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439160000 Including handle for direct manual urge to separate 15
20080261424Card connector - A card connector (10-23-2008
20080261423Stacked card connector having ejecting mechanism - A stacked card connector (10-23-2008
20130084723CARD EDGE CONNECTOR - A card edge connector 04-04-2013
20130034981ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH MEMORY CARD CONNECTOR - An electronic device includes a housing, a card reader, and a cover. The housing includes a slot and two protrusions defined on the inner wall of the housing. The cover includes a body and two connection ends. The body is for covering the slot. The connection ends extend from the body. Each of the two connection ends includes a sliding slot which receives one of the two protrusions respectively to guide the two connection ends to slide. When the cover covers the card which contains a memory card therein, the cover is operable to be pressed to eject the memory card. When the memory card is ejected, it push the body of the cover to cause the two connection ends to slide along the two protrusions to make the body of the cover uncover the slot and rotate to expose the memory card.02-07-2013
20130040478Card Connector - A card connector for receiving a card includes an insulating housing having a base board and an extending portion protruded rearward from one end of a rear of the base board. One side of the base board defines a sliding recess of which a bottom wall defines a guiding slot extending along an insertion direction of the card. The sliding recess is further spread rearward into the extending portion. An ejecting device for ejecting the card out of the card connector includes a slider slidably disposed in the sliding recess. A guiding portion is protruded on a bottom of the slider and received in the guiding slot for guiding the movement of the slider. A cover has a base plate covered on the base board and an extending plate extended rearward from one end of a rear of the base plate to be covered on the extending portion.02-14-2013
20130045615CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector is disclosed. The card connector comprises an insulative base, a plurality of connecting terminals, a card ejecting mechanism and a shielding case. The shielding case covers the insulative base. A card insertion region is formed between the insulative base and the shielding case. A plurality of terminal slots is defined on a surface of the insulative base facing the card insertion region. The connecting terminals are received in the terminal slots. The tray comprises an inner tray and an outer tray. The outer tray is pivotally connected to the inner tray. The inner tray and the outer tray are connected together to form a receiving groove for receiving a SIM card. The tray is formed by pivotally connecting the inner tray to the outer tray, therefore, the card connector according to the present invention can be used more conveniently.02-21-2013
20090042424Connector Boot And Connector Assembly - A connector boot for a connector having a connector housing with a cantilevered lock tab protruding rearward from an upper surface of the connector housing, comprising a boot main body connected to a rear side of the connector housing, the boot main body comprising an activator that is pivotal about a hinge, wherein the activator comprises an upper activator tab for engaging the lock tab from above and the upper activator tab being configured for a push-down operation, and wherein the activator comprises a rear activator tab located opposite the upper activator tab so that the hinge is between the upper activator tab and the rear activator tab and the rear activator tab being configured for a push-up operation is disclosed.02-12-2009
20100099284CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector essentially includes an insulation body, a metal shell and an ejection lever. The insulation body includes a pair of two guide arms formed at two sides of the insulation body, a plurality of conductive terminals and an ejection apparatus formed at one of the two guide arms. The metal shell is engaged with the insulation body for receiving a card. The ejection lever is pivotally attached to an inner surface of the metal shell thereby forming a pivot mechanism, and operatively connected to the ejection apparatus such that the ejection lever rotates around the pivot mechanism when the ejection apparatus is actuated. The metal shell includes an integrally formed bulge protruding from the metal shell, and the bulge is formed in the vicinity of the pivot mechanism so as to reinforce the strength and rigidity of the metal shell.04-22-2010
20090093147Card connector - A card connector (04-09-2009
20090093146ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR - The invention relates to an electrical connector for inserting an electrical card in, and two side-ends of the electrical card respectively include at least one notch. The electrical connector includes an insulating body, a plurality of conducting terminals, a push-out device, and an elastic body. A top of the insulating body includes a slot and multiple accommodation chases along at least one side of the slot. The conducting terminals are disposed in the accommodation chases. The push-out device is pivotally engaged with a side-end of the insulating body, and includes a clasp part for clasping the notch of one of the side-ends of the electrical card. The elastic body is disposed on another side-end of the insulating body, and includes a main part, a fixing part for positioning the elastic body, and a buckle part for correspondingly buckling the notch of the other side-end of the electrical card.04-09-2009
20090068868Card connector - A card connector (03-12-2009
