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Spring actuated or resilient securing part

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439 - Electrical connectors


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439842000 Socket adapted to receive push-pull-engaging elongated contact by insertion along longitudinal axis of contact 72
439819000 Separate spring means moves rigid nonresilent clamping part into securing condition 26
439862000 Having cantilevered spring contact finger 19
439834000 Clamping pressure provided by cantilevered finger resiliently urged away from opposed clamping member 18
439861000 Having cantilevered clamping finger resiliently urged toward opposed clamping jaw 15
439840000 Helically coiled spring forms securing part 15
439817000 Compression spring axis transverse of and intersecting conductor axis 11
439825000 Plug having means for resiliently engaging opposed interior surfaces of mating socket connector (e.g., banana plug) 7
439839000 With additional reinforcing spring means 6
439835000 With movably attached user manipulated means or having user grippable means for manually distorting resilient part 5
20080280509Electrical Junction Systems and Methods - According to some embodiments, a junction assembly comprises a mounting base, a U-shaped front-facing spring clip mounted on the mounting base, a transverse release button passing through the mounting base, and a spring-loaded release check situated under the release button. The spring clip clamps an external conductor onto a conductive fixed support when the mounting base is slid forward along the fixed support. When the junction assembly is in its forward position, the release check abuts a backward-facing surface of the mounting base to block the withdrawal of the mounting base. Pressing the release button pushes down the release check to a level below the mounting base to allow sliding the mounting base backward. Longitudinal guide slots disposed on opposing lateral surface of the mounting base accommodate corresponding guide rails of a conductive fixed support. The assembly allows convenient, tool-less connection/disconnection and provides for a large contact area.11-13-2008
20090298355Electrical Connector - An electrical connector is to be connected to a flat conductive member. The electrical connector includes a housing; a terminal held in the housing; and a pressing member supported on the supporting portion to be rotatable for pressing the flat conductive member against the terminal. The terminal includes a base portion, a contacting arm extending from the base portion, and a supporting portion facing the contacting arm. The contacting arm is arranged to form a space for receiving the flat conductive member between the contacting arm and the supporting portion. The contacting arm includes a first contacting portion and a second contacting portion. The first contacting portion is situated at a position closer to the supporting portion than the second contacting portion. The second contacting portion is situated at a position closer to the base portion than the first contacting portion.12-03-2009
20090061699Wedge tap connector - An electrical connector assembly includes a spring member having a generally C-shaped body extending between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The C-shaped body is formed by a first hook portion, a second hook portion, and a central section extending between the first hook portion and the second hook portion. Each of the hook portions are adapted to receive a conductor. The spring member is movable between a normal position and a deflected position, wherein in the deflected position, the spring member imparts a clamping force on the first and second conductors. The assembly further includes a wedge member having a leading end and a trailing end. The wedge is positionable within the spring member to drive the spring member from the normal position to the deflected position, wherein the wedge has an initial position and a final position corresponding to the deflected position of the spring member. Relative positions of the wedge member with respect to the spring member in the initial position and the final position vary based on a size of the conductors.03-05-2009
20090061698Wedge connector assembly - A wedge connector assembly includes a spring member having a generally C-shaped body with an inner surface, and a wedge member having opposed first and second sides. The wedge member is mated with the spring member such that the wedge member is configured to securely retain a first conductor between the first side and the spring member and a second conductor between the second side and the spring member. The wedge member has at least two final mating positions based on the orientation of the wedge member with respect to the spring member. Optionally, the wedge member may have two orientations, namely a first orientation and a second orientation, wherein the first and second sides are flipped with respect to one another in the first and second orientations. A top of the wedge member may engage the inner surface in the first orientation and a bottom of the wedge member may engage the inner surface in the second orientation.03-05-2009
20090149086PIVOTING PRINTED BOARD CONNECTOR - In order to realize the electric contacting of two parallel printed boards, the invention proposes a printed board connector that features coaxial plug modules realized in the form of pin and socket contacts.06-11-2009
