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436 - Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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436177000 Liberation or purification of sample or separation of material from a sample (e.g., filtering, centrifuging, etc.) 58
436180000 Volumetric liquid transfer 42
436175000 Digestion or removing interfering materials 18
436181000 Gaseous sample or with change of physical state 4
20130040402ANALYTE IONIZATION BY CHARGE EXCHANGE FOR SAMPLE ANALYSIS UNDER AMBIENT CONDITIONS - Electrospray ionization techniques are used to generate reagents that ionize analytes for mass spectrometric analysis by charge transfer. Such techniques may be performed under ambient conditions. Suitable precursors for such reagents include ionizable nonpolar solvents, such as toluene or xylenes, polar solvents, such as water or alchohols, inert gases, such as helium or nitrogen, or combinations thereof. Environmental conditions in the ionization chamber of the mass spectrograph can be manipulated to generate a selected ion of an analyte in preference to other ions.02-14-2013
20110195519Thin-film photochemical vapour generation - A photochemical vapour generator is disclosed having a reaction chamber with a liquid sample inlet, a carrier gas inlet and a carrier gas outlet. A liquid sample support surface for supporting a film of a liquid sample is in the reaction chamber. A source of ultraviolet radiation is positioned in radiative contact with the liquid sample support surface. Also described is a process for detecting and/or quantifying an analyte by providing a liquid film of a sample containing an organic acid or a salt thereof and a precursor compound of the analyte, exposing the liquid film to ultraviolet radiation to generate a volatile species of the analyte, separating the volatile species from the liquid film to form a vapour containing the volatile species, and directing the vapour to a detector to detect and/or quantify the analyte in the vapour. Amalgamation of photochemical reactions with thin film generation and gas-liquid phase separation achieves the benefits of all of these principles in a single unit, providing a simple and effective way of enhancing generation of an expanded suite of elements.08-11-2011
20100015722Detection Apparatus - IMS apparatus has an inlet with a preconcentrator opening into a reaction region where analyte molecules are ionized and passed via a shutter to a drift region for collection and analysis. A pump and filter arrangement supplies a flushing flow of clean gas to the housing in opposition to ion flow. A pressure pulser connects with the housing and is momentarily switched to cause a short drop in pressure, in the housing to draw in a bolus of analyte sample from the preconcentrator. Just prior to admitting a bolus of sample, the pump is turned off so that the flushing flow drops substantially to zero, thereby prolonging the time the analyte molecules spend in the reaction region.01-21-2010
20100317125Detection Apparatus - IMS apparatus has a preconcentrator outside its inlet aperture. Analyte vapor is adsorbed during a first phase when substantially no gas is admitted to the reaction region. The preconcentrator is then energized to desorb the analyte molecules and create a volume of desorbed molecules outside the IMS housing. Next, a pressure pulser is energized momentarily to drop pressure in the housing and draw in a small sip of the analyte molecules from the desorbed volume through the aperture. This is repeated until the concentration of analyte molecules in the desorbed volume is too low for accurate analysis, following which the apparatus enters another adsorption phase.12-16-2010
436176000 Stabilizing or preserving 4
20100330695SAMPLE APPLICATORS FOR ANALYTICAL ASSAYS - A liquid applicator for applying a liquid sample to a liquid receiving surface is disclosed. The liquid applicator comprises a bibulous line to hold a first predetermined volume of liquid for application to a liquid receiving surface. A second predetermined volume less than or equal to the first predetermined volume is applied to the liquid receiving surface in a substantially uniform and consistent pattern. Systems and methods for using embodiments of the liquid applicators are also disclosed.12-30-2010
20090197346COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR PRESERVING RNA IN BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES - The present invention concerns methods and compositions to prepare biological samples to preserve the macromolecules in the samples. Embodiments of the invention concern the use of a soak solution that contains one or more water-miscible solvents. A sample is incubated with the soak solution to the point of saturation at a temperature above the melting temperature of the water-miscible solvent but below 0° C. The use of methods and compositions of the invention allow for subsequent preparation or analysis of the samples.08-06-2009
20120164748Nanoliter Array Loading - An interface is provided for storing microfluidic samples in a nanoliter sample chip. A fluid access structure provides a fluid access region to a selected subset of sample wells from an array of sample wells. A fluid introduction mechanism introduces a sample fluid to the fluid access region so that the sample wells in the selected subset are populated with the sample fluid without the unselected sample wells being populated with the sample fluid.06-28-2012
20120220046Method and apparatus for forming the doped cryo-biology specimen of electron microscope - The invention discloses a method and apparatus for forming the doped cryo-biology specimen of electron microscope. The invention applies rapid cryogenic freezing to the biology specimen, and dopes certain concentration of protons and electrons into the cryo-biology specimen for conducting the observation using electron microscope. The invention reduces the radiation damage of cryogenic biology specimen and amorphous ice caused by the electron radiation, and observes the prototype of biomolecules and biomaterials clearly.08-30-2012
436179000 Dilution 2
20120238034DILUENT WELLS PRODUCED IN CARD FORMAT FOR IMMUNODIAGNOSTIC TESTING - An immunodiagnostic test card includes a flat planar member and at least one dilution chamber that is supported by the flat planar member. The at least one dilution chamber can be disposed adjacent chambers used for testing a patient sample that are provided on the immunodiagnostic test card or can be provided separately.09-20-2012
20090035873Sample analyzer, sample analyzing method, and computer program product - The present invention is to present a sample analyzer which is automated even when measuring a small amount sample and is capable of improving a measurement precision. The sample analyzer S comprises a sample preparation section for preparing a measurement sample; a detector D02-05-2009
20090176314REAGENT CARTRIDGE - A reagent cartridge which can be exchangeably inserted into an analyzer and having a plurality of reagent bags furnished with connecting lines, each of which may optionally be connected to an input device of the analyzer, and method for operating the analyzer are disclosed. Each reagent bag has an analyzer-controlled multi-way valve with at least two valve positions at the point where the respective connecting line departs, such that the first valve position opens a fluid path between the connecting line and the reagent bag, while the second valve position closes off the reagent bag and opens a fluid path between a ventilation source, e.g. ambient air, and the connecting line. The connecting lines of the reagent bags departing from the multi-way valve open directly into a common rail or a collector valve.07-09-2009
