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432009000 Treating an article, container, batch or body as a unit 53
432029000 Of heating a fluid 33
432013000 Including melting, vaporizing, sintering, expanding comminuting, or classifying work material 20
432019000 Controlling flame position or work atmosphere 17
432014000 Including passing, treating or conveying gas into or through particulate work 16
432004000 Including apparatus heat-up, cool-down or protection 14
432005000 Including preparing or arranging work for heating 9
432031000 Heating of or by wall or radiant surface 8
432018000 Subjecting work to diverse treatments or graduated temperatures 6
432002000 Including apparatus purging, cleaning or accretion preventing 5
20120122046METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GASIFICATION OF ORGANIC WASTE - The gasifier operates to mix a start up heat source with crude syngas combustion for driving gasification of waste. Combustion flue gas can be maintained above 650° C. until reaching a quench to prevent formation of dioxins. Excess heat is liberated through a heat recovery unit. The gasifier can operate in a batch mode to process small batches of waste efficiently for small installations, such as ships, apartment buildings, hospitals and residences.05-17-2012
20120264070BURNER SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY OF A HEAT EXCHANGER - The present invention is a burner system that allows ‘quasi continuous burning’ of fluids at very high temperatures by using controlled continuous pulsing explosions or detonations instead of continuous flow and thus creating pulsing pressure waves that can be easily utilised for increasing heat exchanger efficiency. After initiation the explosions or detonations are maintained by use of infrared radiation. The pulsed explosions or detonations send their shock waves directly onto the heat exchanger walls thus introducing a bigger part of energy into the heat exchanger wall then would be possible with any other method of heat exchange. In addition the kinetic energy of the negative acceleration of the mass in the explosion or detonation wave is added as additional heat introduced into the heat exchanger walls.10-18-2012
20120328999DEVICE AND A METHOD FOR MANAGING UNBURNED RESIDUES IN REGENERATIVE BURNERS, A BURNER INCLUDING SUCH A DEVICE - A device for managing unburned residues, the device comprising a regenerator (12-27-2012
20120276492Method of and Arrangement for Recovering Heat From Bottom Ash - A method of recovering heat from bottom ash that is discharged from a combustion process in a furnace. Fuel and combustion air are fed into a furnace for combusting the fuel in order to generate heat energy to produce steam or hot water in a boiler arrangement, in which flue gases and bottom ash are formed. The bottom ash is discharged from the furnace. Heat is recovered from the flue gases, and heat is recovered to a bottom ash cooling water circuit from the bottom ash discharged from the furnace in order to utilize the recovered heat for preheating the combustion air in a heat exchanger.11-01-2012
20130189633METHOD FOR REMOVING ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS FROM BORON CONTAINING POWDERS BY HIGH TEMPERATURE PROCESSING - Methods for removing an organic contaminant from contaminated boron powder include providing a contaminated boron powder, the boron powder being comingled with an organic contaminant. The method also includes placing the contaminated boron powder onto an inert container and placing the inert container and the contaminated boron powder into an enclosed space. The enclosed space environment is altered to create an oxygen deficient atmosphere. A heat source is provided to heat the contaminated boron powder to an elevated temperature. The method includes vaporizing the organic contaminant so as to reduce the amount of the organic contaminant comingled with the boron powder. Another method includes reducing the amount of the organic contaminant comingled with the boron powder to not more than about 0.1 weight percent of soluble residue.07-25-2013
432008000 Continous strip, strand or web passed longitudinally through heating zone 5
20100119985CURING OVEN - A curing oven, particularly for curing a continuous mat of mineral wool fibres mixed with binder has an air injecting system for injecting ambient air into at least one heating zone in circumstances in which there is a risk of inadequate ventilation.05-13-2010
20090075224CONVEYOR OVEN APPARATUS AND METHOD - An oven according to some embodiments includes an oven chamber in which food is cooked, a heating element, a fan, a sensor for sensing the temperature of the oven chamber, a remote input device, and a controller configured to receive a signal from the remote input device and to change the fan or heating element based at least in part upon the signal received from the remote input device. In a method of operating the oven according to some embodiments, the oven enters an operating mode from an energy-savings mode responsive to receiving an signal from a remote device.03-19-2009
20100062385IMPROVEMENT MADE TO THE RAPID HEATING SECTIONS OF CONTINUOUS HEAT-TREATMENT LINES - Method of reducing the formation of folds on metal strips (03-11-2010
20080199819PROCESS FOR PRODUCING CONTINUOUS ALUMINA FIBER BLANKET - A process for producing a continuous alumina fiber blanket by heat treating an alumina fiber precursor formed from a spinning solution containing an aluminum compound, by using a specific high-temperature furnace capable of high-temperature-heat treatment. According to this process, a continuous sheet (W) of alumina fiber precursor formed from a spinning solution containing an aluminum compound is supplied continuously into a high-temperature furnace and subjected to heat treatment while being conveyed in one direction by plural conveying mechanisms (08-21-2008
