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446 - Amusement devices: toys

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446330000 Having mechanism or manipulatable means to move figure or figure portion 69
446297000 Having sounding means 52
446376000 Having movably joined body parts 25
446369000 Fabric-covered stuffed figure 24
446391000 Head 21
446327000 Having hand-or finger-accommodating means in figure 10
446269000 Rollable 8
446321000 Having selectively displayed alternative faces, limbs, or bodies 7
446308000 Leaping or projected figure or accessory 7
446385000 Formed from specific material 7
446373000 Having enclosed reinforcing or skeletal portion 5
20130052911FLEXIBLE TOY FIGURE WITH ARMATURE - A toy figure is provided that incorporates an articulated armature, the armature including a torso member and multiple limbs, where each limb may be the same or different, and each limb includes at least one limb segment. Each limb segment includes two longitudinal primary plates that intersect approximately orthogonally, and a plurality of substantially parallel secondary plates that intersect with and are approximately orthogonal to both primary plates. The outer edges of the primary and secondary plates of each limb segment substantially define a shape and a volume for that limb portion of the toy figure. The articulated armature is surrounded by a resilient body material to simulate flesh.02-28-2013
20110097969PECTORAL SHOULDER JOINT TOY FIGURE - A torso assembly that enables forward and backward shoulder movement for a toy action figure is disclosed. The torso assembly includes a central section and shoulder sections disposed at either side. The central section includes front and back shells. Each shoulder section includes a side shell that partially overlaps the front and back shell portions, and a hinge assembly. Hinge assemblies couple the first and second shoulder sections to each other within the central section, and allow each shoulder section to pivot forward and backward relative to the central section. In some embodiments, the torso assembly may be incorporated into an action figure or doll by movable joints that connect the torso assembly to a lower abdomen and/or pelvis.04-28-2011
20120149276STICK FIGURE - A figurine include a ductile core and a flexible protective covering. The figurine is configured to plastically deform in response to moderate bending force that is within the capabilities of an average human. The figurine is configured to have less than 5% springback.06-14-2012
20120238183Toy with Viscous Skeleton - A toy figure has a loosely held skeleton with multiple structural elements resembling or simulating bones of the skeleton. The skeleton also includes a fluid or liquid material that resembles a soft tissue coupled to a portion of the structural elements. In addition, a play set includes a receptacle in which a viscous fluid is located so that a portion of the skeleton can be moved to engage the fluid. A child can move a portion of the skeleton away from the receptacle, thereby displaying the fluid on the structural elements.09-20-2012
20080261484Armature kit and construction - Described are novel armature kits, constructions and elements, providing increased flexibility in design and ease of use. In one aspect, inventive armatures include adaptations to isolate the tensioning of ball-and-socket joints occurring at either end of a motion segment. In other aspects, inventive armatures and kits include uniquely shaped plates, providing interchangeability among chest and hip areas of a human form. Novel threaded and tie-down armature elements are also described.10-23-2008
446390000 Limb, hand or foot 3
20120196503Toy Having Hard Molded Body with Soft Elastomeric Appendages and Its Associated Method of Manufacture - A method of manufacturing a toy assembly and the resulting toy assembly. A polymer body is molded from a high-bounce material. In a second injection molding process, an elastomeric gel material is molded through an opening in the body. A tube structure is provided having an interior conduit. At least one post is positioned within the tube structure. A toy body is molded around the exterior surface of the tube structure. A form of elastomeric gel material is molded through the interior conduit of the tube structure and around each post. This anchors the molded form of elastomeric gel material within the body of the toy. The form of elastomeric gel material extends from the ends of the tube structure to create the appendages.08-02-2012
20110117811DOLL - The invention is a segmented and jointed doll that may be placed in numerous interesting, geometrical, and educational positions. The doll preferably has body segments, a head segment, limb segments, and facial feature segments that are attached via connectors so that the segments may rotate with respect to each other and the doll may take on and hold different positions and looks.05-19-2011
20110159777Doll with flexible arms and legs - A doll includes a body which is formed by two body cases and two flexible members are clamped by the two body cases. A flexible neck is connected to the top of the body and a head is connected to the flexible neck. Two arms are respectively connected to two arm ends of the two flexible members and each arm is composed of two arm cases. Two hands are pivotably connected to the two arms. The doll can be assembled quickly and firmly without using any nail. The arms, legs and head can be moved naturally to increase the value of the doll.06-30-2011
