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20130045380SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING AND DESPENSING FILLED MULTI-COMPONENT MATERIAL - A filled multi-component material applied by a dispensing system is disclosed. The material can be produced by mixing a first reactive component comprising a resin and a filler with a second reactive component comprising a curing agent. The filler can comprise a hard filler and/or an elastic filler such as ground recycled tire material. The first reactive component and the second reactive component can be fed to a dispensing apparatus and mixed by a static mixer, each of which can be disposable. The mixture can then be dispensed onto a surface using air spray, airless spray or extrusion, for example. When applied to a surface, the mixture typically polymerizes and entrains the filler materials to provide a protective layer having improved properties. In certain embodiments, the filler materials can include recycled tires that have been ground into fine particles, providing environmentally friendly new products from old tires that typically end up as landfill.02-21-2013
20090123742METHOD FOR THE APPLICATION OF CORROSION-RESISTANT LAYERS TO METALLIC SURFACES - Method of applying corrosion control coats, especially integrated pretreatment layers or coats for atmospheric corrosion control, to metallic surfaces, using copolymers comprising as monomeric building blocks 20% to 70% by weight of monomers containing nitrogen heterocycles, 10% to 50% by weight of monomers containing acidic groups, 10% to 50% by weight of vinylaromatic monomers, and optionally 0% to 25% by weight of further monomers. Copolymers of the stated composition, and also preparations for applying corrosion control coats.05-14-2009
20090246518COVER FILM - To provide a cover film with which the temperature range of a sealing iron to obtain peel strength is wide and stability of peel strength is good at the time of peeling, and which is excellent in heat sealing properties to a carrier tape.10-01-2009
20100028667FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC SHEET SYSTEMS - Flexible magnetic sheets made with high-energy strontium ferrite and oriented magnetic particles of strontium ferrite and barium ferrite, such as to decrease thickness while maintaining a strong magnetic energy as well as flexibility.02-04-2010
20100151235Molding composition and shaped plastics articles manufactured therefrom - In order to provide curable molding compositions and shaped plastics articles prepared therefrom having an improved easy-clean property compared with the prior art, it is proposed that the curable molding composition for the production of shaped plastics articles contains a liquid monomeric methacrylate component and an amount of a particulate inorganic material ranging from 45 to 85 wt %, based on the molding composition, and that it further contains a hydrophobic monomeric component comprising at least one organosiloxane that is functionalized with an unsaturated group.06-17-2010
20100151234Penetration Resistant Composite and Article Comprising Same - Penetration resistant composites and articles that are lightweight and ultraviolet light stable. One penetration resistant composite has a plate and a plurality of fibrous layers disposed adjacent at least one major surface of the plate. At least one of the fibrous layers includes a polymer fiber that is ultraviolet light stable. The composite has an areal density of less than about 25 kilograms per square meter, and is non-penetratable in accordance with standard NIJ-0101.04 level III dated September 2000.06-17-2010
20090110920LAMINATE AND FRAMELESS DRY ERASE STRUCTURE MADE THEREFROM - A laminate sheet for surfacing a dry erase board is provided. The laminate sheet has an upper sheet with a marking surface adapted to receive felt tip marker indicia and has a surface energy of less than 34 dynes per centimeter. A backing layer is provided on opposing surfaces each having a surface energy of more than 36 dynes per centimeter. A tie layer is provided intermediate between the upper layer and the backing layer that includes oblong or prolate particles. A dry erase marker board is formed from such a laminate sheet through applying the sheet to a substrate with an adhesive layer intermediate therebetween. The resulting dry erase marker board lacks a frame bounding the laminate sheet and ideally the laminate sheet wraps around the edges of a substrate.04-30-2009
20090191407COATINGS PROVIDING LOW SURFACE EMISSIVITY - Coating compositions which reduce the surface emissivity of structural materials or maintain the surface emissivity of structural materials while protecting the structural materials from oxidation, weathering, and physical damage. The compositions comprise a polymerized organic monomer, an optional dispersible electrically conductive material, a catalyst, and a solvent.07-30-2009
20110195248PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE SHEET WITH SPONTANEOUSLY ROLLING PROPERTY - The pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet with spontaneously rolling property of the invention is a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet comprising a contractible film layer, an elastic layer, a rigid film layer, an intermediate layer, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer satisfying the following requirements and laminated in this order, which is capable of undergoing spontaneous rolling from one end part in one direction or from opposing two end parts toward a center to form one or two cylindrical rolls when a stimulus causing a contraction is applied: 08-11-2011
20130078460PAINT, ADHESIVE COMPOSITION, BONDING METHOD AND LAMINATE - A paint and an adhesive composition of the present invention containing (a) a vinyl ester resin or unsaturated polyester resin by 20 to 40 mass %, (b) a modifying agent by 0.1 to 50 mass %, (c) a vinyl monomer and/or (meth)acrylate monomer by 30 to 70 mass % (provided that the total of the components (a), (b) and (c) is 100 mass %) and (d) an initiator by 0.1 to 15 parts by mass to a total of 100 parts by mass of the components (a), (b) and (c).03-28-2013
20100104863FIBER COMPRISING UNMODIFIED AND/OR MODIFIED STARCH AND A CROSSLINKING AGENT - The present invention relates to a fiber including unmodified and/or modified starch and a crosslinking agent, and a web employing such a fiber.04-29-2010
20100104862Adhesive Compositions for Hydrophobic Photopolymers - An adhesive composition is disclosed that includes an inorganic material and an adhesion promoting material where the weight ratio of the adhesion promoting material to the inorganic material is sufficient to permit adhesion of the adhesive composition to a hydrophobic photopolymer at or above a predefined adhesion strength level and to maintain an imaging quality of the hydrophobic photopolymer at or above a predefined minimum imaging quality level. The adhesive composition may be used as a tie layer in multilayer structures. In particular, the adhesive composition may be used as a tie layer for binding a hydrophobic photopolymer film to a low-birefringent cover sheet.04-29-2010
20130029143MULTILAYER SHEET FOR MOLDING WHICH IS HIGHLY GLOSSY EVEN AFTER A MOLDING PROCESS, AND METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME - The present invention relates to a multilayer sheet for insert molding, in which a first thermosetting transparent resin layer protects the surface of the sheet, and a second thermoplastic transparent resin layer maintains moldability. The multilayer sheet may reduce gloss variation on the surface layer caused by change in surface microstructure of a base sheet in the multilayer sheet, which can occur during molding, and exhibits excellent scratch and abrasion resistance.01-31-2013
20130089734LAMINATION FILM AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AS WELL AS ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A lamination film for an electronic device, having excellent gas-barrier properties (e.g., barrier properties against water vapor), is provided.04-11-2013
20130089733STRUCTURAL PANELS STIFFENED BY MAGNETICALLY-ASSISTED APPLICATION OF THICK POLYMER COATINGS - The geometric stiffness of structural sheet metal panels, such as those employed in motor vehicles, may be increased, without major increase in the mass of the panel, by application of a coating of a structural polymer. However conventional means of applying such a polymer layer require multiple applications to achieve a desired thickness. By incorporating magnetic particles in a resin, and subjecting the resin to a magnetic field as it is applied, the desired thickness may be achieved in a single application. Embodiments appropriate to the application of such a resin to both magnetic and non-magnetic materials are described.04-11-2013
20090305033FIBER COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A highly transparent fiber composite material is provided that can be manufactured through a simplified process using reduced amounts of raw materials and that has high flexibility and low thermal expansivity and retains good functionality of the fiber material. The fiber composite material includes: a fiber assembly having an average fiber diameter of 4 to 200 nm and a 50 μm-thick visible light transmittance of 3% or more; and a coating layer that coats and smoothes the surface of the fiber assembly, wherein the fiber composite material has a 50 μm-thick visible light transmittance of 60% or more. With this fiber assembly, the scattering of light caused by the irregularities on the surface can be suppressed by coating the surface with the coating layer to smooth the surface, whereby a highly transparent fiber composite material can be obtained.12-10-2009
20090029157COATING SYSTEM FOR CEMENT COMPOSITE ARTICLES - A coated article including a cement fiberboard substrate and a coating system applied to the substrate, wherein the coating system comprises (i) at least one acid-functional alkali-soluble polymer having a backbone substantially free of linear or branched aliphatic alkyl repeating units having more than 3 backbone carbon carbons, (ii) at least one water-soluble silicate salt and (iii) water.01-29-2009
20090202823Cellulose Ester Film, Polarizing Plate and Display - A cellulose ester film exhibiting: a free volume radius of 0.25 to 0.31 nm and a half-width of 0.04 to 0.1 nm, the free volume radius and the half-width being determined by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy; and Ro of 0 to nm and Rt of −30 to +20 nm, Ro and Rt being defined by the following equations: Equation (a): Ro=(nx−ny)×d; Equation (b): Rt=((nx+ny)/2−nz)×d (Ro: in-plane retardation, Rt: retardation in the thickness direction of the film, nx: in-plane refractive index in slow axis direction, ny: in-plane refractive index in fast axis direction, nz: refractive index in the thickness direction of the film (refractive indexes being measured at wavelength of 590 nm), d: thickness of the film (nm)).08-13-2009
20120225288COATED FIBER CEMENT ARTICLE WITH CRUSH RESISTANT LATEX TOPCOAT - A coated fiber cement article in the form of an unattached fiber cement board substrate having a first major surface at least a portion of which is covered with a crush resistant final topcoat composition comprising a multistage latex polymer, and a method for making a crush resistant coated fiber cement article by coating a fiber cement board substrate with such a composition and stacking the coated boards.09-06-2012
20090239067FLAMEPROOF COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The invention relates to a composite material comprising a polymer and a) 0.1 to 30 wt % of a layered double hydroxide comprising a charge-balancing ion, and b) 10 to 70 wt % of a metal hydroxide, based on the total weight of the composite material.09-24-2009
20090233092Carbon Fiber Composite Sheet - A carbon fiber composite sheet obtained by combining a carbon fiber aggregate with a thermosetting resin component selected from the group consisting of thermosetting silicone-based gel components, thermosetting epoxy resin components and thermosetting silicone resin components, and then curing the thermosetting resin component, the carbon fiber composite sheet having crystallite sizes of at least 5 nm in the direction of growth of the hexagonal mesh surface of the carbon fibers composing the carbon fiber aggregate, and the carbon fiber composite sheet having a thermal conductivity of at least 2 W/(m·K).09-17-2009
20090022984Surface Covering Which Is Hardened in Several Stages - The invention relates to a method of sealing at least part of the surface of an article, comprising the steps of 01-22-2009
20090017295FLUORINATED CYCLIC OLEFIN ELECTRET FILM - The present invention provides a fluorinated cyclic olefin electret film including a fluorinated cyclic olefin polymer film characterized by having a cyclic olefin polymer grafted with a fluorocarbon alkyl group, and a parylene film over the fluorinated cyclic olefin polymer film.01-15-2009
20090011230Glass laminates comprising acoustic interlayers and solar control films - An acoustic solar control laminate comprising a multi-layer interlayer formed of a solar control film bonded between two polymeric sheets with at least one being an acoustic poly(vinyl acetal) sheet is provided.01-08-2009
