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428168000 With particulate matter 8
428169000 Oblique to longitudinal axis of web or sheet 6
20090123704Electronic inlay structure and method of manufacture thereof - An electronic inlay structure including first and second sheets of an inlay substrate arranged in generally side to side, spaced parallel arrangement, having a gap therebetween, a flexible web material arranged to overlie the gap and edges of the first and second sheets of the inlay structure adjacent the gap, third and fourth sheets arranged in registration with the first and second sheets respectively, over the first and second sheets of the inlay substrate and partially over the flexible web material and bonded thereto, electronic circuitry associated with at least one of the first, second, third and fourth sheets and lamination enclosing the first, second, third and fourth sheets, the electronic circuitry and the web material together to create the inlay structure.05-14-2009
20120183739HIGH ULTRAVIOLET TRANSMITTING DOUBLE-LAYER WIRE GRID POLARIZER FOR FABRICATING PHOTO-ALIGNMENT LAYER AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a UV high-transmittance double-layer wire grid polarizer for a photo-alignment film and a method for manufacturing the same. The UV high-transmittance double-layer wire grid polarizer for a photo-alignment film includes: a substrate; an anti-reflection layer disposed on the substrate; a patterned photoresist layer disposed on the anti-reflection layer; and metal thin films disposed on the photoresist layer and the anti-reflection layer.07-19-2012
20130078428COMPONENTS WITH CCOLING CHANNELS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A manufacturing method includes forming one or more grooves in a component that comprises a substrate with an outer surface. The substrate has at least one interior space. Each groove extends at least partially along the substrate and has a base and a top. The manufacturing method further includes applying a structural coating on at least a portion of the substrate and processing at least a portion of the surface of the structural coating so as to plastically deform the structural coating at least in the vicinity of the top of a respective groove, such that a gap across the top of the groove is reduced. A component is also disclosed and includes a structural coating disposed on at least a portion of a substrate, where the surface of the structural coating is faceted in the vicinity of the respective groove.03-28-2013
20100075109Microchip, Molding Die and Electroforming Master - The present invention relates to a microchip, a die for forming the microchip, and an electroforming master for the die. A microchip is formed of a resin material and includes: a resin material; and a surface on which a channel groove with a width and depth both in a range of 1 to 1000 μm is formed. A bottom surface of the channel groove includes a projecting-and-depressed section with a height of 5% or lower of the depth of the channel groove.03-25-2010
20130089709THREE-DIMENSIONAL NANO-STRUCTURE ARRAY - A three-dimensional nano-structure array includes a substrate and a number of three-dimensional nano-structures. Each three-dimensional nano-structure has a first peak and a second peak aligned side by side. A first groove is defined between the first peak and the second peak. A second groove is defined between the two adjacent three-dimensional nano-structures. A depth of the first groove is lower than that of the second groove.04-11-2013
20090324891RECORDABLE INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - According to one embodiment, a recordable information recording medium includes an organic dye layer contains an organic dye including a cation portion having monomethinecyanine and an anion portion having an azo metal complex, and a quencher having a formazan metal complex.12-31-2009
20090092795THERMOFORMED VEHICLE FLOOR TRAY WITH BAFFLE-CONTAINING RESERVOIR - A vehicle floor tray is molded from a thermoplastic polymer sheet such that it has high shear and tensile strength, an acceptable degree of stiffness and a high coefficient of friction on its upper surface. The floor tray has first, second, third, and fourth sidewalls integrally formed with the floor, which has a reservoir. The reservoir has a plurality of longitudinally and transversely oriented baffles standing up from the general surface of the reservoir portion to impede lateral movement of water.04-09-2009
20120225254WAFER, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PACKAGE, AND PIEZOELECTRIC OSCILLATOR - To provide a wafer, a method of manufacturing a package, and a piezoelectric oscillator in which warping of a wafer body is reduced to improve the yields. A wafer for lid substrate has a product region in which a number of recess portions for cavities are formed and a non-forming region of the recess portions set in the product region in the form of a straight line extending along a diameter direction of the product region.09-06-2012
20130065022METHOD OF TRANSFERRING GRAPHENE USING TRENCH AND SUBSTRATE FOR RECEIVING GRAPHENE - A method of transferring graphene includes patterning an upper surface of a substrate to form at least one trench therein, providing a graphene layer on the substrate, the graphene layer including an adhesive liquid thereon, pressing the graphene layer with respect to the substrate, and removing the adhesive liquid by drying the substrate.03-14-2013
20090258192MOLD AND PROCESS FOR COMBINING METAL/CERAMIC AND POLYMER COMPONENT MIXTURE IN THE FORMATION OF HOMOGENOUS PARTS AND FURTHER INCLUDING AN ARTICLE OF MANUFACTURE & PROCESS FOR CREATING A COMBINATION PLASTIC AND SILVER COMPOSITE EXHIBITING LIFELONG ANTI-BIOTIC PROPERTIES - The present invention discloses a composite structural article exhibiting a three dimensional shape and size and including an admixture including at least one of a metal and a ceramic component, this combined with at least one polymeric component. In a further revised application, the article can include au admixture including at least one of a silver and a polymeric component.10-15-2009
20090258191Shrink film laminates - Heat shrink laminates comprising at least one non-elastic film layer and at least one other layer, which can be a film or a fibrous nonwoven layer are disclosed wherein the non-elastic film layer and the at least one other layer are bonded together by a plurality of spaced-apart bond points, wherein the non-elastic film layer is heat shrunk after bonding to shrink the film layer and cause the other layer to form pleats.10-15-2009
