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446465000 Wheeled vehicle 53
446444000 Including extrinsic guide or means cooperable with extrinsic guide 39
446454000 Remotely controlled 39
446457000 Including intrinsic motive power means for propulsion 13
446440000 Motorcycle, tricycle or bicycle 5
20090264046Remote-Controlled Toy Vehicle - A toy vehicle includes a chassis, a front road wheel supported for rotation from the chassis and a rear road wheel supported for rotation from the chassis. A reversible motor is supported from the chassis and is operatively coupled with one of the front and rear road wheels so as to rotate at least one of the front and rear road wheels to propel the toy vehicle in a forward direction. A wheelie mechanism is operatively connected to the motor and has a first end pivotally attached to the central axis of one of the front and rear road wheels.10-22-2009
20110151747SLOT RACING MOTORCYCLE - Slot racing motorcycle. It features a pickup shoe equipped with lateral stabilising extensions (06-23-2011
20080227365BALANCING SYSTEM AND TURNING MECHANISM FOR REMOTE CONTROLLED TOY - A radio controlled two wheeled vehicle incorporates a disposition of two motors, a gear system and electronics to provide a balancing and mobility during operation. There is a low center of gravity provided by relatively heavy wheels. The two-wheeled vehicle provides increased balancing at slower speeds between the drive system motors. In the motorbike, and a figurine having movable joints is attachable to the bike and provides for tilting of the bike and steering effects during the bike operation.09-18-2008
20100075572REMOTE-CONTROL TOY MOTORCYCLE - A remote-control toy motorcycle is composed of a body, a front wheel, a rear wheel, and a power output device. The rear wheel includes a fastening shaft; a wheel rim set for inserting the fastening shaft therethrough and for rotation driven by the power output device; a planetary gear set having a gear wheel and a plurality of planetary gears, the gear wheel having an axial hole located a center thereof for inserting the fastening shaft therethrough, the planetary gears engaging and circling the gear wheel; a unidirectional rotary member inserted through the space between the fastening shaft and the axial hole for actuating unidirectional converse rotation of the gear wheel that is forced by an external torque; a clutch set connected with the planetary gears for synchronic rotation and for expansion in high-speed rotation; and a flywheel set having a flywheel surrounding the clutch set for rotation actuated by the expansion of the clutch set, the flywheel having a plurality of cavities for receiving a plurality of weights whose number is identical to or smaller than that of the cavities.03-25-2010
20120009846Gearbox Assembly for Toy Vehicle - A gearbox for a toy vehicle is provided that is adapted to transmit rotational power from a motor to a first drivetrain system adapted to drive a wheel and a second drivetrain system adapted to actuate an accessory feature. A swing mechanism is provided to alternatively translate rotational motion from the motor to the first drivetrain or the second drivetrain.01-12-2012
446437000 Including means for causing erratic movement 4
20090149112Radio-controlled toy skateboard - A radio-controlled toy skateboard comprises a deck and front and rear trucks. The individual wheels of the rear truck can be controlled separately responsive to radio signals from a remote transmitter for rotation in either direction, while the front wheels rotate freely. Also responsive to radio control signals, the rear truck is controllably pivoted with respect to the deck about a kingpin axis that is inclined rearwardly, while the front truck pivots freely about a forwardly inclined kingpin axis. When the rear truck is thus pivoted, the deck tilts about its longitudinal centerline, causing the front truck to pivot correspondingly, steering the skateboard. A pair of modeled shoes are mounted for free pivoting about pivot axes. As the board tilts toward one side or the other, the shoes pivot from a toes-in to a toes-out position, mimicing the foot movements of a live “skater”. The forward shoe is mounted on a trolley sliding freely on an inclined ramp. When the board rests on a horizontal surface, the trolley slides forward, so that the forward shoe moves toward the forward end of the board; if the front end of the board is tilted upwardly, as in a “wheelie” manuever, the forward shoe slides rearwardly, as would that of a skater doing such a trick.06-11-2009
