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439 - Electrical connectors


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439137000 Moved by mating connector 44
439142000 Movable about axis 23
439145000 Movable to misalign aperture with contact 3
20100210126DUAL SOURCE CONNECTOR SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a device for attaching a temporary and a permanent generator as a backup to a cellular tower or to other electrically supported device. The device of the invention provides a means for only allowing one generator at a time to be attached.08-19-2010
20090286411TAMPER RESISTANT INTERRUPTER RECEPTACLE HAVING A DETACHABLE METAL SKIN - A tamper-resistant device including a housing having a first surface and a second surface; and one or more covers positioned on the first surface of the housing, wherein the first surface includes at least two angled surfaces for receiving the one or more covers to create a securedly fixed connection, and wherein the one or more covers are securedly fixed to the housing via a snapping device.11-19-2009
20120083144POWER STRIP WITH SAFETY COVER - A power strip includes a base, a casing, at least one latching member, and at least one first elastic member. The case includes at least one cover. Each cover includes at least one first hook. The cover is able to move between a first position and a second position. Each latching member is slidably connected to the base and includes at least one second hook. Each first elastic member is received in the base and capable of providing a spring force to keep one cover to be in the first position. When the cover is moved to the second position, the first hook engages the second hook to keep the cover in the second position. When the latching member is operated to cause the first hook disengages from the second hook, the cover is pushed to the first position due to the spring force of the first elastic member.04-05-2012
20130029506SOCKET PROTECTION DEVICE AND CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY - A socket protection device includes a fixing member, a cover, a limiting member, and an operation member. The fixing member is secured to a circuit board. The fixing member includes a pair of first connecting blocks. The cover includes a second connecting block, a first latching portion, and a second latching portion. The limiting member is secured to the circuit board. The operation member includes a shaft and an operation rod secured to the shaft. The shaft rotatably connects the cover to the fixing member via the first and second connecting blocks. When the operation rod is pressed to drive the shaft to rotate, the cover is rotated toward the socket. When the cover covers the socket, the first latching portion latches the limiting member, and the second latching portion latches the operation rod.01-31-2013
20120115342PLUG-AND-SOCKET CONNECTOR WITH A BLOCKING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a plug-and-socket connector with a first housing with first electrical contacts and a second housing with second electrical contacts. The first housing has a lever which is rotatably mounted on the first housing, the second housing having a toothed surface on which the lever arm can be brought into contact with an actuating surface upon pivoting, in order to draw the first and the second housing together into an end position in which the first and the second contacts are contacted with each other. The first housing has a blocking element which, in a pre-assembly position of the first and the second housing in which the two housings are partially inserted into one another, blocks pivoting of the lever arm into the end position. The second housing has a release surface, with the release surface displacing the blocking element upon pushing together the two housings from the pre-assembly position into an assembly position, so that the lever arm can be moved from the pre-engagement position into the end position in order to assemble the two housings into the end position.05-10-2012
20110263144FEMALE CONNECTOR ELEMENT AND CONNECTOR INCLUDING SAME - The invention relates to a female element (10-27-2011
20100279527ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a housing having a sidewall, a socket assembled in the housing, and a protection cover slidably assembled on the sidewall of the housing. The sidewall of the housing defines a sliding slot and a socket hole. The socket is exposed by the socket hole. The protection cover includes a main body, a latching portion and a sliding block connecting the main body and the latching portion. The main body and the latching portion are respectively positioned on opposite sides of the sidewall. The sliding block is slidably engaged in the sliding slot, thus enabling the main body to slide between a first and a second positions to expose or cover the socket.11-04-2010
20100120274MODULAR WIRING SYSTEM WITH LOCKING ELEMENTS - A wiring system includes a wiring module and a functional module. The wiring module in at least one embodiment includes elongated holes or openings which are configured to engage or lock with prongs on a functional module to create a lockable connection. The wiring module and the functional module form both a physical and an electrical connection. In another embodiment, there is an adapter which is configured to connect the wiring module and the functional module or unit together.05-13-2010
