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20130045529Method, System, and Compositions for Cell Counting and Analysis - The present invention provides a low cost imaged-based system for detecting, measuring and/or counting labeled features of biological samples, particularly blood specimens. In one aspect, the invention includes a system for imaging multiple features of a specimen that includes one or more light sources capable of successively generating illumination beams each having a distinct wavelength band and a plurality of differentially excitable labels capable of labeling a specimen comprising multiple features, such that each different feature is labeled with a different differentially excitable label.02-21-2013
20100151564Biological Work Station - A biological work station for culturing and monitoring cells includes a laminar flow bench and an incubator disposed on the bench. The bench includes a work surface adjacent the incubator that allows experiments and other manipulations to be performed within the confines of the laminar flow bench. An imaging system, such as a stereoscope, may be mounted to the bench so that images may be captured of a culture without removal of the culture from the incubator.06-17-2010
20110195492Optical Apparatus - An optical apparatus for illuminating particles and for detecting emissions from illuminated particles in a flow cytometer having an optical configuration aligned with a flow or particles.08-11-2011
20100081190Histological facilitation systems and methods - Systems, methods, and other modalities are described for generating or otherwise handling images or other data indicating (a) an extraction of chemically treated tissue frozen in vivo, (b) a treatment of a tissue sample in a chamber extended into tissue of an organism, and/or (c) cells to which an optical enhancement material was applied in vivo. Several contexts in which such indications facilitate histological evaluation are likewise described.04-01-2010
20100075408Device for microbiological analysis - The device for the microbiological analysis of a support (03-25-2010
20100075409Device for microbiological analysis - The device for the microbiological analysis of a support adapted to contain microorganisms marked by a fluorophore agent, said agent being adapted to absorb light energy with an absorption spectrum (03-25-2010
20100099178Contaminant Detection Apparatus - A contaminant detection apparatus comprising a powered portable detection device for detecting the presence of at least one pathogen in a sample; a test applicator kit comprising a sample applicator and a cartridge configured to receive and retain the sample applicator; the sample applicator including a swab having a first and second swab heads for swabbing a surface to obtain a sample, the cartridge and sample applicator being configured such that when the sample applicator is retained in the cartridge, the first swab head is retained in said preserving chamber to preserve a confirmatory version of said sample, and the second swab head is positioned in the solvent chamber to dissolve the second swab head to a substantially liquid mixture including said sample, and permit the mixture to flow via flow paths to the wells.04-22-2010
20100003743Grating-based sensor combining label-free binding detection and fluorescence amplification and readout system for sensor - A grating-based sensor is disclosed that has a grating structure constructed and designed for both evanescent resonance (ER) fluorescence detection and label-free detection applications. Some embodiments are disclosed which are optimized for ER detection in an air mode, in which the sample is dry. Other embodiments are optimized for ER detection in liquid mode, in which the sample is suspended in liquid medium such as water. One and two-dimensional gratings are also disclosed, including gratings characterized by unit cells with central posts, central holes, and two-level, two-dimensional gratings. A readout system for such sensors is also disclosed. One embodiment includes a first light source optimized for collecting label-free detection data, a second light source optimized for collecting ER fluorescence amplification data, and at least one detector. In one embodiment, the detector is an imaging system and includes a CCD camera for collecting both ER and label-free data. In other embodiments, the at least one detector takes the form of a spectrometer for collection of label-free data and a photomultiplier for collecting ER data. In other embodiments, a single light source such as a tunable laser or broad band light source is used.01-07-2010
20120309080Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Nanodome Biosensors and Methods of Manufacturing the Same - Tubing such as clear plastic disposable tubing or glass tubing includes a photonic sensor formed in or placed within the tubing. The photonic sensors can take the form of photonic crystal sensors, distributed feedback laser sensors, and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) sensors, including photonic crystal enhanced SERS sensors. Detection arrangements for the sensors are described. The invention has many applications including tubing used in hospital care (e.g., urinary catheters, intravenous fluid delivery tubing, tubing used in dialysis, e.g. heparin lines or blood tubing sets), food manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, water quality monitoring, and environmental monitoring.12-06-2012
20090233350RESPIRATORY APPARATUS WITH A BIOBURDEN INDICATOR - A respiratory apparatus includes a bioburden indicator, having an input valve for the entry of air to be analysed, an element for bioburden analysis, and a suction valve suited to be connected to a suction system to suck up the air to be analysed.09-17-2009
20120115215LIGHT SOURCE REFLECTOR - A light source reflector includes a structure having three or more internal reflective surfaces defining a first light entry aperture and a second light exit aperture having an area that is greater than the area of the entry aperture. A single light source, or a plurality of uniformly distributed light sources, such as one or more LEDs, located proximal the entry aperture provides illumination, which impinges on the reflective surfaces from the entry aperture and is reflected off the surfaces to provides a substantially uniform illumination pattern exiting the exit aperture. The reflector advantageously allows for the use of a source (e.g., LED(s)) that is smaller than the targeted area of illumination and also avoids creating hot-spots as the reflector does not focus the light, but rather reflects mirror images of the source off of the reflective surfaces.05-10-2012
20120238009BIOSENSOR METHOD AND SYSTEM BASED ON FEATURE VECTOR EXTRACTION - A system for biosensor-based detection of toxins includes providing at least one time-dependent control signal generated by a biosensor in a gas or liquid medium, and obtaining a time-dependent biosensor signal from the biosensor in the gas or liquid medium to be monitored or analyzed for the presence of one or more toxins selected from chemical, biological or radiological agents. The time-dependent biosensor signal is processed to obtain a plurality of feature vectors using at least one of amplitude statistics and a time-frequency analysis. At least one parameter relating to toxicity of the gas or liquid medium is then determined from the feature vectors based on reference to the control signal.09-20-2012
20130164830Combination Assay Device and Method for Detecting Compounds in Vaginal Fluid - A combination assay device and method for simultaneously detecting the presence of hydrogen peroxide and D-lactic acid in vaginal fluid. The methods for detecting the hydrogen peroxide and the D-lactic acid are colorimetric-based. The device includes a pair of laminar flow substrates each having a solid-state compound for the detection of hydrogen peroxide and D-lactic acid disposed thereon. The solid-state format provides ease of use and storage.06-27-2013
20120003730PORTABLE SAMPLE ANALYZER CARTRIDGE - A sample analyzer cartridge for use at a point of care of a patient such as in a doctor's office, in the home, or elsewhere in the field. By providing a removable and/or disposable cartridge with all of the needed reagents and/or fluids, the sample analyzer can be reliably used outside of the laboratory environment, with little or no specialized training.01-05-2012
20120190105Cartridge for MEMS particle sorting system - A disposable cartridge is described which is compatible with a MEMS particle sorting device. The disposable cartridge may include passageways which connect fluid reservoirs in the cartridge with corresponding microfluidic passageways on the MEMS chip. A flexible gasket may prevent leakages and allow the fluid to cross the gasket barrier through a plurality of holes in the gasket. Vents and septums may also be included to allow air to escape and fluids to be inserted by hypodermic needle. A MEMS-based particle sorting system using the disposable cartridge is also described.07-26-2012
20090325280CULTURE OBSERVATION SYSTEM - There is provided a culture observation system by which even a culture other than an observation target culture can be cultured and observation can be properly performed by a microscope during culturing of the culture. A culture observation system S includes a culturing cabinet 12-31-2009
20090298162BIOSENSORS FOR MONITORING RECEPTOR-MEDIATED G-PROTEIN ACTIVATION - The present invention relates to novel biosensors that are based on bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET). These biosensors may be used to monitor rapid interaction and conformational changes within G protein-coupled receptor/G protein complexes and, in this way, reflect the activation status of the receptor. Advantageously, the biosensors may be used as a highly sensitive and quantitative assay for the identification of ligands (agonists, antagonists, inverse agonists, partial agonists, etc.) targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) as well as for the analysis of the activation status of these receptors. Moreover, multiplexing different biosensors within receptors/G protein complexes allows for mapping ligand textures. Additionally, the biosensors permit the direct, real-time examination of interactions between receptors and G protein in their natural environment, the living cell.12-03-2009
20120190104MEMS Particle sorting actuator and method of manufacturing - A MEMS-based system and a method are described for separating a target particle from the remainder of a fluid stream. The system makes use of a unique, microfabricated movable structure formed on a substrate, which moves in a rotary fashion about one or more fixed points, which are all located on one side of the axis of motion. The movable structure is actuated by a separate force-generating apparatus, which is entirely separate from the movable structure formed on its substrate. This allows the movable structure to be entirely submerged in the sample fluid.07-26-2012
