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Rotary disk

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451 - Abrading

451064000 - MACHINE

451177000 - Rotary tool

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451283000 Work rotating 48
451262000 Opposed abrading tools 12
451278000 Stationary work holder 6
451260000 One-way work traverse 5
20090311951ENTRAINMENT AIR FLOW CONTROL AND FILTRATION DEVICES - Devices and systems are provided, that entrain ambient air within a primary stream of pressurised air, for use in a variety of applications including aircraft, buildings and other stationary structures. The ambient air is drawn through an air treatment such a filter before entrainment within the primary stream. The combined streams are then delivered to a ventilation system, an air curtain or other suitable recipient of treated, thermally conditioned air. The systems include air curtain systems and ventilation systems for aircraft and other vehicles.12-17-2009
20110003539APPARATUS FOR DOUBLE-SIDED GRINDING - A grinding apparatus for machining a workpiece (01-06-2011
20130196576GLASS PLATE CONVEYING DEVICE AND BEVELING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - The present invention provides a conveying device including a transfer mechanism including: a belt portion configured to support a non-pattern surface of a glass plate and transfer the glass plate in a conveying direction; and a pattern surface supporting water guide arranged at a position opposed to the belt portion and configured to apply predetermined water pressure to a pattern surface of the glass plate, wherein the transfer mechanism is configured such that: the glass plate is pressed against the belt portion by water pressure of the pattern surface supporting water guide; and the glass plate is sandwiched between the pattern surface supporting water guide and the belt portion in a state where the pattern surface of the glass plate is in a non-contact state, the conveying device being capable of stably transferring the glass plate without making scratches on the pattern surface of the glass plate.08-01-2013
20090124180Counter-Balanced Cup Brush Head Assembly - An assembly for surface finishing, comprising a pair of heads which are movable on linear slides. Each head comprises a series of cup brushes that finish the surface of the workpiece. The two heads are tied to a single motor/gearbox combination by a crankshaft which allows each head to move with a phase relationship determined by the linkage to counterbalance the motions and acceleration forces against each other. By counterbalancing the heads in this manner, faster oscillation speeds can be achieved without undesirable vibration. The result is a better treatment of the surface of the workpiece.05-14-2009
20090017736SINGLE-USE EDGING WHEEL FOR FINISHING GLASS - A single-use grinding tool includes a wheel portion having a profiled recess (e.g., such as a U, V, or bowl shape) extending circumferentially along the wheel portion's periphery. A multi-layered bonded abrasive (e.g., 3-dimensional matrix of abrasive grains and bond material, or multiple layers of abrasive tape) is conformably coated or otherwise applied in a uniform thickness along the profiled recess. The bonded abrasive in one particular case includes a metal bond with diamonds. However, organic, resinous, vitrified, and hybrid bonds, as well as other abrasive grit types, can be used. The wheel portion is supported by an arbor portion which may be removably coupled to the wheel portion, or formed integrally with the wheel portion. The tool is useful, for example, in edge grinding a workpiece, such as sheet glass. Methods of tool use and tool manufacture are disclosed as well.01-15-2009
451293000 Blade sharpener 4
20080311829EMERY WHEEL GRINDING MACHINE WITH ADJUSTABLE DRILL BIT CHUCK - The emery wheel grinding machine with adjustable drill bit chuck disclosed herein has an adjustable chuck in which is provided with a T-bushing having an outer flange formed at one end thereof. The outer flange is provided with several pairs of stop traps along its circumference, whereas the number of stop traps are determined according to the number of cutter blades to be shaved. Several stop pins are formed on the surface of the outer flange to control the turning angle of the drill bit or the cutter. The T-bushing further has a taper hole in it. When the chuck head which holds the drill bit or the cutter is inserted into the taper hole, the cutter blade can be in contact with the emery wheel with a certain tilted angle thereby allowing the cutter blades of various length and number to be effectively shaved, ground and finished.12-18-2008
20110244767KNIFE SHARPENER FOR ASIAN AND EUROPEAN/AMERICAN KNIVES - A knife sharpener sharpens a wide range of knives and blades. The knife sharpener includes an angle guide associated with a first stage abrasive surface at an angle in the range of 12-18 degrees. A second stage is provided at an angle in the range of 17-23 degrees. A third stage is provided at an angle in the range of 19-25 degrees. The abrasive surface in the first and second stages is in the range of 240 to 400 grit while the abrasives in the third stage is in the range of 600 to 2000 grit.10-06-2011