20100279531CARD EDGE CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY WITH ROTATABLE CARD EJECTING DEVICE - A card edge connector includes an insulative housing defining a central slot expanding along a transverse direction with a plurality of contacts disposed therein, and a pair of side arms disposed at opposite ends thereof. A pair of card ejecting devices are assembled on the side arms, each comprising an ejecting member attached to the side arm and an operation member which can rotate in a plane perpendicular to the card edge connector. The ejecting member comprises a block portion projecting into the central slot and moving along a front-to-rear direction perpendicular to the transverse direction by the urging of the operation member.11-04-2010
20120238114Card Connector - A card connector for receiving a card that is small and includes a card guide for guiding the card that will not deteriorate, even if the card is pulled out of or inserted into a card receiving space at a large tilt angle with respect to the card receiving space. The card connector having a housing, a plurality of contacts, a shell, and the card guide. The plurality of contacts arranged along the housing, while the shell covers the housing and provides a card receiving space between the housing and the shell. The card guide extends extending obliquely into the card receiving space from a top wall of the shell and is inclined at an acute angle with respect to the top wall.09-20-2012
20110294323Card connector with ejector - A card connector includes an insulative housing defining a card receiving space, a number of contacts retained in the insulative housing, an ejector received in the insulative housing and a metal shell covering the insulative housing. The ejector includes a movable slider, a spring, and a pin member, the slider defines a heart-shaped slot, and the pin member has a positioning end being rotatablely retained to the insulative housing and a free end being slidable along the heart-shaped slot to lock the slider. A latching piece is retained to the insulative housing and has a catching portion catching the pin member and an elastic portion connecting with the catching portion. When the pin member slides, the catching portion will bring the elastic portion to deflect and provide an outward or inward force to the pin member so as to control a movement trace of the pin member.12-01-2011
20090098755Card Connector - A card connector adapted for receiving a card, includes an insulating housing (04-16-2009
20100267260CARD CONNECTOR HAVING AN IMPROVED SPRING MEMBER - A card connector (10-21-2010
20080268683Card connector - A card connector (10-30-2008
20100120277ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR - An electrical card connector comprises an insulative housing, a shield covering the insulative housing, a plurality of terminals received within the insulative housing, and an ejection mechanism. The insulative housing and the shield define a receiving space for receiving an electrical card. The ejection mechanism disposed on one side of the receiving space comprises a base and a movable push rod mounted within the base. A reinforced rib protruding from a surface of the rear portion of the push rod, and a corresponding receiving groove is defined on the base for receiving said the reinforced rib movable therein. A guide groove is defined on the bottom wall of the push rod, and a guide rib protrudes from the base, which is received within said guide groove and movable therein. Therefore, the push rod will have improved mechanical strength and is not easily broken. The engagement between the reinforced rib and the receiving groove and the engagement between the guide groove and the guide rib together confine the push rod in a lateral and vertical direction and prevent the push rod from shifting.05-13-2010
20100081305ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR - An electrical card connector comprises an insulative housing (04-01-2010
20120295458Method and Apparatus Pertaining to Movement of a SIM-Card Tray - An apparatus comprises an assembly and a SIM-card tray configured to move, at least partially, into and out of the assembly to thereby selectively electrically connect and disconnect a SIM card that is disposed in the SIM-card tray to and from at least one electrical connector. A biasing member automatically urges movement of the SIM-card tray with respect to at least one of moving the SIM-card tray into the assembly and out of the assembly. By one approach this biasing member comprises a spring. By one approach this spring can serve to both automatically urge movement of the SIM-card tray into the assembly and out of the assembly. These teachings will accommodate a SIM-card tray configured to accommodate a micro-SIM card. These teachings will also accommodate a personal communication device having the aforementioned components.11-22-2012
20080207025Ejection Mechanism and Card Connector - An ejection mechanism for a connector is disclosed. The connector has a housing that carries contacts, a frame attached to the housing for guiding insertion and removal of a card, and a pivot arm disposed in the housing that ejects the card toward a removal side by pivoting. The ejection mechanism has a cover connected to the frame, a push bar having a push button. The ejection mechanism also has a cam groove plate with a cam groove connected to the cover. The ejection mechanism also has a cam pin connected to the push bar and received within the cam groove. The ejection mechanism also has a push plate having a restricting hole that receives the cam pin and the push plate is configured to pivot the pivot arm in reaction to movement of the push button.08-28-2008