20100028989MONITOR DEVICE AND BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT-MEASURING DEVICE - This invention provides a monitor device capable of detecting possible abnormalities in body fluid withdrawal by a body fluid sampler and variations in the dilution when a withdrawn body fluid is diluted, and a living organism-measuring device with this monitor device. The former device includes a first optical sensor disposed on a diluent channel through which a diluent is introduced into a body fluid sampler for withdrawing a body fluid; a second optical sensor disposed on a diluted body fluid channel through which the diluted body fluid is transferred to a living organism-measuring sensor, and close to the first optical sensor; and a controlling unit for judging whether variations in a dilution to which the body fluid is diluted are within predetermined limits, from data outputted by the first optical sensor and data outputted by the second optical sensor. The latter device has the monitor device incorporated thereto.02-04-2010
20090023203Sensor Device for Interrogation of Changes in the Contents of a Sealed Container - A device and method allowing evaluation of the contents of a sealed primary container by means of an integral sensor which is separated from the contents of the sealed primary container yet provides information on quality of the contents of the primary container without breaking the sealed system. The integral sensor device includes a biosensor retained within a plastic construct by a gated-pore membrane. Pores in the membrane open in response to an environmental change in the primary container allowing the contents of the primary container to contact the biosensor. Status of the contents of the primary container can be determined by inspection of the biosensor, visually or via a fiberoptic probe, through the optical window of the plastic construct.01-22-2009
20090191617BIO CHIP AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES INCLUDING APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL - The bio chip and the apparatus for analyzing biological material are disclosed, the bio chip and the apparatus being capable of analyzing a variety of specific materials included in biological materials using a single bio chip injected with a single biological material, capable of conducting an optical measurement and an electro-chemical measurement to the enhancement of efficiency, capable of forming a sterilizer at the bio chip to enable a swift disinfection of vulnus caused by blood collection to the convenience of a user, and capable of mounting a laser beam source at the apparatus to enable a swift blood collection, wherein the apparatus is provided with a transfer unit for transferring the bio chip having a sterilizer, whereby the bio chip is transferred following the blood collection to enable automatic disinfection and analysis.07-30-2009
20100099179CHROMATOGRAPHY QUANTITATIVE MEASURING APPARATUS - In a chromatography quantitative measuring apparatus according to the present invention, a beam applied from a light source to a chromatography test strip is formed into an elliptical shape by an optical means such as a cylindrical lens, a variation in absorbance that accompanies elution of a marker regent is detected while the elliptical beam is applied between a marker reagent hold part and a detection part, and a measurement is automatically started in a prescribed period of time since the detection of variation. According to the chromatography quantitative measuring apparatus so configured, non-uniform coloration is reduced by shaping the beam elliptically with the optical means, whereby the accuracy of quantitative analysis is enhanced, and the apparatus can be operated easily.04-22-2010
20100099177In-situ optical monitoring subsystem compatible with cell incubators - An optical monitoring subsystem includes: a differential interference contrast (DIC) optical-path apparatus having a CCD camera and enclosed in a gas-tight housing stored in an incubator and a three-dimension electric driving device operatively moving along three axes of three-dimension coordinates for conveniently observing, monitoring or photographing cells in a cell specimen placed in a concave platform as recessed in the gas-tight housing, and a control device operatively controlling the free movement of the DIC optical-path apparatus; whereby the cells may be directly observed or monitored in-situ in the incubator in a three-dimensional way.04-22-2010
20110201101CENTRIFUGAL FORCE-BASED MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE FOR PROTEIN DETECTION AND MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEM INCLUDING THE SAME - Disclosed is a microfluidic structure and a microfluidic device comprising the microfluidic device, which is suitable for detecting a target material. The microfluidic structure mixes the beads, biological samples, and the detection probe to react and washes and separates the beads after the reaction.08-18-2011
20110201100SINGLE USE CELL CULTURE BIOREACTOR MANIFOLD SYSTEM - The invention provides a disposable cell culture bioreactor manifold system for use in coupling sensors, fluid samplers, conduits, and the like, to a cell culture bioreactor in a sterile manner. The disposable bioreactor manifold system includes an externally attachable bioreactor manifold connector body for fluidly attaching modular sensor arrangements that measure physical variables and other parameters of medium contained within a bioreactor, as well as medium sampling components, and other connections, as well as at least one conduit fluidly connecting connecting the bioreactor manifold connector body with a pump for pumping fluids between the bioreactor and the bioreactor manifold connector body.08-18-2011
20090170189MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - Provided are a microfluidic device that performs a biochemical reaction using a small amount of a biochemical fluid and detects the result thereof, and a method of fabricating the same. The microfluidic device includes: a substrate which comprises a chamber that is formed as a concave groove and accommodates a fluid in the bottom surface of the substrate, and is formed of polymer; and a film welded on the bottom surface of the substrate to seal the chamber so that the chamber is not open at the bottom surface of the substrate, and formed of polymer. The method of fabricating a microfluidic device includes: preparing a substrate which comprises a chamber that is formed as a concave groove and accommodates a fluid in the bottom surface of the substrate, and is formed of polymer; and welding a film on a bottom surface of the substrate to seal the chamber so that the chamber is not opened at the bottom surface of the substrate, the film being formed of polymer.07-02-2009
20090291488MICROORGANISM TESTING DEVICE AND MICROORGANISM TESTING CHIP - A microorganism testing device includes: an analysis chip that includes a fluid specimen container, a reaction container for causing the fluid specimen to react with a reagent solution, a microorganism detection flow path, and an alignment reagent container for holding an alignment reagent to be used in an alignment work of the microorganism detection flow path; a moving stage for holding the analysis chip; and a detection device including a light source for irradiating the detection flow path with light, and an optical detector for detecting light from the detection flow path and converting the light into electric signals, in which the alignment reagent container is provided on a downstream side of the specimen container and the reaction container.11-26-2009
20080286858Reaction vessel with integrated optical and fluid control elements - The present invention provides disposable, semi-reusable, or single use reaction vessels with integrated optical elements for use with diffraction based assay systems. The vessel for assaying liquids for analytes includes a housing having at least one chamber or well for receiving a liquid therein and an optical element integrally formed with the housing for directing an incident light beam towards the well or chamber and directing a light beam away from the reaction chamber after the light beam has interacted with analytes present in the liquid.11-20-2008
20080293130BIOCHIP - A biochip that can make optical measurements without being affected by background fluorescence etc., originating from the outside environment, wherein the surface of the substrate of the biochip can be chemically treated by a simple procedure. The biochip has at least a nontransparent resin substrate, an immobilizing layer formed on a part of the non-transparent resin substrate, and an organic molecule immobilized on the immobilizing layer, and detects an analyte labeled with fluorescence or luminescence in a sample, from the intensity of the fluorescence or luminescence.11-27-2008
20130023042METAL BUFFER LAYER ASSISTED GUIDED MODE RESONANCE BIOSENSOR - A metal buffer layer assisted guided mode resonance (GMR) biosensor is disclosed. The GMR biosensor includes a substrate, a metal buffer layer and a waveguide layer. The metal buffer layer is disposed on the substrate and the waveguide layer is disposed on the metal buffer layer. The metal buffer layer, which is disposed adjacent to the waveguide layer, can carry out the total reflection and provide extra phase compensation of the total reflection at the same time. Accordingly, the propagation constant of the resonance wave would be much closer to the sensitivity of the phase, and the resonance electric field of the GMR biosensor would be much closer to the sensitive area. Consequently, the sensitivity of the GMR biosensor could be improved.01-24-2013
20100248352SENSOR FOR BIOLOGICAL DETECTION - Provided is a sensor for biological detection. The sensor for biological detection includes: a sensing unit including a light generator, an optical coupler, and an optical detector, the optical coupler dividing light incident from the light generator to project divided lights into a bio chip and a reference unit, respectively, and coupling the lights reflected from the respective bio chip and reference unit as one output light, and the optical detector detecting the output light, and the bio chip is independently separated from the sensing unit to be disposed on paths of lights divided by the optical coupler. The sensing unit has a composition of the Michelson interferometer.09-30-2010
20100248351CHIP FOR OPTICAL ANALYSIS - The present invention relates to a chip for optical analysis. In particular, the present invention relates to an optical sensor handling a liquid sample, which is a chip for analysis that can be used for selectively measuring a biologically-relevant substance or a chemical substance such as an environmental pollutant or a health affecting substance in a liquid to be measured. The chip for optical analysis of the present invention is characterized in that (1) an adsorption region (filter region) is provided between a sample introduction section and the observation section in a passage of the chip for analysis, (2) a bypass passage is provided in the passage (main passage) of the chip for analysis, and a time lag is generated between samples passed through the main passage and passed through a bypass passage, and (3) a measurement region and a reference region are provided in the observation section of the chip for analysis. In the present invention, the aspects (1) to (3) can be achieved individually or two or more thereof can be combined.09-30-2010
