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435 - Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

435283100 - APPARATUS

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435287200 Measuring or testing for antibody or nucleic acid, or measuring or testing using antibody or nucleic acid 302
435288700 Including optical measuring or testing means 136
435287900 Including a coated reagent or sample layer 24
435288300 Including a dish, plate, slide, or tray 23
435287300 With sample or reagent mechanical transport means 22
435287700 Including bibulous or absorbent layer 16
435287400 Sterility testing means 10
435288100 Including a bottle, tube, flask, or jar 8
435288600 Including column separation means 5
20090061507Fluorescence-based lateral flow device with improved sensitivity - The invention describes how to use nanometer scale fluorescence particles as a label material for fluorescence lateral flow device application. The utilization of the nanoparticles instantly increases the fluorescence intensity by thousands to millions of times. The resulting signal enhancement not only significantly increase sensitivity for analyte detection, but also makes it possible to use low power light sources for illumination and low cost detectors for fluorescence detection.03-05-2009
20090275119Liquid Chromatograph - The present invention relates to a liquid chromatography apparatus X, which is provided with a deaerator 11-05-2009
20080286857Multi-functional Polymer-Entrapped-Cell-Bead airlift bioreactor for odor or gaseous emission treatment - The invention provides a multi-functional polymer-entrapped-cell-bead airlift bioreactor for odor or gaseous emission treatment. Especially, it refers to a reactor that mainly treats a low-and-medium gas flow rate and concentration of volatile organic emission or odorous substances. Particularly, it utilizes synthetic material (PAA beads) and microbial entrapment technology as the microbial source and startup mechanism for gaseous emission and odor treatment. Besides, plastic decomposing 11-20-2008
20090029452APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYTE DETECTION - Disclosed is a testing device and methods for the identification of an analyte of interest in a sample. In a preferred embodiment, the testing device includes a front panel having at least one sample application aperture; a rear panel having at least one solvent application aperture; a sample collection matrix disposed between the rear panel and the front panel, the sample collection matrix being in communication with the sample and solvent application apertures of the front and rear panels; and at least one insertable test strip containing a reagent enabling detection of the analyte of interest.01-29-2009
20120058549METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING VITAMIN E IN LIPOPROTEINS - A method of analyzing vitamin E components in a lipoproteinby subjecting a lipoprotein-containing sample to ion exchange chromatography to separate the lipoprotein, reacting the separated lipoprotein to a pretreating solution containing an organic solvent and a surfactant to liberate vitamin E components, and then subjecting the liberated vitamin E components to reverse phase chromatography. Also described is a method of judging various pathological conditions such as the pathological conditions of diabetes, the risks of coronary artery diseases, and the pathological conditions of myocardial infarction using levels of vitamin E components in the lipoprotein as an index.03-08-2012
435287600 Including frangible means for introducing a sample or reagent 2
20110294201Test device for liquids of the human or animal body - A test device for liquids of the human or animal body, comprises a tube-shaped housing, in which are disposed: 12-01-2011
20090170187APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE PRESENCE OF A CONTAMINANT IN A SAMPLE OF WATER OR OTHER FLUID - Apparatus for testing the quality of a fluid sample, the apparatus comprising a main body including a plurality of sample compartments, characterised in that the apparatus further comprises a contaminant reagent retention means arranged to retain a plurality of doses of contaminant reagent within the apparatus and arranged to allow a dose of contaminant reagent to be added to a fluid sample in a respective one of the sample compartments.07-02-2009
20130040374CHEMICAL SENSOR - To provide a chemical sensor that can dissolve analytes in a gas in a liquid using a simple method, the chemical sensor comprising a sensor support section; a gas injection hole through which a gas containing an analyte is injected; a sample collection section in which the analyte contained in the gas injected through the gas injection hole is collected; a sample delivery section through which the analyte collected in the sample collection section is delivered; a sample reaction section including a reactant that causes a predetermined reaction with the analyte delivered through the sample delivery section; and a detection section in which the analyte reacted with the reactant in the sample reaction section is detected, wherein the sample collection section includes a Peltier element that liquefies water vapor contained in the gas injected through the gas injection hole.02-14-2013
20080280351METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PREPARING CELLS FOR MICROTOME SECTIONING AND ARCHIVING NUCLEIC ACIDS AND PROTEINS - A method and apparatus for embedding cells that utilizes a flow-through embedding technique maximizes the efficiency of extractions and decreases time for embedding the cell fragments, minimizes cell loss, and automatically positions cell samples at the position in which a microtome blade will section them. The apparatus includes a cell flow pathway defined by an inflow tube for delivering cell fragments from a cell sample to a sample port. The sample port is in fluid communication with a tissue cassette having attached thereto a filter. The cell flow pathway is in communication with a reagent flow pathway for delivering the reagents through the sample port to the cassette. The apparatus is configured such that the application of pressure directs the cell fragments from the cell sample through the cell flow pathway, and effects delivery of the reagents through the reagent flow pathway. The apparatus produces an embedded cell block having concentrated cells near the plane of the block to be sectioned in a quick and efficient manner.11-13-2008
20100062520Biomaterial Measuring Device and Manufacturing Method Thereof - A method of producing a biomaterial measuring device is disclosed. The method includes forming a plurality of reactions elements, to which an assay reagent is applied, on a first substrate, cutting the resulting first substrate in a unit of individual reaction element, and attaching a first substrate piece, which is formed by cutting the resulting first substrate in the unit of individual reaction element, to a predetermined portion of a second substrate. In the biomaterial measuring device, since a material cost in minimized and it is easy to automate production, it is possible to reduce a production, it is possible to reduce a production cost.03-11-2010
20100159573MICROFLUIDIC DILUTION DEVICE - Provided is a microfluidic dilution device that uses capillary force to dilute first and second fluids in a predetermined ratio. The microfluidic dilution device includes a channel plate, a cover plate, fluid chambers, and a confluence chamber. The fluid chambers are filled with first and second fluids in a predetermined ratio. First and second fluids flowing to the confluence chamber are diluted in a predetermined ratio.06-24-2010
20110195490CARTRIDGE FOR APPARATUS FOR CHEMICALLY ANALYZING BLOOD AND APPARATUS USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a cartridge for an apparatus for analyzing blood chemistry that is used for medical treatment, and automatically analyzes and records data needed for medical service, such as the concentrations of electrolytes, the partial pressures of gases, and the concentrations of metabolites, or the volume ratio of red blood cells contained in blood. The apparatus for analyzing blood chemistry of present invention includes: an apparatus frame having a compartment; a cartridge that is inserted into the compartment of the apparatus frame and includes a sensor card, a solution valve unit, and a blood introducing unit; a controller that receives a signal generated from the sensor card and processes the signal; a lever for the blood introducing unit is connected to the apparatus frame; a power transmitting unit that is provide to the apparatus frame and transmits power of the lever for the blood introducing unit to open/close the blood introducing unit of the cartridge; a solution transporting unit that is provided to the apparatus frame and transports the solutions in the cartridge; and driving units that actuates the solution valve unit of the cartridge by the controller and opens or close the tubing flowing of the solutions.08-11-2011
20100075406CELL CULTURE APPARATUS, CELL CULTURE SYSTEM AND CELL CULTURE METHOD - By maintaining the cell density during culture at an appropriate level and eliminating the procedure of transferring cells from a container to another container when a large amount of cells are cultured, damage on cells can be reduced, risk of contamination can be lowered, labor saving can be attained and automation can be attained.03-25-2010
20120244606MICROORGANISM NUMBER-MEASURING APPARATUS - A microorganism number-measuring apparatus includes a container holder holding container that accommodates a liquid into which microorganisms are released, power supply unit applying a microorganism-collecting voltage and a microorganism number-measuring voltage to measurement electrode that is dipped in container held by the container holder, and reuse prevention unit that makes measurement electrode burn out after a measurement operation thereof. With this configuration, it is possible to prevent improper reuse of the measurement electrode.09-27-2012
20100099173QUANTITATIVE LIQUID INJECTION DEVICE OF PLASMA STERILIZER - Disclosed herein is a device for quantitatively supplying a liquid in a plasma sterilization system. The device includes a quantitative cylinder, a quantitative piston and a quantitative basket. The quantitative cylinder includes a quantitative inlet pipe, which is configured such that the outlet of a liquid container is inserted thereinto, and a liquid in the liquid container is vertically supplied to the quantitative cylinder, and a quantitative outlet pipe, which is configured such that the liquid is vertically drained from the quantitative cylinder. The quantitative piston is configured to rectilinearly reciprocate in the quantitative cylinder, and is provided with a quantitative transfer depression, which is formed in the leading end thereof to a predetermined depth. The quantitative basket is configured to quantitatively receive the liquid according to the rectilinear reciprocation of the quantitative piston.04-22-2010
20130045527REAGENT DELIVERY SYSTEM - A delivery apparatus for selectively delivering one or more liquid reagents into a reaction or test chamber (02-21-2013
20100144020DISPOSABLE DIAGNOSTIC KIT - Provided is a disposable diagnostic kit capable of diagnosing diseases. The disposable diagnostic kit includes a preprocessor, a target material reactor, and a microfluidic channel. The preprocessor filters target materials from a fluid containing various biomaterials. The target material reactor includes a diffraction grating on whose surface sensing materials reacting with the target materials are immobilized. Herein, a wavelength of light penetrated into the diffraction grating or a wavelength of light reflected by the diffraction grating varies depending on the target materials. The microfluidic channel moves the filtered fluid from the preprocessor to the target material reactor.06-10-2010
20090215156Method for Fabricating Nanogap and Nanogap Sensor - The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a nanogap and a nanogap sensor, and to a nanogap and a nanogap sensor fabricated using the method. The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a nanogap and a nanogap sensor, which can be realized by an anisotropic etching using a semiconductor manufacturing process. According to the method of present invention, the nanogap and nanogap sensor can be simply and cheaply produced in large quantities.08-27-2009
20130052722Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit - A blood glucose monitoring kit includes a case constructed in the form of a bi-fold wallet which comprises an upper flap and a lower flap that are connected together through a fold. Blood glucose monitoring electronics are preferably integrated directly into the upper flap of the case, the electronics including a printed circuit board (PCB), a test port mounted on the PCB and a display mounted on the PCB. Preferably, the upper flap is provided with an opening through which the test port is externally accessible. Additionally, the upper flap is provided with a window through which the display is externally visible. A pouch is secured onto the inner surface of the lower flap and is sized and shaped to retain a plurality of disposable test components.02-28-2013
20130089919Biosensor Chip with Nanostructures - A biosensor chip with nano-structures. The biosensor chip includes a RF biosensor, comprising an isolated substrate; a ground plane; a filtering circuit; at least one cell detection area with nano-structures and a protection layer. The RF biosensor can detect the existence of the cancer cells, high frequency biological effects and the cells relationship between transfers by noninvasive method. The RF biosensor according to the invention can provide high accuracy and sensitivity in cancer cells detection.04-11-2013
20090305393Apparatus, System, and Method for in-Situ Measurements - The present invention relates to apparatus, systems and methods for performing in situ measurements, and, more particularly, to apparatus, systems and methods that can isolate a sample from a bulk fluid to measure characteristics of same without unwanted effects of perturbation in the bulk fluid.12-10-2009
20090093045ORGANISM TESTING APPARATUS - An organism testing apparatus adapted to measure the organisms in a specimen in stable fashion is disclosed in which the organisms are stained, the specimen is concentrated and the information on the organisms contained in the specimen are acquired through a simple process. The apparatus includes a staining unit for staining the organisms having live cells existing in a flowing liquid specimen, a concentration unit for concentrating the organisms in a flowing stained specimen, an individual measuring unit for acquiring the image information on the individuals containing the organisms in the concentrated specimen, and a control unit for measuring the organisms based on the image information on the individuals output from the individual measuring unit.04-09-2009
20090269837System for assessing the efficacy of stored red blood cells using microvascular networks - A system for assessing the microvascular fitness of a sample of stored red blood cells. The system has a network device having at least one network unit. The network unit has a single inlet and a single outlet for the sample and a plurality of microchannels. The plurality of microchannels receive the sample from the single inlet and drain the sample into the single outlet. The network unit includes an aspiration pressure means for providing movement of liquid sample through the at least one network unit. The system further includes an analysis unit that receives the network device therein. The analysis unit includes a sensor for capturing measurements related to the sample and a processor capable of comparing the captured measurements to measurements stored in a database of healthy red blood cells to determine the microvascular fitness of the stored red blood cells.10-29-2009
20100093067Gassing or Fumigation Device and System - Gassing or fumigation apparatus comprising a one-piece specimen receptacle block including at least two specimen receptacles formed therein and a fluid supply device formed therein for the at least two specimen receptacles, and a gassing or fumigation head for supplying gassing or fumigation medium, which gassing or fumigation head is connected to the specimen receptacle block, comprises a gassing or fumigation medium outlet for each of the at least two specimen receptacles and a device formed therein for conducting gassing medium to the gassing or fumigation medium outlets, and gassing or fumigation system including such a gassing or fumigation apparatus.04-15-2010
