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436 - Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing

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436050000 Condition or time responsive 26
436047000 With conveyance of sample along a test line in a container or rack 23
436052000 With a continuously flowing sample or carrier stream 8
436045000 Utilizing a centrifuge or compartmented rotor 6
436054000 With aspirator of claimed structure 2
20090075386CLOG DETECTION IN A CLINICAL SAMPLING PIPETTE - Analyzing the pressure profile generated during a predetermined period of time prior to the end of an aspiration or dispensing process and comparing a pressure reading to predetermined values to determine if the aspiration or dispensing pipette was free of clogs.03-19-2009
20080241939Sample analyzer, reagent aspirating method, and computer program product - The present invention is to present a sample analyzer which is capable of respond immediately when a need to perform analysis of multiple items arises. The sample analyzer 10-02-2008
436046000 With sample on test slide 2
20090042306System and Method for Automatic Calibration - A device includes a sensor array and a processor is automatically calibrated. The sensor array collects data from a pattern using at least one of a capacitive measurement and a radio frequency measurement. The pattern is included on a calibration storage device. The processor receives the data from the sensor array and calibrates the device in accordance with the data.02-12-2009
20120309094METHOD FOR SCHEDULING SAMPLES IN A COMBINATIONAL CLINICAL ANALYZER - A method for scheduling the order of analysis of multiple samples in a combinational clinical analyzer performing a plurality of different analytical tests, includes the steps of: loading multiple samples in random order into a combinational clinical analyzer; defining the test requirements of the multiple samples; transferring said test requirements to a flexible scheduling algorithm; and generating a schedule specifying the start times of each required test for each of said multiple samples that minimizes or maximizes a predefined objective function. In a preferred embodiment, the objective function is the makespan or weighted makespan.12-06-2012
436044000 Utilizing a moving indicator strip or tape 1
20130157372WASTE RAMP FOR REAGENT CARDS - An automated analyzer for reagent cards having a leading end, a trailing end and a length between the leading end and the trailing end comprises a travel surface assembly having a card travel surface and an edge. A test analyzing mechanism is adjacent to the travel surface, and a waste receptacle is adjacent to the edge below the travel surface. The waste receptacle has a side and a waste cavity. A ramp member positioned below the travel surface has an end and a sloped surface, and is movable between an extended position where the sloped surface extends into the waste cavity, and a retracted position where the end is spaced from the side a distance greater than the length of the reagent card. A moving mechanism operably coupled with the ramp member is configured to move the ramp member between the extended position and the retracted position.06-20-2013
20120184036Method Of Calculating A Phosphorus-Protein Ratio - A method of identifying a patient who is non-compliant with prescribed diet and/or phosphate binder regimen calculates a phosphorus-protein ratio (PPR) by calculating the patient's protein intake, measuring the patient's serum phosphorus concentration, and estimating the amount of phosphorus removed by the patient's kidneys from measured residual urea clearance. The PPR is the ratio between the total amount of phosphorus removed from the patient and the patient's protein intake. The method enables identifying a patient that is non-compliant with prescribed diet and/or phosphate binder regimen if the PPR is outside of an acceptable range.07-19-2012
20100075425MODULAR LABORATORY APPARATUS FOR ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS OF LIQUIDS AND METHOD FOR ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS OF LIQUIDS - A modular laboratory apparatus for analysis and synthesis of liquids has a liquid tank, a central electronic evaluation unit, a multitude of functional modules, and a multitude of fluid modules. The functional modules and the fluid modules are mechanically connected in rows and are selectively connected to each other electrically and fluidically. At least one fluid module is fluidically connected to the liquid tank, and provision is made for electrical connections which connect the functional modules and the fluid modules to the central electronic evaluation unit. In a method for analysis and synthesis of liquids using a modular laboratory apparatus, the functional modules and the fluid modules are controlled by the central electronic evaluation unit by executing an analysis and/or synthesis program in order to perform an analysis procedure and/or a synthesis procedure.03-25-2010
20130034908ANALYTICAL DEVICES FOR DETECTION OF LOW-QUALITY PHARMACEUTICALS - An analytical device, in particular, a paper analytical device (PAD), for detection of at least two chemical components indicative of a low quality pharmaceutical product is provided. The analytical device can include a porous, hydrophilic medium, at least two assay regions associated with the porous, hydrophilic medium, at least one assay reagent or precursor thereof in the assay regions, and at least one electronically readable information zone.02-07-2013
20090035866Method and device for test sample loading - An automated analyzer is configured to receive and analyze samples provided to the automated analyzer in primary sample containers. The automated analyzer comprises a sample retention unit, at least one transport device, and at least one aspiration device. The sample retention unit is configured to receive and retain a plurality of sample retention vessels. The sample retention unit may comprise a sample storage unit, an analytic unit, or other processing unit within the automated analyzer that retains a sample for some purpose. The transport device is configured to receive a first primary sample container containing a first sample and deliver the first primary sample container to the sample retention unit as one of the plurality of sample retention vessels. The aspiration device is configured to receive a second sample from a second primary sample container and deliver the second sample into one of the plurality of sample retention vessels.02-05-2009
