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Including layer of mechanically interengaged strands, strand-portions or strand-like strips

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428 - Stock material or miscellaneous articles


428195100 - Discontinuous or differential coating, impregnation or bond (e.g., artwork, printing, retouched photograph, etc.)

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428197000 Knitted, with particular or differential bond sites or intersections 5
20130040114Invertible Camouflage Construction - An invertible camouflage construction containing a base and two sided garnish is described herein. In an embodiment, the first side of the garnish includes a first pattern, and the second side includes a second pattern visibly distinct from the first pattern. The first side and second side are inverted to provide concealment in differing environments.02-14-2013
20110281088MOISTURE ABSORPTIVE AND PERSPIRATORY CLOTH STRUCTURE - A moisture absorptive and perspiratory cloth structure comprising a cloth substrate comprised of a fabric being made from a moisture absorbent fiber and a moisture or water repelling layer applied to a surface of the cloth substrate. The moisture or water repelling layer comprising a water repelling agent and having patterns formed of or configured with hollow lines. The moisture repelling layer on the cloth substrate has moisture repelling capability and the patterns formed with the hollow lines in intervals have better exhaust and breathability effects. The cloth substrate being made of a fabric having good water absorption so that it can be broadly used on all kinds of articles including but not limited to clothing.11-17-2011
20100310838PRINTING OF NON-WOVEN FABRICS AND THEIR USE IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS - The invention relates to printing of directly decoratable or printable non-woven fabrics and their use in composite materials, suitable in particular as materials in interior finishing, for linings, constructions and for the manufacture of furniture and similar products.12-09-2010
20120058316Construction Of A Gripping Fabric - A gripping fabric and method for construction thereof is provided. A fabric structure that defines an inner surface and an outer surface is created. The fabric structure or the gripping fabric is configured to conform to a user's body part for constructing a garment, for example, a sock. The inner surface is proximal to a user contact surface and distal to an external contact surface. The outer surface is proximal to the external contact surface and distal to the user contact surface. A gripping material is selectively applied on the inner surface and/or the outer surface of the fabric structure. The gripping material on the inner surface and the outer surface of the fabric structure adheres to the user contact surface and the external contact surface respectively, thereby providing grip between the user contact surface and the fabric structure, and grip between the fabric structure and the external contact surface.03-08-2012
20130171432EXERCISE MAT - An exercise mat comprising: a bottom layer; and a top layer comprising an absorbent material and a traction enhancing material printed on the top layer.07-04-2013
20090123713BREATHABLE WATERPROOF GARMENT - A garment containing a breathable laminate that is optionally bonded to an outer layer fabric and an optional inner layer fabric. The breathable laminate is constructed from a microporous membrane situated in a face to face relationship with a nanoweb and optionally bonded thereto.05-14-2009
20110177305POLISHING PAD AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a polishing pad and method for making the same. The polishing pad includes a fabric substrate and a second high polymeric elastomer resin. The fabric substrate is formed by a plurality of cross composite fibers. Each composite fiber has a plurality of fine fibers and a first high polymeric elastomer resin, and the first high polymeric elastomer resin discontinuously encloses the fine fibers. The second high polymeric elastomer resin encloses the composite fibers, and the first high polymeric elastomer resin and the second high polymeric elastomer resin have the same functional group. By adjusting the degree of saturation of the first high polymeric elastomer resin and the second high polymeric elastomer resin, the fine fibers will have smaller size and will not be easily entangled. Therefore, a workpiece to be polished will not be scratched and will have excellent surface quality.07-21-2011
20130078436TRANSPARENT ELECTRODE LAMINATE - According to one embodiment, the transparent electrode laminate includes a transparent substrate and an electrode layer which is formed on the transparent substrate and includes a three-dimensional network of metal nanowires. The electrode layer includes a first conductive region and a second conductive region adjacent to the first conductive region. Surfaces of the metal nanowires in the first conductive region are reacted to form reaction products. Surfaces of the metal nanowires in the second conductive region are unreacted. The second region has conductivity higher than that of the first conductive region and an optical transparency.03-28-2013
20100075120HYDROENTANGLED NONWOVEN MATERIAL - A hydroentangled nonwoven material (03-25-2010
20090075038Printing formulations - The present invention relates to a printing formulation comprising monodisperse particles and particles, wherein the particles have a largest dimension which is at least 6 times larger than the largest dimension of the monodisperse particles, as well as to the use of these formulations for printing and to substances printed with these formulations.03-19-2009
20100015419Flowing Colors Oil Painting (Waterless) - This invention provides a composition of Flowing Colors oil paint formed by mixing an oil paint or oil color with a diluent. The diluent may be an oil such as linseed oil or mineral oil. The composition is suitable for “Flowing Colors” oil painting. The invention also provides methods of using the composition to prepare paintings of “Flowing Colors”. In one method, water is mixed with Flowing Colors. In another method, Flowing Colors are used without water. The invention further provides oil paintings prepared by said methods.01-21-2010
20100104830ACTIVATABLE ZERO STRAIN COMPOSITE LAMINATE - The present invention relates to an activatable zero strain composite laminate web comprising an activatable elastic laminate web having an elastic core layer and at least one skin layer which is less elastic than the core layer, and at least one pre-bonded staple fiber nonwoven web which is attached to one of the skin layers of the elastic laminate web, the at least one staple fiber nonwoven web having an elongation at break of at least 100% in the cross-direction and said activatable elastic laminate web forming an essentially homogeneous microtextured surface when stretched in the first upload in the cross-direction past the elastic limit of the one or more skin layers.04-29-2010
