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Including condition or time responsive control means

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435 - Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

435283100 - APPARATUS

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435286200 Including position control 28
435286500 Including liquid flow, level, or volume control 26
435286600 Including gas flow or pressure control 7
435286700 Including mixing or agitation control 3
20090275114VIBRATORY MIXER - To simplify mixing systems without stirrer systems and to minimize cleaning and validation operations, it is proposed that a vibratory mixer with a vibratory mechanism should have a container. Into this container is inserted a bag which, after use, need not be cleaned and is instead replaced by a new one. This bag is equipped with the connections and sensors required and presterilized. The bag is placed into an angled container. The container serves as a stabilization casing. As a result of the vibration of the container, there is liquid displacement over the angle range, which improves the mixing operation.11-05-2009
20100167384MICROFLUIDIC MIXING AND ANALYTICAL APPARATUS - Disclosed herein is a device comprising a pair of bellows pumps configured for efficient mixing at a microfluidic scale. By moving a fluid sample and particles in suspension through an aperture between the paired bellows pump mixing chambers, molecular collisions leading to binding between the particles and ligands in the sample are enhanced. Such devices provide an alternative for mixing that does not use a vent and can be used with a variety of particles in suspension such as magnetic beads to capture or purify useful cells and molecules.07-01-2010
20100203620APPARATUS FOR CULTURING EUCARYOTIC AND/OR PROCARYOTIC CELLS - An apparatus for culturing eucaryotic and/or procaryotic cells comprising an incubator (08-12-2010
20100086990APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR NUCLEIC ACID AMPLIFICATION - The present invention provides apparatus (04-08-2010
20120178150SYSTEM FOR FLUID PERFUSION OF BIOLOGICAL MATTER COMPRISING TISSUE - System for fluid perfusion of biological matter that includes tissue. According to one embodiment, the system may include a storage container for storing the biological matter, a thermal control device for cooling the contents of the storage container, a gas generator for generating a preserving gas, a fluid conduit coupled to the gas generator and insertable into tissue for delivering the preserving gas to the biological matter, and a process controller for controlling the operation of the gas generator and the thermal control device. The gas generator, in turn, may include an electrochemical oxygen concentrator and/or a water electrolyzer for generating the preserving gas. The system may further include a liquid perfusion system that includes a reservoir of liquid perfusate, a fluid delivery conduit for delivering liquid perfusate from the reservoir to the biological matter, and a fluid draining conduit for draining liquid perfusate from the biological matter.07-12-2012
20120244604POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION SYSTEMS - In one embodiment, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system includes a mixture chamber, a denature chamber, an annealing chamber, an extension chamber, and a product chamber, that are fluidically coupled to one another through a plurality of microfluidic channels. An inertial pump is associated with each microfluidic channel, and each inertial pump includes a fluid actuator integrated asymmetrically within its associated microfluidic channel. The fluid actuators are capable of selective activation to circulate fluid between the chambers in a controlled cycle.09-27-2012
20090305392DEVICE FOR PROCESSING SAMPLES - Device for sample processing, particularly sample conditioning as well as for the preparation and/or optionally for implementing a sequential process for an analyte from a biological sample, said device comprising a module for receiving and/or outputting at least one sample vessel or process vessel, a module for transporting a process vessel, a module for sample conditioning and a module for initiating a sequential process for an analyte. The modules are divided into at least two units that each possesses a control system, and which are connected through a first data bus.12-10-2009
20100075405BIOREACTOR JACKET - A bioreactor system (03-25-2010
20090098641Incubator humidity control - An incubator 04-16-2009
20100086991INTEGRATED MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE WITH REDUCED PEAK POWER CONSUMPTION - An integrated microfluidic device having a number of chambers (04-08-2010
