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446 - Amusement devices: toys

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446124000 Interfitting elements 52
446092000 Including permanent magnet or suction cup to secure elements 21
446097000 Figure 19
446120000 Resilient interlocking joint (e.g., snap joint) 19
446091000 Including electrical feature or assembly 17
446093000 Vehicle 9
446108000 Including connectable panels or strips 7
446102000 Having parts assembled for relative movement 5
20130122776Maneuverable figure comprising modeling material - A maneuverable figure assembly toy including a modeling material at least partially covering a maneuverable skeleton, where the skeleton includes a plurality of connector parts connected by a plurality of maneuverable joints, where each of the joints includes a first joint part and a second joint part connected with a snap fit action, and where at least one of the joint parts includes a receptacle for connecting to at least one of the connector parts.05-16-2013
20100291830RECONFIGURABLE TRANSMISSION FOR TOY VEHICLES - Electronic, motorized, battery-operated toy vehicles featuring interchangeable gears, wheels, and/or tires which may permit performance tuning without tools are disclosed. Features may include a translucent and/or transparent lower chassis, a programmable power switch, a try-me function, and/or internal lighting to illuminate gears and/or headlights. Some exemplary embodiments may include 1:20 scale plastic cars, for example.11-18-2010
20130084767Expandable Toy Building Element - An expandable toy building element being interconnectable with one or more other toy building elements is disclosed having one or more coupling connectors adapted to interconnect the expandable toy building element with another toy building element. The expandable toy building element has a hollow first end component with an open, distal end so as to define a first internal cavity, a hollow second end component with an open, distal end so as to define a second internal cavity; and a translation element acting to expandably connect the first end component to the second end component. The expandable toy building element is expandable between a compact position and at least one expanded position.04-04-2013
20130102220CONSTRUCTION TOY - A construction toy has a main body made of plastic or rubber in one step forming and a connector made of plastic or rubber in one step forming, at least a connection groove is disposed and concave in the main body, the connector includes at least two joints and a neck fixedly connected to the two joints. The joint is coupled to the connection groove.04-25-2013
20120094572Toy Construction System Having a Rotatable Connector/Spinner Device - A toy construction system is provided that includes, in a toy construction system having a multiplicity of interconnecting members adapted for constructing a variety of projects, a rotator head device including a device housing having a conical-shaped cavity formed therein. The housing includes a plurality of female twist-lock connectors formed on the outer surface thereof, and the female connectors are adapted for attaching a first member of the toy construction system to the rotator head device housing. A rotating member, which is conical in shape and slightly smaller in size than the cavity formed in the device housing is included. The rotating member is rotatably disposed within the cavity and has a male twist-lock connector stem extending from an end thereof for connecting a second member of the toy construction system to the rotating member, whereby the first member is rotatable with respect to the second member04-19-2012
446090000 Including motor 5
20090149109ROBOT TOY AND ASSEMBLING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed is a robot toy including: a first block including a servo; a second block connected to the first block by fitting an output shaft of the servo into a boss; and a servo control section, wherein the servo is provided with, a first rotating disk to rotate following the output shaft; a second rotating disk provided facing the first rotating disk to rotate relatively to the first rotating disk in a plane parallel to the first rotating disk according to user operation; and an angle detection section to detect a relative angle between predetermined reference lines on the first rotating disk and the second rotating disk, and the servo control section includes a center position control section to rotate the output shaft and the first rotating disk, and to control the servo while a position of the servo when the relative angle is 0 is a center position.06-11-2009
20130217294TOY BRICK WITH SENSING, ACTUATION AND CONTROL - A toy brick includes a housing, a first coupling element, an operating assembly, and a power source. The first coupling element releasably couples the housing to the housing of at least one other toy brick. The operating assembly is carried by the housing. The operating assembly includes user reprogrammable computing control element, and at least one sensing element capable of sensing an input value, the at least one sensing element operably coupled to the computing control element. The user reprogrammable computing and control element is configured generate an actuator output based at least in part on the sensed input value. The operating assembly also includes at least one actuator operably coupled to the computing control element to receive the actuator output. A power source is coupled to the operating assembly to supply electrical power thereto.08-22-2013
