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433 - Dentistry

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433080000 Having intra-oral dispensing means 265
433029000 Having means to emit radiation or facilitate viewing of the work 259
433141000 Hand manipulatable implement 151
433103000 Having motor or means to transmit motion from motor to tool (e.g., "engine") 138
433072000 Having gauge or guide 124
433034000 Having static product shaping surface (e.g., mold) 72
433049000 Work support 51
433027000 Having condition sensor to transmit signal to regulate indicating device or controller 51
433102000 Broach 50
433032000 Having heater or electrode 40
433091000 Having suction orifice 39
433165000 Tool bit 36
433068000 Having means to record or indicate jaw movement or position or dental occlusion 34
433136000 Having absorption means or means to isolate tooth or mouth from adjacent area (e.g., bib, dam, etc.) 26
433140000 Jaw, cheek, lip, or tongue positioner 17
433077000 Having storage or nonuse supporting means (e.g., tray, rack, cabinet, etc.) 14
433098000 Including activator or regulator for controller or drive 11
433026000 Tooth selection guide 8
433033000 Having support for patient or operator 4
20110195374Mobile Surgical Dental Chair and Method of Manufacture - According to one embodiment, a mobile surgical dental chair includes an adjustable backrest, an adjustable headrest, a plurality of locking wheels configured to provide mobility to the mobile surgical dental chair, dental tools integrated with and coupled to the mobile surgical dental chair, and connect hook-ups configured to connect the dental tools to one or more supply sources. The dental tools may include an air/water syringe, suction tube, and a rotary hand piece.08-11-2011
20100112513INTEGRATED DENTAL CARE APPARATUS - The invention concerns an integrated dental care apparatus which comprises a patient chair and a dental care unit, which according to the invention are arranged to comprise means for mounting the dental care unit on a floor while the dental care unit and the patient chair are structurally connected by means which support the patient chair, and wherein both the dental care unit and the patient chair are arranged to comprise means for enabling them to be turned in relation to a vertical axis.05-06-2010
20110059416ASSISTANT APPARATUS FOR ORAL TREATMENT AND UNIT CHAIR WITH THE SAME - Provided is an assistant apparatus for oral treatment including dental treatment and a unit chair equipped with the same. The assistant apparatus includes an oral cavity insertion member positioned in the oral cavity in front of the uvula of a patient, or preferably, on the soft palate, such that washing liquid or saliva is prevented from entering a patient's throat during oral treatment. Therefore, it is possible to prevent patient discomfort and interruption of treatment. Further, medical instruments/components are prevented from entering the throat and injuring the pharynx.03-10-2011
20100227292Dental Chair Having An Accessory Unit With An Adjustable Support Device - Disclosed is a dental chair and accessory unit that includes an adjustable support device that can be quickly and easily configured for either left hand or right hand operation and requires a minimum of valuable office floor space without resorting to expensive and time consuming disassembly and reassembly of the support device while providing a secure and stable support for the DAU. Also disclosed is a DAU with an adjustable support device as described above, configured for retrofit to an existing dental chair.09-09-2010
433097000 Having receptacle (e.g., cuspidor) 1
20100086894Thin-Film Splash Guard for a Dental Cuspidor - A thin-film splash guard for use with dental cuspidors is described. The splash guard includes a thin-film sheet, a pair of slots, and an adhesive. The thin-film sheet is composed of a flexible, flaccid material with front and back surfaces which is sufficiently stiff when conformed to the shape of a dental cuspidor so as to extend above the side wall of the cuspidor. The slots are disposed from one edge of and along the thin-film sheet so as to generally define a center region and a pair of side regions. The adhesive is disposed along the front surface within each side region and/or along the back surface within the center region. The thin-film splash guard is readily conformable to the shape and size of a cuspidor, easily attachable to the cuspidor in a removable fashion, and disposable.04-08-2010
20120244489ULTRASONIC ORTHODONTAL MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An ultrasonic orthodontal monitoring system and method of use is described herein, featuring an intraoral ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic monitoring apparatus configured to connect to the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, generate and send electrical pulse signals to the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, receive measured signals from the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, and generate time-of-flight and relative density based on the measured signals. This invention will permit routine measurements to be made of osseointegration by the patient's dentist during regular maintenance appointments, thereby reducing the risk of a failed implant, patient discomfort, and inconvenience. As a diagnostic tool, it can also aid in the diagnosis and treatment of progressive periodontal disease, peri-implantitis, and osteoporosis in edentulous patients.09-27-2012