20080286997CONNECTOR - A connector includes a first and a second terminal portions each having: a substrate pressing portion; a spacer pressing portion; and a fulcrum portion arranged between the substrate pressing portion and the spacer pressing portion, a spacer arranged between the spacer pressing portions of the first and the second terminal portions, and a clipping section formed of the substrate pressing portions of the first and the second terminal portions. The clipping section opens and closes while operating the fulcrum portions as a fulcrum. The spacer pressing portions of the first and the second terminal portions close via the fulcrum when the clipping section opens.11-20-2008
20080268682Card connector - A card connector (10-30-2008
20080268681CARD CONNECTOR - An electrical connector has an insulative housing, a plurality of conductive terminals received in the insulative housing, and an ejecting device. The insulative housing defines a slot for receiving an electrical card, and a groove at a side thereof. The ejecting device is assembled to and slidable along the groove. The ejecting device includes a push block, a guiding lever and a spring element. The push block forms a resilient arm which is lockable with a card hole of the electrical card. A rib is formed in the groove. When the electrical card moves along the groove of the insulative housing and is located on a final position, the resilient arm abuts against a top of the rib for preventing the resilient arm from moving downward. In such a way the electrical card is prevented from breaking off during movement and at a final position, ensuring reliable and stable data transmission.10-30-2008
20080268684Card connector having ejecting mechanism - A card connector (10-30-2008
20100136811BUTTON DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A button device includes a button operations part; a button base part connected to a mechanism part, the mechanism part being operated by operating the button operations part; and a connecting part configured to connect the button base part and the button operations part to each other at least based on the operation of the button operations part. The connecting part includes a mechanism configured to break connection between the button operations part and the button base part in a case where an external force equal to or greater than strength of the button base part is applied to the button operations part.06-03-2010
20090053920ELECTRONIC CARD ARRANGEMENT - An electronic device includes a connector for interfacing with a host device and an electronic card receiving portion. The electronic card receiving portion is configured to inhibit physical removal of an electronic card therein when the connector is interfaced with the host device.02-26-2009
20090142949CONNECTOR - A connector capable of preventing an engaging portion of an ejection mechanism from being damaged even when a card-type electronic component is inserted obliquely with respect to a card inserting/ejecting direction. A cover is mounted on a housing having a card accommodating portion for accommodating a memory card in a manner covering the card accommodating portion. The ejection mechanism ejects the memory card from the card accommodating portion. The ejection mechanism has a locking portion that is engaged with the memory card such that part of the memory card remains within the card accommodating portion during ejection of the memory card. The cover is provided with a guide for guiding a front end of the memory card in the card inserting/ejecting direction when the memory card is inserted into the card accommodating portion obliquely with respect to the card inserting/ejecting direction C.06-04-2009
20110230072PUSH-PUSH CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector (09-22-2011
20090075507SLIDER UNIT AND CARD CONNECTOR - A slider unit and a card connector having a slider that is arranged in a housing so as to be capable of moving along the insertion/ejection directions of a card and whose position is capable of being switched by a heart cam mechanism between a first position and a second position that is farther from an opening than the first position. A coil spring that biases the slider in the card ejection direction; an abutting portion that is integrally formed in the slider and is capable of abutting the insertion direction side of the card; and a pipe that is provided in the slider and retains the coil spring by being inserted in the coil spring, where both ends of the shaft that protrude from the coil spring becoming enlarged diameter portions and that are partially widened compared to the middle potion on which the coil spring is fitted.03-19-2009
20090221168Memory card connector with improved sliding structure to reduce friction - A memory card connector includes an insulative housing, a plurality of contacts retained in the insulative housing, a card eject mechanism and metal shell attached to the insulative housing. The insulative housing defines a card receiving cavity for insertion of a memory card. The card eject mechanism includes a slider moveable along card-insertion or card-withdraw directions and a locking member fixed to the slider. The locking member includes a protrusion which forms a sideward dimple. The metal shell includes a top wall covering the card receiving cavity. The top wall defines a slit for receiving the protrusion. An arced surface of the dimple is driven to abut against an inner side of the slit in order to reduce friction therebetween.09-03-2009
20090253280Electrical card connector having an improved insulative housing - An electrical card connector (10-08-2009
20090246993Push-push card connector - A card connector (10-01-2009
