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434267000 Anatomical representation 185
434263000 Dentistry 44
434265000 Cardiac massage or artificial respiration 25
434266000 Simulation of body sound 7
20130045469MRI TRAINING DEVICE - MRI training and adjustment device for positioning the tip of a medical implement in living tissue, comprising a dummy which contains in the space inside it target pieces that show up in the MRI and the other component parts of which are invisible in the MRI, wherein a further component part of the training device is a base plate, which can be fastened under an MRI coil for the living tissue to be examined and carries at least one fastening block, which can be moved linearly with respect to the tissue and to which there can be detachably fastened either the dummy and/or a tissue pressing frame, which has an opening that is crossed by at least one elongated pressing rail, wherein the base plate, the fastening block, the tissue pressing frame and the pressing rail are invisible in the MRI.02-21-2013
20120183941Apparatus, Method, Device And Computer Program Product For Audibly Communicating Medicine Identity, Dosage And Intake Instruction - A system for identifying medication in the form of pills, capsules or tablets, and communicating medicine dosage and intake instructions to a user, Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and optical recognition technology. The RFID is performed by labeling a medicine container with a tag containing a unique identifier, associating the unique identifier with an audio file comprising instructions related to medicine usage, and delivering the audio file to an electromagnetic wave-enabled device. A wireless device, such as a mobile telephone or PDA, via a service, plays an audio and/or vibrational file associated with the unique identifier when the RFID tag is read by the device. The mobile device has a camera therein and is operable to capture an image of the pill, capsule or tablet and, via execution of optical recognition software, identify the pill, tablet or capsule, and verify the identity thereof.07-19-2012
20100112537Objects that interact with a user at a visceral level - Objects that interact with a user at a visceral level when the object comes within the user's personal environment. The objects detect a user's visceral behavior, for example breathing pattern or perspiration. In response to the visceral behavior the object simulates a behavior of a living entity such as breathing, or produces an output to which the user responds viscerally, such as an electric field. The form of the output or simulated behavior is determined by the visceral behavior. The output or simulated behavior may be modified to guide the user's visceral behavior, for example by first synchronizing simulated breathing to the user's breathing and then slowing down while the user's breathing is entrained to the simulated breathing. One such object has a skin that is warm to the touch, and simulates breathing with a breathing sound. Another such object produces electric fields like electric fields of the heart. A further such object simulates a purring sound in response to the user's breathing: the form of the purring also depends on sounds in the environment.05-06-2010
20130034838METHOD FOR PERFORMING IMPLANT SURGERY - The joint implant manufacturer obtains and compiles surgeon-specific surgical and supply preference information in relation to a supplied joint implant prior to surgery. The manufacturer designates and trains at least one surgical team member using the surgeon-specific preference information and then supplies the service of the surgical team member(s) together with the supplied joint implant and supplies. The surgical team member(s) perform surgical procedures on the patient to assist the surgeon in removing a defective joint and replacing it with the supplied implant in accordance with the surgeon's surgical preferences.02-07-2013
20130040273INTEGRATED MULTIMEDIA TOOL SYSTEM AND METHOD TO EXPLORE AND STUDY THE VIRTUAL HUMAN BODY - Several methods, processes and system for modular tool as an integrated multimedia tool system to explore and study the virtual human body is disclosed. Content and context modules allow for scientific gaming using modular multimedia objects, social media and different configurations. The disclosure allows an individual to travel through the virtual human body in a self guided and interactive tour. It specifically enables the user to learn the structure and function of different organs, different types of cells, intercellular space as well as different cellular organelles etc. Further, the system may be used by the local authority as an electronic study tool for seamless integrated mode of delivering the educational tool suited to the local curriculum. This may also serve as a tool for patients, doctors, focus groups and student to explore and learn about the pathological and physiological conditions in a human body.02-14-2013
20090017430Virtual surgical training tool - Techniques for providing a virtual operating space for performing a virtual surgical procedure. The technique includes generating a three-dimensional view of a virtual operating space comprising one or more virtual objects capable of being manipulated by a user for performing one or more operating steps in a virtual surgical procedure on one or more virtual patients. The technique also includes manipulating the one or more virtual objects in the virtual operating space to perform all or part of a virtual surgical procedure. The technique further includes generating a virtual radiographic image of one or more portions of the virtual patient at least following the performance of one or more steps of the virtual surgical procedure to provide visual feedback to the user regarding the performance of the one or more steps in the virtual surgical procedure.01-15-2009
20080227070Method For Educating A Caregiver About Baby Care And Development - A method of educating a caregiver about baby care and development, wherein said method comprises the steps of preparing a self-contained baby care kit comprising a storage case, said case being suited for an initial use of storing at least one baby care product and a subsequent use of storing at least one subsequent item, at least one baby care product, and at least one educational insert; providing said self-contained baby care kit to a caregiver; and allowing the caregiver to use said kit.09-18-2008
20080268413Reflexive Education: A Method for Automated Delivery of Educational Material Linked to Objective or Subjective Data - A health management system (10-30-2008
20100055657RADIOGRAPHIC AND ULTRASOUND SIMULATORS - Some embodiments of the invention provide methods of simulating an X-ray machine or an ultrasound machine on a computer to train users. The methods comprise providing a server, in communication with the computer, including a database and a processor and also providing at least one simulator viewing window including a virtual body and a virtual X-ray tube or a virtual ultrasound probe and at least one simulated image viewing window including a simulated radiographic image or a simulated ultrasound image. The method further comprises the processor using the position of the virtual body and the virtual X-ray tube or the virtual ultrasound probe, controlled by the user, to generate the simulated radiographic image or the simulated ultrasound image.03-04-2010
20130052624TRIDIMENSIONAL STOOL ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT, METHODS, AND USES THEREOF - The present invention relates to a tridimensional stool assessment instrument for evaluating stool type of a subject including a mock toilet and tridimensional models of exemplary stool types sized for placement in the mock toilet. The present invention also relates to methods of evaluating or diagnosing a subject having, or having a propensity to develop, a gastrointestinal disease using the tridimensional stool assessment instrument of the present invention. Moreover, the present invention relates to a kit.02-28-2013
20130089846SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND PRODUCTS ADAPTED TO PROVIDE PHYSICAL THERAPY - A process and computer program product involving a computer readable medium tangibly recording computer program logic to provide a physical therapy resource electronically to a patient remote from a physical therapy clinic, hospital, or the like. The computer program product includes code to present instructions for physical activity to the patient via a display, code to receive data from a user interface device, the data indicating movement of the patient, code to analyze the data from the user interface device to discern achievement within a physical therapy regimen, and code to select one or more subsequent exercises for the patient based at least in part on the analyzed data. Systems and related physical therapy products are also disclosed.04-11-2013
20090305210System For Robotic Surgery Training - A system according to the invention may include a frame, a computer, a display, and two input devices. The frame may be adjustable, may be made from a lightweight material, and may fold for easier portability. The display and the computer may be in communication with each other and each may be attached to the frame. The display may be a binocular display, or may be a touchscreen display. Additional displays may be used. Two input devices may be used to simulate the master console of a surgical robot. The input devices may be articulated armature devices suitable for providing 3D input. The input devices may be attached to the frame in an “upside-down” configuration wherein a base of each input device is affixed to the frame such that a first joint of an arm is below the base. The input devices may be in communication with the computer and may provide positional signals to the computer. The positional signals may correspond to a position of an arm of each input device.12-10-2009
20090305209Online protocol/tool for evaluating acne lesions - A web-based protocol/tool to improve the identification and characterization process of evaluators in recognizing and distinguishing acne lesions, included at least the following program activities: 12-10-2009
20130071825DEMENTIA CARE SUPPORT SYSTEM - Appropriate advice according to a symptom of a patient is presented to a caregiver to manage information whether or not the advice is effective so as to support the caregiver. A storage portion of a dementia care support system for outputting advice information for a caregiver about BPSD of a patient stores information of a patient as well as a caregiver, and advice information; an advice information selection portion selects any of the advice information that is stored in the storage portion based on the information of the patient and the caregiver; an information output portion outputs the advice information that is selected by the advice information selection portion; and the storage portion further stores implementation information of a content that is included in the advice information that is output from the information output portion.03-21-2013
20110014596DEVICES AND METHODS FOR IMPLEMENTING ENDOSCOPIC SURGICAL PROCEDURES AND INSTRUMENTS WITHIN A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT - Devices and methods are provided for combining the handle of a surgical instrument with a force feedback generator, able to create resistance to motion similar to that encountered in a real operating environment. The working end of the surgical instrument is recreated in a virtual environment and manipulated by the modified handle through the force feedback generator. Actions of the instrument handle modify a model and display of the virtual environment and transmit a haptic response back to the handle. The devices and methods provide a means for repeatedly performing maneuvers that accurately simulate the actual instrument, but in the virtual environment. The virtual environment is modeled to accurately simulate the use of the instrument including manipulation of and collisions with other virtual objects, such as surgical thread or internal tissues. Training and assessment tools are also provided that coach or assess a user's proficiency with the instrument.01-20-2011
20090286216GEL FOR ULTRASONIC PHANTOM - A gel for an ultrasonic phantom is provided which has satisfactory ultrasonic characteristics, does not fluctuate in ultrasonic characteristics over long, and is free from germ multiplication, alteration, putrefaction, etc.11-19-2009
20130065211Ultrasound Simulation Training System - The invention relates to a simulator training system for simulation training in ultrasound examination or ultrasound-guided procedures. The training system comprises a movable simulator input device to be operated by the user, and means for displaying an ultrasound scan view image which is an image or facsimile image of an ultrasound scan. The scan view image is variable and related to the position and/or orientation of the simulator input device. The system further includes means for displaying a second image, the second image being an anatomical graphical representation of a slice through of the body structure associated with the ultrasound scan view, the slice through displaying the scan beam plane of the simulator input device. The ultrasound scan view image and the second image are linked to vary in a coordinated manner as the position and/or orientation of the simulator input device changes.03-14-2013
20090191529Video game-based, immersive, advanced burn care educational module - A video game-based medical simulation is provided. Disclosed embodiments pertain to mass-casualty simulation for burn disaster training. Game-play exercises direct a player through a mass-casualty event where triage management and patient assessment are tested, and then follow the player to a Burn Center where resuscitation through patient monitoring, reassessment, and managing are tested for the critical hours/days of recovery. Complication loops are included in the game system to provide random application of variation in patient response. The complication loops can insert semi-randomness of critical complication occurrences into the game such that patient simulation may vary each time the game is played.07-30-2009
