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428334000 Coating layer not in excess of 5 mils thick or equivalent 665
428339000 Including synthetic resin or polymer layer or component 182
428337000 Of base or substrate 94
428338000 Monolayer with structurally defined element 63
428333000 In terms of molecular thickness or light wave length 20
20090123735LOW CONTAMINATION COMPONENTS FOR SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MAKING COMPONENTS - Components of semiconductor processing apparatus are formed at least partially of erosion, corrosion and/or corrosion-erosion resistant ceramic materials. Exemplary ceramic materials can include at least one oxide, nitride, boride, carbide and/or fluoride of hafnium, strontium, lanthanum oxide and/or dysprosium. The ceramic materials can be applied as coatings over substrates to form composite components, or formed into monolithic bodies. The coatings ca protect substrates from physical and/or chemical attack. The ceramic materials can be used to form plasma exposed components of semiconductor processing apparatus to provide extended service lives.05-14-2009
20100159236INTERFACIAL STRENGTHENING AND TOUGHENING USING A MOLECULAR NANOLAYER - An article includes a first surface, a second surface, and a molecular nanolayer located at an interface between the first and the second surface, where an interface toughness is a higher than 20 J m06-24-2010
20090208734TEST STRIPS, METHODS, AND SYSTEM OF MANUFACTURING TEST STRIP LOTS HAVING A PREDETERMINED CALIBRATION CHARACTERISTIC - Various embodiments of a technique in which test strip lots can be prepared without requiring a user to input any calibration information before performing a test measurement with a test strip from the test strip lots. In a first aspect, a method of manufacturing a plurality of test strips by adjusting amount of mediators and working electrode area is described. In another aspect, a method of preparing a reagent ink by adjusting the density of the reagent ink to substantially match a target density is described. In a further aspect, a method using a high numerical Shores Hardness squeegee in conjunction with high pressure is provided. In a further aspect, a method of performing an analyte measurement with a test meter, the test meter being configured to not receive a calibration input, and where the test strip manufactured to any one of the methods or techniques described and illustrated herein.08-20-2009
20090226712RECYCLED COMPOSITE MATERIAL - An recycled composite material is disclosed, which is prepared by using as a raw material a waste composite material which comprises a matrix component and carbon fibrous structures added to the matrix, and adding an additional matrix component which is homogeneous and/or heterogeneous with the matrix of the spent composite material, and then kneading them together; wherein the carbon fibrous structure comprises a three dimensional network of carbon fibers, each carbon fiber having an outside diameter of 15-100 nm, and a granular part, at which the fibers are bound in a state that the carbon fibers extend outwardly therefrom, and wherein the granular part is produced in a growth process of the carbon fibers. The recycled composite material performs much the same with the original composite material, and is produced briefly at a low cost.09-10-2009
20090269575DAMPED PRODUCT WITH AN INSERT HAVING A LAYER INCLUDING GRAPHITE THEREON AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - A product including a damping substrate and a layer over a portion thereof, the layer including graphite, and a body portion positioned so that the layer is interposed between the body portion and the damping substrate.10-29-2009
20080261026Element substrate and method of manufacturing the same - A method of manufacturing an element substrate including: forming a release layer on a first support substrate; forming a metal layer having a predetermined pattern on the release layer; applying a sol-gel solution including a material for an inorganic substrate to the first support substrate; removing a solvent from the sol-gel solution by heat treatment to form the inorganic substrate; and removing the metal layer from the first support substrate by decomposing the release layer to transfer the metal layer to the inorganic substrate.10-23-2008
20080261025METALLIC SURFACE ENHANCEMENT - A method and composition for enhancing corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and contact resistance of a device comprising a copper or copper alloy substrate and at least one metal-based layer on a surface of the substrate. The composition comprises a phosphorus oxide compound selected from the group consisting of a phosphonic acid, a phosphonate salt, a phosphonate ester, a phosphoric acid, a phosphate salt, a phosphate ester, and mixtures thereof; an aromatic heterocycle comprising nitrogen; and a solvent having a surface tension less than about 10-23-2008
20090035558SINTERED CERAMIC PRODUCT HAVING A NITROGENOUS MATRIX WITH IMPROVED SURFACE PROPERTIES - The sintered ceramic product comprises a granular material bound by a nitrogenous mold. According to the invention, at least one anti-dust agent selected among calcium and boron exists in a surface layer of the product, the mass ratio of all the anti-dust agents in the surface layer being greater than that measured underneath this layer. This product advantageously has a reduced ratio of non-adherent particles to its surface.02-05-2009
20100159235Wear component with a carburized case - A wear component includes a base metal and a carburized case on the base metal. The carburized case may have a first region having greater than or equal to about 75% volume fraction of carbides and a second region having greater than or equal to about 20% volume fraction of carbides. The first region may be a region extending to a depth greater than or equal to about 5 microns from a surface of the wear component, and the second region may be a region below the first region and having a thickness greater than or equal to about 100 microns.06-24-2010
20120177913NOVEL USE OF LIPOLYTIC ENZYME FOR FORMATION OF ANTI-FINGERPRINT COATING, METHOD OF FORMING ANTI-FINGERPRINT COATING, SUBSTRATE COMPRISING THE ANTI-FINGERPRINT COATING FORMED BY THE METHOD, AND PRODUCT COMPRISING THE SUBSTRATE - Provided are a novel use of a lipolytic enzyme for forming anti-fingerprint coating, a method of forming anti-fingerprint coating including treating a substrate with a composition comprising the lipolytic enzyme, a substrate including the anti-fingerprint coating formed by the same method, and a product including the same. The anti-fingerprint coating can reduce contamination of display devices, appearances of electronic devices or building materials by fingerpris.07-12-2012
20120244343BONDING STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES USING THERMALLY ACTIVATED ADHESIVE - Techniques for optically activating thermally activated adhesives are disclosed. In one embodiment, a laser can be used to activate thermally activated adhesive. In one implementation, a laser output can be directed through a structural component being coupled to another structural component through use of the thermally activated adhesive. As a result, the structural components to be adhered together can, first, be placed in the appropriate position with the adhesive in a non-active state, and second, a laser can provide the laser output to activate the adhesive (whereby the adhesive transitions from the non-active state to an active state).09-27-2012
20090280317OPTICAL LAYERED BODY AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING OPTICAL LAYERED BODY - It is a main object of the present invention to provide an optical layered body having an excellent antistatic property and adhesion.11-12-2009
20100015438HIGH COLOUR DIAMOND LAYER - A method of producing CVD diamond having a high colour, which is suitable for optical applications, for example. The method includes adding a gaseous source comprising a second impurity atom type to counter the detrimental effect on colour caused by the presence in the CVD synthesis atmosphere of a first impurity atom type. The described method applies to the production of both single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond.01-21-2010
20130040131FLAME-RETARDANT POLYMER MEMBER, FLAME-RETARDANT ARTICLE, AND FLAME-RETARDING METHOD - Provided is a flame-retardant member having flexibility and a high degree of flame retardancy. A flame-retardant polymer member of the present invention is a flame-retardant polymer member having a polymer layer (B) and a flame-retardant layer (A) on at least one surface of the polymer layer (B), in which the flame-retardant layer (A) is a layer containing a layered inorganic compound (f) in a polymer (X).02-14-2013
20100323191Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape - A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, which has a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with its storage modulus controlled within an adequate range, and which suitably prevents resin leakage during a sealing step in the production of a semiconductor device using a metal lead frame. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes, on a base sheet, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and a lipophilic layered clay mineral dispersed in the silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition.12-23-2010
20100323190Polymeric material with surface microdomains - A polymeric material may be prepared by reacting a composition that includes polyol, polyisocyanate, and polyorganosiloxane having functional groups capable of reacting with the polyisocyanate, wherein the polymeric material has a surface which includes raised microdomains.12-23-2010
20100104860Cemented Tungsten Carbide-Based Material and Method for Making the Same - A cemented tungsten carbide-based material includes: a cemented tungsten carbide substrate having a chromized layer that contains a tungsten carbide and a chromium carbide; and a diamond film formed on said chromized layer. A method for making the cemented tungsten carbide-based material involves subjecting a cemented tungsten carbide substrate to chromization so as to form the cemented tungsten carbide substrate with a chromized layer that contains a tungsten carbide and a chromium carbide; and forming a diamond film on the chromized layer.04-29-2010
20100104859BOND COATING AND THERMAL BARRIER COMPOSITIONS, PROCESSES FOR APPLYING BOTH, AND THEIR COATED ARTICLES - A coated article includes an article having at least one surface and composed of a molybdenum based refractory metal alloy base substrate, a niobium based refractory metal alloy base substrate or a silicon base substrate. A bond coat layer is disposed upon the surface. The bond coat layer includes a molybdenum disilicide base compound and at least one of the following: silicon nitride, silicon carbide or tantalum oxide. A process for coating the article includes the steps of applying upon the article's surface the aforementioned bond coat layer. A functionally graded material layer is applied upon the bond coat layer. The functionally graded material layer comprising molybdenum disilicide, mullite and at least one of the following: silicon nitride, silicon carbide or tantalum oxide. A thermal barrier coating layer is then applied upon the functionally graded material layer.04-29-2010
20090148695OPTICAL ELEMENT FOR X-RAY - An optical element for X-ray includes a substrate, a first multilayer film having a reflection property with respect to light in a soft X-ray wavelength range, and a second multilayer film, disposed between the substrate and the first multilayer film, for reducing film stress of the first multilayer film. The second multilayer film has a periodic structure having a unit period film thickness which is 90% or more and less than 110% of a two or more integral multiple of 7 nm.06-11-2009
20080311388PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE SHEET FOR IDENTIFICATION AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - The object of the invention is to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for identification, which is obtained by easy thick film coating in formation of a pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer; which can be used even if the surface of a collection subject is wet with moisture; which is obtained without using an organic solvent in production steps; and which causes few damages on the surface of the collection subject, and a production method thereof. There is provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for identification which is used by transferring and taking a trace visualized onto a surface of a pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer, the pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer being formed by photoirradiation of a layer made of an acryl-based pressure-sensitive adhesive agent composition containing a) a (meth)acrylic acid alkyl ester in which an alkyl group has 1 to 14 carbon atoms on average, as a main monomer, b) a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate and c) a photoinitiator, the pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer having a gel fraction of 50% by weight or more, the pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer having an adhesive strength to a stainless steel plate of 0.1 to 2.0 N/20 mm.12-18-2008
20130029133LAMINATES AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING LAMINATES - Provided are (1) a method of producing a laminate that is based on an application mode in which the laminate is formed by one application process, by preparing a plurality of solutions by dissolving components for forming layers in solvents, laminating the plurality of solutions thus obtained, transferring the solutions onto a substrate, and drying the solutions, and (2) a laminate that can be produced by the production method. Specifically, provided are (a) a laminate having at least one pair of layers adjacent to each other, the laminate showing a detected peak having a full width at half maximum of 0.01 to 0.7 μm at a depth where an interfacial region between the layers adjacent to each other exists in elemental quantitative analysis in its depth direction by a glow discharge optical emission spectrometry, and (b) a method of producing the laminate.01-31-2013
20120164435COATED ARTICLE AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A coated article includes a bonding layer, a chromium oxynitride layer a boron nitride layer formed on a substrate in that order. The boron nitride layer is made of hexagonal structure boron nitride.06-28-2012
20130045378THIN-FILM TYPE LIGHT-ABSORBING FILM - Disclosed is a thin-film type light-absorbing film including multiple layers formed on a substrate. The multiple layers include: an iron oxide layer including triiron tetraoxide; and a dielectric layer including dielectric substance, wherein thickness of the iron oxide layer is 40 nanometers or more and the iron oxide layer and the dielectric layer form an anti-reflecting layer.02-21-2013
