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446 - Amusement devices: toys

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446072000 Including figure toy 75
446075000 Including container or storing toy parts 14
446081000 Including sounding toy 4
20090239440SMART CUP HAVING PLAY MODULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - Provided is a smart cup having a sound player which is driven by sensors controlled by a micro-controller, to thus control the output of the sound player and extend function and use of a general cup to thereby give help to a daily life of users who use the smart cup. The smart cup includes: a main body of a cup; a play module case; and a silicon coupling portion. The play module detects whether a temperature change occurs in the cup or water-soluble liquid is contained in the cup, to thereby reproduce a built-in sound and includes: a cup material selection button unit; a power switch; a temperature sensor which measures temperature of the cup; an electrostatic capacity proximity sensor which measures a change of an electrostatic capacity; an electrostatic capacity analysis integrated circuit which detects sensitivity of the electrostatic capacity proximity sensor, a detection distance, a changed electrostatic capacity; and a micro-controller which determines whether or not sound will be reproduced.09-24-2009
20090253340MULTI-FUNCTION CHEERING TOOL - The present invention proposes a multi-function cheering tool, more particularly, a multi-function cheering tool for both promoting sports players' morale and spectators' cheering participation by developing a number of cheerful cheering practices according to the needs of cheering events in combination with bugle, megaphone and plastic bar. The multi-function cheering tool comprises a hollow cone type plastic tube, a bugle, a hitting bar, and a grip. One end of the hitting bar is fixed to an inner side of the grip and the other end of the hitting bar is expanding toward the hollow cone type plastic tube inwardly. And, the grip is formed in a hollow cylinder type in order to combine the hollow cone type plastic tube and the bugle, and functions as a megaphone in combining with the hitting bar.10-08-2009
20090221210Amusing display ornament - An amusing display ornament is provided with at least one support rod disposed on a base, and a toy figurine or model suspended ornament disposed on each of the support rods. A bottom portion of each of the support rods is connected to a transmission module driven by a drive module positioned within the base. When the drive module is actuated, the support rods are caused to rotate or move in an up and down fashion by means of the transmission modules, thereby causing synchronous movement of the toy figurines or the model suspended ornaments disposed on the support rods. The base can be further installed with a control unit and connected to a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of a computer, thereby enabling power and musical digital data to be acquired through the USB port, and enabling the suspended ornaments to play music when moving.09-03-2009
20110053453Cartunes - Music box toy cars - An educational and entertaining toy vehicle that includes a body member that is designed for including a mechanical music box. The music box is designed so it is coupled via a ratchet clutch and gears to at least one vehicle wheel. The forward rotation of such wheels drives the music box. Reversing the vehicle winds a spring. This spring drives the music box and vehicle forward on release. The release of said spring is controlled by a speed regulator. The toy vehicle of this invention includes rubber like material on the surfaces of the wheels with debossed numerals, letters or symbols. These replaceable rubber like tires provide increased friction and a means for printing such debossed characters when the vehicle is moved. The toy vehicle is further enhanced by including a toy figure that is representative of the included tune.03-03-2011
446076000 Container having shape of specific article 2
20110269367Expandable Packaging Assembly - A packaging assembly for a reconfigurable toy includes a base component and a side component movably connected to the base component. The toy includes a main body and an extendable member movably connected to the main body. The toy is reconfigurable between a first configuration in which the extendable member is retracted relative to the main body and a second configuration in which the extendable member is extended relative to the main body. The main body of the toy is coupled to the base component and the extendable member of the toy is coupled to the side component, so that the toy is reconfigurable between its first configuration and its second configuration while remaining coupled to the packaging assembly.11-03-2011
20090130945Children's toothbrush and aerial amusement device - A toothbrush for children has a cape element extending from a point along its handle, the rigid cape element extending from the handle and adjoining the handle so as to divide the handle into a lower portion and an upper portion, the upper portion including a head having bristles. The handle and cape element define a space between them into which a child can place a hand to hold the toothbrush. The cape element meets the handle at a sufficiently large angle that a hand of a child on the lower portion of the handle can hold the lower portion and brush the child's teeth. The lower portion of the handle is smooth and not in contact with anything from a point on the lower portion just below where the cape element adjoins the handle and downward.05-21-2009