20100099172INTEGRATED BIO-REACTOR MONITOR AND CONTROL SYSTEM - Systems and methods for automatically controlling conditions of a process are disclosed. In one example, a controller is programmed with a sequence of steps and parameters required to carry out a bioreactor process. A sensor system interacts with the bioreactor to receive information related to a condition of the bioreactor and/or receive a sample from the bioreactor, which it analyzes. The sensor system sends data signals related to the information and/or the sample to a controller, which determines a control signal based on the received information. The controller sends the control signal to the sensor system which, based on the control signal, performs an action that affects a condition of the bioreactor or affects the sensor system itself.04-22-2010
20090275113Thermal cycling apparatus - This invention provides an apparatus for providing heating and cooling of samples in sample vessels having uniform temperature profiles. The apparatus can be used for performing PCR, and real time PCR in particular, with control and uniformity. The system employs a heat block containing a liquid composition to efficiently transfer heat to and from reaction vessels.11-05-2009
20090170186OPTOELECTRONIC TWEEZERS FOR MICROPARTICLE AND CELL MANIPULATION - An optical image-driven light induced dielectrophoresis (DEP) apparatus and method are described which provide for the manipulation of particles or cells with a diameter on the order of 100 μm or less. The apparatus is referred to as optoelectric tweezers (OET) and provides a number of advantages over conventional optical tweezers, in particular the ability to perform operations in parallel and over a large area without damage to living cells. The OET device generally comprises a planar liquid-filled structure having one or more portions which are photoconductive to convert incoming light to a change in the electric field pattern. The light patterns are dynamically generated to provide a number of manipulation structures that can manipulate single particles and cells or groups of particles/cells. The OET preferably includes a microscopic imaging means to provide feedback for the optical manipulation, such as detecting position and characteristics wherein the light patterns are modulated accordingly.07-02-2009
20080280350REAL-TIME PCR SYSTEM - A real-time PCR system for detecting gene expression levels includes plural reaction regions, a like plural number of heating portions arranged corresponding to the reaction regions and having heat sources, respectively, an optical unit capable of irradiating exciting light of a specific wavelength to all of the plural reaction regions, and a like plural number of fluorescence detecting portions arranged corresponding to the reaction regions, respectively. The heating portions are each provided with a temperature detector for detecting a temperature in a vicinity of the corresponding heat source and converting the temperature into an electrical signal and also with a controller for controlling a thermal dose from the corresponding heat source based on a correlation between electrical signals and calorific values of the heat source stored beforehand.11-13-2008
20080280349Temperature Control Device - The present invention has an object to selectively culture either one of mold and yeast, both of which are fungi, with priority. In order to attaint the object, a cell parts group 11-13-2008
20100248344Methanogenic reactor - A methanogenic reactor for the production of methane, cellular biomass and other useful products for use in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals. The methanogenic reactor includes a bottom wall, perimeter wall, and top wall defining an interior space environmentally separable from an exterior space outside of the reactor vessel for holding a methanogenic culture and growth media. The reactor also includes at least one sparger positioned substantially within the interior space for facilitating the direction of an input gas stream into the reactor to be brought into contact with the methanogenic culture. The reactor also includes an output material stream port for releasing an output material stream created at least in part by the methanogenic culture.09-30-2010
20090181449DEVICE AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATING MICROBIOLOGY PROCESSES - A device and method for automating the handling and testing of microbiological specimens are provided. A portable specimen collection vehicle (SCV) is provided which comprises a protective housing, a specimen chamber for receiving a biospecimen sample, a plurality of culturing chambers each for receiving a portion of the biospecimen sample and each containing a different culture medium, a system of fluid ducts connecting the specimen chamber to each of the culturing chambers, and an actuator that facilitates flow of portions of the biospecimen sample from the specimen chamber through the system of fluid ducts and into each of the culturing chambers, wherein biological organisms in the biospecimen begin to grow in one or more of the culturing chambers and cultured portions of the biospecimen sample can be withdrawn selectively from the apparatus. A microbiology automation platform includes a computer system that integrates microbiology laboratory instruments and workflow logic in order to perform organism detection and susceptibilities on specimens contained in an SCV. The platform is intended to automate the work of a medical technologist which is characteristically labor intensive. The work performed by the platform includes accession of the specimen, pre-test processes, detection and susceptibility assays, post-test handling and reporting of results.07-16-2009
