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439 - Electrical connectors

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439620210 Connector (e.g., power plug, registered jack (RJ) plug, adapter, outlet box, etc.) with internal component (except fuse) 137
439620260 With or for fuse 30
439620090 Capacitive filter (i.e., filter, capacitor, diode adjacent each contact) 22
439620050 Ferrite (i.e., magnetic core) 14
439620150 Connector (e.g., plug, socket, etc.) on printed circuit board (PCB) includes or covers additional component 13
439620240 Small component on printed circuit board (PCB) (e.g., 2- or 3-lead component, etc.) capacitor, resistor, or piezoelectric 13
439620020 Lamp socket or lamp base 13
439620030 Coaxial connector 9
439620040 Termination circuit (usually with resistors) 4
20110136383TERMINATING CONNECTOR - Provided is a terminating connector that can connect probes to a terminal connected with desired cable cores without removing the terminating connector. One aspect provides a terminating connector comprises a plurality of terminals having a contact portion and a lead wire contact portion, a housing having a plurality of probe insertion portions and receiving the terminals, and a resistor element received in the housing and electrically connected to the terminals, wherein at least a part of the terminals is positioned in the probe insertion portions.06-09-2011
20120231663CAN BUS AUTOMATIC LINE TERMINATION - A network interface includes a receptacle configured to receive a plug, a first contact and a second contact each disposed in the receptacle, and a combination of a resistive element and a normally closed switch arranged in series with each other. The combination is coupled between the first contact and the second contact, and has a first configuration in which the switch is opened responsive to a presence of the plug within the receptacle, and a second configuration in which the switch is closed responsive to an absence of the plug from the receptacle.09-13-2012
20130178102CABLE ASSEMBLY HAVING SHIELDING PLATES BETWEEN CONDUCTIVE WIRES FOR CROSSTALK REDUCTION - A cable assembly comprises a metallic housing defining a receiving room and a number of protruding plates formed in the receiving room, and a printed circuit board received into the receiving room. The printed circuit board defines a front mating portion and a rear terminating portion defining a number of slits formed thereon for the protruding plates to pass through. And a cable comprises a plurality conductive wires electrically connected with the printed circuit board and spaced apart from each other by the protruding plates.07-11-2013
20100279548CATV Port Terminator With Contact-Enhancing Ground Insert - A port terminator includes an outer nut, which may be either electrically conductive or non-electrically conductive, and an electrically conductive ground insert. A portion of the ground insert captures a ground portion of a termination resistor, while a deformable portion of the ground insert makes electrical contact with a connection end of an equipment port when the port terminator is screwed onto the equipment port. The deformable portion can take the form of a flexible brim or a plurality of petals. The petals preferably alternate between flat petals and biased petals. The ground insert permits the port terminator to make a uniform RF seal on an equipment port even with a range of tightening torques.11-04-2010
439620080 Non-fuse excessive current preventer (e.g., varistor, PTC material or circuit breaker, etc.) 3
20080261453POWER STRIP DEVICE - A power strip device includes a power plug, a master power outlet, multiple slave power outlets and a control circuit. The control circuit includes an inductor, a reed switch and a switching circuit. Under the control of the control circuit, the power strip device allows the slave power outlets to be automatically turned on or off simultaneous with the master power outlet being turned on or off.10-23-2008
20130171877HIGH-VOLTAGE COUPLING DEVICE - The present invention relates to an electric coupler for high-voltage DIN C type cells comprising a voltage divider, a condenser and two terminal contacts and wherein the condenser is elongated and its ends are in contact with the two terminals of the coupling device, occupying an axis parallel to the imaginary central axis of the connector passing through the two contacts and wherein the resistances of the divider are aligned and parallel to the mentioned axis of the zig-zag device. As a result of this arrangement the insulation can be assured and the field distributions of both systems are compatible with one another and with those of the DIN C connector.07-04-2013
20100203762AC MAINS FILTER AND POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM - A power supply system with a filter with at least a first and second connector, wherein the first connector is connected to a power source and the second connector is connected to a power supply. A power supply system with a first filter with at least a first and second connector, a second filter with at least a third and fourth connector, wherein the first connector is connected to a power source, wherein the first filter is connected to the second filter, and the fourth connector is connected to a power supply. A filter with a housing, a male connector, and a female connector.08-12-2010
