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439886000 Having treated (e.g., coated) surface or distinct contact surface layer 17
439890000 For functioning electrical component, (e.g., tube, lamp, fuse, spark plug, etc.) 13
439889000 Having provision for retaining to mating contact 12
439887000 Of particular metal or alloy 12
439888000 Having provision for retaining to mating wire (e.g., wire wrap) 10
439885000 Strip of detachable contacts 6
439891000 Multipart contact prong 3
20090029606COMBINATION ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR - An electrical connector for connecting to an electrical apparatus within a high power circuit includes an electrical contact and an enclosure. The electrical contact is configured to connect to a bushing of an electrical apparatus within a high power circuit. The electrical contact extends along a first direction from a coupling region. The enclosure extends from the coupling region in a second direction that is nonparallel to the first direction. The enclosure includes two or more electrical devices, with each electrical device being connected to the electrical contact within the coupling region and providing a current path from the electrical apparatus to at least one external coupling device within the high power circuit.01-29-2009
20100173541ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS AND TERMINAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY THEREFOR - A terminal connector assembly is provided for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The terminal connector assembly includes an electrically conductive member having opposing connecting and terminal portions, and a housing having a divider. The connecting portion is electrically connected to a power conductor of the circuit breaker. The divider includes first and second sides and an aperture extending therebetween. A plurality of walls extend perpendicularly outwardly from the first side of the divider to form a cavity, and a plurality of projections extend outwardly from the second side of the divider to engage and align the housing and the electrically conductive member with respect to the molded casing of the circuit breaker. The connecting portion of the electrically conductive member extends through the aperture of the divider and outside of the housing. The remainder of the electrically conductive member is disposed within the cavity.07-08-2010
20120094553Bus Bar and Connector - A projected end of a bus bar (04-19-2012
20110177729SPIRAL CONTACT AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - To provide a producing method of a spiral contact that exhibits, even in a hot environment, low permanent set in fatigue, excellent spring characteristic and excellent electrical conductivity. In the producing method in which atoms of a dissimilar metal are diffused and infiltrated into a surface layer of the spiral contact (07-21-2011
20110201237BOARD TERMINAL - A board terminal is formed by cutting a metal wire material at a predetermined length, the metal wire material having a cross-sectional shape similar to and slightly larger than a terminal holding hole. A press-fit portion press-fitted to the terminal holding hole is pressure-forged in a direction orthogonal to an axis. Thereby, a tapered portion and a stepped edge portions are provided on both sides of the pressure-forging direction, the tapered portion tapering toward a press-fit direction, the stepped edge portion being provided to an end side of the tapered portion. Further, externally projected portions are provided to both sides of the press-fit portion in the direction orthogonal to the axis which is orthogonal to the pressure-forging direction.08-18-2011
20120184157ELECTRICAL CONTACT FOR INTERCONNECT MEMBER - An electrical contact is provided. The electrical contact includes an integrally-formed body having a mating segment, a mounting segment, and a pair of arms interconnect the mating segment and the mounting segment. The arms extend along helical paths for at least some distance as the arms extend from the mating segment to the mounting segment.07-19-2012
20130045647CONTACTING ASSEMBLY FOR CONDUCTORS PRESENT ON FLAT STRUCTURES, IN PARTICULAR GLASS PANELS - The present invention relates to a contacting assembly for conductors that are present on flat structures, in particular glass panels, and have a contact point in the connection section. According to the invention, an end of a connecting cable or of another connecting means, for example, a connecting plug, is connected electrically and mechanically to a pad made of a conductive nonwoven fabric. The connecting cable thus assembled is introduced into a casting block which is open on one side and which has a frame that is provided with adhesive and encloses the nonwoven fabric. The surface of the conductive nonwoven fabric which is delimited laterally by the frame is matched to the area of the contact point, in order to produce, via an adhesive bond between the frame and the flat structure, a contacting connection created by surface pressing between the contact point and the nonwoven fabric surface, wherein the frame together with the casting body seals the contact point with respect to the surrounding area.02-21-2013
20130045646BEARING APPARATUS FOR A POLE TERMINAL - The invention relates to a bearing apparatus for a pole terminal (b 2, 3) in a housing wall (02-21-2013
20130040512TERMINAL WITH COMPLIANT BARB - An electrically conductive terminal is configured for insertion into an opening in a substrate. The terminal includes a body having proximal and distal ends. The distal end is configured for insertion into the opening. The body includes a wall having an outer surface and a compliant barb that includes a base portion, an apex portion, a barb inner surface, and a barb outer surface. The base portion is disposed on the outer surface of the wall, along the body. The apex portion extends from the base portion in a direction from the distal end to the proximal end at an angle from the wall outer surface. The apex portion is located between the base and the proximal end. The barb inner surface faces the wall outer surface. The barb inner surface and the barb outer surface converge to the apex so that the cross-sectional width of the barb is non-uniform.02-14-2013
20120208411METHOD FOR PRODUCING A FOIL-LIKE ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR FOR SOLAR CELLS, CONNECTING ELEMENT PRODUCED ACCORDING TO SAID METHOD, AND METHOD FOR ELECTRICALLY CONNECTING AT LEAST TWO SOLAR CELLS TO FORM A SOLAR MODULE - In a method for manufacturing a foil-like electrical connector for connecting solar cells to form modules, an insulating carrier film sheet is initially provided in a width which essentially corresponds to the width of the solar cells to be connected. Furthermore, a conductive foil sheet having a width that is matched to the carrier film is provided. In addition, comb structures as subsequent electrical connection fingers are formed. The conductive foil sheet is positioned on the carrier film with the aid of pin-shaped extensions of a transport belt or a transport roller. The carrier film is subsequently joined to the conductive foil sheet, preferably via an adhesive bond. In the next step, an insulating cover film is applied, in particular laminated.08-16-2012