20090011190Product comprising a protected microstructured area, and a method and a device for producing the same - A bare diffractive microstructured area on a product is protected against wearing by one or more protruding elements. In an embodiment, the product is provided with a depression, whose bottom is further provided with a diffractive microstructured area. Thus, the rim areas of the depression form a protruding element with respect to the microstructured area. If the product is rubbed, for example, against the surface of a table, the protruding element prevents the rubbing surface from having a physical contact with the microstructured area. The microstructured area does not need to be protected with a transparent protective layer, which entails significant cost savings.01-08-2009
20110281078TRANSPARENT GLASS SUBSTRATE AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A SUBSTRATE - This transparent glass substrate has at least one face which is provided with a texturing formed by a plurality of geometric features in relief relative to a general plane of the face, this texturing being adapted in order to ensure a transmission of radiation through the substrate greater than the transmission of radiation through a substrate that is identical but lacks texturing. The face of the substrate is also provided with an antireflection layer having a refractive index between the refractive index of air and the refractive index of the glass. The antireflection layer is an etched out superficial portion of the glass substrate on the side of the face, which comprises a structure based on silica and voids having a characteristic dimension between 0.5 nanometers and 50 nanometers.11-17-2011
20090053474ALIGNMENT MARK AND PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL COMPRISING THE ALIGNMENT MARK - An alignment mark for a plasma display panel (PDP). The alignment mark comprises a first and a second alignment patterns installed on a front and a rear substrate respectively. The second alignment pattern on the non-display area is simultaneously formed with the rib barrier formation on the display area of the rear substrate, wherein the second alignment pattern is hexagonal-honeycomb. The first alignment pattern on the front substrate is simultaneously formed with the non-transparent material fabrication, such as a bus electrode or black matrix fabrication, and corresponds to a space within the second alignment pattern. The first alignment pattern comprises at least one line segment, parallel to at least one side of the hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the rear substrate with a predetermined distance therebetween.02-26-2009
20100330340SUPERHYDROPHOBIC SURFACES FOR DRAG REDUCTION - Superhydrophobic surfaces according to the invention contain micro or nanoscale hydrophobic features which can support a shear-free air-water interface between peaks in the surface topology. The surface of an engineered structure is patterned with a plurality of parallel ridges extending from the surface. The ridges have a width d and a height h, and are spaced apart by a first spacing dimension w. The ridges extend along the surface of the solid object for a predefined length l. Breaker ridges are situated between the parallel ridges, and are oriented at an angle to the parallel ridges. The breaker ridges are preferably spaced apart by a second spacing dimension. The breaker ridges and the parallel ridges are configured to define a volume wherein a gas may be situated. The engineered structure is configured to provide a reduced drag force between itself and a fluid.12-30-2010
20110287228PRECISION-FOLDED, HIGH STRENGTH, FATIGUE-RESISTANT STRUCTURES AND SHEET THEREFOR - Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and a sheet therefore are disclosed. To form the structures, methods for precision bending of a sheet of material along a bend line and a sheet of material formed with bending strap-defining structures, such as slits or grooves, are disclosed. Methods include steps of designing and then separately forming longitudinally extending slits or grooves through the sheet of material in axially spaced relation to produce precise bending of the sheet when bent along the bend line. The bending straps have a configuration and orientation which increases their strength and fatigue resistance, and most preferably slits or arcs are used which causes edges to be engaged and supported on faces of the sheet material on opposite sides of the slits or arcs. The edge-to-face contact produces bending along a virtual fulcrum position in superimposed relation to the bend line. Several slit embodiments suitable for producing edge-to-face engagement support and precise bending are disclosed. With these teachings, forming numerous three-dimensional load-bearing structures from a two dimensional sheet are enabled. Examples of straight and curved beams, chassis, and exoskeletons are disclosed.11-24-2011
20090324889Embossed Plastic Films for Laminated Glass - The invention relates to a plastic film, at least one side of which is provided with a surface structure comprising parallel rows of elevations (a). Said elevations (a) are interconnected by means of webs (b) that are at least 10 percent lower than the elevations (a). The inventive films can be used for producing laminated glass.12-31-2009
20090123705CMP Pad Dressers - An abrasive tool includes an assembly of tool precursors. At least one of the tool precursors has a continuous polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, or ceramic material cutting element formed into a blade shape. The abrasive tool can additionally include a setting material, which is configured to attach the tool precursors and form a single mass. The selection, arrangement, and setting of the tool precursors can result in an abrasive tool having a predetermined cutting configuration. Methods for forming such an abrasive tool are also disclosed.05-14-2009
20100209671PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE SHEET AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A pressure sensitive adhesive sheet which comprises a substrate sheet (08-19-2010
20100119778ULTRA THIN ALIGNMENT WALLS FOR DI-BLOCK COPOLYMER - Methods comprising providing a pre-patterned substrate having an array of thick walls, depositing a conforming layer on the pre-patterned substrate, etching the conforming layer from the top of the thick walls and the space between the walls, and etching the thick walls while leaving thin walls of conforming layer.05-13-2010
20090297783Elastic Deformable Cushion - An elastic deformable cushion comprises: an elastoplastic curved piece made of elastoplastic material, and at least two elastoplastic ribs. At least two grooves are formed in an outer surface of the elastoplastic curved piece, and the grooves are separated from and not in communication with and one another. In an inner surface of the elastoplastic curved piece is formed a groove opening in an opposite direction to and located between the at least two grooves in the outer surface of the elastoplastic curved piece. The at least two elastoplastic ribs are formed in the at least two grooves in the outer surface of the elastoplastic curved piece, the elastoplastic ribs are integral with the elastoplastic curved piece, and each of the two elastoplastic ribs have a curved portion.12-03-2009
