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428428000 Next to another silicon containing layer 125
428432000 Next to metal or compound thereof 90
428441000 Next to addition polymer from unsaturated monomers 35
428436000 Next to aldehyde or ketone condensation product 14
428430000 Next to polyester (e.g., alkyd) 13
428427000 Next to a boron containing layer 7
428438000 Next to cellulosic 6
428435000 Next to polyamide or polyimide 5
20090269591Organic Compound, Optical Film and Method of Production thereof - An organic compound has the general structural formula I. In the formula I, Core is a conjugated organic unit capable of forming a rod-like macromolecule, n is a number of the conjugated organic units in the rod-like macromolecule, G10-29-2009
20090011250Composite Insulated Conductor - A composite conductor includes a conductor that has a high temperature polyimide insulation formed around it. This polyimide layer may include reinforcing fibers such as, for instance, glass fibers. The insulation layer may further include grading layers. The conductor is placed inside an earth layer. The composite conductor may be protected with a stainless steel enclosure.01-08-2009
20090092842ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR EROSION RESISTANT COMPOSITE - A composite layer for resisting erosion includes a sacrificial layer for exposure to an erosion environment, a body layer, and an erosion resistant layer located between the sacrificial erosion layer and the body layer for protecting the body layer upon erosion of the sacrificial layer.04-09-2009
20110189492BINDER FOR MINERAL FIBERS - An aqueous binder composition for mineral fibres comprises a water-soluble binder component obtainable by reacting glycerol and at least one alkanolamine with at least one carboxylic anhydride in proportions such that the ratio of equivalents of amine groups plus hydroxy groups (NH+OH) to equivalents of carboxy groups (COOH) in the binder component is within the range of about 0.4 to 2.0, glycerol being used in an amount such that the equivalent ratio of glycerol OH groups to total equivalents of amine groups plus hydroxy groups (NH+OH) is 0.1 to 0.9, and, optionally, treating the reaction product with a base.08-04-2011
20120308835FLUORINATED POLYIMIDES WITH FLUORENE CARDO STRUCTURE AS OPTICAL MATERIALS THAT HAVE LOW ABSOLUTE THERMO-OPTIC COEFFICIENTS - The present invention provides new polyimide materials suitable for use in optically transparent fiber composites, ribbon composites, and optical communications applications. The polyimide compounds include monomeric repeat units comprising a fluorinated moiety and a fluorene cardo structure. The polyimides exhibit good optical transparency and have a low absolute thermo-optic coefficient (|dn/dT|).12-06-2012
428440000 Next to natural rubber, gum, oil, rosin, wax, bituminous or tarry residue 5
20080206573Colloidal Metal-Containing Urushi Lacquer and Urushi Lacquered Article - The present invention relates to an Urushi lacquer and an Urushi lacquered article obtained using the lacquer.08-28-2008
20090220799Method Of Making Multilayer Structures Using Tapes On Non-Densifying Substrates - A method of applying a ceramic coating to a substrate comprises laminating one or more layers of a green ceramic tape to a rigid substrate using a tackifying resin to adhere the tape to the substrate. Upon firing, the tackifying resin ensures near zero shrinkage of the tape in the XY plane without usage of elevated pressures or temperatures during lamination of green tape to the substrate. The thermal degradation completion temperature of the tackifying resin is lower than that of the resin binder used in the green tape.09-03-2009
20090061236BITUMINOUS COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - This invention relates to bituminous compositions comprising an interpolymer and a bituminous material and methods of making and using same. The interpolymer may comprise ethylene, at least one alpha-olefin, and, optionally, at least one diene and the interpolymer is derived from polymer particles having a surface coating comprising a partitioning agent. Methods of making and using the bituminous compositions are also described.03-05-2009
20110135941COATING COMPOSITION AND ARTICLE HAVING COATING FILM FORMED THEREON - To provide a coating composition which is capable of improving an antireflection effect of a coating film and capable of forming such a coating film even at a low temperature and at a low cost, and an article which has a high antireflection effect and for which a substrate to be used is relatively unlimited and low in cost.06-09-2011
20130022823Roofing Product Including Roofing-Grade Asphalt Mixture And Methods Of Making The Roofing Produc And The Roofing-Grade Asphalt Mixture - A method of forming a roofing-grade asphalt mixture can include mixing a bio-asphalt including a partially oxidized bio-source material, a bitumen source material different from the bio-asphalt, and particles to form the roofing-grade asphalt mixture. In an embodiment, the bitumen source material can have a softening point of at least approximately 102° C. and a penetration distance no greater than approximately 20 dmm. In another embodiment, the roofing-grade asphalt mixture can have a softening point of at least approximately 104° C., a penetration distance no greater than approximately 12 dmm, a viscosity of at least approximately 3000 cps at a temperature of 177° C., or any combination thereof. The roofing-grade asphalt mixture can be applied to a base material to form a roofing product.01-24-2013
20090123762Photochromic Adhesive - A laminate has two layers of glass which are bonded together by a monomelic adhesive containing an effective amount of a photochromic moiety.05-14-2009
20090123763MULTILAYER DECORATIVE COATING COMPRISING A TWO-COMPONENT PAINT AND A PROTECTIVE RESIN - The invention relates to a decorative coating having at least one layer of two-component paint and one protective resin surface layer. The resin is translucent or transparent and the two-component paint has at least one first component of prepolymer type based on bisphenol and epichlorohydrin and at least one second component of polyamine type. Another subject of the invention is the use of such a coating for covering surfaces such as a floor or a worktop or a sink or sanitary ware of wash basin, shower cubicle, etc. type.05-14-2009
20100098951BLACK ADHESION PROMOTER COMPOSITION AND ITS DETECTION - The present invention relates to adhesion promoter compositions having at least one adhesion promoter substance, at least one black pigment and at least one luminescent substance. The adhesion promoter compositions can be located and identified easily by irradiation with UV light and analysis of the radiation which is emitted, and are therefore highly suited to use in automated operations, more particularly in the context of glazing a vehicle.04-22-2010
20090075091RIGIDIFICATION OF STRUCTURES TO BE DEPLOYED BY INFLATING, PARTICULARLY FOR USE IN SPACE - The invention relates to the stiffening of inflatably deployable structures, in particular for space use.03-19-2009
20100119843PLASMA RESISTANT COATINGS FOR PLASMA CHAMBER COMPONENTS - Plasma resistant coating materials, plasma resistant coatings and methods of forming such coatings on hardware components. In one embodiment, hardware component is an electrostatic chuck (ESC) and the plasma resistant coating is formed on a surface of the ESC. The plasma resistant coatings are formed by methods other than thermal spraying to provide plasma resistant coatings having advantageous material properties.05-13-2010
20120244362MULTI-LAYER SHEET STRUCTURE - A multi-layer sheet structure includes, in an exemplary embodiment, a barrier layer having a first side and a second side, at least one thermoplastic layer on the first side of the barrier layer, and at least one thermoplastic layer on the second side of the barrier layer. A cup shaped container may be molded from the multi-layer sheet structure.09-27-2012
20100330377DEVICE FOR FORMING AEROSOL, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COATING GLASS - The invention relates to a device for forming aerosol, the device comprising at least one gas-dispersing atomizer for atomizing a liquid into aerosol by means of gas at an atomizing head of the atomizer and an atomizing chamber, which is in flow connection with the atomizing head and in which flow restraints are arranged for changing the hydrodynamic properties of the aerosol flow discharging from the atomizing head. According to the present invention the flow restraints are arranged in the inner walls of the atomizing chamber in such a manner that they protrude from the inner walls to the inside of the atomizing chamber.12-30-2010
20090148708FIRE-RESISTANT GLAZING - Transparent fire-resistant glazing units according to the invention comprise at least one intumescent layer of hydrated alkali metal silicate between two sheets of glass. The intumescent layer of alkali metal silicate has an SiO06-11-2009
20100129667ROOFING PRODUCT INCLUDING A CERAMIC BASE MATERIAL AND RECYCLED ROOFING MATERIAL - A roofing product can include a ceramic base material and a recycled roofing material. In a particular embodiment, an open structure of the ceramic base material is filled with a bituminous material that has no greater than approximately 5 weight % of abrasive particles or 0.1 weight % metal content. The recycled roofing material can be disposed along one or both sides of the ceramic base material. The bituminous material may have a characteristic particle size that is smaller than a characteristic particle size of the recycled roofing material. In another embodiment, the roofing product having the recycled roofing material can have tear strength characteristics as compared to a different roofing product having a substantially the same construction but having abrasive particles embedded within the ceramic base material.05-27-2010