20100105143SAMPLE ANALYZER, SAMPLE ANALYZING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A sample analyzer comprising: a plurality of measuring units for measuring samples and outputting measurement data; a transporting device for transporting samples to be measured to the respective measuring units; a data processor for processing the measurement data output from at least one of the measuring units; a connection state information obtainer for automatically obtaining connection state information relating to connection state of the measuring units; and a transport controller for controlling operation of the transporting device in accordance with the connection state information obtained by the connection state information obtainer, is disclosed. A sample analyzing method and a computer program product are also disclosed.04-29-2010
20130065316System and Method for Analyzing a Biological Sample - A system and method for analyzing a biological substance, the device comprising: a specimen input device; at least one pumping device in flow communication with a chemical reservoir and said specimen input device; and at least one flow cell in flow communication with said at least one pumping device via at least one flow valve, wherein said at least one flow cell is configured to contain said specimen and includes a sensing device configured to sense at least one characteristic of said specimen.03-14-2013
20130065315Apparatus and Method for Handling Fluids for Analysis - An apparatus and method of loading reagent in a specimen handling device is disclosed. Fluids including specimen samples and reagents are moved between tubes during processing without directly passing over tubes which the reagents could contaminate. The apparatus may also include a head adapted to carry selected fluids in pipettes and a reagent receptacle adapted to permit entry of the head.03-14-2013
20130164853Method for Prevention of Contamination - A method is provided for disposing of a liquid within an automated analytical system for processing a fluid biological sample, wherein a contamination prevention shield including channels for pipets or pipet tips is reversibly docked to a container for liquid waste in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. A tip rack assembly is provided for processing a fluid sample, the assembly including a rack for pipet tips and the contamination prevention shield. An analytical system is provided using the tip rack assembly, wherein cross-contamination is avoided.06-27-2013
20090221080Various-Substance Holder, Various-Substance Holder Treating Apparatus, and Various-Substance Holder Treating Method - An object of the present invention is to provide a various-substance holder, a various-substance holder treating apparatus, and a various-substance holder treating method which enable the mutual identification of a plurality of particulate carriers to which various substances are or can be immobilized without the need to arrange the particulate carriers at predetermined positions or in a predetermined order, eliminating the need for time and effort to arrange the various substance at predetermined positions or in a predetermined order to allow treatments to be quickly and easily achieved. The various-substance holder according to the present invention has a plurality of particulate carriers or plural sets of particulate carriers to which plural types of chemical substances are or can be immobilized and a carrier holding portion holding the plurality of particulate carriers or the plural sets of particulate carriers in a substantially stationary state such that the plurality of particulate carriers or the plural sets of particulate carriers can be externally measured. The various-substance holder is configured so that each of the plurality of particulate carriers or at least one of the particulate carriers belonging to the plural sets of the particulate carriers are labeled according to types of the chemical substances or for each of the particulate carriers or each set of the particulate carriers so as to be mutually identifiable before the particulate carriers are introduced and held in the carrier holding portion.09-03-2009
20100035349Biodetection Cassette with Automated Actuator - Provided are analysis cassettes that include removable sealing layers and deformable connector layers that place various channels, chambers, and reservoirs on the cassettes into fluid communication with one another. The cassettes are suitable for use in self-contained, immunoassay devices that may be operated in an automated fashion. Also disclosed are methods for analyzing samples by use of the disclosed cassettes.02-11-2010
20090081794Sample analyzer and method for analyzing samples - An sample analyzer, which enables to confirm an analysis remaining time for each sample and a total analysis remaining time for all samples set in the analyzer, so that time management for both each sample and all samples can be easily performed, is disclosed. Specifically, an analyzing unit analyzes a sample by executing an analysis sequence including a predetermined number of analyzing steps, and an control device calculates an analysis remaining time for each sample based on the number of analyzing steps. Control device acquires a total analysis remaining time by calculating the analysis remaining time for the sample in which sample information is lastly inputted. The display member displays the analysis remaining time and the total analysis remaining time.03-26-2009
20100099192TEST-SENSOR CARTRIDGE - A test-sensor cartridge is disclosed (04-22-2010
20080233653System and Method for Processing Chemical Substances, Computer Program for Controlling Such System, and a Corresponding Computer-Readable Storage Medium - The invention is directed to a system and a method for processing chemical substances, a computer program for controlling such system, and a corresponding computer-readable storage medium, which can be used, in particular, to flexibly adapt synthesis devices, in particular for radioactive chemicals or radioactive pharmaceutical products, to different process flows and to make the synthesis devices usable for research and routine operation.09-25-2008
20090263903METHOD FOR DETERMINING PROTHROMBIN TIME - The present invention relates to tests for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Particularly, the invention provides a method for determining prothrombin time of a plasma or whole blood sample taking account the effect which protein induced by vitamin K absence or antagonists (Pivka) has on clotting time and INR result. The primary object of the invention is to harmonise prothrombin time methods for international normalized ratio (INR) results and measure INR10-22-2009