20090220905TEXTILE CURING OVEN WITH ACTIVE COOLING - An oven for bonding adhesives to the back surface of a textile article includes a housing with a transport frame for passing the textile article through a curing chamber within the housing. The oven also has an air source and a duct system that delivers an airflow into a cool zone on the opposite, pile surface side of the textile article. The airflow has a lower temperature than the elevated temperature of the curing chamber and is supplied to the cool zone in sufficient amounts such that the pressure in the cool zone exceeds the ambient pressure in the curing chamber.09-03-2009
432027000 Including the flowing or circulating of particulate heat carrier 3
20110117510Method and Apparatus for Removing Dust Particulates From Preheated Particulate Material - A method for removing sulfur containing dust particles from particulate material exiting a material preheater in which the particulate material is heated by kiln off gases may include a number of steps. Off gases from the kiln are directed through a gas conduit to the preheater to preheat particulate material traveling through the preheater in a direction countercurrent to the direction of off gas flow through the preheater. Material exiting the preheater is directed to a material bypass conduit that is separated from the gas conduit and is flow connected to a material inlet to the kiln. A stripping gas is directed through the conduit to entrain dust particles in the preheated material and to carry said dust particles away from the preheated material.05-19-2011
20110097679DEVICE FOR PERFORMING CHEMICAL AND/OR PHYSICAL REACTIONS BETWEEN A SOLID MATERIAL AND A GAS - The device according to the invention for performing chemical and/or physical reactions between a solid material and a gas, in particular for preheating, cooling and/or calcining fine-grained materials substantially comprises at least one helical and/or spiral line, in which a gas/solid material suspension is separated by centrifugal forces into a solid material flow and a gas flow and at least one separation chamber which is connected to the end of the helical and/or spiral line and which is connected to a gas line in order to direct the gas flow away or which is formed by a portion of the gas line, a solid material line for directing the solid material flow away being connected to the separation chamber. The helical and/or spiral line opens into the separation chamber tangentially at an angle of at least 30° relative to the horizontal and the cross-section of the separation chamber in the region of the opening is from 0.5 to 1.5 times as large as the cross-section of the helical and/or spiral line.04-28-2011
20130149656FLUIDISED BED TREATMENT - An apparatus and process is disclosed for the treatment of a component using a fluidised bed of powder. The apparatus includes a treatment chamber for receiving at least a treatment part of the component and a powder reservoir. The powder reservoir has heating or cooling means for controlling the temperature of the powder. A flexible powder conveyor (e.g. educator) links the treatment chamber and the powder reservoir, continuously conveying powder from the reservoir to the treatment chamber for use in the fluidised bed. The powder reservoir and the treatment chamber are independently positionable, so that the position of the treatment chamber is variable with respect to the powder reservoir during operation of the apparatus.06-13-2013
432003000 Including repairing, converting or assembling apparatus 2
20080206698Dynamic Expanding Application Technology - A technique for the application extension of dynamic technology includes modifying a prior art static technology into a corresponding dynamic technology, and relates to a method for dynamically improving the material quality, construction and parameter of a technological equipment. The material quality, construction, parameter, and pertinent working and manufacturing process of the weak link in prior art are modified by applying a selective combination of dynamic technology, hereby to improve the quality, function, performance, accuracy, purity, high temperature, high pressure, high energy stream density etc. Typical application of the said selective combination includes dynamic electrode, dynamic spraying gun, dynamic industrial furnace, dynamic material production, dynamic high energy battery, dynamic strong electric light source, dynamic laser and dynamic nuclear reactor.08-28-2008
20120028201SUBSURFACE HEATER - In one aspect, the present invention provides a subsurface heater comprising: a combustible gas supply conduit; an oxygen supply conduit and a heat transmissive external housing encompassing a porous refractory medium. The combustible gas supply conduit and the oxygen supply conduit are configured as a concentric pair disposed within the porous refractory medium and coupled to a plurality of gas jets disposed within the porous refractory medium. The porous refractory medium has disposed within it a plurality of combustion product gas return conduits. The combustion product gas return conduits are configured to receive combustion product gases from the porous refractory medium. Also provided in another aspect of the present invention, is a method for heating a subsurface zone.02-02-2012
432028000 Of operating a furnace utilizing a heat storage mass 2
20120264073EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR PREHEATING A CONTINUOUSLY MOVING STEEL STRIP - Equipment and a method for preheating a continuously moving steel strip, in particular before feeding the same into a continuous annealing or hot-dip galvanizing furnace, involves the continuous movement of the steel strip in a preheating chamber including a preheating circuit having at least one preheating tube, the inner surface of which is in contact with externally-recovered burnt gases (e.g. from the furnace). A portion of the outer surface of the preheating tube is disposed directly opposite a surface of the strip in order to provide a first preheating mode by irradiating heat onto the strip and the walls of the chamber, and a second preheating mode, mainly by convection, of a gas constituting a controlled atmosphere in the preheating chamber.10-18-2012
