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431288000CANDLE, E.G., TAPER, ETC.89
20130045453FUEL FOR WICK TYPE CANDLE - A heat source including a novel fuel blend disposed within a fuel canister and a wick for transporting the fuel from the interior of the canister to the exterior. The fuel may be a blend of monoethylene glycol and at least one additional glycol or glycol ether, or a blend of monoethylene glycol and at least one alcohol.02-21-2013
20080268390Method for Producing Candles Comprising Decorative and/or Functional Elements - The invention relates to a method for producing candles, to the candles produced by this production method and to the device used in the production thereof. The invention relates to a novel method for producing candles ranging from simple shapes to decorative, ornamental, three-dimensional objects, from slabs of wax, wax profiles and wax molds, comprising an independently inserted wick, e.g. linear, arched or branched, and to a novel device for producing decorative slabs of wax as semi-finished products, inter alia for use in the above-mentioned method for producing candles. The invention also relates to candles that are produced using said device and said method.10-30-2008
20130084535MULTI-COLORED, MULTI-SCENTED CANDLE - The invention relates to a multi-colored, multi-scented candle, comprising a solidified block of fuel and a wick embedded therein, wherein the solidified block of fuel comprises two, three or more distinct fuel members strung on the wick and partially or completely embedded in the outer fuel portion of the solidified block of fuel, wherein a first member and a second member of said distinct fuel members are adjacent and have different scents and different colors.04-04-2013
20130157207Patterned Candle Wick - A substantially planar wick is formed with a two- or three-dimensional pattern. The contours of this pattern are determined by the desired flame characteristics or the desired visual aesthetics of the pattern itself06-20-2013
20130029275DECORATED CANDLE AND DECORATION PROCESS FOR OBTAINING THE SAME - Decorated candles and a process for obtaining the same, relate to candles having decorative patterns protected with a transparent lining. The candles exhibit a decoration similar to decoration of porcelain items, simulating porcelain candles.01-31-2013
20110014579Plastic Candle - A plastic candle includes a plastic wax and a capillary candle core wrapped by the plastic wax. In using, the candle core is first wrapped in the plastic wax, which is then kneaded manually by a user to be formed into a desired figure. Thus, the unique useful plastic candle is finished.01-20-2011
20120225392CANDLE HAVING A PLANAR WICK AND METHOD OF AND EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING SAME - A candle or candle apparatus includes a body of a meltable fuel and a planar wick provided in the body. The planar wick includes a material selected from a wood, wood product, semi-wood composition, and wood-like material. The planar wick has a height dimension, a width dimension, and a thickness dimension, the height dimension is greater than the width dimension, the width dimension is greater than the thickness dimension, and the thickness dimension is from 0.019 to 0.23 inches09-06-2012
20090263756CANDLE WITH WATER IN WAX - A method for producing a candle shaped from a wax, wherein a dispersion of water droplets is purposely added within the wax.10-22-2009
20110217663COLORED FLAME CANDLE AND MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A colored flame candle and manufacture thereof. The colored flame candle comprises a candle body and a candlewick, wherein the candle body comprises a primary combustion agent, an optional higher fatty acid amide and higher fatty acid triglyceride and an optional color-forming agent, and wherein the candlewick is pretreated with the color-forming agent so that it comprises the color-forming agent, the candlewick has a length exceeding that of the candle body wherein the exceeded portion is immersed with a melt candle body mixture so that it comprises the candle body mixture. The candlewick of the colored flame candle is easy to light, has a big flame after lighting, emits simultaneously with a colored flame upon lighting, is tight (non-blooming) and has a pleasing look, has a color consistent with that of the candle body, lights without dark smoke and does not go mouldy in storage.09-08-2011
20090325113Connectable Modular Candle - One embodiment of a connectable modular candle which has many projections (12-31-2009
20110027735CANDLE HAVING A PLANAR WICK AND METHOD OF AND EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING SAME - A candle having a body of a meltable fuel and a planar wick. When lit, the candle provides a unique flame formation, usable in a variety of decorative applications. The wick can be configured to evenly deplete the meltable fuel, while allowing for candles having relatively large and unique body configurations. The body of candle and/or the wick may include scented oil to promote the release of fragrance upon heating. The wick preferably is formed of wood, thereby providing an acoustic contribution to ambiance and improved combustion that generates less soot than conventional cotton wick candles.02-03-2011
20110045424Candle - A candle comprising a body of combustible wax and a wick, there being dispersed within the body inclusions of a combustible wax that has a higher melting point than has the wax of the body, said inclusions comprising a modifier, typically a fragrance or a pyrotechnic substance.02-24-2011
20100310999COLOR FLAME CANDLE - A candle that produces a pure, brilliant colorful flame. The candle incorporates a color-forming agent in its wick and not in the candle body. The localization of the color-forming agent in the wick combined with the formulation of the candle body allows for the production of a pure, colorful flame and for an extended shelf life of the candle. The candle contains primary combustion agent (87 to 100% by weight), higher fatty acid amide(0 to 12% by weight), and pigment(0 to 1% by weight). The wick includes pure cotton wick (45 to 98% by weight), color-forming agent (2 to 55% by weight).12-09-2010
20120015312CANDLES COMPRISING WAX-MONOESTERS - Candle compositions are disclosed which include a high concentration of liquid oils, yet are solid due the incorporation of wax-monoesters; thereby enhancing the scope, quality and functionality of candles. The wax-monoesters may be obtained from natural plant based waxes, including rice bran wax. Candles based on the candle compositions and methods of making the compositions are also disclosed.01-19-2012