20090029453DEVICES FOR THE DETECTION OF MULTIPLE ANALYTES IN A SAMPLE - The present invention relates generally to an assay for detecting and differentiating multiple analytes, if present, in a single fluid sample, including devices and methods therefore.01-29-2009
20090004730Cell Obsevation Aiding Instrument and Method of Cell Observation Therewith - A cell observation support instrument having opposed first and second surface members 01-01-2009
20120244610PHOTO-DAMAGE APPARATUS FOR SORTING PARTICLES - A system and apparatus for sorting a mixture of stained particles in a fluid flow path, including stained particles. The system can include a pulsed electromagnetic radiation source for exciting fluorescence emissions from the stained particles, a photodetector for detecting the fluorescence emissions from the stained particles, a processor for classifying the stained particles; and a photo-damaging laser for damaging selected particles in the flow path.09-27-2012
20120244609Composite sensor assemblies for single use bioreactors - A composite sensor assembly for monitoring bio-processes which is suitable for use with a polymeric bioprocess vessel or with downstream equipment, and comprises: 09-27-2012
20120244608Composite sensor assemblies for single use bioreactors - A composite sensor assembly for monitoring bio-processes which is suitable for use with a polymeric bioprocess vessel or with downstream equipment, and comprises: 09-27-2012
20130217110CELL ANALYZER, CELL PROCESSING APPARATUS, SPECIMEN PREPARING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a cell analyzer which comprises: a cell dispersion unit which causes aggregated cells in a biological specimen to be dispersed, through a shearing force applying process of applying a shearing force to the aggregated cells and an ultrasonic dispersion process of dispersing the aggregated cells, by using ultrasonic waves; a detection unit which detects characteristics information reflecting properties of the cells in the biological specimen on which the shearing force applying process and the ultrasonic dispersion process have been performed; and an analysis unit which analyzes the cells in the biological specimen, based on a detection result from the detection unit.08-22-2013
20090081769Apparatus for judging cell detachment, method of judging cell detachment, and cell culture apparatus - An apparatus for judging cell detachment that judges a state of detachment of cells that have been cultured within a cell culture container (cultured cells), includes: an image-capturing unit that captures an image of the cultured cells; and a detachment state judging unit that determines luminance information within the cell culture container based upon image capture data from the image-capturing unit, and judges that the culture cells are detached when the luminance information exceeds a predetermined luminance level.03-26-2009
20090191619METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SELECTIVELY TARGETING CELLS WITHIN A THREE-DIMENSIONAL SPECIMEN - The invention provides an apparatus for electromagnetically affecting a particle of interest in a specimen. The apparatus includes (a) a stage capable of supporting the specimen; (b) a detector including at least one camera, wherein the detector is capable of resolving a particle of interest within the specimen; (c) a means for locating the particle of interest in three dimensions; (d) a means for focusing electromagnetic radiation to a focal volume within the specimen; and (e) a means for adjusting the relative positions of the stage and electromagnetic radiation focusing means, thereby positioning the particle of interest within the focal volume.07-30-2009
20110223655System for Measuring and Analyzing Properties of Water and Sediment Samples - A system for assessing the characteristics and toxicity of a water sample comprising: a test chamber; an optical signal generator configured to emit an optical signal into the test chamber; a first digital filter disposed between the optical signal generator and the test chamber; a first optical transducer disposed to generate a first data signal in response to detecting radiant energy in the test chamber; a second digital filter disposed between the first optical transducer and the test chamber; an aqueous suspension of dinoflagellates contained within the test chamber and mixed with the water sample; a stimulator disposed to stimulate the dinoflagellates to emit a bioluminescence signal; and a microprocessor operatively coupled to the optical signal generator, the first digital optical filter, the stimulator, the first optical transducer, and the second digital filter, wherein the microprocessor is configured to assess the spectral characteristics and toxicity of the water sample.09-15-2011
20090246862BIOLUMINOGENIC ASSAY SYSTEM FOR MEASURING BETA-LACTAMASE ACTIVITY - A bioluminogenic assay system including: providing a bioluminogenic substrate incorporating a beta-lactam antibiotic, a bioluminescence initiating compound, and a chemical linkage joining the beta-lactam antibiotic to the bioluminescence initiating compound; exposing the bioluminogenic substrate to a beta-lactamase enzyme that catalyzes the release of the bioluminescence initiating compound from the bioluminogenic substrate; co-exposing the bioluminogenic substrate to a bioluminescence indicator reaction that employs the bioluminescence initiating compound as a substrate; and detecting a light from the bioluminescence indicator reaction as a measure of the activity of the beta-lactamase enzyme.10-01-2009
20080318307Incubation Condition Monitoring Device - An incubation condition monitoring device has at least one reader unit (12-25-2008
20100015692Small Volume In Vitro Sensor and Methods of Making - A sensor utilizing a non-leachable or diffusible redox mediator is described. The sensor includes a sample chamber to hold a sample in electrolytic contact with a working electrode, and in at least some instances, the sensor also contains a non-leachable or a diffusible second electron transfer agent. The sensor and/or the methods used produce a sensor signal in response to the analyte that can be distinguished from a background signal caused by the mediator. The invention can be used to determine the concentration of a biomolecule, such as glucose or lactate, in a biological fluid, such as blood or serum, using techniques such as coulometry, amperometry, and potentiometry. An enzyme capable of catalyzing the electrooxidation or electroreduction of the biomolecule is typically provided as a second electron transfer agent.01-21-2010
20090093047Kit and Device for Generating Chemiluminescence Radiation - A device for generating a chemiluminescence radiation depending on the binding of at least one ligand that is contained in a sample that is to be tested to at least one receptor that is binding-specific for the ligand has a flow cell having an internal cavity. The internal cavity has a separating wall on which the at least one receptor is immobilized. The internal cavity has at least two compartments. In a first compartment solid is deposited that contains at least one peroxidase-enzyme-possessing marker for marking the ligand in lyophilized form. A second compartment contains salt-stabilized luminol and a solid substance that releases hydrogen peroxide upon contact with water.04-09-2009
20090093046Incubation apparatus - An incubation apparatus, including a temperature-controlled room adjusted to be a predetermined environment condition, and incubating a sample of an incubation container inside the temperature-controlled room, includes a carrying apparatus, an imaging section, and an image analyzing section. The carrying apparatus carries the incubation container in the temperature-controlled room. The imaging section photographs a whole of the incubation container inside the temperature-controlled room. The image analyzing section analyses an operation state of the incubation apparatus or an incubating environment state of the sample based on a total observing image of the incubation container photographed at the imaging section, and outputs an error signal notifying an abnormality of the operation state or the incubating environment state in accordance with the analysis result.04-09-2009
20100159576BIOCHIP AND BIOMATERIAL DETECTION APPARATUS - Provided are a biochip and a biomaterial detection apparatus. The biochip includes a substrate, a metal layer, and a dielectric layer. The substrate includes a surface having a plurality of acute parts which are formed by first and second inclined planes. The metal layer is formed on at least one of the first and second inclined planes. The dielectric layer is formed on the metal layer, and capture molecules specifically binding to target molecules which are marked with a fluorescent substance are immobilized to a surface of the dielectric layer.06-24-2010
20130217109Apparatus for Embedding Tissue Samples - A histology tissue embedding apparatus including a reservoir for an embedding medium and an outlet valve connected to the reservoir through which the embedding medium is dispensable, and including trigger means which control the operation of the outlet valve, the trigger means having a rest position in which the outlet valve is closed, wherein the rest position of the trigger means in relation to the outlet valve is adjustable.08-22-2013
20120196356COMBINED INSPECTION SYSTEM INCLUDING MID-IR VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY AND A FLUORESCENT CYTOMETRY FACILITY - This disclosure concerns a cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce resonant mid-infrared absorption by one or more analytes of the cell. The system includes a laser source that excites at least one fluorophore present in the cell or on the surface of the cell and a fluorescence detector that measures the fluorescence intensity of the fluorophore. A mid-infrared detection facility detects the transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light, wherein the transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light and the fluorescence intensity are used to identify at least one cell characteristic.08-02-2012
20100221817Whole-Cell Sensor - The invention relates to whole-cell sensors for monitoring bioavailable nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, individually or in at least one combination in a medium, and to the use thereof. The whole-cell sensors consist of genetically modified yeast cells which are immobilised in a xerogel matrix and contain at least one marker gene controlled by a promoter of a gene, the transcription of said gene being significantly increased or reduced in the absence of nitrogen, phosphorus or sulphur, and the yeast cells are at least coupled to a signal detector.09-02-2010
