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441 - Buoys, rafts, and aquatic devices

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441088000 Personal flotation device 73
441084000 Lifeline 7
441087000 Passenger enclosing bouyancy device 4
20130045649Amphibious Protection Apparatus - An amphibious protection apparatus including wall members, an occupancy space, and an access region is provided. Each of the wall members is foldably and detachably connected to the other wall members. Each of the wall members has an enclosed space that is inflatable by a fluid injected into the enclosed space. The inflation of each of the detachably connected wall members forms a buoyant enclosure of a predefined configuration, which bounces on land and floats on water. The occupancy space is defined by the detachably connected wall members and accommodates the users. The access region defined by opening one of the detachably connected wall members provides access to the occupancy space. The amphibious protection apparatus inflated to form the buoyant enclosure protects the users accommodated within the occupancy space from impacts from different directions on land and water and provides safety to the accommodated users on land and water.02-21-2013
20120270453FULLY SHROUDED SELF-RESCUE INFLATABLE BOAT - A fully shrouded self-rescue inflatable boat has a domed inflatable shroud, with a hollow air chamber formed for air inflation. A non-return inflation inlet is connected with the chamber. A waterproof bottom is mated at the bottom of the shroud, and a user space is defined between the shroud and bottom. An access hole with removable cover allows for access. A viewing window is arranged at the head end of the shroud in a waterproofing state. A puffing port protruded into the inner side of the head end of the shroud is connected with the chamber, helping the users in air inflation. A cold proofing lining is attached onto the inner surface of the shroud and bottom. Bulges for stretching out hands are set externally onto two lateral portions of the shroud, and configured into an elongated flexible waterproofing sleeve, enabling the users to stretch their hands out.10-25-2012
20110130058Rescue Outfit - A rescue outfit is provided, which comprises a waterproof protecting cloth, a back frame, front and rear foldable hemispherical covers, and a fastener. The waterproof protecting cloth is for enclosing whole body of a user. A back frame is embedded in the waterproof protecting cloth. The front foldable hemispherical cover is partially connected to a front portion of the waterproof protecting cloth hermetically. The rear foldable hemispherical cover is partially connected to a rear portion of the waterproof protecting cloth hermetically. The fastener is for holding together and sealing portions of the front and rear foldable hemispherical covers. A substantial portion of the floating ball is kept above water.06-02-2011
20120252290AQUATIC LIFE-SAVING CAPSULE - Provided is an aquatic life-saving capsule including a capsule body including a waterproof compartment provided at a center thereof and having an upper portion opened. Here, when air is injected into the capsule body, the capsule body expands and becomes buoyant to allow a user in distress to board the waterproof compartment.10-04-2012
441125000 Convertible use article 3
20100136864Cushion personal flotation device saver - A cushion-type personal flotation device saver includes: (a) a generally rectangular shaped main portion comprising two closed, opposite sides, a closed end, and an open end opposite the closed end; (b) at least one main strap attached to the main portion, the main strap comprising at least one grab strap; (c) a releasable closure mechanism attached along at least one edge of the open end of the main portion; (d) a central chamber within the main portion, the chamber being accessible at the open end of the main portion; and (e) a removable collared insert that fits closely within the main portion chamber, the collared insert being slidable into and out of the main portion chamber. A combination personal flotation device saver and personal flotation device is also included. This simplified abstract is not intended to limit, and should not be interpreted as limiting, the scope of the claims.06-03-2010
20110070788Buoyant Cushion - Buoyant cushions or the like are used and are adaptable for varied other uses, such cushions having physical properties that include buoyancy, weather-resistance, malleability, strength, and comfort to the user, and allows the cushion to be used dually as lounging floatations in bodies of water and as cushions adapted to compliment outdoor furniture or used as furniture. The chamber of each cushion is partially filled with polystyrene beads and the outer surface is defined primarily by a comfortable flexible fabric material to support a user and a flexible mesh fabric material to permit ingress and egress of water to the chamber, such materials being sewn together to form the cushion.03-24-2011