20110165529WAX AND WAX-BASED PRODUCTS - The present lipid-based wax compositions commonly include a polyol fatty acid ester component (made up of partial and/or completely esterified polyols). Generally, at least a portion of the polyol fatty acid ester has been subjected to a transesterification reaction. Lipid-based wax compositions having a melting point of about 48° C. to about 75° C. can be particularly advantageous for use in forming candles. The wax may contain other components such as mineral wax, plant wax, insect wax, and/or other components. The polyol fatty acid ester component can include triacylglycerols such as those derived from plant oils (soybean oil, palm oil, etc.). The polyol ester component may be characterized based on one or more of its physical characteristics, such as SFI-40, SFI-10, typical crystal structure, IV, melting curve, and/or other properties.07-07-2011
20120064467WOODEN WICKS INCLUDING A BOOSTER FOR A CANDLE AND METHOD OF MAKING - A wooden wick for use in a wax candle comprising a strip of predetermined wood having each of a first predetermined length, a first predetermined width and a first predetermined thickness. Such wick further includes a wood booster member having each of a second predetermined length, a second predetermined width and a second predetermined thickness adhered to the strip of wood.03-15-2012
20100291499Removable wick - A removable, candle wick for its ability to be removed from a body of meltable wax and replaced on the same body of meltable wax or placed on a different body of wax. Being anchored on a metal wick tab allows wick to be placed on top of a flat wax surface with stem portion being ignited with a flame. As wax melts the wick tab sinks into the wax and can be extinguished and removed from wax before wax hardens and then placed in a container and reused as desired. The wick will burn wax completely and evenly, and after burning a body of wax, entirely extinguished and placed on a new body of wax to start a new burning. The wick will burn as long as it comes in contact with a meltable body of wax.11-18-2010
20120148965TRANSPARENT GEL CANDLE BASE - The present invention relates to transparent gel candle bases that may be used as a base material of transparent candles, to the transparent candles made therefrom, and to methods of making such candle bases and candles. The transparent gel candle bases of the present invention include a hydrocarbon oil and a gelling agent comprising dibutyl lauroyl glutamide and dibutyl ethylhexanoyl glutamide.06-14-2012
20130183629EVERSIBLE CANDLE HOLDER - An eversible candle holder comprises a flexible generally cylindrical body capable of being manipulated between rest and everted configurations, the body having sidewalls extending upwardly from a base. In the rest configuration the central portion of a heat sink is seated on a central pedestal of the base and a horizontal lip extending from a skirt wall depending from the pedestal's central portion is disposed in an inwardly-facing recess in a recessed perimeter portion of the base and is locked in the recess by an overlapping inwardly-extending retaining flange. In an everted configuration, the locking flange is rotated outwardly about an annular hinge section away from the central pedestal opening the recess a sufficient width to release the lip, enabling removal of the heat sink from the base, and facilitating disposal of candle wax accumulated in the bottom of the holder.07-18-2013
431289000 Having structure additional to wax and wick 70
20090081600METHOD OF FORMING A CANDLE WITH IMBEDDED IMAGES - An application for a method of making a candle includes providing a candle core and adding a base layer of wax to the candle core. Next, an image area is cut out of the base layer large enough to contain an image and the base layer is peeled away from the candle core in the image area. An adhesion layer of wax is added to the candle core. An image is installed in the image area. A clear layer of wax is added to the candle core, also covering the image. An outer layer of wax is added to the candle core, also covering the image area then the image area is cut out of the outer layer and the outer layer is peeled away from the candle core in the image area.03-26-2009
20090047612Wick assembly including wax ring and multi-wick sustainer - A wick assembly for use in a container according to various embodiments includes a wick sustainer configured for placement in the container. A plurality of equally spaced wick carriers are coupled to the wick sustainer. A wax material is formed on an uppermost surface of the wick sustainer and includes a plurality of voids therein. A plurality of wicks are each positioned within one of the plurality of voids formed in the wax ring and coupled to one of the wick carriers. During use the wax material melts into a molten pool of wax contained in the container. To refill the container, the user simply replaces the used wick assembly with a new wick assembly that is configured for that particular container. The wick assembly does not need to be coupled to the container.02-19-2009
20130209945CANDLE WITH EMBEDDED ITEM AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING AND SELLING SAME - A candle with an embedded item and methods for manufacturing same are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for manufacturing a candle having an item embedded within includes providing a first set of items of a first value and a second set of items of a second value different from the first value, combining the two sets to create a third set, and distributing the items of the third set among a set of candles, one item per candle, where the presence, nature, or value of the item within the candle is obscured. In one embodiment, the method further includes selling the candles for a first price, wherein, at the time of purchase, the presence of the embedded item, the nature of the embedded item, the value of the embedded item, or the value of the embedded item relative to the first price is not known to the purchaser.08-15-2013