20120070884SYSTEM FOR INCUBATING THE CONTENTS OF A REACTION RECEPTACLE - An automated analyzer for performing multiple diagnostic assays includes multiple modules in which aspects of the assay are performed on fluid samples contained in reaction receptacles. The analyzer includes stations for automatically preparing a sample, pre-heating the sample, incubating the sample, performing an analyte isolation procedure, and ascertaining the presence of a target analyte. A receptacle transporting system moves reaction receptacles from one station to the next. A method for performing an assay includes an automated process for isolating and amplifying a target analyte. The process is performed by moving each of a plurality of reaction receptacles containing a solid support material and a fluid sample between stations for pre-heating and incubating the contents of the reaction receptacle and for separating the target analyte bound to the solid support from the fluid sample. An amplification reagent is added to the analyte after the separation step and before incubation.03-22-2012
20110143425TISSUE-DERIVED BIOMATERIAL CARRIER DEVICE - Disclosed is a tissue-derived biomaterial carrier device (06-16-2011
20090191614Temperature control device - The present invention relates to a temperature control device, and has an object to accurately control temperatures of microorganisms or cells when for example applied to culture and so on of the microorganisms or cells, for example. The temperature control device includes a plurality of cell parts (07-30-2009
20090258412REACTOR - Disclosed herein is a reactor, including, a plurality of reaction regions, a plurality of heating elements, each arranged in each of the reaction regions, and cooling elements that cool other regions than reaction regions which are heated by the heating elements, wherein the heating element including a heater and a temperature detecting element and having a detection section configured to detect temperature from the temperature detecting element and a temperature control section configured to control the heater's temperature according to the detected temperature information.10-15-2009
20100178687Systems for genome selection - Systems, methods, compositions and apparatus relating to genome selection are disclosed.07-15-2010
20100167383CULTURE APPARATUS - A culture apparatus comprising: a housing including a culture chamber inside, culture being cultured in the culture chamber; a door configured to seal the culture chamber; an ultraviolet lamp configured to generate an ultraviolet ray for disinfecting air in the culture chamber; a lighting device configured to allow the ultraviolet lamp to be on for a predetermined time period, when the air in the culture chamber is disinfected; a detecting device configured to detect deterioration of disinfection capability of the ultraviolet lamp; and a controller configured to correct the predetermined time period, during which the ultraviolet lamp is on, so as to be longer according to the deterioration of the disinfection capability of the ultraviolet lamp detected by the detecting device.07-01-2010
20100279392Container for Liquid Reaction Mixture, Reaction-Promoting Device Using the Same and Method Therefor - A container for a liquid reaction mixture whereby the liquid reaction mixture is brought into contact with a heater at a specified temperature and thus a nucleic amplification reaction is promoted, which has a substrate having a front surface and a back surface and being constructed so that either or both of these surfaces are maintained in facing a heater and wells that are formed in the surface direction of the substrate separately and independently from each other and each holds the above-described liquid reaction mixture in a liquid-tight sealed state, characterized in that; the above-described wells each comprises an opening formed in the above-described substrate and blocking members whereby the front surface side and back surface side of the opening are blocked, and at least the blocking member that blocks the surface in the side being in contact with the above-described heater has a part made of a stretchable film having a thickness of 10 to 300 μm.11-04-2010
20100221814TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHOD AND SYSTEM - For heating or cooling a sample contained in a vessel portion through a heat transfer member held in contact with the vessel portion, there is used the vessel portion, which has a part formed of an elastic member, expands and contracts for injection and discharge of the sample, is closed other than a connecting port with a channel connected to the vessel, and expands and contracts for injection and discharge of the sample. The vessel portion expands correspondingly to the injection when the sample is injected through an inflow path serving as the channel into the vessel portion contracting in a non-contacting state with the heat transfer member. A predetermined amount of sample is injected into the vessel portion so as to expand the vessel portion, and the vessel portion comes into contact with the heat transfer member. The vessel portion is heated or cooled through the heat transfer member.09-02-2010