20100098913DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROTECTION AND ACTIVATION OF SENSORS - A device and a corresponding method which allows to protect, preserve and activate (making it sensitive to external agents) a sensitive element, which changes its morphology and/or produces phase segregations following exposure to external agents.04-22-2010
20090169825METHOD OF MANUFACTURING COMPOSITE MATERIAL - A method of manufacturing a composite material, the method comprising: growing two or more layers of reinforcement in-situ; and impregnating each layer with a matrix before growing the next layer. The reinforcement layers may be formed by a chemical vapour deposition process. The method can be used as an additive layer manufacturing technique to form a component with a desired shape and physical characteristics.07-02-2009
20110206904PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A WEB SUBSTRATE HAVING INDICIA DISPOSED THEREON AND ELASTIC-LIKE BEHAVIOR IMPARTED THERETO - A process for providing indicia and an elastic-like behavior to a web substrate is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: providing a web substrate; printing indicia on the web substrate; and, providing the web substrate with a plurality of first regions and a plurality of second regions comprising the same material composition. A portion of the first regions extend in a first direction while the remainder of the first regions extend in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction to intersect one another. The first regions form a boundary completely surrounding the second regions. The second regions comprise a plurality of raised rib-like elements. The first regions undergo a molecular level and geometric deformation and the second regions initially undergo a substantially geometric deformation when the web material is subjected to an applied elongation along at least one axis.08-25-2011
20120295068Synthetic Dry Adhesives - A method of forming synthetic dry adhesives is provided that includes using a wedge-shaped tool to form mold cavities in a mold, filling the mold cavities with an elastomeric adhesive, removing the elastomeric adhesive from the mold, where a tapered lamellar ridge extends from a surface of the elastomeric adhesive, treating a tip of the extending ridge with a film of uncured elastomeric material, and curing the film of uncured material while the extending ridge is pressed against a substrate surface having a smoothness or texture. The synthetic dry adhesive comprises a close-packed array of tapered lamellar ridges, where the centerline of a ridge is angled relative to a direction normal to the synthetic dry adhesive and the cross section includes an internal taper. The tapered ridge bends when it contacts a surface, whereupon the radius of curvature of the ridge increases monotonically with increasing shear load.11-22-2012
20090297782SOFT MAGNET WITH EMBOSSED STRIPE PATTERN - A soft magnet structure including a flat sheet of soft magnet. The sheet is embossed with a pattern of densely arranged stripes. The depth of the embossed stripe pattern ranges 0.1 mm and between 0.3 mm. The stripes extend in the same direction and are arranged on at least one surface of the sheet, whereby an external force or shear force is applied to the soft magnet along the stripes, the soft magnet can be torn apart in the direction of the stripes.12-03-2009
20080274335Photolytic Polymer Surface Modification - The present invention provides a method for modifying a surface of a polymer derived from a mixture comprising a thiol monomer and an olefinic monomer. The method comprises exposing at least a portion of the polymer surface to electromagnetic radiation of sufficient energy to modify the polymer surface. The present invention also provides a polymer derived from polymerizing a mixture of monomers comprising a thiol monomer, an olefinic monomer, and an iniferter.11-06-2008
20110268925COMPOSITE ELECTROMAGNETIC-WAVE-ABSORBING FILM - A composite electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film comprising pluralities of adjacent electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film pieces arranged on a plastic base film, each electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film piece being a plastic film provided with a conductor layer having a large number of substantially parallel, intermittent, linear scratches formed with irregular widths and intervals in plural directions, and pluralities of the electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film pieces being different in at least one of the widths, intervals, lengths and directions of the linear scratches.11-03-2011
20090162616MESOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS WITH CONTROLLED ORIENTATIONAL ORDERING - Methods of controlling orientational ordering in self-assembled materials are described. These methods include controlling the nucleation rate and growth of block-copolymer-templated silica domains to yield macroscopically aligned mesostructured materials, and forming patterned mesostructured films or monoliths with control over the direction of alignment of a hexagonally-packed, block-copolymer-directed mesostructure across macroscopic lengths scales are described. Self-assembled materials with controlled orientational ordering are described, including those that contain a surfactant or block-copolymer species, and materials that include an organic (e.g., resin) or inorganic (e.g., silica or titania) network-forming component.06-25-2009
20090162615METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL AND PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL - A plasma display panel (PDP) having a front substrate structure (first substrate structure) and a back substrate structure (second substrate structure) arranged so as to be opposed to each other via a discharge space is manufactured in the following manner. A sealing member arranged in a frame shape so as to surround outside of a barrier rib formation region where barrier ribs partitioning a discharge space are arranged and a plurality of supporting members arranged in a region between an outer periphery of the barrier rib formation region and the sealing member are formed, respectively. The supporting members are made from material having a softening point higher than that of material for the sealing member, the height of the supporting members is made higher than that of the barrier ribs, and the height of the sealing member is made higher than the height of the supporting members.06-25-2009
20090162614SHEET MATERIAL - A sheet of cold rolled material having on both of its surfaces rows of projections and rows of depressions, the projections on one surface corresponding with the depressions on the other surface, the relative positions of the projections and depressions being such that lines drawn on a surface of the sheet between adjacent rows of projections are non-rectilinear, the sheet having a base gauge G, wherein each projection has a substantially continuous region of peak plastic strain at, toward or about its apex and/or is thinned by no more than 25% of its base gauge G. Methods of forming the sheet material and tools for forming the sheet material are disclosed.06-25-2009