20090047731CELLULAR ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A cellular electrophysiological measurement device includes a thin plate and a frame. The thin plate has a first surface with a depression and a second surface with a through-hole. The frame is in contact with an outer periphery on the second surface of thin plate. The thin plate has a laminated structure of at least two layers including a first material layer on the first surface and a second material layer on the second surface. The frame is formed of a third material layer. The structure allows the cellular electrophysiological measurement device to be not so vulnerable to breakage of thin plate and other damages, thereby having high production yield.02-19-2009
20120115211Apparatus for Testing the Quality of a Fluid Sample - Apparatus for testing the quality of a fluid sample comprising a body defining an interior space including a primary chamber and one or more secondary chambers, the apparatus having a first configuration in which it is arranged to hold at least some of the fluid sample in the primary chamber and a second configuration in which it is arranged to isolate a first portion of the fluid sample within the one or more secondary chambers whilst retaining a second portion of the fluid sample in the primary chamber.05-10-2012
20100009431CARTRIDGE CONTAINING REAGENT, MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE INCLUDING THE CARTRIDGE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE, AND BIOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS METHOD USING THE MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - A microfluidic device including a platform and a cartridge is disclosed. The platform includes a chamber containing a fluid. The reagent cartridge is mounted to the platform. and contains a solid reagent for detecting material contained in the fluid.01-14-2010
20110281344Detection Device - A detection device and a detection method are disclosed. The detection device comprises a sample inlet (11-17-2011
20100227382Nanoscale sensors - Various aspects of the present invention generally relate to nanoscale wire devices and methods for use in determining analytes suspected to be present in a sample, and systems and methods of immobilizing entities such as reaction entities relative to nanoscale wires. In one aspect, a nucleic acid, such as DNA, may be immobilized relative to a nanoscale wire, and in some cases, grown from the nanoscale wire. In certain embodiments, the nucleic acid may interact with entities such as other nucleic acids, proteins, etc., and in some cases, such interactions may be reversible. As an example, an enzyme such as telomerase may be allowed to bind to DNA immobilized relative to a nanoscale wire. The telomerase may extend the length of the DNA, for instance, by reaction with free deoxynucleotide triphosphates in solution; additionally, various properties of the nucleic acid may be determined, for example, using electric field interactions between the nucleic acid and the nanoscale wire. In another aspect, the invention provides systems and methods for attaching entities such as nucleic acids, receptors such as gangliosides, or surfactants to a nanoscale wire, for example, using aldehyde-producing reactions or hydrophobic interactions. In some aspects, certain systems and methods of the present invention may be used to determine an analyte suspected to be present in a sample, for example, a toxin, a virus, or a small molecule. Systems and methods of using such nanoscale wires are disclosed in other aspects of the invention, for example, within a microarray. Still other aspects of the invention include assays, sensors, kits, and/or other devices that include such nanoscale wires, methods of making and/or using functionalized nanoscale wires (for example, in drug screening or high-throughput screening), and the like.09-09-2010
20120288922APPARATUS FOR FACILTIATING EVALUATING MIGRATION OF CELLS IN VITRO - Method and apparatus for processing a cell culture are provided. The method includes establishing a cell culture within a holding device having one or more wells, each well holding a cell culture, and including a well substrate with at least one electrode in contact with the cell culture; periodically applying at least one electrical pulse to the at least one electrode to prevent cells from attaching to and achieving confluence over the at least one electrode while allowing cells to attach to and achieve confluence over other portions of the well substrate; and discontinuing the periodically applying of the at least one electrical pulse to the at least one electrode after cells have achieved confluence over the other portions of the well substrate, and thereafter, monitoring the cell culture to monitor migration of cells over the electrode(s) from the other portions of the well substrate.11-15-2012
20110281342HAND-HELD DEVICE FOR MEASURING AN ANALYTE CONCENTRATION IN A SAMPLE OF A BODY LIQUID - A hand-held device for measuring an analyte concentration in a sample of a body liquid includes a display means for displaying measured values; a measured-value storage for storing measured values; a measuring unit for generating measured values through measurements of the analyte concentration; a clock; a control unit for generating measured value datasets, each containing a measured value supplied by the measuring unit as well as the date and hour of the measurement by which the measured value was obtained, and for writing them into the measured-value storage; and operating elements that can be actuated by the user to set the clock, in which case the control unit will generate a time-correction dataset indicating the amount and direction of the setting effected. The control unit writes time-correction datasets into the measured-value storage so that a chronologically ordered sequence is generated containing time-correction datasets and measured value datasets.11-17-2011
20110281343BIOREACTOR WITH RODS ARRAYED FOR CULTURING ANCHORAGE-DEPENDENT CELLS - The instant invention employs an array of rods packed into a suitable chamber to support the culture, e.g., maintenance and/or growth of anchorage-dependent cells that effectively increases the surface area available for cell culture. Adherent cells are seeded and propagated on the surface of the rods. Each rod is accommodated with spacer devices that serve to make it immobile and ensure uniform access to liquid growth medium while minimizing abrasive damage to shear-sensitive cells. Spacer devices of various designs allow the rods to be packed and anchored into bioreactors, e.g., perfusion chambers with flow-through ports or into closed roller bottle-type chambers. Simple monomeric designs of the rods and spacer devices allow for relative ease of manufacture and assembly including solid or hollow rods or supports constructed of fibers or strings consisting of flexible tissue culture treated material that is held fast by threading or knotting between suitable spacer devices with eyelets, holes or other anchoring fixtures. In some embodiments, the rods are composed of tissue culture-treated plastic packed into culture chambers as prepackaged, sterile, disposable single use items.11-17-2011
20110300618SEMI-AUTOMATED DEVICE FOR SINGLE PARAMETER AND MULTI-PARAMETER PHENOTYPING OF CELLS - A single-use device that produces a readily interpretable, visual presentation of biomaterial, enabling single parameter and multi-parameter characterizing of said biomaterial by means of visual inspection, particularly for immunophenotyping. In one embodiment, the device uses antibody coated microspheres which are adapted to bind to specific types of cells. An arrangement of uniquely molded components, which may be plastic or other suitable material, are assembled so as to provide a sequential procedure capable of incubating a suspension comprised of antibody coated microspheres, biomaterial, and liquid suspension agents. Following incubation, the invention further removes liquids from said suspension, and provides for rinsing the incubated retentate and for removing said rinsing liquids from the incubated retentate. The invention further provides for affixing the incubated retentate onto a standard glass microscope slide to enable phenotyping of incubated biomaterial (e.g., cells) by means of visual inspection or other analyses that can be performed from a glass slide.12-08-2011
20110300619IN VITRO DETERMINATION OF ANALYTE LEVELS WITHIN BODY FLUIDS - A reagentless whole-blood analyte detection system that is capable of being deployed near a patient has a source capable of emitting a beam of radiation that includes a spectral band. The whole-blood system also has a detector in an optical path of the beam. The whole-blood system also has a housing that is configured to house the source and the detector. The whole-blood system also has a sample element that is situated in the optical path of the beam. The sample element has a sample cell and a sample cell wall that does not eliminate transmittance of the beam of radiation in the spectral band.12-08-2011
20120156764Automated Analyzer - The automatic analyzer repeatedly performs a first processing operation for creating a pretreated specimen with a pretreatment solution in a first reaction cell. The analyzer also repeatedly performs a second processing operation for creating a reacted specimen by reacting the pretreated specimen with a reagent in a second reaction cell. In a first control operation, a turntable is rotated through a first angle in a first direction and halted. In a second control operation, the turntable is rotated through a second angle in a second direction and halted. The second reaction cell is spaced by a second angle in a first direction from the first reaction cell. The turntable is so rotated that the first and second reaction cells are halted at least in first, second, and third positions.06-21-2012
20110287528Devices, Systems, and Methods Related to Analyte Monitoring and Management - Analyte monitoring devices, systems, and methods are provided that relate to: enabling different application features on a data processing device for analyte monitoring devices with different analyte monitoring features; programming analyte monitoring devices in advance; personalizing an analyte monitoring device; graphically representing a remaining insulin level in a user body; and graphically representing analyte measurement related data for on-demand readings; protecting access to feature of an analyte monitoring device.11-24-2011
20110294198DISPOSABLE CHAMBER FOR ANALYZING BIOLOGIC FLUIDS - An apparatus for analyzing biologic fluid is provided that includes first and second planar members, and at least three separators. At least one of the first planar member and second planar member is transparent. The separators are disposed between the planar members, and each individually has a height. The separators collectively having a mean height, and separate the planar members to form a chamber having a height extending between the planar members. At least one of the first planar member, second planar member, or separators is sufficiently deformable when the first planar member and second planar member are drawn toward each other by capillary force from a biologic fluid quiescently residing within the chamber to cause the mean chamber height to be substantially equal to the mean height of the separators.12-01-2011
20100178688ACOUSTIC WAVE BIOSENSOR FOR THE DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF CHARACTERISTIC SIGNALING MOLECULES IN A BIOLOGICAL MEDIUM - An acoustic wave biosensor comprises a plurality of spaced apart electrodes disposed on a substrate of piezoelectric material and having a biolayer matched to a specific type of autoinducer signaling molecule to be detected. The biolayer comprises a layer of heterobifunctional molecules disposed on the electrodes and on the piezoelectric material between the electrodes, and a plurality of bioreceptor molecules which bind exclusively with the specific type of autoinducer signaling molecule to be detected. The bioreceptor molecules are supported by the layer of heterobifunctional molecules, and a hydrogel layer surrounds the bioreceptor molecules to support a three-dimensional structure thereof. The bioreceptor molecules can bind with the specific type of autoinducer signaling molecule to be detected, and the biolayer is reactive thereto such that corresponding autoinducer signaling molecules bind to the biolayer and detectably vary acoustic characteristics of the acoustic wave biosensor.07-15-2010
20080274539Bioreactor for Studying the Effects of Imposed Stimuli on Cellular Activity - A bioreactor device for studying the effects of physical, chemical, mechanical and electromagnetic stimuli on the cellular activity. In particular, the device uses a sensorized premixing chamber (11-06-2008
20100068795BLOOD TEST DEVICE - It is intended to make it easy to recognize the attachment site of a blood sensor in a blood test device to which the blood sensor is attached by insertion. Especially, it is attempted to make the recognition of the attachment site easy and facilitate the insertion of a blood sensor which is to be attached to a blood test device by a person with visual impairment (in particular, a patient suffering from diabetic retinopathy) for the daily measurement of blood glucose level. More specifically speaking, it is intended to provide a blood test device comprising a housing; an electrical circuit unit contained in the housing; and an attachment site for inserting a blood sensor thereinto that is exposed on the surface of the housing; wherein the surface of the attachment site has a color which is lighter than the surface color of the housing and distinguishable by a patient having impairment in the blue cone.03-18-2010
20100035332PORTABLE DETECTION APPARATUS FOR BEVERAGE INGREDIENTS - Embodiments of the invention relate to portable detection apparatus, comprising one or more detector regions adapted to visually indicate the presence or amount of an analyte in a beverage. The detection apparatus is shaped substantially the same as a consumer product.02-11-2010
20100035334BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A wireless blood glucose meter (02-11-2010
20100035333JOINED BODY TO PROVIDE FLUID ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A joined body to provide fluid analysis having an improved joining structure, and a manufacturing method thereof. The joined body includes a plurality of pieces, and adhesive passages formed inside the joined body and filled with an adhesive resin to form a joint, where the pieces are bonded to each other by the joint.02-11-2010
20110217763A SEMICONDUCTOR FOR MEASURING BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS - An apparatus and method are disclosed for electrically directly detecting biomolecular binding in a semiconductor. The semiconductor can be based on electrical percolation of nanomaterial formed in the gate region. In one embodiment of an apparatus, a semiconductor includes first and second electrodes with a gate region there between. The gate region includes a multilayered matrix of electrically conductive material with capture molecules for binding target molecules, such as antibody, receptors, DNA, RNA, peptides and aptamer. The molecular interactions between the capture molecules and the target molecules disrupts the matrix's continuity resulting in a change in electrical resistance, capacitance or impedance. The increase in resistance, capacitance or impedance can be directly measured electronically, without the need for optical sensors or labels. The multi-layered matrix can be formed from a plurality of single-walled nanotubes, graphene, or buckeyballs or any kind of conductive nanowire, such as metal nanowires or nanowires made from conductive polymers.09-08-2011
20110217762PHOTO-ACOUSTIC DETECTION DEVICE AND METHOD - An example method for detecting an analyte in a sample of a bodily fluid comprises the steps of exposing the bodily fluid sample to electromagnetic energy to cause a thermoelastic expansion in the analyte, and detecting a photoacoustic signal in the sample that results from the thermoelastic expansion.09-08-2011
20100035335METAL-ENHANCED FLUORESCENCE FOR THE LABEL-FREE DETECTION OF INTERACTING BIOMOLECULES - A method for enhancing fluorescence of a biomolecule includes the step of associating the biomolecule having intrinsic fluorescence with a sensing surface that contains nanostructured metal. Association of the biomolecule with the nanostructured metal enhances its intrinsic fluorescence, which is detected upon exposure to electromagnetic radiation of a suitable wavelength. The sensing surface may include capture or ligand molecule which binds to the biomolecule and sequesters it in proximity to the nanostructured metal, thereby causing its fluorescent signal to be enhanced. The method can be used in label-free bioassays for detection of interacting biomolecules, such as antibody-antigen binding.02-11-2010