20090011229OPTICAL MULTILAYER BODY - There is provided an optical laminate comprising a hard coat layer which is excellent in an antistatic effect as well as in optical properties. The optical laminate comprises a base material; and a hard coat layer provided on the base material directly or through other layer, wherein the hard coat layer comprises a resin and electroconductive fine particles, has a PV value, defined by the ratio of the weight of the electroconductive fine particles to the weight of the resin, in the range of 3 to 50, and has an antistatic property.01-08-2009
20110027582POWDER COATING MATERIAL AND FLUORINE-CONTAINING LAMINATE - The present invention provides a powder coating composition free from hexavalent chromium to serve as a binder component but having an adhesion comparable to that of the primer based on chromium phosphate even if baked at elevated temperature for a long time. The present invention is a powder coating composition which contains a macromolecule compound (A) having amide group and/or imide group, an anti-oxidizing material (B) and a fluororesin (C), wherein an average particle size of the macromolecule compound (A) is smaller than 50 μm.02-03-2011
20090075073Light weight concrete product containing synthetic fibers - A method is provided for producing a light weight, low to medium density product from gasified or aerated liquids and gels, such as air-entrained concrete. The method includes mixing cement, aggregate, water, air bubbles, a foam stabilizing agent and a plurality of suspension elements together to form a concrete mixture, pouring the mixture into a form and allowing the mixture to harden in the form. The suspension elements include synthetic fibers, such as polyolefin, nylon or polyester monofilaments, wherein each monofilament has a denier of less than 15 and a length of greater than 0.635 cm to 1.905 cm (¼ inch to ¾ inch).03-19-2009
20090075072Barrier coating having effective moisture vapor permeability - The invention discloses improved water-based compositions that are useful as barrier coatings to regulate the intrusion and extrusion of air and water. Specifically, the water-based compositions, when dried, provide barrier-coatings that have an effective combination of properties including moisture vapor permeability, air permeability resistance, and water resistance. More specifically, the water-based barrier compositions are designed to be environmentally friendly, and user friendly, and provide coated-substrates that are particularly useful for the manufacture of enclosed structures including buildings.03-19-2009
20110117363Toughened thermoplastic polyamide compositions - Disclosed are high frequency-active blends comprising (a) copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride or its functional equivalents and (b) ethylene copolymers with polar comonomers such as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, ethylene/alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymers and ethylene/(meth)acrylate/carbon monoxide terpolymers; and films, powders, multilayer structures, and articles prepared therefrom.05-19-2011
20090311523Bulletproof glass safety system - A window system, incorporating an outer bulletproof glass layer coupled with a standoff system and an inner laminate glass layer, delivers greatly improved occupant safety in vehicle accidents compared to bulletproof glass alone12-17-2009
20100009180PTFE Membranes and Gaskets Made Therefrom - Improved expanded PTFE materials and improved gasket materials made therefrom, the gaskets being capable of forming a seal with greater bolt load retention than is possible with existing PTFE gaskets. The expanded PTFE membranes of the invention can be tailored to exhibit a matrix tensile strength in at least one direction of at least 25,000 psi, a matrix tensile strength ratio in two orthogonal directions of between 0.025 and 4, an orientation index of 50° or less, and a density of 2.0 g/cc or less. The improved gaskets exhibit improved mechanical properties such as high bolt load retention, low creep, high tensile strength, low stress to seal and high crystallinity index.01-14-2010
20090017294COATING FOR DECORATIVE METALS WITH IMPROVED MAR AND SCRATCH RESISTANCE AND METHODS OF APPLICATION - Coated articles comprising a decorative metal substrate and a transparent cured coating thereon containing inorganic particles in which the concentration of particles in the exposed surface region of the cured coating is greater than the bulk region of the coating. Preferably, the transparent coating is applied by electrodeposition.01-15-2009
20090186217Article Comprising a Polymer Substrate and a Co-Extruded Polymer Coating - The present invention relates to an article comprising a polymer substrate and a co-extruded polymer coating. The polymer substrate is for example manufactured from a thermoset rubber, a styrene based thermoplastic elastomer, an olefinic based thermoplastic elastomer or mixtures of these polymers. The co-extruded coating comprises an optical brightener for example a fluorescent agent. The co-extruded coating for example has a thickness smaller than 700 micrometer. The article is for example used in automotive applications, in building and construction applications, in packaging, in food applications, consumer applications, in medical applications or in wire and cable applications. The present invention also relates to the use of the articles of the present invention in automotive sealing systems.07-23-2009
20110070432Photochromic Lens - A cast photochromic lens including a photochromic film and a cast resin, curable by heat or radiation.03-24-2011
20090104443FILM LAMINATE, PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF, AND OPTICALLY-COMPENSATORY FILM, POLARIZING PLATE, POLARIZING PLATE PROTECTIVE FILM AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY USING THE SAME - A film laminate comprises a cyclic polyolefin film containing a cyclic polyolefin-based resin; and a thermoplastic film containing a thermoplastic resin, wherein a static friction coefficient between one surface of the film laminate and the other surface of the film laminate is from 0.2 to 0.8.04-23-2009
20110293930MULTILAYER SHEET AND METHODS OF MAKING AND ARTICLES COMPRISING THE MULTILAYER SHEET - In some embodiments, a multilayer sheet comprises: a first cap layer formed from a first cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; a second cap layer formed from a second cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; and a core layer formed from a core composition comprising polycarbonate and without potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate. The core layer is disposed between the first cap layer and the second cap layer.12-01-2011
20100233474FLAME-RETARDANT RESIN COMPOSITION FORMING LASER-TRANSMITTABLE MEMBER - A laser-weldable flame-retardant resin composition (for a member located in a transmitting side) comprises (A) a polyester-series resin and (B) at least one phosphinic acid compound selected from the group consisting of a salt of a phosphinic acid, a salt of a diphosphinic acid, and a polymer thereof (preferably, a metal salt). The resin composition may have a laser light transmittance of not less than 15% for a molded product comprising the resin composition and having a thickness of 2 mm. The resin composition may further contain a fluorine-containing resin, a nitrogen-containing flame retardant (e.g., a salt of a triazine compound with cyanuric acid and/or isocyanuric acid), and/or a filler (e.g., a glass fiber), and others. Such a resin composition realizes both of laser-weldability (laser transmissivity) and flame retardancy at high levels.09-16-2010
20100098941POLYMER MICROSTRUCTURE WITH TILTED MICROPILLAR ARRAY AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A polymer microstructure with a tilted micropillar array and a method of fabricating the same. The tilted micropillar array is formed by adjusting the incident angle of the ion beam for the ion beam treatment using a PECVD method with low energy consumption. The tilt angle of the micropillars is adjusted to a desired angle by adjusting at least one of the incident angle, the irradiation time, and the magnitude of acceleration voltage of the ion beam for the ion beam treatment.04-22-2010
20110217547MULTI-SHAPE PRODUCT - Multi-shape products of the present disclosure comprise two components: a matrix component and a fiber component that is embedded or otherwise disposed in the matrix component. The matrix component exhibits certain shape memory properties. The fiber component interpenetrates the matrix component to facilitate fixing of the multi-shape product in various temporary shapes.09-08-2011
20110217548TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE LAMINATE AND TOUCH PANEL EQUIPPED WITH IT - The transparent conductive laminate of the present invention is a transparent conductive laminate, comprising: a transparent film substrate; a transparent conductive thin film provided on one side of the transparent film substrate with a dielectric thin film interposed therebetween; and a transparent substrate bonded to another side of the transparent film substrate with a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive layer interposed therebetween, wherein the transparent substrate comprises at least two transparent base films laminated with the transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive layer interposed therebetween, and the dielectric thin film comprises a first transparent dielectric thin film consisting of a SiO09-08-2011
20090169877Laminated Glazing - A laminated glazing comprising two panes of glazing material, a sheet of interlayer material extending therebetween, and an electrically conductive member formed (possibly etched) from a sheet of electrically conductive material also positioned between the panes. The electrically conductive member may function as one or more of: an antenna element, a capacitive sensor, an electromagnetic shield, part of alarm circuitry, a resistance thermometer, a busbar. Also a method of manufacturing such a glazing involving locating a pre-formed electrically conductive member and a sheet of interlayer material on a first pane of glazing material, placing a second pane of glazing material in register with the first so that the electrically conductive member and the interlayer material are between the two panes, and laminating in an autoclave.07-02-2009
20090053513High-strength polypropylene-base barrier film for packing purposes, method for the production and the use thereof - The invention relates to a high-strength and brilliant quality barrier film for packing purposes, in particular for food packaging embodied in the form of a multilayer film based on of at least one carrier layer consisting of a biaxially oriented polypropylene film (PP-film) and of a functional layer based on amorphous and partially-crystalline polyamide (PA) which is produced by simultaneously stretching a primary multilayer coextruded film, wherein said polyamide functional layer consists of an external film layer and a central internal layer placed between two carrier layers. Methods for the production of the inventive film and the uses thereof are also disclosed.02-26-2009
20120034458Lacquer Composition and Use Thereof - The present invention relates to a lacquer composition, particularly an adhesive and corrosion-protective lacquer for rare earth magnets, on the basis of an epoxy resin mixture, a setting accelerator, a silane-based epoxy functional adhesion promoter and a solvent or a solvent mixture, wherein the lacquer composition includes 5 to 20 wt. %, with respect to the amount of solid resin in the base of the epoxy resin mixture, of a highly viscous epoxy resin based on bisphenol-A with an elastomer content of more than 30 wt. %.02-09-2012
20090087653Fabrication of complex three-dimensional structures based on directed assembly of self-assembling materials on activated two-dimensional templates - Methods of fabricating complex three-dimensional structures on patterned substrates and related compositions are provided. The methods involve depositing on the substrate a block copolymer material that is “mismatched” to the substrate pattern, and then ordering the material to form a complex three-dimensional structure. According to various embodiments, the copolymer material mismatches the substrate pattern in that the symmetry and/or length scale of its bulk morphology differs from that of the pattern. When ordered, a balance between the physics that determines the bulk block copolymer morphology and the physics that determines the substrate surface interfacial interactions results in a thermodynamically stable complex three-dimensional film that varies in a direction perpendicular to the substrate and has a morphology that differs from its bulk morphology.04-02-2009
20100086776FRICTION MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - An improved friction material includes inorganic fibers formed from a melt of volcanic black rock and additives. The black rock comprises silica oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium permanganate, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, sodium oxide, and boron. The additives include potassium permanganate and boron. As a result of their composition, the fibers are temperature resistant and lightweight, yet strong. The fibers exhibit a melting point between 1500 degrees centigrade and 1650 degrees centigrade, a working range of −130 degrees centigrade to 700 degrees centigrade, a density of 1.8 g/cc, a surface density between 160 g/m04-08-2010
