associated device receives a user management command to perform an action on the name and phone record. The method may complete when the requester associated device performs the action on the name and phone record.12-17-2009
20100015962WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR USE THEREWITH - An image of at least one object (01-21-2010
20100056117NETWORKED PROVISION OF MOBILE TELEPHONE APPLICATION DATA - A network based host comprising an agent for mobile telephones, the agent being associated with a mobile telephone users the agent comprising: mobile telephone application data; and an interface to make the application data available over the network to devices of the mobile telephone user and to provide the data for telephony operations by a remotely connecting mobile telephony device of the mobile telephone user.03-04-2010
20110065424SYSTEM AND METHOD TO FACILITATE DOWNLOADING DATA AT A MOBILE WIRELESS DEVICE - The invention relates to systems and method to facilitate downloading a data file. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving at a first wireless communication device a request to download a requested data file. A determination is made at the first wireless communication device whether the requested data file is stored at a second wireless communication device with which the first wireless communication device communicates via a local wireless link. If the requested data file is determined to be stored at the second wireless communication device, the first wireless communication device retrieving the requested data file from second wireless communication device via the local wireless link.03-17-2011
20090023429Asynchronous search platform for mobile device users - Apparatus for an asynchronous search platform is provided in which a user may submit a request for information via a mobile device and receives a response from a researcher. In one example, the apparatus includes a server operable to receive a user-generated request from a mobile device, communicate the request to a researcher (i.e., a person) for formulating a response to the request, and communicate the response to the mobile device. Each received request is sent to a researcher that attempts to generate a response to the request for sending to the user's mobile device. The researcher may further access user information for generating the response. The process operates asynchronously where, for example, a user's request is queued until an actual person, i.e., a researcher, is available to serve the request by obtaining the information requested. The quality and relevancy of information obtained may be improved over automated systems that rely solely on computers to serve such requests.01-22-2009
20090023428METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CREATING A PERSONALIZED JOURNAL BASED ON COLLECTING LINKS TO INFORMATION AND ANNOTATING THOSE LINKS FOR LATER RETRIEVAL - A system and method is provided for handling data in wireless communication devices where data may be captured and linked to a personal journal via indexing and mapping of context data tags abstracted from captured data. The captured data may be retrieved by matching a query to one or more context data tags indexed and mapped to the personal journal. A user preference utilizing one or more of the context data tags linked to the personal journal may facilitate captured data retrieval. The captured data may include multimedia data of an event pre-tagged with indexed information such as user ID, time, date, location and environmental condition or optionally one or more user's biometric data in response to the event. The pre-tagged captured data may be stored in the local host device or transferred to a remote host or storage for later retrieval or post processing.01-22-2009
20100311400JUKEBOX SYSTEM - A jukebox is described where users having mobile telephones can access a server (12-09-2010
20100304728METHOD FOR ACCESSING HYPERLINKS AND HYPERLINKED CONTENT VIA MOBILE PHONE - A method for accessing content from a computer network, the method comprising the steps of: (a) capturing an image of a substrate with a mobile phone having an optical image sensor; (b) forming on the mobile phone, a request based on the captured image; (c) transmitting, from the mobile phone via an associated mobile phone network, the request to a server on the computer network, the computer network being interoperable with the mobile phone network; (d) identifying content associated with the first identifier; and (e) receiving the content in the mobile phone.12-02-2010
20100304726Method, device and system for implementing multimedia ring back tone - A method, device and system for implementing Multimedia Ring Back Tone (MRBT) are provided, where the method includes: when a multimedia terminal sends a multimedia call request to a non-multimedia terminal, receiving the multimedia call request forwarded by a Mobile Switching Center (MSC) according to subscription information for an MRBT service of the non-multimedia terminal acquired by a Home Location Register (HLR), wherein the multimedia call request includes a unique identifier of the non-multimedia terminal and/or a unique subscription identifier in the subscription information; and determining the non-multimedia terminal as a subscription terminal for the MRBT service according to a correspondence between the acquired unique identifier and the non-multimedia terminal or to the unique subscription identifier in the subscription information, and playing the MRBT to the multimedia terminal. Therefore, the calling multimedia terminal may not only communicate with the called non-multimedia terminal in voice, but also view other media information including videos.12-02-2010
