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429 - Chemistry: electrical current producing apparatus, product, and process

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429209000 Electrode 2340
429188000 Include electrolyte chemically specified and method 1414
429163000 Cell enclosure structure, e.g., housing, casing, container, cover, etc. 1063
429149000 Plural cells 576
429129000 Separator, retainer or spacer insulating structure (other than a single porous flat sheet, or either an impregnated or coated sheet not having distinct layers) 445
429247000 Separator, retainer, spacer or materials for use therewith 106
429162000 Flat-type unit cell and specific unit cell components 69
429161000 Intracell assembly having cell electrode connector 25
429127000 Tape or flexible-type cell including tape fuel cells or subcombination thereof 23
429124000 Printed cell type 12
429208000 Electrode support for suspending or holding an electrode in a battery 7
429128000 Electrode or plural tablets, pellets or discs 7
429123000 Having means to interchangeably connect plural individual cells or means to conectively support cell to current seeking apparatus 5
20100266887BATTERY PACK - A battery pack is provided, in which external connection terminals are arrayed in the same direction in the module having the plurality of cells connected in series and a wiring that cuts across the module is not generated, and, in which improvement of the workability and reduction of connection failures are achieved by only connecting between the units by means of a bus bar when creating the module. Three pieces of flat-plate cells 10-21-2010
20100279166HOT-SWAPPABLE AUXILIARY BATTERY MODULE, AUXILIARY SYSTEM AND HOT-SWAP METHOD - A hot-swappable auxiliary battery module, a hot-swappable auxiliary system and a hot-swap auxiliary method swap are provided. The hot-swappable auxiliary battery module is applied to an electronic device including a first battery, a battery connector, and a first power jack. The first battery is connected to the battery connector to provide power for the electronic device to operate. The hot-swappable auxiliary battery module includes a second battery and a power cable. The second battery is capable of being connected to the battery connector. One end of the power cable is capable of being connected with the first power jack, and the other end of the power cable is connected with the second battery to provide power to the electronic device, so that the operation of the electronic device continues when the first battery is disconnected from the battery connector.11-04-2010
20110008667BATTERY PACK INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF UNIT CELLS - A battery pack including a plurality of unit cells, the battery pack including: a plurality of unit cells, a case accommodating the plurality of unit cells, and a first insulation structure covering a first external surface of the case. A plurality of first guide pins project from the first external surface of the case. A plurality of first coupling holes into which the first guide pins are respectively inserted is formed in the first insulation structure.01-13-2011
20120251866BATTERY DISCONNECT UNIT AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING THE BATTERY DISCONNECT UNIT - A battery disconnect unit for selectively coupling a battery pack to a load is provided. The unit includes a base portion that holds first and second contactors, a pre-charging relay, and a charging relay, thereon. The unit further includes a circuit board having first, second, third and fourth bus bars disposed thereon. The first and second bus bars are coupled to first and second terminals, respectively, of the first contactor. The first bus bar is further coupled to the battery pack, and the second bus bar is further coupled to the load. The third and fourth bus bars are coupled to third and fourth terminals, respectively, of the second contactor. The third bus bar is further coupled to the battery pack, and the fourth bus bar is further coupled to the load.10-04-2012
20130149584BATTERY ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A battery assembly for use in an electronic device. The battery assembly may include a battery cell, a battery connector for providing power from the battery cell to the electronic device, and a flex circuit electrically coupling the battery cell to the electronic device. The battery connector may be located adjacent the battery cell, and may include one or more alignment mechanisms so that conductive pads connector align properly with corresponding conductive elements of the electronic device. The battery cell may be fixed to the electronic device using an adhesive layer placed between the cell and the electronic device. A tab may extend beyond the periphery of the battery cell to allow a user to pull or peal the battery cell from the electronic device for replacement or repair.06-13-2013
429126000 Cell with protective layer on electrolyte 3
20120183834SOLID-ELECTROLYTE BATTERY - A solid-electrolyte battery is provided that includes a LiNbO07-19-2012