20090305056THERMAL HEAD - A thermal head has three-layer structure that includes a heat insulating layer on which heating elements are formed, a heat radiating layer that is provided under the heat insulating layer, and a heat storing layer that is provided under the heat radiating layer.12-10-2009
20090305055LIGHT-TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CONDUCTOR, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, DESTATICIZING SHEET, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a light-transmitting electric conductor including, on a surface of a light-transmitting support, a conductive material in which a multiplicity of carbon nanolinear structures are accumulated in two dimensions while making partial contact with each other, wherein the conductive material is a light-transmitting conductive material composed only of the carbon nanolinear structures, and direct bonds are formed between the surface of the light-transmitting support and the carbon nanolinear structures making contact with the surface, and between the carbon nanolinear structures making contact with each other.12-10-2009
20090305054Means for applying and wiping away a liquid - A means for applying and wiping away a liquid, having a container with a filling space and at least one opening for the application of the liquid, characterized in that, on the outside of the container, which side does not have at least one opening, the means has at least one porous support material for wiping away the liquid.12-10-2009
20090305053Alkali-And Acid-Resistant Glass Composition For The Manufacture Of Glass Strands - The present invention relates to a glass composition which is resistant to alkalis and to acids, in particular for the preparation of reinforcing glass strands, which comprises the following constituents within the limits defined below, as percentages by weight:12-10-2009
20090305052Stable Aqueous Graphite Dispersion With High Solids Content - The invention relates to an aqueous graphite dispersion including graphite particles dispersed in water along with stabilizers acting as dispersants, and additives. The graphite particles are at least partially spherical.12-10-2009
20090269590Thermoplastic Elastomer Composition And Glass Panel Molding Assembly For A Vehicle - The present invention relates to a thermoplastic elastomer composition and a glass panel molding assembly for a vehicle. The thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising a polymer component (1) that comprises a styrene-type thermoplastic elastomer and a polyolefin-type polymer {except for the additives in item (5) below}, a non-aromatic-rubber softener (2), a higher fatty acid derivative (4), and at least one type of an additive (5) selected from (5-a) a vinyl polymer graft-olefin polymer, (5-b) a polyorganosiloxane cross-linked powder; and (5-c) a polyorganosiloxane graft-olefin polymer. And the glass panel molding assembly for a vehicle produced from the aforementioned composition.10-29-2009
20110020654LIGHT-PERMEABLE HEAT PROTECTION ELEMENT WITH ALUMINATE-MODIFIED OR BORATE-MODIFIED SILICON DIOXIDE - A light-permeable heat-protection element including at least one support element and at least one protective coating containing a reaction product which includes an aqueous alkali silicate solution and aluminate-modified or borate-modified silicon dioxide.01-27-2011
20090239084CHITOSAN-COATED HYDROPHOBIC GLASS AND METHOD OF MAKING - Glass surfaces, for example, windshield surfaces, have a durable hydrophobic coating applied thereto. The glass surface is first treated by any suitable method to enhance the ability of a chitosan polymer coating to durably or substantially permanently adhere thereto. Once the chitosan coating has been applied to the glass surface, the normally hydrophilic chitosan coating is rendered hydrophobic by suitable treatment, for example, by a combination of enzymatic and chemical treatments. Alternatively, the chitosan may be rendered hydrophobic prior to coating it on the glass surface, but that is a less preferred technique. The method of the invention provides a glass article having a hydrophobic surface.09-24-2009
20120114955ARSENIC-FREE SPINEL GLASS-CERAMICS WITH HIGH VISIBLE TRANSMISSION - A transparent glass-ceramic materials contains a spinel solid solution as the main crystalline phase and is free of As05-10-2012
20120237779GLASS ROLL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR GLASS ROLL - Provided is a glass roll (09-20-2012
20090130455UNIVERSAL PHOSPHORAMIDITE FOR PREPARATION OF MODIFIED BIOMOLECULES AND SURFACES - Reagents useful for attaching biomolecules (e.g., proteins, oligonucleotides, and other biomolecules) to a surface, processes of attaching molecules to a surface to form modified surfaces using these reagents, and methods of detecting a target compound using these modified surfaces are disclosed.05-21-2009
20090324965ONE-COMPONENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE HAVING HIGH INITIAL ADHESION - The invention relates to a one-component structural adhesive having a flow limit of at least 1500 Pa and an initial adhesion of more than 30 g/cm12-31-2009
20100062262AQUEOUS SOLUTION COMPOSITION - This invention relates to a composition characterized by containing, as essential components, deacetylated chitin and/or a deacetylated chitin derivative, and glyoxylic acid; a solution-containing gel formed from the composition; a water-insoluble chitosan coating; and a material obtained by treating a base material with the composition. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a chitosan composition, which in a “one-pack” form, has a pot life. Even when dried at room temperature after coating or impregnation of a base material, the chitosan coating can be water-insolubilized with reduced yellowing.03-11-2010
20110217558CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND METHOD OF APPLYING SAME TO ENHANCE THE ADHESIVE BONDING OF GLASS LAMINATES - A chemical composition and method of applying same between glass and attached layer(s) of polyester or other plastic safety/security films to enhance the bonding of the applied adhesive therebetween as well as the strength of the glass laminate construction. In a preferred embodiment, the chemical composition is an acrylic-based mixture, containing alcohol, glycol, a slip agent, and a wetting agent. In an alternative preferred embodiment, the chemical composition is a silane-based mixture, containing alcohol, glycol, and a slip agent. The preferred embodiments of the invention are used in combination with currently available glass laminate systems to enhance the bonding and adhesion thereof.09-08-2011
20090136762Chemical Process For Obtaining Glass With A Total Or Partial Satin/Matte Finish Comprising Immersion In An Acid Solution, For Simultaneous and Continuous Production - The invention relates to a chemical process for obtaining glass with a total or partial satin/matte finish, comprising immersion in an acid solution, for the simultaneous and continuous production of one or more parts and/or sheets of glass having standard, special or variable dimensions, thicknesses, colours, uses and applications. The inventive process can be used to obtain glass with a total or partial satin/matte finish in a simultaneous and continuous manner either on one or both sides of the glass (atmospheric side and tinned side) or of several glass sheets and/or parts at the same time, with different thicknesses, measurements, colours, uses, specifications and characteristics, said process being performed simultaneously by means of immersion. According to the invention, containers of glass sheets are immersed in containers of chemical solutions using a variable-speed transport immersion crane. The aforementioned containers are encapsulated such that the process can be controlled fully (safety, quality and environment). The inventive system also comprises a drying chamber. The purpose of the process is to enable the versatile, cost-effective, efficient, productive production of a glass with a total or partial satin/matte finish, having the above-mentioned characteristics and using different types of glass, with improved quality on one or both sides thereof, while guaranteeing full physical and environmental safety, since each of the operations in the process is fully and safely controlled.05-28-2009
20100215966TRANSPARENT LAMINATE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - It is an object of the present invention to solve problems in production techniques for a transparent laminate employing a transparent resin film, and problems in production techniques for a transparent laminate produced by injecting a resin composition having a low viscosity.08-26-2010
20100119845MANUFACTURING METHOD OF NITRIDE CRYSTALLINE FILM, NITRIDE FILM AND SUBSTRATE STRUCTURE - A manufacturing method of a nitride crystalline film includes following steps. First, a substrate is provided. Next, a first nitride crystalline film is formed on the substrate. A patterned mask is then formed on the first nitride crystalline film. The patterned mask covers a first part of the first nitride crystalline film and exposes a second part of the first nitride crystalline film. Afterwards, the second part is etched, and the first part is maintained. After that, the patterned mask is removed. The first part is then etched to form a plurality of nitride crystal nuclei. Next, a second nitride crystalline film is formed on the substrate, and the second nitride crystalline film is made to cover the nitride crystal nuclei. A nitride film and a substrate structure are also provided.05-13-2010