20080199820Support Assembly For Supporting Heat Regeneration Checker Work In A Hot Blast Stove, Hot Blast Stove Provided With Said Support Assembly, Method Of Producing Hot Air Using Said Hot Blast Stove - Support assembly for supporting heat regeneration checker work in a hot blast stove for a blast furnace. The assembly includes a supporting grid for supporting the checker work, and supporting columns for supporting the supporting grid. The assembly includes a cast iron material. The cast iron material includes a ferritic matrix and a dispersion of graphite particles wherein the shape of the graphite particles is substantially vermicular or nodular.08-21-2008
20120183915USE OF INFRARED CAMERA FOR REAL-TIME TEMPERATURE MONITORING AND CONTROL - Embodiments of the invention generally contemplate an apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling the temperature of a substrate during processing. One embodiment of the apparatus and method takes advantage of an infrared camera to obtain the temperature profile of multiple regions or the entire surface of the substrate and a system controller to calculate and coordinate in real time an optimized strategy for reducing any possible temperature non-uniformity found on the substrate during processing.07-19-2012
20100081103FURNACE WITH MULTIPLE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS - In a furnace such as a glassmelting furnace, a portion of the combustion products formed by combustion of fuel with gaseous oxidant within the furnace are passed through a recuperative or regenerative heat exchanger system to heat a portion of the incoming gaseous oxidant, and a portion of the combustion products are passed instead through a secondary heat exchanger system, wherein the hot combustion products and oxidant which are passed through said first heat exchanger are passed at a heat capacity rate ratio of combustion products to oxidant of less than 1.3.04-01-2010
20130209947Work Load Lifting System for a Vertical Vacuum Furnace - A lifting apparatus for a vertical vacuum furnace is disclosed. The apparatus includes first and second support modules arranged in spaced parallel alignment and first and second reversible lifting mechanisms mounted on respective ones of the first and second support modules. The apparatus also includes first and second motive means coupled to the first and second reversible lifting mechanisms for driving the reversible lifting mechanisms. First and second trolleys are operatively connected to the first and second reversible lifting mechanisms and adapted for engaging with a payload. The apparatus further includes a control system connected to the first and second motive means for controlling the operation of the first and second reversible lifting mechanisms whereby the first and second trolleys can be raised or lowered. A vertical vacuum furnace assembly including the lifting apparatus is also disclosed as well as a support module and a bottom head assembly for the lifting apparatus.08-15-2013
20130078587MODULAR EPOXY CURING SYSTEM - The present disclosure describes, among other things, a method. The method may include determining, by a processor of a controller, a setting on a control, the setting corresponding to a type of connector. The method may include retrieving, by the processor, an algorithm for curing epoxy disposed within the type of connector. The method may include generating, by the processor, at least one control signal based at least in part on the algorithm. The method may include sending, by the controller, the at least one control signal to a heating dock.03-28-2013
20100075267SILICON WAFER HEAT TREATMENT METHOD - A silicon wafer preferable to a semiconductor device is produced by determining a heat treatment condition hardly causing slip dislocations and heat-treating the silicon wafer under the condition. The resistance is calculated by using a calculation formula used for predicting the slip resistance of the wafer from the density, size, and residual solid-solution oxygen concentration of the oxygen precipitation in the silicon wafer, the state of oxygen precipitation such that heat treatment not causing any slip dislocation can be carried out is designed, and thus a silicon wafer heat treatment method under the heat treatment condition not causing any slip dislocation is determined. A silicon wafer heat-treated under such a condition can be provided.03-25-2010
20130157209Portable Heating Apparatus for Heating Interior Piping Systems - Devices, apparatus, systems and methods of using a portable heater that does not use a separate compressor or blower or vacuum. The heater can be attached to a piping system to dry interior walls and/or heat coatings in the piping system. The heater can be attached to a manifold having alternative inlet end and two outlet ends. The manifold ends can have quick connect fittings with similar fittings to be easily mateably attached by rotating fittings with one another. A quick connect/disconnect air pressure regulator with quick connect fitting can be attached to the manifold ends. A quick connect/disconnect plug with similar quick connect fitting can close the manifold ends.06-20-2013
20100040991IN-LINE ANNEALING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF ANNEALING SUBSTRATE USING THE SAME - An in-line annealing apparatus and a method of annealing a substrate using the in-line annealing apparatus in which a plurality of heating devices provide a transportation path of a substrate and heat the substrate transported along the transportation path to a crystallization temperature, and an instantaneous high-temperature annealing unit heats the substrate positioned in the transportation path between the heating devices to a instantaneous annealing temperature. The in-line annealing apparatus and the method of annealing a substrate using the same provide a highly efficient annealing process that can be performed at various temperatures including a high temperature of 700° C. or higher.02-18-2010
20130059259Heat Transfer Apparatus and Container - A container for holding liquid is described. The container defines an inner region inside which liquid is adapted to be held and includes one or more walls for facilitating heating or cooling of the liquid therethrough, the one or more walls being adapted for invagination by a temperature control probe such that the temperature control probe extends into the container without directly contacting contents of the inner region of the container.03-07-2013