20090156066ELECTRIC SOCKET - An electric socket includes a base provided with two electrodes and conduction members beside the electrodes. Each of the conduction members is connected to a power source and keeps a predetermined distance away from the electrodes. An upper casing has two apertures corresponding to the electrodes respectively. A power control unit includes a control block beside the conduction members and a control shaft having an end connected to the control block and an opposite end extended out of the upper casing. Two shutter members are pivoted on the base to shut the aperture. When a plug is inserted into the electric socket of the present invention, prongs of the slug will move away the shutter first, and then press the control shaft to make the control block bending the conduction members toward the electrodes that makes the conduction members contacting the electrodes respectively.06-18-2009
20090124140UTCA-COMPLIANT POWER CONTACTS - Disclosed are blade contacts that may be suitable for mating with μTCA-standard receptacle contacts. Such a blade contact may define a body portion, and a tab portion extending from a mating end of the body portion. The tab portion may be a tapered tab portion that tapers from a first width at the mating end of the body portion to a second, lesser width at a distal end of the tab portion. The body portion may define a single beam portion from which the tab portion and one or more terminal pins extend. Alternatively, the body portion may define a first beam portion from which the tab portion extends, and a second beam portion from which the terminal pins extend. Thus, the body portion may be generally L-shaped. Electrical connectors including such contacts are also disclosed.05-14-2009
20090011664Connector with bifurcated contact arms - A backplane electrical connector electrically and physically connects a daughter card printed circuit board to a backplane printed circuit board. The electrical connect can be of a two-piece construction including a daughtercard connector mateable with a pin header. The daughtercard connector can be assembled from a plurality of wafers which each can include a plurality of conductive leads. The wafers can have an attachment edge that lies adjacent to the daughtercard and a mating edge that is directed toward the pin header. Each conductive lead can include a bifurcated contact extending from the mating edge and each can have a first arm and a second arm. The first and second arms can provide two redundant points of contact with a corresponding conductive pin disposed in the pin header.01-08-2009
20130090025ELECTRICAL CONTACT CONFIGURED TO IMPEDE CAPILLARY FLOW DURING PLATING - An electrical contact including an elongated contact body that has a compliant tail, a mating beam, and a channel section extending between the compliant tail and the mating beam. The channel section has a base wall and sidewalls that extend from the base wall. The base wall and the sidewalls extend around a central longitudinal axis to define a flow channel. The channel section includes a flow-limiting feature that is configured to impede capillary flow of a plating solution along the channel section from the compliant tail to the mating beam.04-11-2013
20130072073METALLURGICAL CLAMSHELL METHODS FOR MICRO LAND GRID ARRAY FABRICATION - A structure and method for manufacturing the same for manufacturing a contact structure for microelectronics manufacturing including the steps of forming first and second metal sheets to form a plurality of outwardly extending bump each defining a cavity. Symmetrically mating the first and second metal sheets in opposing relation to each other to form upper and lower bumps each defining an enclosure therebetween wherein the mated first and second sheets form a contact structure. Coating the contact structure with an insulating material, and fabricating helix shaped contacts from upper and lower bumps. The helix shaped contacts having first and second portions being in minor image relationship to each other.03-21-2013
20090111337Electrical connector - By providing two integrated components, an outer housing and an inner sleeve member, with the outer housing comprising a generally hollow cylindrical construction incorporating two threaded zones formed at both terminating ends, with the central portion of the hollow cylinder being formed in an arcuate curved shape, an efficient, easily manufactured and assembled cable connector is realized. Using the cable connector of the present invention, the desired metal sheath cable is quickly and easily secured to the connector and mounted in place in virtually any desired angular relationship, with complete assurance that the unwanted movement or withdrawal of the cable from the connector is virtually eliminated.04-30-2009
20130059486CONTACT TERMINAL FOR PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A contact terminal device for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), includes the contact terminal being formed to correspondingly cover at least a portion of an opening formed in the PCB and a terminal member fixed onto the PCB, in which the terminal member includes a fixing portion fixed around the opening on a surface of the PCB and a contact terminal portion extending from the fixing portion to be disposed on the opening. The contact terminal for the PCB reduces a height from a surface of the PCB to a contact point with a counterpart component, i.e., a contact height, contributing to reducing the thickness of the portable terminal.03-07-2013
20130059487Electrical Contact Terminal with Improved Connection Portion - The present invention relates to an electrical contact terminal adapted to be mounted to an electrical cable including at least one connection portion adapted for mounting the electrical cable and at least one contact portion. The connection portion is provided with at least one reactive film including at least two materials in a reactive form. This film is adapted to react after reception of a suited activation energy thereby producing heat and thus causing a bonding between the connection portion and a cable.03-07-2013
20110014827Lead pin for package substrate - Disclosed herein is a lead pin for a package substrate.01-20-2011
20130065460TERMINALS - A pair of terminals having a first terminal loaded in a first connector and a second terminal loaded in a second connector mated with the first connector, the terminals coming into contact with each other and being electrified, wherein the first terminal is equipped with a contact portion including a protruding contact protrusion, the second terminal is equipped with a contact portion including a contact recess engaging the contact protrusion, the contact protrusion is equipped with an oblique portion extending obliquely widthwise relative to the contact portion, the contact recess is equipped with an oblique portion extending obliquely widthwise relative to the contact portion, and the oblique portion of the first terminal and the oblique portion of the second terminal cross each other.03-14-2013