20100119844Corrosion-resistant bonding agents for bonding ceramic components which are exposed to plasmas - Embodiments of the invention relate to component structures which are useful as apparatus in plasma processing chambers. Portions of the component structures are bonded together using oxyfluoride-comprising glazes, glass ceramics, and combinations thereof. The bonding material is resistant to halogen-containing plasmas and exhibits desirable mechanical properties.05-13-2010
20120034469Semiconductor processing apparatus comprising a coating formed from a solid solution of yttrium oxide and zirconium oxide - A ceramic article useful in semiconductor processing, which is resistant to erosion by halogen-containing plasmas. The ceramic article is formed from a combination of yttrium oxide and zirconium oxide. In a first embodiment, the ceramic article includes ceramic which is formed from yttrium oxide at a molar concentration ranging from about 90 mole % to about 70 mole %, and zirconium oxide at a molar concentration ranging from about 10 mole % to about 30 mole %. In a second embodiment, the ceramic article includes ceramic which is formed from zirconium oxide at a molar concentration ranging from about 96 mole % to about 94 mole %, and yttrium oxide at a molar concentration ranging from about 4 mole % to about 6 mole %.02-09-2012
20100119846REINFORCED PLATE GLASS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - [Object] To provide a method of manufacturing a reinforced plate glass by which glass surface strength can be sufficiently increased, and a stable quality reinforced plate glass is manufactured at high production efficiency, and to provide a reinforced plate glass manufactured by the manufacturing method.05-13-2010
20090263667Method of making scratch resistant coated glass article including layer(s) resistant to fluoride-based etchant(s) - A method is provided for making a coated article including an anti-etch layer(s) that is resistant to attacks by at least some fluoride-based etchant(s) for at least a period of time. In certain example embodiments, an anti-etch layer(s) is provided on a glass substrate in order to protect the glass substrate from attacks by fluoride-based etchant(s). In certain example embodiments, the anti-etch layer(s) is formed using at least one ion beam (possibly in combination with at least one sputtering target). In certain embodiments, a diamond-like carbon (DLC) inclusive layer(s) may be provided over and/or under the anti-etch layer.10-22-2009
20090263666Process of Powder Coating and a Powder Coating Apparatus - A process of dry powder coating a thermo-curing resin onto a heat sensitive or a thermally insensitive substrate includes depositing a layer of dry uncured thermo-curing powder on the substrate. The coated substrate is passed through a curing station wherein the layer of thermosetting dry powder is irradiated with infrared radiation until the layer of thermosetting dry powder is cured. The infrared radiation is generated from ceramic glass elements. Also disclosed is a powder coated article, including a heat sensitive substrate coated directly with a coating of a thermosetting thermo-curing powder.10-22-2009
20110200831PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A LAMINATED GLAZING - A process for manufacturing a laminated glazing, in which a lamination interlayer is interposed between two substrates having a glass function, including: making a measurement of Young's modulus E on a sample of the interlayer, using a viscoanalyzer, by varying temperature and frequency while imposing a constant dynamic displacement; making a numerical treatment of curves obtained, using WLF (Williams-Landel-Ferry) equations, to establish a law E(f) governing behavior of a material constituting the interlayer sample at a given temperature; producing a numerical model based on a finite-element method in bending of a laminated glazing panel, wherein mechanical properties of the sample result from the preceding operations; comparing results of the numerical calculation with those obtained with analytical formulae in which participation of the interlayer in transferring shear in the laminated glazing is represented by a transfer coefficient ω; varying the transfer coefficient ω in the analytical formulae until results converge; and constructing a transfer function ω32 f(E) by successive iterations.08-18-2011
20090104454Manufacture of Large Articles in Synthetic Vitreous Silica - A process for the manufacture of a substantially bubble-free article of synthetic vitreous silica free from localised variations in refractive index (striae) and suitable for optical applications, wherein an ingot of synthetic vitreous silica containing unacceptable bubbles is submitted to a first heat treatment process consisting of hot isostatic pressing at a temperature in the range 1,250° C. to 1,500° C. at a pressure in the range 10 MPa to 250 MPa, followed by a second heat treatment process at a pressure in the range 0.01 to 1 MPa and at a temperature in the range 1,550° C. to 1,850° C.04-23-2009
20100136348Method for Producing Window Glass with Decoration Member and Window Glass with Decoration Member - In a method for producing a window glass with a decoration member, comprising a resin frame integrally secured to a periphery of the window glass and the decoration member secured to the frame, the method in which the decoration member is set in a cavity space of a die used for injection molding of the frame, and an adhesive layer is formed on a surface of the decoration member, which touches the frame, is provided.06-03-2010
20080274362METHOD OF JOINING METALS TO CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITES - A method of joining metals to a ceramic material such as a ceramic matrix composite is provided which utilizes a compliant interlayer having a coefficient of thermal expansion between the coefficient of thermal expansion of the metal and that of the ceramic matrix composite. The compliant interlayer is bonded to the metal, and the ceramic matrix composite is then bonded to the bonded interlayer/metal. The method results in a high strength joint between a metal having a high coefficient of thermal expansion and a ceramic material having a low coefficient of thermal expansion.11-06-2008
20080280146Pre-cut wafer structure with heat stress effect suppressed - A wafer is cut before a heat treatment. By the cutting, cutting lines are not bended after the heat treatment. A cutting accuracy is therefore improved and a good light-shining efficiency is obtained.11-13-2008
20080292887Conductive Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) Composite Films and Methods of Use - A method for fabricating an electrically conductive composite structure is provided. The method comprises forming a mixture including carbon nanotubes, a polymeric compound, surfactant and water; introducing the mixture to a substrate; and evaporating water from the mixture to form a composite film on the substrate.11-27-2008
20090136763COMPOSITION FOR DIELECTRIC LAYER OF PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL AND PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL INCLUDING THE SAME - A composition for a dielectric layer of a plasma display panel and a plasma display panel including the same are disclosed. The composition includes a glass frit, a binder, a dispersant, a plasticizer, and a solvent. The binder includes about 50 to 85 parts by weight of a first monomer, about 10 to 30 parts by weight of a second monomer, and about 1 to 20 parts by weight of a third monomer based on 100 parts by weight of the binder.05-28-2009
20090136761METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SPACER OF FIELD EMITTERS AND BASE MATERIAL UTILIZED FOR THE SPACER - A method for manufacturing a spacer of field emission display panel comprises the following steps: first, providing a substrate; forming a colloid on the substrate; then, forming a patterned photoresist layer on the colloid of the substrate; making the colloid with a pattern the same as the patterned photoresist layer; subsequently, removing the patterned photoresist layer, and hardening the colloid on the substrate; and finally, removing the substrate. The present invention also discloses a base material utilized for the spacer, resulting in a low manufacturing cost of the spacer and achieving economic benefits of large product quantity.05-28-2009
20080318061Insulation paste for a metal core substrate and electronic device - The insulation paste of the present invention contains (a) a glass powder, and (b) an organic solvent, wherein one or both of alumina (Al12-25-2008
20110223430CONNECTING FILM, AND JOINED STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - To provide a connecting film including an organic resin layer which contains a color-erasing pigment, a curable organic resin, a curing agent and a conductive particle.09-15-2011
20090324963COATING LIQUID, METAL COMPOUND FILM FORMED BY COATING LIQUID, AND FORMING METHOD THEREOF - A coating liquid including one or more of metal complexes selected from a metal complex A represented by Chemical Formula 1, a metal complex B represented by Chemical Formula 2, and a metal complex C represented by Chemical Formula 3. M in Chemical Formula 1, Chemical Formula 2 and Chemical Formula 3 represents a metal ion. Each of X12-31-2009
