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User location independent information retrieval

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455 - Telecommunications


455414100 - Special service

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455414300 Based on request (e.g., news, weather, etc.) 124
455414400 Format conversion (e.g., text, audio, etc.) 28
20110207445METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTENTS IN A MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for providing contents in a mobile communication system and apparatus thereof. The apparatus includes a contents provider access unit for responding to an inquiry request related to a service provision using contents providing terminal connected through a communication network and managing a rule related to the contents providing terminal and a connection and an inquiry request of the contents providing terminal; a central management unit for managing a predetermined service, apparatus information of a subscriber terminal and an operation and an authentication of the service based on a data inputted from a contents providing terminal connected through the contents provider access unit; and a transmission unit for receiving terminal information of a subscriber affiliated with the service and transmitting a menu of the service and contents in accordance with an apparatus of many piece of the terminal information of a subscriber affiliated with the service.08-25-2011
20080261573Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Receiving Efficiency of an Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service in a Wireless Communications System - A method for enhancing receiving efficiency of a multimedia broadcast multicast service, know as MBMS, in a wireless communications system includes setting an indicator for indicating whether an MBMS service is transmitted on an MBSFN, an abbreviation of MBMS over a Single Frequency Network, carrier or not, and sending the indicator to a user equipment of the wireless communications system.10-23-2008
20080261572MOBILE DEVICE BUSINESS MODELS - A mobile device facilitates customized services for its user. For example, a mobile device can record information about a user using multiple inputs (e.g., sensors, GPS, camera, etc.). The information recorded creates a log of activities and interests of the user. One or more parts of the log are published and the user receives additional information based on the published information, such as other nearby people with similar interests or coupons. Other services of the mobile device can include biometric (e.g., facial) recognition of people, voting/polling, and language translation. The services available on a mobile device can be pre-configured so that the user can use the various services out of the box.10-23-2008
20100112989AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF PERSONAL NETWORKS - A method may include receiving information about a geographic position of each of a plurality of mobile terminals for a particular time. The method may further include determining a relationship between two of the mobile terminals based on the geographic position and the particular time and automatically suggesting, based on the relationship, an information exchange of contact information between the two mobile terminals.05-06-2010
20130084838System, method, and apparatus for viewing underground structures - A system, method, and apparatus for displaying underground structures that include at least one processor, at least one display device, and at least one computer-readable medium comprising program instructions that, when executed by the at least one processor, cause the mobile device to determine a location of the mobile device, determine an area to be displayed based at least partially on the location of the mobile device, identify underground structure data for the area to be displayed, and generate, on or with the at least one display device, a graphical representation of the area including the at least one underground structure. Systems, methods, and apparatus are also provided to provide underground structure data to a mobile device based on a location of the mobile device.04-04-2013
20130040623IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD AND APPARATUS - An image display apparatus and method are discussed. According to an embodiment, the method includes connecting an image display apparatus to a mobile terminal; displaying, on a screen of the image display apparatus, an indication that the image display apparatus is connected to the mobile terminal; displaying, on the screen, a request to a user whether or not an image from the mobile terminal is to be displayed on the screen; and displaying, on the screen, the image from the mobile terminal, according to a response to the request.02-14-2013
20090156181POCKET BROADCASTING FOR MOBILE MEDIA CONTENT - Storing and providing access to media content such as pictures, video, or audio at an accessible service, that can be accessed by mobile devices and wired devices using any appropriate communication protocol including message services such as SMS, MMS, IM, CHAT, and the like. Users can upload content from a mobile device or a wired device, can specify or select access and payment/monetization options that are to apply to the uploaded content, and can download content that was provided by other users and subject to various download/payment terms. Free access can be accompanied or followed by advertising. Content can be converted into and/or provided in different formats and resolutions. In addition, key words and optionally short codes can be associated with specific content examples to improve ease and accuracy of upload and download.06-18-2009
20090156184On demand multicast messaging system - An on-demand message system includes a profile proxy server and a plurality of message servers coupled to a wireless network for sending messages to mobile users under conditions specified by the users and sellers. Users provide profile information specifying categories and conditions for which they will receive messages. Sellers also provide profile information specifying conditions under which they want messages to be sent. A multicast message is sent and processed by target users in response to a predetermined event, e.g., location update, conveying information related to a seller for which target users have expressed an interest in receiving.06-18-2009
20090156183EASY CALL FOR CONTENT - A method and apparatus for quickly and easily requesting content over a mobile device via a telephone network without requiring user entry of a number of pieces of information or having to forward through to certain request screens and/or browse for content. The method includes verifying a mobile device based on an incoming telephone call to a particular destination telephone number; retrieving by a content server the specific content associated with the particular destination telephone number in which contact has been initiated by the mobile device; and providing the specific content to the mobile device requesting the content. Specific content includes but is not limited to broadcast data, satellite transmitted data, and cable network data provided during a telephone call, so that a mobile device can receive everything from television shows to news broadcasts and educational shows, etc. so long it is within range of a telephone network.06-18-2009
20090156182System and method for generating a recommendation on a mobile device - A system and a method generate a recommendation on a mobile device. The system and the method may use a time, a location, a venue and/or an event to generate the recommendation. Further, the system and the method may use an event database to determine current interests of the user. Still further, the system and the method for generating a recommendation on a mobile device may use a transactional history of the user and/or behavior of other users to generate the recommendation. The system and the method may recommend, for example, digital media, news and event information, editorial content and/or physical or digital merchandise. As a result, the system and the method may generate a recommendation that corresponds to the current interests of the user.06-18-2009
20130035081SEMANTIC MAGAZINE PAGES - A method for providing user interaction with a printed page (02-07-2013
20100093325MOBILE TERMINAL PROVIDING WEB PAGE-MERGE FUNCTION AND OPERATING METHOD OF THE MOBILE TERMINAL - A mobile terminal providing a web page-merge function and an operating method of the mobile terminal are provided. The operating method includes displaying a first web page on a display module; choosing a second web page to be merged with the first web page; and merging the first and second web pages into a third web page and displaying the third web page on the display module. Therefore, it is possible to merge a number of web pages chosen by a user into a single web page and display the single web page.04-15-2010
20090124241METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR USER PROFILE MATCH INDICATION IN A MOBILE ENVIRONMENT - Methods and systems for determining a suitability for a mobile client to display information are disclosed. For example, a method for determining a suitability for a mobile client to receive a targeted content message includes generating user profile data by the mobile client, receiving a set of target profile data associated with the targeted content message, the set of target profile data being descriptive of the targeted content message, comparing the user profile data with the target set of profile data to produce a set of confidence-level data, a target set of profile data describing the content of a respective targeted-content message, and storing the targeted content message in the mobile client based upon the set of confidence-level data.05-14-2009
20080311895Colorful Ring Back Tone Copying Method - The present invention relates to a Colorful Ring Back Tone (CRBT) copying method, the method comprises: a calling mobile terminal initiating a call to a called mobile terminal and receiving a Ring Back Tone (RBT) sent by the CRBT service center; the mobile communication network authenticating it after receiving a CRBT copying request; if the authentication is passed, copying the RBT being currently played to a ring database of the calling mobile terminal and keeping playing the RBT until off-hook or on-hook; otherwise, keeping playing until off-hook or on-hook. The present invention relates to another CRBT copying method, the method comprises: a calling mobile terminal initiating a call to a called mobile terminal and receiving a RBT sent by the CRBT service center; the mobile communication network authenticating it after receiving a CRBT copying request; if the authentication is not passed, keeping playing the RBT until off-hook or on-hook; if the authentication is passed, enquiring the calling mobile terminal whether the copying should be taken; if it chooses to copy, copying the RBT being currently played to the ring database and keeping playing until off-hook or on-hook; otherwise, keeping playing until off-hook or on-hook.12-18-2008
20090305681Internet, Cellular Broadcast Phone Set and Software - Internet, cellular, wireless communication broadcast device that functions with software application that provides a means to utilize the internet, make telephone calls via an always connected ISP and cellular service provider. Touch screen base, mobile devices and remote devices can create, receive, store content submitted by broad cast software application and camera use. Broadcast software provides a targeted medium to send content to a network of recipients. All devices comprise wireless technologies (i.e. Bluetooth, satellite, cellular) that provide a means to switch telecommunication functions between the base device and mobile device to the technological advantage of the user. Thus allowing alternating functionality of the mobile device12-10-2009
20090111439SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING A MONITORED MOBILE PHONE - A method for monitoring a monitored mobile phone is provided. The method includes setting a time for sending unauthorized call information to the monitoring mobile phone. The method further includes saving call information of a phone connection between the monitored mobile phone and a first phone in the monitored mobile phone if the phone connection is an unauthorized call, and sending the call information to the monitoring mobile phone according to the set time.04-30-2009
20090270081METHOD FOR SUSPENDING AND RESUMING CONTENT TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION - According to an embodiment, a method for suspending content transmission/reception, includes: transmitting, if content reception within a certain channel needs to be suspended, an error notification message to a server, wherein the error notification message includes a first element indicating that the content reception is suspended, and a second element indicating a name, an attribute, or a value of a message found to be an error; transmitting a channel suspend request message to the server, wherein the channel suspend request message includes a third element for specifying an ID for the certain channel; and receiving a channel suspend response message from the server, wherein the channel suspend response message includes a fourth element containing IDs and status values for the channels requested for the transmission suspension.10-29-2009
20090011747File Sharing with a Hostile System - A mobile device is provided. The mobile device comprises a storage device storing one or more files and a serial port for connecting the mobile device to a remote system. The mobile device further comprises a user interface allowing a user of the mobile device to select a file stored on the storage device such that when the mobile device is connected to the remote system via the serial port, the remote system can only access the selected file.01-08-2009
20120238255INTERACTION ANALYSIS AND PRIORITIZATION OF MOBILE CONTENT - In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for receiving interaction information relating to a first mobile communication facility, weighting content based at least in part on the interaction information, and ordering the content for presentation on a second mobile communication facility based at least in part on the weighting.09-20-2012
20120238254VIDEO PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFYING ITEMS IN VIDEO FRAMES - A method and a system generate offers to a user of a mobile device based items identified in a video frame from a mobile device. A video frame selector module determines a video frame to process from the mobile device. An item identification module identifies an item in the determined video frame and tags the determined video frame with an identification of the item. Offers of the identified item from at least one merchant are generated to the mobile device.09-20-2012
20100167708SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SENDING A SAFETY MONITOR REPORT USING A MOBILE DEVICE - A safety monitoring system and method sets a preset acceleration and a preset gravity gradient of a mobile device, and a preset contact. If an obtained acceleration and a gravity gradient of the mobile device are greater than preset values, the system and method obtains positional data of the mobile device using a global positioning system (GPS) unit of the mobile device. The system and method further packs the positional data into short message service/multimedia message service (SMS/MMS) message, searches for the preset contact in the mobile device, and sends a safety monitor report to the preset contact by the SMS/MMS message.07-01-2010
20110028134Wireless Data Exhcnage - A system of exchanging and managing information includes a mobile device configured to automatically insert, exchange and update a caller's contact information into a user's phonebook. The phonebook can reside on either the UICC card, SIM, USIM, Mega SIM, any other smart card or an integrated chip, on the mobile device or on a remote server. The automatic insert and/or automatic exchange mechanism is triggered when a call is made between two people on mobile phones or other devices.02-03-2011