20090004436METHOD FOR FORMING CHANNEL PATTERNS WITH CHROMONIC MATERIALS - A method for forming channels within a dried chromonic layer is described. A coating composition is applied to a substrate, dried, and exposed to a hydrophilic organic solvent forming a channel pattern having a first set of channels, and a second set of channels that are substantially perpendicular to the first set of channels. A deposition material may be disposed within the channels to form a nanostructured pattern. An article having a channel pattern is further described.01-01-2009
20090017262TWO-LAYERED OPTICAL PLATE - An exemplary optical plate (01-15-2009
20090035527Stretch sheet and process of producing the same - In a process of producing a stretch sheet, a strip-shaped laminate sheet 02-05-2009
20090324890OPTICAL FILM - The present invention pertains to an optical film comprising a substrate and a microstructured layer on a surface of the substrate, wherein the microstructured layer comprises a plurality of columnar structures and the columnar structures comprise at least two members selected from the group consisting of a linear columnar structure with its height varying along the length direction, a linear columnar structure without its height varying along the length direction, a serpentine columnar structure with its height varying along the length direction, and a serpentine columnar structure without its height varying along the length direction.12-31-2009
20110143097Method for hot laminating sheet material, laminating foil, and laminating unit for performing the method - The invention relates to a laminating foil having an initial roughness on at least one side, which makes the laminating foil matte, wherein the laminating foil has a marking configured as a surface pattern with surface portions on the matte side or at least on one of the matte sides, wherein the roughness of the surface portions is different from the initial roughness. The invention furthermore relates to a laminating foil set comprising the laminating foils, a method for hot laminating sheet material using such laminating foils, a laminating unit for using the laminating foil, and eventually a laminating system including the laminating unit and the laminating foils.06-16-2011
20090274876MATCH OF TWO BRIGHTNESS ENHANCEMENT FILMS - A match of two brightness enhancement films including a first brightness enhancement film having laterally arranged microstructures and a second brightness enhancement film having longitudinally arranged microstructures. The microstructures of one of the brightness enhancement films include lenses, while those of the other one of the brightness enhancement films are either lenses or prisms. The match of two brightness enhancement films features light condensation in both longitudinal and lateral directions and realization of optimized brightness and viewing angle for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with the different microstructure configurations formed on the two brightness enhancement films.11-05-2009
20110229694EASILY APPLICABLE ADHESIVE SHEET AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - An easily applicable adhesive sheet includes a base sheet and an adhesive layer provided on the base sheet and which includes, in a surface portion thereof, air passages each including a plurality of grooves opening at an end edge portion of the adhesive sheet. Each groove has an opening width of 3 to 100 μm; the distance between adjacent grooves is 1 to 100 μm; each air passage has a width of 7 to 900 μm; and the distance between adjacent air passages is 200 to 3,000 μm. The easily applicable adhesive sheet can be smoothly applied to an adherend without formation of blisters (i.e., even when air bubbles are formed between the adhesive sheet and the adherend upon application thereof, air is easily released), and which exhibits excellent appearance after application thereof to the adherend.09-22-2011
20100227125METHOD TO FABRICATE A MOULD FOR LITHOGRAPHY BY NANO-IMPRINTING - The invention concerns a nano-imprinting device with three dimensions characterized in that it comprises at least: 09-09-2010
20100239819FORMATION OF CLOSE-PACKED SPHERE ARRAYS IN V-SHAPED GROOVES - The present invention relates to the self-assembly of a spherical-morphology block copolymer into V-shaped grooves of a substrate. Although spherical morphology block copolymers typically form a body-centered cubic system (bcc) sphere array in bulk, the V-shaped grooves promote the formation of a face-centered cubic system (fcc) sphere array that is well ordered. In one embodiment, the (111) planes of the fcc sphere array are parallel to the angled side walls of the V-shaped groove. The (100) plane of the fcc sphere array is parallel to the top surface of the substrate, and may show a square symmetry among adjacent spheres. This square symmetry is unlike the hexagonal symmetry seen in monolayers of spherical domains and is a useful geometry for lithography applications, especially those used in semiconductor applications.09-23-2010
20100196667SPORT-TECHNICAL LAYER FOR USE IN AN ARTIFICIAL LAWN SYSTEM, AS WELL AS SUCH AN ARTIFICIAL LAWN SYSTEM - The invention relates to a sport-technical layer for use in an artificial lawn system in particular intended for sports fields, which artificial lawn system is built up at least of a substrate to which artificial grass fibres are attached as well as the sport-technical layer extending under said substrate, which sport-technical layer comprises at least one damping sublayer made of a synthetic foam, which damping sublayer made of a synthetic foam is built up of an essentially rigid flat plate, which plate is provided with flatness-enhancing means. The invention further relates to an artificial lawn system provided with such a sport-technical layer. According to the invention, the sport-technical layer is to that end characterised in that said flatness-enhancing means comprise at least one first slot assembly of at least two closely spaced slots formed in a respective upper surface or bottom surface of the plate, which slots extend in a first direction of the plate. As a result, the sport-technical layer is constructionally guaranteed to be a flat layer not exhibiting any warped or overlapping portions. On the one hand this leads to improved functional characteristics of the artificial lawn system to be ultimately constructed, but in addition this prevents the unnecessary work and expenses involved in repairing a non-level sport-technical layer, which currently takes place with the artificial lawn system according to the prior art.08-05-2010
