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Hetero ring in the organic solvent

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429 - Chemistry: electrical current producing apparatus, product, and process


429188000 - Include electrolyte chemically specified and method

429324000 - Chemically specified organic solvent containing

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429337000 Oxygen is the only ring hetero atom in the hetero ring (e.g., dioxolane, gamma butyrolactone, etc.) 168
20130040209NONAQUEOUS ELECTROLYTE SOLUTION CONTAINING CYCLIC SULFONE COMPOUND, AND LITHIUM SECONDARY BATTERY - A non-aqueous electrolyte solution containing a cyclic sulfone compound having a 1,3-dithietane-1,1,3,3-tetraoxide structure is provided. The cyclic sultone compound is preferably a compound represented by formula (I) [wherein in formula (I), R02-14-2013
20130089793IONIC LIQUIDS, ELECTROLYTE SOLUTIONS INCLUDING THE IONIC LIQUIDS, AND ENERGY STORAGE DEVICES INCLUDING THE IONIC LIQUIDS - An ionic liquid including a phosphazene compound that has a plurality of phosphorus-nitrogen units and at least one pendant group bonded to each phosphorus atom of the plurality of phosphorus-nitrogen units. One pendant group of the at least one pendant group comprises a positively charged pendant group. Additional embodiments of ionic liquids are disclosed, as are electrolyte solutions and energy storage devices including the embodiments of the ionic liquid.04-11-2013
20090233180SECONDARY BATTERY - A secondary battery capable of improving the cycle characteristics and the storage characteristics is provided. The secondary battery includes a cathode, an anode, and an electrolytic solution. The anode contains an anode active material containing a material that is capable of inserting and extracting an electrode reactant and has at least one of metal elements and metalloid elements. Further, the electrolytic solution contains a solvent containing a sulfone compound having a structure in which —S(═O)09-17-2009
20120237836ELECTROLYTE FOR RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY, AND RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY INCLUDING THE SAME - An electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery includes a first lithium salt; a second lithium salt including a compound represented by Chemical Formula 1, Chemical Formula 3-1 or 3-2, or combinations thereof; a non-aqueous organic solvent; and an additive including a compound represented by Chemical Formula 9.09-20-2012
20090176162LITHIUM RECHARGEABLE ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL - This invention concerns a lithium rechargeable electrochemical cell containing electrochemical redox active compounds in the electrolyte. The cell is composed of two compartments, where the cathodic compartment comprises a cathodic lithium insertion material and one or more of p-type redox active compound(s) in the electrolyte; the anodic compartment comprises an anodic lithium insertion material and one or more of n-type redox active compound(s) in the electrolyte. These two compartments are separated by a separator and the redox active compounds are confined only in each compartment. Such a rechargeable electrochemical cell is suitable for high energy density applications. The present invention also concerns the general use of redox active compounds and electrochemically addressable electrode systems containing similar components which are suitable for use in the electrochemical cell.07-09-2009
20120196192ELECTROLYTE FOR RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY AND RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY INCLUDING THE SAME - In one aspect, a rechargeable lithium battery including an electrolyte for the rechargeable lithium battery is provided. The electrolyte for the rechargeable lithium battery includes: a non-aqueous organic solvent; a lithium salt; and a compound represented by Chemical Formula 1.08-02-2012
20110053003LITHIUM ION SECONDARY BATTERY AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING LITHIUM ION SECONDARY BATTERY - The invention relates to a lithium ion secondary battery including: a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator disposed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte, wherein the non-aqueous electrolyte includes a non-aqueous solvent including a sulfone compound, the positive electrode includes a positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material layer formed on the surface of the positive electrode current collector, the positive electrode active material layer includes lithium-containing composite oxide particles and a fluorocarbon resin, and a coverage of the fluorocarbon resin relative to the surface area of the lithium-containing composite oxide particles is 20 to 65%. It is an object of the invention to provide a lithium ion secondary battery that is kept from deteriorating in rate characteristics over time, in particular, from significantly deteriorating in rate characteristics during storage at high temperatures.03-03-2011
20110033756LITHIUM ION SECONDARY BATTERY - The present invention intends to improve the intermittent cycle characteristics in a lithium ion secondary battery including, as a positive electrode active material, a lithium composite oxide mainly composed of nickel or cobalt. The present invention is a lithium ion secondary battery wherein the positive electrode includes active material particles including a lithium composite oxide. The lithium composite oxide is represented by the general formula (1): Li02-10-2011
20110256457NONAQUEOUS SECONDARY BATTERY AND FLAME RETARDANT FOR THE SAME - A nonaqueous secondary battery, comprising: a positive electrode; a negative electrode; and a nonaqueous electrolyte solution, the nonaqueous electrolyte solution containing as a flame retardant a compound of the general formula (I):10-20-2011