20090324964AMPHOTERIC POLYMER FOR TREATING HARD SURFACES - The present invention is directed to the use of hydrophilic terpolymers in hard surface cleaners which provide easier cleaning for surface soils such as hard water stains, soap scum, limescale, mud, food, toilet stains, oil, grease, particulates and the like as well as anti-fog effects on hard surfaces such as glass, mirrors, ceramic and plastic by causing water droplets to coalesce into a film.12-31-2009
20090053532MULTILAYER CERAMIC SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - In a multilayer ceramic substrate having a cavity, base-material layers are arranged on a base side with respect to an interface between the base and a wall defining a cavity, and a constraining interlayer is arranged on the wall side. A conductive film is arranged between the base-material layers and the constraining interlayer, the base-material layers and the constraining interlayer sandwiching the interface. The effect of the first conductive film results in an increase in the adhesion of the constraining interlayer to the substrate layers, thus enhancing a shrinkage-inhibiting effect of the constraining interlayer.02-26-2009
20110143144PEROVSKITE PHOSPHOR FILM - A perovskite phosphor film emitting red light from among the three primary colors (i.e., red, green and blue) underlying the construction of displays which is fabricated by adsorbing a nanosheet as a seed layer on a solid substrate and forming an oriented film of an oxide phosphor thereon, characterized in that the perovskite phosphor film comprises a film of an oxide phosphor (06-16-2011
20080261054Methods of fabricating glass-based substrates and apparatus employing same - Methods and apparatus provide for a glass or glass ceramic substrate, comprising: a bulk layer; an enhanced positive ion concentration layer; and a reduced positive ion concentration layer, wherein the enhanced positive ion concentration layer contains substantially all modifier positive ions from the reduced positive ion concentration layer as a result of migration, the substrate does not include any further material thereon.10-23-2008
20080261053Abrasion-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant Coatings Having a Low Index of Refraction on a Substrate - Disclosed is a substrate with an abrasion resistant and scratch-resistant coating that has a low index of refraction and comprises magnesium fluoride and at least one metal oxide or semimetal oxide. The coating can be obtained by applying a coating composition containing magnesium fluoride or a precursor thereof and at least one metal oxide or semimetal oxide, or a precursor thereof onto a substrate and then subjecting the same to a thermal treatment.10-23-2008
20090220798DISPLAY PANEL - A display panel is provided. The display panel includes: a panel assembly having a plurality of substrates for displaying an image by luminescence of a phosphor layer; and a filter assembly coupled to the panel assembly and having a minimum transmittance at a wavelength between 550 and 580 nanometers.09-03-2009
20090162666CURABLE FLEXIBLE MATERIAL - A flexible structure has at least one elastomeric layer, at least two structural elements adjacent the elastomeric layer, and a curable material arranged adjacent to the elastomeric layer and the structural elements. A method of manufacturing a flexible structure includes adhering an elastomeric layer to at least two structural components to form a flexible structure, applying a curable material to the flexible structure such that the curable material is arranged adjacent to the elastomeric layer and the structural components. An apparatus has at least one elastomeric layer, at least two structural components arranged adjacent to and in contact with the elastomeric layer, a functional component arranged adjacent to and in contact with at least one of the structural components, and a curable material arranged adjacent to the elastomeric layer and the structural components.06-25-2009
20090246536Superhydrophil Coating Compositions and their Preparation - A method is provided for preparing on the surface of a substrate a superhydrophilic layer containing at least one metal oxide which method comprises calcining at elevated temperatures a cross-linked precursor film in which film the metal oxide is evenly distributed and immobilized. The precursor film is prepared by sequentially applying to the surface of the substrate a polyamine or other cationic polymer, a suspension of metal oxide and then a suitable cross linking agent. The superhydrophilic layer can be applied as a coating to a variety of substrates including metal, glass and ceramic and provides excellent dirt resistance, scratch resistance and antifogging effect. Multi-layer systems are also available using the inventive process.10-01-2009
20130122312STACK-UP STRUCTURE OF AN OPTICAL PANEL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present disclosure relates to an optical panel, and more particularly, to a stack-up structure of an optical panel and the manufacturing method thereof, wherein the stack-up structure comprises: a first laminating element, which has a first laminating face; and a first protective layer, which is formed on the first laminating face of the first laminating element for flattening the first laminating face. The present disclosure allows a protective layer to be coated on a surface of a laminate to overcome unevenness problem on the surface of the laminating element, thereby avoiding generation of bubbles and enhancing the yield of products.05-16-2013
20120141804GLASS SUBSTRATE - The glass substrate of the present invention includes, in terms of mass %: 58.5-69.5% SiO06-07-2012
20100227175METHOD FOR FUSION BONDING MOLDED ARTICLE OF LIQUID CRYSTALLINE POLYMER AND GLASS SUBSTRATE TO EACH OTHER AND COMPOSITE ARTICLE OBTAINED BY THE METHOD - A method for fusion bonding a molded article of a liquid crystalline polymer and a glass substrate to each other, comprising bringing the molded article into contact with the glass substrate; and setting the temperature of a contact portion of the molded article in contact with the glass substrate, at a predetermined temperature, wherein when the predetermined temperature of the contact portion is represented by T09-09-2010
20100239869Method of forming a film of graphite oxide single layers, and applications of same - A method for forming a film of graphite oxide single layers. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of preparing a solution of graphite oxide to allow a plurality of graphite oxide single layers to be formed and dispersed in the solution; and applying the solution of graphite oxide onto an air-water interface of water to form a film at the air-water interface, wherein the film comprises a plurality of graphite oxide single layers and is characterized by a packing density, wherein the film of graphite oxide single layers is formed with no presence of a surfactant or stabilizing agent.09-23-2010
20120128992METHOD FOR PRODUCING SHEETS FROM RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS IN A CONTINUOUS PROCESS AND SHEET OF RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS - The invention relates to a method for producing a sheet from renewable raw materials. In the method, after mixing a composition to produce a sheet from renewable raw materials, this composition is applied to a conveyor belt. Protruding materials or unevennesses are eliminated with the aid of a device, preferably a simple doctor blade. Without supplying heat, the composition is then subjected to a first drying process on the conveyor belt, before the endless sheet created in this way is cut into sections. The sections are then passed on to final drying in a storage device. After complete drying, regions at the extremities of the sections that have been adversely affected by cutting up the endless sheet are removed from these sections and chopped up into chips. These chips are returned to the further production process in a final method step by feeding them into the composition for producing a sheet from renewable raw materials.05-24-2012
20090162667Lighting device having backlighting, illumination and display applications - The present invention provides a lighting device such as a backlighting device, and display thereof such as LCD display. The lighting device comprises one or more radiation sources such as UV-blue LED and a layer of air- and moisture-sensitive phosphor, such as complex fluoride activated with Mn06-25-2009
20110117370ITEM OF HARDWARE AND METHOD OF MAKING AND BONDING SAME - The present application describes and claims an item of hardware suitable for bonding to a substrate such as a vehicle glazing. The item of hardware of the invention helps to ensure that the adhesive applied is effectively contained and utilized for its intended purpose. A preferred type of adhesive is also described and claimed.05-19-2011
20100310886 APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A VACUUM MOLDED FIBERGLASS SERVICE BODY - A process for making a fiberglass service body. The process includes first providing a mold body having a flange extending around an outside periphery of the mold body. Next, the mold body is coated with a gel-coat layer. At least one layer of fiberglass is then placed onto the mold over the gel-coat layer. The next step is to place a cover over the mold body to completely cover the fiberglass. Breather strips are then inserted around the outside periphery of the mold body, a plenum is placed onto the mold flange, and a vacuum is attached to the plenum. Once a resin is injected through the cover into the fiberglass, the fiberglass is cured under vacuum before the fiberglass service body is removed from the mold.12-09-2010
