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Nonplanar uniform thickness material

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428 - Stock material or miscellaneous articles


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428179000 Aligned or parallel nonplanarities 56
428178000 Forming, or cooperating to form cells 26
428175000 Embodying mechanically interengaged strand(s), strand-portion(s) or strand-like strip(s) (e.g., weave, knit, etc.) 18
428187000 Ornamental design or indicia 18
428177000 Differential nonplanarity at margin 1
20120288688SCINTILLATOR PANEL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SCINTILLATOR PANEL - Disclosed is a scintillator panel, including a substrate, a scintillator layer formed on the substrate and including a plurality of columnar crystals so that radiation is converted into light at a predetermined wavelength, a dam structure formed on the substrate to be spaced apart by a predetermined interval from a peripheral edge of the scintillator layer, a protective layer formed on a surface of the scintillator layer, a surface of the substrate defined between the scintillator layer and the dam structure and a portion of a surface of the dam structure, a first coating layer formed on the protective layer to be disposed in a space between a peripheral surface of the scintillator layer and the dam structure, and a second coating layer formed on the first coating layer and the protective layer.11-15-2012
20100009126Method and Apparatus for Forming a Corrugated Web Having a Continuously Varying Shape - A method and apparatus are used to form a corrugated web having a cross sectional shape with at least one characteristic that varies substantially continuously along the substantially the entire length of the web. The apparatus includes multiple sets of dies which progressively form corrugations in a moving sheet. At least one characteristic of the web's cross sectional shape is varied along the entire length of the web by displacing the dies as the sheet moves through the die sets.01-14-2010
20110195230Apparatuses, Systems, and Methods for Manufacturing Composite Parts - Tooling aids for applying pressure in laminating, and methods for their use, are described herein. In one embodiment, a caul for applying pressure in laminating includes a base portion positioned between first and second corner portions. The base portion can have a curved shape when it is in a relaxed state, but it moves to a flatter shape when subjected to pressure during lamination. Movement of the base portion to the flatter shape causes the first and second corner portions to move outwardly and away from the base portion. In this manner, the caul can be used to compact laminating materials into corner regions of a corresponding female mold surface.08-11-2011
20100119782OPTICAL ELEMENT MOLDING DIE AND METHOD FOR MOLDING OPTICAL ELEMENT - An optical element molding die is designed for molding an optical element having a concave-convex structure. The optical element can be manufactured by a wet system that enables element formation over a large area and a curved surface, without using a lithographic process, and is advantageous in terms of mass production and equipment cost. The optical element molding die includes a substrate having a surface with a negative standard electrode potential in the oxidation reaction and an anodic oxidation layer provided on the substrate. A protective layer with the positive standard electrode potential is provided between the substrate and the anodic oxidation layer.05-13-2010
20100112301APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INTERLEAVING POLYMERIC ROLL FOR GAS IMPREGNATION AND SOLID-STATE FOAM PROCESSING - The present invention relates to apparatuses and methods for making interleaved cylindrical rolls from a polymer roll and a porous roll. The interleaved rolls disclosed herein are useful for subsequent high pressure gas impregnation and solid-state foam processing. In one embodiment, an interleaving apparatus comprises: a first rotatable platform for unwinding a first cylindrical roll of a first sheet material, the first rotatable platform being rotatable about a first central axis; a second rotatable platform for unwinding a second cylindrical roll of a second sheet material, the second rotatable platform being rotatable about a second central axis; and a third rotatable platform for winding, while the first and second materials are unwinding, the first sheet material together with the second sheet material to yield the interleaved cylindrical roll, the third rotatable platform being rotatable about a third axis and proximate to the first and second rotatable platforms.05-06-2010
20130084433PREFABRICATED COLUMN WRAP AND METHODS - A prefabricated column wrap assembly for wrapping around a column having a external surface with a predefined shape comprises a polymer form comprising (i) a internal surface having an internal shape that matches the predefined shape of the external surface of the column, and (ii) two opposing laminar edges. A fastening assembly can be provided for fastening the two opposing laminar edges of the polymer form around the column.04-04-2013
20130084434CURVED COMPOSITE FRAMES AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A curved composite aircraft frame comprises a multi-ply composite laminate having a generally Z-shaped cross section. At least certain of the laminate plies include unidirectional reinforcing fibers that are substantially tangent at substantially all points along the curvature of the frame.04-04-2013
20130034704NESTABLE MOLDED ARTICLES, AND RELATED ASSEMBLIES AND METHODS - A man-made, molded article is provided. The article includes a profile including a planar wall, and an adjacent integral molded depression having a contoured wall extending downwardly from the planar wall. The contoured wall includes a bead portion, a cove portion, and a ledge between the bead and cove portions. The articles are stackable, one above another for transport, in a nestable relationship in which multiple contact zones are present between the contoured walls of an adjacently stacked pair of the molded articles. The contact zones include an arcuately extending contact interface zone between the bead exterior and interior surfaces. The depression has a substantially uniform thickness varying by no more than about +1 percent to about −11 percent in relation to a thickness of the planar wall. Related methods and assemblies are also provided.02-07-2013
20130029108INTERLAYER HOT COMPACTION - A process for the production of a polymeric article comprises: (a) forming a ply having successive layers, namely, (i) a first layer made up of strands of an oriented polymer material; (ii) a second layer of a polymeric material; (iii) a third layer made up of strands of an oriented polymeric material, wherein the second layer has a lower peak melting temperature that of the first and third layers; (b) subjecting the ply to conditions of time, temperature, and pressure sufficient to melt a proportion of the fits layer, to melt the second layer entirely, and to melt a proportion of the third layer, and to compact the ply; and (c) cooling the compacted ply. The resultant articles have good mechanical properties yet may be made at a lower compaction temperature than articles not employing the second layer, leading to a more controllable manufacturing process.01-31-2013
20130089712Tapered Height Curved Composite Stringers and Corresponding Panels - Apparatus and methods provide for utilizing continuous curved composite stringers to control the loads and corresponding moments within curved regions of an aircraft or other vehicle without delamination or other interlamina failures. According to embodiments described herein, any number of tapered height curved composite stringers may be coupled to continuous skin components to create a curved continuous panel. The tapered height curved composite stringers may have webs that taper to a reduced height within curved regions and corresponding base flanges that widen during web tapering. Reinforcement fittings may be coupled to the base flanges in the curved regions for further strengthening and to provide for the attachment of supplemental panels to the stringers.04-11-2013
20130052428TRI-FOLD NAPKIN - The present invention is a folded paper napkin that allows the owner of two (2) or more different types of napkin dispensers to refill those dispensers with the same napkin while still achieving a one-at-a-time rate of withdrawal. More particularly, the present invention is a paper napkin of specific dimensions that is comprised of two (2) folds along its unfolded length and interleaved with a similarly-dimensioned folded napkins02-28-2013
20100003465SEALING TAPE OF SOFT FOAM - A sealing tape roll comprising a soft foam strip (01-07-2010
20090305000INTEGRATED SEAL FOR TWO-SHOT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - In at least one embodiment, the present invention relates to a method for making an automobile interior trim panel, where the method comprises providing a mold tool system comprising a first mold half, a second mold half and a third mold half, introducing a first resin into a first mold cavity to form a trim panel substrate, positioning the first mold half with the trim panel substrate and the third mold half proximate each other to form a second mold cavity generally contouring to the shape of the trim panel and having a first minor cavity extending generally transverse to the exterior surface of the second mold cavity, and introducing a second resin into the second mold cavity to form a cover skin extending over the substrate and having an outer surface and a tab portion extending generally away from the outer surface.12-10-2009
20130071627HOT ISOSTATIC PRESSING - A process is provided for producing a component. The process comprising the steps of: producing a former corresponding to the internal dimensions of the component to be formed; providing a layer of a second material on at least one surface of the former; locating the former in a containment and filling the containment with a first material; subjecting the containment to hot isostatic pressing such that the second material diffuses into the first material.03-21-2013