439830000 For receiving end contact of elongated fuselike component inserted transverse to longitudinal axis of component (e.g., fuse clip) 2
20080305695Electric connector - An electric connector includes: a soldering portion, to be soldered to a substrate, and extending in a first direction; a rising portion, one end of which is connected to one end of the soldering portion, and extending in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; an elastic portion, one end of which is connected to the other end of the rising portion, and including at least one bending part; and a receiving portion, adapted to receive a plug, and having a U-shape including an open end and a closed end, the open end provided with contact parts which are opposed to each other in a third direction perpendicular to the first and second directions, the closed end connected to the elastic portion. The soldering portion, the rising portion, the elastic portion and the receiving portion are integrally formed with each other.12-11-2008
20090247022Contact block at the end of an electrode support for forming a component of an electric oven - The aim of the invention is the reduction of the impairment in current transfer from the contact plate (10-01-2009
439828000 Having resilient clamping finger crossing plane of opposed clamping member while in clamping condition 1
20110287673HIGH CONDUCTIVITY ENERGY-SAVING CLAMPING DEVICE - The high conductivity energy-saving clamping device comprises a clamp and a cable fixed upon the clamp. Inside the cable, the conductive material protrudes and is set on the juncture of the clamp and the external conductor. When the clamp is connected to the external conductor, the conductive material and the external conductor contact and meet. This invention possesses the following advantages: it simplifies the production technology, lessens raw materials needed for production and hence saves resources and cost by the direct contact of the conductive material and the external conductor; moreover, due to the increase of conductive contact area, it enhances the electrical conductivity by 10% to 15% compared to those common clamps which use tooth-like conductive parts to connect the external conductor. Meanwhile, the invention greatly decreases environmental pollution by omitting the plating process of tooth-like conductive parts.11-24-2011
20090191768TERMINALS AND A TERMINAL CONNECTING STRUCTURE - In terminals (07-30-2009
20130052884ELECTRIC CONNECTION TERMINAL - An electrical terminal may include a terminal boot, a spring-force element disposed in the terminal boot, and an operating push-piece movably disposed in the terminal boot to operate the spring-force element. The operating push-piece may include, on a front surface, a labeling surface for marking the operating push-piece.02-28-2013
20100267290SPRING CONNECTOR AND TERMINAL DEVICE - A spring connector includes an inner conductor and an outer conductor. The inner conductor is formed of a conductive material, and has a small-diameter portion, a large-diameter portion, and a resilient portion axially disposed so as to be integrally and continuously formed with each other. The outer conductor is formed of a conductive material, and is provided with a hole having a predetermined inside diameter. The outer conductor accommodates the large-diameter portion and the resilient portion in the hole while the small-diameter portion protrudes from an end of the hole.10-21-2010
20130072072MINIATURE SPRING CLAMP - A spring terminal for connecting the bare end of a conductor with a bus bar, including an insulated housing containing a chamber defined by a pair of planar parallel spaced vertical side walls, and an orthogonally connected vertical end wall. Mounted in the chamber are a vertical bus bar adjacent the end wall, and a U-shaped clamping spring that biases toward clamped electrical engagement with the bus bar the bare end of a vertical conductor that is inserted downwardly into the chamber. The clamping spring includes a stationary lower leg portion fixed to the housing, a pivotable body portion, and an upper clamping leg portion that engages the conductor, a locking arrangement serving to lock the body portion to the housing when the spring is in the clamping condition.03-21-2013
20090047846Battery connector with a block portion defined a curved surface - A battery connector comprising: an insulative housing; a plurality of passageways defined in the insulative housing; a plurality of contacts received in the passageways; each contact including a retention section, an engaging section bending and extending from an end of the retention section, and a resilient section extending from the other end of the retention portion with a contact portion defined thereon, the contact portion having a block portion; wherein the cross section of the block portion showing cambered and extending against the contact portion.02-19-2009
20110281475SPRING CONTACT FOR CONDUCTING ELECTRICITY - The present invention provides a spring contact for conducting electricity, Among two side edges for conducting electricity at a cross section of each ring of the spring contact, wherein 11-17-2011
20110294365ELASTIC ELECTRICAL CONTACT - An elastic electrical contact includes a base, a connecting member extending from an end of the base, and a resisting member extending from an end of the connecting member configured for resisting against an electronic element. The base includes a bottom surface being soldered to a circuit board and a top surface, and defines a through hole and a portion of tin between the bottom surface and the circuit board. When soldering to the circuit board, tin can extend through the through hole.12-01-2011