20080261326Drop-on-demand manufacturing of diagnostic test strips - A drop-on-demand system for manufacturing diagnostic test strips includes a drop-on-demand mechanism, and a drop volume feedback subsystem and/or a vision subsystem. The drop-on-demand mechanism dispenses one or more reagents on the diagnostic test strips in one or more desired volumes and at one or more desired locations. The drop volume feedback subsystem control volumes of the reagents dispensed by the drop-on-demand mechanism so that the drop-on-demand mechanism dispenses the reagents on the diagnostic test strips in the desired volumes. The vision subsystem aligns the drop-on-demand mechanism in relation to the diagnostic test strips so that the drop-on-demand mechanism dispenses the reagents on the diagnostic test strips at the desired locations.10-23-2008
20080261325Method and Device for Dispensing Dry Powders - The inventive method for dispersing a dry powder sample (10-23-2008
20110195517MICRO TITRE PLATE - A micro titre plate comprising a number of wells filled with separation matrix. According to the invention the volume of the separation matrix is varied between at least some of the wells.08-11-2011
20100112717Method for Providing a Dried Reagent in a Microfluidic System and Microfluidic System - A method for providing a dried reagent in a microfluidic system is provided, the method comprising the following steps: providing a microfluidic system having a microfluidic structure, introducing a flowable carrier medium containing a reagent in the microfluidic structure, and drying the reagent in the microfluidic structure by lyophilization.05-06-2010
20130078733SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FLUID HANDLING - Systems and methods are provided for sample processing. A device may be provided, capable of receiving the sample, and performing one or more of a sample preparation, sample assay, and detection step. The device may be capable of performing multiple assays. The device may comprise one or more modules that may be capable of performing one or more of a sample preparation, sample assay, and detection step. The device may be capable of performing the steps using a small volume of sample.03-28-2013
20130084647DISPOSABLE FOIL PUNCH FOR IMMUNOHEMATOLOGY TEST ELEMENTS - Disclosed is a device and method of using the device to reduce false positives when using sealed packs in an immunodiagnostic analyzer while allowing use of the reagents in multiple tests as well as reuse of disposable punches employed for piercing foil covering the reagent aliquots. The disclosed devices and methods are useful in carrying out tests in immunohematology such as for a blood type or a screen.04-04-2013
20130078734MICROSCOPE SLIDE COVER WITH INTEGRATED RESERVOIR - A cover for a substrate including: a body defining a cavity, for positioning over the substrate to form a reaction chamber; and a projection extending from the body to define a fluid reservoir, when the cover is fitted to the substrate, the fluid reservoir being in fluid communication with the cavity.03-28-2013
20120264228METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FRAGMENTING DNA SEQUENCES - A method of fragmenting a DNA sequence having a starting size of at least 10000 base pair into fragments having a mean size smaller than or equal to 1300 bp, wherein the DNA sequence is put in a solution, the solution comprising the DNA sequence is put in a container and the container is placed in a liquid bath which is subjected to the action of ultrasound waves such that the ultrasound waves travel through the liquid bath to excite the container and the solution so as to shear the DNA sequence, and wherein the ultrasound waves have a frequency falling in the range between 28 kHz and 80 kHz.10-18-2012
20090155925MICROFLUIDIC ELEMENT FOR THOROUGHLY MIXING A LIQUID WITH A REAGENT - A microfluidic element for thoroughly mixing a liquid with a reagent used for the analysis of the liquid for an analyte contained therein and a method thereof are disclosed. The microfluidic element has a substrate and a channel structure. The channel structure includes an elongate mixing channel and an output channel. The mixing channel has an inlet opening and an outlet opening, and is implemented to mix the reagent contained therein with the liquid flowing through the inlet opening into the mixing channel. The outlet opening of the mixing channel is in fluid communication to the output channel. The outlet opening is positioned closer to the middle of the length of the mixing channel than the inlet opening.06-18-2009
20100041164Mechanical device for mixing a fluid sample with a treatment solution - A method of preparing a fluid sample for use in a fluid analyte monitor, the method including drawing a fluid sample into a capillary channel in a body having a septum piercing projection; piercing a first septum covering a treatment solution chamber with the septum piercing projection, thereby exposing the fluid sample in the capillary channel to the contents of the treatment solution chamber; mixing the fluid sample with the contents of the treatment solution chamber; and piercing a second septum covering the treatment solution channel such that the mixed fluid and treatment solution chamber contents are received into a fluid analyte meter. The method may also include shaking the treatment solution chamber with the capillary channel therein, thereby mixing the fluid sample with the contents of the treatment solution chamber.02-18-2010
20090305431FLUID TRANSFER MECHANISM - A microfluidic device for transferring liquid from a first chamber to a second chamber is provided. The device has a first chamber; a second chamber; and a barrier between the first chamber and the second chamber, the barrier having least one opening fluidly connecting the first chamber to the second chamber, the at least one opening being sized such that a retention force, such as surface tension, keeps the liquid in the first chamber. The fluid is transferred from the first chamber to the second chamber when an initiation input such as fluid pressure is introduced to the liquid that is sufficient to overcome the retention force. The device may be a sensor strip.12-10-2009
20130071944SAMPLE PREPARATION DISPOSABLE DEVICES AND SAMPLE COLLECTION AND PREPARATION METHODS USING SAME - An article of manufacture embodiment comprises a sample cartridge including a sample substrate, and an enclosure including a sample ingress port. The enclosure mates with the sample cartridge to define a sample container containing the sample substrate which is accessible in the sample container via the sample ingress port. The sample cartridge including the sample substrate is removable from the sample container. A sampling method embodiment comprises disposing a sample on a sample substrate in a sample container and removing a sample cartridge including the sample substrate from the sample container. An article of manufacture embodiment comprises a sample substrate, a sample container containing the sample substrate and including a sample ingress port providing access to the sample substrate in the sample container, and a sample cartridge including the sample substrate. The sample cartridge including the sample substrate is removable as a unit from the sample container.03-21-2013
20110059547USES OF REAGENTS IN SAMPLE COLLECTION AND CARTRIDGE SYSTEMS - Provided is a sample collection container comprising one or more reagent bodies, wherein each body comprises one or more reagents confined by a restraining agent, wherein the restraining agent is capable of being broken down to release the one or more reagents, and wherein the one or more reagents are dispersed through the restraining agent.03-10-2011
20110020949AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - In the field of automatic analyzers, as items to be analyzed are increase, various reagents differing in such properties as liquid viscosity and contact angle are being used more frequently, and this trend is expected to continue. Also, reagents now take various forms (e.g., a concentrated reagent to be diluted by the water of an automatic analyzer), and so does dilution water. Such being the case, the invention provides an automatic analyzer capable of sufficient stirring regardless of items to be analyzed. To sufficiently stir a substance to which a reagent has been added, the automatic analyzer is designed to alter stirring conditions after a given amount of time has passed since the addition of that reagent.01-27-2011