20090111174Biomolecule analyzing system - A biomolecule analyzing system (04-30-2009
20090111173Micro-Organism Test Apparatus and Methods of Using the Same - A micro-organism testing apparatus comprising a multi-compartment resealable container provided with or adapted to receive a growth medium (04-30-2009
20130130368INTEGRATED MICROBIAL COLLECTOR - A system for real-time sizing of fluid-borne particles is disclosed. The system further determines, in real time, whether the detected particles are biological or non-biological. As the fluid is being tested, it is exposed to a microbe collection filter which is cultured to determine the type of microbes present in the fluid being tested.05-23-2013
20090068726Optical Device for Blood Analysis, Analysis Apparatus Equipped With Such a Device - Optical device (03-12-2009
20100173398Hand-held microfluidic testing device - A hand-held microfluidic testing device is provided. The testing device includes a housing having at least one cartridge receiving port and at least one cartridge for inputting to the cartridge receiving port, and an optical detection system in the housing, where the optical detection system is disposed to analyze at least one sample in the in at least one detection channel of the cartridge. The cartridge includes at least one sample inlet and sample outlet, at least one buffer inlet and buffer outlet, at least one detection material inlet and outlet, at least one calibration standard inlet and calibration standard outlet and a detection window disposed above a detection region of a channel, where the analysis cartridge is surrounded by a protective shell, that holds the analysis chip base, a chip lid, a sealing gasket, and protective film cover.07-08-2010
20090137030Incubator, schedule management method, and program - An input section of an incubator accepts, from a user, a first input selecting a specified incubation container which registers an observing schedule, and a second input specifying an imaging condition of the specified incubation container in an observing sequence. A calculating section calculates, according to the above-mentioned imaging condition, an observing duration of the specified incubation container from a first data relating to a carrying period of an incubation container and a second data with regard to an imaging duration. A schedule management section extracts, based on a schedule data, a registrable time zone in which an observing sequence of the specified incubation container can be executed without overlapping with previously registered observing schedules, and outputs to display the registrable time zone for presentation to the user.05-28-2009
20100227386COMPACT OPTICAL DETECTION SYSTEM - A detection system is provided, the detection system comprising a light source that generates excitation light having a wavelength sufficient to excite a fluorophore in a sample; an excitation filter positioned along a first line along a path of the excitation light, the excitation filter transmitting the excitation light from the light source; a beam splitter positioned along the first line, the beam splitter reflecting the excitation light transmitted by the excitation filter along a second line toward a mirror positioned on one side of the beam splitter, and passing emitted light reflected along the second line; the mirror, positioned to reflect the excitation light from the beam splitter to the fluorophore in the sample along a third line, normal to both the first and second lines, wherein the mirror further reflects emitted light emitted along the third line, along the second line toward the beam splitter; an emission filter positioned along the second line, on a second side of the beam splitter; and a detector that detects the emitted light transmitted by the emission filter.09-09-2010
20110008880Portable Analyzer - A portable analyzer A01-13-2011
20110008879BIO-ASSAY SUBSTRATE, BIO-ASSAY APPARATUS, AND READING APPARATUS - A bioassay substrate high in integration amount, free in grouping of substances, low in cost, and the like are provided. Specifically, a bioassay substrate includes detection surfaces S on which detection substances can be solidified, the detection surfaces S is provided on a surface of a disk form substrate capable of reading out record information optically, and the detection surfaces S is provided in groove structures (pits) provided in the surface of the substrate radially as viewed on the upper side at predetermined intervals. A bioassay system using the bioassay substrate and a readout system are also provided.01-13-2011
20100178692MODEL CELL CHIP, APPARATUS FOR EVALUATING DRUG EFFECT USING THE MODEL CELL CHIP AND METHOD OF EVALUATING DRUG EFFECT - The present invention provides an apparatus for evaluating a drug effect enabling on-chip evaluation of the effect of a drug while the drug is acting on hERG-expressing cells. The present invention also provides a myocardial toxicity test apparatus and method therefor enabling in vitro myocardial toxicity testing that has previously been performed in vivo.07-15-2010
20110033917SENSOR WITH LONG-TERM STABILITY FOR BIOPROCESSES - A sensor for registering a measured variable of a medium, especially in a bioprocess. The sensor includes a sensor body, wherein at least one surface section of the sensor body can be supplied with the medium, and wherein a condition of this surface section affects the measured value. The sensor is characterized by the fact that the surface section contains a substance with biocidal properties.02-10-2011
20090311774BIOASSAY SYSTEM INCLUDING OPTICAL DETECTION APPARATUSES, AND METHOD FOR DETECTING BIOMOLECULES - A bioassay system is disclosed. The bioassay system may include a plurality of optical detection apparatuses, each of which includes a substrate having a light detector, and a linker site formed over the light detector, the linker site being treated to affix the biomolecule to the linker site. The linker site is proximate to the light detector and is spaced apart from the light detector by a distance of less than or equal to 100 micrometers. The light detector collects light emitted from the biomolecule within a solid angle of greater than or equal to 0.8 SI steridian. The optical detection apparatus may further include an excitation light source formed over the substrate so as to provide a light source for exciting a fluorophore attached to the biomolecule.12-17-2009
20110212512MONITORING NETWORK BASED ON NANO-STRUCTURED SENSING DEVICES - A monitoring network system for inspecting and controlling harmful substances includes probe assemblies that each includes a sensor comprising nano structured surfaces or nano particles in a solution, configured to adsorb molecules of a sample material captured adjacent to the sensor, a laser that can emit a laser beam to illuminate the molecules adsorbed to the nano structured surfaces, a spectrometer that can produce spectral data from light scattered by the molecules adsorbed to the nano structured surfaces, and a ID reader that can retrieve identification information about the sample material. A central office can determine a spectral signature matching spectral signatures stored in a database and to identify a harmful substance in the sample material. An alert and response system can send out an alert signal about the sample material when the harmful substance is identified in the sample material.09-01-2011
20100216228MICROARRAY WITH MICROCHANNELS - A microarray formed in a planar surface of a moldable slab, the microarray including a plurality of microwell sets comprising a plurality of microwells formed in the planar surface of the moldable slab, each microwell being sized to contain at least a single cell, and a plurality of microchannels formed in the planar surface of the moldable slab, the plurality of microchannels being configured to permit liquid from a first region of the microarray to transit to a second region of the microarray.08-26-2010
20110086418HIGHLY SENSITIVE OXYGEN SENSOR FOR CELL CULTURE - An oxygen sensor comprising an oxygen sensing compound and configured to substantially mitigate leaching of the oxygen sensing compound from the oxygen sensor to an outer surface thereof is provided. The oxygen sensor may comprise one or more layers. A first portion of the oxygen sensor is configured to be permeable to gas and comprises an oxygen sensing material. A second portion is disposed with or on the first portion and is configured to be permeable to gas and substantially impermeable to the oxygen sensing material.04-14-2011
20090215161MICROORGANISM TESTING DEVICE AND CHIP FOR TESTING MICROORGANISMS - There is disclosed a microorganism testing device in which various types of microorganisms can be easily concentrated. The microorganism testing device includes a detection chip, a carrier device, a controller, and a magnet. The detection chip includes a specimen container for holding a specimen containing microorganisms, a trapping particle liquid container for holding trapping particle liquid containing magnetic particles, a microorganism trapping section for trapping the microorganisms, and a liquid flow path. In a state where a magnetic force of the magnet acts on the microorganism trapping section, the controller controls the carrier device to flow the trapping particle liquid into the microorganism trapping section to form a filtration filter by trapping plural magnetic particles in the microorganism trapping section, and in this state, to flow the microorganisms into the microorganism trapping section so that the microorganisms within the specimen are deposited on one side of the filtration filter.08-27-2009
20120202278SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REPEAT MEASUREMENT OF SINGLE CELLS USING VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY - This disclosure concerns a high-throughput cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light successively to single cells over a time period in order to make successive measurements of induced resonant mid-infrared absorption by one or more analytes of the cells. The cytometry system also includes a mid-infrared detection facility that detects the successively transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light, wherein the transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light is used to identify a changing cell characteristic over the time period.08-09-2012
20120202277MINIMALLY INVASIVE CYTOMETRY SYSTEM WITH QCL INSPECTION OF SINGLE CELLS FOR CANCER DETECTION - This disclosure concerns a minimally invasive cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one QCL laser source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce vibrational bond absorption in one or more analytes within the cell. The cytometry system also includes a detection facility that detects the mid-infrared wavelength light transmitted by the cell and identifies the cell as either cancerous or non-cancerous.08-09-2012