20090274877STIMULI-RESPONSIVE SURFACES - A material capable of promoting adhesion through transitioning reversibly between a first state and a second state when the material is exposed to or removed from a stimulus, wherein, the first state includes a first texture and the second state includes a second texture different from the first texture.11-05-2009
20130129984GRAIN ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A grain oriented electrical steel sheet has thickness of forsterite film at bottom portions of grooves formed on a surface of the steel sheet is ≧0.3 μm, groove frequency is ≦20%, abundance ratio of grooves crystal grains directly beneath themselves, each crystal grain having orientation deviating from Goss orientation by ≧10° and grain size ≧5 μm, total tension exerted on the steel sheet in the rolling direction by the forsterite film and tension coating is ≧10.0 MPa, total tension exerted on the steel sheet in a direction perpendicular to the rolling direction by the forsterite film and tension coating is ≧5.0 MPa and total tension satisfies 1.0≦A/B≦5.0, where A is total tension exerted in rolling direction by forsterite film and tension coating, and B is total tension exerted in direction perpendicular to rolling direction by forsterite film and tension coating.05-23-2013
20110117325LAMINATE PANEL AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING LAMINATE PANELS - Laminate panel of the type comprising a substrate and a provided-thereon synthetic material layer with a printed decor, wherein said synthetic material layer at the surface comprises a zone of reduced gloss degree, wherein said zone in itself has a microstructure of uniformly distributed recesses and/or protrusions. The invention also relates to methods and press elements which are suited for manufacturing such laminate panels.05-19-2011
20110008580COMPOSITE FILM OF LINEARLY-SCRATCHED, THIN METAL FILM AND PLASTIC FILM, AND ITS PRODUCTION APPARATUS - The present invention provides a composite film having a linearly-scratched, thin metal film and a plastic film, which has good absorbability to electromagnetic waves in various frequencies, as well as reduced anisotropy in electromagnetic wave absorbability, suitable for electromagnetic wave absorbers, and its production apparatus. The composite film having a linearly-scratched, thin metal film and a plastic film according to the present invention comprises a plastic film, and a single-or multi-layer, thin metal film formed on at least one surface of the plastic film, the thin metal film being provided with large numbers of substantially parallel, intermittent, linear scratches with irregular widths and intervals in plural directions. Its production apparatus comprises pluralities of pattern rolls each having large numbers of fine, high-hardness particles on the surface, which are arranged to form linear scratches on the thin metal film side of a thin metal film-plastic composite film, and means each pressing the pattern roll to the composite film, and pluralities of the pattern rolls being oriented in different directions in a plane in which they are in sliding contact with the thin metal film of the composite film.01-13-2011
20100183848Metal-Plastic-Hybrid Casing Component - A casing component, which comprises at least one force-input structure in the form of a metal sheet, by way of which the plastics casing component is fastened on an adjacent casing structure, where, after the molding-on of the plastic, the plastic of the casing component bilaterally covers, or has been laminated onto, at least ⅔ of the force-input structure, and the force-input structure comprises at least one fastening device, in order to fasten the casing component on the casing structure by way of the force-input structure.07-22-2010
20100040835MICRO-HOLE SUBSTRATES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method of fabricating a substrate with micro holes, the method comprising providing a roll of flexible film having a first surface and a second surface, the first surface and the second surface being separated from one another by a thickness of the roll of flexible film, identifying a depth of the micro holes to be formed, and punching the first surface of the roll of flexible film to form a plurality of micro holes with a depth into the first surface.02-18-2010
20100055406Water-repellent arrangement for LCD display of industrial computer - A resilient hollow, rectangular water-repellent structure for an industrial computer, the water-repellent structure comprising in combination a peripheral groove formed between an LCD display of the industrial computer and a housing thereof, the groove having peripheral parallel mating members on either side wall; an outer member; and an inner member having a rectangular cross-section with a first shoulder formed between a front end thereof and the outer member, and a second shoulder formed between a rear end thereof and the outer member, the inner member comprising peripheral parallel corresponding mating members on each of front and rear ends thereof. The corresponding mating members are securely engaged with the mating members with the LCD display being securely engaged the front end of the inner member and the outer member and the housing being securely engaged the rear end of the inner member and the outer member.03-04-2010
20090029112OPTICAL ELEMENT, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An optical element having a polarizing function includes: a plurality of linear protrusions that are formed of a conductive material and are provided substantially in parallel to each other on a base; and a protective layer that covers upper parts of the plurality of protrusions such that cavity portions are formed between adjacent protrusions. An upper half of each of the protrusions close to the protective layer has a maximum width.01-29-2009
20110097550LIGHT INDUCED PATTERNING - A method of depositing a material on a receiving substrate, the method comprising: providing a source substrate having a back surface and a front surface, the back surface carrying at least one piece of coating material; providing a receiving substrate positioned adjacent to the source substrate and facing the coating material; and radiating light towards the front surface of the source substrate, to remove at least one piece of the coating material from the source substrate and deposit said removed at least one piece onto the receiving substrate as a whole.04-28-2011