20100112678ANALYTICAL TEST STRIP WITH MINIMAL FILL-ERROR SAMPLE VIEWING WINDOW - An electrochemical-based analytical test strip includes an electrically-insulating substrate, a patterned conductive layer disposed over the electrically-insulating substrate, a patterned insulating layer disposed over the patterned conductive layer, an enzymatic reagent layer disposed over the patterned conductive layer, a patterned adhesive layer disposed above the enzymatic reagent layer and a top layer disposed over the enzymatic reagent layer. In addition, the test strip has a sample-receiving chamber defined by the electrically-insulating substrate, the patterned conductive layer, the patterned insulating layer, the enzymatic reagent layer, the patterned adhesive layer and the top layer. The sample receiving chamber of the test strip has a working portion and a non-working portion and the top layer has a first portion and an opaque second portion. The first portion is configured such that a user can view the working portion of the sample-receiving chamber through the first portion of the top layer, while the opaque second portion is configured to preclude a user from viewing the non-working portion of the sample-receiving chamber.05-06-2010
20100279393MICRO CHIP DEVICE11-04-2010
20110111486BIOREACTOR SYSTEMS AND DISPOSABLE BIOREACTOR - The present invention is in the field of cell bioreactors, and specifically in the field of disposable bioreactors.05-12-2011
20110236962Calibratable sensor unit for reaction vessels - The present invention relates to a calibratable sensor unit for a reaction vessel, such as for example a fermenter (09-29-2011
20100086992BIOSENSOR, BIOSENSOR CHIP AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE BIOSENSOR CHIP FOR SENSING A TARGET MOLECULE - A biosensor chip for sensing a target molecule, includes: a substrate having a surface with a sensing area; and adhesive material for immobilizing a mollicute having a cell membrane on the sensing area. The chip may includes cell-resistant material for preventing the mollicute from being immobilized on those parts of the surface of the substrate that do not belong to the sensing area. Further, the adhesive material may comprise a first adhesive material for immobilizing a body of the mollicute on the sensing area and a second adhesive material for immobilizing a tip of the mollicute on the surface of the substrate.04-08-2010
20090142825COMPOSITE DETECTION DEVICES HAVING IN-LINE DESALTING AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - A composite detection device having in-line desalting is provided. The composite detection device comprises a membrane configured for desalting at least a portion of an analyte stream, and a nanostructure for detecting a bio-molecule or a bio-molecule interaction, wherein the nanostructure and the membrane are arranged such that an analyte stream desalted at least in part by the membrane is detected by the nanostructure. A bio-sending detection system having the composite detection device and method of fabrication of the composite detection device are also provided.06-04-2009
20110201098Polymer Replicated Interdigitated Electrode Array for Bio(Sensing) Applications - A sensor is disclosed. In one embodiment, the sensor includes an insulating substrate comprising a first zone, a second zone, and an intermediate zone, where the intermediate zone comprises a portion of the second zone that overlaps the first zone. The sensor further comprises a first electrode in the first zone that comprises a first plurality of fingers of a conductive material, a second electrode in the second zone that comprises a second plurality of fingers of the conductive material that are interdigitated with the first plurality of fingers, a plurality of three-dimensional isolation structures, and a plurality of shadow zones, wherein each shadow zone is adjacent to at least one isolation structure and is substantially free of conductive material. The plurality of isolation structures may comprises hills and/or channels.08-18-2011
20120295340SEPARATION AND CONCENTRATION OF BIOLOGICAL CELLS AND BIOLOGICAL PARTICLES USING A ONE-DIMENSIONAL CHANNEL - This document discloses, among other things, a method and system for a substrate having a bypass region for fluid flow. The substrate includes a plurality of fluid flow channels with each channel configured to concurrently allow fluid flow while precluding passage of a target particle or object.11-22-2012
20100099174Method and Apparatus for Providing Power Management in Data Communication Systems - A blood glucose meter having a compact housing, a display unit disposed on the housing, the display unit including a display light source to illuminate the display unit, an input unit disposed on the housing, the input unit configured to provide input functions for the blood glucose meter, and a power source provided within the housing for providing power to the blood glucose meter, where the housing includes a port integrated on said housing configured to receive a blood glucose test strip, and corresponding methods of measuring blood glucose meter is provided.04-22-2010
20090142826Diffraction-Based Diagnostic Devices - A biosensor includes a substrate with areas of active receptive material disposed thereon. The receptive material is specific for an analyte of interest. A pattern of the active areas is defined on the substrate by an oxidizing photo-masking process.06-04-2009
20090286308Process for assembling two surfaces or one surface with a molecule of interest - The present invention relates to a process for assembling at least one zone of a first surface with at least one zone of a second surface or with a molecule of interest, comprising a step that consists in placing the said zone of the said first surface in contact with the said zone of the said second surface or with the said molecule of interest, the said zone of the said first surface bearing at least one radical and/or ionic species. The present invention also relates to a solid support whose surface bears at least one zone with at least one radical and/or ionic species, with at least one adhesion primer, or with at least one adhesion primer precursor, and to its various uses.11-19-2009
20090275115MICROREACTOR - Chemical and biological reactors, including microreactors, are provided. Exemplary reactors include a plurality of reactors operable in parallel, where each reactor has a small volume and, together, the reactors produce a large volume of product. Reaction systems can include mixing chambers, heating/dispersion units, reaction chambers, and separation units. Components of the reactors can be readily formed from a variety of materials. For example, they can be etched from silicon. Components are connectable to and separable from each other to form a variety of types of reactors, and the reactors can be attachable to and separable from each other to add significant flexibility in parallel and/or series reactor operation.11-05-2009
20110207206NON-SHRINKABLE SOL-GEL-POLYMER HYBRID AND METHODS THEREOF - A composite including a cross-linked interpenetrating network of an organic polymer including an alcohol adduct of, for example, a glycidyl ether substituted acrylate or epoxy substituted acrylate; and a sol-gel polymer. The composite having a low or no-shrinkage characteristic, and a method for making and using the composite, as defined herein.08-25-2011
20080241909Microfluidic chips for pathogen detection - The present disclosure relates to methods, systems, devices, and microfluidic chips that may be used for the detection of pathogens.10-02-2008
20080241911Analyzer - A sample analyzer for analyzing a biological sample is disclosed that comprising: a measurement specimen preparation section for preparing a measurement specimen by using a reagent and the biological sample; a irradiator for irradiating the measurement specimen with a light; a first light receiving section for receiving a light from the measurement specimen and converting the received light into an electrical signal; a analysis section for analyzing the measurement specimen based on the electrical signal output by the first light receiving section; and a selection section for selecting an intensity of light to be irradiated by the irradiator, wherein the irradiator is configured to irradiate with a light of an intensity corresponding to the light intensity selected by the selection section.10-02-2008
20080241910Devices for pathogen detection - The present disclosure relates to methods, systems, devices, and microfluidic chips that may be used for the detection of pathogens.10-02-2008
20110269221FLOW CHANNEL DEVICE, COMPLEX PERMITTIVITY MEASURING APPARATUS, AND DIELECTRIC CYTOMETRY SYSTEM - A flow channel device, a complex permittivity measuring apparatus, and a dielectric cytometry system are provided which can improve the measurement accuracy. A constriction portion having a constricted space is disposed between an inflow port and an outflow port of a flow channel. Electrodes are arranged between the inflow port and the constriction portion and between the outflow port and the constriction portion. The conductance of the constriction portion at a low-limit frequency is less than the combined conductance of an inflow channel portion and an outflow channel portion. The capacitance of the constriction portion at a high-limit frequency is less than the combined capacitance of the inflow channel portion and the outflow channel portion.11-03-2011
20100248347DIAGNOSTIC SUPPORT APPARATUS FOR RENAL DISEASE AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - The present invention is to present a diagnostic support apparatus for renal disease, comprising: a red blood cell information obtainer for obtaining at least one of red blood cell numerical information representing the number of red blood cells in a urine sample, and red blood cell morphological information representing morphology of the red blood cells in the urine sample; a quantitative value information obtainer for obtaining at least one of quantitative value information representing amount of protein component in the urine sample, and quantitative value information representing amount of lipid component in the urine sample; and a diagnostic support information output unit for outputting diagnostic support information related to renal disease based on information obtained by the red blood cell information obtainer and information obtained by the quantitative value information obtainer.09-30-2010
20100248346ANALYZER - An analyzer comprising: a housing comprising a first space therein; a reagent accommodation section, disposed in the housing, comprising a second space therein for accommodating a reagent container containing a reagent, and an air induction port for inducting air from the first space to the second space; and a cooler for cooling the air which has been inducted from the first space through the air induction port into the second space, is disclosed.09-30-2010
20100248345PARTICLE FACILITATED TESTING - Magnetic particles are distributed across a fluid flow by applied magnetic field to interact with a test substance in fluid. Alternatively or additionally, particles, which may be magnetic, are combined with cells and energy, e.g. ultrasonic energy, is applied to cause the particles to create a lysate. Alternatively or additionally, the size of a quantity of magnetic particles is assessed by its impact on the tuning mechanism of a controlled oscillator that is affected by the particles.09-30-2010
20090162927NANOTUBES AND NANOWIRES BASED ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND METHOD OF FABRICATION THEREOF - An electronic device is presented comprising at least one electrically conductive element coupled to an elongated carbon or inorganic semiconductor based nanostructure, by a biological binder.06-25-2009
20110207205CHIP FOR INSPECTING TOXICITY AND EFFICACY - Disclosed herein is a chip for inspecting toxicity and efficacy, including: a first substrate including fitting holes formed at corners thereof; and a second substrate including gap forming members formed at corners thereof corresponding to the fitting holes to form a gap between the first substrate and the second substrate, and protrusions formed on the gap forming members corresponding to the fitting holes and fitted in the fitting holes. The chip for inspecting toxicity and efficacy is advantageous in that alignment of the chip can be easily performed, in that problems with the emission of fluorescence or the penetration of measuring light in the chip can be solved, and in that the cost of producing the chip can be reduced.08-25-2011
20090081766MICRO BIO SENSOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE MICRO BIO SENSOR - A micro bio sensor which detects a microbe existing in a specimen is provided. The microbial sensor includes a base, a detector formed on the base, and a reaction layer formed on the detector, wherein the reaction layer is comprised of a self-assembled monolayer which is formed on the detector and an antibiotic which is immobilized through the self-assembled monolayer on the detector. By using the micro bio sensor, it is possible to detect species of the microbe concurrently and improve sensitivity for detecting the species of the microbe. Further, a method for manufacturing such a micro bio sensor is also provided.03-26-2009
20090081765CELL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL SENSOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - In a cell electrophysiological sensor having a thin plate with a through hole, a support plate with a through hole and a container plate with a through hole stuck to an upper portion of this support plate, the support plate and the container plate are stuck to each other through fusion with a portion of the outer shape of a first electrode in a ring shape intervening in a portion of the interface. In this configuration, a cell electrophysiological sensor which allows for measurement with high precision can be attained, and a manufacturing method which is excellent in terms of mass production can be provided.03-26-2009
20090104689Microchip For Use In Cytometry, Velocimetry And Cell Sorting Using Polyelectrolytic Salt Bridges - The present invention relates to a microchip using polyelectrolyte salt bridge for cytometry, velocimetry, and cell sorting. The microchip comprises; a) an inlet for solution to be analyzed, b) a microchannel which provides a moving passage for solution to be analyzed, c) at least one outlet for solution to be analyzed which has passed through the moving passage, d) at least one electrode system comprising a first and a second salt bridges connected to the microchannel (the two salt bridges face each other), and a first and a second reservoirs connected to said each salt bridge (the reservoir comprises electrode and standard electrolyte solution). The microchip detects analytes in the solution to be analyzed (for example, a cell) by detecting change of impedance. In detail, anion in the standard electrolyte solution, which is comprised in the first reservoir, moves from the first salt bridge to the second salt bridge across the microchannel. Impedance change occurs by interference of anion moving across the microchannel and the change can be detected by impedance analyzer connected to electrodes in the first and the second reservoirs.04-23-2009
20110229960TAPE MAGAZINE FOR A HAND-HELD DEVICE - The present invention concerns a tape magazine especially for a hand-held device for analysing a body fluid with a test tape that can be unwound from a storage unit and wound onto a waste unit where the waste unit can be driven in order to wind forward the test tape. The invention provides that a lock which keeps the test tape under tension is integrated in the tape magazine at least on the storage unit. The present invention also concerns a hand-held device with such a tape magazine. The present invention also concerns a hand-held device with a mechanical drive for the test tape and a disposable hand-held device with polymer-based electronic components.09-22-2011
20090191615DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE QUALITY AND SOLIDNESS OF THE VASCULAR WALL - A device for determining the quality and solidness of the vascular wall is provided for testing tissue samples and includes opposed first and second fixation plates. The fixation plates are connectable to an air pump or other source of vacuum for fixing the tissue sample in position. The device is connectable to a detector such as a meter, gauge, or printing device capable of displaying or producing an image or display corresponding to the value of a force required to disrupt or break the internal links between individual layers of the vascular wall. The fixation plates are movable relative to one another and may be abducted by abductors connecting the plates or by rotational movement of one fixation plate relative to the other by a shaft or other rotational mechanism.07-30-2009