446295000 Having means to simulate respiration, heartbeat, body temperature, or specific symptom of illness 2
20090053971Interactive Doll - An interactive doll is disclosed where the doll can exhibit symptoms of being sick or healthy. When the user turns the doll on, the doll is healthy. After a period of time, the doll becomes sick. The user can observe different parts of the doll to determine whether the doll is sick or healthy. If the doll is sick, the user can take corrective measures to return the doll to full health.02-26-2009
20100093251Systems and Methods for 2-D and 3-D Soft Products Having Heartbeat Sound Emission - A 2-D or 3-D soft product including sound and/or vibration emitter(s) having activation sensors distributed at a multiplicity of points throughout the product, wherein the emitter(s) provide outputs of a mother's heartbeat that are detectable by a child contacting and/or using the product.04-15-2010
446368000 Reptile 2
20090137186MOTORIZED TOY CREATURE - A multi-directional radio controlled toy, having a main vehicle with housing configured as a creature-like head containing propulsion and control components including two drive motors with controller, drive wheels coupled with the motors, power supply and wireless signal receiver coupled with the controller. An unpowered body portion trails the main vehicle and body members movably connected together by articulated couplings to permit body articulation throughout substantially the entire body portion of the creature-like device. A jaw moving mechanism in the main vehicle is powered by the motors to raise an upper jaw portion of the head until tripped by contact of a trigger at the front end of the main vehicle.05-28-2009
20110287690TOY SNAKE - A toy snake that reproduces the natural movement of a snake as it moves across surface is described. The toy snake comprises a head that is pivotally mounted to a tail and a motor unit located within the head. In a preferred embodiment a body is employed to pivotally mount the head to the tail. The motor unit comprises at least two independently driven wheels located towards opposite sides of the head and the motor unit is configured to introduce a periodic oscillation between the operation of the independently driven wheels. The motor unit may also be configured to operate a tongue that extends out from the head to further increase the realistic nature of the toy. Embodiments of the snake may be adapted for use on land or water.11-24-2011
446325000 Balanced or self-righting 2
20090111353HUMAN-FIGURE TOY - A human-figure toy includes a head, a torso, two upper limbs and two lower limbs. The torso supports the head. The two upper limbs are connected with the torso. The two lower limbs supports the torso, each lower limb at least includes a main body and a cover, the main body defines battery cases configured for receiving batteries, the cover is mounted on the main body and covers the battery cases.04-30-2009
20110294394Self-Righting Toy Having Fluid-Filled Base that is Both Resilient and Transparent - A self-righting toy having a base with a convex-shaped exterior bottom surface. A watertight internal chamber is disposed within the base. Liquid fill material is used to fill the internal chamber. The liquid fill material is visible through the material of the convex bottom surface. Flotsam objects are disposed within the internal chamber that swirl within the liquid fill material when the liquid fill material is disturbed. A toy body section is affixed to the base. The toy body section is lighter than the base. This causes the toy body section to self-right into an upright position when said self-righting toy is placed on a flat surface. In a variation of the self-righting toy, games can be formed within the internal chamber that are played by disturbing the flotsam objects swirling within the internal chamber.12-01-2011
446319000 Variable length hair 1
20100330869Hair Styling Mechanisms And Hair Styling Dolls - A hair styling doll with a hair styling mechanism is disclosed. The doll includes a body with a head to which a lock of hair is coupled. The doll includes an adjustment mechanism that can be manipulated to adjust the length and shape or configuration of the lock of hair. The hair is braided and the adjustment mechanism includes an elongate member that is coupled to the different sections of the braided hair. The elongate member is coupled to the hair in an alternating configuration or pattern such that pulling the elongate member results in the braided hair coiling and forming a bun-like structure.12-30-2010
446296000 Having means for simulating personal toilet or medical activity or device therefor (e.g., bathing, hair care, etc.) 1
20110177751SIMULATED COSMETIC TOY - A simulated cosmetic toy provides a real-make up experience while being mess-free and safe for a child. An element is selected to reproduce the physical properties of a real cosmetic composition, such as eye shadow, blush, pressed powder, lip color, and the like, and is disposed within a container to reproduce the experience of using a real cosmetic product.07-21-2011
446314000 Including guide for ascending or descending figure 1