20090093060Luminescent Protein Staining - The present invention relates to the use of cyclometalated iridium complexes for detecting poly(amino acids) including peptides, polypeptides, and proteins. Poly(amino acids) are detected in solution, in electrophorectic gels, and on solid supports, including blots. The method of the present invention is rapid, highly sensitive, and extremely facile.04-09-2009
20110171735Apparatus and Methods for Effecting Chemical Assays - There is disclosed apparatus and a system for effecting testing on a sample, such as for medical testing. The apparatus includes a sample chip (07-14-2011
20080241936Multianalyte Molecular Analysis Using Application-Specific Random Particle Arrays - The present invention provides methods and apparatus for the application of a particle array in bioassay format to perform qualitative and/or quantitative molecular interaction analysis between two classes of molecules (an analyte and a binding agent). The methods and apparatus disclosed herein permit the determination of the presence or absence of association, the strength of association, and/or the rate of association and dissociation governing the binding interactions between the binding agents and the analyte molecules. The present invention is especially useful for performing multiplexed (parallel) assays for qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of binding interactions of a number of analyte molecules in a sample.10-02-2008
20080241937Sample analyzer and sample analyzing method - A sample analyzer and sample analyzing method perform following: a) mixing a sample with at least one of a first reagent and a second reagent, thereby preparing a measurement specimen; b) storing, in a memory, standard curve data corresponding to a reagent to be used in the step a) for preparing a measurement specimen; c) measuring the measurement specimen thereby obtaining measurement data; d) processing the measurement data based on the standard curve data, thereby obtaining an analysis result; and e) when the first reagent and the second reagent are of the same type, determining a reagent to be used for the measuring between the first reagent and the second reagent, based on information regarding standard curve data stored in the memory.10-02-2008
20100136698SAMPLE PLATE - A sample plate for a portable analysis apparatus for analysis of a solid precipitated from a fluid sample, which sample plate comprises a sample inlet, a precipitation zone, a filter and an analysis zone, the sample plate being adapted to allow: (i) a fluid sample to be fed through the sample inlet into the precipitation zone; (ii) a precipitant to be fed to the precipitation zone; (iii) conditions within the precipitation zone to be maintained such that precipitation occurs when the fluid sample and precipitant mix to form a suspension; (iv) separation of the solid in the suspension by the filter; (v) addition of a solvent to the filter to dissolve the solid and form a solution; and (vi) analysis of the solution in the analysis zone.06-03-2010
20080286872AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - An automatic analyzer analyzes a measurement item by making a sample and reagent react with each other and measuring the reaction result. This apparatus allows parameters associated with reagent dispensing executed by a reagent dispensing mechanism to be set as a dispensing condition for each measurement item or each type of reagent, and controls the reagent dispensing mechanism on the basis of the dispensing condition.11-20-2008
20090203146NARROW BORE LAYER OPEN TUBE CAPILLARY COLUMN AND USES THEREOF - A polymer-based PLOT column prepared by in situ copolymerization of a functional monomer, which usually contains the retentive chemistries, and a crosslinking monomer, which enhances the strength of the polymer matrix, is disclosed. Styrenic based monomers such as styrene and divinylbenzene or meth/acrylic based monomers such as butyl or stearyl methacrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate, are preferred. Columns of the invention can be prepared in a robust fashion with a very narrow i.d., e.g., 5-15 μm. Thus, they are suitable for commercial use in ultratrace LC/MS proteomic analysis. Columns according to the invention are characterized by high resolving power, high column-to-column reproducibility and relatively high loading capacity. When these columns are coupled on-line with, e.g., ESI-MS detection, the resulting systems provide high sensitivity for analysis of complex proteomic samples, even down to the low attomole to sub-attomole level.08-13-2009
20090246877IMMUNODIAGNOSTIC TEST ELEMENT HAVING WEAKENED FOIL LAYER - An immunodiagnostic test element includes a support member, at least one test column containing a test material, and a wrap, such as an adhesively-attached foil wrap, covering the top of the at least one test element. The wrap includes a weakened portion directly above each test column, in which each weakened portion is formed by pre-stressing the portion, but not to the point of puncturing the wrap to enable the wrap to be punctured by a fluid aspirating/dispensing element, such as a metering tip, permitting access to the contents of the test column.10-01-2009
20100159602CARBON MEASUREMENT IN AQUEOUS SAMPLES USING OXIDATION AT ELEVATED TEMPERATURES AND PRESSURES - Apparatus and methods for measuring the concentrations of organic and inorganic carbon, or of other materials, in aqueous samples are described, together with related, specially adapted components and sub-assemblies and related control, operational and monitoring systems.06-24-2010
20100159600METHOD OF CONTROLLING FLUID FLOW IN MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND MICROFLUIDIC ANALYSIS APPARATUS - Provided are methods of controlling a fluid flow in a microfluidic device and a microfluidic analysis apparatus. According to the method, an inclination of the microfluidic device with respect to a horizontal direction can be adjusted to simply and accurately control a fluid flow in the microfluidic device. Thus, a fluid conveyance can be completely controlled, and an inspection can be performed using only a small amount of sample. In addition, the method of controlling the fluid flow in the microfluidic device can be manually performed by a user. Thus, since a power is not required, the method of controlling the fluid flow in the microfluidic device can be economical and simple. The microfluidic analysis apparatus includes an inclination operation unit for causing an inclination change of a receiving part of the microfluidic device with respect to a horizontal plane and an inclination control part for controlling an operation of the inclination operation unit to simply and accurately control the fluid flow, thereby to accurately analyze the fluid.06-24-2010