20090258413REACTOR - Disclosed herein is a reactor including, a plurality of reaction regions, and a plurality of heaters, each arranged in each of the reaction regions, wherein the heater including a semiconductor heat generating element and a semiconductor temperature detecting element and being capable of independent temperature control, and the temperature detecting element having a heat conduction region of metal thin film in its surrounding region.10-15-2009
20090148931ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND METHODS FOR BIOMASS PRODUCTION - Illumination systems, devices, and methods for cultivating biomasses. A bioreactor system is operable for growing photosynthetic organisms. The bioreactor system includes a bioreactor and an illumination system. The illumination system includes one more optical waveguides configured to light at least some of a plurality of photosynthetic organisms retained in the bioreactor. In some embodiments, the one or more optical waveguides include a plurality of structures configured to direct light energy from a solar energy collector, and a plurality of artificial light sources, along the interior of the waveguide. In some embodiments, the one more optical waveguides include a plurality of light-diffusing structures configured to guide at least a portion of the light from the solar energy collector and a plurality of artificial light sources directed along the interior of the waveguide, to the exterior of the waveguide.06-11-2009
20130137164SYSTEM AND METHOD INCLUDING ANALYTICAL UNITS - Systems and methods for processing and analyzing samples are disclosed. The system may process samples, such as biological fluids, using assay cartridges which can be processed at different processing locations. In some cases, the system can be used for PCR processing. The different processing locations may include a preparation location where samples can be prepared and an analysis location where samples can be analyzed. To assist with the preparation of samples, the system may also include a number of processing stations which may include processing lanes. During the analysis of samples, in some cases, thermal cycler modules and an appropriate optical detection system can be used to detect the presence or absence of certain nucleic acid sequences in the samples. The system can be used to accurately and rapidly process samples.05-30-2013
20100317091BIOGAS APPARATUS AND BIOGAS PRODUCTION PROCESS FOR INTEGRATION WITH AN ETHANOL PRODUCTION SYSTEM AND PROCESS - An integrated system produces ethanol and biogas from raw plant materials. The system includes a pretreatment apparatus for converting raw plant materials into sugars and a fermenter for fermenting the sugars to produce a beer including ethanol. A distillation apparatus separates the beer into the ethanol and a whole stillage, and a separator then separates the whole stillage into a thin stillage and wet distillers grains. A biogas apparatus processes a first portion of the thin stillage to produce biogas and a biogas effluent, and converts a percentage of the non-fermentable solids and organic acids in the thin stillage into biogas. The pretreatment apparatus is supplied with an amount of fresh water and an amount of backset, the backset including the biogas effluent recycled from the biogas apparatus to the pretreatment apparatus.12-16-2010
20110244557SAMPLE ANALYZER AND NON-TRANSITORY STORAGE MEDIUM - A sample analyzer comprising: a container set section in which a reagent container can be set which contains a reagent to be used in a sample analysis; a cover capable of making the container set section be in an open state and a closed state; a locking mechanism capable of permitting and prohibiting a closing of the cover; and a controller that controls the permission and prohibition of the closing of the cover by the locking mechanism. Also a non-transitory storage medium.10-06-2011
20100159570Analyte Determination Methods and Devices - The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for analyte detection.06-24-2010
20100144019Photobioreactor - A photobioreactor used for microalgal culture consists a main body of bioreactor, a plurality of built-in light sources, a mechanical stirring apparatus and a pneumatic mixing device. The main body of the bioreactor is a hollow chamber and the plurality of built-in light sources connects the chamber from outside to inside for light distribution. The mechanical stirring apparatus is disposed in the chamber to generate liquid circulation. The pneumatic mixing system generates bubbles to suspend microalgae in the culture medium.06-10-2010