20100035483ELECTRICAL CONTACT WITH INTERLOCKING ARRANGMENT - An electrical contact comprises an upper contact pin, a lower contact pin and a spring enveloping between the upper contact pin and the lower contact pin. The upper contact pin has an upper contacting portion and a guiding portion, and the lower contact pin is coupled to the upper contact pin and has a lower contacting portion and a main portion extending from the contacting portion. The main portion of the lower contact pin includes two elastic arms, and each elastic arm has a first and a second locking protrusions engaging with a slot defined on the guiding portion of the upper contact pin respectively to reliably connect the upper contact pin and the lower contact pin.02-11-2010
20090247021CONDUCTIVE ELASTIC SHEET STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - The invention discloses a conductive elastic sheet structure mounted on a metallic cover of an electronic device eliminates static electricity. The conductive elastic sheet structure includes a main panel, a first extending portion, and a second extending portion. The main panel includes a first side wall, and a second side wall opposite to the first side wall. The first extending portion and the second extending portion extend from the side edges of the first side wall and the second side wall respectively, and each forms a sharp angle with the main panel. The first extending portion and the second extending portion extend from two opposite sides of the main panel respectively. The invention also provides an electronic device using the conductive elastic sheet structure.10-01-2009
20100124857FEMALE TERMINAL ASSEMBLY - A female terminal assembly includes a core terminal part and a generally U-shaped clip part. The core terminal part is fabricated from an electrically-conductive material and includes a generally U-shaped channel member. The generally-U-shaped channel member defines a generally U-shaped channel extending therethough and an opening into the generally U-shaped channel by a pair of side members interconnected together by a base member. The generally U-shaped clip part is fabricated from a stiff yet resilient material and includes a generally U-shaped clip part channel member defining a generally U-shaped clip part channel. The generally U-shaped clip part is sized to substantially cover the generally U-shaped channel member and is operative to apply opposing compression forces to generally the pair of side members of the U-shaped channel member urging the pair of side members towards each other and into the generally U-shaped channel.05-20-2010
20090088033AUXILIARY POWER COUPLER - A coupler for connection of a power source to a vehicle electrical system. The coupler includes a housing arranged to be grasped by an operator, and an actuator arranged to be accessible when the housing is grasped. A plurality of electrically-conductive clasps are arranged on the housing and employ a mechanism to bias the clasps in a closed position for attachment to the vehicle electrical system. A linkage connecting the actuator to the claps is further provided to simultaneously open the clasps when the actuator is activated.04-02-2009
20100093229MICROELECTRONIC CONTACT STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - Spring contact elements are fabricated by depositing at least one layer of metallic material into openings defined on a sacrificial substrate. The openings may be within the surface of the substrate, or in one or more layers deposited on the surface of the sacrificial substrate. Each spring contact element has a base end portion, a contact end portion, and a central body portion. The contact end portion is offset in the z-axis (at a different height) than the central body portion. The base end portion is preferably offset in an opposite direction along the z-axis from the central body portion. In this manner, a plurality of spring contact elements are fabricated in a prescribed spatial relationship with one another on the sacrificial substrate. The spring contact elements are suitably mounted by their base end portions to corresponding terminals on an electronic component, such as a space transformer or a semiconductor device, whereupon the sacrificial substrate is removed so that the contact ends of the spring contact elements extend above the surface of the electronic component. In an exemplary use, the spring contact elements are thereby disposed on a space transformer component of a probe card assembly so that their contact ends effect pressure connections to corresponding terminals on another electronic component, for the purpose of probing the electronic component.04-15-2010
20090042453CONTACT SPRING ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A contact spring assembly (02-12-2009
20100136855CONTACT TERMINAL FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A contact terminal of an electronic device includes: a fixing member; a contact member extending from the fixing member and a limiting member and extending from the fixing member where one end portion of the limiting member restrains one end portion of the contact member, wherein the contact terminal provides an elastic force upon the contact member in a direction away from the fixing member, and a range where the contact member moves away from the fixing member is limited since the end portion of the limiting member restrains the end portion of the contact member. The disclosed contact terminal can be directly mounted on a circuit board by using a surface mounting device (SMD) process, thereby reducing production costs and interconnection loss.06-03-2010