20090186401LID FOR PCR VESSEL COMPRISING PROBES PERMITTING PCR AMPLIFICATION AND DETECTION OF THE PCR PRODUCT BY HYBRIDISATION WITHOUT OPENING THE PCR VESSEL - The present invention proposes a simple and effective lid being part of a device having multiwells for performing simultaneous amplifications by PCR and detections of multiple target molecules on unlabeled capture molecules immobilized on the lid.07-23-2009
20090104690DEVICE FOR DETECTING AN ENZYME IN A SAMPLE - A device for detecting a mammalian host-derived enzyme in a sample of a wound fluid, said device comprising: a housing having an inlet for the sample and side walls defining a fluid flow path extending from said inlet an indicator moiety that is bound to a solid substrate by means of a peptide linker moiety that is cleavable by said host-derived enzyme, said solid substrate being located in a reaction zone of said fluid flow path; and a detector moiety located in a detection zone downstream from the reaction zone in said fluid flow path, wherein the detector moiety interacts with an indicator moiety that has been cleaved from said solid substrate to produce a detectable change in said detection zone. Suitably, the device further comprises a control moiety located in a control zone in said device, wherein the control moiety can interact with a component of the wound fluid sample to improve the accuracy of the device. Also provided are systems comprising a device of the invention and a swab or biopsy punch adapted for use therewith.04-23-2009
20090221058Potentiometric biosensor for detection of lactate in food and forming method thereof - The present invention discloses a potentiometric biosensor for detecting lactate in food, and the forming method thereof. The disclosed biosensor comprises a substrate, and conducting layer on the substrate, an oxide layer on the conducting layer, and an enzyme layer on the oxide layer, wherein the enzyme layer comprises Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). The detection signal is transmitted for further processing through a wire connected to the conducting layer, or a window formed on the surface of conducting layer.09-03-2009
20120142084GRAPHICAL INTERFACE FOR ANALYTE METER - Diagnostic systems include a meter that is configured to receive a test sensor during a testing procedure. The diagnostic systems also include a computing device coupled to the meter. The test sensor receives a fluid sample during the testing procedure. The meter includes a measurement system that determines a measurement of a concentration of an analyte in the fluid sample. The computing device receives and processes the measurement from the meter. The computing device has enhanced processing and presentation capabilities that provide visual and/or audio instructions on how to operate the diagnostic system, especially when an error or exceptional condition arises.06-07-2012
20090253193Apparatus and Method for Evaluating Ex Vivo Tissue Samples by Electrical Impedance - A device for characterizing ex vivo tissue employs a set of independent electrodes that may be used to scan the tissue by moving a voltage gradient across the tissue surface acquiring impedance spectrographs that may be mapped to an image.10-08-2009
20090246860POINT SOURCE DIFFUSION CELL ACTIVITY ASSAY APPARATUS - Apparatuses and methods for determining whether a test compound solution induces cell activity, an embodiment of the method of the present invention comprising placing a test compound solution in contact with a cell suspension media containing cells, diffusing the test compound solution into the cell suspension from a point source, and detecting activity in the cells with respect to their distance from the point source. Detecting activity in the cells can involve detecting activity in a first group of the cells proximate to the point source, and detecting activity in a second group of the cells farther from the point source than the first group.10-01-2009
20130122575DEVISE TO PRODUCE ALCOHOL, BIO FUELS AND OTHER COMPOUNDS WITH A SEA BASED FERMENTOR - A device, system, and method to produce alcohol and Bio fuels from bulky organic matter with a Sea based Fermentor with low cost per unit volume, formed from a plastic separator barrier which is flexible plastic film, a solar based distillation still with vacuum assist are disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes a Fermentor coupled to a inlet channel made of plastic film separator, converted to Continuous process Fermentation channel, a Bio Gas digester to generate methane, a floating platform having engine, pumps, centrifuge and sterilization unit and a crane, a water treatment unit formed from plastic film is provided05-16-2013
20100261263UP AND DOWN CONVERSION SYSTEMS FOR PRODUCTION OF EMITTED LIGHT FROM VARIOUS ENERGY SOURCES - A system for energy upconversion and/or down conversion and a system for producing a photostimulated reaction in a medium. These systems include 1) a nanoparticle configured, upon exposure to a first wavelength λ10-14-2010
20110177584ACOUSTIC WAVE SENSOR AND DETECTION METHOD USING ACOUSTIC WAVE SENSOR - An acoustic wave sensor having significantly increased sensitivity and excellent sensing reproducibility and stability includes a piezoelectric substrate, an acoustic wave element including an electrode disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, and a reactive membrane which overlies the acoustic wave element and which is reduced in mass by direct or indirect chemical reaction with a measured substance. The measured substance is detected such that a change in mass applied to the acoustic wave element from the reactive membrane is detected by a change in frequency.07-21-2011
20100178689DEVICE FOR DECANTATION DEPOSITION OF CELLS ON AN ANALYSIS PLATE - A device includes a reception chamber (07-15-2010
20100159574MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND MICROFLUIDIC ANALYSIS EQUIPMENT - Provided are a microfluidic device and a microfluidic analysis equipment. The microfluidic device includes guides disposed along both edges, a lower plate including a flow path defined between the guides, and a movable upper plate moved along the guides on the lower plate and having a length less than that the flow path. A fluid flow can be simply accurately controlled by adjusting a position of the movable upper plate. As a result, the fluid can sufficiently react in the detection part and the reaction part. Therefore, effective reaction and detection can be realized using only a small amount of fluid, thereby improving sensitivity. In addition, due to the improved sensitivity, a washing process for removing materials that are not consumed in the reaction can be omitted. Also, the movable upper plate can be manually moved using a user's finger.06-24-2010
20100159572DEVICE AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A microfluidic device for detecting one or more molecules of interest comprising: a non-conductive substrate; wherein the non-conductive substrate is provided with a plurality of thermally active elements is provided. A method for selectively functionalizing a plurality of thermally active elements is also provided.06-24-2010
20100240120ANALYTICAL STRIP AND THE MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - An analytical strip including a substrate and a channel structure is disclosed. A substrate has a flat surface and the channel is formed on the flat surface according to a predetermined pattern. The surface of channel structure is not lower than the surface of the substrate. The channel has a hollow-matrix conformation and the channel is more hydrophilic than the flat surface of the substrate is. The strip also contains a reaction material formed in the hollow-matrix.09-23-2010
20100240119MICROSEPARATION STRUCTURE AND DEVICES FORMED THEREWITH - A microseparation structure is provided that includes a top surface defining a first chamber. A second chamber is provided that is in fluid communication with the first chamber and characterized by a volume less than the volume of the first chamber. At least one hole extends in fluid communication with the second chamber to transmit fluids into a capillary draw void volume filled with a capillary draw-inducing agent such that liquid placed in the first chamber is drawn through the second chamber and through the hole to the capillary draw void volume filled with capillary draw-inducing agent. Particles of interest within the liquid are unable to pass into the hole and are therefore isolated within the second chamber. This structure is amenable to forming into a compact chromatographic filtration media made up of multiple such structures that is well suited for sealed testing for diseases such as malaria.09-23-2010
20100255566Apparatus for Preventing Electrical Shock in Devices - A device for preventing electrical shock from a device with electrical interfaces. A shutter or other barrier associated with the device that physically prevents access or contact to one of the electrical interfaces while another electrical interface is in use.10-07-2010
20100255565Apparatus for Preventing Electrical Shock in Devices - A device for preventing electrical shock from a device with electrical interfaces. A shutter or other barrier associated with the device that physically prevents access or contact to one of the electrical interfaces while another electrical interface is in use.10-07-2010
20100255564Apparatus for Preventing Electrical Shock in Devices - A device for preventing electrical shock from a device with electrical interfaces. A shutter or other barrier associated with the device that physically prevents access or contact to one of the electrical interfaces while another electrical interface is in use.10-07-2010
20130217101Apparatus for Embedding Tissue Samples - A histology tissue embedding apparatus including a reservoir for an embedding medium and an outlet valve connected to the reservoir through which the embedding medium is dispensable, and including trigger means which control the operation of the outlet valve, the trigger means having a rest position in which the outlet valve is closed, wherein the rest position of the trigger means in relation to the outlet valve is adjustable.08-22-2013
20130217102SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THERMAL ACTUATION OF MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES - A microfluidic processing device includes a substrate defining a microfluidic network. The substrate is in thermal communication with a plurality of N independently controllable components and a plurality of input output contacts for connecting the substrate to an external controller. Each component has at least two terminals. Each terminal is in electrical communication with at least one contact. The number of contacts required to independently control the N components is substantially less than the total number of terminals. Upon actuation, the components typically heat a portion of the microfluidic network and/or sense a temperature thereof.08-22-2013
20100081189Sample Chamber - The invention relates to a sample chamber for testing samples, comprising a bottom plate and a cover plate connected thereto, a sample reservoir for receiving a liquid and/or a sample to be tested, and a contact electrode which is arranged entirely in the bottom plate, in the cover plate or between the bottom plate and the cover plate and which is electrically conductively connected to a conductor element or semiconductor element disposed in and/or on the sample chamber, wherein the bottom plate and/or the cover plate are designed in such a way that an electrical contact with the contact electrode can be established from the outside in such a way that an electrically conductive connection to the conductor element or to the semiconductor element can be established from the outside through the bottom plate or through the cover plate via the contact electrode.04-01-2010
20120196354ANALYSIS DEVICE - The analysis device includes a main body, an insertion slot into which a sensor piece is inserted in a manner such that the sensor piece sticks out from the main body in a measurement operation, and a pair of projections spaced apart from each other in a y-direction, with the insertion slot present between the projections. Each of the projections protrudes outwardly in an x-direction and has a height overlapping the insertion slot in a z-direction.08-02-2012
20100196999REAGENT VESSEL - Provided is a reagent vessel which is inserted into a measuring cassette for measuring a biological sample. The reagent vessel includes: a reagent storage unit including at least one space in which a reagent that is to react with the biological sample is stored; and an adhesive cover sealing up the at least one space in which the reagent is stored, and being stripped off to discharge the reagent from the at least one space when the reagent vessel is inserted into the measuring cassette. Therefore, since a plurality of reagents are poured simultaneously and automatically into a measuring cassette through a reagent vessel, it is possible to simplify manipulations and minimize a measuring time. Furthermore, it is possible to resolve problems regarding storage and distribution of reagents.08-05-2010
20110027872CANTILEVER FOR MEASURING INTRA-CELLULAR AND INTER-CELLULAR MICROSPACES - A cantilever for measuring intra-cellular and inter-cellular microspaces of the present invention includes a support portion, a lever portion provided to the support portion so as to protrude therefrom, and a probe portion provided near a free end of the lever portion. The probe portion includes a conductive probe made of a carbon-based material, and an insulating film to coat a periphery of the conductive probe.02-03-2011
20090325275CELL MANIPULATION AND CULTIVATION EQUIPMENTS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CELL THERAPY PRODUCTS - Cell manipulation and cultivation equipment for the production of cell therapy products has developed for preventing contamination of cells and improving the utility of a space. The equipment includes a room for the production and testing of cell therapy products, the room having an inner space enclosed in all sides and an outer entrance/exit door provided at any one side thereof, an L-shaped partition installed in a position of the room for the production and testing of cell therapy products, the partition having an inner entrance/exit door provided at any one side thereof, and a clean bench device placed inside the partition, the clean bench device including first, second, and third clean benches for preventing contamination of cells and increasing the utility of a space to the maximum extent. The operating of the clean room and clean bench has advantages to prevent contamination and improving the quality and reliability of cell therapy products.12-31-2009
20100221815SUBSTRATES, DEVICES, AND METHODS FOR QUANTITATIVE LIQUID CRYSTAL ASSAYS - The present invention relates to the field of molecular diagnostics, and in particular to diagnostics based on a liquid crystal assay format. In particular, the present invention provided improved substrates and methods of using liquid crystal assays for quantitating the amount of an analyte in a sample. The present invention also provides materials and methods for detecting non-specific binding of an analyte to a substrate by using a liquid crystal assay format.09-02-2010
20080311648Biosensor for analyzing quantitatively analyte with a predetermined size and larger than, and manufacturing method thereof - The present invention discloses a biosensor for quantitatively analyzing a bio-material and a manufacturing method thereof. The biosensor has an exposed conductive region of a few-nanometer scale distributed on an insulated metallic substrate in a desired pattern or randomly. The quantitative analysis of protein can be carried out by means of simplified procedures, without the necessity of rinsing out a signal-producing material, which is non-specifically bonded to the materials to be analyzed. The biosensor utilizes only the size of the molecules, and thus can be universally used for the analysis of bio-materials. A selective and separate analysis can be realized in which interference caused by other materials is significantly reduced.12-18-2008