20100279670TRANSFERRING SESSIONS IN A COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK - Systems and methods for transferring a session or components of a session in a communication network are provided. The components of the session include media flows and control over the media flows. The user can initiate a transfer of a existing session with a mobile device such as user equipment (UE) to one or more devices that may lead to fan-out or fan-in to multiple devices. This can include separating the delivery of media from the control of the delivery. For example, a UE can be designated a controller to control another UE, such as a television (TV). In providing the capability to transfer these sessions, a gateway is used to implement network functions that allow the streaming to be controlled and delivered to the respective UEs. In some embodiments, the gateway can be flexible and its operation modified according to messages it receives.11-04-2010
20080248788SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MULTI-MODAL MOBILE MEDIA SERVICES - In embodiments of the present invention, systems and methods for a method for multi-modal mobile media services may comprise delivering a message comprising content to a user handset, associating an offer for related content with the message, associating at least one request for response with the offer, wherein the request for response is associated with a mode for accessing the related content, and transmitting the related content via the mode indicated by the response. User engagement may be facilitated by developing locally produced, personalized channels for delivery of relevant content. The mobile platform may enable building mobile-oriented communities around original content. Content may be local, authentic, relevant, insider, original, aggregated, a multi-modal mash-up, and the like.10-09-2008
20100069052Provision of services through communication networks - Disclosed is a method for providing services through a communication network to an end user device connected to the communication network, the method comprising allowing a service to be defined by providing a pointer to a standard format file comprising content for the service, reading content from the standard format file, and sending at least some part of said content through said communication network to the end user device.03-18-2010
20090318122Providing Broadcast Content - A method for providing broadcast content is disclosed. The method maintains a system to deliver regionally broadcasted content to an electronic device located outside a region of the regionally broadcasted content, provides an application for the electronic device that allows the electronic device to request a streaming media signal representing the regionally broadcasted content even if the electronic device is located outside of the region, and communicates the streaming media signal to the electronic device responsive to a user request.12-24-2009
20110256854Cellular Communications System For Providing Non-Real Time Subscription Data And Related Methods - A cellular communications system may include a plurality of mobile cellular communications devices each associated with a respective user, and at least one cellular base station for wirelessly communicating with the mobile cellular communications devices. The at least one cellular base station may have a capacity associated therewith. The system may also include a central station for determining available capacity of the at least one cellular base station based upon active wireless communications with the mobile cellular communications devices. Moreover, the system may also include a subscription server for cooperating with the central station to provide non-real time subscription data to users on respective mobile cellular communications devices via the at least one cellular base station when the determined available capacity thereof is greater than a threshold.10-20-2011
20080214166LOCATION BASED MOBILE SHOPPING AFFINITY PROGRAM - In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for presenting an affinity program enrollment opportunity to a mobile communication facility based at least in part on a navigation request made on the mobile communication facility and a location of the mobile communication facility, providing a sponsored affinity program content to an affinity program enrollee, and providing an incentive to the enrollee for an interaction with the sponsored affinity program content.09-04-2008
20080254778MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL AND WEB PAGE CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A method of controlling a mobile communication terminal method includes receiving Internet tag information identifying an Internet address, providing a menu screen on a display of the terminal so that a user can select representative image data that visually represents to the user the Internet address, linking the representative image data selected by the user with the Internet tag information and displaying the representative image data on a display of the mobile communication terminal.10-16-2008
20120071146PATTERN BASED ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS FOR MOBILE DEVICES - A method is disclosed in which a server generates and transmits a reply to a mobile device via a wireless communication link in response to receiving a request from a mobile device. The reply includes first pattern information and data elements retrieved from a logical data model. The mobile device renders a first page on a screen thereof in response to receiving the reply. The first page includes visual representations of the data elements, and the first page presents the visual representations in a first pattern corresponding to the first pattern information.03-22-2012
20090176482METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING REMOTE CACHE INFORMATION - A method and system for providing one or more status indicators associated with a request from a device for information from a website. According to an embodiment, information received from the website is stored in a cache, and the status indicators are generated based on the information in the cache. In response to a request from the device one or more of the status indicators are downloaded or otherwise transmitted to the device. According to an embodiment, the request is generated by a user activating an HTML link at the device. The HTML link is associated with an HTML file which stores the status information, and in response to activation, one or more of the status indicators from the HTML file are transmitted to the device.07-09-2009