20120225394DELIVERY CHUTE FOR SINTER MATERIAL - A delivery chute for delivering sinter material onto a sinter cooler and a method for delivering sinter material from a sinter belt onto a sinter cooler are provided. The sinter material introduced into the delivery chute may be divided by distributor plates into at least two sinter material subflows flowing in different directions, which may be guided into the edge regions of a sinter material total flow obtained by combining them.09-06-2012
20090305180PLANT AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CEMENT CLINKER - The invention relates to a plant and to a method for the production of cement clinker from cement raw meal, the cement raw meal being preheated in a preheating zone, precalcined in a calcining zone, completely burned in a sintering combustion zone and cooled in a cooling zone, solid fuels additionally being burned in an additional combustion region, a firing region being used in the additional combustion region, the solid fuel being introduced into the firing region where it forms a fuel bed over which a supplied oxygen-containing gas flows, the resulting combustion products being removed via a discharge opening and being used in the production of cement clinker. The fuel is supplied via a conveyor device arranged outside the firing region, in such a manner that it moves the fuel bed that is present in the direction towards the discharge opening.12-10-2009
20110287374FLOATING SLIT VALVE FOR TRANSFER CHAMBER INTERFACE - The present invention generally comprises a floating slit valve for interfacing with a chamber. A floating slit valve moves or “floats” relative to another object such as a chamber. The slit valve may be coupled between two chambers. When a chamber coupled with the slit valve is heated, the slit valve may also be heated by conduction. As the slit valve is heated, it may thermally expand. When a vacuum is drawn in a chamber, the slit valve may deform due to vacuum deflection. By disposing a low friction material spacer between the chamber and the slit valve, the slit valve may not rub against the chamber during thermal expansion/contraction and/or vacuum deflection and thus, may not generate undesirable particle contaminants. Additionally, slots drilled through the chamber for coupling the slit valve to the chamber may be sized to accommodate thermal expansion/contraction and vacuum deflection of the slit valve.11-24-2011
20100183994Method of Monitoring an Exhaust Fumes Main Linking a Carbon Block Baking Furnace to a Fume Treatment - The method of the invention is used for monitoring the state of a smoke duct connecting each suction rail of a baking furnace (FAC) for carbonated blocks, of the rotating fire type and preferably with open chambers or covered chambers, to a smoke processing centre (CTF) for purifying the baking smoke from the FAC, wherein said smoke is drawn through at least one suction rail of the FAC and collected in the smoke duct feeding said smoke to the CTF, the method including at least the step of detecting a leak in the smoke duct consisting of parasitic inlets of ambient air into said duct and/or at least the step of detecting a fire in said duct.07-22-2010
20120034570SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A substrate processing apparatus reduces over-heating of a substrate transfer robot and suppresses deterioration of reliability or lifespan of the substrate transfer robot. The substrate processing apparatus includes a transfer chamber having a substrate transferred thereinto under a negative pressure; a process chamber connected to the transfer chamber and configured to heat the substrate; a transfer robot installed in the transfer chamber and configured to transfer the substrate into and out of the process chamber; and a cooling unit configured to cool an inner wall of the transfer chamber.02-09-2012
20120107757Method and Apparatus for Thermally Processing Plastic Discs, in particular Mould Wafers - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for thermally processing plastic discs, in particular mould wafers. The method comprises the following steps: clamping a mould wafer (05-03-2012
20090035712Reheat Furnace System with Reduced Nitrogen Oxides Emissions - A reheat furnace system and heating process is provided. A hydrocarbon fuel and steam mix is supplied to a chemical recuperator that uses heat from the waste gas of the reheat furnace to produce preheated reformed fuel to the burners of the reheat furnace. The steam may be supplied from a waste heat boiler.02-05-2009
20080213716Heat system, heat method, and program - The present invention provides a heating system, a heating method and a program, which can readily control processing temperature. A temperature calculating computer 09-04-2008
20110269084AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE RISE CONTROL METHOD FOR MOLDING MACHINE - A method for controlling temperature rise in divided heating zones of a barrel of a molding machine includes: setting tentative target temperatures for the respective heating zones; simultaneously raising temperatures in the heating zones to the set tentative target temperatures; when temperatures in the heating zones reach the respective tentative target temperatures, selecting a master zone from the heating zones, and selecting, as a slave zone, a heating zone which is other than the master zone among the heating zones; and after temperatures in the heating zones reach the respective tentative temperatures, raising the temperatures in the master zone and the slave zone to respective final target temperatures according to an attainment degree of temperature rise in the master zone.11-03-2011
20090053665Vertical heat treatment apparatus and method for operating the same - A vertical heat treatment apparatus includes: at least one loading and unloading part 02-26-2009