20100310885Self-assembling surface coating - Mechanisms for coating surfaces of materials, the resulting coated materials, and solutions for use in material-coating processes are described. Triblock molecule components may be selected for desired properties. When applied in solution to a material, the molecules self-assemble into similarly oriented micro- or nanostructures coating the surface of the material. Various molecule properties can be tailored to produce a range of desirable surface coating properties. The surface coating may optionally be self cleaning if selected to be appropriately hydrophobic, allowing water and particulates to roll off of the surface with minimal friction.12-09-2010
20100323204PROCESS FOR MAKING RARE EARTH CONTAINING GLASS - The invention relates to a process for making a SiO12-23-2010
20110039111CURABLE FIBERGLASS BINDER - A curable formaldehyde-free binding composition for use with fiberglass is provided. Such curable composition comprises an addition product of an amine and a reactant to form an amino-amide intermediate. To the amino-amide is added an aldehyde or ketone to form the curable binder composition. The composition when applied to fiberglass is cured to form a water-insoluble binder which exhibits good adhesion to glass. In a preferred embodiment the fiberglass is in the form of building insulation. In other embodiments the product is a microglass-based substrate for use in a printed circuit board, battery separator, filter stock, or reinforcement scrim.02-17-2011
20090246535TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - It is disclosed a transparent conductive multi-layer structure which comprises a substrate overlaid, desirably interposed by a support, with a conductive layer containing fine conductive particles, preferably the fine particles of indium-tin oxide (ITO), said multi-layer structure having a surface resistance of 10-1010-01-2009
20100021744SUBSTRATE FOR PRODUCING ORGANIC NANOCRYSTALS - Substrates for growing small crystals, the substrates having a first layer consisting of glass, polymer, and/or metal; a second layer having hydrophilic SAMs and hydrophobic SAMs, wherein the hydrophilic SAMs are located only on discrete islands on the first layer and the hydrophobic SAMs are located only on areas of the first layer free of hydrophilic SAMs.01-28-2010
20100062261Complex with separated scintillator and photocatalyst and manufacturing method thereof - A complex with separated scintillator and photocatalyst and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The complex with separated scintillator and photocatalyst includes a transparent substrate, a scintillantor layer on one side of the substrate, and a photocatalyst layer on the other side of the substrate. The manufacturing method of the complex consists of the following steps: depositing photocatalyst on one side of a transparent substrate, depositing scintillator on the other side of the transparent substrate, and sintering the transparent substrate with coatings to form a complex with separated scintillator and photocatalyst. Thus the present invention prevents the lowering of photocatalytic performance caused by contact of scintillator with photocatalyst and can be applied to produce large-area photocatalytic reactors easily.03-11-2010
20100062263USE OF CERAMIC FIBER FIRE BARRIERS IN VEHICULAR COMPARTMENTS - A ceramic fiber based fire barrier for vehicles contains and directs fires and prevents or substantially hinders fire or extreme heat from adversely affecting underlying materials. The fire barriers protect the vehicle and vehicle components from damage from fire and heat, and also provide increased protection to passengers. The fire barriers provide additional time to properly evacuate passengers from a vehicle in the case of an emergency.03-11-2010
20090214878Method for Producing a Composite Panel - A method for producing a panel made of a composite material of substantially three layers including a first cover layer and a second cover layer, at least one of which cover layers is made of glass, and an intermediate layer of a synthetic resin, into which a decorative material which differs from the synthetic resin has been embedded. The method comprises the steps of providing a mesh having an upper side covered with discrete particles, adhering the underside of the mesh to a surface of the first cover layer, applying a liquid synthetic resin to the discrete particles and the mesh, applying the second cover layer on the liquid synthetic resin while the edges are sealed, and curing the liquid synthetic resin.08-27-2009
20100129666LASER ASSISTED FRIT SEALING OF HIGH CTE GLASSES AND THE RESULTING SEALED GLASS PACKAGE - A laser assisted frit sealing method is described herein that is used to manufacture a glass package having a first glass plate (with a relatively high CTE of about 80-90×1005-27-2010
20110033713TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - It is disclosed a transparent conductive multi-layer structure which comprises a substrate overlaid, desirably interposed by a support, with a conductive layer containing fine conductive particles, preferably the fine particles of indium-tin oxide (ITO), said multi-layer structure having a surface resistance of 10-1002-10-2011
20080248316Inorganic composition article - An inorganic composition article used in disk substrate for information recording media, with a low melting point and a high productivity, combining superior surface characteristics capable of sufficiently dealing with a ramp load system for high density recording in both an in-plane magnetic recording system and a perpendicular magnetic recording system, having a high mechanical strength capable of enduring high speed rotation and impact, and combining both a heat expansion characteristic and heat resistance corresponding to each drive component. The inorganic composition articles contain a Li10-09-2008
20090202841ANTI-SCRATCH COATING, PROCEDURE FOR ITS PRODUCTION AND USE OF SAME - The invention concerns an anti-scratch coating on a substrate, comprising one or several anti-scratch means and a pH buffer system which has in a watery solution a pH value ranging from neutral to highly alkaline, especially a pH value ranging between app. 7 and app. 12, preferably a pH value ranging from neutral to slightly alkaline, in particular a pH value ranging between app. 7 and app. 9. It is also the objective of the invention to produce and use the anti-scratch coating.08-13-2009
20090053531MULTI-LAYER CERAMIC SUBSTRATE WITH EMBEDDED CAVITY AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A multi-layer ceramic substrate with an embedded cavity and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The method includes the steps of: providing at least one ceramic thin plate and at least one ceramic pre-mold plate having a surface formed with a conductive layer; stacking the ceramic thin plate and the ceramic pre-mold plate to form a stacked structure with at least one embedded cavity; and sintering the stacked structure.02-26-2009
20110014481Low Absorption Spectral Selective Solar Control Film for Fenestration - A building structure having a high efficiency solar control system is provided. The building structure may have a window defined by a sheet of glass and a film mounted to its exterior side. The film may reflect solar radiation in the near and mid infrared ranges yet allow high transmission of light in the visible range such that the occupants of the building structure may view his/her surroundings through the window. The film may have a layer of silver which reflects the solar radiation in the near and mid infrared ranges. Since the silver is susceptible to oxidation and turns the silver into a black body which absorbs the near and mid infrared radiation, the film may be designed to slow the rate of oxidation of the silver layer to an acceptable level. The silver layer may be sandwiched between the glass which does not allow oxygen to diffuse there through and reach the layer of silver and a stack of sacrificial layers having a certain thickness which slows down the rate of oxygen diffusion to an acceptable level.01-20-2011
20110052921REACTIVITY OF FLY ASH IN STRONGLY AKLALINE SOLUTION - Provided in one embodiment is a method of charactering a fly ash composition, comprising determining a reactivity of the fly ash composition in a solution. The applicability of the findings to low water-to-solid ratios for the process of geopolymerization for the relationship between the amounts of fly ash reacted, and the compressive strength of a geopolymer cement is also described.03-03-2011
20110135937BINDERS AND MATERIALS MADE THEREWITH - A curable aqueous composition is disclosed comprising a carbohydrate, a crosslinking agent, and an amine base, wherein the curable aqueous composition has a pH adjusted by the amine base. Further disclosed is a method of forming a curable aqueous solution.06-09-2011