20120295215DEVICE FOR DISPENSING A MATERIAL - A device for dispensing a material comprises a piston for extruding the material. The device further has a spindle and a cooperating nut that are rotatable relative to each other to displace the piston axially to a rotation axis of the spindle. The device is adapted for rotationally driving the spindle and the nut individually. The invention is advantageous in that it helps in providing a relatively compact and inexpensive device.11-22-2012
20130122449Even impact reducing implement for dental applications - Fluid distributions implement to evenly wear down dental decay, diseased tissue, or undesired dentin in oral applications with live patients. The dentist has adjustable control over both the intensity and distribution field of a low-pressure sterile fluid, which may contain a pre-determined amount of reductive elements held in suspension. The implement must be supplied with a source of power and feed line of the chosen fluid. When switched on, it delivers one or a plurality of rapid bursts of varying impact strength in such a quick manner that the entire impact zone receives an even distribution of the liquid bursts. The desired result is the severe reduction in cratering, gouging, and non-symmetrical damage introduced by implements of the prior art such as drills, jet-stream fluid delivery systems, and tissue sanders with less danger of structural impairment to the patient in these cases of comparison.05-16-2013
20110008746APPARATUS OF LIQUID INJECTING FOR LIFTING MAXILLARY SINUS MUCOUS MEMBRANCE AND THE METHOD FOR THE SAME UTILIZING THIS APPARATUS - A liquid injection apparatus for lifting a maxillary sinus mucous membrane includes a passageway longitudinally extending through inside the apparatus; a connecting pipe formed at a rear portion to connect with a liquid supply apparatus; and an injection pipe 16 formed in a front portion, for being inserted into an implant hole extending to a bottom of a mucous membrane of a maxillary sinus, with a distal end of the injection pipe 16 spaced apart from the mucous membrane by a predetermined distance. The injection pipe is structured to inject liquid into the implant hole while closing the implant hole. The liquid injection apparatus can more easily lift the maxillary sinus mucous membrane without damaging the same by applying uniform pressure to the maxillary sinus mucous membrane when the maxillary sinus mucous membrane is being lifted.01-13-2011
20110045429Dental Prosthesis Removal Tool - A dental prosthesis removal tool comprising a handle portion and a top portion, the top portion comprising a head portion and a beak portion. The beak portion is configured to engage both a maxillary dental prosthesis and a mandibular dental prosthesis without the tool needing to be reoriented. The dental prosthesis removal tool makes it possible for a dental prosthesis wearer to remove dental prostheses without the user placing his or her fingers inside of his or her mouth. The dental prosthesis removal tool also allows a denture wearer to remove dental prostheses without bending, work hardening, or breaking metal clasps contained in some dental prostheses. The dental prosthesis removal tool further allows a denture wearer to more comfortably remove his or her dental prosthesis, promoting better patient compliance with maintenance procedures and oral hygiene.02-24-2011
20110129787DENTAL TRAY AND METHOD - A method for creating a custom dental tray is made by filling a dental tray with an elastomer material, obtaining a first impression of a patient's teeth in the elastomer material by pressing the elastomer-filled dental tray against the patient's teeth, heating a polymer sheeting, and placing the heated polymer sheeting over the first impression in the elastomer-filled dental tray. In addition, the custom dental tray is made by obtaining a second impression of the patient's teeth in the polymer sheeting by pressing the elastomer-filled dental tray having the first impression and the heated sheeting over the patient's teeth and removing the polymer sheeting from the elastomer-filled dental tray.06-02-2011
20100304322Hand-held Device for Dispensing a Pasty Filling Material - A hand-held device, particularly for dental purposes, comprising a dispenser for dispensing a pasty filling material as well a device for emitting a radiation that causes the filling material to cure.12-02-2010
