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439 - Electrical connectors

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439540100 Supporting plural, independent coupling parts 111
439544000 Coupling part or mating part extending into panel opening 59
439535000 Outlet box 42
439571000 Comprising or for use with supporting panel 35
439567000 Having resilient means engaging panel opening 14
439536000 Supporting means comprising face plate or closure member for outlet box 14
439532000 Interfitting with channel or double rail 12
439533000 Also supporting mating part 11
439529000 And including appurtenant means for supporting other structure 10
439534000 Universally or pivotally adjustable supporting elements 8
439569000 Flange on coupling part 8
439538000 Outlet receptacle mounting flange 5
20130115807CONTACT APPARATUS - A contact apparatus includes a case; fixed terminals having the fixed contacts arranged within the case; a movable contact member having the movable contacts provided on one surface thereof so as to come into contact or out of contact with the fixed contacts; a first yoke arranged on said one surface of the movable contact member within the case, one surface of the first yoke facing an inner surface of the case and the other surface thereof facing said one surface of the movable contact member; and a second yoke arranged on the other surface of the movable contact member within the case, the second yoke having one surface facing the other surface of the first yoke through the movable contact member. The first yoke is larger in volume than the second yoke.05-09-2013
20130078854PANEL MODULE AND POWER INPUT CONNECTOR FIXING STRUCTURE THEREOF - A fixing structure used for fixing a power input connector on a bracket is provided. The power input connector includes a socket body and a notch part. The fixing structure includes first and second fixing elements. The first fixing element has a first coupling portion and an opening. The second fixing element has a second coupling portion coupled to the first coupling portion, and a supporting portion connected with the notch part to fix the power input connector. The first fixing element covers the second fixing element and the power input connector, and the socket body is exposed from the opening. First and second fixing elements are fixed on the bracket to provide a first supporting force to balance a first force pulling the power input connector away from the bracket, and a second supporting force to balance a second force pressing the power input connector towards the bracket.03-28-2013
20120115356CONNECTOR - A connector includes a packing which includes an annular body part, ear parts extending outward from the body part, and lock receiving parts provided in the ear parts. The connector further includes a case which includes an annular packing-mounted part provided on which a body part of the packing is mounted, a flange part which is integrally provided on the case body part to surround the packing-mounted part, a pair of through holes which are formed in the case body part to communicate between a face of the packing-mounted part and a back face of the flange part and through which the ear parts are respectively passed, and a pair of locking parts which are provided on the back face of the flange part and with which the lock receiving parts in the ear parts are respectively engaged.05-10-2012
20080207047Wall Box Device - A wall box device comprising a clip extending from an elongated body, for use with non metallic electrical wall boxes. The metal clip is capable of providing an attachment point for the yoke of electrical devices. The clips are secured in place by a plurality of barbs extending outwardly and upwardly therefrom. The barbs allow easy insertion of the clip onto the box, while preventing withdrawal or removal. The attachment point can include a new threaded opening to receive a machine screw, the new threaded opening taking the place of the original worn threaded opening.08-28-2008
20090149062Hospital grade electrical receptacle - An electrical receptacle includes a housing having a cover or face member coupled to a base, and a mounting bridge extending around and contacting the bottom and the two opposite ends of the base. Each of the end-contacting portions of the mounting bridge has at least one base tab that projects inwardly into engagement with the end of the base, and at least one face tab, preferably barbed, that projects upwardly into the face member. During assembly, the base tabs preferably are bent over an upper edge of the base to firmly clamp the mounting bridge to the base. A line contact assembly extending along each side of the base has at least one line contact tab that projects upwardly into the face member. Mating snap-fit connectors afford additional robustness to the assembly.06-11-2009
439574000 Means to clamp 5
20110244719JUNCTION BOX WITH IMPROVED HEAT DISSIPATION - A junction box includes an outer box with a housing at a lower side thereof and a cavity above the housing, and a number of contacts retained on the housing. Each contact has a flat base portion, a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion at two ends thereof for connecting with a foil conductor of a photovoltaic module and a cable respectively. Each contact is formed with at least one side arm upwardly protruding into the cavity from one lateral side of the base portion.10-06-2011
20110230087CONNECTOR RETAINER SHELL - A retainer shell used to install in a mounting hole on a device panel designed to accommodate electrical connector from an end of a standard extension harness. The retainer shell is designed to lock securely in an opening of the said device panel without specialized tools to be required for such installation. The locking retainer shell is designed to have simple and reliable front panel push action installation and provide front panel interconnect to a mating cable assembly as example with the opposite mating gender.09-22-2011
