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446 - Amusement devices: toys

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446036000 Including rotary wing (e.g., helicopter, flying propeller, autogyro, etc.) 33
446046000 Spinning disc (e.g., flying saucer) 31
446057000 Having motor-driven propeller 10
446061000 Glider 7
446056000 Jet-propelled 3
20120238177SELF-PROPELLED FOOTBALL WITH INTERNALLY DUCTED FAN AND ELECTRIC MOTOR - Disclosed is a self-propelled football with an internally ducted fan and electric motor. An exemplary embodiment has an oblate spheroidal body. The body has a front section, a center section, a back section, and a longitudinal axis. The ducted fan is located within the body substantially within the center section and substantially along the longitudinal axis. The electric motor is located within the body and mechanically coupled to the ducted fan. At least one electrical power source is located within the body and electrically coupled to the electric motor. At least one air-inlet is located within the front section of the body in airflow communication with the ducted fan. At least one air-outlet is located within the back section of the body in airflow communication with the ducted fan. A means for automatic activation and deactivation of the electrical motor is located within the body.09-20-2012
20100248580JET PROPULSION CONSTRUCTION TOY ASSEMBLY - A jet propulsion construction toy assembly includes a container mounted on a movable brick assembly. A launching unit includes a launching seat permitting extension of a nozzle of the container thereinto and having an inlet. When the nozzle extends into the launching seat, an actuator mounted movably in said launching seat is operable to engage the nozzle such that said container is filled with fluid including air and liquid and pumped out of a barrel by a pump through first and second conduits, the inlet and the nozzle. Thereafter, when the nozzle is released from the launching seat due to disengagement between the nozzle and the actuator, jet of the fluid from the container through the nozzle forms a propulsion force to drive movement of a combination of the brick assembly and the container away from the launching unit.09-30-2010
20090137181Toy plane powered by hydraulic power - A toy plane includes a body made by light material such as polylone and a pressurized container is securely engaged with a groove defined in an underside of the body. The pressurized container includes a closed front end and a nozzle which connected to a rear end of the pressurized container. Water and pressurized air are received in the pressurized container. The wings and stabilizers on the body are well secured by any known method so that they do not separated from the body when the pressurized container releases the pressure to launch the plane.05-28-2009
446035000 Ornithopter 2
20120115390FLAPPING FLYING ROBOT - A flapping flying robot includes: a body 05-10-2012
20120003896FLYING TOY ABLE TO MOVE BY THE FLAPPING OF WINGS - Disclosed is a flying toy capable of moving by flapping of wings. The flying toy comprises a support structure; an actuation mechanism, for the wings, arranged on the support structure and comprising a crank drive rotated by a means providing the driving force; and two flexible wings arranged symmetrically with respect to the vertical plane of symmetry of the toy and connected, at the wing bases, to the actuation mechanism, the aforementioned wing bases being mounted oscillating about axes arranged on both sides of the vertical plane of symmetry of the toy. A controller receives a control signal indicating a left turn, increases the tension on the right wing and reduces it on the left wing and, for a right turn, the opposite action is performed.01-05-2012
446049000 Parachute 1
20080207080Delivery Device - In accordance with the invention, there is provided a lightweight delivery device, in order that children of all ages can experience the joy of watching payloads such as parachutes, confetti, and the like, being delivered to significant heights and returning slowly to the earth. This is accomplished by providing a hollow and visually interesting shape, which is first hinged open and filled with a desired payload. The device is then closed, bound with a cord and thrown high into the air. A flag, attached to the free end of the cord, causes the device to rotate, as it travels towards the apex of its flight, and allows the cord to unwind. Centrifugal force eventually opens the unbound device and the contents are ejected into the air.08-28-2008
20100330865ALL PAPER PRODUCTS FLYING MODEL AIRCRAFT - A flying model aircraft kit is invented for use with radio control and electric power and is constructed entirely of paper products without any other materials necessary for structural support, with the exception of glue. The aircraft kit provides for extremely inexpensive and simple manufacturing methods, while also providing for ease of construction, lightweight, high strength, durability, scale appearance, and the ability to effectively repair after crashing. The airframe is also designed such that structural pieces can be manufactured using smaller standard paper sizes, which enable extraordinarily low cost manufacture. The airframe derives its strength using a paper skin exoskeleton impregnated with epoxy resins such that tensile strength is derived from the aircraft skin itself, in addition to internal supports made of heavy card. The wing utilizes innovative construction that produces a precise and flyable wing made entirely of paper products.12-30-2010