20090111169BIOCHIP AND METHOD OF FABRICATION - A biochip and method of fabricating the same are provided. The biochip can include a substrate, a plurality of active pads formed on the substrate, each of the plurality of active pads having a surface roughness and being patterned so as to produce photonic crystals, and a plurality of probes directly or indirectly coupled with at least some of the plurality of active pads.04-30-2009
20100311149BIOSENSOR - Disclosed herein is a biosensor. The biosensor includes a measuring layer configured to measure whether reaction to a biological sample has occurred. An upper cover is disposed on a top of the measuring layer, and is provided with an open window configured to allow a measurement area of the measuring layer to be exposed and an upper protrusion configured to protrude from an outer portion of the open window in a direction in which the upper protrusion is coupled to a lower panel. The lower panel is disposed below the measuring layer, and is provided with a lower protrusion which protrudes between the open window and the upper protrusion of the upper cover so that the lower protrusion is spaced apart from the upper protrusion by a gap and which presses the measuring layer so that a top of the measuring layer upwardly protrudes from the open window.12-09-2010
20100151560Compact disk based platform for separating and detecting immunomagnetic bead labeled cells - Disclosed is a disk based platform for separating and detecting cells that are labeled with immunomagnetic beads. A disk-like carrier board forms therein at least one flow channel structure, which includes an inner reservoir for receiving a sample fluid, an outer reservoir, and a plurality of micro flow channels arranged between and in fluid communication with the inner and outer reservoirs. When the disk-like carrier board spins, cells labeled with immunomagnetic beads are attracted by a magnetic attraction unit that is arranged above the disk-like carrier board and adjacent to the inner reservoir to thereby remain in the inner reservoir, and cells that are not so labeled are acted upon by a centrifugal force induced by the spinning of the disk-like carrier board to flow with the sample fluid from the inner reservoir through the micro flow channels into the outer reservoir.06-17-2010
20090311773Novel apparatus and method for coating substrates for analyte detection by means of an affinity assay method - The invention relates to several embodiments of equipment for coating substrates for detecting one or more analytes by way of an affinity assay method, comprising: a receptacle receiving a liquid to be atomized (“liquid receptacle”) with substances (compounds) to be deposited onto at least one surface of said substrates and an atomized volume produced by the liquid in the operating state; an actuator for triggering the atomization process and; a fixture for receiving and storing the substrates during the coating process. The invention is characterized in that the substrates are not in contact with the surface of the liquid to be atomized. The invention also relates to several embodiments of methods for coating substrates with coupler and/or passivation layers for use in the detection of one or more analytes by way of an affinity assay method.12-17-2009
20100184201MEASURING UNIT FOR MEASURING CHARACTERISTICS OF A SAMPLE LIQUID, IN PARTICULAR VISCOELASTIC CHARACTERISTICS OF A BLOOD SAMPLE - The present invention is directed to a measuring unit, for measuring characteristics of a sample liquid, comprising a support member, having at least one upper bearing arm, with an upper bearing unit, at least one lower bearing arm, with a lower bearing unit, and a base, for being attachable to a respective measuring system; a shaft, having shaft toes and being rotatably supported about a rotation axis, by said upper bearing unit, and said lower bearing unit, wherein said upper bearing unit, said lower bearing unit, and said shaft toes form toe bearings, respectively; an interface member, having a detecting element, and a drive element, said interface member, being fixed on said shaft, and being connected to a coupling shaft, with a probe connector section, for measuring characteristics of said sample liquid; wherein said interface member, and the coupling shaft, are coaxially aligned with said shaft.07-22-2010
20090035845Method and device for extracting and/or collecting blood from placenta and/or umbilical cord - A device for extracting and collecting blood from a delivered placenta comprising a compartment to contain and support a delivered placenta and umbilical cord. The compartment includes a flexible membrane which can be displaced (preferably under the influence of a fluid (preferably gas) pressure differential between the compartment side and non compartment side of the membrane) to impart onto the placenta a pressure to encourage the displacement of fluid carried by the placenta towards the umbilical cord. The compartment includes at least one outlet opening via which the umbilical cord can extend (preferably in a sealed manner) to allow the flexible membrane pressure induced flow of fluid carried by the placenta to displace from the compartment for external to the compartment collection of the fluid.02-05-2009
20100068796Blood Glucose Tracking Apparatus and Methods - A measurement module for glucose testing includes a glucose testing measurement module housing, a test strip receptacle formed in the housing, and a connector portion formed in the housing and shaped to permit mechanical removable attachment of the housing to a hand-held computer. Electronics determine the amount of glucose present in a sample of body fluid, when the test strip is positioned in the receptacle and the body fluid is placed on a test strip, and communicate the glucose amount to the hand-held computer via the connector portion.03-18-2010
20110097789TUBE PORTS AND RELATED CONTAINER SYSTEMS - A tube port includes a tubular first stem having an interior surface and an exterior surface extending between a first end and a longitudinally spaced apart second end. The interior surface bounds a passage that longitudinally extends through the first stem. The tube port also includes a flange encircling and radially outwardly projecting from the first end of the first stem. The flange and the first stem are integrally formed as a unitary member comprised of a flexible elastomeric material having a durometer on a Shore A scale with a value of less than 90.04-28-2011
20110097788NANO AND MICRO-TECHNOLOGY VIRUS DETECTION METHOD AND DEVICE - The invention relates to methods and devices for detecting the presence of a particle of interest (hereinafter an analyte particle) in a fluid. A detection device exemplary of the present invention filters a sample of the fluid to remove particles larger than the analyte particles. A reagent solution, containing reagent particles smaller than the analyte particles, is then added to the sample. The reagent particles will react with the analyte particles, if any are present, to form reagent-analyte complexes which are larger than the analyte particles. The sample is then filtered a second time to remove particles the same size as or smaller than the analyte particles. The sample is then tested for the presence of reagent-analyte complexes to detect the presence of the analyte particle in the fluid.04-28-2011
20090098643MULTILAYER CIRCUIT DEVICES AND MANUFACTURING METHODS USING ELECTROPLATED SACRIFICIAL STRUCTURES - A multilayer circuit includes a dielectric base substrate, conductors formed on the base substrate and a vacuum deposited dielectric thin film formed over the conductors and the base substrate. The vacuum deposited dielectric thin film is patterned using sacrificial structures formed by electroplating techniques. Substrates formed in this manner enable significant increases in circuit pattern miniaturization, circuit pattern reliability, interconnect density and significant reduction of over-all substrate thickness.04-16-2009
20100311151Blood Glucose Tracking Apparatus and Methods - A measurement module for glucose testing includes a glucose testing measurement module housing, a test strip receptacle formed in the housing, and a connector portion formed in the housing and shaped to permit mechanical removable attachment of the housing to a hand-held computer. Electronics determine the amount of glucose present in a sample of body fluid, when the test strip is positioned in the receptacle and the body fluid is placed on a test strip, and communicate the glucose amount to the hand-held computer via the connector portion.12-09-2010
20100311150CELL PROCESSING DEVICE - In a closed system having a large number of containers connected via pipes, a leakage of a liquid from the closed system can be more reliably detected by a convenient and inexpensive method. Provided is a cell processing device (12-09-2010
20120171757CARTRIDGE AND SENSOR-DISPENSING INSTRUMENT - A disposable cartridge adapted to be used with a sensor-dispensing instrument comprises a housing, test sensors, a mechanical mechanism and moveable seals. The housing forms at least one opening therethrough. The test sensors are stacked in the housing. The test sensors are adapted to assist in testing at least one analyte. The mechanical mechanism is adapted to urge the test sensors in a first direction. One of the test sensors is positioned for ejection from the cartridge. The moveable seals is adapted to be in a closed position that seals the at least one opening so as to provide a substantially moisture-proof and a substantially air-tight cartridge, and one of the moveable seals is adapted to be in an open position that allows one of the test sensors to be moved therethrough.07-05-2012
20090317896THIN FILM CHEMICAL ANALYSIS APPARATUS AND ANALYSIS METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed is a thin film chemical analysis apparatus and an analysis method using the same, which can solve the sealing problem caused by environmental factors (e.g. impact, temperature) for long circulation and storage periods, as well as can detect an analyte quickly and easily. The thin film chemical analysis apparatus includes at least one chamber adapted to store a fluid necessary for biological or biochemical analysis or to conduct a biological or biochemical reaction; channels for fluid-connection of the chambers; holes arranged between or inside the channels and connected to the channels; a rotatable body having the chambers, the channels, and the holes integrated into the body; and a burst valve having a sealing means for closing the hole and sealing a fluid in the chamber, the sealing means being torn away from the hole by centrifugal force resulting from rotation of the body and opening the hole.12-24-2009
20090181450Metod and unit for preparing a sample for the microbiological analysis of a liquid - The preparation unit comprises a body (07-16-2009
20120276621Multi-Way Sorter System and Method - Provided herein are improved multi-way cell sorter systems and methods. For example, provided are systems and methods for the collection of cells that are sorted in multiple directions. The systems and methods allow for the construction of a multi-way sorter (e.g., a ten-way sorter in the space that currently only allows four-way sorting). In addition the device may actively sense the arrival of drops (with cells of interest) at a sample tube, and trigger an alarm when the drops' arrivals deviate from an expected pattern.11-01-2012
20110027873MICRO-NANO FLUIDIC BIOCHIP FOR ASSAYING BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE - Disclosed is a micro-nano fluidic biochip for assaying a biological sample comprising a first substrate, a second substrate and a third substrate which are sequentially stacked from bottom to top, wherein an upper channel assembly disposed on the second substrate is coupled with the lower channel assembly provided on the first substrate, to form a microfluidic channel, and the microfluidic channel has nano interstices formed at both sides thereof, the nano interstices having a height less than that of the center of the channel.02-03-2011
20100330661Peptides for Detection of Antibody to Ehrlichia ewingii - The invention provides compositions and methods for the detection and quantification of 12-30-2010
20100081188APPARATUS FOR DETECTING DRUGS IN A BEVERAGE - A test kit for detecting the presence of one or more drugs in a beverage comprising a support having a plurality of detector strips attached thereto. Drugs to be detected are e.g. benzodiazepines, gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB), Ketamines, Ectasy (MDMA), cocaine barbiturates, opiates, cannabis and flunitrazepam (Rohypnol®).04-01-2010
20110263006INTEGRATED TEST STRIP CONTAINER WITH RETAINING INSERT - A blood glucose meter for providing easy access to test strips and measuring blood glucose, a disposable and removable cartridge for providing easy access to test strips, and methods of manufacturing and utilization thereof are disclosed. The blood glucose meter for providing easy access to test strips and measuring blood glucose has a disposable and removable cartridge, a retaining member which releasably retains the test strips in a stacked configuration, and a housing. The disposable and removable cartridge has a rigid lid attached to a flexible body.10-27-2011
20110263007DEVICE, KIT AND METHOD FOR PULSING BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES WITH AN AGENT AND STABILISING THE SAMPLE SO PULSED - A device and kit for pulsing a biological sample with a pulsing agent is disclosed. The biological sample so pulsed is subsequently stabilized and the device or kit provides a control reaction. Applications for the described device and kit are found in the field of medical diagnostics, particularly immunology.10-27-2011
20110189762ELECTROCHEMICAL SENSOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING - The present disclosure relates to a sensor including an elongated member including at least a portion that is electrically conductive. The elongated member includes a sensing layer adapted to react with a material desired to be sensed. An insulating layer surrounds the elongated member. The insulating layer defines at least one access opening for allowing the material desired to be sensed to enter an interior region defined between the elongated member and the insulating layer. The insulating layer has an inner transverse cross-sectional profile that is different from an outer transverse cross-sectional profile of the elongated member. The difference in transverse cross-sectional profiles between the elongated member and the insulating layer provides channels at the interior region defined between the insulating layer and the elongated member. The channels extend generally along the length of the elongated member and are sized to allow the material desired to be sensed to move along the length of the sensor.08-04-2011
20100028981SPECIMEN COLLECITON AND ASSAY CONTAINER - The present invention includes but is not limited to a specimen collection device that includes a chamber capable of collecting a specimen, a specimen passage slot, a reservoir, a reservoir seal, and a test device. A sample or specimen added to the chamber flows through the specimen passage slot into the reservoir. Flow into the reservoir may be limited by the reservoir seal. The test device positioned within the reservoir detects the presence or concentration of an analyte within the sample or specimen.02-04-2010
20090023200PARTICLE FOR DETECTING ENZYME ACTIVITY, METHOD FOR DETECTING THE ENZYME ACTIVITY AND ENZYME ACTIVITY DETECTION DEVICE BY THE USE THEREOF - An object is to provide a particle for detecting an enzyme activity wherein by measuring an intensity of a fluorescence wavelength in a sample solution, it is possible to not only detect the presence or absence of an enzyme but also accurately perform a quantitative analysis of the enzyme in the sample solution, handleability is excellent as well as measurement accuracy and quantitative property can be enhanced because the present invention is hardly influenced by absorbed moisture and weighing errors hardly occur, and further productivity is remarkably excellent because complicated steps such as a step of cleaving and purifying a synthesized peptide and a step of lyophilizing are not required upon production thereof.01-22-2009
20080206847PROBE CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF USE - A probe assembly includes a tubular sleeve having a passage extending between a first end and an opposing second end. The tubular sleeve is movable between an extended position wherein the first end and the opposing second end are spaced apart and a collapsed position wherein the first end and the opposing second end are moved closer together. A connector is secured to the second end of the tubular sleeve, the connector having an opening extending therethrough that communicates with the passage of the tubular sleeve, a sealing layer removably covering the opening of the connector. An elongated probe has a first end and an opposing second end, the second end of the probe being positioned within the passage of the tubular sleeve, the second end of the probe being configured to pass through the opening of the connector when the sealing layer is removed therefrom.08-28-2008