20100075265Candle holder and extinguisher - Apparatus and method for extinguishing a candle by selecting a predetermined time for which the candle will burn and as a predetermined time is reached an exterior wall rises, engulfs, and covers the candle and flame. Upon coverage of the candle and flame the candle is extinguished, in a safe, secure, protective manner. Upon reaching a final predetermined time of the preset time selected by the user for the candle to burn an alarm sounds notifying the user the apparatus is closing.03-25-2010
20130157208Animated candle holder - A device is provided which translates the chemical energy released by the candles into a smooth movement of a platform floating within a pool of liquid and utilizing a virtual axle.06-20-2013
20120231401INTERCONNECTABLE CANDLE HOLDER - The present invention is to provide an interconnectable candle holder, which has a top surface formed with an opening extending inward along a longitudinal direction of the interconnectable candle holder to form a receiving space whose configuration allows a candle to be inserted into the receiving space, a lateral surface adjacent to the top surface and formed with a groove extending along the longitudinal direction to the bottom surface of the interconnectable candle holder and being in communication with the receiving space, and another lateral surface adjacent to the top surface and formed with a ridge extending along the longitudinal direction to the bottom surface and corresponding in configuration to the groove. Thus, a plurality of such candle holders having different heights can be connected with each other and jointly form a very stable supporting surface that effectively prevents the candle holders from toppling.09-13-2012
20110027736CANDLE HAVING A PLANAR WICK AND METHOD OF AN EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING SAME - A candle having a body of a meltable fuel and a planar wick. When lit, the candle provides a unique flame formation, usable in a variety of decorative applications. The wick can be configured to evenly deplete the meltable fuel, while allowing for candles having relatively large and unique body configurations. The body of candle and/or the wick may include scented oil to promote the release of fragrance upon heating. The wick preferably is formed of wood, thereby providing an acoustic contribution to ambiance and improved combustion that generates less soot than conventional cotton wick candles.02-03-2011
20090029304Adjustable height candle holder jar - An adjustable height holder jar for consumable items includes a stack of accurately fitted rings forming the side atop a closed bottom section. The jar is intended to be factory filled with scented candle wax with a typical wick in the center or with a collection of consumable items, such as food item pieces or hardware fasteners, such as screws or nails.01-29-2009
20110300496Candle With Wax Beads And Solid Wax Topping - A candle includes a vessel of some volume containing some smaller volume of at least one variety of wax beads, having a diameter of less than or equal to 2.35 millimeters and in most embodiments also including a particular fragrance and color pigment. The was beads topped with a solid wax topping. The solid wax topping may cover the entire exposed surface of the candle, holding the wax beads in place during shipping and use and holding the wick in a centralized location.12-08-2011
20090104577Candle with an Embedded Magnet or Ferromagnetic Material - A candle is disclosed that contains a small magnet (or ferromagnetic material) embedded in the base of the candle. In one embodiment, the base of a cylindrical candle contains a magnet (or ferromagnetic material) molded into the body of the candle such that a face of the magnet (or ferromagnetic material) is substantially co-planar with the base of the candle. The magnet (or ferromagnetic material) can have an irregular cross section along the length of the candle, thereby aiding retention of the magnet (or ferromagnetic material) within the candle body.04-23-2009
20080318176Fuel element for melting plate candle assembly - A fuel charge for use with a melting plate candle assembly includes an outer shell of fuel material surrounding an inner core of fuel material having different properties than the fuel material of the outer shell. The outer shell is substantially solid and may contain fuel additive that slows capillary flow of liquid fuel to the flame through the wick. The inner core may include liquid fuel, discrete solid fuel particles, or a solid fuel mass. The fuel additive is disposed in the fuel charge so as to slow migration of liquefied fuel to a flame on a wick only after a substantial portion of the fuel charge has been liquefied by heat from the flame.12-25-2008
20100221674CANDLE CONTAINER AND CANDLE WITH EXTINGUISHING PROPERTIES - A container for holding a combustible is provided, the container having a first portion for receiving the combustible and a second portion containing an extinguishing substance, characterized in that the extinguishing substance is in thermal contact with the first portion and is adapted to be set free if it exceeds a predefined temperature. Also provided is a candle comprising such a container, wherein the first portion contains candle wax, lamp oil or petroleum gel, and a wick.09-02-2010
20110151388Adjustable Candle Holder - an adjustable candle holder comprising of a mechanical, fire-proof, glass foundation which will cooperatively allow the integral internal chamber to traverse longitudinally from the base of the candle while protecting the stem.06-23-2011
20120202160CANDLE WITH RIBBON WICK - A candle has a ribbon style wick disposed in the candle body so that the wick creates a shape in addition to the shape of the wick material itself. The shape created by the wick is an open or closed shape that may be geometric or organic. The body of the wick is surrounded by wax and, if a closed shape is created, the wax is disposed within the closed shape. Once lit, the flame of the candle then takes on the shape created by the placement of the wick.08-09-2012
20110256492ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING ASSEMBLY AND A CANDLE EMBODYING THE SAME - An environmentally friendly product packaging assembly having a secondary use after a product has been removed therefrom. The packaging assembly comprises a candle having a wall made of a vaporizable material and defining a cavity therein for retaining the product. The candle includes a wick embedded in the wall in a spiral, coiled or helical fashion and positioned to substantially encircle the cavity. The assembly may include a containment mechanism that at least partially restricts access to the cavity and thereby aids in retaining the product therein. The assembly may further include a base positioned under a bottom end of the candle. The containment mechanism and base may themselves be made out of recyclable or combustible materials. Once the product has been removed from the cavity, the assembly may be used as a conventional candle. The candle wall is vaporized leaving little to no waste for disposal.10-20-2011