20120244605Apparatus for Regulating the Temperature of a Biological and/or Chemical Sample and Method of Using the Same - The invention provides an apparatus for regulating the temperature of a chemical and/or biological sample and a method of using the same. The apparatus includes at least one temperature control module. The temperature control module includes a heater, a conductor of caloric, and a temperature sensor. The heater of the temperature control module is adapted to thermally communicate with a removable substrate, on which said chemical and/or biological sample is placed, via the conductor of caloric. The temperature sensor of the temperature control module is adapted to detect and control the temperature of the substrate via the conductor of caloric. The apparatus is designed such that the substrate is situated above said temperature control module to entirely cover said temperature control module.09-27-2012
20110070631Container transportation case and culture treating device - A container transportation case is used to carry in/out a culture container to/from a chamber of a culture treating device. A case body of the container transportation case has a container housing room in which the culture container can be arranged and the container housing room is in communication with the outside by an opening part. A joint unit of the container transportation case can be attached/removed to/from a carrying-in/out opening of the culture treating device, and forms a space that is isolated from an outside atmosphere by joining the container housing room and the carrying-in/out opening. An airtight member of the container transportation case closes the opening part to block the container housing room from the outside atmosphere.03-24-2011
20120171756SYSTEMS AND DEVICES FOR ISOTHERMAL BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS AND/OR ANALYSIS - An isothermal reaction and analysis system may include a receiver to receive sample holders, a thermal control subsystem to control a temperature of the receiver, an excitation subsystem, a detection subsystem and an analysis subsystem. Excitation sources and/or detectors are positioned to enhance data collection. Sample holders may include filters, selectively blocking and passing wavelengths or bands of electromagnetic radiation.07-05-2012
20100285571SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTO-CALIBRATION OF RESISTIVE TEMPERATURE SENSORS - The invention relates to systems and methods for calibrating and using resistance temperature detectors. In one embodiment, the system includes a calibration circuit comprising a resistance temperature detector in a bridge circuit with at least one potentiometer, and a programmable gain amplifier coupled to the bridge circuit. Embodiments of the invention further comprise methods for calibrating the bridge circuit and the programmable gain amplifier for use with the resistance temperature detector and methods for determining the self heating voltage of the bridge circuit.11-11-2010
20100323431BI-STABLE DISPLAY FAIL SAFES AND DEVICES INCORPORATING THE SAME - A control circuit and method for controlling a bi-stable display having bi-stable segments each capable of transitioning between an on state and an off state via application of a voltage are disclosed. The voltage is provided to a display driver from a charge pump, and supplied to individual ones of the bi-stable segments via outputs from the display driver in accordance with display instructions provided by a system controller. Both a bi-stable segment voltage level of at least one of the outputs of the display driver and a charge pump voltage level of the voltage are detected and compared to a valid bi-stable segment voltage level and a valid charge pump voltage level, respectively. A malfunction signal may be provided to the system controller if either of the detected voltage levels is not valid. The control circuit is useful in an electronic device such as, for example, a blood glucose measuring device.12-23-2010
20110256616Cooling in a Thermal Cycler Using Heat Pipes - A device for amplifying a nucleic acid sample may include a sample holder configured to receive a nucleic acid sample, a heating system configured to raise the temperature of the sample, a cooling system configured to lower the temperature of the sample, and a controller configured to operably control the heating system and the cooling system to cycle the device through a desired time-temperature profile. The cooling system may include at least one heat pipe and a heat sink and the at least one heat pipe may include a first portion disposed proximate to the sample holder and a second portion disposed proximate to the heat sink.10-20-2011
20100120131REAGENT DELIVERY SYSTEM - A delivery apparatus for selectively delivering one or more liquid reagents into a reaction or test chamber (05-13-2010