20120115118SUTURE TRAINING DEVICE - A suture training device includes a lower surface to be positioned on a support and a periphery having a three dimensional surface geometry including a plurality of visible indicia thereon for visually identifying locations into which a suturing needle is to be inserted. Preferably the plurality of visible indicia includes a group of indicia surrounding a peripheral opening extending through said periphery.05-10-2012
20120115117SUTURE TRAINING DEVICE - A suture training device includes a three-dimensional frame defining an interior area. The interior area is accessible through the frame and one or more artificial vessels are secured within the interior area. The artificial vessels have separated edges to be sutured together and the opposed ends of the artificial vessels are secured to the frame in different regions that are out of axial alignment. When more than one artificial vessel is employed in the training device, they are disposed at different angles relative to each other within the frame. In a preferred arrangement the training aid is retained within an interior compartment of a housing that has a passage through a wall thereof to permit access to the training device from a location outside of the housing.05-10-2012
20130164724SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS FACILITATING THE ACCURATE PREPARATION AND USE THEREOF - A system and method for implementing medical prescriptions in a manner which is at least partially independent describing or otherwise representing a medical prescription independent of the writing or other written format originated by a physician, pharmacist, etc. A plurality of indicators are provided, preferably on an indicator composite wherein each of the indicators include indicia representative of the possible terms of a plurality of different prescriptions. At least some of the indicia are pictorial representations wherein selected ones of the plurality of indicators are disposed preferably on any of a plurality of different types of presentation structures in a predetermined array. The indicia of predetermined array of the selected indicators thereby collectively define the operative terms of the prescription which determine accurate and intended content, preparation and terms of use.06-27-2013
20090263773BREATHING EXERCISE APPARATUS AND METHOD - A breathing exercise apparatus includes (a) a graphical display, (b) input elements for receiving from a user durations for inhalation, exhalation and pause phases of a breathing exercise pattern; and (c) a controller for causing the graphical display to display a sequence of graphical images according to the received durations for the inhalation, the exhalation and the pause phases of the breathing exercise pattern. The breathing exercise apparatus may be implemented on a personal computer by providing on a computer-readable medium instructions executable by the computer that carry out the method which includes (a) receiving from a user durations for inhalation, exhalation and pause phases of a breathing exercise pattern; and (b) displaying on a graphical display a sequence of graphical images according to the received durations for the inhalation, the exhalation and the pause phases of the breathing exercise pattern. In one embodiment, the inhalation phase, the exhalation phase and the pause phase may each be specified more than once and may be arranged in any order the user desired, thereby providing the building blocks for constructing any and practically all possible breathing exercises.10-22-2009
20120237913Multimodal Ultrasound Training System - An ultrasound training system having a data capture module, a digital asset management module, a validation module, didactic content, a media asset production module, an integration layer, an internet-based portal, a software client, and a peripheral probe. The combination of the disclosed elements creates a system that enables the creation and delivery of high-quality ultrasound education and training in a low-cost, widely deployable, and scalable manner, with a facilitated method for processing orders and financial transactions between customers and content providers.09-20-2012
2012023791212-LEAD ELECTROCARDIOGRAM ONLINE-LEARNING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to an E-learning system for 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), comprising a processing server with a plug-in browser for receiving electrocardiogram-related data and eliminating noise accompanied in the electrocardiogram-related data; a learning database apparatus for storing the electrocardiogram-related data; and a learning network server for accessing the electrocardiogram-related data via network communication.09-20-2012
20120100515Fluoroscopy Simulator - An apparatus and machine for more realistically simulating fluoroscopy is disclosed. The apparatus includes a light source, cameras, an artificial lumen, and an access port. The artificial lumen can be comprised of an anterior side and a posterior side. The anterior side of the artificial lumen is opaque to the light source such that light reflects off the anterior side of the artificial lumen to a camera to provide a real-time extra-luminal view of an artificial lumen. The posterior side of the artificial lumen is transparent to the light source such that light passes through it, reflects off the opaque anterior side of the artificial lumen, back through the transparent posterior side of the artificial lumen to a camera to provide a real-time intra-luminal view of an artificial lumen. The cameras can be in electronic communication with video monitors to display the real-time extra-luminal and intra-luminal views.04-26-2012
20080268412Method for Improving Patient Chronic Disease Education - A method to determine, monitor, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of self-management education for patients with a chronic disease. The present disclosure discloses that the effectiveness of a patient self-management education program can be determined and improved by evaluating specific standardized patient outcomes at standardized intervals, in particular by evaluating behavior changes in the patient receiving the education.10-30-2008
20130022951Individualized, genetically-determined dietary supplementation and exercise recommendation with container and dispenser for same - A method, system, and device for providing nutritional detailed dietary (menu planning), exercise, and life coaching guidance and nutritional supplements to maximize Wellness (health and fitness) to a person based on a portion of the person's genetic SNP profile, taking account of at least about 30 genes and variations therein. The person provides a tissue sample to a genetic analysis laboratory, which issues its SNP report. That report, together with the person's responses to a personal habits questionnaire, is analyzed by a nutritionist and also an exercise therapist and a monthly dietary supplementation plan and recommended lifestyle changes are provided to the person. A supplements box is provided to the person with daily and intra-daily doses of prescriptions and supplements, the box containing at least 4 weeks' worth of supplements. The box is filled and refilled monthly to the specifications of the nutritionist, exercise therapist, and lifestyle coach to assist the person in achieving optimum health and vitality, i.e., wellness.01-24-2013
20090176196LAPAROSCOPIC APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a laparoscopic apparatus. In particular, it relates to an apparatus for the training of medical professionals, particularly those engaged in the field of laparoscopic surgery. The apparatus comprises a housing; an opening in the housing through which a laparoscopic tool can pass; retaining means in operative association with the opening and adapted to guide the laparoscopic tool through the opening, the retaining means providing resistance to movement of the laparoscopic tool. Accordingly, the present invention provides a realistic surgical experience by mimicking the sensation of carrying out surgical techniques on a patient.07-09-2009
20110143326System for circadian rhythm monitor with synchrony and activity planning - A personal health system which includes a suitable Core Body Temperature (CBT) monitor that can be worn for all or part of a 24 hour day and collect continuous CBT data. The CBT data is collected and compared to determine circadian desynchrony. A conveniently carried or worn processor/display unit, in communication with the CBT monitor, algorithmically determines activity types and activity timing based on the collected CBT data to improve synchrony. The activities and when to perform them are displayed to the user.06-16-2011
20090298030Use of Ultrasound Imaging equipment in classroom as a teaching aid - The inventive process named SWITCH is a unique teaching aid for students and teachers of biology to help them better understand the basic concepts and remove the ambiguities left behind by traditional teaching methods. It utilizes a portable ultrasound machine in a class room setting to obtain real time images of internal organs of human/animal body and project them on a big screen while the audience watches. The images so produced are not only vivid and multidimensional but also carry information like organ size, shape, texture, position and physical relationship to other organs in the body. In case of heart and blood vessels the real time images demonstrate exact function of chambers and valves and flow of blood in color from arterial to venous tree. The technique aims at fortifying truthful concepts of systems in a living body from the very basic to advanced levels of biology education. It has been developed in accordance with curricular guidelines for various levels and therefore has different modules dedicated to those levels (high school, colleges, universities, technical training institutes and other professional training institutions). Modules are based on chapters of respective recommended text books and can be utilized at the beginning, during or at the end of a chapter.12-03-2009
20100035222Surgical-training device and method of manufacturing the same - A surgical-training device for measuring roughness (non-delicate manipulation) during a simulated-surgical technique is described. The device has a housing, a platform, and a sensor module. The platform is movably coupled to the housing, and is configured for three-dimensional motion relative to the housing. The platform is further configured to move from a start position to a displaced position when a force is applied to the platform as a result of a user performing a simulated-surgical technique on the platform. A sensor module, coupled to the housing, is configured to determine when the platform moves a distance (from the start position to the displaced position) that exceeds a preset-threshold distance. If the preset-threshold distance is exceeded, sensor module indicates (by visual and/or auditory alarms within the device, and/or computerized counting and scoring reports) that the user applied excessive force, and was therefore too rough when performing the simulated-surgical technique. A method of manufacturing a surgical-training device is also provided.02-11-2010
20120189996METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR QUANTIFYING TECHNICAL SKILL - A system and method for quantifying clinical skill of a user, comprising: collecting data relating to a surgical task done by a user using a surgical device; comparing the data for the surgical task to other data for another similar surgical task; quantifying the clinical skill of the user based on the comparing of the data for the surgical task to the other data for the other similar surgical task; outputting the clinical skill of the user.07-26-2012
20090142740METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTERACTIVE PERCUTANEOUS PRE-OPERATION SURGICAL PLANNING - The success of percutaneous radiofrequency ablation mainly depends on the accuracy of the needle insertion, making it possible to destroy the whole tumor, while avoiding damages on other organs and minimizing risks of a local recurrence. This invention presents a simulated 3D environment for user to interactively place a treatment probe to a target position.06-04-2009
20100266998METHOD FOR COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT OF HEALTHCARE STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONERS - A method to assess the competency of a healthcare practitioner, wherein the method provides a learning object repository comprising a plurality of previously-created virtual objects, creates a first template and a second template by the second module, wherein the first template comprises one or more previously-defined learning objectives, and wherein the second template comprises one or more previously-defined competency assessments related to the one or more selected learning objectives. The method provides the first template and the second template to the learning object repository. The method displays on a visual display device a virtual clinical world comprising a plurality of virtual objects retrieved from the learning object repository. Further according to the method, a practitioner selects a virtual patient from the virtual clinical world, selects a series of interactions with the patient, and selects patient data. The method tracks the selected patient interactions, and the selected patient data.10-21-2010
20090123896METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HAPTIC SIMULATION - A haptic simulation method determines a location of a needle assembly within a magneto-rheological fluid. The needle assembly within the magneto-rheological fluid is associated with a desired resistance value. A viscosity control signal representative of the desired resistance value is generated. The viscosity control signal is applied to a viscosity control device to vary a viscosity of the magneto-rheological fluid to achieve the desired resistance value.05-14-2009