20100159724Card connector with double cam - A card connector includes a housing having a receptacle to receive therein a card in an insertion direction and the card has a terminal member. A connection terminal is secured to the housing and is configured to contact the terminal member of the card. A card ejecting action detecting switch is configured to detect when the card is ejected from the housing. A card guide mechanism is provided with an urging member for urging the card in a direction opposite the insertion direction. The card guide mechanism is configured to hold the card at a locked position to ensure that the terminal member of the card is in contact with the connection terminal and to permit movement of the card in the opposite direction by a pushing force exerted on the card in the insertion direction. The card guide mechanism ejects the card after performing a pushing action on the card a plurality of times.06-24-2010
20100144179STACKED CARD CONNECTOR - A stacked card connector (06-10-2010
20100210128CONNECTOR - To provide a connector which is capable of reducing the manufacturing costs and the looseness of an ejection member.08-19-2010
20120196462FLAT OBJECT EJECTOR ASSEMBLY - An apparatus for ejecting a flat object from a casing of a mobile device is disclosed. The apparatus is arranged to receive an ejection tool along a first axis and to eject the flat object along a second axis, wherein the first and second axes are not parallel. In one embodiment, the first axis is parallel to a top surface of the mobile device and the second axis is perpendicular to a curved edge surface of the mobile device. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a first pivot element to receive the ejection tool and rotate thereby displacing a lever section of a second pivot element. The second pivot element includes a tabular element that contacts and ejects the flat object upon rotation of the second pivot element.08-02-2012
20100093200ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR WITH IMPROVED SLIDE CARRIER - An electrical card connector includes an insulative housing, a plurality of terminals retained in the insulative housing, a slide carrier slidable in the insulative housing, an eject mechanism mounted in the insulative housing for pushing the slide carrier, and a locking body attached to the slider for locking the slier carrier with the slider together while an electrical card is inserted into therein. The locking body defines an engaging portion protruding into the insertion slot. The engaging portion is deflectable to release locking engagement between the slider and the slide carrier while another electrical card being inserted into the insertion slot.04-15-2010
20100297862CARD CONNECTOR WITH SELF-LOCKING MECHANISM - An electrical card connector (11-25-2010
20090035972Computer Device With Retractable Connector - A computer device comprising a connector configured to be coupled to an external device, the connector configured to be disposed flush with an opening in a housing of the computer device in an extended position, the connector configured to retract from the opening in a retracted position.02-05-2009
20090035971Card Connector - A card connector, comprising a housing having a card insertion slot, a contact carried by the housing, a slider carried by the housing and disposed substantially coplanar with the card insertion slot, the slider comprising a cam groove and a lock spring disposed substantially adjacent the lock spring, and a positioning member carried by the housing and being movable within the cam groove is disclosed.02-05-2009
20110034050ELECTRONIC CARD CONNECTOR WITH A RELEASING PORTION FOR INSERTING OR EJECTING AN ELECTRONIC CARD SMOOTHLY - An electronic card connector defining a receiving space for receiving an electronic card, includes an insulative housing, a number of contacts retain in the insulative housing, and a metal shell covering the insulative housing. The insulative housing has a bottom wall. The metal shell has a top wall opposed to the bottom wall, and a pair of side walls. The metal shell defines a depressed portion outwardly recessed from an intersection portion of the top wall and the side wall.02-10-2011
20110143564ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - An electrical connector assembly includes a terminal holding member having a plurality of terminals, each having a distributing section; a distributing member for coupling the holding member, and formed with first and second rows of retention holes in parallel manner. Each retention hole has an insert hole section and a distributing hole section. Once the holding member is coupled to the distributing member, the terminals extend respectively through the insert hole sections and the distributing hole sections in the terminal distributing member, thereby forming and exposing two parallel rows of the distributing sections of the terminals from a flat end of the terminal distributing member.06-16-2011
20110086530MULTILAYER ELECTRONIC CARD CONNECTOR WITH EJECTOR - An electronic card connector includes a base, upper and lower terminals and an ejector including a core, a sliding sheet, a guiding rod and an elastic member. A baffle separates the base into upper and lower slots for respectively accommodating upper and lower cards. The core has a sliding slot, which has one end having a concave positioning point, and the other end having a starting point, such that unidirectional circulation successively from the starting point to the positioning point and then to the starting point is formed. The sheet may slide relatively to the base and has first and second pushing portions respectively disposed in the lower and upper slots. The rod has one end engaged into the sliding slot and is slidable along the sliding slot. The elastic member provides elasticity for moving the sliding sheet into the base and then returning the sheet to a home position.04-14-2011