20100159601Automated analysis of discrete sample aliquots - An automated apparatus and method for analyzing liquid samples by forming discrete sample aliquots (boluses) in an elongated conduit which contains a hydrophobic carrier liquid. Aliquots may be analyzed by adding at least one reagent to the sample aliquot that reacts selectively with an analyte contained therein. The reaction product, which is selective for the analyte of interest and proportional to its concentration, is measured with an appropriate detector. Intrinsic sample properties of the sample may also be measured without the need for adding chemical reagents. The invention enables simple and accurate testing of samples using time honored wet-chemical analysis methods in microliter volume regimes while producing remarkably small volumes of waste.06-24-2010
20100216246COMBINATION DRIVE FOR A SAMPLING SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING A LIQUID SAMPLE - A sampling system for collecting a liquid sample, having at least one analytic auxiliary means is proposed. The sampling system has a coupling element for coupling onto the analytic auxiliary means and at least one drive unit for driving a movement of the coupling element from a rest position into a deflected position. The drive unit comprises an energy transducer which is designed to generate a rotational movement with different rotational directions. The drive unit furthermore has a coupling device with at least one rotational-direction sensitive element, wherein the coupling device is designed to couple the energy transducer to a first system function in a first rotational direction, and to couple said transducer to a second system function which differs from the first system function in a second rotational direction which differs from the first rotational direction.08-26-2010
20120142113METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINATION OF SYSTEM PARAMETERS FOR REDUCING CRUDE UNIT CORROSION - The invention provides a method and apparatus for determining the amount of various materials in a liquid sample. Because the apparatus is particularly resilient it can be used repeatedly with very harsh liquid samples such as boot water from an oil refinery. The apparatus uses at least one volume and/or concentration independent optical analysis method to determine at least one of: the pH, amount of chloride, and/or amount of iron in the sample. The optical property can be colorimetric, fluorescent or both and result from adding dyes, complexing agents, turbidity inducing compounds, and other optically effecting reagents to the sample. Because the measurements are concentration and volume independent they can be done continuously, quickly, and avoid the inconvenient start and stop procedures in prior art measurement regimens. The method further includes using a BDD cell to oxidize materials (such as sulfoxy compounds) that would otherwise interfere with the optical analysis and/or to sparge the sample with gas.06-07-2012
20100197025READER DEVICE AND METHODS OF USE - This invention provides a reader device (08-05-2010
20110117656SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING SAMPLE PROCESSING DEVICES - A system and method for processing sample processing devices. The system can include a base plate adapted to rotate about a rotation axis. The system can further include a cover including a first projection, and a housing. A portion of the housing can be movable with respect to the base plate between an open position and a closed position, and can include a second projection. The first projection and the second projection can be adapted to be coupled together when the portion is in the open position and decoupled when the portion is in the closed position. The method can include coupling the cover to the portion of the housing, moving the portion of the housing from the open position to the closed position, and rotating the base plate about the rotation axis.05-19-2011
20090068748AUTOMATIC ANALYZER AND OPERATING METHOD FOR SAME - An automatic analyzer is free from limitations on layout of various mechanisms, and thus causing no bottlenecks, for example, in a space-saving design of the automatic analyzer. This invention includes a coaxial planar duplex arrangement of two dilution disks each with annularly disposed dilution cells, and the dilution disks A and B operate independently of each other. Various mechanisms (parent-sample sampling mechanism, diluent delivery mechanism, diluent/sample mixing mechanism, and diluted-sample sampling mechanism) used in a dilution process can each access the two dilution disks. The dilution process for a parent sample, executed on the dilution disks A and B, can be continuously conducted by providing a fixed delay in operational timing between the two dilution disks.03-12-2009
20090233370METHOD FOR AUTOMATIC ASSAY OF ANIONIC DETERGENTS IN SEAWATER - A method for assaying anionic detergents in seawater comprises: (1) flow a sample through a sample system and an analysis-detection system; flow a reference solution through a reference system, a valve, and the analysis-detection system; where the sample and reference are mixed; and flow the mixture into an optical cell to produce a baseline, (2) flow a sample through the sample system and analysis-detection system; flow a buffer through a buffer system and a color developing system; where the buffer and a color developer are mixed; and flow the resulting mixture through the valve and analysis-detection system; where the sample is mixed with the buffer and developer mixture; and flow the resulting mixture into the cell to produce the sample spectrogram, (3) repeat (1) and (2) with standards of known detergent concentrations for corresponding spectrograms, and (4) compare the sample spectrogram with the standard spectrograms to determine the sample detergent content.09-17-2009