20100081117Personal Hygiene Tutor Device and Method - A Personal Hygiene Tutor Device and Method is disclosed. The device provides automated prompting to tutor children and others in the proper techniques for a showering, hand washing, tooth brushing and other personal hygiene activities. The tutoring method will selectively commence once the user depresses an activation button, and will continue presenting a series of human-perceptible prompts at predetermined time intervals until the selected method is completed. The device has a water-resistant housing such that it can be placed within the shower/bath/lavatory environment. The device further includes internal speakers and/or visual indicators, and an internal power supply. The device is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to capitalize on several different market-driven application scenarios.04-01-2010
20120107783AUTOMATIC INJECTION DEVICE - An automatic injection device for providing a subcutaneous injection is disclosed. The device includes a syringe movably disposed in a housing and including a barrel portion, a needle and a bung for sealing the barrel portion. The device includes a plunger for moving the syringe towards a first open end of the housing such that the needle projects from the first end, and for subsequently applying pressure to the bung. The plunger includes a rod connected at a first end to the bung, a compressible expanded central portion, and a flange between a second end of the rod and the central portion. The device also includes a biasing mechanism for biasing the plunger towards the first open end of the housing, the biasing mechanism disposed about the second end of the rod between the flange and a second end of the housing.05-03-2012
20090142739LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINER AND METHOD OF TRAINING - A surgical training device for the practice of surgical techniques comprises a base and a face wall extending from a side of said base such to block direct visualisation of the operation area from the normal external position of the eyes of the trainee using the device. The face wall comprises a front wall and an upper wall. The front wall is extended upwardly from the base; the upper wall is then extended upwardly and inwardly from the front wall. A flexible membrane is stretched on upper wall and has at least two portals such that adaptors can be inserted on flexible membrane. The adaptors are further fitted with stoppers to prevent adaptors been pulled out from the membrane during training. The surgical instruments can pass through the openings of adaptors to manipulate simulated tissue or another operable structure on the base. A plain spherical bearing set, including a bearing seat and a plain spherical bearing, is also installed on said upper wall. The bearing seat has a bearing hole to interference fit with plain spherical hearing and two bolt holes to hold bearing seat on upper wall such that a camera handle can pass through plain spherical bearing to catch the image on base.06-04-2009
20090291421SIMULATOR FOR MEDICAL TRAINING WITH DETACHABLE SELF-SEALING HOLLOW MEMBER - Simulator for medical training having at least a detachable, fluid-tight hollow member comprising: 11-26-2009
20090298031Hyperbilirubinemia management calendar - A hyperbilirubinemia management calendar for use by treating physicians and associated caregivers in treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants having a first circular disc imprinted with indicia corresponding to postnatal age in hours and threshold serum levels of bilirubin based on risk levels and risk factors for phototherapy, exchange transfusion and follow up treatment therapies at each of the age in hour increments, and a second circular disc, subdivided into portions representing the phototherapy, exchange transfusion, and follow up stages of hyperbilirubinemia management, with each portion having corresponding indicia for risk levels and risk factors as well as windows to allow view of the threshold serum bilirubin levels imprinted on the first disc pertaining to a selected postnatal age in hours for a certain risk level and risk factor for each hyperbilirubinemia management stage. The second disc is mounted to the first disc to allow rotational movement of the second disc with respect to first disc about their common centers such that when an alignment arrow on the second disc is positioned in line with the actual age in hours of an infant patient as imprinted on circumferential indicia of the first disc, the treating physician will be provided treatment recommendations for each of the hyperbilirubinemia management stages by comparing the actual serum bilirubin levels for the particular infant patient to the threshold serum bilirubin levels for the age in hours and risk factors.12-03-2009
20120295240SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IMPROVED HEALTH CARE COMPLIANCE - Systems, apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture may provide for improved health care compliance. Embodiments may comprise, for example, identifying an occurrence of an event associated with the taking of a substance by a patient, determining output information associated with a game, and providing the output information to the patient. Some embodiments may comprise receiving a code associated with a patient, wherein the code includes encoded information that is indicative of an occurrence of an event associated with the taking of a substance by a patient, decoding the code to determine the information, determining whether the occurrence of the event is compliant with a condition associated with the taking of the substance, and providing, in the case that compliance with the condition is determined, one or more rewards to the patient.11-22-2012
20080241806MEDICAL STUDY SUPPORT APPARATUS AND STUDY LIST DISPLAY METHOD - A medical study support apparatus manages study data, and displays a study list on a monitor screen. In the study list, data items on each study, including patient's personal information such as its name, birth date, sex and address as well as study items such as study ID, study date, study type and progress of study, are displayed in a lined for one case after another. The medical study support apparatus cooperates with an electronic chart apparatus. As chart data of a particular patient is displayed on its monitor, the electronic chart apparatus sends a trigger signal to the medical study support apparatus along with ID data of the particular patient. Upon receipt of the trigger signal and the ID data, the medical study support apparatus conceals the personal information on other patients than the particular patient in the study list.10-02-2008
20120288838METHOD FOR SIMULATING A CATHETER GUIDANCE SYSTEM FOR CONTROL, DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING APPLICATIONS - A system is disclosed for incorporating a realistic simulated catheter or catheters within a catheter guidance and control system that operate from the same closed-loop position control feedback and geometric mapping data as the real position control system and are able to make contact with real and simulated datasets. These catheters may be operated in a pure simulation mode without interacting with real catheters and position control hardware, or may be used as control cursors to enhance the placement of catheter positioning targets. The catheter tip, which is focus of magnetic control, is realistically guided by the control system parameters, while the remainder of the catheter line is realistically constrained by the mapped chamber geometry and introducer sheath.11-15-2012
20080293025HEALTHCARE TRAINING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A healthcare simulation system includes a mannequin with active physiological characteristics, a display monitor adapted for displaying physiological parameters and a computer for controlling the mannequin and the monitor. A healthcare simulation method includes the steps of programming the computer with healthcare scenarios, operating active characteristics of the mannequin and dynamically displaying physiological parameters corresponding to patient vital signs.11-27-2008
20080293027Method of motivating - A method and system for motivating an individual to achieve a goal such as a weight loss goal, is disclosed. An individual sets a weight loss goal. A collector collects a deposit from the individual and takes a first or baseline measurement. The individual attempts to meet the weight loss goal via any means such as dieting, exercise, etc. After a predetermined time, the collector takes a second measurement; preferably the individual's weight. If the individual has met the weight loss goal, at least a portion of the deposit is returned to the individual. If the individual has not met his or her weight loss goal, at least a portion of the deposit is not returned to the individual but is kept by the collector. Additional measurements may be taken at more predetermined times. In addition, individuals may use this system for achieving other goals.11-27-2008
20090311655SURGICAL PROCEDURE CAPTURE, MODELLING, AND EDITING INTERACTIVE PLAYBACK - A system for generating surgical procedure training media draws upon the realistic data of an actual surgical procedure for realistic training without the risks. A 3D capturing component records three-dimensional model plus imaging data over time of a portion of a patient's body undergoing a surgical procedure. A spatial detection system detects an orientation of a surgical instrument relative to the patient's body during the surgical procedure. A modeling component creates a four-dimensional model (3D model+time) of the portion of the patient's body. Animation such as contingent events, trainee prompts, a virtual surgical instrument, etc., can be added to the model to expand upon the training potential. A user interface processes and edits training media for playback of the four-dimensional model including defining triggers responsive to a trainee simulated surgical inputs to pace sequencing of playback. An interactive player responds to pacing the playback of the editing training media or to a spatially detected simulated surgical instrument held by the student for direct tissue interaction.12-17-2009
20080293026Surgical training aid apparatus - A surgical training aid apparatus for facilitating the training of medical procedures comprising a housing and an anatomical replicating assembly. The housing includes a tray having a bottom surface and a top surface opposite the bottom surface. The anatomical replicating assembly is positioned upon the top surface of the tray of the housing, and includes a base layer and at least one body component. The base layer has a bottom surface and a top surface, and, overlays a portion of the top surface of the tray of the housing. The base layer further includes a tackiness. The body component is positioned between the top surface of the housing and the bottom surface of the base layer or on the base layer. The body component likewise includes a tackiness. The body component is releasably coupled to the base layer due to the tackiness of the two components, wherein the tackiness is overcome so as to separate the at least one body component relative to the base layer.11-27-2008
20090029331Active cutaneous technology - Active cutaneous technology to emulate the cutaneous characteristics of skin in medical training and other applications. Skin color changes are implemented with paint-on, electrically tunable, reflecting material that can conform to a mold, such as a manikin body or consumer product, and will enable the device to simulate skin. For example, skin colors associated with bruises, blue skin or cyanosis, redness from carbon monoxide poisoning or over radiation, and yellow skin from jaundice. Skin texture changes (e.g., goosebumps, rashes, and poxes) are established using tunable topological polymer films that grow in predetermined directions. Hair-raising, or piloerections, are accomplished with polymer-MEMS with varying thermal expansion coefficients on either side of a hair fiber due to anisotropic molecular alignment. These technologies are integrated, addressable and programmable through a control system.01-29-2009
20090130643METHOD FOR SIMULATING A MANUAL INTERVENTIONAL OPERATION BY A USER IN A MEDICAL PROCEDURE - The present invention deals with a method of simulating a manual interventional operation by a user on the internal system of a body with at least two real instruments (05-21-2009
20090253109Haptic Enabled Robotic Training System and Method - A surgical training system comprising: a virtual environment including a virtual model of a surgical site; a trainer's haptic device for controlling a surgical tool in the virtual environment; a trainee's haptic device for controlling the surgical tool in the virtual environment, wherein the trainee's haptic device applies force feedback in dependence on signals received from the trainer's haptic device; and a controller for scaling the force feedback applied by the trainee's haptic device in dependence on a specified scaling value.10-08-2009
20090258335Imaging system simulator - A medical training and simulation system includes a plurality of inanimate objects, each being associated with an identification tag which stores an identification code which uniquely identifies an associated object. A database stores information of the objects. A reader reads a respective identification code of a selected object. An information retrieving processor retrieves the stored information which corresponds to the read identification code of the selected object. A device reproduces at least a portion of the retrieved information of the selected object.10-15-2009
20120141964HEALTH CARE DEVICE, METHOD AND GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR HEALTH CARE - A health care management method and device which display information on a health state of a patient related to first bio-information and second bio-information of the patient, display information that requests the patient to obtain a second measurement of the first bio-information or the second bio-information based on a schedule, and display a bio-information measurement view to assist the patient in obtaining the second measurement.06-07-2012