20100310887Decoration Panel And Home Appliance With Decoration Panel - Provided are a decoration panel and a home appliance with the decoration panel. The decoration panel includes a transparent green glass defining an outer appearance and a decoration film adhered to the green glass to realize a color and pattern seen through the green glass to the outside. The decoration film includes a print layer on which the color and pattern expressed to the outside are printed using a gravure printing process and a reflective layer in which a printing ink containing a white inorganic pigment for improving a color reflectance is printed using the gravure printing process to conceal a green color of the green glass, the reflective layer being disposed on a back surface of the print layer. Thus, an outer appearance of the home appliance may be improved.12-09-2010
20110135938PROCESS FOR OBTAINING GLASS AND GLASS OBTAINED - The object of the invention is a continuous method for obtaining glass, comprising steps consisting of: 06-09-2011
20110177347GLASS ROLL - Provided is a glass roll utilizing a flanged roll core, and reliably inhibiting a glass film from breaking from an end portion in a width direction thereof as an origin of breakage. A glass roll (07-21-2011
20100159251DEVICE FOR AND METHOD OF MAINTAINING A CONSTANT DISTANCE BETWEEN A CUTTING EDGE AND A REFERENCE SURFACE - A device for maintaining a cutting edge, e.g. a focused laser beam at a constant distance from a surface of the work piece as the cutting edge imposes a cut line in a coating on the surface of the work piece. The device includes a constant force spring connecting a tube to a support and a surface follower mounting an end of the tube. The positions of a surface of the surface follower and the cutting edge have a predetermined relationship to one another. Gas moving out of the tube provides a first gas bearing between the surface follower and inner surface of the tube, and gas moving through passageways in the surface follower provide a second gas bearing between the surface of the surface follower and a surface of the coating. The thicknesses of the bearings remain constant as the follower moves over the surface of the piece to maintain the cutting edge at a constant distance from the surface of the coating.06-24-2010
20100196721ADHESION METHOD, AND BIOCHEMICAL CHIP AND OPTICAL COMPONENT MADE BY THE SAME - An adhesion method capable of strongly adhering two members without using an adhesive and without impairing a fine structure or optical properties of a joining surface, and a biochemical chip and optical component made by the same are provided.08-05-2010
20100068532INTERLAYER WITH NONUNIFORM SOLAR ABSORBER - The present invention includes interlayers and multiple layer glazing panels comprising those interlayers, wherein the interlayers comprise an infrared absorbing agent that is dispersed in the interlayer in a nonuniform distribution. The nonuniform distribution of the infrared absorbing agent allows the interlayer to be used successfully in applications in which transmission of a minimal level of infrared radiation is desirable to allow for sensor communication through the glazing.03-18-2010
20100190015Organic Polymer Compound, Optical Film and Method of Production Thereof - The present invention relates generally to the field of organic chemistry and particularly to the organic polymer compound, optical films for liquid crystal displays and method of production of the films. An isotropic solution or birefringent lyotropic solution of the organic polymer compound is capable of forming a solid optical retardation layer of a negative C-type or Ac-type plate substantially transparent to electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectral range.07-29-2010
20110189491APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING AND/OR MONITORING A PROCESS VARIABLE - The invention relates to an apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable. The apparatus includes: At least one substrate (08-04-2011
20100279123MATTING AGENT COMPOSITION CONTAINING POLYTRIMETHYLENE ETHER DIOL AND USE THEREOF - The present invention is directed to a matting agent for reducing gloss of a coating. The matting agent comprises: a) a silica component; b) a polytrimethylene ether diol; c) one or more solvents; and d) optionally, one or more polymers. This invention is further directed to a matting agent comprising components derived from renewable resources.11-04-2010
20090286091RARE-EARTH-CONTAINING GLASS MATERIAL AND SUBSTRATE AND DEVICE COMPRISING SUCH SUBSTRATE - A rare-earth-containing glass material having a composition, expressed in mole percentages on and oxide basis, comprising: 11-19-2009
20090176106METAL-CLAD LAMINATES HAVING IMPROVED PEEL STRENGTH AND COMPOSITIONS USEFUL FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF - In accordance with the present invention, compositions are described which are useful, for example, for the preparation of metal-clad laminate structures, methods for the preparation thereof, and various uses therefor. Invention metal-clad laminate structures are useful, for example, multi-layer board (MLB) industry, in the preparation of burn-in test boards and high reliability boards, applications where low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is beneficial, in the preparation of boards used in down-hole drilling, and the like.07-09-2009
20100330376THERMOSETTING POLYSACCHARIDES - Polysaccharide thermosetting systems and composites utilizing such systems include formaldehyde free binders formed from at least one polysaccharide and at least one polysaccharide crosslinker.12-30-2010
20110305910Article with Self-Bonding Fully Cured Elastomer - A rubber-metal bonded article with an adhesion promoter in the rubber selected from neoalkoxy zirconates and polyimides. Articles requiring compressed rubber exhibit improved retention of compressive strain after assembly of the article and activation of the adhesion promoter. Also claimed is a method wherein a rubber composition may be fully cured, then assembled between two substrates under compression, then the adhesion promoter activated to form the bond.12-15-2011
20090092841LAMINATED GLASS AND INTERLAYER FOR USE IN SUCH A LAMINATED GLASS - A laminated glass for a vehicle window, comprises a plurality of glass sheets and an interlayer interposed between adjacent glass sheets to bond the adjacent glass sheets, wherein the interlayer satisfies the following conditions: 04-09-2009
20110027595Method of making heat treated coated article using diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and protective film - There is provided a method of making a heat treated (HT) coated article to be used in shower door applications, window applications, or any other suitable applications where transparent coated articles are desired. For example, certain embodiments of this invention relate to a method of making a coated article including a step of heat treating a glass substrate coated with at least a layer of or including diamond-like carbon (DLC) and an overlying protective film thereon. In certain example embodiments, the protective film may be of or include an oxide of zinc. Following and/or during heat treatment (e.g., thermal tempering, or the like) the protective film may be removed. Other embodiments of this invention relate to the pre-HT coated article, or the post-HT coated article.02-03-2011
20100323205NON-STOICHIOMETRIC TITANIUM NITRIDE FILMS - The present application relates to a process for the manufacture of transparent, large band gap, high refractive index and high temperature stable, non-stoichiometric titanium nitride thin film (TiN12-23-2010
20130196163COMPOSITE GLASS LAMINATE AND WEB PROCESSING APPARATUS - A glass composite laminate in the form of a web of indefinite length having a glass layer and a reinforcing layer, and with the thickness of the reinforcing layer chosen such that the neutral surface with respect to bending of the glass composite laminate web does not lie within the glass layer. A method of processing the glass composite laminate web so that it can be handled without being bent in such a way as to place the glass layer in tension due to bending stresses is also disclosed. The glass composite laminate web is conveniently provided as a wound roll where the reinforcing layer forms the outer surface of the roll and the glass layer forms the inner surface of the roll.08-01-2013
20090110939LEAD FREE LTCC TAPE COMPOSITION - A glass composition consisting essentially of, based on mole percent, 46-56% B04-30-2009
20120015195METHOD OF MAKING HEAT TREATED AND ION-BEAM ETCHED/MILLED COATED ARTICLE USING DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON (DLC) COATING AND PROTECTIVE FILM - There is provided a method of making a heat treated (HT) coated article to be used in shower door applications, window applications, or any other suitable applications where transparent coated articles are desired. For example, certain embodiments of this invention relate to a method of making a coated article including a step of heat treating a glass substrate coated with at least a layer of or including diamond-like carbon (DLC) and an overlying protective film thereon. In certain example embodiments, the protective film may be of or include both (a) an oxygen blocking or barrier layer, and (b) a release layer. Following and/or during heat treatment (e.g., thermal tempering, or the like) the protective film may be removed. Other embodiments of this invention relate to the pre-HT coated article, or the post-HT coated article.01-19-2012
20120015194Method For Producing Carbonitrides by Means of a Polycondensation or Sol-Gel Method Using Hydrogen-Free Isocyanates - The present invention relates to a method for producing hydrogen-free carbon nitrides, in particular carbon nitrides of the stoichiometry C01-19-2012
