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20090286068AQUEOUS ORGANIC-INORGANIC HYBRID COMPOSITION - Disclosed is an organic-inorganic hybrid composition containing a metal oxide (A) having a particle diameter of 1-400 nm and a polymer emulsion particle (B) having a particle diameter of 10-800 nm. The polymer emulsion particle (B) is obtained by polymerizing a hydrolysable silicon compound (b1) and a vinyl monomer (b2) having a secondary and/or tertiary amide group in the presence of water and an emulsifying agent.11-19-2009
20100119818Compositions and methods for treating cellulose-based materials with micronized additives - A composition for treating cellulosic materials is provided. The composition comprises a dispersion of micronized additives. The dispersion comprises additive particles with diameters in the range of 0.001 to 25 microns. Also provided is a method for the application of the additive-containing composition to wood, as well as wood products which have been treated with the composition.05-13-2010
20130078450METHOD FOR COLD GAS SPRAYING OF A LAYER HAVING A METAL MICROSTRUCTURE PHASE AND A MICROSTRUCTURE PHASE MADE OF PLASTIC, COMPONENT HAVING SUCH A LAYER, AND USE OF SAID COMPONENT - In a method for cold gas spraying a layer, coating particles are accelerated in a cold spraying nozzle. The particles have a plastic encapsulation. In said manner, the plastic is precipitated onto the substrate together with the metal material, thereby forming in particular layer compositions having good sliding properties, dirt repellent properties, or lubricating properties. The coating can be used as a bearing component of a sliding bearing, as a flow component, in particular as a rotor blade of wind power plants or body components of transportation vehicle, or as trim components of structures.03-28-2013
20120244339FUSER MEMBER - The present teachings provide a fuser member. The fuser member includes a substrate layer and a surface layer disposed on the substrate layer. The substrate layer comprises a plurality of core-shell particles wherein the core is a conductive particle and the shell is a fluoroplastic dispersed in a fluoroelastomer.09-27-2012
20100323188MATERIAL FOR PRESSURE MEASUREMENT - A material for pressure measurement is provided, the material having a substrate made of plastic, a color forming agent layer containing a colorless electron-donating dye precursor and a color developing agent layer containing an electron-accepting compound, the material for pressure measurement forming a color utilizing a color forming reaction between the colorless electron-donating dye precursor and the electron-accepting compound, wherein the colorless electron-donating dye precursor is included in a microcapsule containing an urethane bond, wherein at least one kind of the electron-accepting compound is a metal salt of salicylic acid having a substituent, and wherein the microcapsule satisfies a relation δ/D=from 1.0×1012-23-2010
20090155571Method of building a sensor structure - The invention relates to a sensor structure comprising at least one first layer containing an electrically conductive polymer, optionally mixed with a binder that constitutes a binding agent matrix, and at least one second layer, which is separate from and adjacent to the first layer or at a distance therefrom, or at least partly joined to the first layer, whereby the second layer comprises microcapsules containing either a basic or acidic substance, optionally mixed with the binder, the acidic or basic substance changing the electrical conductivity of the polymer when released from the microcapsules. The invention also relates to the manufacturing method and the use of the sensor structure.06-18-2009
20090155570COATING COMPOSITIONS FOR INORGANIC SUBSTRATES - The invention relates to a coating composition comprising a radiation grafted functionalized fluoropolymer. This coating is preferably, in the form of a powder coating. The coating can be used on inorganic substrates, especially un-primed metals. The invention also relates to the coated inorganic substrate and to the use of the coating composition to protect the inorganic substrate, especially from corrosion.06-18-2009
20100143703ABRASION-RESISTANT FREE-FLOWING GLYCOCYAMINE-CONTAINING MOULDINGS AND METHODS FOR THEIR PRODUCTION - The invention relates to abrasion-resistant free-flowing glycocyamine-containing mouldings, in particular pellets and extrudates, and methods for their production. The bulk density of the mouldings is from 350 to 850 kg/m06-10-2010
20090042020AQUEOUS DISPERSIONS OF POLYMER-ENCLOSED PARTICLES, RELATED COATING COMPOSITIONS AND COATED SUBSTRATES - Disclosed are aqueous dispersions of polymer-enclosed particles, such as nanoparticles. Also disclosed are methods for making an aqueous dispersion of polymer-enclosed particles, polymerizable polymers useful in such a method, powder coating compositions formed from such an aqueous dispersion, substrates at least partially coated with such a composition, and reflective surfaces comprising a non-hiding coating layer deposited from such a composition.02-12-2009
20130059147AQUEOUS DISPERSIONS - A method and composition for forming an adhesive bond is described. The method includes depositing an aqueous dispersion on a substrate to form a selectively activatable coating, the aqueous dispersion including (A) a polymer capable of forming an adhesive, (B) at least one dispersing agent; and (C) at least one of a tackifying resin, a wax, or an oil wherein the dispersion has at least one of an average particle size of from about 0.1 to about 100 microns and a polydispersity of less than 5; and selectively activating at least a portion of the coated substrate to form the adhesive bond.03-07-2013
20090291294SOLID-PHASE SUPPORT FOR NUCLEIC ACID SYNTHESIS - According to the invention, there is provided a solid-phase support for nucleic acid synthesis, which is constituted of a porous copolymer particle containing a multifunctional vinyl monomer unit having two or more vinyl groups in one molecule and a monofunctional vinyl monomer unit having one vinyl group in one molecule, in which the solid-phase support has a swelling volume when soaked in acetonitrile of 3.5 ml/g or more and has a median particle diameter measured by a laser scattering particle size distribution measuring method within a range of from 50 to 120 ρm. According to the solid-phase support for nucleic acid synthesis of the invention, a high-purity nucleic acid can be synthesized with a high yield.11-26-2009
20090061209Coating composition for electrophoretic display devices, sheet for electrophoretic display devices, process for its production, and its applications - The coating composition for electrophoretic display devices according to the present invention contains microcapsules for electrophoretic display devices and a binder resin, wherein the binder resin has a glass transition temperature (Tg) in a range of from −85° C. to −10° C. as calculated by FOX formula and has a residual monomer concentration of 500 ppm or lower in a solid content thereof. The sheet for electrophoretic display devices according to the present invention has a microcapsule layer formed from the above-described coating composition for electrophoretic display devices on a base material sheet. The sheet for electrophoretic display devices according to the present invention can be used, as its applications, for electrophoretic display devices using the sheets, and electronic equipments using the electrophoretic display devices.03-05-2009
20130065045CORE-SHELL PARTICLES AND FUSER MEMBER MADE THEREFROM - The present teachings describe a core-shell particle dispersed in a layer of a fuser member, thereby improving thermal conductivity of the fuser member. The core-shell particle includes a graphene core surrounded by a shell layer. The shell layer comprises a polymer selected from the group consisting of polypentafluorostyrene, polystyrene and polydivinylbenzene. The core-shell particles can be dispersed in an intermediate layer or release layer of a fuser member.03-14-2013
20090047503Wall and Floor Tiles and Slabs Consisting of Agglomerated Stone with Photocatalytic Properties - Agglomerated stone products consisting of powders and granules of marble or limestone in general, granite, quartz and silica or feldspathic sands mixed wiht resins, wherein nanometric particles of titanium dioxide are incorporated therein and process for their manufacture. Tiles and slabs for flooring, wall covering or work surface are able to interact with the surrounding environment by reducing the chemical and biological pollutants in the air and the bacteria with which the surfaces come into contact, because a photocatalytic preparation of nanometer-sized titanium dioxide is added to its composition.02-19-2009