20110237121CONNECTOR AND PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY - A connector and printed circuit board assembly includes a printed circuit board, a connector fixed on the printed circuit board, and a fixing board fixed on the connector, the fixing board defining a through hole, a connecting member fixed on the printed circuit board adjacent to the connector, a threaded retainer, and a threaded post securely connected with the connecting member. The threaded post passes through the through hole and seats the threaded retainer to lock the connector onto the printed circuit board.09-29-2011
20110034071SOCKET STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A socket structure, which can be applied to an electronic device, is disclosed. The socket structure comprises a socket body and a holder unit. The socket body further comprises two opposite ends to transport power, a first connecting device and a second connecting device; the holder unit further comprises a third connecting device and a fourth connecting device. The first connecting device is engaged with the third connecting device and the second connecting device is engaged with the fourth connecting device so that the socket structure is formed and the socket body can be secured to the electronic device.02-10-2011
20120315790CONTACT MEANS FOR ATTACHING AN END OF A SCHIELDED CABLE - The invention relates to a contact means (12-13-2012
439528000 Nonuse covering means, e.g., connector storage means 3
20100227498POWER DATA SLIDE - A power data slide (09-09-2010
20120122337SOLID MOLDED CORD CONNECTION PROTECTOR FOR ROBUST PROTECTION OF JOINED CORD CONNECTORS - A solid molded cord connection protector for robust protection of joined cord connectors is disclosed, which protects cord connections and cord connectors from being crushed by large external forces and/or high pressure. The cord connection protector includes a bottom and top robust solid mold, each mold custom-designed to conform to a substantially bottom or top side of joined portions of two cords joined together by cord connectors. A hinge connects the top and bottom molds via their respective back sides; and a fastener fastens the top and bottom molds together at their front sides. The cord connection protector completely encloses the solid molds firmly around the entire surface of the joined portions of the two cords, thereby providing robust protection of the joined cord connectors and robust protection of the cord connection. In some embodiments, the cord connection protector is capable of preventing separation and/or crushing of the cord connectors.05-17-2012
20110230085TRAILER JACK WITH ELECTRICAL PLUG STORAGE - A plug storage assembly mounted to a jack. The jack may be used for raising and lowering a trailer through use of an electric motor configured to actuate the jack, with power supplied to the motor by a cord with a plug, the plug having a plug body and a distal end. The plug storage assembly is configured to support the plug with the distal end of the plug covered so that the plug is protected from environmental conditions.09-22-2011
20130078851GROUNDING CONNECTOR - Embodiments of the present disclosure include a connector. The connector may include a connection body and an engagement structure. The connection body may include a first support member, a second support member, a base from which the first support member and the second support member extend, wherein the base includes a beveled portion for connecting the connection body to the structure, and a slot defined between the first support member and the second support member and configured to receive a ground line. The engagement structure may be configured to engage the first support member and the second support member and move relative to the base along the first support member and the second support member.03-28-2013
20090061680Adjustable feed through bushing base with lifting means - This invention relates to providing a means to removeably mount a feed through/grounding bushing commonly used to bond together, ground and/or park power distribution cables. Many pieces of power distribution equipment have U brackets for removable attachment of accessories and temporary placed maintenance equipment. The present invention addresses holding the bushing at an angle relative to the U bracket and surrounding surface and adjustability of the bushing height relative to the U bracket for strain relief and adjusting for improved work room. Also addressed is the advantage of cable identification by numbering the wells so that a lineman may readily select the cables even after the bushing may have been set aside for equipment replacement. This is especially useful on but not limited to this invention since the U bracket mounting means is moveable and would not always provide positive identification of one end of a multi well bushing. Also provided is a means to receive a lifting means to assist in lifting and positioning the assembly especially for higher kilovolt applications. Further provided is the method of grounding the lines of a multi phase system on a common bushing in order that a lineman can rely that the entire phase system is grounded and is gives rapid visual confirmation.03-05-2009