20120021230LAMINATE FOR LAMINATED GLASS AND INTERLAYER FILM FOR LAMINATED GLASS - The present invention aims to provide a laminate for a laminated glass which is used as a head-up display (HUD) and is not deteriorated even if exposed to light, and with which a laminated glass having excellent impact resistance can be prepared.01-26-2012
20110165424COMPOUNDING MOLDING METHOD, AMONGST OTHER THINGS - Disclosed is: (i) a method of a compounding molding system, (ii) an extruder of a compounding molding system, (iii) a compounding molding system, (iv) a controller of a compounding molding system, (v) an article of manufacture of a controller of a compounding molding system, (vi) a network-transmittable signal of a controller of a compounding molding system, (vii) a compounded molded article compounded by a compounding molding system, (viii) a molten molding material compounded by a compounding molding system, (ix) a component of a compounding molding system and (x) a mold of a compounding molding system.07-07-2011
20120208032HELMET DESIGNS UTILIZING AN OUTER SLIP LAYER - Disclosed herein is a helmet structure for reducing kinetic energy transmission. The helmet receives contact of an object that transfers kinetic energy to a first layer having material that displaces in response to applied shearing force. The helmet uses a second layer having material that displaces in response to applied shearing force and uses a third layer having material that does not displace in response to applied shearing force to transfer kinetic energy laterally with respect to the skull. Helmet layers can have material with different mechanical responses, including elastic or rubbery elastic. The outer slip layer may also contain reinforcement particles such as metal, glass and ceramic. In one embodiment, each layer in the structure has a different shear modulus and each layer has a higher shear modulus than the immediately preceding layer. The shear modulus of each layer is modified by adding rigid reinforcement to the layer.08-16-2012
20120156509MINERAL WOOL PRODUCT - The invention relates to a mineral wool product comprising mineral fibers that is marked with an UV or IR active substance and can therefore be identified under exposure to suitable radiation.06-21-2012
20100092784OPTICAL FILM, AND GLASS - The present invention provides an optical film having a phase difference film, and a polarized film formed on both surfaces of the phase difference film, wherein the polarized film contains at least a polarizer, and the absorption axis of the polarizer is substantially perpendicularly oriented to the polarized film surface. The present invention also provides a glass using the optical film.04-15-2010
20090130456CERAMIC/STRUCTURAL PROTEIN COMPOSITES AND METHOD OF PREPARATION THEREOF - Ceramic/structural protein composites and methods of preparation are disclosed, including coatings and films. Ceramic/structural protein coatings can be fabricated on the surface of substrates, including the surface of implantable medical devices.05-21-2009
20120135248PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A LAMINATED GLAZING UNIT - A process for manufacturing a laminated glazing unit so that it withstands a predetermined load, in which the unit includes at least one substrate having a glass function and at least one layer of polymeric interlayer. The process: obtains viscoelastic behavior of constituent material of the interlayer; calculates maximum value of at least one quantity representative of the loading resistance of the laminated glazing unit subjected to the predetermined load; adjusts dimensions of the unit such that the calculated maximum value of the quantity representative of the loading resistance of the unit is less than or equal to a permissible maximum value; and the or each substrate and the or each layer of interlayer are prepared and assembled to the adjusted dimensions.05-31-2012
20120135247GLASS PLATE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND DISPLAY DEVICE, TOUCH SENSITIVE DISPLAY USING THE SAME - The present invention can achieve the purpose of enhancing the strength and the anti-crack ability of a glass plate. The glass plate includes a transparent glass-based element and a high polymer plastic membrane. The high polymer plastic membrane is framed on at least one part of the peripheral side of the transparent glass-based element and performs a capillary action on at least one part in a liquid state and then to be combined tightly with the transparent glass-based element after being solidified.05-31-2012
20100047587SUBSTANCE JOINING METHOD, SUBSTANCE JOINING DEVICE, JOINED BODY, AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - A method for joining two substances and device for joining two substances are suited for practical use and significantly reduce the difficulty of accurately forming the focal formation position of an ultrashort pulse laser in a case of joining substances with use of a nonlinear absorption phenomenon, as well as a joined body and a manufacturing method for the for the same. Provided is a method for joining two substances by causing a nonlinear absorption phenomenon to occur with use of an ultrashort pulse laser beam. Among the two substances, a first substance that is positioned on a side on which the ultrashort pulse laser beam is incident is composed of a transparent material, and the two substances are joined by generating, at a joining face of the two substances, a filament area that is generated by a self-focusing effect of the ultrashort pulse laser beam in the first substance.02-25-2010
20100009201Thermosetting Resin Composition for High Performance Laminates - This invention concerns a thermosetting resin system that is useful in the manufacture of high performance prepreg, laminate and composite materials as well as, prepregs, laminates and composites made from the thermosetting resin composition.01-14-2010
20100291393ANNEALABLE LAYER SYSTEM - A layer system that can be annealed comprises a transparent substrate, preferably a glass substrate, and a first layer sequence which is applied directly to the substrate or to one or more bottom layers that are deposited onto the substrate. The layer sequence includes a substrate-proximal blocking layer, a selective layer and a substrate-distal blocking layer. Also provided is a method for producing a layer system that can be annealed and has a sufficient quality even under critical climatic conditions and/or undefined conditions of the substrate. During the heat treatment (annealing, bending), the color location of the layer system is maintained substantially stable and the color location can be widely varied at a low emissivity of the layer system. For this purpose, a first dielectric intermediate layer is interposed between the substrate-proximal blocking layer and the selective layer and is configured as a substoichiometric gradient layer.11-18-2010
20120082856INTERIOR EQUIPMENT ELEMENT FOR VEHICLE CABINS - An interior equipment element 04-05-2012
20110123812SELF-ASSEMBLED MONOLAYERS AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION - The invention relates to a self-assembled monolayer comprising fluoroalkyl chains F05-26-2011
20120231279PROCESS FOR MAKING POLYMERS HAVING NANOSTRUCTURES INCORPORATED INTO THE MATRIX OF THE POLYMER - The present invention is directed toward a method for making a polymer that has nanostructures incorporated into the matrix of the polymer. The method of the present invention involves mixing a precursor solution for the polymer with a precursor for the nanostructures to form a mixture. Nanostructures are formed in the mixture from the precursor of the nanostructures, such that the nanostructures are surrounded by the precursor solution for the polymer. The polymer is formed from the precursor solution of the polymer, which results in the nanostructures being incorporated into the matrix of the polymer.09-13-2012
20100233491Anisotropic Polymeric Film and Method of Production Thereof - The present invention relates generally to the field of organic chemistry and particularly to anisotropic polymer films. More specifically, the present invention relates to materials for microelectronics, optics, communications, computer technology, and other related fields. The invention provides an anisotropic polymeric film and method of producing the same, which film comprises a substrate and an anisotropic layer of noncovalent polymeric material. The anisotropic layer comprises a mixture of general composition (I) where Het09-16-2010
20120088106Hydrophilic Coatings, Articles, Coating Compositions and Methods - A coating composition which imparts antifog, antireflective, easy-cleaning, and/or antistatic properties to substrates coated therewith. The coating compositions utilize nanoparticles funtionalized with amine groups and/or protected amine groups, and amine-reactive groups.04-12-2012
20120328885DEPOSITION OF POLYMER FILMS BY ELECTROSPINNING - Methods and apparatus for depositing polymer films are provided herein. In some embodiments a method for depositing a dielectric film may include flowing a liquid polymer precursor material through an orifice spaced apart from a substrate upon which the liquid polymer precursor material is to be deposited; providing a potential difference between the orifice and the substrate to attract the liquid polymer towards the substrate and form a deposited material on the substrate; and curing the deposited material to form a dielectric film on the substrate.12-27-2012
20100129668POLYFLUOROETHER-BASED PHOSPHATES - A composition comprising one or more compounds of formula (I) or (II):05-27-2010