20130137053Apparatus and Method for Thermo-Transformation of Wood - An apparatus for thermo-transformation of wood planks comprises a chamber delimited by upright perforated walls, a top wall and end walls and having a closable entry for receiving wood planks into the chamber. A shell surrounds the chamber and is spaced therefrom to define a first vertical plenum with the first perforated wall, a second vertical plenum with the second perforated wall, and a horizontal plenum with the top wall. A ventilation system is in fluid communication with the plenums to produce a flow of heated air in the plenums. Vanes are actuatable to close/open access to the vertical plenums, to allow heated air into at least one of the vertical plenums, through the chamber via the perforated walls, and out from at least the other of the vertical plenums, to return to the ventilation system. A method for the thermo-transformation of wood is also provided.05-30-2013
20090035713REHEAT AND TUNNEL FURNACE SYSTEMS WITH REDUCED NITROGEN OXIDES EMISSIONS - A reheat and tunnel furnace system, and heating processes therefor, are provided. A hydrocarbon fuel and steam mix is supplied to a chemical recuperator that uses heat from the waste gas of the reheat or tunnel furnace to produce preheated reformed fuel to the burners of the reheat or tunnel furnace. The steam may be supplied from a waste heat boiler.02-05-2009
20110097678Method of heating and heating apparatus - Method of heating and heating apparatus. According to one embodiment, the heating apparatus is designed for warming infusion fluids and includes a pair of catalytic heaters positioned around a cartridge containing the infusion fluid. Each catalytic heater includes a pair of frames jointly defining a cavity. One of the frames per heater is positioned proximate to the cartridge and includes an input port for receiving a liquid solution of methanol. The other frame per heater is positioned distal to the cartridge and includes an input port for receiving oxygen gas and an output port for exhaust gases. A first fluid diffusion medium is positioned within the methanol frame, and a second fluid diffusion medium is positioned within the oxygen frame. Sandwiched between the two diffusion media are a pervaporation membrane facing the first diffusion medium and a porous metal catalyst facing the second diffusion medium. Methanol in liquid form is supplied to the pervaporation membrane, which then transports the methanol in vapor form to the catalyst, where combustion occurs. Heat from the combustion reaction is then conducted through the heater to the cartridge containing the infusion fluid.04-28-2011
20110097677System for decontaminating marine life infestations from marine vessels - A marine life decontamination system embodiment of the present invention comprises a drive-in chamber large enough to accommodate a boat on its trailer and even the two vehicle too. Once inside the chamber, eaters are used to bring the boat and trailer temperatures up to 112° F. to 165° F. for a minimum soak-in time, with five minutes being sufficient in most cases. Humidity measurements of the off-gassing water vapors are used to sense when all the available water that could harbor marine life has been removed. Such combination of high temperatures and no available water assures that pests cannot survive to contaminate a new body of water.04-28-2011
20100304319Label manufacturing method and label manufacturing apparatus - In order to suppress adhesion and accumulation of a heat sensitive adhesive onto a thermal head from a trailing end portion in a transporting direction of a heat sensitive adhesive sheet, to thereby enable smooth and continuous transporting of a plurality of the heat sensitive adhesive sheets, a thermal head and transporting means are driven so that a plurality of heating elements of the thermal head are selectively operated in synchronization with timing of transporting of a heat sensitive adhesive sheet (12-02-2010
20110027740Method for Heating a SCR System - Process for heating a urea component of a SCR system comprising besides said component, a temperature sensor, a heating device in the component, according to which: 1. the temperature (Tcpt) of the liquid in the component is determined and compared to a 102-03-2011
20110177466SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BIOMASS FRACTIONING - A biomass fractionator and method are described for inputting ground biomass and outputting several vapor streams of bio-intermediate compounds along with syngas and biochar. In one embodiment, a method for biomass fractioning, comprises dispensing biomass into thin sheets of ground biomass; subjecting the thin sheets to ramps of temperature; and selectively collecting various groups of compounds as they are released from the thin sheets.07-21-2011
20110189619HEAT ACCUMULATOR COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The present invention relates to a heat accumulator composite material, a method for the manufacture thereof and a heat accumulator device. The object of the invention is therefore to provide heat accumulator materials, a method for the manufacture thereof and heat accumulator devices that exhibit high thermal capacities and heat accumulator capacities. The solution of the object is accomplished through a heat accumulator composite material that comprises a plurality of carbon particles and a thermally conducting material, wherein the material differs from the carbon particles. The manufacture of the thermal accumulator composite material according to the invention is accomplished by combining a plurality of carbon particles and a thermally conducting material for the formation of a mixture, and heating the mixture in a partial vacuum to a temperature above the melting point of the thermally conducting material.08-04-2011
20110306002DENSIFIED FUEL PELLETS - A method of producing a biomass-based fuel pellet, such as a fuel pellet which includes thermoplastic polymeric material and a substantial amount of cellulosic material, e.g. cellulosic material derived from biomass source(s), is provided. The method commonly includes compressing a feed mixture to form a densified material, where the feed mixture includes about 5 to 15 wt. % of the thermoplastic polymeric material and at least about 75 wt. % cellulosic material. Many embodiments of the fuel pellets are suitable for use in a coal-fired furnace and/or in other industrial boiler applications.12-15-2011