20080280507FEMALE TERMINAL FITTING - A female terminal fitting (11-13-2008
20080280506U-Shaped Electrical Connector Spring Devices and Methods - According to some embodiments, an electrical connection assembly comprises a conductive support having a pair of longitudinal conductive slots for receiving a corresponding pair of longitudinal conductive pins; and a U-shaped conductive spring coupled to the conductive support. The conductive spring comprises a pair of conductive longitudinal spring sides each aligned with a corresponding longitudinal conductive slot, and a spring top plate interconnecting the spring sides along corresponding top regions of the spring sides. Each spring side has a pair of parallel longitudinal slots defined therein. The longitudinal slots separate an outer perimeter section of the spring side from a central section of the spring side. The central section includes a contact tab configured to establish contact with a longitudinal conductive pin. The central section further includes an inward-bending support tab configured to press a bottom part of the outer perimeter section outward to establish contact with the conductive pin.11-13-2008
20100144215Device for Connecting a Web - The invention relates to a device (06-10-2010
20100151747SPRING SHEET ASSEMBLY - A spring sheet assembly for electrically connecting a printed circuit board to ground includes a base and a conductive spring sheet. The conductive spring sheet includes a fixing portion and a resisting portion. The base defines a latching slot for detachably receiving the fixing portion of the spring sheet.06-17-2010
20100248557ELECTRICAL CONTACT STRIP HAVING SUPPORTING PORTIONS FOR PROTECTING CONTACTS THEREOF - An electrical contact strip comprises a carrier and a plurality of contacts projecting from and linking with the carrier. A plurality holes are defined on the carrier for securing the carrier. A plurality of supporting portions and protrude beyond the contact in a thickness direction for protecting the contacts.09-30-2010
20090203268CONTACT FOR ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC CONNECTIONS - Contact for electrical or electronic connections, comprising a contact pin (08-13-2009
20100233916Electrical contacting device, in particular for electronic circuits, and electrical/electronic circuit - An electrical contacting device, e.g., for electronic circuits, has an electrically non-conductive substrate on which at least one electrically conductive contact element is situated. The contacting device is designed as a touch contacting device, while the substrate is made of or has an elastically resilient material for applying a contact pressure.09-16-2010
20100227514Conductive Contact and Conductive Contact Unit - A conductive contact includes a first contacting element that is brought into contact with one of different circuitries; a second contacting element that is brought into contact with another one of the different circuitries; a resilient element that is interposed between the first contacting element and the second contacting element to be expandable and contractible in a longitudinal direction; a first connecting element that connects the resilient element and the first contacting element; and a second connecting element that connects the resilient element and the second contacting element, and has an opening penetrating therethrough in a through-thickness direction. At least a portion of the resilient element is shorter than the fist connecting element and the second connecting element in a width direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction and the through-thickness direction.09-09-2010
20110130051FEMALE TERMINAL FITTING06-02-2011
20100197176FLAT PLUNGER ROUND BARREL TEST PROBE - A spring probe utilizing a flat plunger and a round barrel having a compression spring positioned within the barrel and a wiper for internal contact between the plunger and the inside of the barrel.08-05-2010
20110130050Structure for a terminal in an electric connector - The present invention relates to a field of electric connector, and in particular, to a structure for a terminal in an electric connector. In one preferred embodiment, a structure for a terminal in an electric connector is provided. The structure comprises: a terminal fixation part; a terminal elastic part; and an overstress prevention element. The terminal elastic part is extended from the terminal fixation part, wherein the terminal elastic part enables elastic deformation relative to the terminal fixation part and is configured to bend toward the terminal fixation part upon application of an external force. The overstress prevention element is provided between the terminal fixation part and the terminal elastic part, and is adapted for restricting overbending of the terminal elastic part. Furthermore, the present invention provides an electric connector incorporating the structure for the terminal therein. According to the present invention, the structure for a terminal in an electric connector realizes an overstress preventing performance. Furthermore, the structure for the terminal in the electric connector is compact in structure, has high efficiency in material utilization and low cost, and enables precise control of the stress on the structure for the terminal.06-02-2011