20130078852TERMINAL-SUPPORTING APPARATUS - A terminal-supporting apparatus includes a resin part made of non-conductive resin material and a plurality of conductive terminals including parallel terminal portions which are directly supported by the resin part. The parallel terminal portions are electrically connected to each other through an electric element. The resin part supporting the parallel terminal portions is made of non-conductive resin material mixed with non-conductive reinforced fibers of which thermal expansion coefficient is smaller than that of the non-conductive resin material. An extending direction of the parallel terminal portion is referred to as a longitudinal direction and a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction is referred to as a perpendicular direction. The non-conductive reinforced fibers have a fiber direction which is substantially the same as the perpendicular direction.03-28-2013
20130078850PANEL MODULE AND POWER INPUT CONNECTOR FIXING STRUCTURE THEREOF - A fixing structure fixing a power input connector on a bracket is provided. The power input connector includes a socket body. The fixing structure includes a first fixing element and a second fixing element. The first fixing element has a first coupling portion and an opening, and is connected to the bracket. The second fixing element has a second coupling portion coupled to the first coupling portion. An accommodation is formed between the first fixing element and the second fixing element for accommodating the power input connector, the socket body passes through and protrudes out of the opening. The first fixing element provides a first supporting force to balance a first force pulling the power input connector away from the bracket. The second fixing element provides a second supporting force to balance a second force pressing the power input connector towards the bracket.03-28-2013
20130034992CAGE AND CONNECTOR COVER FOR A RECEPTACLE ASSEMBLY - A cage is provided for a receptacle assembly that includes a receptacle connector. The cage includes an electrically conductive body comprising an upper wall, a lower wall, and side walls that extend from the upper wall to the lower wall. The body has a front end and an internal compartment. The front end is open to the internal compartment of the body. The internal compartment is configured to hold the receptacle connector therein. The internal compartment is configured to receive a pluggable module therein through the front end. A connector cover is integrally formed with the lower wall of the body. The connector cover extends within the internal compartment of the body. The connector cover includes an interior chamber that is configured to hold the receptacle connector therein such that the cover extends over at least a portion of the receptacle connector.02-07-2013
20090156054WALL PLATE ASSEMBLY - A wall plate assembly includes a wall plate having an insertion slot, and a signal adapter that is affixed to the back side of the wall plate and has a HDMI jack attached to the insertion slot of the wall plate for receiving a HDMI plug of a HDMI cable and an adapter module with RJ type module jacks electrically connected to the HDMI jack for the connection of RJ type cables for long distance signal transmission without signal attenuation.06-18-2009
20130065431INNER WIRE FOR INVERTER - An inner wire capable of power integration and power division and adapted for use with an inverter having a casing and a circuit board includes a female connector and a male connector. The female and male connectors are each disposed in the casing and each include power lines, at least two signal lines, and a ground line. The power lines each have one end electrically connected to power connectors in pairs and the other end to power terminals respectively. The signal lines have one end electrically connected to two signal connectors respectively and the other end to signal terminals. The ground lines have one end electrically connected to ground connectors and the other end to ground terminals. The power terminals, signal terminals, and ground terminals are disposed in the male and female connectors. The signal connectors, ground connectors, and power connectors are electrically connected to the circuit board.03-14-2013
20120115355APPLIANCE INSTALLATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - An appliance installation device for connection of an electrical appliance to a power supply system comprising a connecting unit for electrical connection of the appliance installation device to the power supply system, a housing, a mounting frame which has at least one aperture opening open on two sides, wherein the connecting unit, the mounting frame and the housing each form an individual module and the individual modules are connected to one another.05-10-2012
20130164972MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR FLASH DRIVE - A mounting apparatus is used to fix a flash drive mounted on a circuit board with a connector. The mounting apparatus is mounted on the circuit board and receives the flash drive and connector. The mounting apparatus includes a base board, and a first sidewall and a second sidewall opposite to each other. The second sidewall defines a receiving space. The first sidewall is pivotably connected to the first sidewall, and includes a deformable engaging portion, away from the first sidewall, to be engaged in the receiving space.06-27-2013
20110244717MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A mounting apparatus includes a mounting rack and an electronic device. The mounting rack includes a frame. An interface is defined in the frame. The frame includes a securing member. An electronic device is inserted in the mounting rack from front to back. The electronic device includes a back wall. The back wall is adjacent to the frame and defines a port for receiving a cable. The cable is secured to the securing member and inserted into the interface of the frame.10-06-2011
20100068922Cable connector assembly having improved grounding member - A cable connector assembly (03-18-2010