20120225614GEAR GRINDING MACHINE - Provided is a gear grinding machine the maintainability of which can be improved and which is capable of being miniaturized. More specifically, provided is a gear grinding machine wherein a threaded grinding stone (09-06-2012
20080248732DISC BLADE SHARPENER - A disc blade sharpener. A wheel carriage includes a rotatable abrasive wheel contactable against the side surface of the cutting edge of the disc blade. A rotatable driver wheel mounted on the carriage rotates the disc blade while the abrasive wheel contacts and sharpens the cutting edge of the disc blade. The carnage includes an electric motor, abrasive wheel, and driver wheel that may be adjustably moved both in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction relative to the concave disc blade.10-09-2008
451282000 Work guide 4
20090011689GRINDING MACHINE - In a grinding machine with a grinding means for machining a workpiece surface which can be moved in a direction of conveyance relative to the grinding means and is arranged in a machining plane, wherein the grinding means has a large number of grinding heads with grinding elements (01-08-2009
20080280548ICE SKATE BLADE SHARPENING MACHINE - A ice skate blade sharpening machine comprises a skate holder which holds the blade in a releasably fixed position, a rotatable grinding wheel having a periphery and rotatable about a grinding wheel axis, and a contouring tool having a contour surface, moveable between an engaged position and a disengaged position, wherein in the engaged position the contouring tool is held in place with respect to the grinding wheel axis, the contour surface engages the rotating grinding wheel and grinds the periphery of the grinding wheel to define a grinding wheel contour, and wherein the grinding wheel contour grinds the blade to define a profile when the grinding wheel is rotating and the blade is held in the releasably fixed position.11-13-2008
20100330888GLASS-PLATE WORKING MACHINE - A glass-plate working machine 12-30-2010
20080305724Surface grinding machine, spindle device and surface grinding method - In through-feed grinding workpieces by grinding stones rotating around the axes of spindles, the spindles are tiltably held by elastic holding means around tilt axes substantially orthogonal to the direction of exit and entrance of the workpieces with respect to the grinding stones. When a grinding loads are imposed on the entrance sides of the grinding stones, the spindles are tilted by offset loads around the tilt axes against the force of urging means in such a manner that the axial displacement and the exit displacement of the grinding stone due to the offset load are substantially the same. The grinding stones are reset around the tilt axes by the elastic holding means immediately before the end of processing at which time the axial displacement is smaller. This makes it possible to reduce the number of defectively ground articles coming from the through-feed grinding and reduce the wear in the grinding stones.12-11-2008
451281000 Templet 2
20090275271Apparatus and Method for Polishing Semi-Conductor Dice - Hands free removal of layers of material simultaneously from a number of dies is accomplished by temporarily positioning a plurality of die holding devices into different segmented open areas of a template mounted over the grinding surface. In one embodiment, frictional force imparted to each holding device by the grinding wheel serves to position the holding device against a stop within the confines of each opening. The stop in each segment could be positioned at a different radial distance from the center of the grinding wheel in order to use different portions of the grinding wheel to grind each of the dies. In some embodiments, the segments are offset from each other around the template in order to increase the effective working area of the grinding surface.11-05-2009
20100273403Contour Guide for Ice Skate Sharpener - A guide assembly for an ice skate sharpener cooperates with a template of a desired contour of a skate blade to control the relative disposition of a sharpening wheel and a skate blade. The guide assembly comprises a base and a carriage slidably mounted on the base so as to be moveable, relative to said base, along a predefined path. A support is provided for connection to a skateholder. The support is connected to the carriage to permit movement of a skateholder in a direction normal to the path. The support inhibits relative movement between the carriage and a skateholder in a direction parallel to said path. A follower connected between the skateholder and template, control movement of the skateholder in a direction normal to the path as the carriage is moved along said predefined path. The skateholder therefore follow the contour of the template.10-28-2010
451270000 Orbital 1
20110263184GRINDING MACHINE - A grinding machine includes a machine frame with a work piece support surface on which a work piece may be transporter through the machine. A grinding bar arrangement including two grinding shoes positioned in parallel is arranged transversely with respect to a work piece feeding direction across the width of the work piece support surface. The two grinding shoes carry a grinding medium on their surfaces facing the work piece support surface and are suspended via an eccentric drive. The two grinding shoes perform rotary movements in a plane parallel to the work piece support surface achieving a high quality grinding result.10-27-2011