20090170046Jar candle with a candle disposed in the lid - The present invention is an adaptation of the common container candle. The container lid is formed so as to allow it to lay flat when turned on its crown. The base of the container lid contains a recess into which a candle is either formed or inserted in such a manner that when the lid is resting on its crown, the exposed wick of the lid candle rises vertically from the candle matrix. When the lid is engaged with the container, the exposed wick projects towards the container candle.07-02-2009
20110053104Assembly for Hanging a Candle Inside a Bottle - An assembly is provided whereby a candle holder is supported within a bottle and the bottle has no bottom and a single assembly supports both the candle holder and bottle.03-03-2011
20110027737CANDLE HAVING A PLANAR WICK AND METHOD OF AND EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING SAME - A candle having a body of a meltable fuel and a planar wick. When lit, the candle provides a unique flame formation, usable in a variety of decorative applications. The wick can be configured to evenly deplete the meltable fuel, while allowing for candles having relatively large and unique body configurations. The body of candle and/or the wick may include scented oil to promote the release of fragrance upon heating. The wick preferably is formed of wood, thereby providing an acoustic contribution to ambiance and improved combustion that generates less soot than conventional cotton wick candles.02-03-2011
20110076631Self-extinguishing candlewick - A candlewick includes a plurality of flame-extinguishing sleeves disposed thereon that are configured with a length and spacing that cause the candlewick to self-extinguish after a pre-determined time interval. Each flame-extinguishing sleeve is comprised of a non-combustible material that prevents consumption of the candlewick contained therein, and is configured to conduct heat into the body of the candle when a flame is disposed at the top of said sleeve. The wall thickness and the material making up the non-combustible sleeves are selected to provide sufficient heat transfer into the body of the candle to melt the candle base material, that is in contact with the flame-extinguishing sleeve when a candle flame reaches the top edge of said sleeve.03-31-2011
20100055631Blooming Candle - A blooming candle is described as an ornamental candle that transforms between different appearances as the candle burns. The candle has a tapered body that extends along a longitudinal axis from a top portion to a bottom portion, where the top portion has a larger diameter than the bottom portion. Vertical grooves are cut into the outside surface of the tapered body to form segments. When the candle is burned, the center portion of the candle about the wick melts according to the candles defined heat radius. As the candle continues to burn, the wax material begins to soften and the segments between the vertical grooves will begin to separate away from the tapered body. As melting continues, the segments continue to separate in an outward and downward direction, resembling pedals from a blooming flower. The described candle structures have a predictable ornamental change in shape during the burning process.03-04-2010
20080268391Safety candle - A self-extinguishing candle comprising wax and a wick embedded therein, the improvement comprising providing at least one fire resistant area on the wick to control interval burning.10-30-2008
20110091828Wax and Water Wood Wick Burner - This invention “Wax and Water Wood Wick Burner” is a device which produces energy. This invention differs from a standard candle as it uses water and charred wood wicks to burn. The combination of materials and the orientation allow the invention to burn more efficiently, in a controlled manner and with less pollution than a standard candle.04-21-2011
20110039218CANDLEHOLDER - A candleholder (02-17-2011
20120328998Candle Holder Mount - A candle holder mount is provided for holding electrical candle simulations firmly to a window sill of a home without the simulated candle being dragged off the sill by the weight of the electrical cord used to power the simulating device. The candle holder mount is affixable to window sills of various materials either in a permanent or removable fashion.12-27-2012
20100190122CANDLE PROVIDED WITH A FOIL, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A CANDLE - The invention relates to a candle provided with a body to be consumed comprising a fuel, such as paraffin, and a wick, wherein a part o the wick which is to burn is situated in use at an upper surface of the body to be consumed. The candle is furthermore provided with a foil which abut at least partly against the upper surface of the body to be consumed, wherein the foil is designed to be exclusively borne by the body to be consumed. The invention further relates to a method and apparatus for manufacturing such a candle.07-29-2010
20110262875Thermo-sensing color-changeable candle - A thermo-sensing color-changeable candle includes a candle and thermo-sensing powder combined together. The thermo-sensing powder will change colors and the decorative patterns concealed at the bottom of the candle beforehand will be revealed when the candle is burnt and the temperature of the candle rises.10-27-2011
20130209946CANDLE WITH STONES - Aspects of the present disclosure describe candles with one or more stones embedded into the fuel source. The fuel source may be a soy-based fuel. The soy-based fuel may also be scented. The one or more stones may be gemstones. The candle may be freestanding, or in a container. Additionally, a detachable bottom plate may be incorporated into the container that functions as a candle snuffer. Therapeutic qualities may be elicited by the combination of certain scents and gemstones. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.08-15-2013
431290000 Height adjuster or maintained flame level 1