20110027892METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IDENTIFICATION, EXTRACTION, AND TRANSFER OF ANALYTICAL DATA FOR PROCESS CONTROL - Disclosed are methods, apparatuses, and systems, for (1) providing reliable identification of analytes from an HPLC or other analytical instrument, (2) ensuring data integrity during transfer of analytical data from the instrument to, for example, a control application or other destination, and (3) near-immediate transfer of the data after analysis. Embodiments include methods, apparatuses, and systems that automatically identify a subset of analytes from a plurality of analytes able to be analyzed by a liquid chromatograph (or similar instrument) and that automatically extract a subset of result data from the instrument, where the result data relates to a liquid mixture sample from a reactor (or other source) and where the subset of data corresponds to the subset of analytes. The subset of data may then be used to control a reactor process, or other process, by, for example, transferring the subset of data to a control application.02-03-2011
20100178703SINGLE-SENSOR METER SYSTEM WITH NO SENSOR HANDLING AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A single-sensor meter system for dispensing sensors for testing of an analyte concentration in a fluid comprises a container assembly and a single-sensor meter. The container assembly includes inner and outer cartridges. The inner cartridge includes a plurality of test sensors and a mechanical mechanism. The container assembly forms exactly one opening for dispensing the test sensors one at a time. The opening is covered by an end cap so as to assist in preventing or inhibiting moisture from entering the interior of the container assembly. The mechanical mechanism is adapted to advance the plurality of test sensors. The single-sensor meter is adapted to align with and operatively connects to the container assembly. The single-sensor meter includes a test-sensor extraction mechanism adapted to grip a test sensor and pull the test sensor through the opening to a dispensed position.07-15-2010
20110244580SAMPLE ANALYZER AND METHOD OF NOTIFYING USER BY THE SAME - A sample analyzer comprising: a first container set section in which a first reagent container, wherein the first container set section includes a first operating section which is operated by a user when setting the first reagent container; a first detector configured to detect an operation of the first operating section; a second container set section in which a second reagent container, wherein the second container set section includes a second operating section which is operated by the user when setting the second reagent container; a second detector configured to detect an operation of the second operating section; an output section; and a controller configured to control the output section to output a predetermined notification, if the second detector detects the operation of the second operating section by the user when it is required to set the first reagent container in the first container set section.10-06-2011
20100055795POROUS MEMBRANES AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Methods of making a porous membrane and the applications of the porous membrane are disclosed. One such method includes providing a substrate; and forming a first layer over the substrate. The first layer is formed of a metallic material. The method also includes providing a second layer of oxide particles over the first layer; and pressing the second layer against the first layer such that at least portion of the first layer is inserted into gaps between the oxide particles. The resulting membrane can have various applications, including, but not limited to, a catalyst, in a chemical reaction, a component in an electrical or electronic device, or a filter component.03-04-2010
20110076774SAMPLE ANALYZER AND SAMPLE ANALYZING METHOD - A sample analyzer comprising: a reagent container holder, configured to rotate around a rotational axis and to hold a reagent container containing a reagent; a reagent aspirator for aspirating, at a reagent aspirating position, the reagent from the reagent container held by the reagent container holder; an analysis section for analyzing a measurement sample prepared from the reagent aspirated by the reagent aspirator and a sample; and a controller for controlling: the reagent container holder to rotate and thereby transport the reagent container to the reagent aspirating position, the reagent aspirator to aspirate the reagent from the reagent container, and the reagent container holder to accelerate and decelerate alternately while being rotated is disclosed. A sample analyzing method is also disclosed.03-31-2011
20090209040Sensor release mechanism for a meter - A sensor-dispensing instrument (08-20-2009
20110053277ANALYZING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME - A specimen analyzing apparatus for measuring a specimen by using a reagent which has a dispensing mechanism which includes a dispensing tube for suctioning and discharging liquid; a reagent container holder from which a reagent container is removable when the reagent container is in a container removal area; a receiving section for receiving a replacement command for a replacement of the reagent; and a controller for controlling the dispensing mechanism so as to retreat the dispensing tube from the container removal area when the replacement command has been received by the receiving section. Also, a control method for a specimen analyzing apparatus.03-03-2011
20080318322ANALYSIS OF MYCOPHENOLIC ACID IN SALIVA USING LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY TANDEM MASS SPECTROMETRY - A method for mass spectrometric analysis of a saliva sample possibly containing mycophenolic acid or its metabolites mycophenolic acid phenyl glucuronide (MPAG) or mycophenolic acid acyl-glucuronide (Acyl-MPAG), including the steps: (a) providing a saliva sample containing one or more drug or metabolites; (b) deproteinating the sample; (c) separating the one or more drug or metabolites from the saliva sample; and (d) analyzing the one or more drug or metabolites using a mass spectrometer. The sample containing one or more MPA or metabolites is obtained from in an oral fluid based biological samples i.e. whole saliva or saliva obtained by chemical or mechanical stimulation or from specific salivary glands. The size of the sample contains one or more MPA or metabolites is at least about 100 microL. A kit for use in mass spectrometric analysis of a sample may contain one or more MPA or metabolites from saliva samples, comprising: (a) reagents for deproteinating of the saliva sample, including internal standards; (b) reagents for separating the one or more MPA or metabolites from the saliva sample; (c) reagents for analyzing the one or MPA or metabolites using a mass spectrometer; (d) a solution of one or more MPA or metabolites in saliva samples; and (e) instructions for analyzing the one or more MPA or saliva using a mass spectrometer. The kit includes (a) mobile phase solutions; (b) a chromatography column; and (c) a quality control specimen.12-25-2008
