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428457000 Of metal 582
428446000 Of silicon containing (not as silicon alloy) 575
428426000 Of quartz or glass 428
428500000 Of addition polymer from unsaturated monomers 327
428688000 Of inorganic material 308
428413000 Of epoxy ether 289
428423100 Of polyamidoester (polyurethane, polyisocyanate, polycarbamate, etc.) 277
428412000 Of polycarbonate 189
428480000 Of polyester (e.g., alkyd, etc.) 131
428421000 Of fluorinated addition polymer from unsaturated monomers 126
428532000 Of carbohydrate 123
428474400 Of polyamide 77
428704000 Of B, N, P, S, or metal-containing material 69
428473500 Of polyimide 28
428419000 Of polythioether 20
428524000 Of aldehyde or ketone condensation product 16
428422800 Of polyisocyanurate 12
428484100 Of wax or waxy material 8
428473000 Of animal membrane or skin 8
428497000 Of natural gum, rosin, natural oil or lac 7
428420000 Including interfacial reaction product of adjacent layers 6
428489000 Of bituminous or tarry residue 5
20130029168COATING COMPOSITION - Coating compositions containing components derived from the thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass are provided. The components derived from the thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass are useful in increasing the bond strength retention of such coating compositions to the surface of a substrate.01-31-2013
20100055485Wet-End Manufacturing Process for Bitumen-Impregnated Fiberboard - A process for manufacturing fiberboard by preparing a fiber slurry mixture including containing cellulose fibers and water then atomizing a liquid bituminous material, such as asphalt. The liquid bituminous material is atomized by mixing it with a pressurized gas, such as compressed air, forming a mist comprising droplets of bituminous material having a diameter between 20 microns and 50 microns. A water spray solidifies the bituminous material droplets thereby forming bituminous particles which fall into the fiber slurry within the spray chamber. From there the slurry is sheared, dewatered, and dried, forming a finished fiberboard.03-04-2010
20080305347Protective coating and a coated substrate obtained therefrom - A coating composition suitable for protecting a substrate from abrasion. The coating composition comprises chlorosulfonated polyolefin, a monomer mixture and catalyst. The monomer mixture is made from (meth)acrylate monomers. The coating composition also acts as a sound deadener, an anti-slip coating, and an anti-wear coating. It can be applied to a variety of substrates especially on a truck bed as a bedliner.12-11-2008
20120219811BLOCK COPOLYMER AND POLYMER MODIFIED BITUMINOUS BINDER COMPOSITION FOR USE IN BASE COURSE ASPHALT PAVING APPLICATION - The present invention provides a polymeric composition that includes a coupled block copolymer having a plurality of arms comprising at least two blocks of a monovinylaromatic hydrocarbon that are located on at least two of the plurality of arms, and at least one block of a conjugated diene located on at least one of the plurality of arms, and optionally one or more block copolymers comprising at least one block of monovinylaromatic hydrocarbon and at least one block of a conjugated diene, the block copolymer may be selected from linear copolymers, linear triblock copolymers, multiarm coupled block copolymers, and mixtures thereof. The molecular weight of the polymeric composition is in the range from about 100 kg/mol to about 400 kg/mol.08-30-2012
20120021235West-End Manufacturing Process For Bitumen-Impregnated Fiberboard - A process for manufacturing fiberboard by preparing a fiber slurry mixture including containing cellulose fibers and water then atomizing a liquid bituminous material, such as asphalt. The liquid bituminous material is atomized by mixing it with a pressurized gas, such as compressed air, forming a mist comprising droplets of bituminous material having a diameter between 20 microns and 50 microns. A water spray solidifies the bituminous material droplets thereby forming bituminous particles which fall into the fiber slurry within the spray chamber. From there the slurry is sheared, dewatered, and dried, forming a finished fiberboard.01-26-2012
428492000 Of natural rubber 5
20130040156METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SURFACE-MODIFIED FLUORORESIN FILM, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING RUBBER COMPOSITE, AND MEDICAL RUBBER PRODUCT - There are provided a method for manufacturing a surface-modified fluororesin film capable of long-term inventory storage, a method for manufacturing a rubber composite composed of the surface-modified fluororesin film and rubber bonded together, and a rubber product for medical use made of the rubber composite. The method for manufacturing a surface-modified fluororesin film comprises the step of performing surface roughening on a fluororesin film RF by applying an ion beam from an anode layer ion source to the surface of the fluororesin film RF. A rubber is placed over the roughened surface of the thusly produced surface-modified fluororesin film, and, through vulcanization molding process, the surface-modified fluororesin film and the tuber can be firmly bonded to each other.02-14-2013
20100227185T-Molding - The T-Molding comprises a flame treated under layer comprising a blend of a polyolefin with an antioxidant; and an outer layer secured to said under layer and comprising an acrylic.09-09-2010
20130202902STRETCH FILM LAMINATION ADHESIVE - The invention provides stretch film laminant adhesives, methods of using the adhesives to bond substrates together, and to articles of manufacture comprising the adhesives. It has been discovered that a stretch film lamination adhesive, which comprises a metallocene catalyzed polyolefin copolymer with a density greater or equal to 0.870 g/cm08-08-2013
20090123770Rubber and Plastic Compsite Material Having Reinforcing Layer - A composite product comprising a base substrate member, reinforced by an outer reinforcing member. A non-limiting example of this composite product includes recycled tire rubber and thermoplastic base member, around which is wrapped a composite fabric reinforcing member.05-14-2009
20090311546Method for manufacturing a rubber magnet with a colored facial gum material layer and a rubber magnet thereof - A method for manufacturing a rubber magnet with a colored facial gum material layer and a rubber magnet thereof. A colored gum material layer is paved on a surface of the rubber magnet. A surfactant is added into the colored gum material layer. An identical surfactant or a surfactant with very close polarity is added into the material of the rubber magnet, whereby the surfaces of the gum material layer and the rubber magnet can tightly adhere to each other without easy peeling. In addition, antiscaling agent, wetting/spreading agent and defoaming agent are added into the gum material layer to fully wet the color and uniformly spread the color over the gum material so as to enhance the evenness of the color.12-17-2009
428455000 Of cork 1
20090258240Color Stabilization of Cork and Colored Woods by the Combined Use of Inorganic and Organic UV-Absorbers - The instant invention relates to a method for the color stabilization of cork and specific colored woods by the combined use of a small amount of inorganic UV-absorbers and an excess of organic UV-absorbers in a protective coating. A further aspect of the invention is the use of such a UV-absorber combination for the color stabilization of cork and specific colored woods.10-15-2009
20100143722BOND LINE CONTROL PROCESS - A method and apparatus for bonding parts. An adhesive and a plurality of beads may be applied onto a first surface of a first part to form a layer of adhesive and beads. The first surface of the first part with the layer of adhesive and beads may be placed in contact with a second surface of a second part to form a structure, wherein the structure may be cured.06-10-2010
20100129659Method for forming coating film and coated article - The present invention provides a coated product having excellent corrosion resistance and excellent finish by a 3-coat 1-bake method; 05-27-2010
20080261046Method For Producing Molded Bodies From Thermoplastic Material - The invention makes possible the one-step production of molded bodies (10-23-2008
20080261047Coating Device and Coating Method - A coating device (10-23-2008
20100151251METHOD AND PLANT FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MEMBRANE BODIES - A method and a plant (06-17-2010
20090191410Resin joined body - In a resin joined body including at least one member made of a resin material that forms a first resin layer and a second resin layer, the at least one of the first and second resin layers having the rear side from which the laser beam has been irradiated has an absorption constant of 50 to 5000 m−1 for the wavelength of the laser beam, and the fuse bonded portion is formed to have a relationship of X>Y, wherein a light transmittance of light passing from the first resin layer to the second resin layer via the fused portion is designated as X(%), and a light transmittance of light passing continuously from the first resin layer to the second resin layer via a portion other than the fused portion is designated as Y(%).07-30-2009
20090191409Combined Wetting/Non-Wetting Element For Low and High Surface Tension Liquids - A fluidic device includes a porous substrate, a non-wetting region extending through a first portion of the porous substrate from a first side of the substrate, in which the non-wetting region is impermeable to fluid transport, and a wetting region extending through a second portion of the porous substrate from a second side of the substrate, in which the wetting region is permeable to fluid transport.07-30-2009
20130078470FIXING BELT, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING FIXING BELT, FIXING DEVICE, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A fixing belt includes a base layer that contains a resin, a flat metal heat-generating layer that is provided on the base layer and contains metal as a main component, and a protective layer that is provided on the metal heat-generating layer and contains a resin, wherein the metal heat-generating layer contains resin portions that pass through the metal heat-generating layer in a thickness direction of the layer, and the resin portions contain at least one of the resin of the base layer and the resin of the protective layer.03-28-2013
20100075150METHOD OF FORMING A GAS BARRIER LAYER, A GAS BARRIER LAYER FORMED BY THE METHOD, AND A GAS BARRIER FILM - A method of forming a gas barrier layer comprises: forming a first layer over a substrate by plasma-enhanced CVD at a first pressure, at least a part of a surface of the substrate being made of an organic material; and forming a second layer on the first layer by plasma-enhanced CVD at a second pressure which is lower than the first pressure.03-25-2010
20090047523Production of discrete shaped article - Disclosed is a process that can be used to produce surface covering such as mulch. The process comprises combining at least one ethylene copolymer, at least one filler, at least one cellulosic material, and optionally a decoupler, a plasticizer, a coloring agent, or combinations of two or more thereof to produce a mixture; converting the mixture into a sheet or slab; and contacting the sheet or slab between a set of engraved nip rolls to produce shredded article including mulch.02-19-2009