20130203002Customizable Candle and Candle Holder - A customizable candle holder whose design is controlled by a user is described. The components of the candle holder comprise a base, a pillar, and a holder block. The components are designed such that the base supports the insertion of either the pillar or the holder block, and such that the pillar supports the insertion of the holder block. Therefore, the candle holder can be uniquely designed by a user with the incorporation of components of different or alternative designs. Candle holders of the invention can also comprise decorative charms, which can be removably attached to the holder thereby allowing more design freedom to the user.08-08-2013
431291000 Fuel body totally within casing, e.g., vigil light, etc. 21
20130071799ALL-VEGETABLE OIL CANDLES MANUFACTURED FROM HIGH PURITY STEARIN - This disclosure concerns methods for manufacturing candles using a high-purity stearin that may be produced from certain hydrogenated sunflower oils without requiring the separation of stearin from other fatty acids in the hydrogenated oil. This disclosure also concerns candles made by the foregoing manufacturing process, which candles may be of higher quality and cheaper to manufacture than conventional candles.03-21-2013
20110014580INTER-LOCKING CANDLE JAR SET - A glass pear shape candle jar that has inter-locking top and bottom candle pieces that collectively it forms a 4-in-1 candle set. This multi-purpose inter-locking candle jar set, has four difference types of candles. This inter-locking candle jar set is a 4-in-1 set comprising of: The use of a main full size candle jar, an upright flat dome top candle, a dinner candle holder within the flat dome and a tea light candle base and holder.01-20-2011
20100086887CANDLE WITH A BURN-THROUGH BARRIER - The disclosure relates to a candle with a burn-through barrier, including a wick surrounded by a candle body. The burn-through barrier also covers at least partially the periphery of the candle body. Protrusions can be arranged in a base of the burn-through barrier.04-08-2010
20120237884PARTITION FOR CANDLE CONTAINER - A partition for use in a container for a flame-bearing illumination source is disclosed. In one embodiment, the container substantially defines an interior volume and the partition is inside the container, defining at least one hole. The container may have a flared end and may be transparent or translucent. The partition may be transparent or translucent; may comprise plastic, polymer, polycarbonate, glass, or ceramic; may comprise only non-metallic materials; and may define only one hole.09-20-2012
20110294081Transforming container candles and uses thereof - The invention provides transforming container candles that, during burning, exhibit striking color-changing and pattern-forming characteristics. A color-changing transforming container candle may comprise at least a first and a second layer, column or core of wax of different colors. During burning of the candle, the colored wax components become liquefied and intermixed, ultimately transforming into a single layer of wax of a final color differing from that of the original wax layers. Color-changing candles configured in particular color combinations and arrangements of wax components are useful for color therapy of the human energy system, including the chakras and meridians. Transforming candles can be “sentimented” with benevolent intentions and energies (such as the desire for healing, world peace, etc.) by a method that includes the practice of mindfulness by a chandler during the production of the candle.12-01-2011
20100015561Candle holder with heat deflecting shield - A candle holder apparatus for housing a candle and a method for using such a device, the candle holder apparatus comprising a body having an open top, at least one body wall, and a cavity configured to house a candle. The candle holder further comprises a heat deflecting shield and a cover having a recess configured to house the heat deflecting shield. The heat deflecting shield is seated in the cover recess such that an air gap is formed between the heat deflecting shield and an inner surface of the cover. This air gap insulates and decreases the top surface temperatures of the cover, allowing a user to touch the cover without being burned. Further, the candle holder cover is configured to fit on the open top of the candle holder body. Vent openings are disposed in the wall of the candle holder body to permit airflow between the cavity and the exterior when the cover is atop the body.01-21-2010
20090004614CANDLE WITH LID FOR DISPENSING AN AIR TREATMENT CHEMICAL - Candles are provided for dispensing air treatment chemicals in response to heat. There is a lid bearing the air treatment chemical. The candle includes a housing with a combustible fuel. An upper lid includes a cover plate bearing the air treatment chemical and an opening centrally disposed in the plate to allow heated air to pass through when the fuel is being combusted. The plate is suspended across an upper end of a side wall of the housing creating an air gap adjacent the radial periphery of the lid. When the fuel is combusted the air treatment chemical can be heated thereby and carried away by heated air that has passed through the central opening, and the air gap can permit cooler air to enter the cavity while the fuel is being combusted.01-01-2009
20090208890Solid Fuel Torch - A solid fuel torch comprises a stand including a containing portion, a solid fuel means which is received in the containing portion of the stand including solid fuel and a wick protruding from the solid fuel and a flame collector mounted on the solid fuel means and including a casing means having a guiding portion and a main body. Wherein the guiding portion pierces the main body and includes a first end above the top of the main body, a second end below the top of the main body and a central channel defined therethrough, with the central channel provided above the wick of the solid fuel means.08-20-2009
20090068607OUTDOOR CANDLES - A candle device having an outer container and a container lid is disclosed, Briefly described, in one embodiment, the outer container has a generally hollow interior, and the candle device also includes a candle pan that is supported in the interior of the outer container above a bottom surface of the outer container. In an upper region of the outer container, an opening having a size and shape is defined. The candle lid is sized and shaped to be complementarily received by the opening.03-12-2009