20100159429Elastic Hysteretic Palpatory Training Method - A method of hysteretic palpatory training includes providing a wire or a computer controlled actuator having a plunger that hysteretically resists the application of a palpatory force. An increasing palpatory force is applied in a first direction to the wire or the plunger, whereupon the wire or plunger hysteretically resist displacement from a first position to a second position. The palpatory force is then withdrawn whereupon the elasticity of wire or the elasticity emulated by the plunger causes it to return to a position intermediate the first and second positions. The applied palpatory force versus displacement in response to applying and withdrawing the palpatory force to the wire or the plunger is then detected.06-24-2010
20090298032Operating Room Educational Television "OReduTV" - An apparatus for viewing information includes a wireless interactive monitor including a screen for displaying the information and adapted to receive the information wirelessly and a surgeon scrub sink for allowing a surgeon to sterilize the hands of the surgeon, positioned under the wireless interactive monitor.12-03-2009
20100167248Tracking and training system for medical procedures - A medical procedure training simulator may include a training space. The simulator may also include at least one camera in the training space. The at least one camera may be operable to capture video images of an object in the training space as one or more tasks are performed by at least one user. The simulator may also include a computer operable to receive the video images. The computer may also be operable to generate position data for the object by processing the video images. The computer may also be operable to generate a simulation of a scene from an operating room based on at least one of the video images and the position data. The computer may also be operable to display the simulation to the at least one user on an electronic display as the one or more tasks are performed by the at least one user.07-01-2010
20100221689Medical Patient Simulator - Medical patient simulator comprising a torso that contains an artificial lung, a chest skin and means for pulling the chest skin downward in an area corresponding with an area where such retractions occur on a human being. The simulator also provides for changes in the compliance of the lung. The lung is situated between two plates, the spacing of which can be adjusted. The torso has one actuator on each side of the back to simulate muscular activity. It includes a system for control of pneumatic functions by measuring a representative pressure for each actuator and stopping the filling when a pre-set pressure is reached. It also includes a head with one or more air cushions in a fontanelle area on the head, which may be filled with air to simulate an increased pressure in the brain.09-02-2010
20120141963DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING MEDICAL INFORMATION - A device and method for providing medical information to patients admitted in health care facilities such as hospitals, comprising a container with medical information relating to a medical condition provided on a display panel thereof, wherein the container can be used to store and transport a patient's personal items, wherein the container and medical information thereon is provided to the patient upon admission to the health care facility, the patient is educated regarding the information during the course of the patient's stay, and the patient is encouraged to take the container upon discharge from the facility.06-07-2012
20120141965SURGICAL TRAINING DEVICE - To provide a compact surgical training device for enabling skills of techniques to be improved efficiently and effectively before acquiring clinical experiences in surgeries with high degrees of difficulty, particularly, vascular anastomosis, the surgical training device 06-07-2012
20100081118System and Method for Prescribing Patient Education - A system and method for prescribing education is disclosed herein. The system includes an electronic medical record database, a user input device, a content source, and an education engine. The education engine receives a patient physiological condition from the electronic medical records database, patient information from the user input device, and selects medical education content from the content source in order to create a prescribed education plan. A method of treating a patient with prescribed education is also disclosed herein. The method includes the steps of obtaining a patient understanding level, obtaining a patient literacy level, and obtaining a patient physiological condition. The patient physiological condition and understanding level are used select medical education content for the patient education. The patient literacy level is used to select a media for the patient education. A prescribed education plan is created that comprises the selected medical education content and the selected media.04-01-2010
20120196258Apparatus and method for performing diagnostic imaging examinations with tutorial means for the user, both in the preparatory step and in the operative step - Apparatus for performing diagnostic imaging examinations with tutorial means for the user, both in the preparatory step and in the operative step, and method for using the apparatus. The apparatus includes, stored into dedicated memory units, a list of procedural steps, with relevant text explanations and/or example images and/or example videos, reference parameters of setting status of commands and/or of execution sequence relevant to the execution of each procedural step, reference quality parameters of images and/or of reception signals relevant to acquisition of specific types of images, feedback means for detecting steps made by the operator and feedback means for detecting quality parameters of acquired images, and means for comparing procedural steps performed by the operator and quality parameters of acquired images and/or of reception signals with procedural steps and relevant reference quality parameters of images provided into the list stored into the image processing and/or acquisition procedure memory unit.08-02-2012
20080286734Method and Device For Image Quality Accreditation, Hands on Cme, and For Control and Analysis of Accreditation at the Enterprise Level - A method and device for accreditation of a user on an imaging device is described. The method and device can also be used for providing electronic hands-on continuing medical education credits/hours based on proficiency in generating high-quality images. In addition, other medical imaging devices, such as an ultrasound system—in which image quality is dependent on the user professional's ability—can be upgraded using the disclosed methods and devices, thereby allowing the system to automatically freeze an image if it is best-quality rated. Finally, the disclosed invention provides an analysis of accreditation at the enterprise level.11-20-2008
20100297593 Gas Supply Apparatus With Improved Control - A gas supply apparatus with improved control is provided. The gas supply apparatus provides gas at an outlet junction. The apparatus includes a gas mixer for gasses from primary and secondary supplies to a given ratio. The apparatus also includes a gas reservoir supplied by the gas mixer. A tertiary supply valve is also included and connected in parallel with the reservoir. The tertiary supply valve is adapted to connect the outlet junction to a tertiary gas supply when gas is not being supplied to a mixer by the primary and/or secondary supply.11-25-2010
20100311025Material Formulations for Human Tissue Simulation - A gel formulation for use as simulated tissue for ballistic testing includes a mixture of gelatin, a glycol, such as ethylene glycol, and water. The gel may be formed in a mold to simulate a body part, such as an organ. A ratio of gelatin to glycol may be varied, depending on the body part to be simulated. An anatomic model may be formed by incorporating simulated organs formed with different gelatin to glycol ratios.12-09-2010
20100311026Catheter Tray, Packaging System, and Associated Methods12-09-2010
20110033833PUMP WITH THERAPY COACHING - An apparatus comprising a pump, an input configured to receive information related to a user, a user interface, and a controller communicatively coupled to the pump, the input, and the user interface. The controller includes a timing module configured to initiate delivery of a drug in time and to adjust delivery according to the received information. Other devices, systems, and methods are disclosed.02-10-2011
20100178643ANASTOMOSIS DEPLOYMENT FORCE TRAINING TOOL - An anastomosis training device and related methods of use that provides medical professionals with real-time feedback of pulling force. The anastomosis training device can include a housing portion, a spring member, a proximal catheter portion and a distal catheter portion. The housing portion can include an external tubing member that slidingly retains an internal tubing element and the spring member. A proximal wire assembly attaches the spring member to a manipulation assembly and a distal wire assembly attaches the spring member to a retention member that allows the anastomosis training tool to be anchored to a suitable surface. As a user applies a pulling force to the manipulation assembly, the internal tubing member is slidably withdrawn from the external tubing member to expose a visible force scale that indicates the level of pulling force being applied by the user.07-15-2010
20110033832ADMINISTRATION INSTRUMENT FOR MEDICAL USE - The present invention relates to an administration instrument for medical use that can perform injection of a drug solution with stability and with great reliability. For example, at the administration, it is possible to prevent a force that presses the injection button from acting in a direction of inserting the needle that is inserted into the skin deeper, and enables the administration under a stable state where the needle does not wobble, thereby alleviating physical and mental pain of the administration patient.02-10-2011
20110212427Surgical-Training Device for Providing Three-dimensional-Tactile Feedback, and Method of Operation Thereof - A surgical-training device for measuring roughness (non-delicate manipulation) during a simulated-surgical technique is described. The device has a housing, a platform, and a sensor module. The platform is movably coupled to the housing, and is configured for three-dimensional motion relative to the housing. The platform is further configured to move from a start position to a displaced position when a force is applied to the platform as a result of a user performing a simulated-surgical technique on the platform. A sensor module, coupled to the housing, is configured to determine when the platform moves a distance (from the start position to the displaced position) that exceeds a preset-threshold distance. If the preset-threshold distance is exceeded, sensor module indicates (by visual and/or auditory alarms within the device, and/or computerized counting and scoring reports) that the user applied excessive force, and was therefore too rough when performing the simulated-surgical technique. A method of manufacturing a surgical-training device is also provided.09-01-2011
20110212426Simulation system for training in endoscopic operations - A simulation system for training in endoscopic operations includes an endoscope apparatus, including at least one input for inserting an endoscopic working instrument, a sensor arrangement to detect a movement of the endoscopic working instrument, a control device to generate a virtual image of an endoscopic operation scene depending on a movement of the endoscopic working instrument, transmission means to transmit measured values supplied by the sensor arrangement to the control device for use in generating the virtual image and a display device to display the virtual image, where the sensor arrangement includes at least one optic sensor that interacts with a surface of a shaft of the endoscopic working instrument to detect the movement of the endoscopic working instrument. A flexible endoscope, an endoscopic working instrument and a method for recording a movement of an endoscopic working instrument as well as a method for training in endoscopic operations.09-01-2011
20090311656STATE SPACE MODEL OF A HEART - A state space model (SSM), being a computer-calculated model, adapted to represent the pumping and controlling functions of a heart that have been determined by a heart cluster state machine simulating the heart, and optionally the circulatory system, of an individual. The state space model includes two groups of separate interacting state machines, the heart muscle cell state machines and the displacement pump state machines.12-17-2009
20100062408Training Aid - A training aid for practicing inserting a needle in a vein, the aid including: 03-11-2010
20100062407Device And Methods For Medical Training Using Live Subjects - The present invention generally relates to devices and methods for training medical personnel. Some embodiments of the present invention relate to a medical training device, comprising: at least one modular component, the component comprising a means for mounting the modular component to a portion of a healthy live subject; a means for simulating one or more physiological attributes; and a means for controlling the simulation.03-11-2010
20110256519SURGICAL OPERATION TRAINING DEVICE - A surgical operation training device 10-20-2011
20100086905SIMULATION SYSTEM FOR ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY TRAINING - The invention relates to a simulator for training in arthroscopic surgery on a joint of a simulated patient, comprising: a data processing unit (04-08-2010