20110020947CHEMICAL COMPONENT AND PROCESSING DEVICE ASSEMBLY - A substantially dimensionally-stable chemical component is assembled with a sample processing device via a computer-controlled apparatus. In one embodiment, surface mount technology is used to assemble the chemical component with the processing device. The chemical component may include, for example, chemicals used for sample preparation or detection, such as a reagent. In different embodiments, the chemical component may be a tablet, microtablet, lyophilized pellet, bead, film, and so forth. In some embodiments, the chemical components are stored within a carrier that packages a plurality of chemical components. The carrier may define a plurality of pockets, where each pocket defines a discrete space for holding at least one chemical component. In some embodiments, a robotic arm aligns with a pocket in order to locate and remove a chemical component from the carrier and transfer the chemical component to a chamber of a processing device.01-27-2011
20120238033FLUIDIC CONNECTORS AND MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEMS - Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels. One or both of the independent channels may be pre-filled with reagents (e.g., antibody solutions, washing buffers and amplification reagents), which can be used to perform the analysis. These reagents may be stored in the channels of the substrate for long periods amounts of time (e.g., 1 year) prior to use.09-20-2012
20110091989Method of Reducing Liquid Volume Surrounding Beads - The invention provides droplet actuators and droplet actuator techniques. Among other things, the droplet actuators and methods are useful for manipulating beads on a droplet actuator, such as conducting droplet operations using bead-containing droplets on a droplet actuator. For example, beads may be manipulated on a droplet actuator in the context of executing a sample preparation protocol and/or an assay protocol. An output of the methods of the invention may be beads prepared for execution of an assay protocol. Another output of the methods of the invention may be results of an assay protocol executed using beads. Among the methods described herein are methods of concentrating beads in droplets, methods of washing beads, methods of suspending beads, methods of separating beads, methods of localizing beads within a droplet, methods of forming emulsions in which droplets include beads, methods of loading beads into a droplet operations gap of a droplet actuator, methods of organizing beads in a monolayer, and methods of capturing, trapping or restraining beads.04-21-2011
20110281372DETECTION SYSTEMS - An IMS system or the like has dopant contained in a way such that it is only released when needed. The dopant could be contained in a device (11-17-2011
20110287555REUSABLE SHEATHS FOR SEPARATING MAGNETIC PARTICLES - An assembly that utilizes reusable sheaths for covering magnetic rods for collecting particles in an inverse magnetic particle process. The magnetic rod is removed from the reusable sheath to release particles at the same or a different location. The reusable sheaths can be assembled in a cylindrical plate, which can be rotated to position a clean sheath for each step of the inverse magnetic particle process. When not being used for particle separation, the sheaths can be washed of potentially contaminating solution in wash receptacles.11-24-2011
20100112718Device For Receiving A Liquid And Also Device For Applying Liquids On Sample Carriers And Method For This Purpose - Methods and apparatus providing for receiving liquids and for applying liquids on sample carriers.05-06-2010
20100120166SUBSTRATE HAVING CHANNEL PORTION INCLUDING CHAMBERS, AND METHOD OF TRANSFERRING LIQUID BY USING THE SUBSTRATE - A substrate having a channel portion in which a liquid transfers, wherein, even if the channel portion has no micro-channel interconnecting chambers, a liquid can transfer stepwise from one region to the next region according to the speed of rotation of the substrate. The substrate can be rotated about a rotation axis as the center, and has the channel portion including the chambers formed therein. The inner wall of each chamber has a first area including an area intersecting with a centrifugal direction from the center; and also has a second area placed at a position farther from the center than the first area, and including a surface intersecting with the centrifugal direction from the center. Further, the first area has a region for holding a droplet of a liquid provided; and also has a region where a contact with the droplet expands when the substrate is rotated, and that communicate with the second area.05-13-2010
20120088309SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SAMPLE COLLECTION - A tube assembly, system and method for biological sample collection. In one embodiment, the tube assembly of the present disclosure includes a first tube, a second tube, a mechanism for securing the first and second tubes. The securing mechanism orients the first ends of the first and second tubes in a manner such that the first end of the second tube extends beyond the first end of the first tube to create an interstitial space between the outer diameter of the first tube and the inner diameter of the second tube,04-12-2012
20100190263Bubble Techniques for a Droplet Actuator - The present invention is directed to a droplet actuator and methods of making and using the droplet actuator including one or more substrates configured to form a droplet operations gap and including a physical or chemical feature that may be provided at a predetermined locus within or exposed to the droplet operations gap and configured to retain a bubble in position within the droplet operations gap.07-29-2010
20100099199METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASCERTAINING REAGENT QUALITY - A method for determining reagent quality in a device having multiple treatment stations for the treatment of at least one of cytological and histological prepared specimens and an apparatus for performing this method are described. The method comprises providing a carrier element that comprises at least one test material; transferring and treating the carrier element having test material according to a predefined sequence in a plurality of the treatment stations together with the specimens; and evaluating the test material by means of an evaluation device after treatment in the last treatment station in sequence. The described method and apparatus achieve that reagent quality can be determined automatically and the reagents can be replaced at an optimum point in time.04-22-2010
20120034703Devices, Systems and Methods for Processing of Magnetic Particles - Devices, systems and methods for separation of magnetic particles with either hand held devices or automated instruments. Specifically, the production of magnetic fields for the separation of the particles within containers such as microtiter plates with a magnetic field that is substantially consistent for each well. Certain embodiments produce a magnetic field that is substantially uniform across each well bottom, while other embodiments produce a magnetic field that is stronger toward the outer region of each well.02-09-2012
20090093064METHOD OF DETERMINING THE PRESENCE OF A MINERAL WITHIN A MATERIAL - An improved flow-through device is provided wherein foam produced by the pumping of fluid in the device is kept outside the reaction chambers by way of a hydrophobic or hydrophilic porous membrane acting as an air trap membrane.04-09-2009