20090087913Analysis of conjugated metabolites of alcohol consumption - A method, system, kit and uses for quantifying and normalizing at least one product of ethanol metabolism are provided. A method is provided for quantifying and normalizing at least one product of ethanol metabolism in a sample comprising creatinine. The method comprises adding a predetermined amount of at least one internal standard to the sample; adding deuterated creatinine to the sample; detecting and measuring at least one product of ethanol metabolism, the predetermined amount of at least one internal standard in the sample, the deuterated creatinine, and the creatinine. The method also comprises quantifying the amount of at least one product of ethanol metabolism in the sample using the measurement of the at least one internal standard; quantifying the amount of creatinine in the sample using the measurement of the deuterated creatinine; and normalizing the quantity of the at least one product of metabolism using the measurement of the creatinine.04-02-2009
20130157371Anaerobic Digestion Process Monitoring Device and Method Thereof - Disclosed herein are a device and method for accurately extracting individual organic acid and/or Total Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA), ammonium (NH06-20-2013
20110318840FLUIDIC CARTRIDGE FOR DETECTING CHEMICALS IN SAMPLES, IN PARTICULAR FOR PERFORMING BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSES - A fluidic cartridge for detecting chemicals, formed by a casing, hermetically housing an integrated device having a plurality of detecting regions to bind with target chemicals; part of a supporting element, bearing the integrated device; a reaction chamber, facing the detecting regions; a sample feeding hole and a washing feeding hole, self-sealingly closed; fluidic paths, which connect the sample feeding and washing feeding holes to the reaction chamber; and a waste reservoir, which may be fluidically connected to the reaction chamber by valve elements that may be controlled from outside. The integrated device is moreover connected to an interface unit carried by the supporting element, electrically connected to the integrated device and including at least one signal processing stage and external contact regions.12-29-2011
20100136699SAMPLE PLATE - A sample plate, portable analysis apparatus and method of analysing sulphur and/or nitrogen compounds in a sample fluid, the method comprising feeding a sample fluid to a sample plate having a sample inlet, a reaction zone, an analysis zone, and at least one separation zone, the sample plate being adapted to allow; (a) a sample fluid to be fed to the sample plate through the inlet to the reaction zone or optionally to a separation zone, which separation zone separates the sample fluid into two or more fractions at least one of which is fed to the reaction zone; (b) a reactant to be fed to the reaction zone; (c) the reaction zone to be maintained under conditions that enable reaction to occur between the reactant and the sample fluid or fraction thereof to produce a product fluid; and (d) transfer of the product fluid to the analysis zone or optionally to a separation zone in which the product fluid is separated into two or more fractions, at least one of which is transferred to the analysis zone.06-03-2010
20110065193SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SAMPLE PROCESSING METHOD - A sample processing apparatus including: a preprocessing unit for performing predetermined preprocessing on a sample container; a transporting unit for transporting the sample container on which the preprocessing unit has performed the predetermined preprocessing; a sample processing unit for processing a sample contained in the sample container transported by the transporting unit; a plurality of container collection units for collecting respective sample containers transported by the transporting unit; and a collection controller for controlling, according to a result of the predetermined preprocessing by the preprocessing unit, at least one of the transporting unit and the plurality of container collection units such that the sample container transported by the transporting unit is collected in one of the plurality of container collection units.03-17-2011
20100093097Specimen processing system and specimen conveyance method - A specimen processing system comprising: a plurality of measurement units for acquiring a reagent from each of corresponding reagent containers, and performing measurement of a specimen for a common measurement item by using the reagent; a conveyance mechanism for conveying specimens to the measurement units; a reagent information acquirer for acquiring reagent information related to the reagent stored in each of the reagent containers; a conveying destination determiner for determining a conveying destination of specimens based on the reagent information acquired by the reagent information acquirer; and a conveyance controller for controlling the conveyance mechanism to convey specimens based on the conveying destination determined by the conveying destination determiner, is disclosed. Specimen conveyance method is also disclosed.04-15-2010
20090130765SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR MANAGING INFORMATION RELATING TO SAMPLE TEST REQUESTS WITHIN A LABORATORY ENVIRONMENT - A system and method for managing information relating to requests for a number of tests to be made of at least one sample within a laboratory environment are disclosed. The system may include a sample reception unit, a pre-analytical unit to scan, sort and/or aliquot the sample on request according to respective test requirements included within a respective sample order, an analytical unit to run at least one test on a sorted and/or aliquoted sample, and at least one decision unit. The decision unit acts as a connecting component for interconnecting the sample reception unit, the pre-analytical unit and the analytical unit as both an intermediary and coordinator such that tests can be performed via a recursive workflow until the sample is completely measured. The decision unit is further configured to collate the test results appropriately with the sample and to give a respective report towards a host component.05-21-2009