20120045825DIAGNOSTIC TEST TAPE FOR LIQUID SAMPLES - A diagnostic test tape for liquid samples is provided comprising a flexible transport tape and a plurality of test fields applied to the transport tape that are distributed in the longitudinal direction of the tape, where said test fields comprise a detection layer and a spreading net spanning the detection layer for a planar uptake of liquid sample, wherein the spreading net is formed from a lattice-like fabric comprising fabric threads that cross at right angles. In order to prevent the fabric from arching up under tape tension it is proposed that the fabric is oriented obliquely to the transport tape such that all fabric threads run obliquely to the longitudinal direction of the tape.02-23-2012
20110091965CELL MANIPULATION OBSERVATION APPARATUS - An introducing position arrangement unit arranges a position of a cell into which a substance is introduced, of the cells in a culture dish mounted on a stage, specified by a specification unit to a predetermined cell manipulation position in a viewing field of an observation unit by driving the stage. A cell manipulation unit introduces an introduction substance mixed in a culture fluid in the culture dish into the cell by making a hole on a cell membrane of the cell moved to the predetermined cell manipulation position by the introducing position arrangement unit. A display unit displays introduced cell information including positional information of the cell indicative of the specified position and introduction substance information indicative of the introduction substance.04-21-2011
20120015429QUANTITATIVE LATERAL FLOW SYSTEM AND ASSAY - The present invention relates to a lateral flow assay and system, including a test strip, for detection and quantification of analytes in samples, such as samples containing cells and fluid. In general, according to the present invention, a test strip for a lateral flow assay for detection of at least one analyte in a sample comprises: (1) a chromatographic strip, a sample filter, a fluid-impermeable barrier, and means for providing a mobilizable detectable agent that is capable of binding to the at least one analyte or to the capture agent after capturing the analyte to the chromatographic strip such that the mobilizable detectable agent migrates through the chromatographic strip and contacts sample that has passed through the sample filter and also has migrated through the chromatographic strip. The test strip allows detection with or without quantitation of an analyte in a sample containing whole cells.01-19-2012
20120064613Monitoring Methods and Apparatus - A device for remote management of patients suffering from heart failure and hypertension can measure one or more biomarker. The device aids in monitoring the efficacy and safety of treatment in such patients.03-15-2012
20120058546MULTIPLE SURFACE ACOUSTIC WAVE SENSOR SYSTEM - Provided is a multiple SAW sensor system capable of sensing a plurality of target materials in the SAW sensor with a single detector by using a multiplexer. According to the multiple SAW sensor system, the target materials in SAW sensors may be sensed with a single detector, thereby avoiding unnecessary power loss. Also, a plurality of target materials in a sample may be sensed, thereby reducing a waste of the sample.03-08-2012
20090111168BIOCHIP AND METHOD OF FABRICATION - A biochip and method of fabricating the same are provided. The biochip can include a substrate, a capping layer pattern partially covering a top surface of the substrate, and a plurality of probes coupled to the top surface of the substrate exposed by the capping layer pattern.04-30-2009
20120064612MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES FOR FLUID MANIPULATION AND ANALYSIS - The present invention relates to microfluidic devices and methods for manipulating and analyzing fluid samples. The disclosed microfluidic devices utilize a plurality of microfluidic channels, inlets, valves, filter, pumps, liquid barriers and other elements arranged in various configurations to manipulate the flow of a fluid sample in order to prepare such sample for analysis.03-15-2012
20120156765FLUID FILTERING DEVICE - The invention relates to a fluid filtering device comprising a filter (06-21-2012
20120156763Apparatus and Methods for Using Biological Material to Discriminate an Agent - An apparatus and methods for using biological material to discriminate an agent. In one embodiment of the present invention, the method includes the steps of providing at least one cell, exposing at least one cell to an agent, measuring the response of the cell to the agent in terms of a physical quantity related to at least one of the cellular physiological activities of the cell, and identifying the agent from the measured response. The method further includes the step of quantifying the agent from the measured response.06-21-2012
20110091963High resolution flow cytometer - High resolution particle differentiation process and separation system that provides enhanced resolution of particles based upon selected particle characteristics. In particular, the system may include an enhanced resolution flow cytometer. In an embodiment, the invention can include at least one fluid source conduit (04-21-2011
20110091964CELL MANIPULATION OBSERVATION APPARATUS - An introducing position arrangement unit arranges a position of a cell into which a substance is introduced, of the cells in a culture dish mounted on a stage, specified by a specification unit to a predetermined cell manipulation position in a viewing field of an observation unit by stage driving. A cell manipulation unit introduces an introduction substance mixed in a culture fluid in the culture dish into the cell by making a hole on a cell membrane of the cell moved to the predetermined cell manipulation position. A diagram display unit displays a diagram associated with an observation range which is a range of the culture dish observable by the observation unit and also displays a cell manipulation range which is a cell manipulation enabled range and a position currently observed by the observation unit to be superimposed on the diagram associated with the observation range.04-21-2011
20110065172DIRECT MIXING AND INJECTION FOR HIGH THROUGHPUT FLUIDIC SYSTEMS - A system and method of mixing and injecting discrete sample mixtures into a flow cytometer or other sample analysis apparatus may generally comprise a sample injection guide coupling a liquid handling apparatus with a sample analysis apparatus and facilitating injection of discrete sample mixtures into a fluidic system of the apparatus.03-17-2011
20120122198BIOSENSOR MANUFACTURING METHOD - A biosensor having a first conductive component is described, wherein the first conductive component includes at least one boundary formed by a first processing technique and at least one boundary formed by a second processing technique not the same as the first processing technique. The biosensor can also have a second conductive component including at least one boundary formed by the first processing technique and at least one boundary formed by a third processing technique not the same as the first processing technique. Further, the biosensor has a third conductive component including at least one boundary formed by the second processing technique and at least one boundary formed by the third processing technique not the same as the second processing technique.05-17-2012
20120164716BIOCHIP SENSOR - Small and extremely small molecules and ions or atoms may be detected with the novel device with exceptional sensitivity. The detection is implemented in a simple manner by the known acoustic resonator FBAR or by means of other technologies that measure the physical properties of the filled layer. The permeability of substances (e.g. active ingredients) through membranes such as cell membranes, lipid bilayers, and cell walls can be examined by combining a sensor with the reservoir and the membrane.06-28-2012
20110183408REAGENT CARTRIDGE FOR MICROORGANISM DETECTION APPARATUS - A reagent cartridge for a microorganism detection apparatus includes a plurality of reagent vessels, a support plate, and side plates, wherein the reagent vessels are integrally connected with each other in parallel by the support plate, and a group of the plurality of the reagent vessels is surrounded by the side plates; the reagent cartridge further includes an independent reagent vessel instead of at least one of the plurality of the reagent vessels and separately therefrom; and an engagement portion, wherein the engagement portion engages the independent reagent vessel in the engagement portion so as to be universally attached and detached, and to be in parallel with the plurality of the reagent vessels.07-28-2011
20110183407APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TIP ALIGNMENT IN MULTIWELL PLATES - Apparatuses and methods of aligning at least one tip of a tip manifold with a plurality of wells of a multiwell plate. The tip manifold includes a plate, at least one tip depending from the plate, a first tip alignment pin depending from the plate, and a second tip alignment pin depending from the plate. The second tip alignment pin opposes the first tip alignment pin. The multiwell plate includes a body defining a plurality of non-porous wells for holding biological material, a first alignment hole, and a second alignment hole. The second alignment hole opposes the first alignment hole.07-28-2011
20120129248ASSAY TOOLS AND METHODS OF USE - The present invention provides assay tools for the detection of biological or chemical activity in a sample. The assay tools of the invention provide direct detection using a positive signal generated on a surface of the assay tool. These assay tools provide improved methods for detection and/or identification of multiple agents (e.g., enzymes) in a sample, analysis of substrate specificity of such agents, and binding affinities and specificities of such agents. Upon activity a component is released from a first immobilised construct and then captured by a capture surface. At least two different immobilised constructs are used.05-24-2012
20100210008Configurable Microfluidic Substrate Assembly - A microfluidic substrate assembly includes a substrate body having at least one fluid inlet port. At least one microscale fluid flow channel in the substrate is in fluid communication with the inlet port for transport of a fluid to be tested. The substrate body also has a plurality of sockets, with each of one or sockets configured to receive an operative component. At least one socket is in communication with the microscale fluid flow channel.08-19-2010
20120214223Worm Culture Systems - Devices and methods are disclosed for the containment and culture of worms, and the preparation of composts, vermicomposts, and castings from organic and inorganic wastes.08-23-2012
20120315691MICRO-CALORIMETER APPARATUS - A micro-calorimeter apparatus includes a thermostated housing (12-13-2012
20120315690SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PARTICLE CLASSIFICATION AND SORTING - A particle analysis system includes an inlet; an inertial focusing microchannel disposed in a substrate and having a downstream expanding region at a distal end, where the inlet is connected to a proximal end of the microchannel; a plurality of outlets connected to the microchannel at the downstream expanding region; a plurality of fluidic resistors, where each fluidic resistor is connected to a respective outlet; and a particle analyzer configured to measure a size and a position of particles in the microchannel. A particle sorting system includes an inlet; an inertial focusing microchannel disposed in a substrate and having a downstream expanding region at a distal end, where the inlet is connected to a proximal end of the microchannel; a plurality of outlets connected to the microchannel at the downstream expanding region; and a plurality of fluidic resistors, where each fluidic resistor is connected to a respective outlet.12-13-2012
20120135509SENSOR DEVICES - The present invention relates to a sensor device for measuring a level of an analyte of interest in a fluid, such as body fluid (for example blood, plasma, urine, interstitial fluid, saliva), a method of manufacturing a sensor device, a reagent film for use in a sensor, a method of manufacturing a reagent film for use in a sensor, a method of conducting an assay using a sensor, a method of calibrating a measurement from a sensor, a method of calibrating a batch of sensors, a meter for use with a sensor and a kit comprising a meter and a sensor according to the invention. A first aspect of the invention provides a sensor device for measuring a level of an analyte of interest In a fluid comprising: a flowpath for the fluid; on the flowpath, a reagent for the analyte of interest adjacent to an internal standard comprising a first predetermined amount of a first calibration analyte; and further wherein the reagent and the predetermined amount of a first calibration analyte are in dry form. A second aspect of the invention provides a device comprising: a first calibration electrode having the first predetermined amount of first calibration analyte and reagent for the analyte of interest located thereon; a first working electrode having reagent for the analyte of interest thereon, and further wherein the first calibration electrode lies upstream of the first working electrode.05-31-2012
20120135508SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYTE MEASUREMENT - A method of measuring an analyte in a biological fluid comprises applying an excitation signal having a DC component and an AC component. The AC and DC responses are measured; a corrected DC response is determined using the AC response; and a concentration of the analyte is determined based upon the corrected DC response. Other methods and devices are disclosed.05-31-2012
20120135507BIOCHIP MODULE WITH CERAMIC LAMINATE STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present disclosure provides a biochip module having a ceramic laminate structure which uses advantages of ceramic and enables a reduction in a chip area, and a method of manufacturing the same. The biochip module includes a first ceramic layer mixing bacterial water with magnetic beads to which ligands capturing bacteria are attached, a second ceramic layer separating the magnetic beads capturing bacteria from the water, and a third ceramic layer detecting the number of bacteria captured by the magnetic beads.05-31-2012
20100184200Cell culture device - The present invention relates to a cell culture device which includes: a cell culture container comprising a container body and a neck connecting to the container body wherein the container contains a top wall, a bottom wall having a first opening, and at least one side wall to define a cell culture zone, and an end of the neck has a second opening for cells or culture media being injected into the cell culture zone; a biosensor chip having a detective surface which faces the top wall of the cell culture container; and a fastening component for the biosensor chip being fastened in the first opening of the bottom wall. The cell culture of the present invention can be used for real-time detection of the cell growth and further for drug screening.07-22-2010
20130171723Mixing Bag with Integral Sparger and Sensor Receiver - A mixing bag for use in bioprocessing in which a fluid is received and agitated using an internal fluid-agitating element driven by an external motive device is disclosed. The bag may include an integral sparger and sensor receiver. Related methods are also disclosed.07-04-2013
20120077258DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE - A diagnostic device as a first electrode formed by a noble metal that is not attackable by acid, and a second electrode that is formed of silver. The first and second electrodes are at least partially immersed in a nutrient solution contained in a container, into which a tissue sample can be introduced. An electrical voltage is applied between the first and second electrodes, and a change in an electrical variable between the electrodes is measured when ammonia is present. The diagnostic device allows fast screening of tissue samples for Helicobacter pylori.03-29-2012