20130143450Electrical Connection Bus - Connecting bus including an electrical conductive bar including two electrical connection means. At least one of the two electrical connection means includes a female connector including one or several electrically conductive spring tongues.06-06-2013
20110039457SPRING CONTACT ASSEMBLY - A spring contact assembly having a first plunger with a tail portion having a flat contact surface and a second plunger having a tail portion with a flat contact surface wherein the flat contact surfaces are overlapping and are surrounded by an external compression spring such that the sliding engagement of the flat surfaces increases during compression of the spring.02-17-2011
20090142972SPRING-LOADED CONTACT FOR ELECTRICAL CONDUCTORS - A contact for use with electrical conductors is provided. This contact includes a stationary engagement member; a flexible engagement member; and a biasing member (e.g., a spring) disposed between the stationary engagement member and the flexible engagement member. The action of the biasing member displaces the flexible engagement member from linear alignment with the stationary engagement member in the absence of compressive force on at least one of the engagement members. Compressive force applied to the stationary engagement member and/or the flexible engagement member brings these components into linear alignment with one another for creating a wire-receiving channel or “wire trap” that is activated upon removal of the compressive force.06-04-2009
20090036001FEMALE TERMINAL WITH GUIDING PIECE - The female terminal with guiding piece according to the present invention comprises a tubular body and a connecting part. Two vertical walls of the body are provided respectively with spring pieces cut and raised therefrom and formed to have an end on the rear side in the depth direction serving as a fixed end and an end on the front side serving as a free end and the free end coming closer to the vertical wall opposing to said vertical wall. The two vertical walls are provided respectively with guiding pieces at the front ends in the depth direction thereof, said guiding pieces being provided by plate pieces bent inward from the vertical walls into the body to cover spaces between the front ends in the depth direction of said vertical walls and the top ends of the spring pieces.02-05-2009
20100279557WAVE SPRINGS - A circular or plate wave spring that maintains high conductivity under high operating temperatures is provided herein. This is possible due to, at least in part, the conductor being made from a hi-metallic or multi-metallic material which can include a high tensile strength material, such as steel, that maintains strength properties at elevated temperatures cladded with a layer of highly conductive metal, such as copper. The high tensile strength material helps maintain the contact force needed for good conductivity since highly conductive metals and alloys tend to lose their tensile properties at elevated temperatures. The connector is presented here as a wave spring providing inward or outward protrusions for a conductive pin and housing.11-04-2010
20110053435HIGH POWER ELECTRICAL INTERFACE CONNECTION - An electrical connection includes a socket having a bore and a pin. The pin is allowed to move along an axis defined inwardly into the socket bore, and also to move radially relative to the axis. The socket bore has a generally conical portion. The pin has a generally conical face. The generally conical face of the pin is in contact with the generally conical portion of the socket. A motor system including such a connection is also disclosed. In another feature, an electrical connection includes a socket having a bore and a pin. The pin is allowed to move along an axis defined inwardly into the bore, and also to move radially relative to the axis. The pin is spring-biased into the bore such that an end of the pin seats on an end face of the bore.03-03-2011
20110263164SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STRANDED CANTED COIL SPRING - A stranded canted coil spring for electrical contact between adjoining elements is disclosed. The spring is formed from a stranded wire having coils that define a toroid.10-27-2011
20100190387Contact System - The invention relates to a contact system comprising a spring and an accordingly associated printed circuit board surface, with which the spring is in contact. The printed circuit board surface to be contacted is a carbon printed circuit board surface. Increased contact resistance between the spring and the carbon printed circuit board surface, which is associated with the contact system according to the invention, is furthermore compensated for by electric and/or electronic means. The spring that is used is provided with a spring force adapted to the carbon printed circuit surface.07-29-2010
20110189902Contact member for electrical connectors - The invention relates to an electrically conductive contact member for an electrical connector, comprising a terminal portion adapted to be mechanically and electrically connected to at least one conductor, a contact portion adapted to contact a mating contact portion of a mating connector, a spring portion that electrically connects the terminal portion to the contact portion, the contact portion being supported by the spring portion elastically displaceable from a resting position to a displacement position, and a holding portion that comprises a picking platform for attachment of a pick-up head, wherein the holding portion provides a stop against which, in the resting position, the spring portion is pressed. To improve the mechanical and electrical performance, the spring portion is spaced apart from the picking platform in the displacement position.08-04-2011