20120149094Biological Sterilization Indicator and Method of Using Same - A biological sterilization indicator (BI) and a method of using same for assaying the lethality of a sterilization process. The BI can include a housing, which can include a first portion, and a second portion, which can be movable with respect to the first portion between a first and second position. The BI can further include a frangible container comprising a liquid. The BI can further include a spore reservoir and a projection positioned in the housing. The projection can be configured to fracture the container when the second portion of the housing is moved from the first position to the second position. The method can include maintaining a minimal cross-sectional area of space around the container when the second portion of the housing is in the first position, and fracturing the container in response to moving the second portion between the first and second positions.06-14-2012
20080213875ASSAY DEVICES AND METHODS - A device for determining an assay result may include a test strip, a light source system, a light detection system, and a processor.09-04-2008
20080254532Thermal cycler with optical detector - A reaction vessel having a reaction chamber for holding a sample is fabricated by producing a housing having a rigid frame defining the minor walls of the chamber. The housing also defines a port for introducing fluid into the chamber. At least one sheet or film is attached to the rigid frame to form at least one major wall of the chamber. In preferred embodiments, two sheets or films are attached to opposite sides of the rigid frame to form two opposing major walls of the chamber, the major walls being connected to each other by the minor walls.10-16-2008
20100167387SYSTEM AND AUTOMATED DEVICE FOR ANALYSING A CELL SUSPENSION - A system for analyzing a cell suspension includes at least one well for decanting (07-01-2010
20100120133Separation device for use in the separation, characterization and/or identification of microorganisms - The present invention is directed to a separation device or container that can be used in the separation, isolation or pelleting of microorganisms from a test samples known to contain or suspected of containing said microorganisms. Subsequently, the separated, isolated or pelleted microorganism sample can undergo one or more interrogation steps to provide measurements useful for the characterization and/or identification of microorganism. In one aspect of the present invention, the interrogation steps can occur in situ in the separation device or container described herein.05-13-2010
20090203118OPTICAL SYSTEM INCLUDING NANOSTRUCTURES FOR BIOLOGICAL OR CHEMICAL SENSING - An analytical device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the analytical device includes a three-dimensional substrate structure comprising a three-dimensional surface. A plurality of noble metal nanoparticles are on the three-dimensional substrate structure. A plurality of capture agents are on the noble metal nanoparticles.08-13-2009
20120309081SYSTEM AND PLANT FOR CULTIVATION OF AQUATIC ORGANISMS - Provided are a cultivating system for cultivating aquatic organisms including a load-bearing structure having a top portion with at least two top rims transverse to each other and defining a top portion, a bottom portion, and flexible tank adapted for receiving therein a growing medium and for cultivating therein aquatic organisms. Further, the tank can include at least two sidewalls extending such that at least in one cross-section taken along a plane perpendicular to said top portion, at least two of the sidewalls form a general V-shape converging towards the bottom portion. The system can also include a gas emitting arrangement linkable to a source of pressurized gas and comprising gas emitting nozzles disposed within the flexible tank at the bottom portion.12-06-2012
20100021994APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE TERMINATION OF FAT DIGESTION AND FAT TISSUE DIGESTION APPARATUS - To enable to yield a group of fat-derived stem cells of constant quality regardless of the individual difference in fat tissue. It is intended to provide an apparatus for determining the termination of fat digestion (01-28-2010
20100003744FLOW CYTOMETER FOR DIAGNOSIS OF HIV INFECTIONS - Disclosed is a a flow cytometer for diagnosis of HIV infections. A fluorescent material having a relatively lower fluorescence intensity is conjugated with one marker and another fluorescent material having a relatively higher fluorescence intensity is conjugated with the other marker. The two markers can be sorted and counted individually and simultaneously from the fluorescence intensity difference.01-07-2010
20130157350APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING GLYCOL - A method and apparatus are provided for detecting contaminants, such as ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, in various materials, including household products, and medicines. The contaminants can be detected using enzyme assays that produce measurable changes in light absorption and/or light fluorescence.06-20-2013
20110318822ANALYTICAL STRIP - This invention discloses an analytical strip comprising a substrate. The substrate has a channel provided concavely on the upper surface thereof. The channel comprises a first area for receiving a fluid sample, a second area for delivering the fluid sample, and a third area where the fluid sample reacts. These three areas are connected sequentially. Nitrocellulose layers are formed at the bottoms of both the second area and the third area. Each of the nitrocellulose layers comprises a hollow-matrix conformation. In addition, the nitrocellulose layer of the second area has an average thickness that is not greater than that of the nitrocellulose layer of the third area. The strip also comprises a reaction material formed in the hollow-matrix conformation of each of the nitrocellulose layers.12-29-2011
20120115216CONTAINER FOR TESTING FOR MICRO-ORGANISMS - A multi-compartment resealable container for testing for the presence of micro-organisms is provided with or adapted to receive a sample in a first substantially rigid transparent compartment, a growth medium in a second compartment, and a sanitizer in a third compartment, the compartments being separated by foil seals, the second and third compartments have an associated plunger which when depressed causes serrated cutters to puncture the foil seal and allow the contents to be added to the liquid containing or comprising the sample.05-10-2012
20120045826KITS AND DEVICES FOR DETECTING ANALYTES - The invention provides devices that improve tests for detecting specific cellular, viral, and molecular targets in clinical, industrial, or environmental samples. The invention permits efficient detection of individual microscopic targets at low magnification for highly sensitive testing. The invention does not require washing steps and thus allows sensitive and specific detection while simplifying manual operation and lowering costs and complexity in automated operation. In short, the invention provides devices that can deliver rapid, accurate, and quantitative, easy-to-use, and cost-effective tests.02-23-2012
20120003731ANALYZER AND METHOD FOR WASHING DISPENSER PROBE - The analyzer (01-05-2012
20120003729CAPILLARY PERFUSED BIOREACTORS WITH MULTIPLE CHAMBERS - A bioreactor for cultivating living cells in a liquid medium. In one embodiment of the present invention, the bioreactor includes a first substrate having a first surface, an opposite second surface and edges. The bioreactor further includes a second substrate having a first surface and an opposite second surface, defining a cavity with a bottom surface, where the bottom surface is located therebetween the first surface and the second surface. The first surface of the first substrate is received by the second surface of the second substrate to cover the cavity so as to form a channel for receiving cells and a liquid medium. In forming the bioreactor, the channel is sized to allow the growth of a layer of cells on a biocompatible coating layer and a flow of liquid in the channel. The flow of liquid is controlled so as to provide a known shear force to the layer of cells. The flow of liquid can be further controlled so as to provide an environment that simulates a vascular space in the channel.01-05-2012
20120003728Scalable Portable Sensory and Yield Expert System for BioMass Monitoring and Production - The invention relates to the field of algae biofuel production, in particular to methods and means of physical action on biological structures of photosynthesing microorganisms, phototrophic algae in particular. The invention can be used for obtaining biofuel from algae, as well as for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foodstuff industries. In the process of the method implementation radiation of cultivated solution of photosynthesizing microorganisms/phototrophical algae is carried out by the action of electromagnetic waves of a selected intensity. Stimulation of increasing photosynthesizing microorganisms/phototrophical algae biomass is obtained by the interaction of electromagnetic wave and biological cell. Irradiation of cultivated solution of photosynthesizing microorganisms/phototrophical algae is performed by electromagnetic waves originating from specified sensor mechanisms mounted about the acrylic or plastic-based stackable tubular bioreactor. Nutrients, carbon dioxide and other dissolved substances are monitored by this sensor system which is controlled by a supercomputer-based control mechanism.01-05-2012
20120009667APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING FLUID SAMPLE - The present invention provides a cartridge for analyzing a fluid sample. The cartridge provides for the efficient separation of cells or viruses in the sample from the remaining sample fluid, lysis of the cells or viruses to release the analyte (e.g., nucleic acid) therefrom, and optionally chemical reaction and/or detection of the analyte. The cartridge is useful in a variety of diagnostic, life science research, environmental, or forensic applications for determining the presence or absence of one or more analytes in a sample.01-12-2012
20110059521DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MONITORING INHIBITION OF PLATELET FUNCTION - The invention provides a method of monitoring the response of platelets to a cyclooxygenase-1 (COX1) inhibitor such as aspirin. The method involves collecting platelet-containing mammalian blood treated with a COX1 inhibitor; mixing the blood with a COX1-dependent platelet agonist, such as arachidonic acid, monitoring extracellular ATP in the agonist-activated blood to generate a measurement, and comparing the measurement to a standard value. Devices, systems, and kits for carrying out the method are also provided.03-10-2011