20120322341Toy Vehicle with Flipping Mechanism - A toy vehicle includes a vehicle body configured for moving along a support surface when disposed in a first orientation. A platform is rotatably coupled to an underside of the vehicle body, and a lever is pivotally coupled to the platform. The lever is movable between a first position disengaged from the support surface and a second position engageable with the support surface when the vehicle is disposed in its first orientation. The lever causes the vehicle to be overturned from its first orientation when the lever is moved from its first position to its second position.12-20-2012
20120094574TOY VEHICLE - In one embodiment there is provided a toy car that includes four wheels which have a weight that is at least 40%, 50%, 70% or 80% of the total weight of the car. In another aspect each wheel has a center point, with a combined weight such that a horizontally planar center of gravity defined by the car and measured from a lowest point on an outer edge of the four wheels towards a center of the body is positioned substantially about the center point of the four wheels. In either embodiment, the body may include an upper outer portion and the upper outer portion includes a finger detent.04-19-2012
446438000 Including illumination means 3
20100041308HEADLAMP-EQUIPPED MODEL AND HEADLAMP LIGHT-GUIDING MECHANISM THEREOF - A new model representation technique is provided, providing a realistic feeling to the color tone at the time of lights-out as that of the actual one, while keeping lighting properties of a headlamp-equipped model.02-18-2010
20090156092SEGMENTED BALL WITH LIGHTED ELEMENTS - Embodiments of the instant invention include lighted bounceable toys for play and amusement. Such toys or structures can be made in an infinite number of graceful and useful configurations. Exemplary bounceable ball toys include a light assembly having a power source and a plurality of light emitting elements, and a spherical skeletal structure having a plurality of segments. The spherical skeletal structure defines an open interior cavity, and at least some segments of the skeletal structure include a channel opening that faces toward the interior cavity. Light emitting elements transmit light to the channel openings.06-18-2009
20090075557Toy Illumination with Music - An illuminated toy is disclosed herein. In various aspects, the toy has a body, and may have one or more wheels rotatably thereto such that the body may rest upon the one or more wheels and may be conveyed about by the one or more wheels. The toy includes a sound module adapted to generate sound, and a light source is located about the body. The light source cooperates with the sound module to emit light in coordination with the sound generated by the sound module. For example, the light source may be switched on and off in coordination with the beat of sound in the form of music.03-19-2009
446448000 Including wheel- or axle-operated device 3
20080261487TOY VEHICLES - A toy vehicle configured to move across a support surface is disclosed. In some embodiments, the toy vehicle may include a body having a top portion and a bottom portion; a plurality of wheels rotatably mounted to the body and configured to rotatably support the body on the support surface in a plurality of positions including an upright position, and an inverted position, wherein less than all of the plurality of wheels rotatably support the body on the support surface when the body is in the inverted position; and a stabilizing mechanism mounted to the body, the stabilizing mechanism being configured, when the body is in the inverted position, to move a portion of the body away from the support surface such that one or more of the plurality of wheels may be driven to return the body in the upright position.10-23-2008
20080280527TRAVELING TOY AND RADIO-CONTROLLED TRAVELING TOY - A traveling toy and a radio-controlled traveling toy having a transmission which brings about an operational feeling like a real car is provided.11-13-2008
20110117815GEAR BOX FOR USE IN TOY VEHICLES - An improved and simplified gear box for toys and other small motorized devices is disclosed. The output gear is a composite piece that integrates a drive shaft with the output gear.05-19-2011
446435000 Vehicle and means for freeing or launching object therefrom 3
20090124167MANUAL AIR PUMP POWERED CAR RACING GAME - A pneumatic manual air pump powered car racing game presents a housing which serves as a powering station from which a race car is propelled down a race track. A pump handle is manipulated to pressurize an air chamber with substantial pressure, which is released to discharge the race car from its starting position at the housing end of the race track to the distal end of the race track. A race car's starting position refers to the releasably yet hermetically sealed male to female junction between the housing and race car. A signal is comprised at the distal end of the race track to indicate a conclusive race by a triggering device, including a mechanical or electronic device for alerting a player that the race car has reached the end of the track. A race is arranged by two or more users with multiple devices by setting up a parallel series of race tracks.05-14-2009