20130029567MACHINING APPARATUS - An apparatus for machining an elongated workpiece with a tool a support column having a generally planar and vertical front wall and a pair of generally planar, parallel, and vertical side walls projecting rearward from respective outer edges of the front wall. A workpiece holder on the front wall can hold the workpiece forward of the front wall in a vertical orientation. A vertical guide secured to one of the side walls carries a vertical slide shiftable along the vertical guide. A front horizontal guide on the vertical slide forward of the front wall from the guide carries tool holder shiftable in the front horizontal guide on the vertical slide forward of the front wall and is adapted to hold the tool.01-31-2013
20090191799SURFACE MODIFYING TOOL ADAPTER USING A PLURALITY OF SURFACE MODIFYING ARTICLE INSERTS FOR USE IN A SURFACE MODIFYING SYSTEM - A surface modifying apparatus, system, article, and method are disclosed for modifying a surface by surface modification, whereby inserts of surface modifying elements are quickly and easily replaceable on a carrier assembly therefor without being damaged during use.07-30-2009
20130183890PROCESSING APPARATUS - A processing apparatus including a holding unit having a holding surface for holding a platelike workpiece and a processing unit for processing the workpiece held by the holding unit. The processing unit includes a processing wheel opposed to the holding surface of the holding unit, a wheel mount having a supporting surface for detachably supporting the processing wheel, a rotating shaft connected to another surface of the wheel mount opposite to the supporting surface, a housing for rotatably supporting the rotating shaft, a mount cover provided on the housing so as to cover the wheel mount with a predetermined gap defined between the mount cover and the wheel mount, the mount cover having a cleaning water inlet communicating with the predetermined gap, and a cleaning water source connected to the cleaning water inlet.07-18-2013
20100075580SMALL CUTTING WHEEL - The invention relates to a small cutting wheel for producing a scribed/scored predetermined breaking line, wherein the cutting wheel has a radial peripheral line defining an outer periphery of the wheel which at least partially presents a cutting edge having cutting teeth which form a rough tooth system and which are circumferentially spaced from each other by intermediate tooth spaces. A cutting wheel shall be provided by which particularly flat displays but also other glass bodies can be produced with an improved quality of the separation planes and breaking edges and with minimum rejects also in different cases of application. For this purpose it is proposed that the cutting teeth of the rough tooth system include at least over a part of the perimeter of the small wheel a non-uniform arrangement in which the length Z of the cutting teeth and/or the length S of the intermediate tooth spaces varies at least between some adjacent teeth and/or intermediate tooth spaces or between all teeth and/or intermediate tooth spaces.03-25-2010
20130052921APPARATUS AND METHOD EMPLOYING A GRINDER WHEEL COOLANT GUARD - Edges of panels, such as glass panels, are ground and polished using grinder wheels that are cooled and lubricated with a coolant. A coolant deflector is utilized to help prevent coolant, which may contain panel particles or abrasives, from entering between the panel and a conveying mechanism that transports the panel.02-28-2013
20130072096INTERNAL GEAR GRINDING MACHINE - The present disclosure relates to an internal gear grinding machine having a grinding arm at which a grinding spindle is arranged and having a measuring head, wherein the measuring head advantageously includes a measuring sensor. Furthermore, in accordance with the present disclosure, the measuring head is movable from a grinding position into a measuring position via a linear guide.03-21-2013
20130072095INTERNAL GEAR GRINDING MACHINE - The present disclosure relates to an internal gear grinding machine with a grinding arm, on which a grinding spindle is arranged, and with an adjustable coolant nozzle, wherein the coolant nozzle is adjustable via a drive.03-21-2013
20100323589CENTERLESS GRINDING MACHINE - A centerless grinding machine includes a frame with an upper base and includes a driven regulating wheel and a driven grinding wheel mounted to the frame. At least one of the wheels is mounted to the upper base and hangs downwardly from the upper base. At least one of the wheels is indexable laterally along an X direction. The wheels are for supporting and grinding a work piece placed between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel. Preferably the upper base is spaced from and above the at least one wheel and the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel are operably mounted to the upper base such that the wheels hang downwardly from the upper base.12-23-2010