20090263651OPTICALLY TRANSPARENT RESILIENT LAMINATE MATERIALS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - In accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an optically clear polyurethane/polyurea polymer may comprises an impact resistant material comprising: a first polycarbonate layer; a second layer comprising a first elastomer; a third glass layer; a fourth layer comprising a second elastomer; and a fifth polymeric layer. In another exemplary embodiment, the third glass layer may be articulated and/or embedded in the second layer. Disclosed features and specifications may be variously controlled, adapted or otherwise optionally modified to improve and/or modify the performance characteristics of the transparent armor composite. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention generally provide lightweight transparent armor for use as, for example, bulletproof windows in vehicles and buildings.10-22-2009
20120270040METHODS OF BONDING ARTICLES TOGETHER AND THE ARTICLES FORMED THEREBY - A method of bonding at least two articles together, the method includes forming a mold, wherein the mold is formed at least in part from the articles; and depositing a curable composition in the mold, wherein the curable composition polymerizes through metathesis polymerization to form a molded polymer joint that bonds the two articles together; and the article formed thereby. An article that includes a first portion; a second portion; and a molded polymer joint, wherein the molded polymer joint bonds the first portion to the second portion, the molded polymer joint has a thickness of at least about 1.3 mm, the molded polymer joint includes a metathesis polymer, and both the first and second portions have different compositions than the molded polymer joint.10-25-2012
20080318037Laminate Comprising at Least One Polyether Block Copolymer Substrate, Manufacturing Process and Use in the Shoe Industry - The present invention relates to a laminated product comprising a first and a second substrate that adhere to each other only by means of a cured and crosslinked layer of a polymeric adhesive containing no organic solvent, characterized in that: a) the polymeric material of either or both of the first or second substrates is a polyether block copolymer; and b) the polymeric adhesive is a moisture-crosslinkable hot-melt adhesive based on a polyurethane prepolymer or on a blend of polyurethane prepolymers containing free isocyanate (—N═C═O) functional groups. The present invention also relates to a process for manufacturing such a laminate and to its use in the shoe industry, especially for the manufacture of soles and most particularly sports shoe soles.12-25-2008
20100279109LAMINATED FILM AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - The present invention provides a laminated film which includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and a die-adhering layer laminated on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet is formed of a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition containing a base polymer and a thermal crosslinking agent, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is such that the gel fraction thereof before heating is less than 90% by weight and the gel fraction thereof after heating is changed to 90% by weight or more.11-04-2010
20100279108RESIN- METAL BONDED BODY AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - Disclosed is a resin-metal bonded body of an aluminum metal member and a thermoplastic resin member, which has improved bonding strength and good durability. Also disclosed is a method for producing such a resin-metal bonded body. Specifically disclosed is a resin-metal bonded body which is obtained by bonding an aluminum metal member with a thermoplastic resin member. In this resin-metal bonded body, the aluminum metal member and the thermoplastic resin member are bonded together by an anodic oxide coating having a film thickness of 70-1500 nm or an anodic oxide coating having a triazine thiol in the inner and upper portions. The anodic oxide coating has an infrared absorption spectrum peak intensity ascribed to OH group at 0.0001-0.16.11-04-2010
20080311394METHOD FOR PRODUCING A (METH)ACRYLIC THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE SHEET - A polymerizable composition containing at least (A) a (meth)acrylic monomer or a partially polymerized material thereof, which is adjusted so that the glass transition temperature of the whole polymer component after polymerization comes to be 20° C. or less, (B) a thermally conductive inorganic filler, (C) a photopolymerization initiator and (D) a thermal polymerization initiator is disclosed. Further, a production method for a (meth)acrylic thermally conductive sheet which is characterized by applying the photopolymerizable composition in a thickness of from 0.5 mm to 10 mm on a support, laminating a protective sheet on the surface of the thus-applied layer, and then subjecting the resultant laminate to light irradiation is disclosed. In the polymerizable composition according to the invention, the (meth)acrylic monomer can be polymerized by light irradiation for a short time even without providing heating, achieving a sufficiently high polymerization ratio. Further, in the production of the thermally conductive sheet by utilizing this polymerizable composition, a semi-transparent paper can be used as a support or a protective sheet so that there is an economical advantage.12-18-2008
20080241527ABRADABLE AND ANTI-ENCRUSTATION COATING FOR ROTATING FLUID MACHINES - An abradable and anti-encrustation coating is described for a rotating fluid machine (10-02-2008
20080274352OPTICAL FILM COMPRISING ANTISTATIC PRIMER AND ANTISTATIC COMPOSITIONS - Optical films are described that comprise an antistatic primer disposed on the substrate and a high refractive index layer disposed on the primer. The primer comprises a sulfopolymer and at least one antistatic agent. The high refractive index layer comprises surface modified inorganic nanoparticles dispersed in a crosslinked organic material. The antistatic agent is preferably selected from conductive inorganic particles, conductive polymer, and mixtures thereof. Also describes are antistatic compositions and surface treated conductive inorganic oxide particles.11-06-2008
20080292879Article Formed Into Sheet, Method for Producing the Same and Exothermic Formed Article - A molded article containing a powder and a fibrous material which is obtained by a wet papermaking process. The fibrous material has a fiber length frequency distribution such that 30% to 90% of the fibrous material have a fiber length of 0.4 to 2.0 mm and that 9% to 50% of the fibrous material has a fiber length of 0.4 mm or less. The molded article contains at least 50% by weight of the powder.11-27-2008
20080305324Multilayer Optical Disc Construction and Fabrication - The present invention is directed to multilayer optical discs that include a plurality of information layers, and at least two different, adjacent separating layers located in a space between at least two of the information layers. Each of the at least two separating layers includes a different polymer that imparts different properties to the disc. Methods of making the discs, and methods of preparing an optical information storage medium, are also included.12-11-2008
20090136745Method for Producing a Device for Displaying the Effect of the invironment on environmentally-dependent materials - The invention relates to a method for producing a device (05-28-2009
20120244346FUSING COMPOSITION COMPRISING CROSS-LINKING FLUOROCARBONS - Novel compositions for use in image forming apparatus and fuser members. In particular, the novel composition is a hybrid networked material comprising fluorocarbon chains connected via silane linkages. The novel composition may be used in fuser members comprising a substrate and a top-coat layer disposed over the substrate.09-27-2012
20090136747SLIDE MEMBER - [Object of the Invention] An object of the present invention is to provide a slide member having a protective coat with good sticking resistance and wear resistance.05-28-2009
20090136746Composite Polymer, Thermosetting Coating Composition, and Molded Article - A composite polymer is obtained by reacting (a) an elastomer having a carboxyl group with (b) metal oxide fine particles each having an epoxy ring-containing group on the particle surface. A thermally cured product of the composite polymer is a material favorable for forming a primer layer which has not only high transparency but also excellent adhesion to a hard coat layer and is excellent also in scratch resistance, heat resistance, weathering resistance, dyeing property, impact resistance and the like. An article such as an optical article whose primer layer comprises the thermally cured product of the composite polymer has high transparency and is excellent also in heat resistance.05-28-2009
20090004467HIGH DURABILITY CONTACTLESS IDENTIFICATION CARD - A 10-year universal contactless composite card is provided that can be personalized by both color and black&white surface printing and laser-engraving. The card includes a prelam layer or core that is a combination of polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate. A co-extruded polycarbonate layer is then provided external to the polyvinyl chloride/polycarbonate core. The co-extruded polycarbonate layer is capable of being engraved by a laser. A clear polyvinyl chloride layer, which is capable of accepting printing ink, may then be provided on top of the co-extruded polycarbonate layer, thereby allowing the card to be personalized with either printing techniques or laser-engraving techniques.01-01-2009
20090053515Thermally conductive pad with an array of carbon nanotubes and method for making the same - The present invention relates to a thermally conductive pad and a method for producing the same. The thermally conductive pad includes an array of carbon nanotubes and a polymer matrix. The array of carbon nanotubes has a density in the approximate range from 0.1 g/cm02-26-2009
20090208738Film Composition - An advertising film comprises a media layer and a cover layer. The media layer comprises pigment configured to form a graphic and polymers configured to prevent or reduce discoloration, even when mounted on styrene-butadiene rubber. The cover layer is typically transparent and is configured to help attached the media layer to a surface. The cover layer is optionally larger in area than the media layer. The media layer and the cover layer are optionally attached to the surface using different adhesives. In some embodiments, the medial layer is attached using an adhesive having lower adhesive strength than an adhesive used to attach the cover layer. The media layer and cover layer are optionally attached to a moving surface such as the handrail of a convenience.08-20-2009
20090324942BARRIER LAMINATE, GAS BARRIER FILM AND DEVICE USING THE SAME - Disclosed is a barrier laminate comprising at least one organic layer and at least one inorganic layer, wherein the organic layer has a thickness of 300 nm to 900 nm and is formed by curing a polymerizable composition comprising an aromatic (meth)acrylate and a multifunctional (meth)acrylate having an acryl equivalent weight of not more than 200.12-31-2009
20090324941METHOD FOR PRODUCING A FLEXIBLE COMPOSITE ELASTOMERIC POLYURETHANE SKIN - The present invention relates to a method for producing a flexible elastomeric composite polyurethane skin comprising a first and a second flexible polyurethane layer obtained by spraying a first and a second polyurethane reaction mixture onto one another. The first reaction mixture is an aliphatic polyurethane reaction mixture which is free of lead and formulated to produce a polyurethane elastomer having a flexural modulus smaller than 35 MPa. The second reaction mixture is an aromatic polyurethane reaction mixture producing a polyurethane elastomer having a smaller flexural modulus. The thickness of the aliphatic polyurethane layer could be made so small with respect to the thickness of the aromatic polyurethane layer that the composite skin has an average flexural modulus smaller than 30 MPa. Notwithstanding the lower reactivity of the aliphatic polyurethane reaction mixture, especially when using a higher NCO-index to reduce the “rubbery feel” and the emission of VOCs and/or a flexibiliser to achieve a higher flexibility, sufficiently short cycle times can be achieved due to the accelerated curing observed when spraying the aromatic polyurethane sufficiently early against the aliphatic polyurethane layer.12-31-2009
20090022985Multiple layer polymeric structure - The present invention provides a receptacle (01-22-2009
20090053516DURABLE LIGHT-POLARIZING ARTICLES AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - Described herein are polarizing articles and methods of making the same. The methods are useful in preparing polarizing articles having high durability and increased polarizing efficiency. The polarizing articles are useful in any article where it is desirable to reduce or remove glare.02-26-2009
20090053514OFFSET PRINTING BLANKET AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - The invention concerns an offset printing blanket. The blanket is of the type comprising an outer printing layer, an inner layer whereby the blanket is in contact with a support cylinder and at least one compressible intermediate layer. The blanket is characterized in that it comprises a printing layer (02-26-2009