20110003145METALLIZED COIL BODIES (INDUCTOR) HAVING HIGH Q-VALUE - The invention relates to a body made of ceramic materials, having a basic metallization made of at least one electrically conductive material, such as tungsten/glass or molybdenum/glass compounds and an adhesive, electrically conductive and corrosion-resistant coating. In order to improve energy losses, which is to say to increase the Q-factor, it is proposed that the coating comprises/carries at least one functional layer made of a metal or several metals, having lower specific electrical resistance than the electrically conductive material and the remaining constituents of the coating.01-06-2011
20110039094Methods Of Bonding Optical Structures, Bonding And Silylation Of Optical Structures, Bonded Optical Structures, And Silylated Bonded Optical Structures - Methods of bonding optical structures, bonded optical structures, silylated bonded optical structures, and the like, are disclosed.02-17-2011
20090239064Marine-vessell, Anti-puncture, self-sealing, water-leak protection - An anti-puncture, water-leak-inhibiting, self-sealing, coating structure for application selectively to inside and/or outside portions of a boat hull. The coating structure, in operative condition with respect to such a hull portion, includes a body of continuous-phase, non-water-reactive, high-elastomeric-material, and, embedded within that body, in an initially shrouded and non-exposed condition guarded nominally against any contact with external water, a distribution of water-reactive, water-imbiber beads.09-24-2009
20090239062METHOD AND STRUCTURE OF INTEGRATED RHODIUM CONTACTS WITH COPPER INTERCONNECTS - The present disclosure relates to a microelectronic structure and the manufacture of the microelectronic structure. Specifically, the disclosure relates to an interconnect barrier layer between a rhodium contact structure and a copper interconnect structure in a microelectronic structure. The microelectronic structure provides for low resistance in microelectronic devices.09-24-2009
20090047508Protective Sheet and Method for Manufacturing the Same - A protective film comprises a substrate and a semi-cured protective layer over the substrate. The semi-cured protective layer is formed by curing a liquid mixture consisting of a thermosetting resin and a radiation curing resin.02-19-2009
20090047507Multilayer printed circuit board - A multilayer printed circuit board includes an inner magnetic layer essentially consisting of magnetic material. The inner magnetic layer may be formed by an action of chemical bond or van der Waals force. The inner magnetic layer may comprise a plurality of magnetic units, each of which provides magnetism, and may be formed by magnetically coupling the magnetic units with each other by using a strong interaction. The inner magnetic layer may essentially consist of a ferrite film. The ferrite film may be formed directly on the inner conductive layer by means of an electroless plating method. The ferrite film may essentially consist of an oxide metal composition, the metal composition being represented by the formula of Fe02-19-2009
20090047506LAMINATED GLASS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME FOR DISPLAY SCREEN THEREOF - A piece of laminated glass is provided. The laminated glass includes a first glass layer (02-19-2009
20090068444TRIM PANEL HAVING A NARROW TRANSITION RADIUS AND APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - In at least certain embodiments, the present invention relates to a trim panel and an apparatus and method of making the same. In at least one embodiment, the trim panel comprises a first portion and a second portion with a transition portion extending therebetween with the first portion and the second portion having curved portions having radii of less than 5 mm.03-12-2009
20120237762DEVICE CONSTRUCTS AND METHODS OF COATING LUMINESCENT PHOSPHORS FOR DISPLAY AND LIGHTING APPLICATIONS - A device construct for lighting and display applications is fabricated from a substrate, a deposited phosphor layer over the substrate, and a layer of thermal and electrically-conductive luminescent material over the deposited layer. The layer of thermal and electrically-conductive luminescent material is a thin film that conforms to the morphology of the phosphor layer. The device is fabricated by providing a substrate, depositing a thin layer of phosphor powder on the substrate by any technique, and coating the phosphor layer with a layer of thermal and electrically-conductive luminescent material by atomic layer deposition.09-20-2012
20110281107LAYERED THERMAL BARRIER COATING WITH BLENDED TRANSITION AND METHOD OF APPLICATION - A multilayer coating includes a bond coat layer and a first barrier layer applied on the bond coat layer. The first barrier layer has a compositional gradient comprising a majority of a first rare earth stabilized zirconia material proximate the bond coat layer to a majority of a second rare earth stabilized zirconia material away from the bond coat layer. The first and second rare earth stabilized zirconia materials are different.11-17-2011
20080280132Thick Insulation Band - The insulating tape has a backing layer, which has two opposite sides, and segments of an insulating layer of rigid insulation material, which are attached adhesively to the first side of the backing layer. The segments of the insulating layer are separated from each other by incisions arranged a predetermined intervals and are connected to each other by the backing layer. The backing layer has a self-adhesive property on the second side.11-13-2008
20100086771Substrate for Lighting Device and Production Thereof - Disclosed is a substrate for a lighting device that includes an inorganic substrate with a coefficient of thermal expansion (TCE) of 7 to 13 ppm/K and an insulating layer. The insulating layer includes; a first transparent glass insulating layer having a TCE of 8.2 to 9.4 ppm/K; a white glass insulating layer which is on the first transparent glass insulating layer, and which contains, as white pigment, one or two or more of titanium oxide (TiO04-08-2010
20120088098COMPOSITE MATERIAL COMPRISING TWO OR MORE SUPERIMPOSED LAYERS OF WOODS - The invention relates to a composite material having two or more superimposed wood layers. Said layers are joined together by means of a one component polyurethane adhesive containing a prepolymer having free NCO groups and a wood having a volume fraction of libriform fibres in the region of between 50-70% is used.04-12-2012
20110300374Method for Preparing a Coating Resistant to Contact Corrosion on the Surface of Titanium Alloy - The invention relates to a method for preparing a coating resistant to contact corrosion on the surface of titanium alloy, which comprises the following steps: 1. carrying out degreasing and derusting to a titanium alloy part; 2. carrying out etching treatment on the titanium alloy part; 3. carrying out surface activation treatment on the titanium alloy part; 4. preheating the titanium alloy part in an atmosphere protection furnace; 5. immersing the preheated titanium alloy part in plating solution; and 6. carrying out diffusion treatment on the immersion-plated titanium alloy part in a vacuum furnace whereby atoms at the interface diffuse to form a diffusion layer on a substrate and thus form a plating diffusion composite layer on the surface of the titanium alloy part. The part treated by the method completely solves the problem of contact corrosion of titanium alloy contacting with aluminum alloy and steel material.12-08-2011
20110293924HOUSING STRUCTURE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A housing structure for an electronic device and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The housing structure includes a composite material panel. An inner surface of the composite material panel is coated with a film medium layer. One surface of the film medium layer is adhered to the inner surface of the composite material panel, and the other surface of the film medium layer is adhered with a plastic member. The method combines the composite material panel and the plastic member by way of the film medium layer as a medium to achieve the purpose of injection molding and adhering the plastic member on the composite material panel, and thereby obtaining the housing structure for an electronic device. In comparison with the prior art, the method can overcome the disadvantages of the composite material panel not able to be formed as a structural member having complicated structures.12-01-2011
20110293926LEAD FRAME FOR OPTICAL SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME, AND OPTICAL SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A lead frame for optical semiconductor devices in which a layer 12-01-2011
20110293925System, Method and Apparatus for Polymer Seals to Form Positive Shut-Off for Insert Molding of Liquid Silicone Rubber - An object is formed on a component with a positive flash shut-off during insert molding operations. The mold has a base with a cavity and a port that delivers a liquid to the cavity. The base has a component support structure for supporting the component and pockets formed on opposite sides of the cavity. The pockets are slightly spaced apart from the cavity by thin partitions. Inserts located in the pockets and are formed from a polymer. Both the partitions and inserts comprise the component support structure. The inserts have a dimension that is smaller than that of the base and partitions so as to form a compression fit around the component to reduce or eliminate flash down the component during the molding process.12-01-2011
20110033695NANOCOMPOSITES, POLYMER COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING THE SAME AND PREPARATION METHODS THEREOF - Provided are a nanocomposite including a layered inorganic material and a random copolymer containing a hydrophobic monomer and a hydrophilic monomer, a polymer composition including the nanocomposite, and a method for preparing the polymer composition. The random copolymer can be prepared at a low cost in a simple process and function as a compatibilizer in small amounts to maintain excellent properties of the nanocomposite including excellent mechanical characteristics such as abrasion resistance, hardness, tensile modulus and tear resistance, excellent thermal characteristics, high liquid and gas permeability, and low flammability.02-10-2011
20090317627MODIFIED CLAY AND CLAY-POLYMER COMPOSITE - A modified clay is provided, which includes a layered clay material intercalated with a modifier having a conjugated double bond and capable of producing free radicals when heated. A clay-polymer composite is also provided, which includes a polymer material and the modified clay, wherein the modified clay is dispersed in the polymer material and at least partially exfoliated. The modifier is capable of producing free radicals when heated to scavenge free radicals generated from thermal cracking or burning of the polymer material to prevent further thermal cracking of the polymer material.12-24-2009
20090098368USE OF COLOURED POLYMER SYSTEMS FOR PACKAGING - A substrate coated with a polymer system, wherein 04-16-2009
20090087645Method for Manufacturing Aluminum Nitride Crystal, Aluminum Nitride Crystal, Aluminum Nitride Crystal Substrate and Semiconductor Device - Affords methods of manufacturing AlN crystals, and AlN crystals, AlN crystal substrates, and semiconductor devices fabricated employing the AlN crystal substrates, that enable semiconductor devices having advantageous properties to be obtained. One aspect of the present invention is an AlN crystal manufacturing method including a step of growing AlN crystal onto the surface of a SiC seed-crystal substrate, and a step of picking out at least a portion of the AlN crystal lying a range of from 2 mm to 60 mm from the SiC seed-crystal substrate surface into the AlN crystal. Furthermore, other aspects are AlN crystals and AlN crystal substrates manufactured by the method, and semiconductor devices fabricated employing the AlN crystal substrates.04-02-2009
20100112340RETROREFLECTIVE COATING AND METHOD FOR APPLYING A RETROREFLECTIVE COATING ON A STRUCTURE - A quantity of retroreflective granules includes glass members each having a refractive index of at least about 1.5. The quantity of retroreflective granules can be partially embedded into a binder material applied on the surface of a structure to provide a visual aid. A structure includes a retroreflective surface having an inclined face defined on at least a portion of the structure. The retroreflective surface also includes a binder material applied to at least a portion of the inclined face of the structure. The binder material has a thickness dimension of at least about 10 mil. The retroreflective surface further includes a plurality of retroreflective granules partially embedded in the binder material. The plurality of retroreflective granules have a density of at least about 0.06 pounds/square foot as embedded in the binder material. Each retroreflective granule includes a glass member having a refractive index of at least about 1.5.05-06-2010
20110262740METAL AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE COATING PROCESS FOR MARINE USE AND OTHER ENVIRONMENTS - The present disclosure relates, in part, to Parylene based conformal coating compositions having improved properties, e.g., improved heat transfer and durability characteristics, as well as a methods and apparatus to coat objects with these compositions, and objects coated with these compositions. In some aspects, coating compositions comprising Parylene and boron nitride are disclosed. The disclosure also includes objects (e.g., electronic equipment, textiles, etc.) having a conformal coating comprising a Parylene compound and boron nitride.10-27-2011
20090148694Layer System Comprising Two Pyrochlore Phases - Heat-insulating layer systems have to be provided with along service life of the heat-insulating layer in addition to having good heat-insulating properties. The inventive layer system comprises a ceramic layer which contains a mixture of two pyrochlore phases.06-11-2009
20080261027ENGINEERED SELF HEALING CEMENTITIOUS COMPOSITES - Cementitious composites engineered for self-healing, combining self-controlled tight crack width and extreme tensile ductility. Self-healing takes place automatically at cracked locations without external intervention. In the exemplary embodiment, fiber-reinforced cementitious composites with self-controlled tight crack width less than 50 μm and tensile ductility more than 2% are prepared. Self-healing in terms of mechanical and transport properties recovery of pre-damaged (by pre-cracking) composite is revealed in a variety of environmental exposures, include wetting and drying cycles, water permeation, and chloride submersion.10-23-2008