20090047502NANO-ENHANCED MODULARLY CONSTRUCTED COMPOSITE PANEL - Methods and systems for modularly constructed panels are described. A panel is formed by stacking and attaching together multiple layers of one or more materials. A layer of a panel may be formed completely of a single material, such as a polymer material, or of a combination of materials. One or more layers of a panel may include one or more nanomaterials.02-19-2009
20090047501EASY-OPEN END - An easy-open end comprising a resin-coated metal plate obtained by coating a metal substrate with a anti-blocking agent-containing biaxially drawn film via a primer, wherein an important feature resides in that the anti-blocking agent in the biaxially drawn film is of a spherical shape having an average particle size of 0.5 to 2.5 μm and an average particle size ratio (long diameter/short diameter) in a range of 1.0 to 1.2, and is contained at a ratio of 0.05 to 0.5% by weight in the biaxially drawn film. Even without forming a top-coat layer, therefore, the film is not scratched or the forming-tool is not damaged by the anti-blocking agent that adheres and deposits on the forming tool. Besides, the resin coating favorably adheres to the metal plate offering excellent advantage in production and in economy.02-19-2009
20090011223Polyimide Film and Method for Production Thereof - Disclosed is a polyimide film which is free from coarse particles caused by aggregation of a filler, therefore, can avoid abnormal electrical discharge during a discharge treatment, repelling during application of an adhesive, and the like. Also disclosed is a method for production of the polyimide film. The method for production of the polyimide film is characterized by using an organic solvent solution containing an inorganic filling material and a first polyamic acid, wherein the organic solvent solution containing the first polyamic acid is prepared by a process comprising the steps of: 1) preparing a dispersion solution which contains the inorganic filling material and a second polyamic acid and has a viscosity of 50 to 500 poises; 2) filtering the dispersion solution; 3) mixing a prepolymer solution containing the first polyamic acid in the process of being polymerized and having a viscosity of 100 poises or lower with the filtered dispersion solution; and 4) increasing the viscosity of the mixed solution to a level ranging from 1000 to 6000 poises.01-08-2009
20100086768PARTICLES WITH LIGHT ABSORBING MATERIAL FOR REIMAGEABLE MEDIUM - A plurality of particles including: (a) a binder; (b) a photochromic material; and (c) a light absorbing material.04-08-2010
20110281104NON-STICKY ERASABLE MEDIA WITH OVERCOAT - Exemplary embodiments provide an erasable medium having an overcoat layer on a photochromic layer to provide a non-adhesive surface for the erasable medium when exposed to high temperatures, wherein the overcoat layer can include a latex or a mixture of a latex and a wax.11-17-2011
20100015434Assembling structure of a plated resin article - The invention prevents an assembling structure of the plated resin article from generation of squeak noise with suppressing increase in costs. The assembling structure includes a first member including a first resin molded article at least a first surface of which is coated by a coating film; and a second member including a second resin molded article at least a second surface of which is plated by a plating film. The first member and the second member are assembled so as to frictionally contact at the coating of the first surface and the plating film of the second surface; and the coating film includes a particle made from a fluorine resin. The generation of squeak noise can be suppressed with maintaining the physical properties of the coating film, such as gloss and re-coating ability.01-21-2010
20100015433CORE-SHELL NANOPARTICLES - The present invention relates to a composition suitable for forming an optical coating, the composition comprising core-shell nanoparticles, wherein said nanoparticles comprise: (a) core material comprising polymer; and (b) shell material comprising metal oxide.01-21-2010
20110300372WEAR PROTECTION COATING BASED ON A SYNTHETIC RESIN MATRIX, METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF AND USE THEREOF - The invention relates to a wear protection layer comprising a mixture of non-uniform transparent hard material particles, which are stored in a matrix material and which comprise a Mohs hardness of at least 6 and transparent solid material particles, wherein the transparent solid material particles encompass a bi-modal grain size distribution. The invention also relates to a method for producing a wear protection layer as well as the use thereof for producing wear protection surfaces, in particular surfaces on wood fiber boards, which are provided with a décor.12-08-2011
20110300373MOLDING MATERIAL AND MOLDED ARTICLE FOR LASER FUSION - A molding material and a molded article for laser welding are provided, which comprise a thermoplastic resin (A) comprising a rubber-reinforced resin (A12-08-2011
20110274915Recycled plastic chip panel construction - A recycled plastic chip construction panel includes a thermoplastic sheet base layer, a thermoplastic chip core layer bonded to a first thermoplastic base layer, and a thermoplastic finish layer bonded, on top of the thermoplastic chip core layer, to the thermoplastic sheet base layer and the thermoplastic chip core layer.11-10-2011
20110287251NANOPARTICLE-MODIFIED FLUOROPOLYMER COATINGS - A fluoropolymer coating that includes nanoparticles for providing the coating with improved release characteristics together with improved abrasion resistance. In one embodiment, the nanoparticles are silica particles that may be incorporated into the coating by adding colloidal silica to the liquid coating formulation that is applied to a substrate, typically over a primer, and then cured. After the coating is cured, the coating demonstrates enhanced release characteristics together with improved abrasion resistance. It has been unexpectedly observed that a combination of desired release characteristics and improved abrasion resistance is found when the average particle size of the nanoparticles is between 30 and 120 nm, with the abrasion resistance generally increasing with increasing particle size.11-24-2011
20110217544ENHANCED SURFACES, COATINGS, AND RELATED METHODS - Disclosed are methods for incorporating additives, such as chemically active particles, into the surfaces of articles or into coatings disposed atop articles. The disclosed methods are also applicable to conventional molding techniques, and can be performed in batch or continuous fashion.09-08-2011
20090169868Methods and apparatus for transferring a material onto a substrate using a resonant infrared pulsed laser - A method for transferring a material onto a substrate. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of directing a coherent light of a wavelength resonant with a vibrational mode of the material at the material to vaporize the material, depositing the vaporized material on the substrate in a form that is essentially same chemically as the material, and selectively heating the deposited material at one or more positions of the substrate to form a film thereon.07-02-2009
20110008613FLAKE PIGMENT, POWDER PAINT CONTAINING THE SAME, POWDER-COATED FILM OBTAINED BY COATING WITH THE POWDER PAINT USING TRIBOELECTRIFICATION ELECTROSTATIC COATING APPARATUS, PAINTED PRODUCT ON WHICH FILM IS FORMED, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING FLAKE PIGMENT - A flake pigment according to the present invention includes a flake particle, a single-layer or multiple-layer coat covering a surface of the flake particle, and a fine particle. An outermost layer of the coat includes a copolymer including one or more type of first bond unit originating from a fluoric polymerizable monomer having fluorine and one or more type of second bond unit originating from a polymerizable monomer having phosphate group. The fine particle is fixed with the outermost layer being interposed and has a characteristic to provide triboelectrification characteristics to the flake pigment.01-13-2011