20090286327MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE CONTAINING LYOPHILIZED REAGENT THEREIN AND ANALYZING METHOD USING THE SAME - Provided is a microfluidic device suitable for analyzing a liquid sample. The device includes a first chamber to contain a sample; a second chamber to contain a liquid first reagent; a third chamber containing a lyophilized second reagent; a plurality of channels connecting the first, second, and third chambers.11-19-2009
20120288956COLLECTING AND PROCESSING COMPLEX MACROMOLECULAR MIXTURES - This document provides methods and materials involved in collecting and processing complex macromolecular mixtures (e.g., stool samples). For example, stool collection devices, buffers for stabilizing nucleic acid and polypeptides present in stool, and kits for using sequence-specific capture probes (e.g., nucleic acid sequences designed to hybridize with particular target nucleic acids) to capture target nucleic acids directly from complex macromolecular mixtures (e.g., stool samples) without the need to perform prior steps to enrich, isolate, or purify the nucleic acid component are provided.11-15-2012
20080241956METHOD FOR DETECTING ANALYTE AND BIOCHIP - A method for detecting an analyte in a sample liquid, using a detection reagent which reacts specifically with the analyte to give structural information on the analyte, comprising the steps of: 10-02-2008
20080293157Apparatus and method of performing high-throughput cell-culture studies on biomaterials - In one embodiment, a kit includes a base and a specimen removably couplable to the base. A top plate defines a plurality of apertures and is removably couplable to the base such that at least two of the apertures are associated with a specimen and each aperture defines a well with that specimen. Each well is configured to receive a sample material therein in contact with the specimen. A method includes disposing a specimen within a recessed portion of a test apparatus and coupling a top plate of the test apparatus to a base of the test apparatus such that a sealing engagement is formed between the top plate and the specimen. The top plate defines a plurality of apertures, each of at least two of the apertures collectively with the specimen defines a well. A sample material can be disposed within at least one well.11-27-2008
20080293158Method And Apparatus For Improved Gas Detection - The invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing a reactor having a heater, a passage for transporting a reactant, and a chamber containing a gas sample and being coupled to the passage for receiving the reactant and mixing the reactant with the gas sample. The reactor further includes a connector leading from the chamber to the heater for transporting a mixture of the reactant and gas sample, and wherein the heater heats the mixture of the reactant and gas sample.11-27-2008
20080293156DEVICES AND METHODS FOR DISPENSING REAGENTS INTO SAMPLES - Devices and methods of dispensing and mixing reagents with samples in an enclosed container in which the amounts of the reagents dispensed into the sample are predetermined. The devices include dispensing covers attached to a funnel that feeds into a sample chamber. The dispensing covers may contain off-axis dispensing chambers that are sealed and that can be opened and any reagent(s) located therein dispensed into the at selected times. The off-axis dispensing chambers are preferably offset from a main axis of the device, such that the reagents dispensed from the dispensing chambers fall, under the force of gravity, onto the funnel wall and are then directed into the sample chamber.11-27-2008
20110008907SYSTEM USING SELF-CONTAINED PROCESSING MODULE FOR DETECTING NUCLEIC ACIDS - A method and apparatus are provided for processing a nucleic acid. The apparatus includes a disposable self-contained processing module that contains the nucleic acid and substantially all of the fluids to effect a nanoparticle hybridization test, a pump coupled to the processing module, a valving system disposed between the pump and processing module and a control system coupled to the pump and valving system causing the processing fluids to interact with the nucleic acid to effect a sandwich hybridization test using nanoparticles.01-13-2011
20100144054REACTOR PLATE AND REACTION PROCESSING METHOD - Disclosed herein is a reactor plate which prevents the entry of foreign matter from outside and the pollution of an outside environment. The reactor plate includes a sealed reaction well (06-10-2010
20090215192Solid-phase affinity-based method for preparing and manipulating an analyte-containing solution - A method for preparing an analyte-containing solution, which is compatible with surface-tension-directed liquid droplet manipulation and solid-phase affinity-based assays, is disclosed. The method comprises providing an affinity capture surface comprising a substrate surface having a plurality of first and second surface modifiers associated therewith, wherein the first and second surface modifiers render the affinity capture surface wettable and resistant to non-specific protein adsorption, and wherein the second surface modifiers are capable of selectively retaining an analyte, contacting the affinity capture surface with the analyte to form analyte/surface modifier complexes between the analyte and the second surface modifiers, and cleaving the first and second surface modifiers to release terminal portions of the first and second surface modifiers and the analyte into a solution in contact with the affinity capture surface, thereby yielding the analyte-containing solution and generating a hydrophobic surface. Novel affinity capture surfaces and methods for preparing the same are also disclosed.08-27-2009
20110229978IN SITU HEAT INDUCED ANTIGEN RECOVERY AND STAINING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Contemplated herein is an automated microscope slide antigen recovery and staining apparatus and method that features a plurality of individually operable miniaturized pressurizable reaction compartments for individually and independently processing a plurality of individual microscope slides. The apparatus preferably features independently movable slide support elements each having an individually heatable heating plate. Each slide support element preferably supports a single microscope slide. Each microscope slide can be enclosed within an individual pressurizable reaction compartment. Pressures exceeding 1 atm or below 1 atm can be created and maintained in the reaction compartment prior to, during or after heating of the slide begins. Because of the ability to pressurize and regulate pressure within the reaction compartment, and to individually heat each slide, each slide and a liquid solution or reagent thereon can be heated to temperatures that could not be obtained without the enclosed pressurized environment of the reaction compartment. A reagent dispensing strip having a plurality of reconfigurable reagent modules may also be used.09-22-2011
20090004754MULTI-WELL RESERVOIR PLATE AND METHODS OF USING SAME - The present disclosure generally relates to a multi-well reservoir plate and methods of using the same. The multi-well reservoir plate includes a frame portion coupled to a plate portion, where a number of receptacles are formed in the plate portion. The receptacles or wells are sized to receive and support a substance without permitting the substance to leak or discharge from a passage formed in a lower portion of the well and in fluid communication with an upper portion of the well where the substances is supported. In one embodiment, the wells are at least partially filled with a substance, the substance is supported the in the wells for an amount of time, and then the substance is discharged from the wells by applying a force to the substance. By way of example, the force may be a pressure applied to an upper surface of the substance, a pressure (e.g., vacuum) applied to a lower surface of the substance, and/or an inertial force generated by an acceleration of the substance.01-01-2009