20100087106Modifiable electrical connector lug - An electrical connector including a first connection section adapted to connect the electrical connector to a first conductor; and a second connection section connected to the first connection section. The second connection section includes a lug having a hole configured to be located onto a mounting post. The second connection section has a substantially straight shape with the electrical connector having a first predetermined product safety certification. The second connection section includes a recess on a top side forming a weakened line across the second connection section for bending the second connection section at the weakened line from the substantially straight shape to a bent shape forming a modified electrical connector having a second different predetermined product safety certification.04-08-2010
20120238158CONTACT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE CONTACT - A contact includes a plate with a width that ranges from 0.1 mm or more to 1 mm or less, and a stress concentrated place, where a surface roughness (Ra) on the stress concentrated place is 0.2 μm or less. When samples whose surface roughness Ra is 0.040 μm, 0.080 μm, 0.120 μm, and 0.180 μm were used to study a number of repetitive fracture times, as the surface roughness Ra was smaller, the number of repetitive fracture times became larger. Particularly, it is found that the surface roughness Ra may be 0.200 μm or less in order to satisfy 3000 times as a number of operating times of the battery connector. Further, the surface roughness Ra may be 0.080 μm or less in order to satisfy 6000 times as the number of operating times when a safety factor is 2.09-20-2012
20090170381Electrical Connector Structure - A new and useful electrical connector structure is provided. The connector structure is particularly useful in connection with a pin: socket type electrical connector structure. The connector structure is designed to make the connector members efficient to manufacture and capable of providing good electrical contact but which does not require the type of close tolerances of previous known connector structures. The principles of the present invention are particularly useful in forming a high pressure pin: socket type electrical connector structure. According to the present invention, an electrical connector structure comprises (a) a pair of connector members that are configured to be coupled together to produce an electrical connection; with (b) one connector member having at least one contact ridge configured to make electrical contact with a substantially smooth contact surface portion of the other connector when the pair of connector members are coupled together. The connector structure enables high pressure contact between the connector members, essentially changes the low-pressure nature of a contact interface to a high pressure one, thus lowering the contact resistance of the interface. It accomplishes this by applying the same amount of contact force to a smaller area of contact, thus increasing psi at the point of contact. Moreover, the connector structure of the invention increases the contact pressure between mating surfaces, decreasing contact resistance and creating more of a gas-tight contact-area which will help to inhibit the formation of oxides and other “tarnishing” films that may degrade interface performance over time.07-02-2009
20100035488CONTACT TERMINAL HAVING RECEIVING ARMS ARRANGED TO PROVIDE ROBUST RECEIVING SPACE THEREBETWEEN - An electrical contact terminal used for an electrical connector, includes a planar vertical base portion (02-11-2010
20080261464Electrical Connector for a Roll-Up Heating - The roll-up heating (10-23-2008
20090286429MICROELECTRONIC CONTACT STRUCTURES, AND METHODS OF MAKING SAME - Microelectronic contact structures are fabricated by separately forming, then joining together, various components thereof. Each contact structure has three components: a “post” component, a “beam” component, and a “tip” component. The resulting contact structure, mounted to an electronic component, is useful for making an electrical connection with another electronic component. The post component can be fabricated on a sacrificial substrate, joined to the electronic component and its sacrificial substrate removed. Alternatively, the post component can be formed on the electronic component. The beam and tip components can each be fabricated on a sacrificial substrate. The beam component is joined to the post component and its sacrificial substrate is removed, and the tip component is joined to the beam component and its sacrificial substrate is removed.11-19-2009
20090291601CONTACT - A contact for connecting a wire to a terminal has a contact part engageable with the terminal and defining a main plane, and a wire part formed unitarily with the contact part and forming in an open position a seat offset from the plane and adapted to receive the wire and lying in a closed position coplanar with the contact part.11-26-2009
20110207374MALE TERMINAL FITTING - A male terminal fitting includes a tab that is connectable with a counterpart female terminal fitting. A tubular body is behind the tab and has an opening for receiving a lance. A barrel is behind the body and is crimped to an end portion of an electric wire. Side walls between the barrel and the tab in the longitudinal direction are hammered in to form a reduced space portion. The reduced space portion has an opening smaller than a thickness and a width of the tab to prevent the tab of another male terminal fitting from intruding through the opening and into the body. Thus, the male terminal fitting prevents the entanglement of male terminal fittings without making the structure of the male terminal fitting complicated.08-25-2011
20080207064RTM Alignment and Keying Mechanism - A rear transition module (08-28-2008
20120094552ELECTRIC TERMINAL FOR LEADING A CONDUCTOR THROUGH A WALL - An electric terminal for leading a conductor through a wall (04-19-2012
20080233810Contact terminal and electric connector using the same - A contact terminal, comprising a flat portion, a first bent portion extending from the flat portion, and defining an opening structure therein; a second bent portion extending from the first bent portion; and a contact engaging portion extending from the second bent portion, and including a downward tab extending into the opening structure of the first bend portion when depressed.09-25-2008
20120071039INTERCONNECT AND TERMINATION METHODOLOGY FOR E-TEXTILES - A connector for an e-textile having a conductive layer that includes conductors includes a terminal and a base separately provided from the terminal. The terminal has a mating end and a mounting end. The mounting end is terminated to the e-textile's conductors. The mating end is configured to be mated with a mating contact of a mating component. The terminal has a body and a plurality of tines extending from the body. The base is arranged opposite the body of the terminal such that the e-textile's conductors are positioned between the base and the body of the terminal. The terminal is crimped to electrically connect the terminal and the base to the e-textile's conductor. The tines are folded against the base to electrically connect the terminal to the base. The body of the terminal and the base engage the e-textile's conductors.03-22-2012