20110104981TOY LAUNCHER AND DUAL POWERED TOY - A toy launcher and dual powered toy vehicle apparatus where the toy launcher includes a base part to be held stationary during operation and a slidable part mounted to the base part, the slidable part being movable between first and second positions. Captured between the base and slidable parts is a spring. The expanding spring causes the toy vehicle to be propelled away from the launcher. At the same time, the rapid movement of the rack energizes the flywheel motor so that after the spring discharges the toy vehicle and a flywheel of the flywheel motor engages a supporting surface, the toy vehicle is moving in response to both the spring and the flywheel motor, two different power sources. The single action of pulling the rack appears to the user to cause compression and release of the spring, and the flywheel motor to be energized, essentially simultaneously.05-05-2011
20080220692MULTI-MODE THREE WHEELED TOY VEHICLE - A toy vehicle has first, second and third wheels for movement over a surface. Each of the first, second and third wheels has a respective first, second and third axis of rotation that lies between the remaining two other axes of rotation such that the three axes of rotation are mutually adjoining. Each of the three axes of rotation crosses over the other two axes of rotation such that an angle is formed between each adjoining crossing pair of the axes of rotation where each angle is other than a multiple of 90 degrees. Each wheel is individually powered so that the toy vehicle can translate in any horizontal direction regardless of its facing direction. Two of the wheels can be realigned so their axes of rotation are collinear for conventional movement.09-11-2008
446450000 Including handle, rod or tether for physically guiding or propelling (e.g., trundle, hoop, etc.) 3
20110201249Roller Toy Apparatus - A roller toy apparatus is provided. The roller toy apparatus may include a handle including a grasping portion, an elongate portion and a ball coupling portion, the ball coupling portion including a pair of left and right extensions, each of the left and right extensions including a respective mount extending inwardly into an interior region of the ball coupling portion. The roller toy apparatus may further include a ball rotatably coupled to the ball coupling portion. The ball may be formed of a mesh having a plurality of loop structures, each loop structure surrounding a void, and where each of a pair of loop structures is rotatably coupled to a respective mount of the ball coupling portion, to thereby rotatably couple the ball to the handle.08-18-2011
20100291834Wheeled Toy - A wheeled toy for helping children expand their creative ability, for fostering relationships amongst children, and for developing leadership skills. The toy is a concept toy. The toy is initially used with either a book or any other medium in which a story is expressed. The story is an imaginary quest for righteousness amongst five heroes that ideally will work as a unit in order to succeed in their quest. The wheeled toy is comprised of a wheel, a track guide attached to the wheel, and a telescoping guide attached to the track guide.11-18-2010
20110003531MINIATURE EXTREME SPORTS PLAYING SYSTEM - A miniature extreme sports system includes a conveyor means, (01-06-2011
446441000 Including vehicle-carried control mechanism activated or deactivated in response to contact with extrinxic structure 2
20090029626PROXIMITY CONTROL OF ON-BOARD PROCESSOR-BASED MODEL TRAIN SOUND AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A model railroad remote object comprises a proximity detector, an on-board accessory, and an on-board processor. The proximity detector changes state based on proximity of the detector to a proximity source. The accessory, which is located on or within the remote object, exhibits a behavior based on a parameter. The processor, which is operatively connected to the proximity detector and the accessory, affects the value of the parameter of the accessory based on the state of the proximity detector. By way of illustration and not limitation, the on-board accessory may be an audio device, the behavior may be emission of sound, and the parameter may be sound volume.01-29-2009