20110300784FLEXIBLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE MULTI-HEAD FLOOR POLISHING DISK ASSEMBLY - A disk assembly for use with floor grinding and/or polishing machines. The disk assembly includes multiple cutting heads attached to a flexible rubber disk, and a layer of hook and loop type fastener material for attaching the disk assembly to the drive plate of the floor grinding and/or polishing machine. The disk assembly also includes a foam pad for attachment between the flexible polishing disk and the drive plate to provide additional support structure, and a rigid plate which can optionally be used between the flexible polishing disk and the foam pad to maintain a flat polishing surface.12-08-2011
20110124273WAFER POLISHING APPARATUS FOR ADJUSTING HEIGHT OF WHEEL TIP - In a wafer polishing apparatus, the height of the wheel tip can be adjusted. The wafer polishing apparatus includes a wheel tip constructed and arranged to be in direct contact with a wafer; a spindle shaft configured to receive power to enable rotation of the wheel tip; a wheel shank positioned at a lower part of the spindle shaft and supporting the wheel tip, the wheel tip not being directly fixed thereto; and a moving shaft having a first side on which the wheel tip is mounted and an opposite side to which the spindle shaft is connected, and relatively movable with respect to the spindle shaft.05-26-2011
20090104858GRINDING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF GRINDING WAFER - In order not to transmit an impact when grinding is started, or micro-vibrations of a grinding wheel during grinding to a wafer, a grinding apparatus at least includes: a chuck table that holds a wafer; a grinding unit having a grinding wheel configured to include a grinding wheel part that is fixed to a wheel base and grinds a wafer held on the chuck table and having a wheel mount that supports the wheel base; and a grinding unit feeding unit that brings the grinding unit dose to and away from the chuck table, wherein a vibration damping rubber having a rebound resilience of 2% to 4% standardized by ISO 4662 is provided between the wheel base and the wheel mount, whereby an impact when grinding is started, or micro-vibrations of a grinding wheel during grinding are absorbed.04-23-2009
20100015896Device for Driving a Grinding Machine - The invention relates to a device (01-21-2010
20080280545MACHINE FOR DRESSING THE EDGES AND OUTER SURFACES OF FLAT WORKPIECES - In a machine for processing the edges and outer surfaces of flat workpieces, including a machine frame with a workpiece support surface 11-13-2008
20080280547Power tool with output shaft - A motorized power tool includes an output shaft (11-13-2008
20090298399SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER POLISHING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF POLISHING - A wafer polishing apparatus has a base and a turntable having a polishing pad thereon and mounted on the base for rotation of the turntable and polishing pad relative to the base about an axis perpendicular to the turntable and polishing pad. The polishing pad includes a work surface engageable with a front surface of a wafer for polishing the front surface of the wafer. A drive mechanism is mounted on the base for imparting rotational motion about an axis substantially parallel to the axis of the turntable. A polishing head is connected to the drive mechanism for driving rotation of the polishing head. The polishing head has a pressure plate adapted to hold the wafer for engaging the front surface of the wafer with the work surface of the polishing pad. The pressure plate has a generally planar position and is selectively movable from the planar position to a convex position and to a concave position.12-03-2009
20100003904High speed flat lapping platen, raised islands and abrasive beads - A rotatable abrasive lapper machine platen assembly is attached to a lapper machine frame. The assembly has at least: 01-07-2010
20120142259SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GRINDING REFRACTORY METALS AND REFRACTORY METAL ALLOYS - A system for grinding surgical needles made of refractory metal alloys such as tungsten-rhenium alloys includes a rotatable grinding wheel having a grinding surface, a layer of a binding material, such as a nickel binding material layer, overlying the grinding surface, and a plurality of abrasive particles, such as ABN600 abrasive particles, embedded within the binding material layer. The abrasive particles are similarly sized and the binding material layer has a thickness that is about 65% of the size of the similarly sized abrasive particles. The system includes a lubricating device adapted to apply a lubricant to an interface between the grinding surface and distal ends of needle blanks and a rotating element coupled with the rotatable wheel for rotating the grinding surface at about 10,000 surface feet per minute.06-07-2012
20130217310Wafer Processing Equipment - A wafer processing equipment, for use in operations of cutting and grinding wafers, comprises a driving device and at least one processing wheel. The driving device has a spindle extending therefrom, which can be fitted with a locking member. The processing wheel is coupled to the spindle of the driving device. The processing wheel defines a through hole at a center thereof, whereby the spindle of the driving device can be inserted through the through hole of the processing wheel to be fitted with the locking member, so that the processing wheel can be securely coupled to the spindle. The processing wheel can be selected to be a cutting wheel or a grinding wheel. As such, only one set of wafer processing equipment is adequate in performing both of cutting and grinding operations, thereby reducing the working space required for processing wafers and lowering the manufacturing cost.08-22-2013