20120148968CONVEYANCE RACK, METHOD FOR RETAINING METAL RING, AND METHOD FOR HEAT TREATMENT OF METAL RING - Disclosed are a conveyance rack for retaining and conveying resilience-memory metal rings and a method for retaining the metal rings. The conveyance rack is provided with a base and a plurality of retaining shafts which extend parallel to each other, being erected on the base, and which are provided with, on the side walls thereof, a plurality of protrusions abutting on the lower end surfaces of the metal rings. The protrusions abut on the lower end surfaces of the metal rings by point contact.06-14-2012
20110065055WASTE HEAT USE - It is proposed, in an industrial process to use the waste heat from electric converters and electric machines for the heating in a further process step. For this purpose, liquid cooling is used for the elements producing the waste heat. By this, electric or fossil-stored energy is saved, this leading in turn to a direct or indirect reduction in emitted greenhouse gasses.03-17-2011
20120129115METHOD FOR CHANGING THE DIRECTION OF MAGNETIZATION IN FERROMAGNETIC LAYER - The invention provides a method of modifying the direction of magnetization of an upper layer (05-24-2012
20120058441ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR HEATING OF A MAGNETIC MATERIAL - The present invention relates to an arrangement (03-08-2012
20120058440Oven for Semiconductor Wafer - An oven is described that can more evenly heat the semiconductor wafer, even though the wafer may warp during heating. The oven may provide relatively uniform heating even though the type and location of warping may be unpredictable for any given wafer. The oven may have a heating surface divided into a plurality of heating zones that may each independently provide a given amount of heat to the wafer. The amount of heat provided by each zone may be determined using signals from sensors that sense the warping of the wafer.03-08-2012
20120156630METHOD FOR THE LOCAL HEAT TREATMENT OF GAS TURBINE BLADES - A method for heat-treating gas turbine blades, namely for locally heat-treating at least one gas turbine blade in a blade section thereof; a blade root section, which is not to be heat-treated, of the gas turbine blade being positioned in a holding receptacle to prevent an unacceptable heating of the particular blade root section, which is not to be heat-treated, during the heat treatment of the particular blade section. The blade root section of the gas turbine blade is positioned in an interior space in a way that allows a remaining interior space of the holding receptacle, to be filled with a filler material; the holding receptacle, together with the gas turbine blade, being subsequently positioned in a heat treatment chamber to enable the gas turbine blade in the heat treatment chamber to undergo local heat treatment under vacuum.06-21-2012
20110091830BAKING SYSTEM FOR A GAS COOKING APPLIANCE - A gas cooking appliance including a gas oven cavity for baking a food item, the gas oven cavity including a top surface and a bottom surface, a first heat source disposed adjacent the bottom surface of the gas oven cavity, a second heat source disposed adjacent the top surface of the gas oven cavity, and a controller configured to cycle the first heat source and the second heat source for providing heat above and below the food item during baking04-21-2011
20120251963THERMOSTAT WITH INTEGRATED CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) SENSOR - A thermostat control device is disclosed. The thermostat control device includes a temperature sensor, a cartridge sensor and a controller in communication with the temperature sensor and the cartridge sensor. The controller further includes a processor, a memory in communication with the processor, the memory storing processor executable instructions configured to: generate a furnace control signal in response to a temperature sensor signal; analyze a cartridge sensor signal received from the cartridge sensor against a threshold; and generate, if the cartridge sensor signal exceeds the threshold, an emergency furnace shutdown signal.10-04-2012
20100248175NOx Suppression Techniques for a Rotary Kiln - A NOx suppression apparatus is configured for use with a burner that injects fuel into a stream of process air flowing into and through a rotary kiln. The apparatus comprises a premix injection system that forms a premix of fuel gas and air, and injects the premix into the stream of process air upstream of the burner port. This enables premix products of combustion to suppress the production of NOx by vitiating a combustion air portion of the process air before the combustion air portion combusts with fuel injected from the burner port.09-30-2010
20120164591Circulating Air Oven - The invention relates to a circulating gas oven incorporating a cooking surface wherein the cooking surface and air above are heated by a circulating gas system involving ducting and gas diffusers. The oven is portable and the cooking surface is made of ceramic or glass material. The ducting means and diffusers are adapted to create a laminar air flow. Foodstuff such as pizza can be cooked in a uniform manner.06-28-2012
20110183279SUBSTRATE HEATING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE HEATING METHOD AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM - A substrate heating apparatus includes a container configured to be maintained in a depressurized state; and a substrate mounting table having a plurality of substrate support pins on its upper surface. The substrate mounting table is configured to mount a substrate while providing a gap between the upper surface of the substrate mounting table and the substrate. The substrate heating apparatus further includes a heater configured to heat the substrate through the substrate mounting table; a pressure regulator configured to regulate a pressure in the container; a temperature controller configured to control an output of the heater so as to control a temperature of the substrate mounting table; and a pressure controller configured to control the pressure regulator so as to control the pressure in the container.07-28-2011