20100021993SYSTEM FOR ASSEMBLING AND UTILIZING SENSORS IN CONTAINERS - A system for measuring parameters in a container is disclosed. A container has a solution. A protective layer is deposited over at least one sensor and at least one wall of the container, where the protective layer is attached to the wall of the container to form a seal between the container and the at least one sensor. The at least one sensor is configured to have an operable electromagnetic field based on a thickness of the container and the protective layer. The at least one sensor in conjunction with a tag is in proximity to an impedance analyzer and a reader that constitute a measurement device. The at least one sensor is configured to determine at least one parameter of the solution. The tag is configured to provide a digital ID associated with the at least one sensor, where the container is in proximity to the reader and an impedance analyzer. The impedance analyzer is configured to receive a given range of frequencies from the at least one sensor based on the measured complex impedance over the given range of frequencies.01-28-2010
20110318819DEVICE FOR CULTIVATING ALGAE AND/OR MICROORGANISMS FOR TREATING AN EFFLUENT, AND BIOLOGICAL FRONTAGE - Device for processing effluents includes: a container for cultivating algae and/or microorganisms in an aqueous medium; supply elements for the algae and/or microorganism culture; elements for injecting an effluent into the algae and/or microorganisms, the effluent coming from a building; elements for adjusting the temperature of the algae and/or microorganism culture; effluent recovery elements for recovering the effluent from a building and for injecting the same into the algae and/or microorganism culture; and optionally a lighting system for promoting the growth of the algae and/or microorganism culture. The device can be used for producing biofuel, organic molecules, chemical compounds and proteins. The biofuel thus obtained may consist of oleaginous biomass, for example, which can directly be used in a thermal power plant or be converted by pyrolysis into coal or biopetroleum. The device makes it possible to implement a new biological frontage and biological reactors integrated in the frontages of buildings under construction or already existing.12-29-2011
20120003726APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CALIBRATION OF NON-CONTACT THERMAL SENSORS - Biochemical assay apparatus uses a container with a sleeve of electrically-conductive material (01-05-2012
20120045824Device for early diagnostics of cancer - Method of cancer treatment with direct contact between proteins secreted by cancer tumor and patient's blood T-lymphocytes including the stage of weakening during some time humoral system of immunity by medical preparation, in particular by immunodepressant against this system, without weakening cellular system of immunity.02-23-2012
20120009663Nucleic Acid Amplification Using Microfludic Devices - The present invention provides microfluidic devices and methods using the same in various types of thermal cycling reactions. Certain devices include a rotary microfluidic channel and a plurality of temperature regions at different locations along the rotary microfluidic channel at which temperature is regulated. Solution can be repeatedly passed through the temperature regions such that the solution is exposed to different temperatures. Other microfluidic devices include an array of reaction chambers formed by intersecting vertical and horizontal flow channels, with the ability to regulate temperature at the reaction chambers. The microfluidic devices can be used to conduct a number of different analyses, including various primer extension reactions and nucleic acid amplification reactions.01-12-2012
20120129247SAMPLE ANALYZER - A sample analyzer for analyzing a sample with a liquid in a container is disclosed. The sample analyzer comprises: a reader that reads an information of a liquid in a container, the information of the liquid being stored in a storage medium; a display; and a controller including a processor and a memory under control of the processor, the memory storing instruction causing the processor to carry out operations comprising: determining whether the sample analyzer is ready to read the information of the liquid by the reader; and causing, when the sample analyzer is determined to be ready, the display to display an indication that indicates the sample analyzer is ready to read the information of the liquid by the reader.05-24-2012
20100210006Thermal Array - Traditional thermocyclers are heating devices that change sample temperatures by adding heat energy into a sample block that is usually a large metal block and then extracting that heat energy out of the block in a process called ramping the temperature. Presented herein is a technology that eliminates the large mass sample block and ramping temperatures in a sample block and thus in a sample vessel. This design called a Thermal Array requires a fraction of the energy used to process a sample. In addition, the array allows a much smaller thermal cycler to be designed leading to portability of a device. This technology is designed to allow optimal polymerase chain reactions to be executed.08-19-2010