20080254398Three container candle assembly - A candle container assembly. The assembly includes an outer container, a medial container situated within and attached to the outer container, and a gel between the outer container and the medial container. The assembly further includes an inner container which contains a candle. The inner container may be removed and replaced when the candle is completely consumed.10-16-2008
20100021855Non-sooting containerized candle - A non-sooting containerized candle is disclosed. The containerized candle includes a container having a top opening and a plurality of holes in an upper side wall portion of the container, a wick, a sustainer for securing the wick to the base of the container, and wax or other fuel material surrounding a major portion of the wick. The plurality of holes can be present in varying patterns in the upper side wall portion of the container to control air flow into and out of the container to provide complete combustion of the candle and prevent emission of carbon particulates. The pattern of holes control or adjust air flow around the burning wick from a turbulent air flow to a laminar air flow.01-28-2010
20080318177Non-sooting containerized candle - A non-sooting containerized candle is disclosed. The containerized candle includes a container having a top opening and a plurality of holes in an upper side wall portion of the container, a wick, a sustainer for securing the wick to the base of the container, and wax or other fuel material surrounding a major portion of the wick. The plurality of holes can be present in varying patterns in the upper side wall portion of the container to control air flow into and out of the container to provide complete combustion of the candle and prevent emission of carbon particulates. The pattern of holes control or adjust air flow around the burning wick from a turbulent air flow to a laminar air flow.12-25-2008
20120064468CONTAINER FOR CANDLE WITH MATCHES - The present invention provides a unique container for a candle with matches and a method of manufacturing an inexpensive canned candle by the use of conventional canning methods that can be stored for emergency and disaster situations for extended periods of time where the candle and a method of lighting them are easily available. The canned candle will be constructed of a container made from aluminum or steel that has been pressed formed in one piece. It will have a conventionally sealed pop-top lid used in the canning process of both foods and soft drinks, but not normally used in the process of manufacturing candles.03-15-2012
20120077133CANDLE FOR PROVIDING RAPID FRAGRANCE DELIVERY - A scented candle is provided which includes a dual braided wick in a candle mass. The candle mass is positioned on an inwardly sloping platform and such platform is snugly fit into a noncombustible container. A wick clip with louvers that secures and centers the wick in the candle mass allows maximum fuel flow to the wick during use to ensure full consumption of the melted candle mass.03-29-2012
20120251962CANDLE HOLDER - A candle holder has a double walled container and a lid fitting the container and suspending a candle platform into the double walled container.10-04-2012
20120129114Candle Wick System - This invention relates to a candle wick system for use with a container, in particular, a system including a candle wick, a wick dip, utilized alone and in combination thereof; wherein the candle wick system is for use with a container populated by a fuel having a wick with a height, a variable cross-sectional area, and a thickness.05-24-2012
20120135359Candle With Non-Consuming / Reusable Wick - A non consuming/reusable candle includes a wick that is a made of a porous sintered metal or alloy or of ceramic. The wick is conducive to wicking, via capillary action, any candle fuel for the purpose of combustion. The wick shape may be of any multiple geometrical shapes, and may be straight or curved, and provide either a narrow or broad flame. A wick holder can also be employed to hold the non consuming wick in place as well as to help with heat transfer to the body of the wax05-31-2012
20120214110Container Candle with Enhanced Candle Performance and Candle Insert for Container Candle - The present invention relates to vessel design that enhances candle performance by separating the inlet air from the active scent while accelerating the active scent. The chimney-like assembly accelerates active scent flow, thus propelling active scent faster and further from the candle. The separation of inlet air from active scent produces an efficient laminar flame with minimal flame movement and flickering, thus reducing the soot potential.08-23-2012
20120077134Candle Holder with Consistent Upright Candle - A candle holder is described having a fixture with a candle, the fixture pivotally positioned in a circular gimbal that is pivotally positioned in a cylindrical housing, an enclosure that is securely fastened with a proximal end of the housing.03-29-2012
20120270164CONTAINER CANDLE, INSERT THEREFOR AND METHOD OF MAKING - A container candle having improved burn performance and fragrance delivery is described. The container candle includes a container, a non-cylindrical insert with wick, and a fill material. The non-cylindrical insert provides auto-centering of the wick in the container candle and even burning of the candle by centrally positioning and retention of the wick in the container. The non-cylindrical insert has a top surface which transitions into tapered side walls which in turn transition to a base having a bottom surface, with the top surface being of a lesser diameter than the diameter of the bottom surface. An upper portion of the wick extends beyond the top surface of the insert. The fill material is situated in the container around the insert in an amount at least substantially sufficient to cover the insert but not cover the upper portion of the wick extending out of the insert.10-25-2012
20110311925CANDLE STAND - A candle stand that displays dynamically by a lit candle is revealed. The candle stand includes a liquid container with a slot for receiving a candle arranged at on a top thereof, a base disposed under the liquid container, a driving member having a motor and a circuit board, and a candlelight optical sensor arranged on the bottom of the liquid container. When the candle is lit, candlelight triggers the optical sensor that drives the motor working by the circuit board. Thus ornaments move dynamically. When the candle light is over, the motor stops operating.12-22-2011