20110151742Components for Rapidly Constructing a User-Definable Apparatus - Mechanical and electromechanical components for rapidly constructing a user-definable apparatus may include components that are reconfigurable into other construction set components, and that have at least one demarcation defining adjacent segments thereof. The demarcations facilitate reconfiguration of the components to produce other construction set components. Openings to substantially prevent sharp edges from being formed during reconfiguration may be included in the components. An electromechanical drive assembly having an integrated speed control and operable to receive interchangeable, non-circular drive shafts may be provided. The electromechanical drive assembly may be configured to attach to and self-align relative to other construction set components. One or more of the components may be provided with openings through which the non-circular drive shafts may rotate. The drive shaft may be locked in relation to openings of components that allow the drive shaft to rotate via a lock plate. A bearing plate may also be included.06-23-2011
20120252306INTERACTIVE TALKING TOY WITH MOVEABLE AND DETACHABLE BODY PARTS - An interactive talking toy with moveable and detachable body parts has the ability to talk, sing, move and dance in response to voice input from the user. Various motors, actuators, microphones, speakers and integrated circuit means are used to control and customize the movement of the toy and the accompanying sounds, based on a combination of pre-programmed parameters and real-time input from various sensors. The toy provides the user a high degree of interactivity, as well as humour, spontaneity and unpredictability.10-04-2012
20130183882BUILDING BLOCK SYSTEM WITH MOVEABLE MODULES - The invention relates to a building block system having modules that can be plugged together, wherein electronic and mechanical components required for motion and control are provided in the modules. The object of the invention is to provide a building block system, which facilitates constructing mobile models from simple building blocks. According to the invention, the object is achieved by a building block system having movable modules, wherein the building block system includes at least one energy module, at least one control module having a micro-controller, at least one movement module having an integrated servo motor, and a plurality of connection modules that can be randomly connected with each other, wherein the modules are connectable through plug connections enabling current flow between adjacent modules.07-18-2013
446118000 Including substrate for construction elements (e.g., for array of tiles or pegs) 4
20080274665Building base plates assembled to build block sets in two or three dimensional configurations - The present invention relates to building base plates assembled to make two or three dimensional pyramids. Eight building base plates (11-06-2008
20110306266Sculpting device - A sculpting device, including a number of fibers disposed parallel to one another and in sliding engagement with one another, is disclosed. A rubber band snugly encircles the fibers so as to hold the fibers together in the form of a bundle. The bundle has opposed ends and at least one of the opposed ends bears printed indicia.12-15-2011
20110124263Building Plate Gaming Device Formed by 216 Units - A building plate assembly (05-26-2011
20120282841Coupling Structure - A coupling structure includes a main board and at least one coupler detachably connected to the main board. The main board has at least one coupling trough defined in the main board, a first abutting element defined in a side face of the at least one coupling trough and a support beam formed adjacent to the at least one coupling trough. The at least one coupler has at least one first arm and at least one second arm to receivably contain therebetween the support beam. The at least one first arm has a second abutting element formed at a distal end thereof to correspond to and abut a periphery of the first abutting element so that engagement between the main board and the at least one coupler is detachably secured.11-08-2012
446087000 For assembly into permanent form (i.e., nonseparable) 4
20130183881FUSIBLE BEAD TOY - A fusible bead toy includes a particulate bead. The particulate bead is made of a transparent and water soluble resin. The particulate bead has a shape of polyhedron.07-18-2013
20080318489Radiation curable arts and crafts toy - A kit and method for creating a 3-dimensional toy includes a battery powered light, a container filled with a light curable polymer and one or more molds into which the light curable polymer is inserted. Optimal the kit may also include one or more sheets of transparent material to which the light curable polymer does not adhere and coloring which can be added to the light curable polymer. The method of forming a the 3-dimensional toy involves obtaining a mold, dispensing a light curable polymer into the mold; and then curing the polymer by applying light in the visible or near visible range to the polymer via a battery powered light.12-25-2008