20110262738Aqueous Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Composition - Disclosed is an organic-inorganic hybrid composition containing a metal oxide (A) having a particle diameter of 1-400 nm and a polymer emulsion particle (B) having a particle diameter of 10-800 nm. The polymer emulsion particle (B) is obtained by polymerizing a hydrolysable silicon compound (b1) and a vinyl monomer (b2) having a secondary and/or tertiary amide group in the presence of water and an emulsifying agent.10-27-2011
20100028657Resin composition, and molded article produced from the same - Disclosed is a resin composition including a polylactic acid resin (A), a polycarbonate resin (B) and a methyl methacrylate copolymer (C). The mass ratio (A/B) between the resins (A) and (B) is 40/60 to 80/20. The ratio (MFR02-04-2010
20090087644METHODS TO FABRICATE FUNCTIONALLY GRADIENT MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES FORMED THEREBY - Methods and associated structures of forming microelectronic devices are described. Those methods may include forming a first layer of functionalized nanoparticles on a substrate by immersing the substrate in at least one of a solvent and a polymer matrix, wherein at least one of the solvent and the polymer matrix comprises a plurality of functionalized nanoparticles; and forming a second layer of functionalized nanoparticles on the first layer of functionalized particles, wherein there is a gradient in a property between the first layer and the second layer.04-02-2009
20080206551INFUSION FABRIC FOR MOLDING LARGE COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - An infusion fabric includes a mat selected from a group consisting of continuous filament mat, direct chopped mat, direct continuous mat and combinations thereof and a woven roving or bonded reinforcement layer. The mat and woven roving reinforcement layer are stitched together. The continuous filament mat includes E-glass and/or ECR-glass fibers, a binder and a size.08-28-2008
20090269574FUNCTIONAL MULTILAYER ANISOTROPIC CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - A functional multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive film, capable of bonding and package 0.18-0.13 micron IC chips and high density COF, includes a monomer layer, a reinforcing layer, a low-temperature, hot-melt resin layer, and a conductive particle layer, successively bonded by coating and drying processes. The monomer layer comprises a copolymer of butyl acrylate, methyl acrylate, glycol acrylate, and tetramethyl butyl peroxy-2-ethyl hexanoate. The reinforcing layer comprises long chain imidazole derivatives. The hot-melt resin layer comprises polymer of tocopheroxyl, novolac epoxy, acrylic rubbers and elastic mixture of acrylic rubbers and styrene-butadiene rubbers. The conductive particle layer comprises conductive particles and micro-encapsulating resin for receiving the conductive particles. Diameter of the conductive particles is selected from the group consisting of 3.00 μm±0.05, 3.25 μm±0.05, 3.50 μm±0.05, 3.75 μm±0.05 and 4.00 μm±0.05.10-29-2009
20100279105Coated Magnetic Particles, Composite Magnetic Materials and Magnetic Tapes Using Them - The invention relates to polymer coated magnetic particles for magnetic tape storage. The invention also describes methods for making the particles and magnetic tape compositions comprising the coated particles.11-04-2010
20090258219Aqueous silicon dioxide dispersions for adhesive formulations - The invention relates to aqueous compositions, particularly aqueous dispersions based on silicon dioxide, and to a method for the production and usage thereof as a component in the production of adhesive layers and for the bonding of the substrates coated on one side or both sides by spray application using the compositions.10-15-2009
20100143702COMPOSITION FOR ANTI-GLARE FILM AND ANTI-GLARE FILM PREPARED USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a composition for an anti-glare film that includes a binder resin; and a core-shell particle having an average surface roughness ([Rz]) in the range of 0 to 2/M, and an anti-glare film that is manufactured by using the same. Accordingly, the storage stability of a particle that is included in an anti-glare film for high resolution is improved to increase the durability and a lifespan of products, a glare phenomenon that is caused by incident light and recognized by an user is prevented, and image clarity and contrast ratio that is realized by using an image display device are improved.06-10-2010
20080274349Multipath Soldered Thermal Interface Between a Chip and its Heat Sink - The invention comprises a process for joining a first surface and a second surface where the first surface comprises an initially non-solderable surface which comprises coating the first surface with a solder-adhesion layer to produce a solder-adhesion layer on the first surface and providing a Thermal Interface Material (“TIM”) composition comprising solderable heat-conducting particles in a bondable resin matrix where at least some of the solderable heat-conducting particles comprise a solder surface. The TIM composition is placed between the first surface and the second surface to extend between and be contiguous with both the second surface and the solder-adhesion layer on the first surface. Sufficiently heating the TIM composition results in (a) soldering at least some of the solderable heat-conducting particles to one another; and (b) soldering at least some of the solderable heat-conducting particles to the solder-adhesion layer on the first surface. When the second surface comprises a solderable surface, the particles will also bond to it. When the second surface is not solderable, a solder adhesion layer can be placed on it. The process also includes adhesively bonding the resin matrix to the first surface and the second surface. The first surface can comprise an electronic device such as a semiconductor device and the second surface can comprise a heat sink, such as a solderable heat sink. The invention also comprises a process for improving the heat conductivity of a TIM, an article of manufacture made by the process, and a composition of matter comprising the TIM.11-06-2008
20080280127Heat-Curable Molding Material Pellet Having Multilayer Structure - A heat-curable molding material pellet comprising a heat-curable epoxy-containing material, a thermoplastic component and a curing agent for the epoxy-containing material, wherein the pellet has a multilayer structure comprising a core containing a first heat-curable component and a sheath containing a second heat-curable component, disposed in the periphery of the core.11-13-2008
20080280128Water-Absorbing Polymer Structure Surface-Treated with Polycations - The present invention relates to water-absorbing polymer structures, whose surface has been brought into contact with a compound comprising a polycation and at least one anion. The invention further relates to a process for treating the surface of water-absorbing polymer structures, the surface-treated water-absorbing polymer structures obtainable by this process, a composite comprising a surface-treated, water-absorbing polymer structure as well as a substrate, a process for production of a composite, the composite obtainable by this process, chemical products such as foams, formed bodies, and fibers comprising surface-treated water-absorbing polymer structures or a composite, the use of surface-treated, water-absorbing polymer structures or of a composite in chemical products as well as the use of compounds comprising a polycation with a given structure for the treatment of the surface of water-absorbing polymer structures.11-13-2008
20080226898Coated Water-Swellable Material - This invention is directed to coated water-swellable materials, typically solid, particulate, water-swellable materials, i.e. materials that comprise hydrogel-forming polymers, whereof at least a part is coated with a coating, which substantially does not break when the polymers swell, as set out in the method herein. Said coating is present at a level of at least 1% by weight of the water-swellable material.09-18-2008
20090181239CARBON NANOTUBE-BASED COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A carbon nanotube-based composite material includes a polymer matrix and a plurality of carbon nanotubes in the polymer matrix. The plurality of carbon nanotubes form a free standing carbon nanotube film structure. A method for fabricating the carbon nanotube-based composite material includes: providing a polymer matrix comprising a surface; providing at least one carbon nanotube film comprising a plurality of carbon nanotubes; disposing the at least one carbon nanotube film on the surface of the polymer matrix to obtain a preform; and heating the preform to combine the at least one carbon nanotube film with the polymer matrix.07-16-2009