20120077257Cell measurement system - A cell measurement system measures changes of frequency and transepithelial electrical resistance of a tested cell sample. The cell measurement system includes a quartz crystal sensing module, an oscillation module, a periodic wave-generation module, a low-pass filtration module, and a control module. The cell measurement system of the present invention can simultaneously measure changes of frequency and transepithelial electrical resistance of a tested cell sample during cell growth so that the growth level and healthy condition of the cells and degree of a monolayer completion of the cells can be determined.03-29-2012
20120178151UNITARY PLASTIC CONDUCTIVITY SENSOR - A contacting-type conductivity sensor includes an electrically-insulative plastic body and a plurality of electrodes. The plurality of conductive electrodes is disposed in the plastic body. Each electrode is constructed of plastic and fused with the electrically-insulative plastic body. A method of manufacturing the conductivity sensor is provided along with a single-use bioreactor employing the sensor.07-12-2012
20100273246WHOLE SMOKE EXPOSURE APPARATUS - An apparatus includes a smoke emitting section which emits smoke containing particulate matter, a dilution section for diluting the smoke emitted by the smoke emitting section, a clean air unit which supplies clean air to the dilution section, at least one chamber which incorporates a cell-adhered surface and into which the smoke diluted by the dilution section is introduced, and an exhaust section for exhausting the smoke from the chamber and the dilution section. A smoke flow in the chamber is shut off to make the smoke settle down in the chamber and expose the cell-adhered surface to the smoke.10-28-2010
20100273245REACTION VESSEL, REACTION VESSEL LIQUID INTRODUCING DEVICE, LIQUID INTRODUCING AND REACTION MEASURING DEVICE, AND LIQUID INTRODUCING DEVICE - The invention relates to a reaction vessel, a reaction vessel liquid introducing device, a liquid introducing and reaction measuring device, and a liquid introducing device, and is directed to being able to perform temperature control of a liquid stored within the reaction vessel with a high accuracy and faithful responsiveness. The reaction vessel comprises: a storage chamber in which a liquid is storable, that has an opening part; a reaction chamber that is formed thinner or narrower than the storage chamber; and at least one flow passage that communicates between the storage chamber or the exterior and the reaction chamber. The reaction vessel is formed such that it is connectable to a liquid introducing section provided externally, and the liquid can be introduced into the reaction chamber by connecting to the liquid introducing section.10-28-2010
20100273244APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING COUNTS WITHIN A BIOLOGIC FLUID SAMPLE - An apparatus for enumerating one or more specific elements within a biologic fluid sample is provided. The apparatus includes a first planar member that is transparent, and a second planar member. The members are separated from one another by a substantially uniform height, and the height is sized relative to the specific elements within the sample such that the specific elements non-uniformly distribute within the sample upon introduction into the chamber.10-28-2010
20100009430Analytical cartridge with fluid flow control - Analytical cartridges, systems and methods of processing a sample for analysis using capillary flows. Vertical gradient sample filtration provides filtrate to an incubation chamber for a time controlled by a flow modulator at the outlet of the incubation chamber. The flow modulator can include a serpentine capillary flow path without side walls. Incubated filtrate can flow from the incubation chamber to a detection channel after a predetermined time. The detection chamber can include one or more analytical regions in a porous substrate for detection of two or more analytes on the same cartridge from the same sample.01-14-2010
20120258523PROCESS FOR REMEDIATING BIOFOULING IN WATER SYSTEMS WITH VIRULENT BACTERIOPHAGE - Bacterial contamination of industrial water systems lead to biofouling by biofilms and corrosion from bacterial induced corrosion. This invention provides a method for control of fouling and contamination of industrial water systems caused by bacteria. Prevention or reduction of process interruptions and general contamination, fouling and corrosion is achieved by the destruction of targeted problematic bacteria with naturally occurring, non-engineered bacteriophage virulent for targeted bacteria. The invention also provides for in-situ confirmation of the proper identification of target bacteria and a mobile laboratory adapted to implement the method.10-11-2012
20110124095Method and apparatus for high throughput diagnosis of diseased cells with microchannel devices - The method and apparatus of the present invention detects changes in cell biomechanics caused by any of a variety of diseases and conditions. In one embodiment, the method and apparatus of the invention detect infection of red blood cells. In one embodiment, the invention is a method and apparatus comprising a microfluidic channel with a constriction, for trapping infected red blood cells while allowing healthy red blood cells to deform and pass through the channel. In another embodiment, the invention comprises a suspended microchannel resonator for detecting and counting red blood cells at the constriction of the microfluidic channel.05-26-2011
20120264201CULTURE APPARATUS - A culture apparatus comprising: an inner box configured to form a culture chamber; an outer box configured to cover the inner box; a fan configured to circulate gas inside the culture chamber through an air passage provided in the inner box within the culture chamber; a first through hole configured to penetrate a wall configuring a part of the air passage in the inner box; a second through hole configured to penetrate the wall and disposed at a position at which a flow velocity of the gas circulated through the air passage by the fan is lower than a flow velocity of the gas around the first through hole; a connecting pipe configured to connect the first through hole and the second through hole outside of the inner box; and a sensor configured to detect a concentration of the gas flowing in the culture chamber.10-18-2012
20110045578METHOD OF MANUFACTURING BIOSENSOR AND BIOSENSOR PRODUCED THEREBY - Provided are a biosensor and a method of manufacturing the same which can reduce an amount of liquid specimen required for measurement (a required amount of the liquid specimen), and conduct measurement with higher accuracy. In the biosensor, the liquid specimen is developed on a development layer by using chromatography and a test substance in the liquid specimen is measured. By reducing the thickness of the development layer (to 20 μm to 135 μm), the required amount of the liquid specimen is reduced. The thickness of the development layer is controlled to a smaller thickness thus, so that the required amount of the liquid specimen can be reduced in response to the measurement of a test substance in each liquid specimen in a state in which the accuracy of analysis is properly kept.02-24-2011
20110045577Fabrication of conductive pathways, microcircuits and microstructures in microfluidic networks - Disclosed herein are a variety of microfluidic devices and solid, typically electrically conductive devices that can be formed using such devices as molds. In certain embodiments, the devices that are formed comprise conductive pathways formed by solidifying a liquid metal present in one or more microfluidic channels (such devices hereinafter referred to as “microsolidic” devices). In certain such devices, in which electrical connections can be formed and/or reformed between regions in a microfluidic structure; in some cases, the devices/circuits formed may be flexible and/or involve flexible electrical components. In certain embodiments, the solid metal wires/conductive pathways formed in microfluidic channel(s) may remain contained within the microfluidic structure. In certain such embodiments, the conductive pathways formed may be located in proximity to other microfluidic channel(s) of the structure that carry flowing fluid, such that the conductive pathway can create energy (e.g. electromagnetic and/or thermal energy) that interacts withy and/or affects the flowing fluid and/or a component contained therein or carried thereby. In other embodiments, a microsolidic structure may be removed from a microfluidic mold to form a stand-alone structure. In certain embodiments, the solid metal structures formed may interact with light energy incident upon a structure or may be used to fabricate a light-weight electrode. Another aspect of the invention relates to the formation of self-assembled structures that may comprise these electrically conductive pathways/connections.02-24-2011
20100203621BIOSENSOR - A biosensor has the following elements: a diaphragm having a through-hole; a frame supporting the diaphragm and having a cavity; and pillars formed on the side of inner wall surface of the frame and on the surface of the diaphragm. This structure can suppress the occurrence of bubbles in the vicinity of the through-hole, and easily remove the remaining bubbles. Thus the measuring reliability of the biosensor can be improved.08-12-2010
20100233793HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND DISPLAY METHOD OF DETERMINATION RESULTS - A healthcare management apparatus for determining a health condition of subjects is provided.09-16-2010
20100233792Microdevices for Chemical Sensing and Chemical Actuation - The invention relates to sensors for detecting chemical and biological material and for chemical actuation. In particular, the sensors of the present invention incorporates membranes or beams that are deformable in the presence of chemical adsorption on its surface. The sensor of the present invention contains a polymeric membrane or beam (09-16-2010
20120088293ANALYZER - An analyzer comprising: a first specimen holder configured to hold a plurality of first specimen containers; a conveying assembly for conveying the first specimen containers held in the first specimen holder; a second specimen holder arranged at a position higher than an upper end of the first specimen containers held in the first specimen holder; a holder moving assembly for moving the second specimen holder so as to pass the upper side of at least one of the first specimen containers held in the first specimen holder; a container transferring assembly for transferring at least one of the first specimen containers from the first specimen holder to the second specimen holder; and a controller for controlling the holder moving assembly and the container transferring assembly, is disclosed.04-12-2012
20110294197MODULE FOR DETECTING ANALYTES IN FLUIDS AND CHIP HAVING THE SAME - Disclosed is a module for rapidly detecting analytes in fluids with high effectiveness and a chip having the module. The module includes a microchannel, which has a filtering zone for removing noise materials and a reaction zone wherein labeling reaction and immobilization reaction for detection of analytes are performed, sample fluid moving through the microchannel due to capillary floating. In a case where the chip having the module is used in detecting analytes in fluids, it is possible to minimize dead volume of sample fluid so that high effective volume ratio can be implemented. Therefore, the chip can be used in detecting analytes from the minimum amount of sample fluid.12-01-2011
20120329141SELECTIVE PARTICLE CAPTURE AND COLLECTION DEVICE - A particle processing device includes a chamber and at least one capturing structure. The chamber is connected to a first port and a second port to provide a space between the first and second ports for flowing of a fluid having a particle. The capturing structure is provided in the chamber to form a fluidic channel, wherein the fluidic channel has a first opening and a second opening and a capturing region is formed between the first and second openings such that the capturing region has a changeable sectional shape for capturing the particle in the fluid flowing from the first port to the second port.12-27-2012
20100167385User interface features for an electronic device - A method is provided for controlling a display device of an electronic device. A data field may be displayed on the display device. An editing process may be executed that provides for editing of the data field displayed on the display device. The data field on the display device may be magnified relative to other portions of the display device when selected for editing according to the editing process.07-01-2010
20100129897BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT-MEASURING UNIT, BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT-MEASURING UNIT PACKAGE, MEDICAL SUPPORT INSTRUMENT KIT, AND MEDICAL SUPPORT INSTRUMENT KIT PACKAGE - A biological component-measuring unit, a package of a biological component-measuring unit, a medical support instrument kit, and a package of a medical support instrument kit, for improving workability and enabling the measurement of components of body fluids hygienically. The biological component-measuring unit comprising a substrate detachably mountable on a medical support device proper, fluid channels fixed to said substrate, the medical support device proper including a fluid transfer structure where fluids in the fluid channels flow in one direction, wherein the fluid channels comprise a biological component-measuring channel which is: attachable to and detachable from a body fluid-drawing channel for drawing a fluid that has been sampled through a body fluid sampler; capable of transferring the fluid in the biological component-measuring channel in one direction, in cooperation with the fluid transfer structure; provided with a biological component sensor for measuring a biological component in the fluid being transferred; and capable of discharging the fluid as a waste after measurement of the biological component.05-27-2010
20130017595ANALYTICAL APPARATUS AND DETECTION METHOD EMPLOYED IN ANALYTICAL APPARATUSAANM Yamamoto; ShuheiAACI MitoAACO JPAAGP Yamamoto; Shuhei Mito JPAANM Sano; MinoruAACI HitachinakaAACO JPAAGP Sano; Minoru Hitachinaka JPAANM Nemoto; AkiyukiAACI MitoAACO JPAAGP Nemoto; Akiyuki Mito JPAANM Fujioka; MichiruAACI HitachinakaAACO JPAAGP Fujioka; Michiru Hitachinaka JP - Disclosed is an analytical apparatus wherein a container is automatically transferred and the container is automatically closed with a cap member, said analytical apparatus being provided with a suitable mechanism that reliably closes the container. The analytical apparatus is provided with an optical sensor composed of at least one pair of a light source (01-17-2013
20110159578Multiple-input Analytical System - The present disclosure provides an automated sample processing system that can receive samples in different first and second formats and process both sample formats. The disclosure also provides a human papillomavirus testing apparatus. The apparatus has a first input to receive first test specimens in the form of pre-processed cervical samples, and a second input to receive unprocessed cervical samples. A first subsystem prepares second test specimens from the unprocessed cervical samples, and a second subsystem selectively processes and tests first specimens, second test specimens, or first and second test specimens to determine the presence of one or more human papillomavirus indicators.06-30-2011
20080227184METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR QUANTIFYING THE CONTENT OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED MATERIAL IN A SAMPLE - A method including providing an initial test sample including a primary material and a relatively smaller amount of at least one adventitious material; combining the initial test sample with a standard addition of at least one adventitious material to form a final test sample, wherein the standard addition has a known amount of genetically modified adventitious material; and analyzing the final test sample to determine the % GMO of the primary material and the % GMO of the adventitious material.09-18-2008
20080227183APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTING DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER - A cancer diagnosis supporting apparatus is provided with a memory for storing a predetermined reference value, a diagnosis support information preparer for preparing the diagnosis support information of cancer by comparing a measurement value obtained from a malignant tumor collected from a cancer patient and the reference value, and a change acceptor for accepting change of the reference value and for storing the changed reference value in the memory.09-18-2008