20090088010WEATHERPROOF CONNECTOR - A weatherproof power inlet box and mating plug wherein the inlet box and mating plug are asymmetrical, positively latched and include more robust elements and a visual indicator of the status of the interconnect. Also included is a thermostat that trips to prevent overheating.04-02-2009
20090263994ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes an enclosure, a protecting member, and a power plug. The enclosure includes a top wall, a bottom wall, sidewalls, a socket, and a slot to receive an electronic card. The socket and the slot are defined in one of the sidewalls. The protecting member includes a receiving portion bounding the socket and the slot and a sliding plate capable of sliding to an open position and a closed position in the receiving portion. Movement of the sliding plate in the open position does not allow insertion of the power plug into the socket and allows the electronic card to be inserted into or removed from the slot, and movement of the sliding plate in the closed position allows insertion of the power plug into the socket and does not allow the electronic card to be inserted into or removed from the slot.10-22-2009
20090258516USB Device With Connected Cap - A USB device including a housing and a protective cap that are slidably and/or pivotably connected together such that the protective cap is able to slide and/or pivot between an open position, in which a plug connector extending from the front of the housing is exposed for operable coupling to a host system, and a closed position, in which the protective cap is disposed over the front end portion of the housing to protect the plug connector. A pivoting/sliding mechanism is provided on the housing and cap that secures the protective cap to the housing at all times, including during transitional movements of the protective cap between the opened and closed positions.10-15-2009
20090280664Communication port - A communication port is susceptible to contaminates such as dirt, dust, and moisture if not properly protected. A communication port that automatically protects against contaminates includes a housing defining an opening and configured to receive a device connector. A face plate is disposed on the housing. The face plate defines a window generally aligned with the opening. A door is slideably disposed on the housing and biased toward a position covering the opening and the window. Exerting a force on the door exposes the opening and the window.11-12-2009
20120295456SOCKET, A PLUG, AND AN ASSEMBLY - A plug and socket assembly comprising (i) a socket that includes a mating means disposed thereon, and an electrical contact on the socket, and (ii) a plug that includes a matching means for mating with the mating means disposed on the socket, and a conducting terminal for coupling electrically to the electrical contact on the socket. The matching means is configured to be adjustable between a compatible mode and an incompatible mode. When in the compatible mode, the matching means allows the electrical contact to contact the conducting terminal, and when in the incompatible mode, the matching means substantially prevents the electrical contact from contacting the conducting terminal.11-22-2012
20100136810Telecommunications Connectivity System - A telecommunications connectivity system including a patch panel comprising a plurality of ports, each port including first and second electrical terminals, the first electrical terminal enabling at least one data communications standard not enabled by the second electrical terminal. The telecommunications connectivity system also includes a terminal selection system including a terminal selector that houses an electrical connector. The terminal selector may be installed in one of the ports such that the electrical connector connects to either the first or second electrical terminal, as preselected. The telecommunications connectivity system also includes a wall receptacle system electrically connected to each of the ports, the wall receptacle system including first and second jacks, the first jack enabling at least one data communications standard not enabled by the second jack.06-03-2010
20110207350CONNECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A connector apparatus is provided. The apparatus can include a housing having at least a first aperture and a second aperture. The apparatus can further include a hollow, flexible member having a first end and a second end. The first end of the hollow, flexible, member can be non-detachably attached to the first aperture. The second end of the hollow, flexible, member can be detachably attached to the second aperture. The apparatus can also include a tensioning member disposed to bias the hollow, flexible, member towards the housing.08-25-2011
20110207349Tethered Port Protector for Portable Electronic Devices and Kit of Port Protectors - A port protector for an electronic device that is formed with one or more ports having an access opening. The port protector includes a protective plug having a shape substantially corresponding to a shape of the access opening of the port of the electronic device and being configured to seal the opening of the port when the plug is inserted into the opening. An elastic tether strip has a first end connected to and integrally formed with at least a part of the protective plug. An attachment tab is integrally formed at a second end of said tether strip, opposite and distally from the protective plug. The attachment tab is configured for removable attachment to the surface of the shell body of the electronic device. The tether strip has a length enabling the protective plug to be inserted into and removed from the opening of the port while the attachment tab is attached to the surface of the shell body of the electronic device.08-25-2011