20120077256MATCHED PAIR TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS - An array of sensors arranged in matched pairs of transistors with an output formed on a first transistor and a sensor formed on the second transistor of the matched pair. The matched pairs are arranged such that the second transistor in the matched pair is read through the output of the first transistor in the matched pair. The first transistor in the matched pair is forced into the saturation (active) region to prevent interference from the second transistor on the output of the first transistor. A sample is taken of the output. The first transistor is then placed into the linear region allowing the sensor formed on the second transistor to be read through the output of the first transistor. A sample is taken from the output of the sensor reading of the second transistor. A difference is formed of the two samples.03-29-2012
20110124094FLUID CELL AND GENE SEQUENCING REACTION PLATFORM AND GENE SEQUENCING SYSTEM - In the invention, a fluid cell, used for sequencing reaction between DNA fragments and reagents, comprises: a reaction chamber, one inner side of which is fixed with multiple DNA fragments; a reagent inlet and a reagent outlet, which are separately located at each end of the other inner side of the reaction chamber and used for reagents flowing into and out from the reaction chamber. Multiple DNA fragments are fixed on the reaction chamber with the small capacity as short tag arrays in sequence and make the reaction go on at the condition of the reagents without diffusion barriers, which improves the contacts of reagents and DNA fragments so as to shorten the reaction time. At the same time, the demands to the concentration and dosage of reagents are low, which reduces the consumption of reagents. As the result, the sequencing cost cut down. Multiple DNA fragments are fixed on the fluid cell at the same time, which provides a way for parallel reaction of various fragments. The automatic high-through sequencing and fast sequencing reactions are achieved in the invention.05-26-2011
20110236961SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TREATING LANDFILL GAS USING LANDFILL LEACHATE - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems and methods for treating landfill gas using landfill leachate. In one embodiment of the present invention, a method includes receiving landfill leachate from at least one of a plurality of sources, and pretreating the landfill leachate to adjust at least one chemical property of at least one component of the landfill leachate. The leachate contacts landfill gas, so that at least one component of the landfill gas chemically reacts with at least one component of the landfill leachate to form a spent landfill leachate and a treated landfill gas. The method also includes recycling a first portion of the spent landfill leachate, recirculating a second portion of the spent landfill leachate to at least one of the plurality of sources, and subjecting the treated landfill gas to flare.09-29-2011
20110136215APPARATUS FOR STIMULATING CELL - An apparatus for stimulating cell includes a cell culture chamber, a control device, and first and second exciters. The cell culture chamber includes cell and culture medium. The control device receives first and second exciting signals, and controls magnitudes and phases of the received first and second exciting signals so that a sound pressure level in a focused zone is higher than a sound pressure level in a zone other than the focused zone, and outputs first and second controlled exciting signals. The first and second exciters receive the first and second controlled exciting signals and excite the cell culture chamber.06-09-2011
20130102061SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTO-CALIBRATION OF RESISTIVE TEMPERATURE SENSORS - The invention relates to systems and methods for calibrating and using resistance temperature detectors. In one embodiment, the system includes a calibration circuit comprising a resistance temperature detector in a bridge circuit with at least one potentiometer, and a programmable gain amplifier coupled to the bridge circuit. Embodiments of the invention further comprise methods for calibrating the bridge circuit and the programmable gain amplifier for use with the resistance temperature detector and methods for determining the self heating voltage of the bridge circuit.04-25-2013
20130130360APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MANIPULATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS - The invention provides systems and methods for manipulating biological systems, for example to elicit a more desired biological response from a biological sample, such as a tissue, organ, and/or a cell. In one aspect, the invention operates by efficiently searching through a large parametric space of stimuli and system parameters to manipulate, control, and optimize the response of biological samples sustained in the system In one aspect, the systems and methods of the invention use at least one optimization algorithm to modify the actuator's control inputs for stimulation, responsive to the sensor's output of response signals. The invention can be used, e.g., to optimize any biological system, e.g., bioreactors for proteins, and the like, small molecules, polysaccharides, lipids, and the like. Another use of the apparatus and methods includes is for the discovery of key parameters in complex biological systems.05-23-2013
