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440 - Marine propulsion

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440053000 With means effecting or facilitating movement of propulsion unit or a segment of the propulsion unit (e.g., tilting or steering) 78
440075000 Having transmission 30
440066000 Having means to control flow around propeller 19
440076000 Propulsion unit casing 14
440052000 With vibration dampening 7
440083000 Shafting 7
440079000 Propeller arrangement 7
440071000 Propeller guard 6
440051000 Combined with rudder 4
20100178817CONTRA-ROTATING PROPELLER SUPPORTED ON RUDDER HORN OF SHIP - A contra-rotating propeller system is installed between a rudder horn of a ship and shaft support at an engine-output side. The system includes a propeller shaft rotatably supported by the rudder horn and the shaft support, respectively, a front propeller fixed to the propeller shaft, a counter rotating gear set installed on the rudder horn and connected with the propeller shaft, and a rear propeller connected to the counter rotating gear set and disposed between the rudder horn and the front propeller.07-15-2010
20100190392RUDDER PROPELLER DRIVE, AND RUDDER PROPELLER DRIVING METHOD - The invention relates to a rudder propeller drive comprising a driving motor (07-29-2010
20120058694Rudder Propeller Vessel Propulsion System and Vessel Equipped Therewith and Assembly and Disassembly Method Therefor - A rudder propeller ship propulsion system with a rudder propeller containing an underwater housing mounted on a receiver that is detachably fastened on or in a ship's hull has locks for the receiver separate from a fastener whereby the receiver can be locked and unlocked on or in the hull even when the fastener is released. The rudder propeller ship propulsion system is disassembled from the ship by releasing the fastener so that the receiver is only held on or in the ship by the locks, and then the locks are unlocked at locking sites between the receiver and ship so that the receiver and rudder propeller can be removed.03-08-2012
20100167603COMBINED OUTBOARD MOTOR AND RUDDER DEVICE - The present invention relates to a combined outboard motor and rudder device, comprising: 07-01-2010
440050000 Variable pitch 4
20080261468Watercraft Drive - The invention takes the form of a surface drive for a watercraft, which is equipped with a self-inhibiting or lockable adjuster the shaft housing together with a co-articulating duct housing permanently connected to the shaft housing for engine exhaust and cooling extraction in front of the propeller, a hydrodynamic buoyancy area and side flaps and at least one lockable operating cylinder.10-23-2008
20110189909ADJUSTABLE PROPELLER ARRANGEMENT AND A METHOD OF DISTRIBUTING FLUID TO AND/OR FROM SUCH AN ADJUSTABLE PROPELLER ARRANGEMENT - The present invention relates to an adjustable propeller arrangement comprising a drive shaft extending in a longitudinal direction and an adjustable propeller connected to the drive shaft. The adjustable propeller comprises at least one propeller blade and an adjusting member connected to the at least one propeller blade such that the pitch if the at least one propeller blade is controlled by the position, in the longitudinal direction, of the adjusting member. The arrangement comprises a conduit assembly which in turn comprises a duct located outside of the drive shaft and the conduit assembly further comprises a first conduit portion extending at least partially within the drive shaft. The conduit assembly is adapted to provide a fluid communication between the adjustable propeller and the duct.08-04-2011
20100048069MARINE PROPULSION AND CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS THEREOF - A propeller comprising a hub (02-25-2010
440073000 Self-clearing 3
20100075553LINE CUTTER - A line cutter 03-25-2010
20110070784Combination anode and line cutter - Sacrificial anodes and line cutters which are formed into a single unit.03-24-2011
20080293313Demountable Cable Cutter - A cable cutter (11-27-2008
20080280514PROPELLING SYSTEM FOR BOAT - A propelling system for a boat includes a housing adapted to be mounted to a stem of the boat and having a receiving chamber inside and a waterway at a bottom side thereof, a propeller rotatably disposed in the waterway of the housing, a driving device mounted in the receiving chamber of the housing and having a driving member and a linking member pivotally coupled to the driving member, and a guide ring connected to the linking member of the driving device and located in the waterway of the housing in such a way that the guide ring surrounds blades of the propeller and is pivotable relative to the propeller. Thus, the propelling system has the advantage of increasing the utilization of the internal space of the boat.11-13-2008
20090163089Propeller Assembly Incorporating Spindle With Fins And Overmolded Bushing - A propeller assembly is provided for mounting on a rotatable propeller shaft of a watercraft. The propeller assembly includes a housing structure extending along a longitudinal axis. The housing structure includes an outer surface and an inner surface defining a cavity having a polygonal-shaped cross-section defined by at least one corner and at least one sidewall. A bushing assembly is receivable in the cavity of the housing structure. The bushing assembly includes a spindle having an inner surface defining a passageway for receiving the propeller shaft therethrough and an outer surface having a plurality of circumferentially spaced fin pairs extending therealong. Each fin pair includes a first fin extending from the outer surface of the spindle and a second fin extending from the outer surface of the spindle at a predetermined angle to the first fin. The bushing assembly also includes a bushing positioned between the spindle and the inner surface of the housing structure.06-25-2009
20090004934PROPELLER - An improved propeller design is provided herein. One embodiment includes a propeller with a housing having a diameter sufficient to encloses at least a portion of the propeller blades. The housing may be secured to the ends of the propeller blades. The housing may include a forward facing edge that is flared outwardly. In addition, the housing generally tapers inward aft of the propeller blades reducing the diameter of the housing to form a general funnel shape. In one embodiment, the housing has a rear portion with a substantially constant diameter located aft of the end of the tapered section. Outer blades may be secured to the outer portion of the housing. These outer blades may be useful to, for example, provide additional rear thrust when the boat is shifted into reverse.01-01-2009
20110059663ADVANCED FOIL DESIGN METHOD AND STRUCTURE FOR MULTI SPEEDS - Advanced foil design method and structure for multi speeds mainly adds a constraint according to a needed pressure distribution of the advanced foil after building an advanced foil environment. Thence, a step of optimization could be applied for analyzing the advanced foil by flow characteristics to achieve a shaped profile, so that a weight calculation weighted calculation would be further operated base on a proportion of the advanced coil applied to multi speeds. Accordingly, a preferable profile of the advanced foil and the environment parameter combination can be obtained to enhance a higher operative efficiency with the preferred benefit of the Supercavitating propeller while applied to a higher speed and with the profit of a stable competence while applied to a lower speed.03-10-2011
20120122356Support of propeller unit for a vessel - The present invention relates to a rim driven propeller unit for a vessel, where a number of permanent magnets (05-17-2012
20130102209PROPULSION DEVICE AND SHIP USING THE SAME - A propulsion device of the ship includes a port side screw propeller; and a starboard side screw propeller provided in a forward or backward direction in a longitudinal direction of the ship from the port side screw propeller, such that a part of propeller wings of the starboard side screw propeller overlaps with propeller wings of the port side screw propeller. One of the port side screw propeller and the starboard side screw propeller, which is on a forward side in a longitudinal direction of the ship, is the forward screw propeller, and the other is the backward screw propeller. The forward screw propeller has a wing shape by which tip vortex cavitation is more difficult to be generated by the forward screw propeller than the backward screw propeller.04-25-2013

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