20110070760STACKED CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector (03-24-2011
20090023319CARD CONNECTOR AND CARD CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - A card connector is mounted on a PCB and has an insulative housing, a plurality of terminals, a pair of hook assemblies and a tray. The terminals are mounted on the insulative housing. The hook assemblies are mounted on the insulative housing and each hook assembly has a hook and a sheath. The sheath covers the hook. The tray is mounted slidably on the insulative housing and has two slides and two positioning notches defined respectively in the slides and selectively engaged respectively with sheathes on the hooks. The sheathes prevent the hooks from wearing the tray and prevent the slides from deviating.01-22-2009
20090023318RCARD CONNECTOR - Provided is a card connector including a first contact which is connected to a first card (card B), a second contact which is disposed toward an insertion port of the card from the first contact so as to be connected to a second card (card C), and a protection plate which protects the second contact from the contact with the first card. A guide piece which guides the bottom surface of the first card is formed in a housing in which the first and second cards are selectively mounted, and a support surface which is disposed in a position toward the insertion port and on the upper side from the guide piece is formed on the protection plate. The first card is inserted in a state where the leading end thereof is inclined more downward than the rear end thereof.01-22-2009
20100112840Memory Card Connector - A memory card connector includes an insulative housing having a terminal-mounting section which mounts a plurality of conductive terminals having contact portions for engaging appropriate contacts on a memory card. The housing at least in part defines a card-receiving cavity for receiving the memory card. A card eject mechanism includes a slider movably mounted on the housing. The slider is engageable with the memory card for movement therewith into and out of the cavity between an inserted connection position and a withdrawal position. A slide lock member is mounted on the connector, independent of the eject mechanism, and is engageable with the slider to hold the slider in its inserted connection position. An ejection control member is mounted on the housing for releasing the slide lock from engagement with the slider to allow the slider and memory card to be ejected.05-06-2010
20080248666Connector Storing Apparatus and Electronic Device - A main frame supports a receiving-side connector to which a connecting-side connector is connected in movable manner toward inside. A holding unit holds the receiving-side connector that is moved to the inside. A connector biasing unit applies a biasing force toward outside to the receiving-side connector. A hold releasing unit releases a hold by the holding unit, and moves the receiving-side connector to the outside by the biasing force. A pressing-force applying unit applies, when the receiving-side connector is not moved by the biasing force, a pressing force for ejecting the receiving-side connector to the receiving-side connector.10-09-2008
20120276764CARD CONNECTOR WITH IMPROVED EJECTOR CAM PORTION - A card connector (11-01-2012
20080254659Card connector - A card connector (10-16-2008
20100197155PUSH-PUSH MECHANISM, PARTICULARLY FOR A CARD READER - The invention concerns a push-push mechanism, particularly for a card reader with a control cam and a control pin, which engages with the control cam and is operatively connected with a slider, during which the transition of the control pin from the initial position to the reading position takes place by a first push and the transition from the reading position back into the initial position by a second push on the control pin and thus the slider, whereby the control pin is flexibly deflected during its actuation along the control cam.08-05-2010
20100323544ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR - A connector includes a housing, a pair of headers, a pair of crank levers, a pair of ejectors, and a pair of clip arms. When a printed substrate is inserted into the housing, the pair of crank levers is caused to pivot so as to raise the pair of ejectors. Then, by moving the pair of clip arms from a third groove to a second groove at which the width is narrower, a pair of projections fits a pair of locking holes so as to sandwich both sides of the printed substrate. The connector can securely lock the printed substrate since the header prevents widening of the distance of the pair of projections even in a case in which a force aimed to detach the printed substrate from the housing works is acting thereon.12-23-2010
20110136360ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR - An electrical card connector (06-09-2011
20110070759Card Connector with Ejection Damper - A card connector has a housing with a base and a side rail extending from the base to define a card-insertion cavity. A plurality of conductive terminals are supported by the housing and extend at least partially into the card-insertion cavity for contacting a card inserted into the card-insertion cavity. A push-push style card locking and ejection mechanism retains the card in the card-insertion cavity upon a first push and which ejects an inserted card upon a second push. The mechanism includes a slide member positioned for slidable movement on the side rail and a biasing member contacting the slide member for selectively exerting an ejection force on the slide member. The slide member includes a slide surface that slides along a guide surface of the side rail. A damping material is interposed between the slide member slide surface and the guide rail guide surface for retarding movement of the slide member on the side rail in response to an ejection force from the biasing member.03-24-2011