20120178320Method and device for providing floating system - A floating device of an outdoor furniture comprises a frame, at least two floaters removably disposed on the frame, at least two connecting elements respectively disposed on surfaces of the floaters for connecting with each other to bind the floaters together to form a floating system, and at least one inserter fixed on the frame, wherein at least one of the floaters is located by the inserter to block the floaters from removing from the frame.07-12-2012
441082000 For use over ice 3
20090186540RESCUE MAT - A portable, roll-able or fold-able mat for supporting one or more individuals includes a non-inflatable, buoyant core. The core includes buoyancy sufficient to support the one or more individuals on a surface of the mat. The core includes at least one layer of foam and a non-foam layer connected with at least one surface of the layer of foam.07-23-2009
20100279564COLD WEATHER SURVIVAL APPARATUS - Apparatus for cold weather survival comprises an elongated belt body comprising a piece of buoyancy-providing material. The belt body is sized such that end portions thereof overlap when the belt body is wrapped around a user's waist. The belt body has an inner side which faces the user and an outer side which faces away from the user. One or more fasteners are provided for holding the belt body in place around the user's waist. A plurality of flotation devices and a plurality of pockets are attached to the outer side of the belt body. A sleeve is attached to the outer side the belt body, and positioned such that when the belt body is wrapped around the user's waist, the sleeve is horizontally-oriented and located in front of the user. A telescoping pole is held by the sleeve across the front of the user.11-04-2010
20110159755AID SYSTEM, IN PARTICULAR FOR USE IN ICE RESCUE - An aid system includes a base element, an expandable tube arrangement including at least one tube portion to form a tube run extending between a base portion assigned to the base element and a head portion at a free end of the tube run, and a pressurized fluid system that fills the tube portion with pressurized fluid, wherein (i) the tube portion is guided between a tube store and the head portion by a tube guiding device with a tube guiding opening constricting a cross section of the tube portion, and (ii) at least one pressurized fluid inlet leading into the interior of the tube portion in the region of the head portion.06-30-2011
441081000 Tossable apertured member (e.g., ring) 2
20100216359Ambidextrous rescue device - An ambidextrous rescue device having a slip ring rotateable mounted with respect to the rescue device to permit the slip ring to rotate independently of the rescue device as the rescue device is thrown to thereby enhance the distance the rescue device can be thrown by reducing the spin that needs to be imparted to the rescue device during a throwing motion as well as reducing the tendency of the rescue device to spin out of a victims grasp once the rescue device is retrieved by pulling on the rope attached to the rescue device. A further advantage is that the device can be thrown by either a left hand thrower or a right hand thrower. In another embodiment the rescue device includes an arm girth to automatically cinch a person's extremity to the rescue device as the rescue device is pulled toward the rescuer.08-26-2010
20120282831Life Ring Buoy and Flotation Cushion - The present invention is an improved life ring buoy and flotation cushion that has the ability to be deployed and retrieved to aide a distressed person from drowning. The present invention has the ability to emit light upon being deployed. The present invention combines a flotation device, a retrieval line and a plurality of illuminating sources. The retrieval line is stowed within a recessed cavity in the flotation device. The illuminating sources are switched on prior to deploying the flotation device. The retrieval line is protected from detrimental ultraviolent light because it is stowed within the flotation device. A temporary seal prevents the retrieval line from prematurely exiting the recessed cavity. The improved retrieval line has an eye spliced in the exposed end and wrapped in brightly colored protective tubing, eliminating direct exposure to sunlight. The exposed retrieval line eye is tethered to the mechanical switch for the integral lights.11-08-2012
20090191776CONNECTABLE SEA RESCUE PLATFORM - A sea rescue platform with a plurality of connectable floating bodies comprises a plurality of floating bodies including life jackets, life rings, life boats, and life rafts which are connected as a platform so as to provide more people in sea disaster to be used as a deck; wherein each floating body has at least one connection unit and at least one survival box so as to provide protection to the people and prolong the lifetime of the people.07-30-2009