20120108101MOVABLE CONNECTION METHOD OF SOCKET AND ROTARY SOCKET THEREOF - The invention relates to a movable connection method of a chain line type rotary socket and the rotary socket thereof. The rotary socket is as follows: a socket port is arranged on each rotary chain link, and a plurality of chain links are connected in series through rotary sleeves (05-03-2012
20110294343ELECTRIC CONNECTOR, PARTICULARLY FOR A DRILL STRING - Electric connector, including first and second connector parts which can be coupled to each other and comprise first and second contact elements, and first and second supports, respectively, which support the first and second connector parts, respectively, and can be assembled to each other by means of a screw- or bayonet-fitting.12-01-2011
20090163073Supporting device of a socket - A supporting device of a socket is located around a socket for supporting the electronic device and the transmission wire. When the plug located at the end of the transmission wire of the electronic device is plugged into the socket to connect with a power source or transmit data via the Internet, the supporting device of the present invention supports the electronic device to prevent the transmission wire and the plug from being pulled and dragged due to the electronic device being far away from the socket. The problem of the electronic device being damaged due to the electronic device being pulled and dragged is also overcome. The electronic device is protected and continues operating so that it can connect with a power source or transmit data via the Internet.06-25-2009
20090029587CABLE CONNECTING CONNECTOR - To provide a cable connecting connector having connection strength between a conductor and a contact by reducing the resistance at the time of collectively soldering cables with different diameters, it is configured of a horizontally elongated insulating housing, a plurality of contacts each having a base part to be secured to the insulating housing, and a connecting part having a same height in an up and down direction, and arranged in parallel to one another and perpendicular to a lengthwise direction of the insulating housing, and thermoplastic holding base parts each protruding from a flat surface of the insulating housing into between the contacts and facing the connecting parts thereof.01-29-2009
20110269338CONNECTOR GUIDE - A guide frame is provided that can be mounted to a circuit board and includes an opening that can receive a connector therein. The guide frame can include a pair of retention members disposed on opposing sides of the opening that are configured to couple to engagement members on the connector. The guide frame may include a flange that is configured to engage a plug connector that mates with the connector.11-03-2011
20110171854CONNECTOR - A connector which has a high level of contact stability. An operation member is formed by blanking and bending a metal plate. First and second linking portions that are disposed in a manner opposed to each other to connect a pair of operation portions are in an arrangement in which the first and second linking portions sandwich a pair of operation portions when the operation member is in a developed state. When the operation member is in a completed state, the first and second linking portions connecting the are bent at right angles with respect to the pair of operation portions, respectively.07-14-2011
20090298329HIGH FREQUENCY UNIT - Provided is a high frequency unit for suppressing deformation of a mounting plate which needs to be concerned when attaching or detaching an external connector, at low cost and high reliability of a connection between a core of a coaxial connector and a circuit board. The high frequency unit includes: a circuit board on which a high frequency circuit unit is formed, a shield case having a frame shape enclosing the circuit board with a plurality of side walls; a partition wall for partitioning a space on the circuit board; a mounting plate which is made of a rectangular metal sheet disposed to face the circuit board and of which three peripheral portions of an outer edge are supported by the two side walls and the partition wall; a coaxial connector fixed to the mounting plate; and a sheet metal cover covering an upper open end of the shield case.12-03-2009
20090142957Jack cable assembly and method of making same - An electrical jack cable assembly includes a jack cable connector and an adaptor coupling for attaching the connector to a support. The jack connector has a plurality of electric cables, a plurality of electric terminals and a connector body. The adaptor coupling has a face plate, a tray that extends to a rear wall of reduced height, and a socket at a forward end that extends rearwardly from an opening in the face plate to an intermediate wall. The abutment wall has a plurality of through holes for inserting protruding ends of into the socket from a portion of the tray behind the abutment wall. The connector body in retained in the tray behind the abutment wall so that the rear wall resists any movement of the connector body with respect to the adaptor coupling in the plug-in direction. The jack cable assembly is made by providing ajack cable connector having cables that enter a rearward end of the connector body and electric terminals that protrude from a forward end of the connector body, providing an adaptor coupling having a tray that extends rearwardly to a rear wall of reduced height, and assembling the connector body to the tray by slanting the connector body and inserting the slanted connector body into the tray until it passes over the rear wall of the tray. The rear end of the connector body is then pushed down against the floor of the tray engaging means for retaining the connector body firmly and positively in the tray so that the rear wall resists movement of the connector body with respect to the adaptor coupling in the plug-in direction.06-04-2009