20120164735Sample Distribution - A method is described for distributing samples within an automated analyzer from a linear arrangement of sample vessels to a processing plate in a two-dimensional n×m arrangement wherein samples are sorted, followed by transfer with a pipetting device with a linear arrangement to a processing vessel in a two-dimensional n×m arrangement and subsequent processing of samples using a second pipetting device which has a two-dimensional n×m arrangement.06-28-2012
20090047743Method and system for determining residual chlorine or chloramine concentration in solution by colorimetey - A kit for determining residual chlorine or chloramine amount of a sample; comprising: a means for containing a PVA solution as an indicator, and another means for containing a reducing indicator. Said reducing indicator would be oxidized by a reaction with residual chlorine or chloramine and said PVA indicator induces a dye by reaction with oxidized compound such as free iodine; wherein intensity of said dye would be changed depending upon the residual chlorine or chloramine amount of the sample.02-19-2009
20120077274CHEMICAL OR BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CHEMICAL OR BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS - A chemical or biochemical analysis apparatus includes: a computer processor; at least one controller electrically coupled to the computer processor; at least one first base configured with a plurality of dispensing tube assemblies arranged in alignment and electrically coupled to the at least one controller, independently; at least one second base configured with a plurality of the detectors arranged in alignment and electrically coupled to the at least one controller; and a stage, for carrying the at least one multi-well strip having a plurality of wells arranged in alignment and for transporting the multi-well strip to pass through and underneath the plurality of dispensing tube assemblies and the plurality of the detectors arranged in order, electrically coupled to the at least one controller.03-29-2012
20110201121METHOD OF TESTING A LIQUID SAMPLE, A TEST UNIT, AND AN AUTOMATIZED SYSTEM OF A PLURALITY OF TEST UNITS - A method of testing a liquid sample, a test unit, an and automatized system of a plurality of test units. The system is for large scale testing patient blood samples, comprising a large number of test units at different locations and connected through a common control unit. In an individual test unit there is a liquid dosing chamber, hermetically closed packages of calibrator and control liquids, closed liquid reagent packages, a liquid sample inlet and an actuator for dosing and mixing the reacting components and elements for registering results from the reactions. The test unit can calibrate, control and test reactions automatically under surveillance of the control unit. The system can use the same packaged liquids in each of the test units, enabling calculation of averages of the control results and, through comparison of individual results with an average, letting faults be detected through results outside permitted deviations.08-18-2011
20120258542ANALYTICAL DEVICE FOR AUTOMATED DETERMINATION OF A MEASURED VARIABLE OF A LIQUID SAMPLE - An analytical device, including: a processing system for treating a liquid sample and for supplying the treated liquid sample to a measuring cell, to the liquid sample; a measuring transducer for registering a measured value of the treated liquid sample variable; a control unit to control the processing system; and an evaluating unit for determining the measured variable based on the measured value registered by the measuring transducer. The analytical device includes at least one first supply container containing a first reagent component, at least one second supply container containing a second reagent component and a mixing apparatus, for mixing a predetermined amount of the first reagent component contained in the first supply container with a predetermined amount of the second reagent component to form a predetermined amount of the reagent.10-11-2012
20080311663Gas Analyzer Apparatus and Method of Analyzing Gases - A gas analyzer apparatus includes a device or platform for supporting a predetermined quantity of a reagent capable of reacting with a predetermined gas to cause a detectable change in a characteristic of the reagent, a reservoir adapted to retain the reagent, a dispenser for dispensing a controlled quantity of the reagent from the reservoir to a predetermined position on the device for supporting the predetermined quantity of the reagent, and a detector that detects the presence of the predetermined gas upon the predetermined gas and the controlled quantity of reagent reacting to cause a detectable change in a characteristic of the reagent detectable by the detector, the detector adapted to detect a change in the controlled quantity of the reagent by detecting the change in the characteristic through the predetermined quantity of the reagent.12-18-2008
20120270325SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING THE PERFORMANCE OF A PUMP - Systems and methods to determine the apparent density of a fluid being displaced by a pump. The apparent density may be determined by comparing an expected torque of the pump to an actual torque of the pump. The apparent density can also be used to detect irregular operating conditions.10-25-2012
20080254544ERROR DETECTION AND REJECTION FOR A DIAGNOSTIC TESTING SYSTEM - A system for measuring a property of a sample is provided. The system comprises a diagnostic measuring device having a memory and a diagnostic test strip for collecting the sample. The strip has embedded thereon a pattern representative of at least first data and second data, the first data being data representing at least one of parameters related to measuring the property, codes usable for calibration of the diagnostic measuring device, or parameters indicating proper connection between the measuring device and the test strip and the second data usable for detecting and rejecting potential errors affecting the proper measurement of the property.10-16-2008
20080227207AUTOMATED COLORIMETRIC POLYSACCHARIDE ASSAYS - A method of automated determination of saccharide concentration is provided herein. The method includes preparing one or more saccharide standards and one or more diluted polysaccharide test samples, transferring a portion of the one or more saccharide standards and the one or more diluted polysaccharide test samples along with a diluent to a series of wells in a multiwell plate, transferring a portion of an acid reagent to the series of wells in the multiwell plate, mixing the contents of the series of wells in the multiwell plate, heating and cooling the contents of the series of wells in the multiwell plate, shaking the multiwell plate, and measuring the radiant energy absorbance of the contents of the series of wells in the multiwell plate, where all steps are performed in the absence of human intervention.09-18-2008