20110143132PLASTIC SUBSTRATE AND DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - Disclosed is a plastic substrate, which includes a plastic film, a reflective and/or conductive metal layer, and a resin layer having a conductive material dispersed therein and which is useful as a lower substrate of a transmissive electronic paper display device or a display device.06-16-2011
20090246517Process for producing laminated glass composed partly of plastic sheet, and laminated glass - There is provided a novel laminated glass composed partly of plastic sheet advantageous in light weight property, obtainable by the step of laminating a plastic sheet having the first interlayer film adhered to one side thereof and an inorganic glass sheet having the second interlayer film adhered to one side thereof through the first and second interlayer films interposed therebetween, which warps little, exhibits almost no perspective distortion, exhibits satisfactory adhesion between the plastic sheet and the inorganic glass sheet through the interposed interlayer films, and is excellent in transparency.10-01-2009
20090239068HOUSING FOR MOBILE DEVICES - A housing includes a transparent substrate, a first decorative layer made of a partially transparent ink coating having a shiny powdery component mixed therein, and a second decorative layer made of a colored ink coating.09-24-2009
20090258224PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE OPTICAL FILM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - Disclosed is to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film that has excellent durability wherein deterioration of an image display region is suppressed even under severe conditions such as heating caused by lighting of a backlight and to provide a method for producing the same. Disclosed is also to provide an image display using such a pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film. A pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film, comprising: an optical film; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer arranged on one or both sides of the optical film, wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is made from a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprising 100 parts by weight of a (meth)acrylic polymer which contains, as a monomer unit, at least 50% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate ester having an alkyl group with 4 or more carbon atoms, and 0.02 to 2 parts by weight of a peroxide, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has a thickness of 20 μm or more.10-15-2009
20110111217SILICONE BASE PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE COMPOSITION AND FILM - A pressure-sensitive adhesive film comprising an adhesive layer on a substrate is provided. The layer is made of a silicone composition comprising (A) a diorganopolysiloxane having at least two alkenyl and phenyl groups, (B) an organopolysiloxane comprising R05-12-2011
20080213579Organic light emitting device having a protective barrier - In an organic light emitting device package including a plurality of layers of materials formed on a substrate the plurality of layers of materials including an organic light emitting layer a protective barrier for protecting the organic light emitting device from environmental degradation the protective barrier comprising a first semi-crystalline parylene-based layer an inorganic barrier layer and a second semi-crystalline parylene-based layer.09-04-2008
20100227163OPTICAL FILTER - The invention relates to an optical filter which comprises at least one optically effective layer and a protective layer on both sides, with at least one of the protective layers being a non-stretched protective polyamide layer which is cast from the solution. The optical filter in accordance with the invention is characterized in that the at least one protective polyamide layer consists of PA MACMI/12 and optional aggregates chosen as required. The at least one protective polyamide layer has a content of laurotactam of 23 mole percent to 57 mole percent in relation to the entire polyamide.09-09-2010
20100239856Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Parts With In-Situ Molded Features - A method for producing parts comprising the steps of: preparing a thermoplastic composite base; preparing build up areas on the base for in situ molded features to form a kit; inserting the kit into a compression mold; applying heat and pressure to the kit in the compression mold; and removing the finished part from the compression mold.09-23-2010
20100215952Laminated Glass Having Plastic Film Inserted Therein - There is provided a plastic film-inserted laminated glass prepared by laminating a glass plate, an interlayer film, a plastic film, an interlayer film, and a glass plate in this order. The plastic film-inserted laminated glass is characterized in that an infrared reflective film is formed by stacking dielectric films on the plastic film and that the plastic film having the infrared ray reflective film formed satisfies any one condition of the following (A), (B) and (C), 08-26-2010
20120141785Process for application of durable fast drying multi-coat organic coating system - Disclosed is a process comprising application of one or more successive hot-melt coatings to solid surfaces of an article or alternatively to a pavement surface, immediately followed by application of a water-thinned coating to the hot-melt coating. Preferred articles are comprised of forest products or ferrous metals and may be for interior or exterior use. This coating system can function as a primer applied at the point of manufacture of the article and intended to receive one or more additional coats of conventional paint. Alternatively, it can function as a finished coating system. Coating systems applied to pavement can be for lane marking. Coatings can be formed that are very durable on difficult forest product surfaces and can be designed to emit virtually no air pollutants and to be free of toxic or flammable solvents.06-07-2012
20100112343SAFETY GLAZINGS WITH IMPROVED WEATHERABILITY - Disclosed is a polyester film having at least one surface coated with a poly(vinylidene chloride) layer and upon which an abrasion resistant hardcoat. Further disclosed is a laminated article comprising the hardcoated polyester film.05-06-2010
20090029158Composite Interlayer For Laminated Glass - A composite interlayer suitable for using laminated glass includes a layer of plasticized polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between second and third polymeric layers. In a preferred embodiment, at least one and preferably both of the second and third layers are less than 5 mils thick and formed of polyurethane.01-29-2009
20090286076Material to be measured for stress analysis, coating liquid for forming coating film layer on the material to be measured, and stress-induced luminescent structure - In one embodiment of the present invention, on the surface of a material to be measured for stress analysis which has a stress-induced luminescent material layer formed thereon, a distortion energy is disclosed which is transmitted from a base material of a stress-induced luminescent material to the stress-induced luminescent material with high efficiency. The material to be measured for stress analysis has, on the surface thereof, a coating film layer, which emits light upon exposure to a change in distortion energy. The coating film layer is formed of a synthetic resin layer containing stress-induced luminescent particles, and the modulus of elasticity of a base material is not less than 1.0 GPa. The thickness of the coating film layer is preferably 1 μm to 500 μm.11-19-2009
20110236680METHOD FOR PRODUCING COMPONENTS FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE APPLICATIONS AND METAL COMPONENT - A method for the production of a component, the method steps including: providing a blank; applying an inorganic-organic hybrid polymer layer to a surface of the blank to form a coated blank; heating the coated blank until a curing of the polymer layer occurs; and cooling the coated blank. A component produced according to the method.09-29-2011
20110236679IMMOBILIZATION SUBSTRATE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - An antibody-fragment-immobilizing substrate includes a substrate and at least one set of antibody fragments, wherein the antibody fragments of each set includes at least two types of separate antibody fragments that are capable of recognizing one type of antigen and that are independently immobilized on the substrate in a positional relationship that allows each of the antibody fragments in one set to bind to the same antigen.09-29-2011
20120171478FLUORINATED SAG CONTROL AGENT AND USE THEREOF - The present disclosure is directed to a sag control agent comprising a reaction product of an isocyanate and a fluorinated amine. This disclosure is further directed to a coating composition comprising the sag control agent. This disclosure is also directed to a process of forming a sag-free coating layer on a substrate.07-05-2012
20100291381METAL COATED STRUCTURAL PARTS FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Structural parts of portable electronic devices are made from a synthetic resin coated with a metal. The parts are lightweight while having good physical properties such as stiffness. They are useful devices such as cell phones, portable DVD players, and personal digital assistants.11-18-2010
20110177328IONOMER RESIN, RESIN COMPOSITION COMPRISING THE SAME, AND USES OF THEM - [Problem] To provide an ionomer resin capable of forming a polyolefin molded product having well-balanced two properties of molding processability and mechanical property, a resin composition including the ionomer resin and a molded product formed from the ionomer resin or the resin composition. [Solution to problem] An ionomer resin (X1) formed from 100 parts by weight of (A) an olefin polymer having constitutional units derived from an α-olefin of 2 to 20 carbon atoms and having a functional group (a) and 0.01 to 100 parts by weight of (B) a metal salt having two or more functional groups (b).07-21-2011
20100304133Transparent resin plate and a method for producing the same - A transparent resin plate superior in quality and productivity and a method for producing the same by forming a hard-coat layer on a substrate into a hardened film and by establishing a reforming method thereof are disclosed. The transparent resin plate has a substrate (12-02-2010
20100239857STRUCTURE OF EMBEDDED-TRACE SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method of manufacturing an embedded-trace substrate is provided. A core plate, which comprises a central core, a first and a second thick resin layers respectively formed on top and bottom sides of the central core, is provided. Next, a through hole and a plurality of trenches are formed on the core plate, wherein the through hole passes through the core plate, and the trenches are formed on the upper and the lower surfaces of the core plate. Then, the core plate is subjected to one-plating step for electroplating a conductive material in the through hole and the trenches at the same time. Afterwards, the excess conductive material is removed from the upper and lower surfaces of the core plate so that the surfaces of the conductive material filling in the through hole and the trenches are coplanar with the surfaces of the first and second thick resin layers.09-23-2010
20110111218EPOXY-BASED COMPOSITION, ADHESIVE FILM, DICING DIE-BONDING FILM AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - Provided are an epoxy composition, an adhesive film, a dicing die bonding film and a semiconductor device using the same. Specifically, the epoxy composition and a use thereof are provided, wherein the epoxy composition has a gel content of 5˜20%, measured under certain conditions. The epoxy composition according to the present invention, as an adhesive agent, shows excellent elastic properties, when prepared to have a low glass transition temperature, exhibiting good adhesion at high temperature and having minimal occurrence of buns during processing. According to the present invention, it is therefore possible to prevent defects owing to die cut shift, during a wire bonding or molding process at high temperature, and obtain a highly reliable semiconductor device owing to the excellent adhesiveness and workability of the adhesive agent.05-12-2011
20110014459EXPANDABLE POLYMER MEMBRANE AND TUBES, AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A method of making an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane including the steps of: providing an unsintered or partially sintered ePTFE membrane; matting the unsintered or partially sintered ePTFE membrane; and immediately thereafter, sintering the matted ePTFE membrane. A method for making ePTFE tubes includes the steps of: providing an unsintered or partially sintered ePTFE membrane; wrapping the ePTFE membrane around a mandrel or form tool to form an ePTFE tube; matting the ePTFE tube; immediately thereafter, sintering the matted ePTFE tube; and removing the sintered ePTFE tube from the mandrel or form tool.01-20-2011