20110262816POLYHYDROGEN FLUORIDE BASED BATTERY - The described invention relates to primary and secondary electrochemical energy storage systems, particularly to such systems as battery cells, which use materials that take up and release ions as a means of storing and supplying electrical energy, and methods of fabrication thereof.10-27-2011
20120009486ELECTROLYTE AND SECONDARY BATTERY - A secondary battery capable of improving cycle characteristics is provided. The secondary battery includes a cathode 01-12-2012
20120009485ELECTROLYTES IN SUPPORT OF 5V LI ION CHEMISTRY - This invention described the preparation of a series of compounds that can be used as co-solvents, solutes or additives in non-aqueous electrolytes and their test results in various electrochemical devices. The inclusion of these novel compounds in electrolyte systems can enable rechargeable chemistries at high voltages that are otherwise impossible with state-of-the-art electrolyte technologies. These compounds are so chosen because of their beneficial effect on the interphasial chemistries formed at high potentials, such as 5.0 V class cathodes for new Li ion chemistries. The potential application of these compounds goes beyond Li ion battery technology and covers any electrochemical device that employs non-aqueous electrolytes for the benefit of high energy density resultant from high operating voltages.01-12-2012
20120135316NEW IMIDAZOLIUM SALTS HAVING LIQUID CRYSTAL CHARACTERISTICS, USEFUL AS ELECTROLYTES - Novel imidazolium salts of formula (I) are described in which R is a C05-31-2012
20120328960NONAQUEOUS SOLVENT AND POWER STORAGE DEVICE - A nonaqueous solvent having excellent reduction resistance, which can be applied to an electrolyte solution, is provided. Further, a nonaqueous solvent which can be used in a wide temperature range and applied to an electrolyte solution is provided. Furthermore, a high-performance power storage device is provided. A nonaqueous solvent containing at least an ionic liquid including an alicyclic quaternary ammonium cation having one or more substituents and a counter anion to the alicyclic quaternary ammonium cation, and a freezing-point depressant is provided. A power storage device including the nonaqueous solvent for an electrolyte solution is also provided.12-27-2012
20130011747LITHIUM ION SECONDARY BATTERY - There is provided a lithium ion secondary battery excellent in cycle characteristics in which the conductivity of an electrode using a graphite material which is less deformed and oriented by pressurization is improved. A negative electrode mixture which includes at least a negative electrode active material comprising graphite as a main component, a binder, and a conductive aid has a ratio of a peak intensity of a (002) plane to a peak intensity of a (110) plane in an X-ray diffraction spectrum of 30 or more and 70 or less, the spectrum being measured after the negative electrode mixture is pressed at 98 MPa (1000 kgf/cm01-10-2013
20110159380NONAQUEOUS ELECTROLYTE AND LITHIUM SECONDARY BATTERY EMPLOYING THE SAME - A nonaqueous electrolyte which contains a nonaqueous organic solvent and a lithium salt dissolved therein is provided. Also provided is a lithium secondary battery employing the nonaqueous electrolyte.06-30-2011
20120282530BATTERY STRUCTURES, SELF-ORGANIZING STRUCTURES, AND RELATED METHODS - An energy storage device includes a first electrode comprising a first material and a second electrode comprising a second material, at least a portion of the first and second materials forming an interpenetrating network when dispersed in an electrolyte, the electrolyte, the first material and the second material are selected so that the first and second materials exert a repelling force on each other when combined. An electrochemical device, includes a first electrode in electrical communication with a first current collector; a second electrode in electrical communication with a second current collector; and an ionically conductive medium in ionic contact with said first and second electrodes, wherein at least a portion of the first and second electrodes form an interpenetrating network and wherein at least one of the first and second electrodes comprises an electrode structure providing two or more pathways to its current collector.11-08-2012
20110311884PENTACYCLIC ANION SALT AND USE THEREOF AS AN ELECTROLYTE - The invention relates to a pentacyclic anion salt and to the use thereof in electrolyte compositions. The compound comprises an inorganic, organic or organometallic cation M of valency m (1≦m≦3) and m anions corresponding to the formula (I) in which R12-22-2011
20120058401ELECTROLYTIC SOLUTION FOR SECONDARY BATTERY, SECONDARY BATTERY, ELECTRIC POWER TOOL, ELECTRICAL VEHICLE, AND ELECTRIC POWER STORAGE SYSTEM - A secondary battery includes a cathode, an anode, and an electrolytic solution. The electrolytic solution contains chlorine ions together with a nonaqueous solvent and an electrolyte salt. The nonaqueous solvent contains sulfonic acid anhydrides (disulfonic acid anhydride or sulfonic acid carboxylic acid anhydride). A content of the chlorine ions is 5000 wt ppm or less.03-08-2012
20120094192COMPOSITE NANOWIRE COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF SYNTHESIS - Nanowire array compositions in which nanowires containing at least one Group IV metal (e.g., Si or Ge) in a single layer or core-shell nanowire structure, wherein, in particular embodiments, the nanowires have a transition metal core and/or are surrounded by or embedded within a metal oxide or metal oxide-ionic liquid ordered host material. The nanowire compositions are incorporated into the anodes of lithium ion batteries. Methods of preparing the nanowire compositions, particularly by low temperature methods, are also described.04-19-2012

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