446077000 Including toy appurtenance attachable to container 1
20110065352ENTERTAINMENT ATTACHMENT FOR BABY BOTTLES - A light and sound emitting apparatus for attachment to assorted conventional infant feeding bottles includes a base member having at least one side wall, an inner floor and a bottom panel, all forming a substantially hollow interior compartment, a solid-state memory device for storing a plurality of sounds, and at least one speaker disposed adjacent the bottom panel or side wall for emitting sounds. A sound-generating device is disposed within the interior compartment for transmitting a plurality of songs and sounds to speakers, and lights are disposed adjacent an exterior surface of the side wall for emitting flashes of light from at least two locations. Light and sound generation is powered by a battery disposed within the interior compartment, and an adjustable clamp rises vertically from the base for releasable attachment to a nursing bottle.03-17-2011
446080000 Includng fold line (to convert to toy) 1
20090298381Shadow Activity Book - Disclosed herein is a shadow activity book comprising a bound arrangement of pages that includes a cover and a plurality of pages. A novelty item is secured to a page and movable from a first position, in which the novelty item is positioned substantially within a perimeter of the bound arrangement, and a second position, in which the novelty item extends beyond the perimeter of the bound arrangement. The novelty item can be provided with opaque, transparent, and/or translucent sections, and a flashlight can be provided for projecting onto a wall a shadow image of the novelty item. In some aspects, the shadow image includes a design disposed on a transparent/translucent section of the novelty item. A writing instrument can be provided for disposing the design on the transparent/translucent section.12-03-2009
20090130944Teething toy - A teething toy that is chewable and sensory stimulating uses a hollow cylinder made of a soft clear polymeric material. It is approximately half filled with a colored fluid. Shiny particle specks and different shaped multicolored floating objects are suspended in the fluid. Nipple shaped protrusions extend from each spherical end. A circular handle with oval cross section extends from the side of the cylinder. Directly opposite this handle is a rectangular shaped handle with oval cross section. The sides of both handles have small extension knobs protruding from the narrow sides of the cross sections. Options include longitudinal ribs running along the cylinder surface for easy grasp and manipulation. Additional options include rectangular grips extending from the sides of the toy. Other options include a suction cup end suspended from a flexible plastic cord that tethers the toy to a surface such as a high chair tray.05-21-2009
20100075565COMBINATION PLAY SET AND EXCERCISING STATION - A combination play set and exercise station having a base supported by a ground support surface. A platform is disposed above and supported by the base while at least one swing support is attached to and extends outwardly from the platform. At least one hook is attached to the base, platform, or swing support and an exercise strap is engageable with the hook to perform at least one exercise routine.03-25-2010
20130090033CAP RE-USABLE AS INTERLOCKING BUILDING BLOCKS - The invention pertains to the field of caps and toys designed as building blocks, and relates in particular to a functional cap that can be re-used as a playing toy designed as interlocking or stackable blocks after the cap has been used for sealing packaging containers. The cap comprises a body (04-11-2013
20100273390TOY - A reconfigurable structure for use with toy vehicles is provided, the structure having a first tower structure having a plurality of floors each having an entrance and an exit; a lift movably secured to the first tower, the lift being positionable at any entrance of the plurality of floors of the first tower; a ramp movably secured to the first tower, the ramp being positionable at any exit of the plurality of floors of the first tower; a second tower structure having a plurality of floors each having an entrance and an exit; a lift movably secured to the second tower, the lift being positionable at any entrance of the plurality of floors of the second tower; a ramp movably secured to the second tower, the ramp being positionable at any exit of the plurality of floors of the second tower; and wherein the reconfigurable structure is capable of having a stowed configuration and a deployed configuration and the first tower has a connecting member configured to engage the second tower when the reconfigurable structure is in the stowed configuration.10-28-2010
20130072081Infant Support Structure With Entertainment Portion - The present invention is directed to an infant support structure. In one embodiment, the infant support structure includes a frame that has an activity portion or tray area that is located proximate to a seat in which an infant can be placed. The seat is rotatable so that the infant can view and play with different elements in the activity portion. The infant support structure includes an entertainment mechanism that has several movable elements or components coupled to the frame. A drive mechanism is connected to the movable elements and configured so that the drive mechanism moves the movable elements when the drive mechanism is activated. The infant support structure includes at least one input mechanism or switch that can be activated by a child to provide the input to activate the drive mechanism to move the movable elements.03-21-2013