20090239443SYSTEM FOR REPRESENTING AN AUTONOMOUS ENTITY - A system is provided for representing an autonomous entity, which may be a winged entity. In a particular embodiment, the system includes a vessel having an interior that is viewable from outside the vessel. The system further includes a rotational drive system, a flexible shaft connected to the rotational drive system for rotation by the rotational drive system, and a display object positioned in the interior of the vessel and connected to the flexible shaft at a position that is spaced from the rotational drive system. In a particular embodiment, the display object has a plurality of wings, including a first wing and a second wing that is generally opposed to the first wing. Rotation of the flexible shaft causes the display object to move within the vessel.09-24-2009
446304000 Nursing, eating, or drinking 1
20100130095FOOD CHEWING ASSEMBLY FOR DOLL - Provided is an assembly for moving a selectively magnetized article. The assembly has a conduit having an inlet and an outlet and defining a lumen extending from the inlet to the outlet. A magnetic source is selectively positioned proximate an exterior surface of the conduit and transmits a magnetic field into the lumen to magnetically engage at least a portion of the selectively magnetized article. The assembly is configured to attract the selectively magnetized article through the inlet and move the article through the lumen toward the outlet. The assembly can be positioned within a doll with the inlet of the assembly positioned proximate a mouth of the doll. The assembly can include means for articulating a lower lip of the doll to simulate chewing of the selectively magnetized article when the article is inserted into the mouth of the doll.05-27-2010
20080261482METHOD AND KIT FOR PLAYING A GAME USING FIGURINES - A method and kit for playing a game using figurines. The method includes: providing a plurality of figurines; and providing instruction associated with linking the plurality of figurines according to a selected condition. Each figurine is formed to substantially include physical characteristics associated with the figurine, and each figurine is representative of a story element selected from the group consisting of: a plot object, an anthropomorphic object, a setting object, and any combination thereof. The plurality of figurines include: one figurine representative of a plot object; one figurine representative of an anthropomorphic object; and one figurine representative of a setting object. The selected condition comprises one or more of: a story, an alphabetical order, removing one figurine from a set of figurines, moving one figurine in a set of figurines, adding one figurine to a set of figurines, and correlating the plurality of figurines according to a figurine characteristic.10-23-2008
20100075569DOLL WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE - A doll arranged to depict a person realistically. A first image of a person such as a photograph is ultimately transferred to a flexible substrate such as a fabric sheet. The substrate is cut or trimmed generally to configuration of a human body. The substrate is joined to a corresponding rear substrate, thereby forming an outer shell having an open interior. The interior may be stuffed with soft material. The outer shell is then sealed to preclude escape of stuffing material. Optionally, the rear substrate may bear a second image such as that of the rear of the person furnishing the first image. The doll may range in size from very small to full body dimensions or may be even larger.03-25-2010
20090286450COLLECTIBLE MINIATURE FIGURINE WITH DETACHABLE GAME BASE - A combination for use as a collectible item or a game piece includes a collectible miniature figurine and a first game assembly. The collectible miniature figurine includes a figure body and a figure base that retains and supports the figure body. The first game assembly includes a first game base that is selectively attachable to and detachable from the figure base without deforming either of the bases. Further, the figure base is selectively rotatable relative to the first game base when the figure base is attached to the first game base. Still further, the figure base can be selectively rotatable relative to the first game base in a step-like fashion.11-19-2009
20120238181Reconfigurable Toy Assembly - A reconfigurable toy assembly includes an external component having a first portion releaseably coupled to a second portion, the first and second portions forming a cavity when coupled together, and an internal component. A trigger is coupled to the external component. The internal component is reconfigurable between a retracted configuration and a deployed configuration. The internal component is retained in the retracted configuration via a latch and released from the retracted configuration upon actuation of the latch. The internal component is receivable in the cavity in its retracted configuration. The latch is actuatable by activating the trigger, so that the internal component is primed to reconfigure from the retracted configuration to the deployed position upon decoupling of the first and second portions.09-20-2012