20110223788ELECTRICAL POWER OUTLET - A power outlet includes a base and sliding covers. The base has conductive terminals for electrically connecting to terminals of a power line. The conductive terminals are partially exposed from the base and a pair of first guiding portions arranged in parallel to each other is disposed on each side of the base exposing the conductive terminals. Each of the sliding covers has second guiding portions capable of sliding with and engaging with the corresponding first guiding portions so as to allow the sliding covers to slide relative to the base, thereby shielding the exposed portions of the conductive terminals and preventing accidental touching of the exposed portions of the conductive terminals by a user and thus avoiding the risk of electric shock.09-15-2011
20100248511SIGNAL DEVICE HOUSING WITH INTEGRATED RESTRICTED CONNECTIONS - A device housing for signal devices that are to be placed on a premise of a user, the device housing encouraging access to certain connections and discouraging access to certain connections once the device housing is mounted to a mounting surface. The device housing includes a first housing portion defining a first cavity enclosing electrical components and a second housing portion defining a second cavity. The second housing portion adjoins the first housing portion. An adjoining wall separates the first cavity from the second cavity. An open side of the second cavity is positioned to extend along the mounting surface. At least one user connection is mounted to an external sidewall of the first housing portion, and at least one restricted connection is mounted to the adjoining wall. The restricted connection extends into the second cavity.09-30-2010
20090117762PROTECTIVE BOOT AND UNIVERSAL CAP - A protective endcap for use with a triaxial cable connector. The endcap is sized to fit about a mating end of the triaxial connector. A pair of protective boots for use with coaxial cable connectors. Each protective boot includes an interior space for receiving a triaxial cable connector. Each interior space includes ridges for engaging grooves about the connector. Each boot includes a mating circumferential lip about a connector end. Each boot includes a tapered cable end with an opening for a cable from a connector to extend through from the interior space. A triaxial cable connector assembly including a connector, a protective boot and an endcap. The connector is positioned within an interior opening of the boot with ridges of an inner wall of the opening engaging grooves of the connector. A cable extending from the connector extends through a cable end of the boot. A mating end of the connector is adjacent a connector end of the boot. The endcap is mounted about the mating end of the connector and includes a circumferential lip which engages a mating circumferential lip of boot.05-07-2009
20130122727ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a body, a door, and a connection module. The body has an opening located at a side of the body. The door is pivoted to the body and capable of rotating between an opening position and a closing position in relative to the body for exposing or covering the opening. The connection module is slidably connected to the body. When the door is rotated to the opening position in relative to the body and exposes the opening, the door drives the connection module to slide to a working position in relative to the body, and when the door is rotated to the closing position in relative to the body and covers the opening, the door drives the connection module to slide to a retracted position in relative to the body.05-16-2013
20100151713STORAGE DEVICE HAVING A MEMORY MODULE, COVER, AND LIGHT-TRANMISSION ELEMENTS - A storage device has a memory module, a cover, and light-transmission elements. In one such storage device, a cover has light-transmission elements extending from opposing exterior surfaces of the cover. In a configuration of the memory module and the cover, the light-transmission elements are optically coupled to the light source.06-17-2010
20100227485COVER OPENING AND CLOSING DEVICE - In the cover opening and dosing device of the present invention, a terminal cover 09-09-2010
20120196461WITHDRAWABLE CIRCUIT BREAKER SHUTTER SYSTEMS - An apparatus includes a first shutter, a first pivot arm having a first end and a second end, wherein the second end is disposed in mechanical communication with the first shutter, a second shutter, and a second pivot arm having a first end and a second end, wherein the second end is disposed in mechanical communication with the second shutter and the first end is disposed in mechanical communication with the first end of the first pivot arm. Linear movement of the first ends of the first and second pivot arms results in linear movement of the first shutter and the second shutter.08-02-2012