20100255296SPRING WITH HIGH DURABILITY AND METHOD OF COATING THE SAME - A spring with high durability has a coating film composed of an epoxy resin powder coating containing softening agent which contains an epoxy resin and a softening agent comprising a thermoplastic resin for improving impact resistance of the coating film. A method of coating a spring with high durability comprises a coating step of making an epoxy resin powder coating containing softening agent which contains an epoxy resin and a softening agent comprising a thermoplastic resin for improving impact resistance of a coating film adhere to a surface on which the coating film is formed, and a baking step of baking the epoxy resin powder coating containing softening agent adhered to the surface.10-07-2010
20100040877METHOD FOR LONGITUDINALLY STRETCHING THERMOPLASTIC RESIN FILM AND LONGITUDINALLY STRETCHED FILM PRODUCED BY THE METHOD - The invention provides a method for longitudinally stretching a thermoplastic resin film, by which a wrinkle or a scratch is not formed during longitudinally stretching a thermoplastic resin film and the retardation at a desired level can be developed, as well as a longitudinally stretched film produced by the method.02-18-2010
20100040876MULTI-LAYER COEXTRUSION METHOD - Method for protecting a thermoplastic polymer comprising superposing, in this order, by coextrusion, by hot compression molding or by multi-injection molding: 02-18-2010
20100062249Method and Apparatus for Manufacturing Prepreg Sheet and Prepreg Sheet - According to the present invention, a method for manufacturing a prepreg sheet includes steps of (A) forming a resin layer 03-11-2010
20110097577Scratch-Resistant Moulded Article Made From a Filled Polypropylene Composition - The invention relates to a moulded article made from a polypropylene composition comprising 48-94.9 mass % of a polypropylene; 5-30 mass % of glass fibres having average length of 1-50 mm; 0.1-2 mass % of oleamide and/or erucamide; and 0-20 mass % of other additives; the article showing a colour change of dL<2 in the PSA/Renault scratch tests and a colour change of dL<1.5 in the Erichsen scratch test.04-28-2011
20090214861AROMATIC POLYCARBONATE RESIN COMPOSITION AND MOLDED PRODUCT PRODUCED FROM THE SAME - The present invention provides an aromatic polycarbonate resin composition having excellent surface impact strength and flame retardancy which is suitable for production of thin-wall molded products, as well as a molded product produced from the composition.08-27-2009
20090214860Resin Composition, Varnish, Resin Film and Semiconductor Device - Disclosed is a resin composition comprising a benzoxazole resin precursor having a first repeating unit obtained by reacting a bisaminophenol compound and a dicarboxylic acid compound, and a cross-linking agent wherein at least one of the bisaminophenol compound and the dicarboxylic acid compound has a diamondoid structure. The benzoxazole resin precursor further comprises a second repeating unit obtained by reacting a bisaminophenol compound not having a diamondoid structure and a dicarboxylic acid compound not having a diamondoid structure. Also disclosed is a resin film comprising the resin composition.08-27-2009
20090214859BIAXIALLY ORIENTED FILM ON FLEXIBLE POLYMERIC SUBSTRATE - A flexible polymer-based template having a biaxially oriented film grown on the surface of a polymeric substrate. The template having the biaxially oriented film can be used for further epitaxial growth of films of interest for applications such as photovoltaic cells, light emitting diodes, and the like. Methods of forming such a flexible template and providing the polymeric substrate with a biaxially oriented film deposited thereon are also described.08-27-2009
20110250444INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - The present teachings provide an intermediate transfer member which includes a substrate layer and a surface layer disposed on the substrate layer. The surface layer includes a polyimide polymer having the formula:10-13-2011
20110250443Composite laminate exterior decking material - A protective composite laminate wood grain appearance material shaped in the form of a channel or flat (but not limited too) that is fasten (glued) on top of the existing (structurally sound but cosmetically damaged by UV rays) treated wooden decking planks. The protective composite laminate wood grained appearance material will beautify and protect existing decks at a fraction of the cost of using replacement solid composite decking planks and or the repetitive maintenance of re-sealing the existing treated wooden deck with stains, water repellants, paint or a facsimile.10-13-2011
20110081541ONE PART, STORAGE STABLE POLYMERIZABLE FORMULATION - A one part, storage stable polymerizable formulation is provided that includes an ethenically unsaturated polymerizable compound intermixed with a free radical polymerization initiator and an organic solvent. The organic solvent provides storage stability and upon evaporation of the solvent, the rate of polymerization of the compound accelerates independent of addition of a second part. The formulation includes at least 30 total weight percent solids upon cure. Optional additives to the formulation include at least one of a cure accelerator, a filler, a plasticizer, a colorant, and a cure inhibitor. A process for forming a polymerized coating on an article involves the application of this formulation to the substrate of an article and allowing sufficient time for the solvent to evaporate to form the polymerized coating on the article. The substrate of the article forms a corrosion barrier even without prior removal of a native corrosion layer on a surface of the substrate of the article.04-07-2011
20100129648ELECTRONIC PACKAGING AND HEAT SINK BONDING ENHANCEMENTS, METHODS OF PRODUCTION AND USES THEREOF - Electronic components described herein include a heat generating component surface; a heat sink having a top surface and a bottom surface; and a thermal interface material comprising a phase change material, wherein the heat generating component surface is coupled to the bottom surface of the heat sink by the thermal interface material. Methods of forming an electronic component include: a) providing a heat-generating component surface; b) providing at least one thermal interface material; c) providing a heat sink component having a top surface and a bottom surface; d) depositing the at least one thermal interface material onto at least part of at least one of the surfaces of the heat sink component, and e) coupling the surface of the heat sink component with the thermal interface material layer with the heat generating component surface to produce the electronic component.05-27-2010
20100255295RESIN COMPOSITION, MOLDED ARTICLE THEREOF, AND KEY FOR TERMINAL EQUIPMENT - A resin composition comprising 100 parts by weight of an aromatic polycarbonate having an OH terminal group content of 0.1 to 30 eq/ton (component A) and 0.01 to 0.3 part by weight of a glycerin monoester (component B) and having a chlorine atom content of 100 ppm or less.10-07-2010
20080248295Articles Comprising Rubber, Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Engineering Polymer - Item comprising thermoplastic polyurethane, which has, respectively, direct-contact adhesive bonding not only to rubber but also to engineering plastic.10-09-2008
20100285311Dual component (aqueous) hybrid reactive resin system, method for production and use thereof - A dual component (aqueous) hybrid reactive system obtained by a) the production of an epoxy-functional (aqueous) binding agent component (I) with an epoxide equivalent of 100 to 12,500 g/eq, and average molecular mass of 200 to 25,000 Daltons and a viscosity of 1,000 to 15,000 mPas 920° C., Brookfield) and b) the production of a (latent) amino-functional hardener component (II).11-11-2010
20110052911ADHESIVE TAPE WITH A VISCOELASTIC POLYOLEFIN BACKING - The invention relates to an adhesive tape with a viscoelastic backing consisting of an olefin polymer with a density of between 0.86 and 0.89 g/cc and a crystallite melting point of at least 105° C., and also consisting of an adhesive resin.03-03-2011
20120276374LAMINATED GLASS, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - The present invention relates to a laminated glass including a first glass substrate, a first adhesive layer, a heat reflective film, a second adhesive layer and a second glass substrate, laminated in this order, in which the heat reflective film includes a resin film having specific thermal shrinkages in a direction that a thermal shrinkage becomes maximum and in a direction orthogonal to the direction, and a heat reflective coating formed on the resin film; the first adhesive layer and the second adhesive layer include a polyvinyl butyral film having thermal shrinkages in a direction that a thermal shrinkage becomes maximum and in a direction orthogonal to the direction; and the direction that a thermal shrinkage becomes maximum, of the resin film and the direction that a thermal shrinkage becomes maximum, of the polyvinyl butyral film are orthogonal to each other.11-01-2012
20110262742TRANSPARENT LAMINATED FILM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A transparent laminated film is provided with which it is possible to inhibit peeling of thin film layers, even with long-term exposure to sunlight during use and exposure to UV rays during quality evaluation. The film has a thin film layer obtained by lamination of multiple thin films on at least one side of a transparent polymer film. This thin film layer has metal oxide thin films formed by a sol-gel process using light energy during sol-gel hardening and post-oxidation thin films formed by post-oxidation of at least one thin film selected from metal thin film, alloy thin film, and partially oxidized metal oxide thin film.10-27-2011
20120121898POLYMER MATERIAL, METHOD FOR IN SITU FUNCTIONALISATION OF POLYMER MATERIALS AND ALSO USE THEREOF - The present invention relates to a polymer material with a functionalised surface and also to a method for in situ functionalisation of polymer materials. Furthermore, the invention comprises the use of the polymer materials.05-17-2012
20110135917Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Articles And Methods Of Forming Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Articles - The present invention generally provides implantable articles and methods of forming implantable articles from a crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (“UHMWPE”) blend stabilized with Vitamin E. The crosslinked UHMWPE blend may be prepared by combining the UHMWPE material and vitamin E prior to irradiating the UHMWPE blend with electron beam radiation at a sufficient radiation dose rate to induce crosslinking. The crosslinked UHMWPE blend may be incorporated into a variety of implants, and in particular, into endoprosthetic joint replacements06-09-2011
20110151248Ceramic Matrix Composite Precursor Slurry Compositions And Sheet Molding Compound - A ceramic matrix composite precursor slurry composition includes a thermosetting resin, a suitable curing agent, a ceramic component, a carbonaceous solids component, and optionally, a suitable solvent. The thermosetting resin may be a polyester, a vinyl ester, an epoxy resin, a bismaleimide resin, and/or a polyamide resin. The carbonaceous solids component provides a suitable amount of carbon char upon pyrolization. The precursor slurry composition may comprise up to about 70 volume % solids after removal of the solvent, and prior to cure. A sheet molding compound first and second outer films comprising the precursor slurry composition and randomly dispersed reinforcing material carried between the first and second outer films.06-23-2011
20100159237MANUFACTURING METHOD OF LAMINATED METAL PLATE AND LAMINATED METAL PLATE MANUFACTURED BY THE METHOD - In the manufacturing method of the laminated metal plate, a fluorine resin film is used as a plastic film. Prior to a flame treatment, a joint surface of the metal plate is heated with a direct flame of 900° C. to 1200° C. for 1 to 5 seconds so that the joint surface is preheated to 40° C. to 70° C. After that, the joint surface of the metal plate is heated to 250° C. to 450° C. by the follow-on flame treatment.06-24-2010
20090202822POLARIZER PROTECTIVE FILM, POLARIZING PLATE, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is a polarizer protective film, which has high heat resistance, high transparency, high optical characteristics, and high mechanical strength, and is excellent in adhesion with respect to a polarizer. Further, provided are a polarizing plate using the polarizer protective film and a polarizer, which has high adhesion with respect to the polarizer protective film and the polarizer and is excellent in optical characteristics, and in particular, excellent in transmittance as viewing angle characteristics, and an image display apparatus of high quality using the polarizing plate. The polarizer protective film of the present invention includes a cellulose-based resin layer having a thickness of 0.3 to 3 μm on at least one surface of a transparent resin layer containing a (meth)acrylic resin having a lactone ring structure.08-13-2009