20100112682TOTAL BACTERIA MONITORING SYSTEM - A system for measuring total microbiological content in an aqueous medium by adding a fluorescent dye to the aqueous medium, measuring the fluorescent signal in the aqueous medium to obtain a baseline fluorescent signal, releasing intracellular content of the microbiological matter into the aqueous medium by lysing the microbiological matter. The system then measures the fluorescent signal in the aqueous medium with the released intracellular content of the microbiological matter to obtain a second fluorescent signal. Next, the system subtracts the baseline signal from the second fluorescent signal to obtain a net fluorescent signal and equates the net fluorescent signal with a microbiological content.05-06-2010
20120064616DEVICE FOR MEASURING AN ULTRA LOW GAS FLOW - A measuring device is disclosed for measuring an ultra low gas flow, working by the principle of liquid displacement. In at least one embodiment, the measuring device includes at least one cell including a gas inflow device, a gas compartment device with a predefined inner geometric physical volume and active volume. In at least one embodiment, the gas compartment device includes one gas accumulating end and one lifting end, the gas compartment device also defining a geometric gas collecting point inside of the gas compartment device, during a gas filling cycle, the geometric gas collecting point moving further and further from the gas accumulating end to the lifting end during the gas filling cycle. Further, in at least one embodiment the cell includes a holding device having a pivoting element enabling the gas compartment device to pivot upwards when the geometric gas collecting point is positioned at the lifting end and the lifting force is larger than the down-pressing force at the lifting end, thereby releasing all of the accumulated gas in the gas compartment device, and then pivoting back to its initial standby position for new receipt and storage of gas during another gas filling cycle until next releasing sequence. Finally, in at least one embodiment, the cell also includes a sensor provided to generate a signal and/or change the state of a signal when the gas compartment device is not in its initial standby position, wherein the gas storing capacity of the inside of the gas compartment device is larger at the gas accumulating end than at the lifting end and wherein the gas accumulating end has a higher vertical position than the lifting end at the initial standby position.03-15-2012
20120064615TEST ELEMENT FOR DETECTING AN ANALYTE IN A SAMPLE - The invention relates to a test element for detecting at least one analyte in a sample, in particular for detecting at least one metabolite in a bodily fluid. The test element comprises at least one test field with a test field surface. The test field comprises at least one detection reagent that is adapted to undergo a detectable reaction in the presence of the analyte. The test element further comprises at least one distribution element that has at least one distribution surface facing the test field surface. Between the distribution surface and the test field surface is at least one capillary gap, wherein the capillary gap is adapted to allow a layer of the sample with a layer thickness of no more than 50 μm to form within the capillary gap.03-15-2012
20120208264METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTION OF LIVIGN PHYTOPLANKTON CELLS IN WATER - The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for detecting living phytoplankton cells and/or microorganisms in or out of water, particularly ballast water, bodies of water, sewage, or water in swimming and bathing devices. Said method is characterized by the following steps: the variable fluorescence (Fv) is calculated by forming the difference between the maximum fluorescence (Fm) and the minimum fluorescence (Fo) in a measuring space or detecting part or all of the dynamic shape of a fluorescence induction curve in a measuring space, particularly measuring; and calculating the number of living phytoplankton cells and/or microorganisms of a reference species in the measuring space in accordance with the variable fluorescence (Fv).08-16-2012
20120070886MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - A microfluidic device having a substrate with an array of curvilinear cavities. The substrate of the microfluidic device is preferably fabricated of a polymer such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The microfluidic device is manufactured using a gas expansion molding (GEM) technique.03-22-2012
20120070885INTEGRATED DEVICE FOR ANALYZING AQUEOUS SAMPLES USING LIPID MULTILAYER GRATINGS - Described is a device comprising lipid multilayer gratings.03-22-2012
20120238008Rapid Detection of Pathogens Using Paper Devices - A kit for the rapid detection of pathogens in food supplies. The kit includes a microspot device and one or more indicator reagents to be applied to a well of the microspot device. The employed indicator reagent produces a detectable change upon contact with a pathogen of interest. The microspot device is fabricated from a porous membrane, such as filter paper. A substantially continuous boundary composed of a low melting temperature solid is deposited within the porous membrane extending from the top of the membrane to the bottom of the membrane and defines the peripheral sides of the well. Additionally, a barrier is applied to the bottom of the membrane, thus defining the bottom of the well. The kit can further include growth media for enriching the pathogenic bacteria and instructions for use of the kit employing the microspot device and the one or more indicator reagents.09-20-2012
20120164719METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING INDIVIDUAL CELLS OR PARTICULATES USING FLUORESCENT QUENCHING AND/OR BLEACHING - A method for analyzing a blood sample is provided that includes the steps of: providing a blood sample having one or more of each first and second constituents; admixing a colorant with the sample, which colorant is operative to cause the first constituents and second constituents to fluoresce and absorb light; illuminating at least a portion of the sample; e) imaging a portion of the sample; determining a fluorescence value for each the first constituents and second constituents; determining an optical density value for each of the first constituents and second constituents; and identifying the first constituents and the second constituents using the determined fluorescence and optical density values.06-28-2012
20120164718Removable/disposable apparatus for MEMS particle sorting device - A micromechanical particle sorting system uses a removable/disposable apparatus which may include a compressible device, a filter apparatus and a cell sorter chip assembly. The chip assembly may include a tubing strain relief manifold and a microfabricated cell sorting chip. The chip assembly may be detachable from the filter apparatus in order to mount the MEMS particle sorting chip adjacent to a force-generating apparatus which resides with the particle sorting system. A disturbance device installed in the particle sorting system may interact with a transducer on the removable/disposable apparatus to reduce clogging of the flow through the system. Using this removable/disposable apparatus, when the sample is changed, the entire apparatus can be thrown away with minimal expense and system down time.06-28-2012
20100093072MICROORGANISM TESTING DEVICE AND MICROORGANISM TESTING CHIP - Provided are a microorganism testing chip capable of suppressing self-fluorescence and enhancing mass productivity, and a microorganism testing device using the same. The microorganism testing chip includes a main body and a fungus body detection unit mounted on the main body. The main body has a detection window frame portion which is a through-hole or a pass-through groove. The fungus body detection unit is disposed to cover the detection window frame portion and has a fungus body detection flow path connected to flow paths provided in the main body. The fungus body detection unit includes a cover member and a flow path member, and is formed by attaching these two members to each other. The flow path member has a groove. By attaching the two members to each other, the groove of the flow path member serves as the fungus body detection flow path.04-15-2010
20120214225CELL INCUBATOR AND INCUBATION CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM - A cell incubator includes: a culture cell accommodating section which accommodates cells to be cultured and a culture solution; and an RFID tag which is attached to the culture cell accommodating section and which is configured to transmit predetermined information to a communicating apparatus in response to reception of a signal that is wirelessly transmitted from the communicating apparatus.08-23-2012
20120252111MEASURING SYSTEM USING OPTICAL WAVEGUIDE, MEASURING DEVICE, MEASURING METHOD, OPTICAL WAVEGUIDE TYPE SENSOR CHIP, AND MAGNETIC FINE PARTICLE - According to one embodiment, a measuring system using an optical waveguide is provided. The measuring system has an optical waveguide, magnetic fine particles, a magnetic field applying unit, a light source and a light receiving element. The optical waveguide has a sensing area to which first substances having a property of specifically bonding to subject substances to be measured are fixed. Second substances having a property of specifically bonding to the subject substances are fixed to the magnetic fine particle. The magnetic field applying unit generates a magnetic field for moving the magnetic fine particles. The light source inputs a light into the optical waveguide. The light receiving element receives the light output from the optical waveguide.10-04-2012
20120178152MEDICAL HAND-HELD DEVICE - A medical hand-held device is disclosed comprising a test tape unit that can be inserted into a device housing which comprises a test tape provided with a plurality of analytical test elements which can be wound by means of a spool, and a tape drive comprising an electric motor and a gear unit that can be coupled to the test tape unit for winding the test tape forwards in sections, such that the test elements can successively be provided for sample application. The axis of rotation of the electric motor is arranged in a plane extending transversely to the axis of rotation of the spool and that the gear unit has an angle drive to change the direction of the axis.07-12-2012
20120225475CYTOMETRY SYSTEM WITH QUANTUM CASCADE LASER SOURCE, ACOUSTIC DETECTOR, AND MICRO-FLUIDIC CELL HANDLING SYSTEM CONFIGURED FOR INSPECTION OF INDIVIDUAL CELLS - This disclosure concerns a cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce resonant mid-IR vibrational absorption by one or more analytes, leading to local heating that results in thermal expansion and an associated shockwave. An acoustic detection facility that detects the shockwave emitted by the single cell.09-06-2012
20120225474SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PATHOGEN DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION - This disclosure concerns a pathogen inspection system that includes a handling system that presents single cells from a sample to at least one QCL laser source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce vibrational bond absorption in one or more analytes within the cell. The system includes a detection facility that detects the mid-infrared wavelength light transmitted by the cell and identifies the cell as either a pathogen or not a pathogen.09-06-2012