20130071633Short Fiber Reinforced Artificial Stone Laminate - A short fiber reinforced artificial stone laminate comprising a top layer of particulates of substantially a single size between 0.5 mm and 3 mm, short fibers deposited in grooves between the particulates, a rear layer of long reinforcing fibers backing the particulates and the short fibers, and a binder is provided. A method for manufacturing the short fiber reinforced artificial stone laminate is also provided. Particulates, for example, quartz particulates, are deposited on a release surface. Short fibers, for example, short glass fibers, are deposited in grooves between the particulates. The particulates and the short fibers are vibrated, whereby the short fibers align and position themselves in the grooves. Long reinforcing fibers are then deposited on the particulates. A binder is deposited for binding the particulates, the short fibers, and the long reinforcing fibers. After the binder cures, the surface of the particulates is polished.03-21-2013
20110020618NOWOVEN WEBS WITH VISIBLE COMPRESSED SITES - Nonwoven webs comprising visible compressed sites and more particularly to disposable pre-moistened nonwoven webs comprising non-thermoplastic fibers exhibiting a fiber length of less than about 15 mm and one or more compressed sites comprising the non-thermoplastic fibers, wherein at least one of the one or more compressed sites is visible when wet, wipes comprising such nonwoven webs and methods for making such nonwoven webs.01-27-2011
20090035537FORMING FABRIC FOR A MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WEB MATERIAL, ESPECIALLY PAPER OR CARDBOARD - A forming fabric for a machine for the production of web material, especially paper or cardboard, comprises a first fabric layer on the web material side and a second machine-side fabric layer, whereby the first fabric layer and the second fabric layer are interconnected with each other by binder threads and whereby the second fabric layer is woven in an irregular satin weave.02-05-2009
20090263636Opal-Finished Fabric - An opal-finished fabric having a stereoscopic pattern is provided, in which both the fiber-decomposed part and the non-fiber-decomposed part are rich in color expression, and the fiber-decomposed part having a sufficient strength with a thin material having highly transparent appearance in the fiber-decomposed part. The fabric is an opal-finished fabric obtained with two or more kinds of fibers and formed with a fiber-decomposed part showing a transparent appearance by removing at least one kind of the fibers and a non-fiber-decomposed part, in which for solving the problems, the fiber-decomposed part contains mainly nylon fibers, and the non-fiber-decomposed part contains mainly colored polyester fibers and non-colored nylon fibers. The non-fiber-decomposed part is preferably constituted by a layer containing mainly polyester fibers and a layer containing mainly nylon fibers. The stretchability thereof can be improved by using the fabric further containing polyurethane fibers or weaving the fiber-decomposed part with an atlas stitch structure or a two-needle stitch structure.10-22-2009
20120237740PRINTING AND PIGMENTATION USING QUANTUM DOT NANOPARTICLES - A process including article of manufacture, utilizes nanoparticles, such as quantum dots, as pigment or dye-pigment to color an article, via dye-sublimation, printing, coloring, or painting methods. Garments or decorative media are manufactured utilizing these methods to incorporate nanoparticles as coloring agents.09-20-2012
20130164507SPORTS BOARD AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A sports board is made by forming a rough blank that has an inner foam core and an outer cured fiberglass layer. The method further includes the steps of applying a bonding composition to the top and bottom surfaces of the rough blank; placing an upper surface panel and a lower surface panel on the top and bottom surfaces of the rough blank before the bonding composition has cured; heating the molded sports board in a compression mold; and trimming the molded sports board to form the finished sports board.06-27-2013
20100167026DECORATIVE PRODUCTS HAVING DEPTH OF IMAGE - A method of manufacturing decorative appliqués having a decorative outer layer, a clear backing layer which provides exceptional “depth of image” and a substrate layer is provided. Decorative or protective appliqués' having a wide range of decorative patterns may be formed by injection molding a clear plastic behind the surface of a thin substantially transparent film, fabric or sheet and backing such decorative composites with a substrate layer. The presence of the clear layer behind the relatively transparent decorative layer provides enhanced depth of image to the features of the decorative layer.07-01-2010
20110300350PERFORMANCE TEXTILE HAVING GAS PERMEABLE AND PROTECTIVE FUNCTIONS - A performance textile having gas permeable and protective functions includes a flexible fabric and a gas permeable fabric arranged on the flexible fabric. The flexible fabric includes a joining surface. The gas permeable fabric has a plurality of contact regions connecting to the joining surface and a plurality of bulged regions adjacent to the contact regions. The bulged regions and the joining surface form a chamber between them to contain gas. The flexible fabric changes from an un-stretched condition to a stretched condition when subjecting to a force. During change of the conditions the bulged regions move towards the joining surface so that a volume change occurs to the chamber and the pressure in the chamber increases to force the gas to pass through the flexible fabric to provide greater gas permeability.12-08-2011
20100035029Distortion Resistant, High-Definition Litho Applique - A process for creating and applying a soft, high-definition, complex shaped appliqué such that the shape of the appliqué is not distorted when stitched onto a garment and the appliqué can optionally be embroidered without requiring additional alignment processes. The appliqués are made by sublimating a high-definition image onto an upper fabric capable of retaining the high-definition image, affixing the upper fabric to a soft backing fabric capable of resisting dimensional distortion, and then laser cutting the complex shape such that the resulting appliqué can be stitched onto a garment.02-11-2010
20080292851Molded part, in particular decorative part and/or trim part for the passenger compartment of a vehicle, and process for producing molded parts - Implementations of the present invention relate to a molded part, in particular a decorative part and/or a trim part for the passenger compartment of a vehicle, comprising a support of plastic, a decorative layer and a ductile insert of ductile material. According to implementations of the present invention, the ductile material for forming the ductile insert is or comprises a nonmetallic mat, in particular a textile mat or a prepreg mat. Implementations of the present invention also relate to an injection molding process and a compression molding process for producing molded parts, in particular decorative parts and/or trim parts for the passenger compartment of a vehicle, the molded parts comprising a support of plastic, a decorative layer and a ductile insert of ductile material.11-27-2008
20100119787Industrial multilayer fabric having a narrowing weft - In an industrial multilayer fabric, narrower wefts of a small diameter are placed between lower side wefts so as to sandwich a knuckle formed by a lower side warp on the lower surface side of the fabric.05-13-2010