20090197079MOLDED ARTICLE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - In a molded article containing a plant material and a thermoplastic resin, and formed by injection molding, the thermoplastic resin is contained in an amount of 5 to 50% by mass, and the plant material is contained in an amount of 50 to 95% by mass when the total amount of the thermoplastic resin and the plant material is taken as 100% by mass, and a material containing lignin in an amount of 10% by mass or more when the total amount of the plant material is taken as 100% by mass is used as the plant material. And, a process for producing a molded article includes the mixing step of mixing a plant material, water and a thermoplastic resin to obtain a molding material, and the injecting and molding step of injecting the molding material in a molding die and molding the molding material with the molding die to obtain the molded article. In the mixing step, a material containing lignin in an amount of 10% by mass or more when the total amount of the plant material is taken as 100% by mass is used as the plant material, the thermoplastic resin is mixed in an amount of 5 to 50% by mass and the plant material is mixed in an amount of 50 to 95% by mass when the total amount of the thermoplastic resin and the plant material is taken as 100% by mass, water is mixed in an amount of 5 to 200% by mass based on 100% by mass of the plant material, and the plant material, water and the thermoplastic resin are mixed while thermofusing the thermoplastic resin.08-06-2009
20110189476ORGANIZED CLAY COMPOSITE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND RESIN COMPOSITE CONTAINING ORGANIZED CLAY COMPOSITE - The present invention relates to a method for producing an organized clay composite, wherein a step for cation exchanging an interlayer metal cation of a lamellar clay mineral to an organic onium ion by swelling the lamellar clay mineral with water or an aqueous solvent and then adding and mixing thereinto an emulsion which is obtained in advance by emulsifying a curable resin composition with use of an organic onium salt or with use of an organic onium salt and a nonionic surfactant, and a step for introducing the curable resin composition into the interlayer of the lamellar clay mineral are performed simultaneously. The present invention also relates to an organized clay composite obtained by the method. The present invention further relates to a resin molded product obtained by molding/curing such an organized clay composite. In the organized clay composite, the compound introduced into the interlayer of the lamellar clay mineral does not affect the physical properties of the matrix into which the organized clay is dispersed. Consequently, the organized clay composite has an expanded interlayer distance, while exhibiting good dispersibility.08-04-2011
20090311524Multi-Layer Film - An object of the present invention is to provide a multi-layer film excellent in adhesiveness, appearance, transparency, and anti-pinhole property even at high-speed process as well as a multi-layer stretched film excellent in gas barrier property and anti-pinhole property. The invention relates to a multi-layer film which comprises a laminate of: a thermoplastic resin-containing layer; and a layer comprising an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer comprising the following structural unit (1), wherein the thermoplastic resin-containing layer is provided on one side or both sides of the layer comprising an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer,12-17-2009
20110135918Rotolined Articles - The present invention relates to the field of steel pipes and vessels rotolined with metallocene-produced polyethylene.06-09-2011
20090035565BONDING LAYER ON FLUOROPOLYMERS - The invention relates to a device comprising a layer made from a fluoropolymer, of which at least part of the surface is covered with a composition comprising a polymer having at least one fluorinated function and at least one acid or base function and forming a bonding layer on said fluoropolymer, said bonding layer being fully or partly covered by another layer.02-05-2009
20100247904FLEXIBLE POLYUREA - A flexible polyurea and method for making, as well as a kit for making the polyurea. The method and kit include making flexible polyurea by reacting at least a first component comprising at least one of an aliphatic isocyanate or an aromatic isocyanate and a second component comprising a secondary amine together, wherein the ratio of the first component to the second component was in the range from, by volume, 2:1 to 1:2. The flexible polyurea is useful, for example, as a substrate covering (e.g., the interiors of construction, farm, and other vehicles, both military and civilian (including cars, trucks, aircraft, and vessels (e.g., boats, ships, and submarines)).09-30-2010
20120301714MULTILAYER STRUCTURE, AND A METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - The instant invention is a multilayer structure, and a method for making the same. The multilayer structure comprises: (a) at least one substrate layer comprising a polymeric material; (b) at least one adhesion layer, wherein said adhesion layer is derived from an adhesion promoter composition comprising: at least one aqueous epoxy dispersion; at least one hardening agent; optionally at least one leveling agent; at least one toughening agent; and optionally at least one filler; and (c) at least one surface layer comprising a plating metal; wherein said adhesion layer is disposed therebetween said at least one substrate layer and said at least one surface layer.11-29-2012
20120301713 Transparent Composite Slate - A transparent composite slate is substantially made of a stone and a PS (polystyrene) plate. By means of the combination of the PS plate, the stone is strengthened to reduce its brittleness and to enhance its toughness. Further, in time of polishing, the combined PS plate only prevents the stone breaking but also promotes an ornamental effect of the stone. Therefore, the stone could be well used and concurrently promote the productivity of correlated finished product. While the strengthened stone provides an easy polish and a tough property, the thickness of the stone is thinner to increase the transparency of the finished product, for instance, the stone reaches 1 to 5 mm thick.11-29-2012
20120301712MOISTURE BARRIER RESINS FOR CORROSION RESISTANT COATINGS - A composition for preparing a corrosion resistant coating for a bulk substrate, said composition comprising: a cross-linkable hydrolyzed polymer; and a cross-linking agent, wherein the cross-linking agent is present in an amount sufficient to cross link about 21.8% to 65.4% of the crosslinkable groups in the cross-linkable hydrolyzed polymer. Also, a method of inhibiting corrosion of a bulk substrate comprising: dissolving a cross-linkable hydrolyzed polymer in an organic solvent to generate a cross-linkable hydrolyzed polymer solution; adding a cross-linking agent to said cross-linkable hydrolyzed polymer solution in an amount sufficient to generate a cross-linked hydrolyzed polymer with about 21.8% to 65.4% cross-linked hydroxyl groups; and applying said cross-linked hydrolyzed polymer to said bulk substrate. Also, a coated bulk substrate, comprising: a bulk substrate; a corrosion resistant coating comprising a cross-linked hydrolyzed polymer with about 21.8% to 65.4% cross-linking; wherein said corrosion resistant coating is in contact with at least a portion of a surface of said bulk substrate.11-29-2012
20090263652HYDROPHILIC ADHESIVE COVER FOR COVERING FLUIDIC DEVICES - Embodiments of the present invention concerning an adhesive mixture having an acrylic adhesive and a detergent, an adhesive foil provided with the adhesive mixture, and a test element provided with the adhesive foil are disclosed. The adhesive mixture combines two properties, i.e. hydrophilicity and adhesiveness with one another, thereby making the adhesive mixture suitable for adhesive foils that are used as covers for fluidic devices.10-22-2009
20090280321Edge Banding - Edge banding comprises an outer layer comprising a thermoplastic selected from the group consisting of polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polyvinyl chloride and an under layer comprising ethylene vinyl acetate. The outer layer and the under layer are thermally bonded by co-extrusion. The prior need for a primer is eliminated. Delamination caused by improper application of primer is eliminated.11-12-2009
20090311525Blister Top Foil for Blister Packs - The invention relates to a blister top foil for sealing with respect to an existing blister bottom foil, wherein the blister top foil comprises at least the following layers, seen from the outside to the inside of the finished pack: possibly a layer of printing undercoat lacquer (c), a layer of printing primer (d), a layer of adhesive (e), a layer of plastic film (f), a layer of possibly peelable adhesive (g), a layer of aluminium (h) and a layer of heat sealing lacquer (i). The invention is characterized in that the printing primer layer (d) is an aluminium layer.12-17-2009
20100330363RESIN SUBSTRATE - A resin substrate of the present invention has a resin layer and a surface layer formed on a surface of the resin layer, wherein the surface layer is a layer comprising silicon nitride as a main component and deposited by the chemical vapor deposition method, and at the interface between the resin layer and the surface layer, at the interface between the resin layer and the surface layer, an interfacial region over which a percentage changes from 80% to 20% has a thickness of not more than 25 nm, wherein the difference between the maximum nitrogen concentration in the surface layer and the steady-state nitrogen concentration in the resin layer is taken as 100%. The surface layer has an average surface roughness (Ra) of not more than 1 nm. The resin substrate has properties of water vapor barrier and surface flatness.12-30-2010
20120177916HIGH FILM BUILD COATING COMPOSITION CONTAINING POLYTRIMETHYLENE ETHER DIOL - The present disclosure is directed to a coating composition that is capable of producing coatings being sag-free at high coating thicknesses, having excellent adhesion to substrates, and good appearance. This disclosure is further directed to a coating composition comprising components derived from renewable resources.07-12-2012
20110064945PLASTIC SUBSTRATES AND METHODS OF FORMING THE SAME - Provided are plastic substrates and methods of forming the same. The method includes applying a protective layer composition including reactive monomers on a organic substrate, and polymerizing the reactive monomers to form a protective layer. The reactive monomers used to form the protective layer may be selected from at least one of monomers represented by following Chemical Formulae 1 to 3,03-17-2011
20110064944Ferromagnetic block polymers and related methods - Ferromagnetic multi-block copolymers of the sort which can be used to provide high-density, highly ordered thin films, composites and related articles.03-17-2011
20120156481FUSER MEMBER AND COMPOSITION - The present teachings provide a fuser member. The fuser includes a layer of a siloxyfluorocarbon networked polymer.06-21-2012
20120015181SUBSTRATE FOR FLEXIBLE DISPLAY AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A substrate for a flexible display and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The substrate is thin and has a low oxygen and moisture transmittance. The substrate includes a plastic substrate and a barrier layer formed on the plastic substrate and having a density gradient in which a content of a metal increases toward the plastic substrate and a content of oxygen increases away from the plastic substrate.01-19-2012
20110165414Compostable Interior Panel For Use In A Vehicle And Method of Manufacture - A compostable interior panel for use in a vehicle includes an injection molded compostable polymer. A layer is disposed about the compostable polymer and comprises a composting-resistant polymer having a thickness ranging from 10 μm to 175 μm. The compostable polymer and the composting-resistant polymer are substantially insoluble in one another when liquid.07-07-2011
20120070657INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER - There is described an intermediate transfer member including a substrate layer comprising a polyimide and a surface layer. The surface layer includes a functionalized polyfluoropolyether and functionalized polybutadiene in a weight ratio of functionalized polyfluoropolyether/functionalized polybutadiene of from about 20/80 to about 80/20 and conductive particles. The method of manufacturing the intermediate transfer member is also described.03-22-2012
20090110919BURN PROTECTIVE MATERIALS - A method is described for reducing the afterflame of a flammable, meltable material. A textile composite is described comprising an outer textile comprising a flammable, meltable material, and a heat reactive material comprising a polymer resin-expandable graphite mixture.04-30-2009
20100178495CHOPPED FIBER BUNDLE, MOLDING MATERIAL, AND FIBER REINFORCED PLASTIC, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THEM - A chopped fiber bundle includes a large number of unidirectionally arranged reinforced fibers. The length of each of the reinforced fibers is in the range of 5 to 100 mm. The chopped fiber bundle has a transition segment in which the number of the reinforced fibers increases toward the central part of the chopped fiber bundle in the aligned direction of the reinforced fibers with both ends in the aligned of the reinforced fibers in the chopped fiber bundle being a starting point. The level of a change in total sectional area of the large number of reinforced fibers is not more than 0.05 mm07-15-2010