20120308870ELECTRODE ACTIVE MATERIAL FOR ALL SOLID STATE SECONDARY BATTERY AND ALL SOLID STATE SECONDARY BATTERY - An electrode active material for an all solid state secondary battery, which is able to have the controlled orientation of a crystal face at the interface between an electrode layer and an electrolyte layer in order to enhance the battery performance, and an all solid state secondary battery including the electrode active material. The electrode active material includes a carbon material having an intensity ratio (P12-06-2012
20080248380Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit, an integrated circuit, and a memory module - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method of manufacturing an integrated circuit including a memory device includes, generating a solid electrolyte layer including a first solid electrolyte layer area and a second solid electrolyte layer area, the height of the top surface of the solid electrolyte layer within the second solid electrolyte layer area being lower than the height of the top surface of the solid electrolyte layer within the first solid electrolyte layer area; generating a conductive layer above the top surfaces of the first solid electrolyte layer area and the second solid electrolyte layer area; planarizing the top surface of the conductive layer such that the solid electrolyte layer is exposed within the first solid electrolyte layer area, however is covered by the conductive layer within the second solid electrolyte layer area; patterning the exposed solid electrolyte layer within the first solid electrolyte layer area.10-09-2008
429148000 Plural housing having spacing means or channels for air circulation and short prevention 3
20090239136Power supply apparatus - A power supply apparatus that can achieve preferable holding and fixing of components constituting the power supply apparatus and can preferably prevent a liquid short-circuit and a leakage of current due to condensed water. The power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit having a plurality of power supply elements stacked with each other, an upper case and a lower case which house the power supply unit. The power supply further includes an auxiliary fastening portion which is fixed to the lower case and provides a space S between a lower surface of the power supply unit and the lower case, and fastening portions that are placed on the left and right of the power supply unit when viewed in a direction in which the power supply elements are stacked. The fastening portions fastening the power supply unit to the upper case.09-24-2009
20090311590CARTRIDGE-TYPE LITHIUM ION POLYMER BATTERY PACK - Disclosed is a cartridge-type lithium ion polymer battery pack including: at least two lithium ion polymer batteries in which adjacent electrode tabs are connected to each other so as to form a predetermined series circuit with a desired instrument; and an upper plate and a lower plate disposed at the top and the bottom of the whole lithium ion polymer batteries, respectively, and coupled to each other so that each lithium ion polymer battery is partially covered with them. Multiple layers of the battery packs are laminated and fixed with ease so as to conform to the electric power requirement for a desired instrument.12-17-2009
20110052963Secondary battery - A secondary battery including a can having at least two receiving spaces with a separation space therebetween, an electrode assembly received in the receiving spaces of the can, a collector electrically connected to the electrode assembly, and a cap plate coupled to an upper portion of the can to seal the can.03-03-2011
429125000 Standard cell or counter emf type 3
20090092892ANODE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND BATTERY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An anode capable of improving charge-discharge efficiency, and a method of manufacturing the anode, and a battery using the anode are provided. An anode 04-09-2009
20090075164DIRECT CURRENT POWER SUPPLY AND METHOD THEREFOR - A Direct Current (DC) power supply has a body section having a plurality of chambers. The body section is formed of a non-conductive material. A pair of electrodes is placed in each of the plurality of chambers. A first electrode has a positive electromotive force and a second electrode has a negative electromotive force. The first electrode and the second electrode are placed in the chamber to form a void spaced between the first electrode and the second electrode. A liquid is placed in the void space of each chamber. Metal wires are used to connect the second electrode of each chamber with the first electrode of an adjacent chamber.03-19-2009
20080254354CONNECTION SYSTEM FOR AN ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL - An electrochemical cell includes a can and a jelly roll disposed in the can. The jelly roll includes a positive electrode and a negative electrode, wherein positive winding foils protrude from a positive end of the jelly roll and negative winding foils protrude from a negative end of the jelly roll. The positive winding foils are folded in a same direction to overlap each other in a first pattern of recesses and the negative winding foils are folded in a same direction to overlap each other in a second pattern of recesses. A positive disk includes a plurality of leg forms welded into the first pattern of recesses formed in the positive winding foils. A negative disk includes a plurality of leg forms welded into the second pattern of recesses formed in the winding foils. At least one of the positive disk and the negative disk is electrically insulated from the can.10-16-2008