20100210125COVER MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A cover mechanism for an electronic device includes a base member and a cover combination. The base member defines a hole. The cover combination includes a cover member and at least one elastic member. One end of the at least one elastic member is attached to the cover member, another end of the at least one elastic member is attached to the base member. The cover member is slidably assembled into the base member, and the at least one elastic member provides an elastic force to allow the cover member to releasably cover the hole.08-19-2010
20110117760ELECTRICAL BOX - In one embodiment, a female electrical connector comprises a socket having slots and electrical contacts. At least one of the electrical contacts can be movable between an open electrical circuit position where the electrical contacts are not in electrical communication and the socket is electrically inactive and a closed electrical circuit position where the electrical contacts are in electrical communication and the socket is electrically active. In one embodiment, an electrical box can comprise a container formed from a base having sides extending therefrom to define a cavity and the female electrical connector.05-19-2011
20100311258CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY HAVING IMPROVED COVER - A connector assembly (12-09-2010
20110212635ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR HAVING MOVABLE PROTECTIVE SHIELD - An electrical connector, comprising a connector body having an opening for receiving an electrical cable, a connector element disposed at least partly within the connector body and electrically coupleable to the electrical cable, an insulating shield operably associated with the connector body and movable between a first position, in which an electrical contact portion of the connector element is exposed for direct contact, and a second position, in which the insulating shield covers the electrical contact portion to limit direct contact with the electrical contact portion, and a catch mechanism for retaining the insulating shield in the second position, the catch mechanism having an actuable portion for releasing the insulating shield for movement to the first position.09-01-2011
20110070757Electrical and mechanical connector adaptor system for media devices - An electrical connector adaptor system for connecting a base media device having at least one integral electrical connector with one or more detachable second media devices. The integral connector is located within a mechanical adaptor for protecting a second media device from mechanical damage and/or to prevent lateral movement of the second media device. Each second media device has a connector that may differ from a connector of other second media devices, or the second media device may have a different form factor from other second media devices. The system includes a detachable electrical connector adaptor module which has a first electrical connector for mating with the base media device integral connector and a second electrical connector for mating with the second media device.03-24-2011
20110212634AC INTERCONNECT SCHEME FOR PSU - An ATX compatible power supply unit having at least one AC power inlet and at least one AC power cable, the AC power inlet configured to support nominal contact resistances of less than 8 milliohms per contact or the AC power cable configured to support series resistances of less than 4 milliohms per linear foot of individual conductor is disclosed.09-01-2011
20110256745SAFE ELECTRICAL OUTLET - Provided is a safe electrical outlet, which includes a case having a top opening and an inner lower portion to which a connecting terminal is fixed, a lift plate coupled to an inner portion of the case and vertically moving and including at least one insertion hole in which a connecting pin of a plug for connecting to a power source is inserted, and a lift operation unit coupled to the inner portion of the case. When the connecting pin is inserted in the insertion hole to move the lift plate downward in the case, the connecting terminal contacts the connecting pin, and the lift operation unit fixes the lift plate. When the plug is pressed to a lower side of the case with the connecting terminal contacting the connecting pin, the lift plate is elastically moved upward to space the connecting pin apart from the connecting terminal.10-20-2011
20110256744ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR HAVING DUST-PROOF DEVICE WITH SELF-DRIVEN ARRANGEMENT - An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a plurality of contacts retained in the housing, a shell enclosing the housing and a dust-proof device. The dust-proof device defining a dust-proof member movable from a closed position to an open position, a resilient connecting member attached to the dust-proof member, and a pivoting portion connecting the dust-proof member with the shell by a shaft formed on the resilient connecting member running through the pivoting portion. A peak point is provided on the pivoting portion and disposed between a first position and a second position, and the dust-proof member will automatically return to the closed position when the shaft rotates between the first position and the peak point and automatically reach to the open position when the shaft rotates between the peak point and the second position.10-20-2011
20090176391INPUT/OUTPUT CONNECTOR AND HOUSING - A movable I/O port and housing therefore. The I/O port housing may be hinged to pivot between an open and closed position. The pivot point may be a low- or zero-friction pivot. The I/O port housing may include an opening mechanism to facilitate pivoting the port between the open and closed positions, and/or vice versa. For example, the opening mechanism may take the form of paired magnets of opposing polarities.07-09-2009
