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Of carbohydrate

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428 - Stock material or miscellaneous articles


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428537500 Of paper 43
428537100 Of wood 37
428533000 Of cellulosic next to another carbohydrate 27
20100075167COMPOSITIONS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF GYPSUM BOARDS, METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF, AND GYPSUM BOARDS FORMED THEREFROM - A composition for the manufacture of a gypsum board comprising hydrated pregelatinized starch and stucco with 0.4 to 3 wt. % of starch based on the stucco weight is disclosed. The composition provides enhanced strength in the absence of other strengthening agents.03-25-2010
20100129677Material for Curable Aqueous Overcoating Material and Coating Material Using Same - There is provided a curable aqueous overcoating composition containing 1 to 90 mass % of hydrophilic polyrotaxane with respect to the coating film forming component, where the hydrophilic polyrotaxane has a cyclic molecule, a linear molecule included in the cyclic molecule in a skewered manner and blocking groups arranged on opposite ends of the linear molecule to prevent elimination of the cyclic molecule from the linear molecule and at least one of the linear molecule and the cyclic molecule has a hydrophilic modifying group.05-27-2010
20090047532Material for Room Temperature Curable Solvent-Borne Overcoating Material,Coating Material Using Same and Coating Film - [Object] To provide a coating material for a room temperature curable solvent-borne overcoating material having chipping resistance and not allowing occurrence of cracks, and a room temperature curable solvent-borne overcoating material using the same, the room temperature curable solvent-borne overcoating material being excellent in abrasion resistance and in performance such as weather resistance, contamination resistance and adhesion.02-19-2009
20100086799Removal method, adhesive agent for substrate, and laminate including substrate - The removal method of the present invention includes: providing a support plate and a substrate being combined to each other via a first adhesive layer and a second adhesive layer, the second adhesive layer being an adhesive layer which is dissolvable in a solvent quicker than the first adhesive layer or an adhesive layer which is dissolvable in a solvent different from a solvent to which the first adhesive layer is dissolvable, and the second adhesive layer being between the support plate and the first adhesive layer; and removing the support plate from the substrate by dissolving the second adhesive layer. Further, the removal method of the present invention includes, after the step of removing, dissolving the first adhesive layer. This removes the support plate from the wafer in a quick and easy way.04-08-2010
20110300394PROCESS FOR PREPARING STABLE DISPERSIONS OF STARCH PARTICLES - In one or more embodiments, the present disclosure provides for a process for preparing a dispersion of starch particles in an aqueous liquid. In one or more embodiments, the process includes introducing a feed starch and the aqueous liquid into a rotor stator mixer, maintaining the feed starch and the aqueous liquid in the rotor stator mixer at a temperature ranging from a gelation temperature to less than a solubilization temperature, and shearing the feed starch into starch particles with the rotor stator mixer to form the dispersion of starch particles in the aqueous liquid. In one or more embodiments, the starch particles produced by this process have an average particle size diameter of no larger than 2 micrometers and the dispersion has 20 to 65 weight percent of the starch particles based on a total weight of the dispersion.12-08-2011
20110287275LIGNO CELLULOSIC MATERIALS AND THE PRODUCTS MADE THEREFROM - A process comprising treating a lignocellulosic material preferably pulp in the presence of a transition metal catalyst with a oxidizing agent selected from a group consisting of hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, hypochlorous acid and any combination thereof to form a treated lignocellulosic material having a viscosity equal to or less than about 17 cp and having reducing functional groups selected from the group consisting of aldehyde and aldehyde type functional groups at the C6 and C1 positions but predominating at the C1 position.11-24-2011
20090274922High Gloss Laminates for Decorative Automotive Parts - A thermoformable decorative automotive laminate includes a flexible free film comprising a transparent UV light-stabilized cellulosic outer film, an optional primer, ink layers, and an opaque layer. The cellulosic outer film may include cellulose acetate butyrate and/or cellulose acetate propionate. The cellulosic film may he laminated to a polymeric sheet or film and thermo-formed to a three dimensional shape while maintaining a high gloss and DOI along with durability properties suitable for interior or exterior automotive use.11-05-2009
20110268980MYCELIUM STRUCTURE WITH INSERT AND METHOD - A method of making a molded part, including forming a liquid aggregate. A fungal inoculum and the liquid aggregate are inserted into a mold cavity. A portion of an object is inserted into the mold cavity. The fungal inoculum is grown into live mycelium that operably couples with the object. The mycelium is heated to terminate further growth and develop a composite part made of mycelium and the object.11-03-2011