20090286521Methods And Apparatus For Producing And Submitting An HTTP Request With A Selected Top-Level Domain From A Mobile Communication Device - A mobile communication device is associated with a home wireless carrier that is identifiable by a home carrier identification stored in its memory. The mobile device also maintains a stored list of a plurality of carrier identifications, where each carrier identification is stored in association with one of a plurality of top-level domains. The mobile device reads the home carrier identification from the memory, and selects one of the plurality of top-level domains that is stored in association with the home carrier identification. During operation, the mobile device reads a specified domain name in response to a user-initiated request made via a Web browser or search application. Then, the mobile device produces a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) having the selected top-level domain and a second-level domain corresponding to the specified domain name. The HTTP request with the URL is submitted via the wireless communication network. Advantageously, consistency in accessing web sites, information, and/or search results may be achieved regardless of location of the mobile station.11-19-2009
20110300837LOCATION-BASED DYNAMIC HYPERLINKING METHODS AND SYSTEMS - An exemplary method includes detecting a request made by a mobile access device to access a web page that includes a display element, determining a geographic location of the mobile access device in response to the request, selecting enhanced content to be associated with the display element in accordance with the geographic location, and dynamically hyperlinking the display element to the enhanced content. Corresponding methods and systems are also described.12-08-2011
20110300838Advertising Ringtone Coverage - An apparatus, method and computer program for quantifying coverage of an advertising ringtone in a telephony system, the apparatus comprising: a receive component for receiving a request for an electronic device; a generate component, responsive to the receiver receiving the request, for playing the advertising ringtone on the electronic device; and a monitor component, responsive to the electronic device playing the advertising ringtone, for collecting coverage information from a personal device, wherein the monitor component comprises: a proximity component for identifying a local electronic resource; a select component, responsive to the proximity component identifying the local electronic resource, for determining the local electronic resource is the personal device; and a gather component, responsive to the select component determining the personal device, for gathering coverage information from the personal device.12-08-2011
20090258637Method for user identity tracking - The invention has disclosed a method for user identity tracking, and is suitable for wireless Internet. Precisely, mobile phone client end or WAP website sends user access request and parameters; user identity recognition server judges whether the user access request is for the first time; if so, it will distribute a unique user identifier, insert the user identifier in the returned information, and guide the mobile phone user to access the user identity recognition server based on the user identifier; read the recognition file on mobile phone, and complete the recognition of mobile phone user identity according to user identifier. With the technical proposal of the invention adopted, it is possible to realize the recognition on user identity through distributing the user identifier or through the corresponding relations between user identifier and users' mobile phone number.10-15-2009
20090137231LOCATION PRIVACY MANAGER FOR A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - Rules of communication are established between a wireless communication device (05-28-2009
20090186603MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE, COMPUTER EXECUTABLE PROGRAM FOR EXCHANGING PERSONAL INFORMATION, AND METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXCHANGING PERSONAL INFORMATION - A mobile terminal device that has a short range wireless communications unit performing short range wireless communications. A personal information storage unit storing a set of simple personal information relevant to the user of the mobile terminal device and a set of contact information for the user attached to the set of simple personal information and inhibited from being displayed on a device receiving this information.07-23-2009
20090149164System and method for single cell point-to-multipoint multiplexing and scheduling - A system is disclosed for providing multimedia broadcast multicast services (MBMS) using a single cell point-to-multipoint (SC-PTM) communication. The system includes a processor configured to promote transmitting scheduling information for a multicast traffic channel (MTCH) related to an MBMS service onto a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH). In a first transmission, the scheduling information includes modulation and coding information related to the MBMS service. In a second transmission, the scheduling information includes an indicator instead of the modulation and coding information. The indicator related to the MBMS service and indicating to a user equipment to use the modulation and coding information in the first transmission for the MBMS service.06-11-2009
20080227436METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING ENHANCED BROADCAST ADVERTISING - One example provides a broadcast device configured to display an advertisement for viewing by a user and a mobile client device configured to capture information relating to the advertisement from the broadcast device. The mobile client device determines whether the captured information is sufficient to allow the mobile client device to generate an electronic coupon. If it is, the mobile client device generates a coupon may be stored in the mobile client device and subsequently presented at a point-of-sale device as part of a transaction. If the captured information is insufficient, the mobile client device may request additional information from an advertiser server either directly or via the broadcast device.09-18-2008
20090149165Exchange of Information in a Communication Network - Methods and apparatus for managing data objects in a communications network are disclosed. An exemplary method includes storing a plurality of data objects intended for rendering at a first communication device (e.g., a subscriber's communication device) in response to a triggering communication event, and transferring the plurality of data objects to the first communication device. Apparatus for implementing the preceding techniques are also disclosed.06-11-2009
20080268822BITMAP ARRAY FOR OPTIMALLY DISTRIBUTING MAP DATA CONTENT TO WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICES - A method of distributing map data from a map server to a wireless communications device entails generating a bitmap array representative of the vector map data for a given zoom level, computing attributes of the bitmap array to determine which map features to retain and which map features to suppress, and then transmitting to the wireless device only the map data for the map features to be retained. By counting the number of bitmap cells representing a polygonal map feature such as a park, lake, or island, the approximate area is quickly estimated. If the area falls below a threshold, the map data for the small polygon is discarded. Similarly, if a polyline map feature overlaps (or is too proximate to) another polyline map feature, one of the polyline map features is discarded. The map data actually transmitted is thus reduced, thereby economizing bandwidth without unduly sacrificing map detail.10-30-2008
20100124913EMBEDDED ADS IN MMS STATIONARY - An electronic device includes a communication circuit configured to establish a communication over a wireless network, and a messaging circuit operative to create messages for transmission to other devices via said communication circuit. The messaging circuit is configured to automatically include into a user-composed message multimedia data that corresponds to an entity subsidizing the electronic device.05-20-2010
20090209239SELF-SERVICE APPLICATION PLATFORM FOR WIRELESS DEVICES - A method and system are provided for enabling users of mobile devices to remotely perform self-service tasks involving a given entity without using human intermediaries. The system includes a server computer running a self-service application for the given entity; and a plurality of mobile devices, each operated by a user for communicating with the server computer over a wireless communications network. Each of the mobile devices including a non-browser based, goal-oriented, self-service application running on a self-service client with a graphical user interface adapted for allowing a user of the mobile device to remotely interact with the self-service application running on the server computer to automatically manage tasks involving the given entity.08-20-2009
20100087178METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR BROWSER PAGE LOAD NOTIFICATION - A method, system and mechanism for browser page load or other event notification. According to an embodiment, a notification is generated at the mobile communication device when page is downloaded or received at the mobile communication device. According to an embodiment, the notification is selectable by the user and comprises a ringtone notification and/or a device vibrate notification.04-08-2010
20080311894METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESENTING AND CONTROLLING INFORMATION FOR MANAGING AN EVENT - The invention includes a method and apparatus for displaying and controlling information for managing an event. A method according to one embodiment includes displaying accountability information associated with a unit deployed to the event where the accountability information is indicative of accountability of the unit with respect to at least one function to be performed for the event, displaying communication information in a manner for facilitating communications for the event, and displaying status information associated with the at least one unit deployed to the event, wherein the information is displayed in a manner tending to enable control of the information for managing the event.12-18-2008
20090286520SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR INCREASING A LIKELIHOOD OF ADVERTISEMENT DISPLAY - Aspects include methods, systems, and apparatuses for increasing a likelihood of advertisement display. The method may include receiving advertisement information comprising a presentation schedule and indicia indicating the first advertisement; determining, based upon the advertisement information, whether the first advertisement is located on a mobile device; retrieving the first advertisement from a remote device and storing it on a storage module on the mobile device if the first advertisement is determined to not be located on the mobile device; and rendering the first advertisement on the mobile device. The method may also include receiving advertisement information comprising a retrieval schedule and retrieving the first advertisement from a remote device by reference to the retrieval schedule. Other methods and apparatuses include determining and broadcasting advertisement information.11-19-2009
20080207183Interactive advisory system for prioritizing content - A method for passing content to at least one communicator device. The user of a communicator device registers with at least one service provider for delivering a plurality of different types of content to be passed to the at least one communicator device. A user defined priority is assigned to the at least one type of content. The user defined priority is stored on a computer readable medium. The different types of content are passed to the at least one communicator device based on the user defined priority.08-28-2008
20090275314Method and System for Providing Presence Information - A method for providing presence information associated with a first user of a telecommunications network, includes collecting from at least one network apparatus user-related data adapted to build the presence information; and publishing the collected user-related data. The publishing includes arranging the collected user-related data in the presence information and making it available to at least a second user. The collecting of the user-related data from the network apparatus is conditioned to the receipt from the second user of a request for providing the presence information for the first user.11-05-2009
20100136956Real-time discovery and mutual screening of candidates for direct personal contact in user-designated vicinities - A method for real-time discovery and mutual screening of candidates for direct personal contact in a vicinity, using electronic devices that can communicate with a central facility, and with each other. Each user individually sets one or more target vicinity, personal attributes, and screening criteria. A list of desirable and/or available candidates in his or her designated vicinity is delivered to each user's device. Users will be able to recognize the candidates from provided descriptions, and either modify their settings to adjust the lists, or send a request for contact to a selected available candidate. Each user can iterate, until their request is accepted, or they accept a request from another user. The method minimizes both the probability, and the embarrassment of rejection by means of mutual screening of the desirable available candidates.06-03-2010
20080274721Interoperable System and Method for Managing Multiple Geolocatable Services - The invention relates to an interoperable system and method for managing geolocatable multiple services. The invention is particularly for use in toll transport services. The system comprises a database and a module for managing this database. The database contains identification information of a number of users, a number of services of which the location of these services, and a number of suppliers as well as information for authorizing access of the users to one or more services. In addition, the management module comprises a submodule for receiving the location and identification information of the user transmitted by the transmitting means, a submodule for comparing location information of the user with the location information of services, and a submodule for monitoring the authorization of access of the user to a service among the number of services offered by the supplier among the number of suppliers.11-06-2008
20100248701GROUP BASED INFORMATION DISPLAYS - Group-based information displays correspond to the collection of display objects representative of either contacts associated with a user or applications or executable components executable, or otherwise accessible, via the telecommunication device. The group-based information displays can be logically organized according to organizational criteria. The organizational criteria can include, for example, organization or other affiliates criteria, event-based or activity based criteria, topic-based criteria and the like. Through group-based information displays, telecommunication device users can initiate one or more actions corresponding to the selection of display objects. Additionally, as applicable, the user can limit, or otherwise apply, the initiated actions to contacts identified, or otherwise associated, with specific group-based information displays.09-30-2010
20090170484RADIO FREQUENCY-CONTROLLED TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE - Provided are telecommunications devices and systems which incorporate and use radio frequency (RF) tag technology. Telecommunications devices in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention incorporate RF transceivers (readers) which are configured to read associated RF transponders (tags) in order to automatically dial desired telephone numbers without the need for a manual user interface. Tags in systems in accordance with this embodiment of the present invention may be attached to or incorporated with a myriad of items, including picture frames, consumer products and packaging, advertising and promotional material, electronic business cards, record-keeping systems, etc. Devices and systems in accordance with the present invention have a variety of telephony and non-telephony applications.07-02-2009
20080305782Telecommunication Call Support for Mobile Devices with Presence Features - A system and method for achieving or assisting dynamic transfer of call support information across a network including at least a wireless portion coupled to a wireless communication device. The call support information providing the wireless communication device with updated caller identification and status or presence information by way of a service or server provisioned product and method.12-11-2008