20130034733BIARYL POLYCARBONATE INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBERS - An intermediate transfer member that includes biaryl polycarbonates, an optional polysiloxane, and an optional conductive filler component.02-07-2013
20100323200Customisable Size Load Bearing Polymer Composite Frame - An apparatus for welding together polymer composite components to form a composite frame, the apparatus including: a load bearing apparatus; a plurality of location elements for respectively locating at least one component of the composite frame to be assembled, each location element being connected to the load bearing apparatus; at least one of said location elements being a moveable location element, the position of said location element being moveable with respect to said load bearing apparatus; guides for the precise movement of said locating elements to position the composite components into a series of joints which form the composite frame; at lease one actuation means for the at least one moveable location element, the actuation means being attached to the load bearing apparatus and to the at least one moveable location element; at least one motion limiting apparatus applied to the at least one moveable location element, the motion limiting apparatus being either a means of control of the force applied by the at least one actuation means, or a mechanical stop. A method of fitting polymer composite components together to create a load bearing frame is also disclosed.12-23-2010
20090155593THROUGH COLOR HIGH PRESSURE DECORATIVE LAMINATE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A decorative laminate is provided and includes a core having a plurality of stacked paper sheets which are impregnated therein a melamine-formaldehyde resin and an internal plasticizer for the melamine-formaldehyde resin, the plasticizer comprising an amino-functional monomer; a decorative sheet overlying the core, the decorative sheet having impregnated therein a melamine-formaldehyde resin and an internal plasticizer for the melamine-formaldehyde resin; and, optionally, an overlay sheet on the decorative sheet. A combustion accelerant is also included in the resin.06-18-2009
20100104876PIEZOELECTRIC COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The present invention provides a method for producing a composite material comprising an array of piezoelectric fibres, the method comprising: (a) providing: (a1) a plurality of first strips comprising a piezoelectric material or a precursor to a piezoelectric material, and a first carrier, and (a2) a plurality of second strips comprising a decomposable material, and a second carrier; (b) placing said pluralities of said first and second strips alternately on top of one another to form a stack in which at least a portion of said first strips is separated from adjacent first strips by a second strip; (c) a heating step comprising heating said stack to remove said first and second carriers and said decomposable material; (d) impregnating said stack with a filler material to form a composite stack of piezoelectric strips; and (e) cutting said stack to form a composite material comprising an array of piezoelectric fibres. In an alternative method the cutting (e) is performed before the heating step (c). The methods allow for the production of fibre arrays with mean fibre spacing of 5 ym or less.04-29-2010
20100104875MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR A PLUNGER AND SUCH A PLUNGER - At least one embodiment of a plunger has, when viewed in a longitudinal direction, a central region and two outer regions adjoining the central region. The outer regions are injection-moulded from a non-magnetizable material. In the central region, a magnetizable material is integrated in the plunger. In at least one embodiment, an injection-mouldable material is used as the magnetizable material, and the plunger including the magnetizable material is manufactured by way of a two-component injection-moulding process. A defined magnetization is impressed on a section of the central region once the magnetizable material has been integrated in the plunger.04-29-2010
20090087664Directed assembly of triblock copolymers - Methods of directed self-assembly of multi-block (i.e., triblock and higher-order) copolymers on patterned substrates and related compositions are provided. According to various embodiments, the methods involve depositing copolymer materials on substrates configured to drive the assembly of micro-phase separated films that exhibit the same morphology as that copolymer materials in the bulk. In certain embodiments, binary patterns are used to drive the triblock copolymer films. The binary two-dimensional surface patterns are transformed into three-component and three-dimensional structures throughout the thickness of the overlying copolymer films.04-02-2009
20130029156SELF SUPPORTIVE PANEL SYSTEM - A self supporting panel system used to fabricate ceilings, floors, walls, or roofs. The panel system is assembled from a plurality of panels, each having a core that is sandwiched between opposing plate members. In a preferred embodiment, the core of each panel includes a unifying material to enhance the load bearing capacity of the panel.01-31-2013
20130089742REINFORCED INTERNAL COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - A complex-shaped, three-dimensional fiber reinforced composite structure may be formed by using counteracting pressures applied to a structural lay-up of wetted fibers. The wetted fibers are arranged on pressurizable members and may be configured to include internal structural features, such as shear webs. A reinforcement stiffener may be located adjacent to at least one of the pressurizable members and the wetted fibers that form the internal structural feature. The reinforcement stiffener includes a modulus of elasticity that is substantially higher than a modulus of elasticity of the resin used to wet the fibers. In one embodiment, the reinforcement stiffener may be received in a pocket of one of the pressurizable members and may include a releasing agent that permits removal of the stiffener after the composite structure has been pressurized and cured.04-11-2013
20090305047TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE POLYMER COATING & REMOVAL SYSTEM - A system for providing temporary durable protective coatings onto surfaces of building construction elements, and for controllably removing said temporary protective coatings from said surfaces. The system comprises coating compositions configured to provide pliable resilient yet durable temporary protective coverings on surfaces of building construction elements, stripping compositions configured to at least partially dissolve the temporary protective coverings, and methods for use of said coating compositions and said stripping compositions. The coating compositions are provided with at least a first component comprising a film-forming carboxylic-acid-containing polymer, a second component comprising a plasticizer chemically compatible with the first component, a third component comprising a grafting polymer suitable for forming cross-linking bonds between the first and second components, a fourth component comprising a solvent chemically suitable for solubilizing therein said first, second and third components, and a fifth component comprising a surfactant.12-10-2009
20130059156SURFACE QUALITY ENHANCEMENT OF COMPOSITES - A process for enhancing the surface quality of a composite: There is a first stage of thermoplastic film extrusion, optionally of multiple layers. The layers include a common ABS layer with base material, an intermediate ASA layer for choice of color and finish, and a final layer of PMMA acrylic. Then move the multi-layer sheet through a vacuum forming mold for shaping, then to a light RTM mold where a fiberglass mat for injection molding is placed, close a counter mold and injection mold a thermoset resin, producing a composite of resin and fiberglass over the layer. This produces a composite with high surface quality and high mechanical strength.03-07-2013
20090269587HYDROPHOBIC NANOSTRUCTURED THIN FILMS - Provided herein are the polymers shown below. The value n is a positive integer. R10-29-2009
20090269586Multimicrolamellar Collagen Membranes - The present invention relates to multimicrolamellar membranes of collagen of several types and structures (e.g. collagen type I, type II, type III, etc.), of only one type or two types in association, but more particularly of type I and type II collagen and/or of their mixture. The multimolecular arrangement is obtained by preparing the membrane in several steps involving the sequential addition of collagen gel layers. Membranes look thin, with a variable rough surface depending on the type of collagen used. Such membranes show a parallel horizontal lamellar microstructure and they can be soaked with different fluids, act as three-dimensional scaffold for cultured cells and are apt to be infiltrated and colonized by cells in vivo, therefore working as support suitable for direct, guided tissue regeneration. Moreover, the present invention relates to the preparation of said membranes from collagen gels and to the optimization of the preparation of collagen gel from tissues.10-29-2009
20130065056PHOTOCHROMIC MATERIALS HAVING EXTENDED PI-CONJUGATED SYSTEMS AND COMPOSITIONS AND ARTICLES INCLUDING THE SAME - The present invention provides ophthalmic devices comprising at least one photochromic material which is an indeno-fused naphthopyran having a pi-conjugation extending group bonded to the 11-position of the indeno-fused naphthopyran, the pi-conjugation extending group having at least one pendent halo-substituted group bonded thereto. The pi-conjugation extending group extends the pi-conjugation system of said indeno-fused naphthopyran. The 13-position of the indeno-fused naphthopyran is substantially free of spiro-substituents. The invention further provides photochromic materials of specified structure, photochromic compositions, photochromic articles and optical elements that include the photochromic materials. Other non-limiting embodiments relate to methods of making the ophthalmic devices comprising photochromic materials.03-14-2013
20090239080PHOTOSENSITIVE INSULATION RESIN COMPOSITION AND CURED PRODUCT THEREOF - An object of the present invention is to provide a cured product which is excellent in characteristics such as an electric insulation property, a heat impact resistance, an adhesive property and the like and to provide a photosensitive insulation resin composition from which the above cured product can be obtained and which is suited to uses such as an interlayer insulation film, a surface protecting layer and the like in semiconductor elements. The photosensitive insulation resin composition according to the present invention is characterized by comprising (A) a copolymer comprising 10 to 99 mole % of a constitutional unit (A1) represented by the following Formula (1) and 90 to 1 mole % of a constitutional unit (A2) represented by the following Formula (2) (provided that the total of all constitutional units constituting the above copolymer (A) is 100 mole %):09-24-2009
20090011245In-Mold Decoration Injection Molding Case and Process Thereof - An in-mold decoration (IMD) injection molding case includes a decoration film and a piece of plastic material. The decoration film includes a first plastic film, a graphite film, and a second plastic film. The graphite film is sandwiched between the first plastic film and the second plastic film. The piece of plastic material is combined with the decoration film to form the IMD injection molding case by an IMD injection molding process. An IMD injection molding process is also disclosed.01-08-2009