20090221090SAMPLE ANALYSIS APPARATUS, SAMPLE ANALYSIS METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A sample analysis apparatus for analyzing a measurement sample prepared by mixing a sample and a reagent includes a condition memory for storing information regarding a plurality of read conditions; an ID acquirer for reading out identification information at a predetermined position in accordance with a predetermined read condition, the identification information being assigned for identification of at least one of a sample container, a reagent container, and a holding section for holding the sample container or the reagent container; an ID acquisition checker for determining whether or not the ID acquirer has successfully read out the identification information; and a read condition changer for changing the predetermined read condition to a different read condition different from the predetermined read condition stored in the condition memory when the ID acquisition checker has determined that the readout operation was not successful.09-03-2009
20090209044Fluid Sample Collection System and Method - A fluid sample collection system includes a vial, a plunger and a fluid sample collection device having an absorbent for absorbing and retaining a fluid sample therein. The plunger includes an elongated handle portion and a plunger head portion detachably connected to the handle portion. The plunger also includes a splash guard supported on the handle portion. During the sample collection process, the saturated absorbent from the sample collection device is placed into the vial and the plunger is then advanced toward a closed end of the vial to express the fluid sample from the absorbent. The plunger head portion is retained within the vial with the absorbent in a generally compressed state and the handle portion is detached and removed from the vial.08-20-2009
20090253215METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE FLOW OF LIQUIDS CONTAINING BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL BY INDUCING ELECTRO- OR MAGNETO-RHEOLOGICAL EFFECT - The invention provides a method for controlling or manipulating the flow of a solution or liquid comprising biological material or biomolecules. Therefore, particles are added to the solution or liquid for providing the solution or liquid with rheological properties. The solution or liquid comprising the particles is provided in a microchannel and by applying an electric and/or magnetic field to the microchannel, the flow of the liquid or solution can be controlled.10-08-2009
20090233378Method of Reaction in Flow Channel of Microchip and Analysis Device - In case of performing a reaction between reacting material and reagent by bringing the reagent in contact with the reacting material through flowing the reagent into a reaction flow channel in which the reaction material which reacts with the reagent is carried on a wall surface of the reaction flow channel of a microchip, the reaction is expedited efficiently by passing the reagent to the reacting material. The reagent 09-17-2009
20100261290Method of reaction in flow channel of microchip and analysis device - In the case of passing a reagent in a reaction channel in a microchip, which carries a reactant capable of reacting with the reagent on the wall thereof, and bringing the reactant into contact with the reagent so as to carry out a reaction, the reagent is efficiently passed to the reactant to thereby promote the progress of the reaction. In carrying out the reaction as described above, the reagent (10-14-2010
20100167414SELF-SEALING MICROREACTOR AND METHOD FOR CARRYING OUT A REACTION - A microreactor includes a shell structure (07-01-2010
20130217144Device and Method for Manipulating and Mixing Magnetic Particles in a Liquid Medium - A device for manipulating and mixing magnetic particles (08-22-2013
20090042313Recording assay device - The invention herein described relates to an assessment device comprising an assay part and a detachable recording part. The assessment device facilitates the rapid assaying and processing of tissue/fluid samples by healthcare workers. Also, advantageously, the result of the assay is only apparent to the healthcare worker after interrogation of the recording part at a processing facility.02-12-2009
20090221091CHEMICAL REACTION CARTRIDGE, MIXTURE GENERATING METHOD AND CONTROL DEVICE OF CHEMICAL REACTION CARTRIDGE - Disclosed is a chemical reaction cartridge including an elastic body as a construction material and a flow path and two or more chambers connected by the flow path formed inside the cartridge, and the cartridge is structured so as to move or block a fluid substance in the flow path or the chambers by partially sealing the flow path, the chambers or both the flow path and the chambers by applying external force to the elastic body from outside, as the chambers, the cartridge has two or more mixing chambers each of which is to contain a mixture in a fluid state and the cartridge has two or more ingredient chambers provided for each of the mixing chambers by being connected with the flow path, in each of which an ingredient of the mixture divided in an amount according to a mixing ratio is to be contained.09-03-2009
20110086432DEVICE FOR MIXING A LIQUID SAMPLE - A device and a process for mixing a liquid sample in an automated analysis instrument comprises a support arm, a holder for a liquid container, a flexible intermediate element, arranged between the support arm and the holder for the liquid container, a shaking apparatus, and a coupling apparatus arranged on the holder for the liquid container, wherein the coupling apparatus can establish a detachable connection between the shaking apparatus and the holder for the liquid container.04-14-2011
20090215194ASSEMBLY OF A MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE FOR ANALYSIS OF BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL - In a microfluidic assembly, a microfluidic device is provided with a body in which at least a first inlet for loading a fluid for analysis, and a buried area in fluid communication with the first inlet are defined. An analysis chamber is in fluid communication with the buried area and an interface cover is coupled in a fluid-tight manner above the microfluidic device. The interface cover is provided with a sealing portion in correspondence to the analysis chamber, operable to assume a first configuration, in which it leaves the analysis chamber open, and a second configuration, in which it closes the analysis chamber in a fluid-tight manner.08-27-2009
20090215193Application of a reagent to a matrix material - A reagent or particles having reagent supported thereon are applied to a matrix material by a contact printing process for example in which the matrix material is brought into contact with a rotating contact roll having the reagent or particles having reagent supported thereon disposed thereon so as to transfer the reagent or particles having reagent supported thereon to the matrix material. Such a contact printing processes allow high speed and high volume production of an assay device.08-27-2009
20110076780SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS, SAMPLE RACK TRANSPORTING METHOD, AND APPARATUS - A sample processing apparatus includes a sample processing unit for obtaining a sample from a sample container and performing a predetermined process of the sample; a transport unit which includes a transport region for transporting, in a transport operation, a sample rack holding the sample container to the sample processing unit, and a rack removal region where the sample rack is accessible to an operator. A restraining member is also provided, which restrains contact by the operator to the sample rack on the transport region. A transport controller controls the transport unit to transport the sample rack on the transport region to the rack removal region after a predetermined transport suspension event occurs during the transport operation.03-31-2011