20100003849ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND CONNECTOR - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a connector into which a plug of a USB cable is insertable. The connector includes a housing and a terminal portion provided in the housing. The housing includes an insertion opening part which exposes the terminal portion outside, a back part positioned at an end part opposite to the insertion opening part in the housing, and a side part provided between the insertion opening part and the back part and configured to oppose to the plug when the plug is inserted into the connector. The side part includes an inclined part which continues to the insertion opening part and is inclined such that a distance between the inclined part and the plug increases in a direction from the back part toward the insertion opening part to form a gap between the inclined part and the plug.01-07-2010
20090258535Connector and receptacle therefor - An assembly (10-15-2009
20130137295Locking Device for a Connecting Arrangement - A locking device for a connecting arrangement between a connecting piece and a plug-type connector, which connecting piece has, radially on the outside, at least one first undercut region extending in the circumferential direction, which plug-type connector has, radially on the inside, at least one second undercut region which is suitable for corresponding with the first undercut region in an engagement position and can be elastically deformed in the radial direction such that the first undercut region and the second undercut region can be engaged or disengaged. The locking device is suitable for preventing a radial elastic deformation of the plug-type connector at least to such an extent that, in the connecting position, the first undercut region and the second undercut region are fixed in the corresponding engagement position.05-30-2013
20100178795SECURITY SYSTEM FOR A NETWORK DEVICE - A mounting system for a circuit receptacle is provided. The mounting system includes a socket and a circuit receptacle. The socket includes a locking recess that is disposable in an opening of an installation surface. The circuit receptacle includes a locking tab that engages the locking recess and secures the circuit receptacle to the socket. The locking tab may be configured to engage the locking recess in the opening of the installation surface, such that the locking tab is hidden.07-15-2010
20100178796Circuit device and method for manufacturing the same - A circuit device includes an element and a base body. The element has a pair of projections on an outer peripheral surface thereof. The base body has an engagement standing part extending in a standing direction. The element is assembled to the base body in a state, where each of contact surfaces of the engagement standing part is in press-contact with a corresponding projection. The engagement standing part has first and second tapered wall parts. The first tapered wall part has a first tapered surface angled by a first angle relative to the standing direction. The second tapered wall part has a second tapered surface angled by a second angle relative to the standing direction. The second angle is smaller than the first angle. One of the pair of projections is in press-contact with at least one of the first and second tapered surfaces to be deformed.07-15-2010
20110244718Flexible holder for connectors - A holder is capable of providing flexible support for the connector of a flexible printed circuit board, and has particular applicability for battery recharging cradles for a mobile computing device or hand-held scanner. The holder comprises a receptacle having a rear wall and two side walls, along with protrusions to slidably retain the connector therein. The rear wall connects, using a radiused bend, to a connecting wall, which may form an acute angle relative to the rear wall, and which may neck down to improve rotational capability. The connecting wall transitions, using a radiused bend, to a transverse wall, and from its ends are two cantilever straps extending towards the receptacle, and thereby foaming an acute angle relative to the connecting wall. An upward protruding boss on the end of each strap aids translational and rotational flexibility, where the holder is mounted to a surface using orifices in the bosses.10-06-2011
20110070772Modem wall attachment bracket and method - A wall mounting bracket to carry a modem adjacent to two 120 VAC outlet wall receptacles on the face of a wall, said bracket secured to the wall beneath a six outlet plug adaptor when the adaptor is plugged into the receptacles, comprising: a generally planar member having, a) a wall outlet attachment side portion which has a border portion which surrounds the six outlet plug adaptor when it is plugged into the receptacle to thereby prevent rotation with respect to the adaptor, and a flange means which extends inwardly from the border portion beneath the plug adaptor to thereby maintain the bracket adjacent to the wall, and a receptacle access opening positioned centrally within the border portion to permit electrical access to the receptacles; and, b) an adjacent modem attachment side portion which extends from the border portion, along the wall so that the modem can be carried thereby.03-24-2011