20080241510Polyethylene Resin With Narrow Particle Size Distribution - The present invention relates to a polyethylene resin comprising A) a first ethylene homo- or copolymer fraction, and B) a second ethylene homo- or copolymer fraction, wherein fraction (A) has a lower molecular weight than fraction (B), characterized in that the polymer resin powder obtained directly after the final polymerisation step has a particle size distribution PSD10-02-2008
20120070650BIOMEDICAL IMPLANTS COMPRISING SURFACE-MODIFIED METAL PARTICLES AND BIODEGRADABLE POLYMERS, ITS USE FOR SUPPRESSING INFLAMMATION, AND PREPARATION METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are biomedical implants comprising surface-modified metal particles and biodegradable polymers; its use for suppressing inflammation; and a method for preparing a biomedical material, comprising: (a) modifying surface of basic metal particles with a polymer to obtain surface-modified metal particles; and (b) mixing the surface-modified metal particles with a biodegradable polymer, followed by manufacturing a biodegradable biomedical implant, or coating the resulting mixture on a conventional biomedical implant.03-22-2012
20090297830Process for incorporating metal nanoparticles in a polymeric article - A process of incorporating metal in the form of nanoparticles into the surface layer of a polymeric article is disclosed. The process includes bringing at least a part of the surface of said article in contact with a solvent mixture that contains (a) water, (b) a carrier conforming to12-03-2009
20090142583Composition of anti-glare coating - A composition of an anti-glare coating has a resin, multiple particles and a dispersant. The resin is selected from the group consisting of thermosetting resin and light-curing resin. The particles have a dimension that is from about 30 nanometers (nm) to about 10 micrometers (μm). Because the dispersant stabilizes and keeps a separation distance between each two particles, the particles cannot aggregate in or precipitate out of the anti-glare coating. Thus, the anti-glare coating can be coated easily on the substrate and a surface of the anti-glare film is uniform to provide an improved anti-glare effect. Moreover, the dispersant allows adjustment of haze, gloss and distinctness of image of a substrate coated with the anti-glare coating.06-04-2009
20100297433BILAYER ANTI-REFLECTIVE FILMS CONTAINING NONOPARTICLES - Described are nanoparticles-containing stratified compositions, and processes to prepare, for low refractive index compositions of utility as anti-reflective coatings for optical display substrates. The compositions comprise a high index refractive stratum containing nanoparticles and a low refractive index stratum on top of the high index stratum.11-25-2010
20090022980Reinforcing bar material coated with high adhesion anticorrosion film and method of producing the same - The present invention provides a reinforcing bar material coated with a high adhesion anticorrosion film that enables to increase adhesion strength to concrete, which comprises forming two layers of anticorrosion films on a surface of a reinforcing bar material by means of spraying an epoxy powder coating material under a temperature condition where performance of the epoxy resin can be retained, so as to solve a pin hole problem that inevitably occurs in an anticorrosion film, and also to exhibit firm projections in a state coated with the epoxy resin on the second layer of anticorrosion film.01-22-2009
20090004461Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence from Plastic Substrates - The present invention relates to methods for functionally modifying a polymeric surface for subsequent deposition of metallic particles and/or films, wherein the polymeric surface is modified by increasing hydroxyl and/or amine functional groups thereby providing an activated polymeric surface for deposition of metallic particles to form a fluorescence sensing device. The device can be used for metal-enhanced fluorescence of fluorophores positioned above the metallic particles that can be readily applied to diagnostic or sensing applications of metal-enhanced fluorescence.01-01-2009
20100015435Fiber-reinforced component fabrication with mold cores - A method of fabricating components (01-21-2010
20100261004Rubber-Metal Laminate - A rubber-metal laminate, which comprises a metallic sheet and a rubber layer formed on the metallic sheet, the rubber layer being formed from an NBR composition comprising (A) 100 parts by weight of nitrile rubber, (B) 0.1-5 parts by weight of sulfur, and (C) 0.5-10 parts by weight of at least one sulfur donor compound selected from tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide, tetrakis(2-ethylhexyl)thiuram disulfide, zinc tetrabenzyldithiocarbamate, and 1,6-bis(N,N-dibenzylthiocarbamodithio)-hexane, preferably the NBR composition further containing (D) 3-100 parts by weight of silica and (E) 60-200 parts by weight of aluminum oxide having an average particle size of 0.1-10 μm, as a rubber layer-forming composition, where the rubber layer can be formed on the metallic sheet without generating nitrosoamines as controlled items of TRGS552, PRTR, etc. and without lowering the vulcanizate physical properties or vulcanization rate. The rubber-metal laminate can be effectively used as a seal material.10-14-2010
20100215948RUBBERY-BLOCK CONTAINING POLYMERS, FIBER SIZINGS THEREOF AND COMPOSITES THEREOF - The present invention relates generally to sizing compositions for fibers used in composite materials. More specifically, this invention relates to siloxane fiber sizing solutions comprising rubbery-polymers and their use in preparing composite materials. Using the sizings of the present invention not only improves the energy absorption of the composite materials made thereof, but also maintains the interfacial strength of composite materials. Particularly, the rubbery-polymers of the present invention are functionalized with chemical groups that react to the fiber surface and/or to the polymeric resin. In addition, because the rubbery-polymer is incorporated as one block of a block copolymer, it advantageously improves both, the interfacial strength and energy absorption.08-26-2010
20120244340MEMBRANES CONTAINING GROUND VULCANIZED RUBBER - A multi-layered membrane comprising a first layer that is substantially white in color; and a second layer including ground thermoset rubber.09-27-2012
20100255290Carbon nanotube metal nanoparticle composite and method for making the same - A method for making carbon nanotube precious metal nanoparticles composite includes the following steps. A solution dissolving precious metal ions is provided. A water soluble polymer is provided and dissolved in water to form a solution of the soluble polymer. The solution of the precious metal ions is added into the solution of the soluble polymer to form a first mixture. A solution of carbon nanotubes is provided and added in the first mixture to form a second mixture. The second mixture is irradiated via radiation, the radiation have a wave length less than 450 nm.10-07-2010
20100221525NANOPARTICLES - The invention relates to zinc oxide nanoparticles having an average particle size, determined by particle correlation spectroscopy (PCS), in the range from 3 to 20 nm whose particle surface has been modified by means of at least one copolymer comprising at least one monomer containing hydrophobic radicals and at least one monomer containing hydrophilic radicals, dispersed in an organic solvent, characterised in that they are obtainable by a process in which in a step a) one or more precursors of the nanoparticles are converted into the nanoparticles in an alcohol, in a step b) the growth of the nanoparticles is terminated by addition of at least one copolymer comprising at least one monomer containing hydrophobic radicals and at least one monomer containing hydrophilic radicals when the absorption edge in the UV/VIS spectrum of the reaction solution has reached the desired value, and optionally in step c) the alcohol from step a) is removed and replaced by another organic solvent, to isolated particles, and to the use thereof for UV protection in polymers.09-02-2010