20130059493Paddle shaft flotation device - Paddle floatation apparatus that fits over a kayak or other shallow draft watercraft paddle shaft so that the entire length of the paddle becomes significantly buoyant. Paddle may then be better equipped to assist the user in self rescue, executing a roll to right an inverted boat, a brace, and generally keeping one's head out of the water so that one can breath between roll attempts—and thereby avoid wet exits. With or without skilled form and technique, a user can apply force onto the paddle shaft to rotate the kayak and paddler to an upright position. The shape of the float when inflated is substantially tubular.03-07-2013
20090233505Armored inflatable boat cocoon - Abstract: An armored inflatable boat cocoon (09-17-2009
20090233504Life guard tow vest - In accordance with the aspects of the present invention (Life Jacket), The LIFE GUARD TOW VEST/HARNESS VEST is to assist the less experienced swimmers in a safe rescue attempt, for all involved, by placing this HARNESS VEST on survivor and towing them with the attachment to the line and GUARD TOW VEST, also to sustain strength when trying to maintain a group while treading water. The group will be able to use the “harness strap” featured by attaching the snap hook to the D rings to the left or right of each vest and maintain group integrity while protecting the weaker swimmers and also maintaining their personal strength, that would be lost by holding on to one another against the currents. This will also make it much easier for experienced professionals; it will enable them to pull a victim or multiple victims from the water at once while maintaining their personal strength in the occasion of an unconscious or hysterical survivor. The harness on the HARNESS VEST portion of the product has a triple purpose it can be lifted in a helicopter rescue attempt, as well as the attachment for group integrity, and tow able features. This also increases the expedience, safety and efficiency of the rescue. The current life jackets do not have the advantages of the features the LIFE GUARD TOW VEST/HARNESS present.09-17-2009
20100112880AVALANCHE RESCUE DEVICE - The invention relates to an avalanche rescue device comprising as functional parts at least one inflatable buoyant body (05-06-2010
20100227518AUTOMATED WATER SAFETY APPARATUS - An automated water safety apparatus is disclosed including, a spray device, a sensor, a container, a processor capable of sending and receiving signals, and a liquid substance that becomes a buoyant solid when released from the spray device, wherein the water safety device is coupled to a water vessel. Additionally, a method is disclosed for creating buoyant solids in water in response to a water vessel beginning to sink, including determining whether the water vessel is sinking, sending a signal to the processor to indicate that the vessel is sinking, the processor instructing the container to release the liquid substance, and propelling the liquid substance into the water to form buoyant solids.09-09-2010
20100233922FLOTATION DEVICE FOR RESCUE APPARATUS AND METHOD OF USE - Flotation device for rescue apparatus includes a support portion onto which an injured person is placed, and a buoyant structure connected to the support portion to provide buoyancy for the support portion. The buoyant structure includes one or more fluid containers each attached to the support portion by, for example, straps. At least one pressure regulating mechanism is integrated into or onto a surface of each container and functions to vary pressure of fluid in the hollow space of the container, and may include inflation mechanisms that enable controlled inflow of fluid into the hollow space of the containers, and deflation or pressure release mechanisms that enable controlled outflow of fluid from the hollow space of the containers,09-16-2010
20100210157Deployable Rescue Apparatus - Disclosed herein is a deployable apparatus and method for rescuing persons and animals from a water surface. The deployable apparatus comprises a buoyant support structure and multiple rescue units. The rescue units are detachably attached to the buoyant support structure for securing and supporting the rescued persons and animals. The rescue units, for example, comprise multiple undercarriage structures, buoyant longitudinal members, loop extensions, etc. The buoyant support structure with the rescue units is suspended from a height and lowered to the water surface using a cable. The undercarriage structures extend radially from the lower surface of the buoyant support structure on contacting the water surface. The buoyant longitudinal members are projected outwardly from the buoyant support structure in a projectile towards the persons and animals to be rescued to allow the persons and animals to grasp the longitudinal members and be drawn to the buoyant support structure.08-19-2010