20080286564NANOTUBE-ENHANCED INTERLAYERS FOR COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - Carbon nanotube interlayer assemblies, methods of manufacturing carbon nanotube interlayer assemblies, and methods of manufacturing composite parts with carbon nanotube interlayer assemblies are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a composite structure in accordance with an embodiment of the invention includes producing a plurality of carbon nanotubes on one or both sides of a substrate, and attaching the substrate to a first fiber layer. The method can further include positioning a second fiber layer adjacent to the first fiber layer to position the plurality of carbon nanotubes between the first and second fiber layers. The method can additionally include infusing the first and second fiber layers with resin, and curing the resin. In one embodiment, the carbon nanotube substrate can be attached to the first fiber layer by melt-bonding. In another embodiment, the carbon nanotube substrate can be attached to the first fiber layer with stitches.11-20-2008
20100143707SURFACE-TREATED METAL SUBSTRATE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A surface-treated metal substrate of the present invention comprises: an adhesive layer formed of a sputtering film directly adhered to a passivation film of a metal substrate, with this adhesive layer having an internal residual stress of a compression stress or a zero stress; and a bonding layer formed of a sputtering film mainly composed of any one of copper (Cu), a mixture state of copper and nickel (Cu—Ni), a mixture state of copper and zinc (Cu—Zn), and a mixture state of copper, nickel, and zinc (Cu—Ni—Zn), on the surface of the metal substrate having the passivation film on an outermost, in an order from a surface side of the metal substrate.06-10-2010
20100080982Thermal spray coating application - A method for coating an element is disclosed. The method includes irradiating a surface of the element with a continuous laser to heat the element. The method also includes coating the surface of the element with a thermal spray coating after irradiating.04-01-2010
20090191403Multilayer Articles and Methods for Making Multilayer Articles - In one embodiment, the sheet, comprises: a cap layer comprising an acrylic polymer; and a base layer, wherein the sheet is thermoformable. The base layer comprises a cycloaliphatic polyester copolymer and an optionally, an aromatic polycarbonate. The cycloaliphatic polyester copolymer can comprise greater than 10 wt % cycloaliphatic diol or acid or combination thereof, based upon a total weight of the cycloaliphatic polyester copolymer.07-30-2009
20100272989ELASTOMER POROUS MATERIAL AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - In the elastomer porous material of the invention, when cells in a first observation region of a first cross section are observed at a certain magnification, cells having a shape factor SF1, which indicates the roundness of a circle and is represented by the following formula:10-28-2010
20110171462Nitride Semiconductor Crystal Manufacturing Apparatus, Nitride Semiconductor Crystal Manufacturing Method, and Nitride Semiconductor Crystal - Affords nitride semiconductor crystal manufacturing apparatuses that are durable and that are for manufacturing nitride semiconductor crystal in which the immixing of impurities from outside the crucible is kept under control, and makes methods for manufacturing such nitride semiconductor crystal, and the nitride semiconductor crystal itself, available.07-14-2011
20090280316JOINING STRUCTURE AND INSERT-MOLDED COVER USING SAME - An exemplary joining structure, used for insert-molded covers, includes a metallic portion (11-12-2009
20090286069COEXTRUSION INK CHEMISTRY FOR IMPROVED FEATURE DEFINITION - Improved coextruded ribbons of material, such as can be used for making relatively fine conductive or ceramic lines or structures, having relatively high aspect ratios, are provided. The inks used to form the coextruded structures lack a yield stress and a high viscosity, but react at their interface to form a material having a finite yield stress or a high viscosity. This material then supports the shape of the extruded ink such that structures can be formed therefrom.11-19-2009
20110171461HIGH BARRIER FILM - A high barrier film and method of forming a high barrier film. The film includes a biopolymer and metallization layers. A primer layer is applied to one of the metallization layer and the biopolymer layer and a nanocomposite barrier coating is disposed between the primer layer and the metallization layer. The film includes a second biopolymer layer and an adhesive layer, the adhesive layer disposed between the second biopolymer layer and the metallization layer, where the second biopolymer layer is adhered to at least one of the biopolymer layer, the metallization layer, the primer layer and the nanocomposite layer.07-14-2011
20100279106Products comprising nano-precision engineered electronic components - Electronic devices prepared from nanoscale powders are described. Methods for utilizing nanoscale powders and related nanotechnology to prepare capacitors, inductors, resistors, thermistors, varistors, filters, arrays, interconnects, optical components, batteries, fuel cells, sensors and other products are discussed.11-04-2010
20090169871Method for Producing High-Quality Surfaces and a Product Having a High-Quality Surface - The invention relates to a laser ablation method for coating an object with one or more surfaces, so that the object to be coated, i.e. the substrate, is coated by ablating the target, so that the uniformity of the surface deposited on the object to be coated is ±100 nm. The surface of the coated object is advantageously free of micron size particles, and it is typically a nano technological surface where the size of separate particles is ±25 nm at most. The object also relates to products made by said method.07-02-2009
20080311387Corrosion Resistant Object Having an Outer Layer of a Ceramic Material - An object comprising an electrically conductive body part, e.g. comprising copper or silver, and a layer comprising a refractory metal, preferably tantalum. At least part of the refractory metal layer has been transformed into an electrically conductive ceramic material, preferably a tantalum boride. The refractory metal layer improves the corrosion resistant properties of the object and the ceramic material prevents oxidation of the refractory metal layer, and thereby passivation of the object during conduction of a current. The object is suitable for use as an electrode in corrosive environments. The object is cost effective because passivation can be avoided without applying a layer of precious metal. Also a method of forming the object in which the ceramic material is preferably provided by applying boride in a gaseous or solid phase and heating the object.12-18-2008
20080241519Semiconductor Wafer and Process For Its Production - A layered semiconductor wafer contains the following layers in the given order: 10-02-2008
20090169872RADIATION CURABLE COATINGS - Radiation curable coatings and methods of utilizing the coatings are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a coating composition containing about 15% to about 80% by weight of one or more radiation curable compounds such as polycarbonate acrylate oligomers, polyurethane acrylate oligomer, polyester acrylate oligomers, silicone-based acrylate oligomers, or a combination thereof, and about 10% to about 80% by weight of one or more acrylate monomers.07-02-2009
20080280130Component, an apparatus and a method for the manufacture of a layer system - The invention relates to a component and also an associated coating apparatus and method, including a base body (11-13-2008
20080280131Insulation for high temperature applications - Insulation for high temperature applications includes glass fibers having an average diameter of between about 2.7 to about 3.8 microns. In one possible embodiment the insulation includes a polyacrylic acid binder. Such insulation has about 98 weight percent glass fibers and about 2 weight percent binder.11-13-2008
20080286566PROCESS FOR FORMING AN ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE AND DEVICES MADE BY THE PROCESS - There is provided a new process for forming a light-emitting diode device having first, second, and third subpixel areas. In the process a hole injection layer is applied over an anode layer. The hole injection material has a conductive polymer and a fluorinated acid polymer. A hole transport layer is applied over the hole injection layer. A first electroluminescent material which is either green or red, is applied to the first subpixel areas. A second electroluminescent material which is either red or green, is applied to the second subpixel areas. A hole-blocking layer is applied overall. A blue electroluminescent material is applied overall, followed by deposition of a cathode. The second electroluminescent material emits a color different from that of the first electroluminescent material.11-20-2008
20080292873Method for Providing a Thermal Barrier Coating and Substrate Having Such Coating - Method for providing a thermal barrier coating and substrate. The thermal barrier coating (11-27-2008
20080206555Metallic nanostructures - One embodiment includes forming a nanowire on a substrate from an organometallic vapor. The nanowire is grown during this formation in a direction away from the substrate and is freestanding during growth. The nanowire has a first dimension of 500 nanometers or less and a second dimension extending from the substrate to a free end of the nanowire at least 10 times greater than the first dimension. In one form, the organometallic vapor includes copper, silver, or gold. Alternatively or additionally, the nanowire is of a monocrystalline structure.08-28-2008
20080241518ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENCE ELEMENT - An organic electroluminescence element having at least one organic layer including a light-emitting layer between a pair of electrodes, wherein the organic electroluminescence element has an electron transport layer containing a phosphine oxide compound and an electron transport layer that does not substantially contain the phosphine oxide compound between the light-emitting layer and a cathode, the electron transport layer containing the phosphine oxide compound is nearer to the cathode, and the electron transport layer that does not substantially contain the phosphine oxide compound is nearer to the light-emitting layer. An organic EL element that exhibits high light-emission efficiency and is excellent in drive durability is provided.10-02-2008
20080213572HIGH PERFORMANCE GEOSYNTHETIC ARTICLE - Geotechnical article, and process for making it, the article having coefficient of thermal expansion less than about 150 ppm/° C. at ambient; resistance to acidic media greater than polyamide 6 resin and/or resistance to basic media greater than PET resin; resistance to hydrocarbons greater than that of HDPE; creep modulus of at least 400 MPa at 25° C., at 20% of yield stress load for 60 minutes (ISO 899-1); and 1 percent secant flexural modulus at least 700 MPa at 25° C. (ASTM D790); the article including a composition including (a) from about 1 to about 95% by weight of the composition of at least one functional group containing polymer or oligomer; and (b) from about 5 to about 99% by weight of the composition of at least one engineering thermoplastic, and optionally containing a filler and optionally containing an unmodified polyolefin, ethylene copolymer or ethylene terpolymer.09-04-2008
20090162644ORGANIC ELEMENT FOR LOW VOLTAGE ELECTROLUMINESCENT DEVICES - An OLED device comprises a cathode, a light emitting layer and an anode, in that order, and 06-25-2009
20090208733DISPLAY DEVICES WITH TRANSPARENT ELECTRODES CONTAINING NANOCARBON MATERIALS - A transparent electrode for a display device includes a nanocarbon material and a dopant comprising at least one of aluminum, alumina, palladium, and gold. In some embodiments, the transparent electrode has excellent transparency and low resistance.08-20-2009
20090208732MOUNTING MAT FOR A POLLUTION CONTROL DEVICE - The present invention provides a mounting mat (08-20-2009
20090053511Fluorine-doped tin oxide transparent conductive film glass and method of fabricating the same - Disclosed herein are a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) transparent conductive film glass used for defogging purposes comprising a glass layer, a dielectric barrier layer, a functional layer, a metal electrode layer, a plastic intermediate layer, and a glass layer, stacked in this sequential order, in which the functional layer comprises an FTO transparent conductive film having a molar ratio of F to Sn in the range of 0.5 to 2, mainly including a (301) crystal plane and being formed by a spray coating method, and a method of fabricating the same.02-26-2009
20090202817METHOD FOR DEPOSITING A HYDROPHOBIC/OLELPYHOBIC LINING USING ATMOSPHERIC PLASMA WITH IMPROVED DURABILITY - The invention relates to a method for synthesizing a hydrophobic/oleophobic coating on a glass, ceramic or glass-ceramic substrate, preferably glass substrate, by bringing said substrate into contact with a mixture of an excited gas originating from a device generating an atmospheric pressure plasma and of a gas containing at least one fluoro compound, said method being characterized in that a sublayer, the thickness of which is between 1 and 100 nm, is first deposited on said substrate.08-13-2009
20090017288Polymeric material with surface microdomains - A polymeric material may be prepared by reacting a composition that includes polyol, polyisocyanate, and polyorganosiloxane having functional groups capable of reacting with the polyisocyanate, wherein the polymeric material has a surface which includes raised microdomains.01-15-2009
20080318027DEMOUNTABLE INTERCONNECT STRUCTURE - An electronic component includes a base insulative layer having a first surface and a second surface; an electronic device having a first surface and a second surface; at least one I/O contact located on the first surface of the electronic device; an adhesive layer disposed between the first surface of the electronic device and the second surface of the base insulative layer; a first metal layer disposed on the I/O contact; and a removable layer disposed between the first surface of the electronic device and the second surface of the base insulative layer, and located adjacent to the first metal layer. The base insulative layer secures to the electronic device through the first metal layer and removable layer, wherein the first metal layer and removable layer are capable of releasing the base insulative layer from the electronic device when the first metal layer and removable layer are exposed to a temperature higher than their softening points or melting points.12-25-2008