20080293338Portable Grinder With a Wheel-Guard Support and Auxiliary Handle - A straight type power grinder includes an elongate housing having a handle with a power controller at its rear end, and a neck portion at its forward end supporting an output shaft connected to a rotation motor. The neck portion is formed with an integrated mounting flange for a grinding wheel guard. The neck portion and the mounting flange form an auxiliary handle for a comfortable manual support of the grinder during operation.11-27-2008
20110081843HARD FINISH MACHINE FOR HARD FINISHING OF A WORKPIECE - The invention relates to a hard finish machine (04-07-2011
20110250825Tool for removing grout, mortar and the like - A grout removal tool includes a cover shaped to define a substantially enclosed interior cavity and a grinding assembly designed to simultaneously abrade grout from multiple, non-linear tile joints. The grinding assembly includes a motor-driven shaft that is rotatably coupled to the cover by a pair of ball bearings. The grinding assembly additionally includes two or more grinding elements that are axially mounted on the shaft in a spaced apart relationship, each grinding element including at least one disc-shaped grinding wheel. A vacuum attachment is externally mounted on the cover and is in communication with the interior cavity through a plurality of circular openings formed in the cover in direct alignment with the grinding elements. One end of the vacuum attachment is preferably connected to a vacuum device that forcibly withdraws and contains debris created during the grout grinding process.10-13-2011
20110081845HARD FINISH MACHINE FOR HARD FINISHING OF A WORKPIECE - The invention relates to a hard finish machine (04-07-2011
20110070812CIRCULAR PATH GENERATING DEVICE - A circular path generating device comprises a base, a sliding stage, a working portion, and a driving device. The sliding stage is movable on the base along a first axial direction while the working portion is movable on the sliding stage along a second axial direction. The driving device has a driving portion and a crank portion, wherein the driving portion is configured for driving the crank portion to rotate, and the crank portion is connected to the working portion. When the driving portion drives the crank portion to rotate, the working portion is driven by the crank portion to move along a circular path. Thus the circular path generating device according to the present invention advantageously owns a mechanism of one degree of freedom and a simple structure, is capable of performing uniform circular motions, and can be easily controlled.03-24-2011
20090023366METHOD OF MAKING ABRASIVE ARTICLE - A method of making an abrasive article comprising an abrasive disc (01-22-2009
20110081844HARD FINISH MACHINE FOR HARD FINISHING OF A WORKPIECE - The invention relates to a hard finish machine (04-07-2011
20100120339DUST COLLECTION DEVICE FOR SANDING MACHINE - A dust collection device for a sanding machine includes a casing located at the lower end of the upright sanding belt and the casing includes a bottom hole which communicates with the open top of the dust collection part. The dust collection part communicates with an exterior collection area defined within an outer cover. A fan unit an a separation plate are located within the outer cover, so that dust during operation of the sanding belt can be collected into the exterior collection area and brought out via an escape pipe connected to the outer cover. A sanding wheel is located beside the separation plate and a housing is mounted to the sanding wheel. The housing includes a restriction plate so as to guide dust during operation of the sanding wheel into the escape pipe. The sanding belt, the fan unit and the sanding wheel share a common axle.05-13-2010
20110217908Coarse and Fine Grinding/Polishing Machine - A grinding/polishing machine includes first and second grinding units. The first grinding unit is mounted slidably on a column on a base support to move along a Z-axis direction, and has a first grinding wheel. The second grinding unit is mounted slidably on. the first grinding unit to move along a Y-axis direction and has a second grinding wheel aligned with the first grinding wheel. When the second grinding wheel is in a grinding position, the second grinding wheel is situated between the first grinding wheel and a platform mounted on the base support to hold a workpiece. When the second grinding wheel moves away from the first grinding wheel, the first grinding wheel is movable to the platform for a grinding operation. The first and second grinding wheels have different levels of coarseness/fineness.09-08-2011