20110189872DEVICES FOR CLOSING AND OPENING A CONNECTOR PASSAGE - The environmental conditions encountered in industry are not equally suitable for all connectors. Therefore, office connecting technology is rarely used in industry. In order to allow the use of office connecting technology in industry, wall leadthroughs such as are used in the construction of switchboards and appliances are used and cover plug contacts when the plug receiving elements are not used or cover wall passages. The predominantly square or rectangular wall passages also have fastening and positioning means in the form of mounting frames for such connectors. Said mounting frames are covered, e.g. with caps, when not in use in order to close the connector passage or already existing contacts off from unfavorable environmental conditions. The invention relates to a closing device of the above type in the form of a pre-mounted closing element for sealingly closing a connector leadthrough and comprises means for repeatedly closing and opening the leadthrough, the device being easy to handle due to the fact that it can be simply pushed onto the leadthrough and slightly twisted to open (push & twist).08-04-2011
20110177704INDOOR/OUTDOOR CABLE HARNESS SYSTEM - A cable harness system having: a first distal portion having a power socket; a second distal portion having a power plug, the second distal portion being connected to the first distal portion; a power outlet located between the first and second distal portions and interconnected to the power cord. The power outlet having a power socket; an integrated cap having protruding pins which insert into corresponding pin holes of the power socket to prevent water from entering the pin holes of the at least one power socket, the cap releasably covering the power socket by inserting the protruding pins into the power socket when the power socket is not in use, and the cap releasably covering an earth pin hole of the power socket by inserting one protruding pin into an unused pin hole of the power socket when a two pin power plug is inserted into the power socket.07-21-2011
20100029109Multifunctional Wall Socket - A multifunctional wall socket related to electrical conduction connecting device, comprising socket cover (02-04-2010
20110306223CLOSURE DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRICAL PLUG-IN COUPLING MEANS ARRANGED ON A MOTOR VEHICLE OR A CHARGING STATION - A closure device for an electrical plug-in coupling means arranged on a motor vehicle or a charging station. A locking means is provided for locking the plug coupled to the plug-in coupling means. The locking means can be operated via a gear mechanism between the drive motor and the closure flap. The locking means comprises a locking element which, when the closure flap is transferred from an intermediate open position, in which the plug can be coupled to the plug-in coupling means, into the final open position, can be brought into a locked position which prevents the removal of the plug from the plug-in coupling means.12-15-2011
20120015535ELECTRONIC APPARATUS HAVING A COVER WHICH SYNCHRONOUSLY DEFINED AS A WALL OF A MODULAR JACK DISPOSED THEREOF - An electronic apparatus includes a base portion including a first cover, a second cover perpendicular to the first cover and a receiving cavity running through the first and second covers to respectively provide a locking slot in the first cover and an opening in the second cover. The first cover defines locking portions oppositely extending from opposite faces of the locking slot.01-19-2012
20120108089Protective Housing Assembly and Connector - A connector, comprises a connector assembly; a main housing having an internal chamber for receiving therein the connector assembly; and a housing cover which mates with the main housing to cover the internal chamber. The main housing includes an opening at one end of the main housing with a removable and retractable cover permitting access to the internal chamber. A mating connector is connected to the connector assembly, the mating connector including a fastening tab; and the fastening tab including a main tab that is interlocked with the removable cover to prevent the mating connector from unintentionally disconnecting from the connector assembly. A protective housing assembly is also disclosed.05-03-2012
20110104918Safety Gates for Electrical Outlets - A safety gate for selectively covering socket holes of an electrical outlet comprises an upper slide plate comprising an upper space with an upper recessed platform on a first side and an upper slant on an opposed side. A lower slide plate comprises a lower space with a lower slant on a first side and a lower recessed platform on an opposed side. The upper and lower spaces allow load plug pins to pass through, and the intervals of the spaces correspond to the interval of load plug pins. The upper slide plate is stacked with the lower slide plate to overlap the upper recessed platform with the lower slant and the upper slant with the lower recessed platform. The upper slide plate slides relative to the lower slide plate. Load plug pins slide along the inclined slopes of the upper and lower slants to slidingly displace the upper and lower slide plates a distance that is no less than the thickness of a pin.05-05-2011