20090075063Automobile water-based paint - This invention provides an automobile water-based paint capable of forming coating film of little metallic mottling and excellent flip-flop property and smoothness, which comprises hydroxyl-containing resin, viscosity-regulating agent and hydrophobic solvent, the viscosity-regulating agent being a copolymer obtained by copolymerizing a monomeric mixture containing a (meth)acrylic acid (salt), monomer represented by the following formula (1)03-19-2009
20100062241THERMO-ACOUSTIC RADIANT MEMBRANE - The thermo-acoustic radiant membrane is designed for use on a floor beneath a spa, whirlpool or therapeutic bath, inertia base or similar. The membrane comprises a radiant layer made of a metallic film, on which a layer of rubber granules of varying size are hot-laminated with a bitumen elastomer to which other components can be added such as wood, mineral, synthetic, or vegetable fibres. The membrane is also provided with a water-impermeable layer to act as a vapour block. Said layer is made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester or metal is resistant to tearing, static crushing and tension and has a large capacity for stretching and is covered with bitumen elastomer. The bitumen elastomer layer on the water-impermeable layer is placed on the granule layer of the radiant layer in order to assemble the membrane by adhesion of the layers.03-11-2010
20090208731CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM, METHOD OF PRODUCING CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS INCLUDING CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING ELECTRONIC APPARATUS INCLUDING CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE FILM - A conductive adhesive film includes an insulating adhesive material and a plurality of conductive particles dispersed in the insulating adhesive material, wherein the conductive particles are arranged in the insulating adhesive material at a predetermined pitch.08-20-2009
20100310858COMPOSITIONS AND AQUEOUS DISPERSIONS - An aqueous dispersion including (A) at least one base polymer selected from the group consisting of an ethylene-based co-polymer and a propylene-based co-polymer; (B) at least one polymeric stabilizing agent; and at least one filler; wherein the polymeric stabilizing agent is different from the at least one base polymer and is compatible with the at least one base polymer and the at least one filler, and wherein the dispersion has filler in the range of greater than 0 to about 600 parts per hundred parts of a combined amount of the at least one base polymer and the polymeric stabilizing agent is disclosed.12-09-2010
20100310857Inorganic-polymer composite material, adhesive layer, and adhesive film - An inorganic-polymer composite material includes a hydrophilic inorganic compound that has a maximum length of 1 to 1000 nm and is unevenly distributed on the surface of a polymer particle having an average particle size of 0.05 to 100 μm.12-09-2010
20090258218PRODUCTION OF SILVER SULFATE GRAINS USING CARBOXYLIC ACID ADDITIVES - An aqueous precipitation process for the preparation of particles comprising primarily silver sulfate, comprising reacting an aqueous soluble silver salt and an aqueous soluble source of inorganic sulfate ion in an agitated precipitation reactor vessel and precipitating particles comprising primarily silver sulfate, wherein the reaction and precipitation are performed in the presence of an aqueous soluble carboxylic acid additive or salt thereof, the amount of additive being a minor molar percentage, relative to the molar amount of silver sulfate precipitated, and effective to result in precipitation of particles comprising primarily silver sulfate having a mean grain-size of less than 70 micrometers.10-15-2009
20100055445HYDROPHOBIC POLYETHERIMIDE/POLYSILOXANE COPOLYMER INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER COMPONENTS - An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a polyetherimide/polysiloxane polymer.03-04-2010
20100055446PREPARATION OF POLYMER DISPERSIONS IN THE PRESENCE OF ORGANIC POLYMER PARTICLES - Aqueous polymer dispersion having a solids content greater than 50% by weight, obtainable by emulsion polymerization of monomers in the presence of organic polymers (organic particles for short) which are dispersible in the aqueous phase without surface-active assistants.03-04-2010
20110177324TEMPORARY PROTECTION OF GLASS - One subject of the invention is a glass substrate coated with a continuous temporary protection film, said film essentially consisting of a stack of discernible colloidal polymer particles. Another subject of the invention is a process for coating a glass substrate with a continuous temporary protection film, in which process an aqueous dispersion of colloidal particles of at least one water-insoluble solid polymer is deposited on at least one surface of said substrate and then the film thus obtained is dried at a temperature above the glass transition temperature of said at least one polymer but not exceeding 50° C.07-21-2011
20120121893BETTER CURING COATED RELEASE LINER SUBSTRATE - Release liner substrates and release liners produced therefrom wherein the substrate includes a coating layer containing a binder and a hyperplatey talc. The release liner may comprise a release liner substrate with a binder and a hyperplatey talc coating and a silicone coating applied to the substrate coating. In accordance with certain aspects, the binder may comprise a carboxylated latex binder.05-17-2012
20100003501FLEXIBLE HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX HARDCOAT - Antireflective films comprising a flexible high refractive index layer that comprises at least 60 wt-% of inorganic nanoparticles, the nanoparticles having a refractive index of at least 1.60, dispersed in a crosslinked organic material. Also described are surface treated nanoparticles.01-07-2010
20110212324COVER TAPE - Provided is a cover tape that has a small range of stripping strength and generates little static electricity when stripped at a high speed. The cover tape according to the present invention comprises at least a substrate layer, an intermediate layer, a charge transfer layer, and a heat seal layer, characterized in that (A) the charge transfer layer containing an acid-modified polyolefin resin and a conductive agent, and (B) the heat seal layer containing (a) a thermoplastic resin component composed of an acrylic resin, and (b) a styrene-conjugated diene copolymer or a hydrogenated resin thereof, the mass ratio of the two components ((a)/(b)) being 20/80 to 80/20.09-01-2011
20110212323METHOD FOR PREPARING OXIDE THIN FILM GAS SENSORS WITH HIGH SENSITIVITY - The present invention relates to a method for preparing oxide thin films with high sensitivity and reliability, which can be advantageously used in the fabrication of articles such as gas sensors. The present invention establishes a high reliability process for preparing large area microsphere templates which may be applicable to silicone semiconductor processes by simple plasma surface treatment and spin coating. The present invention achieves remarkably enhanced sensitivities of thin films of gas sensors by controlling the nanostructure shapes of hollow hemisphere oxide thin films by using simple plasma treatment. In particular, the gas sensor based on the nanostructured TiO09-01-2011
20090317623MULTI-LAYERED COMPOSITE CRYSTALLINE COLLOIDAL ARRAY FILMS - A multi-layered composite material is disclosed, which includes an ordered periodic array of particles held in a matrix composition. The composite material further includes inorganic nanosized particles infused into the array of particles.12-24-2009
20090029151TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE FILM AND TOUCH PANEL - A transparent conductive film of the present invention comprises: a transparent film substrate; a hard-coating layer provided on one side of the transparent film substrate; and a transparent conductive thin layer provided on another side of the transparent film substrate, wherein the hard-coating layer is made from a material containing a urethane acrylate, a polyol (meth)acrylate and a (meth)acrylic polymer having an alkyl group containing two or more hydroxyl groups. The transparent conductive film of the present invention has good scratch resistance.01-29-2009
20080268234BACKLIGHT MODULE, DIFFUSION PLATE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed is a diffusion plate and a method of manufacturing thereof and a backlight module including the diffusion plate. The diffusion plate comprises a substrate and a diffusion layer applied on the substrate. The diffusion layer comprises a polymer resin and polymer hollow microspheres, and the polymer hollow microspheres are uniformly dispersed in the polymer resin.10-30-2008