20090270009Ornamental combination - The present invention provides a combination comprising a first part and a second part; the first part having a stem with a free end defining an axis and body extending along the axis from the stem and terminating at a tip; the second part having a receptacle for receiving the free end of the stem; the combination having an assembled state in which the stem's free end is received in said receptacle and in which the combination can be positioned with the second part constituting a base thereof and the first part projecting upwards constituting an ornament; and having a disassembled state in which the first part can be used as a spinning top.10-29-2009
20090286448SAFETY LOLLIPOP HOLDER - A safety lollipop holder includes a tube (11-19-2009
20110287687Multicolored cleansing bar and method for the use thereof - A multicolored cleansing bar includes at least one cleansing material, wherein the cleansing bar includes a plurality of layers, wherein the plurality of layers includes at least a red layer, an orange layer, a yellow layer, a green layer, a blue layer, and a purple layer. A method for improving a child's hygiene includes (11-24-2011
20090203287Sax-a-feed aka handy dandy bottle holder - The invention was made with a dual purpose, 1) a child's musical toy, and 2) a hands free baby bottle holder for feeding.08-13-2009
20100184350Reconfigurable child's toy - A reconfigurable child's toy features a first configuration including a table with a top and a supporting pedestal and chairs about the table. A second configuration includes two or more of the chairs stacked on each other and the table top and supporting pedestal interlocked with the stacked chairs forming a play structure such as a tower, a rocket ship, or other round or square play structure.07-22-2010
20100184349TOY FOR MOUNTING ON A CHILD'S SHOE - A shoe is adaptable to receive a number of different styled decorative toy shoe straps. On a first side of the shoe is a male portion of a snap assembly that secures one end of a toy shoe strap having a female portion of the snap assembly. Located on the second side of the shoe is a rectangular slot for receiving the toy strap wherein the strap passes through the slot and is folded back on itself towards the first side of the shoe. The second end of the toy strap is then secured to the shoe over the first end using a hook and loop material (e.g., Velcro). An upper side of the interchangeable toy shoe strap is decorated with various designs, shapes and colors.07-22-2010
20110130067MODULAR TOY AND WRITING INSTRUMENT - A modular combination toy and desktop writing accessory apparatus comprising a plurality of structural elements each having at least one nodal connector portion to which a complementary connector portion of another structural, element can be coupled. The structural elements can be assembled into a barrel-like form that is configured with a passageway for carrying a writing component of the invention. The writing component can be a pen, pencil, marker, crayon, eraser or the like. The modular combination toy and writing instrument has multiple functions in playtime as well as in everyday desk-bound activities.06-02-2011
20110097963Two-in-One Toy Serving as Water Gun and Bat - The toy of the invention includes an outer tube and an inner tube slidably penetrating the outer tube. An outer section of the inner tube is formed with a handle and an inner end thereof is provided with a piston air-tightly disposed in the outer tube. The toy can serve as a water gun by pushing and pulling the inner tube against the outer tube. The end of the outer tube, which connecting with the inner tube, is provided with a locking ring. An inner end of the handle is provided with two protrusions which can engage with the locking ring. The locking ring and protrusions are correspondingly asymmetric in size to avoid undesired engagement. This toy can serve as a bat when they are engaged.04-28-2011
20110070801Vehicle toy - A vehicle toy makes an imagination of an appearance of a second mode which is transformable from an appearance of a first mode difficult. A vehicle toy transformable between a first mode and a second mode includes a base member having a front surface forming part of the first mode and a back surface forming part of the second mode, at least two or more rotating members each rotatably coupled to the base member and having different features on the front surfaces and the back surfaces thereof so that the front surfaces form the first mode and the back surfaces form the second mode, and have connecting portions disposed at respective ends of at least two of the rotating members connecting to each other and retain the vehicle toy in either the first mode or in the second mode.03-24-2011
20110021106STORED-VALUE PRODUCT WITH MANUFACTURED ARTICLE - A stored-value product includes a toy automobile and a panel. The toy automobile includes a body and wheels rotatably coupled to the body. The panel is coupled to the body and includes an account identifier signifying a financial account or record linked to the stored-value card assembly. Stored-value product assemblies, methods of promoting sales of stored-value products, methods of using a stored-value product and other embodiments are also disclosed.01-27-2011