20120135617COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device is configured to perform data communications with a communication target while being connected to an information processing apparatus, and includes a communication unit and a holding unit. The communication unit is provided with a connector connectable to a connection port of the information processing apparatus and performs data communications with the communication target under control of the information processing apparatus. The holding unit holds the communication target. The holding unit is attached to the communication unit so as to be movable to a position where the holding unit covers the connector in a stored state, and movable to a position where the holding unit exposes the connector in a used state.05-31-2012
20120135616ADAPTER APPARATUS - An adapter apparatus includes a main body, two conductive head portions, and two covers. The main body includes a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. The conductive head portions are electrically connected to each other, and pivotably mounted to the first and second ends, respectively, to pivot between first positions where the covers cover the corresponding head portions, and second positions where the covers are latched to the main body to expose the corresponding head portions.05-31-2012
20100304587CONNECTOR COVER - To provide a connector cover that has dust preventing functions when the connector is not connected, and prevents inadvertent disengagement when a connector is connected. Provide a connector cover, comprising: a plate covering a receptacle open end; and an arm protruding from said plate; wherein the thickness of the arm is thinner than a gap between the latch lever of the plug and the body, when the plug is inserted into the open end.12-02-2010
20100009561CABLE ASSEMBLY WITH DUSTPROOF COVER MODULE - A cable assembly, comprises at least one connector defining a mating portion; a cable electrically connected to the connector; and a dustproof cover module attached to the cable. The dustproof cover module comprises at least one dustproof cover for covering the mating portion of the connector and a carrier comprising a base portion having at least one receiving room therein and a tie extending from a rear surface of the base portion. The dustproof cover is received into the receiving room, the tie engages with the base portion to make the carrier surrounding the cable and holding the dustproof cover positioned in the base portion of the carrier.01-14-2010
20120264315Electrical System Having Withdrawable Electrical Apparatus and Shutter Assembly With Ramped Engagement Surfaces - A shutter assembly is provided for an electrical system including at least one withdrawable electric apparatus, such as a circuit breaker, and an electrical bus member. A protruding structure of the circuit breaker is removably coupled to a corresponding primary contact of the electrical bus member to electrically connect the circuit breaker and the electrical bus member. The shutter assembly includes a pair of cover members that each have a ramped engagement surface and that are movable between a first position in which the corresponding primary contact of the electrical bus member is isolated and a second position in which the cover members are offset from the primary contact to allow the circuit breaker to be connected with the primary contact and the electrical bus member.10-18-2012
20130143425CONNECTION ASSEMBLY FOR CLOSING AN ELECTRIC CONTACT - The invention relates to a connection assembly (06-06-2013
20130171846USB DEVICE WITH A CAP - An electronic device, which may be a USB device, includes a body part that is removably connected to a cap. The body part includes a connector for plugging the device into a host computing device. The cap includes a lever part and a main part. The lever part of the cap is attached to the main part and pivots at least partially around a pivot axis. The lever part includes an anchor part on one side of the pivot axis and an unlock part on the other side of the pivot axis. The anchor part includes a hook that engages a cavity in the body part when the cap is connected to the body part. Depressing the unlock part of the cap causes the lever to pivot around the pivot axis thereby disengaging the hook from the first cavity, and thereby releasing the cap from the body part.07-04-2013
20130130523STRUCTURE OF LIFT COVER CONNECTOR - An improved structure of a lift cover connector includes a base, a cover, a main body, a terminal module and a plurality of positioning members. The cover is rotatably pivoted to one end of the base, and the cover can be opened or closed relative to the base. The terminal module is received in the base, and is inserted and positioned in the main body. The base and the main body are engaged with each other, and the positioning members are inserted in the main body. This design enables the cover to automatically close the base in a normal state by a resilient function of the positioning members, thereby to facilitating reducing product loss and improving the overall yield.05-23-2013
20100317205ELECTRONIC CARD WITH PROTECTING MECHANISM FOR PROTECTING CONTACTS THEREOF - An electronic card includes a housing, a plurality of contacts retain on the housing and a slider movably retained on the housing. The housing has a mating surface. The contacts are arranged in two rows along a length direction of the housing. Each contact in a first row has a flat first contact portion exposed to the mating surface. Each contact of a second row has a raised elastic second contact portion behind the first contact portion. The slider can move along the length direction of the housing to drive the second contact portions alternatively hiding below the mating surface or protruding out of the mating surface.12-16-2010