20110151695Card Connector - A card connector has an insulating housing defining a top, a bottom opposite to the top. An ejection mechanism is disposed at one side of the insulating housing. The ejection mechanism includes a slider, an elastic element and a cam lever. Two opposite ends of the cam lever respectively have a first hook portion for being fixed in a receiving hole defined at the top of the insulating housing and a second hook portion for being movably arranged in the slider and different in length with the first hook portion. The bottom of the insulating housing defines an observation slot communicating with the receiving hole at a portion corresponding to the receiving hole. The height of the receiving hole is shorter than the length of one of the first and second hook portions and not shorter than the other of the first and second hook portions.06-23-2011
20120309213CARD CONNECTOR WITH SEPARABLE CARD TRAY - A card connector includes a shell having an entrance formed at a front end thereof, at least one terminal set, a card tray having a lateral portion, an ejecting assembly composed of a heart-shaped guide groove formed at the lateral portion, a guide member having two ends, one of which is pivoted to the shell and the other has an interference portion for interference with the guide groove, and a springy member mounted inside the shell and working on the card tray; and a springy biasing member mounted to shell and applying the resilience to the guide groove. The lateral portion includes an extension groove having two ends, one of which communicates with the guide groove and the other extends rearward to be an open end. When the card tray is inserted into the shell through the entrance, the open end allows the interference portion to enter the extension groove.12-06-2012
20110189875PUSH-PUSH CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector (08-04-2011
20110306224ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR HAVING IMPROVED CARD LOCKING ELEMENT - An electrical card connector (12-15-2011
20120003853CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector comprises a housing, connection terminals, a card guide mechanism and a cover member. The housing is configured to accommodate therein a card which is provided with terminal members. The connection terminals are mounted in the housing and configured to be capable of coming into contact with the terminal members of the card. The card guide mechanism is provided with a slide member configured to slide while holding the card inserted into the housing, and an urging member configured to urge the slide member in a direction opposite to an insertion direction of the card. The cover member mounted on the housing and configured to cover at least the slide member and a portion of the card inserted into the housing.01-05-2012
20080299806Electrical card connector - An electrical card connector for receiving at least two electrical cards, comprises: an insulating housing; a shielding shell substantially enclosing the insulating housing; a front row of terminals and a rear row of terminals received in the insulating housing; an ejector receiving in one side of the insulating housing for ejecting two cards; wherein the front row of terminals are for connecting with one kind of electrical card and the front and the rear row of terminals together are for connecting with the other kind of electrical card.12-04-2008
20120108092CARD EDGE CONNECTOR WITH IMPROVED EJECTOR MECHANISM - A card edge connector includes an elongated housing, the housing extends along a longwise direction thereof and has a pair of opposed side walls, a central slot between the side walls, and a tower portion disposed at one end thereof. A plurality of contacts are retained in the housing. An ejector mechanism is rotatable retained in the housing and has a body portion, a flexible arm divided from the body portion and a locking protrusion located on the flexible arm. The lock protrusion is adapted to resist the tower portion during the ejector mechanism rotates with respect to the housing.05-03-2012
20110092087MEMORY CARD MOUNTING DEVICE FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL - Provided is a memory card mounting device for a portable terminal, the memory card mounting device including a first socket installed in the terminal in a state where an opening through which a memory card is inserted is positioned on a side surface of the terminal and a second socket installed in a form stacked on the first socket, in which an opening of the second socket through which a memory card is inserted is positioned in parallel to the opening of the first socket on the side surface of the terminal, or the second socket is positioned on a rear surface of the terminal such that the memory card is mounted in the second socket on the rear surface of the terminal. The opening through which the memory card is inserted can be positioned in various areas such as a side surface or a rear surface of the terminal.04-21-2011
20120220147PLUG CONNECTOR HAVING A RELEASING MECHANISM - A plug connector (08-30-2012
20120164860PLUG CONNECTOR HAVING A RELEASING MECHANISM AND A CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY HAVING THE SAME - A connector assembly includes a receptacle (06-28-2012
20100009562CONNECTOR FOR AN ELECTRONIC CARD - A card connector (01-14-2010