20090246511CELLULOSE CARBIDE MATERIAL HAVING GRAPHITE NANOLAYER AND SYNTHESIS METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed herein is a cellulose carbide material having a graphite nanosized surface layer directly carbonized from a cellulose fiber, and a method of synthesizing a cellulose carbide material having a graphite nanolayer on a surface thereof, including: i) heating a cellulose fiber in a reactor; ii) forming a primary carbide while maintaining temperature of the reactor; iii) cooling the formed primary carbide; iv) heating the cooled primary carbide; v) forming a secondary carbide while maintaining temperature of the reactor; vi) cooling the formed secondary carbide.10-01-2009
20110143125REINFORCEMENT SHEET FOR RESIN MOLDED PRODUCTS, AND STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR REINFORCING RESIN MOLDED PRODUCTS - A reinforcement sheet for a resin molded product includes a constraining layer and a reinforcing layer laminated onto the constraining layer. The reinforcement sheet for a resin molded product has a bending strength of 3 N or more by a displacement of 1 mm, and has a maximum bending strength of 30 N or more, after the reinforcement sheet for a resin molded product is adhesively bonded to a polypropylene plate having a thickness of 2.0 mm, and heated at 80° C. for 10 minutes.06-16-2011
20090239063Method of Manufacturing Hot Dip Galvannealed Steel Sheet and Hot Dip Galvannealed Steel Sheet - A method of manufacturing a hot dip galvannealed steel sheet, including the steps of: subjecting a steel sheet to hot dip galvanizing to manufacture a hot dip galvanized steel sheet; heating the hot dip galvanized steel sheet for alloying; subjecting the hot dip galvanized steel sheet to temper rolling; bringing the temper-rolled hot dip galvanized steel sheet into contact with an acid solution containing at least one ion selected from the group consisting of Zr ions, Ti ions, and Sn ions to thereby form an acid solution film on the surface of the steel sheet; after completion of the contact, a state where the acid solution film is formed on the surface of the steel sheet is held for at least 1 second; and washing with water the hot dip galvanized steel sheet after holding, to thereby form a Zn oxide layer having a thickness of 10 nm or more on the surface of the galvanized steel sheet. The hot dip galvannealed steel sheet has an oxide layer having an average thickness of 10 nm or more on the surface of the plated steel sheet.09-24-2009
20090258220SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FABRICATION OF INTEGRATED LIGHTNING STRIKE PROTECTION MATERIAL - The invention is directed to an integrated lightning strike protection system adapted for automated placement on a composite structure comprising a surfacing layer consisting of an organic polymer resin, a conductive layer of an expanded metal foil, an isolation/tack layer, and a carrier paper layer. In another embodiment of the invention, there is provided an integrated lightning strike protection system comprising an integrated lightning strike protection material consisting of an expanded metal foil encapsulated in organic polymer resin mounted on a carrier paper, and an automated placement machine suitable for placing the material on an aircraft composite part for protection of the composite part from lightning strikes. In another embodiment of the invention, there is provided a method for fabricating a composite structure with lightning strike protection.10-15-2009
20090258221Light-Reflective Articles and Methods for Making Same - Light-reflective article including polymeric substrate; tie layer disposed on polymeric substrate and having composition including metal element; support layer including diamond-like carbon disposed on tie layer; and light-reflective layer disposed on support layer and having composition including metal element. Light-reflective article further including lubricious, optically-transparent protective layer disposed on light-reflective layer and including diamond-like carbon, silicon, and oxygen. Method for fabricating article.10-15-2009
20080286565Method For Manufacturing Epitaxial wafer - A method for manufacturing an epitaxial wafer includes: a step of pulling a single crystal from a boron-doped silicon melt in a chamber based on a Czochralski process; and a step of forming an epitaxial layer on a surface of a silicon wafer sliced from the single crystal. The single crystal is allowed to grow while passed through a temperature region of 800 to 600° C. in the chamber in 250 to 180 minutes during the pulling step. The grown single crystal has an oxygen concentration of 10×1011-20-2008
20090053510GLASS FIBERS - A glass fibre formable from a melt by a rotary process and having a diameter less than 5 μm and comprising in weight percent: SiO02-26-2009
20090117371WEATHER-RESISTANT LAYER SYSTEM - The present invention describes a layer system applied onto a transparent substrate, which layer system contains, embedded in functional layers, one or more blocker layers.05-07-2009
20090117370Vortex spin momentum transfer magnetoresistive device - A ferromagnetic thin-film based device that transitioned between alternative magnetic states thereof through having electrical currents established therethrough and has both a reference magnetization and a free layer magnetization provided therein by vortex magnetizations.05-07-2009
20090117369Anodic-cathodic corrosion inhibitor-conductive polymer composite - A conductive polymer corrosion protective composite is provided which may be used as a coating for imparting corrosion protection to structures such as turbine engine components. The composite comprises an organic-inorganic component and corrosion inhibitive pigments comprising an anodic corrosion inhibitor and a cathodic corrosion inhibitor. The anodic corrosion inhibitor may be selected from the group consisting of compounds of vanadium, molybdenum, tungsten, and mixtures thereof. The cathodic corrosion inhibitor may be selected from the group consisting of cerium, neodymium, praseodymium, and mixtures thereof.05-07-2009
20100261008GAS BARRIER FILM AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A gas barrier film includes two or more laminates formed on a substrate. each laminate has a organic layer and a inorganic layer stacked in this order. The organic layer directly formed on the substrate includes a (meth)acrylic compound having a glass transition temperature of at least 200° C. and a C—C bond density in the monomer of at least 0.19, and has a thickness of at least 300 nm but less than 1000 nm, and the other organic layer includes a (meth)acrylic compound having a glass transition temperature of at least 105° C. and a C—C bond density in the monomer of at least 0.19, and has a thickness of at least 50 nm but less than 300 nm. The inorganic layers are formed by plasma-enhanced film deposition. A producing method produces the gas barrier film using the plasma-enhanced film deposition.10-14-2010
20100227156DECORATIVE PART - [Subject] In a decorative part having a pink Au alloy hard coating film, the sophisticated pink aesthetic appearance thereof can be maintained for long time use by making the decorative part that flaws or peelings are hardly visible even if flaws are caused in the coating film or the coating film is peeled off.09-09-2010
20130216824TEAR-RESISTANT LAMINATE STRUCTURE - A laminate structure including a substrate, a single ply, oriented polyethylene film having a cross-sectional thickness ranging from about 1 to about 4 mils, and a tie layer positioned between the substrate and the polyethylene film, wherein the laminate structure has a machine direction and absorbs at least 1.5 inch-lbforce of energy before failing and stretches at least 15 percent before failing, as measured at any angle relative to the machine direction using the Graves tear test modified with an initial jaw separation of 2 inches.08-22-2013
20100255291METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING OPTICAL MULTILAYER BODY - An optical laminate produced by a process for producing an anti-dazzling laminate comprising a light transparent base material and an anti-dazzling layer provided on the light transparent base material. The process includes providing the light transparent base material and forming the anti-dazzling layer having a concavoconvex shape on the light transparent base material, wherein the concavoconvex shape of the anti-dazzling layer satisfies the following requirements: Sm is not less than 100 μm and not more than 600 μm, θa is not less than 0.1 degree and not more than 1.2 degrees, and Rz is more than 0.2 μm and not more than 1 μm, wherein Sm represents the average spacing of concavoconvexes or profile irregularities in the anti-dazzling layer; θa represents the average inclination angle of the concavoconvexes or profile irregularities; and Rz represents the average roughness of the concavoconvexes or profile irregularities.10-07-2010
20090075066Piezoelectric element - A piezoelectric film formed above a Si substrate. The piezoelectric film is formed of a potassium sodium niobate expressed by a general formula (K,Na)NbO03-19-2009
20100221526METAL-COATED CARBON MATERIAL AND CARBON-METAL COMPOSITE MATERIAL USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a transition-metal-coated carbon material having a transition metal coating which has a high adhesion strength between the transition metal and the carbon material, and which is neither exfoliated nor detached in subsequent processing. The transition-metal-coated carbon material of the present invention is obtained by adhering a compound containing transition metal ions onto a surface of a carbon material and by reducing the transition metal ions with carbon in the carbon material by a heat treatment, thereby to form elemental transition metal. Here, the transition metal is Fe, Co, Ni, Mn, Cu or Zn. Moreover, the present invention provides a carbon-metal composite material exhibiting an excellent mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, by improving affinity with a metal such as aluminium by use of the transition-metal-coated carbon material.09-02-2010
20090162645Display Apparatus and Method of Manufacturing a Display Apparatus - A display apparatus is provided in which a transparent cover plate or a touch panel is bonded to a liquid crystal display device in a full-surface contact manner and which is free from unevenness in displayed colors and peeling. The transparent cover plate or touch panel and the liquid crystal display device are bonded with an optical adhesive, which is set to a Shore A hardness of 1 or more to 30 or less. The thickness of the adhesive layer is set to 30 to 200 μm.06-25-2009
20100297435NANOTUBES AND RELATED MANUFACTURING PROCESSES - Nanotubes and related nanofabrication processes are described where wafer-scale approaches have been developed. The described processes can be used to produce single, vertically aligned tubes integrated into 3D nano-scale architectures. Moreover, fabrication processes to generate 3D nanoarchitectures are also described.11-25-2010
20100304130 Composite product for taking the impression of an edentulous arch - The layered composite product (12-02-2010
20090068445MULTILAYER CERAMIC ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - In a multilayer ceramic electronic component, a ferrite ceramic material defining a base layer includes bismuth. Meanwhile, surface layers arranged on main surfaces of the base layer have a composition that is substantially free from bismuth. The surface layers have a zinc content greater than that of the base layer. This results in satisfactory sinterability even when bismuth is included in the surface layers.03-12-2009
20110039095FIBROUS COLUMNAR STRUCTURE AGGREGATE AND PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE MEMBER USING THE AGGREGATE - Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate having excellent mechanical properties, a high specific surface area, and excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive property. Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate having excellent heat resistance, a high specific surface area, and excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive properties under temperature conditions ranging from room temperature to a high temperature. Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate having a high specific surface area and such pressure-sensitive adhesive property that its adhesive strength for adherends different from each other in surface free energy does not change (the aggregate is free of adherend selectivity). Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive member using any such fibrous columnar structure aggregate. A fibrous columnar structure aggregate (1) of the present invention includes fibrous columnar structures having a plurality of diameters, in which the distribution width of the diameter distribution of the fibrous columnar structures having the plurality of diameters is 10 nm or more, and the relative frequency of the mode of the diameter distribution is 30% or less.02-17-2011
20110212325GENTLE TO SKIN ADHESIVE - Electron beam and gamma radiation crosslinked, silicone gel adhesives are described. Both nonfunctional and functional poly diorganosiloxanes are used. Methods of forming the adhesives, and medical articles incorporating such adhesives are also described.09-01-2011
20110129663Method For Pore Size Distribution Control In A Fired Ceramic Article - A method for producing high porosity ceramic substrate articles including a fire-cycle or firing schedule that includes fast-heating rates, as defined herein.06-02-2011
20100035048METHOD OF INSTALLING FILM SHEET STRUCTURE AND ASSEMBLIES AND KITS MADE THEREWITH - Methods, apparatus and kits for installing window film sheet structures over transparent panels or the like are provided. The methods, apparatus and kits include frame assemblies in combination with the window films that are easily installed in a do-it-yourself environment so as to avoid damage to the window films.02-11-2010
20100062243METHOD FOR TREATING SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING COMPONENTS AND COMPONENTS FORMED THEREBY - A semiconductor processing component can include SiC, wherein the semiconductor processing component has an impurity ratio less than 34:1. The impurity ratio can be a ratio of a first average impurity concentration to a second impurity level, wherein the first average impurity concentration is an average impurity concentration of a impurity from an exposed surface of the semiconductor processing component to a depth of 0.2 microns from the exposed surface, and the second average impurity concentration is an average impurity concentration of the impurity from a depth of 0.8 microns from the exposed surface to a depth of 1.0 micron from the exposed surface.03-11-2010