20100151735Data collecting connection - Disclosed herein is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a first body, a second body, and an electronic circuit. The first body includes a first end, a second end, and a middle section. The first body further includes a first conductor receiving area and a recessed cavity. The first receiving area extends from the first end to the second end. The cavity is at the middle section. The second body is adapted to be removably connected to the first body. The second body includes a first end, a second end, and a second conductor receiving area. The second conductor receiving area extends from the first end to the second end. The apparatus is adapted to receive an electrical conductor between the first receiving area and the second receiving area. The electronic circuit is at the cavity. The electronic circuit is configured to receive reference information corresponding to the electrical conductor.06-17-2010
20090191758Method For Multiport Noise Compensation - Methods are provided for reducing port to port crosstalk on a multiport assembly. Steps of the method include placing at least one BEMI in at least one compensation region, disposed on a PCB. The BEMI reduces port to port crosstalk noise by generating an opposite polarity signal to an unwanted noise signal generated through port to port adjacency. The PCB includes a plurality of ports, at least including adjacent first and second ports, each of which is an RJ45 jack port. Each port of the plurality of ports includes a plurality of modular insert pins, and is associated with an IDC pin group. The at least one compensation region includes one or more regions for generating noise compensation with respect to crosstalk noise resulting from coupling between respective modular insert pins of, or IDC pins associated with, the first and second ports, respectfully.07-30-2009
20130078860ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR INSULATOR HOUSING - A socket housing and method of making the socket housing. A plurality of dielectric layers are printed with a plurality of recesses on a substrate. The dielectric layers include at least two different dielectric materials. A sacrificial material is printed ted in the recesses. The assembly is removed from the substrate and the sacrificial material is removed from the recesses. At least one contact member is located in a plurality of the recesses. Distal ends of the contact members are adapted to electrically couple with circuit members.03-28-2013
20130072065CONNECTOR - A connector assembly includes a circuit board, a signal plug and a cable. The circuit board has at least one pair of traces of the same length. The signal plug is disposed at a front side of the circuit board, and has at least one pair of terminals of the same length that are respectively conducted to a paired first signal contacts of the pair of traces. The cable extends from the circuit board in a left-right direction and conducts to the circuit board. An extension direction of the cable is substantially perpendicular to an insertion direction of the signal plug. The cable has at least one pair of differential signal lines that are respectively conducted to a paired second signal contacts of the pair of traces.03-21-2013
20130072064USB Connector - A USB connector comprising an insulating base, a plurality of conducting terminals, a circuit board and a housing is disclosed. The insulating base has a plurality of slots at an end of the insulating base and a plurality of abutting grooves on a surface of the insulating base, with each abutting groove communicating with a respective one of the slots. Each conducting terminal is inserted in a respective one of the slots and has an abutting portion arranged in one of the abutting grooves communicating with the respective slot. The circuit board abuts against the surface of the insulating base whereon forms the abutting grooves, with the circuit board having a plurality of electrical contacts electrically connecting with the abutting portions of the plurality of conducting terminals. The housing is hollow to receive the insulating base and circuit board.03-21-2013
20090093161Conductive-contact holder and conductive-contact unit - A conductive-contact holder base accommodates at least a signal conductive-contact that is a conductive contact for performing input and output of a signal for a predetermined circuit configuration and a ground conductive-contact that is a conductive contact for supplying a ground potential to the predetermined circuit configuration. A holder base is formed of a conductive material, including a first opening for accommodating the signal conductive-contact; and a second opening for accommodating the ground conductive-contact while maintaining an electrical connection with the ground conductive-contact. An insulating member covers an inner surface of the first opening.04-09-2009
20120309229PROJECTOR HOLDER AND PROJECTOR SYSTEM HAVING THE SAME - A holder to hold a projector includes a support. One side of the projector is capable of being attracted by a magnet. The support includes a base board and a supporting board connected to the base board. The base board is to be supported by a supporting surface. The support further includes a first magnet fixed on the supporting board to attract the side of the projector, for adjustably and magnetically supporting the projector on the supporting board.12-06-2012
20110287662Data collecting connection - Disclosed herein is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a first body, a second body, and an electronic circuit. The first body includes a first end, a second end, and a middle section. The first body further includes a first conductor receiving area and a recessed cavity. The first receiving area extends from the first end to the second end. The cavity is at the middle section. The second body is adapted to be removably connected to the first body. The second body includes a first end, a second end, and a second conductor receiving area. The second conductor receiving area extends from the first end to the second end. The apparatus is adapted to receive an electrical conductor between the first receiving area and the second receiving area. The electronic circuit is at the cavity. The electronic circuit is configured to receive reference information corresponding to the electrical conductor.11-24-2011