20110028066CHANGEABLE MODELING TOY - A changeable modeling toy includes a front housing, a back housing and a changeable modeling module. The front housing has a window, a first surface printed with a first scene, and a second surface printed with a second scene. The back housing having a first surface and a second surface is connected with the front housing by a first pivot. The changeable modeling module is arranged between the second surface of the front housing and the first surface of the back housing and includes a plurality of modeling groups, wherein each of the modeling groups includes a plurality of changeable modeling plates that can be put together to create a variety of modelings. Fun of the changeable modeling toy can be increased as a result of design of multiple scenes.02-03-2011
20090124165WIRELESS TOY SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT - A playmate toy or similar children's toy is provided having associated wireless, batteryless ID tag that can be read from and/or written to using a radio-frequency communication protocol. The tag is mounted internally within a cavity of the toy and thereby provides wireless communication of stored information without requiring removal and reinsertion of the tag. In this manner, a stuffed animal or other toy can be quickly and easily identified non-invasively, without damaging the toy. Additional information (e.g., unique personality traits, special powers, skill levels, etc.) can also be stored on the ID tag, thus providing further personality enhancement, input/output programming, simulated intelligence and/or interactive gaming possibilities.05-14-2009
20120190270TOY WITH FOLDING RETRACTABLE WINGS - A toy with folding retractable wings includes a body and wings connected to the body via snap-in pivot articulations that allow the folding of the wings in a space minimizing nesting configuration. Various springs, latches, triggers and stopping mechanisms ensure that the folded wings deploy in a spring-loaded fashion, with minimal user effort. The pivot articulations can release the wings in a non-destructive manner when exposed to high mechanical stress loads, thus preventing destructive wing breakage.07-26-2012
20110143632FIGURE INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Figure interactive systems and methods are provided. The system includes at least a base device. The base device includes a storage unit, a detecting unit, and a processing unit. The storage unit stores a content database recording scenario data corresponding to a plurality of figures. The detecting unit respectively detects identification data of at least a first figure and a second figure. The processing unit respectively retrieves the scenario data of the first figure and the second figure from the content database, dynamically generates an interactive instruction set for the first figure and the second figure, and enables the first figure and the second figure to interact according to the interactive instruction set.06-16-2011
20110294393ACTION TOY WITH JET PACK - A toy having a humanoid body and a jet pack is provided. The toy includes a first fabric portion partially ejected from a first aperture in the jet pack in response to a lever being moved from a first position to a second position. The toy further includes a fan disposed in the body that blow airs across the first fabric portion. The toy further includes a first light emitting diode that illuminates the first fabric portion when the first fabric portion is partially ejected from the first aperture such that the first fabric portion simulates flames being emitted from the jet pack.12-01-2011
20080207084DISPLAY DEVICE WITH FLYING OBJECTS THAT HOVER RANDOMLY AND IN FLIGHT PATTERNS - An apparatus hovering winged objects. The apparatus includes an elongate support and a driver with an output shaft that supports a first end of the support. The driver imparts an oscillating displacement to the first end of the support. A body is mounted at a second end of the support and wings are attached to the support at an offset distance from the body. The body is positioned near the second end to swivel or pivot in response to vibration of the support. The driver vibrates the first end at a frequency that shapes the support as a wave, and the frequency is selected or tuned such that the wings are displaced more than the body such by imparting a harmonic frequency on the support. The output shaft is positioned by the driver in angular positions to move the first end of the support and the body and wings.08-28-2008
20080254711ADULT NOVELTY ITEMS - Adult novelty items include a body defining an at least open object region and means for cleansing, lubricating, and/or stimulating an object received in the object region.10-16-2008
20090137185System, Method, and Apparatus for Interactive Play - A system, method and apparatus for interactive play is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, an interactive toy is provided. The interactive toy is configured to store a plurality of codes and display codes on a display on the toy. The codes can authenticate the toy and unlock functionality within a virtual world. In one embodiment, the interactive toy is configured to communicate with a user computer. Another embodiment provides methods for interactive play with an interactive toy and a virtual world. A further embodiment provides a computing device configured to participate in the interactive play system. This Abstract is provided for the purpose of complying with the Abstract requirement rules that allow a reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the disclosure contained herein. This Abstract is submitted with understanding that it will not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or the meaning of the claims.05-28-2009