20120171777TAPERED CUVETTE AND METHOD OF COLLECTING MAGNETIC PARTICLES - A vessel for use in clinical analysis including an open top, a closed bottom, and at least four tapered sides. A method for collecting magnetic particles in a fluid comprising the steps of providing a magnet and a vessel containing magnetic particles in a fluid, attracting the magnetic particles to the magnet, and moving the magnetic particles with the magnet out of the fluid.07-05-2012
20110020948SPECIMEN PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME - A specimen processing apparatus comprising: a specimen processing section which includes a movable section and processes a specimen by moving the movable section; and a controller for determining whether the movable section was moved while a specimen processing operation by the specimen processing section was stopped, and controlling the specimen processing section to perform a preparing operation for starting the specimen processing operation based on the determination result, is disclosed. A control method for a specimen processing apparatus is also disclosed.01-27-2011
20110027904SAMPLE MIXING ON A MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - Mixing structures for use on sample processing devices are disclosed. The mixing structures include one or more mixing chambers in fluid communication with a process chamber, such that changing the rotational speed of the sample processing device forces sample material into and out of the mixing chamber to achieve mixing of the sample material. The mixing chambers are in fluid communication with the process chambers through mixing ports that are located on the distal sides of the process chambers with respect to the axis about which the sample processing device is rotated.02-03-2011
20110027902STRUCTURE FOR INTRODUCING A PLURALITY OF SOLUTIONS, MICRO FLUIDIC DEVICE HAVING SAID STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR INTRODUCING SOLUTION - The present invention relates to a structure (a solution introducing structure) for introducing a plurality of solutions (a sample and/or a reagent solution) in highly accurate volume, in high amount and simply, into a channel, in particular a channel of a micro fluidic device, a micro fluidic device having said structure, a method for introducing a solution using said device, a method for separation of a substance, and a method for separating a complex between an analyte or analogue thereof, and a substance binding to said analyte or analogue thereof (hereinafter may be abbreviated as a complex forming substance or CFS) which is obtained by reacting a plurality of solutions introduced by these, and said CFS or analogue not involved in formation of said complex, rapidly, simply and in high accuracy, along with a method for measuring an analyte or an analogue thereof in a sample in high sensitivity.02-03-2011
20100167415ALIQUOTTING DEVICE - Aliquotting device on the basis of a micro litre test tube (07-01-2010
20120309104Sample Processing Device, Sample Processing Method, and Reaction Container Used in These Device and Method - This invention concerns a sample processing device capable of efficiently recovering biological molecules, such as nucleic acids or proteins. The sample processing device is capable of placing a reaction container having a plurality of reaction sites, and it comprises a nozzle mechanism with a nozzle capable of attaching and removing a dispenser tip for dispensing a solution into the reaction sites of the reaction container and a magnetic tip for generating a magnetic field that allows magnetic beads to migrate to a space among the plurality of reaction sites in the reaction container, and a drive control unit controlling the nozzle mechanism.12-06-2012
20110070655FLOW CELL AND LIQUID DELIVERY METHOD - A flow cell includes: a flow channel through which a sample solution flows; an inlet section which communicates with the flow channel and to which the sample solution is supplied; a transfer section which includes a plurality of opening sections, one end side of which communicates with the flow channel and an other side of which opens to outside air, and which communicates with the flow channel, and draws in and guides the sample solution supplied into the inlet section to the flow channel; a detecting section which faces the sample solution in the flow channel; and a sealing member which unsealably seals at least either one of the opening section or the inlet section.03-24-2011
20110318845SAMPLE ANALYZER AND LIQUID ASPIRATING METHOD - A sample analyzer is configured to execute a liquid surface detection of detecting a liquid surface in a container by a liquid surface detector prior to a lowering operation of an aspirating tube for aspirating the liquid if a liquid level information is not stored in a memory, and store a liquid level information of a container in the memory based on a detection result by the liquid surface detection. Also, a liquid aspirating method by a sample analyzer.12-29-2011
20120058570IN SITU HEAT INDUCED ANTIGEN RECOVERY AND STAINING METHOD - An automated in situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining method and apparatus for treating a plurality of microscope slides. The process of heat induced antigen recovery and the process of staining the biological sample on the microscope slide are conducted in the same apparatus, wherein the microscope slides do not need to be physically removed from one apparatus to another. The reaction conditions for treating a slide can preferably be controlled independently, including the individualized application of reagents to each slide and the individualized treatment of each slide.03-08-2012
20090286326Tool for Extracting Electrophoretic Sample - A gel extraction device (11-19-2009
20110091988SAMPLE PROCESSING UNIT AND SAMPLE PROCESSING METHOD - An example of the invention is a sample processing unit having, a subdivision/dispensing section including a nozzle needle configured to be able to penetrate a stopper body fitted in a sample container in which a sample can be contained, and configured to subject the sample container or the sample to processing, a detection unit configured to detect a state of the sample or the sample container at the time of the processing, and a label removal unit configured to remove at least part of a label attached to a side part of the sample container prior to the detection.04-21-2011
20110039350HIGH YIELD ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE ION SOURCE FOR ION SPECTROMETERS IN VACUUM - Gaseous analyte molecules are ionized at atmospheric pressure and provided to an inlet capillary of an ion spectrometer vacuum system by passing the ions through a reaction tube that ends in a conical intermediate piece for a gastight and smooth transition into the inlet capillary. The reaction tube is shaped so that the atmospheric pressure gas stream passing therethrough form the entrance of the tune to the intermediate piece is stably laminar. Analyte molecules from gas chromatographs, spray devices or vaporization devices can be introduced into the entrance of the reaction tube and ionized within the tube by single- or multi-photon ionization, by chemical ionization, by reactant ions or by physical ionization. For single- or multi-photon ionization, a beam from a laser can be passed axially down the reaction tube. Reactant ions can be produced by any means outside of the reaction tube and mixed with the analyte molecules within the tube.02-17-2011
20110104816Method of Loading a Droplet Actuator - The invention provides droplet actuators and droplet actuator cassettes including reagent storage capabilities, as well as methods of making and using the droplet actuators and cassettes. The invention also provides continuous flow channel elements and techniques for using electrodes to manipulate droplets in flowing streams. The invention also discloses methods of separating compounds on a droplet actuator. Various other aspects of the invention are also disclosed.05-05-2011