20120225257MOLDED PRODUCT, CLOTHING, PRODUCTION PROCESS FOR LAMINATE, AND PRODUCTION PROCESS FOR MOLDED PRODUCT - A molded product obtained by molding a laminate which comprises a stretchable substrate made of a sheet-shaped synthetic resin foam and including multiple slits, and a stretchable surfacing material affixed to at least one surface of the substrate, wherein the substrate is bonded to the surfacing material in a state that at least some of the slits are kept opened.09-06-2012
20090239041PLATE-LIKE POLYCRYSTALLINE PARTICLE - A plate-like polycrystalline particle is produced by forming inorganic particles into a freestanding shaped body, firing the shaped body, and crushing and classifying the fired shaped body. The inorganic particles contain as the main component an oxide that has a general formula of ABO09-24-2009
20090011195EROSION- AND IMPACT-RESISTANT COATINGS - Erosion- and impact-resistant ceramic coatings suitable for protecting surfaces subjected to collisions with particles, including nominally round particles that typically inflict impact damage and more aggressive irregular-shaped particles that typically inflict erosion damage. The ceramic coating is formed to have one of three compositions: at least one layer of titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) having a thickness of about 25 to about 100 micrometers; multiple layers of chromium nitride (CrN) and TiAlN, each layer having a thickness of about 0.2 to about 1.0 micrometers to yield a total coating thickness of at least about 3 micrometers; and at least one layer of titanium silicon carbonitride (TiSiCN) having a thickness of about 15 to about 100 micrometers. The ceramic coating preferably has a total coating thickness of up to about 100 micrometers, and is deposited by a physical vapor deposition process to have a columnar and/or dense microstructure.01-08-2009
20090011194SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD - Method for the treatment of at least one surface portion of at least one layer A located between a substrate and a layer B of a thin-film multilayer, the layers of which are vacuum-deposited on the substrate having a glass function, according to the invention, is characterized in that: 01-08-2009
20120058311VEHICLE GLASS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A vehicle glass (03-08-2012
20120070625METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CARBON NANOTUBE FILM - A method for manufacturing a carbon nanotube film, comprises providing a carbon nanotube array and a drawing tool, positioning the drawing tool close to the carbon nanotube array and selecting some carbon nanotubes of the carbon nanotube array, and drawing the selected carbon nanotubes away from the carbon nanotube array along a drawing direction at a drawing angle, thereby forming the carbon nanotube film. The drawing angle is an angle of inclination between the drawing direction and the growth direction. The drawing angle is less than or equal to 80 degrees.03-22-2012
20110281080Folded Core Based on Carbon Fiber Paper and Articles Made from Same - This invention relates to a folded core structure made from paper comprising 20-85 weight percent of carbon fiber floc. The carbon fibers have a non-circular cross sectional aspect ratio of at least 1.5:1. The paper has a fiber volume fraction of at least 35%. The arithmetic mean length of the carbon fibers is at least 0.5 mm. and length weighted mean length at least 0.9 mm.11-17-2011
20090305002PHOTOCHROMIC DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - A mixture used in photochromic devices comprises a photochromic dye and a thermoset adhesive. An optical device using the mixture may include a carrier substrate which may then be secured to another substrate or a lens. Assembly of the carrier substrate and mixture to another substrate and/or lens may be accomplished by thermoforming, lamination, insert molding or the like.12-10-2009
20110287229Laminated Glass with Plastic Film Insert - In a laminated glass, a plastic film is sandwiched between two sheets of resin intermediate film, and an infrared reflective film is formed in the plastic film by alternatively laminating resin films of different refractive indexes. The plastic film on which the infrared reflective film is formed meets any of the following conditions: (A) thermal shrinkage of 0.5 to 3% in the 90 through 150° C. temperature range, (B) modulus of elasticity in the range of 30 through 2000 MPa in a temperature range of 90 through 150° C., and (C) a rate of elongation of the plastic film of 0.3% or less when 10N tensile force per 1 m width of the plastic film is exerted in the 90 through 150° C. temperature range. This laminated glass is a curved infrared ray reflective laminated glass, with high transmissivity to visible light, high reflectivity in the infrared ray region, excellent insulating effect, and will transmit various electromagnetic waves.11-24-2011
20110300343Composite Truss Panel Having Fluted Core - A composite truss structure employs a sandwich-in-sandwich construction in which a composite fluted core is sandwiched between two facesheets, and at least one structural foam stiffener is sandwiched within the core or between the facesheets and/or the core.12-08-2011
20090104410Process to Improve the Adhesion Between Thermosetting Laminate and Thermoplastic Shell - The present invention related to a process to improve the adhesion between a thermosetting laminate and a thermoplastic shell in making reinforced plastic laminates for sanitary fixtures, such as shower receptors, spas, bathtubs, sinks, lavatories and the like, and composites laminates for transportation, marine, and construction applications. The adhesion improvement is through a designed post-curing process of the cured composites laminates. The thermosetting resin used in the construction of composites laminate can be unsaturated polyester resin of any kind, vinyl ester resin, or combination of both.04-23-2009
20090202784Nanostructured Coating for a Carrying Base - The invention pertains to high-molecular compound-based composite materials using carbon in nanostructured coatings including additional elements and bonds.08-13-2009
20080311352Optical film - The subject invention provides an optical film, comprising a transparent substrate and a resin coating having a convex-concave structure on at least one surface of the substrate, wherein said resin coating comprises a plurality of organic particles and a binder, the organic particles being formed from a polyacrylate resin which comprises at least one acrylate monomer type having multiple functional groups as polymerization units, said multi-functional acrylate monomers being in an amount from 30 to 70 wt % based on the total weight of the monomers, and wherein the organic particles have a mean particle size, the particle size distribution of the organic particles ranging within about ±5% of the mean particle size, and wherein the organic particles are in an amount from about 180 to 320 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of the solid contents of the binder.12-18-2008
20100086744PRODUCTION OF FILMS FOR COMPOSITE GLAZINGS BY MEANS OF INJECTION MOULDING OR INJECTION STAMPING METHODS - Foils based on softener-containing polyvinyl acetals are produced by injection moulding or injection stamping, and may preferably adopt a wedge-shaped cross-section not possible with extruded foils of polyvinyl acetal. The foils may be moulded to near net shape despite their very high area/thickness ratio, thus avoiding waste.04-08-2010
20100285280Laminated Glass With Inserted Plastic Film - According to the present invention, there is provided a plastic film-inserted laminated glass comprising an outdoor side glass plate, an interlayer, a plastic film, another interlayer and an indoor side glass plate which are laminated in this order, which is characterized in that the glass plates have a curved shape formed by bending, the plastic film includes an infrared reflecting film formed thereon and at least at one side of the laminated glass, an edge of the plastic film is placed apart from corresponding edges of the glass plates by a distance ranging from 5 mm to 200 m in a direction toward a central portion of the glass plates.11-11-2010
20100291351WALLBOARD TAPE - A wallboard tape having a base layer of paper tape having two parallel outer edges and two strips of paper tape applied to the base layer and parallel to the outer edges with an adhesive material. The strips are separated by a gap.11-18-2010
20100080960FRICTION LINING - A method for the production of a friction lining. The friction lining is produced in alternating layers wound in a helical shape and a star shape.04-01-2010
20110200793Method of dying and coating paper for printing - A first embodiment can be a method for dying both sides of a paper individually with the capability of different color on each side with a permanent color in the core. Either or both sides can also have one or more printings added. This embodiment can further have a removable coat added wherein the removable coat can be specifically formulated for removal by abrasion such as sanding onto the dyed paper. Further a varnish can be added to the removable coating. In an even further embodiment, printing such as using a CMYK or spot color can be added to the varnished removable coating. The paper can also be embossed with various designs in addition to or in alternative to the printing. The final product can have printed designs of any color combined with embossed designs or patterns. The printed or coated surface colors can be removed by abrasion so the top layer of color can be removed to reveal the color of the paper underneath or the first layer of printing.08-18-2011