20100003870CONTACT SHEET AND CONNECTING DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A support portion of an elastic contactor is located in a fixed region surrounded by a plurality of openings on a contact sheet. The support portion extends over the substantially entire fixed region and along the outer rims of the surrounding openings.01-07-2010
20100003869CONTACT AND CONNECTOR INCLUDING THE CONTACT - A contact capable of facilitating adjustment of impedance and ensuring a high holding force when held in a housing. To a contact portion capable of being brought into contact with a pad on a module substrate, a spring portion is connected for pressing the contact portion against the pad. A press-fitting portion that is press-fitted into the housing is connected to the spring portion, and has a connecting portion connected thereto. A terminal portion to be connected to a pad on a motherboard is connected to the connecting portion. The spring portion is bent in a manner folded back from the rear end of the press-fitting portion in the inserting direction, toward a front side in the inserting direction. The connecting portion extends from the rear end of the press-fitting portion in the inserting direction, toward a rear side in the inserting direction.01-07-2010
20090253315FEMALE TERMINAL FITTING AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method for manufacturing a female electrical terminal includes, according to one embodiment, blanking of strip of conductive material and forming a wire connecting portion to receive an electrical wire. The blank may include a contact arm extending into an area adjacent the wire connecting portion. The contact arm extends into this area from a terminal connecting portion at a predetermined angle. The contact arm may be straightened and folded prior to bending the terminal connecting portion into a tubular member for receiving the tab of a male terminal. The step of straightening the contact arm can be performed using a special coining process that applies pressure to the conductive material around the shoulder causing the conductive material to flow within a confined area allowing the contact arm to be straightened.10-08-2009
20110130053ELECTRICAL PRESSFIT PLUG CONNECTOR HAVING A LATERALLY BENT POWER PIN - An electrical pressfit plug connector for fastening to a printed circuit board includes contacts, which on the front side and back side of the plug connector are each situated as a single or multi-row male multipoint connector, and which are configured on the front side of the plug connector as contact pins for contacting a counterplug, and are configured on the back side as pressfit pins for pressfitting into metallized bores in the printed circuit board, according to the present system, either the contact pin or the pressfit pin of at least one contact of the male multipoint connectors being situated laterally offset with respect to its associated pressfit pin and contact pin, respectively, in the longitudinal direction of the male multipoint connectors.06-02-2011
20100151749DC power output insert connector assembly of power supply - A DC power output insert connector assembly of a power supply includes: a fixed base; insert connectors coupled with the fixed base, each including terminal slots; and conducting plates, each including at least one conducting terminal and a connecting terminal extended from an end of the conducting terminal, and the conducting plate is coupled with the fixed base and the insert connector, such that the conducting terminal is installed into the terminal slot and the connecting terminal is exposed from the fixed base. With the assembly of the fixed base and the insert connectors, and the conducting plate, the DC power output insert connector can be manufactured easily, and the manufacturing time and cost can be lowered. The invention also waives the soldering operation to comply with the environmental protection requirements, so as to lower the manufacturing and assembling costs and improve the competitiveness of the product.06-17-2010
20120142234Contact Element - The invention relates to a bushing contact element (06-07-2012
20110111647METALLURGICAL CLAMSHELL METHODS FOR MICRO LAND GRID ARRAY FABRICATION - A structure and method for manufacturing the same for manufacturing a contact structure for microelectronics manufacturing including the steps of forming first and second metal sheets to form a plurality of outwardly extending bump each defining a cavity. Symmetrically mating the first and second metal sheets in opposing relation to each other to form upper and lower bumps each defining an enclosure therebetween wherein the mated first and second sheets form a contact structure. Coating the contact structure with an insulating material, and fabricating helix shaped contacts from upper and lower bumps. The helix shaped contacts having first and second portions being in mirror image relationship to each other.05-12-2011
20110039459Solderless carbon nanotube and nanowire electrical contacts and methods of use thereof - Solderless and durable electrical contacts may be made by growing carbon nanotube (CNT) or nanowire forests in a solderless manner directly on the contact surfaces of integrated circuits, PCBs, IC packages, hybrid substrates, contact carriers, rotor components, stator components, etc. The electrical contacts and methods may be employed in a variety of leaded and leadless electronic packaging applications on PCBs, IC packages, and hybrid substrates including, but not limited to, ball grid array (BGA) packages, land grid array (LGA) and leadless chip carrier (LCC) packages, as well as for making interconnections in “flip-chip” configurations, “bare die” configurations, and interconnection of integrated circuit die in multi-layer and “3-D” stacking arrangements.02-17-2011
20110014826Lead pin for package substrate - Disclosed herein is a lead pin for a package substrate. The lead pin for the package substrate that is bonded to a package substrate by interposing a solder paste between the lead pin for the package substrate and the package substrate, the lead pin for the package substrate including: a cylindrical connection pin; and a head part that is formed on one end of the connection pin, wherein the head part includes a disk shaped flange part, and a round part that is formed on one surface of the flange part and is configured to include first and second curved surfaces having different radii of curvature, the first and second curved surfaces each having different radii of curvature selected from a range of 1:0.1 to 1:5 as compared to a diameter of the connection pin.01-20-2011
20110034092PAD AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLY THE SAME TO CONNECTOR - A pad includes a retaining portion and a soldering portion. The retaining portion has a through hole running therethrough in a thickness direction of the metal sheet and four side edges perpendicular to the metal sheet. The soldering portion extends from a first side edge of the retaining portion. The whole of the pad is electroplated except two opposite third and forth side edges of the retaining portion which connect with opposite ends of the first side edge.02-10-2011
20110111648BOARD CONNECTOR - The board connector (05-12-2011