20110318974Spring-Loaded Compression Electrical Connector - A connector having a spring inserted internally in a compression or crimp connector, or in a bolted compression connector, in contact with the electrical conductors to be connected electrically wherein the spring is capable of being mechanically deformed during compression of the connector and wherein the spring is capable of maintaining its elastic resilience and elastic springback properties to generate and maintain the required compression force on the conductor. The spring may be a metal mechanical spring or formed of a resiliently flexible material, particularly a polymeric material.12-29-2011
20120003881MINIATURE RECEPTACLE TERMINALS - This approach generally pertains to a miniature terminal receptacle (01-05-2012
20120015565CONTACT FOR ELECTRIC CONNECTOR AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A contact includes an upper contact having a planar main board with a plurality of blocks, a lower contact, and a spring. The lower contact includes a first spring arm and a second spring arm which are positioned at opposite sides of the main board of the upper contact. Only the second spring arm defines a recess to receive corresponding block of the upper contact. The spring is fitted over a predetermined area between the upper and the lower contact.01-19-2012
20100304622CONTACT DEVICE - A contact device that has decreased contact pressure against a conductor caused by elastic repulsion force of a spring contact, to thereby enable suppressing friction and reducing electrical-resistance. The contact device includes first and second conductors arranged on a same axis and moved in their axis direction to fit to each other, a spring contact fitted to an installation groove of the second conductor, and a conductive contact piece arranged between a fitting face of the first conductors and the spring contact, so that electric current flows in a pair of conductors through the conductive spring contact and the conductive contact piece. The spring contact has an elliptical cross section formed of a bare wire being spirally wound with tilting against the winding axis thereof, and the contact piece is divided into a plurality of segments in a direction of the winding axis of the spring contact, and configured to line-contact or face-contact the other of the conductors.12-02-2010
20120071036ELECTRICAL RECEPTACLE TERMINAL - A receptacle terminal to be utilized in an electrical receptacle includes a first sidewall, a second sidewall, a connecting member, and a restricting member. The second sidewall cooperates with the first sidewall to define a receiving space to receive an electrical terminal The connecting member connects the first sidewall to the second wall. The restricting member includes a first hook and a second hook. The first hook extends from one end of the first sidewall. The second hook extends from one end of the second sidewall. An end of the first hook and an end of the second hook are spaced from each other. When the electrical terminal is received in the receiving space, the first hook engages with the second hook, to prevent the receiving space from being stretch beyond a predetermined size or size range.03-22-2012
20110104958ELECTRICAL CONNECTING MEMBER FOR SECONDARY BATTERY - Disclosed herein is a connection member for secondary batteries to achieve the electrical connection in a battery pack including two or more cylindrical secondary batteries in a physical contact manner, the connection member including an outer circumferential contact part contacting an electrode terminal of a lower battery cell along the outer circumferential region of the electrode terminal of the lower battery cell, such that the outer circumferential contact part can be electrically connected to the electrode terminal of the lower battery cell in a surface contact manner, for minimizing the change of resistance at the contact region against an external force and restraining a possibility that the electrode terminal of the lower battery cell is depressed, and a central contact part contacting an electrode terminal of an upper battery cell or the central region of a sidewall of the battery pack for providing an elastic contact force to the entire connection member mounted between the electrode terminals of the respective battery cells or between the electrode terminals of the battery cells and the sidewall of the battery pack.05-05-2011
20120122355CONTACT HEAD, PROBE PIN INCLUDING THE SAME, AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR USING THE PROBE PIN - The contact head includes a head base, and at least two elastic contact pieces located on an upper end portion of the head base and configured to electrically contact a contact target object. A dent having a circular horizontal cross-sectional shape is formed at a central portion surrounded by the at least two elastic contact pieces. Additionally, each of the elastic contact pieces is formed with a tip end serving as a free end of the elastic contact piece located on a circumference of at least one virtual circle which is a circle concentric with an inscribed circle inscribed in a horizontal cross-sectional shape of the head base and which has a diameter being the same as or smaller than a diameter of the inscribed circle. Moreover, the contact piece is formed to be elastically deformable in a vertical direction by being formed to extend spirally.05-17-2012