20080206522METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A WINDSHIELD HAVING A PROTECTIVE LAMINATE - Protective laminate films protect an underlying windshield from damage due to impacting rocks and other debris. The protective laminate films generally include a flexible polymer substrate having a scratch resistant coating and an adhesive layer on opposing surfaces thereof. Each layer is transparent such that, when applied to a windshield, the laminate film does not inhibit visibility. Each layer may also be flexible so that the laminate films can be molded to a curved windshield. Generally, the scratch resistant coating protects the laminate films from scratching or other damage from impacting debris and/or from windshield wipers. The substrate provides structural integrity to the laminate films and may provide some degree of impact dispersion. The adhesive layer, in addition to adhering the laminate films to the windshield, may also provide significant impact resistance that helps protect the windshield from cracks or chips due to impacting rocks or other debris.08-28-2008
20090110886Tanning Implement - The present invention relates to training in the field of beauty and tanning services. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus that eliminates unwanted tan lines left on the body during tanning sessions. Even more specifically, the invention relates to an ultraviolet transmitting implement that separates folds of skin so that a patron of tanning services may receive a more complete tan and eliminate tanning lines.04-30-2009
20080311351Scratch-resistant optical film having organic particles with highly uniform particle size - The subject invention relates to a scratch-resistant optical film, which comprises: 12-18-2008
20080292848MULTILAYER ADHESIVE FOR THERMAL REVERSIBLE JOINING OF SUBSTRATES - One embodiment of the invention includes a multilayer dry adhesive system capable of reversible joining of rigid substrates.11-27-2008
20080311350UNITIZED COMPOSITES UTILIZING SHRINKABLE LAYERS TO ACHIEVE SURFACE TEXTURE AND BULK - A simplified manufacturing technique to directly form unitized composite structures optionally with at least one relatively flat surface and with at least one surface having raised mound-like elements in an internally-bonded unitized composite is provided. A matrix of fibrous and or other material elements is deposited in un-bonded layers. At least one element is composed of a contractive material which shrinks relative to the other component elements when activated, such as by heating in an oven, to become an internally bonded unitized composite with z-direction raised mound-like texturing after the activation step. Finished product applications and unitized composite webs suitable for finished products employing the inventions are provided.12-18-2008
20090297787Method/Apparatus for Forming a Coated Optical Lens - The invention relates to the formation of optical lens including a coating, typically, an anti-reflective (AR) coating which provides improved characteristics of the lens. The invention provides for a method and apparatus for forming the coated lens in which there is provided a sheet material with the coating applied to at least one surface thereof. At least part of the sheet material is then placed into a mold and located so as to form an external surface of the lens, the base of which is formed by introducing, typically by injection, a material into the mold and during which molding process the material and sheet material join together to form the optical lens with the coating.12-03-2009
20090208708CARBON-NANOTUBE ARRAYS, YARNS, FILMS AND COMPOSITES, AND THE METHODS FOR PREPARING THE SAME - Carbon-nanotube arrays, yarns, films and composites, and the methods for preparing the same are provided. The substrate used is non-flat and has a radius of curvature of at least about 10 μm. The length of the carbon-nanotube yarns and films is at least about 1 cm. The method for preparing the carbon-nanotube composites includes the step of contacting a carbon-nanotube yarn or film with a polymer.08-20-2009
20090081415Controlled alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures in a large-scale synthesis process - Systems and methods are described for controlled alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures in a large-scale synthesis process. A method includes: generating an electric field proximate an edge of a protruding section of an electrode, the electric field defining a vector; and forming an elongated nanostructure located at a position on a surface of a substrate, the position on the surface of the substrate proximate the edge of the protruding section of the electrode, at least one tangent to the elongated nanostructure i) substantially parallel to the vector defined by the electric field and ii) substantially non-parallel to a normal defined by the surface of the substrate.03-26-2009
20110143100ASSEMBLING AND SHAPING LAMINATE PANEL - A method of assembling and shaping a laminate panel. An intermediate member is mounted on a lay-up table and a lay-up is assembling by laying a series of plies onto the intermediate member on the lay-up table. The intermediate member and the lay-up are then removed from the lay-up table and placed them on a shaped surface. The lay-up is then forced against the shaped surface, via the intermediate member, in a manner that modifies the shape of the lay-up to form a shaped laminate panel. Finally the shaped laminate panel is removed from the intermediate member. The lay-up table can thus support the flexible intermediate member during assembly, and can be relatively flat to enable the lay-up to assembled by an automated process.06-16-2011
20090075031STRUCTURAL MEMBER - A system and method of manufacture providing reinforced structurally functional load-bearing members, including but not limited to using thermoplastic materials, such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), reinforced such as with an aluminum alloy, glass-reinforced polyurethane (foamed or unfoamed), or carbon fiber core element. Among its possible uses, the present invention has application for provision of structural support members, such as an illustrative I-joist product having a vertical center member preferably comprising a thermoplastic material, and top and bottom flanges having structurally meaningful reinforcement. The center member and flanges preferably comprising a thermoplastic material provides a relatively hard, durable, substantially weather-resistant structure. Certain embodiments of the present invention include reinforcing members having a plurality of lobes or arms. Additional embodiments include indentations along the reinforcing members, such as the arms, to aid in bonding between the thermoplastic outer material and reinforcing member within the thermoplastic material. Certain embodiments of the present invention include reinforcing members used in combination with a foamed area and a thermoplastic material.03-19-2009
20110223389DECORATIVE FILM, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THEREOF, AND DECORATIVE MOLDING ARTICLE - The present invention provides a decorative film, a method for manufacturing thereof, and a decorative molding article. The decorative film includes a carrier layer, a release layer and a compound-material layer. The compound-material layer is compounded of at least two materials with different refractive index, thus the decorative film has a mat visible result of low glossy. The compound-material layer could be partially formed on the decorative film by using a shielding layer and an etching process. Thus, it has a visible result of glossy-bright-glossy. An ink layer with the manufacturing time could be omitted and cost is saved.09-15-2011
20090136717Laser-Welded Article - It is an object of the present invention to provide a laser-welded article that workpieces prepared simply can be easily unified by laser in one laser welding process without using complicated processes. Moreover, the laser-welded article has an excellent appearance and sufficient welding strength of the molded workpieces, and does not damage the resin property.05-28-2009
20090117337BAMBOO-SURFACED LAMINATED LOUVER CURTAIN SLAT AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A bamboo-surfaced laminated louver curtain slat and a method of manufacturing the same. The bamboo-surfaced laminated louver curtain slat comprises two peeled bamboo veneer layers and at least one filler layer sandwiched between the two bamboo veneer layers. The peeled bamboo veneer layers and the filler layer(s) are bond together in a glued manner. The production method comprises follow steps: thin peeled bamboo veneer layers are peeled from a massive bamboo board and after being cut into a specified width, the peeled bamboo veneer layers, together with filler material, are put into moulds for hot-pressing and gluing; or thin peeled bamboo veneer layers are peeled from a massive bamboo board made by gluing and pressing bamboo material, a first peeled bamboo veneer layer, filler material, and a second peeled bamboo veneer layer are glued and press-formed in sequence into a piece of ply-bamboo, then, laminated louver curtain slats of a specified width are cut from the ply-bamboo. The method of the invention is simple and easy to practice and material-saving, and it improves the variety of louver curtains.05-07-2009
20090258194Controlling Impedance and Thickness Variations for Multilayer Electronic Structures - Impedance control, and the uniformity of electrical and mechanical characteristics in electronic packaging are becoming more important as chip and bus speeds increase and manufacturing processes evolve. Current state of the art design and manufacture processes inherently introduce physical dielectric thickness variations into PCB cross sections. These thickness variations between the ground reference plane(s) and the signal layer(s) inject undesirable characteristic impedance variations and undesirable mechanical variations in thickness and surface topology. Therefore a multilayer electronic structure and a method of manufacture is presented.10-15-2009
20120196092DEVICE FOR ROLLING AN ECCENTRIC ROTATIONAL COMPONENT, ROLLING MACHINE, METHOD, AND ECCENTRIC ROTATIONAL COMPONENT - A tool for rolling an eccentric rotational component having an eccentric portion, in particular an eccentric worm shaft, wherein the tool has a rotational device having rolling device, by means of which the surface edge zone of the eccentric rotational component is strengthened in order to increase the service life thereof. In an embodiment example, a cutting process is performed before the rolling process.08-02-2012