20110097572Process for Production of Laminated Glass Interleaved with Plastic Film and Laminated Glass Interleaved with Plastic Film - According to the present invention, there is provided a production process of a plastic film-inserted laminated glass, the plastic film-inserted laminated glass having a laminated film in which a plastic film of 30 to 200 μm in thickness is sandwiched between two resin intermediate films and two glass plates, the process including at least the following three steps: a step 1 for forming a laminate in which the glass plate, the resin intermediate film, the plastic film, the resin intermediate film and the glass plate are laminated together in order of mention; a step 2 for degassing the formed laminate; and a step 3 for bonding the degassed laminate by pressing and heating, wherein the steps 1 and 2 are performed under conditions that the temperature of working atmosphere and the temperatures of the plastic film and resin intermediate films fall within a range of 10 to 25° C.04-28-2011
20110177325GLASS ROLL, DEVICE FOR PRODUCING GLASS ROLL, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING GLASS ROLL - To provide a glass roll capable of reliably preventing a glass film from breaking from an end surface of the glass film as an origin of breakage, a glass roll (07-21-2011
20090214856BONDED BODY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING BONDED BODY - A bonded body having high dimensional accuracy and manufactured easily without problems which occur in the solid bonding method and a method of manufacturing such a bonded body are provided. The bonded body includes a first base member having a first bonding surface; a second base member having a second bonding surface; and a bonding film through which the first base member and the second base member are boded together, the bonding film having two surfaces each making contact with the first bonding surface and the second bonding surface, the bonding film including a silicone portion containing a silicone material composed of silicone compounds and a plurality of gap members that regulate a distance between the first base member and the second base member, at least a part of the gap members provided in the silicone portion. In such a bonded body, energy for bonding is applied to a region of at least a part of the bonding film to develop a bonding property in a vicinity of each of the surfaces of the bonding film corresponding to the region so that the first base member and the second base member are bonded together through the bonding film due to the bonding property.08-27-2009
20110250441HIGH-BARRIER COMPOSITES AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention pertains to a high-barrier composite, comprising a substrate, a first layer made of an exclusively inorganic material, a first layer made of an inorganic-organic hybrid material, and a second layer made of an exclusively inorganic material, characterized in that the layer made of inorganic-organic hybrid material is arranged directly between the two layers made of exclusively inorganic material and has a thickness of less than 1 μm. The composite can be produced using the steps wherein the layer or layers made of inorganic-organic hybrid material is/are applied to the [sic, word missing—substrate?—Tr.] coated with inorganic material by means of applying a lacquer material with a viscosity of 0.002 Pas to 0.02 Pas and/or a surface tension in the range of 25 mN/m to 35 mN/m or a laminating material with a viscosity of 0.1 Pas to 200 Pas, wherein the substrate is transported without contact with the means effecting the transport.10-13-2011
20110250440PHOSPHATE CEMENT COMPOSITIONS USING ORGANIC SOLVENT RETARDERS - A method of producing a slow-setting, workable aqueous phosphate cement mixture, including providing a first cementitious constituent, providing a second cementitious constituent adapted to combine with the first cementitious constituent to produce an aqueous phosphate cement mixture, providing a volatile organic retardant, and mixing the first cementitious constituent, the second cementitious constituent, and the volatile organic retardant to yield a slow-setting phosphate cement mixture. The volatile organic retardant may be selected from the group including acetone, ethanol, methanol, and isopropanol.10-13-2011
20110250439INTERMEDIATE TRASNFER MEMBER COMPRISING A TOUGHENED FLUOROPLASTIC COMPOSITE SURFACE LAYER - Exemplary embodiments provide an intermediate transfer member used for electrophotographic devices, wherein an outermost layer of the intermediate transfer layer can include a plurality of fluoroelastomer-coated carbon nanotubes dispersed in a fluoroplastic matrix to provide desirable surface properties useful for the intermediate transfer member.10-13-2011
20110151245ELECTRICALLY-INSULATIVE COATING, COATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An electrically-insulative coating for minimizing an electrical conductivity of a metal substrate includes a polymer component formed from a monomer precursor, and a powder component substantially dispersed in the polymer component. The powder component is present in the electrically-insulative coating in an amount of from about 5 parts to about 80 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the electrically-insulative coating. The electrically-insulative coating does not substantially degrade when exposed to from about 100 V to about 330 V at a temperature of from about −50° C. to about 500° C., and has a dielectric strength of at least about 2,000 VAC/mil. An electrically-insulative coating system and a method of forming an electrically-insulative coating on a metal substrate are also disclosed.06-23-2011
20120202050ELASTIC DEVICE USING CARBON NANOTUBE FILM - An elastic device includes a first elastic supporter; a second elastic supporter and a carbon nanotube film. The second elastic supporter is spaced from the first elastic supporter. The carbon nanotube film has a first side fixed on the first elastic supporter and a second side opposite to the first side and fixed on the second elastic supporter. The carbon nanotube film includes a plurality of first carbon nanotubes orientated primarily along a first direction and a plurality of second carbon nanotubes having orientations different from the first direction. At least one portion of each of the second carbon nanotubes contacts with at least two adjacent first carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotube film is capable of elastic deformation along a second direction that is substantially perpendicular to the first direction.08-09-2012
20100297436CLADOPHORA BASED MATERIALS AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A process for manufacturing fire resistant materials comprising the steps of recovering Cladophora algae; mixing said algae with water to form an aqueous mixture; mixing a chlorine based solution to the mixture to kill the algae and any bacteria and to form an algae-based product; allowing the algae-based product to separate and rise to the surface of the aqueous mixture; skimming the algae-based product from the surface of the mixture; drying said recovered algae-based product; and recovering the dried algae-based product.11-25-2010
20080318029Enamelware and Glaze - The present invention provides enamelware and a glaze improving the bondability between the steel substrate and enamel layer and superior in resistance to dew point corrosion by sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, that is, a steel substrate of a composition containing, by mass %, Cu: 0.05 to 0.5%, Si: 0.1 to 2.0%, Mn: 0.05 to 2.0%, P: 0.005 to 0.10%, and S: 0.005 to 0.1%, restricting C to C: 0.20% or less, and comprising a balance of Fe and unavoidable impurities on the surface of which an enamel layer of a thickness of 50 to 700 μm is provided. At that time, the content of Co oxides in the enamel layer is made, converted to Co, 0.01 to 10% and/or the content of Ni oxides is made, converted to Ni, 0.05 to 20% or the total content of Ni in the steel substrate and enamel layer is made 0.005 to 4.5% with respect to the total mass of the enamelware and/or the total content of Co is made 0.008 to 4.0% with respect to the total mass of the enamelware.12-25-2008
20080241517Aluminum-plated components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses and methods of manufacturing the components - Aluminum-plated components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses are disclosed. The components include a substrate and an optional intermediate layer formed on at least one surface of the substrate. The intermediate layer includes at least one surface. An aluminum plating is formed on the substrate, or on the optional intermediate layer. The surface on which the aluminum plating is formed is electrically-conductive. An anodized layer can optionally be formed on the aluminum plating. The aluminum plating or optional the anodized layer comprises a process-exposed surface of the component. Semiconductor material processing apparatuses including one or more aluminum-plated components, methods of processing substrates, and methods of making the aluminum-plated components are also disclosed.10-02-2008
20110052907GLASS ARTICLE - [Object] To develop a noble glass composition which is based on a known potassium-zinc crystal glass composition suitable for chemical strengthening, in which most of contained ZnO component is replaced with a combination of far inexpensive other oxides, which is easily to melt in a tank and to form by machine into table wares, which satisfies the legal conditions as crystal glass specified in glass composition, refractive index, and density, and which is superior in chemical strengthening suitability; and to provide a chemical strengthened crystal glass article which has high practical strength as a table ware and can be subjected to washing with an alkali.03-03-2011
20110052906POROUS ALUMINUM TITANATE, SINTERED BODY OF THE SAME, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - To obtain novel porous aluminum titanate in which aluminum titanate itself is porous, a sintered body of the porous aluminum titanate and a method for producing the porous aluminum titanate. Porous aluminum titanate is composed of porous particles having a form in which a plurality of particles of amoeba-like shape having a plurality of projections extending in random directions are fused together. For example, its pore volume within the pore diameter range of 0.0036 to 10 μm in a pore size distribution as measured by a mercury porosimeter is 0.05 ml/g or more.03-03-2011
20100330360Surface-Coated Member and Cutting Tool - Disclosed is a surface coated member having excellent adhesion resistance and fracture resistance. A surface coated member (12-30-2010
20100068508APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MONITORING WEAR OF COMPONENTS - A structure and method for instrumenting a component for monitoring wear in a coating. The method includes depositing a first thin layer of electrically insulating material, depositing a thin electrically conductive layer over the first electrically insulating layer, depositing a second thin layer of electrically insulating material over the electrically conductive layer. An overlying thickness of the coating material is deposited over the second thin layer of electrically insulating material. The thicknesses of the insulating and conducting layers is controlled to be small enough such that the overlying coating surface exposed to mechanical wear retains a desired degree of smoothness without the necessity for a separate planarization step.03-18-2010
20100068507NANOLAMINATE THERMAL BARRIER COATINGS - An article having a thermal barrier coating includes a superalloy substrate having a columnar grained ceramic coat formed thereon. The ceramic coat includes a nanolaminate region comprising repeating layers of ceramic material with each layer being less than 500 nm in thickness, with dispersions of metal oxide doping material situated between each of the layers. The ceramic coat further includes a non-doped region having a thickness greater than 500 nm adjacent to the nanolaminate region, the non-doped region including one layer or a plurality of adjacent layers of ceramic material without dispersions of metal oxide doping material situated between each of the layers. In one embodiment, and by way of example only, a bond coat is formed between the substrate and the columnar grained ceramic coat. According to another embodiment, the superalloy substrate forms an adherent alumina scale, and no bond coat is necessary.03-18-2010
20090297833ADHESIVE TAPE AND ITS USE - An adhesive bonding system joins flat webs when changing rolls of such webs. The adhesive bonding system comprises two adhesive tape boundary edges, and further comprises a top carrier layer and a bottom carrier layer, a flat connecting element that connects the two carrier layers to one another and is suitable for opening the connection under the conditions of a static or flying roll change. At least one of the boundary edges of the connecting element does not extend in a straight line, and a straight-line emphasis line is defined in relation to this boundary edge, the emphasis line of this boundary edge extends along a preferential direction, and this boundary edge has a multiplicity of regions lying on one side of its emphasis line and also a multiplicity of regions lying on the other side of its emphasis line.12-03-2009
20120034451SUBSTRATE FOR FLEXIBLE DISPLAY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SUBSTRATE - A substrate for a flexible display is disclosed. The substrate has a film stress range that does not affect an electronic device such as a thin film transistor, and includes a barrier layer having excellent oxygen and moisture blocking characteristics, and a method of manufacturing the substrate. The substrate includes: a plastic substrate having a glass transition temperature from about 350° C. to about 500° C.; and a barrier layer disposed on the plastic substrate, having a multi-layer structure, wherein at least one silicon oxide layer and at least one silicon nitride layer are alternately stacked on each other, and having a film stress from about −200 MPa to about 200 MPa due to the at least one silicon oxide layer and the at least one silicon nitride layer.02-09-2012
20090197075COATINGS AND COATING PROCESSES FOR MOLYBDENUM SUBSTRATES - In a method for coating a molybdenum-based substrate, a molybdenum disilicide layer is formed on the substrate. Aluminum is reacted with hydrochloric gas to produce aluminum chloride. The aluminum chloride is reacted with hydrogen and carbon dioxide to produce alumina. A layer of the alumina is deposited atop the molybdenum disilicide layer.08-06-2009
20090176086Substrate Which is Equipped with a Stack Having Thermal Properties - The invention relates to a substrate (07-09-2009
20100021724INJECTION MOLDED PRODUCT - An object of the present invention is to provide an injection molded product on which a pattern beautiful and not required with any separate processes after injection molding is formed on the surface.01-28-2010
20100291375Nanotube Assisted Self-Cleaning Material - A self-cleaning material is generally described that may include a substrate having a first surface. A self-cleaning layer of aligned nanotube structures may be formed on the first surface of the substrate, where absorption of light by the nanotube structures may cause a change in state of the self-cleaning material based on an angle of incidence of the light and an orientation vector corresponding to the layer of aligned nanotube structures.11-18-2010