20100190481SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RETRIEVING THE DYNAMIC STATE OF A MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system and method for retrieving the dynamic state of mobile communication devices is disclosed. The key state indicators from mobile communication devices are retrieved to target user requested contents or advertising contents for users of the communication devices. The method for delivering the contents to mobile communication devices includes determining key state indicators (KSI) of mobile communication devices sending the determined values to a server, and orienting the values to send the content to users of said mobile communication devices, on request. The key state indicators of mobile communication devices comprises of device state, link state, network state, behavior state and dynamic state of the device. The values of key state indicators are calculated and stored in said mobile communication device in a Mobile Advertising Record (MAR) format.07-29-2010
20110217965METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM FOR SYNCHRONIZING SPOT INFORMATION - A method, a system, and a computer-readable medium for synchronizing spot information, adapted to synchronize a plurality of spot information displayed on a mobile device and a terminal device, are provided. In the present method, when the mobile device logs in to a service end device, the spot information in a spot database of the mobile device is synchronized to the service end device. When the terminal device logs in to the service end device, the spot information synchronized from the mobile device to the service end device is downloaded to the terminal device and displayed in a spot information browsing webpage. When the mobile device receives spot information edited by a user, the mobile device synchronizes the edited spot information to the service end device, and the service end device updates the spot information displayed in the spot information browsing webpage of the terminal device.09-08-2011
20080200155Method and System For Using Location-Based Services For Mobile Terminals - A system and method is provided for using location-based services (LBS) for mobile terminals of a mobile telephony network, a user dispatching an information request via the mobile terminal for information matched to the location of the user; the user dispatching the information request as an USSD code which belongs to a class of USSD codes specified in the mobile telephony network for location-based services (LBS-USSD), so that a USSD handler of network operator identifies the incoming USSD code for location-based services (LBS-USSD) and routes them on together with the address of the requesting user to an LSB further processing entity (WVI), by which the USSD code for location-based services (LBS-USSD) is interpreted with the aid of the parameterization, and the matching location-based information is made available for transmission to the user.08-21-2008
20110117896System And Method For Using Cellular Network Components To Derive Traffic Information - A traffic reporting system and method for geographic area of interest. The system includes standard wireless telecommunication components configured to establish search criteria, determine a sample size, collect traffic information, calculate additional traffic information, and generate reports.05-19-2011
20100035590METHOD OF OBTAINING DIRECTORY NUMBER - A method of obtaining the directory number (such as the MSISDN) of a mobile device registered with a mobile communication network. The method comprises: causing the mobile device to disconnect from the network and connect with a separately introduced transmitter which is not under the control of the network; sending a request to the mobile device from the separately introduced transmitter, the request including an identification of a convenient device, and causing the mobile device to transmit a response to the network, which in turn causes the network to retrieve the directory number of the mobile device from a database and transmit it to the convenient device; and receiving the directory number from the network at the convenient device.02-11-2010
20120071145PERVASIVE CONTACT CENTER - Methods and systems that support the receipt of location data and/or touch data from a mobile communication device are provided. More particularly, a mobile customer service server is provided that can receive location data from or regarding a mobile communication device, and associate that location data with recognition data. The recognition data can in turn be delivered to other server side components, and used to select content to be returned to the mobile communication device. The mobile customer service server can also receive touch data input to the mobile communication device, and can provide recognition data related to the touch input to other server side component. Server side components provided with location or touch data by the mobile customer service server do not themselves need to natively support location recognition or touch recognition capabilities.03-22-2012
20110065425DIGITAL PERSONAL ASSISTANCE VIA A BROADBAND ACCESS GATEWAY - A system and method supporting access, coordination, modification, updating, and management of multiple sources of multimedia information resident on a plurality of access device is disclosed. A broadband access gateway may support applications that perform user services involving multiple sources of multimedia information across a network by acting as a focal point for access to multimedia information related to the applications. Using information that identifies such sources, the broadband access gateway may coordinate modification of one or more multimedia information sources based upon the content of other related sources of multimedia information. One such application may include the coordination of calendars for the planning of a meeting involving multiple participants. A representative embodiment of the present invention may identify available meeting dates and times, and the placement of reservations for appropriate travel accommodations using services accessible to the broadband access gateway via a broadband network.03-17-2011