20120196506SLOT CAR AND MULTI-SLOT TRACK COMBINED RACEWAY - The invention discloses a slot car including a body, a power mechanism for driving the body, and an adjusting assembly for track switching of the body. The adjusting assembly includes a rotating component driven by the power mechanism, a guiding component fixed on the body, and multiple slot-pins. The guiding component includes a guide channel used for annular position limiting of the slot-pin and multiple position limiters used for longitudinal position limiting of the slot-pin, and the rotating of the rotating component enables the sliding of the slot-pin within the guide channel. The invention further provides a Multi-slot track combined raceway on which the slot car travels. With the adjusting assembly, the slot car is enabled to switch between tracks. The slot car is enabled to freely intercept its counterparts by switching tracks, thus the entertainment is enhanced.08-02-2012
446436000 Including changeable program carried by vehicle 2
20110028068TOY AUTOMOBILE - A toy automobile includes wheels, axles connecting the wheels, a holding plate, a control circuit, a sensor, and struts and drive trains corresponding to the wheels. Each strut includes a pivoting strut and a support strut pivoted to each other, one ends of the pivoting strut and the support strut are slidably mounted on the axles. The other end of the support strut slidably resist at the bottom surface of the holding plate. Each drive train is connected with another end of the pivoting strut. When the holding plate is tilted relative to a horizontal reference plane, the control circuit controls the drive trains to drive the pivoting struts at a lower end of the holding plate, the pivoting struts rotate and lift the support struts correspondingly, thus to lift the lower end and make the holding plate parallel to the horizontal reference plane.02-03-2011
20100048095Electronic Speed Control Programming - A method and apparatus for programming an electronic speed controller for a radio controlled model including a programmer for interfacing a personal computer to the RX port of the electronic speed controller. The electronic speed controller software may be updated, modified or replaced through the RX port.02-25-2010
446433000 Endless track vehicle 1
20130078888Foldable Toy Vehicles - A toy vehicle reconfigurable between unfolded and folded configurations includes a generally body pivotally supporting a pair of generally planar driving systems on either lateral side. Each driving system includes a motor and gear train driving a continuous track passed over multiple pulley wheels. One pulley wheel of each driving system is carried on an arm mounted to a frame of the system so as to pivot between retracted and extended positions and spring loaded to the extended position. The tracks are sufficiently elastic to accommodate the movement of the one wheel from the extended position to a retracted position. The arms are pushed into the retracted position when the vehicle is pushed into a combined remote control unit and storage case.03-28-2013
20110189923TOY COMPONENT GROUP AND TOY VEHICLE - A toy component group (08-04-2011
20090004948TRAVELLING TOY SYSTEM - A traveling toy system is provided, in which it becomes possible to reduce the amount of information transmitted to a video display device. In the traveling toy system, a video camera, a video camera controller which is adjustably controls at least a frame rate of the video camera, a signal transmission device which transmits a video signal outputted from the video camera to a video display device, and electric storage means for power supply are mounted on the traveling toy which travels on a traveling lane using a potential energy. The traveling toy system further includes a traveling toy carrier device which carries the traveling toy from a position where the potential energy is low to a position where the potential energy is high. The video camera controller changes the frame rate so that when a traveling speed of the traveling toy is higher than a given speed, the frame rate may be increased from the frame rate at the time that the traveling speed is lower than the given speed.01-01-2009
20100184353Start gate for gravity-driven cars - An improved start gate for gravity-driven cars which is itself a gravity-driven compound pendulum. The pendulum includes a horizontal drop member rigidly connected at one end to a start post support rod which in turn supports a plurality of start posts. A trigger lever, when moved either directly or remotely, allows the drop member to fall as in a compound pendulum thereby rotating the start posts and allowing the cars to start. The embodiment teaches that the subsequent initial start post acceleration is approximately twice the car acceleration. The equations of motion are solved showing that the start posts are guaranteed not to interfere with car motion. A major advantage over prior art spring-loaded start gates is that the gate “slap” from stopping overly-forceful spring motion and the associated track jarring and car jostling is eliminated, thereby contributing substantially to a more smooth and fair start.07-22-2010