20100092770PROCESS FOR PRODUCING COMPOSITE PREPREG BASE, LAYERED BASE, AND FIBER-REINFORCED PLASTIC - A composite prepreg base which includes a raw prepreg base comprising a fiber sheet comprising discontinuous reinforcing fibers arranged in one direction and having a fiber length of 1-300 mm and a matrix resin infiltrated into the fiber sheet; and an additional resin layer formed on at least one surface of the raw prepreg base. The composite prepreg base is produced by a process including (i) the step of preparing the raw prepreg base and (ii) the step of forming an additional resin layer on at least one surface of the raw prepreg base prepared. Also provided are: a layered base including two or more sheets of the composite prepreg base which have been superposed so that the additional resin layer is present on at least one surface; and a fiber-rein-forced plastic formed by heating and pressing the layered base.04-15-2010
20120128972Self-Adhesive Composite Reinforcement, in Particular for Tires, and Associated Manufacturing Method - Composite reinforcement (R-05-24-2012
20120219793POLYHEDRAL OLIGOMERIC SILSESQUIOXANE COMPOSITIONS, METHODS OF USING THESE COMPOSITIONS, AND STRUCTURES INCLUDING THESE COMPOSITIONS - Embodiments of the present disclosure include functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane compositions or mixtures, methods of using functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane compositions, structures including functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane, and the like.08-30-2012
20120135228LIQUID CRYSTALLINE POLYESTER COMPOSITION - Disclosed is a liquid crystalline polyester composition which contains a liquid crystalline polyester and mica and which provides a molded article hard to form blisters therein under a high temperature condition, even when it is molded at a high temperature. The liquid crystalline polyester composition is prepared by incorporating the mica and a fluorocarbon polymer whose flow start temperature is 330° C. or lower into the liquid crystalline polyester. The content of the mica in the liquid crystalline polyester composition is preferably from 15 to 100 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the liquid crystalline polyester, and the content of the fluorocarbon polymer in the liquid crystalline polyester composition is preferably from 0.2 to 10 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the liquid crystalline polyester.05-31-2012
20120171477METHOD OF FABRICATING A COMPOSITE STRUCTURE WITH A CONDUCTIVE SURFACE - A method of fabricating a composite structure having a conductive surface is disclosed herein. The composite structure is formed by laminating a self-surfacing, conductive prepreg to one or prepreg plies or tapes to form a layup. The self-surfacing, conductive prepreg comprises a conductive surfacing film with a conductivity of less than 20 milliOhms formed on at least one surface of a prepreg ply or tape. Furthermore, the self-surfacing, conductive prepreg is suitable for use in an Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process.07-05-2012
20100028666Thermally formed, dimensionally and topographically exact, automotive protective film - A multi-protective layered film is thermally formed to the exact dimensions and topography of an automobile's headlights and fog lights, protecting the headlights/fog lights from gravel hits and weathering. The multilayered film comprises an aliphatic urethane layer, an adhesive layer, and a polyethylene liner. All three layers are vacuum molded to the exact dimensions and topography of a headlight/fog light. A method for the thermal forming of the film is also disclosed.02-04-2010
20100047567MULTI-COMPONENT DEVICE INTEGRATED INTO A MATRIX - The invention relates to an electronic device, having a front face 02-25-2010
20120315471Composites Utilizing Polymeric Capstocks and Methods of Manufacture - An extruded composite adapted for use as a building material includes a core having a base polymer and a filler material in a substantially homogeneous mixture and a polymeric capstock modified with an elastomer and/or a plastomer. To improve adherence of the polymeric capstock to the base polymer, the capstock can include a capstock polymer that is similar or substantially similar the base polymer. Additionally, various additives may be mixed with the capstock material to improve visual aesthetics of the product and performance of the building material, especially over time.12-13-2012
20090104442Antimicrobial Gas Generating System - Gas generating and releasing articles consisting essentially of a polymer and a gas generating solid dispersed therein are described. The article generates a controlled fast and followed by a slow release gas in response to moisture.04-23-2009
20090087654FILMS CONTAINING MICROLAYER STRUCTURES - Films containing microlayer structures are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides an autoclavable film containing a first microlayer of a heat resistant polymer and a second microlayer of a flexible polymer attached to the first microlayer. Each of the first microlayer and the second microlayer has a thickness ranging between about 0.01 microns and about 10 microns.04-02-2009
20090061221COMPOSITE TACK FILM FOR ASPHALTIC PAVING, METHOD OF PAVING, AND PROCESS FOR MAKING A COMPOSITE TACK FILM FOR ASPHALTIC PAVING - A tack film material comprises a carrier substrate comprising a polymer film having first and second major surfaces. A surface layer on the first and second major surfaces comprises a resinous non-asphaltic material or a material including about 50% or more resinous non-asphaltic component and about 50% or less of asphaltic component. The surface layer is capable of forming a bond with an adjacent layer of asphaltic paving material, when the surface layer is heated to a temperature of about 120° C. or more under a pressure that is applied to the tack film material by an overlying layer of the asphaltic paving material having a thickness of about 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) or more laid. The surface layer is not tacky at a temperature of about 20° C. and a pressure of about one atmosphere.03-05-2009
20090061220AROMATIC POLYCARBONATE RESIN COMPOSITION AND MOLDED OBJECT MADE FROM THE SAME - There is provided an aromatic polycarbonate resin composition having excellent flame retardancy, mechanical properties and fluidity and affording a thin-walled molded article.03-05-2009
20110123797LASER PRINTER SYSTEMS, INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBERS, PRIMER LAYERS FOR INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBERS, AND PRIMER LAYER COMPOSITIONS - Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure includes intermediate transfer members, primer layer materials, methods of forming an intermediate transfer member layers having a base and an acrylic rubber layer, are disclosed.05-26-2011
20120231268Process to Improve the Adhesion Between Thermosetting Laminate and Thermoplastic Shell - The present invention related to a process to improve the adhesion between a thermosetting laminate and a thermoplastic shell in making reinforced plastic laminates for sanitary fixtures, such as shower receptors, spas, bathtubs, sinks, lavatories and the like, and composites laminates for transportation, marine, and construction applications. The adhesion improvement is through a designed post-curing process of the cured composites laminates. The thermosetting resin used in the construction of composites laminate can be unsaturated polyester resin of any kind, vinyl ester resin, or combination of both.09-13-2012
20080299387Bonded Plate for Sink Bowl and Method of Forming the Sink Bowl Using the Same Through Pressing - A bonded plate for a sink bowl, which has excellent sound-absorbing, vibration-damping, and heat-insulating characteristics, and a method of forming the sink bowl using the same through pressing. The bonded plate includes a surface plate, a backing plate backing the surface plate, and an adhesive resin interposed between the surface plate and the backing plate and bonding the surface plate and the backing plate with each other, wherein the adhesive resin has a thickness from about 0.02 mm to about 0.1 mm. Thereby, the adhesive resin layer of the bonded plate can have sound-absorbing, vibration-damping, and dew-condensation-preventing functions. Further, the sink bowl is produced using the bonded plate, so that it can reduce the cost of production, can provide formability equal to that of the conventional sink bowl, and can produce excellent sound-absorbing, vibration-damping, and dew-condensation-preventing effects.12-04-2008
20120328874LAMINATE COMPRISING CURABLE EPOXY FILM LAYER COMPRISING A DI-ISOIMIDE AND PROCESS FOR PREPARING SAME - The present invention deals with a laminate useful for forming fully encapsulated flexible printed wiring boards. The laminate comprises a dielectric substrate coated with a curable composition comprising an epoxy and a novel aromatic di-isoimide chemical compound. The curable composition provides the benefit of thermal latency, improving shelf-life, and reducing premature curing during processing. Fully encapsulated printed wiring boards are also disclosed.12-27-2012
20110039098GAS-BARRIER FILMS AND SHEETS - Multi-layer, gas-barrier, either cast or solid-state oriented, heat-shrinkable, annealed or heat-set, films and sheets suitable for packaging applications which comprise a microlayer sequence (a) comprising a number n of identical repeating units (a′), each comprising the sequence A/B/C, wherein A is a layer comprising a major proportion of one or more thermoplastic (co)polyamides, B is either a layer comprising a major proportion of one or more ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers or a layer comprising a major proportion of a (co)polyamide characterized by an OTR of less than 100 cm02-17-2011
20110045285TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE FILM - A transparent conductive film includes a polymer layer disposed on one of surfaces of a film base formed from polyester and biaxially stretched, and a transparent conductive layer disposed on the polymer layer. A difference between a refractive index η1 of the film base and a refractive index η2 of the polymer layer, |η1−η2| is set to at most 0.02. The polymer layer contains particles of metal oxide having a refractive index ηP of at least 1.80, and a binder holding the particles and having a refractive index ηB of at least 1.60. A mass ratio of the particles of metal oxide with respect to the binder is set to be more than 0% and equal to or less than 100%.02-24-2011
20100233475MULTIFUNCTIONAL SURFACE TREATMENT - Low formaldehyde emission wood based panels are described. These wood based panels have an outer surface layer comprised of a resin composition comprising a naturally occurring component or derivative thereof which is chemically bound to an aromatic hydroxyl compound-aldehyde resin (ncPF). The advantages of having an outer surface layer of the resin composition comprising ncPF, is that the outer surface layer can act as a surface sealer to reduce migration of components from the core of the wood based panel to the surface. The outer surface layer is pleasing to the consumer because it forms light colored faces on the wood based panel. It is also a superior surface for after treatment, such as for example, painting, when compared to amino or phenol resins. In addition, the outer surface layer comprising the inventive resin composition comprising ncPF can lend added fire-retardancy to the wood based panel.09-16-2010
20120321882HARD COAT FILM AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREFOR - The present invention relates to a hard coat film having a hard coat layer on at least one side of a base film, wherein the surface of the hard coat layer has a water contact angle of 78 to 90° and an n-dodecane contact angle of 22° or less. The hard coat film has excellent fingerprint resistance when it is used in a finger input touch panel; has excellent adhesion and no defects which disturb optical inspection when it is used as a protective film for a capacitance touch panel; and preferably has high uniformity in film thickness.12-20-2012
20120328875COMPOSITION FOR COATING - The method consists of the formation of a layer over a stone substrate to increase its hardness, chemical resistance, wear and scratch resistance, comprising applying on the substrate a coating matrix incorporating an organic material and fillers including inorganic nanoparticles and/or microparticles; chemically binding said matrix to the substrate, by a self-assembly process and/or a binding process by covalent bonding, electrostatic bonding, van der Waals bonding or hydrogen bonds; and finally drying said matrix. The mentioned organic material is selected from organosilanes, organophosphates, polycarboxylic compounds, compounds based on triazine heterocycles and said nanoparticles are nanoparticles of oxides, carbides, borides, nitrides of metals or of semimetals.12-27-2012
20130011668FLAME RETARDANT THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITE - An extruded structural article is disclosed. The article has a cap layer comprising a flame retardant thermoplastic urethane material. The flame retardant thermoplastic urethane material is a blend of a thermoplastic urethane and a flame retardant polymer, such as a halogenated polymer. The thermoplastic urethane material is cross-linked using cross-linking agents such as radical initiators to improve strength, weather resistance, and resistance to scratching, abrasion, or marring. The flame retardant thermoplastic urethane is typically blended in a first extrusion with minimal cross-linking, and then applied to a structural article during a second extrusion in which the cross-linking reaction is activated.01-10-2013