20100098919FLAME-RETARDANT CELLULOSIC NONWOVEN FABRIC - The present invention is directed to a hydroentangled flame retardant nonwoven fabric, and more specifically, to a cellulosic flame retardant fabric comprising a self extinguishing fiber so as to minimize the total percentage of fabric weight lost upon burning in accordance with technical bulletin 604. Use of natural fiber fabrics in bedding components is desirable due to the softness and durability associated with the fabrics; however, natural fiber, such as cellulose, is highly flammable and therefore lacks the ability to provide the proper flammability protection often sought out in bedding components. In accordance with the present invention, a small amount of self-extinguishing fiber, such as a modacrylic fiber, was blended with the natural fiber and hydroentangled to form a nonwoven composite fabric that is soft, flame retardant, and suitable for bedding articles.04-22-2010
20090162621Method for Providing a Localised Finish on Textile Article - A method of producing a textile article having a localised finish is described. The method comprises providing a continuous supply of a textile substrate, providing an array of digital nozzles, supplying a finishing composition to the nozzles and selectively depositing the finishing composition from the nozzles in a series of droplets to deposit a first predetermined pattern of droplets on a selected area of the substrate to endow a functional characteristic on the selected areas. In this way, it is possible to ensure that only those areas receive the finishing composition that ultimately require it. Usage of valuable chemicals and process time can hereby be reduced.06-25-2009
20080206529Printed nonwoven web and method for making - A nonwoven web having printed thereon a colorant and/or a composition providing a skin health benefit. The nonwoven web can be a three-dimensional, fluid pervious, polymeric web. The nonwoven web can comprise apertures. The apertures are defined in a first surface of the nonwoven web in a first plane of the nonwoven web, and extend in sidewall portions to a second surface in a second plane of the nonwoven web. A colorant or lotion composition can be deposited on at least a portion of the second surface of the nonwoven web.08-28-2008
20100279085Nonwoven Composite Including Post-Consumer Recycled Material - The present invention provides for a nonwoven web composite which contains at least 40% by weight of post consumer recycled materials. It has been surprisingly discovered that a nonwoven web composite of the present invention, with its fairly high post consumer recycled material content, has physical properties similar to those of a nonwoven web composite prepared from virgin materials.11-04-2010
20100143669SUBLIMATION DYE PRINTED TEXTILE DESIGN HAVING METALLIC APPEARANCE AND ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - The present invention is directed to an appliqué having dyeable and non-dyeable fibers and a method for making the same.06-10-2010
20080233364DIMENSIONALLY STABLE LAMINATE AND METHOD - Various embodiments of a dimensionally stable laminates and the method of producing the laminates are provided. In one embodiment, a dimensionally stable laminate structure includes a reinforcement layer having a polymer selected from polyester, phenolic, epoxy and mixtures thereof, and from about 20% to about 80% by weight fiber reinforcement. The multi-layered laminate also includes a surface layer having a substrate layer which includes a polymer selected from polyvinyl chloride, polyester, phenolic, epoxy and mixtures thereof, and from about 20% to about 80% by weight fiber reinforcement. The surface layer also includes a decorative layer comprising a polymer selected from the group: polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, acrylic and mixtures thereof. An adhesive primer layer is adhered to the reinforcement layer and an adhesive layer is disposed between the surface layer and the adhesive primer layer. The adhesive primer layer is a material composition that is different than the adhesive layer. In various example embodiments the dimensionally stable laminate is a continuous roll-formed laminate product.09-25-2008
20120295079COMPOUND FOR MANUFACTURING WATERMARK IN A TEXTILE SHEET MATERIAL AND THE CORRESPONDING COMPOSITION, MATERIAL, METHOD AND USE - The invention relates to a compound for manufacturing watermark in a textile sheet material and the corresponding composition, material, method and use. The compound for manufacturing a watermark in a textile sheet material of formula11-22-2012
20100279084Superhydrophobic Surface and Method of Forming Same - A superhydrophobic surface and method for forming same. In one embodiment, the method has the steps of preparing a surface of a substrate of a first material, modifying the surface through an etching process to generate a plurality of nucleation sites, and depositing a source material of a second material on the modified surface by using glancing angle deposition to form a plurality of nano-rods corresponding to the plurality of nucleation sites.11-04-2010
20100143671PRE-MOISTENED NONWOVEN WEBS WITH VISIBLE COMPRESSED SITES - The disclosure relates to pre-moistened webs and wipes having visible compressed sites that provide the perception of a cloth-like texture. The disclosure also relates to a nonwoven web made of non-thermoplastic fibers with at least one compressed site on the surface of the web that remains visible when the web is pre-moistened.06-10-2010
20110223398Upholstery and Wall Panel Weight Woven Fabrics - A woven fabric includes a warp formed of natural or manmade fiber and a weft formed lyocell fiber or a blend of lyocell fiber and at least one other fiber.09-15-2011
20110143107PRODUCTION OF METALLIZED SURFACES, METALLIZED SURFACE AND USE THEREOF - A process for producing a metallized textile surface comprises 06-16-2011
20090258199WAX IMPREGNATED MESH POCKET FOR LACROSSE STICK AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SAME - A mesh pocket for a lacrosse stick is disclosed. The mesh pocket is defined by a plurality of strands, which are inter-engaged. A wax is impregnated into at least a portion of at least some of the strands. Additionally, a process for applying a wax to a mesh of a lacrosse stick is disclosed. The process comprises providing a wax-permeable layer having a first and second opposed sides, and positioning the first side in contact with the mesh. The process further comprises providing molten wax to the second opposed side of the wax-permeable layer. The molten wax passes through the wax-permeable layer to the mesh.10-15-2009
20100189968FLEXOGRAPHIC AND GRAVURE PRINTING INKS FOR NONWOVEN SUBSTRATES - A flexographic and/or rotogravure printing ink used on non-woven substrates contains polyurethane and colorant.07-29-2010
20090104416DECORATED FABRIC FOR AUTOMOTIVE USE - A decorative fabric for automotive use includes a fabric piece that is attached to a predetermined location of an automobile and a plurality of discrete decorative pieces that are attached to predetermined positions, which forms a desired pattern, on the fabric piece. Each of the decorative pieces comprises a hard outer piece that has a predetermined shape, and a heat-curing adhesive layer that fixes the hard outer piece to the fabric piece. The hard outer piece includes a metal stud and an artificial gem stone.04-23-2009
20100215923Elastic film laminates with tapered point bonds - Elastic laminates having improved loft, improved softness and hand, and provide greater wound roll capacity comprise an elastic film ultrasonically bonded to a nonwoven web on either side of the film, wherein the bond points have a flat land bond area that comprises no more than about 30% of the total bond area of said bond points.08-26-2010