20080311893Method and Apparatus for Regulating Gambling Applications at a Mobile Device - Methods and apparatus for controlling access to an online gambling activity are disclosed. In response to an access request from a mobile terminal, a game server sends a location request comprising an identifier associated with the mobile terminal to a location service and selectively initiates an online gambling activity based on a response to the location request.12-18-2008
20080214160MOTION-CONTROLLED AUDIO OUTPUT - A motion of a mobile device, such as motions detected with an accelerometer, may be used to trigger an audio manipulation effect. In one implementation, logic is configured to output audio. Second logic is configured to identify a movement of the mobile device and third logic is configured to manipulate the output audio based on the identified movement.09-04-2008
20080293392Reminder Notification System and Method - A system and method of providing medication reminder notifications to a plurality of users is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprise storing data of mobile telephone number for each of the plurality of users in a memory, storing medication data in association with each of the plurality of users in a memory that comprises information identifying one or more medications of the user. The method may further include storing notification schedule data in association with each user in a memory that comprises information for determining one or more times for providing a medication reminder notification that comprises a reminder to take a medication, determining medication content for a medicine reminder notification based, at least in part, on the medication data in association with that user; and transmitting one or more medication reminder notifications, that include the determined medication content, to the mobile telephone number(s) destinations associated with each user according to the notification schedule data associated with the user.11-27-2008
20100136957METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING A USER INPUT FROM INERTIAL SENSORS - A system and method for determining a user input based on movements of a mobile device. In a particular implementation, angular movement of the mobile device about at least one axis of a linear plane is detected. Linear movement of the mobile device along at least one axis of the linear plane is also detected. Finally, a user input is determined based on the detection of the angular movement and the detection of the linear movement.06-03-2010
20090054043Future Location Determination Using Social Networks - A computer-implemented method of predicting a future location of a mobile node can include determining a current location of a first mobile node, determining a location of at least a second mobile node, wherein the second mobile node is associated with the first mobile node via a social network, and generating a list including at least one candidate destination determined, at least in part, according to the location of the first mobile node and the location of the second mobile node. For each candidate destination on the list, a probability that the first mobile node is in route to that candidate destination location can be calculated. A candidate destination can be selected, according to the probabilities, from the list as a predicted future location of the first mobile node. The predicted future location of the first mobile node can be output.02-26-2009
20090163186APPLICATION PROGRAM INTERFACE AND GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR EDITORIAL REVIEW OF MOBILE ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGNS - Systems and methods for facilitating a review of mobile advertisement listings is provided. In one implementation, the method may include displaying information in a user interface for reviewing, the information associated with a mobile advertisement listing and at least one carrier, and at least one keyword associated with the mobile advertisement listing. The method may also include displaying in the user interface reviewing rules associated with a carrier for at least one carrier associated with the mobile advertisement listing and receiving an indication via the user interface of whether the mobile advertisement listing is approved for the carrier based on the displayed reviewing rules associated with the carrier.06-25-2009
20090298483METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTING ADVERTISEMENTS AND DETERMINING CONSTRAINTS FOR PRESENTING THE ADVERTISEMENTS ON MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A method and apparatus that selects advertisements and determines constraints for presenting the advertisements to a user on a mobile communication device is disclosed. The method may include receiving context history information for a user from one or more retail companies, constructing a profile for the user using the received context history information, storing the user's profile in a user profile database, receiving advertisements from the one or more retail company, storing the received advertisements in an advertisement database, selecting stored advertisements to be sent to the user based on the user's profile, determining constraints on the selected advertisements based on at least one of location and time, and sending the selected advertisements and the determined constraints to the user's mobile communication device for presentation to the user at a particular location and a particular time based on the determined constraints.12-03-2009
20090298482Method for Managing Telephone Calls in a Vehicle - A method for managing an ongoing telephone call in a vehicle includes the steps of monitoring signals provided by vehicle systems and monitoring conversational cognitive load indicators for a driver during the telephone call. A current driving situation is assessed by evaluating the signals provided by the vehicle systems and by evaluating the conversational cognitive load indicators. A semantic cue is provided during the telephone call, wherein the semantic cue is indicative of the current driving situation and wherein the semantic cue is audible at least for a caller calling the driver. Methods for managing incoming telephone calls and assisting the driver with outgoing telephone calls are also provided.12-03-2009
20090163187VALIDATION OF MOBILE ADVERTISING FROM DERIVED INFORMATION - A system and method of validating an advertisement presented to an advertisement recipient via a mobile communication device includes presenting an advertisement for a product or service to a recipient via a mobile communication device, monitoring the geospatial location of the mobile communication device relative to some predetermined criteria, and inferring information about the reaction of the advertisement recipient to the advertisement on the basis of the monitored geospatial location information.06-25-2009
20090143052SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND CONTACT PICTURE SYNCHRONIZATION AND DISTRIBUTION - Systems and methods for facilitating contact information display, management and synchronization are described. A client application on a portable device in communication with a host system provides a mechanism for receiving, displaying, updating, processing and transmitting contact information and data to the host system, where it may then be synchronized with other devices associated with other users. The host system may also collect information from social networking sites and other locations to update and synchronize contact information and data.06-04-2009
20110223895Mobile Processor System to Incentivize Loitering - Apparatus and associated methods involve a system to monitor actual loitering times of a mobile communication device carried by an individual within a predetermined region, and provide rewards to the individual when the actual loitering times meet predetermined criteria.09-15-2011
20090176481Providing Location-Based Services (LBS) Through Remote Display - Embodiments of the present disclosure include a method (and corresponding system and computer program product) for a mobile computing device to provide location-based services through a peripheral display device. The method includes receiving location-related data at the mobile computing device, establishing a communication connection between the mobile computing device and the peripheral display device. The mobile computing device generates visual data for a location-based service and transmits the visual data to the peripheral display device. The peripheral display device displays the received visual data. The peripheral display device may optionally receive user input and transmit the input to the mobile computing device for process.07-09-2009
20090143051SOCIAL NEWS RANKING USING GOSSIP DISTANCE - Devices, systems, and methods are directed towards ranking of messages based on a hop distance a forwarded message travels through a social network. As a message is forwarded by a member of the social network the hop distance increases. As the message is forwarded, recipients and/or senders may view the hop distance in real-time. The hop distance may reflect a number of times the message is forwarded to reach a recipient, or the maximum number of times the message is forwarded. The message may be displayed to a member in a rank ordering based on the hop distance, and messages with hop distances below a defined value may be deleted from a displayed list after a period of time. In one embodiment, a message may be forwarded anonymously to, for example, encourage members to forward the message.06-04-2009
20080318559SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MOBILE DEVICE ADVERTISING - The invention consists of a method of advertising on mobile devices, comprising the steps of: a) collecting registration information from a user, the registration information including demographic, geographic and chronological information about the user; b) creating an advertising block containing one or more advertisements based on the user's demographic and geographic information; c) sending the advertising block to a mobile device designated by the user, at times determined by the user's geographic and chronological information; d) tracking and recording viewing of advertisements in the advertising block by the user; and e) compensating the user based on the viewing records for the advertisements within the advertisement block. The invention further consists of a system for providing mobile device advertising according to the method.12-25-2008
20090325556Discovering An Event Using A Personal Preference List And Presenting Matching Events To A User On A Display - A user profile is used to assist a user in identifying events of interest and to provide context to users regarding events that matches user preferences. The user profile may be based on behaviors exhibited on a mobile device, on input by the user or on data on the mobile device. The user profile is analyzed to provide notification of events of interest to the user based upon the analysis of the user profile. The user profile may include anything that contributes to a state on the device.12-31-2009
20090081997SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MINIMIZING UNDESIRED AUDIO IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM UTILIZING DISTRIBUTED SIGNALING - A system and method for processing calls in a communication system utilizing distributed signaling. When a call signal having distributed identification data is received on a communication channel, the call information (such a voice, data, video, etc.) is initially passed through the system without verification until sufficient identification data (such as the color code) has been obtained to determine whether the source of the call is valid. Once sufficient identification data has been obtained, the source is verified. If the source is valid, the call information continues to be passed through the system. However, if source is invalid, the call information is blocked for the present call as well as for subsequent calls on the same communication channel, and passing of the call information through the system does not resume until a received call is subsequently assessed to be valid.03-26-2009
20090061834METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR LOCATION-BASED SERVICES IN WIRELESS NETWORKS - Methods and systems are provided for the display of location-based of information in the form of a website including custom content based on the location of the mobile unit. The system allows an administrator to logically partition an environment into a plurality of spatial regions. The method then includes specifying, for each of the spatial regions, custom content, then performing a locationing procedure to determine in which spatial region the mobile unit is located. Custom content is supplied based on the location of the mobile unit. The systems and methods are applicable, for example, to networks operating in accordance with 802.11, RFID, WiMax, WAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, UWB, and the like.03-05-2009
20090203366APPARATUS, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD, FOR INFORMING DEDICATED MODE CONNECTED MOBILE STATION OF PACKET SERVICE CAPABILITIES IN A COVERAGE AREA - An apparatus, and an associated methodology, for identifying to a circuit-switch-connected mobile station with an indication of packet-service capabilities available to a mobile station. A message generator at the network generates a message that includes an indication of the network-entity capabilities with respect to packet communications. A field of the message identifies the packet-service capabilities. A message is sent by the network and detected by a detector of the mobile station. A report is formed indicative of the value contained in the delivered message, and a user display displays an indication of the detected information.08-13-2009
20110230175VOICE RESPONSIVE TELEPHONE ASSISTANT HAVING NETWORK UPGRADE CAPABILITY - A mobile telephone system device having an electronic assistant component is disclosed. The device includes a first software module configured to provide a first operating feature to a user of the mobile telephone system and a second software module that includes a first submodule configured to provide a first additional operating feature to the user and a second submodule configured to provide a second additional operating feature to the user of the mobile telephone system. A third module is configured to track the user's use of the first operating feature by storing usage data related to the user's interaction with the first software module. A fourth module analyzes the stored usage data and determines a usage data pattern. Based on the usage data pattern, a fifth module stores one or more rules which select one of the first submodule and the second submodule based on the usage data pattern and the selected one of the first submodule and the second submodule is offered to the user for installation on the mobile telephone system.09-22-2011
20090247136Assisted application operation service for mobile devices using screen sharing - A system and corresponding methods to provide assistance to a mobile user (10-01-2009
20120077477MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal and a control method thereof are provided. Contents displayed in a mobile terminal may be optimized for and displayed on a different mobile terminal in communication therewith. The method for controlling a mobile terminal includes: outputting previously stored contents to a first mobile terminal; and controlling a transmission of the contents being outputted based on characteristic information of a second mobile terminal that is to receive at least a portion of the contents being outputted, wherein there is a difference between the contents being outputted to the first mobile terminal and the contents the second mobile terminal is to receive and output.03-29-2012
20120077476SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UTILIZING MOBILE TELEPHONES TO COMBAT CRIME - The system and method described herein may validate and trace currency serial numbers, which may be extracted from the currency with a mobile telephone camera. The mobile telephone may use a messaging service to transmit the extracted serial numbers to a data processing facility, which may then compare the serial numbers transmitted from the mobile telephone to a list that includes information identifying currencies that are invalid, counterfeit, or known to be associated with criminal activities. In response to the extracted serial numbers matching any of the identifying information in the list, the currency may be deemed invalid. Furthermore, biometric information or information read from identification documents associated with an individual using the invalid or wanted currency may be obtained to help later identify the individual, and triangulation techniques may be used to track the mobile telephone and apprehend the individual.03-29-2012