20110250787REPLACEABLE CONNECTION FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Systems and methods electrically connect a first electronic device or electrical component, having a external electrical connector, to a circuit board of a second electronic device. A low-cost, user-installable connection system isolates mechanical stresses imposed on the external electrical connector to within the user-installable connection system, thereby preventing the mechanical stresses from reaching the circuit board in the second electronic device. If the connection becomes faulty, only the low-cost, user-installable connection system must be replaced.10-13-2011
20090247006NETWORK ACCESS POINT HAVING INTERCHANGEABLE CARTRIDGES - Disclosed is multimedia system having at least one network access point comprising two discrete, but interrelated, components, a communications module and a device interface cartridge whereby in combination implement a network access point to accommodate via a medium. The interface cartridge is interchangeable to permit the access point to be customized to a desired application.10-01-2009
20100068921CONNECTOR BOX FOR SOLAR PANEL - An electrical connection box has a base adapted to be connected to a back face of a solar panel and a cover fittable with the base to form therewith a generally closed and weather-tight interior. The cover and base have inner surfaces that confront each other when the cover is fitted to the base. Respective eyes on the inner faces are each formed with an eye having a throughgoing hole of predetermined maximum diameter. A flexible tether cord has a pair of ends and is formed unitarily at each end with at least one arm extending back from the end along the cord at an acute angle to the cord and having a free end spaced from the cord and defining therewith a width greater than the maximum diameter. The tether passes through the holes with each arm engageable with a face of the respective eye.03-18-2010
20110070773POWER SAVING DEVICE - A power saving device consisting of a strip attachable to the electrical outlet for holding at least one electrical plug in proximity to an electrical outlet, even when the electric plug is not plugged into the electrical outlet, is provided. The strip has flexible two symmetric bow wings. The strip is attached to the electrical outlet by using a securing device, such as a screw, and is provided with at least one vertical groove for securing the electrical cord of the electrical plug to the strip. The strip is made from an electrically insulated resilient material.03-24-2011
20120003866CONNECTOR - A connector has a mating portion matable with a mating connector. The connector is provided with a plurality of contacts and a holder member holding the plurality of contacts arrayed in a pitch direction. The mating portion has an upper surface, a lower surface, and a tip potion. Each of the plurality of contacts includes a contacting part and a folded part. The contacting part is exposed on the upper surface of the mating portion. The contacting part extends frontward and has a front end. The front end is exposed on the tip potion of the mating portion. The folded part is folded backward from the front end of the contacting part and has a rear end as an embedment part. The holder member has a plate portion defining an external shape of the mating portion. The embedment part is embedded in the plate portion.01-05-2012
20120058671CONNECTOR SUPPORT SYSTEM - A connector support system for an automation system device is provided. The connector support system includes a device housing configured to hold a printed circuit board with a connector coupled to the printed circuit board. The connector support system also includes one or more support members coupled to a surface of the housing, wherein the one or more support members are configured to support the connector relative to the housing and configured to resist an overturning moment tending to remove the connector from the printed circuit board.03-08-2012
20090137148Universal Insert - A molded plastic insert having a socket and groove formed on an outer surface to cooperate with spring loaded plungers on one of a pair of mating parts to couple the mating parts. A pair of indentations formed on the outer edge of the insert to accommodate any electrical leads between the mating parts.05-28-2009
20120208396FIXING STRUCTURE OF CONNECTOR - A fixing structure of a connector includes a housing and a rear holder fixing the housing to a casing by screws. The rear holder has a base plate opposing the casing. First through holes are formed on the base plate so as to correspond to second openings for leading out conductive parts of the female terminals respectively. Terminal holding members are respectively provided at the first through holes for contacting the female terminals respectively. The screws are inserted respectively through second through holes which are arranged so as to deviate to one side with respect to a center of gravity of a region in which the first through holes are formed. Elasticity of one of the terminal holding members which is disposed at a first position facing at least one of the second through holes in a peripheral part of the region are smaller than elasticity of another one of the terminal holding members which is disposed at a position except for the first position.08-16-2012
20120164876RESILIENT PLUG CONNECTOR - An improved plug connector (06-28-2012
20120214337FLUID LINE SAFETY DEVICE - A restraining device for a tubing connector assembly can include a resilient member having a generally U-shape with forked ends that curve toward each other. Each forked end can have a recess between tines thereof. Each recess can have a blind end. The resilient member can have a bend provided with an engagement bump. The engagement bump and forked ends can be aligned such that the engagement bump coincides with a line joining the blind ends. When a cylindrical connector assembly tube is placed in the recesses, the engagement bump is urged against a side of the connector assembly to thereby prevent inadvertent disconnection.08-23-2012