20100215924Waterproofing Membrane for Use on Inclined Surfaces - The present invention provides a waterproofing membrane for use on inclined surfaces. The membrane is fabricated from one or more layers of flexible sheet material preferably consisting of woven or nonwoven synthetic polymers of polypropylene. The membrane has a top surface and a bottom surface, where the bottom surface is intended to face the inclined surface. A skid resistant pattern of polymer elements is applied to the top surface of the membrane. The polymer has a Tensile Modulus <15 MPa (ASTM D638, 23C, 50 mm/min), a Tensile Yield Elongation >50% (ASTM D638, 23C, 50 mm/min, and a Shore A Hardness (ASTM D2240, 23C, 0 sec)<90. In a preferred embodiment the polymer elements are made from polyvinyl chloride polymer with a Tensile Modulus <7 MPa (ASTM D638, 23C, 50 mm/min), a Tensile Yield Elongation >50% (ASTM D638, 23C, 50 mm/min, and a Shore A Hardness (ASTM D2240, 23C, 0 sec)<75. The pattern of polymer elements may be applied directly on the top surface of the membrane or produced on one side of a carrier sheet which is attached to the top surface of the membrane. Where a carrier sheet is utilized, the carrier sheet is comprised of woven or nonwoven materials selected from the group consisting of synthetic polymers of polyethylene(PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethyleneterephthalate (PET), nylon, or copolymers and blends thereof, as well as glass or cotton, or blends thereof. In a preferred embodiment the carrier sheet is comprised of woven or nonwoven polypropylene (PP) or polyethyleneterephthalate (PET).08-26-2010
20100227130MOLDED ARTICLE FORMED OF HIGHLY ELASTIC FIBER BALLS - A molded article formed of highly elastic fiber balls and obtained by thermoforming fiber balls in a mold, characterized in that each fiber ball is composed of a conjugate short fiber (a) defined below and a poly(trimethylene terephthalate) short fiber (b), and that part of the fiber interlaced points of fibers of each fiber ball are thermally fixed with flexible thermally fixed points: 09-09-2010
20100112312Flame Resistant Fabrics and Garments Made From Same - Unique blends of fibers that incorporate synthetic cellulosic fibers to render fabrics made with such blends more durable than fabrics made with natural cellulosic fibers such as cotton. While more durable than cotton, the synthetic cellulosic fibers used in the blends are still inexpensive and comfortable to the wearer. Thus, the benefits of cotton (affordability and comfort) are still attained while a drawback of cotton—low durability—is avoided. In one embodiment, the fiber blend includes FR modacrylic fibers and synthetic cellulosic fibers, preferably, but not necessarily non-FR lyocell fibers such as TENCEL™ and TENCEL A100™. Other fibers may be added to the blend, including, but not limited to, additional types of inherently FR fibers, anti-static fibers, anti-microbial fibers, stretch fibers, and/or high tenacity fibers. The fiber blends disclosed herein may be used to form various types of FR fabrics. Desired colors may be imparted in a variety of ways and with a variety of dyes to the fabrics disclosed herein. Fabrics having the fibers blends disclosed herein can be used to construct the entirety of, or various portions of, a variety of protective garments for protecting the wearer against electrical arc flash and flames, including, but not limited to, coveralls, jumpsuits, shirts, jackets, vests, and trousers.05-06-2010
20100304099Adherent Fabric Articles and Associated Methods - Adherent fabric articles and uses therefor are disclosed and described. In one aspect, an adherent fabric article may include a fabric layer bonded to a cling layer. In use, the fabric layer can be used to clean, polish, or treat a surface of a device, such as a scratch sensitive surface. Once cleaning, polishing, or treating is complete, the adherent fabric article can be stored on the device by adhering it to a smooth surface on the device using the cling layer. Moreover, in this position, the article may be used to protect the surface of the device to which the article is adhered. Further, the fabric portion of the article may be imaged to allow the article to be decorative in nature when adorning a device, or to provide messaging or advertisement.12-02-2010
20100310837STRUCTURED FIBROUS WEB - The present invention is directed to a structured fibrous web comprising thermally stable, hydrophilic fibers that are thermally bonded together using heat producing a base substrate that is thermally stable. The base substrate is textured via mechanical treatment to increase its thickness and optionally modified via over bonding to improve its mechanical and fluid handling properties. The structured fibrous web provides optimal fluid wicking and fluid acquisition capabilities and is directed toward fluid management applications.12-09-2010
20100047538VEHICULAR UPHOLSTERY POLYPROPYLENETEREPHTHALATE FIBER WOVEN FABRIC - The present invention teaches a_vehicular upholstery PPT-fiber fabric that is formed from a double woven fabric in which a face weaving textile design has a number of intersections, called warp up intersections where a warp yarn passes over a weft yarn, and these are more than the number of intersections, called weft up intersection, where a weft yarn passes over a warp yarn. The warp yarn is formed by twisting an intermingled yarn composed of a PPT-multi-filament yarn and a high heat shrinkable PET-multifilament yarn whose shrinkage percentage in boiling water is more than 15%. An intermingle ratio of the PPT-multifilament yarn of the warp yarn is more than the intermingle ratio of the PET-multifilament yarn of the warp yarn. In the warp yarn, the PET-multifilament yarn is shrunk by heating, so that the substantial length of the PET-multifilament yarn becomes shorter than the substantial length of the PPT-multifilament yarn. The weft yarn is composed of PPT-multifilament yarn.02-25-2010
20110111187PRINTED MATERIAL AND WATER-BASED COATING AGENT - A printed material includes a cloth medium, a printed layer, and a coating layer. The cloth medium is washable. The printed layer is printed on the cloth medium with a water-based pigment ink including an anionic resin by using an inkjet printing method. The coating layer is provided on at least one of an upper side and a lower side of the printed layer by applying a water-based coating agent including anionic water-based resin particles.05-12-2011
20090068420MULTILAYER VARIABLE STRETCH NONWOVEN FABRIC COMPOSITES - Disclosed herein are nonwoven fabric composites comprising layers of spunbond and meltblown nonwoven webs. Such composites are prepared by forming or assembling the layers of the composite such that there is at least one outer layer of spunbond fibers disposed on at least one inner meltblown layer. The at least one outer layer comprises substantially parallel stripes of spunbond, continuous filament fibers with at least two different types of stripes being used. The stripes of fibers within the spunbond layer(s) are also predominately oriented in the machine direction of the nonwoven fabric composite. All layers of the fabric composites herein are bonded together via thermal, adhesive, ultra-sonic or mechanical bonding means. Such composites can be fashioned to vary the ratio of cross direction stretch to machine direction stretch.03-12-2009