20080248254METHOD OF MANUFACTURING OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND THE OPTICAL INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - An optical information recording medium of which the commercial value is not reduced is provided, in which a light reflection layer, an optical recording layer, a first light transmission layer, and a second light transmission layer are provided in this order on one main surface of a disk-shaped substrate, and a method of manufacturing the optical information recording medium is provided. A light reflection layer, an optical recording layer, a protection layer, a first light transmission layer, and a second light transmission layer may be provided in this order on the one main surface of the disk-shaped substrate. The substrate has a first groove and a second groove approximately concentrically formed nearer an inner circumference of the substrate than an area in which the optical recording layer is to be provided. The first light transmission layer is provided such that an edge thereof is situated near an edge of an outer circumferential side of the first groove. The second light transmission layer is provided such that an edge thereof is situated near an edge of an outer circumferential side of the second groove. Therefore, each of the first and second light transmission layers does not meander at an inner circumferential edge thereof in a circumferential direction, leading to excellent quality in appearance.10-09-2008
20100285278Friction Resistance Reducing Layer and Method for the Manufacturing Thereof - The present invention relates to a layer for reducing the friction resistance of a fluid relative to an object and for improving the contact of a boundary layer of the fluid flowing past, and thereby increasing the lift, comprising a wave-like approach flow surface repeating in a first direction which comprises means for transporting fluid from the boundary layer of the fluid flowing past to cavities in the wave-like approach flow surface. The present invention further relates to a method for manufacturing such a layer.11-11-2010
20100323165TRANSPARENT MOLDED BODY AND ANTIREFLECTIVE MEMBER USING THE SAME - The present transparent molded body is a transparent molded body including a transparent substrate and an uneven layer composed of a cured product of an active energy ray-curable composition formed on at least one surface of the transparent substrate, wherein the uneven layer has an uneven structure having a gap between the adjacent convex portions equal to or less than the wavelength of a visible light, the water contact angle of the surface of the uneven layer is equal to or less than 25°, and the modulus of elasticity of the surface of the uneven layer is equal to or more than 200 MPa.12-23-2010
20080286529Power transmission belt and method of manufacturing a power transmission belt - A power transmission belt having a body made at least in part from ethylene-α-olefin rubber. At least one load carrying member is embedded in the ethylene-α-olefin rubber. First, second and third films are formed on the load carrying member. The first film is made from at least one of an isocyanate compound and an epoxy compound, the second film from polybutadiene rubber, and the third film from an ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer.11-20-2008
20090169824Rubber Profile for Flood Gate Sealing, Manufacturing System and Product thereof obtained - 1—“IMPROVEMENT IN RUBBER PROFILE FOR FLOOD GATES SEALING, MANUFACTURING SYSTEM AND PRODUCT THEREOF OBTAINED”, comprising the junction of components; [1] PTFE film (polytetrafluorethylene): sintered and laminated 0.8 or 1.6 mm thick, chemically treated in one of the faces in order to allow the adhesion to the rubber; [2] Primer/adhesive: system of organic polymers dissolved in solvent, which promote the adhesion of several substrates to the elastomers; [3] Rubber: synthetic or natural elastomer compound; being the film [1] transversally grooved [4].07-02-2009
20120045620LIQUID-PERVIOUS FIBROUS NON-WOVEN FABRIC - A liquid-pervious fibrous non-woven fabric includes staple fibers made of thermoplastic synthetic resin fused together which is formed on its upper surface with a plurality of ridges, and a plurality of grooves extending in parallel in a longitudinal direction. The ridges and grooves are arranged alternately in a transverse direction. On the upper surface, some of the staple fibers extend across the ridges to the adjacent grooves on each side of the ridges and are, in the respective grooves, fused to the staple fibers of a different type from the former staple fibers.02-23-2012
20120064300Carrier for a Silicon Block and Method for Producing Such a Carrier and Arrangement - A silicon block is firmly connected to a carrier for being moved together for further working by sawing, cleaning or the like. The carrier consists of plastic, for example of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, and has in its interior a number of continuous longitudinal channels. These longitudinal channels are sawn into, and so cleaning fluid can then be introduced into the intermediate space between the sawn-up wafers in order to flush out sawing remains.03-15-2012
20120156435Structure of composite board - A structure of composite board includes a board, a first covering layer, and a second covering layer. The board has an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to the upper surface, and the upper surface forms a plurality of grooves that is substantially parallel to each other. The first covering layer has an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to the upper surface, and the upper surface is bonded to the lower surface of the board. The second covering layer has an upper surface and a lower surface opposite to the upper surface, and the upper surface is bonded to the lower surface of the first covering layer. As such, the composite board, when attached to a column, ensures the advantageous characteristics of water resistance, sound isolation, thermal isolation, and beautiful appearance.06-21-2012
20110104447Heterophasic Propylene Copolymer for Corrugated Sheet and Cast Film Applications - The present invention concerns heterophasic propylene copolymers, comprising a propylene homopolymer (PPH) and an ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR), having a broad molecular weight distribution and a well-defined total ethylene content and a specific ratio of the intrinsic viscosities of the ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) and the propylene homopolymer (PPH), η05-05-2011
20120219762Slipsheet, Divider Sheet and Method for Making the Same - The present invention provides a slipsheet and/or divider sheet and a method for making the same, the sheet having an imprint or an embossing that provides a raised planar surface. The raised planar surface preferably comprises a plurality of ridges, crowns or crests, which are preferably arranged in a pattern throughout an upper surface of the sheet. To make the sheet, a die can be etched to have protuberances or bumps, and the die is preferably pressed into a sheet of pliable thermoplastic material. The sheet thus made has a plurality of indentation formed by the protuberances or bumps on the die, and the sheet has a planar outer surface comprising a plurality of ridges, crowns and crests between the indentations.08-30-2012