20100041004SURGICAL BURR HOLE DRILLING SIMULATOR - A system, method and device for simulating a medical procedure include a haptic mechanism controllable to provide feedback to a user manipulating a medical device. In an embodiment, a pair of three degree of freedom haptic devices are coupled to provide six degree of freedom measurement and force/moment feedback to the user. The six degree of freedom haptic device may be configured to provide different resolutions for different degrees of freedom, depending on simulation requirements. In an embodiment, a load cell is used to provide higher resolution in a dimension determined to be of greater criticality to realistic simulation.02-18-2010
20100003656SYSTEMS, METHODS AND DEVICES FOR PAIRED PLASTICITY - Systems, methods and devices for paired training include timing controls so that training and neural stimulation can be provided simultaneously. Paired trainings may include therapies, rehabilitation and performance enhancement training. Stimulations of nerves such as the vagus nerve that affect subcortical regions such as the nucleus basalis, locus coeruleus or amygdala induce plasticity in the brain, enhancing the effects of a variety of therapies, such as those used to treat tinnitus, stroke, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.01-07-2010
20120171652Pressure Ulcer Simulator and Related Methods - A pressure ulcer simulator for training medical practitioners includes a simulator model comprising one or more layers of simulated tissue. A plurality of pressure sensors are in communication with the one or more layers of simulated tissue and are configured to generate a pressure value sensed from one or more locations of the one or more layers of simulated tissue. A sensor system is in communication with the plurality of pressure sensors and is configured to receive the pressure values from one or more locations of the one or more layers of simulated tissue and to generate a risk value of developing a pressure ulcer for the one or more locations of the one or more layers of simulated tissue.07-05-2012
20120171651THERAPEUTIC SENSORY DEVICE FOR TACTILE REHABILITATION - A therapeutic sensory device and method of using the device for the aid in the rehabilitation of an individual's sense of touch including a first planar sheet having a plurality of spaced sensory pads, disposed thereon; a plurality of elements, each having a sensory pad corresponding to one of the spaced sensory pads, each of said plurality of elements being adapted to be placed on the corresponding sensory pad disposed on the first planar sheet; and a structure to removably secure the plurality of elements atop the corresponding sensory pad disposed on the first planar sheet. The plurality of elements are selectively placed atop the corresponding sensory pad disposed on the first planar sheet. Then, one or more of the plurality of elements are removably secured atop the corresponding sensory pad disposed on the first planar sheet.07-05-2012
20120171650METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DEVELOPING MEDICAL WAVEFORMS AND TRAINING METHODS - The present technology relates to a medical waveform development system comprising a medical waveform recording system for obtaining recorded medical waveforms. The system further comprises a physiological simulator for accessing recorded medical waveforms and for processing modified medical waveforms. The system also comprises an invasive workbench that allows a user to access the recorded medical waveforms and modified medical waveforms via software applications that are accessible on a computer.07-05-2012
20100285438Method And System For Minimally-Invasive Surgery Training - The present invention may be embodied as a method of minimally-invasive surgery (“MIS”) training wherein a simulator having a display, a computer, and a first input device, is provided. A video of an MIS is displayed on the display, and a first surgical tool is visible in at least a portion of the video. A match zone corresponding to a position on the first surgical tool is determined. A computer-generated virtual surgical tool (“CG tool”) is superimposed on the displayed video. The CG tool is selectively controlled by the first input device. A target position of the CG tool is determined. If the target position is not determined to be within the match zone, further steps may be taken. For example, the video may be paused, a message may be displayed to the operator, or the computer may signal the input device to move to a position such that the target position is within the match zone.11-11-2010
20100323336ELECTRONIC SYSTEM FOR ASSISTING THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE - An electronic system generates and manages multiple knowledge bases of medical students and practitioners. The knowledge bases are organized according to and for the function of specific limited medical problems. Data regarding each problem cross-references both basic sciences and clinical courses. Users are able to create their own knowledge base with the use of teaching data, their own user generated data, and third party user generated data. Data is dynamically updated, and the knowledge bases support the future medical practice of students.12-23-2010
20110020779SKILL EVALUATION USING SPHERICAL MOTION MECHANISM - Software tools, methods and apparatus for objectively assessing surgical and medical procedural skills are described. Data corresponding to performance of a manipulative task by a subject is modeled using Markov modeling techniques and compared with stored models corresponding to each of a plurality of proficiency levels. A particular proficiency level is selected based on proximity of the subject data relative to each of the stored models.01-27-2011
20110027766Unified Vision Testing And/Or Training - Unified vision testing and/or training kiosk may utilize display devices and input devices to administer a number of visual testing and/or training tasks to an individual. One or more display devices may provide desired resolution, geometry, and/or touch sensitivity. One or more input devices may receive inputs of different types from different positions relative to a display device. Methods of visual testing and/or training may utilize the one or more display devices, one or more input devices, and/or other types of equipment to evaluate and/or improve the visual abilities of an individual.02-03-2011
20110076658EYE PATCH KIT AND METHODS OF PROMOTING USE COMPLIANCE - A kit and method for promoting eye patch wear compliance for an afflicted child with a condition requiring wearing an eye patch are provided herein, including an eye patch kit for promoting patch wear compliance for an afflicted child with a condition requiring wearing an eye patch, comprising: a carrying case; at least one eye patch with a front surface and an adhesive back surface that is disposed to be worn over one eye, the eye patch comprising a stretchable and breathable material, and a black-out layer for total occlusion for shielding of light; a plurality of self adhesive stickers disposed to be attached to and decorate the eye patch on the front surface; and an instruction guide having explanation for decorating the eye patch.03-31-2011
20120178070METHOD OF APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY ELICITING HEALTH RELATED INFORMATION AND ELECTION OF A WELLNESS PROGRAM - This invention discloses methods and apparatus for providing an automated health assessment interview and collecting data commensurate with such interview. The interview may include video segments based upon input from user interactive devices presented to the user.07-12-2012
20110189641Obstetrics Simulation and Training Method and System - An embodiment of the invention provides a method wherein a simulation system having a simulator, a processor, and at least one display is assembled. This includes assembling a birthing mannequin and a mobile cart having at least one touch-screen monitor, wherein the birthing mannequin includes a means for shaking to simulate a generalized seizure. The simulation system is provided along with documentation to a plurality of medical facilities within a system. Training on use of the simulator, different simulations, and criteria for grading performance on the simulations is also provided. The training includes team training for conducting the simulations using the simulation system.08-04-2011
20120308977APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LAPAROSCOPIC SKILLS TRAINING - A laparoscopic trainer platform assembly includes: a training platform; a base, configured to accommodate at least one target array; the target array including a planar surface upon which are disposed a plurality of protruding targets oriented at various angles on the base; a left side support for supporting the training platform on the base; and a right side support for supporting the training platform on the base.12-06-2012
20100021875Medical Simulation System and Method - A method, apparatus and system for simulating the release of radio opaque dye within a vasculature system. The method, apparatus and system include simulating a vessel tree of the vasculature system for display on a display device, activating a particle-based contrast software effect, and injecting a plurality of physics-based particles into a confined vessel space of said vessel tree. The method and apparatus may also include fading down over a period of time an opacity of each of the physics-based particles and opacifying a portion of a vessel wall.01-28-2010
20090181350Medical Device And Procedure Simulation - A device is disclosed that includes an interface member including a material and a manipulandum movable in a degree of freedom. The manipulandum is able to penetrate the material. A sensor is configured to output a position signal based on the position of the manipulandum. An actuator is configured to output haptic feedback by applying a compressive force to the material based on the position signal. In other embodiments, a method is disclosed that includes receiving a position signal associated with a position of a manipulandum, where at least a portion of the manipulandum penetrates the interface material. Haptic feedback is output by varying a density of the interface material based on the position signal.07-16-2009
20110117528REMOTE PHYSICAL THERAPY APPARATUS - This invention discloses methods and apparatus for tracking prescribed movement of body parts. According to the present invention multiple sensors are used to track body part motion. The tracked motion may then be compared to prescribed motion and also be stored for ascertaining compliance with a prescribed therapy regimen.05-19-2011
20120040320Injection Simulation Device and Methods Thereof - An injection simulation device and methods thereof is provided. The device includes an elongated handle having a first end and a second end, wherein the elongated handle has a sidewall with an interior surface defining an interior space, wherein the interior space is completely empty. An end portion is integral with the sidewall and positioned at the first end of the elongated handle, the end portion enclosing the first end of the elongated handle. A first attachment structure is integral with the second end of the elongated handle. A hollow needle is connected to a hub having an end point, wherein the end point has a second attachment structure engagable with the first attachment structure to connect the hub to the second end of the elongated handle.02-16-2012
20120040321METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR BLOOD COLLECTION OPERATOR TRAINING - Certain examples provide systems/apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for blood collection/processing instrument operator training and troubleshooting. Certain examples provide a system for platelet resuspension training. The system includes an interactive training application, provided via a mobile device, to train a user to resuspend platelets in a liquid medium prior to its storage and/or transfusion to a patient. The training application is to instruct the user regarding an appropriate motion and vigor for resuspension of platelets in a blood container associated with a blood processing instrument. The system includes a sensor to detect the user's motion of the mobile device. The system includes a processor to compare the user's motion of the mobile device to the appropriate motion and vigor for resuspension of platelets in a blood container and provide feedback to the user regarding the comparison.02-16-2012
20120040318Clinical forensic video template: trauma, for mediation and facilitation in personal injury and medical malpractice law - A medico-legal template process, created by the Medical—Nursing community, that audio-visually demonstrates actual injury and trauma of a patient physically, functionally, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, and it's impact on altering that patient's pre-morbid/baseline activities of daily living, and relationships, both short and long term. The audio-visual record is a patient focused, neutral, medical and nursing assessment and analysis application for the discovery, mediation and litigation components of personal injury and medical malpractice law, and other applicable fields of study. This material is unique and original in that it applies the Nursing Process to the Clinical Forensic Video, it is created by the Medical-Nursing community for the Legal community, and it creates a neutral position within Plaintiff and Defense litigation.02-16-2012
20100178642SIMULATION DEVICE FOR TRACKING THE RESPECTIVE MOTIONS OF AT LEAST TWO INSTRUMENTS - The present invention relates to a simulation device (07-15-2010
20120208160Method and system for teaching and testing radiation oncology skills - Method and system are provided to permit a user to access, via a network, a computer-implemented education module for teaching and testing radiation oncology skills. An education module may be directed to a particular skill, such as e.g., correctly identifying an anatomical region of interest in a stack of medical images. In one embodiment, education modules for teaching and testing radiation oncology skills may be made accessible to users via a portal user interface that can be rendered by a web browser application. An education module, according to one example embodiment, includes a video component for providing a video presentation describing the technique being taught, a practice module that provides an interactive practice session that can be initiated by a user after viewing the teaching video, and a test module.08-16-2012