20100239826METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CORE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING TRIM, AND CORE MANUFACTURED BY THE SAME - A method of manufacturing an elongated core which is buried in an elongated trim. The method includes, forming slits to a metal plate, which extend in a second direction, at predetermined intervals in a first direction so as to form core pieces between the adjacent slits; and rolling a portion of the metal plate in which the slits are not formed in the second direction to form a rolled portion extending in the first direction, and expanding the slits in the first direction to form spaces, thereby preparing a primary core in which the core pieces and the spaces are alternately provided in the first direction. Additionally, the method includes, supplying the primary core to between a pair of deformed portion forming rollers engaged with each other such that reinforcing defaulted portions extending in the second direction are repetitively formed in the first direction.09-23-2010
20100215915METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE AND COATING OF NANOSTRUCTURED COMPONENTS - The synthesis of nanostructures uses a catalyst that may be in the form of a thin film layer on a substrate. Precursor compounds are selected for low boiling point or already exist in gaseous form. Nanostructures are capable of synthesis with a masked substrate to form patterned nanostructure growth. The techniques further include forming metal nanoparticles with sizes <10 nm and with a narrow size distribution. Metallic nanoparticles have been shown to possess enhanced catalytic properties. The process may include plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to deposit Ni, Pt, and/or Au nanoparticles onto the surfaces of SiO2, SiC, and GaN nanowires. A nanostructure sample can be coated with metallic nanoparticles in approximately 5-7 minutes. The size of the nanoparticles can be controlled through appropriate control of temperature and pressure during the process. The coated nanowires have application as gas and aqueous sensors and hydrogen storage.08-26-2010
20130216790METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A STRUCTURAL AUTOMOTIVE PART MADE FROM A ROLLED AL-ZN ALLOY - A method of manufacturing a formed aluminium alloy structural part or a body-in-white (BIW) part of a motor vehicle. The method includes: providing a rolled aluminium sheet product wherein the aluminium alloy is an AA7000-series aluminium alloy and has a gauge in a range of 0.5-4 mm and is subjected to a solution heat treatment and has been cooled, forming the aluminium alloy sheet to obtain a three-dimensional formed part, heating the three-dimensional formed part to at least one pre-ageing temperature between 50-250° C., and subjecting the formed and pre-aged motor vehicle component to a paint bake cycle.08-22-2013
20100143662ARCHITECTURAL RESIN PANELS WITH TRANSLUCENT VENEER LAYERS - Implementations of the present invention relate aesthetically pleasing decorative architectural resin panels having a thin or brittle veneer layer, such as thinly sliced natural wood or stone. In particular, at least one implementation includes a flat or curved decorative resin panel made with a natural wood veneer layer whose structural integrity has been maintained despite being subject to various heats and pressures. The resulting resin panel is at least partially translucent, and allows for a unique display both of the resin sheets used to form the panel and of the thin wood materials encapsulated therein. Additional implementations relate to the use of other brittle veneer layers, such as translucent stone, translucent metals, or the like, which also provide unique, decorative architectural, aesthetic features.06-10-2010
20100143661Energy Absorption Material - An energy absorption material, formed of a plurality of structural layers each formed of a substantially rigid material; a plurality of cushion layers interleaved with the structural layers, with each cushion layer formed of a substantially compressible material; wherein the cushion layers are coupled to adjacent structural layers; and one of the cushion layers and the structural layers is further positioned on a threat face of the energy absorption material.06-10-2010
20100136296Densification of coating using laser peening - A method of treating a coating includes the steps of providing the coating on a substrate and laser peening the coating. The laser peening consolidates the coating to reduce porosity and permits uniform consolidation in corners and tight spaces on articles such as gas turbine engine components.06-03-2010
20090075030Resilient, Water Dispersible Polyurethane Foams and Products Incorporating Same - A soft and resilient, cold-water dispersible polyurethane foam suitable for disposable personal care products is produced by the combination of corn syrup, glycerin, polyether diamine, PEG, a diisocyanate, water and a catalyst. The formulation and reaction conditions for forming the inventive foam are judiciously selected and carefully controlled to achieve water dispersibility and the desired mechanical properties. The characteristic resiliency, or percent rebound for the foams was generally over 75% and the foams are readily produced as soft foams, exhibiting a relative compression value of from 20% to 150% of that of a commercial polyurethane foam cosmetic pad which is not water dispersible. The foam may be incorporated into webs or stackable products or nestable three-dimensional products.03-19-2009
20090053476MULTILAYERED CELLULAR METALLIC GLASS STRUCTURES AND METHODS OF PREPARING THE SAME - Multi-layered cellular metallic glass structures and methods of preparing the same are provided. In one embodiment, the cellular metallic glass structure includes at least one patterned metallic glass sheet and at least one additional sheet. The at least one patterned metallic glass sheet may include multiple sheets connected together to form a group of sheets, and the structure may include a group of sheets sandwiched between two outer sheets. The patterned metallic glass sheets may be patterned by thermoplastically forming two- and/or three-dimensional patterns in the metallic glass sheets. The metallic glass cellular structures are useful in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to blast protection applications, energy absorption applications, structural support applications, biomedical implant applications, heat exchanger applications, thermal management applications, electrical shielding applications, magnetic shielding applications, and debris and radiation shielding for aerospace and outer space applications.02-26-2009
20080305307Deep "C" parts and method of molding - An elongated, substantially “C” cross sectioned part and method of making same are provided wherein the part may be injection molded and covered with a paint film on the showside part portions. The method includes the provision of a mold cavity having an inclined nadir wall boundary and moving the female mold away from the stationary male mold part an angle of about 1-20° relative to the widthwise or Y direction. The part includes a plastic substrate and an optional paint film having one edge thereof terminating along the nadir wall behind the show surface of the part.12-11-2008
20110008584FLUORESCENT MATERIAL, FLUORESCENT SUBSTANCE, DISPLAY, AND PROCESS FOR PREPARING FLUORESCENT SUBSTANCE - The present invention aims at providing a novel oxide fluorescent material. The novel oxide fluorescent material is a fluorescent material including: as constituent elements, at least one or more elements selected from the group consisting of Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba; at least one or more elements selected from the group consisting of Si and Ge; at least one or more elements selected from the group consisting of rare earth elements; and oxygen, wherein the crystal structure is a pseudowollastonite crystal structure. The fluorescent substance includes a layer 01-13-2011
20110045251GAS-BARRIER FILM AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - Provided is a gas barrier film including a layer of a resin composition (C) on at least one side of a substrate (D), wherein the resin composition (C) contains a water soluble or water dispersible polymer (A) and a swellable inorganic layered silicate (B), where the swellable inorganic layered silicate (B) satisfying expressions (1) and (2) below is used. 11.0≧D≧2.0 μm (1), σ≧1.8 μm (2), wherein D and a are a logarithmic average particle diameter of the swellable inorganic layered silicate (B) measured by laser diffraction and standard deviation of a particle size distribution thereof, respectively. This provides a gas barrier film including a resin composition layer, with a swellable inorganic layered silicate dispersed therein, having an extremely excellent gas barrier property and a method of producing a multilayer barrier film having the resin composition layer with extremely less irregularities on a surface thereof.02-24-2011
20110033671High Strength Environmentally Friendly Contoured Articles - The present invention is a contoured press molded article comprising: 02-10-2011
20090061163Ribbon Crystal String for Increasing Wafer Yield - A ribbon crystal has a body with a width dimension, and string embedded within the body. The string has a generally elongated cross-sectional shape. This cross-section (of the string) has a generally longitudinal axis that diverges with the width dimension of the ribbon crystal body.03-05-2009
20110250405Decorative and protective system for wares - A copolymer Tradenamed HexiLok is applied in the form of an ink as a decorative and protective outer covering to glassware and other tableware. It serves also as an adhesion coating to which a cross-linked ethylene acrylic acid copolymer is applied, to serve as a shock absorber and shard retention agent, in the event of breakage of the wares. The impact resistance of drinking glasses can be improved ten-fold with a 5 mil outer coating. The use of UV light as a curing agent in a 2-stage curing process, enables high production rates. The tough HexiLok ink serves to hermetically seal the decorated surface of the wares, enabling the use of non-FDA approved decorating agents.10-13-2011