20100093328Interworking Function with a Presence Access Layer to Provide Enhanced Presence Aspect Indications - A method for providing information to a watcher is provided. The method includes a presence access layer receiving presence-related information from a plurality of disparate presence platforms, the presence access layer using the presence-related information to derive a single element of presence information, and the presence access layer delivering the single element of presence information to the watcher.04-15-2010
20120122437System and Method for Activating Services on a Wireless Device - A system and method for activating services on a wireless device are provided that improve a user's experience and ease of activation/provisioning of services for the wireless device by providing a new provisioning channel for service activations. A user is simply required to input a short activation code(s) into the wireless device which is combined into an activation message along with other device-related information that is automatically retrieved from the wireless device. The generated activation message is then transmitted over the messaging provisioning channel accessible by inactive and/or unprovisioned wireless devices for delivery to a remote site for use in activating services on the wireless device. The services to be activated may include at least one of the following: out of the box activation, device upgrades, device reactivations, wireless number changes, wireless number porting, and the addition or purchasing of services including airtime, enrollments or content.05-17-2012
20110111741Audio-Only User Interface Mobile Phone Pairing - Address book content information and an input command set are synchronized by an audio-only user interface mobile phone with a mobile device pairing server, such that the address book content information and the input command set of the audio-only user interface mobile phone are synchronized with a display-based mobile phone and the audio-only user interface mobile phone is synchronized with the display-based mobile phone via a shared unified single telephone number. The synchronized address book content information and the synchronized input command set are stored. Audio voice input information is detected. A command associated with the stored input command set is identified within the detected audio voice input information, and the identified command is processed. Audio output is generated confirming that processing associated with the identified command is in process. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.05-12-2011
20110183656SYSTEM FOR SENDING INTERNET BASED CONTENT TO A MEDIA DEVICE THROUGH A MOBILE PHONE - A method for sending content to a media device. The method comprises receiving a request by a mobile phone for content, the mobile phone including an antenna effective to communicate with a base station or a satellite. The method comprises sending the request from the mobile phone over the Internet to a content server. The request further comprises receiving the request at the content server; sending the request to a memory; receiving the content from the memory and sending the content from the content server to the mobile phone. The method further comprises receiving the content from the content server at the mobile phone; sending at least some of the content from the mobile phone to a media device; receiving the at least some of the content at the media device; and outputting the content on the media device.07-28-2011
20120129506DESKTOP TO MOBILE DATA AND ACTION TRANSFER - Methods and systems for utilizing tags to transfer data are provided. Digital tags may be presented on a display device of a first computing device such that the tags are selectable by a second computing device. The tags may include tag content that is associated with a target item indicated by a user. The tag content may be identified based on actions performed by the second computing device. Upon selection of the tag by the second computing device, the tag content is communicated to the second computing device.05-24-2012
20120214455Wireless communication devices - A telecommunication network is described in which information relating to access to resources such as the world wide web, may be transferred between wireless communication terminals at least one of which is a client of a server connected to the network and providing access to the resources. A method of transfer and a terminal suitable therefor are described.08-23-2012
20090081998DATA BACKUP SYSTEM - A data backup system includes a mobile device, a data storing apparatus for backup-saving user data used in the mobile device, and a user management apparatus for managing user information about a user using the mobile device, where the device and apparatuses communicate with each other. When the mobile device is a replacement for an old mobile device, the user management apparatus stores and manages a device ID of the mobile device in association with an old device ID of the old mobile device and personal identification information of a user using the mobile device and who has used the old mobile device. When downloading old user data previously used in the old mobile device from the data storing apparatus, the mobile device creates and transmits a user data acquiring request message with an old device user data acquiring request flag activated to the data storing apparatus. If the flag is set in the user data acquiring request message, the data storing apparatus verifies identification of the user with respect to the user management apparatus. If the identification of the user of the mobile device and the old mobile device is verified, the data storing apparatus retrieves and transmits the old user data to the mobile device.03-26-2009