20120208162METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING SKILLS ASSESSMENT - The present invention is directed to a method and skills assessment tool for managing a testing session in a clinical skills testing center comprising a plurality of assessment stations. The method according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention includes configuring the plurality of assessment stations by associating each of the stations with a case type prior to the beginning of the testing session, receiving electronic identification of a student at one of a plurality of assessment stations prior to the student commencing an encounter at the one assessment station during the testing session, and, in response to receiving the student's identification, automatically assigning the student to the one assessment station for the encounter, where the encounter corresponds with the case type associated with the one assessment station.08-16-2012
20120208161MISDIAGNOSIS CAUSE DETECTING APPARATUS AND MISDIAGNOSIS CAUSE DETECTING METHOD - An image interpretation training apparatus comprises: an image presenting unit configured to present a target image to be interpreted to a doctor; an image interpretation obtaining unit configured to obtain a first image interpretation of the target image by the doctor and image interpretation time required by the doctor for the interpretation of the target image; an image interpretation determining unit configured to determine whether the first image interpretation is correct or incorrect by comparing a definitive diagnosis on the target image and the first image interpretation obtained by the image interpretation obtaining unit; and a learning content attribute selecting unit configured to select an attribute of the learning content to be presented to the doctor based on the image interpretation time when the first image interpretation result is determined to be incorrect.08-16-2012
20120009556Three-Dimensional Puzzle - A method, computer program product, and computing device comprising a game for testing the spatial reasoning of a player. The game includes a virtual multi-surfaced object having at least a first surface and a second surface, with first indicia associated with the first surface and second indicia associated with the second surface. A facing surface and a goal surface are displayed on a user interface, which also includes mechanisms for changing the orientation of the virtual object by rotating the object in steps. In response to input from the game player, the virtual object is rotated. Each time the virtual object is rotated, the facing surface displayed is changed so that it correlates to the changed orientation of the virtual object. The game continues until the game player causes the facing surface to match the goal surface by entering a series of rotational moves.01-12-2012
20120009555APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECOGNITION OF PATIENT ACTIVITIES - A medication confirmation method and apparatus. The method of an embodiment of the invention includes the steps of capturing one or more video sequences of a user administering medication via a medication administration apparatus, storing the captured one or more video sequences, and analyzing at least one of the stored video sequences to confirm that the user has properly administered the medication, and has properly positioned the medication administration apparatus.01-12-2012
20120015336Injection Simulator - Injection training devices comprising elements for repeatable and accurate simulation of parenteral injection for training individuals in the administration of one or more medications are provided.01-19-2012
20120058457Multimodal Ultrasound Training System - The present invention teaches a medical procedure training system based on a PC platform that provides multimodal education within a virtual environment. The system integrates digital video, three-dimensional modeling, and force-feedback devices for the purpose of training medical professionals medical procedures.03-08-2012
20120156665Real-Time X-Ray Vision for Healthcare Simulation - A medical procedure training system and method for using is provided. The system includes a sensing system structured to detect the position and motion of a medical device inserted into a simulated body, a processor structured to generate images of the medical device and relevant anatomical structures based on the detected position and motion of the medical device, and a display system structured to display the images in a correct registration on the outer surface of the simulated body.06-21-2012
20120156664SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING A LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE OF A HEALTHCARE INDIVIDUAL - The invention relates to a system and method for evaluating a level of knowledge of a healthcare individual by providing a computer; software executing on the computer for prompting a healthcare individual to answer a first question from a first plurality of questions related to diagnosis or treatment of a health related ailment; software executing on the computer for automatically determining a degree of correctness of an answer to the first question by comparing the answer to a reference; software for automatically selecting a second question from a second plurality of questions based upon the degree of correctness; software for automatically generating a score based upon the degree of correctness; and, based upon a cumulation of scores, software for automatically determining whether or not the healthcare individual is permitted to progress to a next level for diagnosis or treatment based upon the score.06-21-2012
20120107784ONE TOUCH BUTTON FOR OPERATING ROOM SUPPORT - A method of obtaining assistance during a surgical procedure includes the steps of requesting assistance with a single action and establishing a line of communication between an individual in an operating room and an individual at a remote location in response to the step of requesting assistance. The method includes the steps of communicating a question to the individual at the remote location and receiving an answer to the question from the individual at the remote location.05-03-2012
20120270196SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VIRTUAL WOUND MODULES - Wound care systems and methods are disclosed that provide users with interactive instruction for chronic wound care. The system presents a visual depiction of a patient with a chronic wound and a visual depiction of wound characteristics, cross-section of the wound and interactive wound care tools. Further, the system presents a visual map having on-screen graphics representing at least one of tissue consistency, tissue texture, tissue temperature, tissue moisture and tissue tenderness for a virtual chronic wound. At least some of the on-screen graphics represent visual cues for the wound care such that a user is provided with a visual indication of the response of the virtual wound to the care the user virtually provides. Administrators can select care modules to build custom training tutorials. In addition, the system tracks the user interaction with the virtual training to provide feedback to the administrator or the user.10-25-2012
20120070811SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MEASURING AND MANIPULATING A RADIOLOGIST'S EXAM SENSITIVITY AND SPECIFICITY IN REAL TIME - Certain examples provide systems and methods for radiologist performance review. A method includes receiving a series of images for review by a user at an exam reader, the series of images including both actual patient images for review and test images for evaluation of user performance. The method also includes capturing a user report including analysis of at least a portion of the series of images including at least one actual patient image and at least one test image. The method further includes evaluating performance of the user based on a comparison of the user's analysis of the at least one test image to a predetermined analysis of the at least one test image. Additionally, the method includes generating at least one metric regarding user performance based on the comparison to be output with respect to the user.03-22-2012
20120264096BPH LASER ABLATION SIMULATION - One embodiment of a Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) laser ablation simulator includes a frame, a mock hypotube, a mock laser fiber, a mock camera assembly, a laser fiber position tracker and a camera position tracker. The mock hypotube is supported by the frame, has a longitudinal axis, is received within the hypotube and is configured to move along the longitudinal axis and rotate about a laser fiber central axis relative to the hypotube. The mock camera assembly is attached to the hypotube and is configured to rotate about a camera central axis relative to the hypotube. The laser fiber position tracker is configured to output laser fiber position information that is indicative of a position of the mock laser fiber relative to the hypotube. The camera position tracker is configured camera position information that is indicative of a position of the mock camera assembly relative to the hypotube.10-18-2012
20110091853METHOD FOR SIMULATING A CATHETER GUIDANCE SYSTEM FOR CONTROL, DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING APPLICATIONS - A system is disclosed for incorporating a realistic simulated catheter or catheters within a catheter guidance and control system that operate from the same closed-loop position control feedback and geometric mapping data as the real position control system and are able to make contact with real and simulated datasets. These catheters may be operated in a pure simulation mode without interacting with real catheters and position control hardware, or may be used as control cursors to enhance the placement of catheter positioning targets. The catheter tip, which is focus of magnetic control, is realistically guided by the control system parameters, while the remainder of the catheter line is realistically constrained by the mapped chamber geometry and introducer sheath.04-21-2011
20110091852SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CARDIAC DEFIBRILLATION RESPONSE SIMULATION IN HEALTH TRAINING MANNEQUIN - Configurations for simulation of motions or movement in a health training mannequin for teaching purposes are disclosed. A cardiac defibrillation response simulation apparatus is configured to be housed separately from but interfaced with a health training mannequin to induce motion symptomatic response to electrical shock in the mannequin. In one embodiment a system comprises a motion inducer comprising a housing, an interface structure, and an actuator, wherein the interface structure is coupled to the actuator, movable relative to the housing, and configured to interface with a portion of a health training mannequin to induce motion in at least one portion of the health training mannequin. In another embodiment a method comprises interfacing a portion of a health training mannequin with an interface structure, the interface structure being coupled to an actuator and movable relative to a housing coupled to the actuator, the housing not being housed within a portion of the health training mannequin. Various hardware configurations are presented.04-21-2011
20100092936Interactive Educational System and Method - A computerized educational method and system that provides educational content using a simulation situation. In one embodiment, one or more medical conditions and a question may be presented about a hypothetical patient using a video display system. The learner may select from a plurality of potential responses to the question. Typically, the plurality of potential responses are categorized into a correct category, a reasonable category, and a wrong category. Upon receiving a selection from the plurality of potential responses, the learner is provided with the category to which the selected response corresponds.04-15-2010
20100092937Interactive Patient Education and Informed Consent System - Interactive patient education system for use in operatory or office settings, provides interactive 3-D animations, graphics and other media, enabling real-time markup and customization to better illustrate and communicate not only generic information, but the individual patient's physiology, treatment options, and anticipated outcomes. Preferred embodiments are portable, computer-implemented, interactive multimedia educational tools. Import of patient-specific graphics, video and audio contributes to full-custom educational content to optimize patient understanding and to facilitate obtaining and recording a patient's informed consent.04-15-2010
20090130641SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING A TEACHING FILE MESSAGE - Certain embodiments present a system for generating a medical teaching file message. An image identifier labels medical images based upon information pertaining to user interaction with the image. The system also provides an image search engine that scans and indexes images within a database based on a set of rules. The image search engine generates a subset of images from a larger group of medical images within a database based upon the rules. The system also includes a supporting data selection engine for accepting a free text search query from an interface. The supporting data selection engine scans medical databases based on the free text search query, and provides the supporting data search results via an interface. A teaching file message is generated either automatically or manually from the subset of images and the supporting data search results for transmission to a teaching file.05-21-2009