20130157484WING-SHAPED AND COMBINED RETRACTABLE PLUG - The invention discloses a wing-shaped and combined retractable plug, a front end as a fixed connector and two opposite lateral sides as a first retractable connector and a second retractable connector. The incorporation of the fixed connector, and the first and second connectors through the upper and lower shells results in a combined plug, which may charge up to three devices simultaneously or be used for data transmission with one device. The combined plug may contain different types of interfaces, so that the types and number of the connectors required to be carried are reduced. Since connecting wires are connected directly to the fixed connector and the first and second connectors, the transmission circuit resistance is reduced and more devices may be simultaneously charged and connected for data transmission. Compared with plugs in the prior art, the present combined plug is small sized and easy to operated.06-20-2013
20120282789DEVICE CONNECTOR - A device connector (11-08-2012
20130122728CONNECTOR - In a connector, a flange portion is provided at an end portion of an electric wire fixing portion. A rib is provided on outer surface of the electric wire fixing portion. A biding band winding space is provided between an end of the rib and the flange portion. An interval therebetween has a width equal to a width of the binding band. The electric wire is fixed by the binding band wound on the binding band winding space. A band passing hole is formed between the end of the rib and the flange portion. A plurality of side ribs are symmetrically provided at both sides of the rib. The binding band is inserted through the band passing hole, in response to a volume of the electric wire or in response to a size of a radius of curvature of the electric wire led out from the connector housing.05-16-2013
20130189863CONNECTOR SYSTEM - A connector system is provided and includes a blind mate book including a chassis and a connector, which is extendable and retractable with respect to the chassis, a mating connector operably connectable with the connector and a blocking system defining a pathway through which the blind mate book travels toward and from a connect position defined as a position at which the connector is operably connectable with the mating connector. The blocking system is configured to at least one of prevent travel of the blind mate book toward and from the connect position with the connector partially extended, and to permit connector extension upon disposition of the blind mate book in the connect position.07-25-2013
20130189864SAFETY SOCKET WITH PROTECTIVE DOOR - The invention discloses a safety socket with protective door comprising a socket panel, a reset spring, a protective door, and a protective door casing installed on the socket panel, wherein the socket panel and the protective door casing are provided with jacks, a partition is arranged inside the protective door casing, the protective door is provided with a through cavity and sleeved on the partition, the reset spring is located in the through cavity and between the partition and the protective door, slopes are arranged on the inner walls of the protective door, two bottom inclined walls are arranged on the lower end of the protective door, a fulcrum is formed at the intersection of the two bottom inclined walls, and limiting lug bosses matched with the jacks on the protective door casing are arranged on the left and right lower ends of the protective door, respectively.07-25-2013
20120028484Automatic Sliding Door - An automatic cover for universal serial bus (USB) port that opens and closes automatically when a USB plug is inserted and removed from the USB port. The automatic sliding door for a universal serial bus comprises a top door, a biasing means to urge the top door downward, a bottom door, a biasing means to urge the bottom door upward, and a support structure to which the top door and the bottom door are pivotally affixed. The top door and bottom door opens automatically upon insertion of a USB plug. When the USB plug is removed, the top door and bottom door closes automatically.02-02-2012
20130196522CHARGE CONNECTOR - An object is to provide a charge connector that can close an inner lid section and an outer lid section by one action to reliably avoid forgetting to close the inner lid section. A charge connector 08-01-2013
20130095678CHARGING CONNECTOR - A charging connector having a connector connection section disposed within an opening in the vehicle to which a plug is connected; an outer lid section which covers the opening; a resin arm which is pivotably supported within the opening and is bent so as to bypass the opening; and an outer lid hinge which allows the arm to pivot in a plane substantially perpendicular to the plane formed by the opening. The arm has an extended section which describes a circular arc centering on the outer lid hinge, and also has a base section (root section). The portion of the opening which is located near the arm is substantially circular-arc-shaped.04-18-2013

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