20090214942ORIENTED NANOTUBE ELECTRODES FOR LITHIUM ION BATTERIES AND SUPERCAPACITORS - An electrode having an oriented array of multiple nanotubes is disclosed. Individual nanotubes have a lengthwise inner pore defined by interior tube walls which extends at least partially through the length of the nanotube. The nanotubes of the array may be oriented according to any identifiable pattern. Also disclosed is a device featuring an electrode and methods of fabrication.08-27-2009
20100297489Treatment and Adhesive for Microporous Membranes - An electrochemical cell may have a PVDF microporous membrane that may be adhesively bonded to electrodes. The adhesive may be a mixture of a solvent and non-solvent that may cause the PVDF membrane to become tacky and adhere to an electrode without collapsing. An adhesively bonded cell may be constructed using multiple layers of adhesively bonded membranes and electrodes. In some embodiments, the adhesive solution may be used as a sizing to prepare electrodes for bonding.11-25-2010
20120295147NANOMATERIALS FOR SODIUM-ION BATTERIES - A crystalline nanowire and method of making a crystalline nanowire are disclosed. The method includes dissolving a first nitrate salt and a second nitrate salt in an acrylic acid aqueous solution. An initiator is added to the solution, which is then heated to form polyacrylatyes. The polyacrylates are dried and calcined. The nanowires show high reversible capacity, enhanced cycleability, and promising rate capability for a battery or capacitor.11-22-2012
20080241657Coiled-cell lithium-ion battery having collector and/or contacts embedded in plastic - A coiled cell lithium-ion battery is provided with a plastic element, at least on the part of the end face of the cell coil on which the collector projects, to partially or completely embed the collector.10-02-2008
20080241661Mobile terminal with user identification card including personal finance-related information and method of using a value-added mobile service through said mobile terminal - The present invention enables a user to receive a financial service anywhere through a mobile terminal equipped with a UIM (User Identification Module) electronic card. In the present invention, a user enters his or her password to a mobile terminal with a UIM card including subscriber telephone number, finance, authorization, and personal information, then, if the entered password is correct, authorization is processed with a remote authorizing server based on the authorization information. After authorization, user's requesting service, e.g., payment service, transaction particulars inquiry service, prepaid card recharging service is conducted through a mobile network.10-02-2008
20080241656CORRUGATED ELECTRODE CORE TERMINAL INTERFACE APPARATUS AND ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE - A corrugated electrode core terminal interface apparatus and article of manufacture are disclosed. In one embodiment, the corrugated electrode core terminal interface apparatus comprises a first current collector foil, a separator, a second current collector foil, and a plurality of termination wires.10-02-2008
20080286644Label for secondary battery and secondary battery using the label - A label for a secondary battery has a multilayer structure so as to have different strength according to parts of the label and a secondary battery using the label. The label includes a main sheet surrounding at least a part of an outer surface of the battery and a reinforcing sheet stacked on a part of the main sheet to surround a part of the battery. The reinforcing sheet may be made of metal. The battery is formed in a rectangular shape and the reinforcing sheet surrounds at least a part of four relatively narrow side surfaces of the battery.11-20-2008
20080286645ELECTROCHMICAL CELL ELECTRODE AND ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL - The present invention provides an electrode and an electrochemical cell which have a high capacity and are excellent in long term reliability. The present invention relates to a cell electrode comprising at least one organic compound polymer and a carbon material as a conductive auxiliary material wherein the included organic compound polymer is a compound causing an oxidation-reduction reaction based on the electrochemical proton adsorption and desorption and wherein the carbon material is heat treated at 500° C. or higher; and relates to an electrochemical cell using the same.11-20-2008