20110217873METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A CONNECTOR WITH INTEGRATED POWER OVER ETHERNET FUNCTIONALITY - Aspects of a method and system for a connector with integrated power over Ethernet functionality are provided. In this regard, one or more circuits and/or processors that reside within and/or on a connector may be operable to manage a supply power that is delivered over a cable based on characteristics of the connector and/or characteristics of the cable. The cable may carry the supply power while concurrently carrying data communications. The one or more circuits and/or processors may be operable to source and sink the supply power. The one or more circuits and/or processors may be operable to control which one or more conductors of the cable are utilized for conveying the supply power.09-08-2011
20100112865Ultra-High Density Connector - Techniques for ultra-high density connection are disclosed. In one embodiment, an ultra-high density connector includes a bundle of substantially parallel elongate cylindrical elements, where each cylindrical element is substantially in contact with at least one adjacent cylindrical element. Ends of the elongate cylindrical elements are disposed differentially with respect to each other to define a three-dimensional interdigitating mating surface. At least one of the elongate cylindrical elements has an electrically conductive contact positioned to tangentially engage a corresponding electrical contact of a mating connector.05-06-2010
20120142219CONTROL DEVICE AND CONTROL SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A control device includes a plug, a number of resistors and a number of switches, and a number of buttons corresponding to the switches respectively. The resistors and the switches cooperatively form a plurality of current circuits. A control system using the control device includes an electronic device, which includes a socket connected to the plug. The socket includes an ADCIO pin coupled to the first pin, which connects to a power source via a pull-up resistor. A connection node between the ADCIO pin and the pull-up resistor forms a voltage detection point. When the control device is connected to the electronic device, if one of the buttons is pressed, the switch corresponding to the pressed button is switched on to generate a corresponding conductive current circuit, and generate an input signal at the voltage detection point. The electronic device executes a corresponding function according to the input signal.06-07-2012
20090280688Circuit Board Built-In Connector and Catcher - A circuit board built-in connector and a catcher are provided. The circuit board built-in connector and the catcher can be miniaturized, have high cable pulled-out strength and resistance to noise and electrostatic property, and are easy for installation and high in line operability. The circuit board built-in connector for connecting an antenna element (11-12-2009
20080280493Connector in the Field of Telecommunications and a Combination of at Least Two Connectors - A connector in the field of telecommunications has connector contacts with at least one bend and at least one capacitor with capacitor leads which are connectable to the connector contacts in the vicinity of the bends of the connector contacts. A combination of at least one such connector and at least one second connector, wherein the second connector acts, in the fitted state, on the connector contacts so as to connect the capacitor leads therewith, is disclosed.11-13-2008
20090053934TERMINATION BLOCK WITH FUNCTIONAL MODULE - A termination block comprises a housing with contact elements for connecting electrical conductors therewith and a cap that is pivotally attached to the housing of the termination block and can be swivelled from an open position into a closed position, wherein the cap comprises a functional module.02-26-2009
20090142959VIDEO DISPLAY CONNECTOR HAVING PROTECTION CIRCUIT - A video display connector having protection circuit includes an insulating stand, a conducting terminal array fixedly connected to the insulating stand, a circuit board disposed in correspondence with the insulating stand and providing electrical connection to a lateral end of the conducting terminal array, a protective element electrically connected with the circuit board and forming a protective circuit therewith, and a transmission line disposed on and electrically connected to the circuit board, the disposition of the transmission line being spatially apart from the insulating stand. Through providing a protection circuit within the video display connector, the main circuit board of the electronic apparatus is shielded from current overload originating from an external audio/video device when the electronic apparatus is connected thereto through the contact terminals of the video display connector.06-04-2009
20080318477Electrical Plug-in Connection and Method for the Identification of a Battery - An electrical plug connection for connecting a consumer or a charging device to a battery. The plug connection includes a plug part and a socket part. The part of the plug connection located on the battery side is provided with a transponder (12-25-2008