20100048189METHOD, DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFYING A SERVICE - The present invention relates to the communication field and discloses a method, a device and a system for identifying a service to solve the problem in prior art that a service request can not be realized correctly in case of wrong configuration of the terminal. The method for identifying a service in an embodiment of the present invention includes: receiving a service request including a field for indicating a service content type of the service request; resolving the service request to identify the service type of the service request according to the field included in the service request. An embodiment of the present invention also discloses a device and a system for service processing accordingly.02-25-2010
20100048188Initiating Tracing Of Wireless Terminal Activities - The invention is directed to a method and an access network management device for initiating a tracing of the activities of a wireless terminal in a wireless network as well as to a method and a core network management device for ordering a tracing of the activities of a wireless terminal in a wireless network. According to the invention an access network management device in an access network section (AN) of a wireless network (WN) sends a request for a tracing regarding a wireless terminal to a core network management device in a core network section (CN) of the wireless network (WN). The core network management device automatically orders, based on the request, network elements of the access network section (AN) to perform tracing regarding the wireless terminal.02-25-2010
20100048187Transmission and retrieval of real-time scorekeeping - A system and method for transmitting and accessing real-time amateur sports data is provided. The system allows spectators of amateur sporting events to record game data on a mobile electronic device and share live game updates with other amateur sports fans. The system includes a software application configured to operate on a mobile electronic device. Game data may be input into the software application and uploaded to a remote database by way of a wireless network. The remote database may allow third party users to access the game data as it is uploaded to the database in order to follow the progress of the game in real time.02-25-2010
20120178428METHOD, DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFYING A SERVICE - A method for identifying a service includes: receiving a service request including a field for indicating a service content type of the service request; resolving the service request to identify the service type of the service request according to the field included in the service request. The present invention also discloses a device and a system for service processing accordingly.07-12-2012
20120190350INFORMATION MESSAGING SYSTEM - A method of transmitting contact information to an approved mobile communication device includes receiving an input representative of desired contact information located on a first web page and an input representative of the identity of a desired mobile communication device. The method also includes saving information representative of the desired contact information in a contact information database. The method also includes determining whether the desired mobile communication device is an approved device and transmitting to the desired mobile communication device information representative of a notification to send the information representative of the desired contact information. The method also includes receiving an input from the desired mobile communication device information representative of an acceptance to receive the information representative of the desired contact information, and transmitting to the desired mobile communication device information representative of the desired contact information.07-26-2012
20090017805System for Targeting Data to Users on Mobile Devices - A system is described for targeting data to users on mobile devices. The system may include a processor, a memory and an interface. The memory may be operatively connected to the processor and the interface and may store a request, a mobile identifier, a session identifier, a user behavior dataset and a data. The interface may be operatively connected to the memory and the processor and may communicate with the mobile device. The processor may be operatively connected to the interface and the memory and may receive a request from a user on a mobile device via the interface. The processor may extract a mobile identifier from the request and map the mobile identifier to a session identifier. The processor may use the session identifier to collect a user behavior dataset and may communicate data to the user based on the user behavior dataset via the interface.01-15-2009
20090017804System for Serving Targeted Advertisements Over Mobile Messaging Services - A system is described for serving targeted advertisements over mobile messaging services. The system may include a processor, a memory and an interface. The memory may store a request for an advertisement and an advertisement. The interface may be operatively connected to the memory and the processor and may communicate with mobile network operators. The mobile network operators may be capable of providing mobile services users. The processor may be operatively connected to the interface and the memory and may receive a request for an advertisement from a mobile network operator via the interface. The request for an advertisement may be related to a mobile message sent from a first user to a second user via the mobile network operator. The processor may retrieve an advertisement based on the request for an advertisement. The processor may communicate the advertisement to the mobile network operator via the interface.01-15-2009