20110111671Display Case for Vibration Powered Device - An apparatus includes a fixed base, a platform supported by the fixed base, and a mechanism for causing vibration coupled to the platform and adapted to induce vibration of the platform sufficient to cause a vibration-powered vehicle to move across the platform without relying on an internal power supply of the vehicle. In some cases, a substantially planar cover is situated approximately parallel to the platform and spaced apart from the platform at a great enough distance to allow the vibration-powered vehicle to move across the platform and at a low enough distance to deter the vibration-powered vehicle from turning over.05-12-2011
20120196502Interactive Toy System - Systems and methods for interactive play are provided, including a method of interacting with an action figure. The method includes the steps of providing a base unit having a processor, providing an action figure having a memory which stores data relating to the action figure, communicating the data in the form of communication signals to the processor, and presenting an activity instruction based on the communication signals received, with the activity instruction enacting a real-life activity that the action figure can engage in.08-02-2012
20090068923Color toy having clear color boundary - A color toy includes a hollow main body. The main body is made from a plurality of color portions having different colors molded together. Between each of the two neighboring color portions is a clear boundary that the color toy of the present invention may have two or more colors and clear boundary therebetween.03-12-2009
20090068922SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERSONALIZING OR ORNAMENTING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL ARTICLE, SUCH AS A TOY OR DOLL - A system and method for personalizing or ornamenting a three-dimensional article, such as a toy or doll enabling a user to select from among a plurality of articles and from among a plurality of indicia, message, decoration, lettering, engraving or ornamentation carriers, plaques or supports containing messages and enabling a user to removably connect the indicia carrier to one of the selected articles. The system further comprises a plurality of three dimensional articles, toys or dolls, each article including a portion of substantially similar size and shape, an insert that is magnetically attractable is positioned within the portion, and a plurality of indicia, message, decoration or ornamentation carriers, plaques or supports attractable to the insert that has been adapted to receive and display an indicia, message, decoration, lettering, engraving or ornamentation.03-12-2009
20100197195GAME SYSTEM AND DEVICE FOR PROJECTING GAME INFORMATION ONTO A SURFACE - A game system is provided that includes at least one game device and at least one game piece. The game piece includes game information, which is not readily legible to the naked eye, and is projected onto a game surface. A device is also provided for playing a game that is configured to receive a game piece that is at least semi-transparent and contains information thereon not readily legible to the naked eye. Also provided is a game piece that is at least semi-transparent that includes game information that is not readily legible by the human eye that is insertable in a game device for projecting or viewing the game information. A figurine is also provided that includes a plurality of semi-transparent game pieces containing indicia or images thereon. The figurine also includes a rotatable portion and an aperture configured for viewing or projecting the indicia or images.08-05-2010
20090053970INTERACTIVE ACTION FIGURES FOR GAMING SCHEMES - An action figure is provided with a serial number that provides an access code which allows owners to engage in enjoyable games or other activities via the Internet or other gaming systems. The interactive action figure system comprises a toy, statue, or other three-dimensional figurine with a serial number, and preferably a computer network accessible over the internet and a particular gaming framework managed by a network device. Owners of action figure toys may “log onto” the network using the action figure serial number as an access code to activate a particular computer character identity and participate in games such as hand-to-hand combat games, action-adventure series, or learning games. The action figure may be, for example, a warrior, sports figure, doll or teddy bear to appeal to a wide range of users. Once a particular character is activated, game play proceeds according to preset rules. The game character's traits, powers, and other features may be enhanced or otherwise modified by purchasing preferably-three-dimensional accessories and inputting serial numbers into the gaming system that are also supplied with the accessories.02-26-2009