20110263177Apparatus and Method for Bonding Three Dimensional Construction Toys when Assembled - The invention provides means and a method for temporarily or permanently coupling three dimensional blocks together commonly used in toys or puzzles. After the blocks have been assembled, a low current is sent through the blocks in order to notify a user that the blocks have been properly configured. The current through the blocks is then increased which activates a means for coupling the blocks together including a plurality of electrodes, a series of magnetic apertures, a plurality of resin pouches, or a combination thereof. After the blocks are coupled together, the current flow is stopped, leaving the blocks temporarily or permanently in the last position in which they were placed before the increased current was applied. In some embodiments, the blocks may be disassembled, placed into a new configuration, and then recoupled as many times as desired.10-27-2011
20100311299Hobby Blocks Including Latently-Adhesive Surfaces - Described herein is a block set including a plurality of blocks having latently adhesive surfaces. Also described is a method of creating a bound structure from the individual blocks, including activating the adhesive of the latently adhesive surface of one or more of the blocks; and contacting an activated adhesive surface of the one or more blocks with another of said blocks, to bond the blocks together.12-09-2010
446106000 Including elongated element having laterally opposed interlocking notches (e.g., log cabin type) 2
20090029625Sculptural construction system - A construction set is made up of parts having biomorphic shapes, parts having geometric shapes and parts with shapes resembling whole or parts of living things. The parts have provisions for attachment to one an other that allow maximum freedom of linear and angular relationships between mating parts, and have instructions for use allowing assembly of objects that are freely formed by the imagination and creativity of the user.01-29-2009
20100323580SCULPTURAL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - The present invention provides a large variety of pieces having shapes that naturally occur in living things and nature. The objective is to construct art objects sculptures of people, animals, plants and other products of nature rather than representations of man made buildings, amusements or machinery. The assembled art objects have a soft texture due to the predominantly curved parts and almost total absence of straight edges or sharp corners.12-23-2010
446122000 Including abutting elements having slots or apertures receiving discrete transverse connector 2
20090239441MULTI-PURPOSE MODULAR UNIT - The present invention provides a multi-purpose modular unit, including multiple blocks and adapters. The blocks are provided with multiple side faces and embedded tap holes. The adapters are screwed into the corresponding tap holes of two adjacent blocks. With this adapter, the blocks can be interlocked and assembled as furniture, stationery and toys that can be easily assembled or disassembled depending on various configurations and functions.09-24-2009
20080200091WOOD CONSTRUCTION TOY - The present invention is wood blocks with holes that may be ¼ inch in various permutations, each hole one-half the depth of the wood dowels one example of a dowel length is approximately one inch which blocks can be attached to each other with the dowel connectors in various formations, making an attractive children's toy which promotes creative thinking and intelligence building. The holes in the wood blocks would be in a particular pattern that would allow the maximum amount of ways to connect a first block to a second block using the dowels.08-21-2008
446105000 Including post having plural longitudinal slots for panel or strip 1
20090130947Toy building set - A toy building set comprising interconnectable bricks, each brick having a substantially square, flat contour with two opposite main faces, a first face having a substantially square hollow having four projections rising from its bottom, a second face having four seats aligned to the pins, in which the pins of another brick are insertable with a friction fit. Two first side faces have respective central projections extending therefrom, and two second side faces have two lateral projections extending therefrom, between which one central projection of another brick is insertable with friction fit.05-21-2009
446086000 With special tool or workholder 1
20110081824Timber toy building system - A log based building system including a plurality of logs having different lengths and a square cross section; at least one connector having an opening sized to slide over an end of a stack of at least two logs and thereby clamp the at least two logs together. The two logs can include notches that allow a third log to be clamped in place by the connector, this arrangement allows for building toys with long reach arms.04-07-2011
20130040531CREATURE CONSTRUCTION TOY - A modular construction toy kit includes components to construct a modular construction toy. The toy kit includes at least three contoured body sections operable to be interconnected in series with one another to cooperatively form a continuous toy body. The body sections include at least one transition body section and a pair of end body sections. Each end body section is truncated to present a contoured outer end surface that is intersected by an end joining face. The end joining faces have different marginal shapes and/or sizes. The at least one transition section presents a contoured outer transition surface and opposite, endmost transition joining faces that intersect the outer transition surface. Each endmost transition joining face marginally matches a respective one of the end joining faces to define a connection interface.02-14-2013