20110151730Lead plate and protection circuit module having the same - A lead plate for connecting a printed circuit board (PCB) of a secondary battery to an bare cell includes a mounting portion connected to the PCB, a joint portion connected to the bare cell, a surface area of the joint portion facing the bare cell being smaller than a surface area of the mounting portion facing the PCB, and a step portion connecting the mounting portion and the joint portion to each other.06-23-2011
20100311287ELECTRICAL CONTACT FOR USE WITH LGA SOCKET CONNECTOR - An electrical contact adapted for use in an electrical socket comprises a planar retaining body for being retained in the electrical socket, a soldering portion extending from a bottom end of the retaining body, and a resilient arm extending from a top end of the retaining body. The resilient arm comprises a first beam sloped upwardly and a second beam extending upwardly and reversely from the first beam. The first beam has a first angle with respect to a plane of the retaining body and a second angle with respect to another plane both perpendicular to the plane of the retaining body and a horizontal plane. The second beam has a contacting end at the top end thereof and toward the retaining body. An offset is defined between the contacting end of the resilient arm and the soldering portion.12-09-2010
20100003868Electrical connector - An electrical connector includes a base having a plurality of through holes, and a plurality of conducting pins respectively located in the through holes. There is a convex block located at the side wall of the base for each of the through holes. Each of the conducting pins has an arm portion. The arm portion and the convex block are located at the same side. The arm portion has a through opening, and one end of the arm portion is bent and extended to form a contacting portion. The contacting portion has an opening that links with the through opening to form a channel that makes the convex block pass through the channel without interference. Because of the lack of interference, the conducting pin will not be damaged due to contact with the convex block when the conducting pin is installed into the through hole.01-07-2010
20090318037Cell Connector For Electronically Contacting Planar Power Sources, And Use Thereof - The present invention relates to a cell connector (CC) for electrical contacting of planar current sources, the cell connector being able to be contacted electrically with the current source merely in regions. The cell connector thereby comprises at least one electrically conductive layer which is configured as a transit region and via contact regions which constitute merely a fraction with respect to the total surface area of the transit region is contacted with the current source.12-24-2009
20080242161Electrical connector assembly - An electrical connector assembly has a fixed connector, a middle connector, and a plug connector. The fixed connector is attached to a circuit member of an electrical device. The middle connector is connected and pulled out to and from the fixed connector in a direction same as that of the plug connector being connected and pulled out to and from the middle connector. Each of the fixed connector, the middle connector, and the plug connector is provided with engagement portions at both end portions thereof in a direction parallel to a straight line extending in a different direction from an insertion and pull-out direction. With the engagement portions, it is possible to prevent the fixed connector from coming off from the middle connector when the plug connector is pulled out.10-02-2008
20090111336SPLIT CONNECTOR AND METHOD - A connection system for signals includes an electrical connector and a receptacle. The electrical connector includes an elongated plug portion having a plurality of electrical contacts arranged thereon, wherein a first and a second electrical contact of the plurality of electrical contacts are arranged circumferentially adjacent to one another, and a third electrical contact of the plurality of electrical contacts is arranged axially adjacent to first and second electrical contacts. The receptacle includes first, second and third electrical conductors arranged to electrically couple to the first, second and third electrical contacts of the electrical connector when the plug portion is inserted in the receptacle.04-30-2009
20100330852ELECTRICAL CONTACT HAVING FOLDED CONTACTING PORTION - An electrical contact made from a metal sheet includes a contacting portion for mating with a mating contact, a terminal portion for connecting with a printed circuit board and a retaining portion connecting the contacting portion and the terminal portion. The contacting portion defines first and second contacting pieces made from the metal sheet and folded to abut against each other, and the terminal portion extends from one of the contacting pieces, which can reduced the cost of the electrical contact.12-30-2010
20100330851CONTACT ASSEMBLY HAVING AN INTEGRALLY FORMED CAPACITIVE ELEMENT - A contact assembly includes a conductive body, a dielectric layer and a conductive layer. The conductive body extends along a longitudinal axis between a mating end and a mounting end. The dielectric layer is disposed over the conductive body between the mating end and the mounting end. The conductive layer is disposed over the dielectric layer and is separated from the conductive body by the dielectric layer. The conductive layer, the dielectric layer, and the conductive body form a capacitive element.12-30-2010
20090197484CARBON NANOTUBE SPRING CONTACT STRUCTURES WITH MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A composite spring contact structure includes a structural component and a conduction component distinct from each other and having differing mechanical and electrical characteristics. The structural component can include a group of carbon nanotubes. A mechanical characteristic of the composite spring contact structure can be dominated by a mechanical characteristic of the structural component, and an electrical characteristic of the composite spring contact structure can be dominated by an electrical characteristic of the conduction component. Composite spring contact structures can be used in probe cards and other electronic devices. Various ways of making contact structures are also disclosed.08-06-2009
20090197483CONNECTOR WITH REFERENCE CONDUCTOR CONTACT - An electrical connector with a reference contact for improved shielding. The contact provides multiple points of contact between members in the ground structure of two mating connectors. The points of contact are arranged to provide desirable current flow in the signal paths and ground structures of the connectors. The contact is stamped from a shield plate and has multiple elongated members that provide spring force for adequate electrical connection. The elongated members are curved to position the points of contact with the desired orientation. Such a contact structure may be used alone or in combination with other compliant structures providing further points of contact.08-06-2009