20080268233NANOTEXTURED SUPER OR ULTRA HYDROPHOBIC COATINGS - The invention describes compositions that include a polymer having a water contact angle of between about 120° and about 150° or greater adhered to a 10-30-2008
20080213569Film for Pressure Roller - The invention aims to provide a film for a pressure roller, without requiring an adhesive layer and capable of maintaining or improving conventionally obtained characteristics such as a tensile strength, a tear strength and an excellent releasing property with a recording material. The invention provides a film for a pressure roller, including a polyimide layer in which fluorinated resin powder is dispersed. The fluorinated resin powder is dispersed in an amount of from 10 to 20 vol % in the polyimide layer, and has an average particle size of from 1 to 20 μm.09-04-2008
20130196144Laser Engraveable Compositions for Relief Image Printing Elements - A laser engravable photocurable composition comprising: (a) crosslinked elastomeric polymer particles having a diameter of between about 5 and about 1000 nm; (b) about 0 to 60 parts of at least one monomer; (c) about 0.1 to 4 parts of at least one photoinitiator; and optionally, (d) a binder or oligomer. The crosslinked elastomeric polymer particles preferably comprise: (i) an aliphatic conjugated diene monomer; (ii) at least one vinyl monomer; and (iii) optionally, an acid functional monofunctional vinyl monomer. In addition a laser engravable relief printing element including the laser engravable photocarable composition and an engraving method are also described.08-01-2013
20100285307EDGE COATINGS FOR TAPES - Disclosed is a tape including a substrate having an adhesive layer applied thereto and an edge coating. The substrate and the adhesive together provide at least one masking edge where the edge coating is applied. The edge coating includes a lipophilic agent, a flocculating agent, or combinations thereof. The edge coating provides the tape with enhanced masking ability by preventing paints, varnishes, paint strippers, and other coating compositions from infiltrating the tape substrate or the interface between the tape and an adherend.11-11-2010
20110135911INSULATING SHEET AND MULTILAYER STRUCTURE - The present invention provides an insulating sheet which is excellent in handleability when it is uncured, and provides a cured product excellent in dielectric breakdown characteristics, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, acid resistance, and processability, and a multilayer structure produced by the use of the insulating sheet. The insulating sheet comprising: (A) a polymer having a weight average molecular weight of 10,000 or more; (B) at least one of an epoxy resin (B1) having a weight average molecular weight of less than 10,000 and an oxetane resin (B2) having a weight average molecular weight of less than 10,000; (C) a curing agent; and (D) at least one of magnesium carbonate anhydrous (D1) represented by MgCO06-09-2011
20100159234Adhesive film composition for electric and electronic devices and adhesive film using the same - An adhesive film composition for electric and electronic devices and an adhesive film produced using the same, the composition including a binder, the binder including an ester linkage-containing resin, a carbodiimide group-containing compound, a (meth)acrylate group-containing compound; and an organic peroxide.06-24-2010
20100159233POLYMER THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIALS - In some embodiments, polymer thermal interface materials are presented. In this regard, a thermal interface material is introduced comprising a polymer matrix, a matrix additive, wherein the matrix additive comprises a fluxing agent, and a spherical filler material, wherein the spherical filler material comprises a metallic core with an organic solderability preservative coating. Other embodiments are also disclosed and claimed.06-24-2010
20100068504MULTIPLE-COATING PARTICLE AND ANTI-GLARE FILM HAVING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a multiple-coating particle and an anti-glare film having the same. The anti-glare film includes a transparent resin and a plurality of multiple-coating particles. The multiple-coating particles are evenly distributed in the transparent resin. The multiple-coating particle is composed of at least two layers of the distinct transparent materials so as to scatter and refract light due to different refractive indexes and to provide anti-glaring effect.03-18-2010
20100021722PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING A COATING TO AT LEAST ONE SIDE OF A LEATHER AND COATED LEATHER PRODUCED BY SUCH A PROCESS - In order to provide an economical process for applying a coating to at least one side, optionally to both sides, of a leather, in which gentle processing of the leather is ensured and hardening thereof is avoided, an aqueous plastic dispersion having compact particles containing a blowing agent being applied to this side or these sides and being allowed to solidify, and hollow microspheres being formed from the thermoplastic compact particles by supplying heat, the invention proposes that, after solidification, the plastic dispersion containing the compact particles is subjected to the action of expanded superheated steam at a temperature between 80° C. and 100° C. (FIG. 01-28-2010
20100233470COATED STEEL SHEET - It is an object of the present invention to provide a coated steel sheet, properties of which such as an adhesion property to a substrate and press oil resistance are improved.09-16-2010
20090246509OPTICAL LAMINATE FOR PLASMA DISPLAY - Provided is an optical laminate for a plasma display in which a moire phenomenon can be prevented without disposing an anti-glare film and the like in order to decrease a thickness of an optical filter in a plasma display, improve a productivity of the optical filter and reduce a cost thereof.10-01-2009
20100183867RADIATION PROTECTION MATERIAL USING GRANULATED VULCANIZED RUBBER, METAL AND BINDER - A radiation shielding material contains ground scrap tire rubber, granulated iron or other metals of moderate cost, and a suitable binder, such as polyurethane or asphalt. The rubber particles can also have a metallic coating.07-22-2010
20090068440PRODUCTION OF ACROLEIN, ACRYLIC ACID AND WATER-ABSORBENT POLYMER STRUCTURES MADE FROM GLYCERINE - The present invention relates to a process for the production of acrolein, comprising the following steps: 03-12-2009
20080268235LIGHT DIFFUSER PLATE - A light diffuser plate comprising a transparent resin composition containing a transparent resin and a light diffuser in which the light diffuser has an average particle diameter of from 0.6 μm to 1.5 μm and a standard deviation of particle diameters of from 0.01 μm to 0.5 μm, and an absolute value of a refractive index difference |Δn| between the transparent resin and the light diffuser is at least 0.05.10-30-2008
20080286562THERMOSETTING ENCAPSULATION ADHESIVE SHEET - A thermosetting encapsulation adhesive sheet which is used for encapsulating a chip type device (11-20-2008
20120045639Ultrathin Fluid-Absorbent Cores - The present invention relates to ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores comprising a substrate layer, water-absorbent polymer particles and an adhesive, wherein dry SAP shake out of water-absorbent polymer particles out of the fluid-absorbent core is less than 0.6% by weight.02-23-2012
20100086769RUBBER-METAL LAMINATE - A hydrogenated nitrile rubber-metal laminate, which comprises a metallic sheet subjected to a hexavalent Cr ions-free chemical conversion treatment, a defatting treatment, a surface-roughening treatment, a primer treatment, or a combination of the treatment, and an adhesive layer and a rubber layer successively laid on one or both surfaces of the metallic sheet, wherein the rubber layer is a vulcanizate of a hydrogenated nitrile rubber compound comprising 100 parts by weight of a hydrogenated nitrile rubber, 50-250 parts by weight of an inorganic filler containing not more than 20% by volume, on the basis of total compound, of a non-reinforcing inorganic filler having an average particle size of not more than 5 μm, 4-20 parts by weight of an organic peroxide, and preferably furthermore 2-10 parts by weight of N,N′-phenylene dimaleimide. The rubber-metal laminate has a vulcanized rubber layer(s) distinguished in the heat resistant at elevated temperatures of 150° C. or higher, the heat bending resistance, e.g. at 200° C. for 100 hours, and the rubber bulging resistance (rubber flow resistance) when used at elevated temperatures and surface pressures.04-08-2010