20110177733FIRE/WATER RESCUE SLED FOR HANDICAPPED AND ELDERLY - A rescue appliance for evacuating physically-compromised persons is disclosed. A rescue appliance includes a platform configured to support a prone evacuee, a set of wheels coupled with the platform to support the platform relative to a floor surface, and a protection assembly coupled with the platform. The protection assembly is configurable to surround the prone evacuee to protect the evacuee from a fire. The protection assembly can be configured to encase the prone evacuee. The rescue appliance can be configured to be sufficiently buoyant to support an evacuee on water to allow evacuation in a flooding emergency. Two or more rescue appliances can be coupled together to form a train so that multiple persons can be evacuated simultaneously.07-21-2011
20090239428LIFE BUOY, ESPECIALLY FOR AVALANCHES - The invention relates to a life buoy that can be used especially in the event of an avalanche, said life buoy comprising at least one envelope that can be inflated by inflation means including a pressurised gas generating cartridge and means for emptying the buoy. The envelope is a single compartment which completely surrounds the head of the user and covers at least part of the thorax of the user.09-24-2009
20110081814RECOVERY NET - A recovery net has a net, a connecting rope, a floating unit, a ballast and two pulling ropes. The net has an upper edge, a lower edge and a surface. The connecting rope and the floating unit are mounted on the upper edge of the net. The ballast and the pulling ropes are mounted on the lower edge of the net. The floating unit provides buoyancy, the ballast provides sinking force so the net can float on water and the surface of the net is vertical. Recoverers align the net near a corpse and then pull the pulling ropes to recover the corpse in its entirety so recovery work is more efficient.04-07-2011
20100003875Aquatic device with light-emitting surface - An aquatic device is provided which has a light-emitting surface. The device (01-07-2010
20090197490Crew Overboard Rescue Hoist - A Crew Overboard Rescue Hoist for retrieving a person from the water and bringing them safely back aboard the boat. The method of retrieving the person from the water follows:08-06-2009
20080214074Solar Equipment for Life Saving in Water - A solar life-saving equipment in the water, which includes a conventional life-saving floatable equipment body. A solar cell, an energy storage device, a switch and a signal generator are integrated in the floatation body. The solar cell is located on the floatation body at a location which is easy to receive sunlight radiation and the switch is situated in a location easy for the user's hand to reach. The solar cell, the energy storage device, the switch and the signal generator are electrically connected to each other to form a complete electric circuit.09-04-2008
20080280516Marine survival system - Use of the present invention allows a crew member who has suffered a marine emergency, for example, fallen overboard or had to abandon ship, to survive for an extended period of time by providing the tools and equipment found in commercial survival systems yet does so at an economical cost. The system of the present invention includes a package that may be easily attached to a round buoy/life ring, horseshoe buoy, life vest or, alternatively, stored in a standalone manner. The system of the present invention has a number of features of more expensive survival systems including a life raft, both manual and electronic signaling equipment, basic survival tools including a water collector, knife and first aid kit, as well as other items not usually found in such systems. Additionally, the survival system of the present invention advantageously provides an attachment mechanism such that in adverse conditions the various components of the system are kept together.11-13-2008
20120094561BUOYANCY DEVICE - A buoyancy device comprises a flotation body designed to give the buoyancy device sufficient buoyancy to act as a life buoy for people to hold onto in the water during an emergency. The buoyancy device includes a storage compartment provided in connection with the flotation body for housing rescue equipment or safety equipment. The storage compartment of this embodiment takes the form of a tray. The tray is provided with a lid which is used to cover the tray and maintain the contents securely inside. The lid is preferably coupled to the tray by a tether. The tray is provided with a web of flexible material which forms a satchel with several pockets of various sizes, for storing a variety of safety devices, including flares, EPIRB, etc. The satchel can be rolled-up and stowed in the tray ready for use in an emergency situation.04-19-2012