20080241659BATTERY PACK - In the present invention, there is provided a battery support mechanism including: a terminal board provided with connection terminals to be connected to terminal portions provided on the battery side; a battery containing portion to which the terminal board is fitted while keeping open at least two mutually opposite side surfaces and one surface adjacent to the two side surfaces, of the terminal board, so as thereby to cause the connection terminals to front on the inside of the battery containing portion; and a support plate fixed to the battery containing portion so as thereby to support the one surface of the terminal board which is fitted in the battery containing portion, wherein the terminal board is swingable in the opening directions of the battery containing portion.10-02-2008
20080241660NON-AQUEOUS ELECTROLYTE BATTERY - A non-aqueous electrolyte battery has a cathode, an anode, an electrolyte, and a separator. The separator is a microporous resin film of a single layer made of a resin material in which at least one kind of insulating and flame-retarding fiber is dispersed in a polyolefin resin.10-02-2008
20080268334Extruded battery components and manufacturing process - The invention provides an apparatus and method for producing multilayer laminates of polymeric electrolyte material incorporating one of more electrode layers. The apparatus (10-30-2008
20090136833CASE FILM FOR POUCH TYPE LITHIUM PRIMARY BATTERY - Provided is a case film for a pouch type lithium primary battery which is suitable for application in a film type lithium primary battery. The case film for a pouch type lithium primary battery includes a flexible multilayer film in which a first polymer film, a second polymer film, a metal film, and a third polymer film are sequentially stacked. The first polymer film is formed of a hydrocarbon compound substituted or non-substituted with a halogen atom. The second polymer film is formed of an amorphous or low crystalline polymer having a crystallinity of 0 to 20%. The third polymer film is formed of a crystalline polymer having a crystallinity of 40 to 100%.05-28-2009
20090004557Protecting a functional component and a protected functional component - An apparatus including a functional component; a first thermoset plastic layer overlying the functional component; and a second thermoset plastic layer, different to the first thermoset plastic layer, overlying the first thermoset plastic layer. A method including pre-protecting a functional component by: forming a first thermoset plastic layer over the functional component; and then forming a second thermoset plastic layer over the first thermoset plastic layer; and using the pre-protected component in an injection molding process.01-01-2009
20090246611Protective circuit board and battery pack using the same - A protective circuit board includes a printed circuit board, the printed circuit board including a first region and a second region, at least one safety device on the first region of the printed circuit board, the first region being thinner than the second region along a direction perpendicular to a contact plane between the printed circuit board and the safety device, and an external connection terminal on the printed circuit board.10-01-2009
20080233472Battery Pack - A battery pack (09-25-2008
20120196171LAMINATE FOR NONAQUEOUS BATTERY - Laminate for nonaqueous battery having moderate adhesion in which a nonaqueous electrolytic solution is sealed capable of improving the suitability of electrodes packed into a battery case without reduction in battery output and preventing a short circuit between the electrodes caused by the penetration of a burr or the like on an electrode plate through a separator and capable of suppressing reduction of adhesion in nonaqueous electrolytic solution and suppressing the deterioration of the nonaqueous electrolytic solution and having such a cohesive strength that when it is used in the form of a tape, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer does not squeeze out of a base material layer and formed of at least two layers: a base material layer (A) containing a polyolefin-based thermoplastic resin; (B) containing an α-olefin-based thermoplastic resin in the stated order.08-02-2012
20100304204ENERGY CONVERSION AND ENERGY STORAGE DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Energy devices such as energy conversion devices and energy storage devices and methods for the manufacture of such devices. The devices include a support member having an array of pore channels having a small average pore channel diameter and having a pore channel length. Material layers that may include energy conversion materials and conductive materials are coaxially disposed within the pore channels to form material rods having a relatively small cross-section and a relatively long length. By varying the structure of the materials in the pore channels, various energy devices can be fabricated, such as photovoltaic (PV) devices, radiation detectors, capacitors, batteries and the like.12-02-2010
20110111279BINDER-FREE NANOCOMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - This disclosure provides improved composite materials and methods for making the composite materials. Specifically, binder-free composite materials have been developed that have a network of CNTs in which one or more types of particles or fibers is embedded. The composite materials may be made by filtering suspensions containing carbon nanotubes, particles or fibers of interest, or both carbon nanotubes and particles or fibers of interest. The particles may be silicon particles, activated carbon particles, particles of a lithium compound, any other particles, or a combination thereof. The composite materials have a large number of applications, including electrical devices.05-12-2011