20120083153MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES FOR MOBILE DEVICES - A multifunctional accessory for a mobile device, in one example embodiment, comprises an anterior assembly, which includes a plurality of sides and an anterior aperture for viewing and providing access to the mobile device, with the plurality of anterior sides and the anterior aperture forming an anterior recess. The accessory further comprises a posterior assembly including a plurality of posterior sides and a posterior panel, with the plurality of posterior sides and the posterior panel forming a posterior recess, wherein the anterior and posterior recesses accommodate the mobile device. The accessory further comprises a hinge assembly to pivotally couple the anterior assembly and the posterior assembly at one or more of the plurality of anterior sides and the plurality of posterior sides, with the hinge assembly allowing the anterior assembly and the posterior assembly to pivot about each other along one or more edge axes securing the mobile device at an adjustable viewing angle.04-05-2012
20120231656CONNECTOR FIXATION METAL FITTING AND CONNECTOR - A connector fixation metal fitting includes: an attachment portion to be attached to a body of a connector; and an insertion piece to be inserted into an attachment hole formed in a board on which the connector is mounted, wherein the insertion piece includes two elastic pieces, the two elastic pieces are coupled together at their ends in the insertion direction of the insertion piece into the board and extend from the coupled portions in a direction opposite to the insertion direction so as to form free ends, and the free ends are bent in opposite directions in the plate-thickness direction.09-13-2012
20130171867BIOMETRIC BELT CONNECTOR - A belt connector for electrically connecting an electrode belt to a biometric device to be carried on a human or animal body. The belt connector is made from one single piece which can be economically manufactured in order to function as a single-use consumable, to be used with a matching biometric device. The connector comprises a molded plastic frame having a shaped circular or semi-circular hole with radial flexibility to function as a female snap button fastener for receiving and fastening on the front side of the frame a male snap protrusion. The belt connector further comprises fastening means for fastening to the frame a belt end of said electrode belt, and a member adjacent to said snap fastener hole to engage an electrode wire end electrically connected to said belt such that said end is in contact with said hole and comes in electrical contact with a conducting male snap fastener inserted in said hole. The belt connector and belt is configured such that a person wearing the belt under operation is insulated from current running through the belt, in order to meet existing standards for medical devices.07-04-2013
20110003504INTERFACE ELEMENT, INTERFACE ELEMENT HOLDER, AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - The invention relates to an interface element to be fixed on and/or in an interface element holder of an electrical appliance, which element includes a hard component portion. The invention provides a positioning portion which is formed from an elastic material and makes it possible for the hard component portion to move relative to the interface element holder as a result of deformation. The invention also relates to an interface element holder and to an electrical appliance.01-06-2011
20110039447CONNECTOR WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC CONDUCTION MECHANISM - A connector to be disposed within a housing of an electronic device includes a main body and a conduction member. The conduction member includes a connecting portion and a resilient portion. The resilient portion is formed on the connecting portion and configured to abut against the housing.02-17-2011
20110294342ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR WITH SIGNAL AND POWER CONNECTIONS - An electrical connector includes a connector housing having at least one contact cavity and an interchange port. A power contact is held by the connector housing within the contact cavity. The power contact is configured to conduct electrical power. An interchangeable signal module is separably mounted to the connector housing such that at least a portion of the signal module is held within the interchange port of the connector housing. The signal module includes an insulator holding a signal contact that is configured to conduct electrical data signals.12-01-2011
20130023149RISING RECEPTACLE BOX ASSEMBLY - A rising receptacle box assembly includes a receptacle assembly for housing receptacles and jacks. The receptacle assembly can move between a lowered position and a raised position. In the raised position, the receptacle assembly is substantially level with a work surface on which the rising receptacle box assembly is supported, so that the receptacles and jacks are easily accessible. In the lowered position, the receptacle assembly is lowered beneath the work surface so that inserted plugs and connectors are stowed away in a recess below the work surface. Raising and lowering of the receptacle assembly can be coupled to the opening and closing of a lid of the rising receptacle box assembly. The lid may include one or more cutouts so that cables associated with inserted plugs and connectors can pass through when the receptacle assembly moves to the lowered position.01-24-2013
20080227331Electrical connector retaining mechanism having slide clip member - A slide clip member (09-18-2008