20080318478MOLDED CARD EDGE CONNECTOR FOR ATTACHMENT WITH A PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - An edge connector suitable for attachment with a printed circuit board. The edge connector comprises a body composed of a plastic resin, the body defining a first end that is configured to operably attach to a portion of a printed circuit board and a second end configured to operably connect to a slot in a host device and a plurality of conductive traces and contact pads defined on a portion of a surface of the body, the traces being configured to electrically connect with corresponding traces defined on the printed circuit board.12-25-2008
20090209133AC Adaptor and Method for Fabricating the same - An AC adaptor is disclosed, a plug extends in a first direction so as to penetrate a part of a case. A circuit board is disposed within the case. A contact terminal is disposed on the circuit board, and elastically contacts an end portion of the plug (without being soldered thereon). A first regulator is disposed within the case and regulates a position of the circuit board in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction. A second regulator is disposed within the case and regulates a position of the circuit board in a third direction orthogonal to the first direction and the second direction.08-20-2009
20100216343CABLE CIRCUIT WITH DIGITAL SIGNAL CONDITIONING - A cable circuit for connecting a sensor module to a measurement transmitter. The cable circuit includes a contactless interface for signal transmission between the cable circuit and the sensor module, wherein the sensor module is galvanically isolated from the cable circuit, and wherein signal transmission between the cable circuit and the sensor module occurs on an optical, inductive or capacitive path. Additionally, the cable circuit includes a signal processing unit, as well as a cable interface for connecting a cable, which connects the cable circuit with the measurement transmitter. The signal processing unit is integrated into the signal path. The signal processing unit is embodied to receive, via the cable interface, signals from the measurement transmitter, to condition them and to transmit them via the contactless interface to the sensor module, and to receive, via the contactless interface, signals from the sensor module, to condition them and to transmit them via the cable interface to the measurement transmitter.08-26-2010
20110237129Holder-mounting structure - A holder-mounting structure comprises a holder and a holder mounting portion into which the holder is slidably inserted. The holder includes a holder body for mounting of an electric component and a pair of plate portions extending from the holder body such that the electric component resides therebetween. The plate portions include a thick-walled portion continuing to the holder body and a thin-walled portion continuing to the thick-walled portion and provided at an end of the plate portion away from the holder body. The holder mounting portion includes an accommodating portion into which a connecting terminal connected to the electric component is accommodated. The thin-walled portion includes a complete-locking portion configured to be brought into locking engagement with the holder at a position where the electric component is connected to the connecting terminal with the holder slidably inserted into the accommodating portion.09-29-2011
20100297881Electric power supply connecting device for a parameterizable electrical apparatus - There is provided an electric power supply connecting device for a parameterizable electrical apparatus, comprising a first connector for an electric power source, a second connector to the electrical apparatus and a storage device for parameter data which can be read out by the electrical apparatus.11-25-2010
20090068892Techniques for protecting a user-accessible electrical connector - A protective coupler for electrically coupling a cable terminal to a terminal of an electrical device. The protective coupler has a first portion that removably secures to a casing of the electrical device. The first portion comprises a first terminal that removably connects to the terminal of the electrical device, and a second terminal. A second portion comprises a third terminal that removably connects to the second terminal, and a fourth terminal that removably connects to the cable terminal.03-12-2009
20110086549Methods and Apparatus for Reducing Crosstalk in Electrical Connectors - A communication jack having crosstalk compensation features for overall crosstalk interference reduction is disclosed. In one embodiment, the jack is configured to receive a plug to form a communication connection, and comprises jack contacts disposed in the jack, with each contact having at least a first surface and a second surface. Upon the plug being received by the jack, the plug contacts interface with the first surface of the jack contacts. The jack further includes a first capacitive coupling connected between two pairs of jack contacts to compensate for near end crosstalk, with the first capacitive coupling being connected to the pairs of jack contacts along the second surface adjacent to where the plug contacts interface with the jack contacts. A far end crosstalk compensation scheme is also set forth.04-14-2011