20100029148COMPACT MULTILEVEL ELECTRICAL INTEGRATION OF MICROSYSTEMS - A microsystem comprising a substrate having an aperture formed therethrough. The aperture includes a first cross-section and a second cross-section—the first cross-section being smaller than the second cross-section to define a ledge therebetween. A probe member is disposed within the aperture of the substrate, such that a backend of the probe member defines a cross-section that is greater than the first cross-section of the aperture and smaller than the second cross-section such that the probe member engages the ledge. A plurality of probe shanks extend from the probe member. Each of the probe shanks includes a plurality of leads disposed there along. Each of the leads extending from the probe shanks to an opposing side of the probe member.02-04-2010
20090098780CONNECTOR SYSTEM WITH DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING INDUCTION - An electrical connector provides both electrically conductive connection and inductive connection, and includes at least one electrically conductive member adapted to provide electrically conductive connection to another electrically conductive member, an inductive electrical member adapted to provide inductive coupling with another inductive electrical member, and wherein the at least one electrically conductive member and the inductive electrical member being held in positional relation to each other to be positioned with respect to a further electrical connector for electrically conductive connection and inductive coupling with respect thereto. A method of connecting electrical signals uses a pair of electrical connectors, each having an electrically conductive connection portion and an inductive connection portion to provide for both electrically conductive connection and inductive coupling between the electrical connectors.04-16-2009
20120302110CONNECTION ARRANGEMENT FOR THE CONNECTION OF BUS BARS - A connection arrangement includes a connector for connecting at least two bus bars in an electrically conductive manner. The connector has a first hook-shaped projection which engages in a receptacle of one of the bus bars. The first hook-shaped projection can be constructed to embrace a peripheral area of the receptacle.11-29-2012
20130012078METHOD FOR PLUGGING A HOLE AND A PLUGGED HOLE - A method for at least partially inserting a plug into a hole, said method comprising the steps of a) providing a at least one substrate with at least one hole wherein said at least one hole has a largest dimension of from 1 μm to 300 μm, b) providing a piece of material, wherein said piece of material has a larger dimension than said at least one hole, c) pressing said piece of material against the hole with a tool so that a plug is formed, wherein at least a part of said piece of material is pressed into said hole, d) removing the tool from the piece of material. There is further disclosed a plugged hole manufactured with the method. One advantage of an embodiment is that an industrially available wire bonding technology can be used to seal various cavities. The existing wire bonding technology makes the plugging fast and cheap.01-10-2013
20090305583ELECTRICAL CONTACT PIN - Provided is a contact pin with a solder cup. The solder cup is formed directly from the contact pin by a manufacturing process. The manufacturing process includes the steps of providing a wire, securing the wire in a carrier structure, cutting the wire to a predetermined length to form a contact, coining a first end of the contact to a predetermined thickness and forming the first end of the contact into a solder cup.12-10-2009
20120003884CONTACT ELEMENT WITH AN ELECTRONICALLY CONDUCTIVE SPRING ELEMENT, PLUG CONNECTOR AND SPRING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a spring element, to a plug-in connection and to a contact element with an electrically conductive spring element which is in contact with the contact element and which is provided to establish an electrical contact to a mating contact element. The spring element has the form of an open band which is at least partially rolled up along a longitudinal axis.01-05-2012
20120009828TERMINAL FITTING AND A METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING THE SAME - A male terminal comprises an electrical contact portion and an insulating member made of insulating material. The electrical contact portion is inserted into and connected to a female terminal. The insulating member includes a to-be-received portion accommodated in the electrical contact portion and a to-be-exposed portion. The electrical contact portion includes a bottom wall upon which the to-be-received portion is disposed, and a top wall. The to-be-received portion is positioned between the bottom wall and the top wall having a securing engagement portion brought into engagement with the to-be-received portion. The male terminal is made by placing the to-be-received portion upon the bottom wall while the bottom wall, the top wall, and the securing engagement portion are flush with each other, bending them such that the to-be-received portion resides between the top wall and the bottom wall, and bringing the securing engagement portion into engagement with the to-be-received portion.01-12-2012
20100093234ELECTRICAL CONTACT CONFIGURATION - An electrical contact configuration having a test contact point and a contacting element belonging to a testing device for manually touch-contacting the test contact point. The test contact point is a recess, and the contacting element has a contact region producing at least one line contact with the recess.04-15-2010
20120071038Terminal block - A terminal block includes a first end, a second end, a top surface and a bottom surface. A first connection socket is disposed on the top surface in proximity to the first end of the terminal block. A second connection socket is disposed on the top surface in proximity to the second end of the terminal block. A thermocouple connector is disposed on the top surface and is coupled to the first connection socket and the second connection socket. In one embodiment, the thermocouple connector is a miniature type SMP thermocouple connector. In one embodiment, a system of interconnected components employs the terminal blocks at a plurality of control points. A meter is selectively coupled to the terminal blocks for measuring, sensing and collecting at least one of data and information at the plurality of control points.03-22-2012
20120252284PRESS-FIT CONNECTOR - The present invention provides a press-fit connector in which the presence or absence of buckling of a press-fit pin can be confirmed by visual observation, when the press-fit pin is inserted by pressure into a through hole of a circuit board. The press-fit connector 10-04-2012
20120108115Z-DIRECTED PASS-THROUGH COMPONENTS FOR PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS - A Z-directed signal pass-through component for insertion into a printed circuit board while allowing electrical connection from external surface conductors to internal conductive planes or between internal conductive planes. The Z-directed pass-through component is mounted within the thickness of the PCB allowing other components to be mounted over it. The body may contain one or more conductors and may include one or more surface channels or wells extending along at least a portion of the length of the body.05-03-2012