20120213974RIBBED BACKED PANELS - A backed paneling unit comprised of a backing portion that includes at least an elevated portion. A depth portion may also be included. An elevated portion and/or a depth portion may be formed using any suitable method including, but not limited to, molding, machining and heat stamping. Optionally, a backing portion may comprise a hydrophobic material. Such features may enable fluid flow (e.g., ventilation or liquid drainage) behind the backing portion. Additionally, the elevated portion of the backing portion may eliminate the need for the use of furring strips when installing, for example, siding.08-23-2012
20120251788ARTICLE HAVING IMPACT RESISTANT SURFACE - An article manufactured from a polymeric material filled with fibers has an exterior surface having an impact portion with an arcuate configuration to impart impact resistance to the article. The article also includes a plurality of ribs orientated and configured in a unique manner to also impart impact resistance to the article. The ribs extend from the exterior surface of the article. A fillet having a fillet radius interconnects the ribs and the exterior surface. The fibers of the polymeric material are aligned within the article parallel to a flow of the polymeric material when injected into a mold during a molding process. The ribs are oriented in a pattern relative to the fibers to maximize the impact resistance of the article.10-04-2012
20120177889NONWOVEN FABRIC AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Provided is a liquid-permeable nonwoven fabric having improved in air permeability in the thickness direction thereof, formed on its surface with ridges and troughs extending in parallel to each other in one direction. A nonwoven fabric formed of thermoplastic synthetic short fibers fused together is formed on its upper surface with ridges and troughs extending in parallel to each other in a longitudinal direction. In a cross section of each ridge taken in the transverse direction, the ridge includes opposite lateral regions in which the short fibers are densely distributed and a central region defined between the opposite lateral regions and in which the short fibers are sparsely distributed. The short fibers in the central region include short fibers in a crest of the ridge adapted to connect the opposite lateral regions to each other. This invention also discloses a method for manufacturing of the nonwoven fabric.07-12-2012
20100272963HOUSING HAVING WOVEN APPEARANCE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A housing having a woven appearance includes a substrate and a plurality of groove groups formed on the surface of the substrate. The groove groups define the woven appearance and are formed by etching. The housing may be made by using a film having a lightproof areas and a light-transmissible areas, the lightproof areas defining a woven appearance. The film is placed over a metal substrate having light-sensitive materials formed thereon and radiated with light. The light passing through the light-transmissible areas of the film solidifies the light-sensitive materials. After, removing the film from the substrate and cleaning un-solidified light-sensitive materials from the substrate to expose areas corresponding to the lightproof area, and an etching process is carried out to form the woven appearance on the exposed areas.10-28-2010
20130171419FLEXIBLE CUSTOM FLOOR MATS - An apparatus includes a bottom major surface configured to lie over and conform to contours of a vehicle floor surface; a top major surface opposite the bottom major surface having a base; an upwardly sloping wall portion extending from the base, the upwardly sloping wall portion configured to lie over and conform to contours of a vehicle surface; and a double wall disposed on the base at a location that is not on a perimeter of the apparatus, wherein the double wall comprises a plurality of ribs on the bottom major surface. The disclosure also describes a method including molding a label; inserting the molded label into a cavity of a mold; injecting a thermoplastic elastomer into the cavity to overmold the thermoplastic elastomer over at least portions of the label; curing the thermoplastic elastomer to form a mat; and removing the mat from the mold.07-04-2013
20090017263Methods and Systems for Integrally Trapping a Glass Insert in a Metal Bezel - Methods and apparatus for creating an overall assembly formed from a transparent member and a metal member are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method includes positioning a transparent member in a mold configured for insertion molding, and providing a liquid metal into the mold. The method also includes hardening the liquid metal in the mold. Hardening the liquid metal includes binding the metal to the transparent member to create the integral assembly.01-15-2009
20110039075CARBON NANOTUBE PRECURSOR, CARBON NANOTUBE FILM AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A carbon nanotube film includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes. The plurality of carbon nanotubes is arranged approximately along a same first direction. The plurality of carbon nanotubes are joined end to end by van der Waals attractive force therebetween. The carbon nanotube film has a uniform width. The carbon nanotube film has substantially the same density of the carbon nanotubes along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction. The change in density across the width is within 10 percent. The present application also relates to a carbon nanotube film precursor and a method for making the carbon nanotube film.02-17-2011
20100129610PRISMATIC SILICON AND METHOD OF PRODUCING SAME - Silicon in prismatic shape is produced by using a silicon wafer with (110) surface and sequentially carrying out an alignment configuration forming step for forming alignment configurations having surfaces that are along two (111) surfaces perpendicular to a substrate surface inside the silicon wafer, a primary anisotropic etching step for forming perpendicular walls having wall surfaces aligned to one of these (111) surfaces, and a secondary anisotropic etching step for forming silicon in the prismatic shape having wall surfaces aligned to the other of these (111) surfaces with respect to the perpendicular walls.05-27-2010
20100129611FLEXIBLE MOLD, PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF AND PRODUCTION METHOD OF FINE STRUCTURES - This invention relates to a molding technology. More particularly, the invention relates to a flexible mold, its production method and a production method of a fine structure. The invention can be utilized for the production of various fine structures such as barrier ribs of a back plate of a plasma display panel.05-27-2010
20100129609MULTIWALL SHEET, AN ARTICLE, A METHOD OF MAKING A MULTIWALL SHEET - In one embodiment, a multiwall sheet comprises a first sheet comprising an inner surface and an outer surface, a second sheet comprising a first surface and a second surface; and a rib disposed between the inner surface and the first surface. The outer layer can have surface features and has a surface area of greater than or equal to 140% of a planar, flat, non-profiled surface area for a same unit area.05-27-2010