20110097966SELF-STANDING DISPLAY FIGURE - In accordance with one embodiment, a self-standing toy skeleton display includes a skeleton body that has a human form and is made of a plurality of connectable body parts that are each formed of bone structures. The connectable body parts at least includes a torso part that extends from a pelvic bone to a bottom end of a femur bone and a lower body part that extends from a top end of a tibia bone to foot bones. The skeleton toy display also includes an inner frame for supporting the skeleton in a standing manner. The inner frame passes through the femur bone and the tibia bone and is formed of separate upper and lower frame members that interlockingly mate with one another at an interface between the femur bones and the tibia bones. The lower frame member includes a pair of ground contacting portions that are mounted to an underside of the feet of the skeleton body with at least a portion of the ground contacting portion being located behind a heel portion of the foot to allow the assembled body parts of the skeleton to stand upright in a self-supporting manner, while permitting lower extremities thereof to move and be adjusted.04-28-2011
20110076913Animated interactive figure and system - A system and subsystems include a server for determining the identity of a media program being received which will provide stimuli to an interactive figure. The system, and the subsystem as well as programmed media which, when executed on a processor, will operate the interactive figure, the system, and subsystems. A master library of sound patterns, preferably housed in a server, provides a reference for a recognition routine to identify, e.g., a particular television show. A control signal library stores commands each corresponding to a distinctive value. The commands initiate actions, e.g., motion, speech, or other response, by operating means in the interactive figure. The server may “push,” or transmit information to a user computer which transmits to and which may receive intelligence from the interactive figure.03-31-2011
20120309261REMOTELY CONTROLLED MOBILE DEVICE CONTROL SYSTEM - A remotely controlled mobile device control system is disclosed wherein a remote controller of an existing game apparatus is selectively attachable to a remote controlled toy and used for controlling the movement of the remote controlled toy in conjunction with the game apparatus which is used as a central processing unit.12-06-2012
20090117818Miniature toy for supporting doll on a bicycle - A fully functional miniature toy bicycle is sized and configured to receive and support a doll in a typical riding posture. Apparatus secures the toy bicycle to the host bicycle handle bars in a releasable attachment.05-07-2009
20120003899COMBINED TOY DOLL AND ARTIFICIAL FLOWER - The present disclosure generally pertains to toys that have dolls combined with artificial flowers. A topsy turvy toy in one exemplary embodiment comprises an artificial flower at one end and a doll having a head at an opposite end. A cover is coupled to the toy between the head and the artificial flower. In one mode of use, the cover is pulled over the doll substantially hiding the doll and exposing the artificial flower. For another mode of use, the cover is pulled over the artificial flower substantially hiding the artificial flower and exposing the doll. Accordingly, the toy is selectively transformed from a doll to an artificial flower and vice versa.01-05-2012
20110092131Lighted Display Devices for Producing Static or Animated Visual Displays, Including Animated Facial Features - An illuminated display device with a base member with a plurality of cavities therein. Illumination devices illuminate the cavities and emit light through an opening of the cavities in a pattern, and a speaker can emit sounds in synchronization with the pattern. A panel with translucent portions can overly the base member and the cavities. An animated talking character can have an animated mouth cavity complex with multiple predetermined mouth lighting configurations simulative of human utterances. The cavities can be open, or optical waveguide material or positive members can be disposed therein. Reflective material can enhance internal reflectance and light emission.04-21-2011
20120178337Stand for a Figure - A stand for a figure includes a base, a support member, and a receiving portion. The receiving portion includes a first leg receiving member and a second leg receiving member. Each leg receiving member is configured to receive a leg of a figure, such as a doll. The location at which the legs of a doll are supported is forward of the location at which the support member is coupled to a base.07-12-2012
20130171908Clothing for a Two-Dimensional Doll - The presently disclosed technology is directed towards two-dimensional clothing for a doll that has a portal or passage way for a head and neck of a doll to pass through and which further has shoulder straps that rest on at least one shoulder of the doll. In addition, such a device has a fold line at a line of symmetry between a front side and back side of the clothing which is used to fold the clothing or to adjust the clothing based on the size or fashion style of a doll.07-04-2013
20120270469Folding Rotating Umbrella - A toy folding umbrella rotatably attached a vehicle base. In one embodiment, the toy folding umbrella has a frame, a central tube, and a cover. Furthermore, the frame comprises a runner slidably attached to the central tube, and at least three ribs with one end of each rib pivotally attached at or near the top of the central tube. Moreover, the folding umbrella rotates from a first configuration to a second configuration when the runner slides on the central tube.10-25-2012