20130137339Pocket toy building piece - Pocket toy building piece composes two or more identical mirror image pockets which are connected together by U-shaped bridge connector at the correlated sides of their openings. By overlapping numerous pocket toy building pieces one can build a variety of things, figures and animals. Each pocket building piece can have built-in bridges to interlock with those of other piece. Pocket toy building pieces can be easily assembled and disassembled.05-30-2013
20130072082TWISTABLE AND CONNECTABLE BLOCK - Described is a twistable and connectable block. The block includes a first half and a second half. Each of the first half and second half having protrusions and recessions. The protrusions and recessions are formed to connect with other protrusions and recessions. Each of the halves is connectable with the other using a connection device. The connection device includes a post on one half that can fit in a corresponding hole in the other half. Thus, through the connection device, the two halves are twistable with respect to one another.03-21-2013
20120309258FOLDED BLOCK STRUCTURE KIT AND METHOD FOR MAKING - A kit for creating a folded block structure comprises a set of blanks to create different shaped folded blocks without the need to use adhesive or cutting tools. Each blank includes sides, the sides having edges, the edges comprising side edges, tab edges and flap edges. The sides are joined to one another along adjacent side edges. Folds lines are at the side edges. The tab extends from each of the tab edges. Tab fold lines are at the tab edges. A flap extends from each of the flap edges. Flap fold lines are at the flap edges. A tab slit at or near each of the flap folds lines is configured for receipt of corresponding ones of the tabs. Notches may be formed at the ends of the tabs. Adhesive elements can be used to adhere folded blocks to one another to create a folded block structure.12-06-2012
20110014844Modular Play Environment for a Wheeled Object - A modular, reconfigurable playset or system is disclosed. The system includes several modules or accessories with which wheeled objects, such as miniature skateboards, can be used. At least some of the modules or accessories include a coupling portion that is configured to be engaged with a coupling portion of a different module or accessory. In one embodiment, the modules or accessories are moved laterally toward each other to engage the coupling portions of the modules together.01-20-2011
20100267308Building block system - A building block system includes sphere assemblies of four predetermined shapes. Each of the predetermined shapes is formed by two or more spheres. To play with the building block system, the sphere assemblies totally include fourteen spheres are to be posed vertically or horizontally to form a three-layer pyramid on a square seat region composed of nine spherical recesses.10-21-2010
20080242188Inflatable Construction Set - An inflatable construction set comprising a plurality of inflatable modular blocks in various shapes and sizes for easy construction of various structures is provided. Each inflatable modular block has substantially planar top and bottom surfaces and an attachment means on each of the top and bottom surfaces so that a plurality of inflatable modular blocks are capable of being stably stacked in any orientation. Preferably, each inflatable modular block has at least one interior rib inside the modular block to reinforce the structure of the substantially planar top and bottom surfaces of the modular block. An inflatable construction set in accordance with the present invention may further include various accessory modules such as inflatable doors, windows, turrets, roof system, and other construction components.10-02-2008
20110059673Toy Construction Assembly - The invention provides a toy construction assembly, comprising elongate members which may be interconnected and using which an infinite number of rigid spatial structures may be erected. The elongate members comprise a rigid central part and two opposite flexible ends, wherein the connection between different elongate members is realized, without separate connectors, by interconnecting the flexible ends of different elongate members or by connecting a flexible end of one elongate member to the rigid central part of at least one other elongate member.03-10-2011
20120309257Interconnectable and Transformable Toy Building Element - A transformable toy building element which is interconnectable with other toy building elements is provided. The transformable toy building element includes at least one coupling connector and a plurality of movable members. Manipulation of the movable members can transform the transformable toy building element into at least one interconnectable toy figure.12-06-2012
20110263176TOY SET AND RELAY SEGMENTS - A linking toy segment for pivotal securement to another linking toy segment is disclosed herein, the linking toy segment having: a base structure; an actuatable device secured to the base structure, the actuatable device being capable of movement from a first position to a second position; a first coupling member secured to the base structure and extending away from the base structure in a first direction, the first coupling member being configured to be pivotally received on top of another coupling member; a second coupling member secured to the base structure and extending away from the base structure in a second direction, the first direction being different from the second direction, the second coupling member being configured to be pivotally secured underneath another coupling member; a trigger moveably secured to the base structure proximate to either the first coupling member or the second coupling member, the trigger being pivotally mounted to the base for movement between a first position and a second position; and wherein the actuatable device is moved from the first position to the second position when the trigger is moved from the first position to the second position.10-27-2011