20090011244ANTI-FOGGING ARTICLE AND ANTI-FOGGING AGENT COMPOSITION - To provide an anti-fogging article having excellent anti-fogging performance and further having excellent durability, and an anti-fogging agent composition.01-08-2009
20100021737METHOD OF FILM-COATING ARTICLES - The present invention relates to a simplified method of film-coating articles by means of radiation curing.01-28-2010
20100173161Welding of Functional Components to Polymer Composite Components - A method for joining functional components with at least a thermoplastic components to thermosetting composites with at least some thermoplastic surface. The thermosetting composite has a functional thermoplastic surface layer attached by a process of selection of a compatible thermoplastic, heating the combined materials to allow migration of uncured thermosetting polymer into the thermoplastic polymer, then cooling the combined materials to provide a strongly attached thermoplastic surface. The thermosetting composite component may have a polymeric material coating. The present invention subsequently relates to the joining of the functional component and thermosetting polymer composite components, using high-speed oscillating relative displacement or high-speed continuous relative displacement.07-08-2010
20110281114Method of Making A Composite Sandwich Structure and Sandwich Structure Made Thereby - A composite sandwich structure is made by compacting a first multi-ply composite facesheet and assembling a layup, including sandwiching a core between the compacted first facesheet and a second multi-ply composite facesheet. The layup is compacted and the first and second facesheets are co-cured with the core.11-17-2011
20080318052MOLDED-IN-COLOR PANEL AND METHOD FOR MOLDING - In one embodiment, a method for molding a molded-in-color panel in a mold includes providing a mold having a first mold member and a second mold member. One of the first mold member and the second mold member has an appearance portion forming surface and the other of the first mold member and the second mold member has a concealed portion forming surface corresponding with the appearance portion forming surface. The concealed portion forming surface forms a concealed portion of a panel and is free of any protuberances and ancillary structural members for facilitating ideal surface characteristics of an appearance portion of the panel. Molded-in-color resin is injected in the mold and cooled to form a molded-in-color panel. At least one ancillary structural member is welded to the concealed portion of the panel.12-25-2008
20090075086Moisture-Curable Composition Featuring Increased Elasticity - The invention relates to moisture-curable compositions that air provided with increased elasticity while having good mechanical properties and adhesion. Said compositions contain at least on silane-functional polymer A, at least one aminosilane AS2, and at least one α-functional organodialkoxysilane at an amount of 0.6 to 5.0 parts by weight relative to 100 parts by weight of polymer A. Also disclosed are the production and use of the inventive compositions, especially as a sealant and adhesive.03-19-2009
20100119831IN-LINE CONTINUOUS FORMING OF A COATED PLASTIC SUBSTRATE - A process includes vacuum coating a shaped profile with a UV curable coating composition and subsequently curing the coated shaped profile to form a shaped profile having a uniform coated, cured coating. The curing is carried out with a pulsed UV device operated at a pulse frequency at pulse power such that the coating composition is uniformly cured over the coated surfaces of the shaped profile. The process is carried out continuously to coat and cure a shaped profile moving lengthwise through sequentially arranged coating and curing devices. An apparatus for carrying out the process that includes a vacuum coater and a UV curing chamber.05-13-2010
20110281115CURABLE FILM-FORMING COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING ORTHO-HYDROXYL AROMATIC FUNCTIONAL ACRYLIC POLYMERS - The present invention is directed to curable film-forming compositions comprising a film-forming resin and a crosslinking agent. The film-forming resin contains a polymer having functional aromatic groups derived from functional aromatic acids.11-17-2011
20080213595SURFACTANT COMPOSITION HAVING STABLE HYDROPHILIC CHARACTER - Hydrophilic surfactant compositions are disclosed that include a surfactant component and a stabilizer component. The surfactant can be coated on a surface by depositing a surfactant solution on at least a portion of the surface, then drying the surfactant solution to form the dry coating. The surfactant compositions, when applied to a substrate, can provide a hydrophilic surface that retains its hydrophilic character over time, at elevated temperatures, or both.09-04-2008
20110143140COMPOSITE PLY STABILIZING MECHANISM AND METHOD - A stabilizing mechanism for resisting relative movement of upper and lower laminates of a composite structure having a core comprises a lower grip strip and at least one upper grip strip. The lower grip strip may be mounted to a tool upon which the composite structure may be processed. The lower grip strip may include an outer surface having at least one engagement feature for engaging at least one of the upper and lower laminates which make up the composite structure. The upper grip strip may have opposing outer surfaces which may include at least one engagement feature for engaging the lower strip and at least one of the upper and lower laminates.06-16-2011
20120189852Multi-layer Decorating Element and Method of its Manufacture - A method for producing a multi-layer decorating element includes the steps of: (a) providing a base, a first plate, a second plate and an adhesive layer; (b) stacking the first and second plates onto one of the base and the adhesive layer; (c) stacking the other of the base and the adhesive layer onto one of the base and the adhesive layer to form a stacked array; (d) hot pressing the stacked array; and (e) removing the adhesive layer.07-26-2012
20100266850LAMINATE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING LAMINATE, FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - An object of the present invention is to improve, in a laminate and a flexible printed circuit board obtained using the laminate, (i) adhesiveness between a resin material and a plating layer and (ii) soldering heat resistance after moisture absorption. This object is attained by a method for producing a laminate including at least a polymer film, a to-be-plated layer containing at least a crystalline thermoplastic resin, and a plating layer, said method including the steps of: A) applying plating to a resin material including at least a polymer film and a to-be-plated layer containing at least a crystalline thermoplastic resin, in order to produce a laminate including at least the polymer film, the to-be-plated layer containing at least the crystalline thermoplastic resin, and a plating layer: and B) heating the laminate.10-21-2010
20080311403LAMINATION APPARATUS AND METHODS - Components for the manufacture of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells are provided, as well as apparatus and automatable methods for their manufacture by rotary die cutting and by lamination of various layers to form membrane electrode assemblies. A method and apparatus for performing the method are provided comprising die-cutting webs of catalyst decal materials or electrode materials to make first and second workpieces at first and second rotary die stations; holding the die-cut workpieces by action of sub-ambient air pressure to an endless perforated belt of first and second vacuum conveyors, typically before they are fully cut from the first and second webs; transporting first and second workpieces to opposing sides of a membrane in a laminating station; concurrently feeding the first and second workpieces into the laminating nip adjacent to the membrane, and laminating the first and second workpieces to the membrane.12-18-2008
20100124660TECHNIQUES FOR FORMING TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE COATINGS AND BONDABLE SURFACES - A method for forming temporary protective coatings and bondable surfaces is disclosed. In the method, a soluble layer is disposed on a material surface, such as the interior surfaces of cell walls of a web material. The soluble material is then removed or leached from the web material to form and expose a roughly textured, bondable surface for bonding with another material, such as AVCOAT insulation. Use of the soluble layer, therefore, enhances the bondability of any surface that requires good adhesion, such as where the surface is difficult to reach for conventional surface preparation techniques.05-20-2010
20100124659STAGED COCURING OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - A composite structure is fabricated by staging at least a portion of an uncured, first composite component. The first composite component is assembled with a second composite component, and the staged portion of the first composite component is cocured with the second composite component.05-20-2010
20100086784METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVED AZIMUTHAL THERMAL UNIFORMITY OF A SUBSTRATE - Methods and apparatus for providing an improved azimuthal thermal uniformity of a substrate are provided herein. In some embodiments, a substrate support for use in a semiconductor process chamber includes a susceptor plate; and a supporting member to support a backside of the susceptor plate proximate an outer edge thereof, wherein the supporting member substantially covers the backside of the susceptor plate. In some embodiments, the substrate support is disposed in a process chamber having at least some lamps disposed below the supporting member and utilized for heating the back side of the susceptor plate.04-08-2010
20120034466Thin-Filmy Polymeric Structure and Method of Preparing the Same - A thin film polymer structure obtained by the steps of:02-09-2012
20120107614METHOD OF COATING A SUBSTRATE SURFACE, AND COATED SUBSTRATES PREPARED THEREBY - The invention provides compositions and methods useful in providing strongly bonded functional layers on substrates. In some embodiments, the invention provides functionalized substrate surfaces that have a surface property selected from smudge resistance, easy clean, oleophobic, oleophilic, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, electrostatic, sorbing, electroresponsive, charge responsive, bioinert, and bioactive. Methods for the manufacture of such coated substrates are provided. The invention finds utility, for example, in the fields of surface and ultrathin coating chemistry and chemical functionalization of surfaces. In some embodiments, the method provides surfaces having smudge resistance and easy-clean characteristics.05-03-2012
20090162661MULTI-LAYERED MOLDED ARTICLE WITH TACTILITY - A multi-layered molded article (06-25-2009
20080206570Resin Layer Formation Method, Resin Layer Formation Device, and Disk Manufacturing Method - A resin layer formation method, resin layer formation device, disk and disk manufacturing method for making a resin layer uniform on a substrate before lamination or on a substrate to be coated by a simple procedure are provided. Adhesive A is coated at the inner circumference side while rotating a substrate P at low speed, a first adhesive layer AL08-28-2008