20090068419VARIABLE STRETCH NONWOVEN FABRIC COMPOSITES - Disclosed herein are nonwoven fabric composites comprising layers of spunbond and meltblown nonwoven webs. Such composites are prepared by forming or assembling the layers of the composite such that there are two outer layers of spunbond fibers disposed on opposite sides of eh at least one inner meltblown layer. At least one of the outer layers comprises substantially parallel lanes of spunbond, continuous filament fibers with at least two different lanes having a higher and a lower basis weight. The higher and lower basis weight lanes of fibers within the spunbond layer(s) are also predominately oriented in the machine direction of the nonwoven fabric composite. All layers of the fabric composites herein are bonded together via thermal, adhesive, ultra-sonic or mechanical bonding means. Such composites can be fashioned to vary the ratio of cross direction stretch to machine direction stretch.03-12-2009
20110008591CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A camouflage pattern or system which includes a simulated natural underwater environment or habitat having fish species therein is provided.01-13-2011
20110033673DURABLE NONWOVEN ALLERGEN BARRIER LAMINATES - A laminate useful as an allergen barrier structure, comprising in order, a first nonwoven fabric layer having fibers comprising a first thermoplastic polymer and having a basis weight of at least 15 g/m02-10-2011
20110033674Structures with Three Dimensional Nanofences Comprising Single Crystal Segments - A simple and controlled method to fabricate a 3D, epitaxial, biaxially textured nanofence comprised of single crystalline MgO nanobelt segments or links that grew both vertically and horizontally along <100> directions of the (100) STO substrate was developed. Continuous supply of Ni catalyst during the co-laser ablation of MgO and Ni metal led to the growth of nanobelts with such a unique morphology. Individual single crystalline MgO nanobelts had a square cross-section with high aspect ratios. X-ray diffraction results obtained from an entire MgO nanofence layer confirmed that MgO nanofence had epitaxial relation with STO substrate of [100]02-10-2011
20100143670LAMINATE - A laminate for making a flexible fastener. The laminate has according to the invention outer layers of nonwoven and parallel and spaced strips of an elastic film laminated between the outer layers. The outer layers are directly bonded to each other in regions between the elastic strips and there form inelastic regions of the laminate while regions each containing one of the strips form elastic regions. At least one of the outer layers is a sheer nonwoven. A color or pattern imprint is printed on the one outer layer over the elastic and inelastic regions.06-10-2010
20110086208Lightweight, Breathable, Waterproof, Stretchable, Dye-Sublimatable Fabric For Apparel - A stretchable, waterproof, breathable, colored fabric particularly suited for athletic and outdoor use comprising an outer layer composed of a woven or knitted, dye-sublimated colored polyester elastomeric yarn, an intermediately disposed stretchable, breathable, and waterproof membrane, and a woven or knitted polypropylene elastomeric layer all being laminated to form a unitary fabric.04-14-2011
20110244199FIBROUS STRUCTURES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Fibrous structures that exhibit a novel combination of properties and to methods for making such fibrous structures are provided.10-06-2011
20110244198HOLDING SEALING MATERIAL - A holding sealing material includes at least one mat and at least one thread. The at least one mat includes inorganic fibers. The at least one thread is sewn in the at least one mat to provide identification information on the at least one mat.10-06-2011
20100015418Facing material for a winter sports device - The invention relates to a method of producing a flat facing material (01-21-2010
20110250413BOND PATTERNS FOR FIBROUS WEBS - Bond patterns for fibrous webs.10-13-2011
20110076470METHOD OF MAKING AESTHETIC PANELS WITH ENHANCED ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE - A method of manufacturing an acoustic ceiling panel having an aesthetic covering includes the steps of: providing a non-woven fabric having an outer major printable surface and an inner major surface; printing an image onto the printable surface of the non-woven fabric using a high-speed printing process, the image being provided from at least one image carrier; providing a base ceiling substrate having selected acoustical properties, the base ceiling substrate having an outer major surface; and adhering the inner major surface of the non-woven fabric to the outer major surface of the base ceiling substrate to form a laminated panel, wherein the non-woven fabric is acoustically transparent relative to the base ceiling substrate.03-31-2011
20110070412Variegated Ripstop - Textiles, garments and methods comprising a fabric and a variegated structure woven in the fabric and adapted to control a parameter of the textile construction. The parameter may be strength, breathability, and/or other properties. A visual pattern may be used to indicate the variegated structure. The visual pattern may be made in one or more of color, material, patterns. The fabric may be a multilayered fabric. A garment may be made of pieces cut from the fabric to satisfy a desired garment profile. The garment profile may be based on a parameter of strength, breathability, and/or other properties.03-24-2011
20110151206PREPREG, INTERMEDIATE MATERIAL FOR FORMING FRP, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF FIBER-REINFORCED COMPOSITE MATERIAL - An FRP is produced using a prepreg comprising reinforcing fiber, a sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate containing reinforcing fiber, and a matrix resin, wherein the matrix resin is impregnated into the sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate and also covers one surface of the sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate, and the matrix resin impregnation ratio is within a range of 35% to 95%; a prepreg comprising reinforcing fiber, a sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate containing reinforcing fiber, and a matrix resin, wherein the matrix resin exists on both surfaces of the sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate, and the portion inside the sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate into which the matrix resin has not been impregnated is continuous; or a prepreg comprising reinforcing fiber, a sheet-like reinforcing fiber substrate containing reinforcing fiber, and a matrix resin, wherein at least one surface exhibits a sea-and-island-type pattern comprising resin-impregnated portions (island portions) where the matrix resin is present at the surface and fiber portions (sea portions) where the matrix resin is not present at the surface, the surface coverage ratio of the matrix resin on those surfaces with said a sea-and-island-type pattern is within a range of 3% to 80%, and the weave intersection coverage ratio for the island portions, represented by a formula (1) shown below, is at least 40%, displays excellent external appearance, with no internal voids or surface pinholes, even when molded is conducted using only vacuum pressure.06-23-2011
20080268212CONTINUOUS RESIN FABRIC - A decorative surface covering includes a fabric; and a layer of molded resin disposed on said fabric, where the resin is molded into decorative features of the covering. A method of forming a decorative surface covering includes molding resin disposed on a fabric to produce decorative features, the resin adhering to the fabric.10-30-2008