20120214112AMBIENT LAMINAR GAS FLOW DISTRIBUTION IN LASER PROCESSING SYSTEMS - A method and apparatus for annealing semiconductor substrates is disclosed. The apparatus has an annealing energy source and a substrate support, with a shield member disposed between the annealing energy source and the substrate support. The shield member is a substantially flat member having a dimension larger than a substrate processed on the substrate support, with a window covering a central opening in the substantially flat member. The central opening has a gas inlet portal and a gas outlet portal, each in fluid communication with a gas inlet plenum and gas outlet plenum, respectively. A connection member is disposed around the central opening and holds the window over the central opening. Connection openings in the connection member are in fluid communication with the gas inlet plenum and gas outlet plenum, respectively, through a gas inlet conduit and a gas outlet conduit formed through the connection member.08-23-2012
20100196835Single Burner Snow Melter Capable of a Snow Start Operation - A single burner snow melter is capable of a snow start. The burner assembly has a fuel burner having adjustable combustion output and a nozzle through which products of combustion emerge, and a combustion chamber which has a first portion in substantially air-tight communication with the fuel burner and which encloses the nozzle. A second portion of the combustion chamber is shaped and dimensioned such that the second portion is placed into a snow melting receptacle or pit. The combustion chamber has a plurality of directional discharge means formed at least on its second portion through which products of combustion from the fuel burner emerge, and thus agitate, and melt snow loaded into a tank or pit. The burner assembly also includes an air cooling assembly for supplying air to cool at least the first portion of the combustion chamber.08-05-2010
20120322014APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TREATING A SUBSTRATE - An apparatus for treating a substrate includes a heating member including a heating block, a front rail disposed at a first side of the heating block and configured to support a first edge of the substrate, a rear rail disposed at a second side of the heating block, opposing the first side, and a rail driver configured to move at least one of the front rail and the rear rail. The heating block is configured to receive and heat the substrate, the rear rail is substantially parallel with the front rail and is configured to support a second edge of the substrate, and a distance between the front rail and the rear rail is adjusted to be substantially equal to a width of the substrate.12-20-2012
20120322015APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TREATING SUBSTRATE - Provided are an apparatus and method for treating a substrate, and more particularly, to a substrate treatment apparatus having a cluster structure and a substrate treatment method using the same. The apparatus for treating the substrate includes a load port on which a container for receiving the substrate is placed, a treatment module for treating the substrate, and a transfer module including a robot for transferring the substrate between the container and the treatment module. The treatment module includes a transfer chamber including a robot for transferring the substrate, a load lock chamber disposed between the transfer chamber and the transfer module, a first treatment chamber disposed spaced from the transfer module around the transfer chamber to perform a first treatment process, and a second treatment chamber disposed around the transfer chamber to perform a second treatment process.12-20-2012
20120094243ROTARY FURNACE FOR HEAT TREATMENT OF SOLIDS - This invention relates to a rotary furnace that is designed for the heat treatment of solids comprising at least one rotary tube (04-19-2012
20110236842System and Method for operating steam systems - A system and method for operating a steam system, such as a district heating system is provided with provisions for predicting potential water hammer conditions. The system measures steam parameters as inputs into a steam system engine. The steam system engine uses physics models and empirical steam flow behavior models to determine a condensate parameter such as rate of condensate generation and condensate levels within the system. When the condensate parameter exceeds a threshold, a signal is transmitted to the system operator so that actions may be taken to alleviate or prevent undesired conditions.09-29-2011
20120094244THERMOCOUPLE SHUTOFF FOR PORTABLE HEATER - Provided is an assembly comprising a combustion-powered heater, a target component, and a transducer operatively engaged with said target component. A combustion-powered heater may comprise a combustion site adapted to power said heater. A target component may be engaged with the combustion site. A transducer may be adapted to measure the temperature of the target component and adapted to shut-down said combustion-powered heater in response to a temperature measurement of less than a temperature limit.04-19-2012
20120276491COMPRESSION BOX FOR REFLOW OVEN HEATING WITH A PRESSURIZING PLATE - A reflow oven chamber assembly includes a housing disposed within a reflow oven chamber, heating elements disposed in the housing, and compression box assemblies disposed in the housing. The compression box assembly includes a compression box housing having an intake port located adjacent the heating element, an intake duct disposed in the compression box, and a diffuser plate disposed above the intake duct. The intake duct has an inlet opening in fluid communication with the intake port of the compression box housing and an outlet opening. The compression box assembly draws heated air into the compression box housing from the reflow oven chamber through the intake port and into the inlet opening of the intake duct and exhaust air out of the outlet opening of the intake duct to the diffuser plate. A method of distributing heated air within a reflow soldering oven is further disclosed.11-01-2012