20130130361PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR CELL CULTURES AND MODULE CONNECTING METHOD OF PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR CELL CULTURES - A processing system for cell cultures for carrying out cell/tissue culturing processes in the field of regenerative medicine, etc. which is a processing system for cell cultures which prevents viruses and human-derived cells, etc. other than a culturing processing target from entering the interior of a closed space from outside of the system to maintain sterility, maintains sealability of the closed spaces of modules, and couples or detaches the plurality of modules in accordance with a wide variety of cell culturing processing steps so that cell culturing processes can be carried out by combining the plurality of culturing processing modules is provided.05-23-2013
20100291663CULTURE APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a culture apparatus that enables cells to be observed and dispensed without damaging the cells. An internal space of an incubator unit is provided with a dispensing area for arranging dispensers for dispensing into a culture vessel, an observation area for arranging an observation unit for observing a sample placed in the culture vessel through an observation optical system, and a transport area for arranging a transport unit for transporting the culture vessel in the horizontal and vertical directions, the dispensing area and the observation area are respectively arranged adjacent to the transport area in the horizontal direction which is a direction of transport of the transport unit, and the transport unit transports the culture vessel between the dispensing area and the observation area. The present invention can be applied to a cell culture apparatus that houses a culture vessel containing a sample in an internal space and cultures the sample under prescribed environmental conditions.11-18-2010
20110312070MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE WITH PCR CHAMBER FOR HIGH RATE OF TEMPERATURE CHANGE - A microfluidic device having a supporting substrate, a sample inlet for receiving a sample of biological material having nucleic acid sequences, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) section for amplifying the nucleic acid sequences, the PCR section having a PCR chamber, and, a heater element for heating the nucleic acid sequences within the PCR chamber, wherein during use, the heater element heats the nucleic acid sequences at a rate more than 80 K per second.12-22-2011
20120028343SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS - There is provided a sample processing apparatus capable of detecting the push-up type sample container including a recess on the outer side of the bottom portion of the container and performing an appropriate sample processing while alleviating the load of the user with a simple configuration.02-02-2012
20120295338MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR BIOMASS PROCESSING SYSTEMS - A sensor array is disclosed that includes a conduit having a lumen extending between an inlet and an outlet of the conduit. The sensor array can include a plurality of sensors coupled to the conduit. Each sensor can have a probe member that is disposed within the lumen. The sensors can be configured to measure at least one parameter of an aqueous medium containing a biomass.11-22-2012
20120094366RECONFIGURABLE CHEMICAL PROCESS SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for software-reconfigurable chemical process systems useful in a wide range of applications. Embodiments may include software control of internal processes, automated provisions for cleaning internal elements with solvents, provisions for clearing and drying gasses, and multitasking operation. In one family of embodiments, a flexible software-reconfigurable multipurpose reusable “Lab-on-a-Chip” or “embedded chemical processor” is realized that can facilitate a wide range of applications, instruments, and appliances. Through use of a general architecture, a single design can be economically manufactured in large scale and readily adapted to diverse specialized applications. Clearing and cleaning provisions may be used to facilitate reuse of the device, or may be used for decontamination prior to recycling or non-reclaimed disposal. In other embodiments, a flexible software-reconfigurable multipurpose reusable laboratory glassware setup may be realized, sparing talented laboratory staff from repetitive, complex, or low-level tasks occurring in analysis, synthesis, or smallscale chemical manufacturing.04-19-2012

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