431292000 Melt handler or receiver 14
20090092938Candle maker and redresser - A used candle is held against a flat electrically heated wax melting surface for removing the shoulder and the crater from the candle. The melted wax is directed through a drain to a container. The melted wax may be poured into a separate candle mold, or the container may be used directly to form a new candle. A multi legged wick pin holder, placed across the top of the container, holds one or more wick pins in vertical position when the container is used as a candle mold. The wax melting surface is angled slightly toward the drain to facilitate the flow of melted wax. A low heat conducting barrier keeps chunks of wax from clogging the drain. In one embodiment, the wax melting surface includes a gutter that communicates with a well formed around the drain. The well has tapered sides for shaping candle bottoms. In another embodiment, the wax melting surface has multiple angled planes converging at the drain.04-09-2009
20130052596LIGHT JEWELS - A wickless candle system includes a housing, a wax reservoir, a light, and an ornament, with at least one hole through a panel of the housing. The light provides a source of heat to melt wax within the wax reservoir, and the ornament is mounted in a position of alignment with the hole through the panel of the housing. The ornament is offset from the panel of the housing to maintain a substantially unobstructed airflow path between the ornament and the panel of the housing.02-28-2013
20090233251CANDLE, A CANDLE HOLDER, A CANDLE HOLDING SOCKET, A CANDELABRUM AND A METHOD OF MAKING A CANDLE - A candle socket is disclosed that has passage through the candle socket. A candle is supported on the candle socket. The candle comprises a body of candle fuel with a wick extending longitudinally through the body. The candle comprises a root extending longitudinally away from the body and forming a butt end of the candle. The root is sized to pass through the passage through the socket. The root extends longitudinally in the passage through the candle socket. The root comprises candle fuel supporting a bottom portion of the wick in the root. A candle holder is also disclosed that comprises such a candle socket and also includes a collection receptacle associated with it and arranged to receive candle residue dropping from the candle socket. A filter that allows molten candle fuel through and catches wick residue falling from the candle socket is arranged between the hole in the base and the collection receptacle.09-17-2009
20090246722Candle holder with a consistent upright candle - A candle holder is described having a fixture with a candle, the fixture pivotally positioned in a circular gimbal that is pivotally positioned in a cylindrical housing, an enclosure that is securely fastened with a proximal end of the housing. a first upright position of the candle holder and a second inverted position of the candle holder.10-01-2009
20110200956Candle Holder - A candle holder that allows for the installed candle to be lit without having to remove the candle from the holder and that maintains the candle in an upright orientation as the orientation of the candle holder is varied. The candle holder includes a housing fixedly connected to an enclosure, the housing comprising, in one embodiment, a counterbalance with an annular top adapted to receive the candle. The present invention is also a candle holder with a pivotally connected candle tray that slides out of the housing to access the candle.08-18-2011
20090029305Candlestick - A candlestick includes a tubular cartridge of biodegradable material having an upper end which forms a socket for a candle and a lower end, and a sleeve of flexible biodegradable material encircling the cartridge and extending appreciably above the upper end thereof. The sleeve is collapsible lengthwise towards the upper end of the cartridge so that when a candle is received the cartridge, the sleeve is gathered around the candle at the upper end of the cartridge forming a cuff or skirt which can catch any melted wax dripping from the candle.01-29-2009
20100028820Candle Comprising a Wick, a Fuel and a Candle Dish - The invention relates to a candle comprising a wick, a fuel and a candle dish and also to a candle dish to be used in candles. The invention further relates to a fastening device comprising a candle comprising a candle dish and fastening material.02-04-2010
20100291500CANDLES AND CANDLE HOLDER - A candle holder comprising a body having a mouth, a base and sides that connect the mouth to the base is provided. The mouth comprises an opening arranged to receive a candle and at least a portion of the sides taper inwardly from the mouth towards the base. The inward most point of the tapered portion of the sides defines an aperture having a size which is less than that of the widest part of the candle. Also provided are a candle and a candle stand having a catching device for use with the candle holder. In use, wax and waste material from the candle pass through the aperture of the candle holder into the catching device. Thus, the candle holder can be reused repeatedly without the need for cleaning or replacement of the candle holder.11-18-2010
20120082947CANDLE ASSEMBLY AND FUEL ELEMENT THEREFOR - A candle assembly comprises a fuel element having a first surface, a second surface disposed opposite the first surface, and a channel extending through the fuel element from the first surface to the second surface. A support structure is adapted to support the first surface of the fuel element within a central portion of the support structure. A wick retainer has a flat portion with a centralized conduit extending outwardly from a top surface of the flat portion. A wick has a first end disposed within the wick retainer, wherein the wick and wick retainer are embedded in the fuel element prior to use such that a second end of the wick extends outwardly beyond the second surface of the fuel element.04-05-2012