20090253417INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION TERMINAL, INFORMATION PROCESSING UNIT AND PROGRAM - There is provided an information processing system including a service provider unit, a communication terminal and an information processing unit. The communication terminal includes a terminal first communication section, a terminal second communication section to communicate with the information processing unit through a first communication channel, a terminal third communication section to communicate with the information processing unit through a second communication channel, and a terminal communication control section. The information processing unit includes a unit first communication section to communicate with the communication terminal through the first communication channel, a unit second communication section to communicate with the communication terminal through the second communication channel, a unit communication control section to switch communication channels with the communication terminal from the first communication channel to the second communication channel, and a unit processing section to perform service processing with the service provider unit.10-08-2009
20090247134SYNCHRONIZING COMMUNICATIONS AND DATA BETWEEN MOBILE DEVICES AND SERVERS - A system, method, and computer program product for synchronizing communications, data, application workflow events, and business processes between a mobile device and a server are described herein. In an embodiment, the method operates by determining whether there is a data object to be synchronized between a source and a target, wherein the source and target are one of either a mobile device or a server. An indication is sent to the target when there is a data object to be synchronized from the source. The data object to be synchronized is saved in a cache on the source and it is determined whether the mobile device is connected to the server. The synchronization operation is queued for the target until it is determined that the mobile device is connected to the server, and results are returned to the source after the data object is synchronized on the target.10-01-2009
20090258636Wireless event notification system and methods for use therein - A wireless event notification system that selectively notifies members of events based on their location and/or interests, and devices and method for use therein. The wireless event notification system provides single or multifactor filtering based on one or more of proximity to an event, membership in a subgroup to which an event pertains and/or desire to receive events at the severity level of an event. Superfluous notifications are thereby reduced. Location-based filtering may be done by a notification server device to which member locations are reported or, to enhance member privacy, by wireless client devices using unreported member locations. Additionally, in some embodiments, wireless client devices are distributed by a system administrator to members after the system administrator has registered the members with the system to remove device acquisition, device compatibility and member registration hurdles that can present obstacles to universal participation in the system.10-15-2009
20100273464System for multimedia content-assisted trigger location, and service methods thereof - Disclosed is a mobile marketing and advertising based system comprised of a database, a mobile device, a trigger location (primary physical location), a secondary location in a favorable proximity to the trigger location and a means for providing multimedia content from the database to the mobile device.10-28-2010
20100167707Devices and Methods for Providing Exorbitant Charge Information to a User of a Communication Device - Methods of an out-going call intercept process by a communication device, a communication device, and a server access premium service calls data if an outgoing call communication address is not stored by the communication device in its outgoing call history or in its phonebook. The disclosed methods and device may thwart the fraudulent practice of tricking a user into establishing communication with a premium service calls communication address that they may not otherwise call. The premium service calls data may be stored in the communication device memory, or may be accessed remotely by a remote server. A prompt may be provided by the communication device for authorization to establish an outgoing communication when it is determined that the premium service calls data for the outgoing call communication address meets predetermined criteria. A user may provide authorization to establish a communication in accordance with the outgoing call communication address.07-01-2010
20130122875LOCATION-BASED AND GROUP-BASED OPERATIONS ON A DATA PROCESSING DEVICE - A system and method are described for location-based and group-based operations on a data processing device. For example, a computer-implemented method according to one embodiment of the invention comprises: establishing a group containing identities of a plurality of users within the group and notification data indicating when other users are to be notified about current locations of the users in the group; determining whether wireless data processing devices of two or more users of the group are at the same location or within a particular distance of the location; identifying the users and the location; and notifying other users in the group of the identity of the users and the location.05-16-2013
20100222041Systems, Methods, and Apparatus for Providing Promotion Information to a Mobile Device - Systems, methods, and apparatus providing promotion information to a mobile device are provided by certain embodiments of the invention. According to one embodiment, promotion information for a program may be associated with an information carrying tone that is transmitted to a mobile device associated with an operator by a tone transmission device. An indication received responsive to the mobile device receiving the information carrying tone can be stored, and at least one entry associating the promotion and the operator can be stored responsive to receiving the indication. Also according to various aspects, following receipt of the indication, it may be determined whether the promotion is validated and/or can be activated for the operator, and promotional information can be communicated to the operator, such as a activation confirmation or a redeemable promotion.09-02-2010
20110059731TECHNIQUES FOR DISCOURAGING CELL PHONE USAGE WHILE DRIVING A VEHICLE - A surcharge is to be paid by a cell phone user if it is determined that the cell phone is being used while driving a vehicle. In a disclosed embodiment, a GPS device in the cell phone transmits the location of the cell phone when the cell phone is first being used. After a suitable delay, the GPS device in the cell phone transmits another signal about the location of the cell phone. If it is determined that the distance between the two locations is significant, then it is determined that the cell phone is likely being used while driving a vehicle and a surcharge is applied to the user's account.03-10-2011
20080214162REALTIME SURVEYING WITHIN MOBILE SPONSORED CONTENT - In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for associating a survey question with an interactive sponsored content, selecting the interactive sponsored content based at least in part on a mobile subscriber characteristic associated with a mobile communication facility, presenting the interactive sponsored content to the mobile communication facility, receiving a response to the survey question from the mobile communication facility, analyzing a plurality of user responses to the survey question, and presenting a survey analytic to the mobile communication facility based at least in part on the analysis.09-04-2008
20080214163System for and method of backing up content for use on a mobile device - In accordance with the invention, mobile phones and other electronic devices access content through links, rather than storing the content on the mobile phone or at a location under the control of a mobile phone operator. A user retrieves the content by accessing a link on the mobile phone, which results in transferring the content from a content-provider location directly to the mobile phone. In this way, the mobile phone operator does not have to reserve storage for the content, and the content provider, alerted that the user is restoring or otherwise requesting content, is able to offer the user upgrades, replacement content, and related content. To better offer a user relevant content, a history of purchases for the mobile phone, the user, or both is maintained.09-04-2008
20100227596Method and system to enable users to request for a specific content, action and information over a Bluetooth Network - Embodiments herein disclose a method and system for a user to access content and information present on the content server on his communication device without having subscribed to any data access plans or without installation of any application on his communication device. A Bluetooth terminal, which is connected to the communication device using a Bluetooth connection, pushes a page to the device. The page has been encoded so that when the user clicks a link on the page or requests for more information from the page, a message is generated and is sent to the central server. The central server, on receiving the message, generates a response and sends the page, which has been specially coded to the communication device through the Bluetooth terminal using the Bluetooth connection.09-09-2010
20100159904SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTENT TO A MOBILE DEVICE - A method of providing content to a mobile device includes accessing data provided by an information management application running on a mobile device using a processing circuit, accessing location data for the mobile device using the processing circuit, and triggering a display of a generic notification using the processing circuit based at least in part on the data provided by the information management application and the location data at a predetermined time.06-24-2010
20100144327METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESENTING A USER INTERFACE - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a tablet adapted to detect a presence of another communication device with a display, determine operating characteristics of the display, create according to the operating characteristics of the display a first user interface (UI) portion to be presented by the display of the other communication device and a second UI portion to be presented by a touch-sensitive display of the tablet, transmit the first UI portion by way of the base unit using the wireless data protocol for presentation at the display of the other communication device, present the second UI portion at the touch-sensitive display of the tablet, and navigate between the first and second UI portions as a single UI of the tablet. Other embodiments are disclosed.06-10-2010
20100112990SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR LOCATION BASED ROUTING AND ADVERTISING FOR STREAMED MEDIA AND MEDIA BLOCKING - A location based service configured to route local advertising for streamed media and media blocking based on a location of the recipient. The method include detecting a location of a mobile user and routing streaming media of a local affiliate to a mobile device of the mobile user based on the detected location of the mobile user.05-06-2010
20090075635METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PROVIDING MEDIA CONTENT DELIVERY AUDIT AND VERIFICATION SERVICES - Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing media content delivery audit and verification services are disclosed. In one example, a monitoring system analyzes messages associated with communications in a wireless communications network. The monitoring system identifies, from the messages, messages that are associated with the request for or delivery of media content to a wireless communications device via the network. Copies of the messages relating to media content delivery are generated, correlated, and analyzed in order to provide a network operator with information that may be used to verify media content delivery transactions and associated revenues.03-19-2009
20090247135INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - An information processing device such as cellular phone includes an input unit to input channel information, a transmitting unit to send out, on the basis of the channel information inputted by the input unit and an inputted time, desired information demanding for the channel information, the time information, and information regarding to a WWW site in a television or a radio broadcast associated with the channel information and the time information, a receiving unit to receive URL information extracted based on an information sent by the transmitting unit, and a display unit to access the WWW site based on the URL information received by the receiving unit and to display the WWW site.10-01-2009
20090054044Portable terminal device, address book transfer device, information display method and address book transfer method used in portable terminal device, and computer program - A mobile phone terminal (02-26-2009
20090111438Streamlined method and system for broadcasting spontaneous invitations to social events - A method and system streamlines the process of broadcasting spontaneous social invitations to predefined social contacts and improves the prospects of that these social contacts will accept the invitations through judicious integration of contactless identification (ID) technology with a proxy server that sends social invitations on behalf of subscribers using preconfigured subscriber and venue profiles.04-30-2009
20090068999METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVISIONING A WIRELESS DEVICE - A method and system for controlling the provisioning of a device with information for accessing services of a wireless service provider via a wireless network is provided. The provisioning system initially stores automatic provisioning information on the device that includes the identification of wireless service providers that have the capability to automatically provision the device. When a user of the device wants to subscribe to a service of a service provider, the provisioning system requests an automatic provisioning service of the service provider to provide information describing available services and information needed to subscribe to those services. When the user selects a service and provides the needed information, the provisioning system retrieves provisioning information for the selected service from the service provider. The provisioning system stores the provisioning information on the device so that the device can then be used to access the selected service of the service provider.03-12-2009
20090068998Multi-operator telecommunication distribution of service content - A solution making it possible for one telecommunication network operator (03-12-2009
20110009102PROXIMITY-TRIGGERED MESSAGING - System and method for enabling proximity-triggered messaging in certain coverage areas for social networks and communities-based services, the system comprising: 01-13-2011
20100184415System and method of providing identity correlation for an over the top service in a telecommunications network - A system, method and node of providing identity correlation for an Over The Top (OTT) service in a telecommunications network. The method includes the steps of providing user information to a database associated with the OTT service and sending an identification cookie to a User Equipment (UE) of the user. The UE may then request access to a web site. The identification cookie within the UE is read and correlated with the user information stored in the database. Data from the web site is then presented to the UE based on the user information.07-22-2010