20120220145CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector for accommodating either of a first card and a second card with the different size from the first card, includes: contacts including first contacts for the first card and second contacts for the second card; a partition plate which partitions a card accommodation space up and down; and an eject mechanism including an eject member which slides in the card connector in a front-back direction, a card contacting member coupled to the ejected member and having a first card pressing surface that abuts on the first card, and a movable metal member attached to the card contacting member and having a second card pressing surface that abuts on the second card and that is moved between a first position and a second position.08-30-2012
20120220146CONNECTOR - A connector is connectable to a card. The connector comprises an eject member including a pressed portion. The eject member is configured to eject the card along an eject direction when the pressed portion is pressed by an operation member separated from the connector and having a tip. The pressed portion is formed by bending a metal plate so as to have a receiving wall and a side wall. The receiving wall is configured to be brought into abutment with the tip of the operation member so that the pressed portion is pressed by the operation member. The side wall extends in a direction crossing the receiving wall so that the side wall is located lateral to the tip upon the abutment of the tip with the receiving wall.08-30-2012
20080299807Card connector - A card connector (12-04-2008
20110003496CARD CONNECTOR WITH SWITCH ELEMENT - A card connector (01-06-2011
20110039433PRODUCT STRUCTURE WITH EJECTOR - A product structure includes a base and an ejector including a core, a sliding sheet, a guiding rod and an elastic member. The core has a sliding slot, which has a circulating path, one end formed with a positioning point, the other end formed with a starting point, and a bottom surface formed with unidirectional stopper blocks, so that the path unidirectionally circulates from the starting point sequentially to the positioning point and to the starting point. The sliding sheet having a pushing portion may slide back and forth relatively to the base. The rod has one end engaged with the slot and can slide along the path. The elastic member provides an elastic force for returning the sliding sheet, after being moved into the base, to a home position. The core has a seat and a metal baseplate, which is engaged with the seat and has the stopper blocks.02-17-2011
20100203750RETENTION-EXTRACTION DEVICE FOR REMOVABLE CARDS IN A CHASSIS - A retention-extraction device is provided for a removable card in a chassis. The device includes an actuation rod having a cam slot, the actuation rod configured to provide linear movement along the length of the actuation rod, and an extraction lever operatively connected to a proximal end of the actuation rod and pivotally secured to the chassis. The device also includes a bell crank with a cam follower that is configured to ride in the cam slot and a latch hook that pivots between an open and closed position based on the motion of the bell crank. The linear movement of the actuation rod causes the extraction lever to apply a force to a portion of the card and causes the latch hook to pivot to an open position to allow removal of the card.08-12-2010
20100130041CARD CONNECTOR - A card connector includes a housing inserted a card therein, a slider, a rotating cam member having a shaft portion that is retained so as to be rotatable by the slider, and a compression coil spring that biases the rotating cam member. The slider includes second chevron teeth that engage with first chevron teeth provided at an end of the rotating cam member. The rotating cam member is provided with a first broad protrusion and a second narrow protrusion alternately at an outer circumference of the shaft portion. When inserting the card, since the rotating cam member turns by a predetermined angle so that the first protrusion faces the starting end of the passage groove, the slider is locked. When pushing the card again, since the rotating cam member turns by a predetermined angle, the second protrusion faces the starting end of the passage groove, the card can be ejected.05-27-2010
20100130040Connector - A connector has an ejection mechanism operable to eject a card having a notch along a length direction, at least one contact, a housing for holding the at least one contact, and a cover for covering the housing. The ejection mechanism includes a movable unit that is movable between a holding position, at which the movable unit is located when the card has been inserted in the connector, and an ejecting position, at which the movable unit is located when the card has been ejected from the connector, along the length direction during insertion and ejection of the card. The movable unit includes a lock portion movable along a width direction perpendicular to the length direction as well as along the length direction when the movable unit moves along the length direction. The lock portion is located within the notch of the card to prevent ejection of the card when the movable unit is located at the holding position. The cover and the housing define a cavity that can receive at least part of the card and an opening for allowing the card to be inserted into the cavity. The connector also has a width-direction movement regulator configured to prevent the lock portion from moving in the width direction when the movable unit is located at the holding position.05-27-2010