20080299957SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING LOCATION INFORMATION TO EXECUTE AN ACTION - Provided are methods for executing an action in response to a request for a service using location information in conjunction with service-specific parameters. A user may request a provider of a specified service (e.g., taxi, plumber, pharmacist, etc.). In evaluating the request, providers may be evaluated based on the location information in addition to service-specific parameters. An action in response may include merely displaying selected service provider(s) in response to the request, or acting on behalf of the user by communicating with a selected service provider.12-04-2008
20110003583SELECTION OF SENSORS FOR MONITORING PHENOMENA CONSIDERING THE VALUE OF INFORMATION AND DATA SHARING PREFERENCES - A method disclosed herein includes the act of computing a value of information for obtaining data from a personal sensor of a user for utilization in a utilitarian computing application, wherein a mobile computing device comprises the personal sensor of the user. The method further includes the act of requesting that the mobile computing device transmit a data packet to the computing device based at least in part upon the value of information for obtaining data from the personal sensor of the user.01-06-2011
20110237232Systems and Methods to Provide Offers on Mobile Devices - Systems and methods to propagate and redeem offers via mobile communications. In one aspect, a system includes an interchange and a data storage facility storing a value in association with a first phone number. The interchange includes a common format processor and a plurality of converters to interface with a plurality of different controllers of mobile communications. The converters are configured to communicate with the common format processor in a common format and with the controllers in different formats. The common format processor is to re-associate the value with a second phone number and to use one converter of the converters to communicate a reference of the value to a telephonic apparatus at the second phone number, in response to a request from a telephonic apparatus at the first phone number, when the request includes the second phone number and a reference to the value.09-29-2011
20100234002INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A MOBILE NETWORK - A method of and system for distributing information forming part of an information campaign to a user's mobile device in a mobile communication network are provided. The method comprises receiving campaign message information defining campaign messages to be distributed on behalf of an information provider to a mobile device. A campaign message request associated with a mobile device is received by the system, with the campaign message being generated by embedded architecture content forming part of an application program of a mobile device service provider. The system associates the campaign request with target profile information defined by the information provider in order to select a suitable campaign message for distribution and distributes the selected campaign message to the service provider or mobile device, in response to the received campaign request.09-16-2010
20120276884DISPLAYING A MAP ON A HANDHELD WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE - Tickers are populated with location-based information that is selected according to the geographic location of communication devices. The location of a communication device is identified based on a GPS system, proximity to transmitters in a wireless network, user input, or using other techniques. Location-appropriate content is obtained either in real-time from the network or from a local data store at the communication device. In general location-based, context-aware content can be displayed on tickers associated with a variety of communication devices, including mobile communication devices and “immobile” or stationary personal computers. When a ticker item is selected from the ticker, a location associated with the selected ticker item and/or a location of the communication device is used to generate a map that is displayed on the display of the device to the user.11-01-2012
20100167709System and Method for Supporting Peer Interactions - Peer to peer interactions are a popular way of social networking. Such peer to peer interactions play an important role in (a) obtaining relevant and latest information; (b) obtaining relevant experiential information; (c) obtaining of relevant opinions on, say, products; (d) collaborative problem solving, and so on. Consider a scenario of classified ads: a user visiting a portal through a mobile phone to decide on buying of a product can be well assisted by facilitating peer to peer interactions. In many situations, it is required to make the right selection of peers in order to be able to obtain the right information, and furthermore, voice is a preferred mode of interaction if mobile phones are used in peer to peer interactions. Also, in peer to peer interactions, anonymity is important in order to protect the privacy of the peers. A system and method for supporting peer interactions, especially in a mobile scenario involving classified ads, need to address the issues related to (a) selecting and displaying of the right information; (b) selecting of right peers; and (c) facilitating anonymous peer interactions.07-01-2010
20100130183METHOD OF OPERATING A MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method of operating a mobile electronic device, a mobile electronic device, as well as a method of operating a server and a sever are disclosed. The mobile electronic device comprises a receiver unit, a processing unit, a memory and an input unit. The memory stores a plurality of data objects which may be selected by a user of the mobile electronic device.05-27-2010