20090081918Largre hollow wooden building blocks - A set of large, hollow, lightweight, seamless, rigid wooden blocks provides a variety of shapes such as cubes, flat or elongated right-parallelepiped pieces, as well as pyramids, and round cylindrical blocks. The pieces are large compared to the size of a child, but being hollow they are not overly heavy. There are no openings in the pieces, so gripping the smooth surfaces to throw them is not a simple task for a small child; thus they are safer since they are more amenable to use on a plane surface and being gripped with both hands. Also, the construction of plywood provides an optimum degree of heft as opposed to large plastic or foam pieces. The size makes the blocks useful either for either single use or group play. The blocks are durable and sanitary.03-26-2009
20120149275Toy Construction Base Plate - A toy construction base plate configured to receive a toy construction and having a collapsible handle, which allows the construction to be built on the base plate on a flat play surface, after which the handle may be deployed from the base plate to allow a user to hold and play with the toy construction. The handle may be deployed by, for example, pivoting with respect to a support member of the base plate and pivoting above, below, or to the side of the toy construction. The handle may also be used as a stand to hold a construction above a play surface. The toy construction may be made of interlocking stackable blocks and the support surface of the base plate may be configured to receive the interlocking stackable blocks.06-14-2012
20110092129CONSTRUCTION TOY - A construction toy set comprising a plurality of first rod or block elements having a torus at one or both ends, a plurality of second rod elements having a C-shaped gripping clip at both ends and a plurality of third rod or block elements having a torus connecting element at one end and a c-shaped gripping clip at the other end. These rod and brick elements are assembled in a combination of different ways to create two and three dimensional structures.04-21-2011
20110165819INTELLECTUAL TRAINING TOY - To provide an intellectual training toy which can suppress noise and improve safety, and which has a significant effect on developing children's intellect, maintaining or recovering the mental and physical functions of the elderly, and other purposes.07-07-2011
20120122368 Building Set For Toy Houses - The invention is a set for building toy houses, in particular doll's houses and the like, including wall panels (05-17-2012
20120270463GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTION MODULE AND SYSTEM - A geometric construction module formed from a substantially flat, flexible material, the module comprising a polygon based shape having two straight edges; and a locking tab pair integral with each one of the straight edges to form joining edges, each locking tab of the locking tab pair having a notch at the straight edge, the notches of each locking tab pair being symmetrical about a center line of the joining edge. Multiple construction modules can be releasably attached at the joining edges to form models.10-25-2012
20130012098CONSTRUCTION KIT - Construction kit including construction blocks (01-10-2013
20130095722TOY COUPLERS INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF BLOCK RETAINING CHANNELS - Building sets including a plurality of blocks and a plurality of clips configured to engage a thickness of one or more of the blocks. Each clip includes a base and first and second substantially parallel extensions extending from the base and defining a channel therebetween into which a thickness of a block is receivable. The width of the channel is substantially equal to and slightly less than the thickness of the block receivable within the channel so that the thickness is frictionally retained therein. The clip may include a magnet enclosed within the base so that the base of a first clip may be magnetically coupled to the base of another clip, and each clip may in turn be frictionally coupled to a block received between the extensions of the respective clip. In one embodiment, the clip includes a plurality of channels.04-18-2013
20130143466ASSEMBLY TOY - Provided is an assembly toy which includes a first molded member and a second molded member which are aligned with and face each other, wherein: a projection is formed in the first molded member on a surface which faces the second molded member; a hole in which the projection is fit is formed in the second molded member on a surface which faces the first molded member; an outer peripheral shape of the projection along a cross-section perpendicular to the direction in which the projection projects is other than a circle; a peripheral shape of the hole on a surface which faces the first molded member corresponds to the outer peripheral shape of the projection; and the projection fits in the hole without rotating about the central axis thereof.06-06-2013

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