20090104446Polymers for Protecting Materials from Damage - Certain exemplary embodiments of compositions, and methods of applying the compositions to plants and/or other materials, are disclosed. Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a composition comprising water droplets comprising a dispersion of particles comprising a polymer comprising at least one hydrophobic substituent and at least one hydrophilic substituent. The polymer can be formed from polymerization and/or copolymerization. The composition, when applied to at least a portion of a surface of the materials, can reduce damage to the materials.04-23-2009
20080241548LAMINATED MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, WAVE PLATE, AND OPTICAL FILM - A laminated material, method for producing thereof, wave plate, and optical film are provided. A laminated material includes a plurality of members bonded together, each of the members including a polymer material. At least one of bonded surfaces of the members bonded together is subjected to a corona treatment.10-02-2008
20080286575MULTI-LAYERED PLASTIC BODY FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - A multi-layered plastic body for containing, storing or conducting a medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or other product, the plastic body including a first layer made of a stress fracture resistant plastic material, and at least a second layer adjacent to the first layer and made of a plastic material exhibiting a lower resistance to stress fractures than the first plastic material. The invention encompasses a suitable method of making the body.11-20-2008
20080305340MULTI-RESIN COMPOSITE ARTICLES AND SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A method for manufacturing a multi-resin composite article is provided. The method comprises providing at least one fiber preform in a mold; injecting a plurality of resins into the at least one fiber preform at a plurality of locations on the at least one fiber preform; and forming at least one transition region along a mutual contact surface between the resins. Each of the at least one transition regions is defined by a gradual transition in composition from one of the resins to another of the resins. A multi-resin composite article is also provided. The article comprises: at least one fiber preform; a plurality of resins, wherein the at least one fiber preform is infused with the resins; and at least one transition region extending along a mutual contact surface between respective ones of the resins. A system for manufacturing such a multi-resin composite article is also provided.12-11-2008
20090162660MULTI-LAYERED MOLDED ARTICLE WITH MOISTURE PROTECTION - A multi-layered molded article (06-25-2009
20100151252PROCESS FOR PRODUCING LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER LAMINATE - To provide a process which is capable of producing, with good productivity, a liquid crystal polymer laminate having a uniformly aligned liquid crystal polymer and being excellent in transparency and which enables to enlarge the area.06-17-2010
20130216836PROCESS FOR MELTING/SINTERING POWDER PARTICLES FOR THE LAYER-BY-LAYER PRODUCTION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS - A process for melting/sintering powder particles for layer-by-layer production of three-dimensional objects wherein a layer of powder particles is irradiated by a nonlinear path of an electromagnetic radiation is provided. Also provided are an apparatus to conduct the process and three dimensional objects obtained by the process.08-22-2013
20090208754METHOD FOR EDGE SEALING BARRIER FILMS - A method of making an edge-sealed, encapsulated environmentally sensitive device. The method includes providing an environmentally sensitive device on a substrate; depositing a decoupling layer through one mask, the decoupling layer adjacent to the environmentally sensitive device, the decoupling layer having a discrete area and covering the environmentally sensitive device; increasing the distance between the one mask and the substrate; and depositing a first barrier layer through the one mask, the first barrier layer adjacent to the decoupling layer, the first barrier layer having an area greater than the discrete area of the decoupling layer and covering the decoupling layer, the decoupling layer being sealed between the edges of the first barrier layer and the substrate or an optional second barrier layer.08-20-2009
20090208753Methods and articles including nanomaterial - A method of depositing a nanomaterial onto a donor surface comprises applying a composition comprising nanomaterial to a donor surface. In another aspect of the invention there is provided a method of depositing a nanomaterial onto a substrate. Methods of making a device including nanomaterial are disclosed. An article of manufacture comprising nanomaterial disposed on a backing member is disclosed.08-20-2009
20090208752LOW TRANSIENT AND STEADY STATE THERMAL STRESS DISK SHAPED COMPONENTS - A process for manufacturing a disk shaped component comprising fabricating a disk shaped component using a composite material having at least a first material and a second material, wherein the first material is disposed at and proximate to a center portion of the disk shaped component and the second material is disposed at and proximate to a rim of the disk shaped component, wherein the first material comprises a first coefficient of thermal expansion, a first stress value and a first oxidation resistance, and the second material comprises a second coefficient of thermal expansion, a second stress value and a second oxidation resistance, wherein the first coefficient of thermal expansion is greater than the second coefficient of thermal expansion, the first stress value is greater than the second stress value and the first oxidation resistance is less than the second oxidation resistance.08-20-2009
20090081465USE OF OILS WITH HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS IN PLASTICS AND SURFACE COATINGS - Oil compositions having a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids are described for use in various applications including use as drying oils, in ink compositions and coating compositions. Oil compositions wherein the double bonds of the fatty acids are substantially epoxidized are described and used as plasticizers and thermal stabilizers for various halogenated polymer compositions.03-26-2009
20090081464Fine Line Bonding and/or Sealing System and Method - A method of providing a fine line adhesive bond and/or seal or gasket and/or lined channel, and in particular a fine line bonding seal, between a first (03-26-2009
20110229720Method and Apparatus For Curing a Composite Part Layup - A composite part layup is cured using a set of tools adapted to hold the layup and which include at least one tool face contacting the layup. Means are provided for heating the tool face to cure the part layup, and for selectively cooling sections of the tool face.09-22-2011
20090053526GAS BARRIER LAMINATE AND PRODUCTION METHOD OF THE SAME - A gas barrier laminate comprising a substrate having thereon at least a gas barrier layer and a polymer layer, wherein at least one polymer layer is provided adjacent to at least one gas barrier layer; and an average carbon content of the polymer layer at a contact interface between the gas barrier layer is lower than an average carbon content in the polymer layer.02-26-2009
20090004476CONDUCTIVE POLYMER COMPOSITE STRUCTURE - In order to obtain actuator elements capable of being displaced such as expansion and contract or bending for practical use even when used as actuator elements with larger size, stacked layers or bundles in which conductive polymer-containing layers or fiber-like tubes are provided with conductive polymer composite structures which include conductive substrates and conductive polymers, said conductive substrates have deformation property, and conductivity of said conductive substrates is not less than 1.0×1001-01-2009
20090246532POLYIPTYCENYLENE VINYLENE AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - Methods are provided for obtaining soluble or insoluble poly(iptycenylene vinylene) homo- and co-polymers via a soluble precursor polymer. The polymers obtained by the methods can be used in electronic or opto-electronic devices, e.g., chemosensors.10-01-2009
20090117387Device for Attaching a Label to a Substrate - Labels are permanently attached to a substrate, e.g., a tissue cassette, by use of a staking device. The device comprises a staker assembly and a cassette fixture assembly. The cassette fixture assembly includes a slot and a clamping assembly for securing the cassette within the device. The staker assembly includes a set of probes that are heated and sequentially moved into a position to burn a hole in a label that is provisionally attached to the cassette, and then the substrate is melted and displaced through the hole to form a collar bond that permanently attaches the label to the cassette. The label remains attached to the cassette when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, e.g., high heat, high humidity, solvents, etc.05-07-2009
20100261017METHOD OF PRODUCING GAS BARRIER LAMINATE AND GAS BARRIER LAMINATE OBTAINED - A method of producing a gas barrier laminate comprises: the steps of forming an inorganic compound layer on a substrate by vapor-phase film deposition, applying surface roughening treatment to a surface of the inorganic compound layer, and subsequently forming an organic compound layer on the roughened surface of the inorganic compound layer by flash evaporation.10-14-2010
20100183879PLASMA DEPOSITION APPARATUS - Apparatus (07-22-2010
20100239865Composite Manufacturing Method - A method of manufacturing a panel, the panel comprising a composite skin and at least one composite stiffener, the method comprising: positioning first and second mandrels on opposite sides of the stiffener; positioning first and second compaction tools on opposite sides of the skin; and compacting the skin between the first and second compaction tools by moving one or both of the compaction tools, wherein the movement of the compaction tool(s) causes the first and second mandrels to move towards the stiffener along inclined paths so as to compact the stiffener between the mandrels.09-23-2010
20090155594DEVICES FOR APPLYING CONDUCTIVE GEL-PADS TO ELECTRODES AND ELECTRODES PRODUCED THEREBY - Described herein are devices for applying conductive gels to electrodes and the gel-laminated electrodes produced thereby. The devices permit the reuse of the electrodes by easily applying fresh gels to them for each subsequent use. In a first example embodiment, all of the components of the laminating device are provided in a single housing. In a second example embodiment, the gel applying and drive components are housed within the device, and a replaceable cartridge houses the gels and the gel delivery components. Also described herein are dispensers for storing and dispensing conductive gels that can be readily applied to and removed from an electrode.06-18-2009
20100136342COATING METHOD AND COATED ARTICLE OBTAINED BY THE SAME ( amended - A coating method is a method for forming a multilayer coating film including at least one lower layer formed on a substrate and an uppermost layer formed on the lower layer, and the coating method comprises the steps of: preparing a certain curable coating material as an uppermost layer-coating material for forming the uppermost layer, and preparing a certain coating material as at least one lower layer-coating material for forming the lower layer; forming an uncured multilayer coating film by applying the lower layer-coating material and the uppermost layer-coating material on the substrate using a wet-on-wet technique; and curing at least the uppermost layer-coating material by subjecting the uncured multilayer coating film to a curing treatment.06-03-2010