20100178901METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT IN A COMMUNICATION DEVICE FOR REGISTERING AN ALARM TIME - A method and an arrangement in a communication device for registering a first point in time for triggering of an alarm are provided. The communication device may support a short range radio access technology. The communication device may effect payment of a product and/or a service by communicating with the radio base station. The communication device may receive, from the radio base station, information regarding a second point in time, associated with the product and/or service. The communication device may register the first point in time for triggering of the alarm in the communication device. The first point in time may be based on the second point in time indicated by the received information. When the first point in time is reached, the communication device may indicate that the alarm has been triggered.07-15-2010
20110086623METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING CONTACT INFORMATION FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE USERS - A method and system for providing cross-carrier contact information for mobile users of mobile communication devices and other mobile communication devices provides a single registry of user profiles, wherein each user profile is established and maintained by a user so that each user may control how and by whom they are contacted. The registry of user profiles may be accessed with a client software application on a calling party's mobile communication device. The calling party may transmit a look-up request to the registry over a data channel. The registry receives the look-up request and locates a user profile that matches the look-up request and provides the user profile to the calling mobile communication device. The user profile does not display the mobile communication device number for the called mobile communication device. Once the calling party calls the called party, the called mobile communication device may query the registry and display the user profile for the calling mobile communication device.04-14-2011
20110244839MULTI-TIER SERVICE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK - The present invention pertains to improved communication quality in cellular communication networks (10-06-2011
20090311996CONTENT DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM, CONTENT DISTRIBUTING APPARATUS, TERMINAL DEVICE AND CONTENT DISTRIBUTING METHOD - In a MBMS system, a base station generates a data control task and a first header control task and second header control task corresponding to each terminal device for a MBMS function module. Each header control task synchronizes a compression state with an associated terminal device and transmits only header information to the terminal device, and the data control task distributes content information to the terminal device separately from header information.12-17-2009
20110151846SIGN LANGUAGE RECOGNITION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A sign language recognition system includes a menu generating module, an image processing module, and text processing module. The image processing module controls an image capturing unit to capture a gesture image of a target person when an image recognition icon is selected, extracts sign language data from the gesture image, and transmits the sign data packet to a server for analyzing the sign language data to generate sign recognition information. The text processing module packs text data to be sent to a reception device, and a reception language and a phone number of the reception device to generate a text data packet when a text recognition icon is selected, and sends the text data packet to the server for analyzing the text data to generate a sign recognition image recognizable by the reception device.06-23-2011
20100062750Method and Apparatus for Transferring Data - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, comprises a call listener module configured to detect a mobile communication. Further, the apparatus comprises a processor configured to activate a transfer in response to the mobile communication being detected and transfer data, the data not associated with the mobile communication.03-11-2010
20110151847CONTENTS PROVIDING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A contents providing apparatus and method is provided. A contents providing apparatus based on a mobile communication network, the contents providing apparatus including: a receiving unit receiving contents and contents providing area information of the contents from a contents provider, the contents providing area information being information about an area where the contents is provided; an area group setting unit retrieving at least one cell based on the contents providing area information, and setting the retrieved at least one cell as a contents providing area group of the contents; and a transmitting unit transmitting the contents to the set contents providing area group.06-23-2011
20110098026FOOD TRACKING SYSTEM WITH MOBILE PHONE UPLINK - A tracking system for food products includes labeled food product packages and labeled containers for transporting the labeled packages to harvest sites. A data-clearing center receives mobile phone communications from the harvest sites for uploading the container codes. Ancillary information collected from the mobile phone communications including the time, date, location, and phone identification is associated with the container codes for linking the labeled food product packages to details of their harvest.04-28-2011
20110070872LOCATION BASED SYSTEM WITH CONTEXTUAL LOCATOR AND METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A method of operation of a location based system includes: detecting an event; establishing a geofence associated with the event; setting a search time window associated with the event; identifying an event participant that is associated with the event; and identifying a matching target as the event participant located within the geofence during the search time window for displaying on a device.03-24-2011
20080254777SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF METADATA ABOUT DATA THAT IS COLLECTED BY A MOBILE DEVICE - A mobile device that facilitates automatic generation of metadata about data that is collected by the mobile device may include a processor and memory in electronic communication with the processor. Instructions may be stored in the memory. The instructions may be executable to collect data and to create an identifier that corresponds to the data that is collected. The instructions may also be executable to transmit a wireless communication signal that comprises the identifier. Transmitting the wireless communication signal may facilitate communication of the identifier to a location and telemetry system and may facilitate determination of metadata about the data by the location and telemetry system.10-16-2008
20080248786Broadcast program recording method, communication control device, and mobile communication device - Disclosed are an example broadcast recording method, information terminal, communication device and broadcast recording system for resolving the problem of missing programs when radio wave difficulties occurs or an electronic communication is made during viewing or listening to a program. When an incoming or outgoing call is made in an information terminal containing broadcast signal receiving functions and communication functions, the broadcast signal currently being received is recorded automatically. When a problem or interruption in receiving the broadcast signal is detected, a command signal is automatically sent to the recording server in order to record the broadcast signal currently being received.10-09-2008
20090005019Location Specific Communications - A Specific Location Space Communication System which provides information to subscriber as function of their location and group memberships. A receiver device gets messages from space and/or aerial communication station which are selectively passed to the subscriber based on set parameters in the receiver message and more. Further, the receiver devices with transmitting capability can provide status, location and memory data to multitude of terrestrial, aerial and space based receivers. Further, the received message is classified in to an emergency alert message, advertising message, commerce message, control message etc.01-01-2009
20080242279BEHAVIOR-BASED MOBILE CONTENT PLACEMENT ON A MOBILE COMMUNICATION FACILITY - In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for receiving a webpage, relevant mobile content, or other mobile information based at least in part on behavioral information related to a mobile communication facility user, and displaying the content or other information to the user's mobile communication facility.10-02-2008
20080242277COMMUNICATING COMMUNITY FEATURES FOR MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method for social networking includes storing at least one profile on at least one server, the profile being associated with at least one local profile on a mobile device and wherein each of the profile and the local profile includes social networking information, receiving changes to one of the profile and the local profile, and synchronizing the profile and the local profile.10-02-2008
20100311399SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AUDIBLE REMINDERS ON MOBILE USER EQUIPMENT - A mobile user equipment may provide audible reminders for a user identified video. A user may set a triggering event for a video. Upon detecting the triggering event, an audible reminder for the video may be generated. The sound associated with the audible reminder may be such that, when heard by the user, it identifies the video to the user. The user may become aware of the broadcast of the video by hearing the audible reminder and without looking at the mobile device.12-09-2010
20080214164Transmission of Signals in Cellular Systems and in Mobile Networks - A system and method for processing a received Global Positioning System (GPS) signal into a processed position finding GPS signal and for processing a first and a second input signal jointly with the GPS signal. A modulator and transmitter for modulation and transmission of processed signals in cellular systems and in mobile network, wherein cellular system and mobile network are distinct. A modulator and transmitter for transmission of processed signals in a satellite system and in a cellular system. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) transmitter and receiver having a transmit filter and a receiver filter wherein the transmit and receiver filter are mismatched. A modulator and transmitter which comprise cascaded hybrid systems, including a cascaded GSM or EDGE, of cascaded infrared (IR) or GSM or CDMA or TDMA or UMTS systems and contain Radio Frequency identification (RFID) signals.09-04-2008
20110053572System, Method and Apparatus for Automatic Location-Based Silencing of Wireless Transceivers - A wireless telecommunication system that automatically enforces a quiet mode of operation for a wireless handset comprises a cellular telecommunication network, and a wireless handset configured to transmit voice and data information to, and configured to receive voice and data information from the cellular telecommunication network. The wireless handset comprises a quiet mode controller configured to disable the wireless handset from issuing the audible notification when the wireless handset is in a designated quiet zone location.03-03-2011
20110028132MOBILE PHONE ARRIVAL TIME ESTIMATOR - A method and mobile device for providing a meeting place for two mobile devices and arrival time of at least one of the mobile devices at the meeting place is provide. A first mobile device receives location information for a second mobile device and determines location information itself. Then, the first mobile device determines a meeting place based on the location information of the first mobile device and the location information of the second mobile device. Next, an approximate time for the first mobile device to travel to the meeting place is calculated and output, together with the location of the meeting, to a user interface on the first mobile device.02-03-2011
20110028133Methods and Apparatus for Providing a Missed Call Alert to a Calling Party - Methods and apparatus are provided for capturing a missed call attempt and subsequently alerting the calling party when the called party is available to once again receive calls. The called party may be unavailable for any reason, including disconnection from the network and network congestion. Alerts may include advertising, offers for network service, offers for missed call related services, and options to opt out of missed call alerts. Alerts may also be customized by recipients so that when such recipients are not available, the customized alert is presented to the calling party.02-03-2011
20110076994APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CREATING AND MANAGING PERSONAL SCHEDULES VIA CONTEXT-SENSING AND ACTUATION - An apparatus and method for schedule management includes storing at least one schedule for a user. The current activity of the user is determined. At a remind time for each schedule, the user is reminded of the schedule according to a reminder method. The reminder method selection is based on at least the determined current activity of the user. Some of the reminder methods selected between may include, for example, voice, ring, vibration, light, and/or text.03-31-2011
20100184414METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING AND DELIVERY OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT BY AN INTEGRATED FEMTOCELL AND SET-TOP-BOX DEVICE - Aspects of a method and system for processing and delivery of multimedia content by an integrated femtocell and set-top-box device are provided. In this regard, a cellular enabled communication device may communicate its capabilities, preferences, and/or settings to an integrated femtocell and set-top-box device, wherein the integrated femtocell and set-top-box device may processes multimedia content for the cellular enabled communication device based on the capabilities, preferences, and/or settings of the cellular enabled communication device. Additionally, the cellular enabled communication device may receive the processed multimedia content from the integrated femtocell and set-top-box device by the cellular enabled communication device. The capabilities, preferences, and/or settings may comprise multimedia processing capabilities, preferences, and/or settings, communication capabilities, preferences, and/or settings, and/or power conditions, preferences, and/or settings. The integrated femtocell and set-top-box device may process the multimedia content to generate a plurality of subset datastreams.07-22-2010
20120309371Network Connection Device, Method Of Setting An Operation Mode, And Computer Program Product - A network connection device that identifies a position of the network connection device and acquires position-related information related to the identified position; sets one operation mode among a plurality of operation modes respectively having different network connecting functions as an operation mode of the network connection device based on the acquired position-related information; and executes wireless data communication in the set operation mode.12-06-2012
20090197580MOBILE MARKETING APPLICATION - Disclosed is a method for facilitating quick mobile website creation by mobile advertisers, including providing access to an advertiser of a mobile marketing application that interfaces with an ad server, wherein the advertiser is authenticated for access to the ad server; enabling the advertiser to input to an interface of the application a plurality of content items selected from the group consisting of a descriptive text, an image, a phone number, and a hyperlink; presenting the advertiser with a go live option; automatically creating the mobile website to include the submitted content items when the go live option is selected, wherein the application facilitates rapid creation by the advertiser of a mobile website having a plurality of web pages, and the mobile website is optimized for mobile delivery; subjecting the created mobile website to a plurality of error checks; and publishing the mobile website to a network through a mobile service provider system.08-06-2009