20130017698PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND BATTERY EJECTING STRUCTURE THEREOFAANM CHENG; Wen-ChiehAACI New Taipei CityAACO TWAAGP CHENG; Wen-Chieh New Taipei City TWAANM LEE; Yao-TingAACI New Taipei CityAACO TWAAGP LEE; Yao-Ting New Taipei City TW - A battery ejecting structure is applied to a portable electronic device which comprises a housing and a battery. The battery ejecting structure comprises an ejecting element, a cover, a pushing element and an elastic element. The ejecting element is movably located in the container of the housing; the cover is connected pivotally to the housing and covers the container to be a closed state, and the cover restricts the ejecting element to move via a blocking element; the pushing element is located in the housing, and the fixed member of the ejecting element is connected to the pushing element through the housing. Wherein when the cover is rotated relative to the housing to form an open state, the blocking element disengages from the container, and the pushing element is moved by an elastic restoring force of the elastic element to unlock the battery.01-17-2013
20110159716ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR - An electrical card connector (06-30-2011
20080254658Memory card connector - A memory card connector includes a housing, a plurality of terminals and a cover. The housing consists of a bottom wall, a front wall, a back wall and a pair of side walls and defines a plurality of slots therein. A receptacle is formed among the walls. The terminals are received in the corresponding slots. The cover is pivotally mounted to the housing, having a top member. At least one pressed component is arranged on the top member. The pressed component includes a pair of opposite spring arms, one end of the spring arms connects with the top member, and the other is stamped individually to form a pair of inclined arms on the top member. The inclined arms joint together by a protruding joint portion, which presses down a memory card. Therefore, a firmly electrical connection between the memory card and the terminals is established.10-16-2008
20090298314EASY-TO-REMOVE PLUG - An easy-to-remove plug for insertion into a socket includes a body, two conducting plates extending forwardly and spacedly from a front end of the body, a shell sleeved on the body and movable forwardly and rearwardly relative to the body, and at least one linkage set. The linkage set is connected pivotally to one of the body and the shell, and has a force-bearing end and an abutting end. The force-bearing end has a connective relationship with the other of the body and the shell. When a force is applied to the shell to enable the shell to move rearwardly relative to the body, the force is borne by the force-bearing end and drives the linkage set to pivot so as to bring the abutting end to abut against the socket for separating the two conducting plates from the socket.12-03-2009
20130171848SURFACE CONTACT CARD HOLDER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A surface contact card holder includes a housing, a tray and two elastic members positioned between the tray and the housing. The housing includes a support plate and defines an opening. The support plate defines a through hole. The tray is slidable and receivable in the housing from the opening and the tray is configured for carrying a surface contact card therein. The tray includes a tray body and a cantilever arm extending from the tray body. The cantilever arm includes a protruding portion releasbly latched in the through hole. When the protruding portion is pressed to release the tray, the tray is automatically slid out of the opening under the elastic force of the elastic members to allow insertion and removal of the surface contact card from the housing.07-04-2013
20120252240SOCKET FOR MICRO SUBSCRIBER IDENTIFICATION MODULE CARD - A micro SIM card socket is equipped with an insulator housing, wherein the SIM card is installed; a metal shell, connected to the housing at a constant distance from the housing, that guides the insertion of the SIM card; multiple contact terminals, supported by the housing, one end of which is connected to the contact terminal of the SIM card and the other end of which is fixed to the printed circuit board; a locking unit installed on the side of the housing in order to selectively fix the insertion point of the SIM card, having a curve-shaped pressure pin, at the end of the unit, putting pressure to the edge of the SIM card; a detect terminal installed in the housing in order to detect the insertion of the SIM card and that is pressured by the pressure pin, located in proximity of the pressure pin, when the SIM card is inserted; and a switch terminal that elastically contacts the detect terminal.10-04-2012
20130130527CARD INSERT/EJECT MECHANISM HAVING A POSITION-LIMITING PLATE ENGAGING A SLIDING BLOCK - The present invention is to provide a card insert/eject mechanism, which includes an insulating seat formed with a receiving space and a track groove; a metal housing covering the receiving space and track groove and having a position-limiting resilient plate at a bottom surface thereof; a sliding block slidable along the track groove and laterally provided with a pushing portion that extends into the receiving space thereby, when an electronic card pushes the pushing portion, the sliding block is moved against rear end of the insulating seat; a resilient element provided in the track groove for applying a force to rear end of the sliding block; and a release bar disposed in the track groove for releasing the position-limiting resilient plate and enabling the sliding block to push the electronic card out of the receiving space, so as to effectively solve the insecure card engagement problem in conventional push-push connectors.05-23-2013
20120021626ELECTRICAL CARD CONNECTOR HAVING IMPROVED SPRING MEMBER - An electrical card connector (01-26-2012
20120094515PLUG CONNECTOR HAVING AN IMPROVED LATCHING MECHANISM - A plug connector (04-19-2012
20120094514CARD CONNECTOR WITH SWITCH UNIT - A card connector (04-19-2012

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