20120148966Candle Wick and Wick Clip - A candle wick includes a first portion oriented perpendicular to a second portion to form a candle wick with a plus-shaped configuration. A wick clip includes a first slot oriented perpendicular to a second slot to form a wick clip plus-shaped configuration sized to receive the plus-shaped configuration of the candle wick. The first slot of the wick clip is configured to receive the first portion of the candle wick, and the second slot of the wick clip is configured to receive the second portion of the candle wick. The candle wick and wick clip form a clip assembly. A candle comprises a plus-shaped candle wick held in place by a wick clip.06-14-2012
20080227043Disposable, floating, flame heated wax melting plate for confined and unconfined conventional candles and attachment method for use in candle making - A disposable floating flame heated candle following melting plate for melting the wasted solid wax in confined and unconfined conventional candles to a liquid form sufficient to cause the wax to flow back to the candle flame for consumption, wherein the improved plate is a single plate structure capable of floating, plate structure having an attaching method for use in the candle making process and attaches itself to a candle when marketed separate from its fuel source or candle.09-18-2008
20130115565Wax Burning Method and Apparatus - A wax burning system provides a melting plate and burning assembly for maintaining a burning flame to consume substantially all of the provided wax in the system.05-09-2013
20130101946Fuel Management of a Melting Fuel - A fuel management system provides a burning system to melt solid fuel and supply the fuel to a wick for producing a larger flame.04-25-2013
431293000 Follower cap 1
20100178625CANDLE BURNING DEVICE - The invention relates to a candle burning device, for example, a candle follower, which comprises a substantially planar body defining an outer rim, a plurality of vent openings, and an approximately centralized depressed recess, the recess defining an aperture for receiving a candle wick; a flange extending downward from the outer rim of the body; and wherein the device is formed of a heat conducting material.07-15-2010
431295000 Holder for plural candles 4
20130216964CANDELABRUM OF HANGING CANDLES - A candelabrum includes a frame assembly, a pair of anchor beams, and at least one candle support. The frame assembly includes a first frame member, a second frame member, and at least one cross member. The first frame member is rigidly coupled to the second frame member via the at least one cross member. The pair of anchor beams is coupled to the frame assembly. The at least one candle support is pivotally coupled to the pair of anchor beams. The at least one candle support is configured to receive a candle therein.08-22-2013
20090053663Germ protective cake cover - The present invention is a transparent dessert cover designed to shield confections, such as cakes, from germs resulting particularly from those attempting to blow out candles, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the cake. In the preferred mode, the cover is constructed of freezer-proof plastic material, and molded in the shape of a particular confection, such as a round or rectangular birthday cake. The upper portion of the cover contains recessed holes to accommodate a predetermined number of candles, as well as at least one slot in which a celebratory message such as “Happy Birthday” may be inserted. Importantly, individual letters are provided for the user to spell out particular names or messages, as desired. Finally, a sturdy, attachable bottom piece is provided with the cover to facilitate transportation and storage of the cake.02-26-2009
20080268392Cake shield for protection of cake from expelled germs and candle residue - A cake shield to protect a cake during celebration allowing celebrants to enjoy activity and excitement of special moment without distraction or hesitation previously caused by thoughts and concerns about what they just observed to be blown or dropped onto cake they are about to eat.10-30-2008
20120264069Flexible Wick - A candle wick includes a first layer of paper or dried pulp and a second layer of material selected from the group consisting of paper, silk, thread, textiles, corn fiberfill, cotton batting, bamboo fiber, soybean protein fiber, wood, alpaca hair, dried pulp, rosin, resin, and fibrous material. The first layer is attached to the second layer to form a candle wick that is pliable and shapeable from a generally flat shape to a generally curved shaped. When ignited, the material comprising the candle wick is capable of providing sufficient fuel to a flame to provide a substantially consistent burn from an upper portion to a lower portion. A wick clip includes a slot similarly sized and shaped to receive an undersurface of the pliable, shaped configuration of the candle wick. The candle wick and wick clip form a clip assembly.10-18-2012
431297000 Candle mounting attachment for socket type support 3
20100104994Candle holder converter assembly - A converter assembly intended for use with a conventional handle holder, e.g., a candlestick, candelabra, or candle sconce, for simulating the appearance and functionality of a traditional candle with attached shade but configured to significantly reduce the risk of fire. The assembly includes an elongate shaft configured to simulate a wax candle and having a lower end shaped to be accommodated in a candle receiving socket of a conventional candle holder. The upper end of the elongate shaft mounts a light transmissive cup, configured to hold a tealight and support a light transmissive shade.04-29-2010
20110236841Candle holder insert - A candle insert stabilizes a candle within a candle holder. The candle insert comprises a sleeve having a top opening and side walls. The side walls of the sleeve have an external surface appointed to engage with a socket of a candle holder. An internal cavity of the sleeve is appointed to receive and engage with a candle base. The top opening of the sleeve has a substantially annular shape and is appointed to receive the base of the candle. A plurality of grooves and ridges are integrated within the external surface and the internal cavity of the side walls. The grooves and ridges cooperate in concert to reduce sliding friction during mounting and removal of the candle insert within the candle holder, and stabilize the candle during residence therein.09-29-2011
20100311000 CANDLE HOLDER - The invention refers to a candle holder for fixing candles in a candlestick and comprising a sleeve (12-09-2010

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