20080213568Polyether Polymer Matrix - The present invention relates to polyether resins, methods for their manufacture and uses thereof. In one aspect of the invention the polyether resin comprises a plurality of functional groups and is obtained by polymerisation of a mixture of alkoxylated reactive compounds selected from a) alkoxylated compounds having a functionality of more than one, and b) alkoxylated monofunctional reactive compounds, wherein the alkoxylated part of the alkoxylated compounds having a functionality of more than one has an average molecular weight which is different from the average molecular weight of the alkoxylated part of the alkoxylated monofunctional reactive compounds.09-04-2008
20090098363MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE WITH IMPROVED COMPOUNDING AND VISCOSITY PERFORMANCE - Novel magnesium hydroxide flame retardants, a method of making them from filter cakes, and their use.04-16-2009
20110064941CORROSION INHIBITORS IN BREAKABLE MICROCAPSULES TO PASSIVATE SCRATCHED METALS - Microencapsulated chemical(s), as water-soluble solid particles, are embedded in at least one the paint layers on the surface of a magnesium article used in an automobile. If the protective paint film is scratched or otherwise mechanically disturbed to expose the surface of the magnesium article the capsules will be ruptured. This will expose the encapsulated chemical(s) to ambient water enabling them to dissolve and form an aqueous solution capable of reacting with the exposed magnesium to form a protective passivating layer on the exposed magnesium to resist corrosion. In a second embodiment the encapsulated chemicals include a deliquescing compound for extraction of moisture from the atmosphere sufficient to induce dissolution of the passivating layer-forming chemical(s) and trigger the formation of the passivating layer in the absence of ambient water.03-17-2011
20120058330HYDROPHOBIC COATING FOR COATED ARTICLE - A coated article includes a substrate and a superhydrophobic coating on the substrate. The superhydrophobic coating is a composite of a silicone polymer and particles that are inherently hydrophobic or surface-functionalized with a hydrophobic agent.03-08-2012
20120231261METALLIC COATING COMPOSITION HAVING IMPROVED SOLAR REFLECTANCE AND ANTI-SETTLING PROPERTIES - Reflective bituminous coating compositions are within the disclosure herein that include a bituminous component; a petroleum distillate solvent, a fibrous material; a reflective metallic filler component; and expanded glass granules.09-13-2012
20120070651CHROMATE-FREE BLACK-COATED METAL PLATE - An inexpensive chromate-free black metal sheet not containing the high environmental load hexavalent chromium and extremely excellent in finish (coloring power and concealing power including worked parts), moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, formability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, etc.03-22-2012
20090297831Printing plate material - A printing plate material, provided with an image forming layer on a substrate, wherein the image forming layer contains following (A1) or (A2): (A1) Polymer particles which are formed by emulsion polymerization utilizing polymerizable monomer having a carboxylic group and polymerizable monomer having an amide group and have a glass transition temperature (Tg) of not lower than 70° C., and (A2) Polymer particles having a core-shell structure formed by emulsion polymerization and the shell of the polymer particles are comprised of polymer which is polymerized by use of polymerizable monomer having a carboxylic group and polymerizable monomer having an amide group and has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of not lower than 70° C.12-03-2009
20120231260FIBER, FIBER AGGREGATE AND ADHESIVE HAVING THE SAME - Provided is a functional fiber and a fiber aggregate for realizing various functions, an adhesive for easily bonding electronic components, and a method for manufacturing the same. Particularly, a fiber extended in a length direction includes a carrier polymer and a plurality of functional particles, wherein the plurality of functional particles are embedded in the carrier polymer and physically fixed to the carrier polymer to be integrated.09-13-2012
20120164433POLYMER NANOCOMPOSITE PRECURSORS WITH CARBON NANOTUBES AND/OR GRAPHENE AND RELATED THIN FILMS AND PATTERNING - Nano-composites include a graphite material such as nanotubes or graphene sheets and a partial or complete coating of a polymer including sufficient π-conjugated moieties to interact with surfaces of the graphite material. The polymers may also include electropolymerizable or oxidatively polymerizable moieties so the films may be crosslinked. The films may be used to form layers on substrates or patterned layers on substrates.06-28-2012
20090130432HEAT-RESISTANT RESIN - The present invention provides a low-modulus low-stress resin which has such heat resistance that cohesive force and reliability can be retained even at high temperatures and which is applicable as various functional materials.05-21-2009
20100247900Thermochromic indicator - A thermochromic indicator includes a coating on the substrate. The coating comprising a solid crystalline particles having a melting point of 0-130° C. At temperatures below the melting point, the coating is opaque. At temperatures above the melting point, the coating becomes translucent. The change in opacity can be reversible or irreversible.09-30-2010
20120171467ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An electrical steel sheet (07-05-2012
20100047559CORE-SHELL PARTICLES AND THEIR USE IN TOUGHENING POLYMER COMPOSITES - Core-shell particles and methods of making these particles are described as well as polymer composites comprising these particles. Cores comprise polymerized vinyl monomers and shells comprise polyamine polymers, where the polyamine polymers are covalently attached to the core. Use of these particles in polymer composites, such as epoxies, may impart improved toughness properties to the polymer composites.02-25-2010
20100047560SURFACING AND/OR JOINING METHOD - A method for surfacing a polymeric composite article and/or for joining (for example, by bonding or by co-curing) the article and an adherend (for example, a second polymeric composite article) comprises 02-25-2010
20100009169Reducing Dusting of Epoxy Laminates - Epoxy laminates, e.g. CEM-1 laminates, include polymeric particles, particularly core-shell particles having an average diameter of about 0.05 to 30 μm, which reduce the dust produced during manufacture of printed circuit boards.01-14-2010
20090017287Polymeric films - A melt processed film comprising a polymer having several acrylic components.01-15-2009
20110003140ORIENTED COMPOSITE - Disclosed herein are processes for making a consolidated or densified composite article comprising polymer, particularly fluoropolymer, and oriented carbon fiber, which provides suitability for use in chemical-mechanical applications.01-06-2011
20100233469COATED STEEL SHEET - It is an object of the present invention to provide a coated steel sheet, properties of which such as tape peeling resistance, solvent resistance, alkali resistance and abrasion resistance are improved.09-16-2010
20120328868LAMINATED POLYESTER FILM - The present invention provides a laminated polyester film which can be suitably used in the applications requiring good easy-slip property and anti-sticking property, for example, such as members constituting liquid crystal displays. The laminated polyester film of the present invention comprises a polyester film, a coating layer formed on one surface of the polyester film which comprises a resin and particles in which a content by area ratio of the particles on a surface of the coating layer is in the range of 1 to 50%, and a coating layer formed on the other surface of the polyester film which comprises a resin.12-27-2012
20100203321EFFECT PAINT - Emulsion paint composition for obtaining special textile or suede effect comprising a filler at least partly consisting of pre-pigmented spherical aliphatic polyurethane particles particles. About 3-10% of the spherical particles has a particle size between 63-90 micrometers and 25-40% of the spherical particles has a particle size between 40-63 micrometers. Before applying the paint as a semi-opaque top coat the substrate is first coated with an opaque acrylic primer of a corresponding colour and subsequently dried. The top coat is applied by brush in cross way fashion to obtain a suede effect, or it can be applied by roller, while subsequently a tool is used comprising a flat side provided with stiff parallel projecting fibres such as synthetic grass fibres, which are dragged over the fresh paint layer to obtain a linen effect.08-12-2010