20090311487METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF SEVERAL FIBRE COMPOSITE COMPONENTS - A method for production of fiber composite components, particularly suitable for the production of profiles of complicated shape with varying profile cross-section and/or with at least parts with curved lines, such as used for the production of aircraft, for example. The method (a) produces plural core components, (b) separates application of a first fiber material to each of the core components, (c) assembles the core components provided with the first fiber material to form a sequence of core components, (d) applies a second fiber material common to the core component sequence along at least one side of the core component sequence, provided with the first fiber material, (e) impregnates and hardens the first and second fiber materials to form a fiber-reinforced component body, and (f) separates the component body into plural sections as represented by the fiber composite components.12-17-2009
20090029114Method and Apparatus for Uniformly Stretching Thermoplastic Film and Products Produced Thereby - Thermoplastic films and laminates are made by extrusion and stretching using differential speed rollers employing a short stretching gap of no more than one inch immediately after the extruded film product is formed. The method and apparatus control the thickness of the stretched film and impart desirable mechanical properties thereto such as film products with a high modulus for handling and suitable tensile for softness.01-29-2009
20110250406ENHANCED MAGNETIC DIPOLE TRANSITIONS IN LANTHANIDE MATERIALS FOR OPTICS AND PHOTONICS - An optically active material contains a mixture of Lanthanide ions and an optical scattering agent, where the optical scattering agent is selected to enhance magnetic dipole transitions from Lanthanide ions so as to modify emission spectra and/or tune the composite's effective permeability and permittivity.10-13-2011
20110097554CURVED COMPOSITE FRAMES AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A curved composite aircraft frame comprises a multi-ply composite laminate having a generally Z-shaped cross section. At least certain of the laminate plies include unidirectional reinforcing fibers that are substantially tangent at substantially all points along the curvature of the frame.04-28-2011
20110081524MULTI-LAYERED FOAMED POLYMERIC OBJECTS AND RELATED METHODS - The invention disclosed herein relates to relates to foamed thermoplastic material objects and articles of manufacture having an internal layered cellular structure, as well as to methods of making the same. In one embodiment, the invention is directed to a multi-layer foamed polymeric article of manufacture, comprising: a non-laminated multi-layer thermoplastic material sheet, wherein the multi-layer thermoplastic material sheet has first and second discrete outer layers sandwiching a plurality of discrete inner foamed layers, and wherein the two outer layers and plurality discrete inner foamed layers are integral with one another. The thermoplastic material may be a semi-crystalline polymer such as, for example, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PEEK (polyetheretherketone), PEN (polyethylene napthalate), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), PLA (polyactide), polyhydroxy acid (PHA), thermoplastic urethane (TPU), or blends thereof. The two outer layers may be unfoamed skin layers having smooth outer surfaces, and the discrete inner foamed layers may be microcellular.04-07-2011
20110076460PLASTIC WITH NANO-EMBOSSING PATTERN AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - The present invention features a plastic with a nano-embossing pattern formed on the surface of polypropylene (PP) by preferably irradiating an argon ion beam, and a method for preparing the same. In preferred embodiments, the present invention also provides a method for preparing a plastic with a nano-embossing pattern formed on the surface thereof.03-31-2011
20110151199NEEDLE COATING AND IN-LINE CURING OF A COATED WORKPIECE - A method for coating a work piece with resin including applying a controlled volume of liquid resin to the work piece with an applicator and allowing consecutive streams of resin to meld together to form a self leveling surface. The resin can be actively or passively cured. The work piece can be planar or cylindrical.06-23-2011
20100297403LAMINATE MATERIAL - A self supporting curved laminate product resulting from curving of a planar precursor, wherein the planar precursor is a self supporting laminate of two sheets of an acrylic thermoplastic, or of sheets including an acrylic thermoplastic, spaced by, but attaching to, an interposed thermoset polyester system, and wherein curving has involved heating of the laminate sufficient to allow its curving without any substantial degradation of the lamination or its component layers.11-25-2010
20090022959Wall Element - A wall element comprising two outer layers extending at least substantially parallel to each other, between which at least two intermediate layers are provided, wherein each intermediate layer extends between the outer layers in a zigzag fashion, each intermediate layer comprising first parts that extend at least substantially parallel to the outer layers and second parts that extend between adjacent first parts, wherein first parts of one intermediate layer that face towards one outer layer are connected to said one outer layer, and wherein first parts of the other intermediate layer that face towards the other outer layer are connected to said other outer layer, a characteristic feature being the fact that said intermediate layers are identical in shape, with the intermediate layers being connected along their adjoining second parts, and a method of manufacturing the wall element.01-22-2009
20120202013SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SEALING A HEMMED CLOSURE - A sealed hemmed closure assembly includes an inner panel having a first face and a second face, and an outer panel having a panel portion and a hemming portion. The second face of the inner panel substantially opposes the first face, and the hemming portion of the outer panel is disposed proximate an edge of the outer panel. The panel portion of the outer face is configured to abut the first face of the inner panel, and the hemming portion is configured to abut the second face of the inner panel. An adhesive material is disposed between the panel portion of the outer panel and the first face of the inner panel, and a sealant material is disposed between the hemming portion of the outer panel and the second face of the inner panel.08-09-2012
20080268208Complex geometries made of composite material and forming process for same - The invention proposes a forming process for forming geometrically complex laminates made of composite material which allows obtaining very complex folded geometries, reducing the area of influence of the formed areas and making its effect local, handling the geometry of the laminate near the area to be formed, replacing the formed geometries with folded geometries, this way forcing the area of influence of the forming to be local, such that the length of the reinforcing fibers affected by said forming is minimal. The present invention also relates to complex geometries of laminates made of composite material obtained by means of the previous forming process.10-30-2008
20110020611Single-curved glass sheet manufacturing system - An apparatus for manufacturing a single-curved glass sheet with little difference between the radius of curvature of a front end portion and the radius of curvature of a rear end portion of the glass sheet. The apparatus includes a heating furnace and a cooling device. The cooling device is provided with a plurality of upper nozzles for spraying cooling air onto an upper surface of heated/molded curved glass sheet. The upper nozzles are moved by movement means parallel to a path of travel of the glass sheet.01-27-2011
20120135200AIRCRAFT PANEL STRUCTURE AND AIRCRAFT PANEL STRUCTURE MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR ALLEVIATION OF STRESS - An aircraft panel assembly comprising a first panel constructed from a first sheet material having a first thermal expansion coefficient, the first panel comprising a first face, a second panel constructed from second sheet material having a second thermal expansion coefficient different to the first thermal expansion coefficient, the second panel comprising a second face facing the first face, the first and second panels being joined at a first discrete fastening point and a second discrete fastening point, the fastening points being connected by a first notional panel join line describing the shortest distance between the fasteners along the first face, and a second notional panel join line describing the shortest distance between the fasteners along the second face, in which the first panel comprises a stress relief feature between the fastening points such that the first notional panel join line diverges from, and converges with, the second notional panel join line.05-31-2012
20110262713DECORATIVE MEMBER AND INJECTION MOLDING METHOD - A decorative member (10-27-2011
20110135884Bent Coated Articles - Articles comprising a surface coated with a composition containing graphene sheets and at least one polymer binder where the articles have been bent at the coated surface after the coating was applied. Methods of making coated articles that are bent after coating.06-09-2011
20100196671POLYMERIC COMPOSITE ARTICLE AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - Article comprising a monolithic ceramic layer and a polymeric composite layer and method of making is described. The article may be useful, for example, as armor.08-05-2010