20120264204Method and apparatus using optical techniques to measure analyte levels - A device is provided for use with a tissue penetrating system and/or a metering device for measuring analyte levels. The device comprises a cartridge and a plurality of analyte detecting members mounted on the cartridge. The cartridge may have a radial disc shape. The cartridge may also be sized to fit within the metering device. The analyte detecting members may be optical system using fluorescence lifetime to determine analyte levels. In one embodiment, the device may also include a fluid spreader positioned over at least a portion of the analyte detecting member to urge fluid toward one of the detecting members. A plurality of analyte detecting members may be used. Each analyte detecting member may be a low volume device.10-18-2012
20120231534Spectrometric device - The present invention provides improved spectrometric devices useful for measuring optical quantities of a component, including a solid state LED emitter, having at least one wavelength that is matched to the wavelength that is useful for the spectral analysis of the component of interest, a photodetection cell and an optimizing configuration and permits control of the LED emitter and the detector sensitivity to provide a range of detection for the signals corresponding to the optical density of a sample being analyzed and that affords sensitivity for a desired component of a sample by minimizing the error associated with electronic components and signals. Preferred embodiments also include configurations for determining an anticoagulant therapy value that may be used to determine treatment for a patient.09-13-2012
20110003373ANALYTE TREATMENT APPARATUS - The present invention provides an analyte treatment apparatus that makes it easy to check various information about liquid chemicals stored in liquid chemical tanks made of resin from outside the liquid chemical tanks.01-06-2011
20120088295DEVICE FOR CONCENTRATING AND SEPARATING CELLS - Provided is a device for concentrating and separating cells, which has a function for continuously concentrating cells; a function for then continuously arranging the concentrated cells in predetermined regions of a flow path; a function for simultaneously identifying shape and fluorescent emission in one-cell units on the basis of cell concentration and purification images, which serve to continuously separate and purify cells that have different properties in that they are either attracted to or repelled by an induction electrophoresis force of a predetermined frequency; and a function for identifying cells on the basis of this shape and fluorescent emission information and thereby separating and purifying the cells.04-12-2012
20120288926Blood Cell Trajectory Displaying Device - Disclosed is a blood cell trajectory display device (11-15-2012
20120142086IMAGING SYSTEM COMPRISING MICROLENSES AND ASSOCIATED DEVICE FOR DETECTING A SAMPLE - The invention relates to an imaging system and an associated device for detecting a sample (06-07-2012
20100129899Flexible Bioreactor - A flexible bioreactor intended for culturing cells in a liquid medium, the bioreactor comprising a flexible wall forming a fluid impermeable bottom wall of the bioreactor when in use, wherein flexible parts of said flexible bottom wall are interrupted by at least one rigid element of said flexible bottom wall, the rigid element and the flexible parts being connected fluid tightly, and wherein the rigid element comprises measuring means allowing for non-invasive monitoring of cellular activity in said bioreactor when in use.05-27-2010
20080254531APPARATUS FOR THE NON-INVASIVE MEASUREMENT OF TISSUE FUNCTION AND METABOLISM BY DETERMINATION OF STEADY-STATE FLUORESCENCE ANISOTROPY - A non-invasive measurement of biological tissue reveals information about the function of that tissue. Polarized light is directed onto the tissue, stimulating the emission of fluorescence, due to one or more endogenous fluorophors in the tissue. Fluorescence anisotropy is then calculated. Such measurements of fluorescence anisotropy are then used to assess the functional status of the tissue, and to identify the existence and severity of disease states. Such assessment can be made by comparing a fluorescence anisotropy profile with a known profile of a control.10-16-2008
20080227188Biosensor with Optically Matched Substrate - The matching of refractive index of a nanoporous membrane with an analyte solution used with the membrane for use in a sensor is described. Scattering of the excitation and/or emitted light is reduced by matching the refractive indices. This improves efficiency when the porous translucent membrane is used in flow-through or flow-over sensors such as biosensors.09-18-2008
20080227187Cellular physiology workstations for automated data acquisition and perfusion control - Cellular physiology workstations for automated data acquisition and perfusion control are described. The cellular physiology workstation may be used for physiological and electrophysiological experiments. Methods for employing such cellular physiology workstations in physiological and electrophysiological experiments are also disclosed. The cellular physiology workstations comprise one or more recording chambers each for holding one or more cells to be measured. One or more cells are place in each recording chamber. Perfusions means, such as an automatic perfusion system is connected to the recording chamber to perfuse the cells with a plurality of solutions containing different concentration of one or more agents to be tested. Biosensors, such as patch clamps, electrodes, or microscopes are positioned to detect a response from the cell. The cellular physiology workstation may optionally comprise injecting means for introducing an injection solution into the cell before and during analysis.09-18-2008
20110263008Cell Culture Real-Time Observation System - The present invention discloses a cell culture realtime observation system comprising a plate, a culture well, an image capture device, at least one container, an evaporation device, a first micro channel, a second micro channel and a transmission unit. The culture well is disposed on the plate, and the image capture device is disposed between the plate and the culture well. The container is disposed on the plate and at a side of the culture well, and the evaporation device is disposed at the other side of the culture well. The container and the culture well are connected by the first micro channel, and the culture well and the evaporation device are connected by the second micro channel. The transmission unit is electrically connected to the image capture device.10-27-2011
20080220512Tunable laser-based spectroscopy system for non-invasively measuring body water content - The present disclosure relates to a tunable laser-based spectroscopy system for accurately and non-invasively measuring body water content. The body water content is one of the important health indicators, by which one can quantitatively monitor the hydration level of body and determine if it is necessary to supplement or reduce the body water. The disclosed systems, devices, and/or methods may improve wavelength accuracy, wavelength resolution, optical spectral power density, signal-to-noise ration, and available implementation options for the spectroscopy system.09-11-2008
20100015691Apparatus for Hemolyzing a Blood Sample and for Measuring at Least One Parameter Thereof - An apparatus for hemolyzing a blood sample and for measuring at least one parameter thereof comprises a sample chamber for accommodation of the blood sample, the sample chamber having a first sidewall and an opposite second sidewall. The apparatus also comprises ultrasonic generator for generating ultrasonic waves in the first and second sidewalls so as to cause the blood sample provided between the first and second sidewall to be hemolyzed. Further, the apparatus comprises an optical measuring device for measuring the at least one parameter in the hemolyzed blood sample when the hemolyzed blood sample is provided between the first and second sidewalls. The ultrasonic generator of the apparatus comprises a first ultrasonic generator for generating ultrasonic waves in the first sidewall and a second ultrasonic generator for generating ultrasonic waves in the second sidewall.01-21-2010
20130177972BIOREACTORS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING AND/OR ANALYZING ORGANS - Articles and methods for growing or analyzing tissues and organs using bioreactors or other devices and components are provided. In some embodiments, a bioreactor is configured to provide a growth chamber having one or more inlets, outlets, sensors, organ attachment sites, and/or organ identifiers.07-11-2013
20130177973Flow Cytometer - A flow cytometer for a microanalysis and a fast detection is provided. In the flow cytometer, the downstream portion of a flow cell is fitted with an optical detection system including a laser emitter and a light detector, an imaging system including a high-speed camera and a stroboscopic lamp, and a cell sorter. The high-speed camera and the stroboscopic lamp illuminates and photographs candidate particles based on a photographing trigger signal provided by a trigger generator. The trigger signal is provided by the trigger generator when a predetermined time has elapsed from the moment when an examination particle determined to be a candidate particle has been measured by the optical detection system. The high-speed camera photographs multiple images for a given period of time from the moment when the trigger signal is provided, and sends the image data to a target particle detection unit of a data processor.07-11-2013
20130177974Accelerated Wright-Giemsa and May-Grunwald Staining Methods - The present disclosure provides methods for carrying out Romanowsky-type stains, specifically Wright-Giemsa and May-Grúnwald stains, quickly and efficiently. The methods greatly reduce the overall amount of time required to complete a Wright-Giemsa stain or a May-Grúnwald stain of sufficient quality on a biological sample. The subject methods can be applied to both manual and automated staining procedures.07-11-2013
20130143312DROPLET-BASED CELL CULTURE AND CELL ASSAYS USING DIGITAL MICROFLUIDICS - We introduce a new method for implementing cell-based assays and long-term cell culture. The method is based on digital microfluidics (DMF) which is used to actuate nanoliter droplets of reagents and cells on a planar array of electrodes. DMF method is suitable for assaying and culturing both cells in suspension and cells grown on surface (adherent cells). This method is advantageous for cell culture and assays due to the automated manipulation of multiple reagents in addition to reduced reagent use and analysis time. No adverse effects of actuation by DMF were observed in assays for cell viability, proliferation, and biochemistry. These results suggest that DMF has great potential as a simple yet versatile analytical tool for implementing cell-based assays and cell culture on the microscale.06-06-2013