20090176184METHOD AND PULVERIZING APPARATUS FOR PREPARING PULVERIZED PRODUCT OF EXTRACTED TOOTH, DEMINERALIZED POWDER ORIGINATED FROM EXTRACTED TOOTH, AND COMPOSITE OF DEMINERALIZED POWDER AND APATITE, SUITABLE FOR USE IN HIGHLY ADVANCED MEDICAL TREATMENTS - [Problems] To provide a means and method for providing a pulverized extracted tooth product without causing the extracted teeth to lose their original properties. To provide a new material, originated from the pulverized extracted tooth product and imbued with new properties suited to the regeneration and the like of the alveolar bone.07-09-2009
20090162808Apparatus in Dental Environment and Method for Controlling a Device Belonging to the Same - The present invention relates to an apparatus used in dental care environment and to a method for controlling a device belonging to the apparatus, especially to hygienic and ergonomic control of a device belonging to the apparatus in connection with dental care work. The invention includes at least one device (06-25-2009
20100248177MEDICAL OR DENTAL HANDPIECE WITH INDUCTIVE COUPLING - Various medical or dental handpieces having at least one coil for inductive coupling with a second coil and methods for using these handpieces for the transmission of at least one of power, operational data and identification data are described. Also various tool-holding/releasing devices for medical or dental handpieces are described, having at least one shaped element penetrating through a bore in a hollow shaft for accommodating a tool and protruding through the bore into the hollow shaft, a movably arranged locking sleeve cooperating with the shaped element and an operating element for moving the locking sleeve. Some of these tool-holding/releasing devices allow the insertion of the tool into the hollow shaft with different insertion depths.09-30-2010
20120082952METHOD FOR EXPANDING BONE CREST AND AN IMPLANT-EXPANDER FOR USE IN SAID METHOD - Method for expanding bone crest (04-05-2012
20080299509Duncan transfer band - The Duncan Transfer Band will assist in the process that will allow a surgeon to place a final dental implant restoration immediately after surgery into a patient's mouth that will function in conjunction with the dental implant(s) placed in the mandible and/or maxilla bone(s). The Duncan Transfer Band is used in the manufacturing of a surgical dental implant stent that will allow a surgeon to place a dental implant analogs perfectly parallel to other dental implant analogs as well as teeth. The Duncan Transfer Band is used in the manufacturing of a surgical dental implant stent that will allow a surgeon to place dental implant analogs at a predetermined depth within the mandible and/or maxilla of a patient undergoing surgery.12-04-2008
20110311938NON-CUSTOM DENTAL TREATMENT TRAYS HAVING IMPROVED ANATOMICAL FEATURES - A non-custom, dental tray device includes a moisture-resistant barrier layer having a labial-buccal wall, a lingual wall, and a bottom wall. The dental tray device includes at least one of the following structural features to enhance the fit of the device; (1) the bottom wall includes an abrupt reduction of width at a location corresponding to where the first bicuspid meets the canine; (2) a bottom wall in the posterior region having a width that is equal to or less than the width of the bottom wall in the anterior region, with no lingual wall in the posterior region; or (3) a transition portion between the bottom wall and either the labial-buccal wall or the lingual wall has a larger radius of curvature as compared to a radius of curvature at a transition portion between the bottom wall the other of the labial-buccal wall and the lingual wall.12-22-2011
20120021370BIODEGRADABLE STENTS AND METHODS FOR TREATING PERIODONTAL DISEASE - Biodegradable stents and methods for selectively guided tissue regeneration in treating a periodontal defect adjacent to a root of a tooth are provided. The biodegradable stents and methods comprise a coronal portion and a transverse portion or shelf, which reduce unwanted migration of gingival epithelium, gingival connective tissue, and soft tissue and enable the cementum and periodontal ligament cells to re-establish the periodontal ligament in a proper sequence resulting in a new periodontal attachment.01-26-2012
20120021369PERIODONTAL DISEASE SPACE MAINTENANCE DEVICES AND METHODS - Devices and methods are provided for maintaining space to treat a periodontal defect adjacent to a tooth, the devices and methods comprise a supporting structure comprising a pin, or suture or mesh having a body configured to extend over the periodontal defect and hold gingival tissue above the defect, the supporting structure having a first end configured to retain the supporting structure against at least a portion of the tooth and a second end configured to be attached or implanted in or on at least a portion of bone adjacent to the periodontal defect. The devices and methods provided maintain space between at least gingival tissue and the periodontal ligament and avoid compression of any bone replacement material in the defect. In some embodiments, the devices and methods provided can be removed from the healed periodontal defect without the need to cut into healed soft tissue.01-26-2012

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