20110104961EARTH TERMINAL - An earth terminal is disclosed. The earth terminal includes a fixing member fixed to a vehicle body by a bolt, a barrel member to which an earth wire is inserted and fixed, and a cut member for connecting the fixing member and the barrel member, in which the cut member is broken or disengaged by bending. Since the cut member is bent and broken, if necessary, the earth wire is easily and conveniently disengaged from the vehicle body to enhance a disengaging performance of a wire harness.05-05-2011
20090130924CONTACT MEMBER AND CONNECTOR - A contact member which is resistant to contact failure even if the environment of use is bad. A film is affixed to the surface of a long plate-shaped elastic body which is disposed between two to-be-connected objects. A electrically-conducting path which electrically connects between terminal portions of two to-be-connected objects is provided on the surface of the film. A first conductor contact portion which is capable of being brought into contact with the terminal portion of one of two to-be-connected objects is disposed at one end of the electrically-conducting path, and a second conductor contact portion which is capable of being brought into contact with the terminal portion of the other of two to-be-connected objects is disposed at the other end of the electrically-conducting path. A plurality of holes are formed in the first and second conductor contact portions.05-21-2009
20120178317Electrical Contact With Embedded Wiring - Embodiments include an electrical contact including a tubular body formed of a flexible and insulative material. The tubular body includes an inner surface. The electrical contact also includes at least one wire partially embedded into the tubular body such that at least a portion of the at least one wire is exposed within the inner surface of the tubular body. At least a portion of the inner surface of the tubular body and at least the exposed portion of the at least one wire forms a channel.07-12-2012
20090305582Male electrical terminal - This terminal includes a folded contact section which has a longitudinal junction line and defines contact surfaces, a securing section, suitable to be accommodated in a terminal accommodating chamber of an insulating housing, and an intermediate section extending between said contact section and securing section. The intermediate section is deformed in torsion around the longitudinal axis (X), whereby the junction line is angularly offset from the contact surfaces around the longitudinal axis (X). The invention also relates to a process for manufacturing such a terminal, and to an electrical connector including such a terminal.12-10-2009
20110124248ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH AND BLOOD PRESSURE SIGNALS SIMULATOR - System, methods, and apparatuses produce simulated human physiological waveforms such as electrocardiograph (ECG) and blood pressure signals where the microcontroller and/or digital-to-analog converters may be switched to a lower power-consuming state by programmable instructions and switched on in response to a programmable sleep timer.05-26-2011
20130171892ELECTRICAL CONTACT - The invention relates to an electrical contact for an electrical plug connection, said contact having a flexible element between a connecting region fixed in a housing and a movable contact region. In the electrical contact, the movement of the contact region and/or the deformation of the flexible element in the direction of an axis extending parallel to the plugging direction of the contact region is/are limited. Such contacts are provided in particular in power sockets for motor vehicles for creating an electrical connection to a trailer.07-04-2013
20080299840CONTACT AND CONNECTOR USING THE CONTACT - An L-shaped contact includes a contact portion adapted to contact a mating object, a fixed portion to be fixed to a housing, and a connection portion to be connected to a connecting object, and a hole formed in a bent portion between the fixed portion and the connection portion. When the contact is fixed to the housing, the contact is inserted into the housing by pushing an end face of the hole. The L-shaped contact ensures a stable contacting surface area for being pushed by a jig and enables to bear a heavy-electric current to pass therethrough without adversely affecting miniaturization of a connector and extremely narrow pitches of the conductors.12-04-2008
20120322323ELECTRICAL CONNECTION MEANS - Electrical connection means are provided for a first item for allowing electrical connection between the first item or a part of the first item with electrical means of at least a second item or further part of the first item. The electrical connection means include first and at least second non-linear surfaces or parts providing one or more electrical terminals for the electrical connection means.12-20-2012
20120276791ELECTRICAL CONTACTS WITH LASER DEFINED GEOMETRIES - According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are provided of electrical contacts, which may be used for establishing an electrical pathway between first and second electrically conductive surfaces. In an exemplary embodiment, an electrical contact may include an electrically conductive base member and at least one resilient contact member. The at least one resilient contact member may have a configuration at least partially defined by a laser cut in or into the electrically conductive base member. The at least one resilient contact member may also be formed so as to protrude outwardly from the electrically conductive base member.11-01-2012
20120329344WIRE CONNECTING DEVICE FOR HYBRID VEHICLE - Disclosed is a wire connecting device for a vehicle, preferably a hybrid vehicle, including six individual bus bars for connecting two 3-phase AC sub-devices to a main device, in which the bus bars are divided in to a first unit terminal unit and a second unit terminal unit each composed of a U-pole bus bar, a V-pole bus bar, and a W-pole bus bar, predetermined ends of the U-pole bus bar, the V-pole bus bar, and the W-pole bus bar of the first unit terminal unit bend to a side, and predetermined ends of the U-pole bus bar, the V-pole bus bar, and the W-pole bus bar of the second unit terminal unit bend to the other side.12-27-2012
20130012079BUSBAR AND BUSBAR MANUFACTURING METHOD - A bus bar, which is used with batteries wherein the positive terminal and the negative terminal are each formed from a different metal, and which has excellent mechanical strength and can suppress electrical resistance while preventing galvanic corrosion. The bus bar is bonded in one piece by metallically bonding: a cathode connector that is formed from the same metal as the positive terminal of a battery cell, and that can connect to the positive terminal; and an anode connector that is formed from the same metal as the negative terminal of the battery cell, and that can connect to the negative terminal.01-10-2013
20120149256ELECTRIC CONNECTION STRUCTURE - An electric connection structure includes a plurality of strip-like first terminals and a plurality of second terminals welded to ends in a longitudinal direction of the first terminals. The first terminals are arranged in parallel with intervals therebetween. The first terminals are arranged so that at least a part thereof faces each other. The first terminals are arranged to be offset in the longitudinal direction alternately so that the ends of the first terminals in the longitudinal direction project. The second terminals are welded to the ends in the projected sides in the longitudinal direction in the first terminal.06-14-2012