20130017370NON-WOVEN FABRIC SHEETAANM Yamaguchi; MasashiAACI KagawaAACO JPAAGP Yamaguchi; Masashi Kagawa JPAANM Oba; ToruAACI KagawaAACO JPAAGP Oba; Toru Kagawa JP - A sheet of nonwoven fabric for use in absorbent articles such as disposal diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, etc., the sheet of nonwoven fabric being suitable for holding high-viscosity excreta such as soft feces. The sheet of nonwoven fabric has, formed in a first surface thereof, a plurality of ridges and grooves which extend in the machine direction. The sheet comprises a first fibrous layer and a second fibrous layer, the first fibrous layer being located on the first-surface side and the second fibrous layer being located on the second-surface side, which is on the reverse side from the first surface. The second fibrous layer comprises fibers having the ability to be crimped, and the first fibrous layer comprises heat-fusible fibers which are not crimped at the crimping initiation temperature of the fibers having the ability to be crimped. In a plan view from the first-surface side, the peripheries of the ridges have a shape which is composed of repeated meanders.01-17-2013
20080254262OPTICAL RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An optical recording medium includes a first substrate having a groove on the side of an outer peripheral portion thereof; a second substrate in contact with the first substrate in the outer peripheral portion; and a recording layer being disposed in a gap between the first substrate and the second substrate and forming a void in cooperation with the first substrate at the portion of the groove.10-16-2008
20130143001FIBROUS STRUCTURES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Fibrous structures and more particularly to fibrous structures that have a surface containing a surface pattern having a plurality of parallel line elements, such as sinusoidal parallel line elements, and methods for making same are provided.06-06-2013
20130177743GRAIN ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET - A grain oriented electrical steel sheet keeps iron loss at a low level when assembled as an actual transformer and has excellent iron loss properties as an actual transformer, in which a film thickness a07-11-2013
20130101802METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVED TREAD SPLICING - A tread for use in a tire retread process includes a first side and a second, flat side. A plurality of lugs is formed on a first side of the tread and arranged along in a periodically repeating tread pattern. A set of marks is formed in at least one outer lug and defines a finite linear distance along the tread within which the tread is adapted to be cut into the length of tread, such that when the length of tread is deposited around the casing of the tire and the ends of the length of tread are placed in abutting relationship one relative to the other along a seam, the periodically repeating tread pattern appears substantially continuous. The set of marks is predetermined in advance of retreading to be located in positions where at least some of the performance and processing characteristics of the tread may be improved.04-25-2013
20130101801OPTIMIZED STRINGER RUN-OUT ZONES IN AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS - Aircraft component, such as an aircraft wing, that comprises at least one panel (04-25-2013
20130101800MULTIFUNCTIONAL COATING FOR AIRCRAFT - A method for coating a surface comprises applying a layer of coating composition onto the surface, mechanically forming parallel ribs on the layer, and simultaneously polymerizing the layer with ultraviolet radiations. The coating composition comprises a mass percentage of urethan-acrylate oligomer, with an average molar mass in number between 1000 and 5000 g·mol04-25-2013
20130129985GRAIN ORIENTED ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEET AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A grain oriented electrical steel sheet may reduce iron loss of material with linear grooves formed thereon for magnetic domain refinement and offer excellent low iron loss properties when assembled as an actual transformer, where the steel sheet has sheet thickness of 0.30 mm or less, linear grooves are formed at intervals of 2-10 mm in the rolling direction, the depth of each of the linear grooves is 10 μm or more, the thickness of the forsterite film at bottom portions of the linear grooves is 0.3 μm or more, total tension applied to the steel sheet by the forsterite film and tension coating is 10.0 MPa or higher in rolling direction, and the proportion of eddy current loss in iron loss W05-23-2013
20100297400EMBOSSED FIBROUS STRUCTURES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Embossed fibrous structures having one or more line element embossments and one or more linear elements and to methods for making same are provided.11-25-2010
20130157015Precisely Locating Components in an Infrared Welded Assembly - Elastic averaging infrared welded assembly. A first component has left and right longitudinal sidewalls. A second component has a plurality of localized locating features at each of the left and right longitudinal sides thereof which abut the left and right sidewalls of the first component so as to cause the left and right sidewalls to flex outwardly so as to precisely self-align by elastic averaging the first and second components. The mutually abutting ribs are conjoined, preferably by infrared welding.06-20-2013
20110281077Silicon Derivate Layers/Films Produced by Silicatein-Mediated Templating and Process for Making the Same - The present invention concerns a process for preparing products having layers/films of silicon derivates comprising the following steps: a) Preparing a mould made of elastomeric material and having a plurality of grooves with mutual spacing in the range from 1 μm to 1 mm; b) incubating the mould of step a) in a solution of silicateins in a range of temperatures from 2 to 10° C. and in a range of time from a few minutes to 1011-17-2011
20130202853INCREMENTALLY STRETCHED FILMS WITH TAILORED PROPERTIES AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - Methods of enhancing one or more physical properties of a thermoplastic film include incrementally stretching thermoplastic films in the machine direction and/or transverse direction. In one or more implementations, methods of incrementally stretching thermoplastic films include reducing the gauge of the films while maintaining or increasing a ratio of the machine direction to transverse direction resistance to tear. The methods can involve cold stretching the films and imparting rib patterns into the film. The linear ribs can have alternating thick and thin gauges.08-08-2013

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