20100062643BRANCH CONNECTOR - A branch connector located at a position where a branch line is connectedly branched from a main line constituting a communication circuit, comprising: inside a connector housing thereof, one or a plurality of bus bars each having a joint part long and narrow and a plurality of electric wire connection terminal parts projected by spacing said electric wire connection terminal parts at a certain interval from said joint part in a longitudinal direction thereof; a plurality of cylindrical insulation parts each having a hollow portion through which one of said electric wire connection terminal parts is inserted; and a plurality of filter materials each of which is made of a conductive magnetic material and fitted on one of said cylindrical insulation parts to prevent each of said filter materials and said corresponding electric wire connection terminal part from contacting each other.03-11-2010
20110256768PLUG ASSEMBLY FOR A CONNECTIVITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A plug assembly includes a body extending between a mating end and a cable end. A sensor assembly is supported by the body that has an integrated circuit component having a first pad and a second pad. The sensor assembly also has a first sensor probe mounted to the first pad and a second sensor probe mounted to the second pad.10-20-2011
20110256767CONNECTIVITY SENSING ASSEMBLY - A receptacle assembly includes a housing having a front mating face and receptacles configured to receive plugs therein through the front mating face, where the plugs have connectivity pins attached thereto. The receptacle module includes connectivity sensor areas associated with the receptacles, where each connectivity sensor area is positioned adjacent the corresponding receptacle. Each connectivity sensor area has a first connectivity sensor and a second connectivity sensor that is electrically isolated from the first connectivity sensor when the plug is disconnected from the receptacle. Both the first and second connectivity sensors are configured to be engaged by different connectivity pins of the plug when the plug is received in the corresponding receptacle to form a sense circuit.10-20-2011
20110136382INSERT AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING SUCH AN INSERT - The insert includes at least three contacts having essentially linear parts and at least one three-pole capacitance between three of the contacts. One of the contacts of each three-pole capacitance is connected to a central armature. A first dimension of the central armature, in the direction perpendicular to the substantially linear parts, is greater than a second dimension, in a direction parallel to the substantially linear parts, the second dimension defining the widths of the zones of the central armature. The mean width of the central armature, between the zones where it faces other armatures, connected to the other contacts of the three-pole capacitance, is greater than one third of the mean length of the central armature in these regions. Preferably, in at least one three-pole capacitance, the mean width of the central armature between the regions where it faces the lateral armatures is greater than one third of the distance between the lateral armatures.06-09-2011
20110136381BIDIRECTIONAL PLUG HAVING SHORT CIRCUIT PREVENTION CIRCUIT - Disclosed herein is a bidirectional plug having a short circuit prevention circuit. The bidirectional plug includes a body part, a terminal part, connecting terminals, and a short circuit prevention circuit. The terminal part is connected to one end of the body part, and is inserted into an interface port of a communication device. The connecting terminals are respectively provided on two opposite surfaces of the terminal part, and make contact with a connecting pin provided in the interface port regardless of a direction from which the terminal part is inserted. The short circuit prevention circuit prevents a remaining connecting terminal, provided on a surface of the terminal part which is not in contact with a connecting pin, from making electrical contact with a tension ground pin provided in the interface port.06-09-2011
20110076888BATTERY POST CONNECTOR - A battery monitoring system that may be used to measure/monitor any number of battery operating conditions, including those associated with a vehicle battery. The system may be configured to interconnect a battery post that receives energy from the battery and a cable that electrically connects the battery to a vehicle.03-31-2011
20110189893ELECTRONIC COMPONENT EMBEDDED CONNECTOR, AND METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method for manufacturing an electronic component embedded connector includes a first step for fixing a terminal to a fixing means; a second step for fixing electronic components to the fixing means; a third step for cutting connecting sections of the terminal fixed to the fixing means; a fourth step for connecting the electronic components fixed to the fixing means, to the terminal in which the connecting sections are cut off; and a fifth step for covering a section of the terminal other than terminal sections, and the electronic components by an insulating cover.08-04-2011
20110318964CARD DESIGN WITH FULLY BUFFERED MEMORY MODULES AND THE USE OF A CHIP BETWEEN TWO CONSECUTIVE MODULES - An AMB component and a connection interface for a memory installation with fully buffered Dimm memory modules connected in series. The AMB component is disposed on a connecting line from memory modules to a memory controller of the memory installation to re-amplify the connecting line between two consecutive FBD memory modules. The connection interface includes an AMB amplifier component for the connection of a main memory card that includes at least one processor, to an auxiliary memory card of the type having a series of memory modules. Two series of FBD memory modules are connected to respective FBD channels in the auxiliary memory card using FBD connectors in a daisy-chain arrangement.12-29-2011