20090197582PLATFORM FOR MOBILE ADVERTISING AND MICROTARGETING OF PROMOTIONS - An end-to-end mobile advertising system characterizes user behavior (e.g., location, interaction with advertisements on a mobile communication device, etc.) in order to select micro-targeted advertisements. A marketplace platform handles the formatting required for presentation suitable for mobile communication devices in accordance with negotiated tags for a desired audience (“reach”), for a suitable number of presentations (“frequency”) and for an effective duration (“time”) within a particular scheduled window. A condition of schedule for a timed coupon advertisement campaign is supported. Effectiveness is gauged even in the instance of impression advertisements by monitoring user location and/or interaction with the communication device to see a change in behavior (e.g., does not go to a competitor as forecasted, does go to a location of the advertiser, calls the advertiser, clips the advertisement for future reference, etc.). The marketplace platform secures user identification for privacy reasons from advertising entities that provide the advertisements.08-06-2009
20130012177METHOD OF PROVIDING USER FRIENDLY SERVICES IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - A method for providing a user friendly service in a portable terminal by acquiring an activity pattern of a user and acquiring environment information of a portable terminal; determining a service to be provided to the user through the acquired activity pattern of the user and the acquired environment information; and providing the user with the determined service.01-10-2013
20100029253METHOD FOR PROVIDING PICTURES TO A DIGITAL FRAME BASED ON HOME NETWORKS - A method for providing pictures to a digital frame based on home networks is disclosed. A frame service server receives an image information message from user equipment which connects with a specific number. The frame service server grasps an IP of an RG installed in a home of a service destination by searching identification information included in the image information message at an RG identification table. The frame service server transmits the image information message including port number information to the IP of the RG, which is selected for informing the frame service. The RG transmits the image information to a digital frame so that the digital frame displays the image information.02-04-2010
20100022228APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING TRAFFIC INFORMATION USING WIDGETS IN MOBILE TERMINAL - An apparatus and method of displaying traffic information using at least one widget in a mobile terminal are provided. The method of displaying traffic information in a mobile terminal includes receiving traffic information from at least one broadcasting station through at least one digital broadcasting channel, and displaying the traffic information on a standby screen with at least one of an image file and a text file using the at least one widget. Thereby, a user can determine a traffic situation using the traffic information provided on the standby screen using the at least one widget. Further, even when no navigation device is provided in the mobile terminal, the user can conveniently receive traffic information.01-28-2010
20110217964SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING TO A WIRELESS COMPUTING DEVICE THE PRICING AND DYNAMICALLY-PREDICTED SIGNAL STRENGTH OF LOCALLY-AVAILABLE RADIO SERVICES - A system and method for providing to a mobile computing device the carrier identity, expected connection quality and pricing information related to each radio service available in the location where the mobile computing device is attempting to make a radio communications connection. This location-specific connection quality information for each carrier is provided by a system that gathers real connection quality information for each wireless carrier operator's signal in a given location, as reported to the system by mobile computing devices operating in that given location, thus creating a database of connection quality information that is automatically updated over time. This system also links the identity and usage pricing structure information of each radio carrier operator to each location. Preferably, this system makes the aggregated map of information available to a mobile computing device via a data communications connection in real time, so a mobile computing device could download a current ‘map’ and use it immediately, or store it for future use in the same, or other locations. By looking up the information available in the map for its own current location, a mobile computing device can make an informed decision as to which carrier is the most appropriate for a connection at that location. The determination of the mobile device's current location can be obtained via an internal or linked GPS receiver, or by other mechanisms or methods.09-08-2011
20110217962TRACKING AN OBJECT IN AUGMENTED REALITY - Technologies are generally described for tracking an object. In some examples, a system may comprise a mobile phone and an augmented reality device. The mobile phone may be effective to receive a transmitted wave and to receive a reflected wave reflected off of an object. The mobile phone may be configured to determine a difference between the transmitted and the reflected wave, and generate first tracking data based on the determined difference. The augmented reality device may be adapted to receive the first tracking data and determine second tracking data regarding the location of the object based on the first tracking data. An image may be generated on a display based on the determined first and second tracking data.09-08-2011
20090170483SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING INFORMATION USING A MOBILE PHONE - A technique is provided for providing information to a customer within a store. A mobile phone is provided that is adapted to communicate with Near Field Communication (NFC) devices and wireless Internet Protocol (IP) based network, or Internet system, as well as operate as a cellular phone. The mobile phone is configured to bridge information between the various protocols used to enable the mobile phone to communicate with an NFC device, a wireless Internet system, and a cellular phone system. For example, information obtained by the mobile phone from a NFC device may be transferred to the portion of the mobile phone that is used to connect the mobile phone to a wireless Internet system to enable the mobile phone to provide the proper authentication to access the wireless Internet system. In addition, the mobile phone may be adapted to communicate using a Bluetooth communication system. Similarly, information from the Bluetooth portion of the mobile phone is shared with the other portions of the phone that communicate using other data protocols.07-02-2009
20100159903PERSONALIZED MOBILE DATA ENHANCEMENT - A method for the personalized enhancement of a mobile device data comprises acquiring from the World Wide Web, through a mobile device, information relevant to said mobile device's data and displaying said updated information at the time and in a manner compatible with the user's pattern of use of the mobile device and to the user's relevant personal preference.06-24-2010
20120040653AUTOMATIC PLACE DETECTION - Systems and methods are provided for obtaining a signature for a place. A server receives information about a place, such as name of the place, from client devices when the devices are at the place, and data related to wireless transmission stations detected by the client devices. The data comprises wireless transmission station identifiers and signal strength information. The server associates the information about the place with the data. Systems and methods are also provided for detecting a place for a client device. The server receives data related to one or more wireless transmission stations detected by the client device when the device is at the place. The data comprises wireless transmission station identifiers and signal strength information. The server compares the set of data with signatures of places, selects a signature based on the comparison, and transmits to the client device information about the place in the selected signature.02-16-2012
20110111740Profile-Driven Response to Communication Events - A method includes storing a setting in a profile of a wireless device to cause an automatic message response to incoming calls. When the profile is set as the active profile and an incoming call is received, an automatic response is provided to the incoming call in accordance with the setting.05-12-2011
20120040652Systems and Methods of Delivering Content to an Occupant in a Vehicle - A method of delivering content to an occupant in a vehicle, the method comprising: establishing an Internet connection using an electronic cellular device, the electronic device being integrated with an HMI system of the vehicle, the HMI system including HMI controls; searching for a content source providing an Internet media stream by selecting a content category using the HMI controls; connecting to the content source using the Internet connection; and playing the Internet media stream using a speaker of the vehicle.02-16-2012
20100093323INTERACTIVE CONTACT LIST WITH EXPANDED ATTRIBUTES CREATING PERSONALITY - A process for analyzing contact attributes relating to a contact of a user of an electronic device and providing an actionable item based on the analyzing including providing an electronic device including control circuitry, a memory and a user interface; operating the control circuitry to obtain from the memory and analyze a plurality of contact attributes and to generate an actionable item from the analysis, in which the actionable item is a function of one or more of the plurality of contact attributes, and relates to non-schedule-based relationship between one or more of the plurality of contact attributes and current characteristics of the user, provide to a user interface cognizable signals based on the actionable item, and enable the user to take action based on the actionable item. An electronic device configured and a program containing logic to carry out the foregoing process.04-15-2010
20120309372MANUFACTURING A PHYSICAL MEDIUM CONFIGURED TO STORE DATA AND OBTAINING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH AN ARTICLE IN A BOOK - A computer program product to implement a method for manufacturing a physical medium configured to store data. A layout design of visible information to be printed with visible ink in a book is generated, the visible information including an article. A layout design of invisible information to be printed with invisible ink in a book is generated, the invisible information including a Universal Resource Locator (URL) of an address of a web server at which additional information is located, the URL being encoded in a code within the invisible information, the additional information being associated with the article.12-06-2012
20100029255MOBILE TERMINAL CAPABLE OF PROVIDING WEB BROWSING FUNCTION AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOBILE TERMINAL - A mobile terminal capable of providing a web-browsing function and a method of controlling the mobile terminal are provided. According to the mobile terminal and the method of controlling the mobile terminal, it is possible to display a text-input area included in a webpage in a certain part of a display region of the mobile terminal in response to the manipulation of a key or the movement of the mobile terminal. In addition, it is possible to sequentially enlarge or highlight one or more text-input areas displayed in the display region of the mobile terminal. Therefore, it is possible to quickly input text into an address window, an identifier (ID)/password input window or an address window included in a webpage without the need to scroll through the webpage.02-04-2010
20120046018Entertainment Venue Search Systems and Methods - Systems and methods for identifying and/or searching for entertainment venues are provided. According to an illustrative embodiment, a method for identifying an entertainment venue includes receiving a location of a user, receiving a user-selected date and time, and receiving a user-selected set of entertainment venue attributes. The method also includes comparing the location, the user-selected date and time, and the user-selected set of entertainment venue attributes with entertainment venue attributes for a plurality of entertainment venues to determine a set of customized entertainment venues. The method also includes presenting the set of customized entertainment venues to the user.02-23-2012
20120003969METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ESTABLISHING A GROUP CALL - A method, device, and system for establishing a group call among a plurality of communication devices. The method includes initiating a group call among at least some of the plurality of communication devices, wherein each communication device uses a unicast communication link to participate in the group call. The method further includes computing one or more broadcast or multicast parameters during the group call, identifying a subset of communication devices based on the broadcast or multicast parameters, and switching the identified subset of communications devices to a broadcast or multicast communication link during the group call.01-05-2012
20120009908System and Method for Updating Presence Information in Instant Messaging Applications on a Mobile Device - A system and method for controlling the presence status on a mobile device is provided. The method comprises determining an active notification profile for said mobile device, said active notification profile defining how said mobile device notifies of new events; determining a corresponding presence status for said active notification profile; and setting said corresponding presence status as a current presence status.01-12-2012
20120058751SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A DIG TICKET REQUEST - A system, device, and method for generating a dig ticket for a proposed dig site using a mobile communication device includes obtaining location data indicative of the current location of the mobile computing device and displaying a digital map on the display of the mobile computing device that includes indicia of the proposed dig site, which corresponds to the location of the mobile computing device. If the location of the proposed dig site is correct, a dig ticket may be generated and transmitted to a dig site authorization server over a network.03-08-2012
20120157066DEVICE AND METHOD FOR STORING SUBSCRIBER INFORMATION IN MOBILE TERMINAL - A method stores subscriber information in a mobile terminal. The method includes checking whether a received message includes a plurality of sets of subscriber information when a message is received, checking whether there is registered subscriber information if the message includes subscriber information, and updating the registered subscriber information to different subscriber information included in the message if there is registered subscriber information.06-21-2012
20120157065ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus is configured to display screen information supplied from a portable information terminal, and includes a connection unit configured to confirm if the portable information terminal is connected to the electronic apparatus. Also included is a notification unit configured to notify the portable information terminal of setting information concerning setting of the screen information supplied from the portable information terminal. A receiving unit is configured to receive the screen information that is set on the basis of the setting information from the portable information terminal, and a display unit is configured to display the screen information received by the receiving unit.06-21-2012
20110065423SPONSORED CELLULAR PHONE - A cellular telephone or other wireless communications device supports association with a third party sponsor other than a network operator. The device establishes default user interface settings for the user interface consistent with association with the network operator. The device then determines a desired association with one or more third party sponsors. Based upon the desired association, the device retrieve third party sponsor settings. The device then alters its user interface settings based upon the third party sponsor settings, wherein the altered user interface settings differ from the default user interface settings. The device then communicates with a third party sponsor server computer via the communications interface to exchange information relating to operation of the cellular telephone. Multiple third party sponsors could share access to the user interface. The third party sponsor may be a business, a group of individuals, or another entity.03-17-2011