20090169870Carbon Nanotube-Based Curable Coating Composition Providing Antistatic Abrasion-Resistant Coated Articles - The present invention relates to a curable composition, providing, upon curing, an abrasion-resistant, transparent, antistatic coating, comprising carbon nanotubes and a binder comprising at least one epoxysilane compound, preferably an epoxyalkoxysilane, and optionally fillers such as nanoparticles of non electrically conductive oxides and/or additional binder components such as tetraethoxysilane. The invention further relates to optical articles comprising a substrate, and, starting from the substrate, an abrasion- and/or scratch-resistant coating, and an antistatic coating formed by depositing directly onto said abrasion- and/or scratch-resistant coating the above referred curable composition. The obtained optical articles exhibit antistatic properties, high optical transparency with about 91-92% of transmittance, low haze and improved abrasion resistance.07-02-2009
20080213576CERAMIC SLURRY COMPOSITION, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THIN GREEN SHEET BY EXTRUSION, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE FABRICATED USING THE GREEN SHEET - A ceramic slurry composition includes 20˜50 wt. % of a ceramic powder, 2˜10 wt. % of a polymer having average molecular weight of 400,000 or more, 0.1˜2 wt. % of a polymer having hydrogen bond-forming functional groups, and 40˜75 wt. % of a solvent. If necessary, the ceramic slurry composition further includes 1˜5 wt. % of a polymer having weight average molecular weight of 400,000 or less.09-04-2008
20090098369FRICTION STIR WELDING OF FIBER REINFORCED THERMOPLASTICS - A fiber-reinforced component is formed of a first composite member including a thermoplastic matrix with reinforcing fibers having a diameter and a length distributed therein in a selected orientation and a second composite member including a thermoplastic matrix with reinforcing fibers having a diameter and a length distributed therein in a selected orientation. The first composite member is bonded to the second composite member by a solid state bond along a predetermined joint path, such that an average volume fraction of the reinforcing fibers of the first composite member and the second composite member within the joint path is substantially the same as an average volume fraction of the reinforcing fibers of the first composite member and the second composite member within the remainder of the fiber-reinforced component.04-16-2009
20090239061CERAMIC CORROSION RESISTANT COATING FOR OXIDATION RESISTANCE - A coating system and a method for forming the coating system, the method including coating a surface of a gas turbine engine turbine component having a metallic surface that is outside the combustion gas stream and exposed to cooling air during operation of the engine. A gel-forming solution including a ceramic metal oxide precursor is provided. The gel-forming solution is heated to a first preselected temperature for a first preselected time to form a gel. The gel is then deposited on the metallic surface. Thereafter the gel is fired at a second preselected temperature above the first preselected temperature to form a ceramic corrosion resistant coating comprising a ceramic metal oxide is selected from the group consisting of zirconia, hafnia and combinations thereof. The ceramic corrosion resistant coating having a thickness of up to about 127 microns and remaining adherent at temperatures greater than about 1000° F.09-24-2009
20100183869Aluminum alloys, aluminum alloy products and methods for making the same - Decorative shape cast products and methods, systems, compositions and apparatus for producing the same are described. In one embodiment, the decorative shape cast products are produced from an Al—Ni or Al—Ni—Mn alloy, with a tailored microstructure to facilitate production of anodized decorative shape cast product having the appropriate finish and mechanical properties.07-22-2010
20120301707GRAPHENE POLYMER COMPOSITE - The present invention relates to novel nanocomposite materials, methods of making nanocomposites and uses of nanocomposite materials.11-29-2012
20090181242Exterior window film - A transparent exterior window film composite comprising a base sheet material having an outer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film layer which has been surface treated to elevate adhesion thereto and which is impregnated with an ultra violet light absorber (UVA), the treated surface being coated with a UV stabilized acrylic polymer or co-polymer undercoat having a UV stabilized hard coat layer thereon formed from at least one aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer and at least one multifunctional acrylate monomer, the primer layer having a thickness which is at least as thick as the hard coat.07-16-2009
20100040869TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE FILM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The disclosed is a transparent conductive film and method for manufacturing the same. First, a substrate is provided. Subsequently, an inorganic layer composed of nano-inorganic compound is formed overlying the substrate. A carbon nanotube dispersion is then coated on the inorganic layer and dried to form a carbon nanotube conductive layer.02-18-2010
20110318572TEMPERED GLASS SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A tempered glass substrate of the present invention is a tempered glass substrate, which has a compression stress layer on a surface thereof, and has a glass composition comprising, in terms of mass %, 40 to 71% of SiO12-29-2011
20110318571TEMPERED GLASS SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A tempered glass substrate of the present invention is a tempered glass substrate, which has a compression stress layer on a surface thereof, and has a glass composition comprising, in terms of mass %, 40 to 71% of SiO12-29-2011
20090042022Coating and method for producing resistant and insulated pipeline structures - The present invention relates to a fire-retardant materia and method. More specifically, the present invention relates to an insulating, fire-retardant coating (and method) that shields underlying substrates from thermal and other types of insult. The invented coating is especially applicable to energy transport means including oil pipelines. The invented coating and method is also useful in providing a insulating and fire-resistant coating for a variety of substrates including but not limited to: concrete, metals, foamed polymeric materials (i.e. styrofoam), gypsum, synthetics and other substrates.02-12-2009
20110045280FIRE RESISTANT GLAZINGS - The addition of nanoparticulate silica to sealants which are applied to the exposed edges of fire resistant laminated glazings provides an improved seal. Preferably the silica is present as an Ormosil dispersed in a polymerisable organic medium. Methods for applying such a medium to the edges of a glazing and polymerising it in situ are also claimed. The seals can be used to replace known metal tapes. The use of transparent seals provides a seal having an improved appearance.02-24-2011
20110027577METHOD OF PRODUCING MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE COATING, ANTIREFLECTION COATING, AND OPTICAL ELEMENT - A method of producing a magnesium fluoride coating includes a step of forming a coating by applying a solution containing a fluorine-containing organic magnesium compound represented by the following formula to a base and a step of heat-treating the coating while the coating is being irradiated with a beam of light with a wavelength of 246 nm or less:02-03-2011
20120208007BARRIER MATERIALS FOR MIRROR ASSEMBLIES - Provided herein is a reflective optical construction containing a fluoropolymer barrier layer, wherein the fluoropolymer is selected from the group consisting of homopolymers and copolymers of at least one tetrafluoropropene or pentafluoropropene, preferably 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene. Also disclosed is a method of forming a reflective optical construction including (a) applying a barrier layer comprising one or more fluoropolymers selected from the group consisting of homopolymers and copolymers of at least one tetrafluoropropene or pentafluoropropene, and (b) curing.08-16-2012
20080318028Glazings - An automotive glazing, comprising first and second plies of a glazing material having an interlayer laminated therebetween is provided. The glazing has a thickness suitable for replacing a single ply toughened or tempered side or door glazing, or an existing laminated glazing in an automotive vehicle. The glazing meets at least one of: a) test 9 of ANSI standard Z 26.1 (1996) using a 196 to 201 g steel dart dropped from a height of 9.14 metres; b) test 12 of ANSI standard Z 26.1 (1996) using a 224 to 230 g steel ball dropped from a height of 9.14 metres; and c) the ball-impact test of ECE Regulation number 43 for a 225 to 229 g steel ball dropped from a height of 5 metres. Preferably, the interlayer has a thickness of less than 0.76 mm, and the automotive glazing a thickness of less than 5 mm.12-25-2008
20110064943CONDUCTIVE SLICE STRUCTURE - A conductive slice structure includes a substrate, a carbon nanotube (CNT) layer, and a first function layer. The conductive slice structure may further include a second function layer and a third function layer. The first function layer, the second function layer, and the third function layer each of which can be a refraction layer, an anti-smudge layer, an anti-fingerprint layer, an anti-glare layer, an anti-Newton rings layer, an anti-static layer, or an anti-scratch layer.03-17-2011
20110104478STRUCTURAL FOAM AND MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A method of manufacturing a foam body having an anisotropic cell structure, the method including the steps of: expanding a polymer at an elevated temperature to form an initial foam body; and cooling the initial foam body under a negative pressure. There is also provided a method of manufacturing a foam body having an anisotropic cell structure, the method including the steps of: (a) in a first expansion step, expanding a foamable polymer composition substantially isotropically to form an initial foam body having an isotropic cell structure; and (b) in a second expansion step, expanding the initial foam body anisotropically in a selected direction under a negative pressure which applies an expanding force in the selected direction to provide a final foam body having an anisotropic cell structure. Apparatus for the methods are also disclosed.05-05-2011
20090220775Macroporous Carbon Material and Mesoporous Carbon Material Starting from Wood Material, Method for Producing them, and Porous Metal Carbon Material and Method for Producing it - By controlling the heating speed and the pressure in carbonizing a wood powder, a macroporous carbon material is formed. Herein provided are the macroporous carbon material starting from a wood material, and a method for producing it.09-03-2009
20120121894ADHESIVE COMPOUND - The present invention relates to an adhesive compound consisting essentially of an organic phase and inorganic phase, the organic phase comprising an amorphous aliphatic (co)polymer having a Ring & Ball softening point of between 75 and 180° C., and a second aliphatic material having a Tg of about −5° C. or lower and a kinematic viscosity of 4500 mm05-17-2012
20090130437BONDING MATERIAL WITH INCREASED RELIABILITY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CERAMIC BONDED BODY - A bonding material and a related manufacturing method are disclosed in which an unfired ceramic body A, internally formed with a cavity portion or a surface formed with a concaved portion, and an unfired ceramic body B are bonded to each other. The bonding material is applied to a bonding area between the unfired ceramic bodies A and B in a thickness ranging from 10 to 25 μm to provide a bonded body that is fired to obtain a ceramic bonded body. The bonding material contains an inorganic powder, an organic binder and an organic solvent in a composition to satisfy relationships 0≦X—Z≦2.6 and 0≦Y—Z≦2.6 where “X” represents a firing contraction ratio (%) of the unfired ceramic body A, “Y” a firing contraction ratio (%) of the unfired ceramic body B, and “Z” a firing contraction ratio of tie bonding material.05-21-2009
20090130436Spray coating member having excellent heat emmision property and so on and method for producing the same - For the purpose of solving problems inherent to a plasma spray coating of white base Al05-21-2009
20120135225Multi-layer Transdermal Patch - This invention pertains to a construction consisting of in the order from the outside towards the inside: An occlusive or non occlusive external film layer; a non-curing pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that has been blended with a therapeutic concentration of at least one or a combination of cosmetic or pharmaceutical active ingredients; and a silicone gel adhesive that is used as the skin contact layer.05-31-2012
20100189996TINTED LAMINATED VEHICLE GLAZING - A laminated vehicle glazing, suitable for use with an optical sensor (for example a LIDAR type sensor), comprises first and second plies of glazing material joined together by a ply of interlayer material between them, and either: a) the first ply is a pane of body-tinted glass having a colourant portion consisting of 0.70 to 1.00% by weight total iron (calculated as Fe07-29-2010
20100227157COMPOSITE STRUCTURED ORGANIC FILMS - A structured organic film with an added functionality comprising a plurality of segments and a plurality of linkers arranged as a covalent organic framework, wherein the structured organic film may be a multi-segment thick structured organic film.09-09-2010
20100173148Injection molded shaped plastic part - An injection-compression molding apparatus for producing a shaped plastic part has a first mold plate and a second mold plate, which delimit a component cavity and between which there is a gap in the non-closed state. The apparatus further comprises a plastics compound feeding arrangement for introducing plastics material through the gap into the component cavity, having a gate cavity which is substantially separated from the component cavity when the gap is closed.07-08-2010
20120171469AMORPHOUS-NANOCRYSTALLINE-MICROCRYSTALLINE COATINGS AND METHODS OF PRODUCTION THEREOF - This invention relates to thermally sprayed coatings having an amorphous-nanocrystalline-microcrystalline composition structure, said thermally sprayed coating comprising from about 1 to about 95 volume percent of an amorphous phase, from about 1 to about 80 volume percent of a nanocrystalline phase, and from about 1 to about 90 volume percent of a microcrystalline phase, and wherein said amorphous phase, nanocrystalline phase and microcrystalline phase comprise about 100 volume percent of said thermally sprayed coating. This invention also relates to methods for producing the coatings, thermal spray processes for producing the coatings, and articles coated with the coatings. The thermally sprayed coatings of this invention provide enhanced wear and corrosion resistance for articles used in severe environments (e.g., landing gears, airframes, ball valves, gate valves (gates and seats), pot rolls, and work rolls for paper processing).07-05-2012