20110256792Backpack and toy vehicle combination - A backpack and toy vehicle system includes a storage compartment, a trolley, and elements for selectable securement of the compartment in the trolley. The storage compartment includes a semi-rigid front, rear, and first and second lateral sidewalls. A flexible bottom base having edges in integral communication with opposing lower edges of all sidewalls; a top base of the storage compartment having one edge in integral flexible communication with the upper edge of one of the front, rear or lateral sidewalls of the compartment in which other edges of the top base are selectably securable to opposing edges of the front, rear and lateral sidewalls. The top base defines an object-interest of a child and is formed of a material of sufficient rigidity to support a child wishing to ride on after the elements of the system have been assembled. Also provided is a handle grip upon at least one of the sidewalls. A trolley part of the system includes a frame and a vertical wall defining a recess for complemental engagement of at least portions of the sidewalls of the storage compartment; a handle assembly extensible from a front or rear wall of said frame; a pair of wheels, having axles between each pair of wheels, the axles journalled within the trolley frame.10-20-2011
20090176437Combination stuffed toy with characteristics of multiple kinds of entities - A combination stuffed toy contains features of both a plant and an animal or another combination of entities. Preferably, the toy is a stuffed plant-animal combination comprising a cover with a plant component and an animal component which stores a stuffing material. Plant-animal combination toys are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also intellectually stimulating. Plant-animal combination toys require users to think to determine what the plant-animal combination is, as well as encourage users to utilize their imaginations. Plant-animal combination toys are also able to be used as a support, either emotionally or physically.07-09-2009
20120252304CONVERTIBLE ITEM FOR FOLDING INTO A PLAY FIELD - Described is a convertible item that is portable and that can be easily folded into a playing field through the use of one or more pop-up elements. For example, the convertible item is a substantially flat item that can transition between a first state, in which it is substantially flat, to a second state, in which the pop-up element is affixed in an upright position. In the second state, the convertible item operates as a playing field to allow users to play on its surface. For example, the playing field includes goals (in a soccer or hockey aspect) or can be formed to include a ramp (in a toy skateboard aspect). The convertible item is any suitably flat item, such as a folder for papers, or a greeting card. Thus, it can transition between a folder or card, to a playing field.10-04-2012
20120015581Balloon Support with Optional Advertising Element - A support for retaining inflated balloons in an upright, uniform, and visually pleasing position is disclosed. The support includes lower and higher tie-down coils that are separated from one another to define a space therebetween wherein an inflated balloon may be situated in an upright position. Each coil is arranged for retaining an inflated balloon therein. A segment extends within the space between the tie-down coils and includes an arcuate portion shaped to enable the inflated balloon to be situated upright within said space.01-19-2012
20120315818WIRE TOY MANDALA - One product with multiple functions. It is perfect for meditation and relaxation as a tool while playing and changing into many different forms and shapes. 3 sets of half rings on each site can be squeezed and used together or separately. It formed into jewelry, holder for pen, napkin, candle, orange and more (up to the user's imagination). WIRE TOY MANDALA can be formed into unnumbered different shapes which people can create themselves. Can be used outside or inside as a decoration on the table, on the wall, or X-mas ornament. Geometrical and changeable forms can help children to develop their imagination. Stainless steel surgical wire used in this toy is very safe and non-allergic material,—everybody can play,—no matter of age.12-13-2012
20090104837Cushioning device - A cushioning device for placement on a mobility aid at a predetermined location thereon is provided. Such cushioning device includes a cushion member having a first predetermined size and a first predetermined shape. A first securing mechanism is operably disposed on such cushion member for releasably securing such cushion member to such mobility aid.04-23-2009
20110237152LASER ILLUMINATION APPARATUS TOY SYSTEM - The invention relates to a laser illumination lamp as a novelty toy using a laser beam pattern that is contained in a polygon sphere such as a truncated rhombic dodecahedron to enable positioning the projection. The above system provides a unique utility shape for a small visual entertainment system toy that operates on batteries as well as AC adapter output for a night light.09-29-2011
20130189897Beverage Bottle and Construction Toy Integration - This invention is a beverage bottle with a play value feature as a secondary use. The specific shape and design of the bottle allows the consumer to use the bottle as a piece, that combined with other bottles of the same kind, becomes part of a construction toy after the liquid is consumed.07-25-2013


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