20110244303Metalized Ceramic and Associated Method - A metalized ceramic comprising a ceramic substrate comprising a first ceramic and a ceramic metallization layer disposed on the ceramic substrate. The ceramic metallization layer comprises a mixture of (i) a second ceramic and (ii) a metal comprising nickel or a refractory metal. The refractory metal may consist one or more of molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and tantalum. The first ceramic and the second ceramic have a purity of greater than about 95 percent. A method of making the metalized ceramic is provided. An electrochemical cell including the metalized ceramic is also provided.10-06-2011
20110244302HIGH DENSITY CAPACITOR ARRAY PATTERNS - A thin-film device system includes a substrate and a plurality of pillars. The plurality of pillars project from a surface of the substrate. Each of the plurality of pillars have a perimeter that includes at least four protrusions that define at least four recessed regions between the at least four protrusions. Each of the at least four recessed regions of each of the plurality of pillars receives one protrusion from an adjacent one of the plurality of pillars. A thin-film device is fabricated over the plurality of pillars.10-06-2011
20100136408BATTERY PACK - Disclosed is a battery pack that can secure the mounting space of a circuit device in a circuit module, can simplify the assembling process of a bare cell and a circuit module, and can miniaturize the battery by lowering the height between the bare cell and the circuit module. The battery pack includes: a bare cell having a protruding electrode terminal insulated from the top surface thereof; a circuit module disposed on the bare cell and electrically connected to the bare cell, the circuit module having an insert hole or an insert recess formed in a region corresponding to the electrode terminal; a first lead plate coupled to the electrode terminal and inserted into the insert hole or the insert recess; and a second lead plate coupled to one side of the circuit module and extending to be connected to the top surface of the bare cell.06-03-2010
20110059348HANDHELD DEVICE ASSEMBLY - This is directed to several handheld device components to be placed in a handheld device, as well as methods or systems for mounting or retaining components within the device. In particular, this is directed to a rigid shield used in an SMT process and securing connected flex connectors by adhering the flexes together. This is also directed to using foam in combination with a hard material to create an acoustic seal, or several layers of foam to create an acoustic and mechanical seal. This is also directed to selectively folding a sheet of material placed around a battery cell.03-10-2011
20080254353ELECTROCHEMICAL DEVICE, MANUFACTURING METHOD OF ELECTRODE THEREOF AND PROCESSING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRODE OF ELECTROCHEMICAL DEVICE - According to a method for manufacturing an electrode of an electrochemical device, an electrode precursor capable of absorbing and releasing lithium is provided with lithium, and the resistance of the electrode precursor is measured after absorbing lithium. In addition, a processing apparatus for an electrode of an electrochemical device includes a lithium providing section for providing lithium to such an electrode precursor, and a first measurement section for measuring the resistance of the electrode precursor after absorbing lithium.10-16-2008
20080241658BATTERY PACK - In the present invention, there is provided a battery pack including a circuit board disposed on the inner side of a mount surface to be mounted to a battery mounting portion, and a terminal portion at one surface adjacent to the mount surface, the battery pack being mounted into the battery mounting portion by sliding the mount surface on the battery mounting portion, wherein a recess is formed at one or each of a pair of edge portions which are formed between the mount surface and both side surfaces adjacent to the mount surface through a pair of side edges parallel to the direction of sliding of the mount surface in the battery mounting portion, according to the kind of the battery pack.10-02-2008
20100330409Method and apparatus - A method including: a) depositing a masking material over a substrate comprising silicon; b) removing the masking material using a first process that removes the masking material in preference to silicon; c) removing silicon using a second process that removes silicon in preference to the masking material; d) continuously repeating the sequence of steps a), b) and c) to control the creation of nanowires; and e) stopping repetition of the sequence of steps a), b) and c).12-30-2010
20100190045BATTERY - The invention relates to a battery, particularly a lead storage battery, having at least one battery cell connector element (07-29-2010