20100093324Subscription Based Content Discovery - Mobile phone users can subscribe to a notification for new content by creating a profile of user preferences on the operator or manufacturer's website on a server. When new content matching the profile becomes available, the server will send to the mobile phone a WAP push message containing a link to the content. The user can access and download the new content by pressing a dedicated key on the mobile phone and following the link in the WAP push message.04-15-2010
20100093327COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - There is provided a communication terminal comprising: a readout unit which reads out, from a plurality of storage media each storing an identifier concerning a communication carrier, the identifiers; a communication unit which determines the communication carriers based on the identifiers read out by the readout unit, and performs communication using the determined communication carriers; a generation unit which generates address book information in which identifying information for identifying an address of a communication partner is registered in association with carrier information concerning a communication carrier of the communication partner; and a control unit which controls the communication unit to perform communication with the communication partner based on the identifying information and the carrier information registered in the address book information.04-15-2010
20100093326SET INITIATED AREA EVENT TRIGGERED POSITIONING METHOD IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A SET-initiated area event triggered positioning method in a session-based service system is disclosed. The method is variously performed according to a proxy mode or a non-proxy mode, and further according to which SLP (SUPL location platform) has a positioning procedure.04-15-2010
20120164997SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ORGANIZING EVENTS AND MEETINGS - A method and apparatus for organizing events. The method can include processing event information associated with an event, storing the event information, and transmitting participant information related to the event to computing devices associated with participating users. The apparatus can be used to communicate information regarding an event. If the apparatus is being used to organize an event, the apparatus can transmit event information associated with an event, and if the apparatus is being used to participate in an event, the apparatus can receive participant information related to the event.06-28-2012
20120315884MOBILE DEVICE ACCESS OF LOCATION SPECIFIC IMAGES FROM A REMOTE DATABASE - Methods, systems, and devices are described for identifying images to a user. Mobile devices are used to provide position information that may be used to identify a set of images associated with the position information. The position information may include location, ordinal direction, and orientation information of the mobile device, all of which can be used to identify an object or location where a user of the mobile device desires an image. A data store of images is queried to identify a set of images having location information similar to that provided by the mobile device. Images from the set of images are provided to the user, such as through a display at the mobile device and/or a separate system such as a personal computer of the user. A user may select one or more images for local storage, in some cases making a payment for the received image.12-13-2012
20100173619HEALTHY WEIGHT REMINDER SERVICE VIA WIRELESS NETWORKS - A Healthy Weight Reminder (HWR) service that can be offered to a wireless phone subscriber via a wireless handset and network. With this service, a wireless handset upgraded with HWR software will be able to send a weight check reminder to the subscriber periodically and regularly. The subscriber can set up the reminders by specifying the frequency, such as every two weeks, every month, etc. In addition, the HWR service can also compare the subscriber's current weight with the recommended healthy weight and the weight of the last check.07-08-2010
20100048186SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING DATA TO A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system and method allowing a mobile device user to initiate a transaction over the most widely used network such as a CDMA or GSM network and then have the device complete the transaction over a specialized data network such as Wi-Fi. The system includes a server communicating with a wireless device that maintains indexed data from the user's original transaction to ensure integrity through the completion of the transaction. The system also includes a method for the user to purchase content, download the content and upon successful completion, have it appropriately billed.02-25-2010
20100029254CROSS-ARCHITECTURE FLIGHT TRACKING SYSTEM - A cross-architecture flight tracking system helps an individual keep track of the status of an airline flight. A subscriber receives status updates intelligently and in real time based on the individual's accessibility over an instant messaging client. The system facilitates the status updates by maintaining and listing the flight as a contact in the individual's instant messaging client contact list, processing status updates from the airline, and dynamically passing the status updates to the subscriber through a channel that will successfully deliver the message.02-04-2010
20120220278INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION TERMINAL, INFORMATION PROCESSING UNIT AND PROGRAM - There is provided an information processing system including a service provider unit, a communication terminal and an information processing unit. The communication terminal includes a terminal first communication section, a terminal second communication section to communicate with the information processing unit through a first communication channel, a terminal third communication section to communicate with the information processing unit through a second communication channel, and a terminal communication control section. The information processing unit includes a unit first communication section to communicate with the communication terminal through the first communication channel, a unit second communication section to communicate with the communication terminal through the second communication channel, a unit communication control section to switch communication channels with the communication terminal from the first communication channel to the second communication channel, and a unit processing section to perform service processing with the service provider unit.08-30-2012
20120220277PROMOTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND SMARTPHONE APPLICATION - A smartphone application for use by a user on a smartphone with geolocation capabilities, where the smartphone application has a user interface; the user interface indicates business customers in a geographical range from the user, where the business customers includes businesses contracting with an application controller; where the businesses contracting with an application controller includes promotion codes indicating the types of offers users can expect; where the user interface indicates offers from the business customers in the geographical range from the user; where the offers are not indicated if the offers are not valid at the time when the smartphone application is executed; and where offers will automatically renew based on the time frame set for the offer to be available again after redemption limits have been achieved.08-30-2012
20090061835METHOD AND SYSTEM OF PROVIDING EVENT CONTENT SHARING BY MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - An approach is disclosed for providing sharing of content relating to an event. Detection of a plurality of mobile communication devices within a predetermined location is performed. An event is identified corresponding to the predetermined location and a current time. The mobile communication devices are notified to enable exchange of content about the event. The content is received from one or more of the mobile communication devices, wherein the content is accessible by the mobile communication devices.03-05-2009
20090061833SYSTEM, METHOD AND DEVICE TO USE MESSAGING TO IMPLEMENT PROGRAMMATIC ACTIONS - A mobile computing device may be configured to process a message may be incoming into or outgoing from the mobile computing device. A trigger may be detected in association with the message, and the trigger may be associated with an operation. The mobile computing device may automatically perform or initiate the operation in response to detecting the trigger.03-05-2009
20120083256System and Method for Managing Data Sharing Over a Hotspot Network - There is presented a system and method for managing data sharing over a hotspot network. The system comprises a mobile broadband hotspot with a processor configured to receive a selection of a mobile device to receive a data file, notify the mobile device of the data file to share, and transmit the data file to the mobile device in response to receiving a download request from the mobile device. By saving the data file into the memory of the mobile broadband hotspot, the mobile broadband hotspot may be directed to share the data file with other devices connected to the mobile broadband hotspot through a hotspot network without requiring the other devices to download the data file again through a wide area network.04-05-2012
20120083255METHOD FOR GENDER IDENTIFICATION OF A CELL-PHONE SUBSCRIBER - The invention relates to a method for gender identification of a cell-phone subscriber. There are two main steps: constructing a general model of female and male calling behaviour from a set of variables obtained for each subscriber; and classifying an individual calling behaviour of a subscriber comparing it with the general model. The method includes the step of constructing the general model comprises obtaining a set of data, that may be obtained from calling detail records, that are saved at a database every time a subscriber makes or receives a phone call; computing a set of variables using a set of instances from subscribers who their gender is already known; and applying an algorithm which generates groups labelled as male or female behaviour. Finally, in the step of classifying, the gender of the subscriber is identified by assigning to the subscriber the label of the closest group.04-05-2012
20120258696METHOD OF RECOMMENDING APPLICATION, MOBILE TERMINAL USING THE METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING THE METHOD - A method of recommending an application, which is capable of selecting and recommending an application with a high possibility of use, the method including: receiving, in a server, frequencies of use of a plurality of applications that are classified according to a time when each application is executed or a location where each application is executed; selecting an application from among the plurality of applications based on time and location information of where a mobile terminal is located and the frequency of use of the application; and transmitting application recommendation information including the selected application from the server to the mobile terminal.10-11-2012
20120258697APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INFORMATION QUERYING AND SERVING ON MOBILE DEVICES BASED ON AMBIENT CONDITIONS - Systems and methods for information querying and serving on mobile devices based on ambient conditions. Conditions include weather, traffic, market prices, news and events, and the like. Information providers use a code triggered information server to serve context, demographic, and behavior-targeted information to users via mobile devices. Users obtain information by scanning or observing codes or information. The scans, together with geographic, temporal, and user-specific information, are obtained by the server that receives, processes, and records the message. Based on these messages and a user profile—which may include updated user-specific behavior information, situational and ambient information, an accumulated history of scanned code messages, and integration with outside database information—the server selects information to serve to the users' mobile devices from an information base. Information may also be served to users based solely on the user profiles and ambient conditions based on the accumulated history of scanned codes.10-11-2012
20090017803SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMIC DETERMINATION OF A COMMON MEETING POINT - A method, computer program product, and a data processing system continuously tracks the potentially changing location of a plurality of global positioning system (GPS) enabled mobile devices such as a cellular phones or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Generated GPS location updates are used to determine the location and directional velocity of each monitored device. Unique and separate optimal navigation convergence routes are provided to each device. Convergence locations and ETA indicators are provided. A common destination for the devices based on the separate convergence routes is provided. The common destination can be user selected or automatically determined by the system. The system is capable of providing convergence route and common destination information even when users of the various GPS devices are unaware of their present location, the location of other consenting devices, or the location of the common destination.01-15-2009
20110217963METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING ON CONSUMER DEVICES - Systems and methods are used to provide distributed processing on a service provider network that includes a plurality of remotely located consumer devices. Each of the remotely located consumer devices includes a processing device. A service is provided from the service provider network to the remotely located consumer devices. Distributed processing of a task on the processing devices of the remotely located consumer devices occurs, the distributed processing being unrelated to the service provided to the consumers. The distributed processing occurs even when the processing devices are in use by corresponding remotely located consumer devices.09-08-2011
20100197285CSG MEMBERSHIP INDICATION - Problems caused by interaction between paging optimization and synchronizing CSG information are mitigated by setting a network indication indicating, for example, that a subscriber is no longer a member of a CSG, but the network has not yet received confirmation that an access terminal associated with the subscriber has been informed of this. A timer-based scheme may be employed for removing a CSG ID from the subscriber information for a subscriber once it is determined that the subscriber is no longer a member of the CSG. In addition, a temporary member of a CSG may determine whether it is still a member of a CSG upon expiration of a CSG timer. Also, the frequency with which an access terminal registers may be changed based on various criteria. Furthermore, an allowed CSG list may be selectively included in a page message depending on the destination of the page message.08-05-2010
20130012178PRESENTATION OF SPONSORED CONTENT ON MOBILE DEVICE BASED ON TRANSACTION EVENT - A system and computer-implemented method for positioning targeted sponsored content on a mobile communication facility includes the steps of: (a) receiving data corresponding to a transaction event having occurred via the interaction of a user with the mobile communication facility, wherein the transaction event includes transmission of data representative of a first product or a first service being purchased by the user and credit card information associated with a credit card of the user used to purchase the first product or first service; (b) selecting advertising content based at least upon a relevance between an advertisement for a second product or a second service and the credit card information, wherein the relevance is further based on information relating to compatibility of the advertising content, second product, or second service with the mobile communication facility; and (c) presenting the selected advertising content on a display of the mobile communication facility.01-10-2013