20080233526Heating Apparatus - The invention discloses a heating apparatus, which includes a housing frame consisting of conduits for containing gas and/or liquid fuel and which includes supporting means for supporting an object to be heated; burning means for heating the object supported on the supporting means; and inlet means for supplying the gas and/or liquid fuel to the burning means. The apparatus furthermore includes valve means associated with the burning means, and being adapted to prevent the supply of gas and/or liquid fuel to the burning means if the supporting means is not substantially horizontal. The apparatus furthermore includes valve means associated with the burning means, and being adapted to prevent the supply of gas and/or liquid fuel to the burning means if an object is not supported by the supporting means.09-25-2008
20110262876METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING A MID-IR GRADED-INDEX MICROSTRUCTURE TO AN OPTICAL FIBER TIP TO ACHIEVE ANTI-REFLECTIVE PROPERTIES - A method and apparatus for applying a mid-IR graded microstructure to the end of an As2S3 optical fiber are presented herein. The method and apparatus transfer a microstructure from a negative imprint on a nickel shim to an As2S3 fiber tip with minimal shape distortion and minimal damage-threshold impact resulting in large gains in anti-reflective properties.10-27-2011
20130130184Apparatus and Method for Controlling Wafer Temperature - A wafer temperature control apparatus comprises a first temperature sensor and a second temperature sensor. The first temperature sensor is configured to receive a first temperature signal from a center portion of a backside of a susceptor. The second temperature sensor is configured to receive a second temperature signal from an edge portion of the susceptor. A plurality of controllers are configured to adjust each heating source's output based upon the first temperature signal and the second temperature signal.05-23-2013
20110275023Convection Oven - An oven for cooking foods includes a housing having a fire chamber and a cooking chamber disposed generally above the fire chamber. A vessel is receivable in the fire chamber and is adapted to hold combustible material therein to generate heat and smoke for cooking food in the cooking chamber. A blower is mounted on the housing. The blower is selectively operable to move air. A tube is attached to an outlet of the blower and extends into the fire chamber such that when the vessel is received in the fire chamber the tube extends to a position adjacent the vessel so that air from the blower is blown directly into the vessel without first passing a heating element. The oven does not require supplemental heat from a burner or similar heating element.11-10-2011
20120258413METHOD OF ADJUSTING INSULATION IN A DIRECTIONAL SOLIDIFICATION FURNACE - Methods are disclosed for inhibiting heat transfer through lateral sidewalls of a support member positioned beneath a crucible in a directional solidification furnace. The methods include the use of insulation positioned adjacent the lateral sidewalls of the support member. The insulation inhibits heat transfer through the lateral sidewalls of the support member to ensure the one-dimensional transfer of heat from the melt through the support member.10-11-2012
20120282561HEATER AND ELECTRICAL GENERATOR SYSTEM AND RELATED METHODS - An method of installation and use of an integrated backup electrical generator and heating system designed to allow continual use of the heating system in the absence of an external source of electricity, such as during a power outage, wherein the system shares common fuel and electrical source and also sharing an exhaust output so to provide a compact installation and facilitate ease of installation.11-08-2012
20110311926METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTING THE FLOW RATE OF CHARGE MATERIAL IN A CHARGING PROCESS OF A SHAFT FURNACE - In a charging process of a shaft furnace, in particular of a blast furnace, batches of charge material are typically discharged in cyclical sequence into the furnace from a top hopper using a flow control valve. A method and system is proposed for adjusting the flow rate of charge material in such a process. Pre-determined valve characteristics for certain types of material are provided, each indicating the relation between flow rate and valve setting for one type of material. According to the invention, a specific valve characteristic is stored for each batch of charge material, each specific valve characteristic being bijectively associated to one batch and indicating the relation between flow rate and valve setting of the flow control valve specifically for the associated batch. In relation to discharging a given batch of the sequence the invention proposes: using the stored specific valve characteristic associated to the given batch for determining a requested valve setting corresponding to a flow rate setpoint and using the requested valve setting to operate the flow control valve; determining an actual average flow rate for the discharge of the given batch; correcting the stored specific valve characteristic associated to the given batch in case of a stipulated deviation between the flow rate setpoint and the actual average flow rate.12-22-2011
20130196275PROCESS AND FURNACE FOR TREATING WORKPIECES - The subject innovation relates to a furnace and a method for treatment of at least one workpiece in the furnace, wherein the workpiece is heated up in a chamber of the furnace by at least two heating units which are each associated with a workpiece having a first side and a second side, and whereby a first heating unit heats up the first side of the workpiece and a second heating unit heats up the second side of the workpiece. Further, each heating unit comprises at least two pressure pistons with heatable contact surfaces that are arranged next to each other and with the same orientation. Contact is made between the first side of the workpiece and the contact surfaces of the first heating unit, and in that contact is likewise made between the second side of the workpiece and the contact surfaces of the second heating unit.08-01-2013


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