20090075085POSTAL-COMPLIANT FLUORESCENT INKJET PAPERS, INKS FOR PREPARING THEM AND INDIVIDUALIZED POSTAGE STAMPS PRINTED THEREON - Described are new custom postage printing stocks, coating compositions, processes for preparing and utilizing these and resulting postage products. Disclosed ink formulations comprise: invisible fluorescent dye and/or pigment (preferably red-fluorescent dye), which is fluorescent in the range of 580 to 640 nm when illuminated with light at 254 nm; water-soluble binder; substrate penetrant, fluorescence stabilizer; substrate anticurl agent and water. The inks, when coated on substrates and dried, can improve the quality and color of images printed as compared to images printed without the aid of the invention.03-19-2009
20120196131Assembly for fabricating a structure having a crystalline film, method of making the assembly, crystalline film structure produced by the assembly and crystalline films - An assembly for fabricating a structure having a crystalline film, includes a rigid substrate, a conductive layer in operative contact with the rigid substrate, a first precursor material of the crystalline film in operative contact with the conductive layer, and a flexible substrate include a contact surface, wherein the contact surface of the flexible substrate is in operative contact with the first precursor material opposite from the conductive layer. A crystalline film structure, crystalline film structure produced thereby, methods of making the assembly and the crystalline film structure, respectively, are also described herein.08-02-2012
20090246530Method For Fabricating Thin Films - A method of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) capable of continuously tuning formed-film morphology from that of a nanoparticle aggregate to a smooth thin film free of particles and droplets. The materials that can be synthesized using various embodiments of the invention include, but are not limited to, metals, alloys, metal oxides, and semiconductors. In various embodiments a ‘burst’ mode of ultrashort pulsed laser ablation and deposition is provided. Tuning of the film morphology is achieved by controlling the burst-mode parameters such as the number of pulses and the time-spacing between the pulses within each burst, the burst repetition rate, and the laser fluence. The system includes an ultrashort pulsed laser, an optical system for delivering a focused onto the target surface with an appropriate energy density, and a vacuum chamber in which the target and the substrate are installed and background gases and their pressures are appropriately adjusted.10-01-2009
20090317639METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A STRETCHABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for manufacturing a stretchable electronic device is disclosed. In one aspect, the device comprises at least one electrically conductive channel connecting at least two components of the device. The method comprises forming the channel by laser-cutting a flexible substrate into a predetermined geometric shape.12-24-2009
20090148704VAPOR-PHASE PROCESS APPARATUS, VAPOR-PHASE PROCESS METHOD, AND SUBSTRATE - A vapor-phase process apparatus and a vapor-phase process method capable of satisfactorily maintaining quality of processes even when different types of processes are performed are obtained. A vapor-phase process apparatus includes a process chamber, gas supply ports serving as a plurality of gas introduction portions, and a gas supply portion (a gas supply member, a pipe, a flow rate control device, a pipe, and a buffer chamber). The process chamber allows flow of a reaction gas therein. The plurality of gas supply ports are formed in a wall surface (upper wall) of the process chamber along a direction of flow of the reaction gas. The gas supply portion can supply a gas into the process chamber at a different flow rate from each of one gas supply port and another gas supply port different from that one gas supply port among the plurality of gas supply ports.06-11-2009
20080280143Method of Coating a Surface with Nanoparticles - Known techniques for forming nanoparticles require a multiple-step process to coat a surface with nanoparticles. The present invention provides a single-step process that requires the deposition of a substrate in a mixture of a solvent, ligands and organometallic precursors. The mixture containing the substrate is heated under pressure in a dihydrogen environment for a predetermined period of time, during which supercrystals of nanoparticles form on the substrate.11-13-2008
20090110933Systems and devices related to nitric oxide releasing materials - The present disclosure relates to systems and devices related to nitric oxide releasing materials.04-30-2009
20100310873PLASTIC WELDING USING FIBER REINFORCEMENT MATERIALS - A method of reinforcing a thermoplastic part includes softening a portion of the thermoplastic part to form a pool, embedding fibers in the softened pool, and re-solidifying the pool embedded with fibers into a weld that strengthens the thermoplastic part.12-09-2010
20090068472METHOD OF PRODUCING AN OPTICAL FILM, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE OPTICAL FILM OBTAINED BY THE PRODUCTION METHOD - Provided is a method of producing an optical film having excellent durability and capable of contributing to reduction in thickness, preventing uneven heating, and favorably preventing light leak in black display. The method of producing an optical film includes the steps of: applying an application liquid containing a liquid crystal material to an alignment substrate; forming a first optical compensation layer on a substrate surface by aligning the liquid crystal material; transferring the first optical compensation layer to a surface of a transparent protective film; laminating a polarizer on the surface of the transparent protective film; and forming a second optical compensation layer on a surface of the first optical compensation layer. The polarizer and the first optical compensation layer are arranged on opposite sides through the transparent protective film. The first optical compensation layer and the second optical compensation layer are formed so that angles formed between respective slow axes and an absorption axis of the polarizer are set within specific ranges.03-12-2009
20110008624METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PANELS AND PANEL HEREBY OBTAINED - Method for manufacturing panels, wherein these panels are composed at least of a substrate and a top layer, which includes at least one material sheet, wherein for said material sheet use is made of a material sheet which previously is provided with a radiation-hardening covering layer, in which hard particles are included.01-13-2011
20100062259METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LAMINATE AND LAMINATE - The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a laminate having a hydrophobic resin substrate and an orientation layer containing an organic dye, wherein the method comprises a step (1) of carrying out a plasma treatment on a surface of the hydrophobic resin substrate under an atmosphere having a nitrogen concentration of 80% or higher and a step (2) of forming the orientation layer containing the organic dye on the hydrophobic resin substrate by applying a solution containing the organic dye exhibiting lyotropic liquid crystallinity and a hydrophilic solvent on the surface of the hydrophobic resin substrate on which the plasma treatment is carried out and drying the solution.03-11-2010
20100062258THIN FILM-LIKE POLYMER STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - A thin film polymer structure having a functional substance on the face (A surface) and reverse face (B surface) of the film, obtained by the steps of 03-11-2010
20110097585GEL COMPOSITION, METHOD OF PREPARING THE SAME, AND IMPACT RESISTANT ABSORBING MATERIAL USING THE SAME - A gel composition usable as an impact resistant absorbing material, comprises a polymer comprising, as a constituent unit, at least one of an acidic group or a basic group, and 50 weight % or more of an ionic liquid. In addition, a method for preparing the gel composition comprises (a) preparing a mixture liquid comprising a monomer or polymer comprising, as a constituent unit, at least one of an acidic group or a basic group, a cross-linking agent and 50 weight % or more of an ionic liquid, and (b) polymerizing and cross-linking said monomer or cross-linking said polymer in said mixture liquid to form a gel composition.04-28-2011
20100129658Method of detaching attached boards from each other - A method of detaching two plates adhered via an adhesive sheet or a curable resin layer, comprising moving, relatively parallel to each other, said two plates to develop a shear stress causing rupture of said adhesive sheet or curable resin layer. According to the present invention, two plates bonded via an adhesive sheet or a curable resin layer can be detached by only moving the two plates relatively parallel to each other. Therefore, even when at least one of the two plates is thin and poor in flexibility, two plates can be detached from each other substantially without a force (load) which causes high distortion (deformation) producing a breakage or crack on the plates. Accordingly, for example, when two optical plates adhered via a transparent adhesive sheet need to be re-bonded, two optical plates can be detached from each other and adhered again. Thus, the production cost of equipment with a display function, which carries a flat-panel display, can be reduced.05-27-2010
20110070447Crystalline Resin Sandwich Films - A resin composition that is storable at ambient temperatures. The resin composition forms a cured resin when exposed to a curing agent and heated to a curing temperature that is relatively close to ambient temperature. The resin composition includes a crystalline resin component that is sandwiched between two non-crystalline resin components to provide a zone that is rich in crystalline thermosetting resin. The crystalline thermosetting resin has a melting point that is above ambient temperature, but below the curing temperature. The viscosity of the resin component changes from a high viscosity state to a low viscosity state when the temperature is increased from ambient temperature to the curing temperature.03-24-2011
20110070446Removable Flexible Magnetic Accessory For Vehicle Exterior - Provided is an accessory for a aesthetically modifying the decklid of a vehicle. The accessory generally comprises of flexible laminated sheet or strip including a magnetic material which permits the accessory to be reversibly adhered to the decklid of the vehicle.03-24-2011
20100304147METHOD FOR COATING LAYERS WHICH CONTAIN NONPOLAR POLY-AROMATICS - The invention relates to a process for coating layers comprising nonpolar polyaromatics with conductive polymers, and to polymeric layers produced by this process.12-02-2010
20090239079Process for Preventing Plating on a Portion of a Molded Plastic Part - The present invention relates to a method of incorporating a catalytic poison into a non-plating grade resin portion of a double shot molded plastic part, to retard the tendency of any electroless plating chemistry to be deposited on that portion that contains the catalytic poison. After surface treatment, only one portion of the molded part becomes receptive to electroless plating while the other portion does not.09-24-2009