20110183553Battery Contact Springs - A battery contact spring with a spring body manufactured as a flexible wire part is disclosed. The battery contact spring has a first contact head section for contacting a first battery; a second contact head section for contacting a second battery, and at least one first spiral spring section that extends between a spring foot area and the first contact head section and which flexibly supports the first contact head section. The spring body is designed in such a way that a coil end of the first spiral spring section opposite the spring foot area crosses over into the first contact head section and attached to this first head section is a connection bridge that crosses over into the second contact head section.07-28-2011
20120135646LOW-VOLTAGE CONTACTOR - A low-voltage contactor with an actuating unit, a stationary contact, and a contact carrier operated by the actuating unit and including a movable contact, a spring with a first end and a second end acting on the movable contact to produce a force that reduces the electrical resistance between the contacts, and a connecting means for connecting the contact carrier to the actuating unit. The contact carrier includes a framework part including the connecting means, a holder part including a holding member adapted to receive and hold the movable contact and the spring. The holder part and the framework part are detachably connected to each other and designed so that the first end of the spring is acting on the movable contact held by the holder part and the second end is acting on the framework part when the framework part and the holder part are connected to each other.05-31-2012
20100173538TERMINAL - In a pair of mutually connectable terminals, one terminal is provided with a joint having a spherical surface formed on the outer circumferential surface, and the other terminal is provided with a hole into which the joint can be fitted. At least one of the joint and the hole is formed in a plate member which can be displaced elastically in the fitting direction of the joint and the hole. When the pair of terminals and are connected, the joint touches the circumferential edge of the hole to displace the plate member elastically. When the joint is fitted in the hole, the plate member is reset elastically and holds the spherical surface of the joint under such a state as the spherical surface is pressed against the edge of the hole.07-08-2010
20120315804CONTACT SPRING FOR PLUG CONNECTOR SOCKET - A contact spring has two contact arms which are connected at their respective source areas via a bridge and are intended for clamping in and making contact with the mating contact which is to be inserted in an insertion direction. The contact arms are arranged essentially pointing in the opposite direction to the insertion direction of the mating contact running toward one another, and curving away from one another on their free standing end areas. The contact spring has at least one first solder connection which is integrally formed directly on the bridge and faces in the opposite direction to the insertion direction of the mating contact.12-13-2012
20100291810ELASTIC SHEET STRUCTURE - An elastic sheet structure includes a fixed section, a resisting section, an elastic section, a guiding section and an engaging section. The elastic section is located between the fixed section and the resisting section and connects the fixed section to the resisting section respectively. The guiding section connects to the fixed section and has a guiding arm. The engaging section connects to the resisting section and includes an engaging wall, the engaging wall defines a notch and forms an extending wall. The guiding arm engages with the notch, and the extending wall is parallel with and abuts against the guiding arm.11-18-2010
20090305579Contact Spring in a Support Frame of an Antenna Amplifier of a Vehicle - The invention relates to a contact spring (12-10-2009
20110124243FLAT PLATE FOLDING TYPE COIL SPRING, POGO PIN USING THE SAME, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A coil spring, a pogo pin having the coil spring, and manufacturing methods thereof are provided. The method for manufacturing a coil spring includes i) preparing a metal strip 05-26-2011
20120088415Screwless connection terminal - A screwless connection terminal with a contact element to which a conductor is to be electrically connected, the contact element comprising a connecting section and a contact surface, with a clamp spring by means of which the conductor is to be clamped to the contact surface of the contact element, wherein the clamp spring has a clamping leg, an abutting leg and a tensioning leg, wherein a clamp opening is formed in the clamping leg, through which clamp opening, the conductor is to be led, wherein the abutting leg of the clamp spring abuts on the contact element, and the tensioning leg of the clamp spring connects the abutting leg to the clamping leg, wherein the clamping leg further comprises a conductor clamp extension with a clamping face which is aligned substantially parallel to the contact surface of the contact element.04-12-2012