20100196672NON-WOVEN MATERIAL - A non-woven material is provided, comprising an external non-elastic base layer and an auxiliary layer comprising an elastic material, the base layer and auxiliary layer being mechanically bonded to one another.08-05-2010
20110189443FIBROUS STRUCTURES - Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Flexural Rigidity (GM Flexural Rigidity or GMFlex) as measured according to the Flexural Rigidity Test Method described herein to Dry Burst (DB) as measured according to the Dry Burst Test Method described herein ratio (GMFlex/DB ratio) of less than 0.26 and a Density of less than 0.10 g/cm08-04-2011
20110189442FIBROUS STRUCTURES - Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Modulus (GM Modulus) of less than 1070 g/cm as measured according to the Modulus Test Method described herein and a Geometric Mean Elongation (GM Elongation or GM Elong) of less than 15% measured according to the Elongation Test Method described herein are provided.08-04-2011
20110027539IMPROVED PROCESS FOR PRESSURELESS CONSTRAINED SINTERING OF LOW TEMPERATURE CO-FIRED CERAMIC WITH SURFACE CIRCUIT PATTERNS - This invention relates to a process which produces crack-free, non-camber, distortion-free, zero-shrink, LTCC bodies, composites, modules or packages from precursor green (unfired) laminates of multilayer structure with one or more different dielectric tape chemistries that are patterned with co-fireable thick film circuitry materials such as conductor, via fill, capacitor, inductor, or resistor for each tape layer including both top and bottom surface tape layers in direct contact with the sacrificial release tape.02-03-2011
20110305875ELECTRONIC DEVICE ASSEMBLY - Apparatus and methods for assembling an electronic device and components thereof are provided. The electronic device may include a housing and a cover inserted into an opening in the housing. The electronic device may also include a first assembly that may be inserted into the housing through a first end, and a second assembly that may be inserted into the housing through a second end. The electronic device may also include end cap assemblies. In some embodiments, the electronic device may include an input mechanism coupled to the housing and a plate coupled to the housing. In some embodiments, a connector of the electronic device may be mounted on a circuit board by inserting a fixture into the connector, mounting the connector to a portion of the circuit board, removing the fixture from the connector, and separating the portion of the circuit board from another portion of the circuit board.12-15-2011
20120040142ARC-SHAPED BENT GLASS OR GLASS-CERAMIC MOLDED PART AND PRODUCTION METHOD - A method for the production of an arc-shaped glass or glass-ceramic molded part is provided, whereby a green glass blank is brought to a temperature state in which its viscosity makes forming possible and the green glass blank is pressed onto shaped on an arc-shaped supporting surface of a mold by at least one moveable lower holder so as to produce a glass or glass-ceramic molded part with an arc-shaped region that spans an angle greater than 180°.02-16-2012
20080260999Glass Sheet Bending Station and Method for Glass Sheet Bending - A glass sheet bending method for glass sheet bending utilizes a primary actuating mechanism (10-23-2008
20120015153SEAMLESS INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER MEMBER PROCESS - Described herein is a method of forming a seamless transfer member suitable for use with an image forming system. The method includes spray coating a UV curable polymer and conductive particles onto an inner surface of a rotating cylindrical mandrel. The UV curable polymer is cured with ultra violet energy. The cured UV polymer is removed from the cylindrical rotatable mandrel.01-19-2012
20120015154Biolaminate Composite Assembly Including Polylactic Acid and Natural Wax Laminate Layer, and Related Methods - Biolaminate composite assemblies are provided. Generally, the biolaminate composite assemblies may comprise one or more biolaminate layers and at least one biolaminate layer may comprise polylactic acid. In one embodiment, a biolaminate composite assembly is provided comprising one or more biolaminate layers wherein the biolaminate composite assembly is three-dimensionally formable over a rigid non-plastic substrate. At least one of the biolaminate layers comprises polylactic acid and a natural wax. In another embodiment, a method for forming a biolaminate composite assembly is provided.01-19-2012
20120121866METHOD OF LAYING UP PREPREG PLIES ON CONTOURED TOOLS USING A DEFORMABLE CARRIER FILM - Composite prepreg is laid up over a tool by placing prepreg material on a carrier film and using the carrier film to apply the prepreg material to the tool. The prepreg is conformed to contours of the tool by deforming the carrier film.05-17-2012
20100279076Manufacturing Method of Round Surface Panel and Manufacturing Apparatus of Round Surface Panel, Round Panel Lining, and Construction Method of Round Panel - The present invention relates to a curved panel (11-04-2010
20110091693THERMOSETTING COMPOSITION - A material of cured film, a thermosetting film and a display device are provided. The thermosetting composition includes a solvent and at least one siloxane polymer selected from the group consisting of siloxane polymer (A) obtained by hydrolyzing or condensing a silane mixture containing a monofunctional silane represented by formula (1) and a trifunctional silane represented by formula (2), and siloxane polymer (B) obtained by hydrolyzing or condensing a silane mixture containing a bifunctional silane represented by formula (3) and a tetrafunctional silane represented by formula (4).04-21-2011
20110104449HEARTH ROLL HAVING EXCELLENT MN BUILD-UP RESISTANCE, THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANCE, AND ABRASION RESISTANCE, AND THERMAL SPRAY MATERIAL THEREFOR - Disclosed is a hearth roll having excellent build-up resistance against an Mn-containing substance, excellent thermal shock resistance, excellent wear resistance and a long lifetime. Specifically disclosed is a thermal spraying material to be thermally sprayed on the surface of a hearth roll. The thermal spraying material comprises: a heat-resistant metal (including an alloy) which contains Al and can be used at a temperature equal to or higher than 900° C.; and a multiple oxide of at least one metal selected from rare earth elements (Sc, Y, lanthanum and lanthanoid), metals belonging to Group 3A on the periodic table and transition metals excluding Zr, Hf and Fe, wherein the content of Al (A) (mole) and the content of the rare earth clement (Sc, Y, lanthanum and lanthanoid) (B) (mole) fulfill the requirement represented by the following formula: 0.3≦(A/B)≦4.0.05-05-2011
20090197050METHOD OF MANUFACTURING COMPOSITE PART - A method of manufacturing a composite part, the method comprising: placing a charge on a male tool having a convex surface region; debulking the charge on the male tool by applying pressure to the charge, the applied pressure varying over the surface of the charge so as to be intensified where the charge engages the convex surface region of the male tool; and curing the charge on a female tool having a concave surface region. The charge is formed and debulked in a series of stages to form a laminate. The charge is formed at a first temperature T08-06-2009
20100092733Reinforcing System for Reinforcing a Cavity of a Structural Element - In the case of a reinforcing system for reinforcing a cavity of a structural element, a support element is connected to the structural element in the structural element for reinforcement purposes. The support element has channels, an adhesive is disposed in the cavity between the support element and the structural element, and the adhesive can be introduced into the cavity between the support element and the structural element by means of the channels.04-15-2010
20120121867METAL PLATE MEMBER FOR THE FABRICATION OF A COMPOSITE PLATE MEMBER - A metal plate member for the fabrication of a composite plate member is disclosed having a flat plate body and multiple binding structures located on one side of the flat plate body. Each binding structure includes one or a number of binding strips upwardly curvedly extended from one side of the flat plate body and a binding space defined between each binding strip and the flat plate body. After bonding of one plastic rod member to each binding structure or a second plate member to the flat plate body of the metal plate member, the binding strips of each binding structure provide a multi-directional stop effect to prohibit displacement of the plastic rod members or second plate member relative to the metal plate member.05-17-2012
20100247871LABEL SHEET AND LABEL SHEET MANUFACTURING DEVICE - A label and label attaching device for attaching a label onto a backing sheet. The label has a protruding apex portion, side surfaces defined when the label is folded at the apex and end portions at the outer base ends of the side surfaces. A label sheet is formed by temporarily attaching labels to a backing sheet. Prior to attachment, an intermediate portion of the label protrudes from its back surface to its front surface in a folded chevron shape. Outer end portions of the side surfaces project out from the side surfaces and the outer end portions are temporarily attached to the backing sheet with the folded portion protruding. The attaching device has two divided bodies to which the outer end portions are temporarily attracted. The divided bodies are movable together and apart to define the folded label. Then the label holding unit moves the folded label to an attaching position on the backing sheet which is moving past.09-30-2010
20110183120Coated Film for Insert Mold Decoration, Methods for Using the Same, and Articles Made Thereby - A coated thermoplastic film can be subjected to printing to obtain a decorative film, preformed (for example, thermoformed), and then inserted into a mold that has the configuration of the preformed decorative film A base polymeric structure comprising a polymer such as a polycarbonate or blend thereof can be injection molded to the exposed surface of the preformed decorative film The molded structure has various applications such as cell phones or other electronic devices, automotive vehicles, appliances, display panels, lenses, etc. A process for making the molded article is also described. The coating for the coated thermoplastic film can be made from a UV-curable composition and can provide superior embossing and thermoformability, hardness, and adhesion, while providing enhanced chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance.07-28-2011