20100130184HAND-HELD DEVICE FOR ADAPTING A NOTICING TIME BASED ON WEATHER FORECAST AND METHOD THEREOF - A hand-held device for adapting a time at which to give notice to a user based on a weather forecast and a method thereof are provided, which includes a forecast receiving module connected to a weather forecast station for periodically obtaining the weather forecast, a time adapting module for adapting the noticing time, a parameter setting module for inputting a location weather-type and noticing time adaptation parameter, the location weather-type and noticing time adaptation parameter including a location and adaptation settings corresponding to the location, wherein each of the adaptation settings specifies how to adapt the noticing time according to a weather type, and a matching module for matching the weather forecast in the adaptation settings of the weather-type and noticing time adaptation parameter. The time adapting module is used for adapting the noticing time according to at least one of the adaptation settings corresponding to the weather forecast.05-27-2010
20110159857INPUT DEVICE WITH AN ACCELEROMETER - Methods, devices, and systems are described for bumping a mobile device, such as a smart phone, against a fixed poster board display at a store to initiate a download of coupons, advertisements, or other benefits to the mobile device. Products can be rated by a user's up/down bump or other bump patterns. Using accelerometer-based inertial measurements, multiple users can control multiple mouse cursors on a large display with their mobile devices in order to select information to be downloaded to their mobile devices.06-30-2011
20080248789MOBILE MIDDLEWARE SUPPORTING CONTEXT MONITORING AND CONTEXT MONITORING METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is mobile middleware, a context monitoring method, a context-aware system, and a context-aware service provision method, which support energy-efficient context monitoring. The mobile middleware receives a request for a CMQ from context-aware application programs, receives sensor data from sensors, monitors whether the CMQ is satisfied, and transmits an event to the context-aware application programs according to results of the monitoring. In this case, the mobile middleware controls the sensors so that only sensor data required to determine whether the CMQ is satisfied needs to be transmitted so as to reduce energy consumption during the performance of the monitoring. Therefore, the mobile middleware can perform energy-efficient context monitoring, required by the context-aware application programs.10-09-2008
20080248787Method for connecting to network server, terminal using the same, and method for storing information using broadcast - A broadcasting mobile terminal communication method and the broadcasting mobile terminal are disclosed. The method includes displaying a list of broadcast files stored on the terminal, in which at least one of the broadcast files is associated with broadcast related data stored on the terminal, and the broadcasting related data allows a user to obtain additional information about the at least one broadcast file. The method also includes selecting a broadcast file that is associated with broadcast related data, and connecting to an entity that provides the additional information about the at least one broadcast file.10-09-2008
20080242281MOBILE ADDRESSABILITY WITH MAPPING OF PHONE NUMBERS TO DYNAMIC IP ADDRESSES - A network device, method, and mobile device are directed towards enabling a computing device to initiate an Internet Protocol (IP) connection with a mobile device using text messaging. The initiating computing device may attempt to contact the mobile device by sending a request to a gateway device. In one embodiment, the request may include a phone number for the mobile device. If an existing IP connection is detected, the gateway device may employ it to establish an IP connection to the initiating computing device. Otherwise, the gateway device may employ the phone number to send a text message to the mobile device. The text message may, in one embodiment, include instructions, or the like, requesting the mobile device to establish an IP connection with the gateway device. The gateway device may then complete the IP connection between the mobile device and the initiating computing device.10-02-2008
20080233931Location Service Method and System - A location service method and system, the location service method implemented by receiving an emergency positioning request with respect to a target terminal using a location service system based upon a user plane, and providing the target terminal with connection information of a network entity which is to perform the emergency positioning for the target terminal in response to the request, wherein the target terminal can request the network entity to initiate the emergency positioning using the connection information of the network entity, the network entity can calculate location information regarding the target terminal by a consecutive message exchange with the target terminal according to the emergency positioning initiation request, and the network entity sends the corresponding calculated location information to the target terminal and an emergency condition processing center.09-25-2008
20080233930OPTIMIZED MESSAGING SERVICE-BASED MEDIA DELIVERY - Media can be optimized for delivery via a messaging paradigm to a plurality of mobile communications handsets. In some implementations, advertisements are coupled to the media and delivered in a single message. Such advertisements can also be optimized for the recipient mobile communications handset. Related apparatus, systems, methods, and articles are also described.09-25-2008
20080227437MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATOR UTILIZED TO OFFER DEDICATED SERVICES - A multimedia communicator is disclosed. The multimedia communicator comprises a processing unit; and a storage device coupled to the processing unit. The multimedia communicator further includes a plurality of interfaces to allow the multimedia communicator to offer a user a plurality of services. The MMC which includes a microprocessor computing system may be located in a car, for example, or within a handset similar to handsets presently utilized for cell phones. The MMC may be connected to a WiFi Internet connection, a cellular network, a satellite radio or equivalent satellite network, or to other available wireless networks. Additionally, the MMC has the potential to interface with GPS signals as desired.09-18-2008