20100130074Male and female connection structure - A male and female connection structure includes a female terminal, and a male terminal to electrically connect to the female terminal by being inserted into a connection position of the female terminal and to electrically disconnect from the female terminal by being withdrawn from the connection position. The female terminal includes a dimple to electrically connect to the male terminal, a male terminal pressing spring disposed opposite the dimple for pressing the male terminal to be inserted on the dimple against the dimple, and a press switching part for switching between a non-pressed state that the male terminal pressing spring does not press the male terminal located in the female terminal and a pressed state that the male terminal pressing spring presses the male terminal located in the female terminal by changing a shape of the male terminal pressing spring. The press switching part switches the non-pressed state to the pressed state, when the male terminal is inserted into the connection position, by using an insertion force applied when the male terminal is inserted into the female terminal, and it switches the pressed state to the non-pressed state, when the male terminal is withdrawn from the connection position, by using a withdrawal force applied when the male terminal is withdrawn from the female terminal.05-27-2010
20110159750ELECTRICAL DEVICE WITH CONTACT ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to an electrical device with a contact assembly 06-30-2011
20130178116ELECTRICAL TERMINAL - An electrical terminal has a soldering plate, a propping plate extending upward and rearward from a front end of the soldering plate, a resilient arm bending upward and then extending forward from a rear end of the soldering plate, and a pressing portion of inverted-V shape connected with a front end of the resilient arm and defining a mouth between a front arm and a rear arm thereof. A top end of the propping plate bends forward and downward to form a lower hook tail stretched in the mouth, resisting against an inner side of the front arm, and apart from an inner turning of the pressing portion. A bottom end of the front arm bends rearward and upward to form an upper hook tail hooking the lower hook tail with a free end thereof resisting against an outer side of the propping plate.07-11-2013
20130095706Electrical Connector Assembly - An improved connector assembly that provides stabilization of a compression member and the junction between two body parts by securing a compression member between the two body parts with multiple posts extending from each body part and providing a stopper at a union point of the body parts.04-18-2013
20110275253Screwless Quick System For Connecting A Lead Connector To A Generator Of An Implantable Medical Device - A screwless quick connection system for connecting a lead connector to a generator of an active implantable medical device. The connector head includes a housing (11-10-2011
20100285699Electrical connector having Snap in Frustro-conical retaining ring with improved conductivity - An electrical connector assembly having improved conductivity and continuity. A snap in or push in electrical connector having a zinc body and spring steel components plated with high conductivity metal, such as tin, providing a reduced voltage drop across the attached electrical connector. In an embodiment, a connector assembly has a connector body having opposed end openings provided with an outer surface that slopes downwardly toward the outlet opening. The inlet opening having placed therein cable retainer inserts. A sloping or frustro-conical, snap fit, snap in, or push in outer retaining ring with locking tangs is provided for snap locking the outlet end portion of the connector body to an electrical box or panel. Improved conductivity or continuity is obtained and a good electrical ground is formed between the electrical box and connector assembly.11-11-2010
20100311285CONTACT BASE - In a contact base with a plurality of contact springs for making contact with electronic components, in particular ICs, the contact springs each have an elongate contact blade, the longitudinal centre plane of said contact blade being situated parallel to the bending plane of the spring arm of the contact spring. Furthermore, the spring arm is formed in such a way that, when a pin is pressed, the contact blade moves in a direction which differs from the feed direction of the component in such a way that the contact blade moves along the pin.12-09-2010
20120028512Electrode Connection, in Particular for an Electrode Catheter - An electrode connection for an electrode catheter including an electrode, a line for electrical signals configured as a coil having an electrode end connected to the electrode, and a fixation device for the electrode end of the coil on the electrode, wherein the fixation device includes an inner sleeve, on which the electrode end of the coil sits, and a squeeze ring, which acts upon the electrode end of the coil, establishing an electrical contact with the electrode and mechanical clamping on the inner sleeve.02-02-2012
20120077391Terminal Having A Clamping Spring - A terminal for at least one electrical conductor, comprising a terminal socket and a clamping spring, wherein a clamping force applied by the clamping spring clamps the electrical conductor to the terminal socket, and wherein a screw coupled to a support element is provided, by which at least one section of the clamping spring is movable relative to the terminal socket.03-29-2012

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