20130017740ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND PIN THEREOFAANM Yeh; Chang-HsingAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP Yeh; Chang-Hsing Taoyuan County TWAANM Tsai; Wei-ChunAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP Tsai; Wei-Chun Taoyuan County TW - An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a substrate, a plurality of electrodes, a soldering material and a plurality of pins. The electrodes are formed in the substrate. The soldering material is disposed on the electrodes. The pins contact the soldering material and electrically connect to the electrodes, wherein at least one of the pins includes a post and a base. The post has a fixing end. The base is disposed on the fixing end of the post, wherein a plurality of openings are formed on the base, passing through the base along an axis, and the axis is parallel to the post.01-17-2013
20130171890METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CONNECTOR TERMINAL AND CONNECTOR TERMINAL - In a stamping step, when a stamping terminal piece formed as a connector terminal is stamped, an electric wire crimping part is stamped and extended from a chain part in a direction perpendicular to a feeding direction, an electric contact part is stamped and extended from the electric wire crimping part in a direction parallel to the feeding direction and a range to which a gold plating is applied by a gold plating step is not overlapped on a range to which a tin plating is applied by a tin plating step in the feeding direction.07-04-2013
20130171891CONNECTION TERMINAL AND CIRCUIT COMPONENT - A connection terminal that is conductive and that has a flat joint surface to be joined to a joint target surface by a brazing material interposed between the joint surface and the joint target surface. The joint surface has recesses provided on both sides across a predetermined reference line passing through a center of gravity of the joint surface and extending along the joint surface, and the recesses are dented from an outer edge portion of the joint surface toward the reference line.07-04-2013
20130095709PINS FOR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A pin for a semiconductor device is disclosed. A connection head includes a plurality of curved protruded ribs and a plurality of recessed grooves. The curved protruded ribs and recessed grooves are alternately arranged. The curved protruded ribs radially extend from the center of the connection head. A pin stem is connected to the connection head.04-18-2013
20130130572ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE CONNECTING MEMBER, PRODUCTION METHOD FOR THE ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE CONNECTING MEMBER, AND BATTERY EQUIPPED WITH THE ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE CONNECTING MEMBER AS ELECTRODE - An electrically conductive connecting member which can be used for a battery having a positive output terminal and a negative output terminal composed of different metals from each other and which does not undergo electrolytic corrosion and reduction in electric resistance and has excellent mechanical strength. This electrically conductive connecting member is used for a battery in which a pair of output terminals are composed of different metals from each other, and includes an electrode section (a bar-shaped section) connected to one of the output terminals and composed of the same metal as that used for one of the output terminals and a bus bar section (a band-plate-shaped section) connected to the electrode section and composed of the same metal as that used for the other output terminal, wherein the electrode section and the bus bar section are integrated with each other through diffusion bonding.05-23-2013
20130130571LOW-PROFILE CONNECTION SYSTEM - A high-voltage electric machine has one or more terminals at which wires are to be electrically connected to the machine. The machine's housing includes a cable entrance leading to the terminal(s) through which the wire is inserted. Access holes through the housing enable a technician to reach the terminals (for example, with a tool, such as a screwdriver) to connect each wire to a terminal. In some embodiments, the direction of the access through the hole to the terminal is substantially perpendicular to the direction from which the wire reaches the terminal. A plug may be inserted into each access hole to prevent accidental contact with the terminal(s), such as screw-type or friction-fit plugs.05-23-2013
20130157525METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CONTACT TERMINAL, CONTACT TERMINAL MANUFACTURING APPARATUS, AND CONTACT TERMINAL - A method for manufacturing a contact terminal including a contact portion that slides against a surface of a conductive contact plate. The manufacturing method includes forming a projection in a metal plate by performing a drawing process, wherein the projection projects in a thicknesswise direction of the metal plate and has a larger diameter than the contact portion. The manufacturing method further includes forming the contact portion from the projection by performing a contraction pressing process at least once on the projection so that the diameter of the projection gradually decreases, while the height of the projection remains the same or decreases in a stepwise manner.06-20-2013
20120295497Universal serial bus head and manufacturing method thereof - A method for manufacturing a Universal Serial Bus (USB) head comprises: locating metal sheets with both ends being closed into a first mould and performing a first injection molding; removing a sprue portion and a fixing portion at top of the metal sheets from a product subjected to the first injection molding, to obtain a first-injected-product; locating the first-injected-product into a second mould and performing a second injection molding; removing an exposed fixing portion of the metal sheets from a second-injected-product, to obtain the USB head desired. In the USB head, four metal sheets are arranged with a certain spacing, and the metal sheets are closed at both ends.11-22-2012
20120302109ELECTRICAL TERMINAL HAVING A PAIR OF STRENGTHENING ARMS - An electrical terminal has a soldering plate having a front end soldered onto a printed circuit board and a rear end edge bent upward to raise beyond a plane of the soldering plate, an elastic plate extending rearward from a substantial middle of the rear end edge of the soldering plate and inclined upward, a contact portion protruding rearward from a distal end of the elastic plate, and two strengthening arms extending rearward from two ends of the rear end edge of the soldering plate. The strengthening arms are inclined downward and towards the printed circuit board in process of extending rearward, so as to make distal ends thereof resist against the printed circuit board to strengthen the restoring elasticity of the elastic plate, when an external force presses the contact portion and the elastic plate downward.11-29-2012

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