20130095806METHOD FOR RETRIEVING CONTENT BY A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE HAVING FIRST AND SECOD RADIO ACCESS INTERFACES, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - In a wireless communication device having a first and a second radio access interface for respectively communicating with a first and a second access network, a method for retrieving content comprises receiving a request for retrieval of content from a remote server and retrieving a first part of the requested content over a first radio access technology connection. When the retrieval of the first part is determined not to meet a required QoS threshold, the second radio access interface is activated. A next part of the requested content to be retrieved is divided into a first portion for retrieval over the first radio access technology connection and a second portion for retrieval over a second radio access technology connection such that retrieval of the first and second portions are estimated to meet the required QoS threshold, and are retrieved over the first and second radio access technology connections, respectively.04-18-2013
20080200154Mobile Media Pause and Resume - In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for managing playback of content delivered to a mobile device with a pause and resume functionality. The method and system including receiving delivered content on a mobile device, initiating playback of the delivered content, pausing playback of the content being delivered to the mobile device in response to an action and resuming delivery of the content upon a request.08-21-2008
20090215436Integrated Wireless Mobile Media System - A fully integrated completely wireless mobile media system for digital signage applications receives content from a mobile telephone network. The received content is wirelessly distributed to point of sale locations and wireless local hotspots via IEEE 802.11(n) or later communications protocol. Audio and high definition video are streamed over MIMO RF technology incorporating JPEG2000 or later compression algorithms providing transmission quality up to or better than wired connectivity over a wireless link. The system requires no wired communications infrastructure such that the entire system may travel, or advertising displays are readily relocatable within the retail environment. Media content can be unicast for point to point (single endpoint) or multicast for multi-endpoint delivery. The system supports wireless local hotspot connectivity.08-27-2009
20110230176GUI Based Information Access, Web Search and Browsing over SMS - GUI based information access, web search and browsing over SMS. The embodiments herein generally relate to wireless communication, and, more particularly, to a method and application for creating and presenting information to and from mobile devices using a GUI interface over SMS. At the mobile terminal end it also includes methods for constructing an SMS comprising of information the user seeks and other matter recorded and transferred to the server to create responses and influence subsequent interactions. The method employs SMS transfers for communicating between a device based client application and an Internet based server application to simulate browsing over SMS. The method includes formatting of various textual elements including results, ads, actions, community-answers, and other matter or activities to be sent as SMS from the server and a mobile terminal reconstructing and presenting the received text messages to provide a browsing experience.09-22-2011
20130122876Methods, Systems, Devices, and Products for Providing Alerts for Communications - Methods, systems, and products provide alerts to a communications device. Sports scores may be associated to alerts, ringtones, and filenames. As communications are processed, a sports score may determine an alert.05-16-2013
20090191853TELEPHONIC SYSTEM OF AGGREGATING MULTIPLE ADVERTISERS OR PRODUCTS WITHIN AN ON-DEMAND CONSUMER-ACCESSIBLE DATABASE AND METHOD THEREOF - A telephonic system of providing information about aggregated advertising, products, and services includes a plurality of publicly detectable advertisements each having a different code. A central telephony system receives the associated codes from a consumer via a mobile telecommunications device (e.g., phone) upon the consumer becoming aware of the code. A message transaction is created and recorded, and a message is sent to the consumer's mobile phone in response to the code entered by the consumer being recognized by the central telephony system; the message corresponds to the entered code. Software is downloadable to the consumer's mobile phone and is adapted to program the consumer's mobile phone with a telephone access number for the central telephony system. Each advertiser can control how and to whom a message is sent via its message profile, and each consumer can control how and from whom a message is received via his/her profile.07-30-2009
20120064870Apparatus and methods of delivering music and information - The invention comprises music and information delivery systems and methods. One system comprises a portable communication device configured to receive a piece of music from an audio source and transmit the piece of music via a first communication medium to a host computer. The host computer is configured to receive the piece of music from the portable communication device and search a storage medium to identify and access the piece of music from the storage medium. The host computer is configured to transmit the piece of music via a second communication medium to one or more reception units that are configured to receive the piece of music from the host computer via the second communication medium.03-15-2012

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