20100129643MULTI-LAYER ACOUSTICAL PLASTER SYSTEM - An acoustical plaster system features a base layer mixture and a finish layer mixture. The base layer mixture includes a first binder, a first thickener and a plurality of first particles, with the first particles being porous, lightweight, non-close packing particles having a first mean diameter. The finish layer mixture includes a powder latex binder, a second thickener and a plurality of second particles, with the second particles being porous, lightweight particles having a second diameter. The first mean diameter is larger than said second mean diameter.05-27-2010
20080248287Gas Barrier Coating Having High Thermal Resistance - A coating composition comprising a silylated polyvinyl alcohol and colloidal silica in an aqueous vehicle, where the solids content of the composition is not greater than 7.5% w/w, the silyl monomer content of the silylated polyvinyl alcohol is not greater than 3.0% (based on the monomers forming the silylated polyvinyl alcohol), the silylated polyvinyl alcohol comprises at least 50% w/w of the solids content of the composition, and the average particle size of the colloidal silica is from 5 to 80 nm, may be coated on a substrate with a layer of an inorganic compound to form a gas barrier lamella.10-09-2008
20130115443ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An electrical steel sheet (05-09-2013
20130115442STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE AND BONDING APPLICATION THEREOF - A structural adhesive composition that is suitable for high-strength bonding of metals and aerospace structural materials. In one embodiment, the structural adhesive composition based on a two-part system, which is curable at or below 200° F. (93° C.). The two-part system is composed of a resinous part (A) and a catalyst part (B), which may be stored separately at room temperature until they are ready to be used. The resinous part (A) includes at least two different multifunctional epoxy resins, toughening components, and inorganic filler particles. The catalyst part (B) includes an aliphatic or cyclic amine compound as a curing agent and inorganic filler. In another embodiment, the structural adhesive composition is based on a one-part system, which includes the components of the resinous part (A) mixed with a latent amine curing agent. The one-part system may further include an imidazole and/or an aliphatic amine.05-09-2013
20130101833CO-CURABLE, CONDUCTIVE SURFACING FILMS FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE AND ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE SHIELDING OF THERMOSET COMPOSITE MATERIALS - Embodiments of the present disclosure present electrically conductive, thermosetting compositions for use in surfacing films and adhesives. The surfacing films possess enhanced electrical conductivity, comparable to metals, without the use of embedded metal screens or foils. Such surfacing films may be incorporated into composite structures (e.g., prepregs, tapes, and fabrics), for example, by co-curing, as an outermost surface layer. In particular, compositions formed using silver flakes as conductive fillers are found to exhibit very high electrical conductivity. For example, compositions including greater than 45 wt. % silver flake exhibit resistivities less than about 55 mΩ/sq. In this manner, the surfacing films as an outermost conductive layer may provide lighting strike protection (LSP) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding when used in applications such as aircraft components.04-25-2013
20130130018METHOD FOR COATING WITH DISPERSIONS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS COATED IN A POLYMER LAYER - The invention seeks protection for a novel method for the surface functionalisation of solid materials with one or more active ingredients intended to confer specific properties thereon, such as anti-UV, fluorescence or coloring properties.05-23-2013
20130157041SELF-ASSEMBLY COATING MATERIAL, HEAT SINK AND METHOD OF FORMING HEAT SINK - A self-assembly coating material including carbon particles and polymer shells is provided. The polymer shells respectively cover and are bonded to the carbon particles, wherein each polymer shell has both a first functional group for adsorbing on a surface of a substrate and a second functional group for self cross-linking. The first functional groups include thiol groups. The second functional groups include epoxy groups or carboxylic groups. The self-assembly coating material can be applied to a metal substrate to form a heat dissipation layer.06-20-2013
20110223413Process for Producing Water Absorbent Polymer Particles by Polymerizing Droplets of a Monomer Solution - The present invention relates to a process for producing water-absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution in a surrounding heated gas phase and flowing the gas cocurrent through the polymerization chamber, which comprises coating the water-absorbing polymer particles with at least one sulfinic acid, sulfonic acid and/or salts thereof.09-15-2011
20110229713TITANIUM OR TITANIUM ALLOY PLATE EXCELLENT IN BALANCE BETWEEN PRESS FORMABILITY AND STRENGTH - Disclosed is a titanium or titanium alloy plate rolled in one direction, wherein a lubricating film is coated on the surface and the coefficient of sliding friction of the lubricating film-coated surface is controlled to less than 0.15. The elongation (L-El) of the titanium or titanium alloy plate in the rolling direction and the r value (T-r) in the direction perpendicular to the rolling direction have the following relation (1).09-22-2011
20110236673COATED ARTICLES AND MULTI-LAYER COATINGS - Articles are disclosed wherein a color-imparting non-hiding coating layer is deposited on a surface thereof. The coating layer is deposited from a protective coating composition comprising color-imparting particles having a maximum haze of about 10% and a film-forming resin. Methods of using the coatings, and the substrates coated therewith, are also disclosed.09-29-2011
20100316865COATED POLYOXYMETHYLENES - The present invention relates to coated polyoxymethylene moldings, comprising at least one polyoxymethylene homo- or copolymer A), and also, if appropriate, further additives B), which has been coated on the surface with at least one binder C) and one formaldehyde scavenger D), wherein the binder C) used comprises a polyalkylene oxide C12-16-2010
20120282456EPOXY RESIN COMPOSITES AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for epoxy resin composites, methods of making the epoxy nanocomposites, methods of using the nanocomposites, articles, methods of using articles, and the like.11-08-2012
20090081448PULTRUSION WITH ABRASION RESISTANT FINISH - A lineal product includes a substrate having an outer surface, a thermoplastic base layer applied to the outer surface, and a second thermoplastic layer applied over at least a portion of the base layer, the second layer having a hardness of at least 1H pencil hardness.03-26-2009
20120088096Electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating coating and method of manufacturing the same - The present invention provides an electromagnetic steel sheet having an insulating coating on a surface of the electromagnetic steel sheet, the insulating coating including: a binder solution solid content containing metal phosphate; and a silica or silicate filler having an average particle diameter in a range of 2.0 μm to 15.0 μm and an average specific surface area in a range of 1.0 m04-12-2012
20130209789ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An insulating coating film obtained by mixing 0.5 parts by mass to 10 parts by mass of a copolymer of a fluoroolefin and an ethylenically unsaturated compound when converted into a solid content with 100 parts by mass in solid content of a mixture composed of a metal phosphate and a specific organic resin or a mixture composed of colloidal silica and a specific organic resin is designed to be provided on a surface of an electrical steel sheet, and in this manner, it is possible to obtain an electrical steel sheet having good corrosion resistance under a wet environment and having good properties related to the insulating coating film such as a space factor and adhesiveness.08-15-2013

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