20100330371PANEL DEVICE - A panel device includes a panel section, a first conductive layer that is provided in a side of one surface of the panel section, an insulating layer that is stacked on the first conductive layer and a second conductive layer that is stacked on the insulating layer. The first conductive layer and the second conductive layer are formed by coating an electrically conductive solvent-type substance. The insulating layer is formed by coating an insulating curing-acceleration-type substance.12-30-2010
20110256405Joined Structure Manufacturing Method and Joined Structure - The present invention is a method of manufacturing a joined structure formed by joining two joining materials. The method includes a joining medium layer forming step and a joining step. In the joining medium layer step, a joining medium layer is formed on a joining surface of at least one of the two joining materials. The joining medium layer includes one or more of elements selected from a group consisting of hydrogen gas, steam gas, alcohol gas, hydrogen peroxide gas, organometallic compound, and silane coupling agent. In the joining step, the two joining materials arranged one over the other via the joining medium layer are heated and/or irradiated by electromagnetic waves.10-20-2011
20100285318JOINING COMPONENT AND FASTENING ARRANGEMENT - A stud for joining onto a flat workpiece, in particular for the purpose of stud welding. The stud including a joining portion, by means of which the joining component can be joined onto the workpiece, and a fastening portion, formed as a single piece with the joining portion and to which at least one further structural element can be fastened. The joining portion including a joining surface that contacts the flat workpiece during joining and has a circumference. There being realized in the joining surface at least one recess that extends transversely relative to the circumference and that divides the joining surface into at least two partial surfaces.11-11-2010
20100221548COATING LIQUID FOR FORMING POLARIZING FILM AND POLARIZING FILM - A coating liquid for forming a polarizing film comprising a lyotropic liquid crystal compound (A) exhibiting light absorption characteristics in a visible light region having a wavelength 400 nm or longer, a lyotropic liquid crystal compound (B) exhibiting no or low light absorption characteristics in the visible light region having a wavelength 400 nm or longer and a solvent dissolving the lyotropic liquid crystal compound (A) and the lyotropic liquid crystal compound (B).09-02-2010
20100221547ELECTROLUMINESCENT ELEMENT - Provided is an organic electroluminescence element which is driven with a reduced drive voltage without deteriorating emission luminance and has a high power efficiency. The organic electroluminescence element having at least one light emitting layer is characterized in that two or more types of light emitting dopants having different emission colors are included in at least one light emitting layer, the concentration of all the light emitting dopants included in the light emitting layer is 5 Vol % or more, and the concentration of the light emitting dopant giving a main emission color among the light emitting dopants in the light emitting layer is 2 Vol % or less.09-02-2010
20100196718COATED MEDICAL DEVICES WITH ADHESION PROMOTERS - A medical device includes a polymer composition on a surface. The polymer composition is bonded to a surface of the medical device using an adhesion promoter.08-05-2010
20100080994Methods for producing carbon nanostructures - Methods of producing carbon nanostructures utilizing a polymer and a nanostructure template to form carbon nanostructures are disclosed. The method does not require a metal catalyst.04-01-2010
20100080995METHOD FOR CONNECTING ELECTRONIC PART AND JOINED STRUCTURE - A method for connecting an electronic part, which contains: mixing a dispersing solvent, an adhesive resin which is dissolved in the dispersing solvent, conductive particles, and insulating particles which have smaller particle diameters than those of the conductive particles so as to prepare an anisotropic conductive adhesive; placing a terminal of a substrate and a terminal of an electronic part so as to face each other via the anisotropic conductive adhesive, and applying heat and pressure to the substrate and the electronic part so as to sandwich the conductive particles between the terminal of the substrate and the terminal of the electronic part to thereby deform the conductive particles, in which the pressure is smaller than pressure at which the conductive particles are destroyed, and smaller than pressure at which the particle diameters of the conductive particles become equal to the particle diameters of the insulating particles.04-01-2010
20100021738METHOD OF PRODUCING STRETCHED FILM AND STRETCHED FILM - A method of producing a stretched film comprising melt-coextruding a thermoplastic resin A and a thermoplastic resin B to produce a composite film 01-28-2010
20100021739WAVELENGHTH CONVERSION FILM, AGRICULTURAL FILM, STRUCTURE AND COATING FILM FORMING COMPOSITION - To provide a wavelength conversion film which is capable of maintaining an optical wavelength converting function for a longer period of time than conventional wavelength conversion films.01-28-2010
20090130452Low Embodied Energy Wallboards and Methods of Making Same - Wallboards, as well as other building materials, are produced by methods which use significantly reduced embodied energy, generating far less greenhouse gases when compared with the energy used to fabricate gypsum wallboard. A novel cementitious core, consisting in one embodiment of post-industrial waste such as slag and combined with pH modifiers, provides a controlled exothermic reaction to create a gypsum-wallboard-like core which can be wrapped in a selected material such as recycled paper and manufactured on a conveyor system to appear, weigh and handle similar to gypsum wallboard, but without the large amounts of energy required to make gypsum wallboard. The manufacturing process results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than the processes used to make gypsum wallboard.05-21-2009
20100190008POLYPYRROLE CONTAINING INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER COMPONENTS - An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a polypyrrole associated with, attached to, and more specifically, chemically attached to a carbon black.07-29-2010
20120301724COLOR CONVERSION FILMS COMPRISING POLYMER-SUBSTITUTED ORGANIC FLUORESCENT DYES - The present invention concerns a color conversion film comprising at least one active layer, said layer comprising an organic fluorescent dye containing a fluorescent core, wherein said dye is substituted with at least one polymer segment. It also concerns its method of preparation.11-29-2012
20110305906METHOD FOR DEPOSITING AN ELECTRODEPOSITABLE COATING COMPOSITION ONTO A SUBSTRATE USING A PLURALITY OF LIQUID STREAMS - The present invention is directed to a method for coating a substrate wherein the substrate is electrically conductive, the method comprising simultaneously applying a plurality of electrically conductive liquid materials to different portions of the substrate wherein at least one of the electrically conductive liquid materials comprises an ionic compound; and applying an electrical current to at least one of the liquid materials thereby depositing the ionic compound onto the substrate.12-15-2011
20120148846COLOR PLUS CLEAR COATING SYSTEMS EXHIBITING DESIRABLE APPEARANCE AND FINGERPRINT RESISTANCE PROPERTIES AND RELATED METHODS - Disclosed are methods of forming a multi-component composite coating on a substrate. The methods include applying a transparent radiation curable film-forming composition onto a colored base coat deposited upon a substrate to form a transparent top coat over the basecoat. The colored base coat includes a colorant and a film-forming resin, and the transparent radiation curable film-forming composition includes a fluorine-containing radiation curable compound.06-14-2012
20120003480METHOD, SYSTEM AND MOLDING TOOL FOR MANUFACTURING COMPONENTS FROM COMPOSITE FIBER MATERIALS - In a method for manufacturing components from composite fiber materials, at least one placeholder is inserted into a recess in a molding tool, wherein the unfinished component is subsequently produced, the placeholder is removed, at least one lifting pad is inserted into the recess and the unfinished component is removed from the molding tool by inflating the lifting pad. In a system for manufacturing components from composite fiber materials, the component removal process is monitored and controlled by a computer unit in order to prevent predetermined maximum component loads from being exceeded. The gentle component removal process makes it possible to avoid consequential costs for repairing or reworking the components.01-05-2012
20110064952CERAMIC SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A method of fabricating a ceramic substrate includes: preparing a firing theta; forming a ceramic laminated body comprising at least one internal confinement layer on the ceramic theta; providing a temperature-compensation ceramic layer on at least one of a top surface of the ceramic laminated body and a bottom surface of the ceramic laminated body contacting the firing theta, the temperature-compensation ceramic layer having a different initial firing shrinkage temperature than the ceramic laminated body; and firing the ceramic laminated body.03-17-2011
20120064350INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER BELT, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER BELT - An intermediate transfer belt for use in an image forming apparatus of an electro-photographing type, includes a substrate; and a surface-cured layer provided on the substrate; wherein the surface-cured layer contains a reaction product of at least an active energy ray curable monomer, reactive metal oxide particles, and a graft copolymer of a polymerizable fluorine resin and a polymerizable siloxane.03-15-2012
20120064349FILM FORMING APPARATUS, FILM FORMING METHOD, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a film forming apparatus includes: a stage on which a coating object is placed; a rotation mechanism rotating the stage; an application nozzle supplying a coating material to the coating object; an application moving mechanism moving the application nozzle; a controller which controls the rotation mechanism and application moving mechanism to rotate the stage and move the application nozzle between the rotation center and the outer edge and controls the application nozzle to apply the coating material to the coating object; and a sound wave generator which generates a sound wave. The film forming apparatus projects the sound wave onto the surface of the coating film.03-15-2012
20100068528LAMINATE AND LAMINATE PRODUCTION APPARATUS - The present invention provides a laminate and a laminate production apparatus capable of preventing dust from attaching to a substrate during transfer of the substrate. The laminate production apparatus includes: an A zone including a feeding and taking-up device which feeds a long-length substrate and takes up a laminate in which an underlying layer and a thin film are formed over the long-length substrate, and a coating device which applies a coating liquid onto the substrate to form a coated film; a B zone including a drying device which heat-treats the coated film; and a C zone including a vacuum film forming device which forms the thin film on the underlying layer, and a taking-up and feeding device which takes up and feeds the substrate on which surface the underlying layer is formed.03-18-2010