20110183432TEST ELEMENT FOR ANALYZING AN ANALYTE PRESENT IN A SAMPLE OF A BODY FLUID, ANALYSIS SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE MOVEMENT OF A FLUID CONTAINED IN A CHANNEL OF A TEST ELEMENT - Embodiments disclosed herein include an analysis system for the analysis of a body fluid sample for an analyte contained therein, comprising a test element and an evaluation device having a measuring station for measuring a measuring variable on the measuring zone of the test element. Also included is a mounting to hold a test element, the test element having an airflow channel with two expansion sections and a narrow section located between these expansion sections. The expansion sections may have a cross-sectional area that increases in comparison to the narrow section in the direction away therefrom. A connection channel is located between the narrow section and the analysis function channel such that an air exchange connection is formed. The airflow channel is located in such a manner that a partial vacuum, which is generated using an airflow flowing through the airflow channel, acts on the analysis function channel.07-28-2011
20120214254Microsystem for Fluidic Applications, and Production Method and Usage Method for a Microsystem for Fluidic Applications - A microsystem for fluidic applications includes a substrate with a reservoir, a first microchannel, connected to the reservoir, and a second microchannel, separated from the first microchannel by a web. The microsystem furthermore has an elastic film on the substrate, which film has a joint to the substrate around the reservoir and seals the reservoir. Here, the joint has a permanent joining area and, on the web, a web joining area that can be broken open and adjoins the permanent joining area at both ends of the web. Such a microsystem forms a processing chip with reagent receptacle.08-23-2012
20120220044Apparatus, System, and Method of Processing Biopsy Specimen - A biopsy pipette with a filter attached in an internal compartment of a pipette designed to prevent lodging and possible loss of the tissue specimen for analysis. A biopsy test tube may be provided with a biopsy bag attached in the internal compartment of the test tube. Further, a biopsy cassette may be provided with an opening configured to receive a pipette. An automated and non-automated system and method of using the biopsy pipette, biopsy test tube, and biopsy cassette in the processing of biopsy specimen is also disclosed.08-30-2012
20120220043EVIDENCE COLLECTOR WITH INTEGRAL QUANTIFIED REAGENTS AND METHOD OF MODULATING SPECIMEN DRYING TIME - Apparatus and methods are provided for evidence specimen collection having integral reagent holders to hold reagent vials and having drying agent or desiccant holding areas that permit the renewal of the desiccant and permit the introduction of variously size desiccant qualities to allow modulation of the specimen drying time to achieve early stabilization of specimens while holding the specimen in an isolated drying area during storage and shipment and for simultaneous collection of multiple evidence samples with simultaneous storage, drying, marking, evidence security and shipping provided and with the provision for simultaneous storage, drying, marking, evidence security and shipping provided for a control specimen.08-30-2012
20120077283METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FRAGMENTING NUCLEIC ACIDS - Systems and methods include processing devices used to fragment nucleic acids to average nucleic acid sizes ranging from between about 5 kbp and about 20 kbp. A processing device may include an inlet portion and a channel upstream from a shearing region arranged so that a relatively constant pressure is established and maintained (e.g., a pressure that changes by less than about 40%) at an entrance of the shearing region during a majority of sample flow through the shearing region. In some embodiments, after forcing the sample through the shearing region once, the processing device may be taken out of the centrifuge, inverted and placed back into the centrifuge so that the sample is forced through the shearing region again.03-29-2012
20120220042EVIDENCE COLLECTOR WITH INTEGRAL QUANTIFIED REAGENTS AND METHOD OF MODULATING SPECIMEN DRYING TIME - Apparatus and methods are provided for evidence specimen collection having integral reagent holders to hold reagent vials and having drying agent or desiccant holding areas that permit the renewal of the desiccant and permit the introduction of variously size desiccant qualities to allow modulation of the specimen drying time to achieve early stabilization of specimens while holding the specimen in an isolated drying area during storage and shipment and for simultaneous collection of multiple evidence samples with simultaneous storage, drying, marking, evidence security and shipping provided and with the provision for simultaneous storage, drying, marking, evidence security and shipping provided for a control specimen.08-30-2012
20100273273Sampling single phase from multiphase fluid - A sampler (10-28-2010
20120220045Double Trench Well for Assay Procedures - Apparatuses, systems and methods for using assay preparation plates comprising wells with two trenches are presented. More specifically, well plates are presented that comprising an array of wells configured to retain a plurality of beads suspended in a fluid during an assay procedure, each well in the array comprising a first trench and a second trench, wherein the working volume of each well is between about 25 uL and about 10 mL.08-30-2012
20120083045SURFACE SAMPLING CONCENTRATION AND REACTION PROBE - A method of analyzing a chemical composition of a specimen is described. The method can include providing a probe comprising an outer capillary tube and an inner capillary tube disposed co-axially within the outer capillary tube, where the inner and outer capillary tubes define a solvent capillary and a sampling capillary in fluid communication with one another at a distal end of the probe; contacting a target site on a surface of a specimen with a solvent in fluid communication with the probe; maintaining a plug volume proximate a solvent-specimen interface, wherein the plug volume is in fluid communication with the probe; draining plug sampling fluid from the plug volume through the sampling capillary; and analyzing a chemical composition of the plug sampling fluid with an analytical instrument. A system for performing the method is also described.04-05-2012
20120190126MICROFLUIDIC TRANSDUCER - Provided herein are apparatuses and methods for fragmenting nucleic acids or disrupting cells. For example, some embodiments provide a disposable microfluidic device designed to position a sample to be in direct contact with a high frequency vibrating element that emits an ultrasonic frequency into the sample such that the vibrational energy transduced into the sample results in fragmenting nucleic acids or disrupting cells.07-26-2012
20120190127SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING PROCESS CONDITIONS IN CONFINED VOLUMES - Systems and methods for the determination of properties in confined (volumes are generally described. Generally, a gradient in at least one parameter (e.g., temperature) may be established across a plurality of confined volumes. In addition, at least one property (e.g., whether a crystal has been formed in the confined volume) of an interaction in at least one confined volume may be determined. In some embodiments, based upon the property determining step, a relationship between at least one parameter and at least one property may be determined. The confined volumes in which crystals may be contained may include, but are not limited to, droplets, microwells, and the like.07-26-2012