20110065321PORTABLE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DATA STORAGE TRANSMITTING AND CONNECTING DEVICE - A multi-functional data storage and transmitting and connecting device for an electronic device, includes a data transfer cable having a predetermined length, at least a first and a second connector provided at two ends of the data transfer cable respectively and a coupling element. The coupling element includes a plurality of connector sockets adapted for fittedly and detachably receiving the connectors so as to detachably couple the connectors into a handy structure, a control circuitry received in the coupling element, and a hanging device. The control circuitry includes an integrated circuit chipset, a rechargeable battery provided within the coupling element for recharging the electronic device, a call receiving circuitry electrically connected with the integrated circuit chipset, a speakerphone electrically connected with sad call receiving circuitry, an amplifier adapted for amplifying audio signal, and a wireless transceiver electrically connected with the integrated circuit chipset for wirelessly receiving and transmitting signal.03-17-2011
20110081804Electronic Method of Communication - An electronic communication system including: (a) a fastener (04-07-2011
20120064770OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION PLUG - An overvoltage protection plug is disclosed. The plug includes a housing forming a body, a handle, and an insertion portion. The plug further includes a circuit board mounted at least partially within the body. A portion of the circuit board protrudes from the housing at the insertion portion and includes metallic connection pads configured for interconnection to a connection block. The plug also includes a gas tube mounted to the circuit board and residing within the housing, the gas tube electrically connected to the metallic connection pads by a plurality of circuit traces on the circuit board. The handle of the housing can extend rearward from a top edge of the housing. The body can include an interior cavity having generally parallel side walls including a thinned region surrounding the gas tube. A circuit connection block assembly is also disclosed.03-15-2012
20120315792MAGNETIC DEVICE - A magnetic device includes a molded dielectric housing having an upper shell and a lower shell that are coupled together to define an interior compartment therebetween. The upper and lower shells include interior sides that oppose each other and include interior surfaces. A magnetic core is disposed within the interior compartment of the housing. Upper electrical traces formed on the interior surface of the upper shell. Lower electrical traces formed on the interior surface of the lower shell. Corresponding upper and lower electrical traces are electrically connected together to form an electrically conductive pattern of wrappings around the magnetic core that is configured to induce a magnetic field about the magnetic core.12-13-2012
20120122342IMPLEMENTING IMPEDANCE GRADIENT CONNECTOR FOR BOARD-TO-BOARD APPLICATIONS - A method and connector housing are provided for implementing an impedance gradient connector for board-to-board applications. The impedance gradient connector housing includes a plurality of impedance zones with a first impedance zone including a first mating face with a first Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and with a second impedance zone including a second mating face with a second PCB. Each of the respective predefined impedance zones including the first mating face and the second mating face include a selected impedance to minimize impedance mismatch with associated PCBs.05-17-2012
20120164883DEVICE FOR SECURING A POST IN A TERMINAL CLAMP - A device is proposed for fastening a post in a terminal clamp, having at least one terminal clamp for connection to a battery terminal, at least one electronics unit or measuring element capable of being connected to the terminal clamp, at least one post for connecting a battery cable, the post being mechanically fastened to the terminal clamp via a connection, and having at least one insulating element between the post and the terminal clamp, means being provided for the rotational securing of the post.06-28-2012
20120178296EARPHONE PLUG APPLICABLE TO DIFFERENT SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS - An earphone plug applicable to different system specifications includes a terminal and a switch device. The earphone plug is inserted into an earphone jack of an external electronic device for transmitting signals by a plurality of exposed signal interfaces of the terminal. The switch device combined with the terminal has a first conductor and a second conductor. When the switch device is switched between a first mode and a second mode, the first conductor and the second conductor alternately contact with two of the signal interfaces. Thus, the signal transmission defined by the signal interfaces is changed and the earphone plug is applicable to electronic devices with different system specifications.07-12-2012
20120315793INTRINSICALLY SAFE CONNECTION UNIT WITH A NETWORK INTERFACE, INTRINSICALLY SAFE APPLIANCE AND NETWORK INTERFACE FOR IT - An intrinsically safe connection unit with a network interface for intrinsically safe appliances in explosion-risk areas, having a housing, a voltage supply connection, plug connection for connecting an intrinsically safe appliance via a transmission cable, and a decoupling circuit. For allowing even a multiplicity of network subscribers to be connected in the explosion-risk area with less wiring complexity, a plurality of plug connections of the same type are provided as network interface, each being preceded by a separate decoupling circuit, and the voltage supply connection builds a central feed connection with separate supply cores for each plug connection each having at least two plug contacts for data communication and at least two plug contacts for supplying power to the connectable appliances via the transmission cable. The invention relates also to a Controller and a network interface for use therewith.12-13-2012