20100285286ELASTIC LAMINATES - The presently described technology provides one or more types of low cost elastic laminates with improved elasticity via stretching of an elastic layer, a non-woven layer, or the overall laminate that achieves reduced processing time and cost, can be utilized in a variety of end-user applications, and further provides self-warning capability to end-users of potential film and/or laminate overstretch. The described elastic laminates have at least one elastic layer and at least two non-woven layers, in which the elastic layers has at least one inelastic region formed via heating, incremental stretching, severing, or bonding. Additionally, heat shrink laminates having improved elasticity and compatibility with various laminate components are also described. Processes and systems for the manufacture of the described elastic laminates are also provided.11-11-2010
20100285285Wool and aramid fiber blends for multifunctional protective clothing - A fiber blend for yarns and fabrics for use in military, fire-fighting, industrial work wear, and first responder protective clothing to provide multifunctional protection to the wearer, the fiber blend including an aramid fiber blend, wool fibers, and electrostatic dissipative fibers, wherein the aramid fiber blend includes meta-aramid fibers, para-aramid fibers and electrostatic dissipative fibers.11-11-2010
20110135893INK JET RECORDING METHOD AND RECORDED MATTER - An ink jet recording method for recording an image having metallic gloss on a textile product using an ink jet recording apparatus includes forming a base layer by letting droplets of a first ink composition containing a first thermoplastic resin adhere on the textile product; and forming a metallic gloss layer by letting droplets of a second ink composition containing a metallic pigment and a second thermoplastic resin adhere on the base layer. The glass transition temperature of the first thermoplastic resin is not higher than that of the second thermoplastic resin. The formation of the base layer is performed at a temperature not lower than the glass transition temperature of the first thermoplastic resin.06-09-2011
20110262721PATTERNED COMPOSITE PRODUCT - The present invention relates to methods for forming a composite product having a patterned surface. A substrate including a porous structure (10-27-2011
20100028628FIBER-REINFORCED DECORATIVE LAMINATE - A fiber-reinforced decorative laminate, and a method for producing the same, is provided. The method includes the steps of: 1) stacking in a superimposed relationship a decorative layer, a fiber-reinforced core layer, and a barrier layer disposed between the decorative layer and the core layer; and 2) simultaneously curing, under heat and pressure, the decorative, barrier and core layers to create the fiber-reinforced decorative laminate. The decorative layer includes one or more decorative sheets, and is at least partially resin-impregnated and at least partially cured. The fiber-reinforced core layer has a texture, and includes at least one fiber-reinforced sheet that is substantially devoid of cellulose. The core layer is at least partially resin-impregnated and at least partially cured. The barrier layer is operable to substantially prevent the texture of the core layer from being apparent through the decorative layer in the cured fiber-reinforced laminate.02-04-2010
20110305885HEAT-RESISTANT RESIN PRINT TREATED CLOTH - A cloth has a pattern made of a resin print composition formed on a surface thereof. The resin print composition contains a resin selected from an acrylic resin and a urethane resin, and a torque is from 0.085 N·m to 0.315 N·m when a twist is applied at 1°/sec for 60 seconds while pressing at 0.35 MPa under a condition of 170° C. The resin print treated cloth hardly generates deformation or discoloration even when pressed in a state to which a high temperature is applied.12-15-2011
20100062231Breathable Elastic Composite - This invention concerns an elastic multilayer composite, comprising a non-elastic film layer and an elastic nonwoven layer. This invention also concerns a process for manufacturing an elastic multilayer composite, comprising: forming the composite using a non-elastic film layer and an elastic nonwoven layer.03-11-2010
20090169836Polymer bonded web friction and anti-friction composites - Disclosed is a composite material and process for manufacture of a composite material that are used as bearings to reduce energy losses in rotating equipment and as shoes in clutches or breaks to provide increased frictional characteristics. The new and unique composite and manufacturing processes utilizes a polymer or polymer composite layer to hold nonwoven fibrous layers together during the composite manufacturing process. Additionally the bonding layer is formulated and the nonwoven fibers are treated to increase the speed and reliability of processing. The result of this and additional improvements provides large economies over the composite products and process currently in use.07-02-2009
20110318548Adhesive Backed Absorbent Mat - The invention includes an absorbent mat including an absorbent layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface and an adhesive layer on at least a portion of the first surface of the absorbent layer. The opposing second surface is structured and arranged such that the adhesive layer is releasably adhereable with the second surface.12-29-2011
20120058315METHOD FOR PRODUCING A TEXTILE COMPLEX INCLUDING DECORATIVE PATTERNS, AND COMPLEX THUS PRODUCED - A method for producing a textile complex including a textile web and an upper coating layer having an irregular surface condition, and including decorative patterns applied onto the upper coating layer. The method includes preparing a multi-layer decoration complex having at least a substrate layer, a coloured layer, and a heat-fusible layer, cutting the coloured and heat-fusible layers along outlines of the decorative patterns without cutting the substrate layer; removing portions of the coloured and heat-fusible layers outside the pattern areas; arranging the prepared multi-layer complex on the upper coating layer by way of the surface thereof with the heat-fusible layer; applying temperature and pressure conditions that trigger the adhesion of the heat-fusible layer to the upper coating layer; and then subjecting the assembly to a processing resulting in a structured and regular surface condition of the upper coating layer.03-08-2012
20120070635WATERPROOF AND MOISTURE-PERMEABLE FABRIC AND A METHOD FOR PRODUCING THEREOF - This invention provides a waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric which prevents to lower in a water pressure resistance, repetitively washed. The waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric consists of a body of a fabric and a microporous film of mainly polyurethane which is laid on the body. The microporous film contains 1 to 9 mass % of fluorinated water repellent agent, 0.1 to 2 mass % of oil-soluble fluorinated surfactant and if necessary 3 to 45 mass % of fine silica powders. The waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric is obtained by the following method. After coating a resin compound on the surface of the body, the resin compound is dipped in a coagulating bath to form the microporous film. The resin compound dissolves or disperses mainly polyurethane, 1 to 9 mass % of fluorinated water repellent agent, 0.1 to 2 mass % of oil-soluble fluorinated surfactant and if necessary 3 to 45 mass % of fine silica powders in N,N-dimethylformamide. The coagulating bath is an aqueous solution containing less than 30 mass % of N,N-dimethylformamide.03-22-2012