20120302128ECCENTRIC MOTION TOY - Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a powered children's toy configured for movement along a support surface. According to various embodiments, the powered children's toy includes a drive system configured to impart a motive force on the children's toy that causes the toy to roll, bounce, shake, or otherwise move along an eccentric motion path when placed upon a support surface (e.g., a floor). Various embodiments of the drive system are configured to drive a rotating member about a movable rotation axis, thereby generating a varying motive force that causes eccentric movement along the support surface. This varying motive force assists in freeing the toy ball from obstacles encountered on a support surface (e.g., a wall or piece of furniture). In addition, the children's toy may include a power supply provided in a fixed position within the children's toy and configured for convenient user access.11-29-2012
20120009845CONFIGURABLE LOCATION-AWARE TOY CAPABLE OF COMMUNICATING WITH LIKE TOYS AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE FOR COMMUNICATING WITH SUCH TOYS - This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling movement of a self-propelled toy that interacts with human users, receiving assistance from those users in reaching a destination, and communicates with other self-propelled toys, with human users, and with social media forums via various networks.01-12-2012
20110104980SYSTEM FOR STEERING A TOY VEHICLE - A steerable toy vehicle includes a first steering plate having a proximal end and a distal end, the first steering plate having a first steering plate pivot point at its distal end, and a second steering plate having a proximal end engaged with the proximal end of the first steering plate so that rotation of the second steering plate in a first rotational direction causes the first steering plate to rotate in a second rotational direction. The vehicle includes at least one tire rotatably coupled to the first steering plate, and at least one tire rotatably coupled to the second steering plate. Rotation of either one of the first or second steering plates in a first rotational direction causes the toy vehicle to steer left, and rotation of the same one of the first or second steering plates in a second rotational direction causes the toy vehicle to steer right.05-05-2011
20110124266BLOW-MOLDED WHEELS HAVING UNDULATING TREADS, METHODS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND CHILDREN'S RIDE-ON VEHICLES INCLUDING THE SAME - Improved blow-molded wheels, methods for producing the same, and children's ride-on vehicles including the same are disclosed. The blow-molded wheels may include a blow-molded wheel body that is configured to rotate about an axis and has a tread surface that extends circumferentially around the wheel body and may have a circumferential profile that is defined as the locus of points at which the radial distance from the axis to the tread surface is greatest at each position around the circumference of the tread surface. The radial distance from the axis to the circumferential profile may change from a first radius to a second radius that is larger than the first radius at a plurality of spaced-apart positions along the circumferential profile. The method for producing the blow-molded wheels may include providing a mold with pinch-off rings that have an opening configured to form the circumferential profile.05-26-2011
20120021667PVC SHELL TOY VEHICLE - A toy vehicle has a hard top shell formed with a top concave shell cavity. The hard top shell has an inside surface. The hard top shell is pervious to light. A top layer of adhesive adheres to the hard top shell. A flexible chassis core is formed with a top profile and a bottom profile. The top profile matches and receives the top hard shell. The top layer of adhesive adheres to a top surface of the chassis core. A bottom layer of adhesive adheres to a bottom surface of the flexible chassis core; and a hard bottom shell is formed with a bottom concave shell cavity. The bottom concave shell cavity is formed to fit to the bottom profile. The hard bottom shell is pervious to light.01-26-2012
20120094573APPARATUS FOR DISTRIBUTING SCALE BALLAST ON A MODEL RAILROAD TRACK - An apparatus for distributing scale ballast over a model railroad track includes a hopper configured to funnel scale ballast to a spreader assembly, the spreader assembly including a spreader aperture formed between a compactor brush and a spreader plate, a chassis and a pair of contour skirts configured to contour scale ballast along the sides of the model railroad track.04-19-2012

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