20130022819METHOD FOR PRODUCING TRANSFER BODY - An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a transfer body, which method neither causes adhesion failure at the interface between a transferring film and a substrate, nor causes interlayer peeling in the transferring film. Another object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a transfer body with high productivity, which method neither causes breakage of a functional pattern forming a transferring layer during peeling of a release film from the transferring film, nor causes any damage to the substrate during separation of an attaching roller and a peeling roller from the substrate.01-24-2013
20080233406TRANSLUCENT CERAMIC, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, OPTICAL COMPONENT, AND OPTICAL DEVICE - A translucent ceramic having a high linear transmittance and a high refractive index, substantially not causing double refraction, and exhibiting a high anomalous dispersion has a pyrochlore compound represented by the general formula A09-25-2008
20080233405Techniques For Labeling of Plastic, Glass or Metal Containers or Surfaces With Polymeric Labels Employing an Activated Hydrophilic - The invention provides a method for fastening a polymeric label to a glass, plastic or metal container or surface by means of a water based composition containing at least 30% by dry weight of animal glue that is activated into an adhesive by the following steps: (a) applying a layer of a hydrophilic solid material based on at least 30% by weight on protein from animal renderings to a polymeric label to form a hydrophilic layer that acts as an adhesive layer when activated with an aqueous medium; (b) applying a low deposition of water, a water based adhesive, water containing a cross-linking agent or an adhesive containing a cross-linking agent to the activatable hydrophilic layer sufficient enough to activate it into an adhesive and form a fastenable polymeric label; (c) fastening the fastenable polymeric label to a glass, plastic or metal container or surface; and (d) allowing said the polymeric label to dry on the glass, plastic or metal container or surface. Special mention is made using polymeric substrates that are optically clear or substrates that are opaque, especially where the opacity is achieved by cavitation or voiding of the substrate to produce pores or voids on the adhesive side of the label while reducing the density of the label substrate.09-25-2008
20080226924Transparent Conductive Film, Method For Producing Transparent Conductive Film and Organic Electroluminescent Device - A transparent conductive film comprising at least a transparent plastic film, a gas barrier layer and a transparent conductive layer is characterized in that the refractive index thereof is so regulated as to decrease continuously or stepwise from the side having the transparent conductive layer to the other side. Also disclosed are a method for producing such a film efficiently, and an organic EL device which is characterized by comprising an organic electroluminescent element-forming layer on such a transparent conductive film and having a high luminance (namely emission luminance).09-18-2008
20080220260Light Emitting Device With A Ceramic Sialon Material - The invention relates to a light emitting device, especially a LED comprising a SiAION material with a transparency of ≧10% to ≦85% for light in the wavelength range from ≧550 nm to ≦1000 nm.09-11-2008
20130143048ANTI-OXIDATION COATING USING GRAPHENE - A piece of composite having a non-metal substrate such as glass or plastic glass coated with a graphene layer is provided. The graphene layer on the substrate can prevent bullet penetration, cracks, and scratches thereof. The piece of composite can be used as one of, a windshield glass, a door glass, a building window glass, an eye-glass lens, and the like.06-06-2013
20130143049INTERLAYER FILM FOR LAMINATED GLASS, AND LAMINATED GLASS - The present invention provides an interlayer film for laminated glass which enables to produce laminated glass having a low yellow index and excellent heat shielding properties; and laminated glass including the interlayer film for laminated glass. An interlayer film for laminated glass according to the present invention comprises a thermoplastic resin; heat shielding particles; and a first component, the first component is at least one of a phthalocyanine compound, a naphthalocyanine compound, and an anthracyanine compound, and contains vanadium atom(s); and Laminated glass of the present invention comprises: a first member for laminated glass; a second member for laminated glass; and a single-layer interlayer film or a multi-layer interlayer film between the first member for laminated glass and second member for laminated glass, wherein the single-layer interlayer film or the multi-layer interlayer film includes the interlayer film for laminated glass according to the present invention.06-06-2013
20130177772RADIATION MITIGATED ARTICLES AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Articles comprising a substrate; a thermal barrier coating disposed on the substrate, the thermal barrier coating comprising a radioactive element, the radioactive element having a base radiation emission; and a radiation inhibitor disposed in or on the thermal barrier coating, or a combination thereof, the thermal barrier coating and radiation inhibitor having a mitigated radiation emission, wherein the mitigated radiation emission is lower than the base radiation emission and a methods of making the same.07-11-2013
20130115468METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MATERIAL INCLUDING A SUBSTRATE PROVIDED WITH A COATING - The subject of the invention is a process for obtaining a material comprising a substrate provided on at least one of its faces with a permanent coating comprising at least one thin film, said process comprising the following steps: 05-09-2013
20100279122Benzimidazole, Benzoxazole and Benzothiazole Derivatives, Optical Film Comprising them and Method of Producing thereof - The present invention is relates to the synthesis of predominantly planar heterocyclic organic compound and the manufacture of optical films based on these compounds. Said organic compound has the general structural formula where Het is a predominantly planar heterocyclic molecular system possessing hydrophilic properties; B is a binding group; p is the number in the range from 3 to 8; S is a group providing solubility of the organic compound; m is a number in the range from 0 to 8. Said organic compound is transparent for electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectral range from 400 to 700 nm, and a solution of the compound or a salt thereof is capable of forming a substantially transparent optical layer on a substrate, with the heterocyclic molecular planes oriented predominantly parallel to the substrate surface.11-04-2010
20130183530METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PLATE-SHAPED BONDED BODY, BONDING DEVICE, AND PLATE-SHAPED BONDED BODY - A method for quickly applying and spreading adhesive between substrates without leaving air bubbles. The method includes holding two substrates apart from each other with adhesive sides facing, a second substrate being positioned above a first substrate. The second substrate is suspended in a manner so as to cause a portion to warp towards the first substrate. After a liquid filler is applied between the two substrates, rollers are lowered onto the second substrate and moved so as to disperse the liquid filler between the first and second substrates. In accordance with the rolling of the rollers, end portions of the second substrate are lowered towards the first substrate.07-18-2013
20110311828THIN FILM TRANSISTOR, THIN FILM TRANSISTOR SUBSTRATE, PROCESSES FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, LIQUID CRYSAL DISPLAY USING THE SAME, AND RELATED DEVICES AND PROCESSES; AND SPUTTERING TARGET, TRANSPARENT ELECTROCONDUCTIVE FILM FORMED BY USE OF THIS, TRANSPARENT ELECTRODE, AND RELATED DEVICES AND PROCESSES - Provided are a thin film transistor substrate having a transparent electroconductive film in which residues and so on resulting etching are hardly generated; a process for producing the same; and a liquid crystal display using this thin film transistor substrate.12-22-2011
20120028051IMPROVED STAIN RESISTANCE - A method of improving the stain resistance of a surface of a glass article such as a float glass ribbon or float glass sheet is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of (i) applying a solution comprising a stain inhibitor to an absorbent strip; (ii) transferring solution from the wet strip to the surface of the glass article; and (iii) drying the wet glass surface to leave stain inhibitor on the surface of the glass article. A facility for manufacturing the glass article incorporating an apparatus for applying a solution comprising a stain inhibitor to the surface of the glass article in accordance with the aforementioned method is also disclosed.02-02-2012
20130209810RECYCLED RUBBER BACKED CUSHIONED VINYL - A laminated surface covering including a facing material made of vinyl and a backing material comprising a rubber component. The rubber component comprising at least a matrix of bonded rubber granules. A bonding material disposed between the facing material and the backing material. The facing material configured to melt at a temperature between 165° F. and 210° F. infiltrating the backing material thereby essentially encasing the rubber granules of the matrix and providing fire retardation and smoke suppression qualities.08-15-2013

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