20130143327TEST APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A test apparatus in which detectors and objects to be detected are rotated at the same speed, and a control method thereof are provided. The test apparatus includes a rotation driving unit that includes a rotary shaft; a microfluidic device that is loaded on the rotary shaft and includes at least one object to be detected; a rotating member that is mounted on the rotary shaft and includes at least one detector to detect the objects of the microfluidic device; and a controller configured to operate the rotation driving unit such that the microfluidic device and the rotating member are rotated at the same speed on the rotary shaft.06-06-2013
20130143328Automated Assay Fluid Dispensing - An automated assay fluid dispensing system includes a database that associates assay protocols with assay procedures, the procedures including a first assay procedure specifying dissimilar first and second channel procedures for driving first and second channels of a fluid-dispenser cassette. The system includes a controller with a procedure selector to select or to assist a human to select an assay procedure from the database to be executed in an assay run. The controller also includes a cassette driver to drive the cassette to dispense fluids automatically to multiple sites during the assay run so that fluids in the first and second channels are dispensed in accordance with the dissimilar first and second channel procedures. The system includes a cassette interface to engage the cassette so that the controller can drive it to implement the assay run.06-06-2013
20090124015Modular chemistry analyzer - A chemistry analyzer is disclosed that can include a unitary base with vertical and horizontal supports for constraining subassemblies. The subassemblies include at least a reagent/sample carousel subassembly, a transfer arm subassembly, and a reaction carousel subassembly. A centralized hydraulic system can also be provided behind a user access panel. The analyzer can use machine-readable test specifications coupled with its reagent vessels to define tests that include operations that employ the reagents. The analyzer can also display to the operator a pictorial representation that includes graphical elements that convey levels of usage for the storage vessels, and access icons that are each associated with a color and each lead to a set of screens for different types of operations for the analyzer.05-14-2009
20110269239Apparatus for Automatically Performing Analyses - The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for automatically performing chemical, biochemical and biological analyses.11-03-2011
20110244581BIOLOGIC FLUID ANALYSIS SYSTEM WITH SAMPLE MOTION - An apparatus for and method of analyzing a biologic fluid sample is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) providing a sample cartridge having at least one channel for fluid sample passage; b) providing an analysis device having imaging hardware, a programmable analyzer, and a sample motion system, which sample motion system includes a bidirectional fluid actuator operable to selectively move a bolus of sample axially within the channel, and to cycle the bolus back and forth within the channel; and c) cycling the bolus of sample disposed within the channel at a predetermined frequency until constituents within the sample are substantially uniformly distributed, using the bidirectional fluid actuator.10-06-2011
20090029474High throughput screening methods for lubricating oil compositions - A method for determining oxidation stability for a plurality of different lubricating oil composition samples is provided. The methods can advantageously be optimized using combinatorial chemistry, in which a database of combinations of lubricating oil compositions is generated. As market conditions vary and/or product requirements or customer specifications change, conditions suitable for forming desired products can be identified with little or no downtime.01-29-2009
20130122596AUTOMATIC ANALYZER, ANALYSIS METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSOR - An automatic analyzer includes sample vessels containing samples to be measured and reaction vessels in which to mix a sample and a reagent. A sample dispenser 05-16-2013
20130203173Method for determining the concentration of beta-D-glucan - Method of selectively determining the concentration of beta-glucan in samples, in particular in liquid samples of cereal origin, and a kit for such analysis. The method comprises the steps of contacting of a beta-glucan containing sample and a dye in liquid phase, complexing the beta-glucan with the dye to provide a modified liquid phase, measuring photometrically the absorbance of the modified liquid phase, and determining the concentration of beta-glucan based on the absorbance of the modified liquid phase. According to the invention, the dye comprises a Calcofluor dye such as Calcofluor White or Calcofluor White M2R. It has been found that the same reagent, or reagent of the kind basic kind, gives the same result when the sample is measured using photometry as when the dye is used in a reaction wherein fluorescence is measured.08-08-2013
20130203172SELF-CONTAINED MULTI-REAGENT ASSAY DEVICE - A single closed and compartmentalized vessel is designed to contain all assay reagents necessary to conduct an assay of a liquid sample. The vessel is constructed in parts that are rotatable relative to each other, and processing steps of the assay such as combining, mixing, separating, and measuring are all conducted by either rotating the parts relative to each other or rotating the vessel as a whole, all without opening the receptacle or otherwise exposing the user to any of the liquids or substances within the receptacle.08-08-2013
20120094387PORTABLE EXPLOSIVE OR DRUG DETECTION SYSTEM - A portable chemical analytical apparatus to analyze a test swipe includes a heater to warm the test swipe to a predetermined temperature; a clamp to secure the test swipe to the heater; one or more pumps to dispense one or more chemicals onto the test swipe from a disposable cartridge; a fan to remove chemical vapors rising a predetermined distance from the test swipe; and a camera to capture an image of the test swipe for automated analysis.04-19-2012

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