20120088434Toy Figure with Sound and Light Show - A toy figure has a torso, a torso light source, a light source support member, a plurality of peripheral light sources, one or more spacers, and a speaker. A controller is operably connected to the torso light source, the plurality of peripheral light sources, and the speaker to coordinate a magical light and sound experience. Clothing fabric hides the plurality of peripheral light sources, but allows light from the plurality of peripheral light sources to be seen through the clothing fabric when the light and sound experience begins.04-12-2012
20120329361DETACHABLE GARMENT OR ACCESSORY FOR A TOY - A detachable garment or accessory for a toy. The garment or accessory includes at least a first front part and a second rear part movable relative to each other via pivot or hinge means on or associated with the parts between an open position, wherein the garment or accessory can be attached to or removed from at least part of the toy, and a closed position, wherein the garment or accessory can be secured to the toy. Each part includes a top edge, a base edge and lateral edges. The pivot or hinge provided between one or more of the lateral edges of the front and rear parts allow at least a portion of the lateral edges of the parts to be separated to form the open position and moved towards each other to form the closed position.12-27-2012
20080214089Get well toy - The present invention relates to a toy being a doll or stuffed animal for aiding a child with a medical disorder. The toy has internal circuitry allowing it to store and play back comments, some of which are designed to remind the child of medical treatments and familiarize the child with the nature of the treatments. It is also programmed to play back comments which put the child at ease. These comments may be scheduled at specific times, or output at random times. There may also be sound, light and motion sensors in addition to an internal clock which determine the current conditions. Certain comments are output on certain conditions as measured by the sensors. In addition, the toy may monitor the child to determine periods of crying and sleep cycles for later download to a medical professional.09-04-2008
20130095724COMPOSITE UTILITY ASSEMBLY COMPRISING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL COLLECTABLE FIGURINE - A composite utility assembly comprises a body in the configuration of a three-dimensional figurine, wherein the three-dimensional figurine comprises one of a plurality of collectable three-dimensional characters. The assembly comprises a utility member having a shaft with a utility end attached to a body that conforms to the shape of one of a plurality of collectable characters, and at least one attachment member for mounting the composite utility assembly to a support surface.04-18-2013
20120282842FIGURINE AND PLAY SET ITEM HAVING AN ULTRAVIOLET REVEAL FEATURE - A figurine and play set having an ultraviolet reveal feature is described. The figurine is formed to depict a first state. A reveal pigment is applied to the figurine. The reveal pigment is transparent when in the first state. Importantly, the reveal pigment is applied to the figurine in a shape to depict a second state such that when the reveal pigment is exposed to ultraviolet light, the reveal pigment fluoresces to depict the second state, and when the ultraviolet light is removed from the reveal pigment, the reveal pigment immediately ceases fluorescing and returns to the first state. A reveal pigment can also be applied to a coordinating play set item to reveal features that are otherwise invisible prior to exposure of ultraviolet light.11-08-2012
20120289121CONVERTIBLE FLOWER DOLL - A convertible flower doll has garment including a skirt with layers that may be raised or lowered to convert the doll between a figure resembling a flower and a figure resembling a character. In flower form, the doll sits within a container resembling a flower pot. The doll has legs that wrap together and attach at the ankles to resemble a flower stem. The skirt has features resembling flower petals, and elastic in the lowest layer of the skirt bunches up the skirt layers when raised to resemble a flower.11-15-2012
20090004947MOLDED FABRIC DOLL ACCESSORY - In one embodiment, a doll accessory for play or use with a doll or other toy figure is provided. The doll accessory may include a first portion of a doll accessory including a layer of fabric coated with a molding chemical solution and plastically deformed into a substantially resilient three-dimensional shape. A second portion of a doll accessory may be secured to the first portion of a doll accessory. In some embodiments, the second portion of a doll accessory may include a layer of fabric coated with a molding chemical solution and plastically deformed into a substantially resilient three-dimensional shape. In some embodiments, the second portion of a doll accessory may be adhesively bonded to the first portion of a doll accessory.01-01-2009
20130196569Toy Figurine with Internal Lighting Effect - A toy figurine includes an internal lighting effect. The internal lighting is visible through the outer surface of the figurine and may be manipulated to produce various lighting effects. The internal lighting includes a lighting layer, a visual effects display layer and a diffusion layer. The light diffusion layer may include an external surface of the toy figurine.08-01-2013

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