20120077024HOUSING AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A housing includes a substrate and a nano-composite layer deposited on the substrate. The nano-composite layer includes a number of metal oxide nitride layers and a number of Ce layers. Each metal oxide nitride layer alternates with a Ce layer, and the outermost nano-composite layer is a metal oxide nitride layer. The metal in the metal oxide nitride layer aluminum, titanium, silicon, chromium, or zirconium.03-29-2012
20100047563SILICON WAFER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Silicon wafers wherein slip dislocations and warpages during device production are suppressed, contain BMDs with an octahedral shape, and of BMDs at a depth greater than 50 μm from the surface of the wafer, the density of BMDs with diagonal size of 10 nm to 50 nm is ≧1×1002-25-2010
20090110912METHOD FOR PRODUCING LIGHT-TRANSMITTING ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE-SHIELDING FILM, LIGHT-TRANSMITTING ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE-SHIELDING FILM AND PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL USING THE SHIELDING FILM - A silver salt-containing layer containing a silver salt and provided on a support is exposed and developed to form a metal silver portion and a light-transmitting portion, and then the metal silver portion is further subjected to physical development and/or plating to form a conductive metal portion consisting of the metal silver portion carrying conductive metal particles. A method for producing a light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film which enables production of an electromagnetic wave-shielding material simultaneously having high EMI-shielding property and high transparency in a fine line pattern and also enables mass production of such films at a low cost, and a light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film obtained by the production method and free from the problem of moire are provided.04-30-2009
20120177912ADHESIVE COMPOSITION FOR OPTICAL USE - Disclosed is an adhesive composition for optical use and, more particularly, an adhesive composition which includes; 30 to 80 wt. % of a mono-functional urethane acrylate oligomer having a weight average molecular weight of 10,000 and 35,000, 10 to 60 wt. % of an acrylate monomer; and 0.1 to 10 wt. % of a free radical photo-initiator, so as to retain physical properties of the adhesive composition such as coating property and adhesiveness and, in addition, reduce incurring of setting shrinkage during photo-polymerization, thereby exhibiting a uniform thickness and excellent surface appearance, durability such as heat resistance and moist heat resistance, and storage elasticity. Moreover, the inventive composition does not contain an alternative solvent, thus enabling manufacturing of a thick film type adhesive film.07-12-2012
20100009174Heat Dissipation For Low Profile Devices - A heat spreader for an electronic device including a first layer formed of at least one sheet of compressed particles of exfoliated graphite having two major surfaces; and a second layer formed of a metal foil having two major surfaces, a first major surface of the metal foil having surface structures thereon, wherein a first major surface of the graphite layer and a second major surface of the metal foil layer are in thermal connection with each other, the surface structures on the first major surface of the metal foil which create airflow turbulence, increase heat dissipation surface area, or both.01-14-2010
20100009173COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR CREATING ELECTRONIC CIRCUITRY - The present invention is directed to non-lithographic patterning by laser (or similar-type energy beam) ablation, where the ablation system ultimately results in circuitry features that are relative free from debris induced over-plating defects (debris relating to the ablation process) and fully additive plating induced over-plating defects. Compositions of the invention include a circuit board precursor having an insulating substrate and a cover layer. The insulating substrate is made from a dielectric material and also a metal oxide activatable filler. The cover layer can be sacrificial or non-sacrificial and is used to remediate unwanted debris arising from the ablation process.01-14-2010
20090061213METHOD FOR FABRICATING MINUTE CONDUCTIVE STRUCTURES ON SURFACES - Method for producing small and micro conductive structures on surfaces by (hot) stamping and/or nanoscale imprinting microstructures on the surfaces, targeting conductive material into the channels thus created with the aid of capillary action, and appropriately after-treating the conductive material.03-05-2009
20090017289COATED CUTTING TOOL - The present invention concerns a cutting tool insert for turning of steel at high cutting speeds. The cutting tool insert comprises a (006) textured α-Al01-15-2009
20120231266ADHESIVE SHEET AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - Provided are an adhesive sheet having a conductive die attach film that is superior in semiconductor chip-holding efficiency and pick-up efficiency and an electronic component prepared by using the adhesive sheet.09-13-2012
20110123795Hybrid Silicon Wafer and Method for Manufacturing Same - Provided is a hybrid silicon wafer comprising a structure in which a single-crystal wafer is embedded in a sintered polysilicon wafer. Also provided is a method for manufacturing a hybrid silicon wafer having a structure in which a single-crystal wafer is embedded in a sintered polysilicon wafer, wherein a part of the sintered polysilicon is hollowed, a single crystal ingot is inserted into the hollowed portion, these are mutually bonded through thermal diffusion bonding based on HIP to prepare a complex of the sintered polysilicon and the single-crystal silicon ingot, and the complex is sliced. Thereby provided are a hybrid silicon wafer comprising functions of both the polysilicon wafer and the single-crystal wafer, and a method for manufacturing such a hybrid silicon wafer.05-26-2011
20120231265TRANSPARENT FILM AND USE THEREOF - A transparent film, the back-face of which has excellent resistance to scratch and printability, and a surface protection film which has such a transparent film are provided. A transparent film 09-13-2012
20110003144Capillary-channeled polymer fibers modified for defense against chemical and biological contaminants - A method of preparing a fiber or an article suitable for use in defending against a biological or a chemical contaminant, and the fiber or article resulting from the method thereof, is disclosed. The method includes obtaining a fiber such as a capillary-channeled fiber with a surface having grooves or channels thereon and modifying the surface of the fiber with an active agent so as to provide the fiber with the ability to defend against a biological or a chemical contaminant.01-06-2011
20110045281REDUCTION OF BASAL PLANE DISLOCATIONS IN EPITAXIAL SIC - A method for reducing/eliminating basal plane dislocations from SiC epilayers is disclosed. An article having: an off-axis SiC substrate having an off-axis angle of no more than 6°; and a SiC epitaxial layer grown on the substrate. The epitaxial layer has no more than 2 basal plane dislocations per cm02-24-2011
20120270033METHOD FOR THE COATING OF A CELLULOSE MATERIAL BY USING A GLUCAN - The present invention is directed to a method for coating a sheet-like cellulose containing material by applying a composition comprising at least one glucan (G), which has a β(beta)-1,3-glycosidically linked main chain and at least one side group having a β(beta)-1,6-glycosidic bond to the main chain, particularly Schizophyllan, and at least one solvent (S), particularly a ionic liquid, on the surface of the sheet-like material.10-25-2012
20080248290METHOD FOR SURFACE TREATMENT OF SHELLS - A method for producing a shell (10-09-2008
20090110911MATERIAL AND JOINT FOR A SHELTER - The patent application discloses a shelter material which comprises a laminate of at least one substrate layer and a membrane, with the substrate layer being a strong elastic layer and the membrane being an elastic waterproof layer. The invention extends to include the substrate layer and the membrane to have full material memory, the shelter material to be treated with a fire retardant agent, an anti-soiling agent, a water repellent, and sealed joints.04-30-2009
20120288705HYDROXYAPATITE COATED METAL SURFACE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING - A device having a body with a metal surface having an oxide free portion. An oxide free phosphorus-containing layer is disposed on the metal surface, and a hydroxyapatite layer is on the phosphorus-containing layer.11-15-2012
20120100365THERMOPLASTIC RESIN COMPOSITION AND MOLDED PRODUCT THEREOF - A thermoplastic resin composition of which the molding efficiency can be improved by a high flowability and a high crystallization temperature while ensuring desired physical properties (e.g., strength) in a molded product, and a molded product of the composition are provided.04-26-2012
20100203323PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE TAPE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE TAPE - Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, which has a needed pressure-sensitive adhesive force for an adherend, can remove even foreign matter at a submicron level without contaminating a cleaning site, is excellent in heat resistance, exerts a sufficient pressure-sensitive adhesive force and a sufficient cohesive force even at a high temperature, and can be easily peeled without generating any adhesive residue on the adherend upon peeling from the adherend after its use, and a method of producing the tape. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of the present invention includes, on a surface of a support, an assembly layer of oblique columnar structures each protruding at an elevation angle of less than 90° from the surface of the support, the oblique columnar structures each having an aspect ratio of 1 or more. The method of producing a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of the present invention is a method of producing, on a surface of a support, a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape including an assembly layer of oblique columnar structures each protruding at an elevation angle of less than 90° from the surface of the support, the oblique columnar structures each having an aspect ratio of 1 or more, the method including forming the oblique columnar structures on the surface of the support by an oblique deposition process.08-12-2010
20100167043METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A METALLIC SUBSTRATE HAVING A BIOCOMPATIBLE SURFACE AND SUBSTRATE PRODUCED USING SAME - The invention relates to a method for the production of a metallic substrate having a biocompatible surface and to the substrate that is produced by means of said method. The method comprises treatment of a metal, i.e., Ti, Ti alloys with Al, V, Ta, Nb, Ni, Fe, Mo or mixtures thereof, Ta, Ta alloys with Fe, Al, Cr, stainless steel, with a melt of calcium nitrate and an additional component which is an oxygen salt of Na, K, Li, Mg and mixtures thereof, said treatment being effected at 180-480° C. for 0.1 to 12 hours. A substrate is obtained, wherein the overall layer thickness ranges from 10 to below 1600 nm and the fatigue strength of the substrate is in the same fatigue strength range as that of an untreated substrate at equal number of vibrations N.07-01-2010
20130011663ANTISTATIC LAMINATE AND LAMINATE MATERIAL INCLUDING THE SAME - An antistatic laminate and a laminate material equipped with the laminate are provided, wherein the laminate includes a base material and an antistatic layer which comprises a cellulose fiber having a carboxyl group, and the laminate can prevent deterioration of antistatic properties under a low humidity environment, while high transparency is maintained due to use of a material wherein natural resources are effectively used.01-10-2013
20080318030LASER TRANSFER ARTICLES AND METHOD OF MAKING - The present invention is directed to methods for transferring pre-formed electronic devices, such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, semiconductors, inductors, conductors, and dielectrics, and segments of materials, such as magnetic materials and crystalline materials onto a variety of receiving substrates using energetic beam transfer methods. Also provided is a consumable intermediate comprising a transfer substrate and a transfer material coated thereon, wherein the transfer material may be comprised of pre-formed electronic devices or magnetic materials and crystalline materials that may be transferred to a variety of receiving substrates. Aspects of the present invention may also be used to form multi-device electronic components such as sensor devices, electro-optical devices, communications devices, transmit-receive modules, and phased arrays using the consumable intermediates and transfer methods described herein.12-25-2008
20080241520HYDROPHILIC ELEMENTS - The hydrophilic element comprising a base and a hydrophilic layer formed of an inorganic oxide on a surface of the base, the hydrophilic layer having a columnar structure composed of columns that form angles of 10 to 70 degrees with respect to a line normal to the base, exhibits not only excellent hydrophilicity and water retention but also high strength and stability over time and which yet is easy to produce and best suited for use as humidity modifiers and anti-fogging elements, in particular, anti-fogging films.10-02-2008
20080233387ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENT DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE - An electroluminescent device is provided with an anode, a cathode, and an organic layer having at least a light-emitting layer and held between the anode and the cathode. A layer with a nitrogen-containing heterocycle derivative therein is arranged between the anode and the light-emitting layer. The layer with the nitrogen-containing heterocycle derivative contained therein has a thickness greater than a hole supply layer arranged between the anode and the light-emitting layer.09-25-2008