20090075571Grinding Machine, Particularly A High-Speed Grinding Machine - In order to be able to economically carry out machining of a turbine rotor having blades consisting of different materials, by a high-speed grinding machine, a magazine for the grinding wheels and an automatically operating grinding wheel changer are provided. A plurality of different grinding wheels to be held are made available, which different grinding wheels are adapted to the respective blade materials. A flat-construction coupling is developed in order to be able to couple the grinding wheels with the receiving devices in the grinding wheel changer.03-19-2009
20110306280Rotatable Disc Head As Well As Floor Treatment Machine Comprising Such Disc Head - A rotatable disc head for a floor treatment device includes a pair of coupling members which are pivotably connected to each other according to pivot axes which are transversely oriented with respect to each other. A rotation axis is defined which is transversely oriented with respect to the pivot axes. The coupling members are furthermore connected to each other by means of at least one elastically deformable connection element. One of the coupling members includes fitting means for mounting the coupling member to the rotary drive of the floor treatment device and the other coupling member includes carrier means onto which a floor treatment element, such as a grinding disc, can be mounted. The connection of the connection elements to one of the coupling members is an adjustable connection allowing displacements which are oriented transversely with respect to the rotation axis.12-15-2011
20080280546Method and apparatus for grinding the blade tips of a rotor wheel in Blisk design - Tip grinding of BLISK blades is performed in a static state of an incrementally rotatable BLISK, with a rotational axis (11-13-2008
20100022172POST SHAVING ORBITAL SYSTEM FOR BLIND BOLT FASTENERS - The system comprises a headstock (01-28-2010
20110092139GRINDING MACHINE - A first angular grinding wheel and a straight grinding wheel having rotation axes parallel to each other are arranged on a swivel slide that turns about a turning axis. A reference symmetry plane (MA) that is parallel to a grinding wheel rotation axis and that includes the turning axis and a reference perpendicular plane (MB) that is perpendicular to the reference symmetry plane and that includes the turning axis are defined. A grinding reference point (PA04-21-2011
20090017735Device for polishing hard surfaces, especially glass surfaces - The invention relates to a device for polishing hard surfaces, especially glass surfaces, said device comprising polishing system (01-15-2009
20120276822APPARATUS FOR GRINDING HEATED PLANE OF COOLER - A method for making heated plane of a cooler to obtain better flatness and roughness includes a grinder with a grinding plate and a fixture. Then, the cooler is arranged onto the fixture. Next, the abrasive is injected into the gap between the grinding plate and the heated plane, making the fixture press and clamp the cooler in a way, such that the heated plane of the cooler contacts the abrasive closely. Finally, the grinding plate is rotated to make at least one grinding process to the heated plane, making the heated plane obtain a surface with better roughness and flatness, further enhancing the contact tightness between the heated plane and a heating element, and therefore promoting the thermally conductive efficiency between the cooler and the heating element.11-01-2012
20080233845ABRASIVE ARTICLES, ROTATIONALLY RECIPROCATING TOOLS, AND METHODS - Methods of abrading surfaces by rotationally reciprocating abrasive surfaces in contact with the surfaces, abrasive articles for use in rotationally reciprocating tools, and methods of removing defects in a surface, where the methods include sanding using a rotationally reciprocating abrasive surface followed by one or more polishing operations are disclosed.09-25-2008
20130189908Edger Resurfacing Machine - An edger machine for treating a floor and other surfaces has a housing with a motor and a deck. The motor has a drive shaft extending into an upper deck section of the deck. A pulley is positioned forward of the drive shaft, and a drive belt connects the drive shaft to the pulley. The pulley is constructed to mount a resurfacing disc in a lower deck section of the deck. A pair of guide wheels is mounted on an upper surface of the lower deck section adjacent the upper deck section. The guide wheels are rotatable about a vertical axis and positioned such that the wheels can roll against a vertical surface.07-25-2013
20120083190ULTRA-LOW TEMPERATURE MAGNETIC POLISHING MACHINE - An ultra-low temperature magnetic polishing machine includes a housing defining therein a grinding chamber, a door hinged to the housing and controllable to open/close the grinding chamber, a motor mounted inside the housing below the grinding chamber, a magnetic disc set in between the grinding chamber and the motor and rotatable by the motor to cause an alternative magnetic field in the grinding chamber, a freezer having an output pipeline inserted into the grinding chamber and freezing medium deliverable through the output pipeline into the grinding chamber, a container set in the grinding chamber, and magnetically conductive grinding media put in the container.04-05-2012

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