20100129650WIRE HARNESSING TAPE - The present invention relates to an adhesive tape comprising a wet-laid nonwoven backing material and an adhesive which is useful as a wire harnessing tape in automotive industry. The nonwoven comprises synthetic fibers, cellulose fibers and a binder. Moreover, a process for manufacturing the adhesive tape is provided.05-27-2010
20100129651HYBRID COMPONENT FOR A GAS-TURBINE ENGINE - A hybrid component for a gas-turbine engine includes a supporting structure (05-27-2010
20100129647Method of Weldbonding and a Device Comprising Weldbonded Components - A method of assembling optoelectronic and/or photonic components, said method comprising: (i) providing at least two optoelectronic and/or photonic components; (ii) aligning and situating these components relative to one another and in close proximity with one another so as to: (a) provide optical coupling between these components; and (b) maintain the distance d between the adjacent parts of these components, where d is 0 to 100 μm; (iii) adhering these components to one another with while maintaining optical coupling therebetween; and (iv) laser welding these components together while maintaining optical coupling therebetween.05-27-2010
20100129649TRANSPARENT THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITIONS HAVING HIGH FLOW AND DUCTILIY, AND ARTICLES PREPARED THEREFROM - Disclosed herein is a thermoplastic composition comprising a combination of: a polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer and a poly(aliphatic ester)-polycarbonate copolymer comprising soft block ester units of the formula (8a):05-27-2010
20110159280BACKSHEET FOR A SOLAR MODULE - Disclosed herein is a backsheet for a solar module. The backsheet includes a first polymeric layer, a second polymeric layer and a moisture-resistant layer. The first polymeric layer includes linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), medium-density polyethylene (MDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polycarbonate (PC). The second polymeric layer includes linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), medium-density polyethylene (MDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polycarbonate (PC) or Nylon. The moisture-resistant layer is disposed between the first polymeric layer and the second polymeric layer.06-30-2011
20080248294Low Moisture Absorbing Acrylic Sheet - The invention relates to a low moisture-absorbing multi-layer acrylic sheet, film, profile or other shaped multi-layer object having of an acrylic substrate, a tie layer, and at least one layer of a moisture-resistant material. Preferably, the acrylic sheet, film, profile or other shaped multi-layer object is transparent.10-09-2008
20080233391Photonic Crystals for Thermal Insulation - The invention relates to photonic crystals which have units having a refractive index of greater than 3 and units having a refractive index of less than 1.6 in a periodic sequence and separations of the individual units of from 1 to 20 μm, and also to the use of these photonic crystals.09-25-2008
20080220250Flexible Layer Composite Comprising a Support and a Layer of Curable Surface Coating Composition Applied Thereto - In a flexible layer composite comprising a support and at least one curable surface coating composition applied to the support, the layer of curable surface coating composition comprises 09-11-2008
20130177763ADHESIVE COMPOSITION CONTAINING RESIN HAVING CARBON-CARBON MULTIPLE BOND - An adhesive composition has a polymer that contains a unit structure of Formula (1):07-11-2013
20110268966BIAXIALLY ORIENTED FILM WHICH COULD BE THERMALLY LAMINATED WITH PAPER AND OTHER SUBSTRATES - Multilayer thermoplastic film structures are described which comprise at least two layers. One layer comprises a homopolymer polypropylene and a second layer, which is at least 3 microns thick, comprises a polyolefin material with a melting point of from 90° C. to 105° C. The film structures are particularly suited for lamination onto substrates such as paper or paper board.11-03-2011
20130101837RADIATION CURABLE COATINGS FOR CONCRETE FLOORS - Radiation-curable coating compositions for a surface such as a concrete floor, which include at least one multi-functional monomer or oligomer, a polymer, at least one photoinitiator, and one or more tertiary amine compounds containing zero or one crosslinkable double bonds are described and claimed. These coating compositions allow for application of at least about 0.15 mm (6 mil) thickness of the coating composition over an area larger than a UV radiation source, without the formation of wrinkles or buckles following each pass of the UV radiation source in the areas where light leakage from a side light shielding of the UV radiation source results in a very weak radiation intensity. These coating compositions are optionally clear, in addition, a method for coating a surface with a radiation-curable coating composition that results in a smooth cured surface with no wrinkles or buckles formed following each pass of the UV radiation source, and a surface coated with the radiation curable coating compositions of the instant claimed invention are described and claimed.04-25-2013
20130143039COATING COMPOSITIONS - Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards coating compositions comprising from 50 to 85 percent of an aqueous dispersion based on a total weight of the coating composition; a stabilizing solvent composition comprising a first alcohol and a second alcohol, wherein each alkyl chain of the first alcohol and the second alcohol is one to three carbon atoms, with the proviso that neither the first alcohol nor the second alcohol is propylene glycol; a basic water composition; and a crosslinker.06-06-2013
20080199691POLYMERIZABLE COMPOSITION, TACKY MATERIAL, AND ADHESIVE - A polymerizable composition is provided that includes a compound represented by Formula (I), a macromolecule having a monomer unit represented by Formula (II) and/or another addition-polymerization type macromolecule, and a macromolecular filler.08-21-2008
20080199690Articles comprising high melt flow ionomeric compositions - A polymeric film or sheet comprising an ionomeric composition comprising ionomeric copolymer of an alpha olefin and about 1 to about 30 wt % of alpha,beta-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid having 3 to 8 carbons, based on the total weight of the ionomeric copolymer, wherein the carboxylic acid is neutralized to a level of 1 to 100 mol %, with one or more metal ions, based on the total number of moles of carboxylate groups in the ionomeric copolymer, and wherein the ionomeric copolymer has a Melt Index of about 20 to about 300 g/10 min. The ionomeric composition preferably comprises an additive selected from the group consisting of silane coupling agent, organic peroxide, and combinations thereof. In addition, an article comprising an interlayer formed of the polymeric film or sheet and an additional layer selected from the group consisting of glass, other polymeric interlayer sheets, polymeric film layers, and metal films or sheets. Examples of articles include safety windows and solar cells.08-21-2008
20100316871BONDED ARTICLE - In a bonded article comprising a pair of substrates joined with a silicone base adhesive, a thin layer comprising a room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition in the cured state having a lower strength than the adhesive intervenes between the substrate and the adhesive. The article is ready for recycling even after exposure to elevated temperature.12-16-2010
20130157048SEALING MEMBRANE WITH IMPROVED ADHESION - The invention relates to a sealing membrane comprising a thermoplastic barrier layer and a tack-free solid epoxy resin layer which is suitable for sealing substrates in the construction industry. The invention further relates to a method for sealing said substrates. Said method allows rapid and efficient sealing of structures in civil engineering and good adhesion of the sealing membrane on the substrate.06-20-2013
20130122287HOT-MELT ADHESIVE COMPRISING IONIC GROUPS - Discussed are hot-melt adhesives that can be cross-linked by radiation. The adhesives comprise more than 30%, relative to the hot-melt adhesive, of at least one polyurethane polymer which contains at least one reactive group that can be polymerized by radiation.05-16-2013
20130189516FLAME-RETARDANT POLYMER MEMBER WITH ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE AND FLAME-RETARDANT POLYMER MEMBER WITH HYGIENIC PROPERTY - The present invention aims to provide a flame-retardant member having environment-resistant functionality or hygienic functionality, flexibility, and a high degree of flame retardancy. An environment-resistant functional flame-retardant polymer member of the present invention is an environment-resistant functional flame-retardant polymer member including a polymer layer (B), a flame-retardant layer (A), and an environment-resistant functional layer (L) in the stated order, in which the flame-retardant layer (A) is a layer containing a layered inorganic compound (f) in a polymer. A hygienic functional flame-retardant polymer member of the present invention is a hygienic functional flame-retardant polymer member including a polymer layer (B), a flame-retardant layer (A), and a hygienic functional layer (L) in the stated order, in which the flame-retardant layer (A) is a layer containing a layered inorganic compound (f) in a polymer.07-25-2013
20120028039IMPRESSION COMPOSITION - The invention relates to a molded part and to a process for producing such molded part with a surface structure.02-02-2012
20130196150PHYSICALLY FUNCTIONAL FLAME-RETARDANT POLYMER MEMBER AND CHEMICALLY FUNCTIONAL FLAME-RETARDANT POLYMER MEMBER - Provided is a flame-retardant member having physical functionality or chemical functionality, flexibility, and a high level of flame retardancy. The physically functional flame-retardant polymer member includes a polymer layer (B), a flame-retardant layer (A), and a physically functional layer (L) in the stated order, in which the flame-retardant layer (A) includes a layer containing a layered inorganic compound (f) in a polymer. The chemically functional flame-retardant polymer member includes a polymer layer (B), a flame-retardant layer (A), and a chemically functional layer (L) in the stated order, in which the flame-retardant layer (A) includes a layer containing a layered inorganic compound (f) in a polymer.08-01-2013
20130196149HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVES - The present invention provides pressure-sensitive adhesives having a refractive index of at least 1.50. The pressure-sensitive adhesives comprise at least one monomer containing a substituted or an unsubstituted biphenyl group.08-01-2013
20120088101MULTILAYER INTERLAYER POLYMER FILM FOR FIRE-SCREEN GLAZINGS AND RELATED FIRE-SCREEN PRODUCTS - A multilayer interlayer polymer film for use within and a high clarity and high efficiency fire-screen glazing or related fire-screen product uses a particular ordering of layers. The ordering of layers includes: (1) a core layer comprising one of a sulfur containing thermoplastic polymer material and a fluorine containing thermoplastic polymer material; (2) at least one intermediate layer laminated to the core layer and comprising the other of the sulfur containing thermoplastic polymer material and the fluorine containing thermoplastic polymer material; and (3) at least one skin layer laminated to the at least one intermediate layer and comprising a thermoplastic polyurethane material. The film provides cost effective and efficient fire-screen glazings and related fire-screen products due to the thermoplastic polyurethane polymer material and the sulfur containing thermoplastic polymer materials which also may be used in absence of the fluorine containing thermoplastic polymer material to provide an additional embodiment.04-12-2012
20120094116POLYAMIDE BLEND FILM - A film whose outer layer is composed of a molding composition which is in essence composed of the following components: 04-19-2012
20120094115COATING COMPOSITION FOR THICK COATING - A coating composition has excellent application workability, facilitates thick coating, rarely causes cracks at an initial drying stage, and provides a dried film having excellent tensile properties and adhesiveness. The composition contains an aggregate and an emulsion with a polymer particle dispersed in an aqueous medium. The polymer particle includes 40% to 98% of a unit formed by polymerizing an alkyl(meth)acrylate monomer, the alkyl group having 4 to 14 carbon atoms, 0.1% to 5% of a unit formed by polymerizing an ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer, 1% to 20% of a unit formed by polymerizing a vinyl monomer having a cyano group, 1% to 20% of a unit formed by polymerizing a reaction product of a (meth)acrylic acid and a monofunctional epoxy compound, and 0% to 50% of a unit formed by copolymerizing at least one of the above monomers with another monomer.04-19-2012
20130209796POLYCARBONATE WITH HARD COAT LAYER - Provided is a polycarbonate with a hard coat layer, which is excellent in transparency, high surface hardness, weather resistance, chemical resistance, durability, and heat resistance. The polycarbonate with a hard coat layer includes a hard coat film (08-15-2013

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