20130171431Methods and Apparatus for 3D Fabrication - In an illustrative implementation of this invention, a 3D object comprises substrate layers infiltrated by a hardened material. The 3D object is fabricated by a method comprising the following steps: Position powder on all or part of a substrate layer. Repeat this step for the remaining substrate layers. Transform the powder into a substance that flows and subsequently hardens into the hardened material. The hardened material solidifies in a spatial pattern that infiltrates positive regions in the substrate layers and does not infiltrate negative regions in the substrate layers.07-04-2013
20120164406METHOD FOR COATING A TEXTILE MEDIUM - The present invention relates to a method of coating a textile with a silicon elastomer composition that can be crosslinked by polyaddition, enabling the textile to be given a non-slip property. The invention also relates to textile articles thus coated, such as clothing and lace, exhibiting good adhesion to various mediums, such as skin, another textile, a fibrous medium, etc.06-28-2012
20120164405LABEL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL - The present invention relates to brand identifiers, more particularly to woven labels used to mark, advertise or otherwise brand apparel and other consumer articles to identify the source of the particular goods. The woven labels of the present invention are preferably composed of post consumer waste or recycled materials, such as polyethylene, PET, polyester, cellulosic and other readily available materials that may be converted for the purpose of the present invention.06-28-2012
20100173137FABRIC WITH WOVEN MARKERS - Markings visible by automatic optically guided cutting equipment are provided in a fabric such as a double layer fabric for one-piece-woven air bags by groups of black marker weft yarns which contrast with the other (white) weft yarns and warp yarns. The marker weft yarns emerge onto the upper face of the fabric only in predetermined marker areas spaced apart in the warp direction by other white weft yarns to afford optically identifiable markings spaced apart along said weft yarns and spaced apart along the direction of the warp yarns. The arrangement avoids the need for black warp yarns and thus avoids the inconveniences and loom down-time associated with required alterations to the locations of such optically detectable marker areas in the fabric web.07-08-2010
20120219770Calico and the Method for manufacturing coloured fabrics - A method is provided for manufacturing calico and coloured fabrics, including the following steps: design a pattern and providing a waterproof and breathable membrane; by using digital ink-jet printing technology to print the said design pattern on the one side of the said waterproof and breathable membrane and checking the color of the pattern providing a fabric, said fabric is without any color and pattern, and the said fabric is a low denier filament fabric or perspective fabric laminating the patterned side of the said waterproof and breathable patterned membrane together with the said fabric, and the pattern of the said waterproof and breathable membrane can be seen through the said fabric. Thereby, to strengthening the color fastness to washing, color fastness to water, color fastness to light, and color fastness to crocking of the calico, reducing the manufacturing procedure and cost, and without any pollution.08-30-2012
20120251798SILICONE CAP LAYER LAMINATES - A soft feel decorative, textured laminate used for various vertical surfaces of the interior of commercial aircraft. Fire resistant silicone materials are used as a cap layer on various substrates including FR resin impregnated woven glass and naturally high flammability resistance polymer film. The FR-silicone cap layer can be used on various substrates, such as polymeric film, polymeric sheet, foam fabric materials, woven/non-woven and knitted glass. The FR-silicone cap layer can be colored or combined with prints. A clear silicone layer can be laminated on top of a printed silicone layer to protect the print and provide better abrasion resistance. The silicone laminate passes FAA and OEM interior aircraft flammability requirements including heat release, smoke and vertical burn.10-04-2012
20120213979POLYMERIC COMPONENT AND METHOD OF MAKING - A method of making a polymeric component includes, extruding one or more strands of a polymer, halting curing of the one or more strands, forming a mat with the extruded one or more strands, bonding the one or more strands to one another at points of contact therebetween, and curing the one or more strands.08-23-2012
20100272969FLEXIBLE, IMPACT-RESISTANT LAMINATE AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A flexible, impact-resistant laminate includes a first layer of a flexible material and a second, impact-resistant layer. The impact-resistant layer has an impact-resistant material interposed between regions of a closed-cell foam that is bonded to the first layer. The impact-resistance material includes an elastomeric material or, if a third layer of a flexible material is bonded to the closed-cell foam, there is a packing with tightly packed beads or particles. A method of manufacturing such a laminate includes providing a first, flexible layer; bonding regions of a closed-cell foam to an inner side of the first layer; and introducing an impact-resistant material into spaces defined between regions of the closed-cell foam to form a second, impact resistant layer. An inner side of the third layer of a flexible material may be bonded to the closed-cell foam on the other side.10-28-2010
20090061173Manufacturing Method of Fabrics with Colored Stereoscopic Patterns and Fabrics Manufactured Therefrom - The present invention relates to a manufacturing method of a fabric with colored stereoscopic patterns which comprises providing a fabric having a man-made fiber layer and a natural fiber layer; analyzing the colors of the desired patterns to be printed through color separation, providing a printing board for each color, and printing the desired colored patterns on the natural fiber layer and printing an etching agent on an area outside the colored patterns on the natural fiber layer via the printing boards; and etching the area on the natural fiber layer that is printed with the etching agent, and then removing the etched area of the natural fiber layer without etching the man-made fiber layer, so as to form the colored stereoscopic patterns woven by the natural fibers on the man-made fiber layer.03-05-2009
20090061172Polyurethane Resin Composition for Durable Moisture-Permeable Waterproof Sheet, Moisture-Permeable Waterproof Sheet and Method of Manufacturing the Same - Provided is a urethane resin composition for a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet which has excellent moisture permeability, waterproofness, chemical-resistance to insecticide, an organic solvent, etc., and superior durability, a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet, and a method of manufacturing the same. The polyurethane resin composition for a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet includes a hydrophilic polyurethane resin (A), organic polyisocyanate (B) having polyisocyanate (B0) with a functional number of 3 or more, and an organic solvent (C). Further, the hydrophilic polyurethane resin (A) includes high-molecular diol (d) having an oxyethylene group, organic diisocyanate (e), and a chain extender (f), and a content of an oxyethylene group is preferably 10 to 80 mass %. Also, the organic polyisocyanate (B) is at least one selected from the group consisting of aliphatic polyisocyanate and alicyclic polyisocyanate which have an average functional number of from 2.3 to 5.03-05-2009