20110027903FECAL SAMPLING DEVICE AND METHOD - A specimen sampling device having a first panel including multiple apertures (e.g., a first, second and third aperture) for receiving samples; a second panel having a removable tab at least partially aligned with the first, second and third apertures for receiving the samples, the removable tab accessible from an exterior of the device. A method of obtaining a fecal sample is also disclosed.02-03-2011
20110039349SAMPLE TESTING APPARATUS, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND SAMPLE TESTING METHOD - A sample testing apparatus comprising: a receiving section which receives identification information inputted by an operator; a testing section which tests a sample to obtain a test result; a memory which stores the test result, which is obtained by the testing section, so as to be associated with the identification information received by the receiving section; and a controller, wherein the controller is configured to: make a display section display only the test result associated with the identification information corresponding to a first attribute in the test results stored in the memory when the identification information received by the receiving section corresponds to the first attribute; and make the display section display test results which are stored in the memory when the identification information received by the receiving section corresponds to the second attribute is disclosed. An information management apparatus and sample testing method are also disclosed.02-17-2011
20110263039LIQUID CONTAINER WITH VARIABLE EXTRACTION CHIMNEY - A liquid container having a top opening, a base, and an extraction chimney which extends into the container and which is in alignment with the top opening is presented. The extraction chimney is intended for the withdrawal of liquid by a liquid-withdrawal element that is introduced into the liquid container through the extraction chimney. The extraction chimney has a liquid-permeable zone in its bottom region, adjacent to the liquid container base. The liquid permeability of the liquid-permeable zone of the extraction chimney can be adjusted between a setting for minimal liquid permeability and a setting for greater liquid permeability. The extraction chimney can be adjusted while the extraction chimney remains in the liquid container.10-27-2011
20120088310DEVICE FOR CUTTING A SAMPLE CARRIER - A device for receiving a sample carrier is provided. The device includes an opening for receiving part of the sample carrier and a cutter for removing a part of the sample carrier. The cutter is coupled to a lid, which is movable to allow the cutter to make an incision in the sample carrier and, at the same time, to close at least part of the opening left open after receipt of the sample carrier. The disclosure further relates to a system comprising such a device and a method for operating such a device.04-12-2012
20110159606MICROPIPETTE, MICROPIPETTE SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR USING MICROPIPETTE - There is provided a micropipette, a micropipette system, and a method for using a micropipette system capable of accurately sucking a desired quantitative volume of liquid for measurement. A micropipette system comprises a micropipette 06-30-2011
20110263038PUNCH SAMPLING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A punching apparatus (10-27-2011
20130143331COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR PHOTOCONTROLLED HYBRIDIZATION AND DEHYBRIDIZATION OF A NUCLEIC ACID - Compositions and methods are provided that enable light-controlled hybridization between two nucleic acid sequences.06-06-2013
20120252134TEST TUBE FOR DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSES - A test tube (10-04-2012
20120252133TEST METER WITH A STRIP PORT CONNECTOR CONFIGURED FOR FLUID ENTRAPMENT - A test meter for use win an analytical test strip for the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in a bodily fluid sample (e.g., a whole blood sample) includes a test meter housing and a strip port connector. The test meter housing has a distal end with a strip port opening configured to receive the analytical test strip. The strip port connector is integrated with the distal end of the test meter housing and has a distal portion with an analytical test strip guide. The analytical test strip guide has an upper guide surface configured such that an analytical test strip received in the strip port opening is guided and supported by the upper guide surface and also has a liquid entrapment feature configured to direct free liquid that enters the strip port opening away from the upper guide surface and entrap such directed liquid in the distal portion of the strip port connector and/or the distal end of the test meter housing. The strip port connector also has a proximal portion disposed within the test meter housing with the proximal portion having an electrical connector pin configured for operable electrical contact with an analytical test strip received within the strip port opening.10-04-2012
20130115712INSTRUMENT FOR CASSETTE FOR SAMPLE PREPARATION - A parallel processing system for processing samples is described. In one embodiment, the parallel processing system includes an instrument interface parallel controller to control a tray motor driving system, a close-loop heater control and detection system, a magnetic particle transfer system, a reagent release system, a reagent pre-mix pumping system and a wash buffer pumping system.05-09-2013
20100279430SAMPLE PREPARATION DEVICE AND METHOD - A sample preparation device for reducing a concentration of one or more concomitant components of a sample and/or increasing a concentration of one or more desired sample components is described.11-04-2010
20100279429 Method and Apparatus for Increasing the Sensitivity of a Biosensor Used in a Planar Waveguide - Systems, methods and apparatus are provided for mixing an analyte in a planar waveguide cartridge. The invention includes adding magnetic particles to an analyte containing one or more types of target molecules; inserting the analyte and magnetic particles into the cartridge; and moving a magnetic filed proximate to and around the cartridge containing the analyte and magnetic particles, wherein the movement of the magnet field causes movement in the analyte.11-04-2010
20110212539EXTRACTION SYSTEM - An extraction system for distributing a test product in an extraction fluid, the system including a flow cell and a pump The flow cell has walls defining an internal passageway having an extraction region for holding the test product and also an upstream end and a downstream end between which the extraction region extends. The internal cross-sectional area of the upstream end is larger than the internal cross-sectional area of the downstream end the and extraction region tapers from the upstream end to the downstream end. The pump has an inlet in fluid communication with the downstream end and an outlet in fluid communication with the upstream end. The pump re-circulates extraction fluid from the downstream end back to the upstream end so as to progressively erode the test product and distribute the test product in the extraction fluid.09-01-2011
20130210163ANALYSIS - A method for collecting a sample and/or analysing a sample is provided, together with kits for use therein, in which the method includes using the kit and wherein an identifier is provided on one or more of the devices and/or containers and/or packaging which can be recorded and which is used to link the identity of the identifier for one or more of those identifiers to one or more of the identities for one or more of the other identifiers. In this way, the different devices, containers, pieces of equipment, reagents and stages used in the collection and/or analysis can be linked together for future reference. This ensures the correct processing of the sample and the correct attributing of the end results to it. Checks or other enquiries can be made on each of the different devices etc to validate the results if necessary.08-15-2013

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