20110104498STRUCTURAL COMPOSITES WITH IMPROVED TOUGHNESS - A structural composite uses a block copolymer toughening agent to increase the fracture resistance (toughness) of the structural composite. The structural composite comprises (i) a carbon fiber reinforcing material and (ii) a thermosettable resin composition; wherein the thermosettable resin composition comprises (a) a thermosettable resin and (b) at least one block copolymer toughening agent.05-05-2011
20120171494INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER, IMAGING APPARATUS, AND METHOD - An intermediate transfer member for electrophotography includes a substrate, a cured static dissipative silicone compliant layer comprising crosslinked silicone polymer formed from a UV light curable siloxane and a UV curing catalyst, and an outermost surface ceramer layer. This intermediate transfer member can be incorporated into a suitable imaging apparatus for forming a toned image on a receiver element.07-05-2012
20100092780Optical Film, Processing Method of Optical Film and Processing Device of Optical Film - A processing method of an optical film comprising the step of: subjecting a long length roll-film continuously conveyed to a treatment so as to be brought in contact with a processing solution containing at least one type of gas selected from reducing gas and oxidizing gas.04-15-2010
20090130451LASER-WELDABLE THERMOPLASTICS, METHODS OF MANUFACTURE, AND ARTICLES THEREOF - A laser-weldable composition is disclosed, comprising, based on the total weight of the laser-weldable composition, more than zero to 99.95 weight percent of a thermoplastic polymer composition; from 0.00001 to 5 weight percent of a near-infrared absorbing material; from 0.0 to 0.02 weight percent of carbon black; and from 0.05 to 20 weight percent of a white pigment.05-21-2009
20090130450METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PLACING PLIES ON CURVED SUBSTRATES - A ply placement device uses a ply guide to place plies on a curved substrate surface. The ply guide includes a guide surface and a guide edge that are each curved to match the contour of the substrate so that the ply transitions smoothly from its planar form to a curved form as the ply is placed onto the substrate. The ply guide may be flexible or segmented to allow reconfiguration of the guide surfaces to match various substrate contours.05-21-2009
20100247918PERFLUOROPOLYETHER POLYMER GRAFTED POLYANILINE CONTAINING INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBERS - An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a perfluoropolyether phosphoric acid chemically bonded to a polyaniline.09-30-2010
20100173162METHOD FOR STABLE HYDROPHILICITY ENHANCEMENT OF A SUBSTRATE BY ATMOSTPHERIC PRESSURE PLASMA DEPOSITION - A method for applying a hydrophilic coating on a substrate includes: providing a substrate (07-08-2010
20080213594LASER (230NM) ABLATABLE COMPOSITIONS OF ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTING POLYMERS MADE WITH A PERFLUOROPOLYMERIC ACID APPLICATIONS THEREOF - An aqueous composition including (a) a dispersion of at least one electrically conductive polymer doped with at least one highly-fluorinated acid polymer and (b) a second material which can be a second polymeric acid, an acid salt of the second polymeric acid, or a combination thereof.09-04-2008
20100285319METHOD FOR FABRICATION OF TRANSPARENT GAS BARRIER FILM USING PLASMA SURFACE TREATMENT AND TRANSPARENT GAS BARRIER FILM FABRICATED THEREBY - The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a transparent gas barrier film by using plasma surface treatment and a transparent gas barrier film fabricated according to such method which has an organic/inorganic gradient interface structure at the interface between an organic/inorganic hybrid layer and an inorganic layer. Since the method of the present invention is capable of fabricating a gas barrier film by plasma surface treatment instead of deposition under high vacuum, it can mass-produce a transparent gas barrier film with excellent gas barrier properties in an economical and simple manner. Further, since the transparent gas barrier film fabricated according to the method of the present invention shows excellent gas barrier properties and is free of crack formation and layer-peeling phenomenon, it can be effectively used in the manufacture of a variety of display panels.11-11-2010
20090061233Method of manufacturing flexible substrate for electronic device, method of manufacturing electronic device and electronic device manufactured thereby - A method of manufacturing a flexible substrate for an electronic device having at least a barrier layer and a flattened layer above a flexible supporting member, in which the flattened layer is provided with at least a thermosetting resin layer. The method includes installing the barrier layer above the flexible supporting member, and installing the flattened layer by facing the thermosetting resin toward a face of the barrier layer and adhering the thermosetting resin and the barrier layer by heating. A method of manufacturing an electronic device and an electronic device manufactured thereby are also provided.03-05-2009
20090061234Method for Inhibiting Corrosion of Metal in Distillation Units Caused by Organic Acids - Corrosion may be inhibited in a separation unit by treating at least one surface of the separation unit with a corrosion inhibitor. The corrosion inhibitors are those having a general formula:03-05-2009
20100291391METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THIN FILM MULTILAYER DEVICE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING DISPLAY DEVICE, AND THIN FILM MULTILAYER DEVICE - A method for manufacturing a thin film multilayer device includes bonding a plastic substrate to a support substrate using an adhesive so that an upper film and a lower film constituting a weak adhesive inorganic film are sandwiched between the plastic substrate and the support substrate, and the plastic substrate is supported by the support substrate with an adhesive force stronger than an adhesive force between the upper and lower films, stacking a plurality of thin films on the plastic substrate supported by the support substrate, and separating the upper film from the lower film to separate the plastic substrate on which the plurality of thin films are stacked, from the support substrate.11-18-2010
20120082852CHARGING MEMBER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING CHARGING MEMBER - Provided is a charging member in which the hardness of its surface is increased while surface free energy is kept low, the surface is hard to scratch even in long-term use, and a toner or the like is hard to adhere to the surface. The charging member according to the present invention includes a conductive support, a conductive elastic layer, and a surface region containing a cured material of a compound represented by the following formula (1):04-05-2012
20110123808INSULATOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD HAVING ELECTRO COMPONENT - An insulator and a manufacturing method of an electronic component embedded printed circuit board using the insulator are disclosed. The method includes providing a core board having a circuit pattern formed on a surface thereof, in which the core board is penetrated by a cavity, adhering an adhesive layer covering the cavity to a lower surface of the core board, disposing an electronic component on an upper surface of the adhesive layer, in which the upper surface corresponds to the cavity, and stacking an insulator on an upper surface of the core board so as to fill the cavity, in which the insulator has an upper resin layer and a lower resin layer formed on an upper surface and a lower surface of a reinforcing material, respectively. The insulator has an asymmetric structure in which the lower resin layer is thicker than the upper resin layer.05-26-2011
20080299396DUCTILE POLYMER-PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIAL COMPOSITE FOR INK JET PRINTHEADS - In accordance with the invention, there are free-standing ductile composites, liquid dispensing devices, and methods of making free-standing ductile composites, liquid dispensing devices. The method of making a free-standing ductile composite can include providing a substrate and releasably bonding one or more piezoelectric elements to the substrate. The method can also include kerfing the piezoelectric elements in a predetermined pattern to form a kerfed pattern, filling the kerfed pattern with a polymer to form a polymer-piezoelectric composite, and lapping the polymer-piezoelectric composite. The method can further include releasing the polymer-piezoelectric composite from the substrate.12-04-2008
20100215963METHOD OF PRODUCING SHEET JOINED BODY AND SHEET JOINED BODY - An object of the present invention is to provide a method of producing a sheet joined body that is unlikely to make a sheet joined body cause a stepped portion on at least one side thereof and is capable of providing an excellent joining strength to a sheet joined body. Provided is a method of producing a sheet joined body, which includes a covering step of bringing end faces of sheet members, which sheet members containing a thermoplastic resin, into abutment with each other to provide an abutted portion and covering one side of the abutted portion with a joining member, and a joining step of irradiating a portion covered with the joining member with laser light to fusion-bond the sheet members and the joining members together, thereby joining the sheet members together.08-26-2010
20100203342REVERSIBLE WELDING PROCESS FOR POLYMERS - One exemplary method includes providing a first polymer and a second polymer each comprising a first shape memory polymer backbone having at least one surface free side chain, the first polymer and the second polymer each transformable between a permanent shape and a temporary shape; creating an adhesive bond between the first polymer and the second polymer, wherein the creating of the adhesive bond transforms the first polymer to its temporary shape and transforms the second polymer to its temporary shape; and wherein the at least one surface free chain of the first polymer in its temporary shape is interdiffused with the at least one surface free chain of the second polymer in its temporary shape by the creation of the adhesive bond.08-12-2010
20100167060METHOD OF JOINING SHEET MEMBER AND SHEET JOINED BODY - An object of the present invention is to provide a method of joining sheet members together that is capable of joining two sheet members together without causing a stepped portion on a joined portion. Provided is a method of joining a first sheet member and a second sheet member together, which includes bringing an end face of the first sheet member into abutment with an end face of the second sheet member to provide an abutted portion, heating the abutted portion via a heating medium to thermal-fusion-bond the end faces with each other, and peeling off the heating medium from the first and second sheet members after the thermal-fusion bonding.07-01-2010
20130011681METHOD OF LINEAR FRICTION WELDING - A method of linear friction welding, the method comprising: a friction phase comprising oscillating a first workpiece (01-10-2013