20090130642Educational Simulator for Transthoracic Echocardiography - The present invention relates to a simulation device for ultrasonic diagnosis targeting a heart and its object is to provide an educational simulator for transthoracic echocardiography which can run simulations in a feeling like actual ultrasonic diagnosis. The educational simulator for transthoracic echocardiography is composed of a chest phantom with position sensors embedded at prescribed positions beneath the chest surface, a dummy probe in which a magnet is embedded and which is provided with an inclination sensor placed in the acral part, a memory section which stores three-dimensional image data of echocardiography, a CPU which calculates the position, inclination and pressing force of the dummy probe on the basis of information from each said sensor and clips two-dimensional image data from the three-dimensional image data on the basis of the calculation, and a display section which shows the clipped two-dimensional data.05-21-2009
20100248200System, Method and Computer Program for Virtual Reality Simulation for Medical Procedure Skills Training - The present invention discloses a virtual reality medical procedure skills training simulator, particularly to be used in the field of ear-nose-throat surgery such as myringotomy. The simulator consists of medical procedural tools marked with physical markers, a tracking device to track the marker, a stereo display device to simulate a medical procedural microscope, and a computer system to enable the simulation.09-30-2010
20120129139DISEASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM USING PERSONALIZED EDUCATION, PATIENT SUPPORT COMMUNITY AND TELEMONITORING - Disclosed herein are systems and methods for interactive guided personalized/personalizable patient disease management system. The system offers ongoing personalized education in response to user inputs which may include a patient's electronic health record, diagnostic codes, billing codes, and/or medical history, the ability to monitor a patient's progress throughout their treatment plan which is initially provided by the system and a patient support community for boosting patient treatment plan compliance through ongoing monitoring and personal coaching. The systems and methods provide personalized relevant diagnostic, prognostic, prevention and/or treatment information output which are curated to manage the patient's needs.05-24-2012
20120231431Personalized Wireless-Based Interactive Diabetes Treatment - This is a system for integrating a system of education, monitoring and advising on glucose testing, diet, exercise and drug administration, by a wireless link, or GPRS system, using a device which is lightweight and portable (and easily carried by the patient) and which is capable of: 09-13-2012
20120219935METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DEVICES FOR INTERACTIVE LEARNING - Disclosed are methods, systems and articles, including a method that includes presenting multimedia data, on a multimedia presentation device, to a user based, at least in part, on input received from the user, the multimedia data including scripted presentation of at least one narrator to present information to the user, and multimedia presentation of one or more learning activities, including one or more challenges. At least one of the one or more challenges is based on information provided via the multimedia presentation including via the at least one narrator, the multimedia presentation including medical information. The method also includes controlling, based at least in part on responsiveness of the user's input, the presentation of the multimedia data to enhance learning by the user of the medical information, the controlled presentation resulting from the user's input being independent and non-interactive with the scripted presentation of the at least one narrator.08-30-2012
20120251991Peripheral Probe with Six Degrees of Freedom Plus Compressive Force Feedback - An enhanced six degree of freedom spatial inertial measuring device capable of measuring translational movement along three orthogonal axes and rotational movement about the same, and in addition, being capable of measuring compression along at least one orthogonal axis. The device serves to provide adequate control for software applications where inertial tracking and compressive force feedback along at least one axis is desired. A probe, which accurately simulates ultrasound imaging, and therefore functions as a teaching tool is one such application.10-04-2012
20120077168Display for Use in Managing Movement of a Patient in a Bed - A system is provided for communicating to health care workers the turning, positioning and schedule requirements of dependent patients with pressure ulcers, or at risk for the development of pressure ulcers. The system includes a display indicating a clock face divided into sections each with a respective window location for displaying graphics of a display element illustrating a required lying position for the patient. Each of the display elements comprises a disk mounted on the substrate for rotation about a center axis thereof at right angles to the substrate with the graphics arranged thereon at angularly spaced positions around the axis so as to rotate a selected one of the graphics to the window to be displayed.03-29-2012
20120077167Multi-Unit Interactive Dual-Video Medical Education System - The present invention is a multi-unit medical education module that includes at least two units per module. Each unit includes at least two separate videos, with one video being topical to the unit and having a length of under twenty minutes, and with the other video being a live-action interview between a health care provider and a patient (or actors representing same). The student interacts with each unit via computer and progresses to each successive unit only upon successful completion of a post-test for each unit or by individualized intervention by the supervising educator.03-29-2012
20120077166PORTABLE BRUSHING STATION - A portable brushing station for encouraging good brushing habits in children includes a cabinet assembly having a countertop and a concave sink with a portable water supply and removable drainage unit. Additionally, the portable brushing station can include a removable sink and drain combination which can be easily cleaned after each use. Additionally, the portable brushing station can include an instructional and entertainment unit for interactively teaching children proper brushing habits.03-29-2012
20120178071Mobile Observation Panel - An apparatus for visually isolating an observer from an observed individual comprises a two way mirror forming a first panel and a movable frame disposed to hold the first panel in a vertical orientation; methods of assembling and operating instructional simulation lab, methods for instruction/proctoring/operating/repurposing a nursing simulation lab comprising the steps of identifying a space having a simulated patient location and an observation location, providing a panel assembly having a two way mirror, locating the panel assembly between the simulated patient location and the observation location, providing a patent simulation system including a simulated patient, providing a lab student, providing a lab instructor and/or observer, administering care to the simulated patient at the simulated patient location, and observing the administration of care at the observation location by looking towards the simulated patient location through the two way mirror.07-12-2012
20120178069Surgical Procedure Planning and Training Tool - Computer systems and methods are provided for training surgeons to perform the Nuss procedure, a surgery for correcting pectus excavatum (PE), and for planning such procedures. PE is a congenital chest wall deformity, and the Nuss procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that involves implantation of a corrective bar. A surgical trainer and planner may be based on one or more of the biomechanical properties of the PE ribcage, deformable models, and visualization techniques.07-12-2012
20100273134ENDOSCOPE SIMULATION APPARATUS AND SYSTEM AND METHOD USING THE SAME TO PERFORM SIMULATION - An endoscope simulation apparatus aims to offer improved simulation, a simpler structure and can be fabricated at lower costs. The endoscope simulation apparatus comprises a bracing rack, a spheroid and a controlling bar. The spheroid is held in the bracing rack and turnable freely. The controlling bar is slidable relative to the spheroid in a passage running through the center of the spheroid to control rotation of the spheroid. The bracing rack has an inner side spaced from the spheroid to hold at least two direction sensors. The controlling bar has a depth sensor. The controlling bar is a simulated endoscope and also is insertable and retractable. The invention can be turned at a greater angle and provide improved simulation through the turnable spheroid. Through the direction sensors and depth sensor that are linked to a computer, the turning angle and insertion depth of the simulated endoscope can be measured.10-28-2010
20100009329MEDICAL TECHNIQUE EVALUATION SYSTEM, TECHNIQUE EVALUATION DEVICE, TECHNIQUE EVALUATION DEVICE PROGRAM - A tool for objectively evaluating the technique of a medical treatment such as an operation or a palpation performed by a doctor or a medical student. A medical technique evaluation system comprises a soft material member having an incision made in itself for simulative suture by a trainee such as a doctor or a medical student and elastic deformation by a force acting on the surroundings of the incision, reflective type photointerruptor for measuring the state values in three orthogonal axes according to the elastic deformation of the soft material member and a technique evaluation device for determining the evaluation score of the technique of the suture and ligation on the basis of the measured values from the reflective type photointerruptor. The technique evaluation device substitutes values based on the measured state values in the orthogonal three axes into a predetermined evaluation function to determine the evaluation score.01-14-2010
20090061404MEDICAL TRAINING SIMULATOR INCLUDING CONTACT-LESS SENSORS - A medical training simulator includes contact-less sensors and corresponding detection objects, configured to enable sensor data collected during a training exercise to be used to evaluate the performance of the training exercise. The simulator includes a simulated anatomical structure, at least one contact-less sensor, and at least one detection object. During a training exercise, a spatial relationship between the contact-less sensor and the detection object produces data for evaluating performance of the training exercise. Either the contact-less sensor or the detection object is embedded in the simulated physiological structure, while the other is included in either a support for the simulated physiological structure, or as part of a tool used during the training exercise. Many types of contact-less sensors can be employed, including capacitance sensors, impedance sensors, inductive sensors, and magnetic sensors.03-05-2009
20100291521Method and Apparatus for Identifying an Instrument Location Based on Measuring a Characteristic - A method to determine the location of an instrument within a patient can be based upon the measuring of a characteristic within the patient and matching the currently measured characteristic with a previously measured characteristic. If the measurements of a characteristic matches in an appropriate or selected manner then a location match can be determined. The characteristic can be any appropriate characteristic and measured in any appropriate way.11-18-2010
20100291520Devices and Methods for Utilizing Mechanical Surgical Devices in a Virtual Environment - Devices and methods that combine an actual surgical instrument handle, for example the handle of an AutoSuture EndoStitch™ device, with a force feedback generator able to create resistance to motion similar to that encountered in a real operating environment. The devices and methods provide a means for repeatedly performing maneuvers that accurately simulate the actual instrument, but in a virtual environment. The devices have haptic capabilities and collision detection so that the virtual device, such as the needle driver of the EndoStitch™ device, is “aware” of instrument contact.11-18-2010
20120225413REAL-TIME FEEDBACK OF TASK PERFORMANCE - A method of providing real-time feedback of task performance includes receiving sensor data from sensors coupled to an object. The sensor data is received in response to tasks performed on the object and references positional data with respect to a location on the object at which tasks are performed. The method also includes applying the sensor data to a model of performance measurements, which reflect a standard of performance. The method further includes identifying any deviations of the sensor data from data in the model, and outputting feedback in real-time. The feedback includes indicators signaling tasks performed are correctly implemented and indicators signaling tasks performed are incorrectly implemented. Corrective indicators include measures for modifying task performance to achieve an outcome that approaches or meets the standard of performance. The indicators correspond to one or more locations on the object as determined by the positional data.09-06-2012
20120082970PORTABLE LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINER - A portable surgical training device is provided. The trainer includes a top cover spaced apart from a base to form a simulated body cavity for locating model organs that are substantially obscured from the field of view of the user. The top cover includes a video display, fixed insertion ports and interchangeable inserts containing simulated tissue layers. The training device has open sides for demonstrating and training lateral surgical techniques including a simulated or live tissue colon attached to a support leg for simulating transanal minimally invasive surgery. A training endoscope with an adjustable focal length for use with the trainer and, in particular, with optical trocars is disclosed. The surgical trainer can be angled and is well suited for training laparoscopic surgery techniques and demonstrating surgical instruments.04-05-2012