20120276794REMOTE CONTROLLED MOTORIZED RESCUE BUOY - A remote controlled motorized buoy is provided for rescuing people in the water. The buoy may be controlled by a person with a remote control to navigate to the person in need. The buoy may have flotation mechanisms to keep the buoy right side up in rough water conditions and includes visual indicators to help the user keep track of the buoys location, such as a flag and beacon. When the buoy is near the swimmer, the swimmer may graph the buoy and the buoy may be remotely navigated to bring the swimmer to a safe location.11-01-2012
20100203780RESCUE DEVICE08-12-2010
20130122762SHARK REPELLENT SYSTEM - A light sequence generation system is provided on human associated aquatic objects such as surfboards, boogie boards, and kayaks to deter shark attacks. Light sources such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) are configured to emit sequences of pulses in arrangements and/or patterns that are unnatural to sharks. Batteries and/or capacitors may be used along with solar panels to power the light sources. The batteries and/or capacitors can also power electromagnetic repellents or may be completely shield to prevent attractant effects. The unnatural light sequence generation system can be used in conjunction with other chemical and electromagnetic repellents.05-16-2013
20130149923SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INFLATABLE AVALANCHE PROTECTION - One embodiment of the present invention relates to an avalanche safety system including an inflatable chamber, activation system, inflation system, and a harness. The inflatable chamber is a three-dimensionally, partially enclosed region having an inflated state and a compressed state. The inflated state may form a particular three dimensional shape configured to protect the user from burial and provide flotation during an avalanche. The activation system is configured to receive a user-triggered action to activate the system. The inflation system may include an air intake, battery, fan, and internal airway channel. The inflation system is configured to transmit ambient air into the inflatable chamber. The harness may be a backpack that enables a user to transport the system while engaging in activities that may be exposed to avalanche risk. The harness may include hip straps, shoulder straps, internal compartments, etc.06-13-2013
20130149924SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INFLATABLE AVALANCHE PROTECTION WITH SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC - One embodiment of the present invention relates to an avalanche safety system including an inflatable chamber, activation system, inflation system, diagnostic system and a harness. The inflatable chamber is a three-dimensionally, partially enclosed region having an inflated state and a compressed state. The inflated state may form a particular three dimensional shape configured to protect the user from burial and provide flotation during an avalanche. The activation system is configured to receive a user-triggered action to activate the system. The inflation system may include an air intake, battery, fan, and internal airway channel. The inflation system is configured to transmit ambient air into the inflatable chamber. The diagnostic system includes a at least one sensor configured to measure a parameter corresponding to the inflation system and a display configured to visually, audibly, and/or tactilely display the parameter06-13-2013
20100317247Emergency self evacuation system - The instant invention covers all areas of transportation emergency situation egress. Primarily intended for user self-evacuation from an enclosed space that has become Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) a version is specifically designed for use by First Responders for exterior rescue.12-16-2010
20110312234Self-Tracking Swiftwater Rescue Board - A swiftwater rescue board capable of traveling across a river or other current flow under guidance of a single land-based rescuer using a single line. The board has a generally planar, double-ended flotation body with a longitudinal fin offset to the “victim” side of the board's centerline, and line attachment points located adjacent the ends of the board and offset to the “rescuer” side of the board's centerline. The board is placed in a river with the fin generally aligned with the current and closer to the victim being rescued, with a line attached to the attachment point at the upstream end of the board. The rescuer stays on land or in a relatively safe location and pays out line in a manner allowing the board to be driven across the river diagonally to the victim, driven only by the current flow.12-22-2011


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