20120258626Housing Insert Contact Protection - An electrical connector housing including a main housing member and at least one protective wafer. The main housing member has a contact locating area. Opposite sides of the contact locating area include slots for receiving opposite end portions of insertable wafers. The at least one protective wafer is configured to be located in the contact locating area and includes opposite end portions adapted to be matingly slid into a pair of the slots. The protective wafer has a top side configured to project above top ends of contacts located in the contact locating area. The protective wafer and the main housing member are sized and shaped to combine to help prevent a user's finger from contacting the top ends of the contacts located in the contact locating area.10-11-2012
20120190238SHIELDED CONNECTOR - Either displacement of a shielding sleeve itself on an outer cover is restricted or interference of a shielding member on the shielding sleeve with the outer cover as an insulating cover is prevented, so that the damage of the outer cover can be avoided. A shielded connector of the present invention includes a shielding sleeve 07-26-2012
20110003510Power supply connector - A power supply connector (01-06-2011
20100221952PROTECTED PLUG SOCKET FOR DISTRIBUTION DEVICES IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND DATA TECHNOLOGY - The invention relates to a protected plug socket (09-02-2010
20130017727Sensor or detector device with an improved cable guide plugAANM Franc; JoelAACI EckbolsheimAACO FRAAGP Franc; Joel Eckbolsheim FRAANM Kirchdoerffer; RemyAACI GrancyAACO CHAAGP Kirchdoerffer; Remy Grancy CH - A sensor or detector device includes a box in the form of a tubular hollow body, through whose opening a connecting cable passes and that is sealed by a connected plug. The device also includes a card or an analogous substrate, carrying the electronic components of the sensor or detector and mounted in the box, by being coated by an insulating filler material filling approximately the entire remaining inside volume of the latter. The Device (01-17-2013
20130171875UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS MEMORY DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed are a universal serial bus (USB) memory device having a 5 pin USB connector which may be directly used for a portable terminal and a method of manufacturing the same. The USB memory device includes: at least one 5 pin USB connector; a memory to write data received from the 5 pin USB connector or reading out stored data to transmit the data to the 5 pin USB connector; and a controller electrically connected to the 5 pin USB connector and the memory to control data transmission between the 5 pin USB connector and the memory, wherein the 5 pin USB connector comprises a power terminal, a ground terminal, a D+ terminal, a D− terminal, and an ID terminal, and the ID terminal is connected to the ground terminal so that the 5 pin USB connector is grounded.07-04-2013
20130203292ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR WITH A BUILT-IN SIGNAL GAIN CIRCUIT - An electrical connector includes a casing, a housing, a terminal set, a printed circuit board, a cover body, and a signal gain circuit. The signal gain circuit is electrically connected to the printed circuit board and arranged on the printed circuit board. The electrical connector is arranged at a front panel of a computer and is electrically connected to an external electronic apparatus. Signals transmitted between the computer and the external electronic apparatus will not be weakened because of the signal gain circuit.08-08-2013
20130196543ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND SWITCH METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device including a switch unit and a socket is provided. The switch unit has an output end, a first input end, a second input end and a control end. The control end is coupled to the first input end. The socket has an intake cavity on which a first terminal and a second terminal are disposed. The first terminal is electrically connected to the first input end, and the second terminal is electrically connected to the second input end. When the intake cavity holds a plug and the control end receives a high level voltage, the control end switches the first input end to the output end. When the control end receives a ground voltage, the control end switches the second input end to the output end.08-01-2013
20130210275SFP SUPER CAGE - An embodiment of the invention provides a super cage for receiving and providing a small form factor pluggable (SFP) communication module with a functionality, the super cage comprising: a sleeve dimensioned to receive an SFP communication module and be plugged into a conventional SFP cage having a socket for receiving an SFP connector of an SFP module; functionality circuitry housed in the sleeve; a cage connector electrically connected to the functionality circuitry and configured to be inserted into the conventional cage socket; and a coupling socket housed in the sleeve that receives an SFP connector of an SFP module and electrically connects the SFP connector to the functionality circuitry.08-15-2013