20130102067CELL MONITORING BY MEANS OF SCATTERED LIGHT MEASUREMENT - A device for monitoring test cells has at least one receiving unit for the test cells and a first measuring unit for cell measurement. With a second measuring unit, which has a light source and a scattered light detector, cell monitoring can be carried out during the cell measurement. For this purpose the receiving unit has an at least partially light-permeable substrate and is arranged between the light source and scattered light detector such that at least a part of the light generated by the light source shines on the receiving unit, is scattered on the test cells and, after leaving the receiving unit through the substrate, impinges on the scattered light detector.04-25-2013
20130102066CHALCOGENIDE-FIBRE, INFRARED EVANESCENT WAVE SENSOR AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SAME - The invention relates to a fibre sensor that enables the propagation of infrared light at at least one wavelength of 0.8 to 25 micrometres, the fibre successively comprising along its length a first infrared waveguide section (04-25-2013
20130102065Small Volume and Fast Acting Optical Analyte Sensor - A fast acting sensor designed to accommodate an aqueous analyte-containing sample having a volume of less than one microliter and that can be used to quantify the amount and concentration of such analyte in the sample through light reflectance or fiber-optic light reflectance. The sensor includes a storage chamber, a capillary passage, and a reaction membrane. The storage chamber acts to collect the sample and to secure such sample while it undergoes detection. The capillary passage acts to direct the sample over the reaction membrane and controls the diffusion of the sample in the storage chamber. The reaction membrane contains all of the chemicals and enzymes needed to cause a color-change reaction when contacted with the sample. The amount of analyte can be determined by light reflectance intensity with an optical measurement instrument.04-25-2013
20080199949DEVICE FOR SAMPLING BLOOD DROPLETS UNDER VACUUM CONDITIONS - A blood extraction device (08-21-2008
20080199948SYSTEM FOR DETECTING INFECTIOUS AGENTS USING COMPUTER-CONTROLLED AUTOMATED IMAGE ANALYSIS - A method for recognizing an object in an image is disclosed wherein a fractal map of the image is generated by estimating the fractal dimension of each pixel in the image. The fractal map may be segmented by thresholding and locations of candidate objects are determined. The pixel value of the image pixel corresponding to the same location where the candidate object is found in the fractal map may be compared to a threshold value. If the pixel value is greater than the threshold value, the candidate object is recognized as a valid object.08-21-2008
20080199947Blood cell analyzer, blood cell analyzing method, and computer program product - A blood cell analyzer is provided with a first detection unit for electrically detecting blood cells in blood sample; a second detection unit for optically detecting blood cells in blood sample; a volume information obtainer for obtaining volume information of red blood cells based on the electrically detected blood cells; a scattered light intensity information obtainer for obtaining a scattered light intensity of red blood cells based on the optically detected blood cells; a first histogram preparer for preparing a first histogram of the volume information of each of red blood cells; a second histogram preparer for preparing a second histogram of the scattered light intensity information of each of red blood cells; a display unit; and a data processor for preparing a screen for displaying on the display unit, the screen including the first and second histograms.08-21-2008
20110223654NANO-MICROFLUIDIC APPARATUS FOR CONTINUOUS REAL-TIME ANALYSIS OF TARGETS IN THIN LIQUID FILMS - Nano-microfluidic devices and uses thereof are described. In particular, systems and methods are described for continuous real-time monitoring and analysis of targets in thin liquid films; such targets can include living cells and tissues. In some embodiments, nano-microfluidic devices can be utilized to observe living cells in layers of thin liquid media by IR-spectroscopy.09-15-2011
20130149776Assay Devices and Methods - A device for determining an assay result may include a test strip, a light source system, a light detection system, and a processor.06-13-2013
20130137167MICROWAVE TRIGGER METAL-ENHANCED CHEMILUMINESCENCE (MT MEC) AND SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL CONTROL OF SAME - The present invention relates to a method of imaging structures and features using plasmonic emissions from metallic surfaces caused by chemiluminescence based chemical and biological reactions wherein imaging of the reactions is enhanced by the use of microwave energy and further enhanced by using metallic geometric structures for spatially and temporally controlling the biological and chemical reactions.05-30-2013
20130157351COMPACT WIDE-FIELD FLUORESCENT IMAGING ON A MOBILE DEVICE - Wide-field fluorescent imaging on a mobile device having a camera is accomplished with a compact, light-weight and inexpensive optical components that are mechanically secured to the mobile device in a removable housing. Battery powered light-emitting diodes (LEDs) contained in the housing pump the sample of interest from the side using butt-coupling, where the pump light is guided within the sample holder to uniformly excite the specimen. The fluorescent emission from the sample is then imaged using an additional lens that is positioned adjacent to the existing lens of the mobile device. A color filter is sufficient to create the dark-field background required for fluorescent imaging, without the need for expensive thin-film interference filters.06-20-2013
20110287530APPARATUS TO CHARACTERIZE BLOOD AND RED BLOOD CELLS VIA ERYTHROCYTE MEMBRANE FRAGILITY QUANTIFICATION - The present disclosure describes an apparatus for quantifying the quality degradation of individual stored red blood cell (RBC) units, thereby yielding information to improve decisions regarding their respective allocation, patient suitability, and use. The apparatus for quantifying the quality degradation of individual stored (RBC) units comprises: a hemolysis unit; an optical analysis unit; and a computation unit. This apparatus is amenable to clinical implementation as well as indicative of any given unit's relative viability and thus prospective efficacy. This would provide clinicians with actual data on RBC quality when making decisions about which and how many units to use for transfusion of a given patient. Moreover, deploying this testing throughout the supply chain will improve distribution, planning, and inventory control decisions. A vital aspect of this testing system is the accumulation of copious output and other associated data and the mathematical analyses thereof to optimize algorithms by which to characterize each subsequent test output as meaningfully as possible. While the present invention is directed toward applications in blood quality control, the core technology of “quantifying RBC fragility via stress-induced hemolysis and subsequent optical and computational analysis” could have broader application, such as in disease diagnosis.11-24-2011
20130122578Fungus Diagnostic Detention Device - A fungus diagnostic device for detecting the presence of a fungus includes a testing container having an open top and defining an interior area configured to receive a protein formulated to promote fungus growth. The diagnostic device includes an invertible cap removably coupled to the container open top. A plunger is mounted to a top side of the cap.05-16-2013
20090209029HIGH-DENSITY ION TRANSPORT MEASUREMENT BIOCHIP DEVICES AND METHODS - The present invention includes biochips for the measurement of cellular ion channels and methods of use and manufacture. The biochips of the present invention have enhanced sealing capabilities provided in part by chemically modifying the surface of the biochip surface or substrate or by exposure to an ionized gas. The present invention also includes novel cartridges for biochips.08-20-2009
20120094371TEST STRIP FOR H. PYLORI DETECTION - A test device, including: a compartment defining an environment and comprising a specimen region; an indicator medium disposed in the compartment; a separation medium disposed in the compartment between the specimen region and the indicator medium; an active ingredient adjacent the specimen region; and a color indicator disposed on the indicator medium and responsive a chemical compound produced by a reaction involving the active ingredient by changing from a first color to a second color. The separation medium is configured to permit fluid communication directly between the environment and a side of the indicator medium proximate the separation medium when the separation medium and the indicator medium abut each other.04-19-2012
20120094370BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST INSTRUMENT KIT HAVING MODULAR COMPONENT PARTS - A blood glucose test instrument kit having modular component parts capable of being assembled into a plurality of different handheld blood glucose test instruments is disclosed. The kit comprises the combination of an interconnection platform adapted to connect to a collection of interoperable modules. The collection of interoperable modules including: a plurality of different measurement engine modules, at least one user interface module, at least one power supply module. A handheld blood glucose test instrument is assembled by the interconnection to the interconnection platform of at least one measurement engine module, at least one user interface module, and at least one power supply module. The inter-module communication among the modules connected thereto to achieve enhanced glucose test instrument reliability by effecting at least one reliability protocol selected from a group of reliability protocols.04-19-2012
20130210130AUTOMATED CELL CULTURE SYSTEM - The automated cell culture arrangement according to the invention comprises at least one closed cell culture module with at least one bioreactor. The closed cell culture module is a closed system, which means that within the closed cell culture module a closed sterile environment can be maintained. The automated cell culture arrangement according to the invention, further comprises at least one pump for pumping liquids within the closed cell culture module and at least one additional tool module, which is configured or configurable to act upon or to monitor the contents of a bioreactor and is movable relative to the at least one closed cell culture module or it is movable relative to one or several components of the at least one closed cell culture module.08-15-2013

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