20100178471Light-absoring resin composition for use in laser welding, light-absorbing resin molded article, and method for manufacturing light-absorbing resin molded article - A light-absorbing resin composition for use in laser welding that retains transparency and enables stable laser welding to be performed. The light-absorbing resin composition for use in laser welding comprises a high-molecular-weight dispersant that has a glass transition temperature of 30° C. or higher and laser-light-absorbing nanoparticles. The laser-light-absorbing nanoparticles are nanoparticles of a hexaboride expressed by the general formula XB07-15-2010
20100173134Film and Device Using Layer Based on Ribtan Material - The present invention relates generally to the field of electronics. More specifically, the present invention relates to film and device using layer based on carbon-based ribtan material. According to present invention, the film comprises at least one optically transparent and electrically conductive layer based on a ribtan material.07-08-2010
20120076989METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING HIGHLY CONTOURED COMPOSITE STIFFENERS WITH REDUCED WRINKLING - A mandrel having an out-of-plane curvature and a corresponding in-plane change in mandrel geometry is used to fabricate substantially wrinkle-free, fiber reinforced stiffeners having an out-of-plane curvature.03-29-2012
20120276341Method and Apparatus for Deforming a Web - Methods and apparatuses for deforming a web are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method involves feeding a web into a nip that is formed between at least two intermeshing rolls. The rolls are configured for deforming a web with at least two sets of deformations that are oriented in different directions relative to the surfaces of the web.11-01-2012
20110123780Method for Forming a Crimping Fold in a Multi-Layer Composite Material and Multi-Layer Composite Material Having at Least One Crimping Fold - A method for forming a beading fold in a multi-layer composite material, which has at least one core layer made of a plastics material and at least two cover layers made of a metallic material, provides high process reliability and optimal integrity of the formed multi-layer composite material. In particular, the method provides that, in the region of the beading fold to be formed, the core layer of the composite material is heated at least in portions to a temperature of 180° C. to 300° C. Also described herein is a multi-layer composite material having at least one beading fold, said material comprising at least one core layer made of a plastics material and at least two cover layers made of a metallic material.05-26-2011
20080299352PRESS-MOLDED PRODUCT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing a press-molded product with a preform including a pair of side wall portions and a connecting wall portion are taught. The preform is pressed with a mold until at least one wall portion is bent toward a gap within the mold, and a plate thickness is increased at the at least one wall portion and the connecting wall portion by pressing other wall portions.12-04-2008
20110003122PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE - A photovoltaic module having a fluoride-containing covering, substrate or superstrate glass is disclosed. The weight ratio X of the iron content to the fluorine content is preferably from 0.001 to 0.6. The glass to which fluoride has been added can be any glass suitable for photovoltaic modules, for example a soda-lime glass, a borosilicate glass or an aluminosilicate glass.01-06-2011
20120263923Method of Assembly of Articles and Intermediate Created Thereby - Articles on flexible webs with different pitches are assembled together by displacing portions between articles of one web out of plane to move the articles on that web to the same pitch as the other web, aligning the two webs to register corresponding articles on the two webs, and assembling the corresponding articles together. The assembly may be used for example in the making of RFID tags, labels and inlays.10-18-2012
20120328844Spacer for Filtration Devices - A spacer for devices for gas separation, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, dialysis, micro-, ultra, or nano-filtration formed from a planar material which has a plurality of convex support elements having a footprint of 0.03 to 600 mm12-27-2012
20120328843LIGHT-WEIGHT HYBRID GLASS LAMINATES - A glass laminate comprises an external glass sheet, an internal glass sheet, and a polymer interlayer formed between the external glass sheet and the internal glass sheet. The external glass sheet is a chemically-strengthened glass sheet having a thickness of less than 1 mm, the polymer interlayer has a thickness of less than 1.6 mm, and the internal glass sheet is a non-chemically-strengthened glass sheet having a thickness of less than 2.5 mm.12-27-2012
20120276342ARTIFICIAL SURFACE DIVIDER - An artificial surface divider comprising a floor having a plurality of pads spaced apart from one another, the plurality of pads being mounted to a longitudinal housing having an overhang at least partially defining a longitudinal channel and a longitudinal gap that is open to the longitudinal channel, the longitudinal gap extending between an edge of the overhang and a floor of the longitudinal housing, where a longitudinal dimension of the artificial surface divider is the dominant dimension.11-01-2012
20120328845MD STRETCH LAMINATE HAVING CD STRETCH - The presently described technology provides a machine-direction stretch elastic laminate having in addition cross-direction stretch. The elastomeric laminate comprises an elastic film layer laminated to at least one nonwoven fabric layer and may be used in elasticized features of various articles, such as disposable absorbent articles. Methods for producing the elastic laminate are also described.12-27-2012
20120288687EDGE PROTECTION SEAL FOR BONDED SUBSTRATES - A dielectric material layer is deposited on exposed surfaces of a bonded structure that includes a first substrate and a second substrate. The dielectric material layer is formed on an exposed planar surface of a second substrate and the entirety of peripheral sidewalls of the first and second substrates. The dielectric material layer can be formed by chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, or plasma induced deposition. Further, the dielectric material layer seals the entire periphery of the interface between the first and second substrates. If a planar portion of the dielectric material layer can be removed by planarization to facilitate thinning of the bonded structure, the remaining portion of the dielectric material layer can form a dielectric ring.11-15-2012
20100203297FABRIC SAIL - The present invention relates to a fabric sail (08-12-2010
20100143660PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF A SHAPED SUBSTRATE FOR A COATED CONDUCTOR AND COATED CONDUCTOR USING SAID SUBSTRATE - A process for preparing a shaped substrate suitable in the production of coated conductors which process allows the deformation of a textured substrate onto which a textured buffer layer has been already grown.06-10-2010
20110159248AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE FRAME OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL WITH STABILISING RIBS - Aircraft fuselage frame in composite material with stabilising ribs which, in at least a first sector (06-30-2011
20110159247HEAT RAY SHIELD COVER - Provided is a lightweight heat ray shield cover, such as a heat insulator, which has a three-dimensional shape and excellent shielding characteristics. The heat ray shield cover is a cover which is disposed near a heat source (06-30-2011
20110159246DECORATED DEVICE AND EASY-CLEANING FILM - A decorated device and an easy-cleaning film are provided. The decorated device includes a body, an easy-cleaning layer, and an adhesion layer. The body has a outer surface. The easy-cleaning layer is exposed and conformally disposed on the outer surface. A material of the easy-cleaning layer includes a polymer containing fluorine. The adhesion layer is disposed between the outer surface and the easy-cleaning layer.06-30-2011
20080248259GALLIUM NITRIDE/SAPPHIRE THIN FILM HAVING REDUCED BENDING DEFORMATION - The present invention relates to a gallium nitride/sapphire thin film, wherein a curvature radius thereof is positioned on the right side of a curve plotted from the following functional formula (I):10-09-2008
20080226878Dielectric composite and a method of manufacturing a dielectric composite - A composite for a transducer facilitates an increased actuation force as compared to similar prior art composites for transducers. The composite facilitates increased compliance of the transducer in one direction, an improved reaction time as compared to similar prior art composites for transducers, and provides an increased lifetime of the transducer in which it is applied.09-18-2008
20130143003GRAIN ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET - A grain oriented electrical steel sheet has sufficiently low iron loss and having less conventionally-concerned warpage of the steel sheet even after the steel sheet is subjected to artificial magnetic domain refining treatment, where strain-introducing treatment is conducted with high energy so that an iron loss-reducing effect can be maximized. The grain oriented electrical steel sheet is obtained by adjusting tension to be applied to a tension-applying insulating coating, or to both surfaces of the steel sheet by the tension-applying insulating coating, before strain-introducing treatment in the range of Formula (1):06-06-2013