20110130066TOY AIRCRAFT WITH MODULAR POWER SYSTEMS AND WHEELS - Toy aircraft may include an airframe, a modular power system, first and second wheel supports, and first and second wheels. The modular power system may be configured for selective use with and selective removal from the airframe. The power system may include a propulsion unit operable to propel the toy aircraft and a power unit, which may include an energy source configured to supply energy to the propulsion unit. The airframe may include a fuselage, a propulsion unit mount, which may be disposed on the airframe and configured to removably retain the propulsion unit, and a power unit mount, which may be disposed on the fuselage and configured to removably retain the power unit. The first and second wheel supports may extend from the power unit mount toward respective first and second wheel mounts to which the first and second wheels may be rotatably mounted.06-02-2011
20110117806METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WING MOUNTING FOR A MODEL AIRPLANE - A model airplane may include a fuselage, a wing rib removably attached at a top portion of the fuselage, and a wing having two wing sections. Each of the two wing sections may include an opening at an exterior end. The model airplane may also include a connecting member removably coupled with the fuselage alternatively either at the wing rib or at a side portion of the fuselage. The connecting member may be removably inserted into the opening of a wing section to couple the wing section with the fuselage. The connecting member may include a ferromagnetic material which is magnetically attracted to a ferromagnetic material included at an end of the opening within the wing section when the connecting member is inserted into the opening to couple the wing section with the fuselage.05-19-2011
20110003526Radio controlled flying toy object device with an infra-red gun - A radio controlled flying toy device having a duck-shaped flying object, a RC controller and an IR beam gun is provided wherein the controller and gun are respectively operated by a first and second user. Both the beam gun and RC controller can charge the flying object. The flying object has a pair of flapping wings whose speed and directional characteristics are controlled by the RC controller. The IR beam gun sequentially loads and fires IR beam radiations towards the duck object. The gun is specifically adapted to hit the duck with the IR beam, whereas the RC controller is specifically adapted to prevent the duck from being hit by the IR beam. The duck object includes a controller unit/micro controller that is configured to allow the duck to fly after being shot for two successive occasions by the gun and fall after being shot for the third successive occasion.01-06-2011
20080274663CONFETTI - Pieces of confetti that have the ability to spiral or autorotate downward in a novel and pleasing fashion when falling are described. The downward spiral or autorotation of an individual piece of falling confetti of certain desirable embodiments can be described as being similar to the downward fall of a maple seed or the decent of an autorotating helicopter making an emergency, unpowered decent.11-06-2008
20110237151Self-Propelled Football with Gyroscopic Precession Countermeasures - A self-propelled flying toy includes a body defined as having a front section, a center section and a back section each along a longitudinal axis. A ducted fan is located within the body substantially centered about the longitudinal axis. A motor is mechanically coupled to the ducted fan and a power source is coupled to the motor. An air-inlet is located substantially within the front section in airflow communication with the ducted fan. An air-outlet is located substantially within the back section in airflow communication with the ducted fan. At least two angled surfaces are fixed relative to the body and located substantially within the front section. Each of the at least two angled surfaces are evenly centered about the longitudinal axis and facing an opposite thrust-generating rotational direction relative to the ducted fan.09-29-2011
20130115847THROWING TOY WITH IMPROVED ADJUSTABLE AND TIME FLIGHT MEASUREMENT - Apparatus and method of adjusting the angle of attack to the longitudinal axis of a plurality of aerodynamic surfaces on a high performance throwing toy which affect the performance of such toy and to also provide a means of measuring such performance by recording the time the toy is airborne during flight.05-09-2013


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