20120082969SIMULATION OF AN INVASIVE PROCEDURE - Apparatus, including: a mockup probe, having a distal end and a proximal end adapted to be held by a human operator. The apparatus further includes a mockup patient, simulating an actual patient, the mockup patient having an aperture allowing penetration of the distal end of the mockup probe into the mockup patient. The apparatus includes a force generator, coupled to the mockup probe so as to apply a force to the proximal end that can be felt by the human operator, and a system controller. The controller is configured to: track a location of the distal end during the penetration thereof into the mockup patient, access an indication of a value of contractility of a region of an organ of the actual patient corresponding to the location, and activate the force generator so that the force applied to the proximal end corresponds to the indication.04-05-2012
20080318193MEDICAL TRAINING AID DEVICE FOR TRAINING A USER IN RECOGNITION OF THE USER'S BODILY FLUID ANALYTE CONCENTRATION AND CONCENTRATION TRENDS VIA USER-PERCEIVED SENSATIONS - A device for training a user in recognition of the user's bodily fluid analyte concentration and concentration trends (such as the user's whole blood glucose concentration and concentration trends) includes an analyte monitoring module, a control module and a sensation generation module. The analyte monitoring module is configured to monitor the user's bodily fluid analyte concentration and to output a monitor signal corresponding to the user's bodily fluid analyte concentration. The control module is configured to receive the monitor signal, convert the monitor signal into a sensation instruction signal corresponding to the user' bodily fluid analyte concentration, and output the sensation instruction signal. The sensation generation module configured to receive the sensation instruction signal and to generate a user-perceived sensation (e.g., a user-perceived vibratory sensation) corresponding to the user's bodily fluid analyte concentration. Moreover, the user-perceived sensation is proportional to the user's bodily fluid analyte concentration in a predetermined manner and is generated at predetermined time intervals.12-25-2008
20120270195Scalpel Brush - A scalpel brush painting device, comprising a retaining ferrule having two open ends, a plurality of bristles protruding from one of the open ends of the retaining ferrule, and a handle attached to or, in some embodiments, releasably attached to the other of the open ends of the retaining ferrule. The scalpel brush painting device can be utilized to train the fine muscles of a user's hand in similar manner as when making incisions utilizing a scalpel, as when painting on a painting medium, and to train the user's hand for the various grip positions utilized when holding a scalpel.10-25-2012
20100203488Elastic Hysteretic Palpatory Training Apparatus - An elastic hysteretic palpatory training apparatus includes a plunger, a solenoid disposed around a longitudinal axis of the plunger, and a controller for controlling electrical power supplied to the solenoid as a function of a palpatory force applied to an end of the plunger and a position of the plunger in the solenoid in response to the applied palpatory force whereupon the plunger emulates at least one of the following: an elastic material responding to the application of the palpatory force thereto or a series of elastic materials being engaged one-at-a-time in response to the application of the palpatory force thereto.08-12-2010
20100203487Systems and methods for assessing a medical ultrasound imaging operator's competency - Methods and systems are provided for assessing a medical ultrasound imaging operator's competency. The system includes a console containing a plurality of virtual controls, such as knobs, for simulating a real-life examination of a patient. The images created by the system change dynamically as the different virtual knobs on the console are adjusted. The console provides a certification examination for a medical ultrasound imaging operator. The console also includes a process to assess the medical ultrasound imaging operator's competency. The process determines a plurality of scores in order to assess the competency of the medical ultrasound imaging operator.08-12-2010
20110159470INTERACTIVE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS TRAINING SYSTEM - A medical diagnostics training system presents a sequence of interactive display images comprising a medical diagnostics case study (CS) to a student which includes challenges to which the student responds to qualify his/her competency in a diagnostics technique to be imparted by the case study (CS), collecting and processing the student responses to determine the competency in the diagnostics technique and providing a review of the response, and based thereon further providing directed feedback from a physician in the critical thinking in order to master the diagnostics technique where necessary. The system includes a computer processor for implementing system communication processes, interactive users interface processes, training workflow processes and medical diagnostics case study (CS) configuring processes and a database for receiving and storing data comprising the medical diagnostics case study (CS) and challenges, interactive display image data comprising and data comprising student responses to the challenges.06-30-2011
20080220403SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING DIABETES - A system and method are provided for automatically analyzing data for a patient with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump therapy and recommending appropriate therapeutic adjustments to the patient. In the system and the method, case-based reasoning is used as a primary reasoning modality in determining the therapeutic adjustments.09-11-2008
20130101972METHODS FOR REDUCING RISK - Methods for limiting and controlling the distribution of dronedarone to patients whose use of the drug might present an unacceptable risk.04-25-2013
20080199841Method to overcome pain and addiction - The present invention is directed to a method of treating pain and addiction in an individual. The mode of treatment is via a class, which combines 1) an alternative to reality through the simulation of real life experience, 2)discussion where individual participants a) identify factors that influenced the characters' and their choices by utilizing a behavior and self diagram, b)Evaluate the opinion of scholars and experts in the field, 3) The use of neuro-linguistic programming excercises to process emotions that have hindered the individual's life. This method provides an individual with alternative choices in life and helps develop positive goals for the future.08-21-2008
20130203031SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR OPTIMIZING PARAMETERS OF ORTHOPAEDIC PROCEDURES - Systems and methods for optimizing parameters of an orthopaedic procedure for a particular patient, including parameters relating to the anatomic and biomechanic fit of an implant or implant system implanted into the patient's joint. These systems and methods may utilize patient-specific information gathered pre-operatively in conjunction with optimization algorithms to determine an optimal implant design and an optimal position and orientation for implantation of the implant into the particular patient's joint.08-08-2013
20100297594INTERACTIVE FIRST AID INFORMATION SYSTEM - In general, the invention is directed to techniques for determining appropriate first aid and applying first aid that is appropriate. A first aid system receives patient status information from an input device or a sensor, and presents first aid information as a function of the received patient status information. The first aid system may be incorporated with an external defibrillator. The first aid system may acquire patient status information through an interaction with an operator, in which the first aid system asks the operator to supply patient status information. In one embodiment of the invention, the operator may supply patient status information by touching a diagram representing at least a portion of a human body.11-25-2010
20130157238DISEASE SIMULATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of diabetes management including receiving a plurality of readings over time from an analyte sensor, processing each of the readings to generate analyte data, receiving information about external factors, using the analyte data to estimate an amount of medication to be dispensed from a single dose medication device based on the analyte data in combination with the external factors, and displaying an instruction to deliver the amount of medication.06-20-2013
20130157239AUGMENTED REALITY TELE-MENTORING (ART) PLATFORM FOR LAPAROSCOPIC TRAINING - Disclosed herein are methods and systems for tele-mentoring, such as for laparoscopic training. In one example, a system includes a mentor environment and a trainee environment wherein the mentor environment is coupled to the trainee environment so that an image of the mentor laparoscopic instruments is superimposed on the trainee laparoscopic instruments allowing a mentor to provide real-time audible and visual guidance to a trainee. The mentor environment can include a training laparoscopic box simulator with a camera and mentor instructional laparoscopic instruments; a mentor audio/visual processor coupled to the mentor training laparoscopic box simulator; a mentor microphone coupled to the computing device; and a mentor display coupled to at least the computing device. The trainee environment can include a trainee system with trainee laparoscopic instruments and a video device, such as a camera; a trainee microphone coupled to the trainee system; and a trainee display coupled to the mentor environment.06-20-2013
20130189663MEDICAL TRAINING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Simulation systems and methods may enable virtual imaging. A data processing unit may receive data from a calibration unit indicating a position and/or orientation of a position and orientation sensor relative to a physical model. The data processing unit may also receive data from the position and orientation sensor indicating a position and/or orientation of the physical model. The data processing unit may generate a virtual image using the data from the position and orientation sensor and the data from the calibration unit. The data processing unit may render the virtual image to a display.07-25-2013
20120288837Medical Simulation System - A computerized educational apparatus (11-15-2012
20120003620SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING TIDAL VOLUME OF A SELF-VENTILATION SUBJECT - A system and method are configured to adjust the tidal volume of the breathing of a subject. The subject is self-ventilating (breathes under her own power). The adjustment of tidal volume accomplished through use of the system and/or method may reduce hypertension (e.g., lower blood pressure), reduce stress and/or anxiety (and related maladies), improve relaxation, decrease sleep latency, improve sleep quality, address other sleep disorders, and/or provide other health benefits. The system and method are effective in adjusting tidal volume while the subject is awake and/or asleep.01-05-2012
20120015335DEVICE FOR SIMULATING THE OPERATION OF A MEDICATION DELIVERY DEVICE - A simulation device for simulating the operation of a medication delivery device comprises a housing (01-19-2012
20120021394METHODS FOR PHYSIOLOGICAL MONITORING, TRAINING, EXERCISE AND REGULATION - A computer assisted method for treating pain in a subject comprising measuring activity of one or more internal voxels of a brain of said subject associated with pain; communicating instructions to said subject which modulate activity of said voxel; and training said subject to control said internal voxel.01-26-2012
20130196300ROBOT ASSISTED SURGICAL TRAINING - A surgical training system and method. The system comprises means for recording reference data representing a reference manipulation of a computer generated model of an object by a master user; means for physically guiding a trainee user based on the recorded reference data during a training manipulation of the model of the object by the trainee user; and means for recording assessment data representing an assessment manipulation of the model of the object by the trainee user without guidance.08-01-2013
20120040319SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MEDICATION COMPLIANCE - Systems and methods for medication compliance are provided. The method includes registering at least one medication, instructing a user to select the at least one medication, verifying a selected medication, and instructing a user with dosage information associated with the selected medication.02-16-2012
20120064496Emergency Cardiac Arrhythmia Identifying Device and System - The present invention is an emergency cardiac arrhythmia identifying device and system which can be implemented in a non-electronic visual media or in an electronic format capable of communicating ECG and EKG data observed by medical personnel over a local area network. A healthcare professional may visually identify an arrhythmia, record the occurrence of the arrhythmia in a specific patient file, communicate information to other healthcare professionals and view treatment protocols in a matter of seconds.03-15-2012
20130209980SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING VIBRATION FEEDBACK IN ROBOTIC SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for training an operator of a robotic surgery system are disclosed. One such method includes enabling the operator to perform a test procedure, recording vibrations of a surgical tool of the robotic surgery system during the test procedure, and generating a score for the operator based at least in part on the recorded vibrations of the surgical tool.08-15-2013