20130022817APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TREATING SUBSTRATES TO RESIST GREASE AND OIL PENETRATION AND TREATED ARTICLES THEREFROM - An apparatus and method for treating a substrate to provide grease and oil resistance the substrate. The apparatus and method includes, applying a first film layer of a non-fluoro grease and oil resistant chemical on the surface of the substrate to form a first film layer on the surface of the substrate. The apparatus also includes applying a second film layer of a water resistant chemical over the first film layer to prevent the first layer from being contacted by water and to hold the first layer to the surface of the substrate.01-24-2013
20080248312Method of preparing nano-structured surface coatings and coated articles - The invention relates to new processes for the preparation of antireflective coatings and coated substrates, as well as articles produced by these processes. These coatings can include one or more layers made of materials which form nano-structured and/or nano-porous surfaces. The process can include applying a cross-linkable hard coat to a substrate, partially curing or cross-linking the hard coat, and then applying a second coat carried by a solvent or mixture of solvents capable of swelling the partially cured hard coat. The second coat is then cross-linked and grafted to the hard coat to produce a durable coated substrate with antireflective properties.10-09-2008
20080241549Method for forming UV-patternable conductive polymer film and conductive polymer film formed by the same - Example embodiments provide a method for forming a UV-patternable conductive polymer film. According to the method, vapor-phase polymerization (VPP) may be employed to synthesize a conductive polymer and a UV-curable polymer resin may be used as a binder to form a conductive polymer film. Example embodiments also provide a conductive polymer film formed by the method. The conductive polymer film may be patterned in a relatively simple manner while maintaining increased conductivity, improved transparency and improved flexibility. Therefore, the conductive polymer film may be used as a material for transparent electrodes of a variety of display devices, e.g., LCD and PDP devices, and electronic devices, e.g., ELs and TFTs.10-02-2008
20080233404MICROREPLICATION TOOLS AND PATTERNS USING LASER INDUCED THERMAL EMBOSSING - Laser induced thermal embossing (LITE) films used to make microreplication tools, liners, and products such as laser induced thermal imaging (LITI) donor films. The LITE tools or liners have a microstructured surface selectively imposed upon them as determined by an area of imaging the LITE films against one or more microreplication tools. An orientation between the laser imaging lines and LITE films can be selected to produce various microreplication patterns on the tools. The LITE tools can be made having a structure on structure pattern including a microstructured pattern with a nanostructured surface. The LITE liners can be combined with other films to form products. The LITE films can also be coated with a transfer layer to form a LITE donor film with a structured transfer layer.09-25-2008
20080226920Multilayer Elastic Film Structures - Multi-layer elastic air quenched blown film structures are disclosed which include: a first layer incorporating a propylene-based copolymer and optionally, a linear low density polyethylene or a low density polyethylene; and at least one second layer incorporating a linear low density polyethylene copolymer and optionally, a propylene-based copolymer and/or a low density polyethylene. Alternatively the second layer of the film structures may contain an in-reactor blend of a substantially linear polyethylene (or a homogeneously branched linear polyethylene) and a linear low density polyethylene. The film structures show an excellent balance of Dart impact, Elmendorf tear (in both the machine direction and cross direction), elastic holding force and elastic recovery.09-18-2008
20080226919Water-Soluble Film Roll and Method for Paying Out Water-Soluble Film - To provide a water-soluble film roll 09-18-2008
20080220258HELICAL SUBSTITUTED POLYACETYLENE STRUCTURE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, DEVICE STRUCTURE, ION TRANSPORT FILM AND GAS SEPARATION FILM - A helical substituted polyacetylene structure including a substrate and a substituted polyacetylene with a periodic main chain having a helical periodic structure, wherein the substituted polyacetylene is disposed inclined on the surface of the substrate with the inclination angle between the main helical axis of the substituted polyacetylene and the surface of the substrate falling in a range of 60° or more and 90° or less. A device structure in which a first electrode, the substituted polyacetylene with the periodic main chain having a helical periodic structure and a second electrode are sequentially disposed on a substrate.09-11-2008
20130177766APPARATUS FOR LAYER-BY-LAYER PRODUCTION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS BY ROTATING APPLICATION - The present invention relates to an apparatus for the layer-by-layer production of three-dimensional objects, to processes for layer-by-layer production, and also to corresponding shaped articles.07-11-2013
20130177767APPARATUS FOR LAYER-BY-LAYER PRODUCTION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS - An apparatus for the layer-by-layer production of three-dimensional objects having a material application unit containing a doctor blade with an edge closest to the construction field having a non-continuous straight line. In one embodiment the blade may vibrate. A process for layer-by-layer production, wherein the construction field is completely coated with applied powder prior to irradiation is also provided. Three dimensional articles made according to the invention are also provided.07-11-2013
20090035580ELECTROPEELING COMPOSITION, AND MAKING USE OF THE SAME, ADHESIVE AND ELECTROPEELING MULTILAYER ADHESIVE - An object of the invention is to provide an electropeeling composition which, when attached two adhered members, has an enough bond strength and can be easily detached the adherend members following use. An electropeeling composition includes an ionic liquid.02-05-2009
20080206571COATING COMPOSITIONS - A coating composition comprising a starchy material, said material having: 08-28-2008
20130149540ELECTROPHOTOGRAPHIC MEMBER, INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTROPHOTOGRAPHIC MEMBER - An object of the present invention is to provide: an electrophotographic member which enhances image quality, prevents the lowering of a grade of an image even when images have been repeatedly output, and can remarkably enhance the stability of the grade of the image; an intermediate transfer member; and an image forming apparatus. The electrophotographic member includes a base layer and a surface layer, wherein the surface layer has a binder resin, perfluoropolymer fine particles, a fluorocarbon resin dispersing agent and a particular fluorine compound, wherein the perfluoropolymer fine particle has a fluorine compound carried on its surface.06-13-2013
20130149541BELT MEMBER, FIXING DEVICE, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - Disclosed are a belt member having high wear resistance and thereby capable of maintaining its initial surface properties for a long period of time and a fixing device provided with, the belt member, and an image forming apparatus. The belt member has a belt shape, and its surface is formed of a cured resin including a structural unit derived from urethane (meth)acrylate (A) having at least three (meth)acryloyloxy groups per molecule, a structural unit derived from a polyfunctional monomer (B) having no urethane bond and having at least three (meth)acryloyloxy groups per molecule, and a structural unit derived from a fluorine-modified acrylate (C). The cured resin contains 18 to 63% by mass of the structural unit derived from the urethane(meth)acrylate (A), 18 to 63% by mass of the structural unit derived from the polyfunctional monomer (B), and 10 to 40% by mass of the structural unit derived from the fluorine-modified acrylate(C).06-13-2013
20110274931METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE VISCOSITY OF A SPRAYABLE MIXTURE - The present invention is directed to a method for controlling the viscosity of a sprayable mixture. The sprayable mixture forms a layer of a coating composition on an applied substrate and forms crosslinked network after drying and curing the layer. The dried and cured composition provides the substrate with a coating having a good appearance.11-10-2011
20130189523POLYIMIDE RESIN FILM, TUBULAR OR SUBSTANTIALLY TUBULAR MEMBER, TUBULAR MEMBER UNIT, INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER, IMAGE-FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR FORMING IMAGE - A polyimide resin film includes a layer containing a polyimide resin, fluoropolymer particles, and a compound represented by general formula (II) or a laminate of two or more layers including the layer as an outermost layer:07-25-2013
20120288717FUNCTIONAL SURFACE COATING - Compositions and methods of preparing functional thin films or surface coatings with low non-specific binding are described. The thin films contain specified functional groups and non-specific binding repellant components. The thin films are either covalently bound to or passively adsorbed to various solid substrates. The specified functional group provides specified activity for the thin film modified solid surfaces and non-specific binding repellant components significantly reduce the non-specific binding to the thin film modified solid surfaces. Non-specific binding repellant components do not affect specified functional group's activity in the thin films. In these methods, specified functional groups are anchored to the solid substrates through a spacer. Surface coatings are also described having both non-specific protein binding properties combined with functional groups for specific binding activity thereby providing surface coating that specifically recognize target proteins but limit binding to non-specific protein.11-15-2012
20120028048PRODUCTION OF ELASTOMERIC FILMS - A method for producing multi-layered elastomeric film or article, the method comprising: (i) dipping a mould into a composition for producing an elastomeric film having a total solids content of between 5%-40% to produce a layer of elastomeric film composition on the mould, (ii) partially drying the layer of elastomeric film composition on the mould to reduce the total water content of the elastomeric film composition to a level of not less than 22%, (iii) dipping the mould coated with the partially dried layer of elastomeric film composition into a composition for producing an elastomeric film having a total solids content of between 5%-40% to produce a further layer of elastomeric film composition on the mould, (iv) optionally repeating the partial drying step (ii) and the further dipping step (iii), and (v) drying and curing the layers of elastomeric film composition on the mould.02-02-2012
20120070668MULTI-FERROIC STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method for testing a multiple layer structure is described. The method includes monitoring strains experienced by strain sensitive, magnetic particles disbursed within an adhesive between a first layer and a second layer, and analyzing any changes in the strains experienced by the particles to determine an amount of damage or degradation to the structure.03-22-2012

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