20120149346PRE-FETCHING OF ASSETS TO USER EQUIPMENT - Systems and methods are disclosed for pre-fetching assets from content providers to user equipment (UE). In one embodiment, the UE initiates a pre-fetch operation to download assets from content providers in advance of an end user requesting the assets. The UE accesses a resource profile for the pre-fetch operation that indicates the content providers that have assets for the UE to download in advance for local storage on the UE, and defines a percentage of UE resources allocated to each of the content providers for downloading the assets during the pre-fetch operation. The UE may then download the assets from the content providers based on the resource profile, and store the assets in a local memory.06-14-2012
20110159856APPARATUS AND METHOD OF LOCATION BASED TELECOMMUNICATION AUTHORIZATION - An apparatus and method directed to automated call screening, and specifically the utilization of location history of a call recipient to determine call authorization, are provided. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a computer readable medium embodied in an article of manufacture is encoded with instructions for directing a processor to receive a request from a first device to communicate with a second device. The processor is further directed to determine at least one location associated with the first device, determine an authorization for the request based at least in part upon the at least one location associated with the first device and at least one prior location of the second device, and transmit the request to the second device in accordance with the authorization.06-30-2011
20130023252METHODS FOR PROVIDING SERVING NETWORK INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS APPARATUSES UTILIZING THE SAME - A communications apparatus is provided. A processor is coupled to a subscriber identity card and a radio transceiver module. The subscriber identity card camps on a cell operating in a serving network having a serving network identifier via the radio transceiver module. The processor at least includes a first processor logic unit obtaining information regarding the serving network identifier, a second processor logic unit carrying the information regarding the serving network identifier in a message to be transmitted to the serving network, and a third processor logic unit transmitting the message to the serving network via the radio transceiver module.01-24-2013
20080242278Wireless Communication Device, Wireless Communication Method, Information Processing Device, Information Processing Method, and Program - A wireless communication device includes a transmission portion, an information acquisition portion, a storage portion, a selection portion, and a transmission control portion. The transmission portion transmits information. The information acquisition portion acquires location information for the wireless communication device that includes a received signal strength of a signal that is transmitted from a base station in the vicinity. The storage portion stores, in association with specific location information, regulating information that regulates the transmission from the transmission portion of the information that corresponds to the location of the wireless communication device. The selection portion selects from the storage portion the regulating information associated with the location information acquired by the information acquisition portion. The transmission control portion controls, based on the regulating information that was selected by the selection portion, the transmission from the transmission portion of the information that corresponds to the location of the wireless communication device.10-02-2008
20080233929Information processing device for notifying a requested address information to another information processing devices - According to an aspect of an embodiment, an information processing device for communicating with another information processing devices, the information processing device comprises: a storage unit for storing a table containing address information which is either permitted or not permitted to notify the another information processing devices; a processor for performing a process of communicating with the another information processing devices comprising the steps of: determining whether address information requested from the another information processing device is rated as permitted in the table; and notifying the requested address information to the another information processing device when the requested address information is rated as permitted in the table.09-25-2008
20080220751MOBILE TELEPHONE WITH IMPROVED MAN MACHINE INTERFACE - The present invention envisages a GSM mobile telephone in which a line of icons is displayed on a display. As a user navigates through the displayed line of icons, the positions of the icons alter so that the selectable icon moves to the head of the line. This approach makes it very clear (i) which icon is selectable at any time and (ii) where that icon sits in relation to other icons at the same functional level (e.g. only first level icons will be present in one line). First level icons typically relate to the following functions: phonebook; messages; call register; counters; call diversion; telephone settings; network details; voice mail and IrDA activation.09-11-2008
20080214161Location Based Push Presence and Profile on a Wireless Communications Device - Changes in profile and/or presence information are pushed to a mobile communications device, in dependence upon device location or other application data stored on the device, such as calendar data, in order to ensure appropriate device behaviour. In this manner, the operation of the device can be automatically controlled in social situations or locations where the operation of mobile phones or other mobile computing devices may be regarded as irritating, disruptive or damaging, such as in concerts and libraries.09-04-2008
20130102294SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NAVIGATING A PLURALITY OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - The present invention is a system to navigate a plurality of colleges and universities that includes a server system, one or more smartphones and a communications network where the server system is in communication with the smartphones over the communications network. The system specifically includes a college navigator smartphone app that includes a plurality of interactive maps and a plurality of schedule information that resides on the server system and a plurality of app updates that are provided to the college navigator app and to keep the system current. The present invention also includes a corresponding method for using a smartphone to navigate a plurality of college and university campuses.04-25-2013
20130122874PRESENTING SPONSORED CONTENT ON A MOBILE COMMUNICATION FACILITY - A computer-implemented method for positioning targeted sponsored content on a cellular phone includes the steps of (a) assessing a likelihood of an interaction by a user of the cellular phone with a sponsored content, wherein the assessment is based on a plurality of user characteristics associated with the cellular phone including (i) a credit card datum; and (ii) a predefined hardware or software characteristic of the cellular phone; (c) prioritizing the placement of the sponsored content within one of a plurality of predefined areas of a graphical user interface of the cellular phone over the placement of other sponsored content within the same area, wherein the prioritization is based on the assessment of the likelihood of the interaction of the user of the cellular phone with the sponsored content; and (d) presenting the sponsored content within the one of a plurality of predefined areas of the graphical user interface.05-16-2013
20100279669METHOD FOR PERFORMING INTERACTIVE SERVICES ON A MOBILE DEVICE, SUCH AS TIME OR LOCATION INITIATED INTERACTIVE SERVICES - A system for performing interactive services at a mobile device is disclosed. In some cases, the system receives an indication of an event, and provides interactive services to a user of the mobile device based on the event. In some cases, an indication of an event in invokes a script-based process that determines one or more actions to present to a user of the mobile device.11-04-2010
20110212711SCHEDULING AND DELIVERING AD MEETINGS - A system and method for scheduling advertisement viewing sessions (“ad meetings”) and delivering those advertisements to a willing user. An ad meeting is scheduled by a user by creating and storing an ad meeting calendar item and sending a notification to an advertising agent. The advertising agent may select advertisements to send to the user based on the user's specified preferences, location, the time of the meeting, the time of the shopping trip, and/or other criteria. Alternatively, the advertising agent may invite users to an ad meeting by sending an invitation containing an ad meeting calendar item, or alternatively a user may share advertisements with other users by forwarding advertisements or inviting other users to an ad meeting. As an incentive to view advertisements, the user may have credits applied to their communications service provider account based on their advertisement viewing and sharing activity.09-01-2011
20130150009SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING AND ROUTING INCOMING CALLS TO A COMMUNICATION ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A call routing system employs a primary call outing device configured to receive directory assistance calls from callers at a first directory assistance system, and determines, for each of the calls, whether they will be handled by the first directory assistance system, or by a second directory assistance system among a plurality of directory assistance systems. A secondary router is also provided, configured to route the calls within the first directory assistance system to the primary call routing device The secondary router has a default call distribution logic, such that if the primary call routing device is off-line, the secondary call router routes the calls among the first directory assistance system and the plurality of directory assistance systems according to the default distribution logic.06-13-2013
20090197581MULTI-VERSION MOBILE ADVERTISEMENTS - A method is disclosed for providing mobile publishers with multiple versions of an advertisement, including enabling an advertiser to create at least two different versions of an advertisement, wherein each version is formatted for display on a mobile device with a predetermined device attribute including a screen attribute, and providing a mobile publisher with the at least two versions of the advertisement for service to a plurality of mobile devices having different screen attributes, at least one of the plurality of mobile devices having a screen attribute corresponding to that of at least one of a plurality of advertisement versions.08-06-2009
20120282906METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS - A method for controlling mobile communications involves establishing an RFID connection between an RFID tag disposed on or at a predefined location inside a cabin area of a vehicle and an RFID reader attached to a mobile communications device. Upon breaking the RFID connection, an application resident on the device recognizes that the device is no located in the predefined location. A message is automatically sent to an entity outside of the vehicle, where the message indicates that the device is no longer located at the predefined location inside the vehicle.11-08-2012
20110312310SYSTEM FOR TARGETING ADVERTISING CONTENT TO A PLURALITY OF MOBILE COMMUNICATION FACILITIES - A system for targeting advertising content includes the steps of: (a) receiving respective requests for advertising content corresponding to a plurality of mobile communication facilities operated by a group of users, wherein the plurality includes first and second types of mobile communication facilities with different rendering capabilities; (b) receiving a datum corresponding to the group; (c) selecting from a first and second sponsor respective content based on a relevancy to the datum, wherein each content includes a first and second item requiring respective rendering capabilities; (d) receiving bids from the first and second sponsors; (e) attributing a priority to the content of the first sponsor based upon a determination that a yield associated with the first sponsor is greater than a yield associated with the second sponsor; and (f) transmitting the first and second items of the first sponsor to the first and second types of mobile communication facilities respectively.12-22-2011
20110312309Method and Apparatus for Locating Information from Surroundings - An apparatus includes at least one a processor, and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to determine that an input defining a piece of information to be located has been received, determine the location of the information in an environment of the apparatus, and report the location.12-22-2011
20120088480SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTIMISATION OF MEDIA OBJECTS - A system and method for optimisation of media objects for delivery to one of a plurality of mobile communication devices of different types and rendering thereon. In particular, the media objects are optimised according to the mobile device's characteristics to ensure efficient delivery and optimal rendering thereon. For this purpose, an optimised output of the media object is determined at a first stage. At a subsequent stage, based on the mobile device type, the characteristics of the object to be delivered are then adjusted to conform to those of the predetermined optimised output, thus ensuring that the rendering of the optimised media object on the mobile device output is of high quality.04-12-2012
20120088479System And Method For Providing A Descriptor For A Location To A Recipient - A method for providing a descriptor of a location to a recipient includes receiving location data of the location from a user and using the location data to identify a plurality of regions near or including the location. Each region is associated with a descriptor. The recipient's level of familiarity with each of the regions is determined and a region is selected based on the recipient's level of familiarity with the selected region. Once the region is selected, the descriptor associated with the selected region is provided to the recipient via the user.04-12-2012
20120088478APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING APPLICATION IN WIRELESS TERMINAL - An apparatus and method for controlling an application in a wireless terminal to automatically download an application on a home screen classified on a category basis. The apparatus preferably includes a display unit for displaying home screens set to categories and a controller for automatically matching and setting the home screens of the wireless terminal to categories received from a server in a home screen category setting mode and downloading an application on a home screen set to a category of the application.04-12-2012
20120094641INFORMATION DELIVERY APPARATUS, INFORMATION RECEIVING APPARATUS, INFORMATION DELIVERY METHOD, INFORMATION RECEIVING METHOD AND INFORMATION DELIVERY SYSTEM - An information delivery apparatus is provided, including a receiving portion to receive location information of a mobile communication terminal at a given time and acquired date and time of the location information from the terminal, an event information storage portion to store event information including an event place, date and time, a delivery terminal selecting portion to select the mobile communication terminal to which the event information is to be delivered based on the location information and the acquired date and time of the location information and on the event place, date and time, and an event information delivery portion to deliver the event information to the selected mobile communication terminal. The delivery terminal selecting portion selects the mobile communication terminal whose location indicated by location information is within a predetermined range and whose acquired date and time of the location information are before the event date and time.04-19-2012
20130210398TRANSMITTING INFORMATION - The present invention relates to the transmission of push information to a handset. Before pushing a page to the handset, it is checked that the page belongs to the same service as the page currently display. If the page to be pushed belongs to a different service, it is not pushed. The risk of disruption to the original service is thereby reduced. Checking is preferably done by a gateway to which the handset is connected. The gateway can store details of the page last transmitted to the handset in order to facilitate the check.08-15-2013

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