20080220508BACTERIOPHAGES THAT INFECT BACILLUS BACTERIA (ANTHRAX) - The invention provides bacteriophages that infect 09-11-2008
20130177969BIOSENSORS AND BIO-MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS USING THE SAME - A biosensor is provided. The biosensor is used to sense a biological sample and has a code representing features of the biosensor. The biosensor includes a substrate and a conductive layer. The conductive layer is disposed on a first side of the substrate and includes a first conductive loop and a second conductive loop. The first conductive loop is formed between a first node and a second node and has a first impedance. The second conductive loop is formed between the second node and a third node and has a second impedance. The code is determined according to a comparison result between the second impedance and the first impedance.07-11-2013
20080280352Method and equipment for cultivating anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria - The present invention can feed substrates without waste to generate seed sludge with high bacterial cell concentrations and can start up operation within a short time, in cultivating anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria with ammonium and nitrite as substrates. Equipment for cultivating anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria, which cultivates, in a cultivation tank, novel anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria that anaerobically denitrify nitrite and ammonium used as substrates, comprises an ammonium feed device which feeds ammonium at a given concentration into the cultivation tank, a nitrite feed device which feeds nitrite at a given concentration into the cultivation tank, and a control device which controls a feed rate Y of the substrate.11-13-2008
20080213874WEIGHT MEASUREMENTS OF LIQUIDS IN FLEXIBLE CONTAINERS - Articles and methods for measuring weight of a liquid in a disposable bag bioreactor are presented. In certain embodiments, bioreactor systems described herein include a supported container (e.g., a flexible bag in a reusable housing) for containing a liquid, and at least two pressure indicating sensors operatively associated with the container. A first pressure indicating sensor can be placed near the bottom of the container to measure the total downward force within the container, including the liquid head in the container and the gas pressure above the liquid. The second pressure indicating sensor can be placed near the top of the container to measure only the pressure at the top of or above the liquid. Signals from the pressure indicating sensors can be directed to a control system that receives the signals and calculates a difference between the signals. This difference can be used to determine a volume or a weight of the liquid in the container. Advantageously, real-time weight measurements can be obtained while the system is in operation and continuous flow processes can be monitored. Moreover, in some embodiments, the pressure indicating sensors are isolated from contact with any fluid (e.g., liquid) in the container and, therefore, do not require cleaning after processing of each batch of reactants. Contamination of the process fluid by contact with the pressure indicating sensors can also be avoided.09-04-2008
20130095563METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING AN ANALYTE - Aspects and embodiments are directed to methods and systems of detecting an analyte present in the environment. More particularly, this disclosure relates to methods and systems of detecting a threatening or dangerous analyte that may increase survivability of an individual or group of individuals.04-18-2013
20130102062MICROCHIP FOR NUCLEIC ACID AMPLIFICATION REACTION AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - Provided is a microchip for a nucleic acid amplification reaction, including a well configured to function as a reaction site of the nucleic acid amplification reaction, and the well has a center portion and a marginal portion, a substance anchored in a form that the substance is eccentrically-located less at the center portion and much at the marginal portion of the well, in which the substance is at least a part of a substance for the nucleic and amplification reaction.04-25-2013
20130130362POWER SPECTRAL DENSITY CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SENSOR - A surface acoustic wave (SAW) based sensor device and system for detecting the presence of and measuring the concentration of chemical and biological analytes in vapor and liquid phase can include inherent temperature compensation and the capability to operate in a wired mode or in a wireless mode with the ability to measure the distance of the sensor from the wireless transceiver (in addition to measuring temperature and the chemical and/or biological analytes of interest). This device can also monitor changes in state of thin films, including but not limited to sensing glassy to rubbery transitions in polymers, and measurement of the kinetics of chemical and/or biological processes occurring at the surface of the device. Coding, time, and frequency diversity can be included in the device structure to enable production of groups of individually identifiable sensor devices capable of operating simultaneously within the field of view of a wireless transceiver.05-23-2013
20100279394METHOD OF COMPONENT ASSEMBLY ON A SUBSTRATE - A method of component assembly on a substrate, and an assembly of a bound component on a substrate. The method comprises the steps of forming a free-standing component having an optical characteristic; providing a pattern of a first binding species on the substrate or the free standing component; and forming a bound component on the substrate through a binding interaction via the first binding species; wherein the bound component exhibits substantially the same optical characteristic compared to the free-standing component.11-04-2010
20080199945CANTILEVER FOR MEASURING INTRA-CELLULAR AND INTER-CELLULAR MICROSPACES - A cantilever for measuring intra-cellular and inter-cellular microspaces of the present invention includes a support portion, a lever portion provided to the support portion so as to protrude therefrom, and a probe portion provided near a free end of the lever portion. The probe portion includes a conductive probe made of a carbon-based material, and an insulating film to coat a periphery of the conductive probe.08-21-2008
20110229961ACTIVE MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEM FOR IN VITRO CULTURE - Described herein are systems and methods for microfluidic cell support, including a microfluidic cell support system and methods for its use. The microfluidic cell support system can include a base assembly, a manifold assembly, and a microfluidic celltray including a microcirculatory path in fluid communication with the manifold assembly. The microfluidic celltray can be microfluidically closed and mechanically open. In some aspects the microfluidic celltray contains one or more cell wells containing fluid for supporting living cell(s). In some aspects, the microcirculatory path provides active fluid flow between a microfluidic inflow channel and a microfluidic outflow channel.09-22-2011
20110244558SAMPLE ANALYZER AND INFORMATION WRITING METHOD - A sample analyzer comprising: a reagent container set section for setting a reagent container; a reader/writer configured to read out an information from the recording medium attached to the reagent container set in the reagent container set section and configured to write an information on the recording medium; a writing instruction section configured to issue an instruction to write the information on the recording medium; and a controller configured to control the reader/writer to write the information on the recording medium attached to the reagent container set in the reagent container set section if the kind information read out from the recording medium indicates the specific reagent and the writing instruction section has issued the writing instruction. Also, a method of writing information on a recording medium attached to a reagent container.10-06-2011
20110236963SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYTE MEASUREMENT - A method of measuring an analyte in a biological fluid comprises applying an excitation signal having a DC component and an AC component. The AC and DC responses are measured; a corrected DC response is determined using the AC response; and a concentration of the analyte is determined based upon the corrected DC response. Other methods and devices are disclosed.09-29-2011
20110275143Microfluidic Bubble Logic Devices - Fluid-based no-moving part logic devices are constructed from complex sequences of micro- and nanofluidic channels, on-demand bubble/droplet modulators and generators for programming the devices, and micro- and nanofluidic droplet/bubble memory elements for storage and retrieval of biological or chemical elements. The input sequence of bubbles/droplets encodes information, with the output being another sequence of bubbles/droplets or on-chip chemical synthesis. For performing a set of reactions/tasks or process control, the modulators can be used to program the device by producing a precisely timed sequence of bubbles/droplets, resulting in a cascade of logic operations within the micro- or nanofluidic channel sequence, utilizing the generated droplets/bubbles as a control. The devices are based on the principle of minimum energy interfaces formed between the two fluid phases enclosed inside precise channel geometries. Various devices, including logic gates, non-volatile bistable memory, ring oscillators, bubble synchronizers, analysis chips, and printers have been designed.11-10-2011
20100291665BIOCOMPATIBLE THREE DIMENSIONAL MATRIX FOR THE IMMOBILIZATION OF BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES - The present invention relates to a method of producing a solid coated carrier carrying biological material. Furthermore, the invention relates to a solid coated carrier to which biological material is attached and uses of the solid coated carrier for the preparation of a medical product. Moreover, the invention provides a method for the contacting, filtration or cleaning of blood, lymph or liquor cerebrospinalis of a patient, a method for the diagnosis of a disease and a diagnostic composition.11-18-2010
20100297743COENZYME-BINDING GLUCOSE DEHYDROGENASE - The present invention provides a microorganism-derived soluble coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase which catalyzes a reaction for oxidizing glucose in the presence of an electron acceptor, has an activity to maltose as low as 5% or less, and is inhibited by 1,10-phenanthroline. The invention also provides a method for producing the coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase, and a method and a reagent for measuring employing the coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase. According to the invention, the coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase can be applied to an industrial field, and a use becomes possible also in a material production or analysis including a method for measuring or eliminating glucose in a sample using the coenzyme-binding glucose dehydrogenase as well as a method for producing an organic compound. It became also possible to provide a glucose sensor capable of accurately measuring a blood sugar level. Therefore, it became possible to provide an enzyme having a high utility, such as an ability of being used for modifying a material in the fields of pharmaceuticals, clinical studies and food products.11-25-2010
20100317092COMPONENT MEASURING APPARATUS - A component measuring apparatus is provided with a case having a cylindrical case main body and a cover arranged to cover the base end opening section of the case main body; a chip mounting section for mounting a chip; a light measuring section for detecting a prescribed component; a printed board whereupon a control section having a function of controlling the operation of the light measuring section is arranged; a liquid crystal display device; a battery arranging section for arranging a battery provided on the cover; an O-ring arranged between the case main body and the light measuring section on the leading end section of the case main body; and an O-ring arranged between the case main body and the cover on the base end opening section of the case main body. Sealing of inside the case is ensured by the O-ring.12-16-2010
20130183746BIO-CHIP MODULE AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING BIO-CHIP - There is provided a bio-chip module including: a first substrate including a plurality of projections formed on a first face thereof and made of a plastic material, the plurality of projections having a bio-material attached thereto; and a second substrate including a plurality of through holes into which the projections are inserted, the second substrate being combined with the first face of the first substrate.07-18-2013
20130183747CELL PROCESSING APPARATUS, SAMPLE PREPARATION APPARATUS, AND CELL ANALYZER - A cell processing apparatus includes a storage container that contains liquid L including a biological sample; a filter that prevents a first cell C07-18-2013
20130183748DISPERSING FEEDSTOCKS AND PROCESSING MATERIALS - Biomass feedstocks (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) are processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems are described that can convert feedstock materials to a sugar solution, which can then be fermented to produce ethanol. Biomass feedstock is dispersed in a liquid medium and then saccharified.07-18-2013
20130183749SYSTEMS, APPARATUS, METHODS AND ARTICLES FOR USE IN SANITIZATION OR DISINFECTION - Various devices allow for sanitization or disinfection by exhausting a dry fog biocide agent into an ambient environment. A nebulizer, for instance a vibrator that oscillates or vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, nebulizes a biocide agent, for instance chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, to create the dry fog. Such devices may withdraw the dry fog or biocide agent from the ambient environment after some period of time. Operational parameters of the devices may be tracked or monitored. Each device may implement tracking or monitoring. Additionally or alternatively, a separate tracking or monitoring system may track or monitor the operational parameters of one or more devices. Tracking or monitoring may include exception reporting, as well as other reporting.07-18-2013
20120288921SOLAR POWERED SPECTRAL PHOTOSYNTHETIC BIOREACTOR SYSTEM FOR CULTURING MICROALGAE AT HIGH DENSITY - A solar powered spectral photosynthetic bioreactor system for culturing microalgae at high density, the system comprising a photobioreactor and further comprising a solar collector, optical fiber, an illuminant device within the photobioreactor, and a residual gas absorption device and culture medium separation and recovery device each connected to the photobioreactor; the illuminant device having one end connected to a spectral light intensity adjusting device installed above the photobioreactor; the adjusting device connected to the solar collector via the optical fiber; a gas distributor provided between the underside of the illuminant device and a base part of the photobioreactor; the distributor connected to an output end of a gas mixing device. This system can effectively improve utilization of solar energy, lower external electrical power consumption, and resolve the problems of solar energy being intermittent and unstable in nature and difficult to collect, ensuring continuous and stable culturing of microalgae.11-15-2012
20130196421MARKER FOR READINGS TAKEN FROM ALTERNATIVE SITE TESTS - A meter for determining the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample comprises a memory device, electrical circuitry and a detection device for distinguishing between an alternative site test and a standard site test. The memory device is adapted to store information. The electrical circuitry is adapted to determine the analyte concentration of the fluid sample located on a test sensor. The electrical circuitry is in electronic communication with the memory device. The electrical circuitry communicates the determined analyte concentration to the memory device for storage.08-01-2013
20120094367Blood analysis apparatus - The present invention relates to a blood analysis apparatus X for measuring concentrations of glucose and glycohemoglobin in blood. The blood analysis apparatus X is configured to perform the concentration measurement of the glucose and the glycohemoglobin by one sampling of blood 04-19-2012

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