20120135257DUAL VESICULAR AND INFRARED IMAGING MEDIA - Provided is a laser imageable media that forms both a vesicular bubble image and an infrared image upon exposure to laser radiation. The laser imageable media comprises (1) a substrate, preferably a transparent plastic substrate, (2) an infrared absorbing layer comprising an infrared absorbing compound, preferably an aminium radical cation compound, that exhibits a reduction in infrared absorption when exposed to the laser radiation, and (3) a polymeric layer comprising an organic polymer, preferably nitrocellulose, overlying the infrared absorbing layer. The vesicular image on a transparent plastic substrate is readable with a visible scanner without the use of any reflective background material behind the transparent plastic substrate.05-31-2012
20120034482FIRE EXTINGUISHING MATERIAL AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - A flexible planar carrier bears an aerosol-producing fire extinguishing composition. The carrier can be an integral part of the composition when saturated with a solution that, upon combustion of the prepared carrier, produces fire extinguishing aerosol, or can bear the composition, providing structural support and/or thermal insulation, depending on requirements of the specific application. The carrier may have a thermal insulating layer applied on the mounting side, insulating the mounting surface and the prepared material, and may further have a hydrophobic layer applied at least on its active surface. The flexible planar carrier enables a stable, workable application of the composition to be easily deployed along any planar surface, providing instant low-impact extinguishment of flames over a wide area.02-09-2012
20100047600COATING AGENT, MOLDED ARTICLE, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF COATING AGENT - A UV-curable coating agent contains a water-absorptive filler having mean particle size of 0.4 μm or less and maximum particle size of 4 μm or less, and viscosity of the coating agent is 30 Pa·s or less. The coating agent is applied on a surface of the base material to form an ink-receiving layer. In order to manufacture the coating agent, after the water-absorptive filler is added to UV-curable monomer, the water-absorptive filler is subjected to wet-grinding.02-25-2010
20100273020GYPSUM-CONTAINING PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - The invention provides a set gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and a method for preparing it comprising forming a mixture of a calcium sulfate material, water, and an appropriate amount of one or more enhancing materials chosen from condensed phosphoric acids, each of which comprises 2 or more phosphoric acid units; and salts or ions of condensed phosphates, each of which comprises 2 or more phosphate units. The mixture is then maintained under conditions sufficient for the calcium sulfate material to form a set gypsum material.10-28-2010
20110123819METHOD FOR STERILIZATION OF CHEMICALLY ACTIVATED SOLID SUPPORT MATERIALS - The present invention relates to a method for sterilization of different materials, especially sensitive material, such as chemically activated solid support material. The method for sterilization of a chemically activated solid support material comprises exposing the solid support material to pressurized steam at a temperature of between about 121° C. and about 135° C. Also provided are sterile, activated solid support material to produced according to the present method, including chromatographic separation medium made thereof.05-26-2011
20130130049FABRICATION AND APPLICATION OF POLYMER-GRAPHITIC MATERIAL NANOCOMPOSITES AND HYBRIDE MATERIALS - The present invention describes a nanocomposite and hybride material of functionalized carbon nanotubes and cellulose and associated methods for the fabrication of that nanocomposite or hybride material containing electromagnetically active nanoparticles. The fabrication is fast, environmentally friendly, and economical. These nanocomposites are strong and electrically conducting, and have many materials and electronic applications.05-23-2013
20130149548Fire Retardant - A method for creating a fire retardant mixture. The method may include grinding an exoskeleton of an aquatic invertebrate into a powder. Once the exoskeleton has been ground, mixing the ground exoskeleton with a mixing material. Finally, applying the mixture to a base material to increase the fire retardant properties of the base material. Some examples of a base material include fabric, wood, drywall panels, and waterproof fabric.06-13-2013
20120094138Fire Resistant Paint and Article - A fire resistant paint includes a film-forming binder, a solvent, and a hydrated mineral that imparts fire resistance to the paint. The paint, when applied to a fibrous composite article which comprises at least about 20 wt % lignocellulosic fibers bound together into a consolidated fibrous article, provides the article with a flame spread index of not greater than about 50.04-19-2012

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