20120258291TEXTILE SURFACE STRUCTURE COMPRISING AN ARRANGEMENT OF A PLURALITY OF CONDUCTIVE THREADS OR THREADS EXHIBITING CONDUCTIVE PROPERTIES AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention relates to a surface textile structure comprising an arrangement of a plurality of conductive threads or threads exhibiting conductive properties. Insulating sections are arranged between the conductive threads or insulating threads are incorporated into the structure. The structure also comprises an inorganic electroluminescent material and electric connection elements. According to the invention, the electroluminescent material is incorporated into intermediate areas of the structure or is embodied inside the structure in the form of coated threads. The structure is also provided with a coating which is also selective made of a fluorescent material and/or optical brightening agents. The overall arrangement comprises a transparent, elastic, covering protective layer.10-11-2012
20120082827WOOD FILM AND METHOD OF MOLDING THE SAME - According to an example embodiment, a wood film includes a patterned wood film, a non-woven fabric attached to a surface of the patterned wood film, and a resin film attached to a surface of the non-woven fabric. According to an example embodiment, a method of molding a wood film includes attaching a non-woven fabric to a first surface of a patterned wood film, attaching a resin film to a surface of the non-woven fabric, grinding a second surface of the patterned wood film to reduce a thickness of the patterned wood film to form the wood film, and molding a portion of the wood film into a desired shape by pressing and heating the wood film using a press mold. The second surface of the patterned wood film is opposite to the first surface of the patterned wood film.04-05-2012
20120276347RUGGED ELASTIC NONWOVEN FABRIC AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - To provide a rugged elastic nonwoven fabric, in which a first fibrous layer containing heat-shrinkable fibers (11-01-2012
20090311495CHEMICAL BARRIER FABRIC - A chemical barrier fabric (12-17-2009
20120276348RESILIENT FLOORING COMPOSITIONS - Resilient flooring materials made from impregnated papers or foils and core materials are provided. As well, the methods for producing such products are provided. In particular, panels, with a layered structure, created by forming an assembly which consists of laminating a heat-activated resin impregnated decorative layer with printed graphics or a wood veneer decorative layer, a core material made up of one or more heat-activated resin-impregnated papers or other materials including linoleum, natural or synthetic rubber, cork, flexible natural fiber composites or other core materials, and a heat-activated resin impregnated paper backing layer. The heat-activated resin also acts to waterproof each of the layers and abrasion particles may be incorporated to improve wear properties. The panels may also be formed into three-dimensional products.11-01-2012
20120100351BONDED FABRIC CONSTRUCTIONS WITH STRETCHABILITY - Included are bonded laminate constructions that have a modulus which approaches the sum of the modulus of the individual components of the laminate. By reducing variation in the modulus, the stretch or elasticity of the bonded or laminated fabric or garment is maximized. The bonded laminates include a bonding component that may be an elastomeric film, an adhesive, or a combination of a film with adhesive.04-26-2012
20100129619BONDED STRUCTURE FOR USE IN GARMENTS - A bonded structure for use in a garmet, comprising at least two mutually interbonded interlining fabrics (05-27-2010
20130022796ELASTIC FABRIC WITH ADHESIVE - Included are elastic laminate articles that include multiple layers. This includes one stretch fabric comprising about 50% to 100% elastic fibers by weight of the fabric, including fabrics that include 100% elastic fibers and at least one adhesive.01-24-2013
20130136904Winder Liner for Unvulcanized Rubber Material - A winder liner for unvulcanized rubber material comprising a first woven layer, a second woven layer, and a polymer layer. The first and second woven layers each contain a plurality of warp tape elements in a warp direction interwoven with a plurality of weft tape elements in a weft direction and a plurality of interstices between the warp and weft tape elements. The polymer layer is disposed on the inner surfaces of the first woven layer and the second woven layer and in the interstices of the first woven layer and the second woven layer. The polymer layer contains a first polymer comprising a co-polymer having at least 50% α-olefin units and is characterized by a number-average molecular weight of about 7,000 to 500,000 g/mol, and a viscosity of between about 2,500 and 150,000 cP measured at 170° C.05-30-2013
20130095304ANTISTATIC SHEET AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - An antistatic sheet having superior anti-fouling ability, cushion property, lightweight property, handling property, durability and the like in addition to an antistatic function is provided. In an antistatic sheet-like product, A PE sheet or a PP sheet is laminated on a lower surface of a non-woven fabric sheet, an entire surface printing is implemented to an upper surface of the non-woven fabric sheet, an electrically-conductive paint is applied to an upper surface of the printed surface, and an antistatic sheet is laminated on a bottom surface of the PE sheet or the PP sheet.04-18-2013
20120028003DIMENSIONAL, PATTERNED HEAT APPLIED APPLIQUE OR TRANSFER MADE FROM KNIT TEXTILE - The disclosure is directed generally to stretchable articles and/or assemblies, more specifically stretchable knitted articles and/or assemblies having at least one elastomeric adhesive and a method for making the same. One aspect of the disclosure is an elastomeric textile product comprising a textile design and a self-supporting, elastomeric adhesive layer. In one preferred embodiment, the self-supporting, elastomeric adhesive layer comprises an elastomeric film position between opposing first and second adhesive films.02-02-2012
20130196124Aqueous Ink Jet Ink Composition - An aqueous ink jet ink is made by forming a mixture of a pigment, an optional dispersant if the pigment is not self-dispersing, dispersing, and a urethane polymer or prepolymer dispersion in water. This ink is useful in a variety of ink jet printing applications such as printing on wide format substrates and textiles.08-01-2013
20130202860CHLORINE-FREE INK AND COATING COMPOSITIONS & A METHOD FOR PRINTING ON UNTREATED POLYOLEFIN FILMS WITH IMPROVED ADHESION - Provided are chlorine-free ink and coating compositions that demonstrate improved adherence when applied to untreated flexible plastic film substrates. The provided compositions eliminate the need for a separate step of pre-treating a plastic film before applying an ink or coating composition. Also provided are methods for producing a printed article using the provided ink and coating compositions and methods of adhering chlorine-free inks or coatings that exhibit improved adhesion characteristics to untreated plastic films.08-08-2013
20120094091IN-LINE PRINTING PROCESS ON WET NON-WOVEN FABRIC AND PRODUCTS THEREOF - A process for manufacturing a non-woven fabric having on its surface distributed elements having a physical dimension, comprises screen printing on wet fabric a desired shape using a paste that expands under heating by virtue of a puffing agent contained therein.04-19-2012

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