20130143004GRAIN ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET - A grain oriented electrical steel sheet has grooves on one surface of the steel sheet formed for magnetic domain refining, the steel sheet including a forsterite film and a tension coating on front and back surfaces of the steel sheet, wherein the tension coating is applied on a surface with the grooves in a coating amount A (g/m06-06-2013
20130177745DEFORMED SHEET MATERIAL - The invention relates to the field of deformed sheet materials, in particular of metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, wood, laminated material and composite material, and articles manufactured with the use thereof. The sheet material is made such that the boundary of its transverse cross section and the boundary of its longitudinal cross section, in at least one of the sections, are made in the form of elements, differing in length, of different hyperbolas and/or ellipses with different values of eccentricities and focal parameters, and additional contain a section made in the form of elements, differing in length, of different hyperbolas and/or ellipses with different values of eccentricities and focal parameters, wherein the above-mentioned section of the boundary of the transverse section and the section of the boundary of the longitudinal cross section intersect. The technical result of the invention is the possibility of improving the reliability of identification and protection against counterfeiting of sheet materials in combination with convenience of identification due to simplifying the design of the working surface of tools.07-11-2013
20110212306FORMED ENTITIES FROM FLEXIBLE SHEET MATERIALS - Apparatus and methods are provided. A first sheet of flexible material is placed against a surface of a form. The first sheet bears an adhesive on one side. A second sheet of flexible material is brought into contact with the adhesive and the two sheets are pressed into conformant contact with the surface of the form. The first and second sheets are thus bonded to form a rigid or semi-rigid entity having a cross-sectional shape in accordance with the surface contours of the form.09-01-2011
20130209749FIBROUS STRUCTURES - A fibrous structure includes first, second, and third relatively high density wet-formed discrete elements disposed in a repeating concentric pattern. Each relatively high density wet-formed discrete element is at least partially defined by a continuous relatively low density wet-formed network that extends about an area of the fibrous structure. The first, second, and third relatively high density wet-formed discrete elements are distinguishable one from another by their respective area dimensions.08-15-2013
20130209750METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING CORRUGATED BOARD - A method is provided for bonding a substantially planar sheet material to a corrugated sheet material, both of which are porous using a continuous process, the method including: 08-15-2013
20130209751ALKALI ALUMINOSILICATE GLASS FOR 3D PRECISION MOLDING AND THERMAL BENDING - An alkali aluminosilicate glass for 3D precision molding and thermal bending is provided. The glass has a working point lower than 1200° C. (1008-15-2013
20130136900ACTINIC RAY-SENSITIVE OR RADIATION-SENSITIVE RESIN COMPOSITION, AND RESIST FILM, PATTERN FORMING METHOD, ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE, EACH USING THE COMPOSITION - Disclosed are an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition including (A) a compound capable of generating an acid by irradiation of actinic rays or radiation, and (B) a resin of which solubility in an alkali developer is increased by being decomposed by the action of an acid, a resist film using the composition, a pattern forming method, an electronic device manufacturing method, and an electronic device, wherein the actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition contains a combination composed of the two types of specific compounds of (A-1) or a combination of the two types of specific compounds of (A-2) as the compound (A).05-30-2013
20120258288COLD LAMINATION WITH RADIATION - A process for laminating a material layer to a support including: providing the support, applying the material layer to the support, a heat-activatable adhesive being applied to s side of the material layer facing the dimensionally stable support and/or to the side of the dimensionally stable support facing the material layer, pressing the flexible material layer and the dimensionally stable support together by means of a lower dimensionally stable mold half and an upper dimensionally stable mold half, irradiating the mold halves, the support and the material layer with electromagnetic radiation, in particular with microwave radiation, high-frequency radiation or induction radiation, whereby the adhesive is activated directly or indirectly.10-11-2012
20100297402PAPER PRODUCT PRODUCED BY A HIGH PRESSURE EMBOSSING APPARATUS - An embossed fibrous structure comprising a singly ply is disclosed. The embossments have a contrast ratio of greater than about 1.25 as measured according to the Reflected Light Intensity test method.11-25-2010
20100304094STRINGER TRANSITION AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING COMPOSITE PARTS USING THE SAME - A stringer comprises a base portion and first and second webs extending outwardly from the base portion. The orientation of at least one of the first and second webs may transition from a first angle to a second angle within an angle transition zone.12-02-2010
20100316847METHOD FOR BENDING AND THERMALLY PRESTRESSING RADIATION SHIELDING GLASS - A method for bending radiation shielding glass which has a heavy metal oxide content of at least 50% by weight is provided, wherein first a mold is provided, a glass plate comprising a radiation shielding glass is then provided, the mold is preheated to a temperature of 300 to 400° C., the glass plate is placed on the mold, the glass plate and the mold are heated in a furnace to a temperature of 370 to 430° C., then heated together to a temperature of 400° C. to 500° C., preferably to 440 to 500° C., the total heating time being at least 30 minutes, preferably at least 60 minutes, the glass plate is then molded and finally the molded glass is cooled by means of a cooling program over a period of at least 60 minutes. For thermal prestressing, the glass body is supported at least at its outer periphery at a number of support points, introduced into a preheated furnace, heated to 400 to 500° C. and then removed, and cold air is blown onto both sides from a multiplicity of nozzles, preferably until cooling to about 100° C. has taken place.12-16-2010
20120282443SINGLE-CRYSTAL SUBSTRATE, GROUP-III NITRIDE CRYSTAL OBTAINED USING THE SAME, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING GROUP-III NITRIDE CRYSTAL - Provided is a base substrate with which a Group-III nitride crystal having a large area and a large thickness can be grown while inhibiting crack generation. A single-crystal substrate for use in growing a Group-III nitride crystal thereon, which satisfies the following expression (1), wherein Z1 (μm) is an amount of warpage of physical shape in a growth surface of the single-crystal substrate and Z2 (μm) is an amount of warpage calculated from a radius of curvature of crystallographic-plane shape in a growth surface of the single-crystal substrate: −4011-08-2012
20120021185GLASS SHEET - The subject of the invention is a glass sheet, the light transmission of which is greater than or equal to 89% for a thickness of 3.2 mm and the chemical composition of which comprises bismuth oxide in a weight content between 0.05 and 1%.01-26-2012
20130196120Extendable Self-Supporting Material Composites and Manufacture Thereof - Specific composite materials described herein are based on the discovery that certain selections of materials and manufacturing conditions and processes provide unexpectedly improved self-supporting thin-film composite materials. It has been discovered that certain combinations of backing materials, shrink film materials, and manufacturing conditions provide improved composites having highly controllable, readily repeatable, and stable arc shaped cross-web curled structures. In general, the composite materials described herein comprise a dimensionally alterable film such as a polyester shrink film having a first surface and a second surface, and a polyester backing material having a first surface and a second surface, wherein the second surface of the backing material is laminated to the first surface of the dimensionally alterable film. Upon activation of the alterable film, for example upon exposing the composite material comprising the polyester heat shrink film to heat, the composite material can be imparted with an arc shaped cross-web curled structure along it longitudinal width, resulting in resistance to bending in its axial length, and a self-supporting material.08-01-2013
20120094085UNITIZED COMPOSITE FABRICS WITH CROSS MACHINE WAVE-LIKE SHAPING AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Processes for producing a composite material comprising three or more layers, including at least one internal layers that is a roll good element or an in situ produced nonwoven layer includes shaping an assembly of three or more layers into a wave-like form, with at least one of the internal layers being a roll good element or an in situ produced nonwoven layer, and subsequently activating the assembly to cause bonding of the layers and creation of a unitized composite material that, for example, has utility as a filter material.04-19-2012
20120094084CHEMICALLY-STRENGTHENED GLASS LAMINATES - A glass laminate includes at least one chemically-strengthened glass sheet and a polymer interlayer formed over a surface of the sheet. The chemically-strengthened glass sheet has a thickness of less than 2.0 mm, and a near-surface region under a compressive stress. The near surface region extends from a surface of the glass sheet to a depth of layer (in micrometers) of at least 65-0.06(CS), where CS is the compressive stress at the surface of the chemically-strengthened glass sheet and CS>300 MPa.04-19-2012

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