20130115806Patch Cord Assemblies, Methods and Systems - A patch cord assembly is provided for detachably securing a first patch cord relative to a second patch cord, defined by a first patch cord that includes a first elongated cord and a first plug mounted with respect to one end of said first elongated cord, and a second patch cord that includes a second elongated cord and a second plug mounted with respect to one end of said second elongated cord. A method of patch cord assembly is provided for detachably securing a first patch cord relative to a second patch cord. A system of patch cord assembly packaging and payout is provided including a housing for packaging a patch cord assembly and at least one housing opening for paying out the at least first patch cord.05-09-2013
20130130540WIRING HARNESS FOR CLOTHING, ELECTRONIC DEVICES INCLUDING SUCH A WIRING HARNESS, AND GARMENTS INCORPORATING SUCH A WIRING HARNESS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A wiring harness for clothing, and garments so equipped. The wiring harness is of asymmetrical configuration, and may extend through channels positioned substantially along reinforced portions of the garment. The wiring harness includes a T-junction from which extend a male media connector and two media cables, a first media cable extending along seams of one side of the garment, and a second media cable extending along a neck portion of the garment from the T-junction at one side to another side, both media cables terminating in male media connectors. The male media connector of the T-junction and the male media connector of the second media cable connect to female media connectors of earphone cables, while the male media connector of the first media cable connects to a female media connector of a portable media device, which may be disposed within a pocket of the garment.05-23-2013
20130143434CONNECTOR FOR ELECTRIFIED CEILING GRID - A connector assembly for installation on a ceiling grid having conductors therein. Contacts are mounted in a housing of the connector, with the contacts having contact portions. Mounting members are mounted in the housing, with the mounting members having grid mounting sections. A cam member is provided in the housing, with the cam member being movable between a first position and a second position. As the cam member is moved from the first position to the second position, the cam member biases the contact portions of the contacts into electrical engagement with the conductors of the ceiling grid and biases the grid mounting sections of the mounting members into mechanical engagement with the ceiling grid to provide a mechanical connection between the ceiling grid and the connector.06-06-2013
20130143435SOCKET MODULE AND TERMINAL HAVING THE SAME - A terminal in accordance with one exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a terminal body, a substrate mounted onto the terminal body, and a socket module coupled to the substrate to transfer an electrical signal by being electrically connected to an inserted plug, and the socket module includes a housing having an opening at one surface thereof, the plug being inserted into the opening, and a coupling unit formed at at least one side of the housing, and slidable with respect to the substrate upon being coupled to the substrate. This may allow a substrate assembly coupled with the socket module to become slimmer by a thickness of the substrate, resulting in providing a more size-reduced terminal.06-06-2013
20130157501SUPPORT ARM - A support arm includes a bracket supported by a support, a bracket arranged away from the bracket, a parallel link arranged between the bracket and the bracket and coupled pivotally to the bracket and the bracket, and a self-weight compensation device producing a force that cancels a force of gravity acting on the parallel link. The parallel link has an upper shaft and a lower shaft arranged in parallel to each other with spacing, the spacing being changed with a pivoting movement of the parallel link. The upper shaft and the lower shaft are arranged offset with respect to each other in a direction of an axis on which the parallel link is pivoted. With such a structure, a support arm for which a large movable range is achieved is provided.06-20-2013
20130149894Interface device for cabin monuments - An interface device for a cabin monument, in particular for assembly in an aircraft or spacecraft, including a routing device, a first plurality of interface connection sockets, which are connected to the routing device via a first plurality of connection lines and to which a vehicle interface of the aircraft or spacecraft can be connected. A second plurality of interface connection sockets are provided which are connected to the routing device via a second plurality of connection lines and to which a cabin monument can be connected. The routing device is constructed so as to selectively electrically connect interface connection sockets of the first plurality of interface connection sockets to interface connection sockets of the second plurality of interface connection sockets.06-13-2013
20130196534MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR FLASH DRIVE - A mounting apparatus is used to fix a flash drive mounted on a circuit board with a connector. The mounting apparatus receives the flash drive and connector. The mounting apparatus includes a base board, and a first sidewall and a second sidewall opposite to each other. An operation portion extends from an end of the base board opposite to the circuit board and forms a blocking portion on a front surface to block a top of the flash drive. Two pairs of fixing portions are formed on the mounting apparatus, respectively for perpendicularly and horizontally mounting the mounting apparatus to the circuit board.08-01-2013


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