20080241663Packaging material for flat electrochemical cell - In a packaging material for electrochemical cell, a thermally adhesive resin layer is configured of a resin having a propylene based elastomer resin in a propylene based resin. This propylene based elastomer resin is a copolymer composed of a constitutional unit derived from propylene and a constitutional unit derived from an α-olefin having from 2 to 20 carbon atoms; when the total sum of the constitutional unit derived from propylene and the constitutional unit derived from an α-olefin is defined as 100% by mole, contains 50% by mole or more of the constitutional unit derived from propylene; and is satisfied with (a) a Shore A hardness (ASTM D2240) of from 65 to 90, (b) a melting point of from 130 to 170° C., (c) a density (ASTM D1505) of from 860 to 875 kg/m10-02-2008
20090291359REFORMED BATTERY GRIDS - A method of making a grid for a battery plate of a lead-acid battery. A substantially planar web is manufactured to include a plurality of spaced apart and interconnected wire segments, which at least partially define substantially planar surfaces, have a plurality of transverse lands, and interconnect at a plurality of nodes to define a plurality of open spaces between the wire segments. The web is reformed to change the cross-sectional shape of the wire segments. Other aspects may include simultaneously reducing the thickness of at least a portion of the web while reshaping the wire segments, and/or providing controlled surface roughness on at least one of the surfaces of the web to increase surface area of the grid and thereby promote adhesion of an electrochemically active material to the grid.11-26-2009
20090068553SILICON MODIFIED NANOFIBER PAPER AS AN ANODE MATERIAL FOR A LITHIUM SECONDARY BATTERY - A paper comprising a silicon-coated web of carbon nanofibers. The paper can be formulated such that it is useful as an energy storage material and/or a current collector. An asymmetric electrochemical capacitor containing the paper is also disclosed.03-12-2009
20110045336BATTERY PART - A battery part such as a battery terminal and method of making the same with the battery part having a sealing region or sealing bead located on a lateral face of the acid ring with the beveled sealing region increasing the resistance to leakage therepast as the container shrinks. Another embodiment of the invention comprises a battery part with a bifurcated acid ring end and a beveled end face. The invention further includes the method of forming a battery terminal with an end face of the acid ring having a bifurcated end lip and a beveled face that permits one to either use the battery terminal in an as is condition or in a flared condition wherein a lip on the acid ring is flared to form a beveled sealing region on the lateral face of the acid ring.02-24-2011
20080254352ELECTRICAL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM - An electrical storage system includes a first electrode, a second electrode, an insulated separator, and an electrolyte. The second electrode is spaced from the first electrode. The insulated separator is disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode. The separator further includes an agar and a fiber material. The electrolyte surrounds the first electrode and the second electrode.10-16-2008
20080241662Separator for valve regulated lead-acid battery and valve regulated lead-acid battery - A separator for a valve regulated lead-acid battery having a piercing strength (puncture strength) of 4.5 N/mm or more and a tensile strength of 7.0 N/10 mm10-02-2008
20080226975Lithium Secondary Battery Having Partitioned Electrolyte - A lithium metal battery is provided. Electrolytes of the lithium metal battery are divided between an anode and a cathode into a plurality of regions not to contact with each other, thereby limiting movement paths of lithium ions. In this way, the lithium metal battery inhibits growth of dendrite and improves energy density. Also, the lithium metal battery that has a partition wall structure reduces leakage even when liquid electrolytes are used and actively copes with pressure applied to the battery.09-18-2008
20080199767Corrosion-resistant interconnects for fuel cells - A method of construction of an electrochemical interconnect plate, the method comprising the steps of: (a) etching predetermined fluid flow channels in a first conductive sheet; and (b) coating the first conductive sheet with a corrosion resistant layer of nickel and tin.08-21-2008
20120282512MANGANESE OXIDE NANOWIRE, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY INCLUDING THE SAME AND METHOD OF PRODUCING MANGANESE OXIDE - Provided are a manganese oxide nanowire, specifically, a manganese oxide nanowire having an aspect ratio of 20 or more, which can be widely used in various fields, including batteries, oxygen generators, and redox catalysts, a rechargeable battery including the manganese oxide nanowire, and a method of producing manganese oxide. Since the manganese oxide nanowire having a large aspect ratio has an increased specific surface area, it can be effectively used in various fields. In addition, various kinds of manganese oxide nanowires can be simply manufactured.11-08-2012