20080233386Thermosetting Resin Composition, Resin Sheet and Resin Sheet for Insulated Substrate - A thermosetting resin composition capable of providing a molding, such as a resin sheet, that excels in not only dielectric characteristics but also dimensional stability at high temperature and even after exposure to high temperature thermal history, exhibits little dimensional change by the thermal history, namely, exhibiting low linear expansion coefficient. There are further provided a resin sheet and resin sheet for insulated substrate produced from the thermosetting resin composition. In particular, there is provided a thermosetting resin composition comprising an epoxy resin of 100 to 2000 epoxy equivalent, an epoxy resin hardening agent consisting of a phenolated compound, and a layered silicate, and are further provided a resin sheet comprised of the thermosetting resin composition and a resin sheet for insulated substrate comprised of the resin sheet.09-25-2008
20080220248Corrosion Resistant Coating Based on Silicon, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen - The invention relates to a coating comprising a thin film which is intended to protect a corrodible part against corrosion and, to some extent, against wear and friction, said coating essentially comprising a composition containing silicon, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen such that: the atomic hydrogen concentration, measured using the ERDA technique, is 20±5 atoms %; the atomic silicon concentration, measured using the Rutherford backscattering (RBS) technique, is between 15 and 28 atoms %; the ratio of the atomic concentrations of nitrogen and carbon (N/C) is greater than 0.9; and the hardness of the material is less than or equal to 2100 daN/mm2.09-11-2008
20080220247FERROELECTRIC MEDIA MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF AND INFORMATION STORAGE DEVICE USING THE SAME - A ferroelectric medium, a manufacturing method thereof and an information storage device are disclosed. The manufacturing method includes the steps of: forming an electrode layer on a substrate; forming an insulation layer on the electrode; and forming on the insulation layer a ferroelectric layer. Dielectric breakdown does not occur at a high voltage by forming the insulation layer.09-11-2008
20080220246Optical Compensation Sheet, Process for Producing the Same, and Polarizing Plate and Liquid Crystal Display Device Using the Same - A novel optical compensation sheet is disclosed. The sheet comprising a polymer layer formed by coating and drying a solution comprising a polymer compound and a solvent composition comprising 20% by weight or more of water; and an optically anisotropic layer formed on the surface of the polymer layer by hardening a liquid crystal layer comprising at least one liquid-crystalline compound under irradiation of ionizing radiation at a film surface temperature from 70 to 160° C.; wherein a frontal retardation (Re) value of the optically anisotropic layer is not zero, and the optically anisotropic layer gives substantially equal retardation values for light of a wavelength λ nm coming respectively in a direction rotated by +40° and in a direction rotated by −40° with respect to a normal direction of a layer plane using an in-plane slow axis as a tilt axis (a rotation axis).09-11-2008
20080220245Transparent Sealing Material For Organic El Device - The present invention provides a transparent sealant for organic EL element, which is excellent in flexibility and can seal the organic EL element sufficiently, and thus can suppress generation of dark spots thereby capable of enhancing visibility of an image when an organic EL display is produced. The transparent sealant for organic EL element 09-11-2008
20130143037THERMALLY SPRAYED COMPLETELY AMORPHIC OXIDE COATING - The present invention relates to a process of producing an oxide coating, wherein an oxide or oxide composite composition is manufactured, then heated and, finally, sprayed onto a substrate by a thermal spraying process into a completely amorphous coating. The invention also relates to such a completely amorphous coating and to a substrate equipped with such a coating.06-06-2013
20090047505ALUMINUM ALLOY SHELL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD MAKING THE SAME - An aluminum alloy shell (02-19-2009
20080213575PIEZOELECTRIC/ELECTROSTRICTIVE ELEMENT - In the manufacture of a laminated piezoelectric/electrostrictive element by lamination of a piezoelectric/electrostrictive film and an electrode film containing either platinum or an alloy composed mainly of platinum and having a thickness of 2.0 μm or less, both or either one of yttrium oxide (Y09-04-2008
20080213574Amphiphilic Fibers and Membranes and Processes for Preparing Them - The present invention relates to the fields of chemistry and biology and more particularly to the field of biomaterials. The present invention includes amphiphilic fibers and membranes, which can be used for biomembranes and biocompatible devices. The present invention also relates to processes for preparing amphiphilic fibers and membranes from solutions comprising amphiphilic molecules. More particularly, the present invention relates to processes for preparing fibers and membranes from electrospinning solutions comprising amphiphilic molecules. The present invention further provides fibers and nonwoven membranes comprising amphiphilic fibers chosen from anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, phospholipids, sulfobetaines, lyotropic liquid crystalline molecules, and/or block copolymers. Electrospun fibers offer the potential for direct fabrication of biologically based, high-surface-area membranes without the use of multiple synthetic steps, complicated electrospinning designs, or post-processing surface treatments. Polymeric phospholipids, for example, have been shown to be attractive candidates for blood purification membranes, artificial heart valves and organs, and other prosthetics, including other biocompatible devices.09-04-2008
20080213573Pigmented film with improved aesthetic properties - The present invention provides a pigmented thermoplastic film comprising one or more mineral filler agents at an amount effective to prevent or reduce the occurrence of discolouration when the film is stretched and/or to prevent or reduce the loss of the mechanical properties of the film, such as elasticity, stretchability, tear resistance, or perforation resistance. Also provided is a process and a composition for manufacture of such films. The films of the present invention are useful for industrial packaging, especially with automatic wrapping machines, but may be used to wrap any product for shipping or storage.09-04-2008
20130101834LASER-IMAGEABLE FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING PRECURSORS AND METHODS OF IMAGING - A laser-engraveable composition comprises one or more elastomeric rubbers and specific amounts of inorganic, non-infrared radiation absorber fillers, a vulcanizing composition, carbon nanotubes, and other near-infrared radiation absorbers such as non-conductive carbon blacks, within certain weight ratios. This laser-engraveable composition can be used to form various flexographic printing precursors that can be laser-engraved to provide relief images in flexographic printing plates, printing cylinders, or printing sleeves.04-25-2013
20100021723"Layered product with high thermal insulation and self-extinguishing capacity" - A layered product with high thermal insulation and self-extinguishing capacity, particularly for blankets and bed accessories, upholstery, coverings, items of clothing and the like, comprising a first layer constituted by a fabric obtained with a yarn provided by an intimate mix of cellulose fiber and phenolic fiber, the first layer being superimposed on an intermediate layer made of a phenolic fiber cotton wool, a second layer being further provided which is constituted by a fabric obtained with a cellulose fiber yarn associated with the intermediate layer on the opposite side with respect to the first layer, means for joining the layers being further provided.01-28-2010
20080199688Thermal Diffusion Sheet and Manufacturing Method of the Same - A thermal diffusion sheet is provided with a heat conducting layer, a thermal diffusion layer provided on the surface of the heat conducting layer and a heat insulating layer provided on the surface of the thermal diffusion layer. The heat conducting layer is formed of a composition containing an organic polymer and a heat conductive filler. The thermal diffusion layer is formed of a metal material. The heat insulating layer is formed of a material having electrical insulation properties. The thermal diffusion sheet is manufactured through providing a heat insulating layer on the surface of a thermal diffusion layer, preparing a composition, and forming a heat conducting layer. When preparing a composition, an organic polymer in liquid form having thermosetting properties and a heat conductive filler are mixed. When forming a heat conducting layer, the above described composition is applied to the surface of the thermal diffusion layer facing the surface on which the heat insulating layer has been provided, and after that, the composition is heated so that the organic polymer is cured.08-21-2008
20090068443HIGHLY CHEMICAL-RESISTANT GLOVE - The invention concerns an article for protecting the user from risks associated with the handling of chemicals, and comprising: (i) at least one inner layer of a material selected among natural and synthetic latexes; (ii) at least one partly hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) layer, having an hydrolysis rate ranging between 70 and 95%; (iii) at least one self-crosslinking synthetic latex layer.03-12-2009
20130149526METHOD OF PRODUCING COLD-ROLLED STEEL SHEET AS WELL AS COLD-ROLLED STEEL SHEET AND MEMBERS FOR AUTOMOBILE - In a method of producing a cold-rolled steel sheet being excellent in not only the phosphate treatability but also the corrosion resistance after coating under severe corrosion environment such as hot salt water immersion test or composite cycle corrosion test, a continuously annealed steel sheet after cold rolling preferably including 0.5-3.0 mass % of Si is pickled to remove a Si-containing oxide layer on a surface layer of the steel sheet and further repickled so that a surface covering ratio of an iron-based oxide on the surface of the steel sheet is not more than 40% and preferably a maximum thickness of the iron-based oxide is not more than 150 nm, as well as a cold-rolled steel sheet produced by this method and a member for automobile using the cold-rolled steel sheet.06-13-2013
20110274916TEMPERED GLASS AND GLASS - A tempered glass of the present invention includes, as a glass composition, in terms of mass %, 45 to 75% of SiO11-10-2011
20120282459Modular Carpet Systems - A modular carpet system includes a carpet tile and an adhesive. The carpet tile is operative for resisting deformation, even under adverse conditions. In some embodiments, the adhesive may comprise a silicone-based adhesive or a urethane-based adhesive.11-08-2012
20110311806METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PANELS AND PANELS OBTAINED HEREBY - A method for manufacturing panels including a substrate on the basis of a pressed material mass, whereby it is started from a material mass to be densified, wherein the density of this material mass, in one or more densifying steps, is at least doubled. Prior to one or more of these densifying steps, a colorant is added to the material mass.12-22-2011
20120003466Cermet and Coated Cermet - A cermet has a hard phase which contains W and nitrogen, and includes at least one selected from a carbide, nitride and carbonitride of a metal having Ti as a main component, and a binder phase having an iron group metal as a main component. A W amount contained in the whole cermet is 5 to 40% by weight, an interfacial phase including a complex carbonitride with a larger W amount than a W amount of the hard phase being present between grains of the hard phase, and when a W amount contained in the interfacial phase based on the whole metal element is represented by Wb (atomic %), and a W amount contained in the hard phase based on the whole metal element is represented by Wh (atomic %), then, an atomic ratio of Wb to Wh (Wb/Wh) is 1.7 or more. The cermet is excellent in fracture resistance and wear resistance.01-05-2012
20120021207POWDER COATING - There is herein described powder coated wood products and methods of producing powder coated wood products. More particularly, there is herein described powder coated chemically modified wood which is highly durable.01-26-2012
20120028036ASSEMBLIES CONTAINING POLYETHERKETONEKETONE TIE LAYERS - Tie layers comprised of amorphous polyetherketoneketone are used to join substrates to form laminates and other assemblies.02-02-2012
20130196145SURFACE MODIFIED MAGNETIC MATERIAL - An article exhibiting magnetic properties, a method for providing corrosion resistance to an article, and an electric machine element are disclosed. The article comprises a substrate comprising a first portion of a magnetic material, the magnetic material exhibiting magnetic properties. The article further comprises a transition layer comprising a second portion of the magnetic material and a first portion of a coating material. The transition layer is disposed on at least a portion of the substrate. The article further comprises an outer layer comprising a second portion of the coating material. The outer layer is disposed on at least a portion of the transition layer.08-01-2013
20130196146CLEAR PROTECTIVE COVERING FOR PERMANENT INSTALLATION ON COUNTERTOPS - A protective covering material for protecting solid surface countertop materials is provided. The protective covering material includes a core layer formed from a polymer material such as polyethylene which is formed as an elongate thin sheet of material having uniform thickness. The protective covering material also includes an outer protective clear coat layer attached to a first side of the core layer and an adhesive layer attached to a second side of the core layer. The protective covering material may be permanently attached to a countertop material with the adhesive layer to protect the countertop material from damage during daily use.08-01-2013
20120064334SOUND-ABSORBING HEAT SHIELD - A sound-absorbing heat shield includes at least three layers which are connected to one another. The heat shield is produced from a composite foil which includes two metal foils which are connected to one another via a damping layer. A method for producing a sound-absorbing heat shield introduces a damping layer between two metal foils, subsequently applies pressure to them over their full area, and afterward forms the foil into the desired shape of the heat shield.03-15-2012
20120094110Coatings Using Dialkyl/Dialkenyl Ethers as Hydrophobing Agents, Use Thereof and Metals Provided with the Coating - The invention relates to the coatings of surfaces using dialkyl/dialkenyl ethers, particularly for purposes of hydrophobizing surfaces, to metals provided with such a coating, including metal compounds or alloys, and to a method of apply coatings to surfaces.04-19-2012

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